1. Bissell Crosswave Review & Test Results – 2018
  2. Bissell Crosswave Review & Real Floor Cleaning Tests
  3. The BEST Cleaning Hack You Never Knew You Needed | Bissell Crosswave Max Vs. Tineco ifloor S5 Pro
  4. Bissell CrossWave Review | Unboxing & Testing On All Floor Types | Best Wet Dry Vacuum!
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Bissell Crosswave Review & Test Results – 2018

we put the unique Bissell cross wave to,the test and this video will be the,results links in the description and,lets get started,the Bissell cross wave came out in 2016,and it really stands alone as the multi,surface cleaner to beat it has a unique,design that we will see makes it a very,effective vacuum but it also has the,option to clean floors with water and a,cleaner solution the idea is to have a,machine that can vacuum and mop at the,same time we first tested it as a dry,vacuum it performed as good or better,than some of the best vacuums on the,market today at least with regard to,hard floors it only faltered when we,went from Cheerios to Froot Loops which,are almost the exact same size as the,gate on the forehead bissell says that,the cross wave is meant for hard floors,and airy rugs and has two settings which,correspond to each we try to honor,medium pile test carpet and again as a,dry vacuum it performed as good or,better than most leading brands as far,as performance but it was a little more,difficult to push on carpet but nothing,major,next was the wet pick up tests as far as,big spills it did really well up to a,certain size picking up cereal and,yogurt very well but we did find that if,youre using it for extreme spills,especially with something that will,stick like yogurt you need to try to,keep the spills within the bounds of the,brush roll or it will stick to the sides,and cause more of a mess I suppose you,could just wipe this off and continue if,you had an extreme spill we wanted to,see how many passes it would take to,clear the floor of any residue we found,that just one pass was not enough three,or six depending on how you count was,better and more 9 to 18 passes showed no,residue at all for context with three,passes with a traditional mop there was,still residue floors are as clean as you,want them to be in at least the cross,wave gives you the option to get your,floor really clean with more passes as a,side note it did not seem to leave too,much water on the floor and it dries,quickly bissell recommends to run it,without the water trigger pressed in,order to dry it more quickly one thing I,was worried about was the brush roll,becoming really dirty but after all the,tests I put it through it still looked,brand new probably because of the way,that the water is constantly flushed,through the brush but that brings us to,a really important point upkeep if,youre planning on using the cross wave,to clean up,nasty spills youll need to clean it out,often preferably after every use now,granted I was cleaning huge messes with,a lot of debris but it seemed like it,could have been designed better because,the moisture causes the debris to be,everywhere on the parts you need to,clean even the interior of the filter,and inside of the brushroll housing,running water over the parts got it,clean but it does seem like a chore you,wouldnt want to skip since it might be,harder when it dries however when using,it normally like to clean our kitchen,floor with light debris there wasnt a,need to clean it after each use and if,youre using it mostly for dry vacuuming,which its extremely good at you wont,need to clean it much at all it was very,light and easy to maneuver the cord was,pretty standard at 25 feet in my opinion,the Bissell cross wave is one of the,best floor cleaner technologies of the,past few years and I suspect that many,companies will be trying to copy it in,the future,its not without any flaws but for now,its the top multi-surface cleaner on,the market and the reviews are excellent,amazon links in the description and you,can watch the full videos of the pick up,tests on the screen consider a like or,subscription and thanks for watching,[Music]

Bissell Crosswave Review & Real Floor Cleaning Tests

hey guys this is Derek from modern,castle comm today well be doing our,bissell cross wave review this is a,versatile wet/dry vacuum mop that allows,you to both vacuum and mop at the same,time how well does it do that,were gonna find out today we tested the,cross up as a mop on tile floor,spreading three different debris types,across the floor and attempted to mop,them up over the course of three passes,we also tested the bissell cross wave as,a vacuum on an engineered hardwood floor,for this test we spread four different,to breed types across our testing line,and attempt to suck each them up our mop,tests included three different debris,types honey soda and mud mud pose no,problem for the cross wave honey,required several passes to make sure the,floor was not sticky but the floor was,virtually spotless after passing over it,several times,the only problem of cleaning soda was,Ana drifted into the corners while there,the cross have had trouble reaching it,the Missal cross wave also has the,ability to wash area rugs cleaning on,area rugs was a bit of a mixed bag,during our tests we discovered its,important to use the vacuum mode either,on the cross wave or another stand alone,vacuum first to remove large chunks of,debris dirt and other things on the,surface of the carpet during our tests,we failed to do so and as you can see on,one side of our carpet the mud and dirt,was further embedded into the carpet,making a bigger mess on the second side,we vacuumed first and then did the wet,wash clean which was able to then remove,the finer debris without further,embedding the mud and dirt deeper into,the carpets when used as a vacuum the,Crossway performed flawlessly our tests,included rice kitty litter sugar and,cereal the cross sleeve is not designed,to vacuum on carpets so we only tested,the vacuum functions on hardwood the,design of the Bissell cross live is,similar to other stick vacuums with some,additions the Missal cross wave is 46,inches tall 12 inches wide and ten point,six inches deep it weighs 11 pounds as a,wet/dry vacuum the cleaning head of the,student contains a multi surface brush,roll that is able to help agitate dirt,and debris,in addition to mopping hard floors or,washing area rugs there are two separate,tanks on this Bissell one is used for,clean water