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today blink just released their new mini,camera but for $35 how good can it be,thats what were gonna be taking a look,at in todays video so stay tuned hey,welcome back everyone welcome to another,video we are taking a look at this new,blink meaning this actually just arrived,a few hours ago and Im pretty excited,to get my hands on it and start playing,around with it its $35 I would say its,a direct competition to why scams that,come in for twenty twenty-five dollars,depending on where you buy it but thirty,five dollars this is a 1080p camera it,has two-way audio motion detection so,itll trigger when it detects motion and,then it also has night vision so pretty,basic but I mean what do you expect for,$35 so an interesting thing with the,mini here they did a little something,different than theyve done with our,other previous blink cameras so in the,past if you got say the XT 2 which Im,using right now that has free cloud,storage on it so you can go in and in,the app you get a certain amount of data,on there to fill up for your cloud,storage now this one here does not have,free cloud storage for this camera here,you have to be three dollars a month for,cloud storage but theyre coming out,with a new option called module 2 so the,module 2 is going to allow you to save,clips locally in your house and only the,blank mini is going to be able to save,the clips locally which I thought was a,little weird it says right there if you,take a look at the Amazon page for the,module 2 which is coming soon that only,the mini can save clips locally if,youre gonna connect the XT to or blink,indoor camera or any of their older,products they do connect that module but,from what Im reading only the mini is,going to be able to record clips locally,so thats gonna be interesting Im gonna,I definitely want to check that out when,this comes out but anyway lets take a,look at what comes in the box so theres,not really much in here we have got the,camera itself so the camera has the,mount actually on it and just like with,the other blank ones you can pull this,off,so you can either put them out here on,the bottom or you can put it on the back,and that way you can either mount it up,to a wall if you want to like this or,you can just put it back here on the,bottom and actually I have a stand if,you just want to put it on – you know a,counter or something like that and then,you can move it in any direction you,want to and turn it around all that kind,of stuff the other thing that comes in,the box is weve got the USB cable and,then we also have a power adapter here,so you just take the cable plug it into,the power or it goes right into USB if,you have that option and plug it into,the back of the camera so the cable can,either come straight out of the back of,the camera or if we take a look at the,base here you can actually rewire this,the plate pops up here and then,underneath the plate you can run the,wire there to give it a cleaner look so,Im going to peel off this front sticker,so we can take a look at the front of,this camera if we take a look at the,front I can see it too IR sensors thats,gonna be for the night vision underneath,the camera itself its got a small,little hole thats gonna be for your,microphone and then on the top of the,camera is the speaker so thats a,speaker on top but I mean thats pretty,much it it is pretty straightforward,lets go ahead and set it up in the app,all right new camera is how to tap here,to take a photo all right here this so,that was really easy to do all I had to,do was bring it up in the app click on,add device I plugged the camera in it,asked for my wife right credentials so I,did need my password typed in the,password and that was it its now,connected running and working so that,was really easy now that we have it all,set up though Im gonna start playing,around with it today get some demo shots,for you guys I definitely want to get,some shots of night vision to show you,guys what that looks like so I will see,you guys a bit later this is an audio,and video test of the new blank mini so,I have it set up here in the office with,additional winding everything but I,wanted to test it out in the best,circumstances of how it looks and sounds,like about four and a half feet away,from the camera but this is an audio and,video test of the blank mini how does it,sound so far,gudiya little gap here,so this is what the camera looks like at,night all the way around we cant see,each other but here is a nice shot of,what the camera looks like how good is,it anything all right guys before we go,any further there was something that I,wanted to address because the default,settings with this camera or not gonna,be your best settings I have the app,loaded right here so above the picture,of the camera there are the sliders,were gonna click on that that is going,to bring us into the settings a couple,of things that I wanted to point out,that Im gonna change for the next set,of demos here is that the IR intensity,Im actually gonna put that too low just,because the infrared is just too bright,and I noticed that when I did the review,on the XT – so were putting that too,low and then video quality so video,quality by default is set to best best,is only 720p so all the previous clips,that you saw were only 720p quality,because this camera is plugged in and,not running off of batteries like their,other cameras Im actually going to,bring that up to enhanced and so from,the demos from here on out youre gonna,see at 1080p so take a look at what that,looks like this is what it looks like in,1080p is in rainy day today so hospira,it doesnt work yesterday but now we,have 1080p on it this is what it will,sound like looks pretty good doesnt it,so this is what it looks like on a night,vision this is with night vision,actually turn the intensity down to low,I did turn the video quality all the way,up to enhance were getting a 1080p,image but this is what they make it,looks like alright so what did you guys,think of the demos I personally thought,that they were really good for a $35,camera