1. Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain Nintendo Switch Review – Is It Worth It?
  2. Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain Nintendo Switch Review
  3. Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain Review
  4. Is Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain Any Good? – REVIEW (Nintendo Switch)
  5. Brain Age vs Big Brain Academy on Nintendo Switch – Which One Makes You Smarter?
  6. Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain (Nintendo Switch) Review
  7. Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain – Overview Trailer – Nintendo Switch

Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain Nintendo Switch Review – Is It Worth It?

hello there lovely pee polite alex from,nintendo life here and today its time,for us to review for you big brain,academy brain vs brain on the nintendo,switch this review was originally,written by little old me yes i i went,and wrote it i wrote a thing but anyway,thats more than enough waffling lets,dive right into things,[Music],nintendo is far from alone in its,pursuit of games or applications if you,prefer that are designed to give that,cauliflower looking organ within your,skull a good thrashing but the company,has often done better with that kind of,software than most other competitors now,we have the big brain academy series,which began life on the nintendo ds,making its return in big brain academy,brain vs brain on switch but is it truly,as brawny as it should be the basic,premise of the game is just like any of,the other titles in the series in a most,basic sense there are five disciplines,of mental agility all of which act as,categories for four exercises apiece,tasking you with different,tasks youll start off in sprout league,and slowly progress up to super elite,league if youre good enough all in a,single play session that lasts around 60,seconds were very pleased to report,that should you get up to said final,rank the game becomes a genuine,challenge even for adult players which,we werent completely expecting once,your time is up the distinctly wiggly,doctor lobe will give you a score based,on your performance correct answers will,result in points but negative answers,will result in points deducted and quite,harshly we might add this may seem a,little cruel at first but it prevents,the player from being able to brute,force their way to a high score after,all this is big brain academy not,blatant button mash academy in our,experiences the scoring system seemed,relatively fair and were not just,saying that because we managed to score,gold and all but two exercises on our,first go it definitely encourages you to,think and act quickly but not at the,detriment of getting the answers correct,and as far as the meat of the game goes,thats essentially it there are other,ways in which to indulge in the 20,exercises on offer but to play the game,youll always come back to them in one,way or another in a full fat full retail,game we would take umbrage with this,fact but the budget-friendly price tag,of brain versus brain definitely makes,this easier to swallow it certainly,doesnt hurt either that the tasks are,all rather satisfying and even fun in a,very educational sort of way in terms of,the other modes in which these,quote-unquote mini-games can be indulged,theres a fairly straightforward test,mode that picks a random exercise from,each category and forces you at,figurative gunpoint to get on with them,at the end your score from each is,tottered up and youre given an overall,brain in a score which should absolutely,not be misconstrued as iq points my god,this is a decent way to test yourself on,how far youve come since starting,proceedings but its hardly back of the,box stuff but you can sit in your room,of choice telling yourself that youre,the brainiest bit of homo sapien sapiens,this side of swansea but the real fun is,improving or disproving that with others,the game supports up to four players,locally and in essence rapidly becomes a,bit of a party game its honestly great,fun and the fact that each player can,select their own starting difficulty,definitely helps to level the playing,field for less experienced brain users,its not limited to local either,although the execution is quite,different should you wish you can take,your brain online and battle against the,ghosts of christmas parts actually its,the ghost data of other players this,means that theres no issues with,latency no excuses as to why youre 40,points behind kathleen the office worker,from brecken just good honest mental,slaughter it is a shame that you cant,play live with friends over the internet,but at the same time what we have is a,surprisingly elegant solution and whilst,it may be of little consequence overall,the presentation is excellent for the,most part youll create a little avatar,of yourself or the person youd like to,be who will hang out in all your brainy,endeavors and through your time with the,game youll unlock more and more items,with which to customize said avatar the,graphics are simply gorgeous throughout,the menus as well but it has to be said,that they dont hold up as well in the,exercises themselves the simpler style,is clearly designed to make all the,important information easier to pass for,all age groups but it really doesnt,mesh as well as it perhaps could have,done big brain academy brain vs brain is,a fun little romp which doesnt have,ideas above its station this isnt the,kind of marriage between gameplay and,for lack of a better term work that,youll find in ring fit adventure but,its a greatly enjoyable and,budget-friendly way to keep up the,little pitter-patter of grey mata for,all ages,[Music],oh,[Music]

Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain Nintendo Switch Review

the big brain academy series started,with a release on the nintendo ds back,in 2005 in japan and 2006 in the west it,was marketed under the touch generations,label which also housed the popular,brain training or brain age depending on,your region a second game was released,for the wii in 2007 and after a 14 year,gap a third game in the series big brain,academy brain vs brain is just about to,release on the nintendo switch does it,get the old grey mata working or does it,just leave you feeling a bit blue well,thank you to nintendo for the review,code and now lets find out play match,blast do you want to play sure,three,two,one so the basic premise of the big,brain academy series is that it tasks,you with solving a number of puzzles set,across five different categories in,order to grade your brain and give you,some sort of starting point as you try,to improve your cognitive abilities over,time the five areas for which all,puzzles fall into are identify memorize,analyze compute and visualize and each,of these categories includes four,different puzzles or mini-games to,attempt that tire into that particular,skill or ability that you would need to,hone in order to excel in this area for,example memorize includes puzzles,relating to remembering sequences or,patterns whereas compute deals more with,your ability to solve numerical puzzles,by using the visual clues or information,given you will create an avatar and,input your age and then have a few,different game modes to choose from,first up is practice which allows you to,attempt any of the 20 puzzles included,with the puzzle starting simple and,getting progressively more difficult as,you pass through each difficulty,threshold such as beginner intermediate,and expert until your time eventually,runs out and you record your score you,are ranked by way of gold and silver,class badges and you will also obtain,coins for playing or performing,particularly well and for every 10 coins,you gain you will unlock a new item of,clothing or accessory for your avatar as,an extra incentive to get all of the,gold medals the game teases you with a,hidden unlockable for doing just this,and i wont spoil what it is but it does,add some longevity to proceedings as,well as the practice modes you have the,test itself here you will be given five,puzzles in a row one from each of the,categories and your score from each of,these games will be added together to,give your brain score for that day which,is then converted into a grade and your,areas of strength or weakness will be,highlighted i found it a shame that,there was no real diary of progress if,you think back to something like we fit,for example a similar type of nintendo,game in many ways will that track your,progress calories burnt time played etc,and gave you a stamp for playing each,day it would have been nice to have had,something similar here with your grades,tracked between days and graphs of your,progress available it also seemed a,little too easy to score well very,quickly i got an a plus on my first ever,test and an a plus plus on my second,thats not to say the puzzles themselves,are easy they can become fiendishly,difficult as you move up through the,ranks but you can accumulate a good,score before getting to this stage which,does sap a little enthusiasm out of you,in terms of returning daily in order to,see improvements as the journey almost,fell over before it had started,obviously this will differ from person,to person but some sort of initial,evaluation so that the scores needed to,reach each rank were rebalanced would,have added legs to the games lifespan,in my opinion the final solo mode is,ghost clash which is an online mode,where you can pitch your wits against,the ghost data of another player from,around the world youll need a nintendo,switch online subscription to use this,and it is unfortunate that you cannot,play against the person themselves,rather than just a ghost version outside,of the solo modes there is also the,multiplayer mode which can be played,with up to four players locally what i,did like about the multiplayer mode is,that it allows each player to pick the,difficulty level independently and what,was also nice was that there is a,difficulty level called sprout class,which is there with children in mind,making it a game that can legitimately,be played with all of the family without,anyone having to go easy or anyone,feeling they have absolutely no chance,of winning in fact most of the,multiplayer footage you are seeing was,from me playing against my daughter and,it was a lot of fun there was the,educational element of discussing the,rules of each game but the option to,scale difficulty for each player meant,that she won a good few games which,helped keep it competitive and,interesting one of the downsides of the,scaling difficulty is that for some of,the games such as the one called,cupboard cages the increase in,difficulty seems to have come from the,sequence of the cages being shifted,taking longer which means the player,with the easier difficulty has a huge,advantage of just being able to answer,quicker due to their sequence ending,earlier you can speed up the sequence,here but to have them end at different,times is a flaw in design and represents,artificial difficulty which kind of,defeats the purpose thankfully though,this was a rare occurrence on the grand,scheme of things in terms of controls,you can play with a traditional,button-based approach and single joy con,play is supported or you can play with,touch controls when using handheld mode,button controls are fine for the most,part although they do slow you down a,bit as opposed to being able to,instantly tap an answer and there were a,couple of games where the controls were,not great the worst offender was,tick-tock turn where you have to move,the hands of a clock just at the correct,time but movement is a bit awkward which,again ends up affecting your score touch,controls on the other hand feel very,natural and this was most certainly the,best way to play when playing in,multiplayer you can also use the touch,controls provided you have no more than,two players and the screen will split,allowing you to lay the switch flat and,each take an end to play at gameplay has,that competitive element whether its,against another person or in an effort,to self-improve and the puzzles are all,fun but a few more wouldnt have gone,amiss and a way of tracking progress is,sorely missing gameplay scores 15 out of,20. controls work very well when using,the touchscreen and are fine to be fair,most of the time when using buttons but,there were a couple of games which were,a bit awkward on the whole though they,get 17 out of 20.,in terms of the visuals big brain,academy brain versus brain actually has,quite an autumnal feel to it with a,color palette that consists of salmon,pinks mustard yellows and sage greens,images are clear which makes play in the,games and puzzles very straightforward,and the number of unlockables which,allow you to customize your avatar is a,nice touch in terms of the audio well it,follows a similar path with cheery sound,effects used to signify correct answers,or leveling up and the music itself is,pleasant it has an abundance of charm,and a sprinkling of the quirkiness that,nintendos smaller releases are known,for with it reminding me of another,recent release in game builder garage in,terms of the simple yet clean aesthetic,and whimsical characters although i,dont think it does quite as good a job,as that particular release does visuals,lend the game the charm necessary to,ensure the experience is not as dry as,it could otherwise have been and they,score 15 out of 20. audio serves a very,similar purpose and does it well to be,fair but it never truly excels and it,gets 14 out of 20.,[Music],big brain academy brain versus brain,cost 24 pounds 99 and regional,equivalents are on your screen now this,is obviously less than the standard,nintendo pricing which is to be expected,with a

