1. Black Star – No Fear of Time ALBUM REVIEW
  2. Black Star – No Fear of Time Album Review
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  6. Black Star – No Fear Of Time ALBUM REVIEW
  7. Black Star – No Fear Of Time REVIEW

Black Star – No Fear of Time ALBUM REVIEW

here the internets busiest music nerd,and its time for a review of this new,black star album no fear of time,legendary new york hip hop duo black,star is back yasi and bay fka most death,as well as talib kwali a quarter century,ago these two guys together as black,star made one of the best hip-hop,records of the 90s an album that i have,been dying to hear follow-up to since i,was in college but as the years drew on,i kind of gave up on any idea that would,happen with uh bae kind of fading,further and further out of the limelight,and uh talibs solo catalog kind of,growing more and more lukewarm over the,years also consider much of his focus,these days seems to be on his very,successful and very good podcast the,platform he exclusively releases that,podcast through is uh where this album,exclusively sits but uh regardless,miraculously,its here the album is here the,follow-up the sophomore record is here,and it is,kind of,a,nightmare yeah this record is basically,everything that i would be afraid it,would be not only because of its rollout,that,naturally limited the number of people,who were going to hear this thing almost,to a group of people that of course were,going to be super fans and most likely,happy with whatever the quality of this,thing was going to be but i was also,afraid this project would fall into the,predictable stereotype of the a very,long coming comeback album where,yeah things come across kind of rusty,like everyones a little out of it,because its taken over two decades for,us to get a new project and sometimes,records like these can again feel like,either everyones not exactly at their,best or like a little bit of an,effortless cash grab but i will say,though its not like the quality level,of this record is so low that it is,completely worthless baze and talibs,respective talents still very much shine,on this project to some degree as,creatively in hip-hop these guys are,veterans who have been at it for a long,time and have each hit very high points,of greatness across their careers their,knack for flows and lyricism dont just,disappear overnight or even a matter of,decades so of course as a result of that,i would say there are like you know some,basic expectations here in terms of,performance that are met but it still,doesnt change the fact that this,project does come across very very,rushed like the beats on this thing for,example are all kind of cute in low-fi,and left field but many of them do come,across very one-dimensional and,repetitive theyre also mixed in a way,where they dont really have all that,much presence and feel very thin and,bays and tulips vocals kind of overtake,them in a very aggressive way even,though theyre not really rapping all,that hard theres also little to no,chemistry on this project between these,two either and thats what made the,original black star record so great like,the trades uh the refrains and routines,around the choruses that they would join,in together the really well thought out,song and lyrical concepts that they,would each drill into so deeply as if it,was like a challenge to each others,greatness at the time yeah unfortunately,thats just not so much here on this,project and you know not that im,expecting exactly,the same black star album in in style 20,years later im not and you know what i,think going in sort of an abstract and,kind of theatrical mf doom inspired way,at least on some of the tracks here uh,is very much fitting for 2022 i think if,these two tried to make a record that,sounded exactly like their first it,would come across kind of dated,especially since there are so many,tracks and moments from that record that,feel like they are in tribute or are a,celebration of uh so many ideas within,hip-hop from the 80s and early 90s like,you know childrens story the slick rick,tribute track but yeah black star at the,time being in a way like an update or a,celebration of these really classic,hip-hop tropes was part of what made it,so special as a project it seemed like,you know most deaf at the time and talib,were kind of bonding over that,creatively and it really kind of was the,glue that made that project so special,and that is whats kind of lacking here,there isnt really too much of any,creative cohesion even on some of the,tracks that do come across somewhat,conceptual uh what we get instead is,whats described as uh,an album that is recorded guerrilla,style in dressing rooms and hotels and,yeah thats kind of what this thing,sounds like it sounds very casual it,sounds very thrown together not that,there arent great albums that have been,made under those conditions there,certainly are especially since these,days you dont really need like a huge,big studio to make a fantastic record,but instead of taking advantage of that,power to do things on your own terms,creatively it just kind of seems like,bae and talib use it as an excuse to,hand in,uh something that is just very low grade,and very underneath their respective,talents because there are so many songs,here that are,short of breath and so casual in tone,and performance and just come across,kind of rift from bays very weak and,awfully sung vocal passages on the,opening track which really could have,used another take two then also tell its,lyrical miracle bars that uh,yeah are a little flashy in terms of,rhyme scheme but dont really amount to,saying all that much in the grander,scheme of things and without there being,like some great creative focus between,these two kind of driving them in a,certain direction on these tracks a lot,of what they are saying on these songs,doesnt really amount to much more than,mildly witty food for thought but still,we do get some topical cuts here and,there that are worthy of note whether,that be sweetheart sweet hard sweet todd,which i guess is trying to play a bit of,a romantic angle here though i will say,it comes across awkward much of the time,especially with bae sounding half asleep,on the back end of the track and,lyrically sort of trailing off as he,sometimes does when he is allowed to be,like you know the finisher on some of,these songs there is the song supreme,alchemy which has no bay verse in sight,for some reason but to live here uh does,deliver a series of very quick bars that,are in tribute to a lot of different,artists uh sort of current day or in the,past who have inspired him or he just,kind of has a lot of admiration for but,still even with this track having the,focus that it does in a way it