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  3. Black Summer Season 2 Netflix Series Review
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  5. Black Summer Season 2 Review
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  7. Black Summer Season 2 Netflix Review

Black Summer Season 2 Netflix Review

what is up netflix fans welcome back to,my channel its been,a long time since season one but black,summer season two,is finally here was this a zombie show,that worked for you,do you believe season two can be better,lets do it so in this new season winter,comes with cold-blooded new,challenges during the zombie apocalypse,as frantic scavengers and violent,militias,battle the dead and desperate and oh my,gosh,the division during season one between,fans was,wild some people loved it and said it,was one of the best current,zombie shows others hated it and brought,up reasonable points as to why,certain things were problematic and i,thought it was,okay i thought there were really good,elements that could have been improved,in,season two and were going to talk about,some things that were improved,but there were also moments and,characters that didnt quite get the,development and depth that i required,so i was interested to see what they,were going to do different here,and how they could enhance this idea one,thing they keep consistent is the,cinematography,and some of these extremely long takes,that we get during the season thats,where i want to start,on a technical level its really cool,this is a very,difficult thing to capture especially,with the show like this and so many,different extras that have to do their,part,right and then we continue the shot and,there are no cuts in between and there,were,a few episodes where it was just a lot,of one takes im a sucker for that kind,of thing,and it really felt real because,of that specifically and the show almost,way more so than season one in my,opinion feels like a documentary at,times i mean we are starting out with a,bang in this first episode and funny,enough thats what we ended on,at the end of season one a big 30 minute,scene of,action and battles and people taking out,each other because no one really trusts,anyone during an apocalypse,we kind of got to experience that last,year with the toilet paper,uh but beyond that were getting right,back into it with season two as,uh you think were with someone and then,someone else will come in and take that,person out and then somebody else comes,in and takes that person out and,its just this wild crazy hectic frantic,opening episode,and i thought it was really effective,less stupid mistakes,in this first episode uh because we know,in times of trial and hardships people,are going to do things that dont,seem maybe as smart as they should seem,and we do get a lot of that in season,two but they definitely,sort of course corrected there with,giving us characters with,more compelling qualities this time,around but were also still with some of,the characters that we knew in season,one,and really the ones that get the most,development are rose played by jamie,king and then we have anna who is her,daughter,played by zoe marlett and of course we,saw them reunite at the end of season,one and that was definitely compelling,but this time theyre trying to trudge,through this snowy,landscape and thats one of the big,themes here is,game of thrones winter is here and,obviously its going to make things a,lot more difficult and they are going to,encounter,other characters with a very similar,objective as,theirs but conflicts often clash,when you have so many different people,trying to survive,and that level of trust is just not,there,we saw that with season one were seeing,something like the walking dead and,thats a very consistent theme theyre,going to maintain,the standout element for me this season,was one,i did care about the characters a bit,more her daughter coming in and becoming,more of a main player,that is something that really stands out,for me and elevates this season above,season one in my opinion,but also the intensity is so rampant,this time and just keeps you on your,toes on the edge of your seat,that being said of course there are,times during this season where it slows,down we get a bunch of characters in a,mansion or a bunch of characters in one,room and,you know somebodys hungry somebody,needs medicine someones just kind of,like i dont want to be here anymore,and i dont trust you so im going to,hold a gun in your face we get a little,bit of that,and thats going to frustrate some,people obviously,and there were times where i thought the,character decisions just didnt quite,fit what they were slowly building up,with that character if that makes sense,but again kind of going through what we,went through last year,and seeing how people act in times of,crisis,part of it did feel a little bit more,realistic than season one ill say that,much,and you add in the style of this show,thats one thing i really want to talk,about,is how this show is put together not,just the title card being put on,uh each episode well multiple title,cards but its the narrative structure,of showing us the resolution not,spoiling anything of course when they,show us but showing us the resolution of,how,a bunch of different people come,together or the fallout of that,and then flashing back always cutting to,black,and giving us the build-up to that,moment and were gonna fade to black and,cut to black,about a hundred times in this season and,if that kind of storytelling bothers you,i dont know if youre gonna like it but,i actually found it to be,um extremely compelling in a way i,thought for the most part it worked,and were picking up with a lot of,different stories now thats something,else that i i,foresee you know bothering many people,is theyre going to watch this and say,well what was the point,right it feels like every show like this,theres always one main goal for all of,our characters,and this feels more like just following,around a bunch of different groups of,people,trying to survive even though we do,leave off on a huge cliffhanger at the,end of this season,and you know its not going to work for,everyone and i myself had,questions at the end as to you know why,we didnt get,more of a cohesive goal but,at the same time i found it really,interesting that they went down that,route and they told the story,like this and we get to see all of the,different interactions and so many,different characters in this location,and fighting against the elements,fighting against each other,and of course fighting against the,zombies so,a lot of different things at play in,this season and a lot of different,characters but the focus,always or well sometimes comes back to,rose and her daughter and a lot of those,characters that they interact with there,um not all of the acting was perfect but,i do think the performances were better,off this time around as well,so what black summer managed to do is,they did manage to improve on a few,things in season one,that i thought they had potential to,improve on so first off if you enjoyed,this netflix review and you like what,were doing on this channel be sure to,smash that thumbs up down below and,stay with me were moving into a new,house the sets gonna be a lot different,soon,black summer season two dives even,deeper into the human interactions but,the narrative structure,and brilliant cinematography were the,standouts,this time around um im interested to,see what people think im going a,70 for this season a solid season,of zombie television and sometimes you,just have to sit back relax turn your,brain off,and enjoy the madness and the intensity,thankfully,even with some of the flaws with the,characters uh there were,definitely things to keep you satisfied,visually in terms of the cinematography,and how they managed to do that and just,the structure i thought the structure,was really cool so are you guys watching,black,summer season two what is your favorite,zombie show,of all time it could be walking dead it,could be kingdom,thats probably my answer alright guys,ill see you soon,[Music],you

