1. Bitwarden review: free, but with privacy concerns?
  2. Bitwarden review: our hunt for the best password manager continues
  3. 1Password vs Bitwarden | BEST Password Manager revealed?
  4. Bitwarden Password Manager Review: Plans, features, security, privacy and more
  5. Bitwarden Vs Vaultwarden: Review & Comparison
  6. What is the BEST Password Manager for 2022
  7. Bitwarden vs KeePass – Whats the Best Password Manager?!

Bitwarden review: free, but with privacy concerns?

bit Warden truly loved in the password,manager Community probably because they,offer some of their plans for free but,hey is that enough in this competitive,Marketplace to put them on top well,lets find out in this bit Warden review,all right look Ive been using and,testing bit warden for I dont know,about a year now and Im here to let you,know everything that Ive experienced,Flaws and All now Ive used a lot of,password managers so I should be able to,tell you if this provider is right for,everyday activities or maybe if other,providers are better options so when it,comes to daily activities bit Warden is,straightforward enough I mean it does,have a slightly less appealing user,interface than some of the competitors,Ive tried out the setup is really,simple and once youre logged in youll,be met with the standard dashboard and,three tabs at the top for quick access,now what initially stood out to me is,the extensive list of reports oh and,they even scan the dark web for,compromise details but once I looked a,little closer that dark web scan isnt,really anything that other competitors,arent already doing you know letting,users check their whole password,ecosystem under relevant sections but,the navigation is good if you can look,past the slightly outdated drop down,menus,but check out the password sharing,because being able to send encrypted,emails securely from your password vault,is really important and I pretty much do,it every week and with bit Warden,password manager the process is,completely streamlined but hey Im not,actually super thrilled that both free,and premium users can only share stuff,with one other bit Warden User its,pretty limited and youd have to go with,the family plan to boost this number up,to a whopping six users,now keep in mind competitors like,nordpass have unlimited trusted contacts,with their premium plans but where their,free plan does shine is with the,unlimited device syncing now looking at,bit Warden security well its clear to,see why its a favorite by many users,out there they do all of the things Id,expect from a top tier provider solid,encryption zero knowledge architecture,which oh by the way means they couldnt,even view their passwords even if they,wanted to and standing out front is,their open source code available to,review for vulnerabilities at all times,thats a holy grail and the password,manager game if you ask me now when you,do look a little closer there are some,downsides when it comes to privacy and,when trying to answer is bit Warden safe,see bit wardens jurisdiction is within,the five eyes Alliance now this wouldnt,be so terrible if they didnt also,collect info like IP addresses when you,visit their site yeah okay okay other,password manager providers do this too,but where privacy focused users might be,a bit concerned is that they legally,have to collect user info like emails,names and the device types used and hey,if you dont think this is relevant to,you well look no country in an alliance,is truly exempt from surveillance,remember all that Edward Snowden leak,stuff well yeah that showed sensitive,information is fair game Within These,alliances and the sharing of private,data across borders does exist so if,thats something that does concern you,then why not look for providers with,more privacy friendly jurisdictions,now Im also happy that bit Warden has,all the main infrastructures already in,place but I would love to see them,update their encryption type at least to,meet the competition halfway see,providers like nordpass have been using,the more modern X Cha-Cha 20 encryption,which is a serious Advantage oh yeah and,speaking of updates where are all the,shiny additions that pump up the value,here now while they do offer core,functionalities