1. Bitcoin Trader Review – 3 Years Later, Still a SCAM (2020 Update)
  2. Bitcoin Trader Review 2022 – Is The Bitcoin Trader a Scam?
  3. Bitcoin 360 AI Review – is it legit or scam?
  4. Winning Crypto Trading Strategy! (Step-by-Step LUX ALGO Technical Analysis Tutorial)
  5. Bitcoin Trader Review – BUSTED Crypto SCAM Exposed! (DONT JOIN)
  6. ☠ Bitcoin Trader is a SCAM – Honest Bitcoin Trader Review
  7. I Called an Investment Scam – Here is What Happened

Bitcoin Trader Review – 3 Years Later, Still a SCAM (2020 Update)

so today were going to be talking about,another skin called a bitcoin trader and,in this video way to give you some three,major reasons as to why we do not trust,the system and the crazy part of this,guys is that this is something that we,have talked about before here on in this,channel but its been a while and we,still get a lot of requests from people,wondering if this is a safe program to,use so this will be basically referred,to as our brand new 20/20 update for the,bitcoin trader skin and of course with,evidence and points as to why we do not,recommend it and then that way you can,decide for yourself as to whether or not,you want to invest your money with the,bitcoin trader now in addition to that,guys stay tuned to the very end of this,video because were also gonna be,providing you with safer recommendations,if you want to get involved in trading,as a beginner and actually succeed we,have some great resources for you so,stay tuned and of course before we get,started if youre new to the channel be,sure that you subscribe turn on,notifications that way when we do go,live with new updates you dont miss out,and if you find todays video helpful,give us a thumbs up in like our videos,as we appreciate and love your support,now lets go in lets get started,[Music],you,so as you can see guys this is the,bitcoin trader website and you know,again this has been a huge topic within,the trading industry for the past,several years and Im gonna explain why,as we go along to these three major,reasons why bitcoin trader is not to be,trusted but lets actually talk about,the system itself this is an automated,trading program which specifically,focuses on crypto currencies and as many,of you may know crypto currencies is a,very hot topic when it comes to people,who want to get involved in investments,and you know multiply and make money in,this field but in the case of crate a,Bitcoin trader this is an automated,program that says and guarantees that,you can make thousands of dollars every,day so when you actually go down here to,the to the very bottom of their website,this is actually one of the major issues,that I have with it and probably why,people are so enthralled and excited,about Bitcoin trade because they think,that this is a system that can make them,rich alright so the very first question,on their frequently asked questions says,what returns can I expect from using the,app alright so as someone who uses,Bitcoin trader this is their response as,someone who uses Bitcoin trader you can,usually expect to earn at least 1,300,dollars per day okay at least so thats,saying thats the minimum amounts and,that you can definitely make more than,that okay so the reason why I find this,to be a major issue guys is granted you,know people see something like this and,theyre like oh my god making thirteen,hundred dollars a day that sounds,awesome and granted that would be,awesome that would change the lives of,so many people thats basically,financial freedom right there,but the issue I have here guys is that,when it comes to online trading doesnt,matter if its binary Forex,cryptocurrencies whatever there is no,such thing as a guarantee even the best,strategies or the best training,applications out there do not succeed,every single time you use it and that is,a big problem here with bitcoin trader,is that they are promising something,that is unrealistic and this is actually,tied to reason number two that not to,mention that everybody who has joined,Bitcoin trader has failed has it has,lost their money it has never delivered,these types of results so this is a,major issue because people are thinking,that this is an automated,you dont have to do any work but its,gonna somehow make you financially free,and I do advise you guys you know if you,dont take my word for it I advise you,to go on you know go on Google go on you,to try to find any videos or any,positive testimonials of actual people,using alright not saying that theyve,used it I want you to try to see if you,can find anyone who is actually,recording themselves that you use in the,system and youre gonna see that you,wont find anything of the sort,supporting Bitcoin trader as a,successful trading application okay guys,so those are reasons number two as to,why this is so dangerous amongst,everything else that they provide here,on this website I mean granted,everything here is made to you know,mislead you into thinking that this is a,great solution but its not but recent,number three is actually the most,critical aspect about it and its,something that most people nowadays,dont really know about Bitcoin traders,that Bitcoin trader is actually a,reoccurrence Kim this is something,thats actually been around for about,two or three years we actually posted,two warnings about this two years ago,right here in this very channel but,because this system is so popular this,is why they have so much attention and a,lot of people wondering if they can join,but it doesnt even stop there guys,because it actually gets even worse,Bitcoin trader is like one of the most,viral schemes out there in the crypto,industry but there are actually,different versions of this same scam,that we have you know post it here in,our channel as well and basically what,they do here is take the same scam and,they throw in a different name so,instead of Bitcoin trading theyll call,it the crypto revolt or the Bitcoin,revolution or the evolution or you know,something like that they give it a,different name but it is the same scheme,guys so its been a reoccurring,annoyance in the industry and it all,started with this particular version of,this game guys and so you know those are,the three major reasons as to why we,believe this is something that you,should not trust use caution be careful,of do your research check it out guys,but again be careful and dont do it now,what Ill actually do like I mentioned,at the beginning of this video is well,leave more information down below,including information,for safer recommendations in terms of if,youre trying to find something that,will actually help you make money and,succeed in online training especially if,youre beginner check out our training,group,check out the recommendations down below,guys you wont be sorry this is actually,backed by a real company thats very,successful and most importantly youre,joined by a community that will help you,succeed along the way guys so Ill leave,that up to you thats our update for,today on the Bitcoin trader and again if,you have any questions or comments or,any feedback feel free to drop a comment,and let us know but you can also email,me directly at prestige binary at,gmail.com if you have any further,questions or need any assistance thats,our update for they thank you for taking,the time to watch in our latest update,on the Bitcoin trader in 2020,[Music],you