doesnt,really dig all that deep and there are,other cuts here that come across just as,half baked whether that be my favorite,band which uh bae comments on the front,end of the track of yeah the vibe of the,whole thing sounding so raw and it,certainly does it sounds so raw to the,point where its completely unprepared,and kind of a mess theres also the very,short of breath yonders which just does,not bring all that much development to,the table really the only moments that,stuck out to me as highlights on this,pretty short record short in comparison,to the debut at least was the first half,of so be it which has a grimy beat great,pacing and bays relentless flows in the,kickoff yeah this all coming together is,pretty much the most thrilling thing,youre gonna hear in the first half of,this project and again i emphasize first,half as there is a point where tele is,saying flash catastrophe add an,apostrophe your whole philosophy is,mediocrity atrocities committed in the,name of owning property monopolies,thats my,hypotheses the only other moments on,this thing i loved where the main thing,is to keep the main thing the main thing,which features some kind of eerie,twilight zone wraps set against a,spacious beat vocally these two bring a,higher level of chemistry than theyve,had on pretty much any song prior and,then theres the final two tracks first,uh being frequency with black thought,and uh you know obviously with him,kicking the song off,its its a nice start and it kind of,seems like bae and tali

Black Star – No Fear of Time Album Review

i have been calling,uh yasinbay most deaf this entire time i,apologize i wish someone would would,have would have said something that was,not intentional so i apologize if that,was offensive uh to yasinbay,shake shake shake,[Music],dead in hip-hop,album review,black star no fear of time you already,know moes death i already know tyler,carly them [ __ ] is legends in the game,uh last time they dropped a project what,year was this 98 24 years september 29,1998 is the last time black star had,dropped a project so it is a very long,anticipated waiting for them to do,something entirely produced by mad lia i,saw that so look i just gotta throw,caveat out there because i like to share,with yall not a good listening,experience for me only because of my,player on my phone okay the whole thing,was not in order and then i had to go,individually so it was just bad but the,music is super dope okay so i think,weve done,um,black star as a,classic review for patreon yep and if,youre a patreon you know how i feel,about that project this [ __ ] is stupid,in a damn good way like this thing is,ridiculous i love most and talib on this,entire thing um,you said mad lib produced the whole,thing entirely produced everything,madlib did his thing did you notice it,was a beat from a flat goddess and,awesome got on there which one my,favorite band the joint that uh most,deaf did by himself that same beat was,on ferragamo funeral,easy people i didnt know that yeah the,bonus track with black thought black,thought is just,heat band mineral mountain yeah it was a,bonus but originally its not on the,original album it was a it was a,promotional single before the album came,out now i kind of agree with you on the,um on that listening experience because,i wasnt a big fan of the rollout of,this because this is like a surprise,album right did anybody know this is,coming out they like announced in two,years this album was literally been like,on some jay electronica [ __ ] like it was,like is it coming well thats what i,mean,but like but like right now yeah like,they announced it like maybe a month,like a month before the release theyre,like hey black black star album finally,come and produce entirely about mad libs,and all that stuff but this was supposed,to happen like hell damn theyre back,when we started doing dead in hip-hop it,was its been like that long oh shes,been like 10 years i feel like last year,there was a lot of talk about this i,thought it was but yeah nothing because,tally carly said like were done with,that like its fake okay you know what,im saying so this thing really,surprised me im not surprised because i,know they wanted to do another project i,just didnt i just just went in the,forefront of my mind yeah my list,experience was kind of wonky too because,you know uh,i couldnt just easily go to spotify or,apple music or whatever because thats,how i normally listen to my music you,know what im saying especially trying,to prepare for,for review i gotta i gotta be honest,that was a little aggravating you know,im saying that i just couldnt pop it,on when i wanted to,like that on one of the things that i,listened to it on but again i dont want,that to sound like i like i dont,respect them doing this i just feel like,like rock maciano right brock marciano,would drop it on his site you know,saying you can listen to it pop purchase,it and then later hell put it on all,the platforms,i kind of wish they would have did that,in it to a certain extent its their,music its how they want to roll it out,im perfectly fine with that im just,saying as far as a listener whos a fan,of them and supports the music it would,have been better for me these dudes,showed why they are legends in the game,and like why they,are top tier and one of the things that,i was thinking about and ive said this,before hearing most death of yasin bay,its like so good to hear him again yeah,its so good to hear so dope to hear,yall seen basically,but mark comey ive said this before i,think mohammed kind of sounds like uh uh,yall see me sometime and like you can,hear the inspiration you hear the,inspiration yeah its just like this is,the guy my comedy is dope yeah but this,is the guy hes the blueprint hes my,blueprint yeah so yeah that thats what,i was hearing like when i listened to,the and then i just forget how dope uh,talib is you know i know ty lib is in in,the media right now for a lot of,different things and all that but man,his his bars and how he delivers them is,it just cannot be not mad libs,production really elevated them to in my,opinion it was a good marriage yes it,was absolutely good marriage and when i,heard it was mad little producers im,like oh this is gonna be nice i knew,that too going in just because you know,madlib did a whole album with tally,called liberation knowing that he was,producing this whole album for them i,was like yeah i know i know mad lib,gonna give him a great feel for this,album and make these two legends you,know sound really good but yeah i was,definitely here for yall scene bait man,i was just like man just sweetheart like,it was just so its so good hearing him,get be on be on his singing [ __ ] and,everything and the [ __ ] so be it