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BMW 330e plug-in hybrid 2020: In-depth review with Tom Ford / Electrifying

time for a quick quiz what has the same,engine,as a mini cooper s a toyota supra,and a morgan plus four and yet is a,plug-in hybrid thats supposed to be,really good to drive,have i got you stumped because this one,had me foxed for a few minutes,anyway before we get to all that please,do subscribe to our channel here on,youtube,and log on to electrifying.com where,youll find all sorts of tips,articles and explainers that will help,you navigate the world,of greener cars after all here at,electrifying.com,were here to clear your sinuses no,thats not,our catchphrase,i know i know you probably want an,answer and that answer,is this the bmw 330e,plug-in hybrid a car thats supposed to,take all the good bits of the bmw,3 series and present them in a much more,efficient package,a package that should appeal to both the,environment,and the taxman in fact bmw,reckons that 25 percent of three series,buyers will plump for the 330e,mainly because with just 39 grams per,kilometer of co2 emissions,and under 40 grand it attracts very low,tax bills,but is it actually any good as a car let,alone a bmw,i suggest we find out,so uh it looks pretty much like,any three series if im honest the only,real visual differences are the tiny e,on the badge at the back and then this,extra charge flap,on the front wing under the bonnet is a,181 brake horsepower four-cylinder,turbocharged petrol engine,and that drives through an eight-speed,automatic gearbox and sandwiched between,the two of those,is the all-important electric motor the,boots smaller because the batteries are,under there somewhere,and the fuel tank had to move up out of,the way actually its quite a lot,smaller,over 100 liters its also quite a bit,heavier than a car with the same engine,but none of the hybrid bits,slapping in the battery and motor makes,this 330e some 270 kilograms heavier,than a 330i,which does not bode well for being good,to drive,saying that though first impressions are,generally very good,and very bmw it starts off in ev mode,which youd expect and you can putter up,about right up to about,68 miles an hour without waking the,engine as long as youre,very gentle on the accelerator bmw,claims some 35,plus miles of ev only range ive been,getting just over 30,so it feels like those claims are pretty,much on the nose,its also more efficient because the,electric motor actually still,uses the gearbox so unlike a lot of,pure ev cars which are only single speed,this still has,all of that gearboxes gears to be able,to increase its efficiency,so it you know it all works also the,electric motor,kind of fills in some of the torque gap,at low speed so,this beam it does feel particularly,vigorous,from low down the claims are zero to 62,miles an hour,in about six seconds or just under and,about 150 miles an hour for top speed,which is more than enough but the weird,thing is that this bmw,also gets a thing called extra boost and,yes im pronouncing that,with a capital x if you press the,support button you get this thing,that says there extra boost you can feel,the engine come on,now what that basically means is that if,you boot the 330e,you get a quick hit of extra electric,power,like digital nitrous so the cars,standard 249 brake horsepower,suddenly becomes 288 for 10 seconds,which is,perfect for that quick overtake watch,[Music],yep that works it also handles pretty,much like a normal 3 series,nearly you can feel the weight moving,around if you drive particularly quickly,but bmw seems to have played with the,steering to make the car feel lighter,the result is theres not a lot of,feedback so its rapid without actually,being very satisfying,it feels like an engineers solution it,works really quite well,but if youre into driving then a,conventionally engine 3 will still be,more your thing,but only just saying that theres not,much wrong,with the 330e as a concept or indeed as,a car,the interior is the same as any other,three series bar a few,extra readouts and buttons and a couple,of things for battery management,that means its really well made its,very comfortable,its got decent quality all the way,through you can feel touch you know mess,with everything and it feels like a bmw,um the only thing im slightly not,comfortable with is the fact that this,steering wheel is so thick,its like holding a leather baguette the,thing with the 330e though,is that more than anything it does feel,like a bit of a workaround for tanks and,for fleets,and it does that very well with under 40,grams per kilometer of co2 it attracts,10,benefit and kind tax which will be much,cheaper than a conventionally powered,model,but for that you get a heavier car with,less space and a smaller 40 liter petrol,tank,and as ever you have to take the,possible 138 miles to the gallon with a,hefty pinch of salt,unless youre charging up regularly that,is doable though,a full charge takes three hours 25,minutes using a wall box,or 5×40 using a plain old three pin plug,the battery isnt big enough to warrant,a dc system so it wont rapid charge,so i assume most will be home or work,charging for the bulk of their electric,running,do that and the 35-ish mile ev range,could nail your weekday commute petrol,free,if you dont youll struggle to get more,than 30 miles per gallon,which kind of defeats the object but,that sounds like im not very keen on,the 330e,and a kind of am the hybrid mode,works really well and it will work out,the best use of the batterys power,and ev only running and youd be,surprised how much the car actually,drops into ev only,while youre just moving about youll,see 70,plus miles per gallon if you plug it in,and you drive like youve recently,broken all of your toes,saying that if you use extra boost too,much,then the economy drops like a brick tied,to a slightly larger brick,but that kind of goes without saying,there is also a 330e,touring on the way um which would make,for a very compelling little estate to,get around luggage space,issues especially if you have a short,commute and plugs at either end,its a win for the 330e then it does,exactly what it says on the tin,and its probably one of the least,intimidating plug-in hybrids i can think,of and its also got some chops for,those of us,who like to drive just remember to plug,it in on the regular,and dont use extra boost too much as,ever if you want to know more about the,330e,or any of its competitors please log on,to electrifying.com,and we will gift you with knowledge,you

