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Blasphemous Review

[Music],dripping with gruesome style blasphemous,makes a great first impression its,intricate combat animations fervent,dedication to twisted religious,iconography and unassuming hero who,habitually slams vials of blood against,his helmet are undeniably awesome but,style doesnt always beget substance as,yet another Metroidvania with a Dark,Souls bent blasphemous is an enjoyable,descent into a pitiless world partially,marred by some cumbersome mechanics and,tedium the cradle of affliction is what,you seek,this can be found in the mother of,mothers of the churches with a title,like blasphemous its no surprise that,everything is marked with callous,religious iconography the silent hero,known as the penitent one must repent,for the sins of the world and this,nonlinear adventure features quite a,number of twisted environments deranged,enemies and Riddle like dialog that,paints a distinct an ultimately,unsettling picture of what that world is,like each area on the sprawling map has,a unique batch of foes roaming the halls,there are some repeats Andry skins but,generally the enemies at least look,different combat is mostly a reactive,experience up and turning into an,engaging but robotic game of,cat-and-mouse as you rush in get a,couple of hits with your trusty,longsword then either parry or dodge,incoming attacks parries are,particularly satisfying as they lead to,a brief slowdown in time and a,devastating counter-attack though the,window does successfully parry feels a,bit too forgiving taking away some of,the skill behind triggering it finish,your opportunities crop up from time to,time – resulting in elaborate brutal,animations in which the penitent one,uses either his sword or an enemys,weapon to perform an over-the-top,execution slick combat animations make,even the most basic of enemies cool to,fight at first but their wonder quickly,fades favoring memorization over swift,thinking blasphemous is about trial and,error,recognizing telegraphed moves and,reacting over time especially when,backtracking once exciting encounters,start to feel routine with little in the,way of platforming challenges and only,the slightest of puzzles to speak of,blasphemous relies heavily on its combat,when first visiting a new area,everything is fresh and exciting but,once you spend a bit of time there that,freshness,turns stale luckily each area has a,great boss fight to liven things up each,of whom has wildly different looks and,styles of play some of the boss fights,are marbles that really take advantage,of blasphemous combat strengths and,almost all of them are ridiculously,creepy by and large the boss fights are,engaging in tough but fair,[Music],but sometimes one or two hits can,annoyingly condemn you to death thanks,to a prolonged falling animation that,keeps you stagnant long enough for the,boss to hit you again,sword upgrades spice up the combat,adding new attack animations charge,attacks and upward slashing finishers,all these naturally fit in with the,fine-tuned basic maneuvers,sadly other aspects of blasphemous,combat systems are somewhat impractical,and borderline superfluous magic,abilities called prayers drain your,fervor meter calling in lightning,strikes increasing your attack speed and,more unfortunately activating a prayer,initiates an overly long animation that,leaves you vulnerable which often makes,trying to use them more trouble than,they are worth and since the essential,penalty for death is at your prayers,fervor meter shrinks dying doesnt feel,as consequential as it probably should,three other categories of items rosary,beads relics and Mayock Kulpa hearts can,be found in chests hidden passageways in,areas that require some quick-footed,platforming or adept combat seals to,reach these are the expected defense,buffs attack boosters and health,boosters offering a compelling reason to,explore off the beaten path,a creepy and unsettling,action-platformer blasphemous has an,eerie atmosphere gorgeous pixel art and,intricate animations that never fail to,impress the combat can be satisfying but,relies too heavily on memorization which,makes backtracking through its nonlinear,world eventually turned stale and while,the visual variety at least keep sayings,looking fresh superfluous and poorly,implemented upgrade mechanics keep,blasphemous from having the amount of,depth seen and many other games across,the genre its still an enjoyable,Metroidvania just not on all that,memorable one for more moody action,platformers check out our views of,blood-stained ritual of the night and,hollow nights and for everything else,keep it right here at IGN,[Music]

Blasphemous Review | Blasphemous Is A Sinfully Enjoyable Metroidvania

Hello this is Matthew and welcome to Rock Paper Shotgun – and that’s a much friendlier,welcome than you’ll get from Blasphemous.,Here the Penitent One wakes up in a pile of dead lookalikes, and the first friend you,make wants to crash your skull with a candlestick.,Watch out mate, you’re getting Penitent Ones all over the place.,Don’t worry though, you’re just as much a freak as anything you murder – no sooner,has the Warden of the Silent Sorrow given you a good whacking, you are filling your,pointy hat with his blood and plunging your head into it.,I’m pretty sure Gweneth Paltrow’s health blog said this was good for exfoliating.,We’ll all be doing it soon.,The point is: from its very first second, Blasphemous is full-on stuff, a 100% commitment,to being ‘a bit much’.,Every enemy you meet explodes with 16-bit gore.,There are execution animations that must have deeply scarred whoever prodded those pixels,for weeks on end.,Theres this lady full of swords who gives you health upgrades and a big metal head that,says things like “you have been granted the presence of my golden visage, custodian,of one of the Three Sorrows of the soul in penance.”,Even the item flavour text has to be chewed over – it’s flavour text that has flavour,,that of gamey meat, rich and dark.,With the right clips – indeed the clips used in that eye catching early trailer – Blasphemous,could seem heavy handed.,Castlevania redrawn by someone who just discovered Francisco Goya’s edgelord years.,But while the sight of a man being torn in half by a baby – yuck – may draw in the punters,looking for shock and gore, there’s a lot more to Blasphemous than that.,Which is why I put together this little video review.,For my sins I do have to ask you to like and subscribe to Rock Paper Shotgun, but trust,me: I will be flagellating myself for wasting the time of any existing