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Bhuj: The Pride of India | Bollywood Movie Review by Anupama Chopra | Film Companion

Bhuj: The Pride of India is a film so insistent on desh bhakti, that even the disclaimer is patriotic.,After the standard announcement,,about the film being a fictional version of true events, the disclaimer ends with the line,We salute the Indian Armed Forces and then in even bigger font, Jai Hind!,Director Abhishek Dudhaiya maintains this high-pitch fervor from the first frame to the last.,The film is set during the Indo-Pakistan war of 1971 and tells the story of how IAF Squadron leader Vijay Karnik,,who was in-charge of the Bhuj airport, reconstructed the runaway, which had been destroyed by Pakistani airstrikes,,with the help of 300 women from the local village.,This act of valor prevented Kutch from falling into the hands of the Pakistani army.,It’s an incredible story, told here with the narrative depth of a restaurant menu.,The characters are stick figures, who repeatedly proclaim their love for the motherland.,They don’t have conversations. They make declarations.,Such as “Pakistan hi Islam ka sabse bada dushman hai or Maratha sirf do baatein jaanta hai – marna ya maarna”.,These lines of course delivered by the good Indians.,The Pakistanis are to the last man, evil buffoons.,We know they are Pakistani, because they say janaab in every other sentence.,And their battle skills are so poor, that in the climactic fight, Sanjay Dutt playing a villager named Pagi,,is enough to decimate half the Pakistani army.,He is massacring them with an axe, but no one has the good sense to shoot him.,Bhuj: The Pride of India has four writers, apart from Abhishek,,there is Raman Kumar, Ritesh Shah and Pooja Bhavoria,,but it doesn’t have a coherent screenplay.,It begins in December 1971 and then flashes back mid-battle to other skirmishes.,We get an extended action sequence in which Ajay Devgn, playing Vijay Karnik,,takes on Pakistani spies in a spice factory.,Of course he takes the Sonbai from Mirch Masala route, throwing lal mirch at these baddies.,Ammy Virk playing fighter pilot Vikram Singh Baj is dodging bombs in the sky one minute.,The next, he’s reuniting with his daughter.,Nora Fatehi shows up as the spy Heena, we are told that she joined RAW,,to avenge her brother, who was stoned to death after being caught spying for India.,So Vijay’s voice over helpfully informs us, that,”Pakistan se Heena ki ladaai National bhi hai, aur personal bhi”.,Heena relays critical information and gets to kick Pakistani butt,,but sadly the item song ‘Zaalima Coca Cola’ doesn’t make it to the film.,I was hoping that it would provide some relief.,This film isn’t content to portray Pakistanis as sadistic clowns.,It also editorializes on the larger relationship between the two countries,,to establish that Pakistan has no moral fibre.,Vijay’s voiceover tells us that in 1947, when India was cleaved into two countries,,India gave Pakistan 75 crore rupees as a parting gift.,The same money was then used to procure arms that were used against Indian soldiers.,No country, Vijay pronounces, would have paid such a high price for its decency.,Vijay is also prone to making proclamations about women.,In one scene, he says:,”Kameez se toote huye button se lekar tooti huyi himmat tak, aurat kuchh bhi jod sakti hai”.,This healing female spirit is represented by Sunderben, played by Sonakshi Sinha.,Vijay describes her as Gujarat ki sherni.,This is a woman who kills a leopard with a sickle, while holding a baby in one hand,,setting a new gold standard for multitasking moms.,She along with the other village women repair the runaway through the night.,But their labour and the terror of that moment is utterly lost in this train wreck of a film.,Apart from Sunderben, the women who accomplished this incredible feat, get zero mileage.,Pranitha Subhash, who plays Vijay’s wife, doesn’t have a single dialogue.,Bhuj is mostly a series of disjointed vignettes about men killing or thumping their chests,and proudly declaring their love for Bharat ma.,Since this becomes excruciating very quickly, I focused on burning questions such as,,In Shershaah, Captain Vikram Batra says,,”Tirangaa lehra kar aaunga, nahi toh usmein lipat kar aaunga, par aaunga zaroor”.,Vijay delivers almost exactly the same line in this film, so who said it first?,Why do Pakistani army officers smoke cigars as they plot India’s destruction?,Does it help them think better?,Why is Ajay Devgn, a National Award-winning actor,,content to deliver banal lines and walk heroically in slow motion.,Why doesn’t Sharad Kelkar, so good as Arvind in The Family Man,and Shivaji Maharaj in Tanhaji, get better roles?,And this really flummoxed me.,At one point, Vijay says, “Pagi Hindustan aa gaye, aur RAW join kar liya”.,Is this really how it works with our premier intelligence agency, you just walk in and join?,In his review of The Last Airbender,,Roger Ebert wrote, “the film is an agonizing experience in every category I can think of,and others still waiting to be invented.”,The same is true of Bhuj: The Pride Of India. You can see the film on Disney+ Hotstar.