Bitcoin Trader Review 2022 – Is The Bitcoin Trader a Scam?

[Music],hey guys and welcome to another review,video where today we will be looking at,the automated crypto trading app bitcoin,trader,is bitcoin trader a scam or legit,can you really make 1 000 euros per day,trading cryptocurrencies as a novice,trader,find out in this detailed review,so what is bitcoin trader,bitcoin trader is a cryptocurrency,trading software that uses market trends,and signals to perform profitable trades,by buying and selling cryptocurrency at,the right time with a win rate estimated,at 92,the bitcoin trader trading system uses a,multiplex method to detect market trends,these signals are used by experienced,cryptocurrency traders to formulate,trading strategies,the traders set the criteria of when to,buy and sell cryptocurrencies and the,system executes those trades when those,conditions are met,the bitcoin trader trading system,completes this whole process on,autopilot which is advantageous for,beginners,bitcoin trader operates 0.01 seconds,faster than the market average for,trading signals and claims to aid many,of its users to make daily profits by,trading bitcoin and other,cryptocurrencies,how to open an account and place a trade,with bitcoin trader,to experience how the features on the,trading system work we decided to create,an account with bitcointrader,this process lasted for a few minutes,our account was then activated right,away,here are the following steps to open an,account,the first step is to create a free,account via the form on the home page,after successful registration you will,be assigned a personal broker to walk,you through the setup process,next you are required to fund your,bitcoin trader trading account with a,minimum of 250 euros,third step demo trading,bitcoin trader developers made demo,accounts available to its users,we believe this is a great initiative,for many reasons,first reason being the demo account that,allows traders to learn and understand,how the system works before they start,trading with real money,secondly it will enable you to test your,different trading strategies to assess,the one that works perfectly for you a,strategy that does not work can be,replaced or tweaked,you can choose your best trading,strategy before you start live trading,with real money,we then went ahead to experiment the,demo account and we were pleased with,the results,its speed and full range features are,amazing and are available to users,we advise all users to try out the demo,account before switching to the live,trading mode,lastly the live trading account you can,shift to the live trading session after,you understand the demo account and how,the system works,upon entering the live trading platform,activate trading technology program,you are then allowed to set up your,trading parameters to include,information like amount to stake per,trade take profit and stop loss limits,risk levels and many more,you can see all this data on the,dashboard under the auto trade tab,so is bitcoin trader legal,yes the bitcoin trader app is a,legitimate trading technology program,it is an intuitive and effective trading,system that makes it possible for,ordinary people to earn money from,cryptocurrency trading,although it was developed to operate,with bitcoin the training technology,program has progressed to work with,other cryptocurrencies as well as forex,with smart combinations the bitcoin,trader trading system can monitor the,crypto market and to precisely spot,profitable buy and sell signals,it buys at low prices and sells at high,prices ensuring users earn profits in,the trading process,it has a success rate of over 92 percent,making it one of the best trading,systems for cryptocurrency trading,when using bitcoin trader you do not,need to fuss about inspecting the,markets because the entire process is,systematized and handled by the trading,technology program,all that is required of you is to enjoy,your profits and continue to extract,maximum earnings,from the research done we found out that,the bitcoin trader is perfect for new,entrants in the trading scene,as a trading application it uses the,trading signals generated from the,algorithms to place trades,considering that the analysis and,trading is done for you there is no need,to have any form of formal experience or,an intense understanding of the markets,in order to make profits,based on this it is evident that the,bitcoin trader is a useful trading,system for novice and well-seasoned,traders,with the systematized functionality you,get to relax and enjoy your profits,while bitcoin trader trades on your,behalf,additionally it does not matter what the,market conditions are or how volatile,the market prices are,the bitcoin trader trading application,is able to scan the markets and do a,detailed market analysis swiftly and,correctly,result users of the bitcoin trader are,able to make money while trading,cryptocurrencies,here are some of the advantages of using,bitcoin trader,after testing all the features of,bitcoin trader one can confidently,confirm that it works,the system is not a scam,here are our top benefits of using,bitcointrader,bitcointrader is easy to use and,everyone can use this trading system,without any problems,all that is required is creating an,account and making a deposit,the layout of the platform makes it easy,for everyone to navigate and all the,features work seamlessly,high success rate,during our tests we found out that,bitcoin trader has a high success rate,over ninety two percent,demo accounts,the demo accounts can be used by,everyone to test the system before,investing real money,the demo features are a duplicate of the,real program used to perform live trades,it shows how the trading system perform,trades and how the market signals are,monitored,the demo feature can also be used with,virtual funds to ascertain the high,success score on the trading technology,program has bitcoin trader been featured,on tv,there have been numerous reports that,the bitcoin trader has appeared on tv,shows such as dragons den this morning,in shark tank,there is no concrete evidence of these,claims and for now weve ruled them out,to be rumors,after intensive testing and research,here is our conclusion regarding bitcoin,trader,the earning potential in the,cryptocurrency market is now evident,however many people are not sure how to,start earning hence the trading,technology program such as the bitcoin,trader has been developed,there are still doubts and concerns,about the software and its benefits,therefore the need for this review,trading in bitcoins is an easy way to,expand passive income consistently and,after the thorough review and tests we,can attest that bitcoin trader is one of,the best ways to trade bitcoins and earn,an impressive profit range with little,or no effort,we recommend bitcointrader to everyone,based on our personal experience and,earnings during the tests we carried out,the system offers all users irrespective,of experience a chance to earn profits,trading bitcoins with very little effort,the system handles the entire process,after a deposit has been made,thats it for this video,dont forget to subscribe to our channel,and stay tuned for another video review,good luck,[Music],you

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Bitcoin 360 AI Review – is it legit or scam?