subscribers.,Onwards.,Blasphemous is a 2D platforming action adventure, or a Metroidvania – that’s the genre that,holds anything and everything that is a bit like Metroid or Castlevania.,Do you remember when some people tried to get the rival term Castleroids off the ground?,I do because a friend gave it to be as a nickname – my surname is Castle – and I think people,thought I had hemorrhoids.,I did not.,I digress…,Weirdly, while Blasphemous shares visual DNA with Castlevania – you start on village outskirts,and work towards a towering cathedral of pain – it feels more like Metroid to me.,There’s much less emphasis on RPG character development – you don’t level up outside,of a few stages of sword proficiency, and health and magic upgrades have to be found,in hidden rooms.,There are buffs in the form of rosary beads, but they’re mostly there to take the edge,off specific boss fights, before you swap them for the trinket that pays you for kicking,the shit out of candlesticks.,I’m going to be rich!,Rich!,Rich!,Fundamentally, the Penitent One is a hero driven by fixed collectibles rather than random,loot and XP, which is really all the excuse I need to tap every wall and ground pound,every crack looking for hidden rooms.,If, like me, you’re a massive sucker for gradually ticking a save file completion rate,towards 100, there’s a good 15 or so hours of this to keep you busy.,Where it differs from the Metroidvania genre is in the lack of gear-gaiting.,That’s the design idea where you hit an obstacle – say, a room full of impassable,,bloodthirsty cats – then you go and find a new ability elsewhere, like this colourful,ball – and then you use that new ‘gear’ to get past the ‘gate’.,This would have worked better if the cats had run after the ball – never work with kids,or animals, folks.,But Blasphemous doesn’t do gear gating: everything you need to reach the end is with,you from the start.,A sword, a jump and a sliding dodge.,What new powers you can earn, called Relics, exist more to uncover secrets hidden throughout,the world.,Earning the ability to see bloodied steps or grow new root platforms is more about backtracking:,returning to previous areas to mine them for collectible body parts or tiny cherubs encased,in glass.,Though, looking at what the cherubs might grow into, I’m not sure this is a smart,idea.,Stripping it back to simple moves achieves a couple of nice things: firstly, you can,approach the map as you want.,Okay, the second half of the game is gated off until you beat three bosses in the first,half, but those monstrous freaks can be tackled as you see fit.,There’s never any confusion about where to go next, because everywhere is fair game,,simply limited by technical ability or, more likely, patience.,I wish I’d know this from the outset as I bounced off these windswept cliffs for some,time, thinking this is a bit steep – both literally and figuratively – before realising,I could tackle the gentler bell-ringing puzzles of Jondo first.,Don’t get me wrong, I love the sense of a map slowly blooming out as my powers accumulate,,but the freedom is Blasphemous does make you realise how often Metroidvania designers call,it exploration but actually ask you to excavate the one, hidden path through their maze.,None of that here.,The second benefit is the simple nostalgia rush of trying to squeeze such a basic hero,through the hell gauntlet The Game Factory have built.,Blasphemous is as much a platformer as it is an action game – with entire rooms dedicated,to leaping challenges to reach a collectible, or long stretches that mix up combat with,unusual physical obstacles.,As I jumped over swing blades or timed slides under an army of phantom librarians, I was,whisked back to even earlier Castlavanias than the Metroid-y Symphony of the Night.,It’s not just the pixels that bring to mind 16-bit adventures, but the world that’s,built with them.,Taken in isolation, some of these rooms could be torn from Super Castlevania 4 – almost,as if they took the stages of that game and stitched them the free-flowing castle that,would come to define the later series.,It may not have the corny Mode 7 magic of the SNES’s cylindrical rooms, but it does,have a chamber with a giant freaking bell that splats anything dumb enough to leap in,its path.,As John Donne once wrote: “never send to know for whom the bells tolls; it tolls for,this guy’s face.”,And that, to me, is pure videogames.,And the bell isn’t a standalone bit of slapstick – at one point I had sword fights with a gallery,of magical paintings.,This is a silly game.,For all its Catholic iconography and references to Spanish folk traditions – that pointy hat,is a nod to these chaps apparently – Blasphemous ends up being way more playful than it first,appears.,There’s a library full of floating heads with Elizabethan ruffs, and bishops in magical,floating chairs who poke at you in the same way I go to work on sausages with a cocktail,stick.,And listen to the sound it makes when a big bell boy whacks into you – DONG – that is,the good stuff.,And that playfulness bleeds into every region of the map, giving it a twist or taste of,its own.,Having to use the wind to blow yourself across impossible gaps in the mountains is very different,to manipulating levers to arrange light ladder puzzles in the library, or navigating a maze,of jail cells filled with rampaging prisoners.,Sometimes it might just be the appearance of swinging bells or irritating alchemists,- eat it you shit – but it creates a world of different rhythms and a proper sense of,progress.,As much as I loved the very similar Bloodstained earlier in the year, it did over rely on endless,corridors full of monsters – there’s a bit more going on in Blasphemous.,And another thing: the bosses are surprisingly great.,I mean, they make me want to puke… but what else was going to happen when when you pour,custard on an open brain wound.,SICK NOISES.,I think bosses brilliantly illustrate the tension between Blasphemous’ grim sales,pitch and it’s more enjoyable nature.,On paper, these things are pure nightmare fuel – gnarled atrocities that crawle

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A Story Analysis of Blasphemous

