1. Brutally Honest BlockFi Review — 6 Months Later
  2. The Bitcoin Credit Card Is A Disaster…
  3. High Credit Limit Credit Cards | BEST No Hard Pull Credit Cards
  4. DON’T SWIPE THE BLOCKFI CREDIT CARD | Unboxing & Why I’m not Using It
  5. BlockFi Bitcoin Rewards Credit Card Review (1 Month Later)
  6. BlockFi Credit Card Review – How Much Bitcoin I Earned with 3.5% Cash Back
  7. Crypto Credit Card | Blockfi Credit Card | Blockfi Credit Card Review

Brutally Honest BlockFi Review — 6 Months Later

about six months ago i was the first,person in the world to get this credit,card this is the block five bitcoin card,it is the unlimited bitcoin back on all,purchases card and i thought it might be,my new everything else card,six months later its not but not for,the reason you might think,hey there dave here im going to tell,you how i actually am using this car the,pros and the cons of how this card works,some of the changes that theyve made,since i got this card and bottom line,would i recommend this card lets start,with a recap of how this card works it,is unlimited 1.5 back in bitcoin which,1.5,is not the best rate for credit cards,but with bitcoin prices doing what they,do it actually could end up being way,better than any of my other cash back,cards so its sort of a gamble on,bitcoin it has two percent back after,you spend fifty thousand dollars,annually that is two percent on the,amount over fifty thousand dollars and,that resets annually you earn three,point five percent back during your,first three months on up to five,thousand dollars of spend i did my best,to take advantage of that but i ended up,not actually hitting the full five,thousand dollars uh you also earn four,point five percent interest on your,bitcoin and up to nine and a half,percent right now on stable coin there,are no annual fees no foreign,transaction fees you can get,pre-approved for this card with no,impact to your credit if you do try this,card please do use my referral link its,down in the description theres some,other block fight benefits for card,holders you can get point two five,percent back when you buy crypto on,block fi thats up to five hundred,dollars per month they used to have a,two percent boost in the apy for stable,coins for people with the block fight,card and actually if you applied for the,card before december 1st youll continue,to get that two percent for a full,calendar year from when you get the card,but they got rid of the two percent,boost and thats not the only change but,the other changes i think are all good,they raised the interest rates on stable,coins it was in the five to seven and a,half percent range and now its nine,percent for all of them and nine point,five percent for tether and thats for,everyone not just card holders which is,a really good rate for stablecoin,especially since its just a simple,interest account you dont have to stake,coins for any set amount of time you can,move them swap them you can cash them,out,of course i wouldnt recommend cashing,them out unless youre just really into,paying taxes but if you already do have,the card you can double dip with that,two percent boost so nine and a half,becomes eleven and a half percent and,that two percent is capped at an extra,two hundred dollars per month so two,percent on up to ten thousand dollars of,your stable coin the other big change to,this card it is no longer just the,bitcoin card you can actually earn in,your choice of any crypto on block five,youll learn the same 1.5 percent,whether its ether or litecoin or basic,attention token or uniswap or any of,these coins or you can choose one of,these stable coins if you dont want to,gamble on crypto but i wouldnt do that,because you can earn more than 1.5 back,on a bunch of other cards i think the,only reason to have this card is for the,possibility of a long-term huge upside,without any extra effort and one thing i,know the us dollar never keeps up with,inflation,by definition so pick which coin you,want to earn in you can change that up,to midnight on the last day of the month,so if you like to buy the dip you can,pick whatever was down for the month i,used this card fairly regularly actually,almost exclusively for the first three,months to get the 3.5 intro bonus i did,the math to figure out what my effective,earn rate would be if i were to cash out,of bitcoin today and that would have,been 3.85,cash back so very respectable especially,for an everything else card a little,more math at bitcoins all-time high the,effective rate would have been 5.18 at,the 52-week low 1.94,and when bitcoin eventually hits 100 000,i will have earned a whopping,7.51 some other things to know about the,card blockfy integrates with mint but,not with truebill or any of the others,that use plaid they have a really good,website an app interface autopay is easy,you can review purchases and rewards in,the app and on the website the pdf,statements actually do not show your,rewards because rewards are accumulated,based on the calendar month and rewarded,on the second friday for the prior month,which is a little confusing if youre,used to seeing rewards on your statement,especially if youre making a youtube,video about it and wanted to calculate,the value of your rewards but its,really not bad at all you still earn,bitcoin with every purchase bitcoin gets,deposited every month it just makes it a,little more challenging to make a video,about it i actually consider this my fun,credit card for rewards its not my,primary cash back card because my other,cards can earn two to five or even more,back on every purchase if you think,about it even averaging three percent,using other cards you would get double,what this card gives you back and of,course im all about simplifying things,the block fight card does make it super,easy to rack up free bitcoin but if you,really wanted to maximize your bitcoin,heres what i do use a different card or,my two to three card system to earn at a,higher rate and then i think its too,much hassle to actually cash in all,those cards every month to buy bitcoin,but if you were to just estimate your,monthly cashback based on your annual,spending and then set up an automatic,repeat trade using blockfy and their,automatic trade feature youd actually,be buying more bitcoin than you would,earn with this card and youd still be,dollar cost averaging on all your,purchases and youd be automatically,earning interest on all your crypto so,it might sound like im not recommending,this card but thats just for me and,other credit card nerds like me who are,really into maximizing the rewards if,youre more of a normal person yes i,actually do think that the block fight,card is a great fun way to play with,crypto for free with your credit card,cash back this card really does check,all the boxes for me no annual fee no,foreign transaction fee no cap on your,bitcoin earnings theres a bonus if you,spend more theres no rotating,categories to keep track of you can set,it and forget it and id imagine that,bitcoin is going to outperform the,dollar but let me know what you think,let me know if you have this card if,youre going to get this card if you,used my referral link use the comments,this card does have me kind of,rethinking my whole credit card strategy,and the whole idea of crypto instead of,cash im gonna be making some big,changes to my credit card strategy next,year so if you want to see what i end up,doing,subscribe,that is it that is the latest wait,before you go i do have two quick things,first the blockfy referral link will,give you up to 250,of free bitcoin so make sure you use,that also im still working on the,cashing in all of my credit card points,from last year and i will post that here,as soon as it is done so stay tuned,subscribe that really is the latest room,here im dave hansen ill see you back,there for the next hey there dave here

