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hi one hour smart home here and today,were going to review the,blink outdoor camera so weve got a,blink outdoor camera installed here and,these were launched,in 2020 so ive had this for about six,months now and were reviewing it in,june of 2021,the blink outdoor camera is a wi-fi,video camera that will allow you to,stream video clips,to your phone and it can also save video,to the cloud,now whats unique about the blink camera,is that not only can you save the video,to the cloud,but you can use a usb drive to save the,video footage locally,and then you dont have any kind of cost,for video storage,if you dont want it it also is unique,that this is a,battery-powered wi-fi camera so,you can install this even if you dont,have any existing wiring and it will run,on the batteries for,up to two years or thats at least what,blink claims,now in my testing it typically wont,last for,two years and thats based on the,previous generation of the blink camera,but in the six months that ive had this,the batteries have lasted so i havent,had any issues there,now the battery life is going to depend,on the weather conditions if its really,hot or really cold,thats going to impact battery life and,also what your motion detection,settings are so if youve got this in a,backyard where you dont have a ton of,motion,and you dont have this armed all the,time then you probably will get pretty,close to that two,years of battery life but if youve got,it so its constantly going,off and youre on a busy street then you,may have,issues with the battery life now if,youre worried about the battery life,with the blink outdoor camera you,actually have the option to have it,hardwired or,powered it has an adapter on the back,and you can just plug,in a usb cable for this theyve got all,kinds of adapters on amazon for the,blink camera,and then you can plug it into an outlet,outside or inside,and wire it into the back here theres,no actual wiring required you just plug,that adapter in,and youre good to go and then you dont,need to worry about the battery life,because its hardwired,and powered by that hardwired connection,now there are also other third-party,devices that will work with the blink,outdoor camera to power it up theyve,even got a solar panel that can power,this continuously you dont have to,worry about the internal batteries then,and theres a floodlight version where,you can attach this to a hardwired,floodlight,and then plug it into the front light,and it will be powered up,a hundred percent then and you dont,have to worry about the batteries,but in a lot of cases its nice to have,a battery powered outdoor camera,so that you can place it wherever you,want in your yard or on your house,even if you dont have existing wiring,and then youve just got to keep an,eye on the battery life and you can go,ahead and swap those,out when its needed now the blink,camera has,1080 hd video and its actually fairly,impressive for a,battery powered wi-fi camera in such a,small package,so during the daytime it has pretty good,resolution and you can definitely,identify,people and faces during the daytime with,that 1080 hd resolution on the blink out,door,now where it does struggle a little bit,is at night,it has a built-in infrared sensor and,youre definitely going to be able to,see,things like animals moving through your,yard or a person,moving through your yard but what,happens a lot of times,at night is that it really does wash out,the faces,if youve got that ir transmitter up too,high,and then at lower levels it doesnt,really have a good,ir and image sensor combination for,really seeing the features of someones,face,youll definitely be able to see a,person moving through your yard,at nighttime with the night vision on,and youll be able to see a car,moving in front of your house and youll,be able to see a pet or an animal moving,through your house,but youre gonna lack some of the,distinguishing features,when youve got this on with the night,vision now the solution to that,is that if youve got this near a flood,light thats going to automatically turn,on when motion is tripped the blink,outdoor actually has,fairly decent video quality when its,got some,additional lighting on top of the ir,footage,and thats going to help get a little,bit more out of this,if it is at night and youre trying to,see whats going on,but the daytime footage is really good,the nighttime footage is so-so,there are definitely better nighttime,cameras in nighttime sensors,than the blink outdoor however for a,battery powered,wi-fi camera thats really easy to set,up it will get the job done,and at night time where it really,struggles is far distances,and as somebody gets closer it actually,is semi-decent resolution and you could,make out someones face from lets say,four to six feet away if youre not,washed out with the ir,transmitter so if youve got it near a,door or an entry point or a window,that you want to look out for this does,a fairly decent job once someone is,close,but lets say 10 to 20 to 15 feet away,you are going to struggle with features,and facial features,at night with the blink outdoor camera,but during the day a great option and at,night a,so so option now its got built-in,motion detection and a built-in motion,detector,which do a very good job of detecting,motion,in my testing at about 30 feet it always,reliably trips,in anywhere inside of 30 feet it does a,good job of detecting,motion past 30 feet sometimes youre,going to get motion detection,sometimes youre not it really depends,on the size of the object,but in my testing that 30 feet is,actually a pretty good range in,further than you think when youve got,it installed,now the motion detection allows you to,customize,motion zones within the app so you can,set it to alert you,only when motion is detected in certain,areas,so if you do live on a busy street and,you want to block out,lets say sidewalk traffic in front of,your house in only be notified when,someones at your front door,you can absolutely do that with the,motion zones and,motion zone adjustment on the blink app,you can also adjust the motion sensor,sensitivity on the blink app,so that you can reduce the number of,false alerts,now one thing to note about the blink,outdoor camera,is that you will only be alerted to the,motion,and when motion is detected and it will,only record,video when you have the camera armed,so you can just leave the camera armed,all the time,if you want however youre going to be,recording a lot of footage then,and your batteries will wear out a,little bit quicker,now i typically only arm the camera,while im gone,but there isnt any