blasphemous is a flawless game and its,one of the best stories ive seen in,recent years its story is mysterious but,not so mysterious where the story,doesnt start making any sense the lore,is there and it is packed with,information but besides all that the,game had some other specialties in store,for me the stories of video games are,often crafted to invoke something in the,player whether its the feeling of power,by becoming a god-like figure having the,game force us to question our own morals,or even just getting us to learn,something new blasphemous never made me,feel powerful quite the opposite,actually and i wasnt questioning any of,my beliefs but i did learn a lot from,this game religion as a subject is not,something im very knowledgeable about,still i find religion itself extremely,fascinating which is why i enjoyed,playing dantes inferno so much despite,not knowing much of what was going on,and blasphemous was the same i not only,learned about its lore within the game,but also the many references and,connections to real-life religion and,how that shaped the games world its,not necessary to incorporate outside,content into a game like this but if you,do it can further heighten the,experience so today i want to talk about,blasphemous and its story and not only,explain to you whats going on but how,well crafted the story truly is so lets,get started before we continue though i,wanted to give a quick shout out to a,new project that has been recently,brought to my attention lost and cult is,a gaming journal that delves into,various topics about the industry as,well as other topics within games,themselves like stories mechanics and,much more currently there are three,magazines that you can buy physically or,digitally but the one i want to focus on,is their newest entry the softcover,version is great as it has some,wonderful art but the premium and deluxe,edition has some beautiful art from,elden ring this specific magazine will,have a lot of artwork about the souls,games in it and also a lot of pages,dedicated to from softwares impact on,the industry as a whole seeing as we,recently just talked about the souls,games i figured id bring it to your,attention in case this is something you,were interested in ill leave a link to,the website down below if you want to,see it for yourself but with that done,lets get back to the video so the intro,of blasphemous is actually extremely,confusing as it shows a woman pounding,her chest with a miniature statue and,then getting stabbed through the chest,shortly after a person picks up the,weapon but then is seen waking up in a,field of corpses usually i wait a bit to,explain whats going on but for,blasphemous that is not the case so,allow me to catch you up to speed right,away blasphemous takes place in the land,of custodia and its inhabitants are very,religious everything from the npcs to,the environment to the character design,all leads back to religion even our main,character is religious as he is the,recently awoken being known as the,penitent one blasphemous references some,bits of christianity in catholicism but,also focuses on some of the spanish,versions of them the reason i say,spanish is because of our main character,a penitent is defined as someone who,repents their sins and seeks forgiveness,from god this also relates to the word,penance which is an act or set of,actions that are done out of repentance,for the sins that a person committed the,penitent once penance was a vow of,silence which is an interesting way to,canonize a silent protagonist but there,are many forms of penance like with,cressanta who well discuss later in the,game who walks without sight the one,thing they have in common though is,their helmets theyre similar to the,capriote a mask that originated in spain,and hispanic countries that was made to,draw attention away from themselves and,instead towards god so already were,seeing the major connections between,this game and real world religion but,you cant really have a belief system,without something being the main head of,that belief well in custodia its,residents worship the miracle the,miracle is a supernatural entity but it,has no body its only ever been seen,through the acts its done for example,the miracle was the reason that woman in,the intro died that sounds quite awful,but the key distinction is that she,wanted this to happen she wished to be,punished the miracle just made it happen,furthermore a person known as deo,gracias will tell us about the first,miracle about how a young boy wished for,pain so that he may ease the guilt in,his heart the miracle then took the log,he was sitting on and had to grow roots,that attached the boys arms and legs,contorting and twisting his body into an,odd pose this was known as the first,miracle but the boy is also known as the,father or the twisted one who is the,being in the background in the first,level and is the being on the sword and,statue despite what seems to be acts of,violence and torture the people of,custodia see this as holy and even,worship the sites in which the events,took place the miracle to me is so,fascinating itll make more sense when,we talk about the endings but what i,find so incredible is that because the,miracle is so unfathomable to normal,humans the people of custodia have no,other choice than to see it as a god and,as well see there is a lot of pain and,suffering that has occurred at the hands,of the miracle which is why the,inhabitants of the land are constantly,praying hoping for a way to rid,themselves of their guilt they see these,acts of punishment as necessary as they,feel like they did something wrong and,thus deserve their pain as for the,penitent one he has a rather vague,backstory he was a part of the,brotherhood of silent sorrow they,however were massacred as evident by the,hundreds of bodies what this brotherhood,was and what it did to deserve this is,unknown but it is assumed to have been,excommunicated or cast out by the,current pope escobar during the games,development a comic was released called,the kneeling which shows the penitent,one claiming the sword called the maya,culpa before getting killed by a woman,named cressanta croissant guards escobar,so its clear that shes affiliated with,the church furthermore the first boss in,the game is the warden of the silent,sorrow who appears again later around,the outskirts of the church itself this,might imply that they serve escobar as,well or maybe are affiliated with the,miracle in some way its clear though,that escobar dislikes the brotherhood,for some reason but i think the miracle,disagrees since the penitent one while,killed was revived by the miracle its,not explicitly said that this is the,case but both cressanta and the other,woman in the comic named desombrato seem,to imply this is the case desomparado,says in reference to the miracle now it,has focused its thought on you and it,begins to know you proof of its first,gift was that your vow of silence is,forever irreversible but dont worry,even if i dont have your voice i have,your purpose for i am a guide and,scholar in the ways of the miracle,cresanta in the following pages will,then say if the miracle has really,pointed out to you you will arise again,upon the dead before the pain of the,statue of the twisted father who will,watch over you this implies that the,miracle has chosen the penitent one for,some reason this might connect to a,possible theory that escobar murdered,the brotherhood of silent sorrow because,of something they knew about the miracle,or possibly because they were against,the miracle in some way regardless,though all we know is that the goal of,the penitent one is to find the cradle,of affliction so thats our objective go,to the church and obtain this cradle of,affliction doing so will allow the,penitent one to complete his penance and,be forgiven for his sins once again this,is not given to us at all like how i,explained it as it sprinkled throughout,character dialogue and

