1. Blue Diamond Pan Double Review: One Beaten, One Babied!
  2. 3 Months Test BLUE DIAMOND Ceramic Non Stick Pan by Skywind007
  3. Equipment Reviews: The Best Ceramic Nonstick Skillet
  4. Ninja Foodi Neverstick Pan VS Blue Diamond Pan | Vivian Tries
  5. Blue Diamond Cookware- Is It Legit?
  6. Does This Non-Stick Pan Work?
  7. Blue Diamond Pan Review | Testing As Seen on TV Product

Blue Diamond Pan Double Review: One Beaten, One Babied!

this is the blue diamond pan and as seen,on TV pan thats supposed to be five,times harder the last ten times longer,and that four times the heat transfer of,a regular pan but doesnt really work,Im gonna find that out in this review,[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Music],alright guys Ive got the nine and a,half inch blue diamond pan its very,pretty it has diamonds in the surface,supposedly you can see that sparkly,right there look how sparkly that is the,red copper pan is the last non-stick pan,that I reviewed here and this one I get,asked about a lot from people now when I,did that pan I kind of had the problem,of the advertising and the instructions,were a little bit different and Im,having the same problem with a blue,diamond pan now in the case of the red,copper pan I chose to take care of it to,follow the instructions to kind of baby,it it hasnt lasted well a year and a,half later still have no problem with,this pan but not everybody liked that,they wanted to see how it will hold to,the advertising so in the case of the,blue diamond pan I decided to take a,little bit different approach thats,right its a double blue diamond pan,review Im gonna take one and Im gonna,abuse it like the advertising and the,other one Im gonna baby it like the,instructions say and see how they both,compare when Im done an example of what,Im talking about heres the,instructions for the care and use it,says use low to medium heat but the,commercial doesnt it show it using a,broiler at 800 degrees always use a,little oil or butter but dont use extra,virgin olive oil doesnt it show in the,commercial if not using oil or butter it,says the dishwasher safe but they,recommend hand washing it so what are we,supposed to believe here the advertising,and the instructions Im not sure both,are gonna be accurate before I get,started with my cooking Im gonna gently,wash both of them I think thats the,fair way to get started yeah Ive got,both of the pans on my to medium burners,both of them on very low heat I got at,about two and a half and I put a black,piece of electrical tape on the one that,Im going to abuse so youll always know,which one that one is my first test is,my favorite of all of them which is,gonna be frying up an egg now in this,video youre gonna see me make some,cooking mistakes I dont know how the,youtubers who have cooking channels can,film and cook at the same time so,Christy from Christys cooking channel,maybe you can shed some light on this,for me now Im not making excuses Im,just saying that thats not something,that Im really good at multitasking,when Im filming and cooking so the fact,that my culinary skills might be,somewhat abysmal in this particular,video might actually bode well for the,pan because it actually survived my,terrible cooking skills so that means if,youre a good cook and,make the mistakes I did papaya didnt,work better for you again this ones,gonna fall the instructions and use some,butter this ones gonna kind of fall the,advertising and not hello I broke the,yoke oh well did not mean to break the,yoke on this one sorry guys I know that,probably bothers some of you the butter,is a little bit burnt on that one,obviously thats going to slide out,easily,now this ones not quite ready yet only,metal utensils on the abused version but,when the handle is kind of hot too its,not really sliding around like the,commercial shows and youre trying to,dislodge this a little bit and see if I,can get it to do that this isnt going,too well,Oh after flipping its not its not,spinning around like they show in the,commercial it is still sticky and even,as I dislodge it yeah hey now its,working,slide out slide out perfect its perfect,so after the first egg test this is the,no butter metal utensil this is with,butter I know which ones gonna be,easier to clean and this might be easy,to clean just because its on there,doesnt mean it wont come off easily,lets try that these have cooled a,little bit let me do the baby version,some warm soapy water gentle towel looks,pretty good,very simple perfect now lets try this,one this is the abused one the black,mark since it can supposedly take some,abuse lets try a scrub daddy on it all,right its coming off nice its coming,off nicely the abused one is hanging in,there that came off very easily I didnt,feel any scratchiness to it even though,the egg stuck to it it cleaned up very,easily its an impressive first test all,right next up they showed a,demonstration of cheese just being,effortlessly poured out of there so Im,gonna try something shredded cheese here,and fold that,and on this pan handful of that in this,pan so thatll be interesting to see how,these compare turn the heat up a little,bit more and try to push it a little bit,okay well as I I can say that its its,moving around its not sticking to the,bottom how about this one also not stick,in the bottom of course you got a butter,coating on that one lets crank the heat,up a little bit I will say right now,that this cheese is doing pretty little,swirling you know thats I have to say,that ones doing pretty well Im using a,metal fork to check it the egg didnt do,so well the cheese is redeeming it okay,the baby pan come came off nicely this,one were