problem keeping it,armed 24,7. but what i like to do because it is,compatible with alexa,is connect my blink video camera to,alexa,and then arm it or disarm it with alexa,as,im leaving the house and then disarm it,when i get back into the house,with a voice command so you can do that,and weve got another video that,shows you how to connect blink to alexa,so go ahead and check that out in the,description below,if you want to be able to arm or disarm,your camera with,voice commands another option if you,dont want to worry about,arming or disarming your blink camera is,you can set up a schedule,so that it will automatically be armed,at a certain time,during each day so you have a full week,calendar,and you could say arm it lets say at 8,pm,to 8 a.m every night automatically using,that schedule,or you could arm it every day while,youre at work,so if you dont want to worry about,arming or disarming you can set that,schedule,and then automatically have it turn on,or off and it will then,record motion activated clips now it is,important to note,that it will not record video footage,unless,motion is detected and or you click,on the blink camera in the app and,select it for a live view to then,record footage and save it so you can,always get on your app and,then just go ahead and click the live,view and start recording video footage,but other than that its only

this is the blink outdoor a high-end,outdoor security camera for your home it,offers excellent recording capabilities,a solid build quality and a long list of,features for a reasonable price so this,is a no-brainer if you want an,affordable security camera right well,not necessarily the camera has compact,all black frame with rounded corners and,it features a robust ip65 weather,resistance rating that can withstand,heavy rainfalls the base is made from,plastic and it feels sturdy enough to,maintain the desired camera angle but it,tends to creep when you moved around,while i was disappointed that it,requires a hub to operate the sync,module is relatively unobtrusive and,contains a reliable 2.4 gigahertz wifi,radio and offers an impressive wireless,signal range i also like it comes the,usb port so you can connect external,devices to store footage locally you,should also know that it runs on two,double-a batteries that can last up to,two years per charge which is much,longer than any other competitors at,this price range unfortunately you have,to purchase a subscription for,cloud-based storage but the plans are,reasonably priced the base plan is only,cost three dollars a month or thirty,dollars a year and it provides 60 days,of rolling storage for a single camera,it also uses blinks photo capture,feature which captures still images,every hour and assembles them into brief,clips to show what happened prior to,motion triggered events you can also opt,for the more comprehensive plus plan,from 10 a month or 100 a year and it,offers storage for multi-camera setups,if youre looking for an alternative,with lower monthly storage fees the,blink xt2 offers free cloud storage no,matter the date of purchase but it lacks,a usb port for local storage the setup,and installation process is intuitive,and doesnt take much time to set it up,you need to download the blink home,monitor companion app create or sign,into your account follow the on-screen,prompts and enter your wi-fi credentials,to connect the sync module hub and name,your system you can also scan the qr,codes on the module and camera for quick,and easy pairing i believe the video,quality of the blink outdoor is a,standout feature considering the price,unlike the xt2 it uses a flat recessed,lens to reduce lens flare and direct,sunlight unfortunately it has some,slight barrel distortion but its not,very noticeable and doesnt take away,from the quality captures full color,1080p footage at a smooth 30 frames per,second to deliver a sharp crisp daytime,image with plenty of detail the 110,degree field of vision is solid but,other options offer superior viewing,angles i like that it automatically,switches to infrared vision in low light,which produces a monochrome picture with,decent clarity but objects over 10 feet,away lose definition it also has a,built-in speaker for two-way audio and,the microphone can reliably register,noises the motion tracking feature,offers solid utility and can reliably,detect people and wildlife and you get a,prompt notification without frequent,false alarms by the way if youre,enjoying this video give it a like it,really helps our channel grow and if,youre looking for any updated pricing,check the links in the description with,the blink outdoor you should also note,that the companion app provides,impressive customization abilities for a,budget camera it allows you to set,motion privacy zones camera sensitivity,enable two-way talk functionality or,adjust the length of footage although it,has somewhat limiting 60-second maximum,you can also view a live stream and the,settings screen allows you to monitor,local storage or configure the video,quality the neighbors app is a useful,community tool that delivers useful,safety alerts from neighbors or law,enforcement i also like that its,compatible with alexa voice commands and,easily integrated into amazon ecosystems,so you can easily connect it to your,echo devices hassle-free but its,incompatible with google assistant if,youre looking for an alternative with a,wider range of voice assistant support,the yscan v3 supports google assistant,but has slightly inferior recording,capabilities and a less user-friendly,app overall the blink outdoor is an,impressive camera that comes with,several useful features with its,detailed 1080p images good low light,recording performance several,customizationable settings and long,wireless range its not difficult to see,why its received so much attention will,the camera suit every user not quite the,blink xt2 we mentioned earlier offers,free cloud-based storage and the wyzecam,v3 comes the wider range of voice,assistant support the blink outdoor has,an intuitive app an easy installation,process outstanding battery life and,ability to store footage locally i think,its an excellent option if youre,looking for a quality outdoor security,camera but hey thats just my opinion,why dont you guys tell me your opinions,in the comments if youre looking for,any updated pricing check the links in,the description if you enjoyed this,video or learned anything give it a like,and subscribe if youre new to the,channel and like short informative tech,videos but until next time ill see you,guys later

