2. Heres Why Bilstein 5100s are so Popular
  3. @FOX 2.0 IFP versus @BILSTEIN 5100 Series
  4. Bilstein Shock Options for your Light Truck or Jeep: 5100, 5160, 6112
  5. Bilstein Shock Showdown – 6112/5160 vs 5100
  6. Shock Comparison: Bilstein 4600 vs Bilstein 5100
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– You know, when we look at a suspension companies,theres usually ones that have really weird names,and any single time that theres one,with a really weird name we just assume,that its been existing for like 200,000 years,because it seems like the old school,suspension companies were a suspension company,before cars were a thing.,Which is a little weird.,So we were gonna talk about something that wasnt,so old and dated but we figured since all of you guys,in the comments have been asking us for this,specific shock supplier power house,we thought we would talk about it,which is none other than,Bilstein shocks,Or Bil-steen, or Bil-stine,depending on how you want to pronounce it.,Theres like six German people that watch our videos,that are gonna correct us in the comments,so go right down there, type it in, good luck,lets get in to it.,Bilstein was founded in Altenvoerde,in 1873 by a man named August,you guessed it, Bilstein.,Back in the day there werent really a whole lot,of cars running around in Germany in 1873,so instead the company started off by making,metal window finishings and furnishings,and gaskets and stuff.,They made stuff for windows.,But in short, they really just were a company,that was trying to get involved in anything,that could really make them money.,The difference was that August had a way with just,getting involved with everything possible.,But besides just getting involved in everything,,August would acquire and manage as many,patents as he possibly could,considering he was in the late 1800.,Now it wasnt called Bilstein back in the day,because for window and metal fitting,and things like that, Bilstein was just not one,you wanted to use.,So instead he decided to shorten up his name,and he called it Audi which is short for,obviously, his name.,It didnt take long for him to realize that,really metal window fittings werent like,a good way to make a million dollars,so instead he decided to change with the market.,The company was doing so well that besides,all the patents they were accumulating,,August Bilstein just continued to acquire as much,resources as possible.,They got so much involved that they ended up,purchasing an iron mill factory so that they,could have the metal needed to make really,whatever the hell that they wanted,because they just had the money to do so.,In fact its considered that Augusts foundation,of the Bilstein company was pretty much because,of the amount of things he required almost 150 years ago,on todays date to pretty much establish the company,to do whatever they wanted.,It wasnt until Hans came back from America,,which if you didnt know is Augusts son,,to decide that he also wanted to get involved,in the Bilstein company name.,The one thing that was happening in America,that wasnt happening in Germany, though,,was there was a lot of nickel and chrome plating,going on that was going to take,over the market by storm.,And Bil-steen, Bil-Stine, Bill whatever, Bill Cosby,[Loud Music],said, well why dont we do that?,So the nickel and chrome plating business,started to move because Bilstein wanted to make products,so they got all the stuff that they needed,from the mills, they got all the innovations,and patents that they needed and,they started making stuff.,Really they didnt really make anything,but they made it.,Does that make sense?,They made stuff. What did they make?,We dont know, because they just made everything,it was like the Walmart of the automotive scene.,Partnering with the company called LHF,which has a long German name,but I was gonna try and memorize it but I,couldnt figure it out for the life of me.,Bilstein started to make automotive accessories,for the booming car industry.,Now back in the day really the biggest one,that Bilstein could get involved in,that involved chrome plating,which would might be something you can guess,was front bumpers.,It was one of the biggest things,that the company could get involved in,but on top of that there was a lot of internal,pieces and things like that,that the Bilstein company could then,actually chrome plate, sell back to manufacturers,and make a little bit of money.,But because they had such a strangle-hold,on everything from the metal to the end result,Bilstein was able to do very well for themselves,in fact it put them in such a good position,that it allowed them to continuously grow,enter into the Americas, enter into different countries,,and just make products for anybody that wanted them.,In 1928, Bilstein was making car jacks and other,sort of floor jacks and things like that,for cars because nobody else was,doing it at the time and for the next 30 years,the company just continued to produce products,that people wanted.,Then the early 50s came around,and well Bilstein ran into a conundrum.,A problem if you will. An issue at hand.,They had a situation that needed to be resolved.,They had a problem with no solution. Wow.,See there was a man named Professor