1. BLOOD RED SKY (2021) Ending Explained
  2. Blood Red Sky (2021) Netflix Movie Review
  3. Blood Red Sky Netflix Movie Review
  4. Blood Red Sky – Movie Review
  6. The Vampires From Blood Red Sky | Netflix Original
  7. BLOOD RED SKY (2021) Explained | Movie Recap

BLOOD RED SKY (2021) Ending Explained

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Blood Red Sky (2021) Netflix Movie Review

there is no shortage of movies that,involve drama on a plane,sometimes its snakes other times its,terrorists and other times its,creatures on the wing,blood red sky is the newest iteration to,hit netflix,so should this german action horror be,on your list,[Applause],a woman with a mysterious illness is,forced into action,when a group of terrorists attempt to,hijack a transatlantic overnight flight,in order to protect her son she will,have to reveal a dark secret that she,has fought to hide,so im going to go on the thought,process that you havent seen the teaser,or the trailer for this movie and im,going to avoid discussing a certain plot,point,because if you havent seen the teaser,this will provide some good excitement,for the film,it also means ill be a little vague in,points so this is told from sort of a,flashback perspective,and then contains additional flashbacks,within it its not nearly as convoluted,as that sounds,a plane is hijacked and when it lands a,young boy is the only passenger to get,out and get to safety by the military,the boy is obviously in shock and we,kind of go into his mind as the events,that led up to this point play out,nadja and elias are a mom and son who,are traveling to the u.s,in order for nadja to get medical,treatment for her condition,the story does slowly piece events,together but it doesnt just lay,everything out right at the get-go,nadja looks to be in a fragile state due,to her condition,and elias works to help her out a lot,they have a really good relationship and,hes a cute kid and we see a good level,of self-reliance,as hes had to grow up faster than he,really should have just because his mom,needs him to help out now theres,attention to the story that builds,almost immediately as the passengers,board the plane the tone thats created,from the music,and the camera angles leads us to know,that something wonky is just about to,happen when the action starts,its quite violent and bloody i was,actually surprised at the start at how,violent some of the actions are,and once the first bit of action begins,the story then doesnt really ever let,up on the throttle,its pretty much a go go go type of pace,and this works to amp up the anxiety,and urgency to the story and while we,dont know the full end game of whats,to come,we can be fairly certain its going to,be crazy i love the close quarters,claustrophobic setting of the plane,its not like anyone could just leave,when it gets too uncomfortable nor can,anyone just,jump out like if they were in a car or,even a train there are a finite amount,of areas in which to hide or shelter,and this also works to really create,suspense which then is accomplished,pretty well in the movie,theres another level of craziness that,the story creates through the central,plot point,and then it gets insane the excitement,ratchets up and there is pure,craziness inside that plane something,that i wasnt expecting was but was,pleasantly surprised by,is the level of emotionality that is,brought to the story theres some,internal conflict with a character,and that struggle is both engaging and,then heartbreaking,in one sense this movie reminded me of,train to busan,the sympathy and emotion that is able to,be elicited by an action horror,was really surprising i think train to,busan did it better and more effectively,but there were portions here where you,could maybe see,that film as sort of a tonal inspiration,i think probably the biggest weakness of,this movie,is the length its 121 minutes and there,are some sequences that just go on and,on,when this happens the scenes begin to,lose their punch and their effectiveness,when it comes to emotion and all we end,up watching really is just a lot of,violence,and the violence was already there but,at a certain point we just become,dulled to what were seeing and we begin,to check out emotionally from the,storys heart,i think a lot of this is cleverly told,although some portions may have been,able to be fleshed out more,nadja is traveling for her treatment and,it could have been more engaging or at,least,informative if we got a small bit of,understanding of what that treatments,going to be,this becomes especially true when we,consider what her affliction is,certain questions are raised about her,physician and how hes able to help her,i think the acting is done well and we,really do get some emotional,performances,not only from naja and elias but also,from another passenger,wreath now some of the bad guys are kind,of road examples of antagonists,but i do like some of the complexities,that a couple of them bring,one is incredibly unhinged and so much,so that he makes his compadres wary of,him,then theres another who seems to have,sort of a conscience and that is,effective in creating conflict between,the characters,as well as for the story theres a,certain level of special effects,employed here too,and i thought they were pretty,impressive the vast majority are,practical effects and they look,stunning and real now there are a couple,of moments that show the exterior of the,plane as its flying,and those do look like theyre computer,generated