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Black Crab Netflix Movie Review

theres no way black crab is as good as,krusty krab its my obligatory spongebob,reference what is up netflix fans,welcome back to my channel today we are,talking the brand new original film,starring numera pace and that is black,crab this one had me so interested were,gonna talk about it super quick get in,that comment section down below,to end an apocalyptic war and save her,daughter a reluctant soldier embarks on,a desperate mission to cross a frozen,sea carrying a top secret cargo like i,said numerous pace stars in this film it,is rated tv mature for some moderate,violence and gore but some extremely,severe frightening and intense scenes,nothing too crazy beyond that uh but,definitely veers into that territory,every now and then now i love noomi as,an actor the beginning of this film is,heart-wrenching because you dont,entirely know the setup to all of this,we kind of go from one location to the,next but that opening gives you,everything you need to know about the,movie it is dark it is intense but they,are fighting this war that requires she,and multiple people with her to go on,what feels like a suicide mission now,within this mission they are skating,across frozen waters in a war-torn,sweden and yes i said skating it sounds,really silly but its actually in my,opinion the best part of the movie some,of the visuals behind these almost,post-apocalyptic feeling sci-fi ish,scenes here are really cool but it is,all out of desperation this entire,mission but she has something personal,at hand here because she is attempting,to get back something that means the,absolute world to her what pushes her,all throughout this movie and because,shes such a good performer you buy it,you get that you gravitate towards that,emotion almost immediately that is the,best part of the movie well that and the,scenes where theyre skating on the ice,again that was really cool now there is,a certain comfort level with certain,things that happen in this movie and,what a lot of people are experiencing in,reality right now i couldnt help but to,think about that as i was watching this,movie so in a sense it it heightened my,fear it broke my heart maybe a little,more than even the intentions were,did it make the quality of the actual,script better not necessarily there are,definite issues with just the generic,nature of this mission and i think being,a mishmash of many apocalyptic and,sci-fi-ish things weve seen before,without,giving us a lot in terms of heart from,other characters our main character has,heart ill give it that i dont entirely,know if the movie came together at the,end of the day because i did find it to,be just a bit on the dull side visually,its great and like i mentioned with the,plot there are really good things here,but all throughout the movie we get,scenes and circumstances and,ideas that just come into play and then,theyre gone with what feels like within,seconds of them playing any significance,in the first place and a lot of these,ideas presented would never come back to,them i mean who are we fighting whats,actually going on whats up with this,war you know what i mean i had so many,questions throughout and i understand,taking the personal approach because,thats clearly established at the,beginning but i had too many questions,to really enjoy the story at hand if,that makes sense is what we get after,that introduction one year later many,years later like im just questioning,all of the things happening because the,film its almost like it forgets to,present really important information and,these are just generic things right when,you watch the movie there are more very,specific details that i questioned,throughout that you may question,yourself now there are things to enjoy,here like i said visually it works the,lead performance it works beside the,sporting characters,i didnt really care about anybody i,didnt really know anyones name there,are people presented to us im like oh,were going to learn who this guy is,oh,no there are betrayals throughout that,dont really come back into prominence,people who are doing things for their,own personal benefit and i understand it,is war time in this movie uh but i just,found myself not fully embracing and,accepting a lot of the plot points here,now it does all culminate and come to a,head but at the same time im not sure,if those visually exciting moments were,enough to bring it all home at the end,of the day so overall it did slightly,fall flat but there are things to enjoy,if you can look past that i rhymed,before i give you my score if you,enjoyed this netflix review i talk all,things streaming every single weekend,weekend so if youd like to support that,i would appreciate it and drop that,thumbs up down below it is not without,its occasionally stunning visuals but,the plot points presented create too,many questions and it follows a fairly,generic formula im going a 50 right,down the middle i feel like given a lot,of fives out of tens lately down the,middle with my score its just another,movie thats like okay,i watched it netflix what else you got,and that is a genuine question what else,you got so i appreciate you guys so much,for watching ill see you soon

Black Crab (2022) Netflix Movie Review | Svart Krabba

