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Birds of Prey – Movie Review

birds of prey sees Margot Robbie once,again reprising her role as Harley Quinn,she was easily the best part of Suicide,Squad so it only makes sense and after,breaking up with the Joker she joins,Black Canary Huntress and Renee Montoya,to save a young girl from an evil crime,lord also known as Black Mask played by,Ewan McGregor since Suicide Squad didnt,really work for most people this seems,to be DC and Warner Brothers attempt to,take what they were trying to do with,that film take a group of people who,dont really have the best moral compass,and pit them against somebody whos,worse than them while trading a lot of,one-liners and being a little edgy,except this time we actually get an R,rating and we have a new group of people,but they took the one thing about that,movie that really worked and put it in,this one Margot Robbie is once again,fantastic as Harley Quinn I cant,imagine a better portrayal of her in,live-action shes great in the fight,scenes shes suitably psychotic and,unhinged in all the right ways and this,is strange because its not really a,birds-of-prey movie for a few different,reasons Im not super well versed in the,source material and Im not gonna act,like I am but I do know that there have,been a lot of changes pushing that aside,because that had absolutely no effect on,me Im only bringing it up because it,might on you if you love these,characters the main reason this doesnt,feel like a birds of prey movie to me is,because its a Harley Quinn movie this,is absolutely a movie focus entirely,around her and the whole team up thing,happens way towards the end of the movie,in fact almost the end of the movie and,so it doesnt really feel like a birds,of prey origin story even because so,much of it is centred on Harley and the,first like 20 minutes of the movie is,basically shes very bitter about the,Joker and shes causing a lot of,problems as usual and its interesting,because as I watched this movie I,couldnt help but think about the fact,that most of the movie or on the side of,a psychopath who is a murderer,they definitely dull her down a little,bit theres an admittedly awesome action,scene where she breaks into a police,station and she shoots a bunch of cops,but shes using those dummy rounds so,they do try to make it seem like she,wouldnt necessarily just kill random,people even though she does plow a truck,into a chemical factory in the beginning,of the movie without even knowing if,any workers in there and could have,potentially killed hundreds of people,but we dont really know because thats,not important to the plot like this so I,couldnt help but think about the,initial reaction to the Joker movie the,fact that so many people were,complaining that we were watching a,killer or siding with someone who,decides to become a killer and hes our,main character I kind of felt the same,way throughout this whole movie I mean,Harley Quinns a psychopath,she was Jokers right-hand girl for a,long time the idea that were watching,what is basically a Harley Quinn movie,doesnt bother me in the slightest in,fact I found that pretty entertaining,Im just surprised that so many critics,changed their tune so quickly if all you,do is shift the movies tone from,serious to light-hearted its this a,little hypocritical to me I guess where,this movie shines is its action,sequences a lot of the fight scenes are,filmed very wide you can see everything,thats going on the stunts are really,impressive its also a very colorful,movie the cinematography and the color,palette is really expressive when shes,in the police station shooting those,dummy rounds theyre loaded with,confetti and blue and red bursts of,smoke and so the movie looks really,wonderful where the movie falters for me,was characterization they focus heavily,on Harley Quinn and you understand her,psychosis and what shes going through,and they do a pretty good job of putting,you in her head sometimes too much in,her head with some very excessive,voiceover that makes the movie bounce,back and forth like a pinball in a,machine you never really feel exactly,like youre watching a movie that has a,plot thats continuously moving theres,a part about thirty minutes in where she,says hold on for you to understand the,importance of this Im gonna have to,take you back a little bit and then we,watch like another 15 minutes maybe,before we revert back to where we just,were and it can be hard to follow,sometimes that could be because theyre,trying to put you in the mind of Harley,and sort of make you feel how chaotic,her brain is but to me its the most,simple way of telling a story have a,character narrate every single bit of it,you dont have to show that much,happening to characters if your lead is,telling us everything,and so its harder to get endeared to,them the characterization is weak as a,result you and McGregor is definitely,over the top as black mask but again I,dont really know anything about him,hes just kind of a really terrible,person,and so yeah you want to see him get,punched in the face and taken out but,you dont really know why its just,because hes an [ __ ] so I dont,really think there was a lot of care,given to developing these characters at,all throughout the course of this script,its a really impressive looking movie,and it is a fun movie to watch if you,want to sit back and watch these people,kick people in the face a lot but for,the most part I just couldnt get behind,any of the characters except for Harley,Quinn because theres very little,attempts to make us care about them if,you have a guy whos an [ __ ] and hes,cutting off peoples faces which is what,hes doing in this movie and hes just,terrible to everyone