1. Bitcoin Profit Review 2022 || Bitcoin Profit Crypto Trading Bot
  2. Consider This When Starting with Bitcoin Profit (Bitcoin Profit Review)
  3. Bitcoin Profit System – Why Its A Scam To Avoid!
  4. Truth About Bitcoin Profits Trading Platform ????????Bitcoin Profit Review
  5. British Bitcoin Profit Review – is it legit or scam?
  6. BITCOIN PROFIT – Is it a Scam or Not?

Bitcoin Profit Review 2022 || Bitcoin Profit Crypto Trading Bot

what does bitcoin profit entail bitcoin,profit is a cryptocurrency trading robot,that is fully automated,the software employs an artificial,intelligence algorithm to find and act,on trade opportunities in the,cryptocurrency market on your behalf,bitcoin profit may open and close deals,in your trading account automatically,requiring little to no manual,participation from traders you are,welcome to the crypto world channel,you can check the recommendation in the,link below to access the bitcoin profit,official site,under normal market conditions bitcoin,profit says that about 85 percent of its,trades close for a profit,the site may trade more than a dozen,different cryptocurrencies 24 hours a,day seven days a week,notably according to our bitcoin profit,review this platform has no account fees,or trade charges importantly bitcoin,profit executes your transactions using,third-party crypto cfd brokers,your funds are also held in a segregated,account with the partner broker ensuring,that only you have access to them,pros and cons of bitcoin profit pros 1,crypto trading is automated 24 hours a,day 7 days a week 2. it has an 85,success rate according to the bitcoin,profit website three there are no,account or license costs four,withdrawals that are completed in less,than 24 hours cons one a two hundred and,fifty dollar minimum deposit is required,two there are no smartphone apps,what is bitcoin profit and how does it,work bitcoin profit like other crypto,robots like bitcoin prime uses a,sophisticated ai system,the method is confidential but it was,developed using years of cryptocurrency,market data,it can track price changes on a tick by,tick basis and identify pricing patterns,that are likely to signal a directional,shift when the algorithm a bitcoin,profit recognizes one of these patterns,it places a trade on your behalf,bitcoin profit then keeps an eye on the,trades progress and exits when the,signal fades or a profit target is met,your funds as well as any winnings are,returned to your account bitcoin profit,keeps track of 14 different,cryptocurrencies across dozens of,different crypto fiat and crypto crypto,trade pairs,the platform can trade 24 hours a day,seven days a week and its algorithm,driven pattern recognition outperforms,any human trader,according to bitcoin profit the,algorithm closes roughly 85 of trades,for a profit is bitcoin profit a scam or,a legitimate business opportunity with,our bitcoin profit review,we aim to address a fundamental question,is bitcoin profit a rip-off or a legit,business bitcoin profit advertises,itself as a legitimate service,this trading software is available for,free and includes a bitcoin trading,robot you can start trading in demo mode,if youre not confident about bitcoin,profit,this allows you to test the algorithm in,simulated market conditions without,risking any money on transactions visit,the link in the description below to,sign up and get started,minimum bitcoin profit deposit keep in,mind that bitcoin profit does have a 250,dollar minimum deposit requirement,the minimum deposit required to open an,account with any of bitcoin profit,partner brokers is this amount,its also the starting point for bitcoin,profit to trade on your behalf and,develop your trading account,please keep in mind however that all,trading entails risk and the possibility,of loss this is your money and you can,withdraw it at any time if you are,unhappy with bitcoin profit,customer service for bitcoin profit,bitcoin profit like bitcoin era provides,active users with 24 7 customer,assistance,before you sign up and create an account,however there is no way to contact,bitcoin profits customer care team how,to make money with bitcoin are you,willing to give bitcoin profit a shot,well teach you how to get started with,bitcoin profit in four easy stages in,this section of our bitcoin profit,review step one create an account with,bitcoin profit,to register a new account go to bitcoin,profits website in the description below,and select sign up,to register include your name email,address and phone number,after that bitcoin profit will direct,you to a partner broker in your area,where youll be asked to give further,information in order to open an account,to verify your identification most,brokers need you to upload a copy of,your drivers license or passport step,two make a deposit to complete the,account opening process,make an initial deposit of at least two,hundred and fifty,dollars most brokers accept credit and,debit cards bank transfers and e-wallets,like neteller and skrill as deposit,methods step three use a demo account to,practice trading you should now be able,to access the trading dashboard of,bitcoin profit,begin by trading in demo mode to get a,feel for the platform and experiment,with the algorithm settings,this is your chance to see how bitcoin,profit works and if its right for you,step four go live with your trading you,can start live trading once youre ready,simply turn on the switch in your,account and bitcoin profit will start,placing live trades using the cash in,your trading account right now,simply relax and observe the platform at,work if you like this video comment and,like