I thought that the image quality,was great a couple of things that I,wanted to mention with the camera,because blink is owned by Amazon these,do work with the Amazon products another,cool thing with this camera right here,is that if you have the echo show five,or ten or eight or any of the echo shows,that I actually have a screen on them,you can bring this camera up on the,screen and actually see the footage from,those devices now I saw no mention of,this thing being compatible with Google,or Apple home kits I wouldnt be,surprised if they probably integrate,those down the road but as of right now,I have seen nothing of that integration,right now I only see that it works with,Amazon products now as far as the app,goes I really like the app theyve,actually done a lot of improvements on,that app since I last tested it with the,XD to probably about a year ago and,theyve added a tab bar on the bottom,I actually just received an update a few,hours ago that it now integrates with,the mini which is kind of weird because,I had the mini installed all day but,yeah I updated the app and now it,officially works with the blink mini,here there is one complaint that I do,have with the app so I see the,notification the little red bubble that,pops up saying how many notifications or,camera triggers that I have if I go into,the camera and look at everything that,has,has been recorded there is no way for me,to get rid of that red notification,bubble telling me that Ive viewed my,things so if I go into another app say,you fee or Arlo cameras something like,that I can go in I can click on the,library see everything that happened in,that day whatever the notification is,for when I click out of it it clears all,those notifications I cant seem to do,that with blink I have to actually go,through each individual recording to,clear the dot which drives me crazy the,only thing that I have been able to see,to get rid of thos

whats happening panda nation Peter,Brown panda here lets check out the new,mini camera from blink this little,camera just came out and I love my bling,cameras theyre battery powered Wireless,and I use them for outdoor security so,that I didnt have to do a lot of wiring,but this one is the mini so this is the,smallest one its an indoor plug HD,smart security camera indoor only it is,not meant to be waterproof or anything,like that you can start here by,downloading the blink home monitor app,and theres a QR code to do it so we do,get a USB charging block we do get a,couple screws if you want to mount it,they are both Phillips head long wood,screws and then we also have what looks,like is a pretty long microUSB cable,here so this should give you a plenty of,range I would call this about 6 or 7,feet long its pretty long now heres,the camera itself remove before using I,will indeed and get the plastic off,there gloss white plastic housing and,blink is in the Amazon company I believe,we have little rubber feet down here and,then you can see all glossy housing,right there USB plug or the micro USB,will plug right in here and I guess that,little collar is a good fit for filling,in this portion you can see the little,holes around here those might be speaker,and a little venting right there that,might be a microphone pickup or I,actually think that might be gloss black,around here I think these might be you,infrared illuminators Im not entirely,sure and you can see the camera lens,right there and then it is on a little,gimble little ball joint good resistance,there so I can move it around like that,and kind of angle it however I like you,can see a reset button underneath there,so lets go ahead and open the blink app,and see if I can add this to my other,cameras opening up my blink app here and,I have the camera plugged in and Im,gonna go ahead and hit the plus button,and the mini camera says its right,there Im going to scan the QR code on,the back of the device here looks like,its found,Im going to add to my existing home,system Im going to check the lights and,it looks like we have the same lights on,both and looks like its putting on its,a little Wi-Fi network and that itll,connect to it awesome and now Im gonna,add it to my Wi-Fi network and it says,that it is added to my system now Im,going to grant microphone permission and,right now I have it listed looks like,with my other camera so lets try it out,this is the view through the blink mini,camera so this is what you would see now,I got to the room here went pretty well,so you know in most cases you might not,have it lit this well but this is what,you can expect and Im just using the,microphone thats built in here,I have the video and the audio is being,reported straight out of the camera so,representation of what you should be,able to expect so great for home,security monitoring baby monitoring your,pets making sure that the rooms arent,getting flooded one of the things that I,do want to mention here that even though,this is powered and could probably,stream live ongoing it does Ill use the,same settings that your external blink,of the camera used so you set the,recording length time in this case Ive,extended it to 30 seconds but sometimes,its only short is 10 seconds so its,limited in how much it will record and,thats because I think its using cloud,storage to do that but when it records,those clips you can download them to,your phone and take a look at them on,your own now lets check it out in the,dark so this is it filming in the dark,its not completely dark I still have a,light on back there but its using,infrared illuminator to light me up so,let me give you my final thought on this,camera I dont like it I think that this,is something that is basically just,trying to make it convenient to put into,the blink camera ecosystem the problem,with this is because it is actually,wired you could live stream from this,constantly its not a situation where,this has to record for short periods of,time because its trying to preserve a,battery and what it does though is it,behaves just like my blink XT cameras,which are only recording for 10 15 or 30,second clips,because its putting