1. The Problem with The Blacklist (Blacklist Review-SPOILERS!)
  2. James Spader Breaks Down His Character on “The Blacklist” | Amanpour and Company
  3. The Blacklist Megan Boone Has REVEALED Why She REALLY Left The Show!
  4. James Spader Confirms The Blacklist Has Been Picked Up for a 10th Season | The Tonight Show
  5. The Blacklist : Season 1 To 9 Explained – Everything You Need To Know ( The Cine Wizard )
  6. IGN Reviews – Splinter Cell: Blacklist – Review
  7. The Blacklist Season 9 Episode 22 Finale | Breakdown, Review | Ending Explained

The Problem with The Blacklist (Blacklist Review-SPOILERS!)

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James Spader Breaks Down His Character on “The Blacklist” | Amanpour and Company

and now were going to turn to an actor,whos played some eccentric characters,in his time James Spader,rebels in the offbeat like the,award-winning cult hit of its time Sex,Lies and videotape and also mainstream,blockbusters like The Avengers,he currently stars in a political,thriller called the blacklist as one of,the FBIs most wanted fugitives turned,informant the series has bagged him two,Golden Globe nominations and the show,has gathered a huge global following our,hari Sreenivasan spoke to the Hollywood,star just recently so for our viewers,who have not watched the show whats the,blacklist about in the first episode a,man who is on the FBIs most wanted list,gives himself up to a Assistant Director,of the FBI,they take him into custody hes been,wanted in many different countries and,so and so forth and considered armed and,dangerous,and he said that he wants to make a deal,with the FBI,though hes an informant of sorts he is,steering them towards people that,theyve never heard of and that they,arent even aware are out there in this,season theres a pretty significant plot,twist and that his kind of immunity is,compromised he is yes brought to justice,or in the process of being brought to,justice we have a clip lets take a look,officer Baldwin asked for some,identification and I gave him a false ID,so magnificent even I started to believe,my name is George Murphy he said I,looked around nervously the truth is I,made fun of the man I refused to give,him the respect he somehow believed he,deserved it happens I get impatient I,make a comment I might regret its one,of my biggest issues in therapy along,with some residual anxiety from,childhood and a sexual fascination Id,prefer to discuss in chambers thats,sort of quintessentially him I mean,theres a certain irreverence to,everything he does it doesnt matter,that this sort of life is on the line in,this case hes still jokes hes very,confident is that easier to play over,five seasons six seasons that you get to,know a character a little bit better I,was looking for something that was very,fluid in terms of town so I was,successful I think in finding that in,that this is a show that is at in at,different that by turns very very,emotional very funny very intense,sometimes disturbing or startling and,sometimes a lot of those things all at,the same time and I wanted a character,who I would still after a period of time,if the show continued to run a character,that was enigmatic enough to me that I,would still be surprised by him over,time and Id still be curious about him,over time I remember when I first read,the very first episode the pilot you,know by the end of the story by the end,of the story,you knew less about him than you knew at,the beginning really anything you learn,about him just poses more questions and,so I knew that this is a character that,would have a certain amount of staying,power for me at least in terms of,curiosity are you surprised that its,doing so well I mean everybody hopes,that the project that theyre working on,succeeds here you are average of seven,million plus people watching six seasons,into it I responded to the material and,responded to this character and thats,all I have as a gauge really is what my,opinion of it is and I was intrigued by,the sort of marriage between a sort of,mythologized sort of mythology to the,show married with a procedural mm-hmm,but I have no idea I mean I really have,never been very good at that part of,this business I Im pretty selfish in,terms of my reasons for taking things,and they really it rarely has anything,to do with what a what a response by,maybe,from for others or from others but I,what does it have to do with it really,has to do with my interest in in the,material in the world that that the,story lives in if its something that,Im interested in exploring then Ill do,it this year youve also in the in the,episodes had storylines that have talked,about what is the meaning of truth the,Internet is influencing so many things,conspiracy theories and these are topics,that America is challenged with right,now Im assuming this is an intentional,act from the writers yourself I mean,listen theres no question that you know,ones life seeps in and the world around,you is you know a show is a sponge to a,certain degree in terms of that but its,interesting that theres a big storyline,thats going on right now and on the,show that writers were working on long,before it became a news item and the,same thing would happen on on a another,show that I worked with for a long time,Boston Legal where we really werent,ripping from the headlines yeah and yet,again and again Id get a script and,wed be working on something and it,became by the time it aired it was,timely hmm you know given that youve,worked