hey guys welcome to this video where Im,going to be taking a look at Bitcoin 360,AI now when undertaking our,investigation the first thing we wanted,to know was what is bitcoin 360 AI weve,come across many trading programs in the,past but we were interested in learning,about the details of this software and,if there was anything that truly set it,apart from the rest to our surprise this,application offers much more than,another more ordinary software would do,its packed with features that make it,different and unique Bitcoin 360 AI is a,trading robot which analyzes the digital,currency markets in search of viable,trading opportunities it helps Traders,with their trading tasks and lets them,know the direction in which the markets,will move within a specified time frame,having this knowledge beforehand allows,traders to make the right trading calls,it gives them the power to execute,winning trades right from the Comforts,of their homes,so Bitcoin 360 AI works by generating,trading signals for its users it uses,Superior algorithms groundbreaking,trading technology and advanced,technical indicators to produce the,highest quality trading signals the,information it obtains allows traders to,make profitable trading decisions now,although the predictions made by the,software are not accurate 100 of the,time they enable traders to achieve,success with the majority of Trades they,make but how good Bitcoin 360 AI is,depends on how Traders use it the,results will vary from Trader to Trader,depending on the settings they choose,the amount they invest per trade the,number of Trades they make Bitcoin 360,AI auto trading has proven to be,powerful for many traders who have used,it by using its signals Traders have,gained an edge in online Financial,Trading now theres no need to download,a copy of the software to your PC or,laptop the platform can be accessed,directly from the browser upon logging,into your account its easy to create an,account and get your Bitcoin 360 AI,login details and having those details,will allow you to access your trading,account and your finances from any,computer the Bitcoin 360 AI website has,all the information you need to get,started with this fantastic software but,here are the steps you need in order to,create your free account number one,visit the Bitcoin 360 AI official,website and enter your details in the,form provided on the right hand side of,the home page number two make a deposit,of 250 dollars with the broker you,register with and number three customize,the settings of the software and start,receiving signals for trading now a goal,of financial traders is to enhance their,profitability with every trading session,this is the reason why they look for,tools to give them the Edge on trading,the digital currency Marketplace is very,competitive with a range of products and,tools available at your disposal but in,order to make the best trading decisions,you have to ensure that youre equipped,with the best trading tools ultimately,Bitcoin 360 AI is an easy to use,software which doesnt require traders,to have any special skills for using it,the win rate of Bitcoin 360 AI is quite,High which definitely puts Traders in a,winning position the reviews from real,users of the app suggests its genuine,and reliable the Brokers it uses are,licensed and regulated by reputable,Financial bodies anyone can get started,with it with just a small deposit and,users are able to enjoy the superior,performance of the software thanks to,its sophisticated algorithms and,Technology now its not just our,findings but the honest testimonials of,many other Traders as well which we can,use to establish the legitimacy of the,app so as Bitcoin 360 AI Akon on it,certainly is not heres my view Bitcoin,360 AI is a great program for anyone,looking to join the cryptocurrency,industry its packed with a range of,innovative features and its capabilities,make it stand out from most of the,others which are currently available on,the market weve really enjoyed,analyzing the software and bringing out,its best features to the public weve,managed to establish its legitimacy and,as a final word we would like to,recommend it to all those who are,searching for a reliable safe and,genuine trading platform,thanks for watching

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Winning Crypto Trading Strategy! (Step-by-Step LUX ALGO Technical Analysis Tutorial)