those clips into,the cloud as well as theyre trying to,extend the battery life because they are,cordless now because you dont have to,do that,I could radically I should be able to,turn this on and just watch what my dog,is doing all day long or what the cars,in the garage look like or just be able,to monitor the fireplace or something,whatever you want to do but you cant,really do this on here if you actually,go to a live view it will turn off after,its predetermined amount of time 10 15,30 seconds so if you want a live stream,and watch something I would get the wise,camera you know that is a $25.00 camera,its very similar to this its very,similar in size and it can just open,that and just watch a live stream for as,long as I want and I dont have to worry,about it shutting off after 15 or 30,seconds so to me this is more expensive,and doesnt give me as much flexibility,as the wise camera does so I would,strongly recommend picking up the wise,camera instead of this bling mini if you,want to pick up this or the wise camera,that I really like Ill put links to,them in the description below Peter,vampy end up out

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all right guys i have had my blink mini,camera for about five,months and within those five months,there has been a lot of things i,love about it and a lot of things i wish,i could change,with that being said stay tuned because,in this video im gonna be talking about,the pros,and the cons with the blink mini camera,so lets get right into it,[Music],whats happening youtube caesar random,here and welcome back to the channel,if youre new here please go ahead hit,that subscribe button follow me,today like i said were going to be,talking about the blink,mini camera and if you should spend your,money on it,so before i get into any of the pros or,any of the cons,i do want to say i have had this camera,for around six months,and so far i have loved it like,everything about it has been amazing,i use it to check on my dogs whenever i,leave or just to check on the house to,make sure its okay,but with that being said let me tell you,why i love it so well start off,with the pros so the very first thing i,love about this camera right here,definitely has to be the price so i,actually got this on sale for only 27.,i believe regular price it goes for,around 35,but for a camera like this it definitely,i mean,definitely is worth the price with the,amount of things it does,now with this camera it actually comes,in,at 1080p so the video quality is,very very good um at least its not 480,at least its not 720 its that 1080p,and let me tell you it just looks great,and,another thing i really love about this,is just the installation process,it is the easiest installation process i,have ever done,all you do take it straight out the box,plug it in on the back,and on the back youll actually see a qr,code and then,that is what you scan once you download,the app to set it up and its extremely,simple,its literally took me about like a,minute,maybe even less than a minute to,actually set up this device,so that is one of the major pros i think,that is great,as well as the two-way audio,so not only can you hear whats going on,in your house whenever you are watching,the video feed,but you can also talk back so,if you look at the top of the camera,there are speakers,right there so whenever you talk thats,where its going to be coming from,and the audio is actually like pretty,good im not going to say its amazing,but its good for what it does and its,good for the price,um here you go im going to go ahead and,test out the audio just so yall can see,how it is,whats up youtube go ahead like,this video and subscribe,testing also if yall can open the door,for me because i did not,bring my keys all right so like i said,with the pros i definitely love the,price its an amazing price,especially if this is one of the first,times you have ever used a security,camera,it also works with alexa another really,good thing is,that the image quality is amazing and,the two-way audio,those are my top three pros and that is,definitely why i love this camera,now the next thing that i have seen,people,talk about definitely has to be the size,when it comes to the size i know it says,mini,but this is actually bigger than a lot,of the cameras they they have,it is small but by any means it is not,tiny its still thick its still pretty,chunky,and if an intruder comes in they can,definitely see it unless you hide it,really really well,uh to give you a better idea of how big,this is i believe its,two two and a half inches um here is my,xbox controller,im just gonna kind of put it next to it,so you can see its,kinda like goes up to the b button,and its pretty thick so the word mini,in the name does imply that its small,which it is,but i definitely feel like with the word,mini in the name it should be a lot,smaller maybe the other ones are called,tiny i dont know but it,is a thick chunky little cube,um but like i said if you hide it then,itll be fine,but for what it does it really is,amazing,now the next thing i will talk about,that i believe,kind of is a con is just the amount of,time,you can actually watch the videos and,live feed for,so first you got to download the app app,is super self-explanatory,um theres a little spot to see all your,videos and all the captures,you can also set up motion detection so,whenever it does detect motion,itll start recording however it only,records,30 seconds or 60 seconds one of those,but is,not that long um i know when i am,watching the live feed,uh after like 30 seconds or 15 seconds,itll ask me continue then i have to tap,continue and then wait a little more,so i do wish it did capture a lot more,um footage however if youre just,checking on the dogs like me,then it should be okay but even with the,dogs i still kind of,you know wish i had a little bit more,time,obviously i know the more amount of time,it records,the more storage space it is gonna take,up which,brings me to my next point you do get,three free months of storage space cloud,storage space,when you get your blank mini camera