gonna were gonna crank up the,heat even more I mean there is a lot of,fat in here so it probably would be less,likely to stick than an egg would but,the fact that I use nothing and is,swirling around its pretty good once,again the handle is pretty hot even up,here its very hot kind of having to,hold it back here that would have been,nice if they had a handle it didnt get,hot but this test I think is a success,whats next I recently had a comment by,someone who said I should read from a,script because I tend to misspeak the,idea is that if Im reading from a,script it will avoid me miss speaking,and deliver the most precise review,possible well you know what Id rather,speak from here and here and miss speak,once in a while then read from here and,sound like Im reading it so get out of,here with your script idea but speaking,of miss speaking in the next segment I,do miss speak I keep saying blender when,I actually meant mixer so when you hear,me say blender think mixer I didnt use,a blender in this review I used a mixer,all right its almost four oclock in,the afternoon its about time to make,myself an omelet this is gonna be when I,just test on the abused pan because this,is something in the commercial they,showed,maybe even more important than how the,Gnostic works on this particular dish is,how the one on sticks holds up with the,blender after Im done I like just a,dash of milk,[Applause],hmmm Im beating it up a little bit here,oh yeah hit the sides get the sides oh,yeah,its not sticking too bad it is sticking,a little bit though I mean not the best,time that I ever made for sure but more,important is the surface itself how that,held up the Alma would have been better,if I had some sort of an oil and I think,was thick a little bit and gave me some,problems but the point of this test is,not so much the crappy almond I just,made but the surface itself I just wash,the abused pan look what we got you,thats not good,nope the blender did ding the outside,head is pretty badly actually looks like,the bottom of the pan did pretty well,but the edges did not hold up at all,thats not good but what Im gonna do,next is put in the dishwasher and see,how it holds up there and see if that,affects the nonstick surface good luck,abused pan Im rooting for you hello my,abused pan okay but it doesnt look any,worse for wear that the dishwasher I,still have the scratches from the mixer,alright one more test for the abused pan,Im not gonna do the baby pan Im going,to do plastic utensils supposedly these,can melt in there and just be easily,scraped out so lets try that how long,should three plastic spoons cook Im not,really sure dont need to add some,butter to that to make him taste better,I dont know of course in the abuse pan,I gotta have a metal at ute

3 Months Test BLUE DIAMOND Ceramic Non Stick Pan by Skywind007

[Music],hello sky wonders,welcome to another episode of skywind,double seven today we are looking at,this right here the blue diamond,enhanced ceramic non-stick,pan it claims to be toxin free its free,of the,pfas pfoa lead in camden,its um safe for your family its,five times harder 10 10 times longer and,four times,better heat transfer so you can use a,metal,utensil on it so its safe to do that,and you also can put it inside the oven,i believe up to,350 degrees fahrenheit,its dishwasher safe and water control i,already said that,and um if you look in the back,well it says the same thing on the back,and on the ad you can,cook without oil so well see if its,that good,so lets um lets open it up,and see how it looks,oh this is nice you dont have to,[Music],you dont have to ruin anything,little plastic,nice feels very nice,also the handle doesnt have any rubber,or plastic,because um the reason why i picked this,one is because of that,its just metal because what ive had,happened to me before is that the flame,reaches the handle and it starts,generating this awful smell,oh its already dirty i dont know why,all right so lets um go test it,oil okay scramble some eggs,as you can see so this is what i do a,lot,i cook a lot of different things on this,pan but this is my most,common item that i cook here,so lets see here we go,ive done this many many times so i know,how its going to come out but i want to,show it to you,in case you want to see,so lets see if it sticks i dont think,it will,and it does not thats a good thing,so this is a common experience right,here let me fix the,temperature,so even though its rated for metal,utensils i dont actually believe that,so im just going to use the,wooden spatula let me try to turn it,around,and yes everythings going well so its,not sticking,and thats good,im going to flip it around with this,[Music],all right,oh burns yeah burns,so i have to wear gloves but we already,talked about this,its so that the handle if you have a,plastic or,rubber handle itll burn if you put it,close to the flame,its a little bit left but it does come,off,that looks good,so that went well i think at least in my,opinion,so lets get um lets put this on the,table,so for my preference this looks right,came out right,okay so now lets do the cheese test,that test where they put a cheese,directly on the pan,off very easily heres our cheese,were gonna put it on here we go there,we go,its starting to melt,lets leave it there for a while,you see the bubbles,and im optimistic i think its gonna,work i hope its gonna work,i havent actually done this before,because that doesnt make any sense to,put cheese on there,and boo whats going on there,what is oh my goodness,well thats a failure,that is definitely a failure,lets see if itll come off the pan and,onto my plate,lets see,let me go back and switch,so