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Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain Review

in the heyday of the ds and 3ds nintendo,dedicated itself to a blue ocean,strategy of attracting a wider audience,than traditional gamers headlining this,effort were games like brain age and big,brain academy puzzle games targeted,toward non-gamers that promised regular,mental exercises to stay sharp and,enhance your focus more than a decade,later big brain academy brain versus,brain recenters itself around nintendos,new strategic priority social features,and competition and while the puzzles in,brain versus brain work just as well as,ever the competition aspect is an,awkward fit that runs counter to a game,series that has always been friendly and,non-judgmental the main appeal of these,brain training games has always been to,run your own race chipping away at daily,exercises with big brain academys,fictional dr loeb lets you see the,progression of slow steady improvement,as you sharpen your mental acuity in,previous games over the course of a week,or a month or even several months the,improvement would get more consistent,and you could see yourself getting,smarter or at least better at these,particular gamified skills brain vs,brain is centered around competition and,feels a little less approachable for it,[Music],thats not to say the game itself shames,you dr loeb is as positive and,encouraging as ever always couching weak,spots in gentle terms and nudging you to,spend more time practicing any fields,where you didnt excel but when you,create a puzzle game ostensibly about,measuring intelligence and then player,against both friends and a worldwide,gaming audience its going to be fertile,ground for planting self-doubt big brain,academy brain vs brain measures your,competency in five categories identify,memorize analyze compute and visualize,each consisting of four exercises the,line between those categories can be,fuzzy the shadow shift game which has,you pick out silhouetted shapes is,grouped in the visualized category when,it could easily fit into identify for,example each exercise ramps up the,difficulty as you complete phases of it,on a timer adding both more elements and,complexities to those elements by the,time you reach the top few ranks you may,need to sit and think for several,moments some exercises become downright,inscrutable at least in the final few,seconds you have remaining on the clock,[Music],your single player options are limited,to practice an unlockable super practice,mode that starts the exercises at a,higher difficulty and the holistic test,function the test is meant to show your,aptitude across all five categories by,serving them up one at a time resulting,in a pentagon shaped spider chart with,sharper spikes in the fields where you,excelled the idea is to give an easy,visualization of where youre doing best,and where you could stand to improve and,it does that well when i first started i,was extremely lopsided toward memorize,and away from compute which squared with,my own understanding of my strengths and,weaknesses after some practice i made,the graph roughly more symmetrical which,is ultimately the goal to brush up on,weaker spots so youre well balanced,across the disciplines that said its,not an exact science the test function,plucks one of each categorys exercises,at random and after practicing there,were still some exercises that i just,didnt connect with very well even in a,category i felt comfortable with there,would inevitably be an exercise i,struggled with if one of these weaker,exercises happened to be the one that,came up during a test it would throw off,my entire score and the test would be a,wash similarly some games are especially,brutal at burning your clock which can,impact your score the higher levels of,fast focus a game that slowly reveals a,picture to you takes so long to reveal,anything even potentially recognizable,that it can be maddening watching the,time take away,[Music],you can brush up on these skills in,practice mode by taking on one event at,a time that helped but sometimes i would,find myself frustrated by the timer,suddenly pulling the plug on an exercise,some of the more advanced exercises take,more time to think through and by the,time i reached one i wouldnt have,enough time to invest in it before it,abruptly ended the get in shape puzzles,for instance have you build increasingly,complex shapes out of small parts and i,would have liked the opportunity to take,some of the advanced puzzles at my own,pace in those moments it didnt feel,like i was really building my skills,rather i was just racing to give myself,enough time to even attempt to build,more advanced skills super practice,helps by starting you at a higher,difficulty which also makes it easier to,rack up higher scores the main,competitive mode in the solo menu is,ghost clash which pits you against ghost,versions of your friends other profiles,on the same switch or strangers across,the world finishing the exercise first,gets you more points and the first to,100 points wins the clash its not quite,a head-to-head competition but it,reproduces the basic effect well another,method of competing with friends is,checking your ranking which shows your,solo scores across both the test and,each individual exercise a local party,mode lets you compete against other,players and include some decent,equalizing features such as a special,sprout mode intended for younger players,still a lot of the games require some,fundamental math skills so very small,kids would likely be lost on the whole,the in-person competitive mode seem,aimed at leveling the playing field in a,way that the online modes arent one odd,duck element to this is the use of touch,controls versus a traditional controller,big brain academy has its roots on the,nintendo ds which came with a dedicated,stylus brain vs brain maintains this,element and lets you use touch controls,and in my experience that actually seems,to be a big competitive advantage over a,controller but the switch never feels,totally natural as a touch screen device,both because of its oblong shape and the,fact that it doesnt come with its own,stylus plus its just strange to have a,competitive game where handheld players,have such a huge competitive advantage,based on the touch-based control scheme,your reward across all of the,single-player modes is coins which,unlock outfit options for each 10 coins,you gather longer events like the full,test or competing across all the,categories in ghost clash nets you more,coins but the progress is still slow,going and will take a regular playing,regimen to actually unlock everything,like the other brain training games this,is obviously meant to be a daily habit,the outfit options arent all that,compelling in themselves but i did get a,little smile out of seeing my avatar,dressed in a deer stalker cap and fancy,vest its never been totally clear to me,if brain training games like brain age,and big brain academy are actually,exercising your brain or simply,improving your skills at these exercises,the takeaway of these games may be that,there isnt actually a clear distinction,between getting smarter and getting,experience most of the time i just had,to remember to slow down and approach,the exercises cautiously to improve my,score which feels like a lesson in,patience and focus as much as the,ability to compute or analyze on a dime,big brain academy and the entire brain,training subgenre of puzzle games were,never as medically precise as they,purported to be but they were always,about the fulfillment of,self-improvement not bragging rights big,brain academy brain versus brain thanks,to its new competition hooks feels just,a little bit coarser its still plenty,of fun in small doses and the exercises,are well made and for the most part ramp,up nicely just dont take it too,seriously and whatever the leaderboards,say remember to run your own race,me

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Is Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain Any Good? – REVIEW (Nintendo Switch)