Bhuj: The Pride of India (2021) New Hindi Movie Review in Tamil by Filmi craft Arun | Ajay Devgn

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Bhuj the pride of Indian Movie Review

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Bhuj: The Pride of India | Not A Movie Review by @Sucharita Tyagi | Film Companion

Two war movies, releasing in two consecutive days,one day before our Independence day,,jaisey maan lo azaadi humein Pakistan se mili ho, angrezo se nahi.,Hey yall, my name is Sucharita, this is Film Companion,,youre watching Not A Movie Review,and right now I’m not going to be reviewing Bhuj: The Pride Of India.,The story of the battle at Bhuj, is nestled in the Indo-Pakistan war of 1971,,which is turn historically is a part of the Bangladesh Liberation War.,I do not claim to understand it beyond cursory general knowledge,,but even I realize how politically complicated this,devastating chapter in Indian and Bangladeshi history was.,Writer- Director Abhishek Dudhaiya, who’s also a producer here,,works with co-writers Raman Kumar, Ritesh Shah and Pooja Bhavoria,,to simplify this tumultuous period of political churning into 2 hours of shapeless, flavorless, bland daliya.,Its not even khichdi, khichdi has some color, gaajar matar type.,Na, Bhuj: The Pride Of India, this movie, is daliya, it is, its porridge.,A very lengthy opening disclaimer in the voice of actor Sharad Kelkar tells you,,that despite this being a movie inspired by true events,,it is not an official account or depiction of any real events or actual battles,,and then the disclaimer ends in a very loud Jai Hind, setting the tone of the film. Its loud, very very loud.,Ajay Devgn is IAF officer Vijay Srinivas Karnik, codename Maratha Bagh.,After an airstrike on the Bhuj Airbase, its his responsibility to get the airstrip redone,,kyunki additional soldiers ko Bhuj mein land karwaana hai, kisi bhi tarah, battle chal rahi hai.,He enlists the help of local Gujarati women,,who selflessly break down their own homes to provide raw material for the repair work.,It is such a great story of a brave community coming,together under a focused official’s war-time leadership.,But far from being an awe-inspiring and rousing movie, the screenplay is a Wikipedia entry come to life.,Sub-plots and events are stacked on top of each other, nary a thought spared for continuity or story structure. ,In one scene Ajay Devgn is walking away from the bombarded air strip looking disheveled,,next time you see him, his face is covered in blood as he washes it,,clearly splashing more actual fake blood from his palms on to his face,,hoping the camera wouldn’t catch this trick,,it is just so much blood, and we have no idea where it came from.,Honestly I had no idea where anything came from in this film.,I took some moments to appreciate how good Sonakshi Sinha looked, in her mirrored and tasseled traditional Gujarati clothes,,and how perfect Navni Parihar looked as Indira Gandhi.,And also one cant help, but be impressed by the movie’s sincerity towards depicting all Pakistani’s as,cigar smoking, dialogue maaroing, Scooby-Doo waale villains.,An attempt is made to give Sharad Kelkar a backstory, ki he was also a boxer who married a disabled muslim woman,,information provided for no reason, considering right after his introduction,,the character vanishes, just, just gone for a very long long time.,Pranitha Subhash who plays Mrs Vijay Srinivas Karnik is brought in the film for one song and dance sequence in the beginning,and later, as she casually drives a road roller, sure.,The fact that she has nothing to do checks out, because her husband says things like,“Kameez ke toote huye button se lekar, tooti hui himmat, aurat kuch bhi jod sakti hai”.,The dialogue is just amazing by the way, really hard to pick which one stands out.,“Shoot karne se pehle aakhiri baar bol do I love you, taaki main tumhe shoot kar sakoon”, ya,“Agar Taj Mahal pyaar ki nishaani hai, toh Hindustan terey baap ki kahaani hai”, just spitting rhymes at this point,,or Pakistani General/ President Yahya Khaan exclaiming,“Hindustan ko 400 saal tak humne apne jootey ki nok par rakha”, there is such magnificence in the corny-ness.,If like me, yesterday you had a critique ki Shershaah takes too long to get to the actual battle, the war-story, fikar not,,kyunki Bhuj: The Pride of India is all war, beginning to end, lots of yelling, chest thumping,,face ke oopar blood splashing, 1000 bomb, 50 time bomb, sab.,I am feeling bad for all Ammy Virk’s hard work,,constantly hes trying to rise above a screenplay, which refuses to support him in any way.,Aur bechara Ammy hi nahi, Nora Fatehi ne bhi kitni fight ki hai iss role mein,,really wanting to be taken seriously as an actor for a change, par ek dance-y song bhi karna pada,,jisme lines hain “Zaalima Coca Cola pila de”, joh eventually film se gaana bhi nikaal diya.,This entire movie is terrible from start to finish, any way you slice it.,Probably the biggest film to be shot, almost entirely on green-screen,,if there was a point to this daliya, I failed to see it.,Meri hi galati hai shayad maaf karein. Disney+Hotstar par stream ho rahi hai film, aap khud dekh kar bataa do.,So, on a scale of 1 to 10, Bhuj: The Pride Of India is, ,0% of the respect this real story and the heroes behind it deserved, the film provides, its so unfortunate.,We at Film Companion provide you a bunch of stuff, theres reviews, interviews, analysis of your favorite movies,,have you checked out the website lately? Go to Film Companion.in,and come meet me on Instagram.

