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hello guys and welcome to crypto ball in,this video im going to take a look at,one of top cryptocurrency exchanges,which has been started at the end of,2017 and this cryptocurrency exchange is,already around for a bit guys and i will,do a quick overview of this,cryptocurrency exchange but in general,why i am creating these types of videos,is as i have been mentioning in many of,my other videos you want to have account,with as many different cryptocurrency,exchanges as you possibly can obviously,with legit cryptocurrency exchanges like,this for example which we will be taking,a look at in this video and the main,reason for this is that you cant get,all cryptocurrencies in one exchange and,in this cryptocurrency exchange you can,get many more different cryptocurrencies,as for example on coinbase so as,currently there are some problems with,binance and there might be some problems,with other exchanges thats why you,always want to have many accounts with,many different cryptocurrency exchanges,and today we are going to take a look at,bitmart,[Music],buy and sell crypto instantly yes guys,this cryptocurrency exchange provides,you pretty much all the same features as,all other crypto exchanges as i will,preview in a second guys and this,cryptocurrency exchange also has their,own native token and this is bitmart,token bmx if you are interested i have,also invested in this cryptocurrency and,this is for a reason because if you had,a bit more token you can get cheaper,transaction fees on bitmark exchange,guys as you can see here circulating,supply of this token is very small its,only 173 million so not billions not,trillions as with many other,cryptocurrencies which are out there and,its price currently is only 20 cents and,this is utility tokens and by huddling,this token you are like i mentioned,similar as with finance and many other,crypto exchanges which are out there you,can get discounts on trading fees when,you are trading on these crypto,exchanges and similar applies to bitmart,and bitmark guys firstly it is already,listed on investopedia if you dont know,guys the investopedia is one of the,biggest resources for different,financial information about markets,about charts and so on and so forth and,here it has been listed as you see best,for all coins in 2022 and as you can see,it almost gets up five stars and it has,been also listed on the balance guys,also as one of the best cryptocurrency,exchanges for trading year founded 2017,official website bitmark.com,cryptocurrency is available hundreds and,by the way you can trade over 750,different cryptocurrency pairs and you,can get many different cryptocurrencies,on this exchange so customer support,online chat and email and obviously easy,customer support but now lets talk,about the crypto exchange what they are,offering and lets do a quick overview,as you can see here guys,there are many different pairs which you,can trade you can check them out here,guys you can scroll down to them and you,can trade them and another way how you,can get it if you have created account,here you will cover your email and here,you can see that you can deposit you can,withdraw or you can go to assets and,then you can search by assets itself,guys for example if you would like to,deposit or withdraw or trade any,cryptocurrencies which you have,deposited into bitmart then it is easy,here you come here in search you can,search for that cryptocurrency and then,with each cryptocurrency here on the,right hand side youll see deposit,withdraw or trade but you can also,access trading by hovering these tabs,which are at the very top as you see,there are markets if you click you can,check markets but if you hover trade you,will see that there is standard trading,theres advanced trading and there is,margin trading if you click into,standard trading you will see the,trading interface is very similar as,with other cryptocurrency exchanges like,here on the left hand side you can see,sales these are cells where people are,currently selling and these are buys,where people are currently buying and,here is the current price as you see for,example for bitcoin usd pair current,price is twenty one thousand hundred and,fifty dollars and another thing for bear,markets if you are still around now when,bitcoins price has fallen so much this,means that you are serious about trading,and the bear markets are usually the,best times to do research to do research,on different cryptocurrencies dollar,cost average into coins into legit,projects and to create accounts with,many different exchanges like this for,example and by the way guys i will also,leave a referral link which i created,with my account and by registering with,that referral link which i will leave in,description you can also get 500 dollars,so as you can also come in and you can,also apply if you are interested for,referral programs and you can make,profits here by referral marketing now,returning back to this interface as you,can see if you would like to buy there,is fair stub if you would like to sell,there is second up and theres limit,orders market orders in limit order you,are entering your price manually in,market order you are buying buy market,price this means that if you would like,if you for example have 10 000 usdt and,you would like to buy bitcoin straight,away for the current price which is out,there you would click market you would,make 800 percent if you would like to,buy for all 10 000 and you click buy and,your order will be filled out,automatically and you will buy but,another thing which im getting asked,for many times guys when im reviewing,these different cryptocurrency exchanges,is what does it mean like professional,or for example standard if we hover here,over the trade you will see that now we,are currently in standard and there is,also advanced and full access to all,trading tools guys this means that it,changes pretty much only the user,interface or ui how this trading,platform looks when you are trading in,advanced mode you can see that all,trading tools are here on the right hand,side guys and here i can set my order my,buy order or sell order and here in one,place i can see what is happening here,you can see recent buys themselves at,the very right and here i can see what,are people selling and basket where,people are buying and here you can see,chart and here will be my open orders,here and theres the chart at the bottom,guys and next thing what we have here as,you can see there is also futures,trading where you can do usd tm and coin,and what does it mean guys is if you are,trading the futures similar as with,finance you can trade with usd tpl this,means that you can trade different,cryptocurrencies or for example bitcoin,with usdt but you can trade also with,coin m this means that you can trade,with the same cryptocurrency or do a,futures trading with the same,cryptocurrency which you have for,example you can trade bitcoin and also,bet with bitcoin on that particular,trade is another feature which you can,do here on bitmart is doing savings or,staking if we click into savings here,you can lock your cryptocurrencies for,longer time periods and when you are,locking your cryptocurrencies for longer,time periods you can earn profits for,example as you can see here guys,flexible savings if you lock one of,these cryptocurrencies for example usdc,you can earn six percent api for example,if you are in lets say bear market like,we are now and you would like to lock,your cryptocurrencies or you dont want,to use them or you dont want to keep,just crypto your usdc with no reason on,different cryptocurrency exchanges you,can lock them and at the same time you,can make profits and here is fixed,savings here you can fix on some fixed,time period like 30 days you can lock,coin dash or usdc or usdt and you can,make profit for field coin for example,you can make 7.1 percent if you lock it,for 30 days or for example if you would,be looking for 60 days you can make,already 8.5 pe

is BITMART Exchange a SCAM? How to use BITMART : My UPDATE!