the themes of love,protection healing and trust are,explored in this story,and while not each of them is fully,developed overall their inclusion helped,to craft an emotionally engaging story,that just happens to be filled with,violence terror and gore,so despite this feeling like it was a,little too long with some unnecessarily,drawn out scenes,and perhaps some predictability blood,red sky delivers an,action-packed thrill ride in a,claustrophobic setting,with characters that are both powerful,and sympathetic,and then mixes emotion with violence to,create an engaging horror story theres,no section nudity a lot of profanity and,an,absolute ton of bloody and gory violence,i give blood red sky 4 out of 5 couches,have you been looking forward to this,one what are some recent horror movies,that youve enjoyed,let me know in the comments below if you,enjoyed this review please give it a,like,also dont forget to share and subscribe,im chris,this is movies and munchies thanks for,couching with me

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Blood Red Sky Netflix Movie Review

you thought snakes on a plane was scary,well wait do you watch this,what is up netflix fans welcome back to,my channel a lot of stuff,dropping on the platform this weekend,today we are talking blood,red sky a brand new movie that just,dropped and today were gonna be talking,about this film no spoilers,except for one plot point that is,mentioned in the trailer,and on the poster now if you want to,know nothing about this movie beyond it,being on a plane,uh then maybe come back after youve,seen it but i will be talking about that,one,plot point lets get into it so a woman,with a mysterious illness is,forced into action when a group of,terrorists attempts to hijack a,transatlantic,overnight flight in order to protect her,son,she will have to reveal a dark secret,and wait for it,unleash the vampire within that she,fought,to hide thats right we have vampires on,the plane not snakes,vampires and this movie is as intense,as any movie ive watched this year now,in terms of the overall execution and,what they could have done with this,story,i mean its a fascinating combination of,different elements,you have the terrorists on the plane,mixed with the fact that they just so,happen to show up while theres also a,vampire on the plane so that creates for,some conflict there,and it comes together in a way that at,points in the film,it is like i said intense it is keeping,you on the edge of your seat,and there are some of the more fun,moments ive seen on netflix all year,in this movie now the overall execution,here i believe could have and should,have been just a bit better there are,points where the film,just started to lose my interest not,because i wasnt having fun with it,but more so because the execution just,wasnt all there and it does feel like a,bit of a missed opportunity because,conceptually,again this is great i do want to give,kudos though,and i dont often do this in reviews i,want to give kudos to,the person whether it be the,screenwriter the director the person,that came up with this idea,and the fact that they managed to make,this into a movie because its,just original sure its taking elements,from other films that we have seen,before,absolutely but its bringing it together,in such a way that just feels,fresh and even if it doesnt quite nail,it at the end of the day,there are so many things to respect,about this and im looking on letterbox,and im seeing people grill in the movie,and understandably so right it has its,fair share of issues but theyre,combining some really cool things here,and it all does come down to the fact,that it is a coincidence its two,completely separate things happening,here and this boy whom we start out at,at the beginning of the movie,it does that thing that we often see in,films where we start out with him,at the end and then we go back and see,the journey progress,and how he got there in the first place,and that didnt bother me too much,but its more so the relationship with,his mother and how,all of that comes together to affect you,emotionally so when you start to see,this transformation happen,and this intensity is escalating not,only when they kind of take everyone,hostage on the plane and of course,people are terrified youre kind of,terrified for everyone,on that plane but then we get that,reveal that the film does,i guess slightly try to hide but again,all of the marketing is showing it so i,felt like it was something i just had to,include in this review,but once we see that and once we get,that progression with her,and her little story line her son and,whats happening with him in a,relationship that he forms and then the,fact that the terrorists are smart,enough to kind of put the blame,on someone elses or a group of other,peoples,shoulders and how they are trying to,overcome that because when everything,starts to hit the fan,theyre the ones that are going to take,the blame so again a lot happening,especially in that first act i wish the,film would have kept that,going into the second act because the,second act of the movie did start to,become,dull for me everything calms down this,is the moment that were supposed to,build with our characters and we,dont quite do that and it was just kind,of like okay,whens everything going to go crazy then,when it goes crazy it was fun but there,were various points in the movie where i,sat back and said i dont know if the,execution,is all there especially when you look at,the