BLACK SUMMER Season 2 Ending Explained | Series Timeline Breakdown And Full Spoiler Review

welcome to the heavy spoilers show,im your host paul and this video were,breaking down what the ending of black,summer season 2,and trails this series has got a lot,going on with it,and in this video well be recapping the,story talking about the final few scenes,and giving our review of the netflix,show if you dont want spoilers then,going past this part of the video,is a grave mistake and youll just be,slowing us down,make sure you like the video if youre,not brain dead and of course dont,forget to subscribe for videos like this,each and every day,without the way thank you for clicking,this now lets get into black summer,season 2.,now in case you need a recap of the,first season then for the first part of,the video well be picking your brains,by walking dead the journey that the,survivors went on,so its really bad puns now ill also be,going through the plot of season two,beat by beat,but if you just want to skip ahead to,the ending then time codes are below,now season one started after the,outbreak of a deadly virus,this turned everyone into undead flash,eating monsters,that would stop at nothing for some,finger food,through the eyes of rose and several,other survivors we saw the rise of the,zombies first,hand and we followed her as she,attempted to rescue her daughter anna,after fighting through thick and thin,rose and her group managed to make their,way to a stadium,that had been advertised as being a safe,haven initially it seemed like a dead,end,however her daughter and several other,survivors emerged,and we cut to black now black summer,season 2,should be called black winter as its a,completely different landscape for the,most part,but its just as tense and nail-biting,as the previous entry,whereas the prior season had people,simply battling against the undead,and the occasional school child season 2,is very much about the group going,against the elements,however it also throws in the element,that when the chips are down,humanity will very much turn on itself,in order to survive,humans are self-centered and selfish for,the most part and seeing how they will,happily step over one another,just to get five more minutes of life,makes for some incredible moments,nowhere is this exemplified more than in,the opening of the,show we join lance who you might,remember from last season,and within the first two minutes hes,killed by a couple named luke and sophie,so that they can take his car in the,first season he had an,entire episode where he was constantly,chased by one of the undead,it was sheer nightmare fuel and he,somewhat reverses this when he becomes a,zombie,as he chases luke until the character,crashes his car in the opening,getting rid of such a big main character,early on after all he was trying to do,was help people,is a brilliant way to start the season,and it lets us know instantly that,humanity will be the real threat here,this nail in the coffin is hammered home,when we cut to four months later,and see a sole survivor in the snow,being chased by a zombie,he makes it to a house and mercilessly,he and the walker are shot by a sniper,who we later learn is actually rose we,then see two men fighting in the snow,during the midst of an ambush and,whatever preconceptions you had it,becomes very clear,early on that this is going to be about,man versus man,versus dead man so bad now theres a,line in the show in which they say,nobody is good anymore and i think that,this perfectly sums up the whole season,most shows and movies have a macguffin,that the characters and villains want to,get a hold of,but black summer is very much based,around making it to a certain location,the first season was of course about,reaching the stadium and this one is,about making it to an airstrip,if we go in chronological order then we,pick up with rose,anna sun and spears out on the road,attempting to get there,however theyre forced to make decisions,that split them up,but their paths do cross later on in the,series now son attempts to save spears,who rose was ready to leave behind,but in doing so shes captured by a,group led by a man named ray,rose and anna make it to a house in the,wilderness and here theyre given,sanctuary by a group of survivors in,sight,however we know from the way that the,story is told that she and anna end up,being the only two survivors there,and theyre willing to kill to keep a,hold of it the house is a great setting,and in the season it perfectly,demonstrates why rose goes from someone,whos willing to trust others,to someone whos ready to turn her guns,on them after one of the survivors heads,out to get medicine for his mother,he doesnt return and his brother sonny,starts to suspect those inside,are plotting against him he commits,murder which in turn births a zombie,and this forces rose to kill everyone,left in the house,the only survivor is a man named freddy,who is hiding up a tree after going out,to get wood,but such a grand location on the market,is quickly sought after,we see that rey has learned of the,airstrip too and he and his group decide,to storm the house,elsewhere on the road spears comes face,to face with a man named brathwaite,and we learn about his past spearss,life before season 1,was always ambiguous and all that we,knew about him was that he was a,criminal,however this is cleared up and we learn,that hes actually called james,james or rather little james used to,carry out hits for his brother,big james who i have no idea why they,were both called james if theyre,brothers but,never mind anyway little james tried to,kill brathwaite when he was younger,but he of course survived unlike most of,the characters in the show though,brathwaite and james decide to let,bygones be bygones,and the pairport ways realizing that the,future is more important than the past,now unlike most of the characters in the,show because they choose to do this,rather than turning on each other the,pair survive their journey is laced with,lots of metaphors,and though might be reaching in the,wilderness they do see a black rider on,top of a white horse,which is thought to be the,personification of death when we look at,religion,we never learn the identity of this,rider and though this mysterious figure,stalks them throughout the landscape,they never end up dicing with death,brathwaite even refuses to shoot him,when he has a chance,and if our metaphor is correct then this,might be why hes spared,his journey ends with him and james,coming across the horse by a stream,and james almost of mice and mens him,but he lets him live,its a really emotional scene that shows,the character arc james has gone on,and i really hope that next time we do,come across breath wait and the,perspectives are switched several times,as are the actions with rose receiving,sanctuary in the house before taking it,over herself,and denying it from others the show,jumps back and forth between the time,periods,showcasing the origins for certain,characters and the aftermath of their,actions,i very much felt that this had a last of,us part 2 vibe in that we had two clear,sides in the show,that we both saw things from the,perspective of though it would be easy,to say why one was good and the other,was the villain,both were clearly doing what they had to,survive making for a really,thought-provoking narrative that would,constantly have you switching sights,after losing the house rose and co head,out into the dead snow,with a man named boone he promises,theres a magical place where,on our way there yes with the food all,under one roof its called elk valley,lodge now here,rose anna and boone find a great setup,and they decide to lay low there,james arrives on foot after hearing,about it from brathwaite,theres a very tense exchange but,ultimately both have come to accept what,they are,and who theyve become even if they,dont like them james has realized that,he is in fact dying,and that he can either turn into a,zombie or end it before then,we learn that hes been attempting to,take his own life