HAVE YOU EVER FELT LIKE THIS?,Gee, I sure wish I was more smarter.,WELL LUCKILY, THERE MIGHT BE A GAME FOR YOU.,What’s Big Brian Academy?,OH BOY…,Nintendo lately has been keen on bringing back their forgotten franchises.,New Pokemon Snap, Metroid Dread, and now Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain, following,a 14-year gap with the last entry being 2007’s Wii Degree, so this franchise has some cobwebs,to dust off.,Having never played any of the two previous Big Brain Academies, I wasn’t too interested,in Brain vs. Brain until I played the demo which was surprisingly fun and addictive.,So did this FUN-ducational experience carry over into the final game?,In Big Brain Academy, players become students who are tasked with completing a variety of,mind-bending mini-games that determine their Big Brain Brawn score, with categories in,math, visualization, memorization, and so on.,These can be played any time in the Practice Mode, all to prepare for tests, battles against,players online, or local multiplayer with up to four people, a first for the series.,In the beginning, you’re introduced to the Big Brain Academy Headmaster Dr. Lobe, who,guides you through creating an avatar and catchphrase and asks your age and occupation.,Unfortunately, there wasn’t an option for “buffoon who makes gaming content for YouTube,so I chose “office worker.”,These customization options are mainly meant to be shown off during online play, that way,you can feel bad when you lose against a 34-year-old grade-schooler who can’t say no to candy.,After enrolling in the Big Brain Academy, you’re immediately thrown into some practice,rounds, featuring games organized into five categories: Identify, Memorize, Analyze, Compute,,and Visualize.,These games test different parts of the brain, with some naturally being harder than others,depending on your strengths and weaknesses.,Take me for example, someone who had to take Math 120 four times in college, so of course,I had trouble with the number-based puzzles in the Compute and Analyze sections.,I can’t count that fast!,But as more of a visual guy, I absolutely CRUSHED games like Fast Focus, in which I,had to quickly identify what’s in a photo that’s slowly focusing.,There are 20 games in all, including but not limited to memorizing cards in Memo-Random,,finding pictures that match shadows in Shadow Shift, and popping numbered balloons from,lowest to highest in Balloon Burst, which is something even my math-challenged brain,can mostly handle.,All in all, these games are pretty fun, and I found them to be addictive at times when,I wanted to keep playing to increase my high score.,The games each last a minute long, getting harder with each right answer.,Your score takes the form of Big Brain Brawn, and Professor Lobe will award Star Medals,based on your performance.,Even though I struggled mostly with the math-based games, I never found any of them to be too,difficult as they’re more about testing your speed than stumping you.,They’re all fair challenges that really flex your mushy brain muscles.,And once all the gold medals are acquired in the Practice Mode, this unlocks SUPER Practice,Mode.,It contains the same games but at a higher difficulty level, which I now prefer playing,after having mastered the original practice mode.,As fun as these games can be, they’re definitely not made for longer sessions due to their,short length and there only being 20 of them.,I can only play the same few 60-second games so many times before growing bored.,Instead, they’re better suited for a few 20-30 minute sessions a week.,In any case, the Practice option is there for a reason, as you’ll be playing these,games across the three main modes: Test, Ghost Clash, and Multiplayer.,Test mode puts players through 5 randomly-selected games, one from each category, to see where,they excel and where improvement is needed.,I took 4 tests during my time with this game, and my performance seemed to vary significantly,day by day, even