Bourcier de Carbon.,He wanted to see if there was a way to,isolate vibrations of an automobile,better than what was currently existing at the time.,See back in the day pretty much what existed,was a very fundamental fork-style shock absorber,and besides other competitors trying to solve the problem,,the professor really didnt know who to go to.,That was until he heard of Bilstein,and they were trying to get involved in the,automotive suspension business as well.,They didnt know how to figure it out.,All they knew was that they had a lot of money,a lot of time,and they were gonna figure out how to make,a product that was better than,pretty much anything else out there.,So a few years pass and Bilstein finally,introduced a product that would revolutionize,what a suspension system ultimately consisted of,back in the late 50s.,And Bilstein was like,[German Accent] We can do that because we are German.,Do Germans do this? Or is this Italians?,These guys spent an enormous amount of time,on producing this product until they came up with,the first gas pressured mono-tube shock absorber,which was absolutely revolutionary at the time.,It was so good that they a– they were [spits],and with partnering with Mercedes-Benz,convinced people that this was the future,and it was the best way to go.,The company was one of the first to practice,this specific product,and because they were,and because Mercedes hopped on board right away,it gave them the foundation they needed to become,one of the biggest shock absorber companies in the world.,Everything that Bilstein was touching,once you got into the 60s and 70s,meant that it was just a good car.,That same shock would go into the Monte Carlo Rally,clipped on a Mercedes-Benz and they won.,It was the first time out of pretty much,any story weve ever told about a suspension company,going into a race event and actually winning,that Bilstein won the competition on their first try.,Shortly after that, everything associated with,Mercedes-Benz, AMG and S-classes,and anything that Bilstein could get involved in,they were doing really well.,And from there the Bilstein name never left motorsport.,You had names like Dale Earnheardt, Ivan Stewart,,Klaus Ludwig, Sterling Marlin and nobody else,because I couldnt remember any of the names.,They were doing so well that Bilstein just became,the name that was synonymous with the suspension,that you put on the racetrack.,And if there were any more reason to brag about,your company, they were first, second, and third place,at the Nürburgring 24-hour ring for placing,with Bilstein shocks.,In fact, all AMG Mercedes are equipped,with the Bilstein shocks, if necessary for the vehicle.,And over half of the vehicles that participate,in the DTM Motorsport are equipped with,some form of Bilstein product.,By the late 1980s they partnered with,Thyssenkrupp technologies until they were,wholly invested by 2005.,Thats a really fancy way of saying,that they got acquired by another company,until they were ultimately purchased out.,But theyre still allo

Im currently in the process of,installing a set of Bilstein 50 100 s on,my fifth generation 4runner and I,thought Id take a quick break to talk a,little bit about why the Bilson 50 100 s,are better than your standard stock,suspension that you get on the 4runner,now beyond the fact that the Bilstein 50,100 s look a lot better than the stock,suspension from an aesthetic standpoint,there are three other reasons why this,suspension really excels when compared,with the stock setup the 4runners got a,really soft ride to it something that a,lot of owners arent really that fond of,its almost like driving a Cadillac from,the 80s where its got this really soft,feeling to it when you push on the,brakes the front end of the vehicle dies,down when youre doing highway driving,its just got this really light feeling,to it where its you kind of a carsick,feel and thats one thing that you see,as an improvement with the Bilstein 5100,setup is that its a lot stiffer than,the stock setup and its surprising how,much of a difference there is here so,this is the rear shock again that was,stock on the 4runner youll see that if,I put just a gentle amount of pressure,on the shock it compresses quite easily,okay if we do the same thing with the,rear shock to the Bilstein 50 100 s you,see if I push on it doesnt budge at all,Ive got to put a lot of force on it to,get it to compress,likewise if we do the same thing front,shock from the 4runner,again compresses quite easily the,front Bilstein 50 100 again nothing when,I budge on it so as you can see there,the Bilstein 51 heavens have a much,stiffer feel to it results in a much,more sporty overall driving experience,and it takes away that nose guide on the,front of the vehicle and kind of that,light loose feeling that you get driving,down the highway that gives you kind of,that carsick feel now another great,thing about the Bilstein 5100 setup is,that you can leave your vehicle at stock,height or you can raise the vehicle this,is the front shock and youll see that,theres this little clip on the bottom,when this is on the bottom youre,leaving the vehicle at stock height if,you raise it up one slot youre getting,just under an inch of height raise it up,to youre