including his own,associates,theres just nothing interesting about,him and thats one of the biggest issues,with taking a story like this and having,your main characters not really be,heroes its like yeah Harley Quinns,definitely killed people before and,shes certainly a criminal but that guy,is way worse isnt he its that Oceans,eleven thing where yeah youre with all,of the criminals but youre okay with it,because Andy Garcia is a [ __ ] prick,and unfortunately that only works if,your team is as entertaining as say the,team in Oceans eleven it only works if,you really truly care about the back and,forth between them and the dialogue just,is not strong enough its just not there,and I havent really gotten to my,biggest issue with the movie yet and,its basically that its so plot driven,and and so not character driven that you,expect the plot to be something kind of,special but its literally just a kid,whos a pickpocket stole a diamond from,the wrong guy and the guy wants the,diamond back I have seen that so many,times in movies maybe not in that exact,way but the idea of hunting for a,specific diamond or somebody needs a,jewel that was taken its just the most,overused plot,and when your movie is completely,plot-driven and your plot is that basic,I had a hard time caring although I,liked looking at everything in this,movie and I think that it was directed,very well and I was surprised honestly,to see that it has such a high run,Tomatoes rating until I clicked on more,info and saw the average rating and went,yeah that actually makes more sense to,me Metacritic also that rating makes,more sense to me but thats the Rotten,Tomatoes thing you know if you have 200,people that say a movies ok and every,single one of them think its ok its,still gonna get a hundred percent and I,try not to think too heavily into the,whole Rotten Tomatoes,you know critic thing in fact I rarely,even read other peoples reviews until,Ive done it myself but I couldnt help,but see the tomato meter and notice well,thats higher than Joker thats about,the same as Wonder Woman so this must be,definitely on the higher end of DC films,but I liked Aquaman and Shazam and,Wonder Woman more Im gonna get birds of,prey a C+ so guys thank you so much as,always for watching look forward to more,reviews very soon and if you like this,you c

Birds of Prey – Movie Review

well its been about three and a half,years since Suicide Squad looking,forward to that comment section,seriously yeah birds of prey in the,fantabulous longest title ever since,dont be a menace to South Central while,drinking your juice in the hood so birds,of prey is a birds of prey its not,really a birds of prey movie birds of,prey prequel its generally a Harley,Quinn movie Harley and Joker they have,split Charlies dealing with it because,its not just like okay split done on to,other things now shes actually dealing,with it for the beginning of this movie,I appreciated that there are phases,before acceptance however there are a,few people in Gotham who are like you,mean that ladys been trolling us and,[ __ ] with us all those times she no,longer has the Joker back in her corner,I say we kill her the one who really,wants to do that as Romans Ionis I,always said sionis I guess its Ionas,who is black mask played by Ewan,McGregor he does not like her at all so,hes coming after her theres a diamonds,that she needs to get for him to save,her life which sounds remarkably like,one of the plots of snatcher involving,brick top now that Im thinking about it,and then you start meeting the birds of,prey okay what I liked about this movie,is Margot Robbie is Harley Quinn,whatever your grievances was Suicide,Squad shes fantastic,but she just completely sells it the,voice the persona when shes vulnerable,you feel for her when shes kicking ass,she is doing that quite efficiently and,all with the whimsical kind of fun you,would expect from Harley Quinn she was,great actually really likes canary as,well those were a great team up they,team up the earliest actually my one of,my favorites in the movie its actually,Huntress and you dont get much of,Huntress however Huntress has the best,sounding arc so Im like so as much as I,loved Huntress in the movie I felt,robbed it was like I want to see her,back story when you see flashbacks of,her backstory but I want to see the,whole movie you know be like Punisher,but with her which sounds amazing when,they just think about it so basically as,the band is slowly getting together they,get together in the last act and thats,when you really you really feel the,dynamic its the vibe that Suicide Squad,was probably going for also the action,the fight sequences I thought they were,really exciting okay,my main grievance the thing I did wrong,is I didnt watch this movie I was high,Im just saying this is the kind of,movie probably good I do probably,enhances the experience whatever its,no one cares put your Dare shirt down,however the villain in this movie black,mask Roman Simon is played by Ewan,McGregor at first I was like hes having,fun with the role Im liking this I was,really digging it but then the movie,just keeps going until I felt it went,too far in terms of just the cartoonish,nature of it not fun cartoonish nature,no when he was doing that I was having a,good time with it like the scene in the,trailer is like whos having a good time,however this is I mean its,birds-of-prey is gonna be a girl-power,movie for sure how is it not gonna be,its curtains birds-of-prey no question,about that but this movie does go to the,point where I feel like it draws a line,in the sand where its like alright,women over there dudes over there good,people shitty people its the theme of,the movie and they push it really far,with him