at the practice Boston Legal do,shows with multiple hit seasons do they,get better over time because Ive heard,from some people that the first couple,of seasons are really where everybodys,just got their nose to the grindstone,third seasons fourthies and now the,moneys starting to roll in changes the,dynamic a little bit there are a lot of,things that can be deciding factors in,terms of how something changes and,develops over time now for instance the,practice I came in on the last season I,think was the eighth season of that show,and I was brought in because six cast,members had been let go and what had,happened was the the show had been on it,was in its eighth season the ratings I,dont think the ratings were as strong,as they might have been in the past,and the show got picked up by the,network for another season and they had,had their licensing fee cut in half so,David Kelly felt he couldnt make the,show the quality so he had a choice he,could either continue with the show at a,much reduced licensing fee in which case,hed have to fire people or he could end,the show and by that time by an eighth,season the amount of people who are,making their living on a television show,is enormous and he decided to keep those,people employed for another year and so,he fired six actors and I met with him,and he said Id like to have you come in,and be on the show and he basically was,burning this house down that hed built,and thats what that character was doing,but then halfway through the season the,network came and said how about another,series with this same character you know,and you get a spinoff yeah so all of a,sudden I did Boston Legal but here you,had I was brought in as a destructive,force on the practice now how do you,construct a series around you know you,know just to around the Cat in the Hat,yeah which is what this is what David,conceived of when he thought of that,character in you know the slightest idea,of who I am and I said am I supposed to,recount all the points in my life,leading up to this moment and then just,hope its coherent that it makes some,sort of sense to you it was making sense,to me you know I was there,I think this Im supposed to be able to,explain it to you and why should you,tell me tell me why well Id like to,explain why when I look back at these,characters that clearly its someone who,doesnt like himself in some ways at,least according to some of the other,characters in this show blacklist,recently there has been a shrink that,kind of looks at your deepest darkest,corners and says you know your fear is,that youre an imposter you go all the,way back to Steph a horrible character,back in pretty in pink and the other,characters are telling you that its,really your your self-loathing as some,of the stuff thats driving you Im not,Im getting really bored with this,conversation all right you know if you,want your little piece lo great fine,take it you know but if you do youre,not gonna have a friend that right yeah,thats right are you drawn to this sort,of thing I dont believe that to be the,case youre good at it I just dont know,if thats really what it is thats,driving I dont know whether that really,what was what was driving Allan schore,and Im no

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The Blacklist Megan Boone Has REVEALED Why She REALLY Left The Show!

are you a blacklist fan dying to know,why megan boone left youre not alone,join us as we dive into the secrets,behind her unexpected departure join us,as we unravel the truth and dive deep,into why megan boone left the blacklist,revealed plus other blacklist news,firstly how can the blacklist go on,without liz the blacklist season 9 has,returned but the series is missing one,of its main characters megan boone will,not be returning for the series next,season boone has been playing liz keane,since the show began her exit from the,show came as a surprise to many fans,there is plenty of speculation but,whats the real reason poon left the,blacklist how can the blacklist continue,without liz megan boone has played liz,on the blacklist for almost a decade,when fans first met her liz was an,ambitious fbi profiler her story became,tangled with criminal mastermind raymond,reddington james spader reddington,turned himself into the fbi to help them,catch high-profile criminals in the,hopes of protecting liz this show has,created an incredibly unique life for me,boone said in an interview with,clubhouse convos its been an exercise,thats been incredibly liberating,incredibly fulfilling we all have the,audience to think as fans of the,blacklist quickly discovered this summer,the season 8 finale was the last episode,for megan boones character why did,megan boone leave the blacklist although,it may have been surprising for fans,boones exit did not come as this as,shock to the cast and crew the decision,for boone to leave the show came well,before the blacklist was renewed for,season 9. this gave the writers time to,figure out an appropriate end for liz in,the final episode of the blacklist,season 8 liz was shot in the back by one,of townsends men she died in,reddingtons arms while her life flashed,before her eyes lizs death was,heartbreaking even the viewers who,werent big fans of the character,boones decision to leave the blacklist,came from a desire to work on other,projects boone has wasted no time making,big moves in her career not long after,her exit from the show boone launched a,weird sister production company closing,a first look deal with sony