Bhuj: The Pride Of India – Official Trailer | Ajay D. Sonakshi S. Sanjay D. Ammy V.Nora F | 13th Aug

[First frame],The Pakistani Air Force has launched a fierce attack on the Bhuj airport,and have destroyed the runway and airport.,”Weve chosen different paths…”,There must be some way to stop the Pakistani army.,Theres just one way.,Marathas know only two things.,Kill or be killed.,Kabira, why is war in the air?,God is confused himself.,Lord Krishna has said,violence committed for saving someones life is righteousness.,Lets make a promise to ourselves.,- Well challenge… – Death!,Vikram sir is about to take off.,Stop firing!,Pakistani army along with their 100 tank regiment,and 1800 troops will reach by 11 pm.,- The flag of Pakistan… – Fly over India!,The security of Kutch and Bhuj is in your hands now.,We must change our positions.,Taj Mahal is the symbol of love.,India is the story of your father.,Until Vijay Karnik doesnt repair the Bhuj runway,we must keep the enemy at bay.,Lord… keep a place for me secure in your court.,Even if I cease to exist,keep my Motherland unharmed.,The enemys ready to charge with blazing guns.,And Im ready here to take every bullet on my chest.,Well fight till the last drop of blood if required,the desire to sacrifice my life is on my mind.,Jai Hind.,”Steady as a rock always ready to fight.”,As long as the moon shines over the horizon, so will Indias glory.,We must fight for India.,And even sacrifice our life if needed.,Ill wear it only the day I win this war.,- Glory to… – Mother India.,Dont mourn my death.,Ive chosen this path of martyrdom.,I live to die.,My names a soldier.