for free and the Premium,plan does come with emergency access,Vault Health reports and encrypted file,attachments up to one gigabyte total I,am not going to call this the best,security Arsenal that Ive ever seen,maybe something like I dont know one,click logins or a VPN might be some cool,additions competitors like RoboForm,separate themselves with a one-of-a-kind,self-destructing Vault system I guess,bit Warden does have a wide selection of,bit Warden 2fa or MFA options which does,further Safeguard your login process,which yeah is good and it is worth,noting that no one provider is 100,foolproof or a magical solution but,bitwarden does a pretty good job of,being a safe password manager I mean,come on they got that zero knowledge,architecture in there they also have a,very extensive list of audits which puts,them slightly higher on the scale than,some other of the competitors the only,other provider that comes close to,matching this level of dedication to,security is nordpass who also attained,cure 53 audits but look this is a bit,Warden honest review so yeah I think,they could update their privacy policy,in a few of their security capabilities,as well but hey what do you think are,you concerned learned about privacy when,it comes to a password manager so now,lets go ahead and take a look at some,other areas that you might use on the,regular uh lets say I have to enter my,address on an online form all the time,well I can do this in about three clicks,with bit Warden yeah its decent for,sure even works with chrome Safari and,Firefox but theres way more steps that,Im used to and it isnt even really,comparable to nordpasss OCR scanning or,one-click autofill also so you know I,noticed my navigation was different,depending on what browser extension I,was using which was especially,noticeable when it comes to the,customization option and on that note if,youre an Android User well depending on,the version your device is running on,the process of enabling bit Ward and,autofill could be a little bit different,for beginners this might be a bit,annoying and could involve some,troubleshooting steps which you can,thankfully find on their website lets,see what else is there oh right bit,Warden like the keeper password manager,also has hotkeys love them just let lets,me manually customize whatever shortcut,I want and then I can launch the,autofill function hey maybe Im lazy or,maybe I love modern and super convenient,provider Solutions or maybe its yeah,its both now looking at their password,generator a bit more does a really good,job here I mean you could generate,passwords with a maximum of 128,characters similar to Keepers limit,yeah have fun entering 128 characters,what they even have all the important,factors for building a strong password,including the ability to create strong,password phrases what Im getting at in,this bit Warden review YouTube Edition,is that this web password manager app is,useful you can neatly categorize your,folders generate and audit passwords but,I also cant say that this is the most,easy to use password management tool out,there,so these are new and theyre in the,Cyber News merch shop cozy warm and a,little bit of artistic Edge just how I,like it go check out the Cyber News,merch shop theres this and a few other,new options you need to get okay so just,to keep in mind your experience is going,to depend on what extension or device,you use and if youre a beginner well,another provider that focuses on simple,navigation might be a little more,comfortable Id say Nord pass has the,easiest to use dashboard out there but,what do you think can you look past,their UI quirks so in the debate of is,bit Warden any good we have to quickly,go over its value theres no denying,that fit Warden is super cheap but,paying a little extra for the premium,stuff might actually make sense to help,improve the overall experience right,should,so while bit Warden has one of the best,free password manager apps it isnt,without its limitations the lack of,emergency access totp authentication and,limited 2fa make it a short-term fix for,many users out there now if ease of use,and privacy are really important to you,Im going to go ahead and add some,really great options down in

