1. Bitcoin price spikes after Biden orders sweeping review of crypto policy
  2. President Biden’s executive orders on immigration
  3. Biden’s Crypto Executive Order: Breakthrough Or Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing? – Steve Forbes | Forbes
  4. Biden confronts the climate crisis with a new spate of executive orders
  5. Breaking down President Joe Bidens crypto strategy
  6. President Biden ‘Flips The Script’ On Republicans With Law And Order Message
  7. President Biden is expected to issue an Executive Order on regulating crypto next week

Bitcoin price spikes after Biden orders sweeping review of crypto policy

good morning julie thats right,president biden officially issuing an,executive order this morning to regulate,crypto currencies the white house taking,a holistic approach to regulating this,new digital asset class the president,directing agencies across the government,to study cryptocurrencies and a central,bank digital currency to come up with a,plan to regulate digital assets the,order lays out goals for policing crypto,to protect consumers and investors,against fraud guard the financial system,and ensure the u.s dollar keeps its,leading position in the global financial,system specifically the order directs,the u.s treasury to lead a report on a,cbdc in consultation with the department,of justice state and others to analyze,whether a digital dollar is sound policy,the justice department is also tasked,with determining whether a new law is,needed to issue a cbdc,treasury and federal banking regulators,will look at what measures should be,taken to protect consumers investors and,businesses against fraud theft and cyber,attacks within the digital assets arena,and the financial stability oversight,council created after the 2008 financial,crisis to monitor risks to the economy,will study what risks digital assets,pose to the financial system now senior,administration administration officials,saying we need to be quote clear-eyed,that earlier forms of financial,innovation have ended up hurting,american families and making just a few,people very rich underscoring the need,for consumer protection we are starting,to hear from the industry this morning,specifically jeremy elaire ceo of,stablecoin issuer circle calling this a,watershed moment danelle dixon of the,stellar foundation also weighing in,saying that the white house recognizes,that blockchain technology,is here to stay now most of these,studies will last about 60 to 120 days,when steps will be taken on what to do,next based on agencys recommendations,julie so jen just to,give us a little bit more on this and,the move that were seeing in,cryptocurrencies,why,why is this seen as a good thing is it,just the knowledgement right as you said,that cryptocurrencies are and,blockchains here to stay,its interesting that that and that that,sort of acknowledgement especially since,this was kind of expected right that,this acknowledgement was expected,sorry julie didnt mean to cut you off,there yes it was expected uh and this,has kind of been delayed a bit because,of whats been happening in russia,ukraine but uh officials have been,working on this really since last fall,and this is a big deal because,the administration understands as you,said that the crypto is here to stay,blockchain is here to stay and this is,the first step towards outlining rules,of the road that the industry is really,craving to operate properly theres so,many investors who are sitting on the,sidelines and havent gotten into crypto,because they dont know how to comply,and so this is the first step thats,going to direct a the government across,the board not just the sec taking,actions on its own or the cftc taking,actions on its own this is a,collaborative approach and i think were,going to see something come of it here,later in the year implementation unclear,at this point probably next year,very interesting stuff thanks for,keeping us posted,appreciate it

