1. Blaze Premium LTE Gas Grill Review | BBQGuys Expert Overviews
  2. Blaze LTE Gas Grill Review | BBQGuys Expert Overview
  3. Weber Summit vs Napoleon Prestige Pro vs Blaze LTE (Top 3 gas grills under $3,000)
  4. Blaze 32 Inch 4 burner LTE Gas Grill Product Review (BEST GRILL?)
  5. Embers Top 5 Premium gas Grills (Weber vs blaze vs coyote vs bull vs Napoleon)
  6. BLAZE LTE VS BLAZE PRO Luxury GAS Grill Showdown ( Whats the Difference?!)
  7. What blaze gas grill model should I buy? (Blaze LTE vs Blaze Professional Series)

Blaze Premium LTE Gas Grill Review | BBQGuys Expert Overviews

Hey, guys. Today were taking a look at  the Blaze Premium LTE Gas Grill. Now,  ,they of course offer a built-in model  thats super popular for outdoor kitchens,  ,but today well be looking at their  freestanding model. Lets go.  ,Lets take a look at quality. First things first,  I like to look at the materials of the grill.  ,The majority of this grill, the grids, the  burners, exterior of the grill, all tested to  ,be 304 grade stainless steel, which is definitely  solid for this class of grill. And then there was  ,another segment of parts which wouldve been  the interior of the firebox, the flame tamers,  ,zone dividers, the warming rack, and the  interior hood liner and drip pan baffles,  ,all tested to be 443 stainless steel. This is no accident that blaze chose 443 for these  ,particular parts, as they will be involved in  the flame area, a lot more heat cycling going on,  ,and its just a more malleable stainless so it  will actually have a lot more durability in those  ,particular areas. The cooking grids of the LTE,  measured in right at about nine millimeters, eight  ,millimeters thick stainless steel rods, which  is great from a quality perspective, and its  ,also worth pointing out that the shape of the rods  or basically triangular so the flat on the bottom  ,is absorbing as much heat as it can absorb and  directing it up to the point of the triangle,  ,which is where you get your sear marks. So  you end up with the perfect steakhouse sear  ,marks that youre looking for every time. The flame tamers on this grill weighed in at  ,14 gauge, which is good quality for premium grill.  Moving on to the heart of the grill, the burners,  ,the walls thickness of the burner  measured in at three millimeters thick,  ,which is great for premium gas grill. To  give you a little perspective for reference,  ,this tube burner from a practical class  grill is less than one millimeter thick.  ,Now for the fun part, performance. The high  heat test showed us that at 20 minutes,  ,all burners on high, the average  temperature of the grill was 670 degrees,  ,which makes this grill great for searing whatever  youd like. To give you a good frame of reference,  ,a variance of temperature with the grill, we  also run all burners on low test for 30 minutes,  ,and we get the average of that, which  for us on this LTE came back at 350  ,degrees Fahrenheit. So as far as the  variance is concerned, rock solid.  ,The component that stands out the most to me  from a performance perspective would be the LTE  ,flame tamers. They not only help by turning  what would be flare-ups into flame kisses,  ,as we saw in our burger test, but they also help  with the heat retention and increase the grills  ,temperature evenness. The heat zone dividers add  even more control over your grills temperature,  ,allowing you to see your stakes on one side,  while at the same time you can easily grill  ,veggies or sausage or anything else  on the other side of the grill.  ,Now for the features. As an ignition source,  the LTE features push and turn flame thrower  ,style ignition, and there is one of these flame  throwers included with each valve of your grill.  ,The straightforward design of this system makes  it one of the most reliable on the market.  ,And coupled with the fact that in the back  of the grill, between each set of burners,  ,there are crossover plates, which allow the gas  to jump from burner to burner. So basically,  ,as long as one of your igniters is still  working and you can light that burner,  ,you can light each other burner off of  it. And if that doesnt cover you enough,  ,as a steady backup, this scroll also features a  flash tube ignition, which allows you to light  ,the burners without having to remove any of the  cooking grids or anything else. You just place a  ,flame right at the top of the flash tube, it pulls  the flame down the tube and to the burner.  ,Now, for you evening entertainers out there, the  LTE also comes with two interior halogen lights.  ,And as long as were talking evening entertaining,  each of the control knobs is illuminated with  ,a really nice red LED light. Another great  feature is the infrared burner on the rear  ,wall of the grill. This allows you to use the  optional rotisserie kit. And while were on the  ,subject of infrared burner, there is also an  optional searing infrared burner that you can  ,easily remove or replace that can fit on the left  side of the LTE grill. After running the searing  ,burner through the paces and putting it to several  different tests, it… I never had any problems  ,lighting it. It worked really well. It cooked  fine for me. I give it a rating of better.  ,For those of you that are purchasing the  freestanding model, lets have a look at the  ,carts features. First up, I like the double wall  doors, which are much sturdier and more durable  ,than a standard single wall door. Just not so  flimsy. The casters, all four, feature swivel,  ,as well as locking casters so that you dont have  to try to figure out which one moves, which one  ,is permanently in a straight line and all that  good stuff. It just makes it a little easier.  ,Now theres a segment removed at the bottom of  the grill cart floor for your propane tank, and it  ,comes also with a locking stainless steel bolt to  keep it secure and from bouncing all around when  ,youre moving your cart. And theres even a paper  towel holder thats mounted to the left side door  ,on the inside of the cart, which always keeps your  paper towels at hand and thats a good thing.  ,Another feature that Id like to mention, and  this is for people that are tight on storage,  ,it also features two removable stainless steel  side shelves. They can be removed in a snap,  ,and like I said, it makes it easier  to store your grill in less space.  ,Now for a quick recap. As far as quality  is concerned, this grill has high quality  ,stainless steel construction and nice thick  components, which help with longevity. The  ,quality of construction is worth noting as  well. They use the right materials in the right  ,places. Its just a great design. Overall. Now performance is where the grill stands out  ,the most to me. In a premium class… This  is primarily due to the great components,  ,solid powerful burners, flame tamers, heat  zone separators, the triangular design of  ,the thick cooking grids, they just all  combine for an outstanding result.  ,From a features perspective, this grill has you  covered from its flame thrower style ignition  ,system and secondary ignition, to the flash  tubes, to the interior and exterior lights,  ,loads of great features on the  free standing and cart model,  ,and of course, the grill comes with  a best in class lifetime warranty.  ,So overall, this is a great premium  gas grill with lots of great features,  ,outstanding performance and a lifetime warranty.  If youre in the market for a premium gas grill,  ,I definitely recommend checking this out. If you  found this helpful, and Im hoping that you did,  ,then if you wouldnt mind hit the like  button, and if youd like more content  ,like this and other grill content, maybe  even subscribe. Thank you for watching.

