2. I went to Binley Mega Chippy
  3. I got The BBC One Show Film Crew to review BINLEY MEGA CHIPPY with me!
  5. Binley Mega Chippy Review


nothing guys how you doing back on the,road again so today were going to do a,special trip,were off to coventry and were off to,ben lee mega chippy bingley mega chippy,thats right guys so this place has gone,viral and its going absolutely crackers,anybody and everybody school wallet is,theyre all down here theyre queuing up,for the bag of chips all right so im,coming down to see what its all about,see what the big hype is is it because,somebodys just strung the thrill things,on guitar or is it because its actually,a decent bag of chips and piece of fish,i dont know so lets get going,cameraman to bindley mega chippy,bentley mega chippy bindly mega chippy,can you fill my belly im coming to try,it out,so were here weve had a bit of a drive,me its all camera man huh,you know i i find that this is the power,of social media in it that basically,somebody strummed on a guitar and now,bin laden mega chippy is absolutely,rammed out,now,were very close i think its down this,road im hoping this qr traffic isnt,that cute were going to be in the mega,chippy to be honest,but,ive already seen some people with,magazine chips walking past,so and ive obviously ive looked online,ive looked at the tick tocks and all,that and seeing that the queues are,quite big so awfully im hoping that the,queues have died down a little bit,but i think as well,whats done this good,is that its school holidays in it so,kids are enough so people you know,especially younger generation they want,to do all these tick tocks they want to,come to these places so its like mom,and dad come on were doing a five hour,trip,were gonna go bingley,mega chippy were gonna have some chips,huh i mean whats it been its been its,been a few days on it been nearly a week,i wonder if theyve changed oil,might not have had time to change oil,sweet i can see sand guys i bet all,these a lot here theyre thinking my god,what is going on here,huh cat you cant park up you cant do,no,where can we park up cameraman can we,get here i dont know if were going to,be able to get in it looks pretty busy,bindly mega chippy hey yup,so there is a load of people here,loads,probably just hanging about fun of it to,see whats going on,all right lets see if we can get it car,back i doubt it,but well try it,well so,look,so addy hes decided,lets get trimmed,so ive got a very courteous driver here,thats decided to not pay attention to,me on,all road come on i dont think were,going to be able to get in here you know,so theres a right kill guys,is this all is this whole guy going here,lets just wait a minute see what hes,doing,because if hes going,were in there i hope somebodys going,here,yes,oh look at that for timing cameraman,boom boom boom boom,right on edge so guys that there must be,there must be i bet i bet you theres,like near on,50 60 people here telling you,some people now are giving me eyeball,theyre smiling thinking im going to,kill jump but im not im just going to,joint you well well have a chat with,people well see,whats brought them down here to bindley,mega chippy,so come on cameraman lets go see what,its all about come on,all right guys what else is he coming,out this guy,oh im gonna take the door off then all,right guys so lets get out of here,no,knock a cracker away,all right,oh that guy saw weve got a bit of a q1,look at the state of this lets get,table and chaired out and joint kill,lets go for it,hey up whats this,yeah its all dry he must have had a,must have had a flat,its all bumping here come on,that song hes doing my absolute napping,let me tell you hey hes doing my head,in,all right hey oh dont you lost this,fella,come on cameraman,all right lets try it back at cool with,these guys,oh,there we go,see whats happening,all right how are we doing not bad all,right,whereve i come from uh im not sure,ive come from where youre not sure,where did you live sorry,i dont know,near davantrish yeah daventry i used to,live in dallas,yeah yeah yeah all right well what i,remember oh they,moved out when about eight years old,sorry i brought up yeah just what weve,come up weve done about half an hour to,get here so not far overdrive its not,too bad then is it yeah the queue might,be a couple hours but you know its how,long it takes to get,i think it all depends what people want,in it i guess sorry,yeah,my god,i want to worry about it closing before,we get in because shutting times i think,i think its changed i think so im not,sure it says on the google pages 24 now,im going to say to be honest with you,it should be 24 hours im anticipating,that these guys are going to take more,this this week than theyve taken all,year yeah definitely yeah,as you can see theres people coming,from all over the job,to try out so lets see whats your name,uh,daniel daniel yeah oh youre on my,youtube channel now so well my youtube,so tell me again what youre doing down,here today im asking people general,knowledge questions and if they get it,all right ive been paying for their,food right you know some i am thick ass,these little tell you on here sure,youre not there one here um,okay so do you think youre smart i am,thick ass,no,okay no how many zeros are there a,hundred thousand,i know what how many zeros are in,hundred thousand six six yeah so,youve already got it wrong its five,there you go