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Bloodline – Movie Review

bloodline was directed by Henry Jacobsen,and stars Sean William Scott as a high,school guidance counselor he meets with,a lot of kids that have serious family,issues and when he hears their stories,he decides to go out in the night find,the people responsible for these issues,usually their parents and kill them a,couple things made me want to watch this,movie Blum house one of them I like what,theyre doing right now theyre finding,first-time directors giving them a few,million dollars and just allowing them,to be creative and Sean William Scott in,a horror movie this I really wanted to,see I loved whenever an actor primarily,known for a certain genre tackles,another it always is very interesting to,me Robin Williams in one-hour photo Jim,Carrey and his string of dramas that he,made I loved seeing an actor take on,something like this and I always am,rooting for them because thats a big,swing and this movie takes a lot of big,swings the director especially according,to his IMDB this is Henry Jacobsons,first narrative feature he had a TV,documentary that he co-directed and he,takes a lot of risks here this is by no,means conventionally directed and so,this movie actually surprised me quite a,bit although it is flawed this is by no,means a perfect movie and there are,aspects of it that bothered me that Ill,talk about but I think Henry Jacobson,definitely has something to say he has a,great eye movie looks great production,designs amazing costuming cinematography,musical score two really strong its got,a synth edge to it feels a little bit,like something that might be in a,Nicolas Winding roughen movie thats not,necessarily a problem you might see some,of those influences but I think people,nowadays talking about movies that,havent seen a lot of films from the 70s,and 80s might focus on rafen primarily,whereas I think this was way more,influenced by Argento or De Palma films,the killer wearing the skin tight black,gloves the split screen sequence that,appears in this movie is very DePalma he,did that quite often the influences are,definitely out in the open if you are a,fan of serial killer movies and I like,that the film tributes those things,well not necessarily stealing from them,although it doesnt always feel as,original as it could but where the film,really suffers is its middle portion,theres about 20 minutes that really,drag where we follow this guy as he,commits various crimes were sort of on,his side which is weird because we know,hes technically a murderer but the,people hes targeting are abusive to,these high school kids and so yeah hes,a serial killer but theres definitely a,vigilante side to it as well and at,first thats very interesting but,unfortunately there isnt much variety,to what he does in fact theres no,variety to what he does he does the same,basic things with each victim and so,after a while youre waiting for,something new to happen and it doesnt,come the directing however stays strong,and the choices are surprising so the,script is at fault for this middle,section that drags that should have been,a lot more interesting and they should,have found ways to make the kills more,compelling if thats what theyre going,to go for what does really work about,this movie is the graphic practical,effects theres one scene in particular,that actually made me sit back and that,never happens to me,so that was surprising but Ive been,holding off on talking about Sean,William Scott for a reason he blew me,away in this movie I would love to see,him in more roles like this I thought he,was excellent gave a really nuanced,performance and a restrained performance,that doesnt always let us in I loved,how once everything wraps up that this,isnt a spoiler in my opinion youre,still a little unclear about him you,have ideas of his past you understand,some of his motivations but as a,character hes very reserved and the,film kind of says make up your mind,about him love that this is a far better,performance out of him than I expected,to see and Ive watched some interviews,with him after seeing the movie and,found out hes a giant horror buff and,so guys cash John William Scott and more,[ __ ] like this like he,do more than American Pie this is cool,also if you want to underrated Sean,William Scott movie check out the,rundown with the rock also side note I,see your Paul Rudd doesnt age jokes and,I raise you as Sean William Scott the,guy hasnt aged in 20 years so with his,performance and the very clever,direction and some actual surprises this,movie is better than I thought it would,be although that middle portion is a big,problem because the film doesnt go,anywhere for a while and 20 to 30,minutes of the same monotony thats a,big ask for a viewer if you can get to,the end which I liked but I know well,be divisive I think for the more,seasoned horror fan this movie has,something to offer and Im excited to,see what else Henry Jacobson directs in,the future Im surprised that this film,isnt being talked about that much its,half the reason I made this video at all,because I expected more people to want,to talk about this movie because its,definitely different than your normal,horror offering for many reasons the,casting of Sean William Scott being a,big one and I would like to see more,people discussing the film like I said,by no means a perfect film it is very,flawed in some ways but its a big swing,and even though it doesnt always,connect,I admire when a filmmaker tries for one,Im gonna give blood line a B guys thank,you so much as always for watching look,forward to more reviews very soon I have,a humongous wave of fantastic fest,reviews that are about to hit your,subscription feed to look forward to,those guys thank you as always youre,the best and if you like this you can,click right here and get stuck mine eyes,[Music]