thank you for joining my show my name is,adam bergman this is the adam bergman,show today i will do a three-month,follow-up on my last,bitmart exchange video today i will,answer,a simple question is bitmark,in my personal opinion a scam or not,today,we will expose bitmark for what it is,what will be the best possible way for,me to expose,bitmark for what it is either a fraud,or a legit exchange the easiest,possible thing i can do is actually go,through the motions and show you if it,works or not,step one lets send from one exchange to,bitmod,step two let in bitmod exchange from one,coin that i just received from this,exchange into a completely different,coin and step three lets,send that coin to a completely separate,exchange so,were gonna go over three separate,exchanges both,combined through bitmart and we are,gonna go through,three different coins again all,exchanged,received and sent from bitmark,i hope you enjoyed this little,experiment all right people,open up your bitmart you can use this,from your phone or use this from the,computer,on the top hand side on your home screen,theres going to be a little person,click on that little person i clicked on,the little person,over here i want to click on the line,that says,deposit on the line that says deposit is,going to give you this little search,option,click a d a thats cardano,why am i doing this when you click on,cardano or any other cryptocurrency that,you want to receive,theyre gonna give you a wallet address,you need to enter this wallet address,into your other wallet or your other,exchange,that you will be sending from so im,gonna be sending from coinbase,to bitmart first thing i needed to do,was open my bitmark and get my cardano,wallet i will now click copy,get out of bitmark and go into coinbase,you now have your coinbase open find,the coin or token that you want to be,sending to bitmart,as you can see i have cardano click on,my cardano,i clicked on my cardeno over here just,type ada wallet,ada wallet and on the top right hand,side i want to press that little arrow,that says,send how much do i want to send,100 dollars,continue its gonna ask you who are you,sending it to,i will say that im sending it to that,wallet address that i just copied,so remember a moment ago i went into,bitmark and i copied my cardano,wallet address that is my unique wallet,address for the unique crypto,of cardano any crypto that you will be,sending will have its own unique wallet,address,on every exchange that you use done i,sent,100 of cardano you can always view the,transaction by the way,this is what the blockchain is viewing,your actual ledger,viewing the transactions of all cryptos,sent from one person to another or one,wallet to another that is the point of,blockchain all it is is a digital ledger,that you cannot hack that you cannot,change its immutable,thats all a blockchain is once you send,from coinbase into bitmark go back into,your bitmark press this little asset,thing,go down and you see ada card download,click on it and there goes my hundred,dollars worth of cardano in my bitmod,account,now what i want to do is lets switch,from cardano,switch that to safe moon and then lets,send safe mode,into my trust wallet so now well go,from one exchange to march from bitmark,to a completely different exchange and,were gonna do an internal exchange,between,a coin and a token within the bitmod,exchange,so far its not a scheme and its,working from my personal experience,now in order to exchange ada,cardano or any other coin or token,thats supported on bitmart into safe,mode youre gonna have to go into,your markets then youre going to search,for the coin that you want to be selling,or changing youre going to go to ada,and what youre going to do is youre,going to press sell the way that big mod,works is it uses,usdt or tether for its native coin,i dont know if theres any other way to,do it but this is the way that i do it,and i just,sell whatever i have for tetter and then,i use tether to buy something else,so over here instead of limit order i,want you to press market order,market order means that you buy and sell,for whatever the current price is,limit order means that you are waiting,to buy or sell,if it hits a certain price and then it,says the percentage im going to say i,want to sell 100,but so 100 and there you go,i sold my ada for,tether now i want to go back to my,assets as you can see i no longer have,ada,but i do have usdt the amounts are a,little different because i already had,usdt in there,now lets go back to markets lets buy,some safe moon and were going to send,safe moon into my trust wallet lets do,buy,again instead of limit order im going,to do market order,this works with any coin you dont just,have to do safe moon or stella or,cardano it works with whatever coins are,on this exchange i actually use it to,buy my bnb which then i send into my,trust wallet to buy,some bep 20 tokens so then im going to,say buy,lets say i want to use 50 to buy,order is successful so i just bought,some,safe moon lets go back into my assets,and as you could see,i had 13 billion 320 and now have 13,billion,340. now i want to then send,my safe moon into my trust wallet to,complete this little,experiment im going to go to this,little guy pressing the little guy,im going to press withdraw when you,press withdraw its going to say what,are you withdrawing im going to write,safe moon,click on your safe moon its going to,ask you how much youre sending and its,going to ask the address that youre,sending it to now if youre sending it,to yourself,go into your trust wallet if somebody is,asking you to send it to them they will,give you a wallet address,in this case im sending it to