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  2. TOP 5: Best True Wireless Earbuds 2022
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DONT BUY BLX Wireless Earbuds Review

what is going on guys welcome to,gregors tv this is a review for the,worst,wireless earbuds i have ever heard in my,entire life they are the blx,earphones you can buy them on amazon,theyre 50 bucks i got these as a gift,from somebody,thank you so much for buying them for me,as a gift its not that i just want to,put the warning out that if youre even,thinking of buying these,do not,these are horrendous,these are seriously the worst earbuds,ive heard in my life so lets talk,about first though stuff inside the box,youre gonna get a micro usb,charging cable thats right micro usb,charging cable pretty bad not even usb-c,thats how bad these are also youre,going to get a warranty on there so you,can sign up get a warranty you get a,couple of different extra earbud fits if,you want to choose that and you also get,a how-to guide on how to use these and,set these up,[Music],next lets talk about the case obviously,i already mentioned the micro usb,charging cable tell me how many things,youve purchased in the last year or two,that have micro usb charging nothing now,basically nothing has it almost,everything is usbc or lightning if,youre on iphone,its awful thats number one they dont,wirelessly charge not a huge deal but if,they did wireless charge i could get,past the micro usb charging so no,wireless charging the case feels,extremely cheap it feels like if i,dropped this ever so slightly on not a,carpet because the carpet wont break it,but like,i dont know a linoleum floor it would,feel like it would break it feels that,cheap getting these out so putting them,in is easy,no problems with that,taking these out,another story you really gotta rip them,out that was actually pretty easy that,time was probably the easiest time i got,them all but sometimes getting these,things out,is a chore so getting them out of the,case is a chore buds themselves setting,them up was easy you just press and hold,the buttons on the buds and youre able,to set them up via bluetooth that was,easy uh controlling this is easy because,its a physical button but at the same,time pressing the physical button into,your ear does push it into your ear ever,so slightly so it might cause some,uncomfortableness but using them,controlling the music that kind of stuff,is not difficult at all,the design is boring nothing exciting,very bland,very,old-fashioned almost in a way they,pretty big at that you dont even get a,lot of battery life you get like four,and a half up to four and a half hours,of battery life with these and then 18,hours with the case,pretty pedestrian if you ask me not very,good at that and then,the most important thing about these i,didnt say the best they said the most,important thing,about wireless buds is,how do they sound so theres no active,noise cancellation theres no,ambient sound so you can hear whats,going on around you i can get past that,the sound is awful,they sound super muffled it sounds like,you you see it sounds like your musics,playing through a speaker for instance,in that they put some blankets over the,speaker and then they played it and said,how do you like these speakers thats,what these sound like theres no bass,its kind of trebley,the sound is just awful awful awful,awful,and then talking on the phone i didnt,really have too many complaints but they,also didnt rave about it either these,are just awful,earphones theyre bad really bad so do,not buy these just do yourself like just,do not buy save your money and if you do,buy some if youre looking for some in,the in the same price range,you can get some great earbuds from the,folks over,at and this is not a sponsored video,anchor anchor makes awesome earphones,for they make expensive ones but they,also make on ones under under 50 bucks,multiple ones under 50 bucks that are,absolutely great so pick up some anchor,buds ill list them down below if you,want to pick them up but do not buy,these blx ones theyre the worst thanks,for watching have a great day and well,see you down the road,peace

TOP 5: Best True Wireless Earbuds 2022

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Best Earbuds 2022: Sony, Bose, Apple, Beats, & More!