Bloodline (NETFLIX) Season 1 review

well the binge Watchers were we talk,about the stories and characters we love,and the shows they live in lets talk,about the reason I havent moved for the,past 13 hours bloodline bloodline is a,Netflix original that tells the story of,the Rayburns,a well-respected family in the Florida,Keys everybody knows them theyre a,pillar of the community and the story,follows the family but may lead the,siblings as the secrets from their past,slowly unravel when the older brother,whos the definition of the black sheep,of the family comes home I really dont,want to say anything else about the,story or the plot for this show because,oh my god I want you to experience this,on your own bloodline is the embodiment,of a slow-burn drama watching this show,is an investment and its not a mindless,watch either it takes its time and it,doesnt treat you like an idiot like,some shows do the show expects you to,piece some things together yourself,and then finally rewards you with bits,and pieces of information and its good,the story here puts so much effort in,letting you get to know these characters,and the characters themselves are deep,and multi-dimensional and just real you,do not see actors in this show you see,John Rayburn you see Kevin Rayburn and,you see this family and the things they,have to go through because of their,brother Danny who is by the way one of,the best performances Ive seen lately,it doesnt feel like bloodline is trying,to hook you into watching the next,episode theres no like a cheap,cliffhanger at the end of every episode,to make you want to watch the next you,watch the next episode because you,genuinely want to see where this story,takes you they dont need tricks to hook,you in I mean maybe the first four,episodes of this show are all exposition,getting to know everyone what theyre,like what they do in hints about what,happened in their past and maybe whats,coming thats about four hours of,exposition there are definitely episodes,where youll be watching and youll be,thinking why is this interesting if you,take it apart nothing of note appened,yet theyre just talking but it is,interesting because as I said you invest,in the story and in the characters and,getting to know them so deeply pays off,in in a big way and even when there,just talking about whatever the writing,and the acting in this show is just so,good and so carefully crafted and the,relationships are so complicated that,theres always an undercurrent and,anything can mean different things and,you get why these people do the things,they do in the show you can probably,picture yourself in an impossible,situation doing something that you,thought you werent capable of you dont,know what anyone is capable of until,theyre tested like these people also,the show looks great the cinematography,is as big a part of the story as the,writing the only thing that might make,this show not for you is the fact that,it is very slow-paced if youre not into,that then its probably not for you if I,made this review after watching just the,first few episodes I might even say the,show is kind of boring but after having,watched the whole thing I just think,its incredibly rewarding I dont think,this is a show that anyone can watch,casually I think you either get into it,or you dont,bottom line should you watch it Matt yes,watch all of it with your face in the,largest chunks you possibly can if there,ever was a show thats binge worthy its,this if youre just looking for some,fast paced fun or getting closure by the,end of every episode then no this is not,that show this is about character,development and piecing things together,yourself,storytelling trying to anticipate what,theyll do next so have you watched or,are you currently watching bloodline,theres so much we can discuss about,this show Id love to know any thought,you had about it and if you liked this,video please give it a thumbs up if,youre finding binge Watchers for the,first time welcome were talking about,TV every Monday Wednesday and Friday,with reviews news facts stories all kind,of great stuff all for you fellow binge,Watchers and TV lovers so you can click,that big subscribe button to join in on,the fun or you can check out some of the,other videos on the channel in any case,keep binging and Ill see you next time

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Is BLOODLINE worth the BINGE? | Season 2 Review

