1. Sharing Knowledge: Writing Good Docs for Quick Approval – Jared Bhatti, Waymo
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  5. #Dawn_Editorial || Passage No.8 || Speed 100wpm Dictated by Amjad Bhatti
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Sharing Knowledge: Writing Good Docs for Quick Approval – Jared Bhatti, Waymo

all right were getting started,hi everyone,my name is jared,welcome to valencia its,really nice to be here the last time i,was at a kubecon,was uh was in copenhagen so its so good,to see,so many faces here,im here to talk about sharing knowledge,writing good docs for quick review,and for folks who are following along i,posted a bitly link its public,its bitly slash,uh,kc-eu let me see if i can remember this,kceu docs if youd like to follow along,just for,you know,your own reference or for accessibility,but just to introduce myself and my,passion for documentation,im a software engineer by training,but ive been a technical writer for,almost 20 years now and the majority of,that has been at google,my focus primarily has been on open,source documentation,with a pretty heavy emphasis on,kubernetes so,i helped lead the initial kubernetes,docs team i was one of the first docs,chairs as part of sig docs,in kubernetes,and i hope lead that group for about,five years up to about 20 20.,so i have a lot of knowledge about,documentation and i have a i have a just,a deep passion for,great docs,that are accessible,that are easy to write,so,a bit about the importance of,documentation if i can convey to you,some of my passion about the subject and,why its so important to me,its that the vast majority,of developers,want great documentation,they want it to be,accessible they want it to be inclusive,they want there to be clear,processes and policies for documentation,and its a key decision making factor,when people are choosing which,open source or even closed source,project theyre going to go with,most people most developers,prefer documentation to contacting,support or talking to an actual person,they want content that they can search,that they can understand on their own,and approach at their own pace,and most developers see,documentation,and its incompleteness or its lack of,existence to be a huge problem in the,community,so i want to talk a little bit about,a story thats pretty common to my,experience,when it comes to,reviewing prs from the community,for kubernetes and from various other,open source projects that ive worked on,and this is a story thats about speed,its about how quickly,can you get a pr,in for documentation because this is,what most of us are focused on when it,comes to writing,weve already written the code,we want to get the documentation in we,want it reviewed as quickly as possible,and we want to be done with it,so im going to introduce you to two,characters who are working on,documentation together on an open source,project,our first character is tony,tony has just finished writing a feature,for an open source project and he is,about to crank out a docs vr,and our other person is maria and maria,is a docs reviewer,who is here to shes a senior developer,on a project,and shes reviewing both docs and code,prs for this project,so starting,out tonys written his code,he has some docs that he wants to write,up,send it out as a pr and his goal is to,do this as quickly as possible like i,said,so what does he do,what do most developers do well we copy,and paste right we find,a good document that we like we grab it,throw it the mark down into it into a,new file,pull out some of the content that exists,there write up some new ones,create a new pr,fire it off,now,tony might not be thinking much about,what his audience needs at this moment,because his focus is on speed so he,might write this pr,as,something that he focused on in the,creation of his own code and this is,something that i think we all do,so tony might write this pr of i created,this new feature,this new feature,had these difficult design decisions,that i made,here are some of the things that i,decided when i wrote this and the code,for it and,this is a really interesting technical,challenge that this code solves,so he writes that up,creates a pr,sends it,off and maria,now,well tony and then waits tony waits and,waits and waits and waits for a response,from whoevers going to review this pr,because he might not know whos going to,review it he might not have read any of,the review processes he might not know,anybody in this project so he sits and,he waits,and maria then,takes a look at the pr,and she might not know who tony is,and so she starts reading the pr and she,thinks,what am i supposed to do with this,who is this person what are they writing,about maybe the documentation pr is,separate from the code pr that tony,filed so she doesnt know that this code,already exists what it relates to,theres no context,she doesnt know,what shes supposed to be reviewing