Blaze LTE Gas Grill Review | BBQGuys Expert Overview

Hi, I’m Chef Tony Matassa with BBQGuys.com.,In this video, were checking out the Blaze LTE collection of gas grills . The one that,we have here today is their four burner freestanding model, but they also offer a 5 burner as well,as built in configurations, lets check it out!,The first thing that catches your eye are the control knobs which are the illuminated,by distinctive red LED lights.,Evening grilling is far easier with the interior lights keeping the cooking surface clearly,visible.,The grids are made entirely of 304 stainless steel rods – carefully designed with a flat,bottom to retain heat and a pointed top to deliver the perfect sear.,This grid design really takes me back to my days on a restaurant char-broiler.,The burners heat is distributed evenly because of the flame stabilizing grids located below,the cooking grids.,These also protect your burners and turn drippings into vapors- enhancing your flavor.,The flame stabilizing grids are made of 14 gauge stainless steel and cover the full width,of the grill, making them extremely durable and ideal for disbursing heat.,These Flame Stabilizers are backed by Blaze’s Best in Class Lifetime Warranty.,And of course these can be removed for cleaning.,Between each burner, youll find heat zone dividers.,These allow you to achieve different temperatures across the surface of the grill.,We were able to sear ribeyes one side of the grill, while slow cooking some peppers at,the same time.,The Blaze LTE comes standard with heavy duty cast 304 stainless steel burners.,Here is a comparison of the Blaze burner next to a common tube style burner used in many,grills on the market today.,When you take a close look at these burners, it is easy to see why Blaze backs them with,a lifetime warranty.,Each conventional burner is rated for 14,000 BTUs, providing a combined total of 56,000,BTUs of cooking power.,Each burner is lit by reliable push and turn flame thrower ignition.,For backup ignition, the Blaze LTE also features a flash tube & flame crossover channels between,the burners.,If you want the option to sear over infrared heat, Blaze offers an optional infrared burner,accessory that can be easily installed in the place of one of the conventional burners.,This is a great option to have, because you dont have to permanently dedicate your conventional,grilling space to an infrared burner.,Below the burners, the drip pan baffles are designed to reflect heat back up to your food.,These can be easily removed for cleaning.,The Blaze LTE also features a removable a drip pan for easy cleaning.,Use the optional rotisserie kit with the rear infrared burner and its impressive 10,000,BTUs to achieve the perfect crust on your food.,The optional rotisserie kit features a water-proof motor to keep you grilling in any weather.,This rotisserie set up adds a lot of versatility to the food you can cook on your grill.,If you love smoking with your grill, be sure to pick up the optional smoker box.,It holds plenty of wood chips for adding that smokey flavor while This smoker box doesn’t,only provide you with great smokey flavor because it’s all-welded design it is great,for steaming your favorite cooking liquids.,So of our favorites are apple juice, beer, and wine.,The hood of the Blaze LTE is double lined for maximum durability and heat retention.,For ease of temperature monitoring, the hood also features an easy read thermometer.,For times when you need additional cooking space, the interior of the grill has a removable,warming rack.,We like this for toasting buns or baking side dishes for the barbecue.,If you opt for the cart model, youll enjoy having prep space on the two fixed stainless,steel side shelves, as well as plenty of enclosed storage for your propane and grill tools beneath,the grill.,The inside of the cart door even has a holder to keep paper towels close at hand.,Now lets perform the XRF test on the Blaze LTE.,The Grids, Burners and exterior of the grill all tested to be 304 stainless steel.,The interior walls of the grill, known as the fire box, along with the flame tamers,,heat zone separators,inner liner of the hood and lower baffles, all tested to be 443 stainless,steel.,Blaze uses 443 stainless in the interior components of their grill because 443 has titanium added,to the chemical composition of the stainless as the hardening agent of the metal.,Down in this area is where most of the abuse takes place, with the constant heating and,cooling, and expansion and contraction of the metal.,Since titanium is in the stainless, this 443 is very stiff, and the lack of flex during,the heating and cooling phases, allows these parts to be very durable, and is a big reason,why Blaze backs them with a lifetime warranty.,Thank you for watching, for more information on the Blaze LTE collection of grills, or,any of the other great Blaze products..,please give us a call or check us out online today!,I’m Chef Tony Matassa, and remember..,at BBQGuys.com, we smoke the competition!