bend rock shows where we talk about the,stories and characters we love and the,shows they live in my name is Ronon,lets talk about season two of the,Netflix original bloodline for the,record I had every intention of doing,this review the same day that I benched,this entire season but on the very last,episode I kept getting an error message,and could not get Netflix to work on the,last episode that is cru if you havent,yet you can check out the review I did,for season 1 of bloodline somewhere up,here and if you watched it you know that,I loved this show it was a slow,deliberate drama that was just,beautifully executed season 2 had a lot,to live up to this review is completely,spoiler free for season 2 but there will,be some spoilers for season 1 you have,been warned season 2 picks up exactly,where season one left off Dannys son,just showed up John had to take him in,and everyone is still dealing with,Dannys death the story in season 2 is,almost entirely about cleaning up the,mess that was made in season 1 John,killed Danny meg and Kevin are involved,how do they keep everything together how,do they keep everyone else in the dark,and how do they get to a point where,they just could move on with their lives,basically how do they get away with,murder STUV all just like season 1 the,story here unfolds very slowly very,deliberately the show constantly gets,you to that point where youre basically,saying just say the thing but,they never do its TV torture of the,best kind also similar to season 1 this,season looks amazing if you have,connection issues if youre watching on,a shitty Wi-Fi dont only watch this,show when you have a strong connection,and everything can be in the highest,quality just how good this show looks is,a masterpiece all in its a big part of,the story a huge part the main part of,the story in this season is continuing,to cover up Dannys murder so you see,the things that John Kevin and Meg have,to do but you also see how it affects,their lives what it does to them what,the lie is doing to and the one that,always has to be balanced the one that,always has to be on top of a million,different things is John Kyle Chandler,as John Rayburn delivers,such an unbelievably incredible,performance in this season there are so,many scenes where he doesnt even have,to say anything but you still know,exactly whats going through his mind,whether John Rayburn is a good guy or,not is debatable and thats exactly one,of the reasons that I love this show but,you can still always feel exactly what,hes going and dont get me wrong the,acting in this show is incredible across,the board every single character does a,great great job but Kyle Chandler as,John Rayburn is just one of the most,gripping performances Ive ever seen and,pretty much the same can be said for Ben,Mendelsohn as is Danny Rayburn,Mendelssohn Mendelssohn the early,reviews for this show were either,extremely positive or extremely negative,some places said that the show just gets,better and darker and other places said,that the show is just boring beyond,belief the truth is this show is slow,and the fact that you dont really get a,new story in this season its just the,continuation of the same story,might make it feel even slower for,soompi especially if you didnt already,feel very invested in these characters,from season one so I can definitely,understand why it would be boring for,some people personally I was completely,invested in these characters from season,one so I didnt really need anything,beyond a story about how these,characters continue to struggle with,Dannys murder and also their own,personal issue having said all of that,the story about Dannys son surprised me,at the end of season one when he shows,up I thought it was a bit of a cheap,cliffhanger a bit of a cheap ending but,his character turned out to be a,genuinely interesting character and I,really liked how his story ties in to,the rest I dont want to talk about how,the season ends at all so Im just gonna,say that I liked the ending but it was a,bit too much of setup for season 3 it,was a bit too much of here are all the,things that they will have to deal with,in season 3 so it felt that it focused a,little bit more on that than wrapping up,the story told in season two bottom line,should you watch Im gonna give this,season the exact same recommendation I,gave season 1 watch this show with your,face is season 2 better than season 1,probably not,because season 1 did have more of an,impact on me just by introducing a new,story but season 2 does build on that,story and involve it in a beautiful way,well a beautifully dark and depressing,and you want to kill yourself kind of,way but but still beautiful eventually,it all comes down to the connection that,you felt with these characters if in,season 1 you got caught up in their,stories and found yourself actually,caring about what happens to them I,think youre gonna love season 2 if,youre kind of bored or not really,invested in season 1,I dont think season 2 will make you,feel different I think this really is an,all in or not at all type of show what,about you have you watched season 2 of,bloodline yet did you binge watch it,with your face that you loved it did you,hate it let me know what you thought,lets get the discussion going down,below if youre gonna be talking about,spoilers please use spoiler tags in your,comment and remember you can go to binge,Watchers dot space slash vote and vote,on what gets reviewed next on this,channel and if youre finding binge,Watchers for the first time welcome Id,like to invite you to join the binge,Watchers community come talk about TV,with us its a lot of fun subscribe to,the channel but in any case keep,benching and I will see you next time,you