Bitwarden review: our hunt for the best password manager continues

all right everybody take this in the,average american adult now spends over,six hours a day on the internet yep,were managing more and more of our real,world lives,online which means we all have way too,many passwords to remember so if youre,tired of hitting that,forgot password button or youre looking,for the ultimate password protection,youre probably interested in using a,reliable password manager like,bitwarden look using just one password,to gain,access to all your login credentials,sounds,very tempting but before you sign up you,need to know if bit warden,is secure hey im your host mike vaughn,welcome back to cybernews.com your,source for reliable cutting edge,commentary in the world of cyber,security,and if you havent already down at the,bottom you will find that subscribe,button,see it there you go give it a tap and if,this video is helpful in any way please,like it to support us,okay today were gonna review bit warden,and find out how it works and whether or,not its worth using,now lets dive right in is bitwarden,safe,im happy to say yeah it is,bitwarden provides an encrypted vault to,store all your passwords,they protect this vault with a single,long master password,so youre probably wondering how the,master password is protected,well bit warden uses a zero knowledge,architecture,which means that bitwarden hashes your,email and your master password on your,device,before sending them anywhere so,bitwarden servers,only receive the hashed versions of your,email and password,and they hash them again before theyre,transmitted and stored on their,databases,they even repeat this process every time,you log in,keep in mind hash functions are one-way,only,meaning no one at bitwarden can,reverse-engineer them,into your actual master password another,element to consider,is the encryption they use for your,password vaults they encrypt your vault,with the military-grade aes-256 cipher,meaning the national security agency has,even approved this cipher,to protect their top secret level,information,the encryption key is derived from your,master password and stored on bit warden,servers,in a heavily hashed form they protect,all the information stored in your,vaults,from logins credit cards secure notes,and ids,even folder names using end-to-end,encryption this way,even bitward employees wont be able to,comprehend it,when you authenticate with bit warden a,copy of the encrypted data is downloaded,and stored on your device,the data is only decrypted when its in,use,and its only stored in ram bitwarden,never stores any plaintext data on their,servers,or your local devices bitwarden also has,third-party auditors verifying their,security,now in november 2018 bit warden passed a,thorough third-party security audit,and cryptographic analysis by cure53 the,assessment,covered bit warden applications and,their back-end server systems,bitwarding carefully considered the,findings and officially announced their,actions to resolve,any identified security vulnerabilities,bit warden also completed a security,assessment and,penetration test by insight risk,consulting,the audit didnt identify any major,security issues,but there were some moderate issues and,bit warden resolved them,in one of their server security updates,well done,bit warden is located in the us which is,not exactly a privacy friendly,jurisdiction,however even if bit warden handed over,the data stored on their servers,no one could even decrypt it bit warden,also meets gdpr,privacy shield and ccpa standards,which means theyre handling your data,in compliance with all these regulations,so even if someone hacks your bit warden,your data will still be secure,thanks to the one-way salted hashing and,other cryptographic measures they employ,that said hackers can initiate a social,engineering attack,or install a key logger on your pc,through malware,no system is completely safe you know,that however,if you have two-factor authentication,enabled hackers who know your password,would also need to know your 2fa code to,access your account,so there you go bit warden source code,is available online,which means it gets reviewed by lots of,developers,this scrutiny helps bit warden patch,security holes they also have a public,bug bounty profile on hacker one,bitwarden offers an excellent suite of,security features first and foremost,they offer an encrypted vault to store,your logins cards identity,and notes very safely in the vault,theres an option to check on your,password to see how many times its been,exposed to data breaches,they also provide a password generator,so you dont need to spend as much time,contemplating secure passwords,bitward and send feature is a secure way,to send information like text or files,directly to another person,bit warden fully encrypts all the,information transmitted,and you can choose to further protect,the information by configuring the,expiration date,maximum access count password,requirements and more,bitwardens vault health reports will,help you identify instances of password,reuse,assesses your password strength and let,you know if your password has been,exposed in known data breaches,or sold on the dark web these reports,will also advise you,if youre visiting a website that uses,unsafe protocols to transfer data,you can also use bitwarden to autofill,your logins on the web or other apps,it shares your password across devices,and will save you a lot of typing if you,want to use unique and complex passwords,bit warden also helps you keep your,account more secure with two-factor,authentication,enabling 2fa requires anyone who wants,to access your account,to verify your login with another device,such as an,authenticator app sms phone call or,email,now youll be glad to know this provider,does not break the bank either,now they do offer a free plan that,includes unlimited vault items,a secure password generator secure text,and file sharing,autofill and more if youre interested,in features like the vault health,reports and priority customer support,then youll want to consider upgrading,to bitward and premium,where you can reap the benefits of these,features this plan,only costs 10 bucks per year they also,offer their family organization plan,which provides premium features for up,to six users,this plan just cost 40 dollars per year,now i found it easy to sign up for bit,warden on their website,but the hardest part was actually coming,up with a memorable but difficult to,crack master password,now downloading and installing the bit,wardens window application,takes just a few clicks and the process,is complete within just a few minutes,appearance wise bit wardens interface,is very,bland but in my mind functionality comes,first,and i have to say bit warden is easy and,very intuitive to use,entering your information into the vault,is a breeze and bitwarden automatically,separates my logins,cards identities and secure notes which,i really do appreciate,i also found it helpful to create,folders to organize all my passwords,another cool feature bitwarden will send,me an email notification whenever anyone,tries to log into my account from a new,device,very safe while testing the password,generator i was surprised to find that,not only can it generate secure,passwords up to 128 characters,but past phrases up to 20 words as well,bit warden also makes it super easy to,copy,newly generated passwords into myvault,my only complaint is that bitwarden bury,some of their features like their,password generator in the view tab,so its easy for us users to overlook it,so yeah,take note on that one bit warden now if,you want to import your passwords from,another password manager,the import process takes only a few,clicks but,you can only do it when using,bitwardens webvault,if you want all your passwords while,youre on the go make sure you download,the bit warden app,its available on the apple app store,and google play and i tested the,ios version and overall it was just as,user friendly and feature rich,as the ver