numi rapace or ripass is gonna have a,busy year with releases shes got a,horror coming out next month but for now,shes in the netflix action film black,crab the concept is different but is,that enough to make it good,in a post-apocalyptic world six soldiers,on a covert mission must transport a,mysterious package across a frozen,archipelago nume stars is a soldier who,sent on this seemingly insurmountable,task to deliver some canisters to a,group thats something like a hundred,nautical miles away but the catch is,that they have to get there without any,vehicles and to do it as quickly as,possible so the small team of soldiers,that are chosen to deliver the package,they all have to know how to skate yeah,you heard that right the group is going,to skate across the frozen water and,actually i mean its really smart its,much faster than walking and way quieter,than vehicles but the downside is that,in daylight youre completely exposed,which is why they mainly travel at night,this post-apocalyptic setting makes for,a great aesthetic because it really,creates a sense of hopelessness i mean,not only do we see gray ash filled skies,and then just utter destruction all,around but the people that are,encountered theyre scrappy scruffy and,desperate plus the setting also makes,for some very disturbing visuals as the,team goes along now the outside world,isnt focused on too much other than,some brief encounters and then the,occasional flashback that newmie has,from the opening scene we learned why,numis character will be motivated to,take part in this seemingly impossible,mission i mean its also shown in the,trailer that numi has a personal stake,in the matter and along with the,delivering the package shes going to,collect something thats very important,to her now this motivation makes,complete sense and is what becomes her,driving force and i love the instant,change that we see in her from before,she learns information to after i mean,at the beginning of the film shes,downtrodden just almost defeated but,then she has this renewed vigor and,nothing is going to stand in her way i,love what that means for the action too,she will then do pretty much whatever it,takes to reach her objective we see the,determination and the resolve she has,and at times despite coming up against,obstacles i mean she just presses on now,the visuals in this are wonderful to,look at i love how we get a lot of,backlit sequences of the team as they,maneuver through a forest amidst a,battle or maybe theyre skating across,the ice with all these fires glowing,behind them now theres one sequence,that felt very much like an 80s action,film or maybe even like it could have,come from the mighty ducks i mean it is,very dramatic with the music swelling,and the action being slowed down a bit,and then the way the camera moved to,capture the scene just work together to,just make something that in the moment,was cool and ridiculous all at the same,time but there are a lot of great visual,moments that the film creates i mean the,vast barren dark and even foreboding,environment work to really give us a,sense of isolation but theres also a,beauty to how its visualized on the,screen the action is also captured,really well it makes for an exciting,time i mean some of the sequences,themselves do feel a bit far-fetched but,at least they provide some tension and,even urgency to what we watch not only,is the team under sort of deadline to,deliver the package but because this is,wartime enemy soldiers are pursuing and,fighting the small band of warriors and,that chase of sorts creates anxiety and,pressure because the team cant just,turn around and retreat i mean they have,to keep going forward towards their,objective and the action we get is,pretty brutal and its captured well,while we may not see a bullet strike a,persons head the film isnt afraid to,show us the aftermath which is pretty,gnarly thats also not to say that we,dont see anyone getting shot or hurt,because we certainly do because a lot of,this plays out at night i love how the,use of tracers help to add visual,interest and tension to a battle i mean,we can see the line of bullets traveling,towards a group which then kind of put,me on the edge of my seat because we can,see just how close some come to hitting,their mark i like the complication that,arises from the team itself now this,isnt an elite special forces unit that,has trained and served together for a,really long time i mean this group is,mostly thrown together because they can,all skate so because of the direness of,the mission not all of them are,absolutely thrilled to be going which,then raises questions on loyalties and,determination and while i like the,visuals in the action the story itself,was just kind of there for me and i was,engaged in the track that the group was,going on but for a story thats just,short of two hours more depth could have,been introduced to the underlying tale,and the movie feels like it has almost,two endings once a certain point is,reached the pace of the story almost,stops and then gives us a pretty,predictable resolution now my guess is,that youll have guessed that one way,before and that part didnt really bum,me out but what did bum me out is the,actual end of the story i mean im on,board with the motivations somewhat but,just not for how it fits within the,larger story numes character has had,one true objective the entire time and,when the reveal is made to her theres a,definite shift in her personality and,her motivations and i get the emotion,but just not the execution when we first,see her at the beginning of the movie,shes all but given up on life so at the,end when the reveal comes she makes,choices that are noble but im not sure,that theyre believable i think had a,different ending come into play