getting just under two inches,and raise it up three and youre getting,about two and a half inches and so,really nice to have that flexibility,built in to kind of choose that height,one thing thats worth note about the,rear shock is that you can lift the,vehicle up to two inches but the shock,alone wont lift the vehicle so you,either need to replace the rear coil or,you need to put a spacer on now one of,the reasons I really like this setup on,the Bilstein 50 100 s is that in my,specific instance Im only gonna lift,the front of the vehicle just under an,inch and I think thats gonna give me,the look that Im after but I dont,really know until I see it and so Im,glad that Ive got this set up thats,got some flexibility built in so that if,I raise the front to that first clip and,I dont like the way that looks I still,got the flexibility where I could raise,it up to two and a half inches and then,likewise with the rear shock I could,always go back and I could put that,spacer in or a new coil and lift the,rear of the vehicle a little bit higher,so really nice having a suspension setup,where youre not stuck at one specific,height if you dont like the way that,looks once you get adjusted or if you,change your mind down the road youve,got that flexibility built in one of the,other great things about this suspension,setup having that flexibility to get you,up to that taller height is that even if,you leave the vehicle at stock height or,you dont lift it that much youre still,really increasing the travel of the,vehicle which means that when youre,off-roading with the vehicle its still,going to be better in terms of that,overall off-road driving even up a stock,height so you can see over on the,drivers side of the vehicle here Ive,got the Bilstein 5100 setup installed,and youll see looking down at the disc,here I put my hand down there and I,stretch out my pinky and my thumb Ive,got enough distance that I can touch the,floor and the disc now if we walk around,to the passenger side of the vehicle,which I have not lifted yet youre gonna,see that with the stock suspension we,dont have as much travel so I do that,same test again put my finger down there,you can see that when this is fully,flexed it doesnt come down this far and,so what that means is when youre,off-roading,youre gonna keep those wheels and tires,in contact with the ground more often,when you get in kind of difficult,articulation settings,the rear suspension is the same,situation again Ive got the Bilstein,5100 setup installed on the drivers,side havent done it on passenger side,unfortunately because the wheel on there,I cant show you but when I had the,wheel off on the driver side notice the,same difference where when I had the,stock suspension replaced with the Bell,screen 5100 hung down quite a bit lower,once I got the 50 100 s installed so as,you can see the Bilstein 50 100 s has,some really nice advantages over the,stock suspension that you get on your,4runner and thats the reason why so,many owners choose this setup the other,great thing about the Bilstein 50 100 s,is that theyre a really good value,option when compared with some of the,other suspension options that are out,there one of the main reasons for that,is that on the front suspension you,reuse the stock coils which saves a,little bit of money I got my specific,set up off of Bilstein Lipscomb and I,highly recommend that you take a look at,their website they offer products for a,number of different makes and models but,they seem to have a specific focus on,Toyota models and its a really great,website you can go to their website put,in your make your model your generation,and it will show you a number of,different options that fit your vehicle,the Bilstein 50 100 s currently run four,hundred and forty six dollars on their,website put a link to it in the,description below plus if you use the,coupon code Mike see you can get 10% off,your order so thats an overview of the,Bilstein 5100 setup if youre interested,in seeing install instructions for this,setup Ill put a couple links in the,description below for both the front and,rear install Ive also got new wheels,and tires on the way so be sure to,subscribe to stay up to date on my,progress with the 4runner in the,meantime thanks for watching,you

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@FOX 2.0 IFP versus @BILSTEIN 5100 Series

[Music],hello everyone im shawn at shock,surplus and today we are going to answer,one of the most popular questions we get,which is what is the difference between,the fox 2.0,ifp and the bilstein,5100 monotube high pressure gas shocks,these are both,monotube design theyre both very high,pressure nitrogen gas,shocks,they both have internal floating pistons,and they are both,basically factory-like upgrades,now there are quite a few differences,between these as well um,on the surface,a 5100 series shock you can typically,have it for anywhere between 70 and 90,dollars per corner,the fox 2.0 uh youre probably going to,see anywhere between 110 to 150 dollars,per corner,the fox 2.0,is serviceable and tunable,typically,the cost for servicing and tuning these,shocks will uh,sometimes outweigh the benefit because,rebuilding this shock and with parts and,labor run between 75 and 90 dollars