premise but the movie never becomes,jumbled with so many concepts its just,a lot going on,until there is not a lot going on and,thats when everything starts to slow,down so before i give you guys my score,and tell you my overall thoughts thank,you so much for watching if you like,this netflix review,be sure to drop your thumbs up down,below while the story itself brings,nothing new to the genre it definitely,features the intensity necessary to keep,viewers on the edge of their seats,im going a 60 slightly fresh with my,score again,its just one of those movies that i,kind of appreciate what was the film a,couple years ago,overlord the creativity reminded me of,that its not as good as overlord but,its creative and its also a german,film so let me know what is your,favorite german show or movie,on netflix and stay tuned more reviews,today alright see you guys

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Blood Red Sky – Movie Review

several people on my channel recommended,i watch blood red sky on netflix,first off thats a terrible title its,very generic its hard to remember,blood red sky what does that even mean,after watching the movie i,i figured it out secondly people,recommended me watch things on youtube,as a very dangerous game,i have no idea how to take it it could,either be because the movies,so brutally bad and they want to hear me,just complain about it for you know,10 15 minutes or its actually,legitimately good,actually legitimately thats a thats a,good use of a sentence there,and since its netflix i was thinking it,was going to be the former,i was also told not to watch any,trailers for this movie so i didnt i,went in raw dog,and i have to say,i liked it quick note right out of the,gates this is a,foreign film kind of its in subtitles,the whole time but they speak english,85 percent of the time its very weird,you have all these options and the,default is um,i believe its german with english,subtitles or you can go to,english but its dubbed really badly,why did they dub over english speaking,parts,is what i dont understand it was very,weird we spent like five minutes jumping,between the toggles,not really understanding what was going,on why english was being translated as,english i just i dont know i had to,move past it,movie is about two hours long that time,i think was appropriate it could have,been trimmed down a little bit,but im not complaining really the movie,is a bit of a slow burn for the first,id say,half hour youre not really sure where,things are going but once it flips the,script all bets are off and,and the thing is a ton of fun the,visuals are really cool even when they,do this kind of fakey outside camera,shot of the plane as its going through,the sky,it has a surreal vibe to it that i think,adds to the overall tone of the movie,i really enjoy films and stories in,general where they take,one central concept and then they throw,something else,right into it i know im being very,vague but again im trying to,im trying to not spoil anything and i,dont even know how many clips ill show,of the,the trailer even in fact im gonna shut,up already about it uh,the bottom line is everything kind of,worked for me in this its not a its,not a perfect movie by any means,but it did entertain the hell out of me,i could watch it again,and enjoy it for different reasons and i,do recommend you check it out on netflix,if,that sounds like your cup of tea i know,i again i know i didnt say much,but whatever im gonna give the hunt for,blood red october,12 out of 15 bloody red martinis,the these scores are nonsense all right,im heading into spoiler territory now,so if you dont want this movie ruined,and you think youre going to watch it,you can you can walk away from this,video if you dont care about spoilers,you can stick around thats fine and if,youve seen the movie then you really,want to know what i thought so im going,to break it down a little bit i really,enjoyed the twist,that this woman was a vampire i knew,something was wrong with her obviously,right away,she was acting very sauce she had the,shades on and the wig,shes got her kid buying the passports,and doing the whole thing for,or checking in i guess not buying the,passports just just checking into the,flight why i dont,i dont know how to talk i apologize i,dont know the talk i thought maybe she,was a spy undercover,i thought maybe she had you know cancer,because shes talking to the doctor she,doesnt have any hair,nothing was really adding up until she,gets on the flight,and i see her like injecting into,her chest,and shes having these weird reactions,to things i thought okay,we got something supernatural did she,get abducted by aliens is it an alien,thing because that would be cool,we do get a flashback that they go back,to a few times in the film,where theyre you know she and her,husband and kid are driving in,like a winter storm and the car breaks,down and the husband goes for help,i instantly thought okay did the guy,just like straight up ditch his family,hes like im out im done with them,is she gonna get abducted by aliens out,here because that would be awesome and i,still stand by that would be really cool,if aliens with her and messed up,her,her blood because she had we find out,she has bad blood,taylor swift style and then they just,drop her back down really brave by the,way that she,follows this massive uh you know track,of blood this trail of blood,down into a creepy basement im not sure,id have the balls to do that but props,to her,finds