Consider This When Starting with Bitcoin Profit (Bitcoin Profit Review)


you are welcome to the crypto world,channel,in this video you will discover the,function of bitcoin profit trading,methods and algorithms,you can also check the recommendation,below to access the bitcoin profit,official website and learn more the,bitcoin trading bot bitcoin profit,relies on a highly adaptable ai system,remember that bitcoin profit continues,to gain positive reviews from users all,over the world it is currently praised,for its effectiveness and quick,performance in the extremely volatile,bitcoin market,although it doesnt guarantee successful,trade execution its alleged when rate,of 85 percent increases your chances of,success,however you need to be aware of the,aspects that make bitcoin profits stand,out one,tools for automated trading two,trading in arbitrage three,trading news and four,trend analysis of prices additional,bitcoin profit information one,educational resources in addition to the,data provided by brokers bitcoin profits,website has a modest faq section where,users can get solutions to common,queries,in addition there are a ton of,educational podcasts youtube channels,and website blogs on the internet,before entering the live market users,can experiment and test bitcoin profit,using a risk-free demo account too,equipment and charting according to,reports the bitcoin profit network of,brokers features built in financial,trading and investment capabilities,this implies that customers whether,newcomers or seasoned pros can always,obtain a deeper understanding of,real-time trades,three customer service online reviews,state that the customer service at,bitcoin profit is exceptional,as a result you can ask their,representatives any questions you may,have and youll be able to get responses,at any time because they are willing to,help you out for,demo account prospective bitcoin traders,should use the demo account to hone,their skills prior to entering the live,markets,the demo account for this robot has the,advantage of giving you a free preview,of how the live market operates,additionally since you can trade with,virtual money there are no dangers,associated with losing money how to,start using bitcoin for profit with,bitcoin profit we found that getting,started was quite simple,you can start trading immediately by,following the straightforward steps the,first step is to open a trading account,you must register on the website for an,account in order to use the online,trading platform,on the right side of the website there,is a form that you must fill up with,details such your name,phone number email and country of,residence,you will be paired with one of the,partner brokers after your bitcoin,profit account has been set up visit the,link in the description below to sign up,and get started step 2 place a deposit,although using the bitcoin profit,website is free customers must deposit a,minimum of two hundred and fifty dollars,before they can begin trading,once deposited the money will appear in,your portfolio and you can start using,the robot to place trading orders,depending on where you live,bitcoin profit allows a variety of,payment methods including wire transfers,credit cards from visa and mastercard,skrill and neteller cryptocurrency,wallets and visa and mastercard,third step demo account before engaging,in lift trading we think it is always a,smart idea to test bitcoin profits,automated trading platform in the demo,mode,before investing your actual money you,can use the demo account to have a,better understanding of how the entire,process works,to find the one that suits you the most,you can experiment with several trading,approaches,the majority of traders concur that,having a demo account made them feel,better about their trading performance,simply sign in using the bitcoin profit,login page then choose demo to begin,fourth step trade for real on the,website you may trade popular,cryptocurrency pair with real money,the most crucial phase is this one since,this is when you tell the robot how to,execute your plan for the trades,to begin trading after selecting your,desired trading criteria you must save,your modifications and go back to the,dashboard simply log into your brokerage,account whenever you want to access your,bot,how to withdraw money from bitcoin,profit its just as simple to withdraw,money from bitcoin profit as it is to,deposit,however take note that the brokers they,are connected to not the bitcoin trading,robot hold your money,the steps for withdrawing money from,brokers who have partnered with bitcoin,profit log into your trading account on,the brokers website click withdraw in,your wallet and choose your desired,payment method enter the withdrawal,amount you want to make,complete the process and within 24 hours,the money will be transferred to your,desired account bitcoin profit only pays,out in fiat money because,cryptocurrencies arent generally,regarded as legal tender,this implies that in order to complete a,withdrawal which takes 24 hours to,complete you must convert your crypto,assets into the fiat currency of your,choice to begin trading with bitcoin,profit visit the link in the description,below

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Bitcoin Profit System – Why Its A Scam To Avoid!