and,why beyond the pr that shes received,so she suddenly has a ton of questions,and those questions she sends to tony,and its a barrage of questions,what is this,why are you writing it,whats the specific focus why did you,use this template for your documentation,and tony,starts you know takes a step back he,says,whoa,why do you have all these questions for,me,i thought it was pretty clear from what,i wrote based on my knowledge of the,feature that i created,so,churn happens here and this churn can,take weeks sometimes months to solve,where,you have back and forth between the pr,creator and the pr reviewer what feature,is like wait,what are all the questions that you have,about this pr,how can they all be answered,and my goal in this presentation,is to,give you some tips,on how to stop this from happening,how to set context at the very beginning,and how to prevent yourself from getting,caught into weeks and weeks and weeks of,pr churn where,you as a pr submitter,think that you are creating all the,context for your reviewer and your,reviewer is confused and sending you,back tons and tons and tons of feedback,that might not be appropriate or might,not be useful for you,so when i started,i said this was a story about speed,but that,was actually a lie,this is actually a story about,collaboration,and empathy and planning,which in turn leads to speed,so with a few,tips and tricks in your back pocket that,you go into,writing a docs pr with,or reviewing a docs pr with,you can make this process much faster,change weeks of review into just a few,hours,so lets start this story,over again,tony finishes writing his,his code for his feature he wants to do,the right thing,he wants to write a docs pr with,associated content so that users can use,what hes written,so he takes a step back,and he looks,for some documentation about how to,submit this docs pr,now hopefully,your projects have some of this,documentation but if not,theres a link for kubernetes process,which you can borrow from scale down to,whatever you need and if you need to,scale it up to pass to what kubernetes,does just,grab me after this talk and well chat,id be really interested in what youre,building,um,in this process,your project should have documented,how to submit docs pr,what flavor of markdown youre using are,you applying any specific style guide,are you using the cncf style guide are,you using somebody elses are there any,templates that youre using any tooling,you can write maybe half a page even,less if its just a small project or a,readme just hey docs go in the same repo,as the code heres where they go but if,you have a larger site that youre using,then having a document that lists some,of your process be incredibly useful,for people who are writing docs pierres,this is just a pet peeve of mine so im,just going to,toss this out there,but,tony signs the cla,so,this is something that holds up a,tremendous number of prs both code and,docs but i see it a lot more on the dock,side,where somebody comes in they make a docs,change they dont send the cla and then,suddenly,we have to chase them down,go find them on twitter or slack or,wherever and say hey please sign the cla,so we can,merge your pr,and uh,sometimes its really hard sometimes,sometimes we dont find people,so prs will just languish without the,cli side so please please please,sign the cla if you have a similar,process for your p

भट्टी दा मुर्ग | Bhatti Da Murgh Recipe In Hindi | Grilled Chicken Lollipop | Bhatti Ka Murg

Greetings and welcome to Swaad Anusaar, I am Jasleen.,And today well make a speciality of Punjab, that is Bhatida Murg.,So for that, I have taken 3 whole Chicken Leg pieces with bones.,I have cut them in 3 parts.,And I will now slit it.,Now Ill transfer this in the bowl and then marinate it.,For marination, I have taken 2 tbsp Hung Curd.,1 tbsp Ginger-Garlic paste.,1 tbsp Kashmiri Red Chilli Powder.,1/2 tbsp Coriander seed Powder.,1/2 tsp Cumin seed Powder.,1 tbsp Garam Masala.,1 tbsp Dried Fenugreek Leaves.,Salt as per taste.,Some Black pepper corns, crushed.,And 2 tbsp Mustard Oil.,We will mix all this together.,The Ginger-Garlic paste that I used was slightly roasted..,..so that the water and the smell in it goes off.,Coat the Chicken pieces nicely with the marination.,Keep the Chicken to marinate for almost 6-7 hours or for an overnight.,This dish is usually made on coal or in the Tandoori,,But today well make this in OTG at home.,Our chicken has now marinated for almost 6-7 hours.,I have kept my oven for pre-heating,, And Ill set up these Chicken pieces on the grill.,We will grill the Chicken on 230°-240° C..,..in the OTG for 15-20 minutes on each side.,Look, our Bhatida Murg is all ready.,Crisp on the outside and soft from the inside.,Serve this with Radish chutney, Mint leaves chutney and Rumali roti,,Or you can just serve this as a party starter.,For such quick and delicious recipes, keep watching Swaad Anusaar.