BMW 330e review – DrivingElectric

the BMW 3-series is established as the,standard by which most executive cars,are measured a household name in posh,business transport you would expect good,things then from a plug-in hybrid,version,well how does 37 miles of pure electric,running a two liter turbocharged petrol,engine emissions of under 40 grams per,kilometer and 288 brink horsepower sound,thats good right the BMW 330 II,seems to offer everything you could,possibly want the rear wheel drive,handling panache to the decent,performance to the efficiency to the,general brand swagger of the thing the,BMW 330 eat really does seem to be the,complete package but it does still have,a lot to prove because the 330e doesnt,just need to be fun it needs to be,relaxing and easy to live with and it,needs to be efficient even when those,batteries are out of power when youre,relying on that 2 litre petrol engine,alone so can it really do all that and,can it justify the price of some 40,000,pounds and up which is some four,thousand pounds more than youll pay for,an equivalent 320d well lets go and,find out the BMW 330 YZ 12 kilowatt hour,battery has a usable capacity of 10,point 4 kilowatt hours and takes some,six hours to fully charge from a normal,3 pin domestic socket while a home wall,box or type to public car charger will,do the same in around three and a half,that is the fastest charge you will ever,get from the BMW regardless of how,powerful the AC charger is that you plug,into since its maximum charging capacity,is capped at 3.7 kilowatts plugging the,3-series in is easy just pop open the,flap on the front wing in the car and,connect the three pin cable provided,its a shame mind you that you have to,pay a couple of hundred pounds for a,type ii cable that will give you access,to a home wall box all the public car,chargers that will enable you to get,that lower three-and-a-half hour,charging time at least a phone up is,included that allows you to set and,control charging and cabin temperature,the BMWs battery is covered for six,years and 60,000 miles which is quite a,bit less than you will get with rivals,like the volvo s60 t8 although the,company does promise to refurbish it to,deliver at least 70% of its as new,performance should it drop below that,level within the warranty period,before I start getting carried away,were talking about what this car is,like to drive lets talk about the,efficiency because of course that is,probably why youre going to go for a,330e,over any of the other options at the,class now it is about four or five,degrees outside its a little bit wet,and one key thing to remember is that,cold weather always affects the,potential battery range in any electric,car whether its a plug-in hybrid or a,pure electric car even taking into,account that cold weather and our mixed,driving route BMW managed a very,impressive 31 miles on pure electric,running so that means that you should,see quite close to the official range of,37 miles in warmer weather especially if,you spend most of your time around town,I also really like the BMWs battery hold,function because well a lot of rivals,simply have a whole battery feature that,means you just stop the battery from,reducing when you press the button BMW,actually allows you to set a target,value so you hit the button and then,what you can do is you can decide to,retain 30 40 50 any percentage of the,battery that you want you can ask it to,hold all of the battery or maybe if you,drive up the motorway and you need at,least six miles of pure electric running,when you get into town you can set the,battery target at about thirty percent,something like that and you know youve,got that distance its just another way,of making the most of the plug-in hybrid,technology of course you cant forget,all about that and just get in the car,stick it in hybrid mode and let the car,decide whats the most efficient way of,juggling the electric and petrol power,that too is a perfectly effective way of,making the most of the technology just,plug it in regularly and youre going to,be getting a really economical car not,only that but this 2-liter turbocharged,petrol engine in the BMW is one of the,more efficient petrol options in the,plug-in hybrid class so its doing if,youre completely out of battery juice,then youre doing around about 40 mpg in,the BMW,thats quite a bit better I reckon then,youre gonna get from something like a,Volvo s60 but there is a diesel plug-in,hybrid Mercedes c-class which of course,will do better than that when it comes,to fuel economy it is also one of the,best to drive because 288 brake,horsepower in total from this powertrain,111 of that by the way comes from the,electric motor all going to the rear,wheels and it is lovely,to try its got that pointed nicely,poised quite meaty steering but theres,just a very textural engaging feel to,the way this car goes down the road that,you dont really get in any of its,rivals its comfortable too so even on,the 18 inch alloys and M Sport,suspension