it would,have felt less forced and then more,believable and really true to her,character overall black crab is a decent,action film with plenty of violence and,fighting to keep the energy fairly high,the premise of having to cross a,dangerous and massive frozen body of,water does create some good tension and,opportunities for chaos and then the,cinematography helps to capture some,beautiful imagery that is breathtaking,and horrifying i enjoy the urgency the,story creates but the plot is fairly,generic and then when all is said and,done seems to be more of a frustrating,exercise in futility and this feels a,little longer than it should and it,actually is a little longer than it,should be but its not terrible for a,one-time watch numi ripass continues to,prove that she can handle action and,drama by providing us with a character,who can be sympathetic and ruthless all,at once theres no sex or nudity but,there is a lot of profanity and then a,ton of violence i give black crab three,and a half out of five couches so whats,your favorite movie with newmie i first,saw her as elizabeth zelander and as far,as im concerned i mean she is just the,only girl with the dragon tattoo shes,also been in so many different films let,me know your favorite in the comments,below if you enjoyed this review please,give it a like also dont forget to,share and subscribe im chris this is,movies and munchies thanks for couching,with me

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Black Crab (2022) Netflix Movie Review – Svart krabba

hey and welcome to the river tuesday my,name is reuben and this is my review for,netflixs new original movie black crab,let me know in the comments below what,is your favorite new me rupees uh film,shes done quite a lot probably more,than you know off if you check out her,imdp page,its massive generally she does a lot of,non-english speaking so you have to read,the subtitles which is why i think she,goes overlooked sometimes,but definitely worth a while to check,out some of those titles lets jump in,in a post-apocalyptic world six soldiers,on a covert mission must transport,mysterious package across a frozen,archipelago now for my wife and i when,we see nomi rupees name in it thats an,immediate kind of tick im going to give,that a go film she did a few netflix,films already one chord so what happened,to monday and we loved that we really,loved how it went the kind of the,breakdown i think,i think the film itself,had a oscar nomination shes done a,number of those that have gone under the,radar that i think people,if they go go and check now well be,like actually shes a pretty damn fine,actress so when it comes to her,my wife and i were like okay were gonna,check this out and then we add in the,adventure that this film is and,basically we should have absolutely,loved it the whole way through,and we did like it,for,three quarters of the film,even towards the end but the last five,minutes,left us going hmm,okay now putting all that aside is the,film actually any good is the journey,any good for me if this is a really,weird conundrum normally when it comes,to movies i love,the beginning first half an hour and i,love the last half an hour and its,normally the middle that kind of lags,this film its the middle the chunk of,the film that works really well its the,introduction of whats happening in the,world they kind of shy away from,questions theyre basically just saying,were at war theres two people at war,one is winning more were trying to,fight for survival you kind of,dont know who the bad guys are you,dont really ever get to see them,and thatll be explained later on it,also has a weird sci-fi feeling to it my,wife and i kept on expecting there to be,like the alien invasion because it has,that weird kind of look also just has,that feeling some films just carry that,tone you expect the invasion of the bad,guys to be alien we kept saying to us,ourselves oh i i guess its not that,film because it isnt so if you if you,go in there into this film thinking that,same thing it isnt that our main,protagonist,she is the one were behind most of,because weve seen at the beginning,shes been separated from her daughter,and now she has the the drive for her,trying to do complete this mission is,being reunited with her daughter and so,were immediately behind it thats the,driving force so what we get is a to b,team of six leaves and then team has to,arrive,carrying this package and obviously,along the way theres gonna be stuff,that happens the thing about this film,it looks stunning and we kept asking,ourselves how on earth did they film,this,because it looks like everything was,filmed on ice in the tundra some of,these shots though would be impossible,to do so they would have had to do green,screen on ice or like filming on an ice,rink but putting green screen around the,eye string then making everything or,filming on a section of ice where our,lake is frozen and then having to do,everything in green skin but it doesnt,look like that never do i go thats,green screen it just looks like this is,the post-apocalyptic world thats kind,of frozen over in places,and then we get to see the effects of,that as well so as the adventure,progresses you get to see,vast landscapes in eyes or things like,um if youre thinking day after tomorrow,youre kind of getting the sort of idea,of what theyre going through,people frozen nice boats frozen and nice,little things that theyre there,they come to that kind of represents uh,the world they used to know which is,very fresh that works well