and cleaning solution and,the other is used to store the dirty,water and debris that is sucked up by,the unit along the handle of this,Bissell are two buttons that indicate,the floor type rug or hard floor on the,handle the Bissell also has a trigger,that supplies the water and cleaning,solution to the brush ball the Bissell,cross wave operates as both a mop and a,vacuum when used as a vacuum the brush,roll spins sweeping dirt and debris into,the suction path of the unit from there,the suction power of the cross flip,lifts the dirt and debris into the,dustbin when uses a mop the brush roll,spins then the user squeezes the trigger,to dispense the cleaning solution onto,the brush roll which mops the floor at,the same time the cross who still,applies suction like a vacuum which,allows you to effectively clean messes,to contain both wet and dry debris at,the same time for example when cleaning,cereal and milk the Crossway will suck,up the dry debris like a vacuum while,also mopping up the liquid the cross,flavor also includes area rug mode which,works in a similar fashion to hard floor,mode except four times the amount of,cleaning solution is dispensed allowing,the brush roll to clean deeper all,versus the cross lave include a multi,surface brush roll used for all floor,types all versions also include a,cleaning tray washable filter and the,cleaning solution that is mixed with,water and the clean water tank some,versions of the cross wave include,additional brush rolls such as a,hardwood floor brush roll and area rug,brush roll and a pet brush roll Bissell,also produces a version of the cross,wave called the cross wave pet Pro,specifically designed for pets and pet,hair the two major differences are the,tangle free pet brush roll and the,specially designed pet cleaning solution,when you first use the cross wave youll,see there are two cleaning modes on the,handle buttons hard floor and area rug,these modes can be used to vacuum or mop,your floors to use the cross as a vacuum,just plug it in and choose the floor,type to use it as a mop the only,additional steps are to fill the tank,with water and cleaning solution then,powered on and hold the trigger to prime,the solution as far as maneuverability,the Bissell Crossway the swivel head is,not as maneuverable as some other stick,vacuums as it only is able to turn about,25 degrees this could be an issue,depending on the layout of your home but,if youre mostly using it in open spaces,the crossways maneuverability shouldnt,be an issue to maintain the missile,cross wave youll need to wash and,change the filter after every major,cleaning session you will also need to,empty the dirty water tank and rinse it,out after every use the brush wall will,need to be cleared of tangles and debris,which can be done with the cleaning tray,annual maintenance cost for the Bissell,cross wave will likely land around $40 a,year including filter and brush for,replacements once a year and a 64 ounce,bottle of multi surface cleaning,solution however you should be able to,save some money and make your own,cleaning solution at home for about half,the price so should you buy the Bissell,cross wave the Bissell cross wave is a,well rounded unit that has the ability,to sweep vacuum and mop at the same time,if youre looking to knock out all of,these plus wash your area rugs the,Bissell cross wave could be a good,addition to your home I would recommend,the Bissell cross lift if youre looking,for a versatile wet/dry vacuum on hard,floor surfaces the cross wave will,vacuum up dry debris while also mopping,the floors as he moves to area rugs the,Crossley will work to deep clean your,rug through its multi surface brush roll,I also recommend the cross wave if he,wants serious deep cleaning the cross,wave dominated our cleaning test both,wet and dry although it struggled to,some degree on area rugs it did an,excellent job on hard floors,as a mop and vacuum finally I recommend,the Crossland if you want the option to,wash your rugs and set it needing,multiple devices for different floor,types the cross wave can mop your floors,and wash the rugs all in one unit well,guys that is it for this video I hope,had it helpful if you have any comments,questions please drop us a note down,below were always available to help if,youre interested in buying the cross,wave weve got links in description down,below if youd like to see more from,modern castle definitely get subscribed,check out some of our other videos or,visit us over at modern castle comm,weve got the full context,right up on the cross web as well as,comparisons guides and a whole lot more,as always thank you so much for watching

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The BEST Cleaning Hack You Never Knew You Needed | Bissell Crosswave Max Vs. Tineco ifloor S5 Pro

hey guys welcome back to the channel so,i am finally here doing a review and a,demo on the bissell crosswave and the,tinko,wet dry vacuum i know im not,pronouncing that right but you guys know,what im trying to say so basically the,wet dry vacuum,in my opinion is a game changer theres,so many similarities with these two,brands however there are differences,with these brands as well so when you,order these products online you should,expect to get like a starter kit,which will typically include the,companys cleaning solution as well as,multiple brushes for your cleaning,device so before jumping into the,differences im just going to talk real,briefly on these similarities so of,course both of these are wet dry vacuums,where you can basically get rid of the,traditional way of mopping your floors,you dont need to sweep you dont need,to vacuum,or you know clean your floors before you,mop you pretty much pull out one of,these bad boys and you get to cleaning,your floors um so both of these wet dry,vacuums are cordless theyre both,lightweight and theyre both a great way,to clean your hardwood floors okay so,im so excited in this video i am going,to be putting both of these machines,head to head and see which is the best,and also if the claims are true because,theres a lot of claims on both of these,products okay so lets move to the water,tanks now according to bissell,this product comes with a two tank,technology so basically you have clean,water,coming in and dirty water basically,going out which is one of the reasons,why i definitely decided to transition,over to a wet dry vacuum instead of a,mop because youre basically pushing,dirty water