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welcome Bentwaters where we talk about,the stories and characters we love them,to show you theyll even my name is Ron,and lets talk about the third and final,season of the Netflix original bloodline,I really liked bloodline from the start,from season 1 episode 1 its definitely,not for everybody in the sense that,youll either get caught up in it and,the whole show will be like watching,someone wind a rope I dont know if,thats the right word anyway you keep,thinking that the Rope will break but it,doesnt and its driving you insane but,you cant look away thats how I feel,about bloodline or youll be incredibly,bored and youll think that this is the,most painstakingly boring things youve,ever watched nothing happens thats,how my wife feels about bloodline,sometimes when I watch something on my,iPad in bed shall watch it with me just,until she falls asleep but she says that,bloodline is too boring to even fall,asleep with anyway if youre watching,this Im assuming youve watched season,2 Im not going to spoil anything about,season 3 but I am going to talk about a,massive season two spoilers so if youre,just looking for recommendations and yes,I stand by the things I said in my,season 1 & 2 reviews go watch this show,okay so in the end of season 2 ready,here it comes,Kevin who is the worst bashes Markos,head in with a dolphin statue kevin,murders marco and now basically another,Wrayburn brother is a murderer and,theres another murder for the Rayburns,to cover up it kind of sounds like the,same story all over again and it kind of,is but also it isnt bloodline is an,excruciating ly heavy and slow story,its a family drama in every sense of,the word and thats the part about it,thats not for everybody,what it does give you though is,unbelievable,character development once you get into,this show and I mean really get into it,urine four and,alright so while its a similar story it,feels like round two everybodys on the,brink you see cracks forming and that,ones unbreakable Rayburn family loyalty,theyre not the same theyve been,through stuff and you know so much about,these characters at this point that its,fascinating to see what another round of,Less cover up the murder will do to them,all the problems the Rayburns are,facing in this season are compounded by,two things one Dannys death obviously,Dannys murder is still a dark cloud,over everything it still affects,absolutely everything,number two is Kevin who is the worst,just the fact that now Kevin who is the,worst is the one in the center of all of,this,hes the wonder half they have to cover,up for makes everything more complicated,because kevin is the worst every,character in this show is a tragic,character but kevin kevin is the worst,youll be face palming at kevin who is,the worst very often in this season and,youll love it and youll hate it but,youll love it this show is sweet sweet,torture so this season definitely have a,heavy focus on Kevin and John and John,is on a bad path and its getting worse,the focus is on the Kevin killed Marco,they have to cover it up story first and,then the drama causes in the family,second the season also explores Johns,private life and the toll that all of,this is taking on it this means that,some stories are sort of left up in the,air not every thread gets completely,followed up on especially the things,around Nolan and a few other things,youll definitely finish this season,with some unanswered questions or,questions that youll have to answer for,yourself and its the final season so,this is all we get the performances are,of course still breathtaking every,single character in this show does an,amazing job and the show is still,incredibly impressive to look at this is,not the show to watch on shitty Wi-Fi,you need no buffering HD all the way,none of that low,lucien there is a subplot with that,guy Ozzy Delvecchio that I didnt like,so much it didnt make a lot of sense,and it really it didnt really fit in,anywhere in the story Im not sure why,they even had that in there but I cant,say it really hurts the show it was just,kind of like there and the ending to be,honest it ended a bit differently than,how I had hoped Im still kind of,thinking about it it leaves some stuff,for you to kind of complete in your head,I dont know I hope for a bit more,closure but it was still very good and,the last thing Ill say is that towards,the end of the season theres an episode,thats a complete and utter mind,and either youll love it or youll hate,it with every fiber of your being,personally I loved it Id love to know,what you thought about it if you watched,the show theres no way you dont know,exactly what Im talking about,bottom line should we watch it yes,absolutely,watch