with the same subjects.,This could’ve been due to the state of my brain on those days, but I’m thinking it,has to do with the selection of games given, as some of them in the same categories are,harder than others.,Like Cubegame being the most difficult in the Analyze section for me as opposed to Fast,Focused which is the game I’m best at.,At the end of the test, you’ll get a Big Brain Brawn score, a Brain Grade, and a Brain,Type depending on your best categories.,In Ghost Clash, players compete via online ghosts instead of in real-time.,Meaning that you’ll be playing against AI replications of how well they performed on,certain games.,Given that I played Brain vs. Brain BEFORE its official launch, I could only play against,the Ghosts of a few online strangers, and it was incredibly easy.,I haven’t yet lost a single battle against a random player, (because *I’ve* got a bigger,brain!),Although I did play against the ghost of my friend Bobby from Console Creatures and he,did destroy me in one game.,Curse you, Robert.,These battles are basically races to see who can complete the same game faster and more,accurately.,Answering first and correctly will reward 20 points while answering correctly second,will net 8.,And answering incorrectly will earn you nothing.,The first person to get 100 points wins.,So far, I haven’t found the ghost matches to be especially compelling based on how easy,they were, but that might possibly be due more to the lack of players right now rather,than the AI recreation of them– especially since I did enjoy playing my friend, so this,mode might shine once there are more players online.,Luckily there is local multiplayer for up to four people, so I got a Big Brain Party,together to see which one of my friends had the bigger brain.,There are two ways to play: in a series of rounds determined by player selection or spinning,a wheel.,The person with the most points at the end wins.,Unfortunately, it was initially awkward starting up a four-player session for new players as,the brief explanations before each game, often don’t quite make sense, and you can really,only learn by trial and error.,So by the time everyone got the hang of it, it’s on to the next game.,Big Brain Academy would have benefited from an interactive practice mode beforehand like,in Mario Party, and its absence is felt in this hectic and messy 4-player mode.,To the game’s credit, even if some players are struggling with a game or two, they can,catch up through a series of bonus rounds that reward them 50 points instead of the,usual 4 or 8.,It’s a great way to balance things out in a 4-player mode that’s already pretty confusing,for first-timers.,While my friends were getting the hang of things near the end of the session, by that,point, we were eager to turn the game off and try something else.,Some of my friends felt stressed having to think really fast on the spot while there,was so much going on onscreen, and that was something I could relate to.,It seemed like Big Brain Academy’s 4-player mode was trying to be a thinking person’s,version of Mario Party, but after playing for 30 minutes, I can confidently say to play,Mario Party instead because it’s more friendly to casual players.,With two of the modes being focused on multiplayer, the Test mode is the closest the game has,to a guided single-player experience, but there isn’t really an end goal in Brain,vs. Brain.,You can try aiming for 100% by getting a Platinum Medal on every game, collecting all the outfits,,and acquiring all the greetings used during Online Play.,There are a TON of these collectibles, but unlocking them all is quite repetitive.,Outfits are won by getting ten coins that are rewarded through various means, like practicing,,taking tests, and playing online matches.,This requires playing a lot of the same games over and over again for dozens of hours.,Online greetings are acquired by playing online matches, which again, demand you play a lot,of the same games.,So completionists are