whats happening,okay so lets see if itll slide off,so it does slide off for sure but uh,half of it got stuck,and burned so were gonna have to see,what we can do about this,so hopefully itll be easy to clean up i,hope lets let it cool down for a while,so theres our cheese its all melted,lets put it on top of the eggs,okay so now lets see if we can get this,lets go outside lets just take a,good look at it,and see guys this did stick up,im not happy about it,all right lets go back in,all right so im getting it wet im,cooling it down getting it wet,and its not coming off very sticky,so this is not this is not good,not happy about it,this is supposed to be diamond diamonds,not supposed to stick like this,well some of it is coming off not all of,it though,lets fast forward this,all right guys so we have reached the,end of our review its been about three,months,three or four months im not sure at,least three months,and this has performed fairly well,although its not what you see on the,ads that um,that its its not uh its not something,spectacular but its um its fairly well,but one of the things that ive noticed,and im sure youve seen a lot of,reviews online but,people that buy this and use it for,three days,three or four days and then make a,review theyre not gonna,theyre not gonna show this right here,all this sticky stuff,the first the first two weeks that i,used it was great but after that,all this stuff started forming as you,can see,its all sticky no matter how much i,wash it and clean it,it doesnt come off so all that stuff is,no longer,its not like the center right here that,is this is nice and and,non-stick but on this area it does tend,to stick a little,if you look in the back its um its,fairly clean in the back,its a little bit of staining over here,as you can see i already washed it but,it that wouldnt come off,but really who cares about the back,its the important part is the front so,theres definitely some staining,as you can see there and all this,happens,when you use it for a long time for,several weeks,months not those three days three three,day reviews that you see on the internet,like all the other people that will,do a review and then just use it for,sometimes even just,once or twice and then they they,come up with a conclusion that its a,great thing and it is great but um,its not perfect its really sticky,i could not get that off and im,obviously not going to use something,metallic like a like a metal brush,because thats going to ruin the finish,the the coating,so lets go outside and lets take a,look at it in the daylight and see how,it looks,[Music],okay so were outside as you can see all,that staining,its there and,i did my best to get rid of it but you,cant,and the that blue coating is actually,coming off,like you see there and there,and then theres some staining there,and theres a lot of staining over here,so yeah the coating kind of i dont know,if this is coming off,right here but yeah so this is it,um do i recommend this i think i do,recommend it,but its not what you see on tv we you,saw the,the experiment that i did with the eggs,and the cheese and i,cooked many other things on it that i,didnt record,um and it does perform well but that,cheese experiment it just doesnt work,at least not with this thing,thanks a lot subscribe thumbs up,and goodbye,[Music],you

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Equipment Reviews: The Best Ceramic Nonstick Skillet

[Music],in the test kitchen we like using a,non-stick pan for cooking delicate foods,like fish and eggs but we know that,traditional non-stick skillets coated,with teflon and similar materials have,faced allegations of being harmful to,cooks and the environment especially,when theyre heated above 500 degrees,ceramic nonstick skillets are marketed,as safer healthier alternatives,unfortunately weve never found ceramic,skillets that were very good,nearly all the ones weve tested in the,past couldnt cleanly release food even,when they were brand new and as soon as,we started cooking in them even the,slightly better ceramic surfaces went,right downhill way too fast,but we wanted to give these pans another,shot,we had two questions is there a new,ceramic nonstick skillet out there,thats both truly nonstick and stays,that way and if so how does it compare,to our winning regular nonstick skillet,we bought seven ceramic nonstick,skillets all 12 inches priced from about,20 dollars to about 80 dollars and we,gave them a workout our first test,involved a lot of eggs we fried eggs one,after another in each skillet dry with,no fat we didnt stop until eggs began,to stick or when we fried 50 eggs,without sticking whichever came first,this test tells you how well the,slickness of the pan is holding up,and we did this at the beginning and at,the end of testing so we could see if,the coatings deteriorated after being,used,and in between we made some recipes we,typically cook in a non-stick skillet,including beef and broccoli stir-fry,frittata with peppers and onions and,pan-fried soul,along with giving the pan some practical,use these tests also helped us rate each,pan as a pan we looked at its capacity,browning ability comfort and,maneuverability we also recruited three,more testers who were completely,unfamiliar with these pans to saute peas,and give us their opinions and finally,to test the structural durability of the,skillets we cut them with knife we,heated them and plunged them into ice,water and finally we whacked them three,times on a hard surface,now before we get into results i want to,take a second to talk about the,difference between ceramic and regular,non-stick both are coatings applied to,metal pans in