hes a complete misogynistic,[ __ ] to the point where Im like am I,even watched in black mask right now,like I have the finger on the pulse of,all the black mask story arcs but he,never got this from Black Mass I mean,you wouldnt McGregor acts to the [ __ ],out of it I mean lets be real here he,does but his character still locked into,what I consider a one-dimensional box,because its just who he is how the,movie portrays him and his motivation,hes a guy who wants to kill Harley,Quinn because well hes a really,misogynistic guy and shes a woman and,he hates her hes like one of the subway,[ __ ] in the Joker movie got his own,movie became the villain and now hes,even worse the best villains for me and,his personal tastes I totally get it but,the best villains for me are the ones,were when they tell the hero or the,audience their motivation theres an,argument to be made there it does make,you pause and go I see where youre,coming from still got a stop because,youre a maniac or at the very least it,conflicts with my sense of morality and,my ideology thats the human element Im,talking about this guy has none of them,hes just a piece of [ __ ],thats it Im down with having a,misogynistic deck of a villain but you,got to give me something else something,to sink my teeth into for his motivation,its not a thing he has its just its,all he is a 2z h stands for absolute,misogynistic dick B stands for [ __ ] ass,misogynistic dick,C stands for [ __ ] of a misogynistic dick,all the way to Z and Im prattling on,about the villain but it was a huge,dynamic in the movie I feel like they,took what started out as a good villain,and sacrificed him on the altar of the,movies message agenda whatever you want,to call it but in all fairness,for this movie and what the movies,trying to do what its going for its,message agenda whatever you want to call,it it works in this movie for that so,whether or not youll like that or dont,know thats just thats up to you this,is the epitome of a movie that will,thrive on his rewatch ability factor in,the end Id rather watch Shazam Aquaman,Wonder Woman Id rather watch any of,those before I watch this again as much,as I love Margot Robbie in this movie I,really liked Mary Elizabeth Winstead is,Huntress because I I really love her,anyway really enjoyed some of the action,and the group dynamic this is one of,those movies thats either going to hit,you or youre not gonna feel that if you,dont feel that I questioned whether or,not youll really enjoy the movie like,if theres enough for you to sink your,teeth into I mean The Critic sitting,next to me I know her talk to her at,every one of the screenings she was,loving it having a great time I was,there like well its fine and I walked,out of this movie going the action,sequences were fun in fact I got the,medicine this movie probably be a better,time not drunk but you know yeah now,its a party put your Dare shirt down,all right so birds of prey have you seen,it what did you think about it are you a,black mask fan did they do him justice,in this movie you like not my black tag,not my black mask whatever you think,comment below let me know and as always,if you like what youve seen here and,you want to see more click right here to,see more,[Music]

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Birds of Prey – Its a Garbage Movie

Oh Warner Brothers what are you doing to,us and your time youve given us some of,the best comic book movies ever but then,you tried to jump on the Marvel extended,universe bandwagon except without all,the planning and patience and quality,control and you ended up delivering an,absolute shite remember Suicide Squad,everyone remember thinking wow this,Harlequin is awesome I really hope she,gets to star in her own goofy cartoonish,r-rated female empowerment movie,alongside a bunch of characters nobody,ever heard of nah me neither,birds of prey and the fantabulous manse,[ __ ] off film stop trying to be funny,and quirky birds of prey is a garbage,movie and I mean that in the most,literal sense of the word its,disposable entertainment of the highest,order something youre expected to,consume with absolutely zero thought or,intelligence and then promptly forget,about just like the people who made it a,vanity project spun off from a failed,superhero team-up that nobody cared,about a vapid self-indulgent a,meaningless badly written horribly,pasted conglomeration of different ideas,that work together about as effectively,as Kathleen Kennedy and directors who,are capable of independent thought,pitched to a market that doesnt exist,and starring a bunch of actors who,arent big or interested enough to get,our season seats in shorts it was a,complete [ __ ] chore to get through and,for the next ten minutes Im gonna,explain exactly why join me as I review,birds of prey so the film picks up,sometime after the events of Suicide,Squad,I guess Jared Leto is still in the,huffed with Warner Brothers so the Joker,is suspiciously absent from this film,instead hes broken up with Harley Quinn,after taking credit for a bunch of,crimes that she apparently plans because,she was the real mastermind behind,everything he did dont you know,let a man take credit for a womans work,[ __ ] off Ruby Rose but get used to this,kind of subtle messaging because youll,be seeing a lot of it in this movie,anyway this is all bad news for her,because she spent the past few years,acting like a total [ __ ] without fear,of reprisal,but if music gets out that the Joker,dumped her shes completely screwed no,you may think it would make sense for,her to leave Gotham and find a new place,to live,but now she just hangs around and keeps,acting like everythings cool so she,goes to a nightclub and gets totally,shit-faced