hey whats up everyone my name is AJ,writes crypto I am here to do a lux Ill,go tutorial for you today Ill just,start off by saying Lux algo is the best,indicator System Program whatever you,want to call it that Ive ever seen on,the market Lux algo is not just a,One-Stop shop one thing that tells you,what to do Lux algo is a body of work,Lux outglow is an encyclopedia of crypto,knowledge of crypto trading ever since I,started using Lux Ill go my win rate,went through the roof like here is AJs,win rate before Lux algo and then here,is my win rate once I got luxago and,understood the ins and outs how it works,first of all keep in mind that there is,a lot to Lux algo there are a bunch of,actual over 53 indicators that you can,start using today on trading view as,Ill show you right here theres Lux ago,premium the patterns and the oscillators,which you have to pay to get first of,all in crypto its very important that,you invest in yourself that you invest,in your grind in your hustle you want to,do what anything you can to get to give,yourself a better chance to win the most,amount of Trades this is a numbers game,and to do that you need to have the,numbers on your side you need to have,the statistical Edge on the rest of the,people that dont have the inside the,Insight that you have from this,indicator so here are all the free,things that you could check out on Lux,algo if youre considering buying it if,youre on the fence and I could,seriously make a video on every single,one of these uh free indicators here I,really like the um the moon phases,strategy is fun I really like the,McDonalds indicator here I use the,Fibonacci grid every day the swings high,low The Squeeze index theres so much,good stuff here and I really implore you,to take the time to learn what all this,stuff means how to use it youre just,going to learn from it youre just going,to become a better Trader thats really,the best thing that you could do to,improve your chances to win is to have,an edge on everyone else by using tools,that everyone else doesnt use lets,jump into the chart here this right here,is the Bitcoin 24 minute chart Im gonna,have it on a bar replay to show you my,thoughts and what I would do in this,situation and how to time the market,perfectly what Im using here is Lux,Ill go premium if you go to premium you,go to the settings here you go to inputs,I like to use the scalper method it it,just makes sense for me I like to start,my position before it goes up and I want,to get out of my position before it goes,down it sounds easy but its very hard,to do and it will take a lot of time a,lot of experience to get to the point,where you can do it like second nature,so what you want to keep in mind on down,here on the dashboard itll say optimal,sensitivity right now as a 30 so you,want to change this number here to 30 so,it lines up with that I like to use,reversal zones the trend catcher and,then the dashboard which we already,talked about so we click OK on that,were back to here down here is the Lux,ago indicator theres a couple different,things you can do with this so theres,the advanced indicator which is the one,I have right now theres the RSI that is,also very important I will come back to,the RSI theres the macd actually you,could use these in a stack but I dont,have that set up right now because Im,recording on a screen on a screen show,like this and then theres also the,ultimate stochastic which is very easy,cool to use green when its going up and,its red when its going down and when,it switches from green to red or red to,Green is the sign due like hey maybe you,should get in so Lux algo will give you,a bunch of signals on when to get in and,you dont ever want to start your,position based off of just one thing you,want to find Confluence and what I mean,by Confluence you want a bunch of,different things to line up you want to,bunch of different things to tell the,same story because when it all is making,sense when all the things are telling,you the right thing thats when you get,in on the trade and thats when you make,the most amount of money so lets jump,into this here Im gonna press play on,the bar replay and Im gonna kind of,walk you through this whole thing so Im,waiting on this here to bottom out so I,can go into a long okay so as you see,here were starting to turn around but,were still in this reversal Zone here,this is still red oh we even came down,some more here we go down the hill this,yellow line here is the main floor the,main support from the big drop back in,June I have this line drawn on there so,I know when we come down and touch this,line were either gonna go straight down,through it and price discovery mode for,the Bears or were going to bounce off,of it and its a perfect time to long,for the Bulls so as you see here we came,down here we bounced off this line if we,switch back to the RSI here on the,oscillator boom RS PSI were completely,completely overheated completely,oversold so when it gets completely,oversold like this the RSI is really,important here you want to look at the,RSI and as you can see down here its,completely oversold its all the way,down here for the for the settings for,the RSI the stock setting for overbought,is 70 and the oversold is 30. I like to,use an 80 20. thats just my personal,preference that just thats just what I,do Im comfortable with that thats what,Ive been trading with so Ill set it up,like that so boom here we are so were,still below the 20. were right at that,floor line and were coming up but I,wouldnt go long here just yet even,though some people are trying to catch a,falling knife and you actually would,have won if youve gone long here thats,too thats Risky Business you will never,time the bottom perfect and youll never,time the top perfect the money is made,in the middle and the money you make in,the middle is is the best most,consistent money you can make so I press,play on the bar here again well go back,up the hill and well talk about how to,manage this trade so oh we came back,down were still fighting here Im still,waiting Im being patient keep in mind,this is the 24 minute chart I like to,use the 24 minute chart its just what I,do Im comfortable with that and just,like youre gonna find your own strategy,youre going to find the your things,that youre comfortable with and this is,just my personal preference in case you,were wondering so here we are we bounced,off the floor here and this is where the,trade starts this is where things get,interesting this is where we find the,Confluence so a couple things here right,here we got this little green triangle,right here thats a Buy Signal we also,are leaving this reversal Zone this,little green Cloud here we finally came,down and popped up out of that thats,very important if you look at the RSI we,actually have came over the 50 line on,the RSI and the 50 line on the RSI is,the most important part of the RSI as,you can see over here you could tortell,bearish continuation because it came,down and bounced off to 50 bounced off,to 50. thats how you know its going to,keep going down and if its going to,keep going up its going to retest the,50 and its going to stay above it and,thats like what you can use to stay in,your trade or decide to get out and,right here we finally came above the 50,on the RSI were leaving the reversal,Zone we have the Buy Signal this is,starting to sound like Confluence this,is starting to feel like everythings,lining up the way its supposed to so if,we go back the oscillators premium has,so many different things you can use,that are all really good I like to use,the RSI the advanced and the stochastic,if we look at the stochastic real fast,you will see that you know it was coming,down here its red and now its finally,turning to Green thats very bullish,thats exactly what we want to see for,this ultimate stochastic also if we come,down to the advanced here see this is a,perfect trade right here this is called,an anchor wave the momentum wave an