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How to Verify on Upwork Video Verification By Rizwan Bhatti aka Marketing Sultan

video verification part of the verified,process and also uh,yes what well lets uh,continue but i also have to inform you i,almost forgot that uh,the call may be reported for quality,yes sure its okay,that the session happened theres no,actual reporting then,and the questions are based on what you,have registered on your profile so that,will include your personal,implementation,i hope youre okay with that thats okay,lets start,okay so we can start with you please,verify or tell me,your email address this is,game designer 786 android gmail.com,thank you very much would you also,please verify your telephone number,this is uh can i,talk in urdu,i do apologize sir i cannot uh speak or,do,i also could not understand or do uh we,do have a,colleague who speaks to however,hes not online right now so i wont be,able we wont be able to assist you in,your language,okay lets uh you can say it slowly if,you move,oh yeah i can say you can,collect my number that is 031,zero can be converted into our pakistani,code that is plus nine two,yes thank you very much for being,verifying a number,okay so i do see sir that you are a,graphics designer and also if i,understand it,uh a web developer is that correct,yes like a web designer im a graphic,designer and a,web designer and it seems,that uh im using,im a wordpress developer mostly and it,seems youre also,associated your wise is missing,thank you for sharing about breakfast i,do apologize,there seems to be a yes theres,seems to be a delay i do apologize for,that,no its kind of my bad connection but uh,still your voice is cutting kindly make,sure,it will be easy for me if you fluently,speak and,properly voice cutting can be an,irritating,okay so uh you were,do you apologize for the inconvenience,uh,you were able to answer my question,yeah sure im able to answer your,question even,i can explain my profile if you want i,was just uh,going to con,thats okay you dont have to really,explain that you were able to finally,im,looking into your contract,i do see sir you have to open your,active contracts on your account,are you still working on yes im still,working on it,but the clients are not responding as,their work was completed and they were,not they have not yet closed the,contract thats why,im looking for my clients to complete,the work even im writing,even im ready to complete you can check,out the inbox messages and the chat room,of meeting box,i have asked them many times,to come to me and if you need any,further info i will,inform you even you can check out my,other clients as well,all these are five star rating and also,providing me five star rating due to my,ex excellent services anything else,are you hearing me theres nothing else,so far thank you very much for,your find it and im sorry that its,happened to you yes sir,i was just going to inform you that if,in case you do need help,in order for those contracts to close so,that you can get,a better rating of course since uh,open contracts may affect your rating,you may,just contact customer support so that,we will be contacting the clients for,you but,right now you were able to verify your,profile so,i have already resumed your access to,your financial transactions,but please give us maybe the next 30,minutes we will be,uh restoring your account to full we,will also be sending you,a response to the last email just the,confirmation email that you have,completed the process,i hope that was clear yes really sorry,that uh,there seems to be some technical,difficulty between us,but before we wrap up the call with one,is there anything that i can assist you,with,yeah sure you can assist uh there is,problem with my name,that is only first one on my account,even,on my cnic of uh my country,it only is one is there but when i was,sign up to the artwork and they were,asking about me,your first and last name so i entered,rizwan,and the last name ali,and i also send you the request even,submit the request uh to change my,my name as a last name i want to name,with this one this one,because there was no option so i write,there,ali in the last name can you correct,it for me,okay that was a genuine reason,because they uh they were asking about,me the last name,uh so i also opened a request,to the upwork help and support center to,change my profile,uh that will be much easier for me to,communicating,with other clients and with my original,name,that is only this one,makes sense i understand sir however i,dont have authority to,change your name but you can do that by,requesting,to change your name or since,i did advise that you contact,customer support about,your open contracts perhaps you can,include that in the email to them,yeah sure i would gladly uh transfer