The Bitcoin Credit Card Is A Disaster…

whats up you graham its guys here and,its about time we talk about something,thats been getting brought up a lot,lately well companies are all out there,desperately scrambling over each other,to try to find a way to capitalize on,bitcoin almost hitting its record high,again of 60 thousand dollars we have the,birth of something brand new never seen,before thats about to come into,existence for the first time ever and no,im not talking about my brand new vlog,channel down below in the description,called this the family instead were,talking about the brand new bitcoin,credit card and why not getting one but,i gotta say even though i was really,looking forward to something like this i,was left feeling empty and disappointed,after looking into it further for,reasons which wouldnt be so obvious at,a first glance so heres why but before,we start if you want to help me feel a,little bit less disappointed and empty,after reading through it and analyzing,all of the fine print all you have to do,to make me feel better is to smash the,like button for the youtube algorithm,you dont have to go all crazy on it,like this guy or even this guy but if,you just give it a quick and gentle tap,it helps up my channel tremendously and,makes all of this research one thousand,percent worth it so thank you so much,for doing that and also big thank you to,hellofresh for sponsoring this video but,more on that later now initially i gotta,say at first glance i thought this is a,really cool concept and instead of,getting paid back in cash youre getting,paid in bitcoin which if elon musk keeps,tweeting about it and it goes to the,moon theres a small chance that bitcoin,reward may very well pay for your entire,purchase at some point in the future but,then of course i started looking into,the fine print and that is where things,started heading downhill pretty quick so,right off the bat heres the big appeal,one and a half percent unlimited cash,back on everything paid back to you in,bitcoin now in order to be eligible to,receive that award youll have to have,an account with block fi which is,basically just an interest bearing,account where they will hold on to your,crypto currencies and pay you back up to,9.3 in interest depending on what you,keep on their platform so in this case,if you spend two thousand dollars on the,credit card and receive thirty dollars,back in bitcoin as your one and a half,percent reward that bitcoin will also,earn an additional six percent annually,on the block fi account however heres,where things start going,well bad even if you hold on to your,bitcoin reward for the entire year and,your one and a half percent reward grows,by an additional six percent thats the,equivalent of you getting 1.59,unlimited cash back on all of your,purchases paid to you in bitcoin which,honestly,is not that good like getting cash back,on credit cards is absolutely nothing,new the city double cash gives you two,percent unlimited cash back on,everything the discover it gives you,five percent cash back on revolving,categories and the amex blue cash,preferred gives you six percent cash,back on groceries so really all this,credit card does is pay you less money,back for the convenience of investing,bitcoin on your behalf in really small,increments and in order for that to,compete with the two percent unlimited,cash back on the city double cash card,the price of bitcoin would have to go up,33 in a month just free to break even so,from purely a number standpoint the math,just isnt there that would make this,card worthwhile based on a one and a,half percent return but wait theres,more the rewards dont stop just there,and they give you the opportunity to,make up to seven hundred and fifty,dollars more just by doing the following,the first is through a signup bonus of,250 dollars worth of bitcoin when you,spend three thousand dollars on the card,in the first three months now i hate to,be a debbie downer with this but when,you look at this credit card objectively,spending three thousand dollars for a,sign up bonus of 250 on a credit card,that gives you one and a half percent,cash back on bitcoin its just not that,good for example you could get up to,five percent cash back on the chase,freedom flex and get a 200 signup bonus,for only spending hundred dollars in the,first three months the capital one,quicksilver also gives you a two hundred,dollar signup bonus with five hundred,dollars spent and the bank of america,card gives you two hundred dollars when,you spend a thousand that means you,would literally be able to get all the,offers i just mentioned and have 350,more left over while still spending a,thousand dollars less than you would,need to on the block fight credit card,thankfully though they do try to redeem,themselves by increasing your reward to,three and a half percent between months,four and six of using the credit card,but they kept that benefit at only a,hundred dollars worth of bitcoin again,at that level you may as well just use,another cash back card that doesnt,limit you to only a hundred dollars,worth of a reward although now heres,where parts of the card get interesting,and how it maybe might be worth it,depending on how sophisticated you are,with using its features but really quick,dont you hate it when youre in the,middle of making money and then you have,to stop everything to try to figure out,what to eat well thankfully our video,sponsored today hellofresh has come to,the rescue hellofresh is a meal delivery,service that cuts out stressful time,intensive meal prepping so that you,could actually enjoy cooking with dinner,on the table in just about 30 minutes,which by the way is way less time than,it would take to get in the car drive to,the grocery store figure out what to buy,stand in line pay and drive back and,then finally attempt to cook something,with this you get to skip through all of,that and begin to make chef curated,meals delivered right to your door at,their peak freshness and flavor its,also insanely delicious theyve got so,many recipes to choose from every single,week theyre packed full with healthy,options for everyone and youve,literally got restaurant quality meals,that you can make yourself with produce,that gets to you faster than a grocery,store plus their pre-portioned,ingredients means theres less prep,theres less wasted food their carbon,footprint is 25 lower than that of meals,made from store-bought groceries and,theyre committed to giving back having,donated over 4 million meals in 2020.,and listen i just got to say its flat,out good food and theyve made the,process as streamlined as possible for,you to save time eat a healthy,home-cooked meal and have a good time in,the process without worrying about,forgetting ingredients at the grocery,store for a happy customer and if you,want to try them out too go to,hellofresh.com and use code 12 gram to,get 12 free meals plus free shipping yes,you heard that correctly free food its,really just that easy hellofresh.com use,code 12 gram get 12 free meals and free,shipping im really happy they decided,to be a part of this video because this,has been the tastiest sponsorship i have,ever done enjoy all right so now that we,got your meals taken care of heres,where the rewards get slightly unusual,depending on what youre doing with them,first by getting the credit card theyre,gonna be offering you an extra two,percent interest on your daily,stablecoin balance paid in bitcoin up to,200 a year now for those unaware a,stablecoin is just a cryptocurrency,thats pegged to the us dollar one to,one so one dollar usd is always going to,be worth one dollar of a stable coin and,vice versa but on block vice platform,they will pay you a significant amount,of interest on your stable coins that,you keep on the platform now ill be,honest but ive never been able to,understand how they could afford to pay,you such high interest but either way,block fi will increase that interest,rate by another two percent up to the,maximum bene