he went,in on that joint uh my only critique on,this it does seem like especially with,tyler carley its like they vocals i,dont know who was doing the mixing on,some of their vocals some of the vocals,were sounding kind of bad like um on the,main thing is to keep the main thing the,main thing i feel like tallys vocals,sound like he record that [ __ ] i dont,know where but,throughout the whole album yeah it was,like those are mixed horribly especially,tally carlys in particular it was just,like what the [ __ ] they didnt go to the,same studio no they couldnt have they,couldnt have so they didnt they were,recording like in hotel rooms and stuff,see yeah so that would be it was a,negative thing i would say about this,album i would say the vocals was mixed,pretty bad on here but other than that i,mean you know aside from that i,definitely,like this joint from from front to back,man um i love the ending i mean the,title track let the official last song,in the album yeah no fear of time i love,the horn i love the horns the strings,and the chorus and everything and how,they kind of brought back when they had,the uh yummy bingham singing the same,thing i want to thank the same thing,that uh,yall seen bae was saying oh gee it was,kind of like they they set the theme,with his album and she finished it out,perfect on no fear of time i love that,joint frequency i mean black thought,that in mineral mountains is like this,guy man just dude is a damn rhyming,machine man i just dont understand how,black thought can continue to [ __ ],terrorize microphones to this day and,[ __ ] just [ __ ] it amazes me like i,said i love my favorite band by yaseen,bay it was funny because when i was,listening to this album i had tweeted,out like so with yall like fair funeral,ferragamo better or or you know my,favorite band better you know because,its literally the same if i play it for,yall its literally the same exactly,so yeah i i was kind of messing i,thought it sounded familiar i just,couldnt,pinpoint yeah yeah oh this fairy,godmother a funeral hell nah um but you,know madlib hes good for doing that he,has seen beat cds and beat books to like,every a lot of different mcs im pretty,sure whoever was working with madlib,heard all these beats before too so the,mineral,the promotional singer that was off of a,mad lib sound ancestors uh,um beat tape so yeah its just like some,of these beats im like okay yeah i,heard these on mad lib instrumental,project so it was kind of good to hear,like yaseen bay and tali khali kind of,rhyming over this yeah overall i do like,this is solid i mean i wasnt going into,this expecting a uh,a part two of their debut album because,its been 24 years they definitely,somewhere else you know they definitely,in a different space you know from 24,years

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black star yasin bay talib quality first,album together in nearly 25 years damn,school no fear of time im really,looking forward to this one especially,as an old boy like i am incidentally if,you wanted to see the reaction to their,original record um thats up on the,patreon this one also will be im,cutting a patreon link down the,description to those too but otherwise,lets go all produced by mad lib as well,[ __ ] im excited,welcome to the black star,all girl for all hers and palaces poised,throughout trying for challenges top,ranked dumpy congress skank and the,balance dome all good for all hoods and,palaces poised throughout triumphs or,challenges top rank duppy conqueror,skank and the balance dont break for,any large or small bank balances already,the rhymes are crazy the density of the,lyrics are crazy lets go challa gamma,bay on im still alive,[Music],independent like cinema nouveau locking,travels in my journal like robinson,crusoe and im the bloom no daniel defoe,encyclopedia but she wrote but now we,woke right im making the plane to talk,to him dissecting all the doors of,perception the walkthrough so she wrote,but now we work right im making it,plain i talked to him dissecting all the,doors of perception i walked through him,telequali sounding as energetic as he,did all the way back 25 years ago i must,say yes in bay you know doesnt quite,have the same punch that he used to,listen its been a long time its been a,long time were all getting older and i,think the concept of what this album is,going to be is not going to be one to,fully take in on a very first listen,its an interesting and intriguing and,dense opening talk to them way too many,garbage humans they brought sewage ashes,to ashes of dust and dust we going,bastards and fascists,youtube they feeding us to a catheter,yall seen the move to africa,spectacular influenced by the lives,affected writing records,but i survived the wreckage but then the,time i was alive cause i received the,message he did a lesson cause i needed a,blessing gave up the solidarity and that,song come on so og being on god and,obviously ogb and og and these guys are,pretty much as og as he gets these days,so yeah clever wordplay just in the,title there sums up the concept of the,song its a strong opening man for sure,there we go,yall seen yall seen your scene,sharper than a straight razor shave,cooler than the steeler put the blade to,a point and show up and carry the crow,magnum size glove and smashing the short,brainy fragment fire smoke blow away,ashes small enough dumb ass this aint,bump class dudes more [ __ ] than [ __ ],reeboks they armed king deoxybase,i know this is a reminder of who these,guys are b im loving straight away its,absolutely spitting on this track,theres that like crow magnum bar in,there as well,density man [ __ ] density,im telling you though,bigger than a real small portion of the,legendary top ranked officer get lost,big boss this boss boss your chip on,your shoulder ima knock it right off,your bait torpedo blast smash the ego,into your business seventeen first to,the 25th ezekiel 2017 verse at the 25th,of ezekiel oh thats the pulp fiction,verse okay and i was struck down upon,thee yeah sounded like a rock,of these suckers,january february marching with the,people april may i have a black star,equals,[Music],of behind fake names like tommy robinson,obama tommy [ __ ] robinson tommy,robinson getting a shout out [ __ ] that,guy [ __ ] that racist piece of [ __ ] i,cant believe that that guy has got his,name or his fake name spat by tyler,quality on this project outrageous but,yeah hes [ __ ] burying the guy,challenge energy is crazy on this album,both artists establishing their genuine,elder statesman like status,in the game even with all this time away,love to see it older rock bands once,they get past a certain age theyve run,out of rifts theyve run out of ideas,theyve run out of energy