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Blasphemous | Cleaning Out The Backlogs

Blasphemous: the 2d side-scrolling  Metroidvania of the pious and devout…of  ,which I am neither. This should go well. Before  we begin, I feel like I should go over the history  ,me and this game have together. …hmm? Oh, no,  that was it. Ive never played this game before.  ,Ive heard of it, and Ive seen the trailers  at one point or another – ew. EW. WHAT IS THAT.  ,WHAT EVEN IS THA- But outside of  that, I know nothing about this game.  ,Ive always been curious, but Ive never  taken the dive. And then Lord Ham went  ,and asked for it for his Patreon reward, so I  guess were diving in with both feet. Shall we?,Uh.,Uhhh.,Okay, confused yet? ME TOO. All I know is that  this lady was doing the whole “punish me” thing  ,and then it turned into a sword?  Oh, and thats clearly us taking it.  ,All right, sure, fine, well get  an explanation later…probably.,Yup, okay, nope, definitely understood  none of that. Even more confused now.,Woops! Cant show that on Youtube! Well, at least we know which one we are.  ,Following the rules of anime, I see.,After waking up in your average body pile, the  game teaches us the basics. Slash, dash, jump,  ,all that jazz. Simple enough. And then we arrive  at the first boss of the game. Wait, really?  ,I mean, yeah, sure, I guess, but…no  warmup enemies? Alright. As you were.,Obviously, this boss isn’t supposed to be hard,  but it’s a good introduction to the game’s  ,mechanics. First off, our weapon has a single  combo. So that’s good to know. Also, it appears  ,that I can only roll through enemies at select  times. I think it’s when he stands up? There’s no  ,clear indicator that he’s safe to dodge through,  and if I touch him at the wrong time, I get hurt.  ,Okay, not happy about that. I don’t like being  punished for no clear reason. Is this going to  ,be a thing with regular enemies too? This is  going to be a thing with regular enemies too.,Well, that wasn’t so bad. What do we get? ,Um. No. No thank you. No cmon. CMON. That’s not how moisturize, man!,Pressing on, we bump into the first NPC of  the game. This guy is apparently supposed  ,to document my adventures…I think. I’ll be  honest, I’m officially lost and confused with  ,the storyline here. I’m getting beaten over the  head with proper nouns that consist of nothing  ,but religious verbiage thrown together,  and none of it means anything to me.,Grievous Miracle, Cradle of Affliciton, Mother  of Mothers, Three Humiliations, The Rule… ,No explanation of what these things are.  Do you think you might be overdoing it  ,a bit with this introduction to your world?  Maybe it’s just – shit – maybe it’s just me,  ,and maybe it’ll all make sense later  on, but I’m officially overwhelmed.,Anyway, I WAS able to gleam a  few key phrases from all that,  ,and I think I know where I should be  going: Some sort of snow covered mountain,  ,a church where “the sleeper lies”, and  whatever this amalgam of words means.,Oh, and our man here gives us a thorn.  What’s it do? Good question. No idea.  ,Maybe this is like Dark Souls, and  we just need to read the description.  ,…nope. No help there. Okay, moving on then.,Ah, finally, the meat and bones of the game.  This world is definitely beautifully crafted.  ,The pixel art looks great, the soundtrack  fits the aesthetic very nicely,  ,and the enemies look…well…they look  oppressed. Which is definitely the feeling  ,this game appears to be going for. See this  guy? That’s what oppression looks like.,We get a few more ways to play –  apparently I have spells, so that’s cool,  ,and we can parry. Oooooo, I  like the parry. PARRY GOOD.,Oh look, a cage baby. Alrighty then.,We skip on past everything,  and – oh, more cutscenes. ,Nope, still confused. Even  more confused, actually.,Is this the hub? This fountain  makes me think this is the hub. ,Kissers of Wounds? That’s…that’s  not what you do to…you know what,  ,you guys got this covered, I’m out.,Oooh, a statue. Statues are always important. ,Annnnnnd it’s yelling at me in like 7  different voices. Thanks, I hate it.,But what I don’t hate is the fact  that this is an upgrade station.  ,Looks like we can get some variety for our  sword attacks. That’ll be nice. We’ll have  ,to pick and choose things as we go, but hey,  at least it’s not just swing swing swing stab,  ,you know? ,And so the journey truly begins. The map opens up,  ,allowing us to go a few separate directions with  no restrictions aside from enemy difficulty.  ,Blasphemous doesn’t hold your hand – aside  from telling you that you’re looking for  ,3 different locations and, presumably,  bosses, it’s up to you to figure it out.,Deciding to stick to my old gaming knowledge,  I just sidescroll to the right until I find a  ,new area. Ah, there’s the Metroidvania DNA  I was expecting. We’ve got traps. We’ve got  ,platforming. We’ve got tricky enemy placement. All the staples are here, and they make for  ,a challenging, but not impossible, traversal.  Much like Dark Souls, you respawn at your little  ,altars, and enemies do too whenever you rest.  And also like Dark Souls, there’s a good amount  ,of shortcuts scattered around the map. Since you  have limited health pots, that’s much appreciated.,Speaking of health pots, what’s up with  this animation? It takes forever. We  ,don’t have time for a quick prayer, bud,  that thing is trying to kill us RIGHT NOW.  ,Sometimes you can sneak away to heal up,  but God forbid you try to heal mid-fight.,After some exploring, we stumble  into a sanctuary and a large room.  ,Ohhhh yeah, this is a boss. This is definitely a  boss. Hello there! You must be the Sleeper. Well,  ,someone woke up on the  wrong side of the pew today.,Ten Piedad? Oh, “Be Merciful.” No, I don’t  think I will. Or can, for that matter.,This boss is a good representation of most of  the bosses in the game. He’s got several attacks,  ,all of which feel pretty fair actually. You  can block most of them and break others,  ,and for the ones that you can’t, Sleepy Boi here  telegraphs his attacks. Good stuff. It takes a try  ,or three, but the game has kindly put a respawn  point right next to the arena. I could talk to  ,this NPC here, who’s offering me some assistance  with the fight, but cmon – I can do it.,And we do. One of three down, moving on!,Ohhhhh what is this? Yeah, sure,  let’s pray to that, that looks normal.  ,Aaaaaand we’re here now. ECH!  WHAT IS THAT? ECHHHH! ECH!!!!!,Oh thank God, it’s gone. What was that thing? Did  anything it said have any meaning? Again, with the  ,religious nomenclature. “Oh penitent one, blessed  by the most holy of adages and rescinded by the-”  ,MAKE. SENSE. MAKE. SENSE. I am a simple man with  simple needs, and you are NOT. MEETING THEM.,Sigh. Let’s move on. You’ve  got your poison swamp/sewer,  ,so check that off the list. And you’ve got  your…um… Thank god I’m not monetized. ,Alright, sure, yeah, just give me one of  your boob swords. Didn’t really ask for it,  ,but sure, if you’re just  handing them out for free. ,Ohhhhhhh, that raised my health. Why  didn’t you say so? …Did she say so?,Actually, hold up, can we talk about something? This things that we’ve been collecting – these  ,bones, these items – why did  you design your game like this?,Here, look at this. Look at this page of  text. All of it is “lore,” except for the last  ,line, where it vaguely tells you what it does.  And that’s just this page of items. There’s like  ,six different pages of collectibles to go through.,My main problem is that nothing really  implies what I’m supposed to do with it.  ,”You’ve just collected so-and-so’s clavicle,  femur, or skull!” Hey, great! Why? Oh,  ,it goes in the collection of body parts in some  random room of the map. Okay, sure, I get it now,  ,but why was this hidden from me? Had I not  found this random room, I probably would’ve  ,started ignoring the bones thinking they  were purely a collectible for lore purposes.,And it’s not just the bones. I g

Blasphemous Switch Review – DEAD CELLS meets HOLLOW KNIGHT?

because it is my guilt I claim you,grievous miracle my chest with,blasphemous was a game that really,caught the eye when we highlighted it in,a recent upcoming games video a striking,art style scenes of intense combat and a,very intriguing story looked to form a,very interesting and enticing package,does it live up to the early promise Im,going to switch up thank you two teams,havent seen for this review copy and,now lets find out blasphemous tells a,story of a world plagued by a deadly,curse a curse known only as the miracle,you play as the penitent one the sole,survivor of a massacre known as the,silent sorrow using the power of your,sword Mia culpa a sword born from guilt,itself you must free the world from its,fate and discover the origin of your own,anguish the game describes itself as a,non-linear hack and slash adventure game,what this essentially boils down to is a,mixture of tropes from a few different,genres having been fused together it,displays many of the elements of a,Metroidvania and if you had to jump off,the fence and put the game into a genre,category,it would probably best fit in here it,has all of the key components the,aforementioned non-linearity the save,rooms any inaccessible areas that will,open up as your character develops to,name a few you will move from screen to,screen each new screen you visit opens,up a new area in your map which is,accessed by pressing – and unfortunately,there is no way to see the map on your,main play screen defeating enemies will,earn you tears of atonement which are,your form of currency in the game and,can be used in a number of ways some of,which we will cover as a review goes on,your save rooms take the form of these,shrines and pressing X will see the,penitent one kneel at the shrine saving,your progress and fully restoring your,health the consequence of doing this is,that it will cause any defeated enemies,to respawn as you progress you will also,unlock lifts that will escort you from,one area to another as well as portals,later on allowing you to fast travel,between places and easing the emphasis,on backtracking you will find prayers as,you play each with its own,power and you can choose which of these,to equip from your inventory screen,prayers are used with a press of the Z L,button and each one will consume some of,your fervor meter further can be,refilled by defeating enemies or for a,boost you will sometimes have an,opportunity to perform an execution,you do this by pressing the prompted,button at the right time,should you die the penitent ones guilt,will increase this will cause your,further bar to decrease in size and you,will earn less fervor and tears of,atonement from defeated enemies much,like the souls vessel in Halle Knight,there are two ways to rectify this the,first is to return to the point at which,you died and remove the guilt fragment,that has been created or alternatively,you will find statues where you can,atone a for your guilt for a price thus,clearing your further bar of its,afflictions and returning it to its,original size as well as the,aforementioned prayers you also have a,rosary in your inventory and well find,beads as you progress you can choose,which of these beads to equip to your,rosary with each one granting you a,particular perk there are a number of,additional nuts strewn across the game,world and finding these will increase,the number of beads and therefore perks,you can equip at once there are 38,children to be found throughout the,adventure acting as a collectible of,sorts as well as these there are,collectible items each with their own,backstory and law which are all very,interesting to read finally there is a,skill tree available to you again,accessible through your inventory and,you may spend your tears of atonement at,Mia culpa statues to acquire new combat,techniques and you will also find a,sword hearts that modify your sword,properties however for every buff they,award they will weaken you elsewhere so,its a delicate balancing act you will,encounter certain characters as you go,who will give you a quest to complete,usually followed by them bestowing an,item upon you to aid you in said quest,however the