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Black Summer Season 2 Netflix Series Review

In 2019, I was extremely,surprised by Black Summer,,it was a zombie show,that I figured out,later was kind of a light prequel,to Z Nation.,And I had fun with Black Summer,because it was quick moving,,intense and highly engaging.,The second season is arriving.,So does it retain,what made the first season fun,or does it lose its luster?,Winter comes with cold blooded,new challenges during,the zombie apocalypse,as frantic scavengers and violent,militias battle the dead,and the desperate. Season one left off,with some of our main characters,making it to the stadium,where , most importantly, Rose,is reunited with her daughter, Anna,,who she was separated,at the very beginning of the show.,Season two picks up a few months,after the first ends.,And while there are some questions,about how the characters,got where they are,,especially in one particular character.,I mean, the show does,continue its trademark,long take action sequences,where the camera follows the action,no matter where it goes.,Now, Im not sure,if these are actually long takes,,but at the very least,,theyre edited to feel like,theyre continuous takes.,The camera operators must,be stunt professionals,because they do perform some crazy action,to follow the characters,as they move through the intense scenes.,And the actors move through,wild action sequences and theyre running here,and there, overcoming,obstacles and dangers,and a lot of the time without any dialog.,And I think this helps,to keep the scene moving.,But they go in and out of buildings,,through doors, walls, windows,,and all the while,the camera is right there,to capture the action,,which then puts us right,in the middle. ,The small vignette story format also continues,where we have a black screen,and then a chapter title,to give a vague description of what,the following sequence,is going to contain.,Sometimes the story is told out of order,where we watch a sequence happen,and then later in the episode,we revisit that scene,but from a whole different perspective.,Or we watch all the events,that led up to that moment,sSo we have a full understanding,of whats going on.,Its just not in chronological order.,Now, this season takes some moments,to dive deeper into,a few of the characters,,and that helps to build out their depth,and make them more relatable.,And if theyre not more relatable,,at least theyre more understandable.,Now the drama is still surprisingly high.,I found myself really invested,in a few of the key players,and I was sucked into their well-being.,There are some over,the top moments or even characters,that youd classify as clichéd,apocalyptic antagonists.,But somehow they still fit,in this crazy world thats been built,and they dont detract any from the fun.,Now,,sometimes it felt like,there were a few of them,that had just been waiting around,for this to happen.,And then when it did, boom,,they get to do their happy,dance and go all out,militia nut.,I loved Spears,character arc in this season.,Hes a military guy who is with Rose,and Sun through much of season one.,Here we get a lot more of his backstory,and he plays the part really well.,Hes mysterious and untrusting,,but he opens up and is vulnerable,at just the right moment.,And the characters,are all on a journey to get to a place,where they believe,is going to afford them safety.,Im not sure how they know its there,or that it even exists.,But the story of hope,also keeps them going.,Now,,some of the scenarios,are pretty predictable, but,because of how the show,breaks up the sequences,,it makes those scenarios,still engaging and exciting,,even if we know whats going,to come up at some point.,Theres also holds true,because sometimes weve been shown,the aftermath of a sequence,,but then the episode works,to show us everything,that led up to that point.,I really like that the show works,to give the characters moments,of safety and security.,And what I like is that then,the characters, theyre,faced with decisions,of whether to stay,in the safety and shelter,or to venture out into the unknown.,Now, as to be expected,in a show about zombies,,I mean, there is a,crazy amount of violence,and for the most part, its quite brutal.,But through most of it,,we dont see the execution,of the violence.,There are a couple of times that we do,watch a head explode,or something insane like that,,but typically we watch,a character wield,a weapon, say, like a brick,,and then they slam it down.,But we dont see the skull,actually being smashed.,Either way, though, if youre,looking for a show with some violence,,this is a good one.,Its not yet to the violent,degree of Gangs of London,,but its working its way there.,Now, I think the weakest portion of the show,is with the character development.,Well, we do get some really good,info on a couple of the characters.,There are even more,that we dont have any background on,,and some of these are,more of the major players.,I still enjoyed the scenery,in the season, too,,even though the show,is called Black Summer.,This now is taking place,during the winter,and the characters are traversing,through mountainous landscapes,that are just filled with trees,and they are just covered in snow.,Well, the trees and the characters,,its cold and desolate,,but it still has its beauty to it.,And I especially like when the camera,will give us a wide shot,to show the grandeur,and space that a character,has to navigate.,Now, one thing,this show certainly taught me,is that if Im going along,and Im approached by someone,who wants a ride,,they instantly get,the double tap to the head.,The apocalypse tends to make people crazy,and act without regard for anybody else.,So out of self-preservation,,you got to go.,Overall, this is an intense,and heart pounding ride.,But the show does vary its pace to allow,for some slower and quieter moments.,And in those we get to dive more,into our characters, backstories,and their psyches.,There are eight episodes,and most of them are in that 45,ish minute range.,And I found it really easy to binge,and was caught up in the drama,and the urgency that,every episode brought.,And they were all different, too.,And while some characters,that were introduced in this season,could use more development,,the season was still pretty engaging.,And while the exposition,is not groundbreaking,,it still is just,a really fun time in front of the TV.,Theres no sex or nudity with a whole,heaping of profanity,and, of course, violence.,I give season two of Black Summer,four out of five couches.,So are you a fan of the show?,Do you have a favorite character?,I really like Spears,,but I think my favorite is Sun.,But Id like to know yours,in the comments below.,If you enjoyed this review,,please give it a like.,Also, dont forget,to share and subscribe.,Im Chris.,This is Movies and Munchies.,Thanks for couching with me.

