1. Blue Tees Series 3 Max Review: Best Budget Rangefinder?
  2. BlueTees 3 Max Rangefinder Review
  3. What you should know about the Blue Tees Series 3 Max Golf Rangefinder
  4. Blue Tees Rangefinder Review | Can a $200 Rangefinder Compete with Other Premium Brands
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Blue Tees Series 3 Max Review: Best Budget Rangefinder?

whats up my name is sean ogle im the,founder of breaking 80 and today we are,talking about the blue tees series 3,max,so if you are in the market for a new,rangefinder youre thinking about the,blue tees maybe youre thinking about a,bushnell do you spend the extra money on,the bushnell do you go with precision,pro which is bluets biggest competitor,were going to talk about all of that in,this video and help you figure out which,ones right for you lets do it,look heres the deal there are a ton of,really good rangefinders out there these,days and theyre getting more and more,affordable you dont need to spend a ton,of money anymore to get a rangefinder,thats going to last you a long time and,work great but the question remains of,all those options which one is the one,you should get im not going to lie im,going to be totally honest with you some,of the earlier blue teas models like,this the uh the series one sport or the,series two,not a fan you know these first two they,were theyre a learning experience they,were fine,um,the series 3 max,this is everything you learn from these,ones you got it right here and coming in,at 259,less if you use our breaking 80 discount,which is listed below this is one of the,best rangefinders on the market at its,price point and today were going to,talk about why okay first off lets do a,little little unboxing here like i said,ive had this one for over a year so,ive had dozens of rounds of golf with,this im intimately familiar with the,bluet series 3 max what it does well,what it doesnt do well were going to,talk about those things but one of the,things that it does well if youve read,any of my reviews you know that im big,on packaging like legitimately it might,seem like spending extra money on,packaging extra money on design making,things look good ah its a waste of,money dont need to do it for a new,upstart company but legitimately when,companies do that it puts the consumer,in a better frame of mind right from the,beginning saying oh maybe this is the,real deal this looks nice this feels,high-end this is fancy and thats what,happens with the series 3 max so lets,open this up first off youve got the,like magnetic box which always feels a,little bit nicer than you know just kind,of the cheap ones thick sturdy,you open it up in here and uh says three,max in this kind of cool matte you know,glossy writing,and then uh,you open up to the rangefinder,so youve got the blue tees series 3 max,case,and one of the things that i like about,this case is its different most,rangefinder cases theyre the same,theyre the same canvas cape with the,same elastic strap,theyre fine they do the job but youre,not feeling like oh this is a fancy,product,this,youve got this kind of like faux,leather pleathery type thing that feels,fancier and rather than the elastic,strap youve got this magnetic one that,has the blue tees logo on it that,just feels,nice it feels high-end okay so finishing,with the unboxing you have the,instruction manual and warranty,information things like that,you have a little leather strap,and a carabiner uh so that you can hook,it easily to your golf bag and then you,have not one,not two but you have three replacement,batteries in here so,i mean i dont know that ive ever had a,rangefinder run out of batteries perhaps,its because ive got like 30 of them,and i review rangefinders for a living,but generally speaking your batterys,gonna last you for a while so with three,batteries like thats probably going to,last you like a decade so,maybe unnecessary but well done blue,teas thats a nice touch,okay so how does it feel when you pick,it up first off its its fairly light,like its not super substantial its a,its got a nice size its got a nice,little notch right here for your thumb,so using it in your hand it actually,feels really nice its not as high-end,as the bushnell xc its also like half,the price but it doesnt feel as weighty,it doesnt feel as substantial so if,youre like a uber minimalist like ultra,light golfer then youre gonna love this,um i like the weightier feel it just,feels a little bit more stable feels a,little bit more high-end but,you know overall it feels really nice,youve got kind of the the chrome along,the front here which is kind of a cool,little touch two buttons that both work,well they fit really well with your,middle and your index finger for me,sometimes i find these buttons are like,a little too far apart or a little too,close and this feels kind of just right,given where youre going to hold it,where your thumb is,so its its a really nice form factor,so one thing you notice off the back is,the focus ring is very easy to turn its,very easy to focus thats actually one,of my knocks on the bushnell uh the,bushnell is like way too it its like,almost impossible for me to turn this,im like cranking on it and i found,thats kind of the case with a lot of,bushnell rangefinders which is kind of,weird but this one you can focus it nice,and easy,works really well,um,overall one of the big improvements that,i found in the series 3 over their other,ones is,basically everything about the display,so not only are the optics a little bit,better but these older ones theyre very,convoluted youve got all this,information in there and its showing,them in different places youre having,to like look you know around to get the,information you want this thing,especially when slope mode is turned off,its like boom you look through it you,get your distance its nice and clear,its not cluttered its very easy to use,and very enjoyable to use you turn slope,mode on and theres a little bit of,extra information but overall its a big,improvement and its getting closer to,what youre experiencing in bushnell and,the thing i like about bushnell is it,doesnt give you a bunch of extra,information what you find often with,some of these less expensive rangefinder,companies is they spend a bunch of money,on branding but theyre essentially,getting an oem rangefinder that 17 other,companies from the same factory and,china have that have all these different,modes like non-golf mode and hunting,mode and scan mode but golfers dont,need that they want a rangefinder,specifically designed for golf so get,rid of all those other features only,give me what i need as a golfer and blue,tees does a pretty good job of that,theres still a couple extra modes that,i dont personally use but its a big,step up from their older models so one,of the great things about the blue tees,series 3 max weve got to work on that,name thats a long name um is that it,has,three features that