best earbuds 2022 weve got 13 pairs,that brings us to a total of over 30,over the past year we tested each pair,of earbuds identical tests to get a one,to one comparison lets dive right into,the reviews time stamps and links to buy,these products in the description,section below apple airpods third,generation comes with a mag safe,charging case pretty neat first,generation case was more tall and thin,whereas this is shorter and wide kind of,like the airpods pro case shorter stems,in the original air pods is kind of like,an in-between between the airpods pro,and the original airpods these are,designed to connect seamlessly with an,iphone and they do yeah light,comfortable,a little concerned about ear security,but i didnt have any issues with the,original airpods so im sure theyre,probably fine yeah all right thoughts,but they were pretty good everything,sounded really well balanced with these,my my primary criticism is that the,songs were the basis was more prominent,the beastie boys and michael jackson it,just felt a little bit,flat to me i could have had some more,bass there but overall really that was i,was like these were great yeah if these,had a better fit i think in the ear they,were a little bit more secure i think,these would be fabulous,i think they sound better than the,earpods pro yes definitely i think they,sound a thousand times better than the,original airpods i am very impressed,beats fit pro i like when the uh,the box and the color yeah the color,matching here ooh,box and color pretty good yeah they look,really good i thought that the purple,would be my favorite color after seeing,them all i think white is my favorite,color small case but not nearly as small,as the airpods case you should also,mention these are designed to connect,seamlessly to your iphone like air pods,would and and they do what you think i,think that these are,good sounding headphones the bass is,there but for me the treble the the,other sounds sound like theyre a little,bit far away almost like theyre 10 feet,away and so it creates kind of a dull,overall vibe what do you think about the,active noise cancellation i didnt think,it was nearly as impressive as some of,the other ones i hear but yeah i mean,really bother me theyre okay where,these really shine is the ear tip and,the fit right best fitting sport earbuds,i think so ive ever worn yeah i wish i,could take like the audio from the,airpods yeah combine that with the fit,and you got a perfect pair of earbuds,right there yeah beats studio buds sleek,got that nice beats look again beats a,really good job matching the color to,the box pop them out,small,light very beats very beats i always,have a some difficulty getting a really,good fit with with earbuds like this is,just these these dont fit my ears,particularly well uh what are your,thoughts i mean i think that might be a,fit issue for me these just these just,didnt sound,particularly great to me it sounded like,the audio was coming from,sort of far away really i thought it,lacked a richness or a clarity just,didnt sound totally full to me,and i dont really have a better way to,articulate it than that i think the,beats fit pro or a better fit probably,better overall,especially if youre going to the gym,yeah the bose quiet comfort earbuds,right out of the box that is a big case,its a big case this is the home theater,system of earbuds its its heavier its,heavy its thick its thats i mean,youre gonna have trouble fitting that,in your pocket yeah its got the same,type of wing tip idea but the beats fit,pro does it better noise can,installation out of the gate i can tell,its its uh its okay i do think bose,does a good job with the app these were,phenomenal they sound much better than,they did the last time and they sound a,lot like they did the first time we,listened to it its the firmware update,because they have to be yes we update,them before we do each test these sound,amazing if anything im gonna say that,they were a little bit thin in the,mid-range a tiny bit maybe the space was,phenomenal the balance and like michael,jackson and the the the stevie ray,vaughan song and the daft punk and the,steely dan i was just ive had trouble,reading it its gonna be tough i mean my,minor nitpick was that on some of the,songs the bass sounded maybe a little,bit more prominent sure um but i also,like that so,these these are phenomenal bose sport,earbuds these are my number one,headphones earbuds the last time we did,these reviews and uh well see how they,hold up big and heavy case but the,actual earbuds themselves are,pretty small definitely smaller than the,quiet comforts and they have a similar,wingtip design so uh lets give them a,whirl no noise canceling on these okay i,could definitely hear,the little bit of room noise that we,have here and if im in the gym i think,its going to be very very noticeable,its going to be a lot it felt like some,of the songs the bass is really,prominent i would want something thats,a little bit more consistent i think,otherwise i think they sound really good,they did sound great yeah they sounded,great its just the clarity on the the,sides was excellent,it was just just not quite as good as,the most quiet comforts yeah pixel buds,a series say what you will about the,sound quality thats a nice case nice,finish really small i dont really care,for the finish i dont know its its,like kind of this off gray eggshell type,thing im im glad that you it looks,like an egg i like the texture of it,kind of like the beats fit pro wingtip,pretty sturdy not like the bows wing,tips which are rather flimsy but uh yeah,really light and comfortable yummy yeah,cool maybe not so comfortable light,though so what do you think i thought,that the mid range and the high end was,very clear i thought that there wasnt,enough bass i mean thats my general,complaint yeah interesting it was a,little light on the bass i was impressed,these are a gigantic improvement over,the original pixel modes would you say,that android phones have some extra,features through the pixel buds app that,you can more like a lot of extra like,customize the sounds and get more out of,these earbuds where you cant set those,on your iphone right you cant do it at,all no cancelling isnt very good,because it doesnt exist doesnt exist,but they were pretty impressive overall,solid headphones jabra,ts what do you think so,pretty small case its a little heavy,though im a little surprised how heavy,that is i mean i can say personally im,not a huge fan of the blocky design of,the earbuds themselves but uh well lets,pop them in see how they sound well i,didnt like them the last time and,i dont like them this time well i liked,them last time i thought they were they,were pretty good so lacks high end bass,seems a bit much very mid-rangey no,super high end too much bass flat i,didnt think they were the most,comfortable either i didnt think they,were very comfortable either the noise,cancellation was fine,but i mean this type of earbud just it,is never comfortable for me and true,against the jobbers i i you know i,enjoyed the audio more than you did but,that was maybe personal,preferences and even though i like these,more than you my overall review is still,lower than the aggregate score on amazon,so take that for what you will samsung,galaxy buds pro so in terms of the case,itself really small yeah portable sturdy,stylish and very black i dont yeah this,is one of them that i dont know how to,put them in i dont think they sound as,good as they do the firmware update,claims another victim they didnt like,any of the songs in these earbuds yeah,they they just uh felt very dynamically,flat to me i felt like they were missing,some high-end clarity and i felt like,the vocals were getting lost in the,mixes but it just didnt sound natural,to me yeah the uh i felt like on the,wider ends of the stage again just,wasnt a ton of clarity and it was soft,i thought the bass was was kind of,inconsistent too it felt like a lot on,

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We Tried 50 Cheap Wireless Earbuds & Picked our FAVORITES!