around your house so i love,the simple fact that the dirty water in,the clean water is separated now i,wasnt able to find any information as,far as how much,dirty water the bissell crossway holds,but i was able to find information on,the tinker and it holds 0.7,liters on the dirty water side,and here is a quick look at the brushes,inside the machines now i will say the,bissell comes with more brushes because,it is a multi surface wet dry vacuum,and by the way the tenko is not a,multi-surface cleaner so this is what,the back of the design looks like and,this is also where the clean water,filter is being held,the tinkle comes with a 0.8 liter clean,water tank and again i have no,information on the bissell im sure is,out there i just couldnt find it and of,course when you order these products it,comes with instructions on how to,properly use them so when it comes to,the indicator screen bissell has,definitely upgraded this part especially,compared to their older model which i,own by the way so when it comes to the,indicator screen you are able to see the,battery life the wi-fi connection and,you can also use this screen to identify,the surface that you are cleaning,because again this is a multi surface,cleaner where you can clean your,hardwood floors or your area rug now,moving on to the tinkle now this is not,a multi multi-surface cleaner but it is,definitely a very modern sleek looking,vacuum cleaner so first of all this,comes with a full color led screen and,it looks so,good and just so futuristic so im going,to go ahead and start by,adding water to both of the water tanks,now with the bissell crosswave it does,come with indicators if you want to,clean your or clean a large area it,tells you where to stop with the water,if you want to clean a small area then,it tells you how much water to put in,the tank so im going to go in with,using the,sanitizing solution from bissell and,then the tinkle also has a cleaning,solution,which,is pretty expensive honestly so i dont,really know how i feel about this,machine just yet,so as many of you already know i am a,mom of a toddler and i live a very busy,lifestyle and honestly i dont always,have the time to vacuum and clean my,floors so i wanted to be very realistic,in this demo video so i put down some,spaghetti,and i just wanted to see how each vacuum,responds to cleaning up such mess,so as you can see the bissell does clean,up the mess however i do have to do a,couple of passes just to get up,everything,so it basically gets the job done i mean,i honestly prefer this method compared,to,getting a paper towel and cleaning up,the mess so this is what the brush or,the vacuum cleaner looks like after,getting all of the spaghetti up and this,is what the dirty tank looks like now as,you can see it does have a drainer i,think thats what its called where it,can stop the chunks from actually mixing,in with the water,and now lets switch over to the tinko,so before i actually get into the demo i,want to talk a little bit about the,machine so besides the big beautiful led,screen on this machine this machine also,has a smart sensor where it is able to,detect how much,debris or mist you have on your floor,without changing any buttons and if it,noticed that your floor is dirty or it,has a lot more debris than normal it,will actually increase the suction power,and give more solution so the main,difference with this machine compared to,the bissell is constantly and,automatically spraying solution onto,your floor so that you dont have to,worry about touching any buttons as the,bissell you do have to,hit buttons in order for the solution to,come out of the machine so im going to,rewind the clip a little bit so you guys,can actually see the suction power on,this bad boy and how it was actually,pulling trying to get to,the mess that was on the floor,okay so now i have my camera in the,front so you guys can see if the machine,is going to pick up all of the spaghetti,and heres the moment of truth,wow,it is really going in and getting all,that spaghetti up and its no,residue left behind okay i am sold,and so this is the dirty water tank and,of course it has the strainer well you,can see the division between the,spaghetti and the solution so both,machines come with a charging station,and the machine is also a self-cleaning,dock as well now it does take about four,hours for the machines to completely,charge but in this situation i am going,to show you guys how to do the self,clean option now this is great for,cleaning the brushes and cleaning the,actual vacuum,tube itself which im going to show you,guys in a little bit so see how the,machine is self-cleaning where it is,getting the dirty water in the tank by,cleaning the brushes and then its kind,of separating,the thick chunks of the spaghetti which,ill show you guys in a minute,so now that the self clean cycle has,ended i am going to take the brushes out,so that you guys can see what the,brushes look like after the self clean,and what the inside of the brush holder,looks like because i feel like thats,very important because its going to,help with the cleanup process so as you,see the bissell is still kind of dirty i,am going to have to go in and clean this,which is not really a convenient thing,but,it is something just to keep in mind and,the self clean option really didnt,clean the brush too well as far as,removing the stain compared to the tinko,so i also wanted to show you guys the,inside of the machines as you guys can,see the tinko is pretty much crisp clean,and the bissell left a lot of residue,behind now one thing i do like with the,tinkle is it does come with like this,little,brush that you can use to get deep into,the vacuum cleaner tube just to clean,any debris that may be trapped inside i,do wish that the bissell would have came,with some sort of,tool like this because as you can see,a lot of the,spaghetti is still in the machine,and so the cleaning does not stop just,here i have to go to the actual charging,station and clean up the little bit of,debris that was left behind from the,self clean now our other honest left,absolutely nothing on the charging,station,this is crazy i honestly thought bissell,was amazing,but like,this is crazy so real quick this is how,you can clean your brushes especially if,they have a stain from a previous,cleanup ju

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Bissell CrossWave Review | Unboxing & Testing On All Floor Types | Best Wet Dry Vacuum!