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1Password vs Bitwarden | BEST Password Manager revealed?

okay heres the thing about password,managers they arent a one-size-fits-all,kind of deal yep thats right finding,the right password manager for your,daily activities can take some time and,its more important than ever to get the,level of protection you actually need oh,hey Im Mike by the way and today were,pitting bit Warden versus one password,for the ultimate password manager mashup,okay look your time is precious so lets,just jump into the foundation of any,good password manager the security but,before you do if youre new here you,should know I always have the best deals,that I can find down in the description,so check those out once youve heard,what Ive got to say oh boy security,where do we start with endless leaks and,compromise data ending up on the dark,web day in and day out look Im not,going to trust just any password manager,that doesnt have solid security ready,to go and yeah you guessed it security,boils down to the encryption thats used,and luckily we have no red flags for,this one password versus bit Warden,security dive both with industry,standard end-to-end AES 256-bit,encryption now this means it would be,impossible for a cyber criminal to,reverse engineer your stored passwords,were off to a great start,now any best password manager will have,a zero knowledge policy and these two,are no different in short zero knowledge,means that even the staff at either,company cant see your data or passwords,now looks like Im struggling to find,anything thats tipping the scales here,looking at the other must haves though,their security practices specifically,well they both have 2fa and two-factor,authentication is important because well,lets say a malicious actor did manage,to get your master password well theyd,still need a 2fa code to actually gain,access so yeah jokes on them if they,think theyre making it past all that am,I right,now these providers used to actually be,slightly different in terms of where you,could store your passwords but since,2017 both now offer cloud-based options,one password does use a not so common 34,letter and number security key thats,stored on your device and your device,only but you want to know something,really important bit Warden is open,source thats right their code is open,for public review at any time its a,really transparent move while one,passwords Linux version is based on,open source projects I still wouldnt,exactly call them open source okay well,so this security section didnt cover,any major caveats there are slight,differences but I can honestly say from,close inspection both offer a good level,of protection but I guess were only at,the beginning and since were only,getting started well be sure to hit,subscribe for more content just like,this we post important industry updates,and reviews every week so get in on that,okay well does anything really separate,these two providers at this point uh,maybe where you can see the best value,for your money or,actually lets see if there are any,differences in there more notable,features all right so when testing out,bit Warden I actually kind of felt like,this provider is one of the more robust,ones that Ive tried out one feature,thats especially streamlined is the,fingerprint phrases this assist in,securely identifying other users for,sharing Vault entries this really,reduces the risk of impersonators trying,to access your price data,then theres the breach data report,which works similarly to one password,Stark web monitoring both notify you if,your data ends up on a dark web database,and they also both prompt you to take,action with your weak and reused,passwords,then theres the insecure website,reports this lets you know if youre,using an old protocol as you browse,mitigating your connection from being,intercepted,but dont get ahead of yourselves just,yet it is no VPN it just lets you know,if the site you visited uses HTTP,instead of the more modern options,well now what does one password have to,say in this one password versus bit,Warden review well first off one,password has many built-in tools to,safeguard your passwords Id say their,implementation and approach are very,user friendly and caters more to,families and businesses take for,instance their travel mode feature which,is pretty rare it lets me safely access,various vaults internationally while,protecting other vaults from being,viewed at all its very helpful if you,share accounts with family or colleagues,or if you have specific documents you,need when traveling and you just want to,protect the rest similarly to bit Warden,one password has a security dashboard,but with a more dramatic name the,Watchtower I like their approach here,because it can check the security status,of individual websites and you can check,the security ecosystem of every Vault,really easily its a super streamlined,way to manage your data so yeah I would,say both options pack a punch in terms,of their extra features and must-haves,its just that theyre well tailored for,different users see one password is both,safe and really convenient especially,with their travel mode feature it has,really great privacy focused add-ons and,is probably one of my favorite,implementations of these features but,that is not to say that bit Warden is,any worse off with their transparent,practices and features geared more,towards Advanced users well it is,definitely worth considering now having,said all that the main Tipping Point for,you might be its Tada price point so,how much will the best password manager,set you back,well you should probably know that bit,Warden is the only one out of the two,that offers a forever free version but,you should always test run the software,for yourself okay so is it maybe the,best free password manager on the market,and Im gonna kind of doubt it here I,mean with its limitations in the free,version it just cant be a long-term fix,you know and this is especially true for,beginners since priority customer,support is locked behind a paywall one,password does have a 14 day free trial,so thats an option if youre torn,looking at the premium plans well youre,looking at one of the cheapest on the,market currently around a buck a month,for the entry level plan now this,unlocks the must-haves like Advanced 2fa,security reports and a couple of other,things their family plan comes with one,extra account when compared to one,passwords but it is considerably more,currently its just under 3.50 a month,one password starts at a comfortable,starting price currently at around a,buck fifty a month giving you all the,features that Ive mentioned alongside,unlimited passwords items and one,gigabyte of document storage their one,password family plan which Ive raved,about all the time is only about a,dollar more at the moment and gives five,family members access I mean thats,basically the price of cheap coffee its,madness out there so bit Warden or one,password look my takeaway is that bit,Warden is cheap but one password isnt,that expensive and gives a lot of value,value for its price so This truly,depends on your specific needs and hey,dont forget if youre considering,either provider today be sure to check,the description for the best deals I,update those regularly now regardless of,whether youre a pro or a novice ease of,use is an important part of this puzzle,and when it comes to compatibility both,providers support the major operating,systems but when I was doing everyday,activities like sharing and generating,passwords autofill and other stuff like,that well there were some issues that I,should probably point out see as,mentioned the biggest selling point for,one password is their multiple vaults,this makes sharing permissions and,credentials super easy while giving you,a lot of room for customizing your,privacy I could name each Vault easily,enough and then authorize particular,individuals to access those specific,vaults alone and access nothing else,its a great approach the biggest,downside here is that you cant share,passwords wit

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Bitwarden Password Manager Review: Plans, features, security, privacy and more