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every once in a while you stumble across,a simple product that has a huge impact,on your life for me this has been these,battery operated cameras offered by,blink out of the box they have a two,year life with the lithium batteries,provided and while you can purchase a,subscription for extra features like,video recording and motion sensing you,dont need any type of monthly,subscription just to get live video view,so once you buy the device your only,necessary cost is going to be your,battery replacement every two years and,thats going to be two double a lithium,batteries now i dont know about you,guys but i hate going out and buying,something and then finding out later,theres strings attached in terms of all,of these additional costs this is,definitely not the case here so were,going to be unboxing setting up and,reviewing the blink indoor camera as,well as the blink sync module good news,the setup is also identical for the,outdoor cameras and as were going to,talk about soon i do have experience,with both the indoor and the outdoor,blink cameras now this video is not,sponsored by blink however there are,going to be amazon affiliate links down,below and since blink is actually owned,by amazon you can rest assured knowing,youre getting the best possible prices,using the amazon links below thank you,for your support so before we get into,the review lets take a look at my,existing blink setup at my primary,residence down in florida and for those,of you who dont know i actually have my,primary residence now in miami beach so,for the summer im currently here in,upstate new york visiting family and,staying at the apartment that i keep,here so before i left florida for the,summer i installed a total of eight,different blink cameras across my,florida property that ended up being,four of the blink indoor cameras four,outdoor cameras and then two of the,blink sync modules i now have a birds,eye view inside and outside of my entire,property and since this property has,both a main house and a guest house,there is a lot to keep track of there so,heres how easy it is i simply open the,app on my phone and choose which sync,module that i want to view now since i,have both a main house and a guest house,i used two blink sync modules just to,make sure there wouldnt be any,connectivity issues now in the app at,any point in time i can simply click on,any of these cameras and get a live view,within seconds now heres the cool part,you can also talk into your phone and,theres a microphone on the camera so we,use this to basically yell at our dogs,when were not home and theyre,misbehaving no randy,another cool feature is you can actually,get data from these cameras such as,temperature so if youre curious what,temperature that the location is where,your camera is at you simply click on,the settings and it shows you the,temperature so not only am i able to,keep track of my property visually im,also able to check the temperature of,these different cameras to make sure,that all of my air conditioning settings,are still running the way that they,should be and thats pretty important,because last year i actually had my air,conditioner go out at the property and i,didnt know for a couple of weeks and it,was over 80 degrees and i ended up,having a little bit of mold problems now,another thing this has alleviated for us,is package theft we were having packages,getting stolen left and right because,once in a while ill have something,shipped to my florida house without,realizing it now we can simply check the,camera and then send a text to one of,our helpful neighbors and they just,grabbed the package for us and that has,totally alleviated that issue for us,thus far so thats the final product,its peace of mind supplied by this,birds eye view of a given property the,question is how do we get there so lets,get into the review here of the blink,indoor camera right off the bat lets,talk about your upfront out of the gate,costs so i ended up paying,83.99 for the indoor camera kit however,there was a lightning deal going on that,i took advantage of and that saved me a,whopping 56 dollars so my all in cost,here ended up being about 90,after taxes for these two indoor camera,setup at my apartment,now the regular price for these cameras,is typically,139.99 so if you dont catch it on a,sale you might spend about a total of,150 dollars and if youre curious about,any current sales or promotions the most,current promotion is available via the,description down below now comparatively,my all-in cost for my blink setup down,in florida was closer to 600,and thats the difference between having,two indoor cameras on one sync module,and then having a total of eight cameras,across two different sync modules,installation which im gonna show you,soon is a total breeze all youre gonna,need is a screwdriver and a smartphone a,drill might make your life easier,depending on where youre attaching the,camera but thats not necessary were,just going to be screwing it into,drywall at my apartment so were not,going to need to drill but for the,outdoor cameras we attach those to 4×4,posts so we did have to drill pilot,holes for those so if you know how to,use a screwdriver and then a qr code on,your phone you are fully qualified for,this blink camera installation so now,lets talk about the blink sync module,because this is where things get,interesting in terms of potential,flexibility so when you order a two,camera blink kit no matter if its an,indoor kit or an outdoor kit its going,to come with one of these blink sync,modules this is essentially a device,that youre going to plug in and its,going to allow your cameras to connect,to your wi-fi but lets say you wanted,to use each of these cameras in,completely separate locations and im,not just talking about different,locations on the same property im,talking about two entirely different,properties so lets say for example you,have a main residence and then you also,have maybe a lake house or,office that you keep somewhere and you,wanted to split your cameras up between,these two places well as long as you,have a wi-fi signal at all of these,properties the only additional piece of,equipment that you need is another blink,sync module which is going to run you,34.99,that would enable you to take a,two-camera setup or even a multi-camera,setup and then have these cameras at,completely different properties also you,might need multiple blink sync modules,if you have a sprawling property like i,said i have a guest house and a main,house so i ended up doing two modules to,alleviate any potential connection,issues however its also convenient to,have them organized under two separate,modules so when im looking for