myself,im gonna go into my trust wallet,im gonna press safe moon im gonna,press receive,when i press receive its going to give,me this,wallet address im going to press copy,to the wallet address,as you can see right now i have around,98 dollars worth of safe moon i want you,to go back into bitmart,i want you to paste the wallet address,over here and then its going to ask me,an amount how much saved,do i want to be sending now this is,going to ask you,a total amount of safe mood not a value,of safe one im going to write,i want to send myself 20 million save,more 20 1 2,3 1 2 3.,and bitmar just changed their amount,from 200,000 to 1 million safe moon tax thats,how much they charge for the sen,anyways im gonna press withdraw when,you withdraw on bitmark it asks you for,a code that theyre going to send to,your email and its going to ask your,code that they send to your text message,this is a two-step verification code a,lot of people are complaining about it,but this is fantastic so nobody could,just use your account,i dont know why people are beefing with,this there you go,and now it says order is created,youre always going to get a text,message by the way thats going to show,you that the order is processing that,was a little text message that you just,saw,the order itself takes approximately a,minute and a half thats from my,experiences and as you can see i have,a 13 billion 320 million safe mode in my,bitmod account,and 20 million just disappeared lets go,into my trust wallet,and as you see now i had 40 million safe,moon,and now i have 59 million safe moon,i sent 20 million safe moon i got 19,million save home because bitmark taxed,me a million safe moon to send,and if i go over here and i download my,transaction,there you go,there goes my 19 million state phone,very very simple take a look there goes,my text message as well,right after its sent into trust wallet,there goes my confirmation,text message from bitmart that i got it,and i wanted to show you guys one more,thing,go into your bitmart when you go into,your bitmap i want you to press,your home button go into your home,button press that little person again,on that little person i want you to,press withdraw,click on the withdrawal i want you to,click on safe moon,click on the safe one on the top righ

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adam bergman here at the adam bergman,show thank you so much for tuning in,first and foremost thank you for all of,the support were up to 324 subscribers,the viewers are going crazy the content,is totally,on fire thank you so much please hit the,like and the subscribe if you havent,done so already,if you want to fast forward go to one,minute,35 second this is when im buying from,coinbase,and sending to bitmart if you fast,forward to two minutes and 52 seconds,this is what im sending from bitmart,into coinbase and if you fast forward to,five minutes and 30 seconds,i am showing you proof and verification,of me sending the coins and me sending,back the coins,in three minutes,i made a couple of videos on how to buy,interesting cryptocurrencies such as,safe moon and such as shibu,inu in order to do that you gotta buy on,coinbase,and then send to bitmart i got a couple,of people that brought up concerns about,bitmark talking about bitmart is a scam,they cant withdraw their money,im not giving anybody financial advice,however,i tried several times myself to deposit,money,and to withdraw money and i had no issue,the method that i did is i transferred,crypto into bitmark,i transfer crypto from bitmark back into,my coinbase,i had absolutely no issues whatsoever it,was instantaneous i got a text message,right away,no issues in todays video im gonna go,over how im sending money from coinbase,to bitmart sending it back back from,bitmart,to my coinbase im not giving you a,suggestion to buy or not to buy,to use or not to use because im not a,professional advisor,im just a person giving you my own,opinions and my own plays,however for anybody that has any,concerns about bitmark,i wanted to either say it is a scam or,it is not a scam,lets see whats going to happen in this,video this is going to be,coinbase into bitmart from bitmart back,into coinbase,im gonna start by buying stella i,already have 103,of stella im gonna click my stella im,gonna say,send im gonna do max which is 103.65,im going to press continue its going,to say where am i sending it to,youre going to go back into your,bitmart in your bitmark youre going to,click the little person just like before,youre gonna click deposit youre gonna,click what youre depositing,youre gonna click xlm for stella,youre gonna write okay youre gonna,copy the,address youre gonna go back into your,coinbase,youre gonna paste the address youre,gonna go back into your,bitmart youre gonna take your memo,youre gonna paste your memo,preview to send so now,i sent 103.72,or 150 stellars into my bitmart,lets go back into the bitmark now were,going to send it from bitmart,back into your coinbase lets see if im,going to have an issue,youre going to go back into your,bitmark youre going to click on the,bottom right hand side where it says,assets when you click on that youre,going to see,xlm youre going to click your xlm as,you can see i have my 150,stellars in my bitmart account i am then,going to click withdraw,when you click on withdraw its going to,ask you for a wallet address,i want you to go back into your coinbase,go to home,i want you to click that little trade,button i want you to,write receive,then i want you to find your stella when,you say receive,youre going to click on your stella,theyre going to give you a wallet,address and a memo,youre going to click on the wallet,address