Brain Age vs Big Brain Academy on Nintendo Switch – Which One Makes You Smarter?

back in december 2021 nintendo released,big brain academy brain vs brain for,switch marking the first time theyve,published a brain training game,worldwide on the system but this isnt,the first brain game from nintendo on,switch back in 2019 they came up with a,new brain age it just never arrived in,north america released under the name dr,kawashimas brain training for nintendo,switch brain age 4 is a continuation of,the series that dominated on ds and,absolutely flopped on 3ds and if youre,wondering exactly how brain age works on,a nintendo switch it includes a stylus,and i know youre just as excited about,that as i am the prevailing theory as to,why brain age never made it to north,america is that nintendo didnt want to,deal with any potential legal,ramifications over claims that their,game actually makes you smarter whatever,the case im here to determine which of,these two brain training games on switch,makes you smarter brain age or big brain,academy and if brain age does win in the,end and you want to buy it keep in mind,that the switch is region free so you,can import it and play it without any,issues first off i played brain age to,determine the age of my brain now i know,what youre thinking brains sure do look,tasty and my movement speed has reduced,to walking ever since i let that weird,girl bite me and the answer is yes i am,very smart genius level intellect,actually,but for the sake of this video i will,hide that so if you notice any errors in,my gameplay it is all intentional,definitely for sure no doubt gwen,stefani because you have to do a brain,age check in handheld mode which is,vertical and very difficult to record i,decided just to measure my skills in,quickplay which features a few different,activities the best score in brain age,is 20 so anything higher than that and,you dumb the first activity was rock,paper scissors and i scored an 80. i was,surprised by how well the ir camera and,the joy con works recognizing your hand,shape though i never ever had a single,issue with the game recognizing my move,for finger calculations though you hold,up fingers from one to five to make the,answer the ir camera had trouble,differentiating four from three so that,delayed me a bit finger drills was up,next and yeah thats not the most,appropriate name ever its basically,just rock paper scissors except you,match the shape on screen they threw in,a thumbs up at the end and thats where,there were a few hiccups with the ir,camera otherwise it was perfect theres,also a few multiplayer things you can do,bird watching is exactly what it sounds,like you just count birds thats it fly,raising has you moving the joy con in,the same situants as the flag bearer the,joy-con work here is finicky and even i,got frustrated at times so its probably,not the best thing to play with others,and finally we have box counting which,is the most trolly mode ive ever played,its essentially bird watching except,the boxes only appear for a split second,sometimes and they might zoom around the,screen and i mean look at this one how,are you supposed to accurately guess,that quickly its insane theyre just,trolling you and thats it for the quick,training its super bare bones and,theres barely any reason to check it,out so i did daily training in handheld,mode using the stylus next so forgive,the fact that everythings vertical just,like the ds versions depending on the,test the game gives you though you might,have to turn it horizontally almost,immediately to play rock paper scissors,super intuitive i know to determine your,brain age the game throws three random,tests at you featuring self-control,processing speed and short-term memory,even with me throwing the last test of,short-term memory because its,absolutely diabolical and has you,memorizing words for two minutes then,trying to write them out which is,something the game isnt perfect at,picking up because the,letter recognition is not perfect i,still managed a range of 58 and that is,the core of the game