quest at details are never,written down anywhere you do not have a,quest log anywhere in your inventory,there is a page for quest items but,thats it this felt like a bizarre,oversight as it made it difficult to,remember who gave you certain quests,where they were located and what it was,they wanted you to do a lot of the time,I just tried going towards empty parts,of the map hoping to trigger something,or find a knight,not always entirely sure what it was I,was looking for not because the game,didnt tell me but just because I,couldnt remember what had been said and,had my way of checking sometimes I would,walk past a person or an object that in,the past had served just his background,to now find I could interact with it due,to me having acquired a particular item,but this was more through luck than,judgment combat is of the hack-and-slash,nature although you will not be able to,just button mash your way through even,from early on enemies will look to,defend themselves some will call for you,to be patient and parry attacks waiting,for an opening whereas others may need,you to dash through them evade in an,attack and giving you an opportunity to,attack back in the process,combat is tough and even relatively,early on you can get a little,overwhelmed as enemies are thrown at you,from all angles it does feel satisfying,though as you learn the ways and moves,of each enemy type and become more,confident in taking them down there are,no health pickups however you do have,health flasks that you can use to,restore your health bar you start with,two and can acquire more as you go they,are used by pressing the L button and,they will refill whenever you kneel at a,shrine I must say that there were times,where certain enemies attack patterns,seemed a little disingenuous or they,would fly off screen and shoot you from,there where you could not reach them,another example is this enemy here that,fliends into the background and was a,first-timers trap for me killing me as I,assumed it was another of the games,statues Diann will see you return to the,last shrine you kneeled at whilst you,will not lose any of your progress in,terms of items you picked up before your,last death you will of course have to,backtrack to where you were blasphemous,also plays like a platformer at times,with some very tricky platform sections,included and these were some of the,poorer parts of the game in my opinion,the reason being that some of this,platforming resulted in insta death and,this does not translate very well in a,game about exploration where it could be,a while between safe points at one point,I spent 15 minutes navigating crumbling,platforms with an ever-changing wind,direction I was battling a multitude of,different enemies made it all the way to,the next area but died before finding,the safe room and therefore had to do it,all again as Im sure you can imagine,this was very frustrating I did love the,fluid nature of running and jumping,through areas and taken on deadly,enemies but the lack of a mini-map an,absence of any proper direction at times,was this,pointing it does a good job at,representing the toughest now,metroidvania has almost become a,sub-genre of its own although it does,not always execute it perfectly and with,elements of so many other genres,represented they do not always quite,blend together too many cooks at least,sour the broth at times but thankfully,never do enough to completely spoil it,and gameplay receives 15 out of 20 in a,game that prides itself on its combat,mechanics controls need to be very tight,and for the most part they are your,character is responsive when moving and,jump in and again includes a Ledge grab,mechanic like the old prince of persia,games and i always appreciate the,inclusion of such a mechanic in a game,pressing the r button wh

Blasphemous – Game Review

hello them thank you for clicking on,this video and my quest to bring you,videos of me talking about things Im,interested in so lets talk about some,really dark twisted lore filled,Metroidvania crushing difficulty good,times,[Music],blasphemous so blasphemous is a game out,for all the main console cs4 Xbox one,intend to switch PC developed by the,game kitchen published by team17 its a,Metroidvania game which I hopped onto,this because I just finished playing,Castlevania Symphony of the Night and,Rondo of blood but I didnt do a video,on that what can I say about Castlevania,Symphony of the Night that hasnt,already been said about Symphony of the,Night its wonderful its amazing its,fantastic its godlike its perfection,married if I could Rondo of blood I feel,like I could probably talk about its,not a lot of people talk about Rondo of,blood but hes both a great I wanted,another Metroidvania game I stopped,blasphemous on the PlayStation Network I,was like oh that was on my radar for a,hot second and I just got on two other,things so I got it and I played it,compared to Symphony of the Night,its mm much harder it takes place in,this really religiously dark and,fucked-up world theres this curse,thats come over the land called the,miracle so you play as someone called,the penitent one and you hack and slash,your way through this game to the end,well concealed hack and slash if they,let you hack its lives if you just try,to hack and slash your way through this,your [ __ ] you adapt to survive you block,dodge then hack block dodge again hack,again and then keep bringing it up,because if I just say oh its a,Metroidvania game II but look I places,in video tonight lets do it but this,games actually compared more to side,scroller Dark Souls,it is a punishing game if you die the,game lets you know it because of save,points its not like theyre in every,other room sometimes there are ways away,so when you die you missed that jump or,you make the jump and then you get hits,like yeah but God [ __ ] you have to trek,through that area that killed you to get,your spirit so you can get rid of your,guilt its not a cakewalk sometimes like,when I play games like this Im always,like [ __ ] kite you know is it worth,it is it worth it like why do people,play in this [ __ ] and then you get past,the zone or beat the enemy thats really,beating your ass youre like thats,right and thats the point of it you,know that feeling of yeah thats why you,dont come at me you do have relics that,you can equip you have rosary beads that,you can equip that give you stat buffs,and you find more rosary beads slot so,you can equip more of them you have,abilities you unlock that you purchase,from currency you get from killing,enemies you find prayers that are,essentially spells you get to