hello welcome to todays broadcast of,Bitcoin news today and today Ive got a,special story for you about a website,called a Bitcoin profit that I know a,lot of you are searching for so this,video is a review of Bitcoin profit stay,tuned,okay so Im on the Bitcoin profit,website it claims that you can earn,millions from Bitcoin even when crypto,markets are crashing so on the video,theres no sound on here but lets have,a look at this everyone who has invested,in Bitcoin has made millions they say,now that is an outright lie to begin,with everyone who is invested in Bitcoin,in recent years has made millions well,we know that that is not true if youve,if you know anybody thats recently in,invested in Bitcoin you know that the,price has been dropping we can see that,on the the the graph of the Bitcoin,price so say for example this was in,this was on the 1st of January the price,was up here at $14,000 and now were,down at 8,000 so if you had invested,recently as the video said then you,would have made a loss if you didnt,take your profits at the peak so that is,wrong for a start let us watch a little,bit further which is going to fast,forward okay so now weve got some,people with testimonials lets just have,a look at these people,remember this guy here and now Ill show,you that this guy is on a website called,Fiverr where he says he will be your,video spokesperson for as little as $10,so you see these people and not real,people in the video they are paid actors,and it is very apparent from there and,poor acting skills so this guy he claims,to be somebody called John Mayers and,he says that if you,if you invest 250 dollars then youre,going to get the system for free but,what is the system now its simply some,software and a lot of the scams scam,exchanges use and it looks like this so,each one has their own logo on there but,the the website itself looks the same,throughout all of these different scams,theres one called pattern trader,another scam,theres crypto soft way to freedom they,are all built around the same scam now,the way that this works the way it works,is that this guy is not the guy behind,the website so dont dont believe that,for one second what they want you to do,is to give them your email address first,of all so youre going to be spammed,hearts the only privacy policy on there,so who knows what happened to your email,address and the other thing is that what,they will then get you to do is to sign,up to a dodgy Bitcoin exchange one of,the most unusual ones but one that is,going to pay them a high commission so,all this is to do is to get you to sign,up with one of their preferred exchanges,so that then they can get your,permission Commission and obviously,theyve they cant guarantee that youre,going to make daily profits with Bitcoin,its simply not possible,so dont believe that scam its the same,as all the other scams that weve seen,theres nothing different about this,Bitcoin profit website I do have some,good news for you though because if you,would like to make some genuine profit,from Bitcoin then you can do so so what,I would suggest you do is first of all,subscribe to my channel,because I make videos when I can alert,you that the price is low for example,recently we had a really low price a,Bitcoin really hit the bottom of the of,the market and the price went down to as,low as six thousand six hundred dollars,so if you had bought then when I,recommended lets measure how much you,could have made to todays price you,could have made a twenty five percent,profit so pretty good profit margin and,low risk as well now the exchange that I,recommend is called coin base and please,click the link in the video description,so you can get ten dollars free credit,just for starting your account and its,one of the most regulated exchanges,theyve recently applied for a banking,license so its a very trusted exchange,and they sell the top crypto currencies,on there so they buy and sell you can,buy Bitcoin litecoin,etherium and Bitcoin cash so