per,shock so,thats not too far off buying a brand,new set so maybe a second hand user will,rebuild and service some new shocks what,fox doesnt talk about a lot is how,most of their shocks i would say all,their shocks need servicing between,thirty thousand miles and fifty thousand,miles for them to work uh top notch,now thats not to say after fifty,thousand miles they arent going to work,the damping force will just be reduced,significantly if you ran brand new,shocks side by side a 50 000 mile shock,that 50 000 mile shock is going to allow,more body roll a little bit more nose,dive,probably a lot a little bit more wheel,hop through the tough terrain so,the shocks will work you may not even,notice it but there is,a,loss of damping force over the life of,this shock,the bilstein shock is not serviceable,but thats quite okay because the the,cost for one of these is basically,equivalent of rebuild costs on a 2.0 we,get a lot of customers that are getting,75 000 miles 100 000 miles easily out of,these shocks we had a customer the other,day that was telling me that they got,150 000 miles on their first 5100,upgrade and they just wanted to replace,them um not changing a thing so that,goes,um goes a long way in talking about the,quality and the longevity of bilstein,we dont get a lot of bad feedback on,the 5100s,the question we get a lot is,which is the smoothest riding shock,we typically would suggest the bilstein,for a mostly daily driver,commuter,and we would suggest the fox 2.0 for a,vehicle that is concerned with smooth,riding and,great control and aggressive terrain,this will give improved handling on the,highways no doubt,the bilstein i think is,geared towards that a little bit better,because of its digressive tuning nature,which means that uh,entry-level inputs like body like turns,body roll nose dive um the damping,forces in those ranges of motion are a,little bit more compared to foxs linear,dampening,so,as the on a linear dampened shock,as the shaft progresses through the,range of travel the damping forces ramp,up and increase,much more,compared to where a digressive,valve shock whereas the damping force,might be,start off much greater at the beginning,ranges of motion and then kind of trail,off until,the end ranges so,depending on your terrain and what you,really want out of your vehicle is,is going to determine which one we offer,theres definitely no,cut and dry wood shock is the smoothest,for all applications,a heavily loaded down ford f-350 with a,ton of gear and 37-inch tires,is going to perform a lot differently,than a stock f-250 on factory height,tires with a leveling kit,the fox 2.0 is going to be better geared,for the heavier vehicle that sees a lot,more tough terrain and youre seeing a,lot more weight shifting on the vehicle,on the axle,whereas the 5100 is uh,while can still can handle that can,still handle larger wheels and tires it,just wont be as good if you are,really concerned with,handling and ride control covering all,of that,big price differences 5100 is much,cheaper and you typically have two of,these shocks for one of these shocks so,if youre unsure of how much off-roading,youre going to do how much,what you youre really looking for out,of a performance kind of suspension,setup we always recommend the 5100,at,first because much cheaper really good,shock,lots of great feedback,the fox 2.0 is sometimes too firm too,harsh for some vehicles,and the significant price difference is,also another factor,with that being said,no two applications are alike so if you,guys have questions regarding your truck,your light light truck your heavy duty,truck your tow tow haul vehicle,let us know in the comments or send us,an email support shocksurplus.com and,wed love to give you further guidance,on that thanks so much for watching,[Music]

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Bilstein Shock Options for your Light Truck or Jeep: 5100, 5160, 6112

[Music],[Applause],[Music],hello everyone im sean at shock surplus,and today were going to go over some of,the popular bilstein 5100 options for,your light truck or jeep,here we have the 5100 right height,adjustable front struts and then the,5100,shocks,weve got the 5160 reservoir shocks and,then here we have the 6112 ride height,adjustable shocks,not every single version is available,for every single vehicle if youve got a,jeep then you dont have struts and you,dont have um coilovers like this,these are these reservoir shocks are,available for most applications along,with just typical 5100 series are,available for most truck applications,the 5100 series and 5160 series are,available on some factory height,vehicles but if youve got like a ford,super duty dodge ram,typically the 5100 series is only,available for,kind of a lifted two inches and above,ride height,now the major differences here between,all of these um really depends on your,application so if you got a,coilover supported truck then the 6112s,here are a two and a half inch,shock body with,up to seven to nine different ride,height adjustments depending on the,application,uh that same equivalent in the 5100,will have less ride height adjustments,through these,snap ring grooves both the 612 and the,5100 have these individual grooves that,control the