[Music],hey everyone Im the case schwanke and,welcome back to my channel today I have,a new unboxing and review for you guys,for the abyssal cross wave all-in-one,multi-surface upright vacuum and I have,actually a lot of high expectations for,this particular product I purchased this,on my own it hopes that it would solve,all of my problems with mopping we have,a lot of hard wood in our house and a,lot of tile and the tile is the worst to,keep clean especially with three boys I,have three little boys and then I also,have my husband so thats a lot of boys,to keep up with and a lot of dirt and a,lot of food on the floors and things,like that so Ive purchased this in high,hopes that it would help a lot in,conjunction with my dyson v-6 stick,vacuum because I used that like crazy,all day everyday but it doesnt not do,what this one can do which is also be a, this particular item has almost,five-star ratings on Bed Bath & Beyond,and on Amazon as well and it will also,leave a link for this particular item,down in the description below for you,guys so if you decide after watching my,review that youd like to purchase this,then I would love if youd shot through,my links before I get into the unboxing,and building in review of the cross wave,I want to go over all the specs that it,has on the box and that the website has,to share with you guys the website says,keep cleaning simple with a pencil cross,wave all in Lund multi-surface upright,vacuum by both washing and back turn,your floor at the same time this vacuum,will let you get your best clean without,having to change your equipment the,multi-surface vacuum can both vacuum and,wash floors at the same time it has,smart touch controls allowing you to,switch between cleaning sealed hard,floors and area rugs you can control,your solution with an on-demand solution,trigger it has a 12 inch cleaning path,this particular box includes a multi,surface brush a multi-surface cleaner,parking tray,wood floor brush wood floor cleaner it,has a two tank system that keeps,cleaning the solution and dirty water,separate it has dual action multi,surface brush bolt that rotates at 3500,rpm using a microfiber and nylon brush,to mop while you also pick up dry debris,the cord it comes with measures at 25,feet the vacuum weighs at 11.6 pounds,and it has a 2-year manufacturers,warranty okay so lets go ahead Im on,the boxes Ive seen it in the store,because I actually purchased this at Bed,Bath & Beyond theres actually two,different models basically they do the,exact same thing but this one actually,comes with an extra brush an extra,solution I think that might be it but an,extra brush and an extra solution are a,pretty good bonus here on the top we,have the manual user guide you know that,looks like Quick Start Guide so thats,probably what Im going to use is the,Quick Start Guide Im gonna need this,for a while Im building this and Im,also going to be speeding up the process,of me building this because sometimes it,can take me a while so lets go,[Music],this is where all the dirty water is,kept I believe or it might be where you,keep all the clean water,this is formula theres a formula a line,and a water line for the small area and,then what you do first because Ive,watched some videos as you fill it up,with water first and then you fill it,however much is left to the formula line,so thats what Im going to show you,guys today before I start get going on,cleaning so that is it the tank,[Music],tonight though so this should be really,straightforward to put supply there,freestanding yep great tag this is super,simple to put together all right so its,basically done this part here clicks,right into the back of a cube that click,all those clicks are good sounds and,literally all I need to do now is just,plug it in and get started okay so,theres also a brush already in it so,you have the brush that is already in it,plus these two so also if you guys want,to buy these separately because Im sure,eventually one of these will get gunky,or I need replacing they do sell them,separately on the Bissell website and,probably even on the Amazon so Ill,leave all that all the links down below,for you guys so lets go ahead and fill,this up and get started I am super,excited to try this out so I have the,water tank here and what Im going to do,is Im only going to fill it up to the,small area waterline right here all you,have to do is unscrew the cap fill it up,with water appropriate line,okay I filled it up to the water line in,fact I think it went a little too far,some of them dump a little bit out Ill,make sure I get the right amount of,solution in there all right so that,looks pretty good Im going to take my,multi surface cleaning solution because,Im still just going to leave them wilt,a surface brush in there I want to do my,hardwood floors I want to do my tile and,things like that today so Im just going,to fill this up to the formula line it,actually doesnt take that much to do,that so I filled it up to the formula,line screw the cap back on and Im ready,to put this into the vacuum so Im going,to take my solution and just pop it,right in here till it clicks so I have,my clean water tank all full and ready,to go and then you also have your dirty,water tank here so anything that you,suck up at the vacuum thats dirty will,go in here and then you also have your,clean water that keeps dispensing so it,keeps your water separate from your,dirty water alright so Im going to try,this for the very first time so what I,read on the directions is that I need to,click the hard floor button thats a lot,louder than I expected so this is not a,quiet vacuum but what Im supposed to do,first is I guess press and hold the,solution button for 10 seconds before I,actually start vacuuming so hoping this,doesnt wake up my son because he is,taking a nap right now here we go,[Music],[Applause],okay so I just used it for about five,minutes um and from what I can tell it,is definitely cleaning well because I,went over on the same spot a few times,to get at one spot in particular