they are,the top four out of all of the crypto,currencies so you can buy when the price,is low and sell when the price is high,so things that youre going to be,looking for just very briefly that the,first of all obviously the price is low,and the price is below the moving,average now I use for moving averages in,my analysis in all of my videos and,whenever Im looking to buy Im looking,for the colors of these moving averages,to be blue green yellow red and Ill put,a link to my chart in the video,description so that you can check these,things for yourself now you also want a,low MACD now this is based on a,divergence between moving averages very,complicated,but suffice it to say you want a very,low number so when this is also very low,its a good another indicator that it is,a good time to buy and you want to see a,low RSI which is the relative strength,index as well so here we got all three,now sometimes it trails afterwards so,these are indicators only but you saw,that weve got a really good low price,all of the indicators pointed to that we,should be buying around this time and,then we have seen briefly an opportunity,to sell not the perfect opportunity Im,still expecting that the price will go,higher so lets just check I usually use,the four hour time frame on the four,hour time frame youll see that the,price its just zoom out so heres what,we were looking for where the prices,were really low and the colors were,correct there and it did go it did go up,and there was an opportunity to sell,that but now what weve seen most,recently if youre watching this video,today its the 21st of May 2018 prices,have been heading down recently but it,does look like they are starting to go,up now weve got to wait and see at this,precise moment so wouldnt recommend,that you buy just yet but set up your,account on coinbase click the link in,the video description load it with some,funds and then youll be ready to buy,when the time is right you dont have to,buy right now just load it with some,funds and then check my videos theres,loads of people online on YouTube that,make good videos about buying and,selling Bitcoin,charkh guys is one that i watch there,are some others as well but I would,really stick with chart guys because his,technical analysis tends to be spot-on,but what I offer really on my videos is,more of when to buy and when to sell and,I will make alert videos so make sure,youve subscribed and youve ticked the,bow so that you get notifications that,way youll get my latest videos when I,do see opportunities in the market to,buy and sell so I wish you the best with,you trader and do steer clear of those,scams there are many many scams out,there because people had just taken,advantage of the fact that bitcoin is,very complicated and people can easily,fall into traps of thinking something is,genuine when in fact its not so always,do your own research do your due,diligence and never invest money that,you cant afford to lose thank you for,watching please give the video a thumbs,up if you do find this useful and I,shall see you again in another video a,very soon until then bye for now,you

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Truth About Bitcoin Profits Trading Platform ????????Bitcoin Profit Review


what exactly is bitcoin profit the,bitcoin trading bought bitcoin profit,relies on a highly adaptable ai system,since the bots official website doesnt,mention its developers little is known,about the bots past the product appears,to have been developed by fintech,business owners though,algorithms built into the clever,computer program allow it to trade,bitcoin more effectively than people,this is the crypto world channel where,you get updates on bitcoin and,cryptocurrency investment,you can check the recommendation in the,description below to access the bitcoin,profit official website and get started,the principles of auto trading robots,govern how bitcoin profit operates,which buy or sell orders are placed is,determined by the