see i told you how many,wives did king henry the eighth have two,many yeah,okay,one two minute,um so,whats the chemical formula for sodium,is that what comes out at sodastream,i dont know no see im asking you a,general knowledge question,not applicable,how many planets are in our solar system,oh now were talking about this one no i,know that one thats like a mars bar,mars yeah yeah,theres milky way is that milk cute,thats not our planet is it ah,its not a planet so youre on your own,ill tell you mate yeah,i aint going to call me okay well do,one last one one last one whats the,square root of 81,oh square root uh ive not got my map,with me cant if thats google yeah i,dont know um its nine there you go you,see,i i went to school me in barnsley all,right,and they didnt tell us at square notes,to taught us how to knit cars,yeah thats about it,um so im having a pair for me all now,then yeah oh well yeah i dont mind i,dont mind can we take a picture yeah of,course you can,have you had someone there now we just,stood here huh have you had a bag of,chips at all no no no no ive not had no,food how long have you been here like,now ive just been paid ive only paid,for like two three people sued im,waiting for someone to its a good job,youre not paying for mine because im,having one of the menu oh god,thatd have done you didnt want it,that other than your college fund,not bad not bad my mate was uh he ran me,yesterday and said do you see him at my,takeaway hes gone to uh somewhere in,leicester obviously,i went in birmingham,the leicester ones might have just come,on facebook,yeah yeah yeah i went in birmingham last,week so i went down there and then,obviously theres up being a big hype,about this place i thought well i better,come down and check it out and see,whats happening,is it not the best like,just average everyone in thats friendly,yeah yeah,you know what,i i love the fact that social media can,do this to a little chippy,all right,for a little while this this this guys,gonna get a bit of corning hopefully,hell treat his staff yeah all right if,hes any kind of boss,all right hes going to uh,give his staff a bit of a bonus ill,tell you now,yeah yeah you think so yeah of course,you come here do you want him to take it,for you um if you dont mind,thank you all right paul nice to meet,you mate nice to meet you cheers see you,later man,oh man gonna come out there and then,get to get chipping,ill,hes on youtube now whats your name,charlie now then me and charlie bingley,mega fishing is whatever it is chippy,thats it im getting confused i cant,believe so isaac you finlay maggot,all right guys so its 10 theres about,15 minutes to get from bucket kill,bite tip front here so im

I went to Binley Mega Chippy

dripping off of this,[Music],do you have the mobius meal,[Music],today i did the unthinkable the,impossible i did more than noah taking,two of every animal and most is dividing,the red seas i traveled down to coventry,and visited the binley mega chippy and,when i went there i made the most,powerful order known to man which rocked,the stock exchange putting bentley mega,chippy at the top of the s p 300. now,many of you especially my american,viewers are probably wondering,what is the bentley mega chippy to the,untrained eye its simply another fish,and chip shop in the uk but the bindly,mega chippy is special some say its,where obama was born others say it sits,on the largest gold deposit known to man,the mega chippy has amassed a huge tick,tock following and assuming ive only,posted one tick tock on there where i,used the soap dispenser i wanted to,leech off this trend now bindley mega,chippy sits on bitly road in coventry,its a chip shop and for reference its,about 30 minutes from birmingham even,though it is near birmingham the,radiation levels are low enough that you,can actually walk outside without a,radiation suit essentially bindly mega,chippy blew up because of what i like to,call the brads wife effect if you dont,know what that is in america there was a,man called brad brad had a wife brads,wife worked at cracker barrel the,restaurant chain brads wife was,unfortunately fired from cracker barrel,which led to brad making a facebook post,on his birthday saying today is my,birthday,why did you fire my wife and then this,post blew up with everyone semi,sarcastically joining in partly for,justice of brads wife but mostly,because its just funny to mock a big,company and this is pretty much what,happened with biddley mega chippy people,semi-sarcastically started joining in,the first few tick-tocks were people,passing it in the back of mummys car,filming it on their ipad and it blew up,because of how memorable it is like what,what what what does a mega chippy mean,its a its a chip shot what,why would you throw the word mega in,there and this of course bought every,single zoomer on the planet under one,cause what is the binli mega chippy what,would the joker or walter y order at the,billy mega chippy can you order the,morbius meal at the bindle mega chippy,these are all important questions and,reached critical mass when the bladey,fanbase started to get involved so i had,to see this for myself so many youtubers,have talked about it but no ones,actually gone there so i went down to,coventry to visit the binley mega chippy,ive seen from tick tocks you know the,queue was sometimes miles long but i,thought if i traveled just before,closing time at