have you ever found it hard to make a,decision because you have too many,options well thats exactly what shell,go through if youre trying to buy the,best affordable pair of truly wireless,earphones honestly I think a lot of,people just get overwhelmed and say,forget it Ill just pony up the dough,for some air pods but that sucks air,pods are expensive which is why we,bought the top-50 wireless earphones for,under $100 from amazon.com and went,through the pain staking tedium of,trying out every single one of them so,stick around and Ill tell you which,ones suck and why and which select few,are actually worth a closer look but,first a closer look at our sponsor,Origin PC customized an Origin PC,desktop powered by an NVIDIA GeForce,r-tx graphics card pair with a GC,monitor for a fast refresh rate and an,edge on your competition,learn more at the link below,first well eliminate the ones that,obviously suck Relaxo tws i7o,this case is brutal these feel super,cheap no youre done okay oh this is a,big boy what are these what kind of,design is that like its so far from my,head why something any sense this one,actually has a nice weight to it like,its kind of heavy in a good way,although Im not sure that I would want,anything in my pocket to be heavier than,it needs to be its a little hard to,open though which is annoying but Shante,you stay,okay for sixty dollars this is not an,acceptable charging case this is,annoying to have in your pocket or whoa,it actually recognizable brand,nice buttons that I really like the skin,on them these are actually pretty cool,hold up why is this so huge its only,400 really amp-hours this one 600 not a,chance youre done oh these are a little,different okay,whoa wait a second this has a lid I can,lose whoa okay it snaps on there pretty,good Im not gonna eliminate them now,for that was close,focus power f10 this is theres only one,really what are you thinking theres,only one unbelievable okay focus power,its your chance at redemption,thats a nice lid noise,okay these are maybe the nicest one so,far,and finally skull candy I used to think,these were so cool when I was a kid but,Im giving these a hard no these are,pretty bad especially for the price,[Music],Oh like this is a nice tactile button,but its a way too loud oh yeah thats,just right in my brain next now these,buttons these are nice doesnt take a,lot of force,you can skip tracks forward and,backwards you can play in pause and,those operations are what Im gonna,consider baseline for all these,headphones here these are pretty good,unfortunately you do have to use your,phone to adjust volume up and down,though but these can stay ok these ones,these actually have a touch interface,for 20 bucks which is pretty awesome and,they have volume control on the ear but,cant be that right well except that,its kind of Jencks so to turn the music,up,you just hold it down which is sweet,because you can just hold your finger,there and crank it but to hold it down,you have to tap it and you might think,ok if you want to turn it on fast you,just tap really fast but no because,thatll register a double tap which is a,different command these ones are even,worse its three taps to adjust the,volume but only two taps to Hale the,assistant so I just keep getting the,assistant more like pass on me am i,right Im right cant skip tracks,backwards these bad boys actually have,dedicated buttons for volume up and down,on each earphone but theyre so small,and hard to press that you end up kind,of jamming the whole earphone into your,ear every time you press them and not,only that but theyre asymmetrical on,this one the volume buttons back here,and on this one the volume buttons at,the front strike three,[Music],finally this is the only pair of the,whole lot that gets the interface right,in my opinion single tap for pause,double tap for next triple tap for back,hold on the right one for volume up hold,on the left one for volume down,nailed it you stay tech taka Enka fire,going ovate andrade max the tribe has,spoken,now this round is completely subjective,but my ears really like the fit of the,Ray Connie 50s and this sound with,bionics these are not going anywhere I,did not like the rock and pace because a,they hurt and B even though the round,you do have to take care of when you put,them in so that its button is kind of,facing out so you can actually access it,and even then you usually have to use,two fingers to press the button these,ones just hurt these ones also hurt and,when I pulled it out of my ear the ear,tip actually got stuck in my ear and,thats unsettling,so I still have about 20 pairs of,headphones left and at this point,theyre mostly okay so rather than,finding reasons to eliminate them,instead Im gonna identify the keepers,that stood out to me during my testing,well weve shared an incredible week,together and its one of the hardest,decisions Ive ever had to make but I,only have ten roses gee whack,will you accept this rose treble of x-5,will you accept this rose,sound core rate Connie 50s burek or 3x e,20s f16 branya will you accept this rose,and for my final rose,[Music],by on it will you accept this rose,introducing my top 10 after one of the,toughest days of the office ever I was,able to separate the wheat from the,chaff