pictures,television im beyond excited to have a,home at sp tv where i can branch out and,continue to work with this incredible,team being told deadline theyve been,instrumental in my career and,fundamentally believe in my vision for,weird sister im thrilled for this new,chapter as some observant fans noted,lizs departure wasnt spontaneous,meghans been discussing her exit with,writers of the hit nbc criminal drama,long before the blacklist was renewed,for season 9. the blacklist was renewed,for season 9. the decision was mutual,and writers were given ample time to,craft lizs final arc on the show,thoughtfully is liz keane really dead in,the blacklist season 9 the blacklist is,well known for killing off characters,only to return in a later season its no,wonder that some fans believe that liz,isnt dead in the blacklist season 9. i,didnt see her die i only saw an,unconscious liz they pulled too many of,these stuns a fan wrote on reddit the,blacklist season 9 may reveal that liz,is alive however even if liz is active,fans shouldnt expect to see boone this,season the 38 year old actor publicly,said her goodbyes to the show and it,looks like she has a lot on her plate,liz has undoubtedly changed a lot from,season 1 transition of her character,from amiable and unassuming to a,thankless rascal wasnt something,everyone enjoyed i used to like her they,never understood her decisions and im,now looking forward to the show again,without her fan agreed on reddit the,blacklist may be running into issues,frequently faced by long-running tv,shows after exhausting all ideas and,resources the show feels repetitive and,boring perhaps changing the focus from,liz to red will help spice things up in,the blacklist season 9. sadie suggests,that fans abandon hope that liz will,reappear or that her death will be,another twist megan has made it clear,that her time on the show has ended and,she wants to move on how did the,blacklist move on after lizs death the,blacklist has officially moved on from,liz keanes death the nbc drama returned,for its ninth season on october 21 with,the first episode since the exit of,megan boone who starred as the former,fbi profiler since the pilot while boon,left to work on other projects liz was,shot killed just as she was about to,kill the terminally ill raymond,reddington team spader to take over his,criminal empire and valuable blacklist,of course that happened just before liz,could learn reds real identity once and,for all but the show gave viewers enough,information to guess that red might be,the adopted identity of lizs mother,katarina the premiere picked up two,years after lizs death with dembe,gershom tafique now an undercover fbi,agent getting badly injured in an,explosion and ended up in the hospital,while his partner was killed his,assailants who were trying to steal,essential microchips were sporting,mysterious tattoos which led a retired,cooper harry lennox to get his team back,together to figure out which dangerous,person or organization was responsible,he pulled irem amir erisen out of an,investor meeting for his new cyber,security business he took elena lorason,away from a class she was teaching still,a bearded wrestler diego clattenhoff,wasnt interested in abandoning the car,he was working on to get back in on the,action especially if red was involved so,there you have it like many other,actresses megan boone was ready to move,on to other projects and even though her,fans are sad to see lizs departure,theyre also excited to see what shell,do next even though this is a massive,change for the show doesnt mean itll,be over and some fans are excited to see,the focus shift to other lead characters,join us as we dive into other exciting,blacklist news has blacklist already,answered the most important questions in,the latest episode red who already,confessed to being spy n13 takes liz,back in time through a black and white,story its revealed that katarina,rostova also had an affair with the real,raymond reddington to gather,intelligence through the affair she,became pregnant with liz allowing her,husband constantine rostov to believe,hes lizs mashas father the night of,the fire all came to a head when liz,shot her father in her mothers defense,her birth mother by the way is not the,woman liz believed her to be the,katarina rastova leila robbins who,entered lizs life was a fake her real,name is tatiana petrova and dominilia,koslov sent her to assume the identity,to keep katarina and liz safe the,raymond reddington the audience knows,was created by the honest katarina to,mark the death of the real red a secret,got that however the most significant,answer of the series might be in the,context of a few loose lines what does,that mean constructed liz ass whom she,believes to be her mother it meant a,complete transformation the scene cuts,to surgery images with james browns,its a mans world this red the one the,audience knows picks up kgb intelligent,packets this version of red is a way to,keep liz safe while expanding the,blacklist things end before liz gets an,answer to who the constructed red is who,was the first person cast for the show,megan boone was the very first person,cast for the show most people would,assume that the charismatic james spader,would have been the first person cast as,he is similar to his character watching,the show youd think that the show is,written for him ideally suited for the,role and fascinating to watch reddington,is just the sort of character youd,expect performance to be built around,however just like the show itself,nothing behind the scenes is how it,seems turns out that little-known,actress megan boone first landed a role,on the blacklist she was the first,actress chosen by the studio producers,and the rest of the cast was built,around her while being hand-picked for a,si