are usually found in,high-end rangefinders and when you take,all three of those and you put them in a,cheaper rangefinder usually its not,doing one of them well so those three,features are ambient display so,depending on how light dark it is itll,change from a lit up red color when,youre looking through the device to,black the vibration feature so when it,locks onto the flag it will vibrate its,got a magnet,and its got slope calculations so i,guess four things so often if you have a,cheaper rangefinder its not doing a,very good job at one of those things,the great thing about the blue tees is,it does all those things well uh the,ambient display i recently reviewed a,shot scope of rangefinder that the,ambient display its nice to have but,like all the edges kind of bleed and it,makes the whole thing feel kind of,blurry when the display is on and you,dont get much of that with this like it,feels like a pretty nice display are the,optics as good as a more expensive,rangefinder no theyre not as good as,bushnell theyre not as good as some of,the nikons theyre not as good as the,newest precision pros but it generally,looks pretty good especially for the,price point and definitely when you,compare it to their older models its,not quite as big so one of the biggest,competitors to this is the precision pro,nx9 precision pro and x9 you look into,it and it has a little bit of a bigger,display than this does

BlueTees 3 Max Rangefinder Review

hey golf people we are back out on,course and i am inspired im playing,from the blue tees because im playing,the blue tees this is their,third generation this is really the top,of the line from blue tees were gonna,put this rangefinder,through the paces today im gonna unbox,it for you here on the channel were,gonna take it out here on course were,gonna put it up against some competitors,that are nearly double the price and see,if it can stand up to it if youre ready,im ready lets do it all right guys,lets go ahead and unbox the new blue,tees 3,max,and just for a quick size comparison,this was their pro 2. all right so,thatll give you an idea this box has,swelled up a little bit and the,packaging was already nice with the pro,2. this looks even better with the 3max,and as you know i judge electronics by,the packaging a lot of times the higher,quality the packaging,almost always the higher quality the,device all right a few features of the,three max here from blue tees,youve got a 4k display,thats going to be good youve got a,slope switch so i assume thats a toggle,button right on the device itself its,got a magnetic strip so youll be able,to put this right on your cart and,attach it all the new,rangefinders at the top end of the,spectrum are adding this which i really,love this has an auto ambient display so,basically in light or dark situations,this is going to either darken or,brighten up for you which would be,really nice its got advanced flag lock,pulse vibration so well get that haptic,feedback this has a 900 yard range,longer than any golf hole ive ever,played,and its got water resistance to it what,do you say we go ahead and peel open,this wrapper guys,without hopefully without cutting myself,i just gotta figure out how to open the,box,i swear sometimes i need to watch an,unboxing on how to open the box,because its not always straightforward,but this one is,this is literally a magnet you might,have remembered another review ive,recently done on the mevo that same,magnet enclosure really like that there,here we go lets go ahead and open this,up nice its got a little pull tab here,oh thats a foam thats a really nice,foam actually,super cool and theres the device it,looks a lot like off the bat if youve,seen,this one,actually out of its box,very very similar look same colors all,that sort of thing this one seems to be,just about the same size as well,oh that was one thing i really liked,about the previous model was thats a,very satisfying turn of the wheel there,for the for the focus magnification on,top weve got a power button in our mode,button,theres that slope switch so you can,turn on or off on your slope,nice feeling device,i would say medium in terms of weight,its not too heavy and its not too,light,kind of like goldilocks,its just right,all right we got the battery compartment,here,where you can pop in a battery,i assume theres one in there and it,just closes right down now the one thing,i will say about that is this does not,necessarily seem super waterproof,i dont see any seal around here and it,just sort of clicks in and out,generally youll get sort of a twisty,option there and it really seals down,nicely so that might be one thing just,to look out for here again some nice,form-fitting foam here,take that out of there,another thing i liked about the previous,generation of the blue tees was they,have a really nice case,and uh it looks like this one might even,be a little bit upgraded oh yeah,definitely is ill tell you why in just,a second,thats another magnet right there a,little magnet lock there,which is cool a lot of times even on the,really high end ones youve got a little,string to pull which is cool but this,might even be better,just locks right into place so,unzip this thing here,it wants to stay locked in there,oh its like a velour inside there,really nice so thats going to keep it,from scratching thats for sure pop it,in there pop the magnet on that makes it,really simple that is about as simple as,it gets so thats really cool,all right take this back out,and put this here,put this off to the side here lets see,what else is inside this box,there we go,weve got,the user manual,a sticker theres all our instructions,so basically the thing thats most,important here is youve got scan mode,and youve got golf mode and the golf,mode of course is going to have either,slope or no slope by hitting that button,scan mode is going to allow you,to quickly just see distances out on the,course you know you might want to see,okay what is it to carry that trap what,is it to the front of that trap what is,it to carry the water what is it to the,fringe and you can quickly do that with,scan mode whereas when you go into,like flag locking mode they call it golf,mode thats where youre actually going,to hit a pin youre going to get the,haptic feedback and youre going to know,exactly what that distance is to the pin,all right,youve got again the slope switch here,which is on and off when its red like,that thats actually on,weve seen that with some other devices,like that this as well red is on,that is off,very quick to know if youre tournament,compliant or not with that switch,and again i like that you dont have to,like mess around with the mode to do,that its just literally a little switch,right there and theres a few other,things inside here weve actually got,three batteries in there one two three,batteries in there ill pull just one,out because thats what i need,to get this thing up and running,um youve