and breaks the guys legs,because he got mad when she spilled a,drink on him whats a delightful,character thus when were introduced to,the antagonist of the movie although I,used the word reluctantly because Im,too drunk to think of anything more,appropriate for this Absolut goon Romans,sionis is the sadistic owner of the,nightclub and one of the big crime lords,in Gotham he puts up with Harleys,[ __ ] because he thinks shes still,under the Jokers protection but not for,long,Harley decides that she needs to get,over the Joker properly and what better,way to do it than to steal a gas tanker,and drive it straight into the chemical,plant where they first got together you,know I could point out that a massive,chemical explosion in the middle of the,crowded city would almost certainly,cause untold damage to the environment,and the health of millions of people,living in the affected area not to,mention killing dozens if not hundreds,of innocent civilians actually working,at the plants but the script is like nah,itll be fine anyway word soon gets out,that Harley is no longer under the,Jokers protection so a couple of goons,tried to abduct her outside Romans,nightclub but in comes Black Canary a,singer who for some reason is also,skilled enough to beat sue fully drawn,men in hand-to-hand combat you go girl,Roman happens to notice this little,alleyway fight so he hires Black Canary,to be his new limo driver because his,old one has two broken legs courtesy of,Harley Quinn,he sends Black Canary to retrieve a very,special diamond for him that used to,belong to one of Gothams big crime,families before they all got,assassinated the diamond is important,because it contains the bank accounts,where theyve hidden their family,fortune okay,but it all goes tits up when a teenage,pickpocket named Cassandra steals the,diamond from an incompetent henchman,because all men are incompetent in this,movie I guess only to get arrested and,SiC into a nearby police station so she,takes the stolen diamond and swallows it,in full view of the cops sitting right,next to her okay meanwhile a Gotham,detective named Montoya my name is Inigo,Montoya,hes investigating a murder carried out,by a mysterious crossbow assassin,Montoya is a tough-talking no-nonsense,cop who keeps getting held back because,her male colleagues take credit for her,work I am Mary man sue Montoya catches,up with Harley and tries to capture her,and it made me laugh until I was in,danger of pissing myself because Rosie,Perez is 55 years old and she moves with,all the speed and agility of me after,two bottles of whiskey anyway Harley,escapes only to run straight into more,of Romans goons who took her to his,nightclubs so he can torture her to,death but then she somehow stalks him,out of it by saying that she can recover,the missing diamond for him because,apparently shes really good at finding,things right you dont need to find the,diamond your dick you already know where,it is its inside Cassandra whos inside,the police station you dont need a,detective for this one you need a,[ __ ] assault team but the genius,script is like nah itll be fine because,it needs to get Harley out of this,situation and moving again and it cant,think of a smarter way to make it happen,so Roman lets her go on the promise,shell recover the diamond for him,because its not like she could just,skip town on him and disappear forever,for the purposes of this movie Gotham,City is basically the only place in the,universe that actually exists did a,[ __ ] kindergarten oh right this,anyway Harley goes to the police station,which I guess must be staffed by the,dumbest most incompetent cops on the,planet because shes able to fight her,way inside single-handed and not one cop,thinks to radio for reinforcements or,return fire on her or do anything except,stand there waiting to get shot honestly,you could replace these idiots with,cardboard cutouts and the scene would,play out pretty much the same so she,gets down to the cells and Springs,Cassandra but she also releases all the,other prisoners by accident,and because literally everyone in this,city [ __ ] hates Harley Quinn they all,decide to attack her instead of you know,escaping come on lets get Q another,cringe-worthy fight scene with some,extremely accommodating stuntmen you,know how its kind of implausible that,someone of Margot Robbies size and,build could defeat even a single heavily,built man in a balanced engagements well,multiply the implausibility factor by,roughly a dozen and youll have some,sense of how this scene plays out,everyone waits their turn to attack,everyone swings and misses everyone gets,taken out by a single punch because,thats totally all it takes to floor a,200-pound man Harley just churns through,them all and it skips with Cassandra,like it was nothing no all of these,various events probably sound like,convoluted nonsense to you and frankly,they are but basically there are five,main plot threads running through the,movie one Roman wants to recover the,diamond inside Cassandra and kill Harley,two currently plans to trade Cassandra,in exchange for her own life three Black,Canary is now a reluctant enforcer for,Roman four Montoya is trying to arrest,Harley five some arseholes going around,assassinating people with a crossbow,eventually all the various parties,converge on an abandoned amusement park,which for some reason is still fully,functional because the script says we,need to have a fight scene in the,funhouse,and all the girls learn to put aside,their differences and work together to,smash the patriarchy sorry I m

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Birds of Prey REVIEW

This is a tough movie to talk about,because it deals with stuff thats so PERSONAL!

