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Bitforex Exchange Review

[Music],hello,and good evening my dear esteemed guests,and subscribers it is a delight to have,you here,and as always im your host lightliger,and today,i will be reviewing a centralized,exchange from singapore,called bitforex which has been around,since,2018 and in terms of their uh,ranking in the overall exchanges theyre,actually one of the largest ones,uh which do not require kyc so in order,to deposit,withdraw or basically trade on the,platform does,not require a kyc i believe theres a,ten thousand dollar,limit uh that you can actually withdraw,or trade before you have to provide kyc,details,so in that terms bitforx is actually a,really great option,for many people out there who dont want,to do kyc,and yet have an access to a large amount,of liquidity,but lets kind of start uh with things,so first of all there is an option to,buy with visa and mastercard,um bitcoin ethereum and usdt but i do,wanna,uh say that i do believe that this is,gonna be actually requiring you to do a,kyc here,in order you can basically use those,cards but you can obviously deposit,normally like everybody else does,in case you dont want to use visa or,mastercard,uh one of the things i want to see here,from the gecko i like the fonts,i like the clearness of the layout and,the interface,it doesnt have one of those ugly,chinese fonts which you would probably,expect from a lot of these,you know proxy companies which are,listed on singapore,so in terms of the interface and,everything its very clean,and beautiful theres also an,application,that you can download and also it is,in my understanding required to have a,two-factor authenticator,also available in order to basically log,into the platform so thats something,you have to be prepared to do,um there is basically a couple of,different extra features here,so uh one of the things we should,probably start off with,is well referrals okay we can start with,that so,there is a referral program available,here which basically gives you uh 30,of transaction fees and 30 on perpetual,transactions on,the actual platform you know average,usually revolves around 30 to 40 percent,ive seen websites which give you 50,and then theres some type of you know,premium thing which i dont think i have,gotten yet,and uh basically you know those fees,are paid on multiple different,currencies which in my opinion is great,i dont like having it on usdt or,bitcoin for instance,i prefer having altcoins as a payment,because,they can go obviously spiking up into,the moon,now then there is things called the ious,so basically there are you know hosted,projects,um blockchains or initial sales can be,done on bitforex,i think i believe they have the telegram,one then there is this,cf town centralized applications and,they have some type of partnership with,paxful,and then theres some other uh you know,companies listed here for entertainment,these are kind of interesting why these,are here,and if i believe right they also had um,you know exchange offerings here,available i believe it was the turbo,yeah,so basically there has been um ieos,hosted on the bitforx as well,uh last one was in last year so nothing,has been released as of this year,so who knows when that may actually,happen but,those can be sometimes very profitable,enterprises depending on the quality of,the project,then again i have never heard about any,of these here so who knows,what is their quality here all together,now and then theres the f 2.0 i believe,this,is the staking feature if i remember,right,so as for ethereum you have the ability,to basically participate,on this system and you know stake low as,0.1 east and,automatically join the bid forex pools,which are hosted,so that kind of gives you an access to,ethereum 2.0,and getting those ethereum rewards,basically by staking so thats also not,something that youre probably going to,be seeing a lot of other exchanges,basically offer in the future,but lets get into the spot trading,interface here so theres basically,three different big,pairs here we have bitcoin ethereum and,usdt,these are very normal usually and these,are the ones that you kind of expect on,pretty much all the exchanges and,sometimes theres obviously pairings for,the native token,which doesnt seem to be the case with,this time and,i like the clean interface you have,everything going on here,its just weird that some of these have,like gif icons and some of them dont,obviously you see theres a beam and,green so theres a lot of info,in emphasis on a bit of a privacy coins,also on this exchange which some people,might appreciate especially the ones,who dont want to do kyc if i remember,right,there was around lets see how many,coins are being listed,on the actual exchange so,that is around 135 coins it is not the,largest altcoin,uh volume of tokens we see but then,again theres some very high quality,coins here which were not available yet,on other places,which i will talk about in a second but,overall i think the interface is very,good it also allows you to change the,night mode and,daylight mode and then there is a demo,mode as well which kind of goes into,everything about the details in case,youre not uh,familiar with them and then theres,other history also,showing up which is also expected now,the perpetual which is something that i,dont personally participate on,you have a couple of interesting choices,here which are like beam and grin,and i dont think those are like in many,other perpetual contracts in other,uh exchanges so if youre interested in,those two specifically,this might be the only place uh where,you can do that,so thats another one that you might,want to um look into but obviously as i,said,derivatives perpetuals futures is not my,thing,im not an expert on those fields and i,never claim to be,so uh you know proceed with caution then,they had this,easy swap feature which is basically,swapping ethereum tokens between each,other,with zero gas fees and im not sure,exactly like,how does this fundamentally work lets,just actually,open it up and see so yeah you have a,like uh,some sort of a similar system here where,you