automated trading,software,profits should be possible based on,calculations and probability assumptions,the operation of bitcoin profit like,other excellent trading robots that we,have successfully tested bitcoin profit,also operates flawlessly,through an application program interface,bitcoin profit works with brokers to,execute the trading orders placed by the,robot api,the data is sent to the broker once the,bitcoin trading robot has decided on the,best point of entry or exit for,transactions according to bitcoin profit,its technical analytical methodology can,foresee specifics about the bitcoin,market,this appears to be unrealistic though,the trading platform notifies its users,via email or sms when the price of the,coin changes,users can also add real-time analytical,indicators to the dashboard to improve,their understanding of cryptocurrencies,check the bitcoin profit official,website in the description below to get,started,who is the owner of the bitcoin profit,the creation of bitcoin profit is john,myers,john created this cutting-edge trading,robot along with other experienced,traders and software developers,the robot was also developed with novice,traders in mind who have no prior,experience trading the cryptocurrency,market,the fact that the owners of bitcoin,profit continuously updating the robot,to keep it abreast of changing trends is,their best quality,they accomplish this by carefully,examining the cryptocurrency markets and,making sure the robots ai features are,up to date and operating at peak,efficiency,for optimal safety the robot,collaborates with tier one regulated,brokers what commodities and,cryptocurrencies are available for,trading on bitcoin profit you cannot,trade other assets like currencies,stocks commodities etc with bitcoin,profit,the bot solely concentrates on the,bitcoin market therefore if you want to,diversify your trading portfolio with,assets from other marketplaces you,should look into other solutions,as previously indicated the robot is,user-friendly for beginners,all you need to do to get started is,make sure it suits your trading,requirements the following coins and,more are presently supported by bitcoin,profit bitcoin btc ethereum f litecoin,ltc ripple xrp what is the price of,bitcoin profit bitcoin profit is,completely free to join up for and use,the demo account unlike other trading,robots which may charge subscription,fees or commissions for use,to begin live trading however traders,must deposit a minimum of 250,into their trading account,to begin trading with bitcoin profit,visit the link in the description below,what devices support bitcoin profit on,any device you can utilize bitcoin,profit,the service is accessible online and,works with iphone and android based,smartphones tablets laptops and desktops,any web browser that has a reliable,internet connection and a smartphone can,be used to access the trading platform,no native apps may be downloaded for the,system how user-friendly is bitcoin,profit utilizing bitcoin profit is,simple,users do not need to have advanced,knowledge of basic or technical analysis,because the platform is intuitive,accessing apps is made simple by the,system and trading with your account,manager shouldnt be tough,this does not however predict whether,you will make money or lose money,because that relies on the,cryptocurrency market how much can you,profit from bitcoin profit according to,trustpilot and reddit user ratings and,testimonies bitcoin profit can produce,daily income starting at 1 500,however how much money you invest will,determine how much money you can profit,from the robot,additionally returns can only be insured,with reliable trading tactics and the,capacity to monitor bitcoin profits,effectiveness in controlling your crypto,trades however resist the need to invest,more money than you can afford to lose,because of pressure,check the recommendation below to sign,up for free and begin your trading

British Bitcoin Profit Review – is it legit or scam?