got just some silica gel there,which you dont need you have a little,clip here if you want to clip that on,to,the case,loop it in there boom now weve got a,nice little clip you want to hang that,from our bag,got this other clip here too which is,more of like a handheld clip this would,youd actually put on the device itself,right here to me i would never do that,because i dont like that thing hanging,off but if you like to its there and,weve got of course our battery here,lets get this installed and gotta say,again nice that it has three batteries,and my suggestion to you guys is,put those batteries in your bag because,you youll need to change the battery at,the most inconvenient time but if youve,got the battery in your bag ready to go,uh youll youll thank me for that,little tip,all right so im gonna pop that in there,and close her up and lets take this,thing outside and hit a few flags and,see how she performs all right well ive,yet to have a hole in one in my career,and id love to have one but in order to,do so weve got to be pinpoint accurate,all right so we will see what the blue,tees can do standing back here on the on,the blue tees,im getting 170,from the tips here,were gonna move over to the bushnell,pro xc quite a bit more expensive than,the blue teases the top of the line from,bushnell im getting,172. if we go to another top of the line,model this is the nikon cool shot pro,stabilized and we are getting,pro 2 stabilizes a long name by the way,were getting 171 with that one,not a hole in one pretty good and there,we go about seven feet coming up hill,here lets see if we can put this one in,oh gosh,im standing up here at the tee box ive,got a marker here that says 373 the pins,way out there lets see how the blue,tees does long distance,ive got nice haptic feedback at 359.,were going to go with the cool shot pro,2 stabilized this ones telling me,361. with the bushnell pro xc 362 with,the bushnell so its off by a couple,yards here from a long range lets see,how it does a little bit closer to the,pin,all right im in really good shape after,that drive we should have about 120 or,so to the pin lets see what the blue,tee says first,128 is the reading with the blue tees,with the bushnell,129 with the bush now and with the nikon,128 and a half with the nikon so 128 128,and a half 129. so from what i can tell,at least this unit that i have its,under reporting by about one yard,well when you verify with three,different rangefinders the distance,should b

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What you should know about the Blue Tees Series 3 Max Golf Rangefinder

whats up everybody welcome back to nine,golf today were looking at another,rangefinder and this is one that ive,seen probably the most on all of social,media across the internet and that is,blue teas blue tea sent me this,rangefinder theyre interested in my,feedback theyre not paying me so i can,say whatever i want im going to rank,this based on four different categories,looks,feel,functionality and price the wrapper is,still on this box i havent even looked,at it yet lets get it out of the box,and find out what i think of the blue,tees three max rangefinder,all right guys its like christmas,morning we got the wrapper off of the,present we know what it is and now we,need to open it okay here it comes,and time lapse,okay,so first of all even just looking at the,packaging i can tell that blue teas,gives a of what they want the,product to look like on the back of the,box it says that it has 4k display slope,switch magnetic strip auto ambient,display advanced flag lock pulse,vibration 900 yards and its water,resistant all right already i know what,its capable of doing i think the box,looks really sleek i like,their logo i think the box looks pretty,cool so lets figure out how to open,this thing,at first i thought it might slide out of,here oh,oh i understand its like a little,magnet,this says change the way you see the,chorus i get it because you look through,it youre only seeing it,okay,ooh,nice little foam packaging,and there it is,okay already impressed with just the,packaging alone and how they set this up,ive reviewed other range finders and,not any of them have come even close to,the way that this rangefinder,is packaged thats a fact,right on top is our rangefinder so well,take this out lets see what else is,inside,like really nice foam both of these are,really nice protective foam if youre,shipping this across the world already,im confident that it will not break by,the time you get it,inside as well is our,case pretty cool okay also inside,is i assume kind of our oh the user,manual okay right on,and it also has,it has,not,one,not two,but three,cr2 batteries,there is a,i assume this is kind of for like a,uh,wristband and theres also a carabiner,okay packaging already i should have,included packaging in my ratings maybe,im gonna add it now im adding,packaging so now theres gonna be five,categories packaging is a six out of,five,i dont think it gets better,packaging-wise,everything that you get inside of here,what i can tell too is that its its,you know for a north american market,like anyone that speaks english,this is super straightforward ive had,other range finders that its in,multiple languages nothing against that,but for the market that im in being in,canada or if youre in the states all,this makes sense and theres no,confusion so for packaging right off the,bat well give it a five out of five i,said six out of five so well include,the six im gonna kind of put some of,this stuff away and really get into the,rangefinder,okay what do i want to look at first,theres so many things theres so many,things to look at user manual,so if youve ever used a rangefinder,before its going to give you kind of,the 8z steps on how to use it ive owned,a bunch of range finders so i should,know how to,uh,start using this,lets look at the packaging,this is a carrying case unlike any ive,seen before,this is a magnet which thats pretty,cool,ive seen other ones that have like a,loop that you pull down with this being,a magnets pretty sweet this is a very,soft i dont know what material this is,but i could tell its of high quality so,far blue tees,youre doing pretty good so far open it,up its actually uh theres like a soft,what would you call that material,velour velvet,its,theyve done their homework these blue,tees i didnt know what to expect,because ive seen them a bunch online,and sometimes you are,underwhelmed with things that youve,seen a lot and so far uh thats the,opposite with blue teas what ill do is,ill throw this carabiner,on the back thats what you call this,carabiner i dont know you keep calling,this im pretty sure well thats back,from my rock climbing days i went to a,wall climbing camp when i was about,seven or eight years old and im pretty,sure they call these things a carabiner,thats what im going with now i can,hang it onto my bag cool,this strap i dont think