and often the,music suffers as a massive consequence,not always but often seemingly a lot of,rappers get over 40 and theyve refined,their hunger they refund their spirit,but their game has just got better and,better and better and theres always,something to say and clever ways to say,it and perhaps because theyre not as,responsible for the musical side as,things and perhaps because theyre not,as responsible for the actual musical,side of things you know working with,producers working with beat makers,unlike a band of four people that are,just doing it all themselves old time it,allows them to just focus on their craft,and the music to take on its own,personality because,these over 40s rappers are these guys,over 50 i dont think quite but still,[Music],said the other have you ever been noble,enough but never mind clever fool i love,you still its the fear turn the clutch,trying to crush my world see some,moments like jesus,that part he kissed like a spark okay we,brought that back once again he says,that the the light is not afraid of the,dark thats obviously now recurring,theme in the album i like the idea of,really trying to pull this album apart,from a lyrical point of view from a,conceptual point of view,but also it really does feel like,older artists older people whove grown,and gained wisdom over the years,imparting that wisdom for an audience,but also for themselves to kind of just,express that i find that fascinating and,you know somebody myself whos turning,40 this year and,struggling ill be real with you its,just struggling with that whole concept,of not being young anymore and i guess,you could argue havent been young for a,while i find a lot of solace in in,hearing stuff like this from older,people who are still creating at the,highest level but you have gained that,kind of wisdom that you cant possibly,have in your early 20s or your youth so,i got a [ __ ] im trying to say,something clever i got a little hair,tickle in my nose i mean jesus there we,go,[Music],[Music],the faithful the graceful the tragic and,the classic the evidence of things,unseen the book of life the last two,album reactions ive done future,and this now that is a contrast leave,you now filled with anxiety and hollow,if you pray dont worry if you worry,dont pray,my homie told her to me just the other,day,[Music],okay another short and sweet try,instrumental was kind of crazy the,whistling yeah it wasnt,not my favorite track on the record so,far,okay oh,this already sounds [ __ ] awesome,[Music],theres a trail of tears,all right this way try and fill,the road so dark be the,shed the light into the dark road,sweating on a hot template,tiny cell panorama,sinus up the clarion call,waveforms person local time all ages,forever is a current event,life on this side is quite quick,confusing almost surreal lyricism on,this one very hard to exactly pin down,what justin bae is talking about here,just kind of eerie beat as well from mad,libs so yeah im kind of tuned into this,one i was like okay whats he trying to,tell me here im not a hundred percent,sure not for sale,everybody,cocaine crackers,trash can trap house,[Music],[Music],races just means you inferior live in,darker places thats amazing we artists,this aint a product placement huh this,is common as black excellence huh,theyre rewarded for mediocrity huh i,aint begging for my equality you know,[Music],theres an extra layer of depth song,that im not 100 sure on so thats going,to take multiple listens but,uh talib kwalis verse there,about multiple things but definitely,about um white supremacy as a mental,illness really breaking down the,absolute sort of,ludicrous sentiment that is,um white supremacy dont believe you,superior to the darker races just means,you inferior live in darker places,um a really interesting take on all of,this very correct and thoughtful and,damning take on it its an intellectual,takedown which to me is always always,the most powerful a true intellectual,cerebral deconstruction expect cookie,shots fired you say your block is like,the why i am not inspired r

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F**K This Reaction | Black Star – “No Fear of Time” (REVIEW)

whats up everyone this is tatum im,back with another episode of [ __ ] this,review live reaction version and today,is the day that ive been waiting for,for 20 years,today is the day weve all been waiting,for for 20 plus years new black star no,fear time,solely produced by mad lib 10 tracks,30 i think its like 33 minutes im,hyped i dont even want to waste any,more time i just want to get into it,before i start make sure you hit that,like button hit that subscribe button uh,weve really been doing weve really,been doing good on a lot of reactions so,much that i enjoy doing them now,so uh,lets get into it [ __ ] it if this dont,make it to youtube you know why too but,lets get into it,first record oh gee and may i mention,that its so dope that they released,their album on their own terms uh,through their own not their own platform,but,something that they could benefit from,completely,uh,thats just dope,joint pain,of the realm both sides,[Music],any next moment could be the last time,you stand on this side so that son,youre killing them but only the [ __ ] i,miss most death so much,top ranked dumpy congress,and the balance dont break for any,large small bank balances the parable of,the talented each generation,the wonders in the world of arts bank,shining camera pay on themselves,[Music],i wanna thank you for helping me reach,the understanding,[Music],the time is relative and the truth is,everlasting,i wanna thank you for helping me reach,the understanding,the time is relative,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Applause],i wonder when this was recorded,i crashed for lunch but i survived the,wreckage i received the message he did a,lesson cause i needed a blessing gave up,the glory the lies of thieves made up a,story i stood up for the people i waited,it came for me,solidarity and thats on god i wanna,thank you for helping me reach the,understanding,this,is everlasting,[Music],cooler than the steel and put the blade,to a point its worldwide currently they,wishing well coins its half of the,little baggies,noise level have guns travel spread love,beat devils walk short and carry the,crow magnum shots glove and smash,a real small portion of the legendary,trilogy top rank officer get lost big,boss this boss boss torpedo blast smash,the ego sniper on the rain sniper bank,now,rbg to get free power people,done with [ __ ] like they want trouble,and i really,is,smoking trees,[Music],[Music],they,[Music],the paintbrush you get some mystic quite,aggressive when you say something poking,like you need to understand when