President Biden’s executive orders on immigration

today president joe biden signed three,executive orders,aimed at dealing with some of our,nations immigration issues the first,order would focus on creating a task,force that would prioritize re,reuniting families that were separated,under trumps zero tolerance policy,the second would focus on addressing the,root causes for migration from central,america,and reviewing the migrant protocols,program commonly known as the remain in,mexico policy,under which asylum seekers are forced to,wait in mexico until their cases are,heard,and lastly the third order would call,for a,review of the public charge order which,was used to limit the amount of,low-income immigrants,coming into the u.s joining us now to,give us a little more context on the,orders and how exactly theyll be,tackled is white house deputy,communications director pili tobar,thank you so much for joining us lets,start out with the family reunification,task force,who is going to be part of this task,force and what will be their first,course of action,so the task force is going to be housed,at the department of homeland security,and it will be headed by ali mayorkas,who was just confirmed by the senate,as the secretary of dhs and it will be,composed mainly by,administration officials from different,agencies so it will be an,intergovernmental agency,that will be tasked with not just,reuniting the kids who,we already know are separated from their,parents but also,finding any other kids out there who may,not be aware of,uh that still are separated and that,were separated under,under the previous administration the,administration plans to step up efforts,to find families that are still,separated but does it also have a plan,to help families,pulled apart during the trump,administration who have since been,reunited whether theyre in the us or,abroad,yes we plan to look at all of this right,work with stakeholders,talk to some of the families who have,already be reunited,and try to understand their,circumstances and what their needs are,at this point,and this is an overall comprehensive,review of what the situation was and,what it is that this administration,can do going forward for these families,both for those who have been reunited as,those who,are still apart so this task force will,make recommendations that will go,directly to the president,who will then work with the rest of the,administration to figure out,what are the steps that we can take to,make sure that we are helping these,families currently there are more than a,thousand migrants,waiting in mexico while their u.s asylum,claims are processed because of the,trump administrations migrant,protection protocols,will the biden administration expedite,these asylum claims and if so what,resources are being dedicated to this,effort,look we plan to restore humanity justice,and order to the asylum process,that is one of our number one priorities,and that,is our plan i think what weve asked at,this point is for the,secretary of vhs to review uh the mpp,program,and to to also report back to the,administration,on what are the things that need to,happen there we,fully recognize that there are things,that we wish we could do immediately,and that there are a lot of families and,people suffering who are in mexico,because of this program,and we want to make sure that we do,everything in our power as soon as,possible to be able to help people,um and to open up these asylum,applications and we will be doing these,things,but we need to make sure that we are,doing things in an orderly manner and,allowing,for the proper reviews to happen in,order for us to take those actions,lastly unrelated to todays executive,orders but relevant to the topic of,immigration,president biden has halted the,construction of the border wall but,according to the associated press,theres still about four billion dollars,worth of signed contracts left for it,has the administration made a decision,yet on what they will do with these,contracts and will construction of the,wall eventually continue,so no the wall will not continue to be,built uh that is something we said from,the campaign i think weve made clear in,the first couple of weeks,uh we do not believe that that uh was an,effective way to handle the southern,border on the contrary,and the the reforms that we are looking,for and the things that we are calling,for,involve working with our partners in,central america to make sure that were,addressing the root causes of migration,putting them back in place programs like,the central america,minor program that he reunited minors,from central america with their parents,who were lawfully in the u.s,things along those lines that actually,will make sense in terms of having an,orderly,and effective process and making sure,that our borders are safe and secure in,a smart manner,the wall does not fit within that and,well be reviewing what those contracts,look like and what will,what will happen with with that money,white house deputy communications,director pili tobar thank you so much,for your time tonight we appreciate it,thank you hi everyone george,stephanopoulos here thanks for checking,out the abc news youtube channel,if youd like to get more videos show,highlights and watch live event coverage,click on the right over here to,subscribe to our channel and dont,forget to download the abc news app for,breaking news alerts thanks for watching

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Biden’s Crypto Executive Order: Breakthrough Or Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing? – Steve Forbes | Forbes

the crypto world heaved a sigh of relief,with president bidens new executive,order on the industry those positive,feelings however are misplaced,[Music],hello im steve forbes and this is,whats ahead where you get the insights,you need to better navigate these,turbulent times,for months the digital asset industry,has been on tender hooks as the biden,administration prepared an executive,order on how the government would deal,with the explosive growth of crypto,assets,in five years the total market cap has,grown 300 fold to over 3 trillion,dollars,crypto enthusiasts feared washington,would take a regulatory sledgehammer to,the industry instead the order seems to,provide sensible frameworks for dealing,with this phenomenon,many industry participants recognize,that regulations of some sort are coming,and were thus delighted that uncle sam,would be taking a reasonable responsible,approach,alas despite soothing words about the,desire to quote reinforce united states,leadership in the global financial,system and in technological and economic,competitiveness end quote the orders,implicit assumption is that this wont,happen unless the whole federal,government is involved in overseeing,things the impression given in fact is,that the new crypto world is fraught,with serious risks rather than brimming,with opportunities,human nature being what it is government,regulators will take a joint eye to the,unfamiliar,just look at the government agencies,president bidens decree says will play,roles one way or the other,the sec the federal reserve the ftc the,epa the white house domestic policy,council the council of economic advisors,the commerce department the energy,department the treasury department the,labor department the office of the,attorney general the state department,the defense department the office of,management budget and on and on,countless government committees and,study groups are toxic for exciting,breakthroughs with the automobile,industry and the internet developed the,way it did if washington played a,similar role it wants to do with crypto,creativity is messy and unpredictable,failure is common blunders abound,development and progress are never,risk-free,fraudsters and charlatans are always,around whether in existing areas of,endeavor or new ones,one idea in the order that should be,cabashed is the federal reserve and the,treasury department creating a central,bank digital currency,you can kiss any vestige of financial,privacy goodbye with that one government,could easily track everything you spend,economic regulators would try to manage,the economy by giving orders as the,desired level of spending and investing,it wants and make sure youre doing what,they want you to do,to that end they could put expiration,dates on currencies you know some,governments would try that,the executive order also gives itself,away on the mortal threat it sees in,stable coins which will evolve into,alternatives to government currencies,quote sovereign money is at the core of,a well-functioning financial system,macroeconomic stabilization policies and,economic growth end quote,this order is a wolf in sheeps clothing,big political and regulatory battles are,coming im steve forbes thanks for,listening do send in your comments and,suggestions and look forward to being,with you,soon again,you