can provide liquidity and everything,and you can earn from them,a lot of exchanges have been starting to,do this as of late,and there are obviously some benefits to,that,for multiple different reasons because,you can earn with the money that you,have on the exchange but at the same,time,there can be impermanent loss on your,funds,and then we have a thing called the mt5,and this is basically to you know,trading interface of source i guess,and leverage trading so something that,im not personally interested in but,some,people like to have spot and leverage,and you know its always,uh every exchange are tailoring to a,certain type of,audience usually some people try to be a,bit of a you know,swish army knife and doing everything,and thats just good like some people,like this and some people like that,and then theres some defy zone thing i,dont actually understand what this is,exactly so this is some bunch of d fight,tokens here,which most of our djinn like vice token,would never buy it again,and dragon for instance piccolo finance,is okay but,and shroom perhaps but uh definitely,something of,a you know weird thing here i dont know,what exactly is the point of having a,different,tab for it and then finally lets go,into the assets tab and here you can,basically see how much funds you have,uh recently i moved some money and,bought omi which is e-commie,a rising nft project put 500,and now its worth like 700 so im,pretty happy about that 748 someone,50 up about about approximately,and um you know theres a lot of you,know good icons here everything is very,clear,and you can search not a lot of like bad,tokens or anything here and most of them,are quality but you have couple of,really odd balls here and the bunch as,well which,i would never buy but it doesnt matter,if there are some bad coins listed,or not it just means that you know you,might be just interested in the low,

BitForex Review – Avoid This Unlicensed Scam Broker at All Costs

this video will be important to you if,you are a just started in trading and,youre looking for a safe broker,you have been scammed by your broker and,you do not know how to get your money,back,all links are in the description below,the video bit 4x review bit4x may sound,like a forex broker but is actually,cryptocurrency exchange,they target mostly chinese clients and,even accept cny deposits,while the project is very new volumes,are rapidly picking up so we decided to,give them a full review,bit forex advantages very low fees,probably the main driving factor for,this exchanges surge in popularity,market makers those who place orders in,the book dont pay anything this may,seem too good to be true but we have,seen quite a few chinese exchanges have,offered this in their early days only to,attract a user base and then implement,fees,takers those who take the best possible,price from the order book on the other,hand have to pay zero,10 percent which is very low when,compared to the industry average of zero,20 to zero 25,strong security measures bit 4x offers,two-factor authentication 2fa which is a,solid way of protecting clients balances,this is a system which makes you verify,each login to the platform with your,mobile phone,this way even if somebody knows your,password he wouldnt be able to access,you coins,additionally the majority of the assets,at bit4x are allegedly kept in cold,wallets and there are other useful,features like ip detection on login and,more,no deposit fees this simply means the,exchange itself doesnt charge you,anything extra when making a payment,the banks involved in the cny,transaction or blockchain if you are,depositing crypto will take their usual,share,bit 4x disadvantages no info on the,company this exchanges website doesnt,tell us anything about the people or,company behind it,this is very troubling even for an,entity in the vastly unregulated world,of cryptocurrencies,new exchange one thing which is obvious,is that this is a new project,as always even if they have the best,intentions there are some risks involved,with an inexperienced team,no margin trading while this is an,entry-level service one cant borrow,more coins than he already has in order,to trade speculatively,this isnt a big issue as most exchanges,dont offer similar functionality,conclusion,bid forex is a rather new cryptocurrency,exchange which targets the chinese,market,we have little information about their,background and while the trading,conditions seem very competitive using,this venue will come at your own risk,then again one may argue even the most,well-established exchanges are exposed,to serious risks from hacking to the,company simply deciding to close shop,and run with the coins everything is,possible with a centralized exchange,as an alternative the forex brokers we,briefly mentioned above are often,regulated by strict government agencies,forex is the global market for trading,all national currencies as much as five,trillion dollars is traded every single,day its an online hotbed for people,looking to make money this explains why,online forex trading is a scammers,paradise forex scammers employ all kinds,of scams from the very simple to the,very complex,some scammers present a fancy looking,website which should be a sure sign its,professional and trustworthy right wrong,people will open an account deposit,their funds and even start trading in,reality theres no brokerage and theres,no trading but the money taken from you,was very real and could be gone for good,other forex scammers present themselves,as successful fund managers making easy,profits and even showing you how to do,it,unfortunately they can easily display,the fake results they want to show you,remember they only get paid if and when,you put money into their system,some forex platforms have dumped down,versions of trading like binary options,for example the scammers show how easy,it is to profit from trading in truth,they have no intent to ever withdraw,your deposits the money only goes in one,direction to them for more information,visit us at mychargeback.com,register by following the link in the,description below the video

