1. Garmin Birdseye Satellite Imagery Update (Feb 2020) Review
  2. BirdsEye Direct review on the Garmin Dezl OTR 1010
  3. F Bass BN5 Macassar Ebony VS Birdseye Maple Review
  4. Cordae – From a Birds Eye View ALBUM REVIEW
  5. *NEW* Birds Eye Chicken Shop Sizzler Fillet Burgers Review
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Garmin Birdseye Satellite Imagery Update (Feb 2020) Review

hey guys I just got an email from Garmin,saying there is new and improved,Birdseye satellite imagery so if you,remember my review of the GPS map 66i,which has the birds eye imagery,included its one of the downsides the,imagery was old and it was pretty low,resolution so I thought we could do,today is take a look at the old birds,eye imagery take a look at the new,birds eye imagery and see how much,better it is so lets go ahead and take,a look so to do this test Im going to,connect my GPS map 66i to my computer,and download the birds eye imagery that,way its a lot easier than downloading,it on the device itself where you can,only pick a point and then download a,five-mile radius around the point or,smaller you cant download birds eye,imagery for an entire route or a track,on the device so its a little bit,limited so I do recommend using Basecamp,to download the birds eye but lets,download it and take a look so actually,first off lets take a look at the old,birds eye view and this is Andersen,peak San Bernardino Mountains and its,not horrible but its not the best so,this is the old birds eye imagery let,me just compare it with Google Maps for,you for a second so heres the same area,on Google map so you can see the,resolution is much better I could see,little logs on the grounds pretty good,so lets download the new satellite,imagery from birds eye and see how it,compares all right here we are in,Basecamp you can see my GPS unit is,plugged in were gonna go to birds eye,download download birds eye imagery I,get a subscription as part of my,ownership of the 66i so this dialog is a,little weird makes you want to click on,shop but were gonna hit continue,now I mentioned before that you could,only choose regions around a points on a,device you can do boxes here which is,easy to do but you can also do a shape,so lets do a shape so this is nice,because I can just click around the,track or,rude and not get other things if I dont,want them now obviously I can but I,could do it this way and just get what I,need and that helps me get around the,file size limitations you can see Ive,got an estimated file size here of five,point five eight I can choose the,quality but if I do something too big it,will give me an error and Ill say the,maps are too big to download so anyway,thats a cool way to do it just as an,FYI but for this one lets just go ahead,and grab this whole region here you can,see its building imagery confirm and it,is downloading all right so its is just,about download it here and lets go in,for a closer look and lets go ahead and,zoom in and see what it looks like here,so it looks like this is as close as I,can zoom in looks pretty good its,definitely better than the old,satellites footage so lets take a look,at this relative to the little slow,which is interesting lets take a look,at this relative to the Google Maps,satellite imagery well you can see right,away that the Google Maps imagery is,already better more fidelity I like how,it overlays the trails on top of the,satellite photo in this hybrid view so,it looks like the new birds-eye imagery,is better but not as good as Google Maps,all right so lets take a look again,heres the base camp you can see its ok,not horrible not horrible but not quite,what the Google Maps was you can also,see here that the the topo active map,from Garmin is not actually on the trail,theres the satellite trail right there,and here its routed off a little bit,again not a huge deal youre not gonna,walk off a cliff because of this but uh,you know just something to to note given,that it doesnt cost anything to receive,this update Ill take it but I wouldnt,go out of my way to buy Birdseye maps,from Garmin if I you know if with,something that was extra but new maps,definitely worth maybe updating your,maps if you already have birds-eye,imagery loaded on h66 I get the new maps,put them on there but overall an,improvement on the old ones but not,quite Google Maps

BirdsEye Direct review on the Garmin Dezl OTR 1010