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Biden confronts the climate crisis with a new spate of executive orders

JUDY WOODRUFF: A sea change on climate change.,As one of his first actions, President Biden is doing a 180-degree turn from his predecessors,policy and vowing to confront the issue head on.,White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor begins our coverage.,YAMICHE ALCINDOR: A climate crisis and a call for dramatic action. Today, President Biden,underscored his sweeping break from former President Trump, signing a new batch of executive,orders.,JOE BIDEN, President of the United States: Our plans are ambitious, but we are America.,Were bold. Were unwavering in the pursuit of jobs and innovation, science and discovery.,We can do this.,YAMICHE ALCINDOR: President Biden had already moved to rejoin the Paris climate agreement,,the same accord that President Trump withdrew from.,The new executive actions include pausing and reviewing new oil and gas leases on federal,public lands and water, addressing environmental injustices faced by disadvantaged communities,,and building jobs focused on clean energy.,During the presidential campaign, candidate Biden advocated a $2 trillion effort to reduce,global warming.,Today, his presidential envoy for climate, former Secretary of State John Kerry, doubled,down on that goal.,JOHN KERRY, U.S. Special Envoy For Climate Change: Its a lot of money, but you know,what? It costs a lot more if you dont do the things we need to do. Workers are going,to see that, with the efforts of the Biden administration, theyre going to have a much,better set of choices and, frankly, it will create more jobs.,YAMICHE ALCINDOR: Most Republicans have pushed back on climate change efforts, saying they,cost too much. They argue that clean energy means slashing jobs.,The Biden administration, though, insists that these new policies will create new well-paid,employment opportunities, jobs designed to focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions,and developing new technology.,Today, as part of that push, the presidents nominee for energy secretary, former Michigan,Governor Jennifer Granholm, advocated his energy plans at her Senate confirmation hearing.,JENNIFER GRANHOLM, U.S. Energy Secretary Nominee: We dont want to see any jobs sacrificed.,The presidents plan of building back better, which would create more jobs in energy, clean,energy.,YAMICHE ALCINDOR: Meanwhile, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee heard from Linda Thomas-Greenfield,,the nominee for ambassador to the United Nations.,She warned that the U.S. must reengage with the world to challenge Chinas growing power.,LINDA THOMAS-GREENFIELD, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nominee: We know China,is working across the U.N. system to drive an authoritarian agenda that stands in opposition,to the founding values of the institution, American values. Their success depends on,our continued withdrawal. That will not happen on my watch.,YAMICHE ALCINDOR: The Veterans Affairs Committee heard from Denis McDonough, nominee for Veterans,Affairs secretary.,DENIS MCDONOUGH, U.S. Veterans Affairs Secretary Nominee: If confirmed, I will work tirelessly,to build and restore VAs trust as a premiere agency for ensuring the well-being of American,veterans.,YAMICHE ALCINDOR: And the Senate Commerce Committee advanced former South Bend, Indiana,Mayor Pete Buttigiegs nomination for transportation secretary.,And on the pandemic, today, the presidents COVID response team held its first public,briefing.,WOMAN: Thank you all for joining us today.,YAMICHE ALCINDOR: It came amid growing calls to distribute vaccines faster.,Andy Slavitt is the White House senior adviser for COVID response.,ANDY SLAVITT, Senior White House Adviser For COVID Response: We are taking action to increase,supply and increase capacity. But, even so, it will be months before everyone who wants,a vaccine will be able to get one.,YAMICHE ALCINDOR: Yesterday, the president announced that the U.S. will order an additional,200 million vaccine doses. He said that will mean there will be enough doses for 300 million,Americans by summer.,Today, Slavitt said that, ultimately, the nation will need 500 million shots to vaccinate,everyone 16 and older.,For the “PBS NewsHour,” Im Yamiche Alcindor.