front ride height of the,vehicle,we assemble the 6112s in-house to be a,fully contained coilover unit like this,otherwise,the coil spring comes separate,along with the shocks but does not come,with the new top mounts,these have their own circlips which run,like i said up to seven eight nine,different height settings depending on,your application,and this is a two and a half inch body,versus the 5100 which is a two inch body,massive massive difference when youre,considering road comfort and off-road,capability,both of these are digressively valved,shocks all of these are digressively,valve shocks so improved handling,improved nose dive response those kind,of things come standard with all,bilstein shocks,when youre thinking about upgrading to,the 6112,ask yourself are you off-roading enough,to warrant that upgrade,do you foresee yourself loading the,vehicle down with a lot of equipment um,these do better if youre putting on,larger wheels and tires or larger,bumpers winches all that extra equipment,in the front,the 6112 is going to be better suited,for that,these are going to give improved,road handling but also being able to,handle,more aggressive terrain a lot easier,than the 5100 counterpart,now,depending on your application and your,intended use the 5160 reservoir,may be overkill for a lot of you whereas,the 5100 non-reservoir can really get it,done most of the time,you can off-road in the 5100,non-reservoir just no problem at all um,these give uh more these are,digressively valid as well so,improved road handling uh improved,off-road handling,ive seen all types of vehicles run,these along the same trails that were,running our 2.5 race series shocks,against and theyre keeping up just fine,really depends on how much you want to,beat up your beat up your truck or your,jeep,if youre considering the 5160s really,ask yourself if youre going to be using,the full travel of the shock,what happens in this these reservoir,shocks is that the gas chamber is moved,from the main,main shock body into the reservoir so,rather than having a gas chamber roughly,this size in the main body now theres a,gas chamber roughly,this size in the reservoir body so,the internal floating piston gets moved,to the reservoir and all this main body,now contains a lot more oil along with,the added oil of the reservoir so with,all that being said,with more oil circulating through the,main body thats lower,lower pressures lower operating,pressures which is,contributes directly to shock longevity,um if youre running both of these,if youre running two identical vehicles,and terrain uh an identical terrain,um youre typically this shock is going,to heat up a lot more and this shock,will fail sooner um say over a hundred,thousand miles the shock will fail,sooner than this one,mainly because,the internal pressures are going to wear,and tear on the seals on this shock,whereas these,lower pressures lower heat,means better and longer steel life,one of the main things that we always,have to warn about is that the bilstein,5160s,have a 90-day warranty,whereas the bilstein 5100s have a,limited lifetime so bilstein knows that,people that equip their trucks with the,5160s are off-roading a lot and so,theyre kind of limiting possibly their,liability there but the 90-day warranty,really bites people in the butt so just,be aware of that the good thing about,the 5160s,versus the 5100s is that the 5160s are,serviceable,you can tell by this clamp not,the top cap not being clamped whereas,the 5100,has clamps on this top cap to where you,are not able to service it,lets see that being said i think weve,covered everything here,um,let us know if you have any questions,regarding your specific applications,like i said these,all these shocks arent available for,every application,but we are definitely willing to dive,into more details with you please,contact us at support shock surplus dot,com pms dms leave a comment looking,forward to helping you guys out in the,future,[Music]

Bilstein Shock Showdown – 6112/5160 vs 5100

so,you want to put new shocks on your truck,or your suv and you dont know where to,start bilsteins a popular brand but you,dont know which ones going to be right,for you,never fear im going to run through the,the differences between the bilstein,5100 series and the bilstein 6112 series,cover the differences cover the benefits,and drawbacks of each and hopefully help,you make a more informed buying decision,so this is probably the number one,question we get when people are looking,at different kits they say,i see the 5100 series i see the 61 12,series,obviously the 612 series is more,expensive but i dont know,if i need it i dont know what the,drawbacks are everything like that so,were going to settle this out for you,guys the,obviously the,box sizes alone are significantly,different um so were gonna pull these,apart and were gonna talk about them,so by far the most common shock on the,market today is gonna be the bilstein,5100 without a doubt,um,the way it ships is,whoops,instructions got caught but nobody reads,those anyway right,so the way ships is just like this in,the box it comes with a bilstein sticker,all snazzy,uh it comes with a,bag of hardware,the shock itself,and a shock boot,so heres the shock itself these