of this test car theres no,optional suspension or anything it,actually rides really well it doesnt,fit too much theres nothing jarring,about it its just really well,controlled so I think BMW done a great,job all in its really efficient and,its really great to drive,the 3-series interior is a really solid,feeling place and its very logically,laid out – its very easy to use I do,wish that M sports steering wheels,werent quite so fat and I have a pet,hate of the manual seat adjustment in,the BMWs because its really clunky so,its a shame the electric seat,adjustment and even adjustable lumbar,support are optional on the 330e,regardless of which trim you go for its,also a shame that adaptive cruise,control and keyless entry arent,included given that this is an executive,car for all that you do get LED,headlights three-zone climate control,front and rear parking sensors and,reversing camera and standard cruise,control on every 330e,so its not all bad news at all you can,go to town with equipment of course and,a lot of buyers will but if youre,looking to keep the purchase price down,then you can get a completely standard,330e and it will be reasonably well,equipped not only that but you do get,this ten inch touchscreen as standard,which is great notably you dont get,this included as standard on lower spec,standard 3-series so thats one up to,the 330e you can control it with this,rotary dial or you can use it as a,touchscreen and it is one of the best,systems out there in terms of its,usability the system includes just about,all of the functionality you could want,including sat-nav charger search,function and the convenience of a rotary,controller and voice control as well as,that touchscreen this remains the best,infotainment system in the class the,3-series is comfortable for two adults,in the back although a middle occupant,will be a little squeeze and alternative,like the Volvo s60 or early a4 offer a,touch more Headroom the boot is an,adequate size but you lose a little,space to the batteries in the 330 II and,although you do get some underfloor,storage its not quite enough to easily,stow both cables you have to really,shove them in still some storage is,better than no storage at all split,folding seats are standard on all but,the base pack 330e on which you have to,add a 900-pound pack to get them if boot,space is a priority for you youll be,pleased to know that there is an estate,version of the 330e joining the range in,2020 the 3-series isnt the most,practical of the plug-in hybrid saloons,and its a shame that you really can get,carried away with the equipment its a,little bit of a minefield in that,respect but for all that it is so good,to drive the infotainment and cabin is,so great and it is about as efficient as,a petrol plug-in hybrid,gets so while the competition is closer,than ever to the BMW 330i this does,still remain the best of the bunch head,to driving electric calm for all of the,electric and hybrid car advice news and,reviews you could possibly

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2020 BMW 330e Review

there was a time not so long ago when,buying a BMW 3-series more often than,not meant buying diesel now with,incentives and momentum swinging in,favor of electric and electrified,vehicles particularly for company car,drivers means now the 3-series of choice,maybe this plug-in hybrid 330e by any,good in this car gurus UK review will,answer exactly that question but first,can you subscribed and turned on,notifications by ringing the bell icon,because thats the best way to keep up,with when our latest videos go live,obviously you can make your own mind up,about the styling but to me the,proportions of this latest 3-series look,just about spot-on,I like this short overhang and the,creases in the bonnet draw your,attention to the subtly aggressive front,end and the BMW grille is about the,right size and the rear of this saloon,looks quite elegant note that this,particular M Sport spec car is an,optional 19 inch alloy wheels which look,fantastic but wont be great for nervous,Parkers or those who want the ultimate,in comfort from their 3-series even on,our test cars adaptive suspension we,found the ride to be a bit choppy on the,practicality front its important to,know that you lose about a hundred,litres of luggage capacity on the 330e,versus a standard petrol or diesel which,is about the same size as a golf but not,as practical in terms of shape you can,lower this floor but bearing in mind,once you do youve still got a space,here that is not particularly tall and,some of it is going to be used up with,charging cables if that compromising,boot space is going to be an issue to,you then there is going to be a touring,or a state version in summer 2020 more,good news the 330e does not require you,to compromise on passenger space so the,3-series remains rather spacious yes you,do notice the drop down compared with an,SUV however once,there is plenty of legroom and plenty of,headroom and if youd really like to sit,three adults side-by-side in you can,separate heating controls for those in,the rear and a pair of USB C charging,sockets and nice touches too now the,drive train itself combines a 2-liter,four-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine,with an electric motor that is mounted,within the casing of the 8-speed,automatic gearbox the batteries sit,under the rear seats and the total,hybrid equipment adds an extra two,hundred kilograms of weight to the 330e,which is quite a significant amount all,the power goes to the rear wheels this,interior is mostly familiar from other,modern 3-series the main differences are,first of all you can preheat it via BMWs,app and second of all there are some,buttons down here next to the gear,leaver weve got a sport hybrid and