theres,flashbacks in this that i know theyre,trying to create backstory for our,protagonists to make us care more about,the relationship but i didnt enjoy the,flashbacks this time around because it,kind of took me out of the adventure and,the pace the tone that they were going,for i was already on board with the you,know kind of door to save the daughter i,didnt need any more except for one for,an explanation as to how the hell they,actually ended up there and talking,about the ending there is this,explanation or an event that happens,to our protagonists that made me feel,but that just doesnt really answer,like what was the point i guess i know,what the point was but it just feels,unsatisfying to me the ending and thats,the worst when you go through a really,great film the adventure is good the,dialogue is good numerous pieces once,again portrayal of motherhood and,soldier or being thrust into the the,shoes of a soldier once again is,fantastic the way she reacts with her,team shes always,on the cusp of am i part of the team or,am i not part of the team shes always,kind of honored for her own and it makes,you separate the the likeableness to her,a little bit because youre like this is,your team theyre going through as much,with you as you are but shes always,kind of doing it for herself because she,has that motherhood nature where shes a,parent and shes going to do whatever it,takes to protect her daughter whether,that means making a safer world for her,or actually connecting with her again,that is what shes going to do you know,screw everybody else and i get that but,it does separate her from the team which,creates an interesting dynamic it was a,good way to go with the story because,you did need,a couple of dynamics to be different so,where we have the great cinematography,adds to the atmosphere of adventure,intenseness great shoots out very a,couple of scenes of a good hand-to-hand,combat i think there was one in the,opening that i thought yeah this is why,shes such a good action hero as well,she can do those really emotional scenes,we have that coming out again with like,the motherhood but then when it comes to,action her handling a gun talking to her,soldier counterparts that is all,believable so like in the roles it feels,very fleshed out but then you get to,that ending and it leaves you with a,i will say the first half an hour with,whats going on in the world now with,the war that were experiencing now was,a little bit close to home,because the way it looks reminded me a,lot of the shots ive been seeing on the,news um and it was it was like oh,i might have maybe held back on this,film for a little bit just,its not representing that at all but it,did,it did it was very close to home um and,youll understand once you see it,uh,yeah thats thats my side track on the,review for that bit there but anyway let,me know your thoughts down below im,going to give this three out of five,nicholas cages probably would have gone,for if it stuck the landing let me know,your thoughts once youve seen it thanks,so much for watching but most of all,until next time remember live longer,tuesday,[Music],you

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[Music],thats nick and thats joseph and today,were here to talk about svartkrava also,known as black crab which will be,available to stream on netflix march 18,2022 it is the directorial debut of adam,berg and it premiered at the gothenburg,film festival,earlier this year in february uh notably,it is the return of swedish superstar,numi ripass to,swedish language film production because,she hasnt done that in a while,and it was also based on a novel by,yorker verborg,the basic story,there appears to be like a world war or,something swedens in bad shape,and were focused on this one base,where they are trying to get a,collection of ice skaters together to,transport two containers,and numero pos is,um,recruited because she is like a talented,ice skater along with three other people,there are six people six total,so,they are asked to uh,transport these containers across a body,of water that hasnt been frozen over in,like 37 years so theres also like some,climate change stuff going on,and the name of the film black crab,refers to,the approach theyre taking to transport,these containers is theyre going to,travel across the ice behind enemy lines,going sideways so like a crab,okay the opening of the film is,numer poss,whos the star i didnt mention that,uh shes in a car with her daughter who,appears to be like 10 or 11,and theyre stuck in like a traffic jam,when all of a sudden these militia type,people,just bust out and start shooting and,killing people at random,and someone takes numis daughter okay,so then we flash forward to more,desperate times numis recruited shes a,soldier now shes a soldier now they,tell her this is the mission and shes,like thats a suicide mission im not,doing it and the person in charge whos,played by david denchick whos a very,notable danish actor see youve seen him,and stuff you see the handsome one,no oh,oh thats david denchick uh the the,handsome one youre talking about is,jacob or probably pronounced jacob after,bro who ive seen in quite a few things,including contiki in order of,disappearance,hes been around a while too so numi,says why would i do this its a suicide,mission and they go oh maybe youll,reconsider because you know what youre,missing daughter shes at the refugee,camp over there they show her a picture,and its so obvious like that is not,true but of course nume,thinks like okay ill do it so they