youre going to go back to your,bitmark youre going to paste your,wallet address,youre then going to go back into your,coinbase when youre going to click on,your coinbase youre gonna click,copy the memo when you copy the memo i,want you to go back into your bitmark,when you go into your bitmark paste the,memo,theyre gonna ask you the amount youre,gonna click all 150,stellars and then youre gonna click,withdraw,theyre gonna ask for a two-step,verification theyre gonna ask you for a,code from your email and theyre gonna,ask you for a code from your text,message youre gonna have to press,send for each of them,go into your email its going to be from,bitmark theyre going to give you a code,add the code from your email,into your two-step verification and now,youre going to go back into your text,messages,and youre going to check your text,messages they sent you a code on the,text messages i want you to get the code,from your text messages i want you to go,back into your bitmark and i want you to,add the code,and then youre going to press ok it,says created,its going to load its going to take,approximately a minute to do,now it says processing,loaded again now it says complete,it should have went through when its,going to say complete you should get,yourself,a text message and the text message,should confirm what just happened,i got a text message it says bitmark,your withdrawal request has been,completed,the received amount is 150 xlm,lets go back to the coinbase i want you,to now go to your home screen when,youre in the coin base and then i want,you to type portfolio when you type,portfolio,i want you to click on the stellars and,there goes my money,i have 150 stellars,if you click on your history you could,see,you could see that it was sent i sent,103,worth of stellar at 1 24 p.m,on may 15th i received,stella at 1 27 may 15th,i received 104 of stella,it literally took me three minutes to,send money from coinbase,to bitmart and then back from bitmark to,coinbase,i dont see this as a scheme,you send from coinbase to bitmark you,send from bitmark to coinbase,you get email confirmation you get text,message confirmation,theres codes involved when they do send,you the money they send you a text,message verification saying hey you,received the money,when you go back to your coinbase you,see the money was was withdrawn,and then you see the money was put back,i cannot say if this is a scam or not,for a hundred percent but in my personal,opinion and in my,personal use bitmark works fine there is,no,problem with bitmart i know theres a,lot of bad reviews and i have some,people that are commenting but i have a,feeling its the,blind leading the blind this person said,that that person said that now,its possible that your funds didnt get,verified its possible you have a new,account,and thats why the funds are not,clearing right away,i have no idea what your issue is for me,personally i have zero issues using,bitmart,now you do your own diligence and you do,your own research,but i cannot say bitmart is a scam so is,bitmod,scam in my opinion bitmart is not a scam,and until i see otherwise,personally that i have an issue using it,i cannot say that it is a scam,if you need bitmart i have a link in the,subject line below,if youre from new york just use your,app store if you need coinbase i have a,link,in the subject line below and if you,need,to trade stocks or crypto i have a link,for weibo,down below if you sign up today you get,up to 1,800 worth of stocks thank you so much,for watching,hit the like and subscribe and share,with your people i hope you enjoyed this,video,please let me know if theres any,specific videos that i can make for you,and ill be happy to make this this,video was by popular demand by some of,my viewers that had concerns,thank you and god bless

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How BitMart Crypto Exchange Lost $200,000,000

for all crypto enthusiasts buying and,selling their favorite tokens has been a,process that has been streamlined by,easily accessible exchanges that promise,speed and security to their users in,hopes of making a profit however what,happens when the security goes missing,today were going to be talking about,how bitmar exchanged managed to lose 200,million dollars in a single day,[Music],on december 6th of last year thousands,of bitmart users woke up to their wallet,funds being stripped away as an alleged,systems hack caused the exchange to lose,200 million dollars worth of crypto,bitmart alleges that the hack came from,a stolen privacy key that enabled,hackers to access the exchanges hot,wallets this caused an uproar over the,entirety of social media with many,wallets being stripped of all their,funds one of the victims was an iranian,immigrant who ended up losing over 53,000,the 38 year old based in canada claimed,that he is on the verge of complete ruin,he went on to tell cnbc in an interview,i was just thinking i can grow my money,then i can go to school to learn english,and go to college,now the man has absolutely nothing in,savings,there are so many tragic stories such as,this and the suffering doesnt stop,there the vast majority of crypto stolen,includes baby doge safe moon saitama,kyushu dojo on mars shiba inu,cro,floki and sand among others with the,vast majority of the theft being safe,moon since november of last year safe,moon holders on the exchange have not,received their reflection payments which,is a dividend payment that is,distributed to existing holders of the,token so this paired with the fact that,many wallets had their safe moon removed,is leaving holders of the coin in limbo,this led to the safe moon community to,use the hashtag wenbitmart on twitter