her her husband just eviscerated,and,sees a vampiric creature through a,window,as she goes to push him away he gets,fried by the sun and dies,but not before he bites her which causes,her to have the vampiric gene,so this is like a secondary layer on top,of the main plot which is,shes on a flight to go see a doctor,whos going to replace her blood and,hopefully get the,vampire out of her but the flight itself,is hijacked by terrorists,who are pretending to be like an islamic,terrorist group but theyre just a bunch,of that are you know,uh sowing discord and theyre being paid,by,you know some private investor to do,this things go to,really quickly as they find out oh my,god theres a vampire on the plane,i also love the dude whos kind of like,a joker character hes a wild card hes,just straight up,killing people if theyre out of line he,doesnt give a,and of course this guy sees a woman like,that he thinks,you know what id like that id like the,blade ability id like the ability to,to drain people of their life and have,cool powers of such a super strength and,you know whatnot so hes all in he gets,some of her blood,injects it into himself and uh as hes,in a car,at one point she she finds a way to burn,him alive,and i was thinking this is awesome but,also,damn i really want to see this dude,rampage through the plane because hes,scary,unhinged people are scary as like,thats fear to me,when people are just so out of their,gourd that theyre they have no,consequence no,empathy for others and theyll do,anything and everything thankfully the,film knew this,and they found a way for him to get out,of the situation and thats exactly what,happens he causes he terrorizes this,plane,i dont know if people recommended this,movie because they thought i would,absolutely hate it or if they did think,i would like it,but thank you for the recommendation i i,i dont,maybe youre disappointed that i liked,it and you wanted to hear me complain,about it but i i ate it up i thought it,was good stuff,and a very special shout out to the kid,in this movie whos this whos the,main protagonist uh her moms the,vampire he is, great in this movie the actings,on point,hes not afraid to get into the fray,hes not afraid to,cause some chaos when he can and he,really cares about his mother holy,this kids all in,and we see why hes not so afraid,because he had an,incredibly traumatic upbringing you know,you have a mom as a vampire this isnt,this isnt twilight okay these,vampires arent,pretty and sparkly this is like the,gross crap this is like,blade 2 underground vampire stuff,movie thankfully has a very satisfying,ending too,a lot of times this can go anyway you,know because this is kind of an out,there movie it could have had an artsy,ending it could have had a cliffhanger,ending it could have had a a dark,disturbing ending which,since this movie was so down throughout,the film since there was so much,cake you know carnage and depressing,moments,uh this kid needed a win and thankfully,he gets one,and i mean as much as you know a win,that he could get i guess,again i recommend it if you like movies,that are a little little,kooky a little little off the beaten,path,[Music],thanks again for watching the video if,you really enjoy what im doing maybe,think about becoming a patreon over at,patreon.com,adam does movies i even have a a dollar,tier,you know and you get access to an,exclusive show over there,um you can join me


[Music],thats nick,and thats joseph and today were here,to talk about blood red sky,uh the sixth film directed by peter thor,worth that premiered on netflix july,23rd 2021,do i know any of peters other films no,i i dont believe theyve been,distributed in the u.s,oh okay this movie was a pleasant,surprise,yeah um the only reason i decided to,watch it was because it was number one,trending on,netflix but yeah i was very pleasantly,surprised,the basic story is a transatlantic,flight,is taken over by hijackers unfortunately,for them theres a vampire on board,her names nadja a lovely lady shes,traveling with her son,the way vampirism is uh presented in her,as more sort of like a virus that shes,trying to manage,so she seems like i guess like a good,vampire,shes not trying to feed on people she,takes medication to quell her urges,and she consumes animal blood,but shes on the flight because shes,been working with a doctor whos,prescribing her the medication and has a,new treatment for her,so she has a very sort of like strict,and detailed travel plan to stay out of,the sun,so when the plane is hijacked obviously,shes concerned but when she learns that,the flight is being redirected,she panics then her son is taken,so a big bulk of the film is her,trying to overcome the hijackers,to then get the plane back on course,but also like secure her son,but everything culminates with,someone becomes infected with vampirism,on the plane and its not her fault,this person took her blood like with the,syringe because they wanted to be a,vampire,and then ultimately everyone becomes,infected,except her son,and another passenger who they had met,before they boarded the plane,who agreed to help her with her son for,me for reid,so for reading the sun end up uh,not being infected they get off the,plane,and the hijackers had intended to blow,the plane up over london,so once the plane is landed for reading,the boy or off,they um detonate the bomb to kill,all the vampires on board because all,the passengers become infected,the end,all right where do you want to begin um,why