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all right so very quickly the next,episode we go now is the part of big,projects okay Im gonna go to did for is,like a chameleon,so please upset it on the balance,training the trans much as possible to,take note and now we youre letting,procedure this is procedure so please,take note have a daughter and then take,the procedure or market because we call,it a lot of fun and all of you must,leave your phone in there please,well have to be serious with obviously,the last unbeknownst we did have to set,in your price we always come into the,market you check the marketability,pretend for youth if it does not then,you should know what to do in the past,you can buy back your banner that,pointedly call or maybe you surprised at,the butterfly range and it has tons of,percentages but has not gotten to the,price of set but you know youve missed,profit you can as well comes to the,other and set the price under delivery,why not to make a profit cater rapidly,well gonna there we go okay so this is,bit for us Im gonna log out now Ive,been logging again so Im gonna log out,and log in again on the bit for us okay,so not get into your bit forest this is,bit forest lobbied update forest calm,now our login put your password and then,login half Coubertin kiddo its a safety,verification honest see youre not a,rabbit and I put my boards at you kiddo,thats 69 before,then we go into us locket now on it for,us love the interface this way,so the first place go to is asset now,having done two asset then you see your,your assets my asset estimated value,wallet you know and use this spot to see,Perpetua empty five whatever then the,next is these are my asset is are the,part of the asset and then what do I,need to do first I click on their purses,then I select open,so if which is not here I got to type it,BTC then I select it the copy of the,wallet address,wheres copy successfully appear in BTC,then I come back when you login again is,going to show this way right,then happen friend tell you account,alright you still come to asset then,want to come to asset scroll down and,you look well BTC as I do not find it,you see here so I said for BG see here,is BTC you click on transfer now on your,own are not wonderful now okay as Im,Karina Im not just trying to do,something mental Im not leaving any,manager okay,so I come to assets sorry and then I,click on transfer BTC so I click on,transfer from wallets to wear to spot,dont go to empty photo go to Perpetua,go to squats then all the money yes,transfer off or if its lead to part of,the money maybe you are funded your town,with 0.5 HC or 1 B to C for instance so,you may say does 0.05 of my BTC they you,click on content having people confirmed,you moved the money you have into your,spot account then thats why you go to,spot ok that ones a click on the spot,just sports gonna shoot this way so you,see BTC you see eth market see USD to,USD now you actually have funded your,account with BTC so what code actually,are you gonna trade maybe I want to,trade maybe I want to trade green so,look at me if cream is not here you have,to set G are n grain against BTC so I,click on green so bring you up to the,dashboard or the trip platform and then,you can see green then you have to,scroll down ok you have to scroll down,there you go do you have money they have,determine here so lets say I want to,buy green but I say Oh green I dont,want to buy you I wont buy you at level,seven zero zero solution how many green,I said 50 percent of my money so say 50,percent of my money will buy how many,level point five degree what I have so,as ok yes we read I click on buy great,not gonna ask you of your team now you,have no set of your pain in order for,you,set up your pee you got to you got to go,to your settings but without that mean,you cannot be able to treat all right,with that thing you cannot be able to,trade it must have to set your team in,order to tree so where do I set my pin,which culture in password then click on,your profile which is your yellow and,then you dont see security settings,click on security said that once you,click on security settings then what,exactly are you gonna do so you dont,here are you my software file you know I,use blue water potato I dont use email,binding then you have to know youre,going to see bind do go to the kiddo you,click on bind – already fine and thats,why you see me this way,then you click on bind together kiddo,and then it pops up you do both and get,o to be bind it they you scan with soapy,water get on your hunt in your Devins,device your name then you scan and set,up the button kiddo I will set up the,good kiddo of course to ask to send me,Cuchillo email which I will copy it and,verify one status dont they come here,to click on sex now he said children,password setting not behind but in the,front row seats password settings so you,click on setting my Im not setting so,it means Ive set mine and that was,ticked good a you click on setting and,then I ask you these numbers so you can,go to system burrs and their taxes,numbers you ask you to fulfill in by,repeating the cyst numbers so you do,exactly what the system asked you to do,and then once that is done successfully,they ask you for the water to get up to,verify that youre actually the one,doing this transaction havent done that,then your pin is set successfully then,you come the training from spot now you,got a spot no less I want to trade us,but uses us against BTC so us again good,to see come to swim with so Wow,fantastic so come here I want to buy us,so Ive also newest just today and then,what do I do,I want to buy yours I said no no no not,gonna buy us at this on buy us a flea,need zero zero zero solution all play,six zero zero zero solution so okay how,many percent or 7 percent or 100 percent,of my money by us so its going to ask,me of my pin 1 2 1 2 1 2,now the pin is in order success other,success does no mean it but for me it,means me please the order can see the,order is replace here open orders order,history on us I have bought before what,us at four one nine zero zero and now we,have four one nine three seven so the,one out but I think was only twenty know,that so thats buying