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High Credit Limit Credit Cards | BEST No Hard Pull Credit Cards

so if you love credit cards with huge,credit limits then were twinsies and,youre going to find immense value in,todays video thats because on todays,video ill be talking about three credit,cards that offer huge credit limits and,that allow you to check if youre,pre-approved for them with just a,softball some people dive into signing,up for credit cards they like right away,and i think thats a huge mistake,especially since nowadays most credit,card issuers are allowing people to get,pre-approved through credit cards with a,simple pull aka no harm to your credit,score i mean i honestly believe getting,pre-approved is the best way to know,whether you can qualify for a credit,card or not before a credit card company,slaps your credit score with a hard pull,now for those who arent familiar credit,card pre-approval offers are simply,invitations to apply for credit cards,youll most likely be approved for in,other words if you get pre-approved for,a credit card you most likely meet a,certain criterias required to become a,cardholder so youll have a high chance,of getting that credit card if you were,to apply for it but this does not,guarantee an approval during a credit,card pre-approval the card issuer,usually asks for personal information,such as your name address social etc and,it uses this information to do a soft,pull on your credit which again it does,not affect your credit score whatsoever,after you submit all that information,youll usually get an answer right away,on whether youre pre-approved or not,but sometimes they may email you with a,response a couple days later on the,pre-approval offer youre gonna be able,to see your credit card terms such as,your credit limit interest and more,before even applying for the credit card,and the beauty is that it wont affect,your credit score which is awesome,having said that if you choose to move,forward and get the credit card thats,being offered to you then the credit,card issuer will do a hard pull on your,credit which will most likely affect,your credit score by a couple points,temporarily anyways now that were all,on the same page here are three credit,cards two of which i personally have,that offer huge credit limits and that,you can get pre-approved for with only a,softball the first credit card on the,list is the apple credit card ive had,this card for quite some time now and,im currently sitting on a 17,500 credit limit now the apple credit,card is a no fee metal credit card that,includes no annual fee no foreign,transaction fees and no late fees pretty,much no fees at all and it currently,offers three percent cash back on apple,products three percent cash back when,you make purchases with apple partners,such as uber eats t-mobile nike,walgreens and others two percent cash,back on all purchases when you pay using,apple pay and lastly one percent cash,back on all your purchases when you use,the physical apple card to pay theres,also no limit on how much cash back you,can earn with this card and youre gonna,earn cash back daily which is one of my,favorite things aside from the huge,credit limits that this credit card,offers now my favorite favorite thing,about this credit card is the ease of,use youre going to be able to access,your entire apple card and manage your,entire account all through the apple,wallet app this app color codes are your,transactions based on the types of,purchases you make and it shows you,exactly when where and at what time you,made those purchases which is great in,the case that you need to dispute,transactions and so much more plus their,customer service is extremely fast and,reliable i mean theyll literally reply,with an answer to any question within,seconds of you asking it you can even,ask for a credit limit increase and,receive one almost instantly all through,text on the wallet app which is a,feature i always use to request all my,credit limit increases oh and by the way,all credit limit increase requests and,grants result in only a soft poll,meaning you can ask for a credit limit,increase as many times as you want with,this credit card and it will not affect,your credit score at all on the wallet,app youll also be able to see an,estimate of how much interest youre,gonna need to pay based on the payment,amount that you choose to make where,apple suggests how much of your balance,you should pay in order to not pay,interest on that balance which is pretty,cool and lastly the apple card offers,extra perks and benefits such as,interest-free installment plans that,allow you to buy apple products and,finance them as zero percent interest,while earning three percent cash back,plus a feature called apple card family,which allows you to share your apple,card with a co-owner and add up to four,participants who can all benefit from,earning cash back and building credit,now ive got a video where i go over,this feature in detail and i also have a,full apple card review on my channel for,those that are interested in learning,more about this credit card ill be,leaving a link to both videos down in,the description for you guys so all in,all this card offers great rewards huge,credit limits the ability to increase,your credit limit with no harm to your,credit score plus you can get,pre-approved for it with no impact to,your credit score in a matter of seconds,off through the wallet app or on the,apple website now the second card on the,list is the sofite credit card ive,talked about this card in my channel,before so for an in-depth review feel,free to check that video out now i,applied for the sulfite credit card,about a month ago and i got pre-approved,for it with a 9 000 credit limit which,is pretty high but ive seen people get,approved for up to a 25 000 credit limit,with this credit card which is even,higher so to begin with this credit card,is designed to help you save invest and,pay down debt youll be able to earn two,percent unlimited cash back on are your,purchases when you redeem points to save,invest and pay down eligible debt but,only one percent when you redeem towards,a statement credit in other words the,way you redeem your cash back will,ultimately determine how much cash back,you earn with this credit card on top of,unlimited cashback sofi is currently,also offering a signup bonus where,youre gonna be able to earn a four,percent cash back for 30 days straight,after signing up for the sofi credit,card so if youre interested in signing,up for this credit card and earning,double the cash back feel free to sign,up using the link down in the,description or in the comment section,and with this credit card youll have a,variety of ways to redeem your cash back,which includes redeeming towards cash,savings a statement credit fractional,shares through sofi invest as well as,cryptocurrency which not a lot of credit,cards offer youll also be able to,reduce your cards apr by one percent,when you make 12 on-time payments of at,least the minimum payment which is a,little bonus for those who might need to,carry a balance in addition to that this,card is a no annual fee credit card has,no foreign transaction fees and its a,world elite mastercard which means that,youre gonna have access to extra,benefits discounts and rewards this,includes getting rewarded towards,spending unpopular brands such as lyft,doordash postmates and others discounts,on travel hotels car rentals etc and,benefits like cell phone protection,id theft protection zero liability,protection 24 7 global assistance and so,much more so as you can see this credit,card comes packed with a bunch of,rewards and benefits on top of the,potential high credit limits but in my,opinion there are way better credit card,offers out at the moment the main reason,why this credit card made it to this,list is simply because you can get,pre-approved for it with no impact to,your credit score and you can,potentially get approved for up to a 25,000 credit limit in my case i got this,card because my goal is to have a credit,limit of 100k among al

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DON’T SWIPE THE BLOCKFI CREDIT CARD | Unboxing & Why I’m not Using It