im going to,use right now lets really dive into,the rangefinder itself so we were going,to talk about looks how does this thing,look it comes in three different color,combos too i should let you guys know,they sent me the navy blue one it also,comes in black and it comes in like a,pink rose gold i know that if it came in,rose gold i wouldnt even receive the,box because my wife would have snatched,up its her favorite color would have,matched everything she owns that its,cool that theyre offering more than,just one colorway so is there i dont,think theres a battery inside yet so,now i need to find out where does the,battery go im guessing it goes in this,spot right here tada one for one lets,get this plastic,off the cr2,okay battery is in theres only two,buttons theres one that has a power,button the other says,mode oh cool okay,so,this is different that the optics inside,are red thats pretty cool im trying to,think off top my head what other,rangefinders have had color i think,almost all of them i used are black,inside so already thats different,inside i see a top number,with a y so yards it says golf thats,different there is our optic thats kind,of like a cross and a circle with a dot,inside so i can find the flag and it,says slope so the top number would show,me yards the bottom number would show me,yards with slope and if i hit mode itll,turn slope off,is there also a slope button on the side,okay so is that doing the same function,ill have to look into the,um into the user manual just to,be certain about the mode but when i,press it the bottom line goes away which,is the slope,number so i can still shoot it and see,my top distance i hit mode again and i,can see slope at the bottom i wonder if,anything changes if i hold it,okay so if i hold,mode its switching between meters and,yards so depending where youre,depending on where you are in the world,and what metric system youre used to,using you can do yards or meters,something i havent mentioned yet or i,kind of mentioned was just this slope,adjustment on the side to turn slope on,and off so if you play tournaments you,could use this rangefinder,overall i think it looks really cool i,dont mind the navy blue i think if i,was to pick my own colorway i would pick,the black one,but it looks really good white navy blue,you cant go wrong with,it doesnt look cheap it looks of high,quality i like the logo for blue tees,and the color combo with the,um,case is awesome im giving it a straight,up five for looks,the eye optic will,turn as well so i can really dial in my,optics,it looks sweet its got a little thumb,cut out and its just ever so slight,that,it fits into our hands,overall like its really good i told you,theyre not not paying me but they are,obviously confident in their product,because i think they knew i was gonna,say some pretty good stuff about this i,am overall impressed uh so far looking,at the blue tees rangefinder,so looks,i gotta give it a five and the fact that,it comes in three different color ways,is something unique that a lot of other,rangefinders dont offer so five out of,five for looks,okay so feel i wanted to touch on feel,how does it feel in my hands to be,honest its a little thick theres some,girth in this rangefinder im a bigger,guy im 62 i think i have decent sized,hands like i wear like a large or a,medium large golf glove and holding it,it is just a little big so i think if,there was anything to give it something,less than a five out of five is gonna be,just on the field that i think its just,its a little thick like i dont,the way it holds in my hand it doesnt,really feel like a glove but it feels,like a rangefinder i dont

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Blue Tees Rangefinder Review | Can a $200 Rangefinder Compete with Other Premium Brands

whats up golf world welcome back to,golf weekly where each week,we check out the latest in golf,technology equipment apparel and,experiences,this week we share a quick video on one,of our favorite new rangefinder golf,brands,blue tees golf we quickly wanted to,remind you of our golf weekly giveaway,where,this week we have a special giveaway of,a bluets rangefinder,make sure to spread the word and share,this video entry is simple subscribe to,the bluets youtube channel like this,video and comment giveaway entry,as i mentioned in last weeks video the,pga merchandise show,took place virtually and we held over 35,meetings with some amazing golf,companies,so be on the lookout next week for a,breakdown of our favorite new items for,2021 and what you should be excited,about this year,now lets dive into blue teas just in,the last year we have tested over a,dozen rangefinders so when we see a good,or bad one we definitely realize it,pretty quick,the rangefinder market continues to add,new manufacturers,every year so its safe to say that your,options are expanding,if you are on social media youve,probably seen advertisements for blue,teas rangefinders,all the largest golf personalities and,influencers have put,one of the blue teas rangefinders in,their hands how the company got started,is four friends wanted to change the,fact that inexpensive usually means a,crappy,product so they created and designed a,quality rangefinder,that wont break the bank so we wanted,to test these out on our golf trip to,greyhawk,in scottsdale arizona we tried out three,different models,the series one sport the series two and,the series two pro,slope at around a two hundred dollar,price point or less,we wanted to see if these can stand up,to the more expensive brands,now please note that the link to all the,products will be in the description,below,now before we dive into actual product,one thing i love about this company is,that they offer a 60-day,no questions asked guarantee and a,two-year manufacturers warranty,so you can try these out with peace of,mind that you can always return yours if,you dont love it another little added,bonus is that they come with batteries,included the series 2,actually comes with an extra battery,first rangefinder we tried was the,series 1 sport,and at 150 price point i wasnt,expecting,anything amazing from a feature,perspective you open up the box,and the presentation is great with a,carrying case lanyard and carabiner,once i got on the course the series 1,sport was very simple to point shoot and,lock onto the target,you can work in both yards and meters,and the series 1 gives you a small,vibration once you lock onto the pin or,whatever mark you are shooting,featuring continuous arc technology the,system automatically takes into account,the incline or decline to give you the,true distance between you,and your target if youre trying out a,rangefinder versus a gps watch for the,first time i think this is a great,option,and i was pleasantly surprised by the,feel and the performance,of the series 1 sport especially the,fact that the series 1 sport comes with,slope technology we found this a,tremendous