welcome back to another review from,cybernews.com,a source of advice for secure and,private online choices in the face of,rising cyber crime risks,its no secret that a password manager,can be the answer to protect and tightly,secure your online data,however when youre faced with a,mountain of options nobodys got the,time to jump from website to website,trying to narrow down whats right,thats why today well jump right into,reviewing the open source password,manager named bitwarden so first and,foremost if youre looking at password,managers you must have some form,of concern for the level of online,safety you practice,you can rest assured that bit warden,provides a high example as a secure,password manager,i mentioned that its open source which,means full transparency when it comes to,their,code it uses military grade encryption,to store all the passwords,in a digital vault not to mention your,email and master password are only kept,as,hashes but to answer the most valuable,question put to any password manager,is it safe yes bit warden is safe in,fact its one of the safest password,managers on the planet,and beyond assuming aliens use password,managers,with their source code being freely,available this leaves them open to,public scrutiny and helps them to fix,any security issues that might be,discovered,as long as your master password is,unique and strong enough using bit,warden its almost like having the hulk,as your password protector,except green isnt their signature color,so when it comes down to plans bit,warden offers a free plan,a premium features plan family sharing,plan and then a number of business plans,too so what exactly does that entail,well,with the free plan there are four top,features worth noting not to mention,with this plan you can sync all of your,devices and gain access to all of bit,wardens apps,now looking at the premium features plan,its a walk in the park compared to the,prices some other passport managers are,charging,but the biggest downfall with the free,and premium plan is that youre limited,to a cap of one,user despite this a few premium features,do jump out,for one the upgrade to one gigabyte of,personal storage is undeniably handy,not to mention the health reports which,offer a variety of valuable information,such as password reusing reports,on-school website reports and even,breached database reports,although the premium version isnt,hugely different from the free it,installs in a similar number of standard,devices and unlocks a couple of more,sophisticated features,considering the price it wont really,break the bank if you do decide to,upgrade if youre looking for more,in-depth information on bitwarden,its features and how it works click the,link down in our description head to our,comprehensive review,using bitmorden password manager is easy,it has the most popular desktop and,mobile platforms including browser,extensions,you can even access your vault directly,from their website,with the mobile app youll find polished,mobile themes and have the option of,customizing the user interface as you,wish,now like many password managers bit,wardens customer service will be,reliant on what plan you decide to opt,for,this is one of the cases where free,users might be a little let down,however premium users can expect,priority support and if in doubt they,have a reliable community forum where,developers themselves have even been,known,to drop by and spread some wisdom if,youre still undecided dont forget the,link for more information,theres even bit warden alternative,suggestions to sum it up bit1 really,does just what it says on the tin,and with only a handful of trustworthy,open source password managers available,these days,is a pretty unique service having access,to the basic features of a password,manager for free,or opting for the premium plan which is,well worth it considering its price,bit warden is definitely a great choice,as a password manager would you consider,bit warden as your password manager,let us know down in the comments and,dont forget to like and subscribe for,more,content thanks for watching until next,time,[Applause],you