check out what just came in the mail,[Music],nice hey whats going on guys adam here,and welcome back to the channel so yeah,i got my block fight card in the mail,and as you can see here it is unopened,uh so i want to take this time and do an,unboxing,but also discuss why i wont be using,the card even though im going to keep,it open,if you want to find out more detail i,would check out my,full review that i did a few weeks back,uh basically covers,everything in excruciating detail so,uh if youre looking for like sources on,what im saying and stuff its all in,that video,so last video i said that this video was,going to be about a project i was,working on,but then this guy came in the mail so,that will actually be the next video,this is not the big project that ive,been sweating over,that would be pretty sad uh but if you,do want to see that,make sure that you are subscribed down,below uh and turn on bell notifications,and you know might as well just hit the,like button while youre down there,right so with all of that out of the way,lets open this guy up i got my phone on,a little tripod here so that you guys,can get a little bit better,view so before i switch to this view,this is the package that it comes in,just,fedex um probably not that interesting,but figured id throw that out there,okay so lets go ahead and turn this guy,on and well switch over to the phone,all right so cool so this is what it,looks like when you first get it you see,that its still,sealed here its just one of these,little tear strips uh,on the back you see that it is coming,from long beach so,if you are in uh southern california,youll probably get it pretty quickly,one last look,before we go ahead and open it heres on,the regular camera,so lets go ahead and rip this off,nice all right so open this up pull this,out,ive already seen people unboxing this,but this is basically what its going to,look like so i can do this you know ill,just hold it up here,and then you just do this and it pops,out let me see if i can re-center that,and it pops out of both sides like that,theres the card itself and if we take a,look scroll over here,it says finally earn bitcoin with every,purchase,and turn over what does that say i,actually didnt know about this,what does it say back here okay this is,just instructions for,activating the card okay easy enough,and nothing over there okay and then,obviously got the block file logo,so very cool this is very unique for a,credit card,gotta say ive never seen this before,and ive unboxed a lot of credit cards,so lets go ahead and show this again on,here because you know everyones,this is everyones favorite part of the,card pull,bam nice,okay so i actually just decided im,gonna do this for the rest of the video,[Music],just kidding i wouldnt do that to you,of course i always try and bring you,guys,as much information as possible as,quickly as possible,so i will go ahead and take out the card,from here nice just slides right out,its a cool little,uh like circuit background in the end,little motherboard action going on,um and so this is what the card itself,looks like,here it is on the main camera so,pretty cool yeah its awesome card,okay i dont know i know i know its,metal but it looks its got this like,blue outline um so kind of look and,block my face,uh i kind of looked uh plastic for a sec,but no its definitely metal,so cool now lets go ahead and switch,back to the main camera im gonna go,ahead and turn this off,so lets talk about what you actually,get for swiping this card,you get 1.5 in bitcoin on,all purchases then youll get two,percent back,once you hit a 50 000 spending threshold,so anything,above that nothing below but everything,above,fifty thousand dollars spending you will,get two percent back with this so as far,as that one point five percent rate goes,its,pretty standard its not good and its,not bad um,youre gonna get that rate with the,chase freedom unlimited or,the capital one quicksilver uh as well,as many other cards,so