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Everything Wrong with Black Summer (Zombie Sins)

[Music],so its pretty safe to say the military,know fully well what the infection is,since they are doing an eye and skin,check to make sure people arent,infected i cannot wait for them to,somehow get overwhelmed by dumb,slow-moving zombies wait okay theyre,fast but still they have guns why is,this guy giving this couple a full,interrogation when he barely gave anyone,else the time of day even having some,smart ass remarks about not having a gun,so military procedure for a pandemic is,to vet people for signs of infection and,if they find a bite victim are supposed,to punch them and drive off leaving,behind tons of other civilians what,seems like a hammy plot device to have,the mother finder kid again like rick,grimes with carl in the walking dead,seems like those air strikes outside,concluded rather quickly once they got,to safety well i was fully expecting him,to turn while she was cuddling and,cradling her husband but apparently he,has had time to turn within the minute,she walked out of the room this scene,feels so awkward yet hilarious she busts,right through this door while granny is,straight chilling and she barely reacts,or says anything youre lucky you didnt,walk into the room of a prepubescent,team getting one last spanking session,in patrick patrick patrick patrick why,are you screaming patricks name fearing,he may be a zombie now didnt you grab a,knife earlier possibly expecting the,worst it seems that even this early in,the outbreak people know what to expect,a little bit but will still probably be,completely freaking stupid so the zombie,patrick gives up on his wife and,instantly finds the quiet grandma in her,room and bites her why would you slam,the door behind you knowing noise,attracts them in the first place this,zombie hears the sound to the slam door,busts through the glass and starts,chasing his wife again leaving the,grandma to run away with a bite to the,neck do these types of zombies not,finish the job they just get a bite in,and run,well we know head shots are the way to,go now now the scene of her breathing,into his ear nearly ordering him to help,her get to the stadium goes on for the,longest 30 seconds of my life the,soldier agrees to help her and doesnt,even consider that she may have been,bitten while she was being attacked on,the fence this woman speaking purely,korean drags away the deaf guy for some,reason,what the [ __ ] is going on,please,please i thank you please,thank you,thank you okay,okay would you like me in a drive,total stranger walks up says he needs,help you give enough space in the window,for him to reach in at any time and you,let yourself be convinced that not only,can he hit your ride with you but he can,drive the car man youve got what you,deserved and just like that we,transition away from the night of the,living dead reference to lance so we are,dealing with the walking dead like,zombie outbreak where everyone is,infected and will turn into a zombie no,matter what the cause of death unless,the brain is destroyed with the bites,just causing a disease that kills the,host ill go ahead and remove the sin,because i love the dynamic and danger,this can bring up but well see how the,show executes this as it goes on the,zombies in the show sure do give up,pretty fast once the door gets in their,way so they can have some semblance of,how fences and doors work and configure,the way around pretty easily interesting,cant wait to see this dynamic fade in,the coming episodes these two guys dont,hear the zombie girl yelling and,grunting and as she runs towards them,and only react when she is within feet,of them ultimately costing one of them,their lives gotta love people that are,oblivious to sound in a pandemic event,never trust a captured person when they,say they gotta pee the military guards,just say oh man after getting pushed,over and lets the civilians have free,reign past the checkpoint were into,episode two and theres tons of