to,demand the return of their stolen funds,even safe moonholders that have never,used bitmart are feeling the burn with,the hackers selling large amounts of the,crypto on the open market which led to,the overall value of the token to drop,in response to the hack bitmart ceo,sheldon zia took to twitter to say that,bitmart will use our own funding to,cover the incident and compensate,affected users we are also talking to,multiple project teams to confirm the,most reasonable solutions such as token,swaps,no user assets will be harmed for many,this response would have been the best,thing to hear given the circumstances of,the situation however it has been over a,month since the announcement that,bitmart users would be refunded and,there has been no word on when refunds,will become available many believe that,bitmart has no real way to refund users,seeing as bitmart just closed a 13.7,million dollar series b funding round at,the end of 2021 at a 300 million dollar,valuation which is making many suspect,that there will not be a reliable way,for bitmart to self-fund those who were,affected by the hack,even if bitmart does actually pay,everyone back it still remains to be,seen whether the exchange will,repurchase the equivalent assets lost at,their current prices which in some cases,could be significantly higher this would,mean that many users could still be in,the red even if bitmart refunds them,some are still remaining hopeful through,all this turmoil such as safe moons,global head of products ryan auriga who,is actually a bitmart user and has over,15 of his safe moon at bitmart he had,this to say about the recent hacks its,not like it was four or five years ago,where a lot of these people who were,involved are anonymous people are,wisening up to the space they understand,it more they can read contracts better,said arika weve come such a long way,now that i believe that bitmart will,keep their promise and do the right,thing especially with the safe moon army,we have such a great support for what,were trying to achieve that it wouldnt,die down,it wont only add more fuel to the fire,a common complaint among the victims is,bittmarts lack of communication every,time someone attempts to get in touch,with the exchange they get a bot,response informing them that attorneys,are working on it bitmart ceo sheldon,zia on the other hand is unreachable as,his public email address which hes,listed on his unverified twitter account,seems to bounce back all males which is,the last thing users want to hear cnbc,inquired about the recent hacks and,asked bitmart about why they havent,gone through insurance to refund users,they also asked if the exchange was,running an internal audit to gauge,whether if anyone involved with the,company had anything to do with the hack,bitmart opted not to respond to either,of these questions bitmart initially,halted the deposit and withdrawal of the,tokens on the exchange which caused a,lot of worry to those in limbo about the,situation fortunately zia took to,twitter to say that in terms of asset,deposit and withdrawals we are confident,that deposit and withdrawal functions,will gradually begin in december 7th,2021 marking the return of the future,hopefully in the near future those,affected by this hack will receive,refunds that they deserve but until then,they have to essentially fend for,themselves as they wait for bitmart to,respond the world of crypto investments,is exploding creating a need for a,state-of-the-art platform for trading,and investing in crypto currencies,introducing bitmart the first digital,asset exchange to offer trading across,multiple platforms,bitmap includes a range of powerful,trading tools for spot future contract,and otc trading it features,unprecedented security by monitoring all,blockchain nodes and enabling early,fraud detection bitmart powered by bmx,tokens with a novel mechanism for,transacting digital assets each month,bitmart spends 20 percent of its,earnings to buy back and destroy bmx,tokens in order to increase their value,even further,we will continue this practice until,half of bmx tokens are destroyed,visit our website at bitmart.com,to learn more about our platform,bitmart exchange is making crypto,investments easier than ever if youre,new to crypto investing well help you,every step of the way first you will,want to transfer crypto currencies from,other exchanges and wallets to the,bitmart exchange to do this log into,your auxiliary account go to the assets,section click withdraw then enter your,bitmark deposit address and transfer,your funds from there,you can use bitmarts btc eth usdt and,bmx markets to exchange for other tokens,giving you access to an unprecedented,amount of tokens if you dont have any,crypto wallets or assets you can,purchase btc or eth directly on bitmart,using your credit or debit card simply,log into your bitmart account click buy,coins on the top menu bar,input the amount of btc or eth you want,to purchase the first transaction is,limited from 50. to twenty thousand,dollars click continue then follow the,instructions to process the payment,acquiring any token you desire is that,simple come to bitmart exchange and,invest in the entities that are changing,the world so what do you think about,bitmart losing all of this money do you,think that they will be able to refund,their users or do you perhaps believe,that this was a calculated attack,against safemen let us know your,thoughts in the comments section down,below,watch your guru whales if you have,enjoyed this video please be sure to,give the video a thumbs up click that,notification bell and subscribe we post,new videos every monday wednesday friday,and saturday have a good day,you