this season with your face just,like seasons 1 and 2 season 1 was,probably the best doesnt really matter,though Im sad this show has to go away,but I like it when shows end I like a,good series finale theres something,powerful about it and Im not sure we,actually need another season of,bloodline to complete the story but if,there will ever be another surprise,season yeah Ill watch it what about you,if you watched season 3 of bloodline,what were your thoughts about it which,one of these broken characters spoke to,you the most let me know in the comments,down below lets get the discussion,going some of you have been asking me to,get on the TV time app so you can kind,of track what Im watching and also see,like reactions per episode so Im on the,app now you can find a link in the,description to download it or you can,look me up on the app as binge Watchers,this is not a sponsor thing by the way,Im not sure why I feel compelled to say,that but yeah if youre going to be,talking about spoilers please use,spoiler tags in your comments if you,like this video please give it a thumbs,up it really does help out a lot and if,youre finding binge Watchers for the,first time welcome Id like to invite,you to join the binge Watchers community,come talk about you with us its a lot,of fun subscribe to the channel but in,any case keep binging and I will see you,next,[Music]

Tekken: Bloodline | Wasted Plotential

hello and welcome to wasted potential,where we discuss the weighted potential,of our favorite plot lines second,bloodline surprising absolutely no one,wasnt very good the OVA is somehow,still the best adaptation of the series,to date and I dont care if you disagree,bloodline had potential as an adaptation,of Tekken 3 even if its somewhat,stifled by the lack of adaptation of the,first two games to present jinns,descent into darkness as history repeats,in itself and setting up the parallels,between him and Kazu for Tekken 4. but,as fighting game adaptations universally,do it squanders it dropping character,storylines and reducing them to skill,sets for the heroes to fight which is a,topic for an Adaptive Difficulty Im,working on so lets try and put some of,that story back into this here and,discuss the broader topic another time,first off the show needed more episodes,six episodes totaling three hours isnt,enough time to have all the fights and,characterization this plot needs you,might say everyone got their story,strips away to focus on gin hence no,Paul vs his old rival son Pauls,technical win the William sisters,rivalry Ninas mind control and Amnesia,and jyn doesnt even fight xiaoyu to,test his morals he just fights Leroy who,is basically a standing for Eddie,because hes too hard to animate huarank,whose rivalry with Jin is established,after they have the first fight in a,montage and then King for some,reason we dont even see all of Jins,victories because he fights what looks,to be Fung way before he fights huarang,but the show goes right from the Leroy,fight to the horang one for Jim and Jin,already has his devil brand without any,explanation be it a birthmark because,theyre bringing up the devil Gene,already or a brand puts on his skin by,devil like in the games add another,couple of episodes one gives Jins,training more time to breathe,establishing his friendship with xiaoyu,instead of having her pop-up already as,his friend in a montage and depicting,his fight with hwarang with heihachi,commented on Jins progress based on his,performance the other extra half hour,gives us time to characterize other,Fighters and depict Jin skipped fight it,also has one more benefit Ill get into,later a small thing I wouldnt have June,get exploded Id have Jin pass out and,wake up in the aftermath leaving her,face ambiguous as in the games to leave,the door open for a potential return is,unknown because theres a lot you can do,with that the second big issue is that I,dont think Leroy Smiths inclusion and,fight with Jin really added much make,your mum wonder why they bothered to,include this non-techn 3 fighter at all,I would replace him with Forest Law hes,another new generation fighter but,without a ton of significance to Jins,story allowing him to be a low stakes,first opponent and maybe have Leroys,injury go to Forest to explain him not,competing in later tournaments if we get,another season next the notion of Ling,xiaoyu beating Nina Williams is just,unreasonable to me not as much as Anna,beating yoshimitsu granted but still,Xiao you beating Nina is like having,Tina Armstrong beat ayane off Frost beat,Sonia blade and Jin doesnt even fight,either of them when the result of the,matchup between these two specific,characters in this story should be a lot,more significant to him imagine this,Nina beats xiaoyu and seriously hurts,her the shows Jin is genuinely friends,with xiaoyu unlike the general,indifference he shows towards her in the,games as such hes pushed to seriously,goal for Nina when they have a match,later on this pushes Jin deeper into his,devil blood and heihatchs ruthless,teachings which he will need to try and,Escape later on be it through fighting,kwarang wise words from a seasoned,fighter or words from an injured shall,you of