awkward,silence hey,im not gonna rape you at least he is,straightforward we start to spectate a,couple doing some pallet looping with a,zombie before eventually the woman is,attacked with the man not realizing,until moments later the zombie just,growled at him and gives him time to,escape so he could get one more bite in,the woman turns in the span of 20,seconds 20 seconds from the initial bite,the husband from earlier had a bite that,lasted probably a day and he didnt turn,she doesnt even die first shes just,like you know this guy is kinkier than,my husband better switch teams it feels,like these are just a mesh of ideas of,how people would be in martial law but,honestly lazily executed people would,just throw rocks and grocery carts of,fire at any car coming by and they would,have this coordinated with a flammable,cart just in case a car came down the,small town road no zombies around come,on no one gonna address the rear end is,visibly still on fire youre just gonna,leave it like that if zombieland taught,me anything and it wasnt quite a lot,its to buckle up this zombie makes no,noise after climbing on top of the car,from the back just to slightly jump,scare the driver and the audience good,thing they wound up on a long road with,no cars or debris to run into while they,confront this clinger so while this,zombie has the control and dexterity to,grab a hold of the driver while he is,slamming the gas pedal it doesnt dawn,on him at all or even from the start to,just slam the brakes and let gravity,take care of the situation no just gonna,have this scene of him almost biting you,good job bro while she doesnt speak,english lets stop the truck to discuss,and translate directions after being,attacked by people and zombies and being,stalked by a big black truck nothing bad,could happen especially with an already,busted out window and now telling what,debris is in the undercarriage of the,car you know im really getting sick of,these title cards to divide up the,episodes into many chapters it is,ruining the pacing for me and feels kind,of pretentious,wow his girlfriend was quick to resort,to dick sucking while he just offered,food and water be gone,after being stalked attacked and having,a stowaway lets just casually drink and,sing like nothing bad can happen now,that were on the open road,why would you just now put your seat,belts on why would you ram into a,high-rise truck with a minivan youre,going to be doing more damage to your,vehicle than you are to,his i want to say that was shocking but,damn that was hilarious well i might be,going to hell for my sense of humor i,gotta say fasten your [ __ ] seat belt,and keep your eyes on the road i dont,care if somebodys right next to you,slamming into you these zombies turn,after everyone in both cars conveniently,wake up for being unconscious even,though zombies immediately come back,from the dead in other scenes after,these people purposefully tried to ram,you off the road and almost got you,killed in a head-on collision with a,concrete wall i would not be doing them,any favors by keeping the door open,these zombies cant break through this,glass door even though they have been,shown to be able to do that pretty,recently episode 3 and were already,splitting up to look for clues a double,decision of dumb moments curly joe,starts lightly banging on the drum so in,retaliation lets just ram him into the,wall as loudly as possible great,reactive reasoning aint nothing like a,random ass kid to make people question,their rational decision making in a,post-apocalypse you would think four to,five weeks of this zombie stuff would,have you more numb to seeing dead bodies,the death guy runs away after seeing,this for some brain dead reason even,though he demanded to stay in the school,and help the mystery kid she continues,to yell and say hello over and over and,over again in a deserted school do you,want zombies because thats how you get,zombies what kind of trap is that made,by kids trip a victim blow them up,apparently and lock the doorbot and were,in