the,particular cameras i can switch between,the main house and the guest house very,easily now im going to be installing,both of these indoor cameras here at my,apartment so im just going to need one,of the blink sync modules which came,with the original two cameras but if in,the future i wanted to lets say add one,of these cameras at my rental property,lets say in my barn for example i could,simply use the extra blink sync module,and split these cameras between two,different properties okay guys so lets,move on to the unboxing and take a look,at what you get alright so lets go,ahead and open up the box here so the,first item that we have is the blink,sync module two and as we mentioned this,is what you would use if youre looking,to use the cameras in completely,different properties now were not going,to be using it for this installation but,let me go ahead and open it up just so,you know whats inside now as we said,earlier this also enables your cameras,to connect to wi-fi but the cool thing,too is that it has a usb port as well,which you can use for a flash drive if,you want to store any of those video,files you might need a subscription for,that i cant attest to that because i,dont use that functionality but that,does enable you to do this if you are,interested so yo

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hey guys doc so Ive gotten a lot of,requests about information on my blink,camera systems because I have so many of,them so Im going to do a video but my,video is going to be different than most,of the videos youre going to watch on,blinks and Ill explain why so hold on,[Music],okay doc so why is your video different,pretty simple I am one of the only,people in the world,that has purchased five blink security,systems,the whole systems I have purchased on,myself number one I dont take any free,product blink has never given me,anything I have purchased five blink,security systems all toll I probably,have close to 30 cameras on those,systems I have used blink systems for,now its coming up on what almost over,three years so pretty good testimonial,and hopefully good information for you,guys okay first in the description below,Im gonna put one link so I can keep it,updated that link will take you over to,a page on our website and on that page I,want to put a link to the group,to the system sales to the system page,on the blink cameras why is that its,because,they sell the systems you can get a One,camera two camera all the way up to,eight camera system and you need to,choose how many cameras you want under,your system and I recommend that you buy,more than you think why is that its,because if you go and buy an actual,add-on camera they can run anywhere from,like 60 to 80 bucks but when you get,them inside the group package its,almost half price so youre better off,to get more cameras and trust me youll,at some point youll say man I wish I,had a view of this instead of this,trust me I got enough cameras I know,so Ill put a link to that the other,thing Im going to put a link to I have,in the past recommended these silicone,covers which I really like the camera,just slides into it this time I figured,Id go ahead and try the hard camera,its a hard camera and the reason why,Im trying this is because it has a,little bit more of a canopy on the top,for rain sometimes if you have a big,Windstorm and Rain your camera can get a,few raindrops on it this one has a,little bit longer hood on the top so I,figured Id try it so I want to put a,link to both of those,uh either one is good the only problem,with the hard ones is that the hard,covers they have a small Phillips screw,that you screw it together inside the,camera the silicone actually just pops,right in silicones a little bit easier,to deal with but either one works fine,and Ill explain why Im going to put a,link to those so yes I have five systems,I have purchased five systems one of the,systems I will say that I gave to my,daughter as a present its a good time,to do it Christmas these make great,Christmas presents so I gave one when my,daughter and son-in-law bought their,house I gave them a blink system and,they have it installed they have uh,three or four cameras all around the,house she also is using it for a baby,monitor so she bought an indoor version,and is actually using it as sort of a,baby monitor as well too I thought that,was a good idea now the link Im going,to go to is I buy all Outdoors blink,Outdoors so its the blink outdoor,camera is what you want,um Ive been using those now I,originally I my first system wasnt the,outdoor was the original one I just like,the outdoors better I have a system at,the beach house,and whats nice about the system at the,beach house is we did a complete,renovation while we werent there and I,was able to watch the entire renovation,anytime I wanted to,thats the Fantastic thing about this,Ive got one on our home here and then,our new Farm property which is having a,full renovation done on it which well,move into probably sometime in January I,have cameras all the way around and Im,able to pull it up at all times Im able,to see what contractors arrive Im able,to pull up and look at the progress Its,So Nice it really is nice its such a,peace of mind you know if anyone comes,onto your property you know it so,wheres the other one oh the other,system is at the shop at our,manufacturing shop we have a system over,there with three cameras over there as,well too so,Ive got the Ive got lots of experience,with it lets talk unboxing I hate,unboxing videos theres nothing worse,than watching an unboxing video for half,an hour when you can do it in probably,60 seconds lets unbox it so when you,get it it just depends on the number of,cameras youre going to get but youre,going to get the main controller unit,this is what a main controller unit,looks like this is the brains of the,operation,the next thing youre going to get,youre going to get cameras and I call,these dummy drones and Ill explain that,in just a second so you get your cameras,it comes with lithium batteries it comes,with Energizer lithium batteries and you,have to use lithium batteries inside of,it it comes with the Snap-on mounts Ill,explain why I dont like these Snap-on,mounts but you can use them and then,theres a power cord,theres a plug and a power cord which,goes to your main controller,okay so what do these each do,this is the best way I know how to,explain it this is the brain of the,system this controls all of your camera,this controls and this stores all of,your all of your programming is stored,right here so this is The Mastermind we,got it so if you put a schedule in if,you tell the K you want this