dont you start ill just go through,my notes um when,so what is the little boys name elias,the little boy elias he has to go to the,airport first,to check in and check luggage because,its still daylight,so the mom is like ill wait till the,sun goes down and then ill just scoop,in really quickly,and thats when elias meets for reed,um but i had a question when he checks,his bags one of the bags is,super super heavy one of the suitcases,did we ever learn what was in that,suitcase no i assumed uh,her medication it reminded me kind of,like a dracula and having to,carry his oil put his soil in the coffin,thats what i thought but it never,was brought back up yeah um yeah so,the way the story is told is kind of in,reverse,so the film starts with the plane,landing in scotland,in scotland which is not the original uh,end point,and then we see like law enforcement uh,trying to like ascertain whats going on,because during the flight there is,communication with uh,air flight whatever so they know that,theres a situation,the hijackers are not,how do we explain this so the hijackers,have a plan to make it seem like,muslims were responsible right but none,of the hijackers are muslims so they,basically like tricked three muslim,gentlemen,saying that they were going to some,convention to board them on the same,flight,and then they forced them to read like a,note,saying that theyre doing this for allah,or something like that,right yes and then on the periphery we,learn that,bits and pieces we get from the news,about it being in overheated markets and,blah blah blah like other passengers,vocalize like oh theyre making it look,like a terrorist attack like 911 because,itll,um crash the stock market and then they,can make a bunch of money,but for reed is one of those gentlemen,so hes the one who actually reads the,notes so,when the plane lands which is the,beginning of the film,the law enforcement agents just assumed,that hes a terrorist,so i thought that was a very interesting,component to the story,it was very frustrating to watch because,really hes kind of like the hero of the,of the story combined with nadja,um but yeah when we first see what,uh the hijackers like are up to,they kill those air marshals so quickly,things escalate very fast which is,probably,okay what were gonna theres a lot i,liked about the movie but i think i,should talk about what i didnt like,first,okay the movie is long it is about two,hours right its over two hours,and it feels long because things,happened so fast,that at the hour mark i was like okay so,i think it feels long because were,stuck in in kind of the extended third,act between that cat and mouse between,nadya and the um,the hijackers uh who end up being led by,uh kind of what i thought was kind of,the theres always the,cliched sadist in these his name is,eight ball played by alexander shearer,is he the gay one,yeah yeah hes the bad guy the one who,likes to kill children,who is inordinately cruel et cetera hes,the one who wants to become infected by,nadja,yes yeah and kind of the others keep him,in check which uh,are all theyre all notable character,actors dominic purcell from uh,uh i know hes in blade trinity hes,kind of their leader,whos the bald one uh thats the bald,one the leader i liked him he has a,really nice voice,yes and then of course theres uh the,danish actor uh roland mohler,who youve seen in um,skyscraper i know uh but hes a big,danish actor he was just in um,writers uh of justice and uh,land of mine was a big film of his he,also was kind of keeping him in check,and gets killed,so the bad guy the gay one he is on the,flight uh,acting as a flight attendant he was out,of control yeah he made a really good,villain,he did he did but but in that way that i,still think is a little bit cliche like,its its theres always that one that,wants to go overboard for no for no,reason that we ever know why,he does check the boxes but i thought i,mean he was frustrating like i was very,i was looking forward to him being,demolished sure but its almost like i,wanted it to be,more interesting in a way that his,survival isnt just based on,his cruelty another thing i didnt care,for,is i thought the little boy,acting was a little crunchy also the,characterization hes that like look,hes that kid in a movie who just does,all the things hes not supposed to do,sure like he doesnt listen which then,leads to bigger problems,that was a little frustrating a little,carl anton ko,but thats where it ends i think for the,most part this was a really well done,story,um theres something for everyone,because like i was saying,before we started the video i feel like,its giving you,like all of those which you can list off,like those hijacked playing movies,uh yes from especially from the 1990s,but,uh this also reminded me of uh 7 500,starring joseph,gordon levitt also a plane taking off,from uh,in germany thats actually i would say,to me this movie is a mix of like 7 500,with like 28 days later,sure there you go kind of yeah so,but less snakes on a plane feeling than,that sounds yes,because just telling the basic story,about how like hijackers take over a,plane with a vampire on it and then you,find out everyone turns into a vampire,it sounds ridiculous but i think its,done um,very uh elegantly yeah i agree it,has a lot going on sometimes that is to,its own detriment i think,again i was interested in all that stuff,in the periphery,like i kind of wanted a greater,characterization for these hijackers,some of which,arent shown to be completely terrible,people right um,and you know what what makes them tick,but the best part of the movie is that,damn lady playing nadia whats her name,uh perry baumeister,uh who i thought was like if you mix uh,who and who,well you said heidi fleisch and numi,were passed yes i agree on nume but she,has kind of that angular my wen,face and when she turns into a vampire,she was giving me a littl