Black Summer Season 2 Review

[Music],[Music],so,welcome to doctor nation welcome back,guys jerel here and im josh and today,were here to review the season two of,black summer,after our most recent uh finishing of of,the reactions its time to look back at,the season and discuss,how it went what are our thoughts yeah,so,we loved it as you guys as you guys know,um id say one of the biggest kind of,little disappointments,was not being able to see the group,in between when we saw them together,kind of in that town you know what im,saying so the months that for the for,the months after season one to the,events leading up to when we first saw,them in the town after the stadium after,the stadium it would have been cool to,see that because we got,you could kind of see during spearss,final moments when he was talking with,anna they had a pretty good connection,because he was like you know thats why,i always with you because youre,always at the ready so its,you hear the dialogue but you cant,really reflect back to it because you,didnt see it yeah you know and that,that would have been really cool to,actually see all of them working,together traveling together,up until we saw them finally on screen,but that was kind of like one of my,only little minor disappointments with,the season is not being able to see that,yeah its pretty cool um,i agree um but uh you know,the biggest shock whats uh,lance for me,lance was huge i mean right out the gate,the fact that they did that like right,out the gate,episode one like in the first few,minutes uh-huh first few minutes that,was insane i actually liked that how how,you know we jumped in to write just a,shock and awe moment right away and,um,you gotta wonder you know next seasons,to come if theyre gonna do something,like that right away yeah well you were,also mentioning um i think you said,lucas but i think his name was luke but,uh yeah we were wondering like you were,wondering if luke were gonna see luke,you know but,it was,implied that,lance zombies zombified lance broke,through the window and probably just,killed him you know because that story,in a sense,the loot character story kind of a sense,ended right there im not sure what else,they could have done with him,but i would not be shocked if he shows,up it wouldnt surprise me yeah next,season he shows up and its just,i dont know a side story of him not,necessarily joining the group or,something but just a side story,character chapter or something like that,i i really really enjoyed um seeing the,progression of rose throughout this,season,the way that she carries herself the the,leadership role that she,you know just has that that skill um,its amazing yeah she you know with some,of the comments you know a lot of people,you know they love rose and you could,tell her personality changed from season,two she was more,um she was more agile she made quicker,decisions um you wouldnt say she was,really paranoid its just shes always,at the ready both her and anna were,always at the ready and you know when,she was explaining to spears that,you know this isnt im not the same,woman as i used to be anna is my only,reason for living and i will do,anything and everything to keep her safe,and yeah it was kind of hard to hear her,say f everyone else after all they went,through but you got it its just she is,completely different now her focus is,anna and surviving making sure anna,survives,she will die if she has to,but her decision making was just quick,on point i i was upset to see her,her,you know,that kind of view of f everything except,for my daughter to spears correct like,everyone else i would have you know but,to spears oh god man,i liked that dynamic between her and him,that mutual respect and you know who,knows what else it,you know theres no time for any,feelings and i think thats pretty much,what rose was trying to get through is i,have one concern thats my daughter,everything else is a bystander,what i thought was really cool and im,not im not and were just talking about,it now so im not sure if you picked up,on it but,the whole,the last supper the dinner and even the,dessert i think that was roses way,of,pretty much giving respect to spears and,apologizing yeah even though you know,she was sitting there they were just,having a staring contest because she was,really wondering if spare if spears was,how pissed he was if he was going to do,anything,but,for her for her making the dessert so to,speak she knew he was dying she could,probably tell and for her to kind of,make saying you know i made dessert and,continuing on with the dinner i think,that was in a way a form of respect a,form of saying,im sorry you know even though i cant,say it because im maybe im a different,person now im not going to apologize,here here is my apology for well and i,think that showed too after after,it after she had shown how pissed she,was that anna did what she did yeah,right like,you you just got a feeling like rose,wanted more time with spears thats,thats what i got from it and she was,pissed that anna did that and,maybe she thought spears was going to,pull it out right yeah it was really,interesting that anna did not explain,the full magnitude of the whole,interaction,you know to to to rose and of course to,boone,she just executed him because she was,like youre dying,boom im going to kill you derose she,was just like what the hell and when,they were walking to the the on the,airstrip,she was kind of explaining it but she,didnt she didnt explain that whole,situation and rose was pissed about it,so,yeah i think rose probably wanted,a little more time or maybe she thought,he could pull through or,um maybe the lodge had medical supplies,that just hadnt got to yet and,it would have been nice to see him pull,through but you know we didnt know the,extent of the wound and obviously it was,bad but it was infected that was a tough,blow i really wanted spears to continue,like i wanted to see him you know,progress through the show but uh,you know its a zombie show its like,the walking dead you lose characters,yeah you know it just lost a couple good,ones this season um,you know um the officer,oh officer nalziri yeah you know he was,awesome i i really enjoyed his story i,mean his family was killed he was a,changed man and and honestly,i dont know if id really categorize,him as a villain i dont im gonna say,no i really am um he was just a very,hard-nosed protagonist who,had a,a vision of could you make an argument,that hes the same as rose pretty much,pretty much without a child pretty much,yeah thats what it is yeah i mean hes,gonna do what he has to do to survive,and i think thats what it comes down to,and,um itll be really interesting to see,him and rose,if he survives but i think he survives,yeah you know i think that,i see that relationship progression,progressing um not in romantic or,anything right just you know,hes gonna be a part of their group i,think i think probably at the end um you,know when theyre pointing their weapons,at each other he saw that you know anna,came back for her mother,and you know probably saw his daughter,and,wife in that exactly he you know at you,know when she pulled the car up he,finally,let his gun down and he was like all,right i think maybe in his mind he,finally got it he was like okay these,two are strong capable women,you know,what if this was my wife and daughter,blah blah blah but,yeah i i didnt see him as a villain he,was he was basically the same as rose um,he took some brutal steps,rose did too but um,he was just trying to survive and get to,the supplies and get to the plane well,just look at his last statement to,well rose yeah all his speech i mean he,said that we could have all shared this,yeah and i think that was maybe the,moment for him where he may may have,realized that maybe he made some,mistakes along the way because look he,wasnt innocent and all that,uh youre pointing the gun at them,telling you know we could have shared,all this but you could have as well so,i mean you got too