value,especially when compared against other,rangefinders on the market,the next rangefinder from blue teas we,tried out was the series 2,and the series 2 is at dollar price,point so again we wanted to see,if the blue tees option could hold up to,the premium rangefinder models,when you open up the box you can,instantly tell this is a step,up from the series one the canvas case,has a nice and,durable feeling and looks great,aesthetically as well,included in the case are instructions,lanyard and carabiner,the series 2 also has a nice feel as the,gray portion is a silicone-based rubber,grip,the series 2 is tournament legal without,slope so you can use this model in,competitive play,and just like the series 1 you can work,in both yards and meters and series 2,also gives you,a small vibration once you lock onto the,target,a major upgrade on the series 2 are the,three modes that it offers,mode 1 is scanned and this allows you to,scan a scene and watch the distance,change dynamically as you move across,the landscape,mode 2 is golf which is pointed at the,pin and it will give you the distance,and vibrate when it finds the flag,and mode three is speed and this is a,mode to track the speed of the ball we,tried this a few times and were able to,track ball speeds off the tee,its a pretty interesting feature i,think you should check it out,i also just generally like the look of,the series 2 with the gray,color accent to me this feels like a,product that should be in the 300 to 400,range finally we tried out the bluet,series,2 pro slope the series 2 pro slope,offers slope technology and the feel,factor of this rangefinder is that of a,500,piece of technology at a 200 price point,the series 2 pro has the same three,modes as the series 2,but as mentioned before has the slope,technology built in,we love how this thing locks onto your,target with some advanced technology and,will give you an,accurate reading to make sure you,leverage the right club for your shot,because the slope functionality cannot,be turned off,this is not a rangefinder you can use in,competition,blue tees also just came out with this,handy little magnetic strap that you can,wrap around your rangefinder,this allows you to mount the rangefinder,on any metal surface on your cart,this is a great idea and even if you,dont have a blue tees rangefinder,if your current model doesnt have the,magnetic functionality you should grab,one of these as theyre on sale now for,32 bucks,only trouble we had with these range,finders and being completely,fair that most range fighters have the,same issue is that you cannot,shoot through a golf cart windshield the,technology just isnt set up to travel,through the windshield,but we say just get your butt up out of,the cart and this problem is solved,all in all we were impressed by blue,tees the price point made us,very hesitant to even try these out but,being pleasantly surprised is a good,thing,and well recommend these as a great,option for any golfer,love to hear from you if youve tried,out blue tees and let us know your,thoughts,forget about our golf weekly giveaway,where this week we have a special,giveaway of a blue teas rangefinder,make sure to spread the word entry is,simple subscribe to this channel,like this video and comment giveaway,entry in the comments below,from you so send us a note in the,comments if youve tried out the couple,brand,and what you think about it wed love to,hear your feedback,and finally dont forget about our golf,weekly giveaway which is super easy to,enter,subscribe to this channel like this,video and comment giveaway entry in the,comments below,see you next time,[Music]


if i can make a par on this par 3 behind,me im going to give away not one but,two of these rangefinders,so stick around to see how you can win,so how many folks do you know carrie not,one,not two but three range finders for the,golf course well you know one because,you know me,and today were going to check out the,entire line of blue tees rangefinders,so blue tees was very nice to send me,their entire line of rangefinders here,that you see in front of me,ive got the series one and ive got the,series two,both the non-slope and the slope,versions you can tell the difference,because,the non-slope is gray and the slope,version is,blue now the series one as you can see,it is sort of that first iteration first,generation and it shows the quality got,much better here with series two so with,the series one youre gonna get 650,yards with these youre going to get up,to 800 yards of being able to sight,something you wont need that much on a,golf course,obviously you probably need about 250,maybe 300,yards max on a golf course but if youre,doing some hunting or some other,activities at 800 yards could come in,handy,as you can see in terms of the form,factor this one just a little bit,smaller,overall in terms of form factor the,materials in hand this,is a big step up with the series 2. um,this is a little bit more plasticky,feeling still waterproof,um still a good form factor in fact a,lot of people will like that smaller,size,but these jeff definitely feel much,better its got kind of a more,rubberized feel to it it feels much much,better in hand,these two also came with two batteries,in the box which i really liked,this one came with one so the fact they,come with a battery thats always good,but having that extra battery even nicer,with the series 2 as well,the series one is going to give you scan,mode its going to give you flag,lock or that haptic feedback sort of,vibration when you lock onto a pin,and its going to give you slope,correction when you get into the series,two you have the option to have a,non-slope,model this gray one here on the left,where again mode one is going to give,you scan mode,im going to show you a really good demo,of that on course here very shortly,youve also got the ability to lock onto,the flag and youve got the ability to,judge,speed the difference here is youre,going to add,slope functionality so i really,appreciate that i need that especially,when i go,traveling and im playing a course,thats very hilly or has a lot of,elevation changes,all of these have a adjustment here,in the eyepiece in case you are,nearsighted or far-sighted you can make,that adjustment really simple,but again big big step up with the,series,two the other thing i will say is the,case is a huge,step up so whereas the series one is,this sort of kind of flimsy,velcro locking case this new case is,really nice its,its sort of a harder case its got a,raised,applied logo there whats nice is this,sort of quick lock mechanism that you,dont have to keep,zipping and unzipping you can literally,just snap that over,its got a little piece of fabric loop,here tied in that seems very sturdy and,robust,so that this thing will not be snapping,off makes it really simple to grip,and go in and out of the case,now in case youre wondering each of,these is water resistant,one