of us what now,having bought if they bought for you for,instance theyve actually pulled you,would want for me I cant come on here,the here look I sell then after the lead,here say us sell for me at five six zero,zero four six five zero zero at five,point something percent so Im 50% of,that mark new ways to be suit for me at,that rate so I click on what sell us so,ask me of the pin again I do the same,look thats set mania have remaining six,points east noise a conceived oppa reset,my price,they set for me at 7500 six point four,six dollar for $9,so I say 100% all the many viewers so,at this rate ask me of the pimp is going,to be asking you peep at every time you,are setting or dance combined or,facility now if you come down here and,come to open orders then you can see the,two prices I want to sell and the one,price I want to buy and thats exactly,what to do,anytime you come to the market what am I,supposed to do it just to check the,market I log into and know log into my,market to check what is the market doing,right now so I have to go to my spot and,chain oh Ive bought our sold us or I,please order to sell or to buy in words,and in which at a but please order to,buy green and you know check and so,those are things you do and any time you,discover that the price you set like a,tune of my client to set price or be at,seven thousand Satoshi which has been so,seven thousands are two she seven,thousand five from the solution 7,200,Satoshi it actually go to seven thousand,and fifty sub to step out so the one or,seven thousand Satoshi have been sold,and then what is it meant to do anytime,the price of you are a beam or any other,coin come down and you can go ahead and,buy please stick its very important,very simply you need to have so much,overhead in this aspect of trading,so bit first log

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Everything you need to Know about BitForex | @BitForex Official

hey guys my name is jason and i welcome,you all to my youtube channel thank you,jason in this video im gonna talk about,an really entrusting crypto exchange,named as the pit forest exchange the,topics that i wish to cover in this,video is well be having a look at an,in-depth detail about what bit forex,exchange is after that ill be teaching,you how you can get registered with this,exchange then well be having a look at,how you can deposit as well as withdraw,your funds last but not the least ill,be talking about how you can trade more,than 300 plus different trading pair in,this amazing crypto exchange make sure,that you watch this video till the end,and if you havent subscribed to this,channel until now please do subscribe,and by clicking on the bell icon select,the button all,[Music],let us start the video with the question,what is pet forex pet forex isnt crypto,exchange that has more than 500 plus,different assets which you can buy sell,hold or even trade it provides features,like spot trading perpetual trading,staking and many more to more than 5,million plus users in 200 plus countries,let us now talk about the process on how,you can get registered with the bid,forex exchange in order to get started,the very first thing you need to do is,just go to the link in the description,below for bid forex as soon as you open,that link you will see about the bit,forest knight program wherein on every,ruffle that you make on the bet forex,you will earn up to 30 percentage of,commission and guys if you are among a,premium night member you can earn up to,40 percentage of trade commission and if,you have a closer look to this page you,will see that some users have earned up,to 81 bitcoin worth of referral bonus,which is huge in order to sign up to pet,forex you will find two different sign,up options first among which is email,and second is the phone number if you,decide to sign up to phone number,firstly you need to insert your phone,number then you need to generate a new,password make sure that the referral,code is correctly inserted and once you,have inserted all of the details you,need to simply click on the create an,account and thats it this is how easily,you can get registered with pet forex,right now im on the home page of pet,forex and as you can see you can buy,sell hold 500 plus different,cryptocurrencies on the bit forex,exchange which is pretty amazing let me,now talk about the steps on how you can,buy crypto with pet forex in order to,buy you need to simply click on the,option which is buy crypto as soon as,you open that option you first need to,select the asset for example i have,chosen the asset as ustt then you will,be able to see multiple third-party,payment providers which you can choose,from and friends let me tell you the,fees which you have to pay for buying,the crypto is as little as two,percentage so for example if you wish to,buy hundred dollars worth of usd then,you just need to pay a commission of two,dollars let us now talk about the,process on how you can deposit crypto,into your bid forex account in order to,do that firstly you need to click on the,option which is assets after choosing,the assets click on the deposit tab and,then you will be able to see 500 plus,different cryptocurrencies which you can,deposit in this video ill be showing,you the steps on how you can deposit,usdt after selection of the asset you,then need to select the chain in this,video i have chosen the bsc chain and,this is my deposit address in which i,have to send the funds in order to,deposit i will now take you to my,metamask wallet choose usdt click on the,send paste the deposit address,and insert the amount of how many usd i,wish to send and this is the total,amount let me click on the confirm a few,moments later my deposit of ustt is now,successfully completed let us now talk,about the steps on how you can withdraw,crypto from pet forex in order to do,that we need to click on the withdrawals,and then choose the crypto that we wish,to withdraw,i will again click on the ustt in order,to withdraw usgd on the ethereum chain,in bit forex you just have to pay a fee,of,1.72 usd which is super cheap compared,to any other crypto exchange now let us,talk about the most awaited