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James Spader Confirms The Blacklist Has Been Picked Up for a 10th Season | The Tonight Show

-James Spader, welcome back to our program.,Its always great to have you on.,I was telling you that were playing a segment called,”Do Not Play” with weird songs, and you go,,”Yeah, I have this song that haunts me.”,-A whole record, actually.,I — It was a — Should I show it here?,-Yeah. Show the –,-So, this is what the cover looks like.,-Yeah.,-So… -Yeah, let me see it. So…,-So, its Mother Goose nursery rhymes, right?,-Thats a little frightening right there.,-But — And I grew up with these.,And I must tell you, I am like the third child.,My parents raised two daughters before me and then me,,and we were all raised –,This was our Mother Goose record.,-This is a hand-me-down.,-A hand-me-down.,-Yeah, its been in the family for years.,-Right. Yes.,And theyre recorded by,Cyril Ritchard, Celeste Holm, and Boris Karloff.,Boris Karloff, you know,,who famously played Frankensteins monster.,-Yeah, I mean, hes a very famous monster.,-And beautiful voice.,But its them reading nursery rhymes,that are absolutely terrifying.,-Now, we were talking, and you go, “I gotta find it.,Its at home. Ill go home. Next time, Ill bring it on.”,And I go, “Well find it.”,We found it for you. -But you have a whole –,-This is real.,Now, this is Boris Karloff doing “There was a Crooked Man.”,And you heard this as a child.,-Yeah, so listen to this and imagine if youre 4-year-old.,-He bought a crooked cat, who caught a crooked mouse,,and they all lived together,in a little, crooked house.,-Oh, my God. [ Cheers and applause ],-No! Wow! Wow!,-The temperature just dropped over here.,-“Little crooked –” Like, “What are you doing, buddy?”,-It was like an experiment, I think,,that my parents were conducting.,-Oh, my gosh. -Congratulations, Questlove.,-Oh, wow. Yeah. Yeah. -I appreciate it.,-Questlove — -Thank you.,-Hes amazing.,-I want to talk about “Blacklist,”,because now youre in your ninth season.,[ Cheers and applause ],Yeah, you got cheers as Im talking about it earlier,in the show, because youre just fantastic as Red.,-We just got picked up just this afternoon.,Word came out.,They — Everyone was hustling around to try and do it,so we could announce it on the show.,We just got picked up for a 10th season.,-Come on. [ Cheers and applause ],Well-deserved.,Wow! 10 seasons of “The Blacklist.”,-10 seasons.,-Again, I will say this.,I say this every time you come on.,But when you watch “The Blacklist,”,it doesnt look like — Its not like a show.,Its a movie you are making every week.,And its explosions and its stuff.,And it is work. It really is. I mean, its work.,And the fact that you made this also during the pandemic,and during COVID.,-Yeah, no, it was really — You know, we shut down,on March 13th of — What the hell year was that?,-Yeah. We all erased it. -20, I guess.,-Yeah, 2020. -Right? 20? Yeah.,And we shut down on the 13th — it was a Friday.,And we were in the middle of Episode 19 of that season,,and it became clear we werent coming back for,the last few episodes of the season.,So we decided, with 19, we wanted to end with,some sort of satisfaction for the viewers,,so we — so they animated,the second half of that Episode 19.,And then we spent really the rest of that summer,,during lockdown, trying to discuss with Sony and NBC,and the producers, other producers on the show,,how we can could back and how –,You know, what the shape of that would be,and what the ramifications would be and so on.,So, that year, 2020, we came back.,And NBC and Sony — great partners on this show –,they had ordered 22 episodes for season — for that year.,And we shot all 22 episodes.,We didnt shut down once, all during the pandemic.,It was all really due to this incredible effort,from our producers and –,-NBC does a great job here, and I should props to,my crew and everybody,,the camera operators, everybody here.,Safely — And doing it safely and doing it right,,because, well, we all need entertainment.,-And the same this season, too,,with Omicron and everything else.,We did not shut down once.,We were able to do — Were doing a full,22 episodes this year.,And were gonna carry on and do another one next year.,-Thats amazing. And that — [ Cheers and applause ],I want to show everyone a clip.,Heres James Spader in Fridays episode of “The Blacklist.”,Take a look at this.,-Absolutely not. -Come on. Harold –,-Hedwig Hawkins was caught with over a million dollars,worth of pirated soybeans.,-Pirated?,Heddie was just selling seeds to farmers at a price.,If my associate is guilty of anything,,its simply trying to ease the economic strain,on the hard-working men and women,who put the tofu in your turkey, the cotton in your shirt,,the beans in your coffee.,Everything it means to be human.,-But our immunity agreement is with you,,not with your employees.,-If she talks, it will be damaging.,How much is hard to tell, but it would certainly have,repercussions for me and for this task force.,-Thats right. [ Cheers and applause ],James Spader, everybody.,”The Blacklist” airs Fridays at 8:00 p.m. on NBC.,Boris Karloff reads Mother Goose,,available wherever you can find it.