a,battery control button hybrid mode is,the default here the car will run as,efficiently as possible using both the,petrol engine and battery power each,Ive puts the current electric only mode,provided there sufficient battery charge,and battery control allows you to hold,on to a preset amount of battery charge,for later in the journey within sport,modes theres a function called extra,boost spelt x-tra boost and what that,does is it harnesses additional power,from the electric motor to give you even,stronger performance specifically it,boosts the already healthy 252,horsepower from the petrol engine and,electric motor in normal running to a,combined output of 293 horsepower for 10,second bursts getting from nought to 62,miles per hour for reference takes just,six seconds so as with many of these,plug-in hybrids the 330 E is not just a,potentially frugal car its also a,really quick one plus its really lovely,to sit inside as I said this is the M,spec Sport model so you do get these,lovely leather seats M Sport spec,steering wheel it certainly has the feel,of an expensive premium car and of,course it starts and pulls away silently,which just adds to the sense of luxury,[Music],should you wish to do your driving in,full electric mode the good news is that,the 330e will go to speeds of up to 68,miles per hour without needing,assistance from the petrol engine and,now I wouldnt describe it as outright,fast but its also not slow either one,thing to note though is that as your,speed does increase efficiency decreases,with mixed driving of urban commuting,and a few faster roads weve been seeing,around 30 miles of electric only range,from the 330 e against a claimed range,of up to 37 miles charging the 12,kilowatt hour battery takes around 3,hours from a wall box or around 5 hours,using a domestic 3 pin socket in hybrid,mode the switch between electric and,petrol happens often and seamlessly and,if you program your destination into the,sat-nav the car knows when to use,electric power so that the battery is,depleted at the end of your journey,there for optimizing fuel economy on,that note the official claimed economy,figure for the 330 e is 138 miles per,gallon although as with any plug-in,hybrid youre only going to achieve that,if you do the vast majority of your,journey season,electric range if you need to go beyond,the battery range or you dont have,anywhere that you can plug in daily then,real-world fuel economy is going to be,in the late 30s or early 40s miles per,gallon so its still a fairly efficient,car if not quite at the levels of the,320d then theres the other thing thats,really good about the 330e it still,drives just like a 3-series BMW is,diligence in placing the extra weight of,the batteries low down and central in,the car has paid dividends,the 330e feels well balanced it turns,into corn as well,feels generally well oiled and has a,satisfying feeling with all of the,controls when you engage that extra,boost function by a sport mode it turns,it into a bit of a rocketship and has a,really great throttle response its,impressive that BMW has managed to keep,decent feel and consistency through the,brake pedal to because thats not always,a given with a plug-in hybrid often with,these plug-in hybrids this is the point,in the video where we have to concede as,appealing as the car is its also vastly,more expensive than the equivalent,petrol or diesel model however in the,330e that is not necessarily the case,because the list price is about the same,as a 330i or 320d diesel as such its,not surprising that BMW is predicting as,many as one in four buyers of the three,series will be opting for the 330e,particularly when you factor in official,co2 emissions of just 39 grams per,kilometer and the much more favorable,benefit in kind tax rate it attracts for,company car drivers if theres an,argument to be made for this being the,most rounded 3-series currently on sale,possibly the best plug-in hybrids you,can buy because other than the slightly,smaller boot this 330e offers everything,a plug-in hybrid offers without,destroying the driving dynamics over,3-series or hiking up the price and that,is a winning combination would you,consider a 330e over a petrol or diesel,3-series,let us know in the comments please do,also like this video by giving it a,thumbs up and remember that when it,comes to finding your next car you can,easily find great deals from top-rated,dealers at CarGurus dakota UK

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2022 BMW 3 Series review: Still BMWs best?

here at the CarGurus UK YouTube channel,we are often talking about how SUVs have,taken over from saloons and Estates as,the family cars of choice for British,car buyers but thats not always true,and thats because despite BMW having an,extensive range of SUVs ranging from the,X1 X2 and X3 covering every number all,the way up to the X7 the good old 3,Series is still the companys,best-selling car on these Shores,and in order to keep this popularity,going BMW has recently bestowed its best,seller with a mid-life facelift although,youd need eagle eyes to spot the,differences,foreign,[Music],there are new designs for The Grille,headlights and tailgates although it has,to be said the overall look of the car,isnt all that different to before the,car we have here is the 330e plug-in,hybrid touring version in M sport trim,and that means it has a slightly,sportier look than lower end models this,being the touring version or a state the,boot is very important and its good,enough its a usable square shape,although it is worth noting that this,plug-in hybrid has a slightly smaller,boot than the non-plug-in hybrid BMWs,because the batteries and hybrid,components need to live somewhere and,that is under the boot floor so in here,you get 