regular non-stick,manufacturers use a substance called,polytetrafluoroethylene,or ptfe this makes a super strong fairly,flexible and very slippery coating,ptfe is inert which means chemically,inactive so eating a flake of it isnt,going to hurt you but it can degrade and,release dangerous fumes when its heated,above 500 degrees and thats always,going to be a limitation of traditional,non-stick pans another concern until,about 2015 ptfe was processed with the,help of a compound called,perfluorooctanoic acid or pfoa which was,discovered to be dangerous to the,environment and human health thats been,phased out and nobody uses it anymore,our former recommended pan by scanpan,did not use pfoa but it did use ptfe so,we did not include it this time now,ceramic non-stick doesnt use pfoa and,instead of ptfe the pans are spray,coated with a liquid material that when,heated hardens to a slick ceramic,surface theres no risk of it releasing,toxic fumes even at high temperatures,but heres the problem ceramic surfaces,are brittle so ceramic coatings are more,likely to develop tiny microscopic,surface cracks during normal use its a,problem that quickly goes from bad to,worse the rougher that cooking surface,becomes the more likely food is to stick,to it and then scrubbing off the stuck,on food degrades the ceramic more but,while all ceramic nonstick coatings have,those same challenges theyre not all,made alike ceramic is a broad family of,materials so their formulation can vary,significantly as well as the thickness,of the coating how the layers are,applied and how long the coatings cure,so given that theyre not all alike,how do these new pans do,sadly most were still not nonstick over,the long term remember that in our first,dry egg test we set the benchmark of 50,eggs of our seven pans one of these pans,released just 28 eggs then stuck,the other six skillets passed but when,we repeated the dry egg test at the end,four more pans failed one of those,choked after is nine eggs others quit,between 15 and 32 eggs,now since slickness is the only reason,you buy a non-stick pan we automatically,disqualified any pan that failed the egg,tests and that left just two of the,seven pans thats a big contrast to our,most recent review of traditional,non-stick skillets where all ten pans,passed both egg tests fortunately we,liked cooking with the two top,performing ceramic pans both of them had,wide interior cooking surfaces nine and,a half and ten inches across so theres,plenty of room to brown beef for stir,fry and sear fish fillets we did notice,that food was cooking more quickly than,it might in a regular non-stick skillet,but everything we cooked turned out well,and nothing stuck to the pans cooking,surfaces now one of the two had fairly,steep sides that got in our way but the,walls of the other were more gently,sloped and that let us easily flip or,remove food,both had handles that were comfortable,to grab but both pans felt a little,heavier than ideal that steep sided pan,is oven safe to 400 degrees while our,preferred pan with the sloped walls is,oven safe to 600 degrees so we had some,possibilities in the ceramic world but,how did the best one compared to our,favorite regular nonstick skillet from,oxo,we bought new copies of each and we did,five side-by-side cooking tests pancakes,fried eggs caramelized onions more beef,and broccoli stir-fry and pan-seared,salmon we took care to use the same,burner and heat level and strictly stuck,to the cook times listed in the recipes,pancakes and eggs both cook at a fairly,low heat and they were hard to tell,apart but recipes that called for higher,heat levels told a really clear story,the ceramic pen ran hotter,foods cooked faster and they were a,little more prone to sticking,some of the caramelized onions came out,a little too dark sauce in our stir-fry,reduced a little bit more and made dark,sticky patches on the skillet surface,salmon skin stuck cleanup was still,pretty easy we just had a quick soak in,hot water and that was enough to loosen,any bits of sauce or caramelized sugars,but the experience was clearly different,than using our traditional skillet where,food never stuck to the pan and it was a,breeze to clean,and we looked closer both pants are made,of aluminum and they have similar weight,and thickness so we focused on the,coatings,ceramic conducts heat which means that,skillets coated with it heat up faster,and stay hot by contrast ptfe is a type,of plastic and it acts as a thermal,insulator it slows the transmission of,heat to the food,so our takeaway when youre cooking with,ceramic pans its really important to,pay attention you might need to lower,the heat or take it off the heat a,little sooner than called for in a,recipe,food might stick slightly and the pan,may take a little bit more effort to,clean and you better be gentle when,youre cleaning it,if you want to avoid ptfe youll have to,make that trade-off of ease of use but,if you love the super slick ultra,reliable results provided by our,favorite traditional nonstick skillet,and youre careful never to heat it,while its empty or let it go over 500,degrees youre probably going to want to,keep using that while ceramic skillets,have improved dramatically since we,first tested them several years ago they,still cant quite match the performance,of ptfe skillets but if youre,interested in the potential safety,benefits of a ceramic coating and youre,okay with making adjustments as you cook,we can recommend two good pans our,favorite is the green pan valencia pro,hard anodized nonstick fry pan its,shaped well with plenty of flat cooking,surface so food has room to brown evenly,instead of crowding and steaming its,gently sloped walls help keep food in,but dont interfere with a sp