The Blacklist : Season 1 To 9 Explained – Everything You Need To Know ( The Cine Wizard )

the blacklist season 8 has ended and,leaves us with many speculations fans of,freeman and elizabeth are devastated,about the fate of their favorite,characters in this thriller series so,im feeling a little,vulnerable im gonna do everything in my,power to take you down im my share of,killers,but not one like elizabeth,how does it end,youll find out for the time being it is,unclear what will happen in incoming,season 9,but if you want to find out then check,out this video on cinewizard if you are,in those people who havent watched,blacklist or have missed some big chunks,then you have come to the right place,because today cine wizard is going to,tell you everything from start to end,well without wasting any time lets roll,you tell us whats going on,nothing they tell me todays your first,day as a profiler,congratulations,before we start telling you its story,let us tell you about its cast and main,block premiered on nbc on september 23,2013,this show is created by john bockenkamp,who is also its producer must be good to,be home again sir,oh well see about that,a story revolves around a former u.s,naval officer who entered into the world,of crime and become one of the notorious,criminal masterminds after he suddenly,surrendered himself to the fbi and,become an informant he demanded to work,with the rookie fbi officer elizabeth,king,agent kane what a pleasure,why involve me im nobody its my first,day,nothing special about me,oh i think youre very special james,peter is playing the character of,raymond reddington the criminal,mastermind on the other hand megan boone,can be seen in the character of fbi,officer elizabeth king,as the story is progressing the hidden,agenda agreement is starting to unfold,and his relationship with the agent kane,besides these two main characters there,are some more characters who are still,in play from the very first of this show,but rest assured we will tell you about,every character of this story as it,appears hey who i am its quite a story,full of ambition and hope,love and loss,you wont find the girl until you learn,to look at this differently now should i,look at this shall i show you,lets discuss season one the pilot,episode of this show starts when raymond,entered fbi headquarters and surrendered,himself,after he is taken into custody he,demanded to see the assistant director,of the fbi harold cooper im here to see,assistant director harold cooper do you,have an appointment,i do not,tell them its raymond reddington when,raymond meets with harold cooper he,tells him about the terrorists but he,also put a condition before cooper that,he will only talk with the new profiler,agent elizabeth king but from this point,forward theres one very important rule,i speak only with elizabeth keane,hows elizabeth king,agent keen has no idea about raymond but,she is ordered to collaborate with him,[Music],agency,donald wrestler washington field office,i need you to come with me right away,after the task force stopped terrorist,raymond demands immunity for his,blacklist a list of high-profile,criminals zamani was only the first,first what,name,on the list,what list,lets call it the blacklist that sounds,exciting at the end of the first episode,elizabeth discovers several passports of,her husband,tom played by ryan echold,this discovery perplexed her because,raymond also knew about it,your husband doesnt matter zamani did,you a favor lizzy but if i die,youll never know the truth about your,husband,youve discovered something curious,about your,husband havent you lizzie in the next,few episodes raymond and elizabeth,collaborated on many cases and they,captured some high-profile criminals and,terrorists in the eighth episode bremen,visited the adoptive father of elizabeth,in a hospital he kills him because her,father sam told him that she must know,about her family i need to tell lizzy,no,i know what we agree,but before i go i have to tell her,i cant let you do that,meanwhile elizabeth begins to suspect,her husband tom,who still insists that he is innocent to,check his claim the passports are tested,in the fbi lab but they proved to be,fake but raymond still warned her about,her husbands identity but she refused,to believe him,later it is revealed that elizabeth,keane is not only the wife of tom but,also his target,haircuts,im one of the good guys,reddington he is not,who you think he is i will find you at,the end of the 17th episode i won she,finally came to know that raymond was,telling the truth about her husband tom,this broke her heart and she reached,raymond for his help,be careful of your husband,please i didnt do anything,i can only lead you to the truth i cant,make you believe in,you were right,in the next episode elizabeth raymond,and his bodyguard danby met in a hotel,room dambi played by his sham farfiq,captured the brother of tom,although hes a fake brother they still,managed to gain some information from,him,he mentioned a name berlin but committed,suicide after it after this tom realized,that elizabeth knew his secret,he destroys all evidence and runs away,but raymond