course he actually pushes this by,explaining Ninas attempts on his and,kazus lives previously to reinforce the,idea of her being a serious threat that,needs to be disposed of as for Nina her,unnecessary cruelty towards xiaoyu isnt,just because she was annoyed by the,literal child is because like in the,game ogre is using her as a puppet to,get to Jinn it wants to draw out Jins,fighting spirit and devil Powers so he,can take them when it defeats him all of,this is explained by Nina after Jin,defeats her and Frieza from August,control this then leads Jin to realize,that Olga was after him that night not,June making him feel guilty and,strengthening the Devil Within it also,gives Olga more presence between the,premier and finale which it totally,lacks in the actual show so now this,fight which is one of the longer ones in,the show has actual significance pushing,Jin along his Arc and letting Nina have,an actual story for once for one of the,most prominent characters in the,franchise the adaptations are very,consistent in giving her the shaft,sometimes literally instead of King I,place Paul as the final opponent Jin has,to fight hes beaten his own rival whom,he once fought to a standstill so its,time to face the man who did the same,with his father by defeating Paul Jinn,is effectively proven his fathers equal,and Paul can have a bit of the Tekken 4,Russian thats washed away by fighting,his old rival son and feeling like a,young man again the King fight can still,happen just not quite as built up Im,mainly keeping it because King has the,best narrative in the series and I like,Jin letting him have the money after he,wins I just think Paul holds more weight,as an opponent for Jin Id also not have,Olgas presence not like a cataclysmic,event here since it wasnt like that in,the first episode and I generally find,the spectacle of the shows version of,the Olga fight far less interesting than,the low-key game version when Tekken,tries to be epic its always terrible,blood vengeance is big dumb mocha gin,giant the Titan comics big dumb Angel,fight Tekken 7s big dumb final battle,and now this I do like the part where,Jin jumps over the so-called God of,fighting and he completely loses sight,of him like a dumb chump and the way he,actually just shoots Jin in front of the,other Fighters also doesnt work in the,game its done in private allowing,heihachi to maintain his Public Image,additionally having Jin turn against,heihachi before this weakens the moment,because in the game Jin reaches out to,hey Hachi after he gets gunned down,thinking his grandfather is still on his,side not suspecting that it was his,order and its that sense of betrayal,that finally awakens them double gin for,the first time here he knows hey Hachi,is a dick and him pulling a gun isnt,really that unexpected when Jin already,knows that heihachi killed kazuya and is,responsible for Olgas Awakening which,is established in the show but not,explained my take is just to have Olga,show up as if he were any other fighter,loose to Jin after a tough bout and be,taken away by the Tekken Force he,actually receives word that ogre is,reawoken so he and jyn rush to,investigate and find true oga standing,over the bodies of the Tekken Force away,from the public Jin fights and kills,true Olga and his body disappears hey,Hachi is frustrated by his plan to,obtain Olgas blood which would be,explained in my version of course being,foiled and has Jin killed because he no,longer has any use for him and hes,already shown the will to disobey when,heihachi wants him to be ruthless so he,feels it best to cut his losses and,claim Olga kiljin along with attacking,Force Devil Jin awakens and escapes you,can have one or two people witness this,maybe Xiao you or hwarang and finally,instead of Jin flying off and cut into,credits to end the show that hes never,going to get a second season we instead,have an epilogue The Medallion makes its,way back to Julia which is set up in the,show but never paid off hwarang maybe,has an adaptation of his Tech three,ending but he helps generate the Tekken,force xiaoyu is back in school and,decides to go look for Jin King gets the,money for the orphanage small follow

Kyle Chandler & Ben Mendelsohn on Bloodline – EXCLUSIVE interview (2015) Netflix

Ive been accused of binge watching,were not bad people but we did a bad,thing its primarily about family the,relationships that make up family and,the the bonds that bring family together,and yet the secrets and the pains that,keep them apart and in this show,there are many things that that are,revealed as a storyline goes that lets,you see the relationships in different,ways and its its like smoke and,mirrors its written very well its,edited very well and its it keeps you,on that that ride its its its just a,its a fun engaging provocative show to,watch thats watch it dance like no good,will come of this,people can change you cant I think what,happens in in preparing if you like for,13 episodes is that preparation is just,more ongoing its just different things,get brought to the table every time we,we would get the scripts and we would,run home and read them very excitedly,but you would still be involved in