are,ride height adjustable shocks so,if you are using your factory coil,spring you can adjust this circlip,up and down,to adjust your ride height now depending,on the vehicle application your ride,height adjustability is going to vary,uh on the nissan frontier and xterra,platform its going to be from zero to,two inches of lift,while on a toyota platform is going to,be between,zero and i think two and a half inches,of lift so its all going to vary,between the vehicle but they are,adjustable as a general rule,so basically the way it goes is it comes,with a,spring perch in the box,you slap that spring perch on,throw your spring on,uh and,you know you have your shock,the,key,defining factor of the bilstein 5100,is that they do not include a coil,spring in the box so youre either going,to have to,reuse your factory coil spring or,use a lift spring,now we really like including,lift springs with our bilstein 5100 kits,because excessively pre-loading your,factory coil spring can diminish your,ride quality a little bit,and it uh,and the benefits of it is that we can,tune our coil springs to whatever you,need so for example,this is going to be one of our,3rd gen toyota tacoma,coil springs,and we make them in light medium and,heavy duty load capacities so you know,if you uh,if you have a heavy plate bumper and uh,and,if you have a heavy plate bumper and you,just dont know if you can handle that,weight we can give you a heavy coil,spring if you have stock weight and you,want good lift numbers well give you a,medium spring if you have no weight and,you want uh very little,uh very little lift just a just like a,level we can give you a light coil,spring,so that allows us to kind of play around,with the different configurations and,get you exactly whats right for you,um,one of the,uh another thing about both of these,kits between the 5100 and the 6112 is,that neither of them are going to come,with your top hat assembly youre going,to be required to either reuse your,factory top hats and hardware or source,it new,specifically with all dogs off-road if,you opt to have us assemble the,coilovers for you we will include brand,new,top hats and isolators for you,when we do the assembly,so thats the thats the 5100 front and,tearing into the,5100,rear shock,the principle is going to be very very,similar to the,uh to the 5100 in the front its going,to be a,just like the front its going to be 2,inch shock body diameter,and its gonna be just you know a very,very basic uh,oe replacement shock,these ride really well especially,considering the price point and um,you really really cant go wrong with,these they will last,a very long time i mean depending on,usage you can probably see 80 or more,thousand miles out of them so,definitely a great option especially for,the budget now one thing one question we,get a lot,people say oh the fronts are adjustable,wire wire the rear is not adjustable uh,the answer for that is going to be,in the platforms were working with such,as the nissan frontier nissan xterra,toyota tacoma lexus gx the 4runner all,those things your rear shocks are not,load bearing they merely dampen the,movement of the suspension,whats going to be,holding the load in the rear is going to,be either a leaf pack or a coil spring,in the rear in the case of the,forerunner or the gx so,these are not adjustable they merely,uh dampen your suspension while in the,front,uh you do get lift out of the shock,itself so key differences,just to keep note of its a question we,get quite a bit so i figured i might as,well just throw it out there,dont worry when i first started uh,learning about trucks i was a total noob,as well and i had a lot of these dumb,questions so,i figured we might as well get them out,there,okay so,entering into the land of the 6112s,here we go,so the first thing youre going to,notice about the 6112 is that it is huge,uh this is a,i think its its,the most common sizes are two and two,and a half inch shock about a diameter,these are going to be a hair bigger than,two and a half inch shock body diameter,probably 2.6 i believe,um but yeah i mean if you just compare,these two,massive massive difference in sizes so,the common difference um,a couple of the differences with a 2.0,versus a 2.5 shocked by a body diameter,are the following,obviously its thicker which means,which means it can hold more oil in the,shock body,and which also means that the piston,which moves through the shock body is,also a larger diameter,all of this is going to,translate to,better cooling capacity and better,dampening potential,the,uh the 6112s ride very very very well,the,5100s also ride well but these are tuned,slightly differently from what i,understand,um and,people rave about the ride quality on,these all the time,um again the 5100s also ride very well,but,the 6112 is definitely uh gonna be a,little bit more premium of an option,now 2.5 inch shock body diameter,the,unlike the bilstein 5100 where it can,reuse your factory coil spring the 6112,is going to ship with its own coil,spring now this is going to be a flat,ground top and bottom,uh generic coil over spring,so this is the same style spring that,you would see on a fox a king or a rad,flow you know flat ground top bottom,14 inch coil spring,uh three inch id,uh