even though it,doesnt have train your brain in minutes,a day in the title anymore this is brain,age as you remember it you play it once,per day for a few minutes get your brain,age door and unlock a few side pieces to,mess around with along the way and those,side pieces are where i spent the most,time germ blaster is just dr mario with,stylus controls and it delivers exactly,what you want from a dr mario on switch,with stylus controls it has germ busting,and a few difficulty modes what more,could you ask for of course tons of,sudoku puzzles are also included,alongside several other activities you,can unlock by doing a daily brain age,check sudoku took up most of my play,time and i noticed i was getting better,with each and every puzzle it is,annoying when the game cant read your,two or your five properly though and it,counts it as a miss but those annoyances,aside i quickly became a sudoku master,in the beginner category now one of the,good things about brain age is also one,of the bad things like jill valentine,youre constantly unlocking things the,good is that you feel that sense of,reward for doing your daily brain age,test the bad is that it means the,opening content in brain age is super,lacking plus the unlocked schedule is,inconsistent youll get new things every,day for the first few days then suddenly,its every two days if youre impatient,like me though you can adjust the,switches in-game calendar and skip all,that pesky waiting but even if you use,that workaround you do still have to get,a brainage score of 20 to unlock one of,the modes they definitely do make you,work for it i will be honest though my,initial assessment of drainage was that,it sucked compared to big brain academy,after a few hours with each though that,flipped brain age offers so much more,content especially for solo players well,big brain academy is pretty much just,you see what you get and the lasting,appeal depends on whether you have,friends or family to play with locally i,wouldnt call either game a masterpiece,but i consistently kept going back to,brain age over big brain academy oh and,i do have to mention the stylist you get,with brain age i know its kind of weird,to give so much praise to a stylist but,the weight on it is amazing its thick,and feels expensive and the end of the,stylus is super soft and squishy i never,once felt like id be damaging the,switch screen honestly it is by far the,best stylist nintendo has ever made now,for the game nintendo actually wants you,to play bait brain academy instead of,determining your brain age for legal,purposes big brain academy measures your,big brain brawn its very different than,your brain age if you want to play with,yourself you can enter into practice and,choose from a selection of 20 games,divided into categories identify,memorize analyze compute and visualize,by doing well and completing those,quizzes youll earn cosmetics and medals,when i first started playing i saw the,quality difference between brain age and,big brain academy almost immediately bay,brain academy is more based on learning,while having fun instead of just,learning the games in academy are,definitely more fun more fast-paced and,in this world of instant gratification,even unlocking useless cosmetics and,medals is more fun than the,self-improvements and self-satisfaction,you get from rain eggs i mean who wants,to be proud of themselves when you can,have a digital hawaiian shirt because,big brain academy is so vastly different,to brain age you can do a test to,measure your brains brawn by doing,activities in five categories again very,different from brain ages test with,only three categories in all seriousness,this is still more fun than brain age,brain age just feels so clinical like,the game actually cares about you big,brain academy is just about having fun,and training your brain is a happy side,effect sort of like how alcohol makes,you feel like you can totally do a,backflip but water improves your health,when the test

Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain (Nintendo Switch) Review