It Has Come To My Attention You Dont All Love BIRDS OF PREY

this video is sponsored by frome.co anyone  care to guess which film is represented by  ,these color strips heres a little tip  the overall color palette can often be  ,misleading try to focus on the high contrast  pops of complementary colors thats the real  ,tell any guesses come on its so easy just  start at the front here and then work you,oh wait hold on,there are lots of films that feel like they  were made for 2020. contagions probably the  ,most obvious choice audiences were already  watching that one on repeat just days in  ,the quarantine idiocracy comes to mind something  about the united states ignoring good scientific  ,intel while politicians grandstand everyone  starts buying in bulk and corporations pretend  ,to care about anything but our collective  buying power really spoke to me this year  ,welcome to costco i love you jesus this  was supposed to be satire not prophecy  ,the thing hits different in  2020 nobody trusts anybody now,were all very tired hell even independence day  took on newfound relevance put your mans back  ,on but only one of my top contenders for the  title of perfect film 4 2020 actually came out  ,in 2020 a film that seamlessly captured our  collective fugue state a reality as surreal  ,as it is immediate as technicolor as it is  dark as frustrating as it is galvanizing  ,it also just so happened to be the last film  i saw in theaters before i entered quarantine  ,i call that irony but im pretty  sure irony died sometime in march,suicide squad was a tough act to follow not  because it was so good but because it was so  ,uh something other than good are you the devil  for what its worth i didnt exactly hate it  ,not entirely anyway but only because it set its  sights so low it was almost impossible to miss  ,dont forget were the bad guys but it was  far from a flop in fact its still the fourth  ,highest grossing dce eu film at the time of this  writing and thats without getting a release in  ,china but i think the common wisdom in hollywood  is that these box office figures represented the  ,pre-release hype not the reception of the actual  movie a suspicion that was seemingly confirmed  ,when it then posted the second biggest drop in  dc eu ticket sales in its second week of release  ,in what has become a time-honored tradition of the  dc eu when audiences didnt quite like what they  ,saw dc implemented a massive narrative and tonal  ship for the next installment its a hell of a  ,problem from a narrative standpoint where do you  go with the story of harley quinn when the single  ,most despised element of your last film was the  joker and the movie ended like this lets go home,you start by getting joker out of the picture  harley gets dumped in the opening scene  ,the opening shot really and immediately  enters the wallowing stage of the breakup  ,shes out on her own for the first time in years  and doesnt really know what to do with herself  ,she doesnt immediately tell anyone that she and  the joker broke up though will you paramore be  ,joining us this evening not tonight romeo not  tonight because her relationship with the joker  ,insulated her from all sorts of violent reprisals  being jokers girl gave me immunity the inciting  ,incident isnt the break of itself so much as  harleys public declaration that theyve broken up  ,harley quinn just called open season on  herself thats when everyone comes out  ,of the woodwork to try and get a piece of her  ive waited a lot of time for this you have oh  ,and in order to get the local crime boss roman  scionist to spare her life for at least a couple  ,of hours anyway harley offers to recover the  missing burton ellie diamond on his behalf  ,and then were really off to the races wont let  you down romy i promise lets make it half a mil  ,its more fun if shes got competition  send it to every mercenary in gotham  ,i love birds of price so much it makes me  angry thats not just the line it really does  ,give me pause to think about how much i like this  movie on the one hand i didnt even know i wanted  ,a movie quite like this until after i saw it so  part of me wonders if i really know my own taste  ,half as well as i think i do my other concern  is that this film went so underappreciated in  ,its time barely breaking 200 million worldwide  on an 80 million dollar budget plus marketing  ,costs said i fear will never get anything  quite like it ever again misty j once lost  ,a rare photograph of a nude eleanor roosevelt  and i found in a birds nest in robinson park,now i know im usually pretty big on letting  peoples own tastes guide their viewing habits  ,far be it from me to tell you what you  should and shouldnt like and all that  ,but today thats not good enough its not  enough for people to simply understand my  ,tastes as a much better youtuber than me once  said i dont want acceptance i want converts  ,in order to cast as wide a net as possible  this video is going to be one part analysis  ,for all the people who maybe saw birds of prey and  for whatever reason couldnt appreciate its genius  ,and one part