midday id be able to,catch them and hopefully make an order,now the first hurdle on our journey was,to get through birmingham we didnt have,any radiation suits or pills available,so we decided to block the ac vents in,the car with duct tape at one point we,even passed star city in birmingham most,known for its friendly jousting matches,afterwards we passed the nec which is,where ive done insomnia events and sold,you over priced merch,all right we got a merch drop coming,soon its good its really good its,really good but then disaster struck we,were minutes away from the chip shop but,unfortunately on a roundabout we took a,wrong turn and we were put back onto the,motorway with our gps saying itd take,20 minutes to get there but the chip,shop shut in 10 minutes we werent gonna,make it in time we drove as fast as we,could legally breaking the speed limit,legally possibly hitting pedestrians and,it was all legal we did finally arrive,and thank the stars and heavens above,the mega chippy was still open and even,though it was way past closing time the,queue was absolutely enormous the,citizens of coventry werent going,anywhere and they held the binders up so,that place wouldnt shut coventry i,thank you for your service now there was,a lot of people here like about 50 or so,and keep in mind this is the quietest,time of day because usually a chip shop,opens up like midday to get lunchtime,orders and then they shut for a couple,hours to open for the evening rush the,thing is it was actually quite difficult,to find which bindly mega chippy was the,real one because someone on google has,like been opening fake ones and then,saying theyve been permanently shot i,was looking at my phone the other day,for pictures of the bindley mega chippy,and it was just like a deep fried rat,now when we arrived you had all sorts,there bbc news crew looking like,undercover feds,random people rapping to like a wish.com,bluetooth speaker hoping to start their,tick-tock career and of course these,poor like normal residents that probably,just lived up the road and all they,wanted to do was get their order now i,hate to admit it as beautiful as,coventry is and it really is an amazing,city its probably one of the most,beautiful clean cities i have ever been,to within the uk the chippy itself,it had seen better days originally,opening in 2004 it was now a shadow of,its former self the sides outside had,been torn there were potholes in the,parking lot and worst of all someone,just left a bottle of piss right outside,the mega chippy look you can you can say,that is apple juice as much as you want,but that foam on the top says otherwise,we chatted with the locals for a little,bit was deciding on what order to get,and finally we got inside to see their,menu of what was available they had chip,they had small ships they had large,chips they even had cone of chips but,nowhere on the menu did i see the mobius,meal the local residents of coventry,heard me complaining about the lack of,mobius meal so they had to ask me what,the more beast meal even was what is the,movie this one more beast meal is one of,the most important meals anyone can eat,it is your,based on the amazing film mobius 10 out,of 10. please ask the movies meal,please looking inside the display cases,it was a treasure trove of batter but,unfortunately they were running really,low on fish and all the pies were,completely untouched because if you go,to a chip shop and order a pie youre,either mentally insane or over the age,of 40.,im gonna get myself a pie and youre,gonna hit my wife and then i went to the,front of the counter to make my order i,was quite nervous so what left my mouth,was me ordering a meme thats been dead,for a week uh do you have the morbius,meal,you dont have the mobius meal no we,dont do that okay all right he didnt,even have the mobius meal i was,devastated how can you not have the,michael morbius meal the film franchise,that made double its advertising budget,from people ironically watching the film,this is a meal that was advertised in,the bindley mega chippy it was,advertised and they didnt even have it,so with my soul crushed and nowhere else,to turn i just ordered the cheapest,thing on the menu all right ill tell,you what ill just get one of your,finest pickled eggs in place,yeah just a pickled egg,i ordered that egg but i wasnt done,because i was aware that even though,they didnt have the morbius meal the,bindi mega chippy had made an amazing,contribution to coventry and all of,great britain by putting us on the map,and reminding us that we are better than,america so i took all of my grandparents,birthday money and instead of buying,robux or itunes gift cards,i gave it back to the community thank,you so much man thank you,well,your fine contribution to coventry i,want you to have that,no no you have that you have this as,well you have that as well thank you so,much please clap clap come on clap,and have this as well please your,contribution to commentary thank you so,much,thank you so much i left that chippy,with my head held high and no i did not,add people clapping in post because only,two people clapped everyone in that chip,shop applauded for me and just before i,left i had to grab some more of the,locals and sing the new and updated,british national anthem,so y

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I got The BBC One Show Film Crew to review BINLEY MEGA CHIPPY with me!