has him captured and,delivered to elizabeth as she tried to,torture him for information he ran away,after telling her about raymond and the,boss,the key and the lamp i know you found it,take it to bradford bank,box number 3929,when she opened that box she discovered,a photo of raymond in hospital next to,her adoptive father when she confronts,raymond he accepted that he killed her,father,enraged elizabeth called him a monster,before ending their collaboration lizzie,i have an update for you on the,movements of your husband apparently tom,were you in the hospital room when he,died,did you kill my father,did you kill him,yes,im done,this ends right now,[Music],god youre a monster,after this things get worse for riemann,he is against an unknown anime to lure,him out he must have all sort of help,from the task force but elizabeth,refused to do that and send her,resignation bremens powerful allies and,top government officials also refuse to,help him without elizabeth his immunity,is gone and he will be imprisoned,my letter of resignation hello agent,king i have an urgent case hell have to,tell it to someone else thats not going,to work you need to get in the car now,lucy what have you done they avoided,your agreement the deal its off,you dont have immunity,at least you dont have to worry about,immunity anymore you,are going to disappear,in the last two episodes raymond and,task 4 members are targeted raymond,finally has some help from his powerful,friend who is a member of mysterious,organization,tom is badly shot by elizabeth and,before going to blackout he tells her,that,her father is alive the season ends with,a man walking in the streets and having,a picture of elizabeths childhood,what,tom told me something right before he,died,what was that,your fathers alive,now lets discuss season two,the second season starts more fiercely,with its first episode,[Music],i told you if i ever found you my,territory again i killed it tell him to,put the gun down,in the first episode of this season the,battle between raymond and berlin,becomes more intense,the ex-wife of raymond is taken hostage,by berlin and his team he intend to send,him her body parts for his mental,torture but raymond along with the task,force comes into contact with a young,girl in the second episode,this girl has a codes of berlins,overseas bank accounts and all his money,raymond used this opportunity and took,control of all accounts of berlin then,raymond meets with berlin face to face,and exchanges berlins money for a safe,return of his ex-wife this has been a,long time coming,i hope its been worth it,revenge,thats my passion revenge isnt a,passion its a disease,given the codes,a new member is also introduced in task,force at this point who is agent summer,played by mozart marner,[Music],how did it go,im in,i look forward to working with you,well all the work and now play makes,jack a doll boy,[Music],in

IGN Reviews – Splinter Cell: Blacklist – Review

Splinter Cell blacklist takes a welcome,step away from the pure action of,conviction and back to the amazing,stealth gameplay that made 2005s chaos,theory my personal favorite original,xbox game of all time,blacklist still manages to cater to the,expectations of modern action gamers,though and the result is a remarkably,freeform Splinter Cell thats rewarding,no matter how you play it,hang on,elephant in the room time yes michael,ironside the longtime voice of a,sarcastic Sam Fisher has been replaced,and its not an improvement its not,that the new voice actor is bad but he,isnt given much to work with script,wise and he ends up just sounding angry,all the time,ah I want names I suppose Id be angry,too if everyone I met looked as bad as,black lists characters do cut scenes,look especially rough thanks to rampant,screen tearing and mission environments,and lighting effects look only passable,but there are plenty of cool set pieces,to slink around in like a bad guys,mansion a lighthouse complex and a,secret government bunker each,successfully conveys the feeling that,youre a spy whos somewhere youre not,supposed to be the story on the other,hand is a strength and blacklist the,terrorism in America threat is,believable and even the big bad guy is,surprisingly human once his motivations,become clear meanwhile returning,Splinter Cell characters and plot,threads served to both establish Sams,motivations and pay a bit of fanservice,to boot its all given additional weight,in optional phone calls with Sams,daughter Sarah its weird that Sam,sounds so young when talking to his,grown daughter though okay I gotta go,kiddo take care of yourself yeah you too,dad using Sams Avenger esque,airborne base of operations the Paladin,as the menu is also a great immersive,touch from here you can talk to your,crew between missions check your stats,on virtual monitors and launch coop and,multiplayer sessions,okay,no more bad news now we get to the good,stuff the welcome return to the in the,shadows stealth sandbox that made,Splinter Cell great in the first place,choice is the mantra for every mission,and nearly every scenario in blacklist,yes there are a few parts where the,designers try very hard to