hey guys welcome to another video where,im looking at british bitcoin profit,now when starting our investigation the,first thing we wanted to know was what,is british bitcoin profit weve come,across numerous trading programs like,this in the past but we were interested,in learning about the details of this,software and if there was anything that,truly set it apart from the rest to our,surprise this application offers much,more than another more ordinary software,would do its packed with features that,make it different and unique,british bitcoin profit is a trading,robot which analyzes the digital,currency markets in search of viable,trading opportunities it helps traders,with their trading tasks and lets them,know the direction in which the markets,will move within a specified time frame,having this knowledge beforehand allows,traders to make the right trading calls,it gives them the power to execute,winning trades right from the comfort of,their homes,so british bitcoin profit works by,generating trading signals for its users,it incorporates superior algorithms,groundbreaking trading tech and advanced,technical indicators to produce the,highest quality trading signals the,information it obtains allows traders to,make profitable trading decisions now,although the predictions made by the,software are not accurate 100,of the time they allow traders to,achieve success with the majority of,trades they make but how good british,bitcoin profit is depends on how traders,use it the results will vary from trader,to trader depending on the settings they,choose and the amount they invest per,trade and the number of trades they,execute,british bitcoin profit auto trading has,proven to be powerful for many traders,who have used it by using its signals,traders have managed to gain an edge in,online financial trading,now theres no need to download a copy,of the software to your pc or laptop the,british bitcoin profit platform can be,accessed directly from your browser upon,logging into your account its easy to,create an account and get your british,bitcoin profit login details and having,those details will allow you to access,your trading account and your finances,from any computer,the british bitcoin profit website has,all the information you need to get,started with this amazing software and,here are the steps you need in order to,create your free account,number one visit the british bitcoin,profits official website and enter your,details in the form provided on the,right hand side of the home page,number two make a small deposit of 250,dollars with the broker you register,with and number three customize the,settings of the software and begin,receiving signals for trading now a very,important goal of financial traders is,to enhance their profitability with,every trading session this is the reason,why they look for tools and solutions to,give them the edge on trading the,digital currency marketplace is quite,competitive with a range of products and,tools available at your disposal but in,order to make the best trading decisions,you have to ensure that youre equipped,with the best trading tools,ultimately british bitcoin profit is an,easy to use software which doesnt,require traders to have any special,skills for using it the win rate of,british bitcoin profit is quite high,which definitely puts traders in a,winning position the reviews from real,users of this app suggests its genuine,and reliable the brokers it uses are,licensed and regulated by reputable,regulatory bodies anyone can get started,with it with just a small deposit and,users are able to enjoy the superior,performance of the software thanks to,its sophisticated algorithms and,technology,now its not just our findings but the,honest testimonials of many other,traders as well which can be used to,establish the legitimacy of the app so,is british bitcoin profit a con,it certainly is not heres my view,british bitcoin profit is a great,program for investors looking to join,the cryptocurrency industry its packed,with a range of innovative features and,its capabilities make it stand out from,most of the others which are currently,available on the market weve really,enjoyed analyzing the software and,bringing out its best features to the,public weve managed to establish its,legitimacy and as a final word wed like,to recommend it to all those who are,searching for a reliable safe and,genuine trading platform,thanks for watching

BITCOIN PROFIT – Is it a Scam or Not?

hey everyone welcome to another video,where this time im looking at bitcoin,profit now when starting our,investigation the first thing we wanted,to find out was what is Bitcoin profits,weve come across numerous trading,programs in the past but we were,interested in learning about the details,off this software and if there was,anything that truly set it apart from,the rest now to our surprise this,application offers much more than any,other more ordinary software would do,its filled with features that make it,different and unique Bitcoin profit is a,trading robot which analyzes the digital,currency markets in search of viable,trading opportunities it assists traders,with their trading tasks and allows them,to find out which direction the markets,are going to move within a specified,timeframe having this knowledge,beforehand helps traders to make the,right trading decisions it gives them,the power to execute winning trades,right from the comfort of their own,homes so Bitcoin profit works by,generating trading signals for its users,it incorporates Serperior algorithms,groundbreaking trading technology and,advanced technical know-how to produce,the highest quality trading