you,take blood once that im too noble for,simple love said the other have you ever,been noble enough but never mind clever,fool i love you still listen for your,tender clutch trying to crush my world,soft close dangerous charms and the,truth too wild for the blinds the high,divine silence and the thought that the,light is not afraid of the darkness,i dont know how,[Music],[Music],one man i just think that beat was so,like,so soulful in the pocket that they could,have both just went,i dont know it was just lacking some,but i did enjoy most deaf singing part,at the end well excuse me i did enjoy,yall seeing bae sing a part of the end,god,the faithful the graceful the tragic and,the classic the evidence of things,unseen the book of life recently,discovered and everything would know the,doubters doubts about it never made it,untrue we on life to give heart peace,part pressure cant remember how you,came and went to bed or how you exit,from the start the only thing certain is,the end promise to all and nothing no,not when i leave you now filled with,anxiety and hollow if you pray dont,worry if you worry dont pray from the,tall castle walls to the meant streets i,hope you get what you want and that,[Music],[Music],the,[Music],sensation,sweating on a hot temple sorry im gonna,be quiet through this,panorama,now listen to real hip hop,speech,look to everything that you desire,look at the condition that it puts you,in,precious labor marys native,local time all ages,life on this side is quick quick,trade trick,sorcerer,insecure,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],just means you inferior i live in darker,places gods amazing we artists this,aint a product placement huh i love to,give credit where the credit due its,beautiful its the struggle faced by the,destitute we celebrate diversity with,carnivals and festivals the third eye is,the point of entry huh automatic like a,reply from a hipster automatically as a,pointed sister huh trying to conquer us,with the pestilence huh this is,commonest black excellence theyre,rewarded for mediocrity huh i aint,begging for my equality you know,im too big to fail grab the bull by the,horn to whack the door by the tail the,oh geez in jail the millennials,[Music],automatically,[Music],[Music],real gs try to stop the violence,theyre not aspiring,[Music],white liberals feigning concern we born,and killed hospitals when doctors who,would abusers carry box cutters there,was other popular uses youre feeling,froggy then leap like amphibians,evolutionary just apes you send me in,toxic see how they market their,carcinogens got them african dance like,amphibians jamaicas to the haitians to,puerto ricans dominicans,brooklyn like the caribbean,gentrification the neighbors is getting,torched out my crew is all city your,name just got crossed out,um,style january 32nd league hold call,style now snap bubble trouble gun,bullies get warm walked out brush your,teeth study your art they mask them all,put them on their ass like they got a,dry plant-bar hes a liar in the dummy i,would do it but he run every time you,smell me coming man cuz god and,beautiful babies love me and i make his,favorite suit look bummy black and,comely they say he nutty buddy they,cant tell me nothing i think its a,heart-rending work of staggering fun,crushing scarface,they say nutty buddy they cant tell me,nothing i think its a heart-rending,work of staggering fun crushing scarface,chainsaw miami gag drapes drawn,halloween egg yolk mustard gas and they,face off icy roads school clothes way,out way raw way warm way cold yonders,this might be my favorite that was,really good they went the [ __ ] off,supreme alchemy,gotta,[Music],a true king is fighting with the,soldiers on the front line when its,crunch time and im marching orders like,im dr lee and drumline,one band,they self-medicate the voices on the,radioactive like yellow cake but hella,fake cause beliefs you cant legislate,or regulate always on time,we pay tribute and commemorate when you,know yourself you give thanks for your,fellow great celebrate when you slow,down we accelerate,[Music],you know this about to be nuts,let me get prepared now this is about to,be,[Applause],i wrapped a few that could say the life,story in two acts from new jack that he,who would find glory and knew that i,started in the trap,freestyling over the two track when i,was realizing my chronicle where was you,at my true black from white the light,skin to the blue black we traveled in,the time when the world ended i flew,back to an open door and saw a culture,deeper than the ocean floor then i came,to know which chord in which the pen is,overjoyed the rights and know the law,nine times out of ten aint worth the,paper they wrote it on defeat us attack,thought leaders as black warriors,descend into darkness like black or,fears the stars of the story is back,yall see us from an era before the,views became confused comes an american,gangster slash langston hughes and when,i step into a place it creates the moon,when i give a dissertation we,they focus on division they all go in,the hell and just swear you going with,them not just to visit cause theyre in,the mental prison existing isnt living,i pray that you know the difference if,youre trying,when they dancing in the limelight in,hindsight your songs nursery rhymes like,three blind mice you a clown dyke,looking brown but take a bite youll,probably find white what the real sword,provides you 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Black Star (Mos Def & Talib Kweli) – “No Fear of Time” REVIEW

that was black star madeline no fear of,time most death aka yasen bay tele,quality and guess appearance by black,thought so i have to say that was good,the,latter part,tracks i say four to five and forward,was stronger than the intro the intro,for me,was,kind of started i wouldnt say slow,because it started like all bars like,bars bars bars we didnt get a hook,until like track number three or so or,you know maybe im mistaken but i feel,like some of the better songs are on the,second part of the album supreme alchemy,that last track mineral mountain,ill say just off top theres nothing,really too memorable about this,and what was that song with that beat,that i really like i think it was,yonders,yeah and yonders thats one of my,favorite songs well if ill go favorite,songs first track 6 yonder track 7,supreme alchemy,and track number 10 mineral mountain off,top nothing really too memorable about,this project its,i feel like thats large in part due to,there being like really no,focus on chorus or hooks or song,structures its just most def and talib,and black thought,just wrapped a rap and rapping you know,which is fine thats completely fine but,because of that nothing