BitMart Review For Beginners

hi crypto fans this is jason from essay,shares,and today we are going to be taking a,look at bitmod,i am going to show you what the exchange,is all about,the features of their bmx token,some of the best wallets you can use and,much more,remember to subscribe to our channel and,hit that notification bell to stay up to,date with our latest whale to the moon,coin,lets get into it,bitmod is a multi-feature cryptocurrency,exchange platform that was founded in,2017 by sheldon jia,this exchange can be used for spot and,margin trading,and is also a popular exchange for,buying rare nfts and trading futures at,low costs,bitmod currently has more than 9 million,users and offers a beginner-friendly,mobile application,that you can use to buy sell and stake,cryptocurrencies,you can also buy nfts from the bitmap,marketplace and bitmod offers flexible,staking and savings programs,bitmod also uses a native token to give,their clients discounts on trading fees,and pay for gas on the public blockchain,that will be released in the near future,the team behind bitmart are members from,amazon accenture,10 cent alibaba and other leading,international technology firms,bitmarge offers more than 750,cryptocurrencies and over 800 pairs that,you can trade in spot markets or as,futures,you can also trade with up to five times,margin on hundreds of cryptocurrency,pairs,if you sign up with bitmod you could,receive a welcome bonus of up to 3 000,us dollars and an additional bonus of up,to 2 175,if youll be trading futures,bidmart offers a mobile application that,can be used to buy and sell over 1 000,cryptocurrencies,this application also has built-in,staking functionality and you can easily,stake directly from your phone with,bitmod own,you will also be able to access the,bitmod nft marketplace using the mobile,application and get notified when,airdrops are released,the mobile application can be downloaded,for free from google play or the apple,app store,bitmod offers both a mobile application,as well as a web exchange,and both platforms are designed to be,beginner friendly,however the web exchange can be viewed,in advanced mode,if you are more experienced and looking,for more high level trading tools,bitmaps web exchange shows prices in,real time and comes with a wide range of,built-in drawing tools and in-depth,charts,you can view charts in different time,frames and easily set parameters on your,orders,[Music],with bitmod you can either stake your,crypto or receive up to 50 interest apy,with bitmod savings,sticking with bitmod is easy and you can,lock your tokens for 30 to 90 days and,earn up to 58 interest on some,cryptocurrencies by holding your crypto,you can earn interest daily with bitmap,savings and you can choose between fixed,and flexible terms with high yield,the native token of bitmod is bmx,and it is an erc20 token that can be,stored in any wallet that supports,ethereum,by using bmx to pay for trading fees you,can receive a discount of up to 25,percent on your fees,bitmod also plans to release a public,blockchain and a decentralized exchange,in the future and the bmx token will be,used to pay for gas fees on the,blockchain,you can buy bmx from other exchanges,however we recommend buying it directly,from bitmod to avoid any unnecessary,transaction fees,bitmod does not currently offer a,proprietary wallet,however we recommend using one of the,recommended hardware wallets instead for,the highest level of security,the hardware wallets recommended by,bitmod itself include ledger,trezza,keep key and crypto steel,the ledger hardware wallet is available,in the nano s and nano x models and,using ledger live you can buy and,exchange over 5 000 coins and tokens,this wallet offers secure offline,storage,it is compatible with 50 third-party,wallets and can store up to 100,decentralized applications,the trezor hardware wallet is one of the,most trusted crypto wallets with,advanced password encryption,this wallet can be connected to,third-party wallets used with the trezor,application will be integrated,seamlessly with ethereum,there are also some excellent,third-party wallets that you can use,such as trustwallet and the coinbase,wallet and all you need to do is link,your wallet address to your bitmod,account,trustwallet is free to download and use,it supports a total of more than 160 000,coins and digital assets which can,easily be traded and managed directly,from the wallet,[Music],trust wallet is a fantastic option if,youll be collecting nfts because you,can store them in this wallet,the coinbase software wallet supports,more than 4 000 digital assets and,offers a built-in decentralized,application browser,it can also be used to store nfts and,integrate seamlessly with the coinbase,exchange,creating an account with bitmod is easy,and you can create an account in a few,simple steps,firstly launch the bitmod home page and,then click on the get started button,enter your email address and choose a,strong password for your account,next verify your email address and,submit any necessary documentation,and once your account is verified and,approved you can make your first deposit,and start trading,you can buy and sell your crypto by,downloading the bitmod mobile,application alternatively you can use,the bitmod web exchange which can be,viewed in standard mode or advanced mode,you can also use the margin mode if,youll be leveraging your trades,if youll be using the web exchange you,can either browse the instruments,offered or type in a specific instrument,in the search bar to see which pairs are,available and you can add instruments to,your favorites list,once you have created an account and you,have chosen