Breaking down President Joe Bidens crypto strategy

president biden will sign an executive,order today on cryptocurrencies,addressing the possible risk of digital,assets joining us now white house,council of economic advisers member uh,jared bernstein who is like a a total,renaissance man and and i dont know,whether youre uh,you had an evolving view of kryptos,jared i i can imagine that you probably,might have been somewhat of an early,adopter were you ever totally anti,crypto like like weve seen a lot of,politicians say five seven eight years,ago because this seems pretty friendly,almost like admitting look its,something thats here to stay we just,got to make sure we make it safe for for,investors and,you know not for money laundering,yeah thats definitely a fair take i,mean financial innovation in digital,assets offers a great potential but as,you just suggested great risks as well,now you and i know that the u.s has,always been a leader in this area and,this,and with this executive order we attain,uh we intend to maintain that lead but,history has been unequivocally clear on,this point and this is the last part of,what you said and its really important,absent adequate guard rails protections,safeguards unchecked financial,innovation can introduce deep and,systemic risk and there are many,examples throughout history weve talked,about them on this show,that can show how badly that ends now,weve seen that movie in reruns too many,times and this executive order is,intended to ensure that that doesnt,happen with digital assets yeah we dont,need to go back that far,when innovative corrects,uh kind of got,out of control we tried to regulate them,i think too back then but we didnt do,the kind of job we needed to so some,things,slipped through the cracks with all the,alphabet soup back in 2007 and two,things i i think that correct and i,think that sometimes when you say,financial innovation you want to put,scare quotes around it and the reason is,because unchecked uh while uh there are,clear potential benefits for,technological advance for innovation,there are also clear risks now what the,executive order does is outline a series,of inter-agency and including working,with our regulatory agencies in the,federal reserve an ambitious uh,investigation into the best way forward,to elevate the benefits and to control,the risks there are a series of reports,that will come out of this executive,order first uh pretty quickly,coordinated action against illicit,finance which is very much in the news,regarding digital assets uh payment,systems uh central bank digital currency,consumer protections energy use climate,um the uh were uh the executive order,instructs the uh financial stability,oversight council the fsoc uh to uh look,deeply into one of the issues that,concerns me the most and thats systemic,risk and financial instability again,unchecked financial,innovation is the great risk here and,this eo is the first all of government,effort,to control that