you,to,their chat that you need to be connected,to the upper chatroom and at this time,were only connected via google hangouts,so i have uh shared with you a link on,how you can change your name yes,if its the same name on your id which i,believe you have already uploaded it,should be approved soon it shouldnt,take that long,but as i said that it would be best if,you can contact your customers,so that they can provide you with the,proper steps on how to update,your information okay thanks i will,contact the customers for you and my,customers,to complete if they are welcome sir,anything else okay i do apologize that,uh the,audio theres nothing sir youll just,have to wait for,us to complete uh restoring your account,right now as i said you should be able,to access your financial transactions if,you need to make,any withdrawal or something like that,you should be able to do it now,okay okay if there is nothing else,wheres one,thank you again for your time im so,sorry that uh it mean,still your voice is cutting,yes im really sorry about that,no worries you can proceed further,okay i have just to confirm that you,have completed the call thank you again,for your time have a great day sir,goodbye,guys this was the video in which i have,verified my identity where the platform,of upwork,i uh even you guys can verify your,identities on upward upward is the most,valuable uh freelancing platforms today,you can verify your identity on upwork,by such kind of,questions they will ask you about your,profile and what kind of changes you are,looking for and,this is the way you can verify your,identity on upward upward,is the most valuable freelancing,platforms you guys can,you guys can sign up there you can,uh log in there and you can uh this time,this platform is very professional uh,you must have,before starting on the work on upwork,you must,uh you must be able to provide excellent,services,mostly they were able to talk to you,about your services and,your client review updates,your questions i have engaged them with,uh very closely and,is,thank you so much and im really,thankful,to the effect team who made me able to,verify my video identity,and thats it and this is the,eid and happy,thats all goodbye dear assalamualaikum,to all,and enjoy your eid,with your beloved one and your family,thanks,i believe that this video will surely,help you to,verify your identity they were only,asked about your,profile and ask you about your,client session and even ask you about,your phone number,and such kind of things yeah they asked,but you can easily verify this is,not a very difficult thing this is very,easy if you have a little bit grip on,english you can easily communicate with,them and you can verify your identity,thanks for watching,upload,again open on project 3md by pixel,graphics you can search in google and,you can find the pixel graphics,keyword on the top and this is the main,thing this company is only for,providing you the excellent services,courses uh to,start online earning to get different,skills to get uh,to get everything everything even order,management even client management even,these kind of the things you uh will get,to start your business even not only,start business to get,highest rating and to get uh highest,client and number of client

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When Ashish Chanchlani Met Akshay Kumar | GOLD

When will he be here?,He is almost there. Please give two more minutes.,Will he show up today? – Yes, sir.,Should I make you shoot?,No. – Or a shift?,It is eight hour shift, you want to do?,No, sir. Please. He will be here soon.,Just a couple of minutes, sir. Please.,You are making faces as if you will beat him up.,What is the time?,Why dont you wear a watch?,He is almost there, sir.,Please, he will be here soon.,Please come in.,Dont peek, and enter the room.,Come in. What is your name?,Sir, Ashish Chanchlani.,What? – Ashish Chanchlani.,Chanchlani? – Yes.,All alphabets in one surname.,So, you are very funny.,I am your huge fan.,This thing, You are my huge fan. – Yes.,If you truly are…,…then for the sake of your six million subscriber…,…you will not say this to any other actor. – Sure, sir.,You will always say that you are Akshay Kumars fan.,Okay, sir. – If you say this to any other actor…,…then all your subscribers will disappear.,Sure? – Sure, sir.,As you say. – Just be my fan.,I am your true fan.,I am your fan from head to toe.,Swear on my mom. – Really?,I just mentioned mom, and she is calling.,Hold on, sir. Hello, mom.,You will live along life, mom.,Guess who is sitting here with me?,Akshay Kumar!,Sir, please say hi to my mom.,Hi.,How does mom know Akshay Kumar is saying hi?,Say Hi, I am Akshay Kumar.,Hi, I am Akshay Kumar.,Say it loudly, sir. Mom stays far. Please.,You have no shame to keep your mom so far?,Cant you get her