good old-fashioned review to try and  help convince the people who havent seen birds  ,of prey yet maybe get going on that an analysis  and review the worlds first annal view its what  ,harley would have wanted part one how much do i  love thee let me literally count the ways you know  ,when i knew we were off to a good start right here  during the studio logos note the choice of music,the marketing campaign for suicide  squad prominently featured a rather  ,somber cover of i started a joke  by confidential mx and becky hansen,and its not like that was a bad  choice even though somber covers  ,and dc trailers are kind of a meme  now but birds of prey starts with a  ,much more whimsical instrumental version  of the jokes on you by charlotte lawrence,i love the contrast here the thematic pivot  from harley is victim to harley as emancipator  ,nothing like a protagonist with a little  agency to get you invested in her story  ,harley narrates birds of prey and as such  the first half is told all out of order  ,hold up im telling this wolf wrong i like this  from the jump because theres both a narrative  ,and thematic reason for doing it from a narrative  standpoint it makes sense that a character is  ,traumatized and neurodivergent as harley would  backtrack lose her train of thought and revise  ,her own narrative in mid-stream like this and  from a thematic standpoint this is the story  ,of harleys emancipation and a big part of that  is letting harley be the author of her own story  ,and im telling it so ill start where i [ __  ] want but birds of prey is also very much an  ,ensemble picture and in the purest sense  of the word everyone in this movie is in  ,it for completely different reasons and want  completely different things harleys trying  ,to move past her breakup and figure out how to  keep herself alive without the jokers protection  ,you know harlequins nothing without a master  renee montoya is a beleaguered gcpd detective  ,whos trying to track down the bert nelly diamond  while her efforts are continually obstructed by  ,her disinterested co-workers youre only a few  years younger than me and youre still behind  ,that desk you want to go there cassandra kane is  an orphan pickpocket who accidentally transforms  ,herself into a mcguffin halfway through the  movie and dinah lance is literally just trying  ,to survive her first week on the job without  becoming an accessory to murder oh and then  ,theres the crossbow killer im not the crossbow  killer oh and then theres this mysterious  ,vigilante with no known alias whos going around  killing random gangsters connected to the diamond  ,they call me elena partinelli for [ __ ] sake  what i find so interesting about this group  ,is that unlike most ensemble casts theyve really  got virtually nothing in common i know people say  ,that the avengers dont have anything in common  either but theyre all s

Birds of Prey Review

[Music],much like its central character birds of,prey and the fantabulous emancipation of,one Harley Quinn is a riot an anarchic,glitter bomb of lunacy that boasts some,of the most invented fight sequences,ever seen in a comic book movie it,doesnt reinvent the wheel especially in,the wake of the fourth wall breaking,Deadpool franchise and the swagger of,guardians of the galaxy but its still a,ballsy blast that feels like a two-hour,sugar high without the crash,[Music],birds-of-prey allows us to see Harley at,her most liberated a trickster goddess,who definitely creates more messes than,she cleans up but one who is no patsy,despite spending years in the thrall of,her green haired puddin its the most,nuanced portrayal of Harley since,creators Paul Dini and Bruce Timm,fleshed out her backstory in mad love,one that actually takes advantage of the,fact that Harleen Quinzel earned a PhD,before succumbing to the Jokers,unhinged charms birds of prey has a,deliberate stream of consciousness,quality thanks to Harleys breakneck,voiceover which is woven throughout,first introduced via an energetic,animated prologue stuffed full of Easter,eggs which seems designed to get her,complicated history with the Joker out,of the way up front without actually,showing it the plot swerves skids and,doubles back on itself as Harley,recounts the unlikely tale of her,emancipation and the women who,inadvertently become tangled up and over,complicating a fairly straightforward,story in which various factions are on,the hunt for a stolen diamond or on the,hunt for those who are hunting it,although mr. J is often named dropped,his presence isnt missed since birds of,prey serves up two villains who are,somehow even more unpredictable than,either Jared Leto or Joaquin Phoenixs,recent takes on the joke you and,McGregor is obviously having the time of,his life as Romans Ionis aka Black Mask,aint mercurial and sadistic crime lord,with the penchant for carving peoples,faces off in wearing pajamas plastered,with his own image,Romans theatrics are made all the more,chilling because he has the dead-eyed,Victor Zsasz as his unflappable enforcer,if you havent already noticed birds of,prey has a lot of masters to serve,between