really sticks uh,talib shined on this he tyler quality,still sounds like like rare format he,still sounds like very focused,most dev did his thing,if you like the melodic most def if you,like even rapping well jeff was spitting,on here,for me,im not gonna catch or be able to,properly judge what most was saying on,here,on one listen i caught a good amount of,it,but also a good amount of it,went over my head on one listen,so ill be revisiting that overall good,now this isnt like the mad lib project,a lot of us have come to expect like a,mad villainy or like you know in the,medicine show,albums where,the tracks are bleeding into one and one,another its like a continuous like boom,boom its like thematic,it feels like here,most deaf and taller quality black star,they kind of went and just picked you,know which beats they wanted from that,live and kind of pick and chose beats as,opposed to mad lib having a theme and,creating a theme with them and sitting,with them and each other them picking,beats and math theyre doing the,transitions,which gives those matlab projects those,that feel that it has this didnt feel,like that which explains why they have,that new normal beat on there from an,album mad lib did last year,they probably they was probably,listening to beats and i was like yo,lets do this like its a heartbeat,so i mean thats just what i get so,because of that it kind of loses some of,its appeal as a mad lib project because,thats like a signature mad lib thing,like you can listen to the whole thing,front to back without any lyrics on it,and it just sounds like almost like,youre watching a tv show or something,so that just takes one thing away,a special signature thing that mad love,does other than that though the beats,were nice i liked the,horns,and the violin i believe that was on,track number,nine,[Music],yeah i like that you know and in terms,of content we just heard that its all,called libar its heavy content or,something like white supremacy this and,that and that white supremacy song which,is track number,five the main thing is the main thing is,the main thing but the main thing is to,keep the main thing the main thing or,whatever,very uh random,feels random and randomly placed because,i feel like that song was like the first,when they start first talking about the,ideology and then after that they didnt,stop talking about it but yeah lyrically,intact the beats are nice my favorite,beat is probably track number nine,or track number ten,also like because i like on track number,nine like those violins and those horns,and yonders,it reminded me of yeah i believe its a,song called true champs or true,something i want to say maybe strong arm,steady is on the song,and tyler qualities on the song but its,certainly mad little im sure someone,will put it in the comments so yeah man,to keep this nice short and concise if i,had to rate this on,one listen i guess about three three and,a half stars but again,one listing reviews these arent like my,other or one listing reactions rather,these arent like my full-fledged album,reviews where i can sit and you know,bust the album down after a week two,weeks and multiple listens different,environment this is one lesson so,obviously i would i wouldnt even,catching everything on here so take the,rating three three and a half stars with,a grain of salt its good to hear most,deaths still in good form this is,still good on here,i just couldnt catch everything but he,doesnt sound like washed or old or,outdated hes still like you when youre,listening okay he still got it and tyler,quality for sure like tyler carly sounds,right on step with how he was on the,first black star album,and matt little beast could never get,tired of those but you know i would have,liked to see like one of you know this,project in mad libs signature style but,hey we got black star and mad libs so,you know can only complain so much are,we going to get black thought in mad lib,streams of thought for,i dont know but this is a nice little,precursor,to whatever uh mad lib may do next so,yeah anyways,be sure to subscribe if you have not,already and this is top 5,rapwebsite.com peace

Black Star – No Fear Of Time ALBUM REVIEW

whats good yall its your boy mixtape,off so the legendary brooklyn duo known,as black star are back at it with a,brand new album 24 years after their 98,debut their black star project from the,late 90s is revered as a classic,to most hip-hop fans and it can also be,looked at as one of the best releases,from that rockets records era these two,legendary mcs were essentially the face,of conscious hip-hop in the late 90s and,early 2000s and while most death or,yasin bay would later take a break from,the music scene talib kweli,never stopped recording in fact he has,been releasing albums consistently over,time but getting right into this project,entitled no fear of time,when looking at the cover art you can,tell his very,afro-futuristic and inspired now this,album has been highly anticipated since,it was announced back in 2018 and what,makes this reunion album a little,different from others is that the duo,didnt officially link in the studio to,record it rather the verses were,recorded in hotel rooms and uh backstage,at dave chappelle shows and when i,initially heard the news that this album,was,recorded,gorilla style i wasnt thrilled about it,to keep it a book but i decided to keep,an open mind going into this album the,beats were handled entirely by mad lib,who is likely to be in some hip hop,listeners top 5 lists when discussing,hip-hop producers uh hes not in mine,personally but i do respect his catalog,so this album contains 10 tracks and,lasts approximately 33 minutes but with,that being said let me go ahead and just,hit yall with this track by track,breakdown the opener og which stands for,on god has a rugged bass,guitar loop and reggae sound boy vocals,in the background most def sets it off,with a solid verse that is well written,but his delivery seemed a bit lethargic,and lackadaisical nonetheless he did,provide a sung hook which i actually,liked because it was consistent with his,style of singing however i did enjoy,quellys performance more if i had to,make the comparison to lil kwelly has,some politically charged bars like,were you going bash us some fascists and,f them up so im assuming this was,likely,recorded during the trump era also the,following was dope about to holler at ya,seen and moved to africa spectacular,bars assassinate your character brooklyn,got the best rappers per capita,so let me know in the comment section if,you feel brooklyn has the nicest mcs out,of the five boroughs personally for me,im gonna go with queens but a strong,argument could definitely be made for,brooklyn rappers but yeah all