close? – Sure, here you go.,Hello, I am Akshay Kumar.,Hello, Mr. Akshay. How are you? I am your huge fan.,Yes, I just met your son.,What do you think about him? Did he trouble you?,No, he is a nice son, He was here on time.,He works hard. Enough.,He is really good. – Okay.,See you. Thank you. Bye. – Okay.,Sir, I am such a huge fan.,Especially when you pull someones hair…,…and call that person scrounger.,One live demonstration please, sir.,Sir, I really want you to. Please do it and show.,Okay. First of all, you go close to the person…,…whose hair you want to pull.,And then you have to…,…jump on them like a tiger would oh his prey.,And grab that persons hair.,And pull it so hard…,…they can feel the pain completely.,Then you move their head.,Then say it. It should come from your heart.,Scrounger, why dont you listen?,Why dont you reach on time? Why are you late?,Why do you trouble people?,Why do you keep your mom far from you? Reach on time.,Amazing, sir.,It was fun! I will never wash my hair.,Tell me something, you were suppose to get script for me, right?,I have it. – Did you think about my upcoming film Gold?,I have it, sir.,I have a hundred scripts for you written specially for you.,You know how much I love you.,Look at this sir. One, two and here is the third one.,Should we start? – Sure . Please start.,Sir, the first script starts from a field.,And you are walking on that field.,You are holding a hockey stick.,You pull your sleeves up.,Akshay Kumar is furious.,You are walking.,You continue walking.,Youre walking.,Youre walking.,For how long will I walk? Will I stop?,Sir, it is along field. Please walk for me. Please.,Youre walking. You are still walking.,Youre still walking. Keep walking.,Walk. Keep walking.,Let me know if I get tired. – Sure, sir.,You are still walking. All of a sudden a man appears.,You place your hand on his shoulder.,You make him face you, you snatch his gold chain.,Snatch his gold chain. Come on.,Fine I will give it. Here, snatch it.,And you snatch his gold chain.,And you beat him up with hockey stick.,While you beat him up, you look at the camera and say…,Gold is releasing on 15th August in your nearby theaters.,Go and watch with your family, Gold!,Amazing, sir. You get it. You are understanding.,I knew that Akshay Kumar is my type.,I knew he is a legend and he will understand my script.,Sir, would you like to listen to the rest of the script?,I have no choice. Please do.,Sir, this script is very dear to me.,Okay. – Yes.,Really? – Yes.,You swear on God? – I do.,Swear on the Goddess? – I swear.,Take his swear. – Yes, absolutely.,Say it. – Sir, this script starts from…,…a jewelery shop.,You are the owner of that jewelery shop.,I am the owner? – You are.,You will definitely be the owner, sir.,Remember this. – Sure.,If I turn out to be poor in any of the script…,That will never happen, Sir. I promise.,Okay, next.,Sir, you are the owner of a jewelry store.,And a customer walks in. – What?,Customer. – Okay, customer walks in.,Customer.,And a customer walks in.,You get alert. The same with him.,You are wondering, what will he ask?,He is wondering, how do I ask?,That poor man comes close to you.,He asks you something, sir…,…and you had to answer it.,What did he ask? – He asked…,…will I get gold?,And when I ask this question, you look at Th camera and say!,You will definitely get Gold.,As Gold is releasing in the 15th of August in your nearby theaters.,Go and watch with your family, Gold!,Wor, sir! Movie is a hit, so is the video.,I can see 5 billion already, sir. Should we start shooting?,Should I get it? – Read the third script.,Sir, do you want to listen to the third script? -Yes, go ahead.,I thought you will be convinced in two… – No, read the third one.,I want to hear the third one. – Okay, sir.,One must always have many choices.,Sir, for this script I cat a call from Hollywood, but I refused.,Forget where you got a call from. Narrate the story. – Sure.,Sir, the third script is very emotional.,Brace yourself.,In this script, you are born into a poor family.,In your next life, sir.,Adjust a bit.,In this script, you are born in to a poor family.,You try everything….,…you try everywhere…,…you try to use your brain too. – What else do I try?,No, you try… – What else is left to try?,You are done trying now.,After all this…,…when your 30, you get lucky.,And for 80 years your luck is always at its peak. Done.,Where is the suspense?,You get lucky when you are 30, it is at its peak at 80.,30 deducted by 80 is 50.,50 means gold, and you are old when you are 80.,And old is gold. And…,Gold is releasing on 15th of August in your nearby theaters.,Go and watch with your family, Gold!,Amazing! Mind blowing!,I say, after this video…,…the movie Gold will be a success in box office.,Believe me, lets start the shoot. Get the camera. – Hold on.,Listen, let