topic which,is how you can trade on pet forex,exchange before we actually proceed to,trade you can see pet forex has launched,a zero fee bitcoin trading yes friends,you heard it correct right now there is,no fees on the bitcoin spot trading and,the two trading pairs which you can,choose from s bitcoin ust as well as,bitcoin usdc this campaign starts from,8th of july and the end date is not yet,revealed so make sure that you make the,most out of your trades within this,activity period in order to perform the,trade let me click on the trade now and,in the search section ill be searching,for btc and the pair i have chosen as,btc us30 this is the price at which,bitcoin is trading as of now in order to,proceed to trade let me first select the,bitcoin price after that i need to,insert my bitcoin amount before we can,trade we first need to transfer our,funds from wallet to the spot account so,this is the amount that im gonna,transfer and after the transfer has been,completed let me click on the hundred,percentage let me now click on the buy,btc and below you can see my trade has,been initiated and within a few seconds,my order has been successfully filled in,order to show you the proof of my,payment let me take you to my spot,account section and this is the amount,of bitcoin that i had purchased from the,trade so that is it for the video so,guys i hope that you have got a deep,understanding about what bit forex,exchange is as well as its features,still if you got any doubts or queries,regarding anything that i have talked in,this particular video make sure to,comment down below thank you for,watching this video goodbye and see you,in the next video,you

Bitforex Exchange Review Completo Mais Faucet de BTC

a rotação de amigos eu sou walter e esse,é o dicas o vídeo de hoje é sobre essa,exchange aqui ó biforex essa parte aqui,pessoal para quem não sabe ainda ela tem,também uma falsa de aqui ó em bitcoin,que no caso seria esta falta de ti aqui,uma moto retirou a free bitcoin para,quem já conhece perto aqui funciona a,cada uma hora e para quem quiser clamar,essa falsete primeiro você tem que estar,fazendo um cadastro na vida de forex eu,quero você tem que tá fazendo o cadastro,primeiro ou que eu mesmo só se você já,ficou interessado eu vou deixar o link,de cadastro aqui na descrição desse,vídeo assim que vocês acessar o link,vocês serão redirecionados para cá e,aqui neste formulário vocês vão aparecer,aqui com um e-mail uma senha e aqui o,seguinte pessoal vocês vão clicar aqui ó,entendi porque porque eles vão enviar um,código lá por e-mail de vocês e esse,código que eles enviaram na por e-mail,vocês vão cortar aqui ó ok voltou código,aqui aí vocês vão um pouquinho para,baixo aí vocês vão marcar essas,caixinhas aqui ó essas duas caixinhas,certo aí passa a ficar aqui ó,e aí para fazer o login basta clicar,aqui ó novinho vocês vão acessar com o,e-mail a senha ele vai clicar aqui ó em,look como sempre minha conta já está,alugada e vou mostrar para vocês tudo,passo a passo então o pessoal retornando,novamente aqui para este aqui da netflix,e como eu já falei no começo do vídeo,aqui vocês vão encontrar aqui uma,falsete certo eu já estou logado nela,aqui ó eu vou até sair aqui da conta,para mostrar para vocês como é que vocês,vão fazer para tar alugando certo então,vou sair aqui na conta,o ok estou deslocado agora e agora vou,mostrar como é que vocês vão fazer para,tá fazendo o login aqui é o seguinte,pessoal aqui que vocês colocarem na,conta de vocês para vocês ficarem,reclamando aqui na falsete vocês vão,colocar aqui ó em frente correm vai,abrir aqui uma nova uma nova guia certo,ele vai estar assim ó aí vocês vão fazer,o que vocês vão colocar aqui em saber aí,vai abrir essa parte aqui ó ou seja essa,janela onde ele vai falar aqui para você,estar jogando através da conta da,bitfenix e se vocês não tiverem conta,ainda basta clicar aqui ó vai estar se,registrando mas como você já estão,logado na conta basta clicar aqui nesse,botãozinho verde ok agora já estou,logado e para vocês estarem clamando,aqui nessa falsete é muito fácil basta,você clicar aqui ó e fui ver que assim,e aqui pessoal vai ter uma tabela aqui ó,estilo a free bitcoin como eu já falei é,aqui vai ter numeração se vocês,aceitarem essa numeração vocês vão,ganhar esse valor aqui e assim por,diante é cada uma hora certo e para,clamar aqui é muito fácil basta rodar um,pouquinho para baixo aí é só você clicar,aqui ou vai aparecer kátia,e vai abrir essa próprio vocês fechem e,aqui ó vem esse valor aqui ó vítimas,fatais e hoje vou falar um pouquinho,aqui dos menos aqui ó esse primeiro,mesmo aqui é falsete aqui vai ter um,multiplayer aqui no caso seria um jogo,aqui de aposta você pode apostar aqui ó,na baixa ou então na alta continuando,aqui aqui vai ter uma loteria nesse meio,aqui ó eu vou traduzir aqui para vocês,ver botão direito do mouse traduzir para,o português participe do sorteio semanal,da loteria e ganhar grandes prêmios o,primeiro prémio é este valor aqui e,último valor aqui ó é a 53 neste outro,menino aqui aqui vai estar todos os cães,aí que vocês fizeram e aqui nesse último,menos aqui ó se vocês clicarem aqui vai,ter um fakie aí se vocês quiserem,depositar é só você clicar aqui ó nesse,meio aqui em depósito aí aqui o seguinte,pessoal você postos essa falsa de que é,diferente das outras constantes ele,funciona assim vocês vão ter que,depositar aqui ó através do art and aqui,ó dá vê de fora,eu vou mostrar para vocês agora então,vocês tem que ter um valor aqui ou não,na consistência inverter ser obviamente,tá você tem que ter o valor aqui ó e,vocês vão fazer o quê para você vou ter,que clicar aqui ó em transfer certo e,vocês vão transferir aqui ó da carteira,carteira de bebê ser para este último,vendo aqui ó chefe account vocês vão,precisar aqui ó aí vocês vão botar aqui,o montante que você quer entrar,transferindo se vocês quiser transferir,tudo vocês que vem aqui olha só apertar,aqui o único o filme no caso vocês vão,transferir para cal nesse último mesmo,aqui aí o balanço vai vir para cá perto,aqui ó aí assim que o valor estiver aqui,vocês pode botar aqui o montante que,vocês querem transferir aí é só apertar,aqui ó