Bitcoin Trader Review – BUSTED Crypto SCAM Exposed! (DONT JOIN)

good afternoon everybody its Paul for,prestige binary options and we are back,to expose another dangerous trading,scheme called a Bitcoin trader so in,this review guys were going to go over,some important details to give you guys,a better understanding of why we do not,trust Bitcoin trader and why we believe,is the skin but most importantly guys at,the end of this video we will also,provide you with safer alternatives if,youre a beginner to online trading and,youre looking for a safe and reliable,way to make money online so this is the,bitcoin trader website guys and probably,be very first thing that youre going to,see is a bitcoin is making people rich,and you can become at the next,millionaire sounds pretty exciting right,well the concept behind the software,guys is that bitcoin trader is an,automated trading program meaning that,you join you you fill in your,information you deposit money and you,invest with bitcoin and supposedly the,concept behind this program is that it,automatically trades for you and you,will become rich very quickly so be,careful guys because this concept is,adopted by thousands and thousands of,online skins and basically the reality,is that any trading program you know,that guarantees that you can become a,millionaire without any effort,I have always proven to be dangerous,skins so just apply a little bit of,common sense guys if the bitcoin trader,were truly capable of turning you into a,millionaire without you doing any work,do you honestly believe that this,trading program would just be given away,to the public for free absolutely not,guys so common sense is very much,important when it comes to these online,scams now to be honest guys a bitcoin,trader is you know they really do not,provide you any credible information so,this is why its important that we post,this video because a bitcoin trader is,very similar to other bitcoin investment,schemes similar to bitcoin millionaire,crypto robot 365 and also the Bitcoin,code these are all typical you know,Bitcoin trading softwares that you know,make similar claims about how you can,become rich very very quickly and these,are all skills that we have exposed,right here on our channel now theres no,company names theres no you know names,about you know who created bitcoin trade,or however,one of the names that we do come across,within this website is a man named Gary,Roberts now like I said guys we have,been exposing skins for a very long time,and Gary Roberts within bitcoin trader,is also the same person whos been,behind other training schemes such as,Orion code and quantum code these are,two active skins that are still around,today and they are currently wreaking,havoc and polluting the industry with,similar claims about how they promise to,make you rich so the fact that we see,these same names within a Bitcoin trader,that is also tied with an other trading,schemes that weve exposed isnt not a,good sign and you know just to give you,some more ideas and you know evidence as,to why Bitcoin trader is completely fake,is you know if you scroll down below,over here let me just zoom in real quick,guys these are supposedly you know,members within the Bitcoin trader,program you know claiming that theyre,making you know hundreds of thousands of,dollars you know take this for instance,the 1k from Ward Texas he said that he,made his first 100k in 47 days using the,bitcoin trader and the same can be said,about all these other members however,all these members are non-existent guys,these are fake reviews so why do we say,that theyre fake well lets take a look,at Jennifer a for instance you can,actually purchase her photo here within,deposit photos.com this is a stock photo,website where you can find all these,photos and purchase them and theyre,used within hundreds of websites,throughout the web so the fact that you,know Bitcoin trader is not even,providing us with real live results or,real-life testimonials from actual,members is very very suspicious guy so,you know ask yourself if bitcoin trader,is really successful why dont they use,real reviews from actual members so that,is my main warning guys and what I also,invite you guys to do is that if you are,watching this video if you have any,experience with bitcoin trader or any of,these other Bitcoin robots that claim to,make you money please come forward,comment on our videos and let us know,about your own experience did you make,money with bitcoin trader did you lose,money with the Cohen trader we,want to hear from you now down below the,video description I have also left a,link to my review which will expose more,evidence and details as to why Bitcoin,trader is a skim but most importantly,guys down below in our video Ive also,provided safer alternatives if youre,looking for a reliable trading app if,youre new to online trading and youre,looking for a safe environment to make,money online definitely check out the,options down below in our bigger,description so you could take a look and,see which system bets suits your needs,if you have any questions also feel free,to comment on my chick on my videos or,you can email me directly at prestige,battery at gmail.com and dont forget,guys to like our videos and be sure to,subscribe to our channel because were,constantly posting new updates have a,great day thank you for watching and,Ill see you next time,[Music]