with,that being said i think its three,months two or three months with that,being said,after that you do have to pay a dollar,uh,a dollar to 15 ill leave all the prices,right here,in order to actually save those videos,but dont worry,if you dont want to pay for it you,could still get a live feed,you could still talk to whoevers in,your house or,listen to whats going on in your house,you just cant,save those videos and re-watch them,thats the only thing,however with that being said i do,recommend that you get the storage plan,for a dollar its not too too bad plus,you know you could go back to those,videos and see what exactly is going on,now the thing really isnt too big of a,con for me,at this point i feel like im kind of,just nitpicking but,its the lag or the latency i dont know,which term is more correct,but whenever you know lets say ill put,it right here but,for instance whenever i wave my hand or,something,itll take about one or two seconds,before i,actually shows me waving my hand on the,app and the phone,it may be the signal but even when i,have good signal i do notice that there,is like a second or two of a delay,whenever i am watching the footage,so after outweighing all the pros and,all the cons,do i think you should spend your money,on this yes,why because its an amazing price and it,does a whole bunch of stuff,and not only does it have a whole bunch,of features such as,the two-way audio and 1080p picture,quality,it also is extremely user friendly,the app is super simple its super basic,trust me guys its easy to set up its,easy to view,and its easy to manage thank you all so,much for watching if you like the review,please,go ahead and like the video if you want,to see more reviews,go ahead hit subscribe and you can see,all my upcoming reviews,i hope you all have a wonderful day guys,and ill catch yall next time,peace,[Music],you

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this new amazon blink mini camera is,pretty sweet full hd,lets get into the video hey whats,going on guys chris back with you with,your next review video its a small box,well technically unbox it but its,going to be,for the new blink camera mini the mini,blink camera i was able to get my hands,on this with an echo show,eight thats an eight inch echo show i,have a five,unfortunately it wasnt shipped in time,they actually shipped this,first but definitely pay attention to,black friday cyber monday,deals i actually bought this combination,on prime day,but i guarantee you theyre going to,come back out with this deal i paid like,80,and a little bit of change for the echo,show 8,and the blink mini camera it was a,fantastic prime day deal i expect,it again to be for black friday or cyber,monday so im reviewing it now so you,guys can learn more about it pick one up,yourself ill link it in the description,box below you can pick it up now if you,want or pick it up closer to black,friday im expecting big things from,this,obviously blink cameras are high-end,its an amazon company,my home is a smart home i just got my,hands on echo.4th gin,if you want to see that video its on,the channel already they do offer a,cloud service which is a,subscription-based service well find,out how much that is when upon setting,it up you do get a free trial well find,out how long that is for as well,there is going to be a local storage,record and store video clips to the,blink storage,hub coming soon in your home and view,them in your blink app from anywhere no,monthly fee is required so thats going,to be nice when the hub does come into,play,this does have two-way audio so you can,listen,and speak thats great for such a small,camera as well has night vision of,course,motion detection alerts which is great,and you can push this,to your echo show so of course were,going to show you that in real life time,all right inside the box there and,underneath my thumb is a qr code,im going to go ahead and cover that up,because this is the internet inside the,box,is our small camera so lets go ahead,and grab this on out of here,also inside the box we have our mounting,screws our wall adapter there,usb and then our usb power plug here if,you are curious,tip to tip is about guesstimation six,foot long cable length you have a,micro usb on this side to a usb,and of course that would connect into,this wall adapter here,which is running five volt one amp so,lets go ahead and remove this,sticker here and first impressions you,know just a small,its plastic completely just a small,camera though,and the field of view is going to be 110,degrees diagonal,this thing does a very nice job so small,up to 30 frames per second recording,full 1080p,hd with a size of 2 inches,by 1.9 inches by 1.4 inches,and that is 50 millimeters 49,millimeters by 36 millimeters weighing,in at only,1.7 ounces 48 grams we have our,microphone input here,blink logo here what looks to be night,vision,lights here and here another some sort,of,led light or something right on the top,right there,swivels moves pivots and tilts all that,fun stuff there,you can of course mount that on a wall,having it come,down like this you guys get the idea,there swivels and mounts let me go ahead,and cover up this and ill show you the,back there,is the qr code on the back again thats,where your power plug inserts,right in that slot right there your,two-way audio speaker,to here for the person around the camera,to hear your voice through the app comes,out of this,obviously and then to hear them is going,to be the,microphone again right above the blink,logo here the only thing on the bottom,is your reset button right there all,right lets go ahead and set this guy up,hey guys i want to take a moment and,thank todays sponsor which is,manscape they have come out with their,brand new lawnmower 3.0,which is absolutely fantastic comes with,a clip guard i trim all my hair leg hair,underarm hair body hair is waterproof,you can use this in the shower,has an led light long lasting battery,and now theyre offering their brand new,performance package,if you guys want 20 off your performance,package or any other product they,offer use my