your preferred wallet,if you require assistance with anything,else,the bitmod customer support team can be,contacted 24 hours a day via live chat,simply click on the support button in,the bottom right corner of the screen,we would also recommend visiting the,help center to view guides and read,through the faq section to see if your,questions have already been answered,you can also use the help center to read,the company announcements,view the latest token listings and keep,track of promotions,so what do we like about bitmod,bitmod has millions of clients from more,than 180 countries globally and is a,fantastic option for anyone who is,interested in staking,margin trading or futures trading,this exchange provides a secure low-cost,platform where you can buy and sell more,than a thousand cryptocurrencies with,high liquidity,with bitmart you can also earn more with,bonus offerings,promotions and high yield staking,rewards,if you are interested be sure to open,your bitmod account today to get a head,start on your trading career and,diversify your portfolio with over 800,crypto pairs,and that is our overview of bitmod,be sure to subscribe to our channel,and leave a like if you enjoyed this,video,remember to leave us a comment,do you want us to research a project or,coin,if so leave the coin or the project name,in the comments section and we might,cover it in our next few videos,and thats it from me for now thanks for,watching and as always good luck with,your investments,you

Bitmart Review. Let me tell you what they did to me !!

hey everybody Stephen ricciardi here,with kryptos and Lambos and as always,were going to talk about crypto and,show you some Lambos todays topic is,about bitmart Im going to give you my,honest opinion and review of bitmart and,Im going to talk about what they did to,me so hang tight,[Music],all right so lets get right into it so,today Im giving you my honest opinion,and review of bitmart I had a situation,that took place a couple days ago and I,think you need to know about it so a few,days ago Id sent some Luke from my,wallet to The Exchange and I waited and,I waited and I waited and it never,showed up so then I finally went to The,Exchange looked at the address and I,realized that I didnt fill out the memo,section they required a memo I didnt,know this so when I set up the account,years ago I was excited to trade who,knows what I agreed to what box I,checked off who knows I could have,agreed that anytime I made a mistake,like that that hey its gone they dont,have to do anything for it so I decided,to reach out to customer service I,reached out to their bot on their uh,customer service now you can either,email them or reach out to them through,their message bot I reached out to the,message bot and I told them the,situation theyd ask some blockchain,information so I provided them some,blockchain information but even during,all that,as I was giving them the information my,phone died and,I was talking to them on the computer,but I was also using my phone so its,delaying some of the information the rep,said hey,take your time no problem okay so I got,my phone powered back up my mistake,again I was getting ready to go to a,meeting so I was crunched on time,because I should not have done this but,I wanted to go ahead and get this,tackled,so as Im providing them the blockchain,information,my office loses internet for some reason,they had a glitch they end up losing,internet so I get back online after the,internet gets back up Im like ah now I,gotta start all over talk to a new rep,this rep was extremely helpful by the,way so I get back online I reach out to,the bot and I had just sent the last of,the blockchain information that they,needed on the last one as that internet,was cutting out so I get back a line I,get a rep and Im like hey heres the,situation I was talking to one of your,reps and,um I got cut off and I dont think he,got the rest of the information,returned a message said yep we got your,information it should be about two weeks,were turning this over to our team it,should be about two weeks before we get,this problem resolved for you,Im like oh okay here I thought I was,gonna have to represent all this,information well see okay I gotta trust,him I woke up the next morning and guess,what I got a message from bitmark that,my link was in my account man so what I,got to say about bitmart is fantastic,job Ive never had a problem with,bitmart and I have had little little,hiccups in the past and theyve taken,care of it every time so I gotta tell,you what a great exchange to start off,with or even use as an experienced,Trader were going to take a look at,some of their options they have with,exchange and I think you should,definitely give them a check out and Im,not affiliated with them in any way but,Im telling you Im very surprised and,very happy with them with this what you,hear about exchange these days you just,dont know who to trust but I can tell,you I trust them by saying you should,you should make your own opinion but I,tell you what theyve done me nothing,but right so lets take a look at some,of their options that they have,okay so when you log into bitmark and,you set your account up with them the,first screen that youre going to see,its going to have all these offers,these theyre constantly updating these,offers and theyll send you emails about,them and text about them all kinds of,different offers and then youre going,to drop down here and these are Whats,called the hot coins these are going to,be on your top sheet so as soon as you,log in youll see these These are the,coins that are mostly held with uh bit,March and so you can see whats going on,with them these will