and it,did come up and then I went around a,rest of this area a little bit and it,cleaned it really really well so Im,really happy with that,and I looked in the tank and there is,dirty water in there so I know that its,sucking things up I also ran over some,crumbs and some dust and things like,that and that sucked it up no problem so,Im really excited to see what its,going to do for my tile so lets try,that next,so my kitchen is easily the dirtiest,floors in the house I have a baby that,eats in here and hed go food on the,floor he drops his milk the kids come in,and out of this back door and they track,mud and grass and like everything so,this is the place that I am most excited,it to try out this new cross wave so Im,going to go ahead and start I think by,the backdoor here which is where a lot,of theres a lot of like dirt stains and,things and I purposely did not clean my,floors for a couple weeks so that I,could try this out and see how good it,is so Im gonna go ahead and try that,out first and I will kind of do it,close-up so you guys can see what its,doing okay okay you guys should be able,to see a lot of things that are down,there so hopefully this will show you,when I do it how well it vacuums all,this up I also have like a couple of,things down there Im kind of curious to,see how well this bathroom is that up to,so Im going to go ahead and get started,here,I did want to show you guys something,because this vacuum is working very very,well on my tile you have to go a little,slower but I mean who mops super fast,anyways if you want to get all the gunk,off so I wanted to show you guys,something because I can see it from here,a difference between the title color so,Im going to show you guys real quick so,hopefully guys can see that well you can,see a clear difference between where I,mopped here and where I didnt mop so,theres a clear layer of dust or dirt or,whatever right there and then theres,the clean

Hoover Floormate Hard Floor Cleaner Review and Crosswave Comparison

i picked up this hoover floor mate to,test it out and see how it compares to,the bissell crosswave i already know the,crosswave is a piece of blue so i want,to see if the hoover at half the cost of,the crosswave sucks twice as much,oh for sake man,this is interesting because this is,already very very different than the,cross wave these things obviously spin,every other one is counter rotating to,the other one good effort but theyre,all still flat,flush with the floor theyre not going,to get into the grout and thats what,everybody wants they want something,thats going to clean their grout what,else do we have here lets see,waste tank,a waste tank definitely bigger,solution tank is definitely bigger what,is this,measuring cap,oh for the solution solution in there,you dump it into there and then you fill,the water there which here it was water,and then you top it off a formula,depending on the large area looks like,the uh,formula on this might be a lot more,concentrated,price wise how much was the formula for,this guy,that was ten dollars i think oh jesus,then its half the price for the formula,too you know the hoover is definitely,heavier than the bissell over here we,have a switch,wash,dry the wash dry switch,raises and lowers the brushes on the,bottom,on off switch is way down here that,seems kind of lame its awkward,doesnt it,i mean its awkward you got to reach,down,clean boost what do you reckon that does,i bet it drops it down even lower for,the scrubbies to get into the dirt,no it feels like a maybe more solution,yeah it feels like a solution release,valve what do these triggers do,all right so pretty much what it says,this is the solution trigger,and if you come across a trouble spot,then you put the clean boost trigger,down,and i guess it releases more solution,maybe okay so we got the uh the hoover,tile and grout cleaner does it have a,good smell,it smells like cheap commercial carpet,cleaner yeah it doesnt smell as good as,the febreze one with the bissell all,right were loaded up there,turn it to wash,its quieter than the crosswave,[Music],oh can you hear that yeah,what do you think the water in the in,the waste tank is gross so its,obviously picking up dirt but it is i,mean its obviously getting dirt from,the ground how did it feel when you were,running it did it feel like it was,scrubbing yeah it was definitely,scrubbing these were definitely moving,you could hear them but like,i wasnt getting any sort of,satisfaction from it it didnt there,were no warm tinglies,oh thats already heavy thats going to,be harder to use on is down here,in wash it puts the brushes down and in,dry it lifts them up and they stop,turning see this isnt dry,okay and thats watch,i dont think its getting into the,grout definitely not,that sticker stuck to the floor we can,see if it scrubs the sticker up,[Applause],its trying,and thats just a flat surface not grout,lines,its moving it but its definitely,not as user friendly,as the business this is stiff whereas,the bissell i can move it its got this,little neck,where i cant do that with this yeah,this feels like its sucking stronger,than the bissell,it feels like maybe the motors bigger i,dont think its doing any better,cleaning than the bissell so the fact,that it has a bigger waste tank awesome,because normally i have to dump the,waste tank twice in the kitchen but i,can probably do the whole kitchen with,this because its nowhere near full is,it putting out as much solution its,putting out more are you holding the,solution trigger down yeah and its,putting out way more solution i havent,even done the boost just turning on and,off here thats another plus i have to,turn it on way down here way down there,and the cord coming out the bottom there,is a huge pain in the ass,thats why when i was doing it i had it,wrapped up around my shoulder it should,come out,up higher so that,its not constantly in the way when,youre trying to clean okay so,impressions,i dont like where the cord comes out on,this on off switch is way down here,instead of being