go,not without my daughter yeah yeah so the,film is nearly two hours and the bulk of,it is this group of people,you know going from point a to point b,they are successful but in the process,four of them die,and its just knew me and the handsome,guy remaining,but at a point one of the other,soldiers,the young guy he decides to open one of,the cartridges and we find out that,theyre transporting biological warfare,and they discuss it and realize like,this,what what theyre transporting is going,to cause an extinction level event so,this is not like theyre not going to be,fighting the war theyre going to be,ending it because everyones going to,die for everybody yeah so the handsome,guy,hes the last one standing with numi and,he tells her like we have to destroy,this we cannot let this happen,but numis so focused on seeing her,daughter,shes like no im taking this so i can,get in there and see my daughter,so shes successful she makes it,in the process she shoots the handsome,guy but he doesnt die because,when numi wakes up,because she passes out before she gets,to the base and when she wakes up shes,at the base and they tell her like oh,you successfully made it but youre in,pretty bad shape like her hands are all,messed up they had to amputate toes but,shes alive they get her dressed up in,her uniform and take her to,the um,to the admiral in charge i need to fix,this lighting but were going to keep,going um,they,take her to the admiral in charge,and,the admiral you know gives her like a,medal of badge of honor blah blah blah,and newmies like thats all good and,great but i need to see my daughter and,the admiral says oh,shes not really here we just told you,that because we knew it would motivate,you she goes it was that hope that got,you here for this mission,cut to knew me whoops that ass admirals,ass,and after shes done with her ass,she goes back to her little area and has,like i guess,she decides oh i guess we should destroy,the biological warfare so she finds the,handsome guy because she knows if that,gets out then her daughter definitely,will be dead,her and the handsome guy go find it,theyre able to escape the,base,but its kind of like,everyones evacuating,all guns are on her and she has to make,a decision an executive decision and she,decides to,um like,uh,what do you call it a grenade yeah pull,a grenade and basically blow herself up,with the,chemicals the end,there you go this is rough this lighting,is betraying me okay what did you think,of,craba which i maintain should be your,new nickname uh mine,im a black crown well im crabby yeah,thats oh okay,um,yeah its,i think i like the idea of it more and,it has some really kind of creepy,elements sometimes because they they,stumble over this a sea of bodies frozen,in ice which i thought was pretty cool,and the best the most tense moments are,is really the journey on the ice uh and,and you know having to go through,certain parts that arent its not,really frozen over,because right away when they start out,the leader of the group this woman goes,under and dies and numi has to dive in,numis name is carolyn in the movie by,the way and she has to go in and,cut out those canisters out of her,backpack initially with the,environmental sci-fi things i was uh,kind of curious i was hoping it would go,into more like anna kavans,sci-fi dystopic ice direction um,but it doesnt i think the final the the,third act that denim wall really kind of,loses a lot of energy and,becomes a kind of a bit silly yeah if,you will uh numis hair is also very,distracting this film im sure you have,notes on that,i mean her hair looks like,when you get the little black cabbage,patch doll with the girl,thats what it looks terrible um but i,agree i think the movie feels long,i think the actual journey and the,obstacles these,soldiers face that part was the most,interesting and i was actually quite,engaged for that like the middle,two-thirds,but you know i had this problem with um,the atom project we just watched,something else where like the main,characters motivation is so selfish,that it just really annoys me like this,lady i but i it its you know we can tap,into the universal appeal we can,understand why she would do that but,yeah it also plays like cliche it does i,wish that this would have just been like,we just start out from the jump like six,soldiers have to get across this ice and,during this journey we,like these characters are developed and,we understand why theyre proceeding but,it just felt so basic that it just,starts with her daughter being kidnapped,and then they show her a picture like oh,by the way your daughters at the camp,why didnt yall tell me this before,like its just so stupid its its clear,shes being manipulated but then um,it felt kind of,like what ive seen,like films about russians doing to each,other motivating her and then i assume,they would try to kill her after she,beat up that admiral but uh or the,commander the commander,its just its very linear very,straightforward i kind of wanted it to,be a little more maybe like 12 monkeys,in the biochemical warfare uh component,of it uh you had brought up against the,ice which we just just reviewed as kind,of another,i feel like if the director of against,the ice and the director of black crab,got together they could make a really,good movie because i felt like that film,against the ice took a pretty big topic,and stripped it down to something that i,thought felt very concise and palatable,and i think the performances i like them,better than you did,the great visuals but very little action,and then i think in this film the,director really do