emancipating Harley setting up,her antagonist and establishing the,other women crammed into that very long,title and unfortunately the birds of,prey are the ones who get shortchanged,by the ambitious scope of the story,Black Canary Renee Montoya and Huntress,are all magnetic when theyre on screen,but mary elizabeth winstead Huntress,proving to be an unexpected scene,stealer,but theres no doubt that this is Harley,show the script does a good job of tying,womens various plot threads together,and giving them believable reasons to,hate black masks and when they do,eventually team up its definitely worth,the wait but it feels like a more,streamlined story might have left room,for more character development even if,the movie had to sacrifice some sass to,accomplish it one area of the movie that,perfectly balances character and sass is,in its many elaborate fight sequences in,terms of pure blood splattered action,birds-of-prey has far more in common,with the John wick franchise than any,recent superhero film which makes a lot,of sense when you realize that John wick,director chats the hell skeet was,brought on to help punch up the stunts,the fight scenes and birds of prey are,jaw-dropping and more than earned the,movies are rating with a tangible,bone-crunching quality that sets them,apart from the overly CGId slugfests,found in many other superhero movies in,terms of sheer fun birds of prey and the,fantabulous emancipation of one Harley,Quinn delivers in spades its zany,energetic visceral fight sequences in,focus on one of DCs most fascinating,characters ensure that it continues,Warner Brothers winning streak of big,bombastic comic book adaptations that,are unafraid to embrace their inherent,ridiculousness and although we would,have preferred to see a true team up,with fewer narrative detours,birds-of-prey is a perfect setup for a,host of other intriguing spin-offs in,the DC Cinematic Universe and wed like,to go ahead and request poison ivy look,I always do my entire existence seems to,be spent cleaning up your [ __ ],message thank you very much,for more movie reviews check out what we,thought of bad boys for life and do,little and as always be sure to,subscribe to I G n wherever you like to,watch anyway

Birds of Prey – Nostalgia Critic

this episode brought to you by,stamps.com why go to the store to get,stamps when you can have them printed,right at home for your convenience,[Music],ladies and gentlemen behold the outcasts,the creepy and depraved the bizarre,creations not meant for the normal world,embrace the twisted weirdness a freak,show cinema,margot robbie has had the best and worst,luck playing the iconic character harley,quinn i argue theres far more pros than,cons especially when considering dcs,lineup actors have been switched out to,play famous characters and she stayed,the same the whole time i think that,shows how much people are now cementing,her with the character but there,certainly are some cons,for example suicide squad was a huge hit,at the box office but both critics and,audiences seem to hate it its follow up,the suicide squad i guess these code for,sorry well try again was a hit with,critics and audiences but nobody went to,see it and then you have this little,movie which critics kinda liked and,audiences kinda liked but once again,nobody saw it and i hate to say it but,its hard not to see why,nobody really knew what this movie was,supposed to be this is just at the point,where dc was getting more experimental,with their movies and in some respects,this tried the most different things say,what you will about suicide squad but it,knew how to advertise itself a bunch of,villains forced to do good things but,doing it in their own bad way it made no,sense in the context of the film but,from an advertising standpoint that,sounds like a lot of fun this is,a birds of prey movie we think with,harley quinn we think even though shes,in most of the advertising in the,majority of the film shes being bad,maybe and the birds of prey are being,good perhaps are they even heroes i,think i saw a shitty show about them,once and i remember them being heroes,its a superhero movie but about a super,villain who doesnt do super villain,stuff its more of a heist comedy except,when we focus on superheroes who,sometimes do superhero stuff,yeah the advertising for this movie was,pretty poorly handled how poorly handled,was it honestly im still not sure what,the title is,originally it was birds of prey in the,fantabulous emancipation of one harley,quinn then they panicked at peoples,confusion and retitled it harley quinn,bursapray which in some ways makes less,sense if she supposed to be one of the,birds of prey then they changed it back,to the original title because the film,bombed and [ __ ] it who cares anymore so,its no wonder this film had such a,tough time finding an audience truth be,told i was one of those critics who,didnt know exactly what to think about,it i guess it was okay at the time,though there clearly were a ton of,problems with it part of that though was,i wasnt clear what to accept it as a,birds of prey movie a harley quinn movie,a dceu movie