and narrow down to the final four,which I think are all good for different,reasons starting with the cheapest these,get sold under many different names on,Amazon but the ones that we have are,called the G WAC jay29 theyve got the,best button interface of the whole bunch,a case thats reasonably compact despite,its 800 milliamp battery and absolutely,pounding bass which is great if you,listen to EDM or hip-hop but can be a,bit overbearing if you listen to metal,next its the sound with bionics which,are my pick for a budget truly wireless,to use while exercising on account of,the great fit theyre just super in,there and the nice rubber sleeves the,case isnt my favorite but it does the,job these are just kind of all-around,decent bumping up in price the Ray cons,are back and they might be my overall,top pick these sound great with any,genre unless youre like a total bass,head and they have the absolute best,voice alerts they have fantastic battery,life theyre just nice to use Oh God,and they come in multiple colors and,finally weve got the JBL free ex they,were at the top of our price limit but,the sound from these to me seemed like a,cut above the rest theyre just super,clear at least until you max out the,volume the case is a bit large but it is,1500 milliamp hours netting you 5 extra,charges and the list so satisfying its,like youre basically getting a free,fidget toy in the box now to be clear,were not saying that no one should buy,premium wireless earphones like apples,air pods or power beats pros if you want,something thats very likely to be good,and comes with warranty support that you,can count on then those are totally an,option but for everyone else we are,really confident that you will probably,like any of these especially for the,cost so go check them out at the link in,the description the Flair mini from,sound core by Anchor has a ton of great,features,its got 360 degree audio which means it,sounds great from every direction,it features neodymium,drivers as well as their base up,technology for the dual passive,radiators and of course their halo LED,for that RGB its got a bunch of light,effects with audio fireworks it can,phase pulse and glow with the rhythm,its pool-party proof with ipx7 water,protection and features a high,efficiency you lithium-ion battery for,up to 12 hours of sound and lights it,connects via bluetooth and you can use,two of them for stereo audio and you can,check it out at the link in the video,description so thanks for watching guys,if you like this video and I really hope,you did because it took me forever,please like the video get subscribed,check out the links to where to buy all,these headphones down below or on our,forum which you should t

Best Wireless Earbuds 2022 – Our Recommendations

hi im adam from ratings.com weve,bought and tested more than 680,headphones and earbuds including over 20,so far this year we evaluate them on our,standardized test bench to see how they,compare and which ones you should buy,in this video well be looking at the,best truly wireless earbuds to buy in,2022 depending on your needs,keep in mind that this is a simplified,recommendation we consider performance,price and availability,start here to narrow down your options,and then dig into the details yourselves,first up the apple airpods pro these are,our top choice true wireless headphones,these iconic in-ears easily stand out,from the crowd thanks to their premium,design if youre an apple user youll,especially appreciate their h1 chip this,allows you to seamlessly pair them with,other devices in your apple ecosystem,overall they have a neutral sound,profile thats well suited for a variety,of audio content,although they dont have any sound,customization features they also support,apples proprietary spatial audio,technology,its only available on ios ipad os 14,and later,this feature reorients sound to follow,your head movements which can create a,more immersive audio experience,thanks to their anc system they have a,great noise isolation performance too,they can block out the low rumble of bus,and plane engines and cut down on office,chatter,unfortunately they only last just over,five hours continuously which may not be,enough for long days on the go luckily,their carrying case supplies an extra,five charges if you need it if youre,really in a hurry they even advertise to,provide three to four hours of playback,after only half an hour of charging,the airpods pro are often compared to,the bose quietcomfort earbuds while both,earbuds are well regarded when it comes,to noise cancelling the bose have a,slight advantage here,if youre looking for the best noise,cancelling truly wireless earbuds these,are it they can block out more bass,range noise like the low rumble of bus,engines they also have several different,anc levels in their companion app,these modes allow you to adjust the,amount of background noise that you hear,so you can stay aware of whats going on,around you unlike the airpods pro the,quietcomforts neutral sound profile can,be customized to your liking using their,apps graphic eq and presets they also,have a longer continuous battery life of,over 7 hours their carrying case can,also provide an extra two charges,that said these premium buds are