camera to,record for 20 seconds versus five,seconds if you want to enable motion,recording its all stored here its,really not stored on the cameras the,cameras are simply dummy drones they,just are dummy drones they dont do,anything the only thing they do is they,detect motion and they record and thats,it got it so they do nothing so you can,have as many as you want now you can,have 10 cameras,her system so per brain Center you can,have up to 10 cameras that is a common,question I get how many cameras can you,get 10. how many users can use the app,thats another question I get you can,share the app as long as someone has,your username and password they can log,in and they can look at the system my,wife has it and sometimes Ill give it,to my son like if he wants to look down,at the beach house or something Ill,give it to myself,so yes you can have multiple people use,the app and they can all log in and see,it uh first of all on the cameras,theres a little rubber thing on the,back,take that off throw it away,and then this is what I dont like about,their system but you can use them this,is a little this is what you screw into,the wall and then this in some manner of,fashion,snaps into it okay,and thats so thats the mounting system,it works okay if you want to use that,use that if you want to start with this,start with that what I use is I use the,I like the silicone covers or the hard,case covers,they are a little bit longer Peg and you,get a little bit more flexibility and,you can have an arm that sticks out and,look around corners and different angles,so again if you want to use these mounts,that come with it otherwise use the hard,or the silicone covers either one I like,them both about the same battery life,lets talk battery life it never fails I,always get some people to say I had a,blank camera and the batteries only,lasted two weeks Im like dude what are,you doing are you pointing your camera,at a highway I have again about 30,cameras and I have never had a camera,battery last less than two years so Im,sure theres something going on with,someone somewhere where they say it only,lasted a month or two months Ive never,had the batteries last less than than,two years,so that is that is true their claim of,two years is true night recording is,pretty good you can control it has an IR,so it has an IR light it shoots out,light and it does night recording and,you can adjust the intensity of that IR,that infrared light you can adjust the,intensity and Ill go over some of that,in the settings Im going to go over,some important uh settings for you guys,too,so thats the unboxing of it uh thats,my story of my blinks I use the

so this is the new blink outdoor camera,whats the difference and is it better,than the blink xd2,lets find out,[Music],hello guys life hackster here today we,are going to check,and test out the new outdoor camera from,blink,this is going to replace the blink xt2,so well do the unboxing,check out its features check out the,video and audio quality,and do some testing im not going to,compare it side by side with the blink,xt 2,because this model will be phased out,anyways,but ill tell you what are the,differences and if there are any,improvements,and see if this camera will replace your,blink xt2s,or you need to buy more xt2s before,their stock runs out,lets check out the features first as,the price the one camera kit that comes,with the sync module 2 is,priced at 100 and it gets a bit cheaper,when you buy a 2,3 and 5 camera kit so this is the blink,outdoor,battery-powered security camera it has a,2-year battery life,weather resistant day and night hd video,it has 2-way audio and it records when,it detects,motion and it works with amazon alex a,now this camera will have two storage,options which also,differentiates this with the outgoing,model the blink xt-2,it has cloud storage and if you create a,blink account before,april 15 2020 you will still get the,free cloud storage,added to your account just like the,blink xt-2s which only has cloud,recordings,but after that date this camera will,need a subscription plan,new users will have a free trial until,december 31st,after that it is going to be,subscription based which starts at 3,per month or thirty dollars a year for,one camera,they have the plus plan which is ten,dollars per month or a hundred dollars a,year for unlimited cameras in one,location,and your recordings will be stored in,the cloud for 60 days,but before dissing this option this new,outdoor camera and also the same with,their new indoor and the blink mini,it can record and store video clips to,the blink sync module too,now you have to keep this box because,this is the only place that says,view them in the blink app we will talk,more about this later on so you have to,keep watching,lets check out this cameras specific,specs it has a 110 degree field of view,and records at full hd,1080p at 30 frames per second in the,best video quality in daytime,and 15 fps at night this is weather,resistant with an operating temperature,of negative 4 degrees to 113 degrees,fahrenheit,time to open up the box we have the,quick start guide,we have the blink sync module too we,have the wi-fi,and power status lights on top we have,the micro usb port for power,this needs to be plugged in and we have,the usb,port on the side and this is for the,thumb drive that you need to plug in for,local storage,this sync module is exactly the same,size wise and ports,like the older sync module you can,connect up to 10 cameras in one sync,module,for local recording you can insert up to,64 gigabyte usb,flash drive then we have the power,adapter for the sync module,5 volts and 1 amp we have a short 1,meter,micro usb cable then we have a folded up,sync module 2,important product information we have,some mounting screws,then we have the part of the mount that,will be used for horizontal or ceiling,mounting,and also used to screw in or screw out,the back cover from the camera,and ill show you later on how it works,now we have the new blink outdoor,new sleek design i just dont like the,glossy finish,we have the camera lens in the middle,with a light sensor status light,mic and infrared led in the front pir,sensor on top,and we have the speaker holes in the,bottom part on the back we have a,slotted screw to open or close the back,cover,and we can use the tool earlier to do,that there is a rubber flap on the,bottom that covers the micro usb,port then we have another speaker holes,on the back,to open up the back cover unscrew the,screw using the tool,then it will open up the battery,compartment where you need to install,the double a,lithium batteries then we have the mount,which is