whats up youtube this is a video about,the garmin diesel,1010 an excellent gps for truckers,or buses or or cars for that matter in,this video were going to talk about the,birds eye direct,okay so i already have,things that ive downloaded already you,will need wi-fi to go ahead and download,those things but once you download them,theyll live here so lets go ahead and,go to,843 state route 43 winnersville walmart,dc in ohio i love this feature,but let me tell you one thing i found,kind of annoying,is its not really that clear i mean,its really not annoying not as clear as,i wanted to be so,it gets the job done i can see where,trucks go in at,and i can see where cars go in at for,the employees,you know not to go here,youre gonna go where the trucks go,which is right here and i see,where the,the the guard shack is and this is the,furthest itll zoom in you cant zoom in,any further,and its at the,highest detail as well so ill show you,what it looks like zoomed all the way,out,square of uh the imagery that ive,downloaded in comparison to like let me,zoom in,to like google maps,i mean look at the difference thats,zoomed in all the way in,this is zoomed in all the way in so i,would thought that maybe,you know,[Music],we would have got the same treatment,because you could definitely see,where the guard shack is where you turn,and then i dont know why this looks,a little like yeah its because its,zoomed all the way out its okay it gets,the job done and if you zoom out look at,the building and whatnot this is so much,clearer to where,you zoom out here,look at the building,and you know,like i said it gets the job done you,know downloaded imagery that you did,so i got one there i think i have one in,pittsburgh its it only shows the one,that you downloaded i can click picks,where you know show me pittsburgh,and this imagery is loaded off the,internal storage too as well,so,its kind of,a little slow there,to load up everything,[Music],you cant do like how google maps how,you can use two fingers and kind of do,like a a,tilt or pan you cant do that,its either zoom in or zoom out so how,to make your own,download it,and you hit select,and then its going to ask you do you,want you know,standard high highest i hit highest,and then you can do up to 69 miles,radius that i do know,and then you can save it to,you know the micro sd card or the,internal storage,so,and,the storage of this device can go up to,256 megabytes,thats on the,garmin website i believe i read that,somewhere i think thats on the garmin,website,but that connected to wi-fi so i cant,download anything in real time from,these guys something kind of related to,this,so lets say i want to go to,niagara bottling and im going to start,as new rock because i already have me,going home going to niagara bottling llc,so what ill do is drive to highlighted,route,it should do an overview yeah there it,goes a plan arrival,of your destination now this right here,is downloaded via mobile data,so this is not,whats saved because i already,downloaded it but if you didnt download,this imagery to your gps,its going to pull,this data from your cell phone just for,for the plan arrival otr series the 1010,its a fantastic device,i highly recommend it,for any drivers really its pretty cool,thanks for watching

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F Bass BN5 Macassar Ebony VS Birdseye Maple Review

[음악],안녕하세요 무지퍼 3b 어순 입니다 오늘은 f 베이스 모델 2대를 가지고,있습니다,빈 파이브 모델로 모두 같은 스펙 인데 핑거보드 재질 만 한 잔은 마카,잘 보니 하나는 메이플 로드 있습니다,이것들을 서로 비교해 보면서 사운드를 들여 들도록 하겠습니다,222 5,으,4,으 으,예,[음악],으 으 으 으 으,으 으 으 으,으 으,[음악],으 으,[음악],으,으 으,으,으 으 으 으 으,으 으,으 아 으,[음악],으,[음악],으 아 으 으,오 오오 예 오,222 으 에,으 으 으,[음악],으 으 으,아,[음악],아 아,[음악],으 으,[음악],예 아 으 아 예,으 으,으 으 으 아 으,5,[음악],[음악],아 네 이렇게 해서 사운드 모두 들어 보셨습니다 베이스의 직접 연주해,주신 3시 께서는 어떤 느낌이었는지 전반적인 평가 부탁드릴게요,야끼 특징 2 험버커 픽업 사운드가 굉장히 좋아요 그래서 펀치가 믿는,사운드를 되게 선호하시는 분들이 구매를 하신다면 좀 좋을 것 같구요,연주영상 에서 로우 비를 좀 연주를 많이 했는데 그 특징 2,이 악기가 34.5 인지 다 보니까 는 2 로우 b 의 사운드 굉장히,좋아요,그래서 일부러 좀 도드라지게 하려고 연주로 그렇게 했구요,비교적 깔끔하면서도 편치가 믿는 사운드 가장 특징입니다,그리고 이제 마카 4 의 분 이 같은 경우는,앱 운이 보다는 좀 더 중점이 살짝 더 강화 가 돼 있어요 그러다 보니까,는 앱 보니 그 고음이 좀 싫으신 분들은 많이들 선호 하실 거 같고 되게,기름진 사운드가 좀 많이 나는 편이에요,메이플 지판 같은 경우는 많이 선명하게 특징 이어서 깔끔한 사운드를 많이,추가하시면 은,메이플 지판 을 선택해 주시면 될 것 같습니다,천에 자꾸 깐 면서 늘 기타리스트 입장에서 기술 트롤이 들었을 때 비싼,베이스 드 소리를 많이 들었거든요,포대 라나 안녕 펜더 에서도 커스텀 샵이나 명할 때 많이 들었었는데,f 베이스 소리는 저도 처음 듣는 편인데 도 정말 힘이 넘치고 얻어 6,그 특히 5회 원해서 아까 말씀하신대로 3시가 말씀 하신대로,즉 덜덜 거리고 안아픈 구한 느낌이 있을 법한데 이런 것들이 굉장히,타이트하게 잘 잡아주는 느낌이 있었어요 그래서 정말 여러모로,어떤 장르에서도 쓸만할 것 같고 또 중요한 점은 존재감이 인 일단,점이에요 베이스가 특정 브랜드에서는 뭐 존재감 자체가 별로 없는 경우도,있어요 케이스가 아예 퍼지고 전반적으로 퍼진 소 련 하거나,이런 경우가 있는데 얘는 베이스 혼자서 음악을 이끌어 가도 될 정도로,존재감이 굉장히 강하다고 생각됩니다,네 이렇게 셀프 베이스 리뷰를 모두 맞춰보고 있구요,이 악기들을 실제로 뮤직 퍼스에 있는 악기들이 니까 언제든 구매하실 수,있습니다,저는 또 다음에 재민 영상을 돌아오겠습니다,감사합니다 않나