bulky,which can affect how comfortable you,find them,they also stick out of your ears and can,get in the way if youre wearing a,beanie some users may prefer their,earbud design though as they dont have,as deep of a fit as in-ear headphones,like the apples do while truly wireless,earbuds can run up in price the anker,soundcore life p3 truly wireless are a,bit more affordable without sacrificing,too much on performance,these in-ears have an adjustable anc,system with three modes each mode is,designed to block out different kinds of,background noise,using the transport mode they can block,out the low rumble of bus and plane,engines as well as office chatter out of,the box these comfortable buds have a,base heavy sound profile that delivers,extra thump and punch to mixes you can,customize them to your liking using,their apps graphic eq and presets they,also have a continuous playback time of,under six hours and their case holds an,extra four charges if you need it if,youre after a more budget-friendly,model then check out the anker soundcore,life.2 while theyre not packed full of,features like the other headphones in,this list these buds are quite unique,when it comes to their battery,performance on their own they have over,7 hours of continuous playback time,however their carrying case supplies an,extra 12.5 charges that means that you,have just under 100 hours of total,battery life so you dont need to,constantly recharge the case these buds,have a base rich sound profile thats,well suited for genres like edm and hip,hop theyre well built too and have a,decently comfortable fit their stability,fins also ensure that they wont fall,out of your ears during a run in the,park that said they lack anc and,struggle to block out the low rumble of,bus engines still looking for something,even more affordable the jlab audio go,air pop true wireless are cheap in-ears,that offer a solid performance at a,lower price point although they have a,quite simple design they have the three,eq presets built built-in that allow you,to adjust their sound to your liking,using their flattest eq they deliver a,bit of extra thump punch and warmth they,also have over nine hours of continuous,playback time and their case holds three,more charges,overall they feel well built but their,charging cable is integrated into their,case which can be a deal breaker to some,that means that if the cable gets,damaged youll need to replace the,entire unit if youre looking for,headphones for working out then the,jaybird vista 2 are worth checking,these in-ears are certified ip68 meaning,theyre dust tight and can resist damage,from being submerged in water,their carrying case is also certified,ip54 so its protected from dust and,splashes of water,thanks to their comfortable stability,fin design they wont fall out of your,ears during tough workouts either out of,the box they have a well-balanced sound,that you can fine-tune using their apps,parametric eq and presets,they also have an anc system however,they still struggle to block out ambient,noise which can be frustrating if youre,exercising in a noisy gym their,continuous battery life of just over 5,hours is a bit short too and their,carrying case holds two more charges,which isnt very impressive if you want,to stay aware of your surroundings when,running outside then we consider the,shocks open run bone conduction,headphones these headphones sit outside,of your ears and use vibrations to,produce sound this allows you to easily,hear background sound without pausing,your audio however not everyone will be,a fan of their unique sound reproduction,which lacks a lot of thumpy bass the,experience is more like walking through,a mall with its own ambient music,playing audio is present but not the,main focus and as long as the volume is,at normal levels you wont be bothering,those around you,if sound quality is a high priority for,you then consider the jabra elite 7 pro,out of the box these earbuds have a very,neutral sound profile suitable for most,kinds of audio content if you prefer a,different sound their companion app has,a graphic eq and presets that you can,use to customize their sound to suit,your tastes they have very consistent,audio delivery too and their over eight,hours of continuous battery life should,last through long listening sessions,their carrying case also supplies three,extra charges if youre looking for ldac,support for high-res audio you may want,to check out the sony,wf-1000xm4s instead while their default,sound profile is warmer and boomier than,the jabra they support ldac codec so,long as youre using supported devices,with their companion app you can also,adjust their sound to your liking using,the apps graphic eq and presets if you,want more info on truly wireless earbuds,check out our website for all the,written reviews and recommendation,articles what do you think of these,picks,if you do end up buying one of them then,let us know in the comments below,[Music]