Bitwarden Vs Vaultwarden: Review & Comparison

If you want to keep your online accounts safe, you  need a password manager. If youve been looking,for an affordable password manager youve probably  come across Bitwarden. If you looked even harder,then you might also have found one called Vaultwarden; which looks very similar to Bitwarden, but is,quite different under the covers. In this video Im  going to review and compare them so you can decide,which is best for you.,Welcome back to the Pro Tech  Show. Passwords are a menace. The very concept of,passwords is a bad idea for online security. Most  security breaches occur because of passwords, and,the best thing you can do is to stop using them.  Unfortunately, not all websites will let you ditch,passwords yet so were stuck with them for the  time being. That means you need to make them as,secure as possible: long, complex, ideally randomly  generated, long as in really long – the longer the,better, and unique. Thats right! I have literally  hundreds of accounts and every single one of them,has to have a completely unique password. Even  if youre a genius this is an impossible task,to remember so what we actually need to do  is use a password manager. A password manager,is an application that generates these crazy  complicated passwords for us and well use the,password manager to log us into our accounts.  A password manager therefore needs to be two,things: it needs to be secure, and it needs to be  affordable or even free. Theres nothing wrong,with paying good money for a good password  manager; but this is a necessity, not a luxury;,so we absolutely need reasonable options that  are available to everyone, regardless of budget.,Thats where Bitwarden comes in. Bitwarden is  what I would describe as “cheap and cheerful”. Its,not the most comprehensive password manager out  there, but it covers all of the standard things,you need at a really good price, or even free.  Most password managers do have free tiers but,what sets Bitwarden apart is that its free tier is actually usable. It isnt crippled like most of,its competitors. There is no limit on the number of  passwords you can store or the number of devices,you can use. There are plugins for the major  browsers, mobile apps, desktop apps, and a web app.,It does the sort of things youd expect from  a password manager. You can save credentials,automatically. You can auto-fill login forms. It  has a random password generator to create those,long, complex passwords for you. It can even store  one-time passcodes for sites with multi-factor,authentication. I know this freaks some people  out and they think Bitwarden just made their,multi-factor, single-factor. The short answer is  “No, it didnt; as long as you set it up right.” There,are scenarios where this is an incredibly useful  feature and there are times when you might want,to avoid it. If you want the pros and cons to this  in more detail then leave me a comment Ill make,a dedicated video on it, and we can all go argue  about it there. If you move up to the paid version,for additional features its still incredibly  cheap. Its less than a dollar a month if you,pay annually. Less again if you get the family  plan and split it between multiple people. At,this price I can overlook a few usability niggles,  but what about security? Its pretty well thought,through. Bitwarden uses a zero-knowledge model: meaning  Bitwarden has no access to your data. Everything is,encrypted on your local device before being  transferred to the server. Even if you use the,web app the encryption happens in your browser. The  server is really just a mechanism for storing and,syncing your encrypted data. It cant read it. Even if the Bitwarden server was compromised,and the data stolen, theres no way to decrypt it  without your password and the server doesnt have,the password. There are a few downsides to this  approach. For individual users the main one is that,if you forget your master password youre pretty  screwed; because Bitwarden doesnt know what it is,and your data cant be decrypted without it. One  of the paid features is the ability to delegate,emergency access to your vault to someone else,  which you can use as a mechanism to recover your,account if you forget your master password. As long  as you dont both forget of course! Another notable,feature of Bitwarden is that its open source. This  means the code is publicly available. There is an,argument that open source software is inherently  more secure because nothing is hidden. Everyone,can see it so if theres a vulnerability  in the code it will be found and fixed.,I do appreciate the transparency of Open Source, and having access to the code is the ultimate resource,for troubleshooting; but I think this security  argument is flawed. Weve seen numerous times,in recent years that just because everyone can  review the code doesnt mean anyone actually will.,Heartbleed was a big wake-up call for those relying on  open source, because it was a clanger of a coding,mistake, and when it came to light everyone  realised that everyone had assumed someone,else would review the code… with the result being  that nobody actually did. Worse still, they found,the bug had been exploited for months before it  was discovered – meaning the only people whod been,reviewing the code were the bad guys. Fortunately,  Bitwarden is not sitting back and hoping the good,guys are reviewing the code. Its there so they  can, but Bitwarden has also taken the active step,of paying for independent audits of their software,  systems, and processes; and publishing the results,,warts and all. This is a really great thing to see.  It demonstrates trustworthiness and transparency,and gives me confidence in their service. As far as it goes for an individual consumer or,family, Bitwarden gets my thumbs up. I wont  say its the best password manager in terms,of raw capabilities, but it is probably the best  value and includes everything you actually need.,Even the free version is perfectly usable for an  individual, without annoying restrictions. When it,comes to business use its a bit more difficult  for me to give it a blanket recommendation. I know,there are plenty of businesses that use it but the  scenarios here can vary quite a lot. When you look,at password managers theres a scale that starts  with an individual user on one end; then you have,a family use case with a bit of shared access; then  a simple business use case with more sharing and,increasing needs for auditing, integration, and  automation, right up to a complex enterprise use,case. Bitwarden to me is great at the individual  and family levels. For businesses, if you just want,to give your staff a password manager to store  their own business credentials then its basically,the same scenario as an individual, but lots of them, so this is fine. If you want,to share passwords within a small team then its  a bit like a family scenario; but as your needs get,more complex Bitwarden doesnt cut it for me. I  work for a managed services provider and we have,a lot of people who need regular access to very  sensitive passwords that grant highly privileged,access to other organisations. When one of my team  leaves I dont want to be messing about trying,to figure out what they may have had access to. I  want to hit a button and have the password manager,automatically report on every password they viewed  since its last change. In fact, I want the password,manager to connect to as many of those systems  as possible, revoke that persons access, change,the password, update systems that may have been  reliant on that password, and document the new,one automatically, then only tell me about the  ones that require manual intervention. There are,passwords that we may want people to have access  to, but only in certain specific circumstances; so,there may be a workflow where they can request  temporary access, subject to approval by their,manager, or maybe even by the customer theyre  working with. You