Netflix Black Crab Ending Explained

numerous new movie black crab is now on,netflix and the post-apocalyptic,thriller has all the makings of a,perfect sunday afternoon watch based on,the novel of the same name by jerker,verdeberg black crab was directed by,adam berg his feature debut who also,co-wrote the movie with pelradstrom free,to leave the army to go wherever you,want for those who find themselves,confused by the various twists and turns,look no further as we delve into the,story and what exactly is going on in,this post-apocalyptic world there will,be some major spoilers ahead,what happened with the canisters in,black crab gavnik and carolyn came under,fire just after an island escaped they,ended up sniping out most of the,opposition but gavnik had to jump on a,grenade to save carolyn she grew angrier,over his death skating out to catch an,island because if she didnt get the,virus to odo she wouldnt see her,daughter vanja who got kidnapped during,a raid,and carl will pick you up by the soap,kitchen tomorrow she sniped nyland out,but didnt kill him understanding his,humanity still she couldnt ruin the,chance at reuniting with her girl which,led to her almost passing out in the,cold the military base found her and,healed her taking the canisters to the,lab for mass production,what happened with carolyn and vanja,unfortunately after carolyn got medals,of honor and courage the commander in,charge nort was forced to admit the,military lied,vanja was never recovered they faked it,to motivate carolyn because she was,their best chance to get the virus,across the lake carolyn attacked her,superior but nyland pulled her off he,was rescued and healed too bartering for,carolyns safety because he sympathized,with her loss and how she was,manipulated,carolyn would later ask him to help her,destroy the virus although he re-aimed,her for not letting him dump it in the,ocean when he stole the canisters she,was repentant and believed that with no,hope of her child surviving she could at,least prevent a pandemic,what happened to the virus in black crab,in black crabs finale nyland and a,scalpel toting caroline used their,credentials and heroic status to,infiltrate the lab killing colleagues,along the way however after getting the,vials they had to blow them up away from,the base or else theyd infect people,and cause a spread,they pushed the alarm and started an,evacuation but things went south quickly,disguised in hazmat suits nylon tried to,get them on a chopper but a wounded,caroline realized her time was up,she strapped the vials to a stolen,grenade leaving nord and the guards,nervous nylon saw what was happening and,was left with no choice but to depart,nord asked her to think of her daughter,which inspired carolyn to jump off the,cliff and blow herself up it broke,nyland who knew that while a pandemic,was averted the war would continue with,norton co,still alive as for caroline black crab,ended with her and vanja under the cold,lake swimming and embracing it suggested,carolyn met her in the afterlife,although vonges fate was never,confirmed,you

Black Crab Review!

black crab the new swedish film that is,out on netflix for you guys to go and,check out this movie is all about an,apocalyptic war that has broken out and,a group of soldiers have been picked,based on special skills such as ice,skating and they now must venture across,the frozen ocean in order to get to a,certain base where they need to deliver,some canisters and one of the characters,is a mother who has been told her,daughter is there so she is on a mission,to get there to see her daughter to,reunite again now im going to tell you,guys my thoughts on black black crab so,let me know in the comments below what,did you guys think of this movie did you,love did you hate it smash it down below,smash that like button for me and click,subscribe and without further ado,lets jump to this review of black crap,okay so black crab a another swedish,film out on netflix look i watched one,last year called red dot and i really,really enjoyed that this one is another,one and it had some people that are new,in it as well it has the lead actress,she is from prometheus i cant pronounce,the name because its swedish and its,very hard to pronounce its like naomi,or something like that but its like,nomi or something thats how its built,but i probably butchered that shes in,it so,i was naturally gonna be excited about,this film it sounded like a very unique,were skating across the frozen ocean to,get somewhere,and its an action military war movie,whats not to love about this movie,already so i was like,saved it i was like cool put it on my,list its going to come out came out i,watched it now im going to take us,right now how i felt about this film and,im going to tell you guys right here,right now actually enjoyed this film,quite a lot theres a lot to like about,this film and,i think by going and watching these,other foreign films that arent just,made from,america from hollywood anything like,that you get a broader horizon of what,are the possibilities and some of the,cool concepts weve seen korean shows,recently come out of nowhere and just,become the new thing that everyone loves,to see,im so glad that i saw another swedish,film because i really enjoyed it now i,watched it in swedish with subtitles,because,the english just english dub does just,doesnt work it doesnt work unless they,can all speak english i dont know but i,didnt try so i was just like im gonna,watch