410 liters versus the non-hybrid,BMW touring getting 500 liters you still,get a bit of underfloor storage though,which you can keep your charging cables,in or if your load cover isnt needed,then that can be stowed under there too,the rear seats fold down in a very handy,40 20 40 split adding some versatility,but you are left with a strange step,down to the rear seat backs which can,make it a bit awkward to load and unload,heavy items however you get a powered,tailgate as standard which can be really,handy when youve got an arm full of,shopping bags and if you just have a,small item to put in you can open just,the window pop it in like that done,and shut it again,the rear seats are as roomy and as,comfortable as they are in any rival and,theyre definitely big enough to,accommodate a tall adult with plenty of,leg room and plenty of Headroom of,course plenty of room for me only five,foot four and a half now if you need to,sit in the middle seat its a little bit,firm and a little bit higher up compared,with the seats either side and you do,need to put your feet either side of the,transmission tunnel or kind of awkwardly,squeeze them in the middle like that but,its not too uncomfortable,the facelift might not be all that,obvious from the outside but when you,get into the drivers seat you notice,the difference straight away and the,first thing you notice is this long,curved screen here and it takes in the,digital instrument cluster and the,infotainment screen into one long,elegant curved unit,the graphics are every bit as sharp and,as slick as weve come to expect from,BMW all the functionality you expect is,included and the system is fairly easy,to navigate despite its complexity and,as well as having touchscreen,functionality if you want it you can,also scroll through the on-screen menus,using this wheel controller and these,shortcut buttons which is much less,distracting its not all good news,though because the facelift has also,seen the removal of physical aircon,controls which means you now have to,knuckle back with the touchscreen to,change your settings which is a bit of a,faff otherwise youve got a lovely low,slung sporty driving position and,theres plenty of adjustment in the,steering wheel and the seat and,excellent visibility all round,yes excellent visibility and the quality,of the materials in here is really plush,so theres a great standard of fitment,everywhere its as Posh as you would,expect a BMW to be,[Music],[Music],[Applause],what you also expect from a BMW is that,its good to drive and this car,definitely delivers since the facelift,nothings really changed from a dynamic,point of view and thats a good thing,because it was already the most fun and,engaging car of its type,you can have your three series with rear,wheel drive or optional X Drive,four-wheel drive But whichever you go,for you get absolutely loads of grip and,traction along with shop body control,and crisp responses from the throttle,and brakes the steering is a particular,highlight because its quick beautifully,weighted and delivers genuine feedback,agility is a strong point for all,iterations of the three series then,right Comfort though is where things get,a little more complicated if you go for,a more basic 3 series with the standard,passive suspension setup then its a,little on the firm side to contribute,towards its Nimble nature but its not,too firm that its uncomfortable M sport,cars come with a stiffer suspension set,up as standard which might well be too,stiff for some tastes so wed very much,urge you to try before you buy to make,sure you can live with a less forgiving,ride however M sport cars can also be,specified with the optional M sport pro,pack which provides amongst several,other things adaptive suspension and,with this fitted the 3 Series is at its,very best depending on which driving,mode you select and how you configure,them you can soften the suspension up to,make it really really comfortable in,fact more comfortable than either of the,other two suspension arrangements or you,can firm it up to make the car even more,agile so in that sense you really do get,the best of both worlds and happily the,330es plug-in Hybrid drivetrain has,easily enough performance to make the,most of the cars impressive Dynamic,abilities it pairs a two liter,four-cylinder petrol Engine with an,electric motor to deliver a total output,of 288 brake horsepower if you unleash,the full power of both then this car is,capable of sprinting from naught to 62,miles per hour in just 5.9 seconds and,it has a top speed of 142 miles per hour,so its pretty quick not only that you,do not have to bury the throttle for it,to feel responsive and eager and,throughout that the powertrain remains,smooth and quiet and it works really,well with the standard eight-speed,automatic gearbox with a full charge of,the batteries the 330e will travel up to,37 miles on electric only Power,according to official wltp figures and,at speeds of up to 86 miles per hour,however these same figures also suggest,that it will give you an average fuel,consumption of up to 201 miles per,gallon but that is a number that should,be taken with a sizable pinch of salt,these official laboratory-based fuel,economy tests are unrealistically,flattering to plug in hybrids and the,real world fuel economy will be,dependent on how you drive in and how,much time you spend in battery power,alone,so if you do spend a lot of time in,battery power loan you will have some,Sensational fuel economy figures if,however you let the battery run dry and,you need to call upon that petrol engine,it is going to get very thirsty indeed,and then your fuel economy figures will,not be quite so attractive,regardless of how much petrol you end up,using though choosing the 330e will save,you a packet