force us into,action but even those moments are still,possible to ghost your way through,theyre just annoying most of the time,youve got a wide selection of gadgets,and weapons that let you play how you,want you can go full lethal with rifles,shotguns pistols or incendiary grenades,or maybe you like to play Splinter Cell,completely non-lethal II like I do,in which case sticky shocker mines gas,grenades and noisemakers will be part of,your preferred loadout you earn money,for every stealth move you pull off and,youll use the cash to unlock better and,better gear like more powerful,night-vision goggles every move you make,is tallied as either a ghost Panther or,assault style move at the end of each,level rewarding you with achievements,for masteries in each furthermore,perfectionist difficulty is made for,hardcore chaos theory fans like me,upping the difficulty to its highest,level and removing the ability to use,that mark and execute win but if youre,up to the challenge this unforgiving but,incredibly rewarding mode is the way,Splinter Cell is meant to be played,as for multiplayer 10 of the 14 co-op,Maps double as solo challenge stages,because they arent built to require,teamwork I never really felt like I was,cooperating so much is dividing and,conquering but the maps have varying,objectives and gameplay styles to keep,them fresh and its really fun to run,around with another spy in blacklist,sandbox the star of multiplayer though,is spies vs mercs the asymmetrical mode,that hasnt been seen since chaos theory,in 2005 this much faster paced modern,version isnt quite as tense as it was,back then but its still sadistically,satisfying to snap a mercs neck or,shotgun blast a spy thats about to slit,your throat two-on-two classic,four-on-four blacklist and the mixed,teams uplink modes are the highlights,Im going to be playing this for a long,long time thanks we gotta go Donna as a,longtime Splinter Cell fan whos really,really difficult to please you have no,idea how happy it makes me to see Sam,Fisher find his way back into the dark,it doesnt look cutting-edge but like,the classic chaos theory that it must,inevitably be held up against blacklist,succeeds as a stealth sandbox armed with,great gadgets ample replayability and,multiplayer modes that are each,fantastic enough to stand on their own,for more on Splinter Cell blacklist,youre already in the right place IGN

The Blacklist Season 9 Episode 22 Finale | Breakdown, Review | Ending Explained

because raymond is not your friend,hes the reason youre in here,hello welcome back,so that was successful on the blacklist,season 9 episode 22 there was a,possibility that all of reds secrets,might be revealed because marvin knew,them all the fact that everyone was,striving toward contradictory goals was,not helpful harold was in desperate need,of marvin to exonerate him except,cynthia its unacceptable he is mine to,mine to deal,raymond was concerned that marvin would,let his business empire slip away marvin,had the ambition to prevail in the,competition marvin controlled the,situation for the majority of the season,which kept both reddington and the task,force on their toes on the other hand,once red discovered on the blacklist,season 9 episode 21 that marvin was the,mastermind behind elizabeths murder in,harolds frame it was game over for him,i should have shot you the day you came,back why didnt you why do you think,but marvins delusions were just too,strong for him to comprehend that truth,just yet he would never rise to the,position of boss as long as red remained,alive and kicking on this episode he was,reminded of that fact multiple times,beginning right away i mean take a look,at how quickly he was taken into prison,hello marvin,wrestler was able to miss lita coming,out of hiding and arrest him after a ram,was successful in identifying the plane,that he intended to flee on in order to,evade capture after that point things,began to take an unusual turn red was,fuming about the fact that marvin was in,the hands of the task force he was aware,that marvin could use what he knew about,raymonds business to negotiate his own,freedom despite the fact that marvin had,committed numerous felonies as,reddingtons attorney and more recently,as his adversary,intel and can be a far more reliable,partner to the justice department,reddington everyone both harold and,panabeker understood the significance of,the blacklist task forces work but,washington is a town of committees and,those committees are full of people who,only worry about the details they are,more concerned with appearances and,photo opportunities than they are with,the long-term good that being said,marvin was in a pretty good position to,bargain my offer is simple,hes out im in i get his deal and,on the other hand the fact that he was,able to mock harold and insist to,panabeker that he be given his own task,force to replace red and the existing,task force was not a particularly,positive development that was not going,to happen after harold successfully,hauled in the major prize which was,marvin the charges against him were,withdrawn which was some good news,parent,makes me sick,knowing that youre