you know its all right uh that two,percent that you get,once you hit 50 000 in spending uh,thats you know not a lot of us,are gonna be seeing that rate since 50,000 is a lot of money to spend,i did have one of my viewers tell me,that theyre going to use it as a,business card which actually is a good,idea thank you frank for putting that,out there,something to think about not many of us,are actually going to be seeing that two,percent rate so next up,this card also gets you with 3.5 back,up to 100 in the first,three months uh so basically this would,require you to spend,2 hundred and fifty seven dollars in the,first,three months that you have this card,open but you know if youre gonna spend,that money,anyway you might as well get the free,hundred bucks from this so,yeah just dont go out of your way to,spend that money because obviously,its its just not worth it so next up,this card also has no foreign,transaction fees,and best of all no more annual fee they,originally did have one on this card,and they thankfully got rid of it um,that made this card actually worth it to,get,so some other benefits of this card,include point two five percent back,in bitcoin on eligible trades up to,five hundred dollars per month which,that would require,two hundred thousand dollars in spending,which is a lot,so yeah probably not too many people,going to be seeing that um and if youre,trading 200,000 uh in bitcoin,you do not want to be using block five,because they,yoink one percent of that on every trade,so,i would switch to an actual trading,exchange,like i dont know gemini active trader,or binance or you know any of those,uh just because they are going to be,charging you less in fees so finally the,best for last,that you get with this card is its just,a passive,two percent increased which is additive,apy,on stable coins that is capped at 200,per year so the baseline apy for stable,coins,is 7.5 up to 50k,and then 5 after 50k so what this is,going to do,is bump that first that 7.5,now goes to 9 up to 50k,and then the five percent goes to seven,percent,after 50k so hopefully that makes sense,but yeah you basically just get an,additive two percent,apy on this card and so to hit that 200,per year that is going to take you,holding,ten thousand dollars in stable coin on,block five,uh which is its a lot but its much,more doable than like the,fifty thousand dollars in spending so uh,whatever stable coin i have,im going to be earning an extra two,percent on that so lets talk about why,i wont be swiping this card in its,current state,so i will only swipe it for the three,percent,up to one hundred dollars in the first,three months so basically their signup,bonus,the 1.5 percent rate like i talked about,its,its pretty standard uh its pretty,mediocre for the cards that i have,access to,uh theres plenty of other cards that,give at least two percent,like the city double cash the fidelity,credit card which i dont have but its,pretty identical to the citi double cash,the freedom unlimited paired with,the sapphire reserve so these two guys,freedom unlimited remember it gets you,1.5,back on uh all your spending,in points and then the sapphire reserve,makes your points worth 50 more 1.5,percent times 50,is two 2.25 percent which is more than,what you get with the block five card,and then lastly,you also get two percent when you use,the apple card,not the physical card but apple pay uh,at,you know any merchant so if you use the,actual physical card you only get one,percent so,ive literally never swiped this once,ive only used apple pay,because thats the only time its worth,it for me so basically the point is you,got a lot of options that will actually,give you,more rewards than the block fight credit,card um so,if you want to check these guys out ill,leave links down in the description ive,reviewed these on my channel i have not,done the apple card yet,but if you want to learn more go ahead,and check out my videos so next up the,rewards for,the block fight card are a