now then my friends before we start if,you are due to the channel i ask one,favor of you one small favor just one,small favor just hit the subscribe,button its free doesnt cost you a,penny and you can join the ever growing,family of friends on this channel 65 000,now nearly almost i go all over the,world ive just been to tenerife after,new york next week and also nashville,but today im in bendley at the mega,chippy thats right ben lee mega chippy,bin li mega chippy people have been,saying youve got to get down to binly,youve got to go to the chippy its gone,viral its been on tick-tock its all,over youtube and lots of other youtubers,have been here as well im a little late,to the table but theres a reason for,that because i wanted to see what,everybody else thought of it first,because you know if youre not new to,the channel that i am brutally honest,and thats what im gonna be today if,its good im gonna say its good if,its bad,boy am i going to say its bad but,thats what i want to do i want to test,it out you know ive tested many many,fish and chips in fact if i eat many,more ill be battered myself so were,going to head off in there now to,bindley mega chippy bingley mega chippy,anyway as i say if youre new hit the,subscribe button its free if youre not,new welcome back now without further ado,my friends lets go,[Music],one two,[Music],so im filming you im filming these,guys who are for the from the one show,here we go yeah were filming you,filming,theyre filming me filming them these,guys are from the one show so uh these,are gonna have fish and chips as well,this place is absolutely mad like weve,got this massive boom mic here as well,im from youtube im the mcmaster,65 000 followers now and everyone keeps,saying youve got to come to binly mega,chippy can you sing it can you can we,all sing it finley mega chippy bindly,mega,chippy ugly mega chippy,there you go youve got a one show film,cruising in it as well thats how mad it,is its a tick-tock,tick-tock sensation my friends dont,even say it because im that excited to,have the they better be good,weve got another guy you watch the,channel i watch your channel all the,time,subscribe to the channel subscribe press,like and the other stuff endlessly,its all going off here today,this ladys camera is bigger than mine,though im you know its not good thank,you very much see you later,absolute madness right im gonna go in,now im gonna get the fish chips mushy,peas curry sauce were going to mark it,out of 10. i am a little brutally honest,sometimes i was all over the news for,for slating with me fish and chips as,you guys know so is this going to get a,slate in or not is it going to get up,there on the pedestal lets find out,right here we are were in bendley mega,chippy bindly mega chippy well lets,take a look at the menus it looks great,its a phenomenon i cannot wait for this,weve got pies here weve got are they,pucker pies weve got pucker pies in,here weve got the sausages,oh weve got everything take a look,around my friends cant wait for this,and hes having to chip himself,finley mega chippy,bingley mega chippy,billy mega chippy,[Music],right okay could i have fish and chips,please wrapped,one curry sauce,and one mushy peas please,and thats it thank you to go thank you,[Music],right so ive ordered ive ordered,regular chips large cod small curry,sauce and a small peas,which has come to,11 pounds and 40.,heres a copy of the receipt,[Music],right so its the moment of truth my,friends i tell you what it was absolute,madness in there um im gonna try and,get through this weve got the mushy,peas weve got the curry sauce uh weve,got uh the cod and chips i have to say,on first impressions it did look,very good and theres a lot in here as,well uh but as i say im going to be,honest wow these are hot i want to try,and get it quickly before the batter,goes soft or soggy im going to show you,a quick look at it as well were going,to do a quick fly over were going to,take the peas out,as you know with the mushy peas we need,to make sure that theyre not,fluorescent and you cant see them from,outer space,so well get rid of get rid of this,packaging here there we go weve got the,mushy peas,to be fair,not too bad,not too bad not too luminous well go,for the curry sauce,oh okay there we go could be a little,bit runny that needs a bit more,consistency on it,uh getting a bit messy here so well do,a quick fly over ive got to say its a,very very large fish a lot of chips,there so take a closer look my friends,[Music],right okay so grab the fork,first of all,plastic,controversial and ive took three by,accident there ill use them and recycle,them so well go in first with the,batter,um,nice crispy batter on the outside there,i want to see whether theres a skin on,it never like skin on a fish,looks like theres no actually looks,like theres no skin on the fish,so were going to go straight in for the,batter and the fish,hmm,actually,that actually tastes,really nice its got a,its got a bit of a taste,that you get when youre in yorkshire,back up north which i always say are the,best fish and chips in the world,uh were going to go for a chip now as,well its going for a chip,chips look good first impressions on the,fish ive got to say,right off the bat there i am fairly,impressed the butters nice and crispy,and it does have a nice taste to it,chips,actually very very nice,right,a nice nice crispiness on the outside,but nice light and fluffy on the end,i have to say im fairly impressed right,were going to go in for the peas first,remember never going for the curry sauce,first,ive made that mistake before then you,cant judge the peas,peas are a good taste too do you know,what,i have to be honest,i wanted to come along,and try this,and i wanted it to be i did want it to,be not nice because i thought that would,make a difference on youtube but ive,got to be honest as i always am and so,far,i am actually really impressed the fish,is absolutely gorgeous in the butter,is an excellent taste to it an excellent,taste,[Applause],very very impressed right,curry sauce,see if its got a kick to it at all,[Applause],i tell you what,i am very very impressed with this so,far im going to eat these,im