gonna get what you,want,the unfavorable piece of information was,that marvin by betraying raymond would,be able to avoid punishment for his role,in the planning and execution of lizs,murder among other things that was not,something that readington was going to,allow under any circumstances therefore,cooper found himself in the difficult,position of having to dissuade red from,taking the life of the guy who was,responsible for the death of agness,mother as a direct consequence of this,he had a lot of mixed feelings,im not even talking to you right now,im talking,talking raymond was a true expert at,deception therefore he was one step,ahead of everyone else of all times as a,result of his encounter with a security,officer at marvins prison harold was,able to stop red from breaking into the,facility but that was all a deception,because no one observed reddington,cashing in a favor with a judge at the,courthouse where marvin was to be,arraigned before he accepted the offer,of a plea agreement from the government,marvin was scheduled to be charged with,a crime gentlemen sorry for the delay,thanks for your patience no problem your,honor marvin made productive use of his,time behind bars by developing a,relationship with the chinese assassin,waging who was looking for an,experienced attorney waging who was,serving a life sentence at the time had,a security guard on standby to assist,him in evading capture but in order for,that to take place he required a lawyer,who could devise a reason for him to be,brought to the courthouse while he was,still in custody marvin fit the profile,of the lawyer perfectly we worked for,him,he thought that too,marvin who was acting puffed up after,striking a plea deal that would let him,skate required a reminder of his,position in the hierarchy of the,criminal justice system and red was the,one to hand it on to him marvin had to,learn the hard way not to mess with,raymond just like everyone who came,before him including mr kaplan and even,liz herself know where youre going to,be before you even do,you were saying marvin therefore as a,result of the judge who owed reddington,a favor calling away marvins judge,marvin found himself face to face with,red inside a judges chamber inside of a,courthouse that is referred to as,reaching at that point raymond helped,marvin see through his delusions of,grandeur marvin had been given a,significant amount of responsibility by,red and as a result marvin might be,excused for believing that he was,reddingtons partner in crime however,red made it quite apparent to him that,he was merely an underling you cant,best me,and god knows you could never replace me,raymond also made it quite clear that,marvin would not live long enough to be,able to take advantage of the newfound,independence that he believed he had,bargained for himself it should have,come as no surprise when marvin broke,out of prison and shot himself in the,head that was much better than spending,the rest of his life always looking over,his shoulder at least he was able to,exercise control over his exit however,marvin was also responsible for putting,the blacklist season 10 into motion,i didnt have to ask because raymond is,not your friend,he disclosed to wedging on the blacklist,season 1 episode 3 that red was the one,who was ultimately responsible for his,apprehension in addition to that he,provided him with a list of the other,individuals whom raymond had planned to,hide in order to assist in the search,therefore you should brace yourself for,a significant amount of recycling in the,following season which may very well be,the last one of the series,were not going home,not until i find and kill raymond,reddington ready the sequence of the,conclusion in which the task force is,finally seen bidding their goodbyes to,elizabeth while exchanging their,favorite memories of her was quite,moving the conversation that dem had,with liz was the most in-depth of all of,the others since he traveled further,back in time with her than any of the,others it was encouraging to see that,both park who had been reinstated and,aram were making time for themselves to,focus on their mental health,and uh this part uh wont be any easier,it will be interesting to watch if,either weecha ramirez return with red,when they have finished their journey,home because of marvin he will require,as much assistance as he can get his,hands on this last season served as a,successful transition the viewers were,able to reminisce about lizard or most,endearing without having to witness her,behave irrationally once more,what are your thoughts on the manner in,which the marvin plot was resolved how,would you characterize this year of,transition have plans for the upcoming,season been solidified leave a comment,with your thoughts in the section,provided below please show your,appreciation for the video by giving it,a thumbs up and subscribing to the,channel so that you dont miss any,future breakdowns i appreciate you,watching and i look forward to seeing,you again very soon,were not going home,not until i find and kill raymond,reddington ready,[Music],you

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