very very common style spring,so that slaps onto this and,with these adjustments you can tune your,ride height,all the way from zero to two and then to,two and a half depending on the,application this is a toyota front shock,so we can push this all the way up to,two and a half inches,so,the,6112,we pair that,with a,5160,is what its referred to,so the cool thing about the 5160 is that,unlike the 6112 it is not a 2.5 inch,shock body diameter,however,what we have is a,two inch shock body with a remote,reservoir,the benefits of the remote reservoir is,that it increases your functional oil,capacity because its basically like,youre extending the length of the shock,to make it much much longer,and,the other benefit of a remote reservoir,is that it allows you to have more up,travel for a given shock length the,reasoning for that is,in a normal shock,you have at the end of this piston,or at the end of the rod you have a,piston which sits here and this is what,moves up and down through the oil,at the bottom of the shock probably,around here around here,is another uh cylinder or its a,basically its uh referred to as an,internal floating piston what it does is,it separates the gas from the oil,so the gas pressure pushes up on the,internal floating piston,and it pushes up on the oil and it,basically makes it so that everythings,in place youre not going to have any,aeration of the oil or any sloshing,around anything like that it keeps it,high pressure everything like 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Shock Comparison: Bilstein 4600 vs Bilstein 5100

[Music],hello everyone im shawn at shock,surplus and today were going to be,talking about the bilstein 4600 versus,the 5100.,we get a ton of questions about these,two shocks what their differences are,why ones available for their vehicle,and one is not,as you can see here big difference in,visibility,and looks not a lot of people like the,blue and yellow but this is bill steins,you know,trademark colors so thats gonna have to,take what you get,their 5100 series which is uh zinc,plated instead of painted um is a little,bit of a newer addition and this is for,the light truck market that sees um,different ride heights so for your ford,super duties or chevy 2500 duramaxs,your jeep wranglers all those with two,inch three inch five inch lift kits,youll have the 5100 series available,for those setups,if you only have a factory height,vehicle,99 of the time youre only going to have,a 4600 series available for your truck,they developed the 4600 series for,factory replacement on,trucks heavy-duty trucks um and other,you know,a much wider range of vehicles have the,4600 series,whereas on the 5100 series its much,more,its a much smaller range of vehicles um,typically the mo the more popular ones,that have a lot of lift kits and a lot,of aftermarket support,getting into the nuts and bolts of these,theyre both,nearly identical in terms of road,response,ride control,handling off-road capabilities those,kind of kind of things the internals are,valved,kind of nearly identical,for the most part for instance these are,both on the exact same vehicle the 5100,will be valved slightly firmer,compared to the 4600,now that also might be completely,imperceptible to most people,um the reason why they valve the 5100s,differently is because on a lifted ford,f-250 super duty,youre going to be upgrading from,33-inch or 35-inch tires from the,factory probably to 37s,39s and this is the case for a lot of,vehicles a lot of jeep wranglers go from,33s to 35s or 33s to 37s so,that unsprung weight,on the axle directly affects the shock,damping characteristics so the 5100s are,valve to handle that excessive,weight,current constantly jarring on the,vehicle,so if youre running the 4600 instead,with all that extra weight youre gonna,see less life out of the 4600 than,an equivalent 5100 and thats just due,to the damping inside the shock,otherwise these are nearly identical,if youre wondering why your vehicle,doesnt have a 5100 series its probably,because you have no lift on your vehicle,and its factory height,there are some limited applications that,kind of have both these shocks available,for factory height but thats the,exception and not the rule,other differences are the zinc plate,zinc plating is going to,last a little bit longer in,corrosive environments salty,environments wet environments versus,paint,other than that,piston rods are both the same,internal,active piston is both the same at 46,millimeters,all the mounting is the same the bodies,are both steel so,not much difference between besides the,plating and the look and then the,damping characteristics within if youre,wondering which shock it rides smoother,its going to be the shock the 4600 this,is going to be the closest that youre,going to get to factory,ride control and comfort,with that being said let us know if you,have any questions regarding your,specific application let us know in the,comments,shoot us an email support shock surplus,dot com well love to help out with your,specific rig thanks so much,[Music]

Bilstein 5100 Shock Absorber 5k mile review