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Weber Summit vs Napoleon Prestige Pro vs Blaze LTE (Top 3 gas grills under $3,000)

whats up guys its Trevor with embers,fireplaces and after living today we,have a really fun video for you guys,this is actually a video you guys have,been requesting it is my top 3 best,selling car model grills my top three,favorite freestanding grills were gonna,get into the comparisons between the,three talked about whats different,about them and which one we like the,best so before we get into this review,dont forget to subscribe to our channel,give this video a thumbs up,helps our channel out of ton when you,guys can do that so we selected these,three because theyre one our best,sellers strongest brands and then this,is sort of the top of the thought,process with these three is this is sort,of as high as we go,before we get into something that would,almost be too high in for the average,consumer now these are our top three,favorites Im not saying theres not,better grills out there but its when we,get into some really luxurious price,points so this is sort of the highest,end that I would feel comfortable going,saying that would be like the top is,highest end to the average consumer out,there if you wanted like a really high,end grill before you get into some crazy,stupid pricing on some really luxurious,grills so these are sort of the top,three in that sweet spot of the high end,if that makes sense,so the three that we have is we have the,weber summit series the napoleon,prestige Pro Series and the blaze LTE,series now again these are our top three,performers in this category this is the,best-selling size so this is a four,burner and all these categories if,youre interested in something bigger,they all have bigger brothers that would,this review would apply to as well same,girl just a big bigger size if you,wanted to think about some options so,lets dive into these grills and tell,you the differences between them okay so,were gonna start with the weber summit,series so these are not going to be,crazy in-depth reviews based on these,particular grills im gonna have an,individual link in the description below,if you want to watch a full 10 15 minute,review on each grill model you can check,out that if you want to independently,just watch the review,this is just sort of a quick summary to,give you a comparison between the three,models and hopefully this side-by-side,will help you choose if youre on the,fence between models here so well start,the weber summit so the weber the door,front is going to be stainless steel but,the majority of the pedestal will give,you some side shots is gonna be built,with like a powder coated metal finish,on the grill itself so its really just,the front of the grill thats gonna be,stainless as far as the pedestal goes,and then on the hood itself you have,cast aluminum sides again with the three,or four stainless on the front of the,grill so when we go over to the napoleon,it is actually built very very similar,to the weber summit in the sense that,were gonna have the powder coated metal,finish napoleon did did say that they,actually use the galvanized metal before,the powder coating so you have even less,chance of rusting on the sides there so,whats nice about the napoleon is even,though its built very similar to the,Weber as far as the pedal still goes I,think there are a couple nice upgrades,one their doors are going to be soft,closed so again just a little feature,thats kind of nice and then also we,have under light lit cabinets so we can,we have a little bit more lighting in,here and then a couple extra storage,self so just from a handy standpoint,its a little bit more functional than,the Weber grill itself now when we get,over to the blaze grill not a real not,really anything going on special at all,with the pedestal,theres no under cabinet lighting it,does have the most amount of storage,under there its the widest but even,though its sort of no thrills the,entire cabinet is stainless steel so we,have the most amount of expensive raw,materials that go into this cabinet,compared to the other two I dont think,that really makes a huge difference,especially with the Napoleon sides being,galvanized and powder coated but if,youre in a high rust area like Florida,ocean air or something like that that,may be something to considers you have,the most amount of raw materials in the,blaze grill itself so well start with,the Weber again,well give you close-ups here but the,Webers gonna come with a standard side,burner so nothing special about the side,burner but it is a standard feature so,you cant really order the summit,without it you do get a nice side burner,which definitely is functional and then,our knobs light up now one thing thats,nice with the Webers it doesnt require,power the other two grills will require,power but this use battery pack and our,knobs turn off and on so they do light,up as well as you get an exterior light,handle here so this handles,motion-activated it runs on batteries,and its going to shine a light on the,main grille itself one thing Im not,crazy about with this though is it,doesnt light up the inside of the,grille very well so even though it has a,light handle I think its the least,functional which again lights main that,may or may not be a big deal to you but,not a huge fan of the handle light on,the Weber now when we go over to the,Napoleon you can see that this baby is,chromed,out so it has a lot of Chrome on it you,can see our lights are multicolored does,again require power but a couple cool,things with our multicolored lights one,theyre multicolored so you can toggle,through a color you can keep it on one,color that you want again not a huge,deal but just sort of going over the,features with you here and then you can,see we have a motion light on the floor,now that might not seem very cool but,what happens this if youre standing,away from this grill for a long period,of time those lights are going to shut,off now lets say your hands are full,and as you approach the grill so every,the lights will fire on so thats,actually kind of a handy feature because,when those lights fire up its obviously,going to be more functional for you so,functionality I do think that thats,pretty cool and then we have full,interior lighting here which you can see,again on the close-ups its going to do,a much better job of lighting that grow,up another cool thing about the Napoleon,is they take advantage of both side,shelves and Ill show you what I mean by,that so over here,so over on the right side we have a,cutting board and a nice bucket tray the,ice bucket tray Ive honestly never used,I dont know if thats a big feature,thats gonna be very helpful or help or,helpful to you or not but the cutting,board is thats definitely something,youll use you can sort of stage your,meat over here and then put it in the,grill and you want so theyre utilizing,the space very well then whats also,really cool about the multifunction,multicolors is when the burners are on,theyre red so thats kind of nice,because its also a safety feature,youre never going to be burning fuel or,burning up gas without knowing it youll,know if your burners are on or not very,very easily so thats kind of a cool,feature with with the Napoleon as well,and then we go over to the left side of,this grill honestly this is probably one,of my favorite features of this grill is,we have a full infrared side burner so,we can use it like a regular side burner,if we want if we want to put a pot or,pan on here you can put it up on keep it,on the lower setting and put your pot or,pan on but we raise it up like that now,we have a 1800 degree sear zone so we,have a full Sears own where we can see,your red meat fish things like that and,now were really taking advantage of,something you might use more because,personally a standard side burner I,dont use all that often but when I have,a Sears own thats a way from my Maine,grill it extended its an extension of,my cooking area and its something I use,all the time so thats actually a handy,feature so from an exterior standpoint