code tips20 that includes,free shipping free international,shipping if youre overseas,and theyre giving you guys two free,gifts as well we have boxers,which are phenomenal we have the,preserver we have the reviver of course,the lawnmower 3.0 your charging cables,the boxers,and underneath is gonna be your travel,bag they also make a nose and ear,trimmer the weed whacker,check that out and they also make the,shears 2.0 a luxury grooming kit for,your nails you can check out my videos,for this,and they also make colognes if you want,to smell good,check out their cologne and their,cleanser hair and body wash,as well its a one-stop shop theyre,making awesome products again that code,is tips 20,20 off your entire order order whatever,you want,use that code for 20 off free shipping,thank you manscape for sponsoring this,video all right so,we are in the app it was pretty easy to,connect it all,im very familiar with security cameras,my channel has,a lot of security cameras that i have,reviewed so lets go ahead and take a,look at this one right off the bat my,first impressions,im gonna go ahead and hit that video,symbol here and im gonna be honest with,you my first,impressions its clean yes we do have a,little bit,of the sunlight coming in kind of a,little bit of a haze kind of washing out,the camera the camera is actually very,small,uh it looks of course hd to the left and,very clean over by the guitar,but lets go ahead and zoom into myself,and i definitely,look a little pixelated there that,definitely doesnt look 1080p to me,in the settings i have changed it to the,best as well,and my internet is actually very fast,again the guitar looks more clean,but it might be because its washing out,from the windows here where,well of course test some different,shots but over there towards the,projector it looks very clean i just,might be a little bit more pixelated,washed out,like i just said lets go ahead and take,a look at this first were gonna check,out,again i have really good internet were,gonna go ahead and check out lag time,now im gonna go ahead and put my hand,flat and as im speaking were gonna,find out whats going on with lag time,here so,one two three arm is up and that was,about one,second or maybe less than one second,bringing my hand back down,one two three arm is up and that is,almost one second so not bad not bad at,all,one two three right foot up okay,one two three right foot up okay,so about the same thing almost a second,if not a second on the dot,lag time delay time my camera is very,close,to my router so theres no interference,blah blah blah so youre going to get a,little lag time of course it is wi-fi,camera so of course you can do,two-way speech and listen you can speak,whats going on ive tested them both,unfortunately due to screen capture its,just not going to pick it up but it,works,very well my voice is very loud and of,course you can go ahead,and change that in the settings lets go,ahead and look at settings here,were going to go ahead and tap up there,above the picture,were going to go ahead and tap this,right here now they have some really,sweet settings here you can rename it,here,and thats what youre going to tell,your amazon device to push to,the name is the living room for mine,were going to go ahead and of course,show you that on my echo show next,motion detection i have enabled now this,is kind of cool the activity zones,check this out here so lets say you,have some pets or a toddler or something,or other,uh walking around and tripping up your,motion detection then you check off,these boxes and you update photo,you uncheck them if you want to go ahead,and cancel that,so youre going to get less false,notifications with that hit,done when youre ready to go re-trigger,time,you can toggle that sensitivity you also,can to

so today were looking at the blink mini,compact indoor smart security camera,its got 1080p hd video night vision,motion detection it comes in two,different colors black and white,definitely one of the more affordable,mini cameras out there it also is gonna,let you customize motion detection zones,so youre only alerted for certain,things it also has two-way audio pretty,easy to set up and it also works with,alexa so not only can you hear but you,can also speak to family friends,visitors right through the blink app,theres also a subscription plan for,cloud storage but you dont really have,to use that what i prefer to do is just,use local storage with a blank sync,module 2 where it takes a usb flash,drive and doesnt cost anything per,month you can arm or disarm this camera,right from the app or just stream live,video now this is made for indoors they,do have separate cameras for outdoor use,ive got a couple of those and those,actually work really good as well,pretty nice and long charging cable on,this one unfortunately it is micro usb,instead of usbc but considering youre,not gonna unplug this too often not,really a big deal usb wall adapter is,included safety information,as you can see this one is really small,and compact,if you want to stick this to metal its,got a magnet right there in the bottom,it rotates to just about any angle that,you would need,right there on the bottom is the reset,button,speaker on the top kind of hard to see,but right underneath where the qr code,is is your micro usb charging port,pretty simple design here on the front,with the camera right there in the,center blink logo right below it and you,can see the sensors for night vision as,well,can be a little tricky to get that,plugged in there in the back just kind,of wiggle it around a little bit and it,should slide right in then you can see a,green light on the left flashing blue on,the right as long as the lights,flashing blue on the camera it should be,ready to add once you download the app,all you got to do is hit the little plus,symbol up in the corner choose mini,camera scan the qr code on the back of,the camera since ive already got other,blink cameras im just going to add it,to my existing system then youll just,have to put in your password for your,wi-fi looks like mine has a firmware,update to do so