The Vampires From Blood Red Sky | Netflix Original

[Music],hello everyone and welcome back to,another video before we get started if,you enjoy the videos leave a like and if,you havent subscribe it helps out a lot,and i really appreciate it the movie,were talking about today is blood red,sky the film was released on july 23,2021 in germany and its a netflix,original directed by peter thorworth the,actors put on some great performances,and features dominic purcell who played,dracula and blade trinity and graham,mctavish who voices dracula in the,netflix castlevania series i thought it,was kind of cool that two people in this,vampire movie have played dracula in,other movies thanks to everyone that,suggested to cover this movie there was,a lot of you the movie is about a woman,named nadia trying to get to america,with her son ilyas so she can receive,treatment for an illness the movie has,been praised for its unique take on a,vampire story and i have to say i really,enjoyed it aside from the added tension,of being trapped inside an airplane with,ravenous vampires theres a great,emotional side to the story between,nadia and her son,when we first meet nadia she is standing,in the mirror and she is bald she puts,on a wig and then we see her video,chatting with a doctor the doctor is,giving her a tour of their facility,showing her their radiation therapy area,and the room where shell be staying but,she is interrupted by a call from her,son who is waiting for her at the,airport we know that she has some kind,of condition that at the moment seems,like leukemia she is traveling to new,york to receive treatment at a special,facility her son arrives at the airport,alone to check in their luggage and,nadia arrives a little while later at,sundown while going through bag check we,see she has multiple medications and,injections she tells her son shell be,right back and goes into the bathroom to,take her medication nadia takes out a,needle and fills it then opens up a,small bottle and drinks it when she,pulls the bottle away we can see theres,some red on her lips,blood,after drinking the blood she seems to be,in a euphoric state and has to snap,herself out of it she quickly grabs the,needle and injects herself which causes,a lot of pain the blood is probably just,enough to keep her alive as she seems,very weak and the injection must keep,the vampirism from progressing further,while nadia is in the bathroom her son,starts up a conversation with a,scientist named fareed he asks if his,mother is around but ilya says shes,taking her medicine but theres a doctor,in america dr brown who can help her he,can kill off her bad blood and implant,new bone marrow so shell start making,new healthy blood so this dr brown not,that one is going to try to replace her,bone marrow and blood to try and get rid,of the vampirism virus does this doctor,think she has some other illness or does,he in fact know what shes suffering,from after all the medications she was,taking to help her symptoms she said was,prescribed to her so the doctor must,have gave her a prescription for these,medications in order for her to bring,them on the plane so maybe nadia isnt,the first person dr brown has treated,with this condition she carries a small,book with her and later we find out she,has been writing down the exact times of,sunrise and sunsets as well as things,like blood 150 milliliters probably,figuring out what dosage works the best,through various flashbacks we learned,that she was traveling with her husband,nikolai and their baby and their car,broke down while driving at night,nikolai doesnt know whats wrong with,the car so he says he will go get help,and tells her to wait they wait there,for a long time but it begins to get too,cold for the baby so she decides to,follow nikolais footsteps and try to,find him she starts following his tracks,down the road and they lead down a snowy,driveway while shutting his name walking,toward the dark house she can hear,strange noises all around her she enters,the house and finds blood in the snow,and it looks like nikolai was dragged,into the basement she starts walking,down the stairs and the creature appears,behind her forcing her to run down the,stairs and lock the door behind her in,the room she finds her husband dead and,the creature starts smashing on the door,but cant break through and the sound,stop a moment later the creature is,behind her ripping the boards off the,basement window she runs to the window,and tries to push the creature back but,lucky for her the sun comes up and the,creature begins to shriek in pain and,runs away but while she was trying to,push the creature away it bit her hand,in the struggle and thats how she,became infected when she was trying to,understand what was wrong with her she,returned to the place where she was,bitten and finds the basement had a,makeshift lab with research and some,science equipment a man enters the,basement and tells her that she killed,his son and that he only bit her because,he couldnt control himself nadia,replies but you can,the old man tells her nobody can the,evil is