going to come back to you im going,to mark it out of 10 im going to eat a,little bit more what i am going to do is,because weve got the one show filming,im going to ask im going to weve got,some spare forks here are you going to,try it are you going to come and try it,yeah theres two spare forks there there,you go come on come and try a chip here,we go do you dont mind me filming oh,there we go,im really excited about this because,ive been waiting all day chatting to,people and not actually eating it myself,[Applause],crispy,fluffy,salty but not painfully salty dont even,taste good,you can taste the potato exactly which,is as an irish person is vital,it is this is a from my motherland it is,not really fresh try the other end of,the fish did you eat the fish this,crispy over here,but im not doing that there we go,ive got to tell,you very very impressive so nice and,flaky,it looks moist yeah that batter is thin,its kind of good can you hear it,look at that see,a really good taste to it that is good,that is really good,its almost tempura can you mark it out,of 10 i would give that a good nine nine,and a half that is really really really,good its impressive isnt it no,ive never eaten off a bin,but it is finley,mega chippy so maybe theres something,in that,the glamour of tv,lets sing it billy make it chippy,do you know what im going to mark this,out of 10. are you getting this right i,wanted not to like this because i,thought lets do something different,they ive got to be honest,im going to go a solid,10 out of 10 my friends it deserves it,honestly,that is really really impressive i am,very very impressed i have to say,no skin on the fish im blown away,whether the the and the amount of people,that theyve got in there youd expect,the quality to be less see hes going i

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right guys the time has come were going,to bindley mega chippy you guys have,asked for it in the comments in my,recent videos so lets check what its,all about you know im from coventry,were representing today and billy mega,chippys only 10 minutes away from my,house so lets go check it out ive been,before actually i went a couple years,ago and its okay its not amazing its,not terrible i think its an average,chippy but its gone viral recently so,maybe its got better were gonna wait,and see im joined by rosie whos new to,the channel youre gonna let me know are,you excited,im very excited lets go and try it out,you sound so sarcastic im not im,looking forward to it okay well well,see what its all about why not heres,the moment of truth how big is the queue,today,its so standard,not too busy today to be fair,some guy literally just dropped his fish,he still picked it up and ate it it,cant be that good surely,weve got our chippy im making her,carry it,looking forward to this,oh just get it all out,just get it all out with you okay,im hungry so weve got some chips,looking decent,uh scallops curry sauce the jumbo,sausages down there weve got a bit of,everything just a bit of a variety lets,try it out and see what we think,green no joking no its nice good shot,oh go on ill have one,oh its a bit hot,its all right thats right to prefer,any chips with curry sauce theres,always a hit so i just thought it was a,decent style,curry sauce a bit lumpy,its making her grumpy,look at this i mean that is pretty,intimidating that is,its just really hot,i dont know if i like it or not its,just really hot,time for the scallop,oh my god its so hot,its pretty nice to be fair its just,my mouths on fire,its really hot um maybe we should let,it cool down next time but what are you,saying enjoying it,overall eight out of ten youre using,ketchup,use the curry sauce,just saying,these are nice yeah you rate the,scallops,just finished eating it we had to let it,cool down because i think they must cook,it with blow torches because its,incredibly hot but um very nice actually,i wouldnt say its all that i dont,know why its gone viral it is a decent,chippy its a solid 8 out of 10 from me,but its not,its not that good but i dont know why,theres queues theres a man out there,selling jumpers with bindly mega chippy,on it i get it merchandise make a bit of,moolah while theyre burning but you,know what i mean its eight out of ten,for me what would you score it,eight out of ten lets see yeah ten put,it down the best,but it werent the worst so,yeah yeah id say whats your favorite,the scallop,and the curry sauce the curry sauce is,all right so fabulous lumpy but you know,it was lumpy but i like curry sauce from,anywhere to be fair so thats what im,not getting too carried away let me know,your thoughts down below let me know if,youve been like and subscribe to the,channel and ill see you in the next one,peace out,[Music],[Music],you

Binley Mega Chippy Review

right folks now theres a bit of a,phenomenon phenomenal phenomenon,uh going around the country at the,moment,its um a chip shop called finley chip,shop bindley mega chip shop somebodys,done something on tick-tock,and its taken the country by store now,i said i wasnt gonna im cutting down,on the fast food which i am doing,but the problem is now is that,when something like this happens i have,got people telling me about,bentley mega chip shop,now bitly mega chip shops about around,half a month half a mile away i wish it,was over by the way,its about,30 minutes away 35 minutes away as the,transit flies,and the transit does fly,so,gingers told me about a few people on,twitter tweeting me,uh ben balks has told me,uh that i need to go and do this chip,shot,so im in the van,im just about to hit the m69,well no im not emitting the a46 first,and then the m1,and then the m69 and im going to head,towards coventry where this chip shop is,uh the time at the moment is,the fox i cant see it,im going to exit the roundabout,sweetheart dont you worry,the time is,uh 10 past 10.,now i think ive looked on the internet,and he says they do open at 11 oclock,uh but there also is some signs saying,that its 24 hour i dont believe that,for a second,um because,you aint gonna want chips,well you probably might want chips for,your breakfast hes [ __ ] breakfast,for me,uh so anyway,im gonna get