on the handle where it,should be its got a bigger waste tank,and a bigger solution tank which is a,plus its got the counter rotating,brushes whereas the crosswave only has,the single brush,which,doesnt matter because it still cant,get to the grout its quieter,which is nice its heavier which is not,it doesnt,have the swivel action that the,crosswave does,which is a bummer theres features from,this,and features from this and if the two,just got together,uh youd have,a really mediocre machine,for home use for home use yeah i mean,but still its not going to clean your,grout and thats what everyone wants it,for is to clean their grout and its not,going to do it strictly uh,from a price point,view,hoover all day long it cleans just as,well it doesnt clean any worse the,solutions cheaper it holds more,you dont have to dump as often you,dont have to refill as often id say,hoover all day for,a house thats bigger and you dont have,a lot of obstacles but if youre doing,an apartment or a condo or something,where you have a lot of crap crammed in,just drop the extra money on the bissell,and the ease of use of the bissell going,around toilets tables chairs its so,much so much easier the hoover is,definitely a beast lift up that waste,tank,with this one and see,i didnt use this very much but look at,how much dirtier that water is,what does that mean so it means its,scrubbing it means you went over an area,i already cleaned,with this okay so maybe we need to test,it again dump it out you do half the,floor ill do half the floor okay,right away what i noticed between the,two is that the hoover side is a bit,drier than the bissell side did you use,the trigger the whole time i used the,trigger the whole time and then it went,back over it dry okay i didnt go over,it dry oh well thats not a comparison,though okay well,all right so whatever,same amount of floor size though and,look at the how much water that puts out,how much solution,yours is dirtier but i think thats,because um your side of the kitchen,hadnt been cleaned yet this side had,already been gone over should we see how,much solution we each got yeah,careful i recovered but i went over i,did dry passes thats true i recovered,about 12 ounces,youve recovered about four ounces i,dont think you would have taken out,another eight ounces,by doing dry passes no i just thats why,i was saying i think the hoover puts out,more solution,um and it it also sucks it up yeah the,one big complaint i did have about the,hoover as i used it the second time,is its really wide,and so when youre up against the,cabinets the tanks stick out and you,cant go along the edges,yeah straight you have to go in an angle,otherwise the sides of the tanks bump,into the cabinets and you cant get all,the way under okay,i was noticing you couldnt get under,under and its still dirty over there,whereas the cross wave has no problem,because its yeah its super skinny,which is why i like this in bathrooms,and stuff im really surprised,really surprised i really thought going,into this that,the hoover,was just gonna be a joke yeah for the,price for the price the price point on,this was half what the the cross wave,was yeah and so i expected it to be,twice as bad but its its definitely,not dollar for dollar,hoover all day all day yeah hoover all,day dollar for dollar if youre really,trying to find something to maintain in,between professional cleaning go hoover,but if you really really want your floor,clean forget about either of these,machines you need to go with a,professional or just get on your hands,and knees and scrub your floor because,thats whats going to get it clean yeah,as far as i can tell theres nothing on,the market at least not in the under 500,price range,thats going to scrub your grout there,is its called tile brush and a bottle,of cleaner yeah but as far as the,machine goes,you can get those steamers you know a,lot of people are asking me about the,steamers but,okay all t

Bissell CrossWave Cordless Mop | 2 Year Update Review | Pros & Cons // Is It Still Reliable?

hello everyone and welcome so as you can,probably guess today we are bringing,back the bissell crosswave cordless max,on the show here two years ago i shared,with you guys a review video on this mob,and i have been doing this recently,sharing update review on machines that i,actually gave a review on two or three,years ago ive done that for my dyson,for the virtual washing machine that i,have also ive done it for the bessels,bin wave so today were doing the same,for the cross wave a couple days ago i,reached for it and i realized that,actually it has been two years that i,have on this mob and i wanted to wait,that long so i can tell you guys right,now do i still love this mob is it still,reliable would i still recommend it to,you guys,so thats exactly what were going to,talk about in this video but first off,im going to like just go over them up,really quick show you how i use it were,going to do like a quick test and at the,end were going to read up the video,with my pros and cons so before we get,started on this video please be sure to,subscribe to my channel down below hit,that thumbs up and with all that said,lets get started alright guys so this,is the vacuum end mop and its cordless,too how genius dont ask me if it falls,laundry it might but i love the cordless,aspect of this machine the battery lasts,about 13 minutes but you do have to,charge it for like four hours to get,that full run time of 13 minutes now if,youre not about that cordless life and,you like having unlimited cleaning time,then i recommend you get the recorded,version they sell this exact same,machine and recorded version and i got a,chance to see it in person in real life,the card on it is very long so if you,dont like batteries youre going to,love the recorded version and i love the,fact that it vacuums and mops all at,once a huge time saver because you dont,have to pre-sweep your floors and vacuum,with a separate machine before you use,this machine it is doing both actions at,the same time which