Black Summer Season 2 Netflix Review – Intense Zombie Series

ugh,[Music],hey welcome to the ruby tuesday my name,is ruben and this is my review for black,summer,season two uh this is a non-spoiler,review so were just going to talk about,kind of the overview will you enjoy it,let me know,in the comments below were you excited,did you think it was cancelled,but for now lets jump into it in the,dark early days of a zombie apocalypse,complete strangers band together to find,the strength they need to survive and,get back to loved ones okay so the first,season,uh had eight episodes and uh the,episodes were fairly short actually,about 30 minutes a piece,i wasnt a huge fan of the first season,mostly because of the structure,of it it wasnt something id seen done,like this i just felt very disjointed,there werent that many characters i,could really get behind,but the second season i feel like takes,the strengths of what was good in season,one,and uh doubles down thats why i think,season two is actually,really good we hardly have any,protagonists in this in fact,everybody is a protagonist its also,serious you dont know whos going to,survive,at one point you think oh were,following this character now and then,that character,is just gone because its a zombie,series you dont,know uh whos going to get bitten whos,going to get shot if it and very much in,the vein of the walking dead,we have the you know the humans who are,trying to get what is left on earth and,just basically trying to survive and,everybody,is bad and good theres no clear line of,this is the good guy this is the bad guy,just you got to do what you got to do to,survive and if thats doing something,bad,then that means youre going to do that,and this show very much,shows how far were willing to go to,protect the loved ones that we,have that are still alive in this show,and so,when they do that sometimes those,characters have to do horrific things,and so its pushing humanity to the side,just saying ill do whatever i need to,to survive and so we see our,supposed heroes or do things that we,wouldnt expect a hero to do but at the,same time this is not a black and white,this is not a,glorified uh zombie horror good guys,versus bad guys kind of story,its more like if this was a reality,this is what people would do,and to double down on that people in the,show very rarely hit headshots unless,theyve had,military training they will spray the,zombies full of holes and eventually get,a headshot,its very realistic like that also the,zombies turn,like in a few seconds maybe two three,seconds they turn so,you to know that if youre shooting,someone you kill them and you havent,shot them with a headshot,then they turn or if someone gets bitten,then they turn and so,these zombies are quite scary because,they seem to have,a some cognitive function where theyre,able to do,some problem solving and they they sniff,they have a very good sense of smell,theyre,always going and they have a very good,sense of hearing,and they chase theyre pretty quick and,so theyre able to work out certain,things at least thats the law that has,been established so far and they again,they double down on that on the second,series,we do follow arose and and for the most,part but what happens in this series is,you will show us an ending a place where,your characters have gotten to,and then it will do these kind of,blackouts and itll,give us a name of the chapter of the,episode that were were watching and,ill break it up into different segments,and then we get to see the paths of,everybody else involved in that,storyline,and whether who and whoever survived at,the end of the story then can continue,sometimes a particular story in these,next eight episodes will continue for,two or three episodes and then it will,evolve and turn into one of the other,characters we havent seen for a while,and then something else will happen you,dont know if you know like like i said,you really dont know whos going to,survive,in the second season there have been,some phenomenal moments in acting,really deep emotional moments a lot,later in the series the first,three four episodes are chaotic like it,doesnt light up it barely gives you a,time,to breathe so we have that deep,craziness of the end of,season one which is basically a,30-minute action sequence of people just,shooting the crap out of,each other and then turning and dying,and so forth and the continuation of,that we see,basically the first episode is just a,crazy,amount of gore people dying large cars,people turning and trying to run just,basically survive from cover to cover,one of the the big clever very hard,things to pull off that this show does,is the amount of camera work that is,steadicam that is continued shot i think,i noticed,four different very long continued,steadicam shots particularly the first,episode and the eighth episode,they have this amazing steady cam shot,and theyre following in and out of,buildings,uh through cars around corners you know,really technical shots i have to hand it,to the cameraman,and i know how hard it is to do,steadicam shots like that,i once worked on the feature from which,was just an eight minute uh steadicam,shot and we practiced in practice for,two weeks to get the one shot right,and imagine the amount of practice and,skill went into just these four shots,and i have to say technically theyre,very good at what theyre showing,theres a mix,of really close of far of wide of very,artistic shots they really kind of go,for it in this season,and its all very wide contrast because,this is winter and so everything is snow,ridden full of snow and then you have,the contrast of blood and peoples,clothes,and youre always willing them to change,their clothes because if youre wearing,a blue jacket,then youre going to stand out and so we,have those contrasts that work really,well,in creating tension and the tension that,is created sometimes just through,silence,its very rarely that its the music,that is pushing it on its mostly,through the,heavy breathing and people panicking or,people doing the wrong things and youre,on tense,youre an intense motion with them,because theyre doing the wrong thing,and youre like no dont go there,dont do that or try and be a better,human theres so many thoughts rushing,through youre like what would you do in,that situation,definitely is one of those series like,would i survive this well i just died,like episode one,and that is basically the series in a,nutshell it doesnt finish though its,storyline it leaves you on a massive,i would say there is no completion of a,storyline there is a completion of a,journey,which is what one of the things that,makes this fun everybody is trying to,get to a certain position im not going,to give that away either,everybody wants to get to somewhere,because of a thing a macguffin,and uh that thing is the driving,i guess force behind this series and,those people some people will end up,there and then,that is what you have for this series,but its the little bits of,information that you glean whats,happening in this world that,is uh interesting there is a slight,negativity that i have to this series is,that,there is no real purpose everybody its,just a day-to-day,live uh living trying to survive there,is no,kind of uh what were going to do can we,solve it theres no,cure theres no way to theres no sort,of,safe haven there is this thing that,might be safe but nobody really cares,and so its a very realistic almost,docu-type,in that kind of uh storytelling mode but,i would say that,i would have liked something in that,vein maybe well get that in season,three just like a way,perhaps a light at the end of the tunnel,because this is very unforgiving,theres not a lot of time when anything,good is happening to any of your,characters its mostly just,dark and when you think its gotten as,dark as it gonna get it gets,worse very well acted in moments,very well paced i thought and the,breakup of certain episodes when it goes,to another character,maybe that is the time when it gives you,a moment to