there get in the queue,because apparently theres gonna be,massive queues im going to review these,fish and chips now personally im not,expecting anything wonderful about these,chips,or the fish or the mushy peas,um,im just not,i think hes somebodys just done a song,and hes just caught on,but one thing that does,wind me up over this is that there is,probably more people in this country now,[ __ ] oh thats bright whats that,someone on the road there thats just,dazzled me,um,that more people know about this chip,shop,than they do about the tree tape that,the world health organization is going,to try and bring in,fortunately that treaty has been sacked,for two years,uh and it just winds me up that,people know more about this,than something that could affect our,lives massively but there you go thats,what happens in the world people are,more interested in the chip shot,and me going and [ __ ] reviewing it,uh so wrong im on my way im gonna get,there youll see me in a second,laters,right folks ive made it,um,chip shops over the road,next to binley sandwich bar bentley news,betty,[Music],um,looks like theyre having the car park,re,re-um,marked out,uh its a very busy road here,wish me luck folks as i try to cross,over thank you very much mr volkswagen,driver,yeah yeah just one second let me just do,more of it thats it,[Laughter],on a wednesday,and here we go,[Music],first ones in line and everything,theres a massive line,and weve got to wait for chips,all right,[Music],this next,right so if this video has gone all,correct and everything you have just,seen me outside the world famous bentley,mega chippet um,its,red hot in here and ive opened that,window uh apparently there is people,coming from i was talking talking to a,couple of lads in front of me,um so,just working uh people look at me going,out um,uh theres people coming over from new,york,uh,theres people coming over from,australia just to try these chips new,york i can understand australia uh no,im not um its just unbelievable,hello,right,yeah theyve just recognized me a couple,more uh so what it is then folks i have,ordered a cone of chips ive ordered a,mini cod or mini fish i dont even know,what fish it is and ive also ordered,mushy peas and a battered sausage,because apparently only ball,ollie ball had a batted sausage,so,lets see if this is any good lets see,if its all worth the height and,everything like that lets tuck in to,the sausage,to be fair that aint bad,that is all right that is a good batter,sausage a real nice crispy batter to the,to the battered sausage um,im trying to get you so you can all see,me folks because the light looks a,little bit [ __ ],that isnt too bad at all,now,its quarter past 12.,ive not had nothing to eat since,half eight last night when i had a bowl,of honey nut crunch i am [ __ ],starving,that is quite good,ive been chatting to some people and,they were going it aint that good,really but that aint a bad battered,sausage,there is parking outside,the chip shop,but its probably for about 10 spaces,its tight its as youve seen from the,video its tight you cant really,you know get in,now,i meant to buy a drink,but i forgot and scott,has got to wonder as well,give me this so im gonna have to drink,this scot so ill try and tie it in with,a review,[Applause],oh,no,nick perfume epic,right,so this is the cod and chips or the fish,and chips or i dont know what kind of,chips it is fish it is i know what kind,of chips it is its a potato chip,so lets tuck into this fish lets see,what this is all about,i tell you what that batter,is really really good,that,is outstanding,and im not just saying it because of it,because ill tell you truth folks now,i was all prepared to come here and say,i dont know what the hype is about i,dont know what the fuss is about,its something thats happened on,[ __ ] tick-tock,and i was all prepared for it to be,rather disappointed but i tell you what,get me fork out,i tell you what folks it isnt,disappointing it is quite a nice,crispy batter,um and im quite impressed with it,i thought it was just going to live on,its reputation of whatever,peas are nice,i tell you what,them peas,are [ __ ] banging,that they are,they are really really good peas,they are [ __ ] tremendous please,do you know what,mega whatever you are,binley mega chipper,you want to sell them theres a carton,of peas,right with a squirt of um,mint sauce in it,and that would be a dream they are,really really good peas,crispy butter,now lets try the chips,the important part of a chip shop,is its chips,the thinner cut chip,i had some the other day in a place in,leicester and theyre quite thick,but these are good let me see how fluffy,they are in the middle,this,is an excellent fish and chip so i dont,know whether its because of the the,publicity and everything like that,obviously ive never act here before,but i,im genuinely impressed,now is it a mega chip shop,do you know what some of the size of the,fish in there,and everything like that and the peas,are nice and the chips are nice and this,fish is [ __ ] awesome,id say this is pretty pretty mega,i dont know what on the what level of,mega,but it is really really good,i am literally impressed with this,like i said i was all expecting to come,here,and say yeah its all right its a chip,shop its this and that its not that,good really its okay,the fish is mediocre the batters sloppy,and all that but its not its [ __ ],good,it looks like weve got parents bringing,the kids here,at half term,to eat fish and chips these kids just,walking around eating fish and chips all,over the place,and they should be going around alton,towers losing a leg or something,having fun,this is unreal i have never known,anything like it its like people say,ive never known this ive never known,that,ive never known a lockdown to shut a,country down for two years and ive,never seen such a,load of hype on a chip shop,my parents are thinking,even with the price of fish and chips,parents are thinking this is a cheap day,out,take them to a chip shop stand in a,queue which is like alton towers,just like alton towers,for a,two minute ride,and then you come home and this is all,it is they come in parked up never have,to pay a parking fee they buy the food,eat the food and [ __ ] off home,somebody over theres parked up seen the,queue and thought [ __ ] it,this is really really good,and ill tell you what even if it wasnt,for the the hype its got,id still say this is a good fish and,chips,but ill tell you what,ill tell you what folks if you live,around here and this was your chipper,your local chipper,and you just fancied fish