☠ Bitcoin Trader is a SCAM – Honest Bitcoin Trader Review

hey guys whats going on Paul here again,and in this video what I want to do is,just expose the bitcoin trader this is,gonna be a very quick video and its,another scam that has come across my,desk a few people asking me about it if,this is my first video of Si make sure,you subscribe to my channel to be links,down below basically what I do is expose,any scams like this that I find and show,people basically how I make a full time,income online so Bitcoin trader its a,very cheaply done scam that they put,together this video here they just took,off someone elses YouTube channel,talking about Bitcoin they put in a bit,of text saying about how their system is,gonna make you a millionaire look,bitcoin is Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies,in general if you follow me for a while,now you know that its something that I,really have a big belief in and do get,very involved in it but this system here,is just trying to capitalize on peoples,interest trying to catch people that,wont know exactly whats going on so,look you scroll on down through the site,then you see these people here theres,lots of different science but this is,just a final nail for me and these guys,here talking about how great the system,is mark kay lets have a look at you oh,wait mark k is used on multiple,different trading sites you can see the,image here it is just a stock image,thats been reused over and over again,Jennifer once again shes used on,business loans business saving accounts,again another stock image Ernest I,presume theyve even put the wrong image,with this name her oh sorry mix up,Jennifer was this one here a picture of,cheerful woman on stock photo site and,then this woman here is Ernest and,Steven,here we go Steven is on management of,productivity file your returns loads of,different sites again a stock image used,over and over again so a bitcoin trader,is nothing but a scam yes you can make,lots of money in bitcoin and its,something I definitely encourage you to,take a look at Ive set up a separate,channel,coin and crypto currencies as well I can,link that in the comments boy,subscribe to my channel any questions,let me know Ive also got some tips on,my blog on how to stay safe and how to,avoid scams like this if youre,interested in cryptocurrency I have I,suppose its a getting started hold on,unpause the video Ill get it for you,okay so just here is a quick post on my,blog its all over crypto currencies,what is Bitcoin what is everything like,that you can check that out so follow,the sanction on crypto currencies on my,blog if you want to check that out so,thanks for watching dont forget to,subscribe give the video a like share it,as well if you want to warn people that,bitcoin trader is just another scam,thanks for watching guys and Ill see,you on the next video,you