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Cordae – From a Birds Eye View ALBUM REVIEW

okay youre doing the review right and,you talk about the guitar and you see,that guitar it goes baby,no im im not going to do that you,dont want to use that in you know in a,review no thats not going to go in a,review but thats as good as anything,that you do uh,hi everyone live stream,here the internets busiest music nerd,and its time for a review of this new,corde record from a birds eye view this,is the sophomore full-length album of,maryland rapper corday fresh off,dropping the ybn from his name he is,further cementing his solo path which i,think is for the best with his debut a,few years ago the lost boy he showcased,a lot of smart introspective rhymes as,well as a sharp topical focus proving,the intergenerational knowledge he,dropped in that j cole response that,initially got him so much attention,wasnt just a fluke still there were,some tracks on this record that felt a,little derivative or some ideas that,came off as if they were still in,incubation stages but i was hoping past,this record cordy would only get bolder,as he formulated his style and drifted,away from the collective he started in,and while from a birds eye view is a,decent project he still feels no closer,on this one to hitting upon anything all,that distinct in some respects this,project feels like a regression in,others more like a victory lap and i get,it with all the attention cordy has been,getting as of late theres a lot of,cause for celebration hes doing late,night spots tracks with huge artists,commercials and growing his fan base so,of course hed want to share those wins,with his fans but i think prematurely,popping the champagne bottles on this,record unnecessarily comes at the,expense of any skepticism of the latter,chordae is climbing right now case in,point take the two first tracks off from,a birds eye view the first one is a,cold freestyled a cappella verse from a,friend of his currently locked up in,prison and following that we have the,grand and emotionally urgent joe,michelle whose punchy beats and grand,piano chords are sort of a dead ringer,for kendrick lamars how much a dollar,cost and no harm no foul i mean its a,great track to pull from and cordy,pretty much uh flips this sound into his,own very convincing self-portrait,rapping about his fears his motivations,contrasting his present with his past,too with this track hes captured a tpab,attitude and musical aesthetic but the,greater lessons about the music industry,itself,sort of seem to get left out as we move,on to the song super which yes is a,low-key banger in absolute flex but for,an obvious overthinker such as corde he,seems a little too mystified by the,flashing lights i mean texting jack,dorsey is cool and its great that he,got paid off that super bowl commercial,of course like you know flex get your,money i dont really buy into the binary,that you either have to write something,that says something significant or makes,money which is why i find this track and,a few others a little confusing as he,states his ambitions to change the game,and yet hes dishing out tracks that,feel not like much of a challenge to,anything just more par of the course for,whats kind of mainstream like i admire,cordees stated ambitions and i hope his,wildest dreams come true but you know,with the tone hes delivering them in,the beats hes uh handing over in the,songs that hes writing it seems a,little bit like a hollow promise the,first track on this thing that really,left an impression on me had to be,mamas hood which is a low-key smooth,nocturnal cut with a classic west coast,vibe to it like if you could take an old,dre track but make it nocturnal and sort,of depressing cordy drops a lot of,introspective bars about being in his,own head and working through all the,changes hes been experiencing i also,love the way the course about his,hometown comes full circle on the last,verse making mention of not going to a,friends funeral who was killed in a,shooting and that just being too much to,bear and instead hes just riding around,his town in his jeep but the following,cuts from here are less impressive the,track