BlockFi Bitcoin Rewards Credit Card Review (1 Month Later)

sorry for all the cursing i am very,passionate about some of this stuff,because i have recently been,by this chase,points bull and im not very happy if,you can tell its very frustrating i i,like when things work i dont like when,things dont work and i pay 550 for them,block five though totally free whats up,youtube its your boy rat back at it,again with another video today were,talking about the first ever bitcoin,rewards credit card thats been put out,by blockfi ive been using it for over a,month now and so i wanted to go through,with you guys which features i thought,have been really helpful ill review the,user experience of the blockfy credit,card portal so you can get a general,idea of whats it like to use this card,day to day well talk about some of the,upcoming benefits theyre adding to the,card and then if you watch the end of,the video im going to be doing a high,level pros and cons and giving you some,of my final thoughts i think this video,might end up being super long because,im gonna try to pack in as much info,about this card as possible so this can,be really your one-stop shop to decide,all right is this card worth it for me,or not so bear with me and then use the,descriptions down in the timeline to,skip around the video to parts that are,relevant to you go down below smash the,like button and lets level up your,brain,so heres the card it is metal there are,no numbers on the front all the numbers,are on the back pretty nice card i have,no complaints i like the new style of,cards where the numbers are on the back,so you can kind of see the full design,of the front there is a bitcoin logo up,here and then block fi down in the,corner so pretty nice look and feel no,real problems or complaints from the,design perspective i think it actually,looks really nice and the bitcoin logo,is definitely a conversation starter,first feature that were going to talk,about today and really in my opinion the,most important feature of this card is,that there is no annual fee associated,with this card so while the benefits,might not be super incredible comparable,to like a chase sapphire reserve or,something theres also not a 550 annual,fee right this block fly card is totally,free and so all these benefits that,were talking about today are on a card,thats in my mind equivalent to maybe,something like a chase freedom so first,lets go over some of the sign up bonus,kind of features the first bonus is that,over the first 90 days you are getting a,3.5 back on everything as opposed to the,normal 1.5 back on everything that,youre going to drop down to after those,first 90 days and this intro rate of 3.5,percent caps out at 100 and so to get,that 100 you actually have to spend 5,000 in the first 90 days but if you do,you are getting that you know free extra,hundred dollars just a nice little sign,up bonus for you there not great but,its nice to have and again the card is,totally free there are credit cards out,there that are two percent cash back i,dont really care too much about the 1.5,two percent you know im not gonna try,to maximize point five percent,especially when this card is just,depositing the money into my block fi,account as bitcoin i think that the,convenience there is worth the half a,percent that youre maybe losing against,other more competitive two percent cards,the next feature is an extra two percent,apy on your stable coin balance in your,block by interest account and so thats,also basically just free money in your,first year in my opinion that stable,coin apy might even be better than the,3.5 100 that youre getting on the first,90 days just because your stable coin,balance can you know you can really make,that whatever you want within block five,depending how much you trust them,theyre giving you 0.25 bitcoin back on,their trading platform which i think,their trading platform is actually a,piece,so i dont think you should really be,using their trading platform their fees,are about one percent and thats,actually baked into the price that,theyre showing you so they claim that,its no fees but the price that they,show you on screen is actually higher by,about one percent than whatever the,current trading price is on gemini or,coinbase pro or binance or something,like that so in my opinion youre way,better off using strike or the gemini,api strategy than trading actually on,block fi so this benefit i think is you,know mostly useless and then finally,theres a referral friend bonus where,they tack on thirty dollars to whatever,your current referral friend bonus is i,think it starts out at ten dollars and,levels up maybe to twenty dollars so,this card would be taking that from ten,dollars to forty dollars and from twenty,dollars to fifty dollars for each friend,that you refer i almost wish that they,hadnt included this feature on the card,because i think its going to make,people like me and other youtubers that,are talking about this block by card,look kind of scammy and slimy and like,were just trying to get our,refer-a-friend numbers up by,you know talking about this credit card,so if you dont find this information,valuable or if youre going to get this,credit card anyway and im not you know,factoring into your decision at all,please feel free not to use my link i,dont want you guys to think that im,just making this video for the referrer,friend money it is obviously a nice,bonus to get and if you have friends and,family that are interested in crypto and,maybe theyre already into credit card,churning or getting new credit cards or,trying out new features this might be a,reason that you want to get the card so,that you can refer some of your friends,and family and get that bonus for,yourself and then obviously in the long,run its in block fives best interest,to get you to refer as many friends as,possible to up their brand recognition,just generally in the public so overall,i kind of wish the future didnt exist,but i totally understand why it does and,i think there are actually similar,features on other credit cards like i,know my marriott bon voy card there are,referral friend bonuses associated to,that i think its just sort of a shame,that this is sort of marketed as one of,the better features of the card this is,definitely the way that you would get,the most out of the card just because,1.5 back on everything is not a ton of,money so if i was going to rank the,features i think obviously the main,reason to get this card would be the,fact that you can get bitcoin back and,thats just really convenient right no,other card really is going to allow you,to get that bitcoin back no credit card,at least there are some debit cards out,there thats the first feature for me,the second one is probably the referrer,friend thats really where you would,make the most money with this card the,third would probably be that stablecoin,apy in the first year is going to be,really big for some people and then the,fourth 1.5 back on everything and some,of the features that were going to talk,about later in the video are relatively,compelling and maybe a reason for you to,jump into this card if you are,passionate about crypto or bitcoin there,are also some nice to have just regular,credit card kind of features on this,card i think the first one thats going,to be really helpful for people that,dont want a hard pull on their credit,score if they dont qualify for the card,is that block fi actually only does a,hard pull that affects your credit score,if you actually get pre-approved for the,card so hopefully you shouldnt be in a,situation where they hard pull your,credit and then deny you from getting,the card also theres no foreign,transaction fees which in my opinion is,really great its good to see you know,more not travel related cards have that,no foreign transaction fee feature it,seems like its becoming more of a,standard in the industry and then you do,get all the visa signature benefits like,the auto collision damage on rental cars,and stuff like that up until this po