in tax if youre a company,car driver benefiting kind bills will be,calculated on 12 to 14 of the 330 ease,value whereas if you go for a three,series with a purely petrol or diesel,engine youre looking at somewhere,between 31 and 37 and thatll have a,huge effect on your monthly outlay,for us the three Series has always been,the best car in the executive compact,class and the latest facelift has done,very little to change that okay so its,annoying that the car lost its physical,aircon controls but to compensate its,now got an even more sophisticated,infotainment system thats just as easy,to operate and the car is also just as,roomy just as plush feeling and just as,great to drive as ever before and we,reckon the best form you can have is the,form we have here which is the 330 em,Sport with adaptive suspension its,scintillating handling satisfies your,heart its strong practicality satisfies,your head its comfy a ride satisfies,your chiropractor and

BMW 3 Series 330e PHEV sedan FULL REVIEW Plugin-Hybrid – Autogefühl

this is the new BMW 3 Series as 330e so,on the one hand an electric boost for,more performance on the other hand clean,driving at least locally emission free,and possible lower fuel consumption hmm,what about that we were tested one year,today an exterior interior and the,driving experience electrified and of,course if you generally want to know,more about the new 3-series thats also,in this review in full HD full screen,and full length on all the good fuel,lets go this new generation g20 is the,internal code for the sedan which we,have here today see here the bigger,front grill then adaptive air intakes so,the double kidney will only open,on-demand then you have different lines,also available where you can pick the,color for example of the frame this one,here is a very interesting matte gray,color its called dark frozen grey,headlamps comes standard as LED optional,adaptive LED and optional optional also,with the laser function then you also,have those blue accentuate ends like we,have in here yeah I mean you have more,high beam than or even stronger but of,course its a you know really cost worth,the option then in lower end you can see,here quite strong lower bumper again,fits very well also through the color,and overall very sporty front also with,other situations on the hood and the,thing is here with the plug-in hybrid,version it does look the very same as,all other versions you can pick any trim,for that one thats also the new,strategy so the plug-in hybrid version,does not look differently for me 270 15,foot 4 or 185 inches is the length of,the new 3 Series eight point five,centimeters longer and also in the front,and the rear its a little bit wider so,bigger stands on the road,not too much different though 16 to 19,inch wheels are available those ones,here 18 inch and you can see it here the,bed shear this one is the M Sport model,so the sportiest trim visually then of,course you can go for for example the M,performance model we also shown you a,340 I preview on a race track,tune in to that review to this one,youre then ok today about the plug-in,hybrid but you can see from the exterior,its really about which trim you choose,here again with a sporty one also with a,shadow package that means black caps,here for the mirrors and also black,window frames this one is a classic,sedan shape the plugin hybrid will also,be available for the tool ring one later,and then this classic designer meant the,Hoffmeister kink or kick as we say in,Germany derived from all the BMW coupies,very beautifully done well also see,something of that on the interior and,right here at the right side there is,the fuel cap you have to release from,the inside by the way the outer cap and,the opposite side opposite side will be,reserved and for the PF and here the,opposite side under the M logo theres,this electric charger only 3.5 kilo watt,AC charging well but still in two and a,half hours this 12 kilowatt hour battery,is full or if you use the household plug,and just let it put in on an eye,overnight in the rear you can see the,new design element are those,horizontally drawn tail lamps and that,also starts to with two centimeters wide,are the trek in this new generation in,the front it was four centimeters wider,even and 25% stiffer its the whole,chassis so that guarantees a little bit,more sports news and we have already,experienced it on the racetrack that was,quite well done then the voluminous rear,here for the M Sport model and those are,real exhaust pipes indeed yeah we hardly,find those nowadays and let me already,tell you something about the suspensions,there is a new hydraulic cushion damper,available with its standard now for the,3-series optional you can get an M sport,suspension as stiff we test that one,already in the 330 I that was actually,quite rough from the ride,and then optional optionally adaptive,dampers which are probably way to go so,either stick with the base or the,adaptive tempers if you want more,comfort we test the adaptive dampers,here today,so what about engines 103 series has a,2-liter four-cylinder petrol with either,with one 884 or 258 horsepower then as,the m3 40 i3 there are six Linna 394,horsepower diesel side to leader for,Sandinistas 150 or 160 92 and 65 and,then the stronger versions optional,xDrive overdrive or the strongest always,with extra overdrive in this one here,today the black in hybrid version which,is somehow based on the 320i so to say,horsepower wise from a petrol well 84,petrol horsepower but an overall system,output to at 52 or a peak horsepower,output of 290 to about 10 seconds this,boost lasts very interesting so 2 litre,four-cylinder petrol engine plus the,electric drive from this 12 kilowatt,hour battery and the pure electric range,supposed to be 