Black Summer Season 2 Netflix Review

winter comes with,cold-blooded new challenges during the,zombie apocalypse as,frantic scavengers and violent militias,battle the dead and desperate welcome,back to my channel my name is justin,here we focus on your favorite content,from streaming services,and in theaters if you guys love to,watch movies and shows like i do,you guys are in the right spot black,summer season 2,is finally here god that seemed like a,long time between,the first and second season the first,season for me i,quite enjoyed it i think how it was,filmed,was probably one of the best things,about it uh it did lack,in character development but it looked,really good,and i loved the survival aspect of the,series so i was looking forward to a,second season,a different style to it with uh snow,and seeing how zombies would react to,that and more of conflict amongst,humans and thats one thing that the,second season does improve on,is now that we are deep into this,zombie apocalypse people had the initial,fear surrounding,the zombies now they have to protect,each other and groups are,forming and they are trying to survive,so that means attacking other humans and,so theres a lot of conflict,amongst the humans in here sometimes it,takes over a lot of episodes compared to,having the zombies attack the humans and,i think it,is a realistic story i mean,zombies are not real but if zombies were,going to happen,this is how people would react and we,see that a lot within,the second season is groups forming,people,um getting hungry and people,reacting to certain things in a harsh,manner,and so i really like that about season,two is the constant,conflict between the humans,and we have jamie king who really leads,some of the stories,in here in the first season she was,looking for her daughter she was,reunited with her daughter at the end of,the first,season and she is doing whatever she can,to protect her daughter and make sure,that she doesnt,lose her again in the second season she,becomes a very strong,character and one issue i had in the,first season,is the lack of character development and,so many characters being thrown into the,mix,that never really feels like theres an,end point for some of these stories,and they dont have a goal in mind to,try to,tell a story its just following these,characters,and seeing how they react to the zombies,and survive,as well and on one hand i really like,that the survival story but also on the,other hand if were going to follow,these characters i want to know a little,more,of them we do get that a lot more in the,second season a lot more,character development mainly for some of,the characters that were in,the first season and we do get a lot,more characters,in the second season still there is a,lot of characters that are just,there they really dont serve a purpose,but it is interesting to see how they,react to it and try to survive,but there it doesnt feel like there is,a,goal in mind when it comes to some of,these characters,theyre just there were following them,and thats about,it i feel that a lot about a lot of,these characters theres a few,characters that really have a lot of,growth,and they grow throughout the series,theres a lot of characters that i just,cant remember their names,im blanking on a lot of these,characters names,just because theyre not that memorable,and theres,so many that it makes it hard to really,get invested in their story lines,because,theyre really hollow characters and i,know the show,is constantly going theres constant,zombies,running at them and attacking them so,theres really not any,down time to build some of these,characters theres some times where,theres a lot of conversations between,the humans to where we get to know them,theres a lot of characters that we just,dont really care about the series,continues to look really good,the directing on the zombie,sequences is amazing theres a lot of,tracking scenes,to really provide that intensity,to the zombie sequences as the zombies,are running towards the humans and this,and the humans are running,through buildings trying to hide in,rooms,they dont use quick edits to make it,look very messy,the directing in here is top notch and,really adds that punch to this series,when its lacking in character,development,or an end goal with its story,the directing is there to add a lot,to it so im really impressed with the,directing in here,and the new environment with the snow,really switches it up and doesnt make,it feel like,its the same thing from the first,season there are eight episodes in,the second season its a little,lengthier compared,to the first season but they do manage,to add a lot of character development,for uh characters that weve seen from,the first season but theres just some,characters that you just dont really,care about,the acting still is really good and,impressive for a,zombie series it does end on a,cliffhanger and i hope that doesnt take,a,long time to get a third season because,i do enjoy it,i know the first season was kind of a,mixed bag some people really liked it,some people,just really did not care for it there is,a lot of improvement,for the second season when it comes to,the characters and the narrative,and its growing but still there feels,like,theres no end point for,some of the stories and the characters,theyre just,there to have stories and doesnt really,mean much to the,overall narrative of black summer season,two,but still it looks really good im go,ahead and give,black summer season to a b minus,thank you guys for checking my view for,black summer season two have you guys,seen it whatd you think about let me,know in the comment section down below,and stay tuned for more up-and-coming,content,my name is justin watchers movies and,you guys stay classy youtube

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