in this video we traveled over 250 miles,for some fish and chips or not any old,fish and chips we traveled that far for,the infamous finley mega chippy,in the mega chippy,until recently it was just a humble chip,shop but now the binli mega chippy in,coventry has gone viral on social media,becoming a tick-tock sensation,[Music],recently on tick tock a small fish and,chip shop in coventry gained some,serious traction on the internet due to,a very catchy jingle,chippy now people are traveling from all,over the world to have some food from,binleys mega chippy now we knew this is,something we had to try so we jumped in,the car to see if bentleys mega chippy,is the most incredible fish and chip,shop in the uk and the entire world or,is it all just hype,[Music],so were on the road again and were off,to a viral chip shop and theres a not,just any ship shop its the one and only,mega jimmy,really mega chippy billy mega,actually i literally only heard that,that fully for the first time this,morning so,i havent heard anything else it took me,ages to learn the lyrics,its,so are you excited,we heard that people,people the local people have been these,chips you dont even like it oh yeah i,heard the commentary dont like mega,chippy no,it doesnt look like the sort of place,it does top tier fish and chips no no no,we could be wrong,ive seen videos of people coming from,like scotland and everywhere to like,visit it so it better be open,hey,oh my god the 4g is not working very,well there we go,theres been a head mat going into mega,mega chippy,dishes i got it just for this,all their reviews before this meme a lot,of them are bad theres a lot of,one-star ones in here so theres one,that says uh clearly change hands enough,said uh well never use it again i was,there to buy food and they tell me they,dont accept a card payment we are in,2020 so this is,was rock hard and kebab meat was paper,thin and tasteless,shawns she was like oh my god,we,yeah catch up its 2018.,yeah were in billy whats in billy,billy burger,dude we need to drive past the queue,just oh,charlie like,its the best thing ever the thing is,everyones doing it its a dead meme,already,already,it died after day one unless they were,keeping it alive baby lets be honest it,wasnt funny,to begin with it wasnt funny,why are we,here what are we doing i could be just,like useful on my [ __ ] tuesday,evening,[Music],hey,is,[Music],yeah its sunny and theres a big half,tooth food im loving that,mega chippy,mega chippy was one of the best chip,shops in coventry now its one of the,best in the world by the look of it,there you go,so you just asked me a question what are,we getting yeah what are we getting,whatever you want,i would say one of everything but i,think the queue is like this,no we think we want all im going to say,is the cheesy chips looks a little bit,anemic lets go lets get everyone,everything,the queues are out of this world,its not as bad as i thought,its pretty bad,even the times on the board over there,are different to the ones online yeah,is it oh so were not not even this way,youre around that way oh for gods sake,so i thought we were so close,this way,they both were in front of,imagine if this was like your normal,like night out your dinner and no one,ever comes in and youre like,veggie burgers youre in luck man what,are you getting ketchup,are,egg a pickled onion a bottle of vinegar,a bottle of ketchup and a rybina zoo,hear me out lets hear him jalapeno,cheese fights,six for two quid,60 for 20 quid,what are you feeling,what do you want i want a chips,regular was fine,yep red chips um and i want a bad,sausage,an empty pickle jar,[Music],and some merch,okay we thought much out at the end i,want a fat burger,to go with my,pineapple fritter,matt wants to cut out some coffees,listen im starving im so hungry im so,hungry right im so hungry but im just,gonna let sean order whatever you think,i can have so all the weird [ __ ] the,very end,go outside,outside,the beach,[Music],so how much did we spend do you reckon,40 quid yeah 40,48.,thats good did you get me anything,were all gonna get the food out and,were always gonna eat bits of it,oh,thank you guys thank you so much cheers,thank you very much,oh,were in coventrys finest finley look,weve got the table set up already look,look the tables already selfie ah,thats beautiful come on put it over,oh my god the state of this,im so glad im not running the other,side,what is going on back there,all right guys so if you can hear us,theres people raving their engines like,crazy behind us as you can see the the,table were on not great,yeah i think mines at the bottom,he could have written on me i dont know,im not picky,not bad not bad theyre good ive got,enough food to last me dont worry sure,hes gonna eat his whole thing in one,that was right there,okay so weve pulled up a,lay by nearby uh because there was,nowhere around here that didnt have,riven cars so were now getting our food,out and were going to film us eating,this food obviously im going down the,veggie option which is difficult with a,fish and chips because obviously they,mainly got fish but were gonna film,sean and his burger thats a,cheeseburger right cheap cheeseburger,as ive got burger sauce,hey i dont like grated cheese on,burgers weird,i mean is that wrong no i find the,consistency of grated cheese,no im all right bro i saw you try it,[Laughter],at that,what is this one,in a pickle this could be yours,i said i need a finger a little bit oh,thats a veggie burger,[Music],feeding each other,its okay,i am,do you like the rip and tear method,[Laughter],whats that i dont know what this is,very thrill no i havent pineapple fruit,already have you got a pizza,no they didnt do them,no he got back and hes like,what the heck,is that spam fritter,ill have