me think about these three scripts. – Sure.,Because these scripts are amazing.,You think about the agreement, play some games.,Go out and have tea. – Done, sir.,I will talk to him. – Done, sir.,And I will decide which script to work on. – Okay, sir.,Then we will think about what you said. – Okay, sir.,Okay? Go. – Done.,Sir, I think you should quit Bollywood…,…and we should start a YouTube channel.,Akshay Kumar Vines.,Oh my! Nice.,Sir… – We will.,Sir, I will take ten percent. – You take 50 percent.,Because 50… – You just told me, 50 is gold.,And sir, Gold is releasing. – Gold is releasing.,Sir, amazing! – Enough.,I will go and get camera. – Sure.,Yes, sir.,Who is he? Who did you get?,Who is he? – Sorry, sir.,Who is this gunny sack?,Is this called a script? Really?,Poor! From 80 to 30. 50?,Sorry. So, sorry sir. Hear me out.,What? – Sir, he is YouTube…,What more can I listen to?,Sir, he has more that 6 million subscribers on YouTube. – So?,Millions of people watch it. His videos are trending.,Sir, please tolerate him a little. I request.,Just this time, It will not happen again. Please.,Call him.,Chanchlani, come inside.,Sir, should we go to shoot in Mauritius?,How did it rain here, sir?,Nothing. He drowned while drinking water.,Stop biting your fingers.,You dont even know how to drink water.,What have you thought about, sir?,Mr. Chanchlani. – Yes?,I heard all the script. – Yes, sir.,And I liked one script a lot. – Okay.,I spoke to him about it. – Okay.,He will let you know. -Okay, done.,I will have water and be back, okay? – Sure, sir.,I will freshen up. You have the cameramen ready. – Sure.,An

#Dawn_Editorial || Passage No.8 || Speed 100wpm Dictated by Amjad Bhatti

dawn editorial dictation passage number,eight,speed 100 words per minute get ready,start,it was an incident that could have had,catastrophic results full stop luckily,coma the crashing of an indian missile,in miyajanu on wednesday was met by a,mirrored response by the pakistan armed,forces that refrained from military,retaliation full stop a statement from,india admits that it was an accident but,does not go far enough to explain how,such a dangerous mishap could have,happened full stop the statement also,does not render a clear and unambiguous,apology to pakistan full stop,the response from pakistan has been,categorical and demands answers that are,necessary to determining how exactly,this provocation happened and what india,intends to do to ensure it does not,recur full stop even so coma pakistan,should review its own defense system to,find any loopholes that may need to be,plugged in case there is another,incident of the kind full stop there is,comma however coma the matter of framing,this incident within the larger context,of tense relations between two nuclear,powers full stop it is a miracle that,the incident has not extracted a bigger,price full stop visiting through the,pakistani airspace at the height that it,did coma the missile could have hit a,commercial aircraft leading to,unimaginable,consequences full stop,it could have crashed into a populated,area and caused damage to life and,property full stop it could have also,triggered a military response thereby,resulting in a conflagration through,misunderstanding and miscommunication,full stop we were lucky full stop but,this luck must never be tested again,full stop,the incident has exposed the grave,weakness in indias technology and its,safety systems full stop this should not,be only pakistans concern semicolon the,international community must also demand,greater transparency from india full,stop for a nuclear armed country to be,so shoddy with its technology and so,weak with its command and control,systems is cause for serious alarm,across the world full stop in particular,coma these safety mechanisms of,strategic weapons and the security,protocols in place to ensure no accident,takes place are well established among,all nuclear states full stop the end

#Dawn_Editorial Dictation || Passage No.1 || 60wpm Dictated by Amjad Bhatti

dawn editorial dictation passage number,one,speed 60 words per minute get ready,start,the,ongoing political turmoil,in,pakistan has,meant,unsettling,times,for the,government,and its,economic policy making full stop the,turbulence sparked,by the opposition partys,latest,attempt to,remove the prime minister,through,a vote of no confidence has,focused,the,ruling partys energies on saving its,leader full stop,in doing so,coma,it is,losing sight,of the economic ball full stop,in the last couple,of years,coma,we have,seen,prime minister imran khan,regularly,attempting to,pacify,angry,coma inflation strike on,voters,to snatch,back,lost political ground,through,some,questionable economic decisions full,stop,consequently coma,we are,almost,back to the,point,where the,previous,pmln,setup had,left the,economy,full