signals the,information it obtains enables traders,to make profitable trading decisions now,old all the predictions made by the,software are not accurate 100% of the,time,they enable traders to achieve success,with the majority of trades they execute,but how good bitcoin profit is depends,on how traders use it the results may,vary from trader to trader depending on,the settings they choose and the amount,they invest portrays and the number of,trades they execute Bitcoin profit auto,trading has also proven to be powerful,for many traders whove used it by using,its signals traders have managed to gain,an edge in online financial trading now,there is no needs to download a copy off,the software to your computer or laptop,the Bitcoin profit platform can be,accessed directly from the browser upon,logging into your account its easy to,create an accounts and get your Bitcoin,profit login details and having your,Bitcoin profit system log indeed,Hills will help you to access your,trading account and your money from any,computer the Bitcoin profit website has,all the information that you needs to,get started with this amazing software,and here are the stamps that you need in,order to create your free account number,one visit the bitcoin profit official,website and enter your details in the,form provided on the right hand corner,of the home page number two make a small,deposit of 250 dollars with the broker,you register with and number 3 customize,the settings off the software and begin,receiving signals for trading now a very,important goal of financial traders is,to enhance their profitability with each,trading session this is the reason they,look for tools and solutions which can,give them that edge when it comes to,trading the digital currency marketplace,is very competitive with a range of,products and tools available at your,disposal but in order to make the best,trading decisions you have to ensure,that you are equipped with the best,trading tools ultimately Bitcoin profit,is an easy to use software and it,doesnt require traders to have any,specialized skills for using it its win,rates at Bitcoin profit is quite high,which definitely puts traders in a,winning position the reviews from real,users of this app suggests it is genuine,and reliable the broker said integrates,are licensed and regulated by reputable,financial regulatory bodies anyone can,get started with it with only a small,deposit and users are able to enjoy the,superior performance of the software,thanks to its clever algorithms and,technology now it is not just our,findings but the honest testimonials of,many other traders as well which can be,used to establish the legitimacy of the,app so is Bitcoin profit a con it,certainly is not now heres my view,Bitcoin profit is a great program for,investors who are looking to join the,cryptocurrency industry its packed with,a range of innovative features and its,capabilities make it stand out from most,of the others which are currently,available on the market weve really,enjoyed analyzing the software and,bringing out its best features to the,public weve managed to establish its,legitimacy and as one final word,we would like to recommend it to all,those who are searching for a reliable,safe and genuine trading platform thanks,once again for watching


hello everyone,im back and today im going to make a,video on one of the cryptocurrencies and,specifically right in the beginning of,this video i want you guys to,know that this coin is completely a scam,one of my friends you know recently,reached out to me they sent me this pdf,and they told me that,name is can you look into this uh,bitcoin profit coin is this a legitimate,coin uh are these guys real or not and,straightforward you know i open the pdf,and by just looking at the text or,content within this pdf it looks like,this guy the complete scammers and here,today,i want you guys to,understand this fact that this kind of,schemes you know is rampant everywhere,in india,and i want you guys to,you know i want you guys to learn this,you know,when you open this kind of document,there are very straightforward ways by,just looking at the content within this,kind of document you can tell oh this is,cam man so today you know i want you,guys to,look at this pdf and i want you guys to,let you know that how can you look at,all these kind of documents and all the,scammers who are out there and stay away,from them so you dont make a pitfall,like other many people has done it im,going to guide you through this kind of,you know coins you know scammy coins and,im going to highlight some of the keys,you know some of the factors where you,can just look at this bare bone details,and you can and you will be able to make,wise judgment that this coins are scam,you know so this is todays message guys,without you lets get into the video im,going to share my screen and im going,to show you,okay so everyone can hear,see that this is the pdf you know i got,from my friend and it starts with saying,that this is a step-by-step guide to how,can you,buy this con and how can you enroll into,this platform and the name of this uh,coin is bitcoin profit so very first,thing you know i want you to,examine here is that,as soon as i click on the bitcoin profit,link it opens this scammy website,so very first thing you have to look at,is here is that this is a website url,if,if this is a real coin you know,something like uh,cardano yes,cardano is a real coin,and,if i open,the card on a web page,what should be,the url of that website it should be,cardona.org,yes why would it be,here something called citycoin.org so,this should be your first queue that,when you look at this