depósito e from before i step out,aí o valor já foi vem para cá certo,muito simples depois que vocês quiserem,vocês dei uma lida aqui com calma eu vou,solicitar um pagamento aqui ó perto eu,vou mandar lá para vir de fora então,para fazer isso vocês vêm aqui o,incrível descer agora a gente vai fazer,o contrário vamos clicar aqui ó,e aí aqui vai aparecer o mínimo de saque,aqui ó que é de 30 vezes a tocha eu vou,botar aqui o valor eu vou até copiar,aqui ó,e vamos colar aqui 30 dias altos então,pessoal tem uma taxa aqui de 200 isso a,tosse então vou fazer o seguinte eu vou,sacar aqui ó 34 mesmo eu traduzir aqui,para vocês verem atualmente apenas,apoiamos a retirada para o big fox o,valor mínimo de retirada de 30 nessa,tosse e vai descer você pode fazer o,login na sua conta bet fox e endereço de,retirada de beach boy para prosseguir,com a retirada o tempo necessário para,se retirar no beatbox é de cerca de 30,minutos e a taxa de retirada para o,petit fours l200 na parte de pertencer,beleza vou deixar aqui no original,pessoal então vamos apertar aqui ó e vou,estar ao nosso pessoal pagamento já está,sendo processado no momento eu estou,pendente agora vou falar um pouquinho,aqui a respeito dessa gente aqui assim,que vocês colocarem na conta de vocês,para vocês verem aqui as moedas aqui de,vocês vocês vão fazer o que vocês vão,clicar aqui ó em nascentes aí vocês vão,vir para aqui ó e aqui começar listadas,todas as questões aqui de vocês se vocês,quiserem procurar alguma coisa por moeda,basta es,é nesse quadro aqui eu mandei para cá,viu calisto cohen no caso seria só que,tô morrendo aqui ó série ó essa daqui aí,eu troquei por etérea no caso 1000sl o,meu calisto ele me rendeu aqui para mim,ele me rendeu aqui para mim 330.000 essa,tocha de matéria se vocês quiserem fazer,essa falsete aqui da calisto eu vou,deixar aqui na descrição também no caso,seria essa face aqui pessoal se é melhor,falsete aqui no caso é um sem ali ó,causa da 30 minutos antigamente eles,pagavam dois basta vocês acessar o site,aí ó aí vocês vão clicar aqui ó em ouvir,vai abrir essa janela e aqui nesse campo,aqui ó vocês vão botar uma carteira da,calisto e aqui mesmo na beatbox vocês,podem pegar essa carteira então psol,basta você clicar aqui ó em leite aqui,na vida em forks clique aqui o haiti e,aqui nessa caixinha aqui de busca vocês,vão digitar a sigla da moeda ser ele ó,na questão ele possa você explica,e aí aqui ó aqui vai estar na carteira,pessoal basta você clicar aqui para tá,copiada é copiado aí vai se tornando,para falsete aí é só coloque a carteira,vou dar o que encontrou ver resolva,criticante a ouvir a minha conta já está,logada vou mostrar para vocês o passo a,passo de volta aqui para falsete ela é,uma falsa é assim que vocês não querem,na conta vocês vão vir para aqui ó aí é,só um pouquinho para baixo aí vocês vão,clicar aqui no prédio,e vai aumentar essa janela aí vocês vão,resolver aqui esse cátion certo resolveu,o que o próprio mas só apertar aqui é um,trem a cada meia hora e aqui neste lado,esquerdo aqui ó vai ter no chat certo,ele tá pagando em cerca de 15 dias se,vocês quiser escrever alguma coisa é só,botar aqui a mensagem e apertar aqui ó,em rende o mínimo de estoque como eu já,falei é de 100 é só você apertar aqui,amanhã eu vou estar ao certo aí vocês,vão botar aqui o montante aí é só,apertar aqui em original tem três por,cento aqui de taxa como vocês podem ver,já solicitei aqui alguns pagamentos são,eu já sou cadastrado nessa falsa de aqui,já faz um bom tempo desde o ano passado,se vocês clicar aqui

How to Trade on Bitforex.com Exchange

hey whats going on youtube fam uh i,wanted to show you guys how to use,uh exchange trading were gonna go,through bitforex,and so literally im just gonna show you,how simple it is to basically compound,your money especially when you see an,opportunity inside the market so,if you have any experience in trading,whether you trade in stock market,whether you trade forex or you trade,cryptocurrency,right looking at the charts pretty much,the same exact principle so were going,to do a really quick tutorial here,show you how to use bit forex how to set,up some sell limits buy limits and,things of that sort,and really how to leverage your money,okay so lets jump right into the,information here,uh for those who dont know me listen i,used to be a uh pilot in the air force i,was able to walk away from that,uh eight and a half years ago been a,part of a program thats changed my life,in a major way,uh taught me how to trade uh whether,trading leveraged or unleveraged okay,right now were going to talk about,trading,unleveraged right and i believe that,trading on leverage is probably the,safest way to trade when i say safest,way to trade until you learn how to,actually trade okay,trading uh without leverage allows you,to actually buy the asset and the only,way that you can actually,lose is if you actually sell the asset,overall right so if we buy for example,today im gonna show you how to buy,litecoin,you buy litecoin and litecoin does not,do what we wanted to do,okay today were expecting litecoin to,actually go up but lets just say,we buy litecoin at 164 165 and then,litecoin continues down,and it comes to 121. well for that,moment yeah youre looking at it,depending on what you bought if you,bought one litecoin,okay your your you would be what if it,goes to 20 120 youll be 40 40 bucks,down,now if you sell it right there you take,the loss okay,but we know that looking at assets uh,unless this market just totally tanks,and goes to zero youll always have your,asset there so,you know doing the right thing most,people understand that if theyre,accumulating cryptos okay,your goal is not to we were making,profit over the long term so if it comes,down to this area what im gonna do is,just take another buy,okay im gonna buy the asset at 120 and,we call that price,averaging right so what does that mean,okay lets say i call the trade here,which you guys can now to see the sub,this is our buy zone so lets say i buy,it at 165 right which ive already done,im gonna show you,and then this thing does continue down,lets say i bought 10,litecoins at 165 which i did okay,and so that cost