President Biden ‘Flips The Script’ On Republicans With Law And Order Message

mike emily i feel like this is what i,think joe biden says when he shouts at,the television but he wrapped it all,into a speech and really took his white,house and his party on the offense said,we beat the nra and put himself squarely,on the side of federal and local law,enforcement who in many instances from,the receiving end of unprecedented,attacks from the gop,thats right nicole this was absolutely,an effort by the white house for,democrats with president biden leading,the way to flip the script on,republicans democrats paid a real,political price in the 2020 election,down ballot the president himself didnt,of course he was elected but down down,ballot a lot of democrats lost the,election because of the framing of the,party as the party of defund the police,so you saw the president here,in this swing part of a swing state,where hes going to be spending a lot of,time in the week ahead reversing that,saying that this is the party democrats,who want to fund the police but more,than anything what you saw from the,president today is politics 101. if you,are the party in power if you control,the white house the senate and the house,as democrats do at the moment you want,to make an election a choice election,between two parties rather than a,referendum on what youve done and so,what you heard the president do was,initially pose this question to,republicans whose side are you on are,you on the side of law enforcement that,you claim to support or the,insurrectionists that youve apologized,for,and and really what hes doing though is,making this a choice for voters in the,fall nicole ive spoken recently with,two of the presidents top political,advisors and they say yes some of the,headwinds that we were facing in this,election have dulled a little bit,because of his legislative successes of,late uh the accomplishments like the,inflation reduction act the decision by,the supreme court of course overturning,roe versus wade has really injected a,lot of energy into a key pillar of the,biden coalition as well that is women,voters but more than anything the,re-emergence of donald trump really he,never went anywhere but hes certainly,back in a bigger way than ever before,and the hold that he has on his party,still to this day not just when he comes,here like he will on saturday to,campaign with the democratic republican,candidate for governor,but the fact that he has shaped the,primary field in a lot of these races,has given democrats a real chance here,and as one of my long-time advisers said,to me donald trump is the mvp if,democrats managed to defy all of the,political history here and hold on to,the senate and potentially even hold on,to the house,[Music],mike emily are they studying,anything about how the midterm elections,of 2002 defied,this pattern of sometimes the,presidents party not faring so well in,midterms because it seems like a lot of,the things that,were on voters minds have to do with,some of the very same things in the news,the security of our homeland national,security,questions about the ex-president and all,of his allies who are real slow to,condemn the hoarding of classified,documents are they looking at,other examples in history when a,presidents party fared well in the,midterms,well thats certainly this is a white,house that has studied midterm elections,very closely nicole i spent a lot of,time with then vice president biden out,when he was campaigning in the midterm,elections in both 2010 and 2014 and then,i was with him,he was in a lot of races more than 60,races in the 2018 elections and you know,how this biden team prides itself on the,consistency of its message and they are,really,thats one more reason why they are,thankful that donald trump has so,inserted himself into the conversation,but really what we see here from the,president is,focusing on the core message that got,him into office in the first place this,idea that we are as hes going to lay,out in a prime time speech on thursday,in a continued battle for the soul of,the nation is a message thats ever more,salient now because of what we saw,happen with the raid on mar-a-lago and,the,republican voices who are like lindsey,graham you heard the president refer to,him he didnt name him for sure but he,certainly was aware of what lindsey,graham has said of late and the idea,that he is talking about the potential,reaction of riots in the streets was,something that the president clearly,was aghast about and they feel has given,democrats a real opportunity i was,talking before this event with the,county chairman from neighboring,susquehanna county pennsylvania its a,little bit redder even than luzerne,county here and lackawanna county a,democratic stronghold and what this,gentleman told me was that he has been,talking yes to independents who are,certainly trending in their direction,but even some republicans who are,increasingly interested in potentially,voting for democrats in this election,and i think it speaks to what we heard,from the president not this week but,last week when he said i respect,conservative republicans i dont respect,mega republicans and for this president,who has a compulsive need to relate to,even those which with whom he disagrees,on so much that was quite a statement,and i think its why they think this,election could go democrats way despite,all historical trends,[Music],you

President Biden is expected to issue an Executive Order on regulating crypto next week