ill just wait till it,finishes that once its added you can go,ahead and change the name of it im just,going to call it office for now youve,got a toggle for the motion detection,you can choose the activity zones,re-trigger time from 10 up to 60 seconds,sensitivity from low to high clip length,up to 30 seconds you can also end the,clip early if motion stops you can also,do early notification turn the motion,recording on and off for the night,vision you can turn it on off or choose,auto three different settings for the,intensity of the infrared light as well,you can also turn the audio on and off,speaker volume three different levels of,quality you can also flip the video if,you would mount this upside down status,led off on and recording as well you can,also change the wi-fi you can check for,updates and you can also delete the,camera right in here as well just make,sure after you make your changes to hit,save up in the corner now for some,reason if it doesnt show a thumbnail,that doesnt really mean anything i,dont know it just does that once in a,while theres also shortcuts right here,for motion detection you can also,silence the notifications down here in,the corners your live view,and then you can take a still image as,well you can mute the audio right up,here in the corner or hold the talk down,here at the bottom and then to go back,you just hit close so heres some quick,day and night footage just to give you,an idea of what kind of quality you can,expect from this blank mini security,camera so if your camera detects motion,its going to send an alert to your,phone all you have to do is just go to,the little play button there at the,bottom and youll see all the clips that,it captured you can view all of them,right there on your phone there in the,little window its pretty small and,vertical or you can even turn your phone,sideways and the video is going to be a,lot larger,you can also get the files off your usb,drive from the sync module thats going,to store all the clips from each camera,so overall pretty nice quality here by,blank not sure if i mentioned it earlier,but i do have several of these and so,far they seem pretty reliable and its,really tough to beat these cameras,especially when you consider the price,thanks for watching and ill see you on,the next one,[Music]

so the question came up this week whos,got the better budget camera is it the,blink mini or is it the wyzecam version,three these are both 35,1080p cameras so i thought in this video,today we would do a comparison between,these two we are going to see the,quality side-by-side comparison with,daytime and nighttime shots and were,also going to compare the features of,what both of these cameras offer so stay,tuned,hey everybody welcome back to another,video so when i was doing one of my,amazon live streams somebody posed the,question,is the blink mini better or is the,wyzecam 3 better theyre both 35 cameras,and i will say im a bit biased towards,wise i have a lot of wise products they,offer a ton of features with their,cameras but i actually wanted to do a,comparison between these two now i know,the wise has a lot more features well,be getting to those in a second but out,of these two cameras who has the better,quality whos got better video quality,whos got better audio quality that is,what i was looking for in todays video,and something that were going to be,jumping into in a second here now i do,want to mention that i do amazon live,streams im going to have a link below,for that if you guys want to check it,out i would love for you to check that,out follow me over there it is a great,way to get questions answered live i try,to do these live streams every saturday,morning and then usually wednesday,afternoon so if you guys have time to,jump on there you can ask me any,questions live that is a good way to get,some information now before we get into,what these cameras offer dont forget to,subscribe and hit that notification bell,so you dont miss out on future videos,like this one and with that said lets,go ahead and see what comes in both of,these boxes,alright so with the blink mini we have,the essentials weve got our camera with,stand weve got our power cable power,brick and mounting screws,so with wise its going to be pretty,similar weve got our camera with,attached stand power brick power cable,mounting screws quick start guide we,have got our wall plates and then our,tape to attach to the plate,all right lets start off talking about,the features with the blank mini so its,a pretty standard camera 35 dollars you,cant expect a whole lot from a 35,dollar camera with this camera right,here were getting 1080p quality its,got day and night video weve got,two-way audio motion detection its a,simple setup works with amazon alexa and,essentially what that means is that if,you connect it to your amazon alexa,account you can bring up a live view,either on,your echo shows or your fire tv sticks,so thats pretty cool right there to,bring up a live view so we do have a,couple storage options you can either do,the cloud storage i believe that is,gonna be about three dollars a month or,you can do local storage its just going,to connect directly to wi-fi you dont,have to have one of these sync modules,like you do with other blank cameras but,that is an option if you want to do that,if we take a close-up look of the camera,its pretty basic weve got our 1080p,sensor right there microphone right,below that its got a stand that you can,tilt in any direction but you can also,pop off the stand if you dont want to,use that get a little bit more low,profile if you want to wall mount this,thing you can also do that you can move,the stand to the back of the device to,wall mount it to mount the base you are,going to pop off the plastic ring on the,bottom screw that into place and then,you can go ahead and mount the camera to,the stand lastly weve got a speaker on,top and a reset button on the bottom,pretty basic,now lets take a look at some of the,features with the wyzecam version 3.,this is also a 1080p camera its got,some additional features though it is,weatherproof