a bet,its its just oh,[Laughter],try it i guarantee you its it came in,tin guarantees that stinks,yeah thats true that is like,ive had cod row before that is it do,you want to smell no no no,its on my [ __ ] fingers,right,guys just just explain what it is this,is uh,spunk,this is fish animal reproductive,organ,organ or fluid,its a bit of everything i dont think,its spur spooge i think its um,i think its actually like muttonwood,okay,just keep it ill get it ill go,this stinks bro and no one no,they ordered this and theyre like,someones ordered the cod road for once,where do we get where is it where is it,they give you cockles,[Music],any good,yeah lovely i got i got you two scallops,you like youve got to eat some of that,scallop what is it im dead ive got you,two of them what is it oh you get two,four so,60p,scallops what is it,i dont know what it is,fish all right,any good thats so much better than the,right,youre not having a bit of the meat a,bit have a bit of donna,try the donna its actually steaming a,little bit whats that chicken,why because its a mixed kebab why else,its a doughnut ive never seen,that wow not the product,i love this i love it,a doughnut they call it in,whats up,so,i burped and chundered at the same time,and that whole pickle came out like look,just a bit of pickle like a whole pickle,just all came out burp and chundered at,the same time,yeah aint good,move it make it who do you think,its not them its shawn stop giving me,[ __ ] so when when someones when,someones give them something on chips,and theyre like thats different,shut the [ __ ] up he goes you want,something on everything you say yes you,assume something on all the fish and,chip portions,so we did an over 250 mile round trip to,eat some food from binis mega chippy we,can probably agree that this entire,experience was odd cues around the block,for a portion of chips surrounded by,people showing off their cars while,every influencer in a thousand mile,radius was there to film content the,staff were incredibly fun and,accommodating and are clearly riding the,wave of popularity while last as for the,food it was a standard fish and chips,definitely not bad but probably not,worth traveli


hi everyone how you all doing welcome,along back to the vlog and today were,going to do something quite interesting,were going off to that meme,because its about five miles away from,me billy mega chippy finley mega chippy,right were going over there im going,to pick jacob up hes coming were going,to get some dinner chips do review,hopefully you enjoy all right sound,listening yes big man all right you,excited for,finley mega chippy,should be good yeah yeah all right lets,go,[Music],[Applause],oh yeah lets go get some get some,hoodies,um,right then from bitly chippy weve come,away because it started to get a bit,mega busy you know um found a lemon ive,got myself a portion of chips a batter,sausage and some chicken nuggets seven,pound 55. thats not bad thats actually,i thought i was really good i was like i,was expecting it to be like over a,tenner yeah and after like everything,you think they put the prices up below,yeah like i thought prices go up,everything theyre probably expensive,nah seven pound fifty five what did you,get no i got donna kebab and some chips,and a drink but that was like,nine quid i think which aint bad either,so uh yeah like they fully embrace the,uh,the binli mega chippy fame there yeah,theyve fully gone with it like these,are selling hoodies in the car park and,everything so ive been at,yeah merch inside as well its pretty,mad like nfts whats going on there like,fair play to them they all seem like,pretty,pretty happy days with it all i can,imagine they are you know i bet the,owner is absolutely buzzing yeah its,just money isnt it money for days but,um yeah like lets get to each we tuck,in and actually see if this is any good,or uh or not just plain chip,here we go taste test chip how was your,chip,just your average chip,like that,scraps as well lovely oh were fogging,up look its warm right then get on you,go lets have a little,messy tweet oh god lets have a look get,right in there hey that looks all right,you know,should fill me up shouldnt it yeah,ill just try not to spill it in these,mega kebab,should take some paper with it as well,that is nice is it good yeah thats good,good bitterly mega kebab go on then yeah,it looks all right as well to be fair,yeah decent so youre so far so good,yeah so far so good yeah right battered,sausage do you know what this is always,a making break for me on how good a chip,he is,if the battered sausage is disgusting i,wont go there again so lets see shall,we,it looks alright it needs a bit of,crispness now,yeah ill tell you what thats all right,actually im actually quite impressed,yeah thats all right now were on to,the nugget,cant go wrong with another surely,i mean,if yeah like its a nugget like if,youve done a nugget wrong,he looks a bit battered but well have a,go,oh yeah theyre a bit ropey them theyre,not very good,hold on let me see if ive got a bad one,yeah enough theyre no good dont get,them but,that sausage and chips are bang on your,kebab mate it looks sick look at that,thats good,sausage is good sausage good bat sausage,is good and chips good,chicken nuggets probably getting a,thumbs down from either so just your,average chippy stuff good its just your,average chippy yeah yeah but with a good,name and a song so,well done to bingley mega chippy good,value for money yeah yeah for money,thats good lots of stuff mate mega and,all that,yeah who knows,your your kebab mate was filled to the,brim oh no,rammed it all in mega kebab um,give it a rating out of ten,seven seven out of ten,[Music],ill go 7.5 now seven seven the chicken,nuggets were shocking uh seven,it was good it was all right cheap,good value for money and all that um,dont really know what else to say its,a chip yet its gone viral so,good songs,[Music],all right i think were done um thank,you for watching hopefully youve,enjoyed make sure you subscribe like and,all that sort of fun stuff,and uh check out his channel yeah yeah,yeah see you later bye

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