the same as the one that came,with the blink xt2 and,we have the two double a lithium,batteries,time to set this up download signup and,log into the blink home monitor,app click the plus sign on the upper,right corner,so well install the sync module to,first so choose blink wireless camera,system,scan the qr code which is on the bottom,part of the module,name your new system which ill name,mine blink outdoor,plug in the sync module and wait until,there is a blinking blue,and steady green lights choose the wi-fi,network that youre going to connect to,type in your wi-fis password and click,join,and wait until the sync module is added,time to set up the camera click the plus,sign again then choose,blink wireless camera scan the qr code,which is in the battery compartment of,the camera,now choose the sync module that youre,going to connect to,then install the lithium batteries and,wait until the camera is found and,connected,and if you have amazon alexa already,linked to your blink account,it will be automatically added update,the firmware if needed and wait until,the camera is added successfully,time to test the live view,and yes it works as you can see there,are some lag just like their older blink,xt2 system,lets check out the settings in the app,on the main app page you will see a,snapshot,capture of your camera click on the,video icon to load up live view,load up time is okay now you can save,the recording of the live footage by,toggling save,if not it is not recorded push and hold,the talk button to start two-way talk,then you can mute or unmute the speaker,on top,clicking the camera icon will take a,snapshot which will replace the current,thumbnail of the camera,thats the only purpose of this it will,not save the snapshot to your phone or,to the cloud,now we have the running mine icon on top,which is your motion detection,on or off click on the three horizontal,lines to get to the camera settings,where you can change the cameras name,battery status,and one unique feature of blink cameras,are temperature monitoring,you can set alerts if the temperature is,in between 40 degrees to 90 degrees,fahrenheit,and you have an option to calibrate the,temperature,we have motion zones on or off and you,will have a grid,pattern where you can tap areas you,dont want to be monitored and it will,gray out,you can toggle it to advanced which the,grid will zoom in and smaller grid shows,up to fine tune your motion zones,then this is new for blink outdoor and,indoor cameras,privacy zones you can tap and drag up to,two privacy zones,we have the re-trigger time which is the,cool-off period of the camera you can,choose from 10 seconds to 60 seconds,we have the motion sensitivity from 1 to,9,then the recording length from 5 seconds,to a minute,and clip early if motion stops turn it,on to save battery life,early notification which im glad that,blink added this to the xt2 and also,their new,cameras it used to be that blink will,record first for however long your clip,length you set,and that is the only time it will send a,notification so your notification can,range from 7 to 8 seconds to more than a,minute,then we have motion recording you can,toggle it to off if you dont want the,camera to record motion events,but still wanting to be notified ok on,this feature,im not sure who wants this option but i,think more people wants the opposite,for camera to record and not be notified,like snoozing the alerts,then we have night vision off on or auto,then infrared intensity low medium or,high,you can turn on or off the mic and,adjust the volume,video quality you can choose saver,standard or best,and best is 1080p full hd at 30 frames,per second,status led on or off if you go back to,the main page click on the sync module,and this is where youre going to see,the local storage,option ive added a thumb drive with,mine and the sync module 2 can handle up,to 64 gigabytes of usb,flash drive you can toggle clip back up,to on,and it says here that

like comment and subscribe for more on,the latest tech home fitness and,lifestyle products with real life,applications,all right guys lets go ahead and get,into todays video hello everyone,in todays video were going over the,blank outdoor battery powered security,camera,this is the three camera system and in,todays video,unlike most of my videos instead of,doing the normal unboxing because i have,already unboxed this fantastic product,today were going over all of the pros,and cons,that go along with the blank outdoor,im extremely excited to get into,todays video as always i want to give,you all a little bit of a disclaimer,this video is sponsored by absolutely no,one,so it would be greatly appreciated if,you like,comment and subscribe to my channel and,go ahead and support me any way you can,i would greatly appreciate it guys,lets go ahead and jump into todays,video first off im just gonna go ahead,and peel open the box right here,just to show you all exactly whats,inside of the box when you do receive,the blank outdoor security camera system,these ones are all still brand new and,as i said before it is not sponsored i,paid for this one as well,so lets go ahead and jump into a little,bit of the pros and cons while we take,our camera system out,because i do uh want to go ahead and get,it ready for installation,here after a while im not going to be,doing that within this video,but i do want to go ahead and get that,ready and i will do that in a later,video as well,so today i want to go over the pros and,cons first of all,these are fully wireless cameras and,that means that they are going to be,easy to install,no mess to deal with with all of the,actual,wiring and no box thats included the,only thing you have to worry about,is this blink sync module that youll,have to plug in as well,and a wi-fi connection but,they do have easy diy installation as,well which is another pro,super great and definitely needs to be,considered as a pro when you think about,purchasing this camera system,the third pro that i can think of is a,lightweight,minimalistic design as you can tell it,is very,small and it is square so it will fit,into a lot of good,nooks and crannies i do like the design,overall,and it is definitely lightweight,especially without the batteries once,you place the batteries in,the weight is greatly increased in,comparison to the,amount that it weighs without the,batteries but,amazing cameras when it comes to,lightweight minimalistic design,and we also have a 1080p hd video,resolution,now this one is not a big markup from,the blink,xt2s and hopefully on the next,series of blinks we will include 4k,video resolution i would definitely like,to see that,i