I Called an Investment Scam – Here is What Happened

Hi, Im Jimmy in this video,,I want to show you what happened,when I reached out to one of the,many investment scams,out there.,I got them from you know, they,comment on a lot of YouTube,investment videos and Im sure many,other places.,So broadly speaking, it would seem,that most people would recognize,the fact that these comments are,scams.,But the fact that these scammers,continue to run these,investment scams that continue to,put up posts implies,that at least some people are,falling for these scams.,Otherwise, they wouldnt be doing,it. So heres a good example,of what these investment scams look,like. This is the comment that came,from one of our recent videos.,And as you can see, it sort of,rambles on and on.,And then it says that this,particular investor was able,to make make eight Bitcoin,with just an initial investment,of one point five Bitcoin.,Now, just so were on the same page,right now, Bitcoin is trading for,about nine thousand dollars.,So what theyre saying in this scam,is that for an investment of,thirteen thousand five hundred,dollars, they were able to get,back seventy two thousand,dollars in just three weeks.,And like clockwork, as most,of these scams go almost,right away.,This comment had boards reply,to this particular comment with,things like, well, this is great.,And this turned my life around in,just three weeks.,And on and on it goes.,Now, most of us can look at this and,say, this is garbage.,I hate scams like this, but some,people must fall for it.,Otherwise, they wouldnt be doing,it. OK.,That being said, if weve,ever been curious what what is,behind these scams, Ive actually,been curious.,Not if its legit or not, just how,crazy is this scam.,So what I did is I reached out to,one of these investment scammers.,Now, I actually dont have the,original message anymore since,I didnt take a screenshot of the,one that I was replying to.,I wrote down their information,and then YouTube must have flagged,it as being a bot or spam,or whatever it was.,But basically it was exactly like,this post post.,It was exactly like this post was.,And many of the other dozens,that Im sure weve all seen.,OK, so the first thing I did was I,created a fake email address and I,got a burner phone.,And I was also very careful to only,email these people using an,old computer just,in case when they emailed me back,,if they had any viruses, spyware or,anything like that embedded in it,,it wouldnt affect my computers and,I actually care about.,So the comment that I was replying,to was talking about an,amazing investment manager,named Gerrald Hamilton.,And the comment actually gave,Gerrald Hamiltons phone number.,So I want to help.,I went ahead and called the great,Mr. Hamilton, and I actually got a,quick audio clip that I recorded,of that conversation.,Now, I did crop out some of the,small talk, the ask him where I,live. I just made stuff up.,He asked me if I had any investment,experience.,I said, ah, shucks, I dont have,any. I hope to have, you,know, great a great experience with,you. I hope I can make a lot of,money. Heres what that clip sounds,like.,So Im just going to make a,prediction. But you know, it trading,upside down, Im going to you know,,I find it so easy,,all of it, if youre too.,I hope it. Right now to,wait until then.,If I get out,,though.,I want you to look.,I know that I,am today, but,Im not,going to I if,I buy it a,hundred and.,Right.,Yeah.,Well, youre putting that date,in it.,Thanks again.,I have one 800,five.,OK.,Promise me youll be,happy.,But.,OK. Now, just to be clear, if we,give this guy five hundred dollars,,he can return eight hundred seventy,five dollars per week because,apparently he day trades Bitcoin,seven days a week and,apparently hes never wrong.,Thankfully, hes got these amedi,amazing investment day trading,signals.,OK, now, after he said all of that,,I asked him if he can email me the,math so I could review it with my,wife. He said he would.,And then he explained that,my minimum investment had to be at,least