want for me kicks off with these,dated but kind of diplomatic gender,politics that feel like something,someone 25 years older than cordee would,say i mean there are some kind of,surface level observations on duality,and,cute mentions of stuff like uncle phil,and aunt viv theres a really men are,from mars women are from venus type of,angle to it and you would think someone,like corty who presents himself in the,way that he does would be thinking,outside of this very narrow box next,today with gun i think is an even worse,track now i know i have a reputation,with a,gun of fans out there but hes actually,not the issue i have with the cut,cordys flow seems a little off the,tempo of this one and i cant really,blame him because i think the beat here,is,sort of awful it doesnt have the,smoothest groove and the tempo makes the,pacing of the whole thing really tedious,to cordes credit he still comes up with,a very unique flow over this,instrumental but its its still got to,be the weakest song here its one of the,least substantive and really too awkward,to be a long-standing banger from here,we move into the last leg of the record,which i have to point out the the core,track list and narrative and progression,of this album is noticeably shorter than,that of the lost boy the only reason the,run times of these projects are somewhat,similar is because of the uh roddy rich,track and the parables remix on the back,end here of course theres nothing wrong,with adding extra tracks on the end of,your record but once more the core,series of tracks on this record in,comparison with the lost boy just,doesnt offer as much as much material,as much perspective as much topical,focus c carter is i think another,addition to the ongoing victory lap that,this album is moving through mixed with,some more lyrical nostalgia,its sweet its easy on the ears but,really too breezy to uh truly stick then,sinister was one of the big singles,teasing toward this lp has little wayne,on the feature i wasnt blown away by it,at first but hearing in the context of,the album i do have to admit it is one,of the best tracks here even if the,simple beat and very wordy chorus are,sort of working against it chronicles is,a nice change of pace that features,chordae singing and i mean singing,singing i mean the groove and the guitar,lines and the r b leanings of the track,arent exactly reinventing the wheel or,anything but this song is still proof of,cordys versatility which i hope he,continues to explore into the future the,her appearance is definitely like the,standout feature on this one too,topically the song champagne glasses is,a somewhat interesting change of pace,because here corde does seem a little,more disillusioned with,the life that is in front of him,assuming that breaking into music would,make things easier smoother more,convenient but now seeing that this,lifestyle has its downsides as well but,he mostly seems to be taking the good,with the bad the freddie gibbs feature,was the one i was maybe looking the most,forward to but like that constipated bar,that uh kicks off the whole thing is,sort of weak for him and not really,worth repeating,the amount of times that he does i think,the momentum of the song sort of trails,off halfway into his verse two and then,it kind of cools down into,an extended outro with of course stevie,wonder on harmonica west lake high maybe,sort of on the short end in terms of raw,lyrical content but its still a,somewhat strong closer feel-good vibe,irresistible beat classic nostalgic soul,chops and cordys bars kind of sum up,this record and his general attitude,right now pretty clearly hes trying to,live in the moment make what he can of,this point in his career where he is,like riding a high a wave of success,from a birds eye view is definitely an,attempt at making a statement on cordes,station right now speaking on what he,sees and

*NEW* Birds Eye Chicken Shop Sizzler Fillet Burgers Review