other thing i like about this brand,is they give you a 60 day guarantee so,you can actually try this if youre not,happy with it you can return that to the,manufacturer,i like that they seem to stand behind,their products i really like the value,that blue teas presents,youre gonna get the same features that,the big name brands are going to charge,a premium for,and you get it for a little bit less and,direct to consumer i really love that so,were gonna take,all three models here out on the course,as i mentioned at the beginning of this,video youre gonna actually have a,chance to win,two of the models in my hand and im,gonna show you out on the course how you,can do that,as long as i can make a par lets see if,we can do it,all right were gonna take a look at the,series one here im getting 140.6,series 2 this is the non-slope version,im clocking in at 141.9,and 142.1 with the series 2 with slope,adjustment,now if i actually adjust it for slope,this is a very flat hole but well go,ahead and do that well,pop it into mode 2 here i got 139.5,adjusted for slope so for me thats,going to be,a 9-iron,[Music],all right we had the right distance,there that got me there i probably,should be pin high i,push it just a little bit but lets see,if we can two putt and if so someone,here,is going to win a rangefinder for,himself and a buddy,all right you are not going to believe,this but that ball is about as perfectly,pin high as you can imagine,and believe it or not that was my first,and only shot here,so i think weve got a really good,chance of making par,two putts to do it,we did it guys thats a par that means,two of you are gonna win,this rangefinder all you need to do is,get a buddy subscribe to this channel,have him leave a comment below,and tell us your username all right so i,subscribed because of,xyz do that down below and youre going,to have a chance for you and him to both,win,one of these blue teas rangefinders,courtesy of lets play through now here,is the perfect situation where,mode one which is scan mode really comes,in handy,i hit kind of a poor drive here and ive,got to,clear some water but i know i cant,quite make it to the flag,but i want to be somewhere between the,water and the flag,and so what im going to do is im going,to use scan mode here im going to pop,it into mode 1,mode 1 there and were actually going to,scan to see how far it is to carry the,water and how far it is to get to the,pin,all in one little scan mode which is,nice and quick,there happens to be a little poll out,there which makes it really easy for me,so ive got to be somewhere between 150,and 180 now i know just by using the,scan mode and actually going through the,viewfinder here,i can actually see exactly where i need,to land it so for me thats going to be,a five iron lets see if we can do it,go baby,yes,that was absolutely perfect lets go,check that shot out all right so,this was unplanned but if you want to,talk about accuracy,this is the water i was trying to clear,heres the green up there and you can,see my ball,is really close to the green and thats,because it actually hit this cart path,and leaped forward water card path,green i wanted to get it right between,the water and the,flag and look what happened it hit the,card path which is directly between,the water and the flag i honestly did,not plan that,i could not have planned that because,im honestly not that good,but that just goes to show you how,deadly accurate these,rangefinders are in a really cool way,right what kind of course designer would,put a cart path in the middle of the,fairway thats crazy,but there it is thats the scuff right,there if you can see that thats the,scuff on my ball from hitting the card,path how crazy is that,legit,all right im sitting here in the ferry,were gonna see how far we have into the,green,this is the non-slope version so we are,going to get,110.5 now let me pull the sloped version,here,because it is slightly uphill for,florida anyways,and well see what we get with slope,mode activated,its 109.7 with slope adjustment 111.6,all right so thats going to give you a,little bit more club that youve got to,get on the ball that makes a difference,there to me because i am trying to get,pinpoint accurate,do it one more time 109.711.6,so back to back same reading there well,go ahead and get the,series one out,im getting 109.7 so same accuracy,exact same reading we try the series two,non-slope again,here im getting 109.4 so all right so,im going to pull my 50 degree wedge,here and see what we can do,oh i struck it well is it the right club,oh yeah its a really good shot,we got a putt we got a putt for bird,folks,thank you blue teas all right lets see,what the

Blue Tees Series 3 Max Rangefinder Full Review

what is that fellow garage golfers just,want to take you through a quick,unboxing,of the blue tees series 3 max,rangefinder just want to show you really,quickly what comes in the box one of the,best rangefinders youre going to find,out there in a sub 260 dollar price,point even 259 dollars normally retails,for 359. lets show you whats in this,box and well talk to you a little bit,more about some of the technology that,goes into this rangefinder as well,[Music],[Music],okay so kind of pretty cool magnetic,opening design flips open as you see you,see the course you see the technology,there,its a nice rangefinder box it says,change the way you see the course so,lets take a look at it and thats the,inside of the box there,so inside the box,comes this nice contraption which is a,nice box here obviously for your range,finder to go into,has a cool little loop that goes over,the top here connects via magnet,lets go ahead and open up,this bag here that holds the rangefinder,so lets talk about a little bit of the,technology that comes in this device,[Music],and there you see the actual rangefinder,brand new straight out of the box,havent opened it,and well go ahead and take that out for,you here,yeah its got that new rangefinder smell,doesnt smell quite like new car,but nice leather like leather smell to,it something nice it feels nice and,clean pretty cool little device as you,see and this comes in a few different,colors i believe it comes in blue as,well,this is the black one looks great so,lets talk a little bit about the,technology so it has a crystal clear,display has a magnetic strip so this,will actually attach directly to your,cart which is nice it does also have a,slope switch where you can turn the,slope on or off which is a really really,cool thing as well which makes it,tournament legal so if youre able to,turn the slip switch off,it has up to a 900 yard range which is,really really good as well its water,resistant its twist to focus design so,you can make it clearer or less less,blurry based upon your eyesight as well,and an advanced flag lock which does,also vibrate when you hit that flag as,well so some pretty cool stuff so heres,the actual device here,lets see if it has