two thousand dollars.,I said I was super excited to get,started.,Email me and e-mail me,the investment proposal.,And if he could send me something,verifying that he was legit and,he did. First, he sent me,his certificate and we can see that,the great Mr. Gerald Hamilton,is an expert in advanced trading,technologies.,And he received this certificate,from Modulus.,Now, one of the first things that,jumps out at me was the fact that,this particular certificate expires,in twenty, forty seven and he got,it in twenty seventeen.,This means that this particular,certificate last thirty years.,Now, just to give us a point of,comparison, if we got our series,seven license, which is what we need,to be a stockbroker, that series,seven last two years before,we have to renew it.,This one last 30 years.,So thats a bit suspicious.,And now I was actually curious if,this company was a real company.,It turns out they are a real,company. Looks like they provide,some of the technology behind,different trading platforms, but,there is no indication that they,actually give out any certificates.,Ive actually called them a few,times. I tried reaching out to sea,to the CEO of that company to let,them know what these people are,saying, that theyre getting a,certificate from there.,But he hasnt come back to me.,OK. Then onto the email itself.,So this is a screenshot of the exact,e-mail you sent me.,So first he said he needs some basic,information.,Simple enough.,And then if we invest it, this is,the math he gave me.,Two thousand dollars a day.,We would earn 10 percent a day,,which is 200 dollars a day.,This time he cleaned it up and said,that he would only be trading five,days a week since those five trading,days in a week.,So a thousand dollars a week.,OK. Now this is where he loses me.,He then applied that thousand,dollars, which I thought was,a week.,And I assume he took that he,made a mistake and is,pretending that its that somehow,going to be a thousand dollars a,day. So it multiply it by 30,,giving us a profit of,thirty thousand dollars a month.,Plus we get our two thousand dollars,back. So we invest two thousand.,We get thirty thousand a month.,So needless to say, this is all,garbage. Sure, some people,do day trade and some people,actually make a good living doing,it, but its not easy to do,and theres no simple way of,doing it.,Certainly nowhere near what this guy,is talking about.,And generally today, trade, you need,a lot of money to make a,very little money consistent.,OK. So I go ahead and I tell,this guy that Im interested and,I give him my phone number and,he starts to call me and he,calls and calls,and calls. And most of the time,I dont answer, although sometimes I,do pick up.,And he explains to me that all,I needed to do to start,with a two thousand dollar,investment was to,send him two thousand dollars,in Bitcoin.,So I ask him, couldnt I open,a fidelity or some other online,trading plot, some online trading,account, and given that log in,information?,No, it needs to be sent directly to,him in Bitcoin.,Theres nothing that says its not a,scam, like send me no untraceable,currency.,So I tell him that Im afraid that,this isnt legitimate, afraid we,could lose money.,And I ask him, is there some,way to prove what youre doing?,He says, Ill send you some of my,Bitcoin traits.,So this is what he sent me this,screenshot. This is from him.,He tells me that these bitcoin,trades are com are trades,that hed made the day before we,spoke.,And we first may notice that, first,of all, these are not Bitcoin,trades. Second, these,trades are made back in February.,And third, these are all,buy orders.,How do we know these were even,profitable without the other side,of the trade? Go buy it and sell it,or sell it and buy it.,You cant just give me buyers and,tell me you made money on every one,of them. So I call them out on this.,And he said, Oh, my mistake.,I sent you the wrong trades and,Ill send you the ones.,He then sends the new ones.,Once again, these are not

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