whats going on everyone so todays,video were going to be talking about my,bilstein 5100s,the shock absorbers that i had installed,in my truck about 5 000 miles ago,currently truck is just over 70 000,miles anyways i put these shocks on,about 65 000 miles uh it was like 64 and,800 or 900 ish miles that were on the,truck,my old shocks were dead the front ones,man they were still usable but the back,ones for sure were dead uh normally i do,have a trailer with me when im on my,way to work but today im doing little,things at the house so i dont have my,trailer didnt feel like hitching it up,thats my phone,buzzing but were about to get on a,stretch of road that like every 20 feet,has a joint in the concrete,and its its bad when i have the,trailer attached to me all im doing is,bouncing up and down,and i do have the air lift system i,actually installed that after,a thousand miles on the shocks so,take a if youre just putting these,shocks on take this review kind of with,i dont want to say a grain of salt but,take it with the fact that i do have the,air lift system on the truck and its,always set at five pounds,now do i really think that makes a,difference,not really because i havent noticed too,much a difference from when i first got,this truck to now with the bilsteins and,the air ride,well correction i have noticed a,difference and it is stiffer with the,bilsteins especially up front and in,back,but,with that stiffness its better for me,for hauling because it settles the truck,a lot quicker especially the front end,but anyways the bilstein 5100s i got,them not only on sale but also i had,coupons and i used the honey by the way,this isnt sponsored i have the honey,browser thing and it does work actually,so i got my shocks super cheap not super,cheap but they were probably like 400,bucks and then shipping and tax so,uh they were about like 1,105 to 110 of,shock so i think thats a pretty good,price and honestly im very happy with,them they still look good theyre not,rusty theyre the stainless,and i did do the one and a half inch,rise in the front to try and level out,the truck and it settled back down so i,still have a little bit of a break so,when the weather gets a little bit,warmer,and i hit and i have more free time im,probably going to take it all apart and,raise it to that very top notch the,fourth notch to get the truck even,higher up in the front end,just to get that really nice leveled out,look so normally i wouldnt do that,because,i dont want the truck to squat like,this and have my headlights pointed up,when i have the trailer but i do have,the air lift system,so again im on a really rough patch of,road here,back there and here i mean,you can hear probably hear it and feel,it and hear it in my voice every time,im hitting a bomb bird joint and,honestly yes its rough,its a truck with leaf spring rear,suspension,its going to be stiff its not going to,be cadillac its not going to be some,bentley or smooth ride youre gonna feel,it but the fact that it settles down,really quick and im not sitting here,still bouncing later,i i think the shocks are doing their job,and im very happy with them im,actually i dont regret spending that,kind of money on them,so well see how long these shocks last,the,factory ones only lasted,theoretic actually technically they,probably only lasted to like 55 60 000,miles,but i pushed them to the 65 000 mile,mark i i should have changed them,earlier but i just didnt i figured i,can get a couple thousand more miles out,of them,which i did but again,normally i know shock should last about,90 000 miles,but since i do haul a trailer most of,the time,and,its im usually on rough roads i live,in illinois near chicago the south,suburbs,so the plow trucks salt the weather,conditions,they just,take a toll on the roads so the roads,are not that nice and theyre not that,nice of the vehicle so they put a good,beating on them and that just all,contributed to my shocks more or less,prematurely,wearing out but,so be it,when you,when you use a truck,for truck stuff youre gonna,wear out parts so,last final thoughts,bilsteins 5100s i think theyre worth,it i had rancho four thousands or five,thousands im a ranger,honestly after,like 60 000 miles those things were,pretty much dead,and,the fact that i was able to get 90 000,out of the factory ones and then i put,on the ranchos and they were dead about,60 000 honestly it was like 50 60 000,wasnt too impressed with the rancho,shocks so i think next time i get shocks,ill probably go bilsteins unless,theres something else out there that,piques my interest that seems to be,better but anyways ill leave you guys,alone now,hope you enjoyed this video if you did,go ahead and hit that like button if you,didnt go ahead and give it a dislike,but let me know what i can improve on,for future videos if you do,not like this video and as always if you,havent done so already please consider,subscribing to the channel i greatly,appreciate it and well catch you guys,later bye,so quick tip with the f-150s,at least a 2013 model ive always been,bothered by the fact that i cannot,switch the radio station like by single,stations with the steering wheel,actually i found out if you push and,hold the next or the return button it,will go through the stations one by one,so,thats a little tip for you guys,in case you didnt know,all right bye

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