BlockFi Credit Card Review – How Much Bitcoin I Earned with 3.5% Cash Back

blockify visa credit card this is a new,kit on the blog to replace your average,credit cards and earn rewards and,bitcoins thats right no more all these,cheesy credit cards like chase and all,other credit cards,by the way does it look like i have too,many credit cards well this is what,average american has anyway,so all of that is getting replaced by,this one visa credit card where im,gonna get,rewards in bitcoin and theres actually,a lot more going on that im gonna talk,about in this video lets get started,[Music],welcome back to the channel guys best,lifetime become this is the channel,where well build wealth and elevate,mindset to a new level if you like this,channel make sure you hit the like,button,you know subscribe to this channel and,leave me any comments below,and today were talking about visa,blockify,where you can earn rewards in bitcoins,and let me just quickly give you a,rundown now im on their website and,just wanted to quickly talk about how do,you get in right,so the first thing is,in order to get in to get this visa,credit card you need to get in line and,for that you need to open the blockify,account and then get in this waiting,list now if you use a link in the,description below,my link referral link then not only you,get some 30 dollars i believe 30 dollars,in bitcoin but your line will also move,a little faster believe it or not but,thats what they did and then if you,refer more people uh into this credit,card program then your line will move,even faster and faster and then youll,get your email that you are ready to,apply and,you know you get your card,so,what you will get with that right you,get 1.5,unlimited cashback in bitcoin rewards,which im going to show you real quick,shortly,no annual fee which is really cool no,foreign transactions you get 3.5 back in,bitcoin during your first three months,but theres a asterisk here,the maximum amount that theyre gonna,pay out is 100 100 us dollars its just,going to be bitcoin rewards meaning if,you spend like 1 million dollars theyre,not going to you know give you 3.5,cashback theyll only give you your,first 100 bucks once you reach 100,and then theyll give you at 1.5 percent,but then if you spend thousand dollars,in in that calend one calendar year,then theyll bump it up to two percent,so,still not bad right thats thats pretty,much in line with other you know pro,credit cards like chase and,so on and so forth which is you get 1.5,cashback on your daily purchases,so why not write make,money uh and in fact the way i see this,right now is kind of like my,savings account right i never looked at,my points this way but now i dont want,to spend them because,as you know bitcoin is kind of like a,valuable asset now,more valuable than the us dollar,so the cool thing is that,not only you gonna be accumulating your,points but theyll be also growing,exponentially if lets say bitcoin today,is 40 000 but,you know a year two years from now itll,be 100 000 and your bitcoin rewards will,be just growing,right thats usually,not something that happens to the points,now,i want to show you real quick,um what does it look like inside,a block of five you know visa credit,card account now i took a screenshot im,not logged in because i wanted to mask,out some of the account numbers and,stuff,um but this is what it is and this is,what it looks like theres a bitcoin,rewards tab and then when you click on,it you can see on the right side here i,have a 238.35,thats in us dollars and this is how,much it is in bitcoin,and i already made my initial hundred,dollars in those three point five,percent and the rest obviously im,making with this one point five percent,so thats the,total is how much rewards are,accumulating right now in this current,uh period and thats pretty much what it,is is very straightforward,the next thing i wanted to show you,if i can open that up here,is this,and,this is just a screenshot showing my,total asset value uh when i opened this,account um,i had to buy something right so this is,a,a good guess its it sums sums up what i,already had in my blogify account,actually,when you open a block i believe you only,have to spend twenty five dollars not a,hundred dollars,this is why it added those 25 plus uh,whatever already points i made uh with,my bitcoin rewards so this is the total,asset value,and it will keep increasing,as i spend more money and as you can see,down here this is the coolest part right,is that what they do is they take your,bitcoin rewards after your billing cycle,close and they transfer it to your,interest account this is what interest,account is,and,you see you know its doing some math,here its obviously not much because i,just started out,and then theyll pay you 4.5,on your bitcoin right,4.5 which is pretty amazing,so not only,your bitcoin itself growing in value,but also youre getting interest paid on,your bitcoin,while it may not look like much in the,beginning but as we we all know you know,if you can save little by little over,time itll itll become bigger and,bigger,and i think this is a great way,and great another way to start,saving money saving money and growing,money and actually kind of like you know,growing your wealth,just think about it like you know on,average lets say you spend two thousand,dollars a month on different things,that is approximately thirty dollars,right with one point five percent cash,back that thirty dollars gets,transferred gets converted to bitcoin,gets transferred to interest account and,there just starts accumulating,so i think its not bad and thats a,great way to you know start making money,on your day-to-day purchases,this is literally all i wanted to show,you guys how cool it is,im really excited its i think a great,way,to build another way another source to,build wealth,on your regular purchases and if you,guys are interested like i said there is,a link,in the description if you want to move,through the line quicker and apply for,your visa credit card,use that link and get your also free bid,you know bitcoin uh and,i hope you like this video hit like,button subscribe to this channel this is,the channel where i talk about all kinds,of stuff on what i do,on building wealth and you can also,check out my top recommendation on,building passive income and ill see you,next time