it its native tongue because im,used to it i watch anime in japanese,so im completely used to that i watched,squid games in korean so its no big,drama but overall i really really like,this film quite a lot i thought the,story and concept is very unique ive,never heard of skating across a frozen,ocean to get to a destination before,ive never seen anything or heard of,anything like that,so that is so cool and the way that they,executed it was quite,quite awesome quite cool there are some,really good moments in this now they,pick selected characters,from their special skills so youve got,a sniper in there obviously youve got a,woman who is chasing up their daughter,youve got a lieutenant youve got all,these other ones but they all have a,similar skill which is being able to ice,skate some of them from ice hockey team,some of them,ice skaters themselves before they,become soldiers so it makes sense how,they got them all together there are,certain characters that you fall in love,with and that you care about and like,every other movie when theres one,destination youre getting to and its,all about a journey you know not,everyones going to make it so some of,your p some of your favorite characters,are going to die along the way and it,was quite sad when some of those,happened,but,this was on the edge of my seat watching,this movie it its very the way that,they use the score in this movie was,done fantastically they hit the right,notes to make it eerie when,you need it to be eerie where you need,to be oh my god, i forgot this is in a poster part,this is an apocalyptic war like this is,a war that is,destroying the world,so they had to give that tone of vibe of,like this is life or death they have to,get this there to save everyone,and when theyre in certain situations,that tone that,score just elevated it to where youre,like oh my god this is actually dark,like where the worlds going to end if,they dont get there and then when,people are dying twists and turns happen,along the journey which you dont see,coming and when you do so youre like,damn, didnt see that coming,but it really really works some of the,characters you might not care about uh,they tried to do a they tried to get you,to care about,the mother that is looking after her,daughter they try to get you care i,didnt really care,like a lot about her,i more cared about the lieutenant i,thought,something was up with him and when you,get towards the end you see what was up,with him and i actually liked him,probably the most the lieutenant guy is,probably my favorite hes a bit sus at,the start but then overall when you get,to towards the end you actually hes,actually find your favorite character,the ending makes sense to where it had,to go i understand why i did that it was,an epic conclusion,it was everything i thought it would be,and the twist was just green as well i,thought that twist worked really really,well the cinematography is great it,looks beautiful in this frozen snowy,environment it looked great when they,were skating it was awesome the action,sequences were good as well i really,enjoyed them especially at night when,those flares when you theres this one,scene where on the ice and you see the,bullets and it just looked really really,good where,they actually had the bullets coming and,youre seeing them as they light up as,theyre coming and theyre landing right,in front,that was really really good as well,but overall i really enjoyed this movie,quite a lot um i think maybe the story,is a bit generic some of the twists,are,predictable and youre kind of expecting,a movie like this but nevertheless it,worked for me in this film so let me,know in the comments below what did you,guys think of black crab,did you love it did you hate it smash it,down below smash that like button for me,and click subscribe as well and ill see,you guys next video until then stay safe,and peace out

Black Crab – A Netflix Review

hey guys whats going on lane back for,another netflix review and today im,gonna be talking about black crab,[Music],black crab is a swedish action movie,that tells the story of carolyn aid a,soldier serving as a member of a,resistance faction caught in the middle,of a war taking place in a,post-apocalyptic world shes assigned a,mission along with five other soldiers,to deliver a mysterious package to,another base that could end the war the,catch involved with this mission is that,the group must cross a vast body of,frozen water in order to evade enemy,detection at the risk of falling through,the ice itself and facing certain death,while initially deterred by this aid,becomes motivated to see the mission,through in the hopes that shell be,reunited with her daughter this movie,had me hooked at the start but as it,went along it became more difficult to,take it seriously its still interesting,to an extent but characters tend to make,silly decisions and the world is never,fully expanded upon which is a shame,considering how much effort was put into,how it looked numi rapa stars in the,lead role as aid and is convincing,enough in her performance the fact that,she has a daughter that shes searching,for throughout the story adds an,emotional element to the movie that,makes it stand out a bit more from other,action movies shes also able to hold,her own in the action scenes she moves,and acts like a battle heart and soldier,and doesnt let her emotions control her,reactions which makes her believable in,the role of a soldier its also,intriguing considering who shes,fighting for and in general noomi was,solid in balancing