equip one,of those at any given time so you must,choose,the true spies today but you never get,different weapons you know your sword is,always the same not like you get a sword,that completely plays differently than,another sword which I get though cuz you,cant just get the Chrissa grim or crisp,a grim however you want to pronounce it,from Symphony of the Night game breaking,sword you cant just get a sword like,that in a game like this that would,change the entire dynamic of the game,its not about a sword that hits,differently its about you adapting to,enemies and taking them on differently,in different kinds of enemies in the,room and looking around going okay of,sizing up that situation well why when,you start getting it down you feel,pretty boss and its not just the save,points that feel sparse in this game,its also the fast travel for a while I,was like where is the fast travel and,then you get it you get a little bit of,fast travel but theres only a few spots,of fast travel but really this is where,Im praising the game of the most its,the tone its the atmosphere,its the lore its the world that is,glorious in this game the game itself is,fun but the art style and the lore,thats what sucked me in I love the,sprite based art because old games were,sprite based but now you can have more,frames of animation and say Super,Nintendo Cotto this makes the game feel,amazing thats why Street Fighter 3,third strikes my favorite Street Fighter,game one of my top two if not no no its,probably one does the frames of,animation per character just glorious,when I was playing this game there was,something that took me back to the first,time I played blood um and legacy of,kain you look at the legacy of kain,games the gameplay itself its nothing,enormous ly special but its the lore,among this world that makes it feel,lived in and real just had that same,feeling playing this that I had the,first time I played blood home and,legacy of kain though the two play very,differently,hello DOMA legacy gains an overhead game,theyre different games but theres,something about that lore in fact the,way I described blasphemous to a couple,of people was its like The Avenues,Cathedral and blood home and legacy of,kain but the whole game I appreciate a,game like this especially one thats,just so heavily grounded in religion the,whole game is about this really messed,up religious world every item you find,every trinket it has a backstory it has,lore attached to it and read it its,just it makes it feel more real its not,just like a thing that could have gone,for some voiceover for all the items,like blood um and legacy it can have but,its fine that the lore is still there,and in terms of the art style yes some,of it just sticks with,which is really twisted [ __ ],[Music],thats the thing of nightmares my jaw,hit the floor theres a one-hit kill he,does where the baby just takes you and,rips you in half like a piece of tissue,paper I was like yeah the guy sticks,with it which actually brings me to the,music,the musics amazing as well found out,there was actually a vinyl soundtrack,thats sold out damn it but I will say,the map and blasphemous is terrible in,terms of end game cleanup you know you,beat the game you want to find all the,extras and farm your trophies the map,there were quite a few occasions where,you look at the map youre like I dont,know where I can go it turns out you,have to go to this room that you havent,been in but the map makes it look like,you have been in that room already would,have appreciated if the map say had the,outline of the room but it was dark so I,knew the room existed but I havent been,there yet an invisible room entirely,that secret I totally get the map,shouldnt be showing that but to have a,room thats lit up as if Ive been there,and what am I supposed to memorize the,entire map the [ __ ] out of here Im not,memorizing all that [ __ ] so that was,kind of irritating also there are,miserable trophies which trophies,theyre not necessary but I always do,appreciate it when I can get all the,trophies in one playthrough or a couple,of trophies where its like you got that,you cannot get that a couple of times,trophies basically if I want to get the,trophies I have to start another game,but its probably not gonna happen,anyway because beat all the bosses,without using a healing flask what what,come on what well probably not I dont,know sounds like it could be a fun,challenge anyhow blasphemous I had a,blast from this you clicked on my video,you only have yourself to blame,for hearing cheesy jokes it has fun yet,challenging sometimes crushing gameplay,but human beings are very adaptable you,will adapt to survive and by the end,youre just cooking through these,animations until you come across a new,one and he beats your balls in but hang,in there youll get him the game could,use a bit of polish when it comes to the,map so I was gonna say its worth buying,at full price before price is $24.99 it,just doesnt quite say enough plus Im a,sucker for lore and tone and this game,is lore and tone atmosphere this game,just does it right plus I lived and,breathed this game for a week,like its a part of me its a part of my,dark twisted fuc


in your mouth you said you were taking a,break from the metroidvanias oh look at,the cursor,its a little floating baby,[Music],well i i am taking a break from metro,and ranias after this one,[Music],its okay,oh no it was a sword,ah,oh there goes my monetization its like,a minute into the game i dont stand a,chance on this one oh its a statue its,a statue were all good youtube,and thus,guilt repentance mourning and every pain,of the soul of all kind,were visibly and tangibly manifested,everywhere,and in all of us,you know what ive had a few sunday,mornings ive woken up in very,similar situation its a heck of a heck,of a lot of bodies which,they all seem to be me,the estes flask we got it dont worry,about that always check left,nothing left i am going to miss check,and left when i burn out on metroid is,oh there is something up there but we,cant,we cant get up there until we get,double jump you fools,oh baby im excited,yeah,we know what that is,oh yeah i gotta say,[ __ ],crushed on a stick thats a thats a,boss,that is a warden of the silence sorry,ill tell you what,i aint dying to know tutorial box no,today,not ever tell you what if i die to this,guy,i better be careful,this is the whole fight i think they,just said you know you got to set us up,easy,oh god i cant slide through this,the r in this game is is probably some,of the best pixel art ive ever seen in,my life,that aint,alive,this dudes