60 kilometers officially,but you know the real realistic figure,is usually a little bit lower we,calculated about 50 kilometers little,bit less probably we also tested out,again later and interesting is that pure,electric you can even drive 1 or 40,kilometers on the motorway for example,and in the hybrid mode you can drive one,hunters pure electric in the mode yeah,I mean the difference is in the hybrid,mode it switches you know a little bit,more between the petrol and the electric,life and it pure like you say you just,want to drive pure electric so yeah,well see how that one plays out it of,course makes sense if you recharge,frequently or maybe if you commute,electrically during the week and then on,the weekend or so you you know just use,the petrol engine for longer term and,there are new,subsidiaries for example in Germany you,pay less taxes for a company car that,you also you use privately so that could,also boost those sales and price-wise,its also you know well its the more,more expensive than the normal petrol,engine which would be comparable,horsepower output and a little bit more,expensive than the diesel but actually,after I know some subventions from the,government so on it can,cheaper than a diesel,[Music],this is the he you with the M Sport,version you also have the M colors at,the side and then he is entering and put,your finger right there on those three,stripes that closes or put your head on,the inside and then it opens again right,there oh by the way door closing sound,mm-hmm better one but also were spon so,I think white okay then instead of the,doors this one here with a special,animal skin pack which is of course not,making sense for a PF a sustainable car,or more sustainable car here I think,they have to learn about specking the,car stand for those events then near the,Hofmeister kink as design element of the,inside of the doors then the galvanized,window buttons very well done door,pockets will also fit for a little,bigger bolts there were men you have to,release the fuel cap from the inside,then with the M Sport you also have an M,entry patch right there and then this,new interior of the 3-series this one,here is the M steering wheel so its,different layout with a sporty layout,also with the heated function as,available soon models who loves,instruments they are all digital here,but start with n lockers base C its a,different ones different forms are,available and oh this one is still open,and it starts also with the fabric seat,in Europe and in the US you can also get,a sense a tackle at the red formal,annual friend Overton here again the,full animal skin spec BMW by the way,says that they have calculated the co2,output the total one of this vehicle if,youre compared to a normal combustion,engine and they said that the break-even,point we know where the more energy,input for the production,you know its evened out by more,sustainability fuel savings and so on,from the PF is actually quite early and,that this one here is over the whole,lifecycle of a car about 20 percent,better still and if you use renewable,energies even sixty percent better,yeah but then again it would only work,if you also put even animal seats in,this car so seating position it

Afscheid duurtest | BMW 330e (2020) | Autovisie

en dan ja dan kom je dus met precies,genoeg energie in de accu aan,in de binnenstad om op je eigen stemming,te komen is het is allemaal best wel,slim bekeken,[Muziek],liefst b kwart jaar hebben wij met hele,redactie en w3c reden extra lange duur,test,wanneer het super reden aan dat vind ik,altijd fan geweest van de bmw 3 serie,een heel benieuwd waar de of deze nieuwe,ja ons net zo aansprak als gevolg als,zijnde de ideale gezinsauto voor,stuurman en tweede plaats omdat ik toch,een extra onderzoek gedaan hebben,verbonden aan het is namelijk of een,plug-in hybride,een zinvolle vervanging is voor een op,het diesel,zijn eer poeder of jaar lang 3d rijden,dus waarin stationwagon vorm zal dit zo,dan is maar dan nog op gebruik is het,toch heerlijk lossen en dit is inclusief,een plug-in hybride 3 serie waarbij,natuur en eerste plaats de vraag is hoe,zit het met het verbruik van de idee,hebben uiteindelijk mailde mee gehaald,van een op 18,ook echt serieus gas aan de gevel stond,zo erg netjes kan deze dat ook kan die,dat verbeteren met een 10 kilowatt uur,ongeveer aan bruikbare accu,belt lekker 220 pk om mee te spelen,kortom heel vragen altijd of bevinden je,hebben,na een paar maanden bmw rijden eindelijk,gevonden en gewoon precies uitleggen of,denken,plug-in hybride of niet,het startpunt van deze bmw 330 een,is in elk geval goed en dat is namelijk,de 3-serie we hebben hem hiervoor is,gereden als het drietal idee toen als,touring nu als tyreese dam en nou ja wat,we in die afgelopen maanden nu die val,hebben geconcludeerd,is dat de bmw 3-serie weer een echte bme,is hebben bmw niet geheel onttrekt vind,ik zelf,toch wel de nodige kritiek gegrepen de,afgelopen jaren heel veel ja ouch die,niet zo mooi zijn die nogal lomp,pensioen vis waarbij de voordam varen,vecht zoeken is een inch in,voorwielaandrijving we kunnen we nog,steeds niet echt aan wennen,kortom die vroeg jezelf beetje af maar,de merk waren voor mij bmw gebleven waar,maar deze drie cda maps ook echt laten,zien dat is toch door precies weten hoe,je een echte fijne stuurmansauto maakt,een auto voor de liefhebber,achterwielaandrijving goede balans,ja een interieur dat voornamelijke,gefocust is op gebruiksgemak,wat is 3 serie ook heeft zoals wat is,tabel zal voor de meeste bmw is,echt goede stoelen fijne infotainment,voorzieningen goede integratie met de,smartphone op je natuurlijk uiteraard,kunt zien als je de paal aan toe vol die,nog zit allemaal van dat soort kleine,dingen die het leven met een met de,plug-in hybride naar te