fluctuate as coins,are being sold off or bought more of,then you can head over here to the,gainers this is going to just give you a,little preview of the top gainers for,the last 24 hours and each one of these,screens you can hit see more and its,going to give you more of a detailed you,can do more refined search at that point,in time and heres some new coins that,they just listed so you can see the,performance of the new coins as well too,so but lets click up here and lets,take a look at their trading screen,[Music],[Music],foreign,so were looking at Bitcoin right here,heres the chart,um youve got all kinds of options with,the chart as well too over here you have,your orders,your book orders being placed heres,your Market trades over here as well too,you can hit the depth button to take a,look at the orders,that are how deep they are as far as,your buys and sells so thats pretty,cool,um,super easy big buttons to use you can,for quick trading so thats pretty nice,Market orders limit orders you name it,so I gotta say Im really happy so down,here if you had any orders in you would,see them down here you can cancel them,all quickly if you needed to or you can,go in and cancel each one of them,individually I gotta tell you I am super,happy with bitmart theyve been nothing,but good to me,um so this is their trading just a quick,little look at their trading platform,and theres a much more to it too and by,the way their charts,they have all kinds of options when it,comes to their charts so theres all,kinds of modifications you can make to,these charts so its pretty pretty,awesome so quick little look hope you,liked it,[Music],so thats just a quick little overview,of what bitmar offers so to tell you,what they did to me is they took care of,me so great job bit Mark youve got a,customer for life I mean even if you,have other exchanges just add them to,them one cool really thing about bitmart,is they have all these little obscure,coins too that you dont find in other,exchanges so they have access to a lot,of coins that you dont have on other,exchanges so again great job Denmark,okay hang tight here come the Lambos,foreign,[Music],[Music],[Music],now you cant jump in my camera


hello everyone i am crypto pixboy today,our topic is bitmart.com,of course first of all,we have to create a new account,i entered my email address and my,password and you have to do,these steps,as well,and,you have to check,this you have to take,this i certify that i am 18 years of age,and i agree to the user agreement,blah blah and,register,and verify slide,and very verification succeed they say,after you enter the code,of your email address,you will enter the website bitmart.com,trade anytime and anywhere,scan to download trade anytime in,anywhere they say,you can download the,application in app store on app store,and google play,and scan the call and,trade anytime and everywhere,why choose bitmart we have cert they,have served 9 million users and provided,fast secure and professional crypto,trading services 24 7 support our,support team is available 24 7. they are,receptive,to your needs and are always available,to help you out secure they say and easy,to use,about security advanced risk control,system in the market hybrid hot cold,wall systems and multi-signature,technologies,purchase cryptos with credit debit cards,750 plus high quality currencies and 800,trading 800 plus trading payers,available one-stop platform to initiate,your cryptocurrency investment and,management,institutional investors alexander,capital ventures,and fan bushy capital alexander capital,ventures a new york based private uk,firm the same firm that invested in,well-known industry disruptures,airbnb spotify and uber and kraken etc,van bushs capital is the first and most,active blockchain focused venture,capital firm in asia,it has supported over,60,leading projects leveraging blockchain,technology to,reshape myriad industries such as,finance healthcare supply chain and,customer goods,2017,since 2017,nine million plus users and 1 000,plus 9 000 cryptocurrencies,for trading,uh trade section you can go on with,trade section,and you can see markets market tab,on the top,and spot et h btc bnb btc,you can see all of the cryptocurrency,in the market tab,and trade tab,we have standards,we have advanced and we have margin,trades,standard trades simple and easy to use,interface an advanced trade full access,to all trading tools,margin trade,increase your profits with leverage we,can say,and we have,features here,by coins,earn an institution,features,usdm,using usd,sd,as the collateral,they say coin them using coin itself,as the collateral,buy and sell section you can buy and,sell crypto in here,for buying receipt you can,you must,select the crypto,currency,here,and,what you paid,then sell for selling receive currency,and sell again you have to enter it,enter them,earn section we have savings and staking,savings earn interest with holdings,staking easy stake higher rewards they,say bit more savings put your crypto,balance to work with bitmark savings you,can receive up to 50,apy on your cryptocurrencies please note,that,bitmark earning service is not available,for users located in established in or a,resident,of the united states of america you can,see flexible savings and,fixed savings and promotions,in the,earn section,and in situation,institutional account application,instruction,in here you can check it out,about institutional account,and this is a twitter,address of bidmart,exchange you can check it out,this is,the telegram address of bitmart exchange,you can see,we win telegram,bitmark exchange thanks for watching,guys

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