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Blaze 32 Inch 4 burner LTE Gas Grill Product Review (BEST GRILL?)

hey whats going on guys its Trevor,with embers fireplaces and outdoor,living today Im excited we have a brand,new product were gonna open up and get,in the showroom here this is a blaze,grill this is the four burner LTE model,which is their bestseller so we have the,grill plus the cart so were gonna,assemble them both and get them get,together pretty excited so well see how,it comes together and do a full product,review on it as we assemble it dont,forget the best thing you can do for us,is to make sure to subscribe to our,channel give this video a thumbs up it,helps our tan a lot of ton so lets get,to it lets get this baby open so we got,the cart fully assembled pretty easy and,straightforward to assemble not a whole,lot to it basically attach all the sides,to the base put your doors on and your,side shelves I do like the casters on it,does wheel around nice outside of that,nothing nothing over to be overly,excited about not overly excited about,the cart but Im also not mad at it,either its pretty good basic cart doors,caught a little bit when I put it,together but they are on magnets so see,you can see here its catching a little,bit and then this door does have a papal,paper towel holder which is kind of cool,but whats really nice blaze does which,is which they a lot of the grill,companies do is its the same grill head,whether youre gonna do a full outdoor,built-in outdoor kitchen or youre gonna,build just do a free-standing cart model,its the same exact grill so you just,plop the grill right into the cart,either way so you just buy the grill and,then also the cart and youre ready to,roll so now lets get to grow out of the,box,[Music],okay so you can see we got it up on the,cart really easy just slid right on the,cart again if youre not doing a cart,model you could build this this baby in,but its shiny its all its all,stainless steel and it definitely looks,nice and expensive so lets start going,over the features so the hood again,were all three or four stainless steel,on everything on the exterior of the,grill and you can see when you get the,LTE model you are going to get the lid,up knob so it does have four burners and,then one burner for the rotisserie so,youd shut those off right there,so thats your bottom light there you,can shut those off turn them back on if,you want to now lets get inside the,grill so once youre inside the grill,you can see we have the interior,lighting as well so thats it shut off,turn it back on and then you do get a,warming rack the warming rack Im not a,big fan of warming racks in general,especially in this in this grill I mean,we got we got nothing to work with at,all so I dont really know what you,could physically fit in here I mean,youre talking two inches or so so maybe,some buns you want to warm some buns if,youre doing burgers or something but I,kind of find that to not be super,helpful so let me get this out of here,for the rest of the review okay and then,you can see it does come standard with,the rear infrared burner so thats gonna,be our igniter here one thing I dont,like is that you dont get the,rotisserie standard I would have hoped,that the rotisserie comes standard,because you do get the burner for it but,you dont get the actual rotisserie kit,so thats an add-on so thats a little,bit of a bummer not a huge deal but I,wish it came standard with the grill,another thing is this is kind of my,annoyance with some of the guys that are,doing rotisserie kits is again that,rotisserie spit rod is gonna be about,this far off your cooking great so you,really dont have any room,to do anything with that unless you,remove all the cooking grates themselves,but then you dont have any place to,actually cook food on so youd be using,it exclusively as a rotisserie and again,thats just due to the space and the,grill itself again not a huge deal but,if I had two complaints so far,breaking this grill down it would be,that rotisserie isnt standard and even,if it was I think its a little bit too,low its not mounted high enough on the,girl I would have liked to seen that up,a little bit higher outside of that,everythings looking good now lets get,into the heart of this grill because,this is where the grill really pops and,really shines compared to some of the,competitors when I was taking it apart,theres a lot I really liked underneath,the hood literally that I really liked,that I think really gives a lot of value,to the blaze brand so lets start with,the actual three or four stainless,cooking grids themselves well give you,a close-up but the actual shape of these,cooking grids one theyre pretty,heavy-duty but to the actual shape is,unique in the sense that theyre almost,triangle-shaped and the idea is is that,the wider base is gonna allow for heat,retention and then the pointy tops allow,for a better sear I dont really know if,thats better or not but its definitely,different theres not a lot of grill,companies out there doing that and so I,think you cant hurt to try it so,definitely a cool little feature but now,lets take these grill gate grates off,because as we get into the grill itself,this is where were really gonna see the,grill start to separate itself okay so,in the grills over the burners,themselves are these little deflectors,here and these accomplished several,things one they allow for even cooking,because this is going to get hot and,retain heat and it covers the entire,grill surface which is pretty cool,theres no gaps anywhere and then this,solid piece right here overlaps your,burner so thats going to also help,protect your burner and these themselves,are super heavy-duty,if you try to bend them or distort them,in any way theyre not going anywhere,which is good because as these heat up,theyre gonna want to warp so definitely,like the rigidness of these and I like,the design this is a really cool design,because some of the other grills some of,the other high-end girls that you see,out there youll see use little ceramic,briquettes and those ceramic briquettes,cover the whole grill and those are nice,in the sense that they do provide nice,even cooking temperatures throughout the,grill but I actually actually do not,like those briquettes at all because,once youre above 500 degrees its just,a platform for the grease to sit on and,on those ceramic briquettes you just get,as one of our customers says grease fire,city so you get grease fire city all,over those ceramic briquettes I really,like this design because of it does have,air holes in it so that grease can one,evaporate or to go down into the grease,pan below it while also avoiding the,burner so I do think that this design is,superior this isnt a couple different,girls but I really like it in the blaze,because it is a superior design in my,opinion its its gonna allow for the,least amount of flare-ups and thats,what you want when youre cooking high,temperatures you dont want flare-ups,thats the thats why you spend the,money on a nice grill like this is to,avoid flare-ups its like the enemy of,an expensive grill so this definitely is,going to do the job so I really like,that as well now as we get into the,burners themselves the burners are,pretty cool too because you really start,to see this is a cast 304 stainless and,so its super heavy-duty and its gonna,have jets on both sides of the burner,but one thing this does on top of being,heavy-duty they give you a lifetime,warranty on these burners but to this,sort of hood again well give you a,close-up here but its got a lip to it,and this lip is going to cover these,burner ports and that just helps with,longevity of these burners it just helps,protect them even more so you almost,have two layers of protection across,your burners to provide pretty good,performance for,long time without even having the,cleaning clean it not that you shouldnt,clean your grill but youre definitely,not gonna have any issues there so I,really like the burners as well then as,we get to the bottom these are so,another layer of grease diverters whi