too strong and he tries to shoot,her he continues we are all cursed we,must stop this evil from spreading and,he tries to set fire to the house while,theyre in the basement but nadia,manages to stop him,because the man said we are cursed that,implies that he was also a vampire but,he looks very human so he must have,found a way to treat it or slow it down,its unknown how him and his son became,infected but he was definitely trying to,find a cure or a treatment for vampirism,nadia finds a fridge in the basement,with a bunch of small glass vials and,she takes all them and then she sets,fire to the house the medicine she found,in the mans basement is how she has,been able to manage her condition,through the years turns out this,mysterious medicine keeps the vampiric,features from manifesting the medication,could also be the reason that nadia lost,her hair which leads some people to,believe that this was some kind of,chemotherapy medicine the only thing i,dont quite understand is if he knew how,to treat vampirism why was his son so,far gone when he attacked nadia and her,husband unless his son was already more,prone to violence like eight ball and,when he became a vampire he was just too,hard to control the basement to the,house had an extremely strong metal door,and the windows were boarded up so its,possible the sun spent the daylight,hours locked in this basement or the,father had to lock himself in to be safe,it could be nothing but ive never seen,a regular basement with a big metal door,the old man told nadia that this evil,cant spread anymore and although she,killed him she knows he is right the,only reason vampirism spread through the,plane was because the character 8-ball,injected himself with nadias blood in a,last-ditch attempt to save his own life,when she fed on a hijacker she made sure,to go back and make sure he was dead so,that he wouldnt come back as a vampire,and when one of the hijackers gets away,from eight ball nadia doesnt attack him,but grabs him and checks him for bites,because if he was bit she would have had,to kill him but because he was unharmed,she lets him go free,at the time nadia became infected and,sought out the house elias was only a,baby and now he is much older so she has,been living with vampirism for a long,time in some flashbacks we see some of,the trouble she went through trying to,hide her condition like pulling out her,fangs and you can see what looks to be,new sharp teeth coming in over her other,teeth we see she eventually wears fake,teeth to cover the gaps where she pulled,out her fangs but when she feeds on a,large amount of blood instead of just a,sip from a bottle her fangs grow back,very quickly so drinking only small,amounts of blood and using the medicine,is a way to slow down the transformation,she is now traveling to new york to meet,with dr brown as its her only hope to,be cured unfortunately their flight gets,hijacked by a group that

BLOOD RED SKY (2021) Explained | Movie Recap

[Music],all righty ladies and gentlemen welcome,to the horror mine,when we talk about mysteries thrillers,and horror movies,my name is vic shy and this week were,talking about the newly released german,netflix original horror film,blood red sky the film tells the story,of nadia,a widow and mother who also turns out to,be a vampire,when the airplane she is on gets,hijacked by a group of terrorists,she must unleash her terrifying secret,to protect her son and everyone on board,it isnt long before the entire plane,becomes infested with blood-sucking,vampires,how the hell did things get to this,point ill be explaining the events that,take place in this bloody amazing,vampire film but before i do,i would truly appreciate it if you,clicked the like button on this video as,i put in a lot of time and effort to,make these videos and it lets me know,that you all are enjoying the content,but without further ado,sit back and relax and join me as we,travel in a vampire infested plane,in blood red sky our movie begins with a,very intense scene located on a scottish,military,airfield several military personnel are,preparing for the emergency landing of,aircraft transatlantic 473,an airplane that was hijacked by a group,of terrorists they are giving landing,instructions to an,unknown person on board as the pilot and,co-pilot are presumed dead,the operation is being led by colonel,alan drummond who attempts to make,contact with personnel on board,he makes contact with a man in the,cockpit who appears to have one of his,hands amputated,saying that he isnt a terrorist and can,explain everything a little boy holding,a teddy bear makes his way off the plane,and is rescued by the military,colonel drummond believes that there are,several passengers on the plane still,being held hostage by the group of,terrorists who plan to detonate the,plane,however they are unaware that the actual,threat is a group of blood-sucking,vampires waiting until darkness to,unleash havoc,how the hell did a commercial airline,flight get infested with a swarm of,blood-sucking vampires,hey why dont we ask this traumatized,little boy to recount the scariest,moment of his life all over again and,find out,the rest of the film is a flashback that,recounts the events that took place,before the films intro,the little boys name is elias and his,mother is nadia,we see nadia putting on a wig in the,mirror while a tv broadcast about the,rising surge in the stock market led by,airline stocks plays in the background,we see elias head to the airport