What is the BEST Password Manager for 2022

this video is sponsored by wevpn were,going to be looking at most of the kind,of household names here one password,keeper bit warden robo form and lordpass,and for each of those were going to be,scoring them on features security,support any major frustrations and of,course pricing now you might have,noticed that lastpass and dashlane,arent in that list firstly i honestly,just cant recommend lastpass with them,embedding marketing trackers in their,software in my opinion marketing,trackers have no place in any,application that contains sensitive data,particularly passwords and also because,of what i saw last year with them which,was basically advertising to get people,to sign up for free then essentially,pulling the rug on those three users by,significantly limiting the product and,then forcing them to pay i just dont,like the way that was done i dont like,the product and i wouldnt recommend it,personally to any of my friends and also,dashlane i wont be reviewing this time,because last year they announced they,were discontinuing the desktop app and,moving everything into the browser,plugin which just for me it it just,doesnt work and when i did test them it,was just a huge like hot mess probably,because they were like mid migration now,ill also be making another video about,the best free password manager which,ill post in the coming weeks so if,youre interested in that make sure you,subscribe to the channel before when,that comes out but with that said lets,get the ball rolling with my current,password manager thats coming up for,renewal and winner of last years 2021,password manager review one password,for features one password has actually,been really good to me over the last,year and their features and releases do,seem to be getting better and better as,time goes on theyve got apps for mac,windows android ios linux and chrome os,as well as browser extensions for like,all of the popular kind of browsers,watchtower is the name for their tool,which tells you about any password,breaches or other issues with your,passwords like weak or reused passwords,theres a fairly unique travel mode,feature which lets you only bring,specific passwords with you when,traveling abroad not something honestly,that the vast majority of us would,likely use but great for anybody,traveling for for work and particularly,journalists id imagine it also,integrates brilliantly with fingerprint,face id and even apple watch so you can,quickly unlock to get your access to,your data now you can also share,passwords with others who dont have one,password account and limit that access,to a single use or a time based limit,which can also be personally quite,useful to me quick launch has quickly,become one of my favorite features of,the new one password eight where a,keyboard shortcut pops up a search,window you search what you want and,another keyboard shortcut you can just,copy the username or password just in,moments and one more feature worth,mentioning is that they support more,than just passwords since one password,lets you also store two fa codes,security questions pin codes phone,numbers and you can even upload,attachments to it such as like your,passport or your driving license or,finance paperwork oh and if thats not,enough you can just create a custom,field or custom section for anything,else you want to store the only thing,that id like to see personally in this,new world of like crypto and nfts is a,password type to store your wallet,secret and then display it nicely on,screen for when you need to enter it,rather than the kind of current layout,there are also some features that i,absolutely love the look of because we,cant actually get them here in the uk,theres a feature that integrates with,your payment cards that can let you,create burner cards which you can then,use to sign up for say your online,subscriptions and then if your card gets,kind of hacked or into the wrong hands,you can just kind of burn that card you,cancel it without going through the,whole process of actually cancelling the,card and then affecting anything else,thats tied to that card its a really,cool feature but yeah not for us here in,the uk which is a bit of a shame really,but feature-wise its pretty solid,overall and i give this a solid 9 out of,10 for features as kind of the gold,standard that ive been used to with,plenty of developments that the others,now need to beat now security is where,one password is also really strong on,which is of course one of the most,important things with any password,manager and one password is one of very,very few password managers that embed,zero trackers within the android app now,this is something that lastpass fails,miserably at and actually many other,parcel managers too so keep an eye out,for this when we get to those as well,for me good security means zero,knowledge that nobody can see your,passwords but you and that they must,support the use of these various types,of security keys which basically work in,exactly the same way as a front door key,but for your personal parcel manager now,these are by far the best way to protect,your password manager no not everyone,will use one i know but personally id,recommend that everybody does,considering the amount of access that,someone will have to your whole life if,they get into your password manager so,if you dont have this physical key then,you cant get in and yes if you lose it,that is a problem so thats why you have,two or a couple of spares kept safely,somewhere else now for one password this,works when logging into a new computer,or phone for the first time and its,been flawless for me through mac windows,android and iphone and thats aside,general security is also really really,strong and all data is encrypted as wed,expect but recently i actually,discovered this was down to a level that,id never even thought of before from a,tweet from mitchell cohen whos product,director at one password i believe to,say that even the icons that are cached,on your computer are locked away from,anyone else because of course if someone,saw even the icons they could at least,see what websites you had saved in your,vaults and perhaps then help them decide,if they wanted to try and hack you,further now i wont get into the,technical detail here but the sheer,amount of thought and two months of,development time just to build that,feature out just seems a bit nuts but a,good kind of nuts because its,protecting us more in addition to that,one password also gets audited by third,parties whose reports are on full,display on the website and with that,said one quick note on storing your 2fa,codes in one password or any parcel,manager for that matter now personally i,wouldnt store your 2fa codes in the,same place as your passwords unless its,for something thats not as sensitive,and doesnt hold any payment information,id recommend using something like authy,instead but for random internet forums,then it can be convenient to just have,one password automatically fill in that,kind of 2fa generated number as well,whilst youre logging in over to points,and ill actually give one password a 10,out of 10 for security zero trackers,zero knowledge the level of detail they,go through to securing the data even,sometimes at the cost of slower,development of those features you just,cant argue theyre not keeping your,data safe over in support ive,personally had a really great experience,and while i can tell you across a whole,years worth of use ive rarely had to,contact them and i only recently,contacted them just to really test their,response time so an email sent at 12 14,pm uk time on monday response received,less than six hours later pretty good,theyre also really responsive on,twitter hold regular ask me anything,sessions on twitter and reddit i believe,and i know that ive been using one,password for a while now but ive had,the fortune to speak with a number of,people who work at one password not just,on the support team and they all just,they genuinely

Bitwarden vs KeePass – Whats the Best Password Manager?!