is really really,nice and insanely convenient but its,not going to replace your regular,bathroom for the carpet just keep that,in mind because this machine doesnt,work very well on carpets especially the,long-haired one but it does very well on,area rugs,over here we have a hidden digital,display i used to have a sticker here,but after two years i dont have it,anymore but usually when the machine is,on you can actually check your battery,status you can move between area right,like i mentioned this machine really,does area rugs and you can also switch,between area rug and hard floor mode,very easily with the touch of a button,right here on the handle i really cant,think of a better place to have this,button its so handy to have it right,here as your mop and you can switch back,and forth very easily theres also a,light for the dirty water tank when it,is full theres a red light will,eliminate to let you know that you,should probably dump that out it also,can connect wi-fi if you wanted to,theres a bezel up you download and it,will connect to the unit by wi-fi what,the purpose of the wi-fi connection you,might ask it basically tracks usage of,the mob it will let you know when it,thinks time to replace parts like the,filter or the roller it also tracks use,of the solution and to let you know,youre running low you should probably,order some more and you can check your,battery life anytime and anywhere you,are i remember trying to connect it to,my wi-fi when i first got it and it,didnt work so i just tried it once or,twice and didnt work and honestly i was,like i really dont need the wi-fi on a,mug my phone has already taken over my,life way too much so i like to keep,distance when i can and this is your,docking station or the charge base it,came with very nice long cord so if you,can find like a permanent spot in your,home so you can store this machine away,and you can plug it in because once,youre done cleaning you dont have to,block anything in you just pick up your,mob and set it on top of this docking,station and it will start charging,automatically and it has also built-in,like storage space for the roller and,the filter so ill show you right now,how to clean them and whenever you are,done set them here so they can dry so,consider this like your drying station,for the,roller and the filter and originally,when i first bought it it came with two,roller the other one is kind of be this,ones more presentable in front of the,camera you can also purchase extra,online they are available on bissell.com,and amazon and actually they are a,little cheaper on amazon because they,are like some of them third party so,ill leave links to both of them in the,description box below so you can get to,choose they also make like different,type of roller for wood floor for,earlier rugs for pet messes and you can,also get another multi-surface one so,ill leave links to all of them in the,description box below and i remember,when i first bought it it came with two,samples of a cleaning solution whenever,i run out i ordered one from amazon like,a big bottle really nice i love bissell,cleaning solution because they leave the,surface very clean and theyre not,overpowering with the scent,now were getting ready to clean so im,going to install my ruler to do that you,can just remove the cover set it aside,and line up your roller in here,and just place it in put the cover back,on,this is the dirty water tank right here,always make sure you have the filter,inside and it will just clip back on,the water and solution tank is right,here in the back its very easy to,remove you can just stick your finger,right here and pull it out,and its also very easy to fill up you,have lines for small area and large area,and lines for water and formula so,whenever youre ready you can just fill,it up with water until you get to the,water line and then you can continue to,fill it up with a solution until you get,to the formula line and you can just,place it back on,now this button inside the handle right,here is for you to dispense water and,solution so whenever you are cleaning i,like to go forward holding down on that,trigger button to apply the water and,solution and then i release and go,backward to pick up all that solution,and water,so on this section here were going to,test the dry vacuuming if this can work,as just a dry vacuum and not only wet to,dry over here we have some ketchup on,this side we have some oats with milk so,we can act like this is a cereal bowl,because i dont have any cereal on hand,right now,as you can tell it did very well on the,dry vacuuming i wasnt dispensing any,water i was just using it as dry vacuum,and it picked up everything,i was really afraid to go over to my,grout because i dont want ketchup to,stain my grout i just cleaned them but,it did fantastic job you can see its,all picked up so here my dry paper towel,im going to spray some all-purpose,cleaner on here,now thats not bad at all you can see,probably a little bit of ketchup but,thats not bad i didnt really go over,it too many times,now were going to move on to clean the,machine,now this is the part where we will stop,liking this mop because of the mob,cleaning process after you finish using,it now they advertise this mob as self,cleaning but however there is a few,steps very important steps that you need,to clean that the mob cant do on its,own now the only thing basically that is,selfish need is the roller and we have a,magic button for this right here,now thats done im going to remove the,roller so it can dry,were going to set it here,remember this is your roller drying,station and i also like to wipe this,down and dry it,and youre always going to find water on,the base here so i also like to move the,machine and wipe that down,now im going to remove the dirty water,tank so we can clean that up i dont,think i mentioned this in this video but,you have very nice strainer that,separate the large pieces from the water,so this you can just dump

Bissell Crosswave Max Vacuum Mop Review / What I Really Think!