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Ninja Foodi Neverstick Pan VS Blue Diamond Pan | Vivian Tries

which one do you want to clean,like whoa two melted lollipops what kind,of test is this,see hello you guys and welcome back to,another vivian,tries on this vivian tries i have for,you,a brand new as seen on television,product,today were trying the ninja foodie,never,stick dont forget those words never,stick cookware,[Music],and never stick chip or flake guaranteed,target had this 10 inch pan for 39.99,which to me,is a little pricey dont you think so,the expectations are like,already there are a couple things though,in the infomercial that made me go um,be careful i mentioned this on my,instagram stories the other day,they have a lifetime five-year warranty,i hate when they play with the words in,the infomercial and i know that its,just a thing people do,but i hate that because when you say a,lifetime warranty im thinking,my life span like as long as i have the,pan then,my warranty is good but thats not what,theyre saying when used is directed,is a lifetime based on five years its a,five year,pan lifetime warranty meaning a normal,pan,on an average would last you about five,years so theyre basing it on that,when you say lifetime im going oh my,god my grandkids can own this pan thats,what i think,the infomercial promises that nothing,will ever chip,stick scratch nothing never sticks,chips or flakes nothing so you know,vivian took the challenge,were really gonna put this to the,ultimate non-stick test i have here,my little magnifying glass were gonna,check for scratches today,i also have my little temperature gun,here because the pan says,it can hold up to 30 000 degrees,i dont know how you test that but okay,and even at that temperature i cant get,it that hot because i dont got a,facility,um so i cant get it up to 30 000,degrees but,im imma get it up probably like 400,if thats what i can do thats realistic,thats real life aint nobody cooking at,30 000 degrees,this is still a decent pan only reason i,bought it is so that we would have a,fair comparison,new against new and these folks threw,some jabs at this one in the infomercial,with the little sandpaper test,did you see that has been scrubbed 40,000 times,that was the one where i went literally,got in my car went to target picked this,guy up and picked up sandpaper they took,sandpaper,and based on their infomercial they,scratched the hell out of this,and nothing stuck to it so they,challenged me im like this is the,biggest challenge ever done on vivian,tries,i am literally gonna take sandpaper,and then were gonna cook on it and then,were gonna put this beautiful,magnifying glass on it,and were gonna check for scratches,lets admire the beautiful pan,right look at it not heavy like cast,iron is but it does have that cast iron,kind of feel on it this is,impressive if you want one of these ill,link it up in the description of this,video every time i pull this out,everybody wants one because its so cool,look at that surface looks really nice,it reminds me of the,tax clad i dont remember i always,mispronounced that pan that i also did,with this fancy little thing it kind of,reminds me of that it has a little bit,of a blue,sparkle in there i dont know but that,surface is looking very familiar,go ahead and check the blue diamond just,for fun because somebodys going to ask,me,nice clean surface it does have like,some very light scratches right out of,the box,but nothing that i can see visibly with,my eyes,it also might be just dirty right,because i have not wiped these down yet,now the infomercial went extra,extra the most is as i like to say and,they said they,freaking rubbed this thing right in the,center too like 30 000 times im like,okay thats overkill let me show you the,before,okay its on the surface ready,ready one two three go one,two three four five seven ten oh who,owes me money who owes me,money send me my check can you see the,scratches oh my god,okay so this one you see it right there,its not crazy scratched but its,definitely it got some of that blue,diamond dust i remember that on the,infomercial that said this,diamond dust get out of here with that,okay well start with our,ninja cookware lets see if we can see,some difference here,i see scratching but i believe the,infomercial they said it will never,scratch,chip or stick right what is that lets,just move on because,im seeing all kinds of stuff like whoa,this one is jacked look at all those,garages on,it yall ruined my pan but if it doesnt,stick is it ruined,i dont know were gonna call it the,blue diamond never stick pan why do i,have a country accent today i dont know,listen ive morphed into the vivian from,the country,hillbilly i dont know what the hell,happened but i woke up with an accident,i wish i had a british accent i cant,wait to be back in london you guys,very visible damage here i can confirm,that im seeing,scratches and surface has chipped or,been worn off,now look at these fancy things i got on,amazon okay so were gonna do,the ninja over here and the blue diamond,over here ding ding ding ding ding were,in the ring folks,no oil needed no butter no greases no,nothing because they both promise the,same thing see the way that egg dish,just,lifts and glides right out of that pan,with no tearing or breaking apart,nonstick so blue diamond did not promise,the little sandpaper test so,we cant take any points off for this,one because its not its fault,that i scratched it up so so much for,having two of these little hot plate,things because my blue diamond pan will,not work,on it oh