its food oclock unreal craft beer,today we have some chicken,shop sizzler phillips burgers from,birdseye theyre brand new im looking,forward to these so we got the airfryer,out all plugged in ready to go,they go in the oven,between 20 and 24 minutes,so i imagine itll itll be about 18 19,minutes,in the airfryer so lets have a look at,these then,look at,oh they look look at that look at the,size on that,its like a quarter pounder of chicken,filler right,lets get it in there so after 10,minutes ill give it a turn,lets see how we get on okay ive just,checked it looks fantastic ive got my,bread roll ready to go,lets put that down there for a second,turn that round,turn that off and then show you,what it looks like,honestly this airfryer,and youre probably sick of me hearing,it now but this airfryer has literally,changed my life,literally,look at that for a burger i mean its,gonna be of course gonna be boiling hot,nice white roll,do we get straight into it,its a really good good value two pounds,50,for two great big,fillet steaks,but look at that,look at that,beautiful white chicken breast,with a crispy coated,outer layer bread crumbed,outer layer theres got a nice bit of,spice to it actually,hmm,this is definitely,birds eyes attempt to,win over your fried chicken,your people whod love to go and get,some fried chicken your kfc dare i say,and,and you may be some local chicken shops,theres loads of,takeaway shops in barrie where i live,loads of chicken shops,where you can get chicken burgers with,mayo and lettuce and all that stuff,ive gone with it just plain and the,reason why ive gone with it plain,is because i want to taste the spice in,the,in the burger if i cover it in mayo,and cover it in lettuce then i may not,have that same kind of,that same effect that same spicy effect,that you would get if it was just plain,like this,so the bread rolls were six for a pound,so that makes it about 18 p i think,about 18 p something like that for a,bread roll,and you get two chicken steaks for two,pound fifty so thats,one pound twenty five thats about one,pound 45,one pound 45 for a burger and a little,bit of gas a little bit electric with,the airfryer,the thing is with the airfryer is that,you may choose to not bother,getting one of these out put it in the,in the grill pan maybe,stick it under the grill or stick it in,the oven,you got to clean all your pans out later,with this you just got to get a bit of,kitchen roll give it a wipe and its,clean,its perfect and its the ease of use,its on the table top its all kind of,there in front of you i think its,brilliant,absolutely brilliant so you probably,noticed that im doing a lot more of,this,kind of video and thats because its,just so easy,just so easy for me now to produce these,videos,look at that,chicken is like a buttermilk chicken,the spice on the breadcrumb,its quite warm its quite warm,you could get yourself a kfc for three,four pounds,or you could buy this which is just as,good,this is just as good as the kfc,especially in the airfryer because it,crisps everything up,for half the price you can or more than,half the price you can get yourself a,chicken burger,at home as part of this kind of sizzler,for the burgers which i bought in tesco,that is a really really solid attempt,from birdseye to make,and compete with the takeaway market,um,really good im really feeling,whats the time quarter past two this,will do me till about six oclock,tonight,its just the way the chicken is just so,succulent just so,lovely mixed with that nice hot spicy,pepper flavor of the,chili pepper flavor of the of the burger,the bread crumbs brilliant absolutely,brilliant this is this is for me this is,im going to buy these things all the,time,when i first moved to this house,over 20 years ago,it was all about deep fat frying i had a,deep fat fryer,fill a basket of oil it kind of boils up,and you throw these in there,in the chip fat fryer and they would,taste incredible absolutely incredible,but with the airfryer its doing exactly,the same thing its just not deep frying,it,its just cooking it really hot and,crisping it up,and thats the secret,thats the secret to food like this,making the outside nice and crispy,hmm my goodness me this is fantastic,im gonna rate it,that new birds eye sizzler philip,burger,youve seen the size of it massive not,often,do you feel these bread rolls,not often do you feel that thats a,proper quarter pound of bread roll there,not often do you feel them bread rolls,that chicken filled it and some,kind of like hanging out the top,brilliant for the price one pound 45,with the bread roll,with the burger a little bit electric,probably one pound fifty,i mean thats incredible nine out of ten,nine out of ten from real,craft beer please put your comments in,the comments box subscribe to our daily,beer and food reviews,give us a big fat thumbs up boom cheers

BirdsEye | NEW | Crispy Pancakes | Minced Beef & Onion | £2 | Supercool Review