hey clean freaks and germaphobes whats,up you guys today im going to review,the bissell,crosswave cordless max wet dry vac now,this,is basically a vacuum and a mop at the,same time which is,pretty revolutionary in the cleaning,space and ive had plenty of time to use,it,and now im going to give you my honest,review here we go,[Music],so something happened a little over a,month ago that really got me down,our channel purchased a wet dry vac,similar to this one its a pretty,ingenious piece of cleaning,machinery and i used it for a little,less than a week but then it was decided,that my,partner in crime janet would be taking,that one home and without it,i went through a little cleaning,depression i didnt want to clean my,floors,i didnt want to vacuum my flours,because doing it my old way just,seemed so time consuming and redundant,so i decided that i,also needed to have a wet dry vac and i,did a lot of research to decide which,one i wanted to get and i didnt want to,get the same one that janet has because,if you followed us at all you know that,wed love to compare products,so i wanted to get a different one to,see which was better so stay tuned,because we will be doing a head-to-head,comparison,on hers which is the timecode i43 and my,bissell,coming soon but today im going to,review this one break it down for you,and show you what i love and what i,dont like,heres a little hint theres not a lot,that i do not like about this machine,so this is the bissell crosswave,cordless max,multi-surface wet dry vac i know thats,a mouthful,i purchased it from the bissell website,itself and then waited a little too,impatiently for it to arrive,hey diana i think your package is here,diana,diana and when it finally got here i,have to admit i was a little more than,excited,once i got it home i assembled it,plugged it in and charged it four hours,and then i sat down for dinner and,waited for my kids to spill something so,that i could try out my new bissell,crosswave,i have four kids i have a toddler i have,a baby and messes always happen,so i waited and waited so finally,somebody spilled something,oh no,[Music],oh oh my goodness oh look what i did,okay,[Music],and just as i had hoped it did an,amazing job cleaning up the mess,since then i have cleaned up a lot of,messy wet,messes and it has been a total game,changer for me in the kitchen with kid,messes now before i go any further into,this review if you are new to clean,freaking germaphobe we have to clean,and we love to organize and review,cleaning products that makes your life,easier,like this bissell so if youre new to,our channel please subscribe it means,the world to us and youll be glad you,[Music],did,[Music],so brave and so stupid just like the,movies,okay so lets talk about the specs of,this machine lets start with whats,included in the box so you get the,bissell crosswave you get a docking,station with a storage and cleaning tray,a strainer for the dirty water two brush,rolls and four bottles of eight-ounce,cleaning formulas,what this machine does is it sucks up,dry messes,and wet messes and then mops all at the,same time so you get two jobs done,at once it has two compartments for,water,one for clean water which is back here,and then one for the dirty water,down here and let me explain why that,makes such a huge,difference in the cleanliness of your,floor if you think about a traditional,mop and bucket method of mopping youre,only starting out with clean water,once and thats when you first fill up,your bucket of water after that youre,no longer working with clean water just,various degrees of dirty water right,the longer you mop the dirtier water,gets and by the end of your mopping job,i always wonder what the point of was,cleaning my floors with the disgusting,filthy smelly muddy water that were,left with and thats not even,mentioning the mop itself now if youre,dealing with an old-fashioned mop like,this,theres really no good way of washing it,you can rinse it off in the sink but,its never really completely clean not,clean enough to feel good about putting,it back on your floor,for the next cleaning job now there are,newer more innovative mops out there,that help,solve this problem and janet recently,reviewed a good one go ahead and check,it out ill put it up here,but the bissell crosswave takes all of,that to a whole new level so as,mentioned before it has a cleaning,department for wet water and dirty water,so youre never,cleaning your floor with dirty water the,dirty water is collected into this,compartment so,already your force will be cleaner just,for that now the mop head,is self-cleaning so you can always have,a clean,mop to work with as well but there is,some upkeep with that and im going to,talk about that in a little bit the,machine itself weighs,11 and a half pounds for me this means i,can carry it up my stairs with my left,arm on my arm,im right-handed while holding my baby,in my other arm,with a minimal burn when i get to the,top of the stairs it has,100 air watts of suction and has a 36,volt battery,that takes four hours to charge and when,its fully charged it will last,30 minutes the clean water compartment,is relatively large,it can hold 28 ounces of water the dirty,storage container holds 18 ounces the,water container is really easy to add,water you just pull it out,unscrew the cap and add water to the,lime i always fill it to the large,surface line,my kitchen dining area is pretty big,once you fill it with water you then add,the solution,up to the indicated fill line the,manufacturer says to only use their,cleaning solution and im personally,going to go ahead and stick with that,recommendation i dont want to void my,warranty,but i think the purpose is to avoid a,cleaning solution that will lather too,much and create bubbles,so just for a heads up the solution that,comes with the bissell crosswave,are small theyre more like sample sizes,theyre only eight ounces each,now ive already ordered a larger size,its a little pricey it was about 16,off amazon but it was for a 64 ounce,bottle,so i expect that that will last me a,long time i havent really noticed a,scent with the solution which i actually,prefer,it came with two of these multi-surface,containers and then two of these hard,floor sanitizing containers for now im,just using the multi-surface cleaner but,i have a six month old who is going to,be learning to crawl soon and when she,does,i think im going to switch to the,sanitizing cleaner it says it kills,99.9 of bacteria lets talk about the,dirty water storage bin again its also,easy to use you just pull out the top,pull,out the strainer and i love this because,i can dump out the larger bits of stuff,and hair without touching it and then i,can dump that in the garbage because i,really dont want to dump that down my,sink,i then pour the rest of the dirty water,down the sink oh see there goes my,dinner my red drink,usually ill give it a rinse and then i,replace the strainer,put the top on and im good to go ill,be honest i probably empty out my dirty,compartment at least once a day and,sometimes,multiple times a day especially on the,weekends when my kids are home more but,i want to show you what i do every night,i pretty much worked this into my,nighttime routine because i,use this so much during the day that i,want to count on it being clean and,ready to go every morning so,when im done using it for the day i do,the self-cleaning cycle,i then like to do a full cleaning so i,take it off the top open the top and,remove,the brush i then wash them off in the,sink,[Music],i also wash out the dirty water bin and,i pop out the filter and clean that too,[Music],the docking station has a compartment,for everything to dry out but before i,replace the bissell crossway,back to the docking station the,manufacturer recommends that you wipe,and clean and dry the station too,once thats done i put it back on the,dock so it will be fully charged in the,morning,i do want to take a second to,demonstrate somethi

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