blx buds reviews 2021 dont buy blx buds,until you see this review,blx buds compact lightweight earbud,headphones,blx buds are so comfortable you might,forget youre wearing headphones,you can enjoy amazing sound without sore,ears,these headphones are made to provide a,more comfortable listening experience,volkswagens are a lightweight,construction pair of headphones,we will detail their amazing features in,the reviews,blx buds are new and big audio brands,wont be surprised that they have even,on the shelves,blx buds earbuds have a cult following,because they are affordable and high,quality,these earbuds are a threat to high-end,audio brands according to reliable,reviews by volkswagens,the book splits contour design provides,maximum comfort,you will not even know you have,headphones attached to your ear,book splits is easy to wear comfortable,and portable book splits reviews confirm,they eliminate annoying wires and keep,your look and your workspace streamlined,and hassle-free,blx buds offer superior sound quality,than conventional earbuds,consumers are looking for clear sound,vocals and mic bleed when they,a brand that can deliver all of this at,a budget-friendly price point and with a,minimalistic sleek design is a winner,[Music],click the link in the description for,books goods earbuds at the lowest,available price from the official,website,what are bl express,bulkspools is a new wireless earbud,model that can be used for music work,watching movies and following your,favorite podcasts while on the move,easy to wear comfortable and portable,volkswoods reviews confirm they,eliminate annoying wires and keep your,look and your workspace streamlined and,hassle-free,the blx buds review received positive,feedback for many customers,we have provided a detailed review of,the book splits review including,information about features benefits,official website where to buy blx buds,and pros and cons,before writing the blx buds review we,did extensive research on wireless,headphones,they provide a powerful pure sound,wherever you go just like excellent,earbuds,this is the verdict of some,they sound better than my old brand,earbuds,these earbuds are sure to sell out,quickly as i know that festival shoppers,have already started to shop for them,wireless earbuds have become a standard,part of our daily lives,consumers are seeking clear sound crisp,audio and vocals when they travel,a brand that can deliver all of this at,a budget-friendly price point and with a,minimalistic sleep design is a winner,features of blx buds,high quality guaranteed blx buds sound,great feel great and last,no hassle returns if you arent,completely satisfied with your blx buds,you can return them within 30 days of,purchase for a full refund,easy and fast setup blx buds can be used,with any smartphone tablet or computer,that uses bluetooth,some of these features are also,explained below,wireless headphones for earbuds reduce,the chance of tangling or dangling cords,during work and play,its easy to use while on the move to,listen to music or podcasts while you,work out play or do chores or just get,through your daily commute to work,enjoy hands-free functionality up to 4.5,hours of quality family time with your,closest and dearest,this reduces the need for you to hold,your phone or device to your face in,order to speak and provides clearer,crisper sound than factory default,speaker phones,high quality durable materials make for,a headphone that lasts,superior comfort book splits earbuds are,available with a variety of silicone and,ear ear tips for increased wearability,and comfort over extended periods,thanks to the improved shape of the bud,you wont feel any pain in your inner,ears,deep clear audio delivers a quality,sound experience comparable according to,blx buds reviews online to the high-end,audio accessory manufacturers,solid reach stay connected to your sound,source no matter where you are in the,house blx buds can reach up to 10 meters,to keep it connected longer,the blx bud storage container allows for,quick and easy charging,ultra portable and lightweight it can be,carried in your bag glove box or,backpack,everyone is moving to earbud style,headphones,many people feel they are uncomfortable,the sound quality can often be very poor,it doesnt have it to be,blx buds are designed to fit ears first,look at other earbud style headphones,then take a look at book splits,blx buds will look like high performance,hearing instruments while other earbud,headphones will look more like marbles,with an antenna,use any device to pair most people use,more than one device,blx buds compare with any device whether,its a tablet a smartphone or a laptop,superior sound after spending a lot on,your mobile device why would anyone,accept inferior sound quality,its not right,bulk splits will ensure you have the,best sound quality possible,extremely smart regular headphones look,great on your ears,box goods are a great way to have a fun,and unique sound experience,click the link in the description for,blx buds earbuds at the lowest price,available from the official website,blx buds are very comfortable and dont,cause any discomfort,the headphone fits perfectly in the air,and doesnt require you to adjust it,every time you listen to music,how do blx buds function,bulk splits wireless earbuds function in,the same way as your hilac and offer a,subtler more minimalistic look than the,brightly colored butt,according to book splits reviews this is,exactly what customers are looking for,looks goods whats included,blx buds come with everything