beautiful this thing is getting,beat up today,lets just do a little gentle flip not a,big deal its a traditional nonstick pan,scrubbed 15 000 times,and a ninja never stick pan that was,scrubbed 40 000 times youre a little,burnt,because im over here yapping pretty,good,its burnt dont judge me and my cooking,skills im trying to talk,not burn myself all that stuff at the,same time the infomercial he just rolled,that omelette right out of there,look at that as golden as the morning,sun i dont know where im getting this,accent you guys,im concerned about it now come on,thats around 10 years worth of,scrubbing and the ninja pants still has,never stick performance,this is the easiest test of today,it looks like some of the omelettes,started to stick to the part of the pan,where we scrubbed it 1500 times,imma say thats shameful and i know,some people are gonna say well maybe the,pan was hotter no actually look at the,egg from the bottom,its not even burnt compared to this guy,this guy was burnt,i was gonna go take it to the sink to,wash but im thinking these are,non-stick i should be able to just wipe,it all out right here,one thing i will say now that ive,picked up the blue diamond pan,still sizzling hot this one is like,cool already like i can i cant touch,this one im literally burning my hands,wiping it right this rag and now the,candy test both,pans claim something like this where you,can melt like hard candy and theyre not,gonna stick,the sticky candy demos on brand new,pants but after only 1500 scrubs the,food sticks,clearly ninja never stick never sticks,theres one,number two this one is moving a lot,faster even though i placed the lollipop,on this one,i was hating about the eggs a little bit,because i dont want to help you you,told me you had this,its going faster over here im kind of,impressed with it a little bit,my pan is starting to smoke which is not,a great sign it might be a case of,runaway heating this ones smoking,im gonna turn it off and then were,gonna let it cool down so we can just,wipe it off,two melted lollipops what kind of test,is this,okay got that one out of there make sure,we can get all this off of here,the food sticks okay this one,wipe it right out of there,never stick never sticks okay this ones,sticking a little bit more,than that guy was you see theres a lot,more of the candy still on this one than,there is on this guy,its also a lot easier to clean running,cold water over,the blue diamond pan actually did,excellent it almost got all th

Blue Diamond Cookware- Is It Legit?

is ronnie here from southern food junkie,and today were going to be testing out,the eight inch blue diamond frying pan,so lets get to it,weve all seen the as seen on tv,products they claim that theyre,non-stick you can put whatever you want,to in it and it just slides right out,well one of my friends another youtuber,darren from jerome beef farm had sent me,some information about this pan said he,really loved it and he bought a whole,set of these so i decided this would be,a good opportunity to test these out now,let me pre-face that i dont have a,scientific kitchen,im not going to go through and do,months and months of testing this is,basically just gonna be me using it and,then ill give you my observations,things that id like things that i dont,like,now that weve washed our pan ive had a,chance to go over it really good and,ive made a couple observations before,ive actually used it so lets go over a,couple of those observations these will,be pros and cons that i see these will,be the pros,the pan,seems like its made pretty well,the pan has nice heavy rivets that hold,the handle to the pan,its also,not too thick not too thin i would say,its not extremely heavy like my,stainless steel pots that i have,its a little bit lighter weight than,them which could be a good thing for,some people who dont have a lot of hand,strength and they need a light pot also,you notice when i was washing this you,can see how the water just beads up on,here and thats due to this ceramic,coating,now,blue diamond says that this coating is,fine is a five times harder coating it,lasts ten times longer and it has four,times better heat transfer,its also supposed to be metal utensil,safe,oven and broiler safe so its high heat,resistant lets go over some of the cons,one of the biggest cons for me is the,handle,this is personal preference but the,handle is hollow,a hollow handle conducts heat itll,cause heat to come from the pan and into,the handle which will cause you to burn,your hand,i have several pots have hollow handles,and i have several pots and pans that,have,solid handles the ones that have solid,handles i can actually pick up and hold,while ive been cooking with them the,ones that have hollow handles i cannot,hold and touch when comparing this pan,to some of my higher end pans i have,some uh emerald pans earlier i mentioned,that the pan was not too thick not too,thin,but one of the cons that i see is that,it dont have a thick bottom,this does lend to it being lighter,weight which i said is nicer for,somebody it doesnt have the hand,strength,but a pan that doesnt have a nice thick,bottom,uh tends to burn faster so you can see,here this emerald pan how thick the,bottom is on it and um,it dont burn as easy like that now not,saying that i hadnt even tested this,pan im not saying that this will burn,quick but thats just an observation,that i see,so lets get to some of the testing,all right so as you can see,i used a little bit of oil i used a,little bit of butter and this omelet,slid out of the pan,beautiful,it worked just the way it should,i have no doubt that this coating this,pan does what it says,initially,so