hello my brothers and sisters and,welcome back to another,ration-packed episode,of christa butcher,im friends,and guess what it is sunday,it is breakfast time im loving,one of these,ladies and gentlemen i give to you,chris the butchers,super cool,review,now during the week,me and lou were on alive and uh talk,about nostalgia things and crispy,pancakes come up now about four years,ago i did they came out,new again,and ive reviewed them and they were,awful they were tasteless they were crap,but it was four years ago,if you remember there used to be findus,crispy pancakes now the birds eye,and apparently these ones are now,no,focus,oh,thanks uh the president of the 15,bigger pack,uh theres four in the pack,the saturate and everything is there for,you to see if you want to see it there,it is,uh the new and tasty crispy pancakes,minced beef and onion now the minced,beef and onion ones when i was a kid,were my favorite but i am talking the,80s here not the 90s the 80s and my mom,used to buy these but when she did,they were a treat,now,these are going to be a treat as well,because these,were two quid,so its not a budget review this or,anything like that this is just purely,because it says its the new and tasty,and the noob,so i thought id better try them again i,did not find this the birds eye, me,we dont,wait wait wait melt egg oh well be,happy,uh,pancakes coated with breadcrumbs with a,minced beef and onion filling,lightly fried,uh how do we cook em,pre the oven 10 12 minutes all the grill,10 to 15 minutes were going in the fill,fryer today,bollocks to it im going to put them in,at 190 degrees and do it for 10 minutes,in the fill fryer see how we go on,and like i said its a 15 bigger pack,uh,basically thats it theres no really,going on about it its a,very its a face i heard all the crumbs,off the pancakes and theyre rolling,around his box,right away lets get down here another,shuffies up,[Music],there we go,they smell pretty decent by the way they,look i think they look better than what,they did last time,you know what i mean,they look they look redder or oranger,obviously,when youre looking through the camera,sometimes the camera does the camera,shows a different color to what im,looking at,so through my naked eye them arent as,orange as what they look like on camera,of its lighting and stuff like that but,they do look good,oh thats left in box thats a waste in,it yeah,so like i said were going to uh get up,in the fill fryer,uh for 10 minutes on 190 degrees and uh,well take it from there,no i know,the timer on there says 11 minutes and,15 seconds im going to let it preheat a,little bit when it gets to 10 minutes,im going to bang these in quite close,to the top,and uh well see like i said well see,why we go on because i am still learning,how to use this machine and uh i really,dont want to mess these up or undercook,them or even just overcook them so,theyre really crispy and itll just,destroy the review wallet so uh yeah,i will see you guys uh well in a second,to be honest,right thats nearly 10 minutes 10,minutes left on there so im gonna put,money i think,there we go,[Music],thats been 10 minutes,[Music],and this is what we have,asmr baby,crispy pancakes sizzling on a pan,on a tree whatever the it is,right,there ah hotter than the sun yeah,then my red dot,theres nowhere i can slide them down,the gizzard right this second,but,they do smell,and look pretty good,now it was a long time ago since i did,the other ones and i cant remember,how they looked all tasted,like watching the video back but i cant,be bothered but that is the gubbins,that i fell off them onto the tray,bit of oil,as you can see,cant really taste anything on that yeah,not much has come out of them has it but,its better on there,than in your guts in it,right im gonna let these cool i might,come down here i might chop one in half,so we can see what its like and then,well get up here and slide these molten,lava pockets damn the gizzard,there it is,has a bit of crunch to it,ill pick these up without scalding,myself,yeah,i know im not sure with these,double that mince and onion so yeah did,you did it what did it,look like,right,i think this is going to be a disaster,either way were going to get up here,and slide these uh,disasters down the gizzard,its not going to fork us from here but,youve already seen the units of it,anywhere,looks a bit pale to be minced beef and,onion ive got to be honest,uh,they smell pretty decent