Bhuj: The Pride Of India | Trailer Review | Amazing True Story

Hello and Welcome to The Show!,A very interesting trailer for A new movie trailer dropped recently,And there are two reasons why I wanted to talk about this movie. Because on this channel, I always get this complaint,Why Do Bollywood Movies Have a leftist influence? Why do all the movies hate India and her culture? Why don’t we see more movies that celebrate India?,Secondly, the narrative about India is that it is a country of weak people, They Put forward the other cheek It has been conquered. Ruled by Islamic and British Invaders,But the reality of India is different. Every inch of India is dripping with valour,Before we discuss the story, lets discuss the trailer. Trailer is interesting, dialogue is good,Bollywood always goes a bit extra with its dialogues., It was also the case with Ajay Devgan’s last movie, tanhaji, and I really liked that movie and the dialogues mostly worked in that movie,so I am hopeful that the movie works well with the dialogue,The trailer definitely raises the excitement for this movie. And having grown up watching Western war and historical dramas, Its really amazing to see Indian war and historical dramas. Chest swells up a little, The Trailer is not ashamed of India. It is proud of India, and her army and the characters are proud to be Indian. So it will burn some asses as well.,Now to the movie’s story,The movie Bhuj is based in The Indo-Pakistani War of 1971,The story of the movie began with Pakistani Operation Chengiz Khans aerial strikes on 11 Indian air stations, one of which was in Bhuj,the airstrip was completely destroyed,This created hurdles in the taking off of the IAF planes. It was the need of an hour to get the airstrip repaired.,We know that in any conventional war, army is important, navy is important, but air superiority can end the war,IAF wanted to take the help of BSF but there were not enough jawans to carry out the task.,The runway needed to be repaired and operationalized quickly otherwise there was a danger of Pakistan capturing these areas due to their air advantage.,This situation is what made Vijay karnik an Indian hero,At the time of the war of India and Pakistan in 1971 he served as a Squadron leader. He had joined the airforce in 1962. Vijay Karnik fought Sino – Indian War of 1962, Indo – Pakistan War of 1965,Karnik was accompanied by two senior officers, I’m guessing played by Sharad Kelkar and Ammi Virk,, and 50 IAF and 60 Defense Security Corps personnel(text in side panel) during the war., the small number of soldiers available needed to hold off the advancing 1800 strong Pakistani contingent from reaching and capturing the airbase,He was the man behind the idea of mobilizing the women of Madhapur to build the damaged airstrip.,mainly the 300 women of the village of Madhapur in Bhuj helped the IAF rebuild the airstrip.,The women were tasked with repairing the airstrip, and the soldiers had to old off the huge Pakistani Army contingent,The women successfully got the job done in almost 72 hours,This challenge to rebuild the airstrip became even more challenging due to the bombing by Pak air force, the team was instructed to use cow dung on the strip to camouflage it from the enemy’s planes,They were asked to wear pale green saris to camouflage themselves,They toiled from dawn to dusk to make optimum use of the daylight, A short siren indicated a pak air force attack, which allowed them to hide in the bushes, was an indication that we could resume work,Vijay Karnik said that he warned the women of the danger that they were facing, but the women immediately agreed and refused to back down,On the one hand, there are feminists who can’t see anything good in the country, On the other hand, there are women who are willing to get blown up for the country,Choose your feminists carefully,When the airstrip was completed, the IAF was able to land planes in the area, and they superior IAF was able to defeat the Pakistan Air force and push the Pakistani army back,When this War successfully ended, Pakistan was beaten and divided,The Central government dedicated a war memorial called Virangana Smarak at Madhapar village of Bhuj to these brave hearts last year.,this whole operation of rebuilding the airstrip was named as ‘ Pearl Harbour Moment of India. Where the nation faced great difficulty and great death, but through courage and perseverance were able to defeat the odds,The story of the character of Sanjay Dutt: Known as Ranchordas Pagi Birari,Hailing from a family of Rabaris – a nomadic tribe of cattle and camel herders,He was very familiar with the local areas of Gujrat especially the part of Kutch. So, he was recruited by Indian Army.,He greatly assisted the Indian army. In one of his most remarkable achievements, Ranchod Pagi traced the location of 1200 enemy soldiers hiding in the wilderness in utter darkness,He also helped the Indian army capture several key posts during the 1971 war with Pakistan.,His efforts during the war of 1971 are said to have saved thousands of soldiers,Indias Border Security Force (BSF) has named a border outpost after Ranchhod Pagi,He received several awards including Sangram Medal, Police Medal and Samar Seva Star,Legendary Indian military commander Sam Manekshaw personally met and rewarded Pagi,I hope the movie will do justice to the story.,Now we come to the first question. When people say why do we only get Bollywood movies with a leftist bias? Why don’t we get movies that celebrate India?,To get the second kind of movie, you have to create a market for it,Go watch this movie, just like you watched Baahubali, Uri, and Tanhaji,how directors and studios that these movies are very lucrative and whenever they make movies celebrating India and her culture, they will make a lot of money.

Bhuj Review Telugu | Bhuj Telugu Review | Bhuj Review in Telugu | Bhuj Telugu | Bhuj Movie Telugu

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