Embers Top 5 Premium gas Grills (Weber vs blaze vs coyote vs bull vs Napoleon)

whats up guys its trevor with embers,fireplaces and outdoor living,you guessed it another,top five video it just gets dorkier and,dorkier every time i do that,so this is the top five premium gas,grills,so were stepping it up a notch the,video we posted last week was,quality grills a little more affordable,if you want to check out the more,affordability ones,click the link below this is the top,five premium were getting into some,pretty serious grilling now you guys,ready,im ready you ready lets go,[Music],[Applause],[Music],so like i said this is our premium,category so we have three categories,top five in three different categories,make it easy for you,we have quality grills premium grills,and luxury grills so this is the middle,lineup the premium grills,this is our best selling category so the,girls that you see here by far and away,are the girls we sell the most of in,this price point,hands down now what are we talking,pricing well pricing changes all the,time,so i dont mention specific pricing in,our videos because it changes so,frequently,but were really in the two to four,thousand dollar range,because once were above four grand then,were really in a luxury category so,two to four thousand dollar range thats,usually the sweet spot for our clientele,usually higher end products this is,really when we start to see products,where,were really designing them more into,outdoor kitchen spaces and theyre not,necessarily just for cart models,should we start with number five you,ready for number five you guys have to,subscribe i think i told you that,but go ahead and do that anyways if you,havent already,so lets start with number five good old,faithful,weber series,[Music],this is the weber summit series,if you want a full length review on this,ill include a link below,like i said this is a long video so we,have time to do a 20 minute video per,grill,so this is the weber summit series a lot,to like about it nice,tall hood this back part here really,helps with wind,being an issue we get a rotisserie kit,standard we have a warming rack,we have solid stainless steel cooking,grates,these are really heavy duty get a look,at these bad boys oh yeah thats nice,so definitely some upgrades compared to,the genesis series and then,we have our diverters that protect our,burners and help with flare-ups,also this is kind of cool you get an,integrated smoker box,with this unit thing with the smoker box,is a good bad like,the bad about it is that it takes a real,estate in your grill,like you lose cooking space so this is,the 470 it comes in a size bigger,but the good news is you have it,integrated into your your grilling,station which is cool,we get no interior lighting we have this,little handle light which is on,but with our showroom lights you cant,really see it that well but it,essentially is,motion activated when i got about here,it fires on,you can see it doesnt do a ton for you,for um,lighting up the grill kind of a cheesy,feature in my opinion if youre dropping,over 2k on a grill,come on we dont need a light handle,just just my opinion,we have lit up knobs and then good,storage drawers here if you can order,this on propane or natural gas,and then again just a very simple,basic side burner it does the job gets,really hot but,all in all its just okay in my opinion,so,why you know theyre like trevor youre,not excited about this girl why why are,you,why is it in your top five i mean whats,going on um,webers very solid brand and they have,great customer service this grill comes,with a 10 year warranty,it cooks very very evenly really nice,even heat distribution,they usually make our top five but this,is the highest point that weber goes,and i think their sweet spot is more in,the genesis lineup genesis and spirit,lineup,i think thats where they do a better,job at controlling the marketplace i,think,in the two thousand dollar price range,its just not their wheelhouse,totally my opinion i think if youre,gonna jump up to two thousand dollars,theres a lot better options out there,for you besides this guy this also,cannot be built into an outdoor kitchen,so this is a cart model only you can buy,they sell like some sort of,like sliding configuration but it still,has like a cart,set up with it so um not the best,option if youre thinking about outdoor,kitchen but,because of webers reputation and its,even cooking,uh we went ahead and put it in the top,five with that nice 10-year warranty on,there,as well so we move on to number four,lets go to number four,[Music],[Applause],[Music],okay this is the blaze lte series,it is ranking in at number four one,thing i have to mention,well get to number three and number two,in a second but four,three two these grills right here,in my opinion you are literally,splitting hairs these next three,grills are so so close,in comparison performance wise,price wise features wise they are neck,and neck,and so its really tough i wouldnt be,upset with you getting any of these,models,um im mad at it you know theyre all,fantastic grills,but this is the blaze lte series what do,we love about blaze,well blaze is a really solid company,their customer service is exceptional,they do a great job,solid 304 stainless grill this is the,four burner series you can get it in a,larger,five burner as well if you wanted to,you do get exterior and interior,lighting,we have the rear infrared burner,this is why its not rated higher though,the rotisserie isnt standard you can,are you kidding me youre gonna make me,buy a rotisserie kit come,on guys come on blaze what are you doing,give me a rotisserie,im in the two thousand dollar price,bracket on a cart cheaper than that if,youre doing built-in,lets go ahead and give me a rotisserie,just do it you know you want to,why are you giving me a rotisserie,burner without a rotisserie kit now i,have to buy something extra,not happy uh warming rack,their cooking grates are pretty unique,theyre sort of this triangular shape so,supposedly the wider,platform on the bottom retains heat and,then the pointy,top gives you nice sear marks for,searing which is cool,rock solid grille i would say the blaze,lte is our second best-selling grilles,we sell more blaze ltes than,almost everything not quite everything,but almost it is an absolute fan,favorite,now story time you guys know i love to,tell stories,uh why is it a fan favorite well were,gonna let you in on a little industry,secret here,um comes with these serial diverters,these are really heavy duty and nice and,it protects your burner here,and then we have this cast stainless,high btu burner,which is really nice let me just give,you a little peek here,really rock solid burner well designed,this burner will look familiar to you,because its in,several grill models but rock solid,we also get our dividers here which is,going to help with temperature control,and then people buy this grill because,its just made out of heavy duty,rock solid materials its very robust,heavy-duty burners and people are really,into that theyre buying products,that use expensive raw materials that,are going to hold up,for the lifetime of the grill this thing,has a lifetime warranty,now its time for story time heres why,it is the best,one of ours best-selling girls people,come in the store people calling the,internet i need a boys girl i need a,blade to go need,a blaze girl why why did they do that,where besides our channel where are you,doing your research,for grill shopping well i know for a,fact that 99,of you are reviewing these products and,reading consumer reviews on,barbecueguys.com,great resource but,theres a reason that its pushed so,hard by barbecue guys,you guys ready should i tell him should,i or should i just,leave it a secret i say tell him tell,him,blaze is owned by barbecue guys,i said it they own blaze,now that being said,i am in no way implying that barbecue,guys is being disingenuous,in fact this is a very highly rated,grill,and they do a really good job with their,consumer reports,and the people

BLAZE LTE VS BLAZE PRO Luxury GAS Grill Showdown ( Whats the Difference?!)