an audio,file needs in order to start listening,on the go,book splits need to be charged just like,other devices,one pair of blx buds earbuds featuring,silicone in your ear tips,safety comfort hygiene and hygiene,one,charging case,two,1x micro usb a charging cable,3. one pair silicon in-ear tip size,small,four,one pair silicone in-ear tip size medium,five,one pair silicone in-ear tip size large,six,instruction guide,seven,details about the warranty,is blx buds earbuds a scam or legit,no blx buds earbuds is not a fraud they,are the real deal,looks good seems too good to be true but,they are just great quality and value,its easy to invest in expensive,alternatives when there is an,alternative,but this option can be a great choice,these earbuds have a long history and,many books buds reviews praising them,you can also request a full refund with,a no hassle money back guarantee,these earbuds have been carefully,designed by the manufacturers to ensure,a safe checkout,this is a great alternative to expensive,high-end earbuds,these books bids earbuds reviews are,unfalsifiable,these wireless earbuds will make you,love the clear audio,when you are outside running biking or,exercising your earbuds can be connected,to your smartphone to play music,these earbuds are affordable and you,dont need to spend a lot,they are affordable simple to use and,provide great sound quality,who should receive the books first,boxwoods make shopping easy for both,kids and adults,earbuds are a great gift for family and,friends in a difficult time,wireless earbuds are even more important,because of streaming music,wireless buds are everywhere and,everyone is wearing them,these can be used for,one,running,two,exercising,three,walking,four cycle,five,take the train,six,anywhere,these devices can also be used to listen,to another person calling you and keep,their conversation private,want books goods earbuds for your ears,people want to be able to listen to,their music while walking going to work,or doing other daily chores,wired headphones are not good enough,we look for wireless headphones that are,similar to those worn by everyone but,without the high price,they arent willing to spend so much on,headphones,tethering to a mobile devices,uncomfortable,restraint,when you are tied to your phone it can,be difficult to do any task the cord,from your phone can get in the way of,your ability to move your arms,we heard a

The BEST Selling True Wireless Earbuds on Amazon | mrkwd tech

these are the best-selling true wireless,earbuds on Amazon with over 40,000,reviews and a four and a half star,rating but at just 25 pounds or 30,dollars are they actually any good can,they really deliver a solid performance,as such a low price point how do they,compare against other affordable options,out there well stay tuned because were,gonna be finding out all the answers to,all of those questions right now dont,forget to check the affiliate links in,the description below for the latest,prices,I bought these with my own money they,werent that expensive but whether I buy,a product myself or receive them gifted,rest assured that you can expect the,exact same brutally honest opinion as,always from me so lets waste no more,time lets get into it,hey guys its mark here and Im back to,review some more affordable tech in my,quest to sort out the god tier from the,garbage and hopefully save you some hard,earned money in the process today were,looking at the toes o T 10 true wireless,earbuds the best-selling true wireless,earbuds on Amazon okay in round one Im,gonna rate the T tens purely on build,quality and design with a few of my,first impressions thrown in from the,unboxing – lets just run through some,of the features youre getting here,first of all for starters youve got,Bluetooth 4.0 and ipx8 of waterproof,rating wireless charging and the ability,to use either earbud independently its,not a particularly long list of features,but for 30 bucks I will definitely take,that thank you very much especially,wireless charging which is something you,actually dont really see unless youre,willing to spend $70 and upwards its,hard not to be instantly hit by the,sheer size of that case its probably,one of the most cumbersome bulky cases,Ive ever seen and certainly not,pocket-friendly by any means at all but,despite its all plastic build it doesnt,feel bad quality it actually feels,incredibly solid and durable which is,not what I expected at this price point,fortunately the air buds themselves,arent,half as bulky as the cases and are,actually pretty light and compact by,comparison while still continuing the,plastic theme they do have a nice,rubberized finish on the underside of,each earbud and a nice matte finish on,the button controls at least theres,also small status LEDs on each earbud,too and theyre clearly labeled which is,left and right which is especially handy,when they look nearly identical in shape,thats an instant seven out of ten from,me for build quality and design it would,have been a little bit more if it wasnt,so bulky but at this price point it was,way above my expectations it would also,be less if these were more expensive so,value for money has definitely been,factored into that score as well as it,probably will be somewhat for