dont know how much i could consider,that a pro,but 1080p is something i guess i would,consider,a pro as well so we also have,as a major pro for me especially,especially because my dogs are outside a,little bit and sometimes i like to,monitor them through the live view,and my dogs listen to me very well so if,i need to talk to them,they can even hear me through the blink,camera system when i use my two-way,audio two-way audio can help with many,different things as well,but our actual sixth pro,would be considered the infrared night,vision,now this one is uh increased from the,last one the clarity is a little bit,better,and to me because i did have the xt2,system as well,it does seem a little bit better at,night and,a bubbly design doesnt give it that,that weird,that weird look i think it looks a lot,more clear,and sharp during night with the current,look now we also have low-cost cloud,storage,but this is low-cost cloud storage and,well go over that a little bit as well,that is a pro and it is a con,at the same time so well go over that a,little bit,later and heres another pro that i,would also,consider a con at the same time it just,depends on,who youre speaking with and what,perspective you have about the blank,home security camera system,and what youre going to be utilizing it,for how many cameras youre going to,have,how much this is going to matter but the,local,video storage and the local video,storage,for a lot of people on my unboxing,videos and stuff,the blank subscription plan and then now,the free local storage,is a deal breaker for a lot of people so,if you guys feel that way as well,please leave a comment down in the,comment section below so i can keep,more of a tally on the deal breakers and,just comment deal breaker,down in the description below if you,find that the,video storage subscription cost is a,little bit too much,and that the local storage doesnt work,properly,in order for it to be an adequate camera,system for you to choose,now we also have smart home integration,as another,pro so that is a great one too you can,integrate it with other smart home,devices and is completely,alexa compatible so thats fantastic as,well,but now since were in some of the,major pros and uh ready to move on to,the cons if you guys,do have any extra pros or any other,great things to say about the blank home,security camera system,please also leave those comments down in,the comment section below,and let me know your thoughts on that as,well but now,lets go ahead and jump into the cons,and see exactly what my perspective,and what i believe other perspectives,are uh,to be considered cons on the blink,outdoor,and indoor security camera systems as,well,now it also lacks advanced motion,features,now it does have a little bit of,customization and you can,set dead zones and trigger different,motion times and have it set and arm and,disarm at different times and stuff,it does lack advanced motion features,and i,bet well be able to see some of those,coming with the next,lineup of blank home security camera,systems,the app setup can be glitchy ive heard,a lot about the app glitching out every,now and then,and sometimes peoples backups of their,clips,not being go uh not being backed up at,that daily,line when it is supposed to now,app setup can be glitchy other than the,app setup being glitchy,we also have to rely on a wi-fi,connection which is my third con,and relying on a wi-fi connection is a,good and a bad thing it doesnt mean we,have to be wired in,but relying on a wi-fi connection is,kind of a con,kind of a pro once again its a little,wishy-washy,we have no continuous recording because,then that would cause,so much storage guys continuous,recording,is virtually impossible unless youre a,gigantic business theres no,need for it anyway with the motion,alerts and everything,you should be pretty good the continuous,recording would cost so much in storage,and data that it would drain your,pockets dry,but the fifth con right now is,requires a separate hub to connect and,thats where,the sync module comes in handy right,here the sync module is actually,very sleek looking and is also small in,design as well just,about the same same size as the cameras,a little bit smaller but that is a,fantastic product and it actually looks,great inside of your home normally,depending on what furniture or whatever,you have,actually designed within your home but,yeah about forgot guys im supposed to,be taking out the footage here im just,going over everything and just,completely forgot that im about to be,setting up my cameras but,yeah i also wanted to go over again the,low-cost cloud storage that i consider,a pro and a con and a lot of people do,too its just a different,perspective for each and every one of us,but the low-cost cloud storage a lot of,people dont want to have to pay for the,cloud storage,three dollars per camera or ten dollars,for an unlimited amount of cameras but,when you think about it if you were to,have,20 cameras for instance if you were a,medium or a large size business,and you paid the 10 per month thats,only 50 cents per camera,and that is an amazing deal guys,that is fantastic but when you only have,three cameras and you pay the three,dollars a month thats nine dollars a,month,thats thats three dollars per camera,s

hey people whats up man huh,whats up people tony action i got the,blink camera system im giving one of,these away,by the way as a matter of fact its,gonna be this same one im gonna unbox,it all right,im gonna im gonna do a review on it,im gonna set up im gonna set it up,dont you love this view look at this,south florida ladies and gentlemen dont,let this these little cameras fool you,theyre packed with technology they got,motion detection i mean you can set up,these things called activity zones so,you can tell,hey forget about everything else i want,you to look at this only if theres any,uh changes over any movement,let me know the notifications are quick,youre gonna show it im gonna do all,this here,these cameras work outside in the,weather with no problem rain sleet snow,fire uh fire you know im gonna say hey,its got,its got infrared its got infrared so,whats good about it is at night time,it doesnt break a sweat man youre,gonna see everything thats going on so,check this out look at this view look at,the view man tony action look come this,way come this way,theyre saying that its two years of,battery life all right oh the double as,double a batteries you have to worry,about wires completely wireless people,completely and absolutely wireless,isnt that great i mean you dont have,to put any oh my god im going to get me,one of these,but i just did didnt