whats up guys its trevor with embers,today we are settling a debate,i guess not really debate but people,want to know what the difference is,between the blaze lte,um and the blaze pro series im going to,tell you what sizes theyre available in,and were going to break these grilles,down top to bottom lets go through them,lets go,[Music],[Applause],[Music],all right couple things if youre in the,denver colorado area come to our,showroom you guys can see these products,firsthand in person if not well include,links on our website you can just buy,them on our website or call and talk to,our sales staff do it that way you know,whatever you want to do,follow us on youtube subscribe hit all,the like buttons,uh smash the tick tock buttons you know,follow us on tick tock to all that stuff,its super were super entertaining,bunch here so,make sure you do that all right oh last,thing were in jordan ones,they kind of have this cool little,reflective on the toe and the back,pretty slick not og colorway but,i like them all right should we start,with the lte first,all right so this is the lte they do,sort of make a builder grade series,below that we dont really sell those,that much though we sort of start with,the lte,so were just going to break down the,lte and then ill tell you the upgrades,and whats different about the pro and,then you can decide at home if you think,its worth it,all right so first things first with the,lte you can see we have,exterior knob lights and then we have,interior lighting as well thats gonna,be standard on the lte grille this is,the 40 inch so it does come one size,smaller which is the 32 basically a four,burner and,a five burner so this is the five burner,plus you get a rotisserie burner but no,rotisserie thats kind of annoying um,but you know thats where youre kind of,getting for the price point warming rack,is removable,also ive done a video on this before,but its been a couple years so i,thought id refresh it and update it we,do get sort of these triangular cooking,grates which are pretty cool theyre,flat on the bottom,and then pointy on the top,the flat on the bottom has covers more,surface area supposedly better heat,retention and then the pointiness gets,you,that little uh,nice little sear so theres the cooking,grates,okay and blaze does not use ceramic,briquettes they sort of use these little,heat deflector thingies i dont know,what theyre called but,i personally like these blaze is one of,our best selling grills and its because,of the way its designed its designed,really really well this being one of the,things i really like unless your ceramic,briquettes are reversible and heston,um,i dont really care for the ceramic,briquettes too much but so i really love,this feature,that blaze has and were going to show,you the differences here now the thing,is as you can see they do have,a divider in here,so lets take these dividers out,were just going to basically strip this,grill down now these dividers,help with zone control,and you can see theyre theyre a little,short i dont know if theyre going to,do a ton but essentially,give you zone separation so if you lets,say you want to put an infrared burner,in here you could sort of separate that,part of the grill keep it super hot and,then have your regular burner on low if,you needed to cook low and slow on,something else,which that brings me to the point is,you can buy a drop in infrared burner if,you wanted a sear station in this grill,so heres their burners so theyre cast,stainless steel and this is a very,popular burner configuration you will,see this in several grill brands and the,reason you do is because it works its a,very good burner so its sort of like a,top hat,not a top hat just a regular hat like a,lid,that covers your burner ports which,helps protect them and then being that,this is cast stainless these are,basically indestructible so theyre,awesome burners for what you get and,then the burners are connected here so,this is always nice in case the wind,were to blow one out you sort of have,these connectors to keep them going um,if your burners are on and then we do,have a matchlet option and for some,reason your igniters arent working,and they are going to be,piezo spark igniters which is nice,because those are pretty reliable too,and it only takes one hand so thats the,blaze lte,should we get into the,pro and talk differences all right,everyone loves the pro,[Music],all right first things first lets talk,cosmetics,it is a taller grille which ill get,into in a second the lid is taller and,then you can see our control panel is,totally different on our lte we sort of,have,it basically goes right off the top of,the grill and then comes out at an angle,versus this we sort of have this lid or,this belly bar,im a little taller my belly doesnt sit,right on it but,this belly bar is really nice actually i,think it looks really attractive and,then our control panel is flat,our grease tray system is about the same,on the two,and then our knobs are a little bit,nicer i think the knobs look better on,the pro dont you chris,a little bit,so cosmetically youre getting a better,look its a beefier overall look but,really the difference is on the inside,of this grill so lets do that lets,show you first things first you can see,we have a spit rod so we get a,rotisserie standard,with the pro,so right there youre already talking,you know 200 value i mean if you buy a,spit rod,[Music],rotisserie youre going to spend 200,bucks,so youre already getting that and then,the way this warming rat sits in you,sort of have this,bracket,so it does just kind of lift in and out,easier versus that one you have to slide,it in thats not a huge deal you know,thats not a deal breaker for me,lets talk about,space in the grill,because this is a big difference for our,rotisserie,we get more vertical space in our,barbecue so our rotisserie is going to,sit up higher so the top of our lids,about 13 inches on the lte,on the pro,we are,almost,14 and a half or so 15 so we gain an,inch and a half two inches,and you can see,when this sits in here,were about,was that four and a half inches away,from our cooking grates,here,this isnt the right spit rod for this,and our cooking grates are out,but im just going to show you,[Music],were about three inches so again that,vertical space is important because we,can do more with our warming rack and we,can do more with our rotisserie kit,which is a big deal,all right cooking great time,check this out oh my goodness,these things are ridiculous theyre,hexagon shaped and they are heavy,and heavy duty so by comparisons sake,lets start doing some side by sides,here,theres your difference in cooking,grates now,whats funny about this is,the blaze lte,has nice cooking grates,like very,heavy duty but they look like little,babies compared to the pearl i mean,thats a big difference so anything,chris,now its not really apples to apples,because these are a lot skinnier the,width but just for fun lets kind of,weigh,away this here lets zero this out,11 pounds,its 11 pound cooking grate,thats silly thats just silly,all right so lets set our cooking,grates out,so we can show you some differences,heres our dividers,again difference in our dividers,big difference,wouldnt you say chris,so obviously this grill has a lot more,raw materials,to it,which is going to make it more expensive,now again,lets look at the differences,now granted this has to cover a bigger,burner so its narrower but even if it,wasnt,look at that oh so that brings me to,another point this grill is deeper this,way too so see that depth difference,what do we gain in an inch inch and a,half on the depth of grill so were,getting more cooking space for our money,all right so heres the biggest thing,with this grill and thats the burners,look at this burner comparison,you kidding me,seriously,come on bro,what are you doing with the burner that,big so the h burners,they produce more btus and i think this,h-style,is gonna give you more even heat