Crypto Credit Card | Blockfi Credit Card | Blockfi Credit Card Review

hi there welcome to cryptogems in todays video  were gonna take a closer look at the block five  ,credit card this video is not a financial  advice this video is just for educational and  ,entertainment purpose only so please do your own  research before investing please dont forget to  ,hit the like comment and subscribe to watch more  of such videos without further ado lets get into  ,it all right so this is the website of blockfy  you can access it by going to blockfy.com as per  ,the website blockfy is the easiest place to buy  sell and earn cryptocurrencies you can click over  ,here to sign up and start earning today it is  trusted by over 1 million plus verified clients  ,and 350 global institutions to manage over 10  billion dollars in assets you can earn up to 3.5  ,back in crypto on every purchase you make using  the block fi reward visa card there is a block  ,5 wallet where you can buy sell store crypto and  stable coins they also have a block fi interest  ,account where you can earn more from your crypto  so your crypto can earn you up to 9.5 percent apy  ,with a blockfy interest account interest is a  cure daily and it is paid on a monthly basis  ,there are no hidden fees no minimum balance  and no reasons to wait their trading account  ,will actually help you to place instant trades  every now and then at a lower cost they also  ,have a loan account where you can borrow money at  rates as low as 4.5 percent so now lets focus on  ,the credit card offered by blockfi where you can  earn crypto rewards on every purchase you can make  ,you can earn an unlimited 1.5 percent back  in crypto on every purchase with the blockfi  ,reward visa signature credit card the best part is  that this card comes with no annual fee no foreign  ,transaction fee you can get 3.5 back in crypto  during your first three months and you can earn  ,two percent back in crypto on every purchase over  fifty thousand dollars of your annual spend unlock  ,more ways to earn with block fi traditional bonus  is 0.25 back in bitcoin on all eligible trades you  ,can refer a friend as well to get 30 in bitcoin  so lets say if you are interested in getting this  ,card all you have to do is click this tab over  here that says get your card next you will be  ,redirected to this page where you will sign up  for a blockfy account so enter your first name  ,last name email address password your referral  code and certify all of these terms and conditions  ,on my email address i can see that its asking  me to verify my email address so im just going  ,to click over here so once your email address is  verified you will receive a pop-up something like  ,this and next youre going to click back to in  its gonna ask you to select your account type so  ,you can pick either from individual or business so  im gonna stick to individual its gonna ask you  ,your address so next its gonna ask you to enter  your phone number and then enter your birth date  ,then its going to ask you your source of fun  so im just going to put that as employment  ,click continue the next question would be how much  crypto will you add to your account each month so  ,im going to put that as 0 to 50k click continue  roughly how many transactions will you make each  ,month so not too many for me and then im gonna  click continue will you be making international  ,wire transfers nope continue and then its gonna  ask you to verify your identity so im gonna click  ,begin verifying and then you can submit any of  these photo ids over here so we have driving  ,license provincial id passport and all of that  once you get your identity verified your account  ,will be opened and once you have your account open  you can apply for their credit card im not going  ,to go ahead with the process because this is just  for demonstration purpose only so if you want to  ,know who is eligible to apply for block fight  credit card it is only for u.s residents in the  ,qualified states ny is excluded and they must have  a blockfi account to apply the credit card is not  ,available for a business account at this time in  order to receive a block for rewards credit card  ,you need to have a block fi account in addition  to earning 1.5 back in bitcoin on every purchase  ,there are also other ways in which you can earn  there is an intro bonus where you can earn 3.5  ,back in bitcoin on all the purchases in the  first 90 days of card ownership after activation  ,up to hundred dollars in bitcoin and to reach  the full hundred dollar cap would require at  ,least five thousand dollars in the usd card spend  trading bonus 0.25 back in bitcoin on all eligible  ,purchases up to a max of 500 in bitcoin each month  spend bonus earn two percent back in bitcoin on  ,every dollar over fifty thousand dollars of the  annual spend reward rate increases from one point  ,five percent to two percent after fifty thousand  dollars spent has been achieved you can also refer  ,a bonus thirty dollars in bitcoin for every  successful referral so there are actually a  ,lot of benefits with this card and thats why  i really love it so much and also you can enjoy  ,special access to unforgettable experiences  with your card from fine wine food events luxury  ,hotel premium car rental services sporting events  shopping and so much more it also comes with 24 7  ,access to your visa signature concierge for  assistance in booking travel transportations  ,accommodations and thats really really  amazing the best part is the block fair  ,reward visa signature card does not require good  to excellent credit but the good news is that you  ,can actually go ahead and apply to see if you are  pre-approved without having any sort of impact on  ,your credit card so this is the twitter page of  blockfi it currently has a following of 148.1 k  ,followers so thats pretty impressive block fi  is a great platform to earn cryptocurrencies  ,simply by earning it as a cashback or staking  it on the platform im really excited about  ,this platform and i highly recommend you guys  to check it out thank you so much for watching  ,i hope you guys enjoyed this video and found  this information valuable dont forget to hit  ,the like comment and subscribe and i shall see  you guys in my next one till then take care bye

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