[Music],hello everybody and welcome to tech lore,where we aim to spread privacy and,security to the masses,as security-minded individuals youve,likely heard of something called a,password manager,if you havent we have a wonderful,lesson in our free go incognito course,covering this,to get you up to speed in a nutshell,password managers enable you to fully,own and control your passwords like you,never have before,allowing the ability to create strong,unique passwords on every website which,is in theory only accessible,by you and you guys should all be doing,this by the way its really bad to reuse,the same passwords,the two password managers we frequently,recommend to people are bitwarden and,keypass two open source password,managers that,function a bit differently this video,will discuss the differences between,them,give you pros and cons as well as a,final recap to hopefully answer,which is better for you as an individual,bit warden is a password manager with a,more,traditional setup matching what other,password managers,like lastpass achieve its cloud-based,allowing you to easily log in from,anywhere keepass is a password manager,with a more unorthodox approach,there is no official cross-community,client its by default,not cloud-based keypass relies on a,local database file,no internet required which is just like,any other file on your computer and as,long as that file is with you,any keepass client will be able to open,it you can duplicate this file and now,you have two versions of your password,database or you can delete it and its,gone forever,no one can open this file unless they,know your master password so just,obtaining the file doesnt really expose,anything this was just a simple,introduction to each password manager,but each has many,secrets and fun tips that dont make the,comparison,quite that simple,[Music],right off the bat bit warden is,convenient anyone can create an account,log into their account on all of their,devices then just call it,good similarly any changes you make on,one device,like adding or removing a password from,your vault bit warden syncs those,changes to all,other devices it is open source and the,most of what you need is free though it,does have some paywall,features and functionality which is kind,of expected for,an entirely free service hosting data,for you in the cloud,though you can also self-host bit warden,yourself if you choose to which is,its own pro bit warden implements,two-factor authentication,open source clients strong encryption,and some of the best security standards,all of which has been audited and has a,transparent bug bounty program,to ensure theyre staying ahead of the,game aside from personal use it also has,an emphasis on,organizations and families which makes,password management between several,people,an option with an ecosystem and an,entity to back it all up,if you have issues you have someone to,contact and a service youre paying for,dedicated to serving you which some may,prefer,bit warden is updated frequently to work,with your devices to their best,potential it supports the staples like,autofilling,browser extensions importing and,exporting data from other password,managers,and other things youd expect to find in,a password manager,in each of their clients lastly for open,source,android users bitwarden is on f droid i,feel this deserves a shout out so good,job,um thats awesome for cons bit warden,does involve some trust if you use it as,is out of the box despite them,implementing fantastic security and,in theory even the breach wouldnt,expose your passwords,your data being stored on someone elses,computer aka the cloud,is still less secure than not storing,your data on someone elses computer,obviously most password managers that,are cloud-based suffer the same,issue and bit warden is not unique but,they still take some of the best,precautions to make this not,a huge concern as discussed in the pros,the paywall system this is probably fine,for most people,using the free version as it still,allows unlimited passwords with no major,functionality removed,however this will still turn some people,away just like some may prefer a central,entity and a system to help them manage,things,others may find this to be a con as,stated earlier you can self-host,though this will require some knowledge,and time on your end which also helps,cancel out the convenience factor,of the service so it kind of goes both,ways since bit warden has a reliance on,its own first party clients across,devices if they implement something,wrong,maybe a new ui new features or remove,features,youre kind of stuck with that at least,officially speaking,so you do have to trust bitword in here,in the long run which theres not much,reason not to,just be aware there is a degree of trust,in not only the privacy and security but,also the direction they had in the,future,keepass the first and most notable pro,of it,is by default everything is offline and,controlled by you,you own your database it doesnt live,online anywhere and you have the full,control to do what you want with the,file you can keep it on a flash drive,store it on one machine move it in a,veracrypt container or you could upload,this to the cloud and sync it across,your devices and its going to sync your,passwords,just like other password managers we,actually have a guide showing how to do,that,similar to bit warden youre getting,top-notch security with keepass with,open source standards audits even,recommendations from pretty,noteworthy people and support for,something called a key file which is,essentially two-factor authentication on,a file basis some clients also support,yubikey and other forms of 2fa,keepass is extremely powerful if it,doesnt do something out of the box,theres likely either a client,or plugin that makes it possible if,there isnt its very likely you could,probably create something yourself if,you really wanted to,we made a keepass guide diving into,several fun configurations and use cases,and of course people still left some new,unique ideas in the comments,it really is limitless what can be,accomplished similarly there are a,number of options for clients on each,device each with pros and cons,for example keepassxc is a more modern,and updated client with some different,functionality than the official keypass,client,over on android keepassdx is from f,droid though,pass to android is on the play store and,has better,built-in support for database cloud,syncing with services like google drive,and dropbox,because of these options and clients,theres no central point of failure in,keepass both in pricing security as well,as functionality,if your favorite client stops working or,implements something that you dont like,theres likely a different client you,can switch to in minutes and itll read,the same database,exactly the same as the last one to,begin cons keepass is going to be more,inconvenient,if you want cross-device support with,real-time updates,your options are one manually sync the,database yourself,every time a change happens which is,inconvenient and oftentimes leads to,data loss if you forget something,two by accessing your passwords from a,single centralized database like maybe,only having your database live on a,flash drive,which has to be plugged into every,device to access passwords,or three connecting the database to the,cloud and three is obviously the most,convenient,yet its still much less convenient than,a service like bit warden if youre,going the cloud route,the next issue with keepass is it has a,learning curve im not going to say its,hard to use because its not its just,very new,to people because we are used to,accounts and keepass has a different,process,altogether id really recommend giving,your keepass guide a shot since it does,a good job of explaining how,exactly he pass works which should,hopefully help you get started,keepass isnt an entity its a project,so if youre an organization or someone,who feels more comfortable with a

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