aids dedication and,motivation for the mission however i,find it hard to sympathize with her,plight beyond a generic sense because,barely anything is known about what the,relationship was like between her and,her daughter so theres nothing to go on,as far as what kind of influence her,daughter had there are some flashback,scenes in the movie that add a bit of,insight into what the two were like,before and during the war but theyre,too few in number and they only last a,few seconds usually during dream,sequences before aid snaps awake and,gets back to the main plot at hand so,theres never enough time given to,explore the mother-daughter dynamic,properly other characters who tag along,for the mission arent quite as,developed as aid but they still have,some degree of memorability one thats,particularly noteworthy is nyland who,becomes the commanding officer in charge,of the mission he adds some dramatic,flair to the story in that i wasnt sure,what his true motivations were but in a,good way that kept me on my toes as i,already mentioned though some of these,characters make really weird decisions,that pulled me out of the experience for,example theres a sniper named granvic,who never seems bothered by two squad,mates who died during the mission but,when another one dies afterward he,starts freaking out and waxing,philosophical i would suggest that its,because the filmmakers tried to portray,some sort of deeper connection between,him and the character who died but,theres no significant interaction,between those two at any point so i,didnt understand why he got so up in,arms over it some of these characters,also fall victim to things that aide,experiences yet she is able to survive,them due to being the protagonist and,thus having the thickest set of plot,armor possible she and another character,will get shot in the same place but she,never succumbs to her injuries she and,another character will fall into ice,cold water but she never dies from,hypothermia i hate seeing logical,inconsistencies like these pop up in,movies even though bad things happen to,the protagonist and i want to root for,her and see her succeed these same,things happen to other characters too so,seeing her survive things that kill,others just because the plot demands it,was frustrating and broke my sense of,immersion fortunately the movie does a,better job when it comes to showing the,variety of environments that are,featured in its world as tense as the,groups journey across the frozen waters,can be itd be pretty boring if that was,all it was and thankfully things are,shaken up as the group travels to places,like shipwrecks abandoned homes and,snow-covered forests all of these places,look visually striking as well a,surprising amount of detail and care was,put into the lighting and set design,everything about how it looks,demonstrates a cold dark world plagued,by conflict so as far as visual,aesthetics go this movie nails it as for,the action scenes the movie is,entertaining in this regard as well its,mostly standard fare in the form of,gunfights and grenades but its visceral,enough to get ones adrenaline pumping i,like that the enemies in this movie have,a certain menace about them that makes,them much more threatening so the crew,often has to find ways to get around,them as opposed to fighting them,directly something i found myself,disappointed about with the enemies,though is that theres not much,background behind who they are as,individuals or what theyre fighting for,i kept waiting for some big revelation,to come out about them but it never,happened as far as im concerned theyre,nothing more than terrorists with ski,masks the movies events revolve around,a mcguffin that comes in the form of the,mysterious package that the group,escorts across the ice and how it can,end the war i like that it raises the,story stakes because of its presence as,the group encounters several close calls,that raise suspense and threaten to,endanger the mission once the group,finds out whats inside the package,though the movie becomes another,run-of-the-mill end of the world,scenario complete with ethical dilemmas,that the characters find themselves,floundering with in terms of decision,making and its not that i think its,messages are bad per se theres a clear,anti-war element associated with the,story that stays consistent and it,features great story beats that serve as,commentary on the effects of genocide,but in the end its not saying anything,new or presenting old points in a fresh,format overall black crab is an average,action experience that has some,interesting details with its world,building and themes but they arent,explored to their full potential if you,like action movies that take place in,post-apocalyptic worlds and have some,level of subtext behind them you might,enjoy this to a certain degree numi,ripasss performance the action scenes,and the production design are all great,but everything else about it feels half,baked its a perfectly fine action movie,to kill some time watching with but i,found myself wanting more from it than,what i got what did you think about this,movie did you enjoy its set pieces and,dark presentation or did you find it to,be just another bland action adventure,let me know in the comments below,anyways guys thats going to wrap up my,review of black crab thanks for watching,this video i hope you enjoyed it and as,always stay tuned for the next part,where next time i review the american,thriller windfall,bye bye,[Music],you

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