me about 16 16 65 1700,bucks right,and lets say price goes down to 120,lets just say 120 right well obviously,thats,what with 10 ethereums thats a 400,loss well its a loss if i was to sell,it okay so its not,lost its just that my portfolio was,down,okay by 400 right now and i know its,gonna go up now what do we do,price cost averaging says listen you,know if you have in your account you can,go and buy,10 more at 120. okay so now i buy at the,lower level i buy 10 more now i have 20,so the price averaging out i really have,bought my theories at 145,right right around that area so when,price does come back lets say im,trading it right i just want to do a,short term position,so i buy 10 again here when price goes,back,up to 165,then were actually down 200 in profit,okay because we really based on the,average cost of our litecoin,we really bought here in the middle,because we bought at the low we bought,it the high point which price continued,down so we bought it 165 and then we,turned around we bought it at 120,price goes up so it averaged out to,about 140 something when price goes back,up to the original point of 165,okay boom were 25 up times 10. so were,250,bucks up and then our original target of,what 195 which we gave us a 30,margin there right now were looking at,that 250,okay plus the 300 we just made 550,based off that move there okay so thats,when were not using leverage were,actually buying the asset,you know obviously a lot of people like,to do leverage because if they dont,have that much money to,to play around with actually buying the,asset they may only have a hundred,dollars so,youll have to use an mt4 platform and,then leverage until you actually have,enough money to actually own the asset,but i believe that this,is probably the easiest easiest way to,trade okay maybe it might take you a,little bit longer to understand but im,gonna show you how to basically set up,pending orders to win in this and if you,dont understand as much ill introduce,you to a platform or just dm me,okay to introduce you to an academy,platform to teach you how to do this on,a much higher level okay so hopefully,this video provides you with some value,so lets just go and jump into it so the,first thing im gonna do,is i want to chart my stuff out okay and,for me personally i like to go from big,to small and i had already had this,charted out but lets just go,and let me tell you what i see here,right when were talking about support,and resistance right these candles they,represent price if we look to the right,here,okay you see 240 260 280 okay thats,representing price and when you see a,green candle or this candle pushing up,is representing that price is increasing,up right so if we look at this weekly,this is our weekly chart that means,each candle represents one week okay as,we go up thats,one week okay the second week price,continued up overall long term,price went all the way up to about 392,okay,in two weeks time frame so if you would,have bought in at 220,goes up to 380 in a two week time you,basically what you kind of doubled your,money there right,okay and then we see that price made its,correction back down okay so,now were looking for other buy entries,for this asset,so now were looking at this,understanding each of these candles,youll see these little wicks here,this represents where price went so we,look at the high here so when you when,you see something called ohc,okay the open high low close okay so,at the very top this would be the this,would be the high,the highest point price has been this,would be the low,the lowest point price has been okay,this would be the close of price because,this is a cell count this would be the,open price okay now on the buy candle,highs still remain the same,low still remain the same except this is,our open this is where the candle open,and this is where the candle closed now,what im gonna show you is just,basically how to set up a support,resistance area,okay what is the support and resist,resistance area support is like walking,on the floor,resistance is like pounding on a ceiling,okay so when i put this line here,this line represents okay my support and,resistance line,now this can be a subjective place and,so you may ask well how do you know,exactly where to place it,there theres no exact placement right,its actually an area so i can draw,actually a whole area pass here,okay representing a zone where i would,call trading zone the zone,okay so thats a zone so we look what,this story tells us look,price came up and listen i gotta make,sure i plug in,plug in my computer here give me one,second folks i just expect this hold on,one sec,all right im back okay so this,represents a whole zone here so if we,look price went up,okay came back touched this area price,didnt stay here right,then finally came back threw it up so,basically i ran a line because price was,here,price is here actually there pressure,there okay,so this is one of our zones right here,on our weekly okay so i like to go from,big to small,then we come down here another zone,right here support and resistance,together we can see where price,tapped here price tap to your price tap,here okay same in this area here so this,is somewhat of a zone in this area,then we go to here so what am i doing,im going to trade zone zone so if price,continues down,we know the next plan minimum the price,is going to come down to

How To Purchase OMI With iPhone – BitForex & Cash App