ive got to say,the smell pretty decent but the reason,why i picked the mince beef and onion,ones is because in the 80s when my mom,used to get these as a treat these were,my absolute favorite,i used to love them and i was so,disappointed four years ago when i tried,them again,things apparently new and improved again,so uh,bon appetite,oh definitely crispy,even though the innards,looks a bit anemic,thats,fabulous mark just me im not used to,eating crap nowadays,not exactly taking me back,but theyd say its good theyre a big,improvement from the ones i had four,years ago,because i dont remember what it tasted,like to guys but they were disappointed,i remember being tasteless,well that in a dinner that is really,nice got a bit of salt to it you can,taste the salt,and the crispy pancake itself is crispy,tasty,hot one has left in that now just just,crispy pancakes,um,them are definitely doing improved,because im a fabulous,do you know what brothers and sisters,i know its not a budget review right,i dont know there were two quid,but it says the 15 bigger pack dont say,its 15, crispy pancake crumbs all over,the floor like ansel and,gretel,pancakes are 15 bigger all right gotta,be gonna watch what they say you know i,mean wording is very important,uh two quid it works out with 50 p a,pancakes its not too bad,if you want you know me kids,then id be a treat for connor and,kieran fatigue with some chips maybe,some,side of beans or something like that me,personally i would probably eat all them,to myself because im a fat bastard,but yes it says new and tasty and they,exactly what they say on the box,they say 10 times better than i remember,when i had them four years ago,cant,not never be the same as what i had in,the 80s,but i loved them if you like this press,like,comment,share it on your social media and,subscribe,ill become a family member of attack,shape shake shake,well i, love you

ASDA JUST ESSENTIALS Vs Birds Eye 10 FISH FINGER Comparison Revisited Review

well are we doing out there I hope,youre absolutely spot on and thanks for,watching the video now this is a,comparison Revisited because 11 months,ago last year when I just started the,channel I did um,a fish finger comparison and I did,haddock and I did four different,supermarkets,but I did a big bigger box there were,15.,15 and 10.,but they werent like this,these are the cheapest,if you want to go and have a look at,that itll be my comparison playlist,just have a click in there and have a,look at the prices,I did asdas ones or sorry Asda but I,did that as the own brand and I didnt,do their very cheap version so Im just,gonna see what the difference is because,theres a big difference in price,so come and have a look what I got,I got the um Asda 10 fish fingers just,Essentials by Asda,250 gram box,I thought Id try it with the birds eye,omega-3 ten fish fingers so theyre both,10.,but theyre both different in price,theyre both in breadcrumb as well,the Asda just Essentials were 69 Pence,69 Pence,the birds eye were two pound fifty now,I know birds eye youre a massive,company and brand arent they theyre,the big boys they really are Oh Captain,birds eye,against the old just Essentials at 69,Pence,weve got to take a look at we really,have got to investigate a little bit,further,so lets have a look at the packages,were going with the weight,theyre different in weights look,the just Essentials are 250 gram players,280 gram by the birds eye,a little traffic light system on there,look if you want to have a look at that,its going to be completely different,isnt it so that is for well four fish,fingers and three fish fingers,but well get in the nutritional,information in a minute Ive got a,serving suggestion,chips and peas,sweet corn and peas wheres the chips,theyre showing off the old um the fish,arent they it says of your freshness,locked in from the cedar plate,responsibly sourced,lets see anything on here like that,its just got a little GB sticker on,there look um its packed in the UK with,Alaskan pollock caught in the Pacific,Ocean,minced Alaska Pollock coated in,breadcrumbs,theres the ingredients Alaska Pollock,its got,theyre both Alaska Pollock yeah they,are,um Alaska pollock fish 58 in the birds,eye,minced Alaska Pollock 58 in the Asda,just Essentials,the allergens are wheat and fish,a rapeseed oil in this one,all different ones it rips seed oil in,the cheaper one as well well Im amazed,at that I really thought thered be I,thought