that,process week after week after week after,week after week and thats thats very,different than you know a film script,where you have the this starts here it,ends here,you know everything this is a different,different based altogether,I always thought the greatest thing that,happened to me was being born a Wrayburn,no Im not so sure you cant help but I,mean bring the you your own family stuff,to bear in this situation and the point,would be having lots of conversations,there would be many many conversations,with the cast and the crew and you know,people that normally wouldnt converse,about these things about because family,is so universal everyone has that and,they all have yeah its enjoyable too,because you get to bastardize the truth,about your own dark secrets on film,therefore I can throw in lob bombs at my,brothers and my sister while doing the,work that I do on bloodline and that,makes it a lot of fun,thats very enjoyable right your lifes,not always gonna be this perfect things,happen to people I think the Florida,Keys is a beautiful holiday spot it is a,paradise make sure you go out on a boat,because thats when the Florida Keys,really comes into its own theres a real,world down there no doubt I mean theres,real people they have real jobs that are,living real lives but the exterior when,you get off of that aisle its all about,its all about the water whether its,fishing whether its boating scuba,diving spearfishing its its the water,and its boats and the people live in,that world,but when you get on a boat up Florida,Keys and youve got a calm day where,theres high pressure pushing the water,down and its clear and you can go out,14 miles and the water is only ten feet,deep until you hit the until you hit the,trench that water is absolutely its,like its its absolutely stunningly,beautiful its an incredible atmosphere,Ive been accused of binge watching I,have also been accused of binge watching,I love I think binge watching is is,fantastic if you get caught by something,and then you want it more that is one of,the great pleasures it used to be the,box set you thats thats the old-school,way of doing the binge watching that,with the Netflix thing its much easier,you dont have to you just wait and then,it goes the next episode will begin in,five four three and youre like,yes go again

Bloodline Heroes of Lithas GAMEPLAY | REVIEW

brand new beautiful game i started,playing yesterday and its got quite a,twist to it its very different i just,want to show you the combat off the bat,its actually really good the graphics,are visually beautiful weve got a,caster in the back about to do aoe weve,got our tank right there doing a shield,weve got zar gala right there there she,goes doing a 360 spin but this ones a,little bit different let me show you,some of the,the champions ive collected so far like,i said the graphics look nice,i mean look look at the particle effects,on this guy the book they look sweet and,ive only got little rares and ive got,one epic right here no i have one more,epic but heres the biggest thing about,this game that i thought i found kind of,funny or at least a little bit charming,for a game like this this is called,bloodlines because youre actually,making heroes yourself,we go out and we do the gotcha to get,heroes but we also do gotcha with our,companions in the game and theres a,whole bunch of waifus that you are gonna,court and youre gonna have babies with,and then you can change them over to,husbandos if you want them to right here,at the touch of a button and they can be,male or female whichever you choose so,if you wanted a whole bunch of males,over here you could go change each of,them,to the male version or you can mix it up,and have either ive got all the females,lined up and ive had babies with each,of these you can see shes a,dark-skinned elf shes a maybe a high,elf weve got a forest elf over here i,dont know why im getting all elves,right now pretty soon were gonna have,this lady i think soon,but we have weve consummated,and made some errors thats part of the,game so weve got little babies here,hes giggle giggle cuckoo right and,weve got one thats kind of grown up,let me see what happens when we actually,quick develop are they gonna come out oh,unlocked at three eight,i think these,ive been doing this since yesterday i,gave them a little play i gave i cant,remember now because some of them i,wanted to keep mainly with study and,then some i wanted to keep with train to,see what they would turn into im gonna,do a whole bunch of play with this kid,this kids not gonna be a warrior hes,gonna be,playing with games and stuff off to the,side look at this evil looking dark elf,baby,i think i was doing i dont know maybe,massive training with this one lets get,into those trainings and then i guess,the babys not going to go fully active,until 30. i see 12 of 30 down here at,the bottom this ones 6 of 78. so this,is a three-star common though,this girl is a rare,she must be the mother of her must be,the middle elf right the high elf,earlier lets go make some more babies,lets open up another slot confirm that,um yes lets have this baby study yeah,you need to study all babies need to,study she needs to study