every,round in this video in round two were,looking at battery life and despite that,larger than life charging case where you,might think of a battery lifes going to,be really good were actually only,promised four hours of playback in a,single sitting and 14 hours with the,charging case factored in,thats pretty power inefficient when you,consider that a pair of $50 true,wireless earbuds Ive reviewed recently,like the sound Liberty 79 s all life P,twos can deliver seven to eight hours in,a single sitting and up to 40 hours,playback with the charging case so,thats a 5 out of 10 the battery life as,its pretty its lower than average and,thats likely because the new 2020,generation of affordable true wallet,earbuds have had such substantial,upgrades in longevity in round 3 Im,gonna rate the t tens based on how,securely they fit as well as comfort and,any signs of ear fatigue if you do have,kind of more medium-sized ears like I,feel I do or smaller you are gonna,struggle to get a really secure fit so I,cant really recommend these overly for,working out and really exercise full,stop at all unfortunately for us the ear,tips are actually quite far away from,the main body of each earbud meaning,they do sit out of your ear more than,you would like that means the weight of,each earbud is mostly on the outs,side of your ear where it receives zero,support meaning its totally down to the,ear tips to keep the buds secure so,thats going to be a six out of ten for,fit and comfort if you have larger is I,think youll probably find that these,are a little more secure and theyll,probably be more comfortable too but for,me they do stay in if I dont disturb,them I wont find them falling out but,any excessive movement or exercise will,see them leave my ears to go off on a,magical journey pretty quickly straight,to the floor its time for round four,where Im gonna be testing the,microphone quality of the tea tends to,let you guys know exactly how reliable,theyll be or not for phone calls so,here goes so here is a microphone test,of the toes ot tens what do you think I,think its actually surprisingly clear,definitely on par with some of the other,more affordable options which are around,fifty dollars almost double the price,but how does it fare when we introduce,background noise well thats coming in,in three two one what do you think about,the microphone quality now is it still,good can you still hear my voice,first and foremost over all of that,background noise let me know what you,think in the comments below,in my opinion the t-ten still managed to,maintain focus on my voice even though,you could hear the background noise a,decent amount so Im gonna give that a 7,out of 10 for microphone quality itll,do the job just fine pretty damn good,when it comes to background noise and of,course given the price I wasnt,expecting a lot so Im pretty happy with,what we got here in round five Im gonna,rate the t tens in terms of,functionality and usability so thats,going to be ordinary visual lag,Bluetooth connection and button controls,and thats about it first up is,audio-visual lag and when watching,YouTube Netflix or gaming you will be,able to notice a little bit of,audio-visual lag but it is actually,pretty minor and quite easy to do now,after a minute or so Bluetooth,connection is decent but not as strong,as I would like to see whilst the T,tends have decent range and no random,disconnects the bad news here is that I,can make,a Bluetooth connection drop in the left,ear bud simply by copping my hands over,both earbuds which isnt a great sign,that being said when I dont do that I,havent had any problems so far and they,pair pretty fast after you take them out,of the case with no touch controls were,left with button controls which is more,than acceptable at this price point but,sadly the button controls are,particularly responsive to a light click,meaning you have to really properly,support each earbud before even,attempting a button click otherwise you,do just end up jamming each earbud in to,your ears which is pretty unpleasant as,Im sure you know by now there doesnt,seem to be any way of controlling volume,using the buttons either so thats a,little disappointing but again not,totally uncommon with cheaper earbuds,like the life p2s I reviewed recently,what saves the t tens here however is,wireless charging simply pop it on any,Qi enabled wireless charger and itll,instantly start charging up meaning,hooray I dont have to hunt for a,microUSB charging cable I dont really,have anymore,Ill keep opening and closing that,stupid rubber flap on the back of the,case over and over again until it,eventually breaks over all that equates,to a 7 out of 10 functionality and,usability I have to be honest here if,they werent so cheap it would have been,downgraded to a 6 out of 10 for those,kind of uncomfortable button controls,but to have wireless charging at this,price point is crazy and lets be real,Im not really expecting much in terms,of functionality for $30 anyway I will,keep you guys updated on the Bluetooth,connection and whether it becomes an,issue so keep an eye on my Instagram,story and Ill let you guys know if,things change or not the sixth round is,the most imp

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