What blaze gas grill model should I buy? (Blaze LTE vs Blaze Professional Series)

hey whats going on guys as Trevor with,embers fireplaces and after living today,were doing a fun product comparison we,are in the blaze booth where we have all,their products available to us its,really fun to be here and play around,with all this stuff so I thought itd be,cool to while all these girls are here,to do a run-through between the model,comparisons so lets get started on the,comparison between their models before,we do though make sure to subscribe to,our Channel,go ahead and give this video a thumbs up,so well start with the basic,entry-level boy blaze product if you,want a full full in-depth review click,the link above we do a full 15-minute,in-depth review on the blaze LTE which,is the mid grade product so if you want,to really see how the blaze grilles are,built top to bottom click the link above,and check out that video so were not,gonna get into super details on that but,the basic model you get 8-millimeter,cooking grates well give you a close-up,of those no lighting on a interior or,exterior and then the rotisserie kit is,an option so you can add that you do get,the rear burner on it it does have the,nice cast stainless steel burners again,thats more detailed in our actual,review itself so this is the the basic,standard model again no lights and eight,millimeter cooking so now lets walk,over to the LTE grill which is our,best-selling grill by blaze and talk,about what upgrades you get when you go,to the LTE model lets check it out so,when you go to the blaze LTE the actual,construction of the grill is essentially,the exact same as the base grade model,so the way the grill is built is,identical but we go into blighting so,you can see we have the interior and the,exterior lighting as an option or as,standard on the LTE and then we go,through a different cooking grate so we,go to a 9 millimeter more heavy duty,cooking grate at some triangle and,shaped supposed to be flat on the bottom,poorni on the top so its just more,heavy-duty its better for searing,things like that so thats the upgrades,that you get when you go to the LT model,and again this is our bestseller because,its right in that sweet spot its a,premium product you do get some upgrade,to bells and whistles but youre not,breaking the bank and going crazy person,rotisserie is still an option so you,still dont get it standard on the LTE,now lets go find one of the big dogs,lets find a Perl model around here Im,excited to check out that grill because,thats when were getting into some,serious grilling lets go find it,so here it is heres the big dog in the,lineup this is their Pro Series which is,their highest end product that blaze,offers now you do go into several,upgrades we still get the interior,exterior lighting that you can see here,the actual way the grill sits is a,little bit different you can see this,lip is a little bit bigger here its a,little bit beefier looking and then the,space with our warming rack and,rotisserie is taller so we have more,space on our height within the grill,itself so again were now were starting,to see a different construction to the,grill Id again rotisserie is going to,be standard once you go to the pro model,but the biggest thing is these are these,are heavy Im going to tell you that,right now its the more of a hexagon,style shape and so super super super,heavy-duty an extra super heavy-duty,cooking grate so were going to a,premium upgraded cooking model with,those grates and then the actual,Cerre plates themselves are actually,heavy-duty – I dont know how much this,weighs but doing a side-by-side its,definitely heavier compared to the LTE,model so well give you close-ups of a,side-by-side between the two of them as,well but the biggest thing is the actual,burners themselves well give you a,close-up here okay so heres the burner,in this guy so you can see we go to a,much upgraded burner heavier-duty,its obviously more spread out so that,promotes more even cooking and its,obviously higher BTU so this is the,burner thats gonna be in the regular,model and the LTE this is the burner,thats going to go in the pro so you can,obviously see youre getting a much,better burner upgrade when you go into,the pro series also to each unit each,burner when you go to the pro has this,individual match lit tube option so for,some reason your igniters arent working,you can individually control each burner,with a match lit system so in conclusion,we want to simplify this process as much,as possible for you because its,confusing looking at all these different,products so lets quickly summarize the,differences between the three models so,it makes it easy decision for you at,home so essentially the the standard,model and the LTE are the exact same,grill theyre the exact same model,theyre built on the same platform,theres just a couple minor differences,in the grill themselves both grills give,you the standard cast stainless steel,burner but when we go to the LTE we get,interior exterior lighting and heavier,duty cooking grates so really youre,getting two upgrades when you go to the,LTE again lighting and cooking grates,but when we go to the pro thats why we,see more of a price jump because its,really an entirely different grill its,not built off the same platform as the,regular and the LTE you can see we have,a different front system taller hood,different burners heavier duty burners,heavier duty seats and of course heavier,duty cooking grates so really from top,to bottom everything is upgraded on the,grill in the Pro Series so when youre,wondering why is there such a jump for,the Pro its because its a completely,different grill whereas the regular and,LTE are built on the same platform,hopefully that helps clear up some,confusion trying to,figure out whats gonna be right for you,dont forget if youre in the Denver,metro area come down to our showroom,check out these products in person also,if youre interested in shopping or,perusing any of these products on our,website theres a link in the,description below in the video check,that out and you can check out all these,products on our website again dont,forget to subscribe it helps out our,channel a ton stay tuned for more videos,hey guys thanks so much for checking out,this video make sure to hit that,subscribe button subscribe to our,Channel today give this video a thumbs,up and stay tuned for more videos

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