the birds eye,I thought hed be absolutely,Well a different a different fish to,that than that,I thought it might be Cod or haddock but,I would imagine if it was Cod or haddock,it would say Cod or haddock wouldnt it,I do notice these are,sustainably Seafood sauced,minced Alaskan pollock,58 fish 58 percent,well Im just sure youve done it lets,get them open,going back on my last comparison I did,Ive got a beard 11 months ago,11 months ago,lets get them open well have a look,well put it on there,Ill get a plate out in a minute I know,you shouldnt put your food on the boxes,but,I will be cooking them,you can tell the difference is straight,away this ones the cheaper ones its,its bit more darker in color its more,ready,and youre getting more youre going to,get more in them as well because its 30,grams more,but that is them,Im gonna get them out Im gonna do,two of each Im gonna have four fish,fingers,let me just show you now,you can tell that straight away I wont,get it mixed up you can tell in the,colors straight away the difference this,ones got a little hole in here look see,if its got any on that side note,foreign,and these are the,the just Essentials,on the birds eye theres a little you,can scan that with your mobile phone,itll tell you more information find out,where our fish comes from and discover,the captains dedication to responsible,fishing so thats always a good thing,that isnt it,it really is,doing them in the air Frayer on the bake,setting for 10 minutes at 200 degrees,so if you like this kind of video please,give it a thumbs up maybe consider,subscribing to the channel as well if,you if you do that does help the channel,and let me know your thoughts on the old,fish fingers I know growing up as a kid,we used to have fish fingers fish,fingering chips fish finger chips and,peas fish fingers,fish fingers chips and beans,fish finger sandwiches this is a lot of,his fingers,never had fish fingers on tors though no,I didnt have that,anyway Ill bring you back in um about,eight minutes,have a look inside,there this so this one,this one is adjust Essentials,and thats the birds eye,see what you think is it focusing in it,says yeah,taste test time now,put that there I dont want to get it,mixed up,its a bit Brown and then meat in the,the cheaper one,cooked them the same time as well pretty,much the same time for the cooking,all right yes,crunchy cotton its lovely well seasoned,its tasty theyre all right a little,bit dry but,the old airfryer has a habit of drying,things out,Im gonna try the birds eye,Im gonna get a drink of water so Im,not uh cross-contaminating although I,did cut the user same knife to cut them,didnt I,its only a bit of fun come on were,only having a bit of fun theres the,birds eye,hmm,yeah Im just just pretty much the same,crunchy the well seasoned,youre getting more in your mouth with,the birds eye because the bigger,but wow I mean,thats it there look theyre just,Essentials Im gonna get in for another,go,nothing wrong with them at all,birds eye,foreign,theyre not as dry but because theres,more in them,theyre a bit sort of fluffier as well,the meat,but really that is the only difference I,can tell I would imagine if if the other,you know the just Essentials that have,been the same sort of weight,it would have been equally the same,yeah I mean it just goes to shore,doesnt it um,yeah I cant tell the difference only,the price again really thats just the,only significant difference is the price,and and theres a big a big difference,69 Pence versus two pound fifty,wow,I dont need to say anymore do I lets,be honest see what you think,see what you think,Ill just wrap up now and Ill just show,you this is the just Essentials look,and that is the birds eye it does look,a bit better I must admit,but yeah okay yeah anyway let you decide,its up to you at the end of the day,youre the ones forking the money out,and buying them it depends what budget,youve gotten if if youd like to you,know if you like name brands youre,gonna like the birds eye out youre not,going to stray off the Garden Path yeah,thats just life,you do what you want you eat what you,want and do what you want,Im just showing you,so thanks very much for watching do,appreciate it thanks for the channel,membership as well when you if youve,joined that that is a brilliant it all,goes to stuff like this,so take care all the best and Ill catch,on the next one

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