a battery port or,anything theres the battery port as you,can see there,and lets see if it comes with the,battery here and the box,and sadly no it does not come with a,battery i was very shocked to find out,it does not come with a battery for this,at all,it actually comes with three batteries,for it,so not only will you have one battery,not two batteries but three batteries,and it goes in here and this is going to,be,a cr2 3 volt battery,tiny little thing that you see here,lets go ahead and pop it out well pop,it right into that device,and there it is without the cover on it,so thats going to pop right into here,as you see,positive side negative side,pop that in,there it is shut it closed,and then i should be able to,use the power button right here,to power it on,second i powered on all the optics come,up its a little blurry,you can twist to adjust that as well,and there we go so everythings set up,now,directly out of the box,in addition to the three batteries,it does come with a clip for your bag as,well so you can clip it directly onto,your bag,and it does come,with a lanyard as you see here,let me open that up real quick,i dont know if you can see that on,camera but theres a double little loop,here it goes through two holes,and you pull it through there,and then youre just gonna wrap the,lanyard part inside of there,just like so,and there we go,so now we have it hung where you can,have it a wrist strap which can be,adjusted,for big fat wrists like mine,to hopefully fit on,maybe not,but its a nice device and it should fit,most peoples,normal human size wrists instead of the,incredible hulk size fat wrist that i,have,which is fine i have large hands and,large feet,so theres the device,and thats pretty much everything that,comes in the box theres some,instructions which uh,yeah well check that out later you know,how we roll here at garage golf but,really cool case its gonna go directly,on my bag,lets go ahead and get this back out for,testing on the golf course and well,give you our feedback,on the bluets 3 max rangefinder or,series 3 max rangefinder looking forward,to testing out further for you at home,missed one other thing in the box which,is this handy little cloth thatll help,you clean your screen,even has the cool blue tees logo right,on there so im going to put this in the,actual,holder here,along with my device if i ever need to,clean the screen i got a nice cloth here,ready to go,and real quick just because the liner is,not going to fit my big fat wrist,anyways i went ahead and put it on the,back here,so what im going to do is use this now,along with the provided clip,boom,and were going to attach that directly,to our golf bag,here out on the golf course,hey fellow garage golfers roland and,danny here with garage golf and today,were going to be testing out the blue,tees series 3 max rangefinder stay tuned,and check it out all right so were here,in the middle of fairway just hit a,driver shot and im going to compare,side by side with the shot scope that we,have and the blue tees and see what,distances we get from here,i got in the back of the green here,got 101 with the slope and slope is on,both of these,and with the shot scope,i got,100.,so pretty close on both overall,and i think thats about right what do,you think from where were at here i,would say so yep were also going to,turn on dannys gps on his watch so we,can get more accurate data with gps as,well,all right so we got a shot lets see,where were at here,all right we got 158 and with the slope,we actually have 162. lets go and take,that shot,all right so i just went down the,fairway with the blue tee i got 149 to,the flagstick with the 149 slope and my,watch since its only actually to the,middle it shows that its 145 but with,the bluetooth i can tell its in the,back of the green so its probably,reading correctly,all right so we had a decent shot down,the side of the fairway here lets see,what the blue tee says,got 114 with a 112 slope cool thing is,it does have a slope button right here,for tournament play,that you can adjust you can turn on or,off,and itll make a tournament legal as,well so its a really really cool,feature of the blue tees max,and part of what we did with the testing,of the rangefinder was we did set a,distance of about 60 yards away were,also testing out some avx golf balls,during this filming as well that you see,a little bit of footage here so we had,danny about 60 yards away that we,measured off with that rangefinder had,him hit some shots from different areas,and also get an idea on how the avx golf,ball was responding to the green so here,you see some of that footage thatll be,a future video coming out here in the,near future as well,but good reaction it was awesome to be,able to line up exactly where we wanted,to hit those shots with the blue tees,rangefinder and here you see the four,shots that we tested out in and around,the green with the avx golf balls all,right so weve been using the blue tee,series three out on the golf course and,lets talk a little bit about the,technology thats packed into this bad,boy too much to for me to remember,offhand so im going to read it to you a,little bit ultra clear display you do,have a way for you to focus here on the,ring that you can adjust as well it does,have the slope switch as we talked about,you turn off or on for tournament play,as well magnetic strip really really,cool,you stick it right here,sticks to your cart does not move weve,driven all over the place in and out of,rough it does not move anywhere does not,fall off the cart,has an audio ambient display that helps,adjust,everything in regards to how much,sunlight is out there advanced flag lock,it will lock onto the flag and show you,the distance as well,also pulses when you lock on s

Blue Tees S2 Pro Slope Rangefinder Review | Rangefinder Review & Comparison

hey guys tyson and brady with golf,ascending,today weve got another product review,but before we get into it,uh make sure to hit that subscribe,button we upload golf content weekly,[Music],all right so today weve got the blue,tees,rangefinder and specifically this is the,s2,pro slope golf rangefinder,this thing retails about 200 bucks,and its got a lot of really cool specs,and bradys gonna get right into that,all right like tyson said this is the s2,pro,slope golf rangefinder blue tees golf,also has an,s2 tour which doesnt have the slope,because if youre in a tournament youre,not allowed to,have the slope but this particular one,does have the slope,and so in case you dont know what slope,is its the distance is adjusted,based on the incline or decline to give,you the true distance so if youre,pinning the flag downhill or uphill you,get the slope and its more accurate,yardage,it also has a flag lock and pulse,vibration which is a pretty cool little,feature as soon as you get it locked,onto the,flag or whatever youre trying to get,the distance of,it has a little vibration so you