alone,to check in their luggage,back at the hotel we see nadia speaking,to an american doctor on the phone,it is not yet revealed at this point in,the film but nadia is infected with,vampirism,she and elias are taking a flight to,america so she can undergo a bone marrow,transplant something she hopes will,replace the vampire blood in her body,and turn her back into a normal human,being,elias had to check in their bags alone,as nadia cant travel during the daytime,because you know,the sun and all she reunites with him,when the sun goes down and gets stopped,at the security check because of her,medication,in the bathroom nadia consumes a small,amount of blood and injects herself with,a drug called cytarabine,it is a drug commonly used to treat,cancer but in her case,she is using it to suppress her,vampirism elias meets a man named farid,who is traveling to the us for a science,convention,he impresses farid with his knowledge,and also breaks all sorts of hipaa laws,by telling him about his mothers,illness,they board the plane and we meet some of,the most typical airplane passengers,ever,the douchebag that hogs all the cargo,space the old couple,and the guy that flirts with the flight,attendants we see two men looking at,each other seeming pretty suspicious and,also meet a very flamboyant flight,attendant named robert we see nadias,vampirism starting to take a toll on her,trying to suppress her illness and the,lack of blood intake is making her,extremely weak and disoriented in a,flashback,we see a happy memory of her and her,husband nikolai before she became,infected the couple along with baby,elias are driving home in the snow when,their car suddenly breaks down,nikolai decides to do the most horror,movie thing ever and go look for help on,his own when leaving his wife and baby,behind in the middle of nowhere whats,the worst that can happen,right back on the plane one of the,passengers starts to become rowdy and,physical with robert one of the air,marshals detains the man and takes him,behind the curtain,another marshal follows behind them and,gets shanked in the freaking neck by,robert it is revealed that robert and,the passenger carl,are terrorists and faked a disturbance,to draw out the air marshals and kill,them,robert aka eight ball tells another,terrorist named curtis the seat number,of the third air marshal and he proceeds,to murder her in straight up assassins,creed fashion,eight ball murders the remaining air,marshal by stabbing him multiple times,nadias heightened senses alert her that,something is wrong as she can hear the,stabbing sounds and can,also smell his blood two more terrorists,reveal themselves explosive expert yuri,and leader,berg who holds everyone at gunpoint and,orders them to the back of the plane,he heads to the cockpit and it is,revealed that the co-pilot bastian,is also part of the terrorist group and,has murdered the pilot,you cant trust anybody nowadays yuri,uses an ultraviolet flashlight to reveal,hidden wording on the ground and,proceeds to shut off the planes a-cars,the system that transmits digital,messages from the plane to the ground,eight ball approaches nadia covered in,blood and her urges cause her to stare,at him,what cut it out people elias says that,they should hide in the cargo hole and,proceeds to make a run for it nadia runs,after him and is suddenly shot by eight,ball,eight ball is absolutely crazy and his,over-the-top antics dont sit well with,the other terrorists,because i guess even terrorists,hijacking a plane have standards,i need you to stay here can you do that,promise me yes mr terrorist sir your,friend just killed my mom but ill,definitely do what you asked me to while,she lays on the ground bleeding we see,the continuation of nadias previous,flashback,she follows nikolais tracks to an,abandoned house in the middle of the,woods,she sees a trail of blood and decides,that its a good idea to follow it while,carrying her one-year-old baby,she is suddenly ambushed by a vampire,and retreats to the basement where she,finds nikolais lifeless body,the vampire tries to get into the,basement from the outside but she,manages to fight him off until the,sunlight causes him to retreat,this is the moment that nadia becomes,infected as we see a bite mark on her,right hand,back on the plane we see an injured but,still living nadia retreating to the,planes cargo hold,farid and two other muslim passengers,are taken to the front of the plane and,forced to read a message to the,government,written by the terrorists where farid,gets one of the other passengers killed,for trying to be a smartass,down in the cargo hole yuri begins to,make a homemade bomb,a weakened nadia sacrifices a poor,little puppy and drinks its blood to,regain her strength this catches the,attention of yuri who gets thrown around,and ultimately killed by nadia we see,that drinking blood helps her wounds,heal,just as fast as the wolverine and gives,her enhanced speed and strength nadia,discovers that the hijackers plants a,parachute off the plane before blowing,it up,8ball tells the passengers that if,anyone tries to stop them a toxic nerve,gas will be released from several booby,traps we find out however that this is,simply a scare tactic as when nadia,walks past the trap,nothing happens she reunites with elias,and heads to the cockpit and realizes,that the pilot is dead,she needs to get the plane turned back,around and enlist the help of muhammad,who has flight ex

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