you can put this camera,outside if you want to do that weve got,two-way audio it has a slot on the,bottom of the camera for a micro sd card,if you put in a micro sd card you can,record 24 7. so you can set up,continuous recording on that micro sd,card or you can set up where its just,event based recording itll only record,if it triggers something so that is an,awesome option right there it does come,with free cloud storage but those cloud,storage clips are only 12 seconds not,ideal wise did just come out recently,with a paid version of their cloud,service i think its like a,dollar fifty maybe its three dollars,for that but thats just gonna be a,standard cloud storage where you can get,that so there is the option weve got,motion and sound detection sound,detection is not something that comes,with blank weve also got person,detection weve got full length motion,recording and we have got colored night,vision so there do has to be a little,bit of light for that colored night,vision but that is an option with this,camera this camera is also compatible,with amazon alexa google assistant and,ifttt so you can view your live footage,on amazon and google displays if we take,a closer look at the camera we see our,1080p image sensor we have got a,microphone right below that the stand,does pop out so the stand is built into,the camera which is pretty cool,underneath the camera we have got two,rubber seals one is going to expose our,sd card the other one is a setup button,on the bottom of the mount itself it,does have a screw hole so you can put a,screw in the wall and kind of hang this,camera to that another cool feature with,the bottom of the stand is that it has a,magnet built in so if there is a metal,surface around you can just connect this,magnetically looking at the back of the,camera we have the speaker and then a,cable coming out with a weather sealed,end this will allow you to put the,camera outside if you want to so,comparing the features between these two,cameras wise comes out as a clear winner,but theres one feature that i feel like,most people want to use with these,cameras and that is live view so whether,you want to bring up live view to say,monitor a pet that youve left home or,watching your kids with a baby monitor,or maybe filming these through a window,to keep an eye on your kids outside live,view is an important feature now heres,one thing that i want to mention with,the blink camera if you bring up a live,view after 50 seconds you are going to,get a pop-up asking if you want to,continue watching the live view if you,click on continue every 60 seconds after,that you will continually get that,pop-up saying,essentially continue or are you still,watching if you do not click that it,kills the live view so youre only,getting 60 seconds at a time that is a,big downfall if youre looking for this,camera to watch live view now with the,wyzecam the live view capability on this,camera right here is,infinite you can watch as much live view,on this camera as you want now check the,forums and people are saying that even,though it is infinite you pretty much,can watch live view until the app,crashes which theyre saying is probably,anywhere from 24 to 48 hours so,essentially you can have live view up,all the time so for that feature alone,if you were looking for live view wise,is definitely the way you want to go but,maybe you dont care about live view,maybe you just want the best quality,camera out there both video and audio,that is the test we are going to do,right now were going to do a,side-by-side comparison of these two,cameras testing out their video quality,and their audio quality,all right we are testing out both of,these cameras this is the daytime shot,right now with the wise cam we do have,the sd card in there so its going to be,recording 24 7,with the,mini were only giving you 30 second,clips so lets go ahead and do a test,im gonna walk all the way back to the,kitchen about 25 feet and well see how,this looks and sounds,okay were starting out at about six,feet away from the camera,what it looks and sounds like im gonna,back,[Music],now i know its pretty echoing here but,this is what,all right we are taking

hey people whats up man huh,whats up people tony action i got the,blink camera system im giving one of,these away,by the way as a matter of fact its,gonna be this same one im gonna unbox,it all right,im gonna im gonna do a review on it,im gonna set up im gonna set it up,dont you love this view look at this,south florida ladies and gentlemen dont,let this these little cameras fool you,theyre packed with technology they got,motion detection i mean you can set up,these things called activity zones so,you can tell,hey forget about everything else i want,you to look at this only if theres any,uh changes over any movement,let me know the notifications are quick,youre gonna show it im gonna do all,this here,these cameras work outside in the,weather with no problem rain sleet snow,fire uh fire you know im gonna say hey,its got,its got infrared its got infrared so,whats good about it is at night time,it doesnt break a sweat man youre,gonna see everything thats going on so,check this out look at this view look at,the view man tony action look come this,way come this way,theyre saying that its two years of,battery life all right oh the double as,double a batteries you have to worry,about wires completely wireless people,completely and absolutely wireless,isnt that great i mean you dont have,to put any oh my god im going to get me,one of these,but i just did didnt i but im going to,give it away to one of you guys man,thats great,hd quality 1080p no people not 4k or 8k,whats up you people want to jump into,the 8k,bandwagon with a camera what do you want,you want to look at peoples uh,blemishes and stuff like that no youre,not going to look at my blemishes no,wait you know what this is from the,amazon people so it works with alexa,perfecta mundo not just perfect,perfect mundo two-way audio its got a,speaker and a mind you can talk to,people you see somebody in your house,you say hey yo with the red shirt i