stop,state bank,data shows that pakistans official,liquid,foreign reserves are,now,below 15 billion dollar comma,in spite of the,2 billion dollar,received through the purchase of debt,through,coke and from the imf full stock,growing,debt,payments and a rising import bill,have,bled,the debt based dollar,reserves,in less than,eight,months from a recent,peak of,over,20 billion dollar,in,august,amid reports that the,imf,is not satisfied,with the,governments decision to give,an other,blanket tax amnesty,comma,the third,under its rule coma along with,a four,month freeze,on petrol and electricity prices,last month full stop the,imf seems reluctant to approve the,seventh review,of its,six billion dollar,funding program,until the,future,of the,pti,setup,becomes clear full stop,on top of that comma,the exchange rate,is,deteriorating comma,with the rupee,closing at,nearly,182,to a dollar,in the inter bank,market,on friday full stop indeed coma,the external sector,position,can still be,salvaged with a,little effort full stop,but the question is,colon,will mounting political instability,allow the,government,to concentrate,on the economy,in the next few weeks,or perhaps months question mark,with a 47 percent,increase,in imports,compared to,26 percent growth in,exports,coma which has,expanded the,trade imbalance,by 82 percent,to around,32 billion dollar,year,over year,and the current,account deficit,to 12 billion dollar,in the,first,eight months,of the present fiscal to february comma,matters,appear,to be headed south full stop the end

Litti Chokha | लिट्टी चोखा घर पे बनाएं आसानी से | Litti Chokha Street style | Chef Ranveer Brar

hello hello hello,here we are from outside to here in the kitchen,and all you guys who were expecting the Ranveer is going to come in a very clean shiny studio ,Some know it and some dont so the people who dont let me tell you that ,To make food we need 3 things, fire,ingredients and the wish to cook and all of that we have,right,so the studio from the other side is looking at us and we here are cooking in the unstudio, so hello I am Ranveer Brar,Lets start ,In everyones life,Early in the morning their in only one question in mind, what should we make,people research on want the audience wants,And when I get up I think of what to make,So its the same story here also,So today we are making litti chokha,Because the ingredients are very basic and are available at everyones homes,And today we have cow dunk cakes, Ok so lets start ,So to make litti chokha we need ,Whole wheat flour,So people who were wishing I would say to make litti chokha we need litti and chokha, that is actually not possible,So understand the story of the flour first,When ever you knead the dough for litti,then,The flour we use at home is very finely ground,So you can never make a good litti using that flour,So one is you need to use flour that is not ground coarsely,Or else what you can do is ,In the flour add some finely ground broken wheat ,So now the flour we had at home which was very fine,Now itself is ,coarse,ok,No rocket science, we can do one more thing,If you are going to the supermarket you get bran there ,Its basically the husk of the wheat,What comes up when we sieve the flour that is bran,Take that and mix it in the flour,Even that formula works or we always have the option of broken wheat ,And you dont have to ,Waste much time and energy on this,Just get the flour together ,And leave it aside,Ok so right now the preparation for the litti is going on ,Litti has two parts the outer casing,That is the dough that we have already made,And second is the inner filling that we are preparing now,So in the filling will go ginger,ginger green chili,coriander onion,And the most important is pickle and mustard oil,onion seeds and fennel… will you remember it ,You may have not done revision in school,But here we are definitely going to make you revise ,Now lets take a break because sattu is here ,And everyone respects sattu, why… because the story of sattu,In very famous in the whole world ,So this is sattu,And it is important to talk about this ,The story of sattu is very interesting,To understand the story of sattu you need to understand the story of Zampa,Zampa is a very famous ingredient in Tibet ,And people have even made rap songs on it ,And its a superfood, though it nothing its just sattu,But what they do is ,all the shepherds there,In Tibet everyone has their zampa and a bowl and spoon with them and there in the zampa they add tea and make laddoo out of it ,This is a typical Tibetan culture ,So people often get confused whether it came from there of went from here,Look sattu is basically roasted jau,or made of roasted chana that is ground and made and it has a long shelf life it is also called the travelers food ,So when you study a little more then you come to know