well lets get a little bit more color,on everything thats going on in the,crypto world with michelle bond over at,the association for digital assets,markets uh great to have you on the,program michelle you know youre the ceo,of uh an agency that or an organization,that really has front row seats to all,this going on i just wonder if you kind,of quickly respond to that news um,obviously a lot of interest from the,white house in getting a closer look to,crypto i mean when you see names like,the state department perhaps getting,involved do you feel like this is a,productive way to be approaching a,possible framework for regulation,yeah so i do and there has been talk of,of this executive order since last,november it was actually supposed to be,issued back then,and it was i think at that time rumored,to actually have even a broader sort of,um mandate where there was supposed to,be a cryptozar appointed and they were,actually going to propose um some some,more regulatory measures as opposed to,just having a study um over the you know,the,past few months the biden administration,has seemingly sort of walked back from,where their you know initial position,was and what they are doing is this,whole of government approach and,essentially now um you know requesting,uh several studies these studies will be,conducted as you as you noted by several,different,members you know all across the,government so yes it will include the,intelligence agencies the state,department the markets regulators the,bank regulators will all be involved and,theyll make recommendations,i think its also important just to note,that a lot of these things even when,theres a study and recommendations made,a lot of these things do require an act,of congress and chairman powell of the,fed has given his commitment to congress,that before a cbdc uh it you know moves,forward in the united states that he,will he will make sure that he gets the,congressional buy-in before thats done,there is a fed open proposal right now,that the industry is working on,providing public comment on um so there,theres i think a lot of moving parts,going but i do think i think this is a,positive step and i think you know,having the federal government study,where the risks are where the benefits,are what the opportunities are um and,you know,in a whole of government way i think,thats an i think thats a good thing,for crypto,uh michelle when we talk about how the,regulators in dc work its important to,note that everything moves very slowly,and even this eo is just beginning,studies at the various agencies to kind,of embark on a possible uh regulatory,framework but do you feel like the trade,group and your members have a seat at,the table because as all this is,happening kind of the voices that these,regulators solicit as they try to figure,out what the best approach here is,pretty important is not,yeah so,what i absolutely love about adam is we,created our own seat at the table so in,2018 when our group was formed we,actually proposed our own code of,conduct and thats what has been,regulating the crypto spot market so all,of our members agree to adhere to our,code of conduct and it creates the you,know all the guiding principles for,custody settlement trading in markets,conflicts of interest you name it i,think its really important to note that,because what the industry has done here,is actually more like has has raised the,bar for market integrity higher than,what any federal regulator has has done,to date so i think obviously you know,from that respect yes the industry has,had a voice in the regulation of the,industry and then secondly i would just,say look we have been very very,busy with the comment letter process and,we will continue to engage productively,via the comment letter process with you,know the fed the sec all of the open,proposals and then in addition weve,been very actively engaged with capitol,hill and working on different,legislative solutions for the space to,make sure that innovation is not,hampered in any way in the united states,but also in a way where consumers can be,protected,uh michelle you know there are a lot of,voices out there and one of the big,voices that got a lot of attention,specifically yesterday was uh berkshire,hathaways charlie munger who made some,remarks about a cryptocurrency at large,i want to play a clip of what he said,yesterday take a listen,you let a bad genie out of a bottle,god knows what happens,i think it was a huge mistake too,to allow it at all and,the truth of the matter is our,regulatory establishment,when they quit the government they go,out into this,heavy heavily promotional capitalism,and so its very hard to get the,government to make good,wise decisions about something like,bitcoin,and then monger after the fact uh,mentioned that he feels like china,handled cryptocurrency better by just,outright banning it i just wonder if you,had any response to that type of,commentary thats obviously out there in,the ether,yeah absolutely look i think digital,assets are here theyre here to stay and,they are the natural evolution of,finance,and when you look at digital assets and,cryptocurrencies look its more than,just an investment opportunity its we,see payment rails that are being,simplified,these secure blockchains have uses from,gaming to medical records its much,farther reaching than just in finance,the space in especially in finance is,full of good actors who want,comprehensive regulation that works you,know to protect both,consumers and also foster innovation,these are the conversations that adam is,having you know every day with the hill,with regulators with the industry and,international bodies weve been very,very busy at work on that front um i saw,a recent tweet from elon musk that,addressed um some of these statements by,monger and i thought it was funny and,worth mentioning he said elon said he,was at a lunch with monger in 2009 where,he told the whole table all the ways in,which tesla would fail,and elon said it made him quite sad but,he told him that he agreed with all of,those reasons and that maybe you know,they would probably die but it was worth,trying anyway and i thought that was a,really a really sort of cute remark but,um it just goes to show you that um you,know i do think that that um were,seeing sort of a change and you know,some people are not as quick to,adopt change especially when you know,that theyve been working in,a different field for for such a for,such a long time however i do think that,the the wave for the future is going to,be via the blockchain and digital assets,i mean michelle a lot of people saying,some some really mean things about,charlie munger i would actually say that,for an elon tweet that wasnt as bad as,maybe we would have expected from the,head of tesla there but it does kind of,show that theres perhaps an,institutional gap in the way that people,understand the use cases but also the,risks of cryptocurrency when you talk,about the membership of adam i,understand you have some new members i,dont know if you want to tell us about,that but how important is just kind of,getting the institutional knowledge up,out there,yeah so one of the things that i love,about our membership roster is that the,vast majority of our members came from,traditional finance so thats an awesome,thing because these members are used to,seeing how the you know the financial,markets are regulated and that provides,a very thoughtful pathway towards,getting um digital asset markets,regulated and thats why weve been,working very hard on our code of conduct,and potentially working towards building,a self-regulatory organization and,really trying to just advance market,integrity for our space so we are very,excited um breaking news you know to,announce that we have grown our,membership roster very substantially and,weve also added some brand new board,members so ftx and ftx us are now on,adams board robinhood crypto is now on,adams board multi-coin capital

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