know,when they got it and then the numbers,show up on the screen and then,the range of this particular rangefinder,is 800 yards,i know theres some other rangefinders,that have more not sure why youd need,more but this does go,up to 800 yards and pretty cool it is,water resistant and it does have an,hd display which you can see in some of,our video here,it has a pretty nice clean crisp look,and you can also adjust um,the i guess what would you call it the,scope so that you can,if its farther away you can make it so,its not blurry and it really focuses in,on your target,all right this is actually my,rangefinder right here,tyson bought it before i did and after,seeing him use it for a while i was,convinced that i wanted one too and i,actually just really liked the look,and so i bought it myself so we wanted,to show you the box,again this wasnt sent to us for free or,anything by the company this was,we found it or tyson found it and we,both really liked it so we wanted to,give you our review,um so what comes in the box is you have,this awesome,case its a hard case and so it protects,it pretty well,and it comes with a it has a cool little,thing that closes it real quick if you,dont want to do the zipper,um a little elastic there and then also,comes a little carabiner that you could,hang,off the side of your bag so you could,easily put it away,and then yeah just keep it on side of,your bag while you play,it does come with a 15 off or at least,mine did i dont know if they all do a,little 15,off your next purchase which is pretty,cool a little card for that it does have,a warranty card also the instruction,manual is included of course,mine came with an extra battery which,was pretty nice to have,um a cr2 battery um but yeah its nice,to have that back up those might cost a,little bit,and then a little um wiper,for the lens little thing to clean the,lens and then a cool little sticker here,decal um so that was kind of everything,that came,in the box and yeah,overall the presentation of it uh really,cool,um you know they get like an a plus for,you know their boxing their packaging,i think it looks really good and again,like what brady said you know,it looks really cool and thats kind of,one of the convincing you know,things of why we decided to buy it was,you know this looks really cool,so yeah so me uh me and brady actually,took this out,on the course to test it um we actually,brought,uh brought a buddy along who had the nx7,by precision pro,and the reason why we chose to compare,this one specifically is,its in that same price range and it has,a lot of the same,you know features as this rangefinder,has,and the other reason why we chose this,one is nx7,claims that they are within one to two,yards of,bushnell and so were like you know what,if they claim that,and we get good you know comparison with,the nx7,that really should vouch for this,rangefinder so how much is bush now,bushnells are twice as expensive so this,one like we said this is sitting at,about 200 bucks,and you know if you want a bushnell kind,of the same quality youre looking to,spend at least 400,400 so you know lets go out on the,course um,well kind of show you our results there,yeah and make sure to let us know in the,comments whats your favorite one,because were going to show you this,comparison but let us know,if youre a bushnell person or you like,to use a different type of rangefinder,hey guys out at thanksgiving point golf,course today we are testing,the blue tees pro slope versus the nx7,pro by precision pro so were gonna beam,uh the flag three times each with both,and kind of see how it compares so lets,go,164,164. all right now were going to try,the nx7,173,173,173. all right so up at the top there,uh we all played our shot from the blue,tees rangefinder,um i miss struck mine a little bit im,just the short one right here,and that makes sense for me um ive been,playing off of cobra connect,ive been having my distances dialed in,and so that seems very right,our buddy dallas over here just yonder,hit,a very flush club on our number on blue,tees and,is pin high so theres a good test to,kind of show yeah these,distances on the blue tees are really,good all right so,the most surprising thing on this test,was that,on that par 3 with the severe slope that,it had,the rangefinders were off by nine yards,you know that could be user error that,could just be maybe,you know his rangefinder was a little,off but you know as we said,you know the blue teas uh distance was,actually pretty spot on,we actually ended up testing blue teas,against the nx7 later in the round,on some holes that werent so sloppy,and they actually ended up being you,know around two to three yards,yeah theyre pretty close what we,expected actually right so,you know they were both good,rangefinders you know this blue tea,specifically you know,helped us get the job done and you know,i loved the fact that i,could use this in tandem with my cobra,connect that was the big thing for me,um so if youre thinking again a,rangefinder i honestly was not totally,sold on it when,tyson got it im so like oh i could use,my phone i have a gps theres like the,18 birdies or you can use u-swing,usually sometimes theres a gps on a,golf cart,but as i saw tyson use this more and,more i realized,it it really is helpful to have because,lets say youre using gps on the golf,cart,it could say to the middle a certain,distance but the flag could be,the wrong color or maybe its not really,true to the center and it could be 15,yards off which could be,a whole difference of a club so i,actually,am now big into the rangefinders i i,didnt think theyre worth it before but,i do like it now and i know you have,some things to say about like,yeah what its done for your game yeah,so i mean when youre really trying to,dial in your distances,um you know youre really trying to,figure out what is my 150 club what is,my one,35 club now you know having a,rangefinder,paired with data that backs it up that,you can refer,to and then use the same source which,you know this blue teas was,for me you know really helped me dial in,my game and know,okay im this far out im confident you,know if i,beam the flag with this bluetooth,rangefinder i can grab that club,confidently and know that it will get,there and so thats what its done for,me ive been,very confident with my distances,recently this has been the best,source of practice for me personally,just playing on the course,making sure that im beaming the flag,with the rangefinder,and you know executing it with the data,that i backed up with cobra connect is,what i use,so its been a really good help and you,know i would recommend honestly to,everybody whether its you know this,rangefinder or a different rangefinder,you know get one it really does help you,fine tune,you know how far you hit your clubs and,you know,helps you get better scores yeah all,right thats our

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