lets get you,studying,oh wait wait shes almost done and then,a little training shes 15 to 15. lets,go develop,she turned into that,okay,shes a rare one star now with agility,for,attack speed increase weve got some,trades here when attacking 20 chance to,silence the target,and then it restores constitution 6.2 of,the strength every five attacks its,pretty cool and i dont know theres got,to be combinations in these games of,ways to raise your,your babies,to become certain heroes in the game,right there just has to be lets go over,to my companions now and show you the,sexy time,perhaps we could go somewhere more quiet,lets do that,we already went somewhere more quiet,okay look a baby just came there we go,its a two-star common i need to get,some better quality women instead of,these two-star women so they can start,popping out some rares epics and,legendaries i believe i dont know if we,have room for more babies i think since,we opened up that slot we have enough,room for one more lets see if shes not,available not available i dont know,whats gonna happen when i have a wolf,baby or half orc baby thatll be pretty,sweet a dwarf baby although i picked a,dwarf you can pick yourself as a human,an elf or a dwarf when you start playing,the game she looks sexy as hell theyre,all theyre all waifus right,i dont think theres any bad choices in,here were gonna go with this forest one,oh we can we can,we can woo her over with some of our,charms here maybe if i bring it up,higher ill be able to get well she was,a common this ones a rare,shes a comment,this lady is a one-star rare so we could,give her a lot of love all right so,other things in the game to do you can,put gear on your companions you can,level up your companions ive got this,guy unlocked so far backline archer who,does like a big single target hit,three-star rare these are all ones i got,recently lets go over there and see if,i can summon some more because i was,kind of confused about the summoning in,this game shes a back-line dwarf that,does crazy mortars she has a pet that,runs around with her its pretty cool,this guy looks badass right,i like it i actually really really like,the graphics in this game i just was,kind of i wish it,was to the side right what is that,landscape instead of portrait if it was,landscape i would definitely be more,into this game and then if it was,turn-based of course i would be more,into it but we do have theres a,three-star epic so this is probably my,strongest and i need to gear up and she,does a charm ability we can scale,upgraded two three but whats weird is,right now i cannot see,their abilities unless i go into,the codex then i can see their abilities,i guess they wont let me do that until,later theres senate meetings we gotta,go into and we have to you know they,tell us like that the towns not doing,well or we did taxes and the poor are,getting poorer what can we do to help,out there so we have to solve issues,its simple right they give us these,and we pick whatever i dont think there,are any bad choices but im sure it does,affect the flow of the game so this game,is a little bit different right youre,raising your heirs youve got your,waifus your husbandos that youre having,these relationships with youre finding,them plus not only this right with the,senate you go in here and you also have,to interrogate people in your dungeon,and then they can become part of your,army so this guy ive already,interrogated him quite a bit do i have,more okay ive got one more,interrogation he wasnt responding well,to intimidation or punishment he was,doing okay to my companions will burn,this place to the ground,i dont know he wasnt doing anything,lets go to communicate with this guy,okay now we got to come back,communicate there i am im a dwarf,threaten him harshly yeah threaten this,guy,okay we went somewhere some progression,here so rehabilitation and 100 more,points lets go over here to this dark,elf that i captured,i dont know which one did you think,that was going to work what i dont,remember what i used on him so you got,to remember remember what you were doing,to these people uh yeah hey hows it,going buddy,ill give you some food this kind of,effects on me that doesnt have any,effect on you what about intimidation 30,30 points punishment 20 points,communication 20 points lets go back to,intimidation,all right so were were on cooldown so,weve got a dungeon,to where we,to worry intimidate prisoners lets go,back out to the map to where were doing,some fighting im sure weve got some,bosses to fight im sure weve got some,dungeons to fight i just dont know,where theyre at yet because i have this,exploration and i think this might be,let me do it ten times,okay i dont have enough i think this is,how you pull,your heroes but you also get other,resources while youre doing this while,youre running around through here,but i was getting heroes through doing,exploration,im a little confused theres a lot of,stuff in this game okay i was worried,about raising my children and not paying,attention how to how to do the summons,in here lets go to another battle,really quick and move forward with the,battle

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