a standalone movie,but i will admit going back to watch it,again knowing now what i didnt know,then,i did have a lot of fun,some of the weaknesses of the film i now,see as strengths when you accept this as,a scatterbrained movie that sometimes,hits bullseye sometimes completely,misses the board but the darts are,always thrown in an inventively bizarre,way,this movie is like a cheesy cake some,things work about it some things dont,but youre still happy someone was crazy,enough to make it,truth be told when you hear what the,plot of the movie is you do understand,more why the advertising was so,difficult it focuses for the most part,on harley quinn being tossed out by the,joker yes i do like the emancipation,its not exactly by her choice,regardless she declares herself her own,woman not needing mr j anymore which,means all the gangsters who hate the,[ __ ] out of her which is understandably,many see it as open season on this pain,in the ass without the jokers,protection suddenly everyone with a,weapon is out for her this alone is,pretty funny not only does it show how,much she pissed them off as the first,thing every mobster wants to do is kill,her like they put everything else on,hold but it also shows how brain-dead,she is about how many friends she truly,has seeing her scramble and remember all,the dirtbag things shes done to a lot,of these people and realized the only,reason they were nice to her was because,of the joker makes for some great comedy,thats only part of the story though,theres a big search for a macguffin,diamond yeah this is also a little pink,panther meat snatch that holds a gateway,to unspeakable wealth he keeps getting,tossed around though between officer,renee montoya played by rosie perez the,huntress played by mary elizabeth,winstead and black canary played by,journey smollett,wait as a chicago and that name rings a,bell oh of course full house and when i,say it keeps getting tossed around i,really mean she keeps getting tossed,around for a little pickpocket named,cassandra kane played by ella jay bosco,wait a minute that name also rings a,belt on episode of veep of course steals,the diamond and swallows it once she,gets caught theyre all being hunted,down by a mob boss named black mask who,does sometimes wear a black mask he has,a little like lex luthor being bald in,superman one there must have been some,behind the scenes stuff we didnt know,about,and if this all sounds confusing its,sometimes intentional,upon first viewing it can get pretty,frustrating but when you watch it again,knowing where its all gonna go it does,grow a little bit of a charm for just,how random it is its hard to explain,but theres something enjoyably,frustrating about it though it does make,the film choppy there is something,refreshing not always remembering what,happens in what order its not a film,where i shout oh my god this is so,forgettable i dont even remember this,scene its more oh that happened here i,thought it was later in the film as,someone who sees a lot of movies there,is something nice about having that,spontaneity yet i still remember what,happens in each scene and it does match,quinns personality as the narrator but,like i said it doesnt always work,black canarys powers dont really come,into play until the last third and im,not sure i followed why at the end when,they tried to show the birds of prey,together i wasnt really excited to see,more of them because the main focus was,still harley there wasnt quite enough,focus on them to convince me they,deserve a solo movie which with these,titles thats clearly not what this was,and then theres this weirdness diamonds,are a girls best friend,i get the feeling this made more sense,in the head of the writer or the,director like maybe this was supposed to,be the pink elephants or dude dream,sequence thats just odd for the sake of,being odd but it never quite fit,naturally into the movie in fact it,feels really trimmed down and this did,not look like a cheap scene to shoot and,its just there and then its gone but,then theres scenes i didnt laugh that,much the first time but seeing it again,they kind of crack me up for how random,they are in the first third harley is,obsessed with having this egg sandwich,even when people are shooting at her her,big concern is getting a bite of this,thing,the first time i saw this i didnt think,it was funny enough to dedicate so much,attention to but combined with every,other strange tipit it does bizarrely,work she literally has no friends and,the world is trying to kill her so her,closest companion is her breakfast its,pretty hilarious that this is the only,friend shes got,but wait a minute this is freak show,cinema is this really as twisted and,weird as it gets,join me back after this commercial,behold the king of stamps,go on behold,i bring you stamps from stamps.com if,youre a small business owner youre,busy enough as it is you dont have time,to deal with the hassle of going to the,post office at stamps.com you can skip,the trip and never waste another dollar,or a minute stamps.com lets you print,official postage 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