i have some questions about this,that i dont think ill be able to,answer in this video i have to,you know come back to you in six months,or a year and just see how this thing,holds up a couple of the scrapping seeds,that i see,is the directions say to use low to,medium heat,uh but on the front of it it talks about,putting the hand the pan in the oven so,im not sure,if this is really meant to use on high,heat the high heat may damage the,coating,which means no searing so your cast iron,pan is probably going to still be your,best to sear a steak or any type of meat,this pan is perfect for omelets,anything like that eggs anything thats,delicate,frying fish would be perfect in this you,know a pan seared fish halibut salmon,would be perfect in this pan,the directions also say to use a little,bit of oil when youre cooking,even though it has this non-stick,coating me personally i would always use,oil,in order to get a good brown crisp,surface but when you watch the,advertisements on tv it doesnt appear,that theyre using oil is that a little,bit misleading possibly but all these as,seen on tv commercials are usually,they over promise and under deliver,another big thing,the directions say that you can you put,this in a dishwasher,but the directions also say,that if you put it if you hand wash it,that the coating will last longer which,leads me to believe that you shouldnt,put it in the dishwasher if you want,your pan to last now the advertisement,on the front of this pan says you can,use metal utensils with it this is one,of the things that ill have to test out,does metal utensils scratch this surface,i feel like it would i feel like you,shouldnt use metal utensils in this but,thats what weve always been taught,so the question is would i recommend,this pan this line of pots and pans to,you i would i like it uh its economical,theyre not expensive it does what it,says i just dont know about the,longevity of it it has a 90 day warranty,on it which,makes me think that eventually its,going to wear out,if youre looking for something thats,going to last forever stainless steel,and cast iron is still your best bet,but these are great pans and pots too,these are as seen on tv we know about as,seen on tv products,sometimes theyre good,this pan works like its advertised so,far,this egg omelet slid right out of the,pan but i did use oil with it so im,happy with this pan ill continue to use,it especially to cook eggs,and to cook egg omelets in,but,these pans right here,i think theyre worth it,especially if youre looking for,something thats not terribly expensive,so,all in all ill give it a thumbs up,well do a well try to do a,update video eventually six months to a,year and see where it stands,thanks for joining us today on southern,food junkie were so glad you stopped by,to watch this video you dont know how,much it means to us,we would love to have you as a lifetime,subscriber so if you would hit that,subscribe button right there also,check out one of these two videos right,here im sure itd be one that youll,like too make sure you share our content,we would love for more people to find,our content and that we can share what,we do with the world thanks again and,remember,lets get food jump

Does This Non-Stick Pan Work?


Blue Diamond Pan Review | Testing As Seen on TV Product

hello you guys and welcome back to,another video and tries on this Vivian,tries we have a bit of a controversy,today we are gonna try a brand new as,seen on television,nonstick pan blue diamond the nonstick,frying pan infused with millions of,diamonds the blue diamond but I have,some issues with it already I havent,even used it yet all I did was watch the,infomercial 30 days disaster so nasty,you should trash it the problem that I,had with the infomercial was that they,were taking jabs at my red copper and,now were gonna fight blue diamond you,guys throw jabs you just be you stay on,your lane and people might like you,besides the copper pans working the,reason I love red copper over all the,other copper pans is because I really,like the combination of red and the,copper together I just think they look,really really nice what I am going to,give this new diamond pan just by,visually looking at it this pan is,beautiful Im gonna do so many things to,it in this video that Im going to cry,because I do not want this pan to fail,me because I want it in my collection,thats how beautiful it is first it is a,beautiful navy blue color the inside of,it has a million little glittering,almost looks like the night sky and so,does the handle some people are not,gonna care about that but if you want a,beautiful pan so far this one is kicking,coppers ass these people really paid,attention to the way this thing looks I,know what youre thinking it doesnt,matter when it looks like does it work,is it none skank I get it were gonna,get to all that but Im just saying if,you saw it youd be like damn I mean,thats the first thing I said I said,damn look at that pan this is pretty,this is sexy lets get to some of the,claims in the infomercial the,infomercial says that this diamond pan,has a coating that is five times,stronger than,the other pan are really theyre,pointing at the copper pan it also,claims to last ten times longer diamonds,transferee four times faster than copper,for cooking were gonna test all that,look at all the stuff I have in front of,me I have all kinds of things I have,eggs I have my hand blender I have my,heat gun so we can check the temperature,of the pan I have my baby hammer they,actually took a hammer but it was like a,sledgehammer I think thats what theyre,called and they banged it and it did not,ding didnt nothing we have