together,this was a solid opener that will likely,appeal to hardcore black star fans track,2 so be it has an upbeat and quirky,sample loop by mad lib that sounds like,70s heist music either that or the,soundtrack to scenes of burning,buildings in the south bronx or graffiti,filled subway trains in the late 70s and,early 80s you know that old new york,grammy flavor i was getting strong mf,doom vibes from this as well but here,most death sounds a little more,rejuvenated thankfully as he gives us a,long winded verse very stream of,conscious style i liked when he said at,a check d level yall at petite levels,how a gun do a chopper spread love beats,devil kweli also comes correct with some,clever braggadocio mixed in with,political consciousness like when he,wraps a promise we demolish in all,confederate monuments im noticing how,these nazis become congressmen all in,all this was one of the highlights that,i feel was really close to recapturing,that black,with its angelic soul production on this,record the duo spit some fly romantic,bars kweli states,its all the star dust that we spark up,they say the target is vegan chicks with,the tofu is hard though this the,that gangsters smoke to and most closes,out the track with some of the off key,crooning that he is known for overall,its a solid track that is short and,just barely over the two minute mark,right after is the yasim bay solo my,favorite band which contains the same,mad lib instrumental that westside gun,used back in 2019 for his ferragamo,funeral so id imagine this song was,recorded a couple years ago its another,track barely exceeding the two minute,mark but most does drop some,thoughtful as extensional bars and just,offer some spiritual words of wisdom,like when he said from the start the,only thing certain is the end promise to,all and none no not when heartbreak from,yesterday and fret for tomorrow itll,leave you filled with anxiety and hollow,i also dug his lies if you pray dont,worry if you worry dont pray ma umi,told it to me just the other day and,that is likely to bring out those,nostalgic feelings because we all,remember when most talked about his umi,back in the day as a whole i didnt have,any issues with this track other than,wishing it was a little longer i like,the production and the uplifting content,track five the main thing is to keep the,main thing the main thing,easily has the darkest beat on the album,i love the suspenseful,piano loop and dusty drums the whole,thing had a mystical and nocturnal sound,yasinbay switches up his flow in his,rhyme scheme to a choppier one his,vocals dont sound like they were mixed,the best honestly uh but i could,appreciate his bold pro-black,imagery throughout like when he states,trailer park trash cant trap house also,talib calls out and condemns the system,of white supremacy with bars like dont,believe you superior to darker races,just means you inferior living in darker,places gods amazing we artists this,aint product placement all together i,like the raw and eerie quality to the,production and there was a sense of real,urgency to their bars which is what they,are known and loved for afterwards is,the track yonders which has a gritty,and spellbinding sample loop this very,low-fi and rough round edges kweli,exposes more of whats wrong with the,system the media and certain aspects of,the culture he points the finger at,white liberals who pretend to care,and look i get it as there are some,white liberals who are probably racist,but we also cant let the white,conservatives in congress off the hook,either as they are really fighting the,white liberals tooth and nail on getting,bills passed that will positively impact,black and brown people kwali also has,some words for the ogs who continue to,preach violence as opposed to stopping,it and maybe just think of the jim jones,drill album that,i mean do we really need that kind of,content from jim in his 40s while i,thought most had a solid verse it was,really talib quality who grabbed my,attention more next is the quelly solo,song supreme alchemy which has a,blissful soul just instrumental this,soulful production is on point and,reminiscent to early dilla but i didnt,particularly love the way kwelis vocals,were mixed however he did kill it,lyrically with bars like i dropped them,non sequiters to bomb executives yall,be the winner if you decide what the,metric is he also pays homage to mf doom,with the following lines celebrating,escaping from the industry to get away,seeing the same kind of fate that turned,dumalet to metal face the second and,last track frequency is a real gem,featuring this super lyrical black dot,now this is set to a simple but,effective jazz loop its drumless but,everyones writing is sharp enough to be,able to hold your interest no doubt as,far as quote worthy lines there are,plenty to be found on this record now a,part of me feels that black thought,stole the show but then i am reminded of,how dope quellys verse was moes death,closes out the track with some gentle,crooning mixed in with the sounds of,waves its a whole vibe that i think,would have worked perfectly as a closing,song but the album ends with no fear of,time which contains a funky jazz loop,that ive heard,many times over the years but its,slowed down a bit here teleportly,absolutely kills it with his sharp,social commentary and most def wasnt a,slouch on this song either overall i,give this project a rating o

Black Star – No Fear Of Time REVIEW

and we back with another one and today,we have black star most death or yasin,bay in tahlequah no fear of time listen,man 24 years in the making i was going,to do a reaction to this i wanted to at,least i didnt want to risk the channel,it getting a strike or it would just be,straight up blocked that therefore,wasting my whole damn time but so we,here with a review a little quick review,nothing too crazy i listened to this,album so many times already since it,came out yesterday literally the moment,that it dropped,i have been listening to it obviously,this is the follow-up to the original,black star you know the original black,star is you know essential its a,classic i feel like underrated in many,aspects and for the time i feel like it,is definitely you know truly the essence,of hip-hop now 24 years later you have,some high expectations because obviously,how great that album is so youre kind,of like what are they gonna do on here,and then little do you know you got mad,lib coming into the mix and its just,like oh my gosh,you cant fail you cant fold with this,you know the anticipation the need for,this album was high listen man what im,not gonna do in this review is im not,gonna compare the two im just gonna you,know review this album no fear of time,for what it is well