kind of a scam,website,url here actually doesnt match so we,open up this something called bitcoin,profit,here the name is something bitcoin error,and the url name is,dot offers,so so whats going on here is this is,this some kind of a new coin,is this a new uh trading platform,or is it a bitcoin era,website or whats going on here so this,is the very first,hint to you guys that,whoever is trying to deploy this website,there are scammers and they are trying,to confuse you with so many different,details here,and the information at the different,levels doesnt match,so this is a classic phishing scam,you know whenever,some people want to steal your money,from you what would they do is they,would create a flashy website like this,and they would have some,cheap domain name bought from some,website they will deploy some sort of,website over there with these flashy,videos where smart people like,uh richard branson bill goes and you,might also see in chamath theyre,talking to,theyre talking into some conferences,and these people has just,clipped this video and put it there so,it looks like legit thing,so,this would be the really good sign that,these guys are trying to scam you and,there are so many different scams going,on here you know first of all guys you,have to understand this if you dont,understand how this cryptos currencies,work,what is the first step here what is your,fundamental principles here your,fundamental principle should be i should,learn how to walk,you dont understand how these,cryptocurrencies work,and by learning those things you would,be able to make signed and sound,judgment also here i want to,make a note here that im going to make,some videos,about cryptocurrencies because ive been,a long time investor and i have,hauled my bitcoins etm litecoin and all,those really good currencies from 2016,itself,and i know that a lot of my friends you,know are also getting into this kind of,scams and they know that i have been,you know outspoken person about the,cryptocurrency from the longer period of,time so they send me a document to just,find out whether these guys are legit or,not and im thinking that im going to,tell you all this kind of shitty,investment coins where you should,stay away from it,now this was todays video guys where i,want to,just look at it,we started with this pdf,in this pdf you see there are a bunch of,links,there is a very well known guy richard,bransons they have snapped up a photo,of him put it here you see,whats whats the sentence here start,changing your life today,even if you go to,really good websites like google,facebook.com do they actually tell you,that your life will be changed by using,this product even those really well,known products dont make this kind of a,bold claims this is one of the first,sign here that this is not a legit thing,and then you keep scrolling down right,after this video or right after this,screenshot,what is the first thing so the second,thing is,credit card details,now to me,this is like a screaming sign you know,someone is screaming from the,mountaintop that please give us your,credit card we are going to charge you,something and uh by charging that money,your life will be changed so here this,pdf is screaming to me that this is camp,this is a scam stay away from this so,even,whenever you guys look at this pdf,documents yes,this is,a very basic thing people nowadays who,are technical they dont send a pdf,around to normal people,yes this is a digital age,they have a legit apps in the app stores,they have legit websites,on the web,even if you open up the website,they dont have this kind of a scammy,website where there are bunch of fake,testimonies of some people with dollars,here,you go to binance binance is a trading,platform a lot of people has more money,there yes,do they advertise that,a person x has made a seven thousand,dollars by using the binance.com or,coinbase is a great example here,do they advertise that by using a,coinbase someone has made a seven,thousand dollars lets go to,coinbase.com okay this is a coin based,website very well known,a brand like an apple,they have a very well,product,very intuitive design anyone you know,anyone like your grandpa or my grandpa,can understand this product do you see,they are claiming that people has made,thousands of dollars of profit by using,the coinbase no yes this is a lizard,product,so,this should be,a queue for you that a good website want,to do a marketing like this someone has,made a 12 000 by using this,product,so,this was my todays video guys and uh i,want you guys to just stay away from,this kind of scam websites,and,this is my two cents and this is how im,trying to create a community awareness,around this,bad project,i am going to make a good investment,videos going forward you know some of,the coins which i have been uh part of,for the very long,ive been investing into those coins for,years and years,also,ive been even if im doing a liquid,demining ive been doing this for 90,plus days,on those platforms,i joined those communities and,then i actually tried to ask a real,question to the developer itself,this is how i,built the trust,you know this is how i find out whether,this coin is good or not these are real,developers because i am a developer,by asking the simple questions i can,make a sound and wise assessment that,whether these guys are real,so,here you know i just want to end this,video and want to let you know that,someone,sends you this kind of websites where,the url doesnt match and first of all,they sent you a pdf,with this kind of,numbers all around the way they have,some they have this quot

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