know,who you are,i know who you are im going over there,right now okay i have a little issue,with with this camera,i do the storage with the with the prior,versions the storage was free now its,not free anymore people but wait wait,wait wait wait wait dont freak out,dont freak out but figure out,for 10 a month you get unlimited cameras,you can put all the cameras you want in,your house anywhere,what more do you want man for 10 a month,you could put all the cameras you want,in your house or business man,awesome awesome without any further ado,im out of here man,there it is people the blink outdoor,camera system brand new from amazon look,check it out,they sell it they sell it in a one pack,and a two pack and a three pack i dont,know about four pack,but they do sell it in five pipe like i,did 400 bucks i think the one pack is,like 100 bucks,uh i think the two pack was like 180,something the three pack was like 250.,go check it out go check it out lets do,it quick unboxing lets go plastic,plastic off and there it is this we wish,you should have picked any mini mining,mode this one right here oh this ones,nice,lets take this off oh look at this,camera,it looks like this is packed with,technology people uh what is this this,is the,documentation you dont need that really,but you might want to check it out oh,this is the blink module people,blink module very importante theyre,nice the,the previous one was black all around i,have that one too i might do a review on,that one just for the hell of it,this this ones called the sync module,two all right here it is,yeah they got the yeah theyre not with,the c bandwagon yet but hey,what can i say and of course its the,plug here we go what else they got in,here what else they got here oh this,this people oh look the screws the,screws you got two screws,right here for this all right ill show,you how to do that i dont wear a bite,ill show you how to do that for each,one,all right now this thing right here very,important let me explain to you guys oh,this right here take it off,you take it off its how you open this,thing inside you go like this,screwdriver this is what this,is its a screwdriver okay thank you,very much you go like this,counterclockwise there we go the,batteries where the batteries,batteries come on where they go where,they go theyre here ah there they go,look the batterys right,there batteries over here hey lets take,this take everything out here man cause,im getting upset heres some batteries,right here,lets put these batteries in here with,the quickness were gonna put the,batteries in here okay left side okay,positive to the top and over here oh oh,oh oh positive to the bottom,i mean you close it back up man damn,right thats it,yeah you unscrew it screw it back in,there we go oh right here right here see,this is water this water resistant by,the way rather proof this thing right,here for uh for the charging of the,batteries those charge those are,rechargeable batteries you can put,rechargeable batteries in here,and you charge it right back up they say,two years but people with the two years,i dont know what to tell you about that,man its gonna vary man its still gonna,get nowhere two years people look at,when,once it starts blinking like that red,its ready to go to get get hooked up,now listen this right here this is how,it goes you see screws,two screws right here look at this you,take this off make sure you take this,off people,because now you pop this in thats how,you connect it,thats the base you just connect to the,base put the two screws in there put it,anywhere over here over there in your,head wherever you want to put it you can,put it all right,with the screws people you need the,screws,they have made the xt they made the xt,they made the xt2 and this is the,outdoor,this is the outdoor clean they didnt,call it the xt3 for whatever reason they,called me up and i told them hey man,dont call it the xc3 call it the,outdoor they did what i said,all right you should do remember do as i,say not as i do thank you very much,lets go okay now what im gonna do is,im gonna put im gonna im gonna show,you guys about the app the app is very,important if you dont get the app,forget about these cameras will not work,you need the blink app all right all,right people here we are im using an,iphone by the way all right so you got,to go to the app store,for you i enjoy people like me you know,where to go right i got to tell you come,on,google google anyway look the blink home,monitor app click on it pops up all,right,install it get it the quickness install,come on,lets go lets go okay now people here,we are this is it the blink the blink,monitor app now listen,youre going to put in your email youre,going to create a password remember what,i said about password people,dont put a little password there with,your phone number or i love tony or,something like that dont do that man,make it 15 20 characters long man im,sorry upper and lower case stuff like,that,create an account all right people and,you know itll stop lets lets,do this real quick united states of,course im on the united states,okay next what is your email address,you guys take it from there you guys,know people once you have uh installed,the blink app like i,tony actually told you you got to come,over here you got to click right here,first you got to,start syncing the module first you got,to do this first people all right lets,go,click there uh blink would like to,access your camera you say yeah,see were ready to go okay so yeah let,me cover this up a little bit with the,barcode right there you scan it right,there people see right there you scan it,right there you gotta scan that whoo,there we go and then your system you,gotta name your system we call i think,were gonna call it the action,action system man come on what else,were gonna call right people whats me,about this new,camera system that blink came out with,right that you could actually have local,storage how do you do it,you put the usb in here right but make,sure you take this plastic off people,please t

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