see how it ages,over time how it holds up compared to,the original anyways no fear time by,black star all produced by mad lib i,knew exactly what we were going to go,into just based off prior knowledge what,what head space both rappers have been,in this past decade as well as where,what mad lib has been up to you know,what i mean i had a feeling that this,album was going to have a sound,ancestors feel with you know obviously,moes death is in his abstract rap bag,meaning that hes going to be like an,earl sweatshirt makami navy blue type of,timing while talib quali you know you,know exactly like he has not changed for,the past 20 years lets be rude here so,going into this i kind of already had a,feeling of what was going there,especially with the this lead single,mineral mountain which thank god,actually it wasnt on here um because i,dont see how it would fit on this elm,at all that track i thought was good but,i felt like there needed to be more,especially on the mix side just overall,performances it just felt like okay this,is just some lucy starting off with the,album with og,dear god,yeah,theyre back,but with this project right here man,what can i say after listening to it all,all the way through five six times this,album is great jesus this album is,gorgeous what i get from this album,theme concept wise is just a celebration,a reflection a tribute to black art to,black excellence especially with the,final track theres the title track no,fear of time literally moses says it,perfectly himself this this one line,that literally encapsulates what what,this album is all about he literally,says god gives us the design and we,assemble an ark and just float like that,is literally the perfect encapsulation,of what this album is all about theres,a part literally in the opening track,where it literally shows you what this,whole album is about its in yasinbays,hook where he says thank you for helping,me reach the understanding the time is,relative and truth is everlasting like,literally yasin bay is literally telling,you the whole point of this album,celebrating black art,specifically hip-hop the roots how great,it is and how it needs to be protected i,think they displayed this whole concept,great throughout we have solo tracks,like my favorite band which is a solo,yaseen bay track you also have supreme,alchemy which is solo talib quality,track where both of those tracks are,paying tribute to the ancestors of the,past to the people who built hip-hop to,what it is right now you get some areas,where theyre dissing the media aka,white supremacy how you know black art,needs to be protected from,gentrification and all that jazz and now,some of the things that talib quality,said talk about the third eye and stuff,this kind of cringe but i thought the,way that they deliver it you know they,explained it well it was fleshed out,perfectly and you know all this,afrocentrism,throughout this whole entire project,thought they did it great i think madlib,gave him a perfect foundation for them,to do their thing the production at,times it can be very very grimy and,dirty and muddy then theres times that,its very atmospheric soulful um spacey,you get these interludes that that feels,like youre literally in space mad libs,still continue to push that envelope and,being creative and weird with these,little bird chirping sounds throughout,definitely immerses you within that,sound like there is not one beat on this,project that actually dislike i think,every b on here is great um you have a,black thought feature on here that was,great black thought did his thing the,yummy bingham you know vocals were dope,i think everything on here sonically,production wise is great ive seen,people get really mad about the mixing,on here mad lib,mixing hasnt always been like this i,dont know what is the,i dont get what the argument is here,you have you not listened to mad lib,ever in your life the mixing is supposed,to be different supposed to be weird,its intentional what what stops this,project from being absolutely damn near,perfect and and some people might,totally disagree with me on this and,thats totally fine at the end of the,day im just a white guy talking about,uh hip-hop appreciate you know,the music thats helped me uh throughout,my life and at the end of the day man,im just to do the microphone like my,opinion holds no weight at all theres,areas where the chemistry kind of falls,flat and thats what makes you know the,original a little bit stronger than that,dynamic where the chemistry all around,was just the way theyre bouncing off,each other seems so,right i feel like yasin bay and antelope,qualitys you know their flows their,energy kind of messed up the tracks i,feel like some tracks i feel like where,moses death was just wrapping his ass,off then talib quali would just come in,there and just screw up the whole entire,energy of the track most of my problems,do stem from,some of talib qualitys lines especially,on frequency where you know black,thought gives you a very heart heartfelt,opening verse then then calib quality,comes in here saying in hindsight your,songs as nursery rhymes like three blind,mice yo klondike looking brown but take,a bite and you probably find white like,bars like that its just kind of like,really,then theres other areas especially on,yonders where hes just like feeling,froggy then leap like amphibians its,like,really dog,even though he has those freaking cringy,stupid punch lines,um i feel like they dont fully take,away from the track at all i feel like,those tracks in general are still fine,but thats like most of my problem with,this project where kind of two dynamics,this far into their career kind of dont,belong with each other but you know they,do really try their best to bring that,same player that they did in the,original like i said with with talib,quality in those lines those lines do,kind of like take me out of the track,and whats being said actually because,im just like wow he actually said that,if he would have like cut down on those,lyrical miracle bars like i feel like,and just stuck with the content like,what moes death was doing all around,here i feel like i would have thought,this album is damn near perfect those,parts of those tracks like definitely do,take me out of the tracks that that,thats thats a huge gripe that i have,on here moes death his performance his,writing is crazy ive seen a lot of,people say hes just way too comatose,which sure i guess you could say that,but hes been like that for the past,decade his writing the way that he,explains each,you know concept each theme um and,relates it to,the overarching theme of this project i,think the writing is perfect so detail

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