okay so im going to make a quick video,here,on how to buy oh me coins,with uh im just going to use a cash app,account,and bitforex so first you should have a,cash app account already created im,going to launch my cash app account,and over here you can see i have uh some,bitcoin already purchased,so what were going to do is were going,to send the bitcoin from cash app,so im going to hit this send button,over here on the right,and im gonna send bitcoin and lets,just say here im gonna,for our example here im gonna send a,thousand,dollars uh in bitcoin,so im gonna go ahead and hit send and,now theres an address that we need to,send it to so im gonna go ahead and log,into my bitforex account which,you should have the bitforex account and,the cash app,accounts created and authenticated prior,to doing any of this so,im going to go into my bitforex account,and im going to go to,deposit so i tried doing,this dollar lets say i want to put in a,hundred dollars,or purchase a hundred dollars uh you get,this,confirmation that pops up says theyre,using a third-party company,an estonian company i didnt really,trust putting my uh using a third-party,payment,so instead were going to transfer,bitcoin from our cash app,and were going to transfer bitcoin in,so you can either scan this if you pull,up on a computer,then theres you can use a qr code im,going to do everything from my iphone,right now,so theres an address down here im,going to go ahead and hit copy so thats,the wallet thats the address im going,to send the money to here on bitforex so,if i come back over here to cash app,im going to put my address in here and,click on,this external wallet and im going to,click next,and please confirm withdrawal of bitcoin,to this address,ending in uh you just look at the im,going to look at the last four digits,here the last four characters,just to verify that its the correct,address that was,um input im gonna hit confirm,put in my pin number,and now i initiated the withdrawal and,you can see my account just dropped by,a thousand dollars so you should get an,email,okay so its been about 25 minutes and i,just received,a notification from,cash app saying that the withdrawal has,been confirmed,and i just received an email here,um which also shows that the withdrawal,has now been confirmed in the blockchain,so now we just need to,wait for it to show up in the bigforks,account,which up there now its here okay so,well continue,um if we go to our wallet account here,on the left,were going to see if im just going,gonna hit hide zero balance,so now we see our bitcoin so in our,wallet is where this money comes in,we need to transfer this over to our,spot account so we can buy the ome coins,so,im gonna click on bitcoin the btc and,were gonna transfer this,within bitforex were going to transfer,from our wallet,where it currently resides and were,going to transfer it over to our spot,account where we can do our trades,over here um what i found is,on the right hand side if we click all,this little green button,its going to enter how much coins you,have but because its always fluctuating,the value after you click all its best,to click transfer right away is what i,found so im going to click all again,and just hit transfer so now its all,transferred over into our spot account,so lets go back,and back again and so now what were,going to do is,actually just go back to the main screen,this is our home page here,so whats kind of confusing is if you,click on the wallet,you can see the wallet here and now if i,hit hide zero balance we dont have any,bitcoin in our wallet if we click spot,and we hit the hide zero balance you can,see our bitcoin is now,here but this is not where you make your,trades if you go back,out this just shows this is just a,balance between the wallet and the spot,account,if we go back to the main page on the,bottom you can see the spot account this,is how you go back and forth between the,home,and then spot so this is where were,gonna make our trade so were go to spot,and right now our bitcoin is now here so,were gonna,go on top were gonna do a search for,btc for bitcoin,and this is gonna bring all the so you,can convert bitcoin to lots of different,currencies right now theres no direct,uh transfer from bitcoin or conversion,from bitcoin to,oh me so what were going to do is were,going to convert bitcoin to us dollar,so lets see here should be bt,here it is right here btc to usdt,so were going to click that so what we,want to do is we want to,um sell all of our bitcoin,so im gonna click sell,and were gonna sell it all um and then,click the 100 button over here on the,right and thatll,convert all of our bitcoin to dollars so,lets go and hit sell,and its going to put in your password,that you created,and so now in our open orders down here,you can see that its uh,its in our cell there,i just hit refresh and its gone so now,what were going to do is now we have,cash so were going to come back into,here,and were going to hit ome because we,want to buy ome,and now this is the only uh conversion,we have is from usdt,to ome so were going to click that so,now we won by omi,and we want to use all the cash so lets,hit 100 again and you can see that its,uh all the 995 um coins are there,so lets hit 100 and were going to buy,omega punch in our code again,and now heres our order and,once if we hit refresh still there,depends uh how much volume is being,traded oh there are no still hasnt gone,through yet,but once it goes through itll show up,in your wallet so,yesterday it took me i think for one,transaction was maybe,uh five minutes and the other one took,closer to 15 minutes so,well come back once this uh order goes,through,okay so it only took a few minutes and,now you can see that the order went,through,because its no longer in our open order,so lets go back to our home screen,and what were going to do is we need to,transfer,money out of the spot account back into,our wallet so lets click on the wallet,and we can see our spot account,so im going to click on spot we can see,we still have um,all of our uh heres the oh me coins,sitting in,our in our spot account so lets click,on the omi,and you can see heres our 88 000 ohmy,coins,were going to transfer this from our,spot account and were going to send it,back over to our wallet,and well click all and transfer,and thats it so lets go back so on our,spot account,theres fractions uh of us dollar and,bitcoin that still remains in there just,because the conversion rate but if we,click on our wallet,hit hide zero bounce now we have all of,our own coins here,and so i hope thats been a helpful,tutorial on how to buy,omecoin just using your iphone um,between the cash app account,and bitforex you can obviously use other,programs like coinbase pro but i just,wanted to do something simple and cash,app for me was,the easiest to use

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