a,competition its destroyed is the,strongest man you ever I know this is,not a sledgehammer but its so cute Im,gonna deal with this because I really,dont want to ruin the pan I want it to,be part of my collection so Im gonna,hit it Im gonna hit it good but Im not,busting it with a sledgehammer now come,on I want it to live I want to kill it,today I know this is weird but I also,have a heat gun the reason I have the,heat gun is because they use a blowtorch,I dont own a blowtorch yet Im gonna,buy one because its fun kids its not,fun,adults Cody watch it slide off the path,in seconds nothing sticks to blue,diamonds ceramic nonstick surface they,also claim in the infomercial that the,handle stays cool Im gonna call bull on,it but were gonna check thats what I,have my heat gun for and I have my hand,because if I touch it my brain is gonna,go hot not cool so thats the scientific,way then Im gonna try it cuz Im a,scientist too they took sandpaper sand,paper and they sanded these mofos they,sounded a copper one and they sounded,the blue diamond one and of course the,copper one was the one that was damaged,the blue diamond did not damage with the,sandpaper,truthful front pans the copper pan,finishes gone but blue diamond lasts ten,times longer so I have sandpaper and Im,gonna cry because I dont want to ruin,this pen so Oh blue diamond people that,sandpaper and that hammer better not,damage this thing because you told me I,dont want to waste 20 bucks because I,tried the [ __ ] that you told me in the,infomercial and then busted up my pan I,dont come up with this craziness you,did I just got to test it for my folks,on the internet who are like me going,[ __ ] that has not worked like that,Im just saying Im the tester so Im a,tester [ __ ] Im not going to touch my,copper pan I love it I have a 10 piece,set Im not gonna ruin it for this video,this is the guy that hopefully I dont,ruin but I might ruin,hes the sacrifice to the pan gods so,Im gonna put my little copper pans,inside dont touch it dont look at it,lets put our focus on this beautiful,sexy pan all right we love sexiness from,the bottom it has like this spider webby,looking design that they say it helps it,from warping I have never had a pan that,worked on me the solid space look at it,I just look listen what I will give them,is all this all this glitter action you,got points the navy blue you got points,and then the attention to detail when,your lovers making you some eggs and,this beautiful diamond pan youre gonna,feel like a diva or a rock star whatever,you want to feel like before we get,started Im gonna need your help with,one thing in the infomercial they say,this thing is infused with diamonds that,is the reason it is called blue diamond,so can somebody real quick while I work,over here look to see what infused means,because the infomercial looks like this,the secret is the diamond infused,ramit cutting the hardest material known,to man to me that looks like this thing,has little baby diamonds in there like,crushed up little diamonds but I dont,think so this is $20 pan if there was,crushed up diamonds in here this would,be a $200 pan they also claim because it,is infused with diamonds that this thing,is five times hotter because diamonds,can take the heat what theyre like,sprinkling diamonds in here its in the,coating but I am gonna call [ __ ] on,that too so Google it for me somebody,tell me what does infuse to a diamonds,mean what I think it means is like they,rub the dowel with like some kind of,diamond essence or something thats what,Im thinking I think they got a diamond,and then they like rubbed it give it a,nice massage with some diamond oil or,something I dont think theres diamonds,in the actual pan coating thats just my,scientific observation and just thinking,it through it with some damn common,sense,stop everything folks let me just read,you some information that is on the,packaging weve added diamonds stop the,googling you dont need to Google for me,I appreciate you trying to help me right,here it says in writing and in the,infomercial the secret is the secret is,the diamond infused ceramic coating the,hardest material known to man weve,added diamonds the hardest natural,material on earth to create a super,strong surface to cook with metal,utensils have found their match this pan,doesnt scratch did I just wrap our pan,well be your partner in the kitchen use,after use wash after wash damn sell it,hard babies sell it hard number two for,this non-stick pan emphasis on nonstick,always use a little oil or a little,butter for better frying results,non-stick pan Wichita MA make a note,when you buy this pan you can no longer,use your extra version all,dishwasher safe dishwasher safe but we,recommend you hand wash it then dont,tell me is dishwasher safe just say we,would like for you to hand wash it bonus,and this one is for my own satisfaction,because a lot of you guys are gonna tell,me this in the damn comments do not,season the pan this is a huge,controversy on my channel to season or,not to season I have never in my entire,life all the thousands of the gazillion,products that Ive tried Ive never,seasoned a non-stick pan,it makes no damn sense to me a year and,a half later all of my copper pans are,still working beautifully so dont you,dare leave me a comment I have it right,there and writing now Im burning my,damn face off because I have my double,burner here ready for both of my pants,were going to give them a second to,start heating up then Im gonna check to,see if this guy its picking up more,heat because of my dominance,then this guy I bet theyre the same I,dont think

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