that the Buddhist monks that went from here to spread Buddhism ,In the whole world they took sattu with then from here,So sattu went from here in the whole world and now it has many different names but we forgot about sattu,And in Bihar sattu ,Got popular again in the 19th century because,At that time predicting the weather was very difficult,So in Bihar, Orissa, Bengal,There use to be a lot of difficulties and nourishment was very important,And sattu is complete nutrition,So thats why people started adding sattu in the food,And todays day if you see you are from Bihar and you do not eat sattu,Then nobody is going to respect you there,Nowadays we talk a lot about superfoods, this is the original superfood from lord Krishnas time,If you want you can skip out the onion and add the rest of the things,And by doing that the shelf life of the filling will increase ,Because sometimes we add onion and make the mixture in the morning, but we cook it in the evening and by then the onion starts to give an off smell,And the whole thing is then spoilt and you say that Ranveer you dint tell us ,Ranveer has told you if you are having it immediately then add the onion the sweetness of the onion is outstanding,It has an outstanding combination with mustard oil, pickle, fennel and onion seeds,But if you have to consume it later then dont add onion,There you go done, so now both the parts for the litti are ready ,So the preparation of the litti is done now we are left with the chokha,For the chokha we need brinjal ,So the chokha I make is of both brinjal and potato,So for that nicely washed potato and brinjal,Tomato,And the onion is optional,And the chili is not optional at all,Add a lot of chilies,If you want you can,cook it on the stove by roasting it ,Or if you want you can make it in the oven also,Or you can make it originally ,And the original way is to make it on cow dunk cakes,And if you are making it on the stove or the oven,The increase the amount of oil in your dough because or else it will dry up,Secondly very little,Baking soda or powder can be added in your casing dough,Because in the oven what happens it it shrinks so we need to support it a little ,Add a little baking soda or powder it will give a very good texture,Or else go and look for cow dunk cakes,As it is the smell of the cow dunk in the ,House is very beneficial, there is no reason why,But in olden times cooking was done on cow dunk cakes and even houses were covered with it ,Go look for it you will find it outside a temple for sure ,Now the things we had kept on the cow dunk cakes is cooked and I have removed that,And now the cow dunk cakes,Are ready for the litti,Why because the cakes are not burning any more and that is very important,Because the litti is supposed to cook in the heat that is there inside it, Ill get it and we will cook it in that ,Litti not baati,I got excited and suddenly reached Jodhpur from Bihar ,Now like I said when you make litti,Make it on the cow dunk cakes only,If you want a good result or else you can make it on the stove,If you are making it on the stove then,very slowly add it and keep rolling it,Look Ill show you that formula as well come,People will say we dont want to make it on cow dunk so now what do we do, so I an showing you this also,Ranveer: Tripathi ji,Tripathi ji – Hi chef, how are you ?,Ranveer- All good,Tripathi ji – Look I got something for you from Gorakhpur ,Ranveer- come come in ,Ranveer- Come in we ,Ranveer- Tripathi ji you havent changed,Ranveer- You just picked up cow dunk cakes from the road, or are you saying you knew in Gorakhpur that I am making litti chokha ,Tripathi ji- Oh no I got it form myself, and reached here and saw you are making litti chokha ,Tripathi ji- Ok tell me what all have you added in the sattu,Ranveer – All that I added last time, do you remember… ,Tripathi ji – Oh yes in that you added onion seeds,Tripathi ji- Pickle, sattu was there, then some coriander and maybe mint also,Tripathi ji- And salt, lemon and chili pickle ,Ranveer- Wow Tripathi ji ,Ranveer- Such as good memory, are you having a lot of almonds these days ,Tripathi ji- No sir you have made such a tasty dish,Tripathi ji- I will always remember it,,Ranveer- so I was seeing in on my phone this morning,Ranveer- And I also did not know what to make ,Ranveer- So then I thought that today Ill make litti chokha and then ,Ranveer- I remembered you so I though of calling you,Ranveer- Also how come you are wearing specks ,Tripathi ji- Oh god in this lock down I had only two things to do ,Tripathi ji- Food and mobile ,Tripathi ji- I ate a lot in the lock down some times pakoda, or litti… and thats it ,Tripathi ji- So the power also increased and I even gained some weight ,Ranveer- So Tripathi ji I have already put the litt

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