this video was made possible by our,generous supporters on patreon check out,patreon.com nwr for all the details,[Music],back in the days of nintendo ds and wade,nintendos brain training games were a,huge success while the brain age games,achievements were greater the two big,brain academy games that hit the systems,were quirky and fun aiming more for,light-hearted brain wrinkling than more,directed training,after more than a decade of inactivity,these sizeable smarts school is back on,nintendos switch with big brain academy,brain versus brain the time away hasnt,changed all that much about how the game,is played but enjoyable local,multiplayer and smart use of passive,online modes makes this an enjoyable if,fleeting game,20 different brain teasing games are the,focus split into five different,categories identify memorize analyze,compute and visualize the easiest way to,engage with these games is in practice,mode which challenges you to try to get,high scores by replaying each game by,playing this way the lack of offline,longevity for a solo player is on full,display the variety is nice but the,depth isnt quite there its just,repetition in the name of earning coins,to unlock meager cosmetics,brain vs brain excels in the versus,elements local multiplayer can be a gas,in either two-player tabletop play or up,to four player tv battles,everythings frenetic and fun while,still remaining challenging flexible,difficulties for every player also makes,it more friendly for children and,parents,a young kid can hang around the sprout,difficulty level while their hopefully,smarter parent can challenge themselves,to the expert difficulty,between every game these levels can be,adjusted so you can strive for parody,i find the tabletop head-to-head mode,the most fun largely because the,touchscreen controls are the best way to,play playing on the tv is fine though,especially since the playing field is,level because everyone has to use,buttons,online rankings are also present so you,can compare your practice high scores,with friends but the strongest online,element is ghost clash where you take on,the pre-recorded ghost data of online,players,pre-release this mode wasnt completely,stocked but even with a limited pool of,players including some that are clearly,computer generated these ghost matches,were enjoyable some of it can be a,cakewalk early on but once you start,contending with fiercer ghosts this,quickly becomes the more engaging and,replayable way to interact with big,brain academy by yourself,while the increasing difficulty of the,games is welcome big brain academy does,not have a lot of need on its bones,spending just an hour or two will make,you intimately familiar with all of the,included games the joy is found in the,multiplayer be it with those in the same,room as you or those youre competing,with asynchronously online,as you play any aspect of this game you,unlock more goofy costumes for your,academy student avatar,as well as sayings and catchphrases that,range from smug to asinine,on one hand i wish big brain academy,spent the past decade focusing on all of,its game design lobes but on the other,the focused and relatively meager,assortment are enjoyable in the proper,context,i wont find the ny endless sudoku,comfort of brain age games or the,nuanced breath of a full party game here,but the end result is still welcome and,enjoyable big brain academy brain vs,brain might not be the 2020,valedictorian on switch but it certainly,earns its passing grade,this video was made possible by our,generous supporters on patreon did you,know that nintendo world report is,funded directly by fans like you when,you support nintendo world report on,patreon you get immediate access to,multiple exclusive podcasts every month,exclusive discord channels an early look,at select content and more all for as,little as a dollar a month check out,patreon.com nwr for all the details,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],you

Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain – Overview Trailer – Nintendo Switch

[Nintendo Switch Snap],[narrator] -You! Get your thinking cap on.,How many blocks? [clock ticking],[zany orchestral jingle] Battle to determine whose brain is the brawniest!,Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain.,[music fades],[peppy chime sound],[zany orchestral music] Now, there are five categories,,each with four activities.,Identify.,Spot the correct image. Quickly!,Memorize.,See it, hear it, remember it!,Analyze.,Its all about finding patterns.,Compute.,Brain teasers, with numbers!,Visualize.,Get some perspective!,Answer questions correctly,,and the activity will get harder.,There are six difficulties,,yes, six!,From Sprout Class, to Super Elite Class.,Do well, and youll earn in-game medals and coins.,[character babble],And, more coins equal more costumes for your avatar.,Mmm, thats a lovely fashion statement. [music fades],[flashy orchestral jingle],Youve flexed your brain? [zippy orchestral music],Good! Now Test!,Play one activity from each category,to calculate your score and ranking.,Lets see how you do!,The graph shows the categories youre good at,,a-and not so good at,,so you can balance your activities., [crowd cheering] [music fades],[peppy chime sound],Up to four of you brainiacs can play Party mode. [vigorous orchestral music],You can select your own difficulty,,so everyone, yes, from the tiniest fledgling,,to the snappiest elder, can play together!,How lovely.,Two can also play with touch controls.,Tap, tap, tap! [music fades],[euphoric ascending jingle],Connect online to compete against ghost data of family,,friends, and all sorts of brainiacs like yourself!,[chipper orchestral music] And because it is ghost data,,theres simply no need to wait for an opponent.,Challenge them whenever you want!,You can also find specific ghost data,by searching for their ID,,for those of you who really wanna show off.,You know who you are! [music fades],[quirky orchestral music],Whether you play alone,,with your family and friends,,or with other brainiacs around the world,,I want you all to flex those brains for me,,please and thank you!,Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain.,And, it will be out December 3rd only on Nintendo Switch.,But, Id start flexing your brain early,with the free demo on Nintendo eShop.,OK? Good!

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