i but im going to,give it away to one of you guys man,thats great,hd quality 1080p no people not 4k or 8k,whats up you people want to jump into,the 8k,bandwagon with a camera what do you want,you want to look at peoples uh,blemishes and stuff like that no youre,not going to look at my blemishes no,wait you know what this is from the,amazon people so it works with alexa,perfecta mundo not just perfect,perfect mundo two-way audio its got a,speaker and a mind you can talk to,people you see somebody in your house,you say hey yo with the red shirt i know,who you are,i know who you are im going over there,right now okay i have a little issue,with with this camera,i do the storage with the with the prior,versions the storage was free now its,not free anymore people but wait wait,wait wait wait wait dont freak out,dont freak out but figure out,for 10 a month you get unlimited cameras,you can put all the cameras you want in,your house anywhere,what more do you want man for 10 a month,you could put all the cameras you want,in your house or business man,awesome awesome without any further ado,im out of here man,there it is people the blink outdoor,camera system brand new from amazon look,check it out,they sell it they sell it in a one pack,and a two pack and a three pack i dont,know about four pack,but they do sell it in five pipe like i,did 400 bucks i think the one pack is,like 100 bucks,uh i think the two pack was like 180,something the three pack was like 250.,go check it out go check it out lets do,it quick unboxing lets go plastic,plastic off and there it is this we wish,you should have picked any mini mining,mode this one right here oh this ones,nice,lets take this off oh look at this,camera,it looks like this is packed with,technology people uh what is this this,is the,documentation you dont need that really,but you might want to check it out oh,this is the blink module people,blink module very importante theyre,nice the,the previous one was black all around i,have that one too i might do a review on,that one just for the hell of it,this this ones called the sync module,two all right here it is,yeah they got the yeah theyre not with,the c bandwagon yet but hey,what can i say and of course its the,plug here we go what else they got in,here what else they got here oh this,this people oh look the screws the,screws you got two screws,right here for this all right ill show,you how to do that i dont wear a bite,ill show you how to do that for each,one,all right now this thing right here very,important let me explain to you guys oh,this right here take it off,you take it off its how you open this,thing inside you go like this,screwdriver this is what this,is its a screwdriver okay thank you,very much you go like this,counterclockwise there we go the,batteries where the batteries,batteries come on where they go where,they go theyre here ah there they go,look the batterys right,there batteries over here hey lets take,this take everything out here man cause,im getting upset heres some batteries,right here,lets put these batteries in here with,the quickness were gonna put the,batteries in here okay left side okay,positive to the top and over here oh oh,oh oh positive to the bottom,i mean you close it back up man damn,right thats it,yeah you unscrew it screw it back in,there we go oh right here right here see,this is water this water resistant by,the way rather proof this thing right,here for uh for the charging of the,batteries those charge those are,rechargeable batteries you can put,rechargeable batteries in here,and you charge it right back up they say,two years but people with the two years,i dont know what to tell you about that,man its gonna vary man its still gonna,get nowhere two years people look at,when,once it starts blinking like that red,its ready to go to get get hooked up,now listen this right here this is how,it goes you see screws,two screws right here look at this you,take this off make sure you take this,off people,because now you pop this in thats how,you connect it,thats the base you just connect to the,base put the two screws in there put it,anywhere over here over there in your,head wherever you want to put it you can,put it all right,with the screws people you need the,screws,they have made the xt they made the xt,they made the xt2 and this is the,outdoor,this is the outdoor clean they didnt,call it the xt3 for whatever reason they,called me up and i told them hey man,dont call it the xc3 call it the,outdoor they did what i said,all right you should do remember do as i,say not as i do thank you very much,lets go okay now what im gonna do is,im gonna put im gonna im gonna show,you guys about the app the app is very,important if you dont get the app,forget about these cameras will not work,you need the blink app all right all,right people here we are im using an,iphone by the way all right so you got,to go to the app store,for you i enjoy people like me you know,where to go right i got to tell you come,on,google google anyway look the blink home,monitor app click on it pops up all,right,install it get it the quickness install,come on,lets go lets go okay now people here,we are this is it the blink the blink,monitor app now listen,youre going to put in your email youre,going to create a password remember what,i said about password people,dont put a little password there with,your phone number or i love tony or,something like that dont do that man,make it 15 20 characters long man im,sorry upper and lower case stuff like,that,create an account all right people and,you know itll stop lets lets,do this real quick united states of,course im on the united states,okay next what is your email address,you guys take it from there you guys,know people once you have uh installed,the blink app like i,tony actually told you you got to come,over here you got to click right here,first you got to,start syncing the module first you got,to do this first people all right lets,go,click there uh blink would like to,access your camera you say yeah,see were ready to go okay so yeah let,me cover this up a little bit with the,barcode right there you scan it right,there people see right there you scan it,right there you gotta scan that whoo,there we go and then your system you,gotta name your system we call i think,were gonna call it the action,action system man come on what else,were gonna call right people whats me,about this new,camera system that blink came out with,right that you could actually have local,storage how do you do it,you put the usb in here right but make,sure you take this plastic off people,please t

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