ripped,okay,unless he hasnt no we got an,achievement for it easy peasy,what am i doing,yo,ah,okay youtube if youre still watching,just demonetize it,the cradle of affliction is what you,seek,this can be found in the mother of,mothers of the churches,it is a remote place separated from the,rest of these lands by a great sacred,and forbidden door,however what i do know is that,according to the rule,one must carry out the three,humiliations to gain access to what they,got yeah i look we gotta ring three,bells of awakening do you get through,the door i got you nice hat by the way,its just blowing me away with how good,this game looks,thats just incredible its incredible,uh parry counter attack retribution,everything in this game is so intense,its a is just a parry hit me [ __ ],okay its called retribution hit me,whats the button again okay hit me,let me let me,yeah,[Music],ive unlocked me special ability,oh my god,that instant kills those,i do theres a solar that,punished jesus up there were gonna have,to pick that up at some point,okay,were doing this again oh,its like a its like doomed,[Music],come on youre telling me oh,we gotta save the babies,children and moonlight its kind of like,the uh slugs from from uh hello hello,knight got a dove skull to put on a,little bracelet there this game is metal,as [ __ ],penitent one you who carry the painful,build in your cracked hands,lend it to us and alleviate our burden,then lead to us and wipe away our tears,because it is,oh hell yeah they gave us a skill tree,where the babies go,no this is the little collectibles oh my,god theres so many of them its kind of,is like dark souls because once you,learn to parry everything is your [ __ ],oh this is a secret,[Laughter],fallout of bath of the sailor,okay i like how everything in this game,like you pick up a skull and its not,just like hey hes heres a skull,brother i dont like the sound that,thing mates its like this is the skull,of the barbarians butchers father,of the fourth generation of hillman,weeping,promisc therapist,okay now im just making up words can,this thing die i will save you baby,you may be far out but i can jump,you know what [ __ ] babies theyre stupid,and theyre useless,i think im just desensitized,this,dont get me wrong this game is messed,up but some of the kill animations are,just so funny,is this the door i cant open,it,i havent rung any bills,oh fun fact my friend thomas made that,uh chapel building there,hes an amazing pixel artist and they,must have a freelancer to you someone is,heading towards the forbidden gate,someone who seeks the perch an,excommunication of all that is sacred,and rests there no,no,do not place your doubts on me i am,ready,if youre ready youre running the wrong,way brother,just a classic candidate uh cleanse your,guilt,no no no i got no guilt welcome to the,irithyll dungeon oh whats he going to,do,im sorry its just funny guys double,ghosts,damn dude thats impressive every enemy,you run into in this game is just this,master class of pixel animation and art,hey,are you poking me like youre picking up,peas off your plate with a fork oh now,thats a whopping chest,you telling me these ghosts jumped into,a discord call and organized a,gank on me when i opened this chest oh,shop were going to have to buy,everything in the shop of course let us,be captive,key to the chamber of the oldest brother,for 400. he does you got to get the key,now i got to ask how many of you would,still watch my videos if i was like,default american man how much does the,voice play into this,shitty ass [ __ ] video,from a place of blessings have i been,entrusted with watching over you,penitent one,thus it has been arranged my name is,viridiana,granted a gift with which i can assist,you in carrying your burden if required,but only you can make that choice,penitent one in silence i mean oh you,require my assistance why the heck no,yeah lets do it,lord have mercy on our soul,youre gonna beat me with the head,no hes just gonna throw it on the,ground thats awfully destructive sir so,were going to do the same thing,as we did on the first boss,never mind were going to get slapped,around like a g before,all right oh,theres the lady i dont know what shes,what shes doing,im rubbing her arm i guess oh no,this is going pretty well,i was expecting have a bit of a harder,time with the i know its just the,second boss but,kind of reminds me of the first second,boss of dark souls 2 the tree man,hey,damn im good at this game,either these bosses are easy or maybe it,was her maybe she did something requiem,i turn them,also known as you killed the boss man,yikes thats a head thats just a head,up and thats the first bell of,awakening baby,man this reminds me of diablo 2 so much,the second area the desert when you go,down into like the,like the music is im dead i am dead,wowie i cannot show that part on youtube,um that part might be fine but um,she,wow she pulled a sword out of her naked,breast,that was something else im already,demonetized i just dont want to have,the video taken down,check this out look we can do,we can go on the walls now,i dont know if theres no a new ability,or if they only just taught me that but,lets keep it,this is this area is just not not,pleasant at all,theres bell ringers,and the bells make sound and apparently,thats enough to hurt me,thats a new one take me away take,i know this poor old night man he cant,get across,all right well were gonna get you get,him across hes like the uh,ziggmayer of the blacksmith,hes the youngin knight all right,were gonna get him across any man stop,talking about dark souls you stupid,[ __ ] all right whoa whoa okay we got,sevilla over here,sevilla from league of legends you know,the one,shes got a new skin i see its messed,up theres so many of them,all right this is fun,we can hit him back we can hit him back,and thats a game changer thank oh my,god,youre not allowed to have this many,severes in the game you only have one,per tee,stop it,you see a cowards,all right objective one break the two,chains of olympus,this is one of them,objective two,save the baby objective two,save the oh man shortcut i remember,dying here yeah yeah,oh no theres no stopping this train go,dont ring the bell,please dont ring the bell okay its,lenient you know you make a little bit,of a mistake,youre still good hey [ __ ] remember me,you killed me with a belt thats just a,bleeding well with a lady in it and,being held up by the knights of our,forefathers oh they gave us another,estes flask,i think i have another empty one,for,sds flash and this is the

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