makkelijker,maken,laadpalen zijn te vinden in het een,navigatiesysteem een niet alleen maar ze,staan ook of ze bezet zijn,er is goed over nagedacht,je komt het apparaat echt niets tekort,even daarna deel is uiteraard de wel ja,je bent natuurlijk met pak nu onderweg,die onder de bagageruimte verborgen,waardoor de bagage dan zelf bij zo klein,is er is dus geen vak meer onder te,vinden en ook moeten de ruimte delen met,de brandstoftank is het best kleine denk,dat je veel kilometers maakt moet je,best vaak denken als je hem is niet vaak,genoeg te steeds hem opladen en ook je,adres ruimte is wel redelijk aan de,krappe kant is eigenlijk zouden zeggen,als je een 330 een rijdt,nemen dan als touring en ja je moet het,ook van houden van de carrosserievorm,dan heb je natuurlijk echt bijna niks,tekort hebt nog steeds zo om zeg maar,500 liter bagageruimte je alles,neerklapt,als ze dan is je aan ik ga ook anders,als dat je gezinsauto is de ontkom de,pot als je vakantie gaat bijna niet aan,om een dakkoffer boven naar buiten te,hebben,maar dat is het wel zon beetje,en dan dus aangevuld met een plug-in,hybride aandrijflijn,combinatie van 140 pk twee silos,tweecilinder,viercilinder turbo haar zulk een ondeugd,en 13 pk elektromotor die in de,versnellingsbak is opgenomen,gecombineerd maximum vermogen 220 pk,hoop koppel natuurlijk omdat ie,elektromotor dat van stationair af heel,veel heeft,en dan heb je dus een auto die als alle,twee de aandrijflijn componenten,samenwerken ruimschoots binnen de zes,seconden naar de 100 sprinten die,gewoond wilder tegen kimi bril op en,zelfs alleen op de elektromotor,is het nog mogelijk om in azië 10 11 12,seconden onder sprinten dus ruimschoots,genoeg om hem mee te gaan met het,verkeer,verbruik wat we in de afgelopen maanden,met deze auto heb ik u constateert is,nou ja laten we zeggen dat je op veel,electro vermogen met de 10 kilowatt uur,accu die achterin onder de bagageruimte,verborgen zit kom je toch tussen de 40,en 60 km ver een beetje afhankelijk van,wie jij natuurlijk ja,en het verbruik dan na als de,verbrandingsmotor en aanspreekt stuk,heel erg afhankelijk van hoe je,autorijdt als je hem in de sportmodus,rij dan zorgt de outro voor,door regelmatig de elektromotor ook als,generator te gebruiken dat altijd,voldoende stroom in de accu zit om in,ieder geval genoeg kunst te geven zodat,je echt dus de meest sportieve,rijbeleving hebt wat kost ik wel,brandstof en dan als gewoon echt serieus,hart gaat rijden dan in die sportmodus,dan kan het zomaar één op tien zijn,gebruik je hem in de hybride modus en,dan ecoco dus alles op,zo zuinig mogelijk gefocust dan is een,verbruik 1 op 17 ook wel mogelijk want,ja het is dan doe ik gewoon wel een,brede die alle remenergie,kan regenereren als je tenminste een,beetje vooruit denkt die tussentijds de,elektromotor dus ook aan de,verbrandingsmotor kan koppelen mars,generatie te werken aan niet om,voldoende stroom in de accu te stoppen,zodat je altijd genoeg vermogen hebt om,sportieve dingen te doen maar ook omdat,er bijvoorbeeld een omdat je een stad,binnen rijdt en daar is het gewoon,lage snelheden beter om een elektromotor,te gebruiken dat is efficiënter en het,slim is dus ook dat dat hele systeem,geïntegreerd met de navigatiesysteem,maar heel duidelijk gemerkt dat het ook,leert dus ja kijk als jij,een eindbestemming in de navigatie op,ingeprogrammeerd,dan merk je gewoon dat de auto met jou,mee denkt die ziet er begrip moment zit,je op de snelweg en de accus op het,leeg dan zie je begrip bent dat het,verbruik een beetje stijgt naar dat,betekent is dat die de generator aan is,gekoppeld omdat hij weet van hey de,engste nee ligt in een binnenstad,ik ga nu maar alvast wat wat stroom in,de accu stoppen maar wel de meest,efficiënte manier zodat de de,verbrandingsmotor is een optimale,werkgebied werkt en dan ja dan kom je,dus met precies genoeg energie in de,accu aan,in de binnenstad om op je eindbestemming,te komen dus het is allemaal best wel,slim bekeken en daarmee dus ook nog de,aanvulling dat hij dus in bepaalde,steden,weet ja dat daar een soort emissievrij,zonnen is of nee dat de voorkeur knieval,is online emissievrij te rijden in,nederland is dat in de binnenstad van,utrecht amsterdam rotterdam en zodra je,daar binnen rijdt met voldoende stroom,in de accu dan schaken titus automatisch,over naar elektro,dus deze auto die doet er alles aan om,de elektrische energie die hebt om die,optimaal te gebruiken echt wel knap,gedaan,we hebben nu dus een een duurtest gat,het gemiddelde verbruik staat nu op een,op 22,dat is een enorm afwijking van wat het,belooft wordt dat is bijna plug-in,hybrides vakjes 5161,maar deden omdat het natuurlijk enorm,afhangt van het gebruik ze profiel en,bij,gebruiken als oude journalist deze auto,gewoon in ons dagelijkse,werk en dat betekent even een redacteur,afzetten bij een importeur mijn auto op,te halen even naar een interview naar,een lokale pers introductie wat dan ook,het zijn soms best wel lang reizen,waarbij je op bestemming niet altijd de,auto kunt opladen dat betekent dan dat,je op een dag voorbeeld 200 l 20,kilometer rijdt waarvan dus alleen de,eerste 40 50 km elektrische,daarna veel snelweg er op je misschien,in op 14 rijdt en communis,ja als je een minder ideaal,gebruik van de auto hebt kom je alsnog,op een op 22 wat is echt al lijkt op wat,je dus maar gesproken met een diesel,kunt halen en als je dus wel echt een,heel erg standaard woon-werk project,rijdt op 15 km afstand van van je huis,en je kunt op

2021 BMW 330e REVIEW | Buyers Guide | MotorTrend

this is a 2021 bmw 330e thats right not,an i a 330e and the e means its a,plug-in hybrid electric vehicle the e is,for electrified now this raises two,questions the first,is it any good the second is if it is,any good is it the three series you,should buy,lets find out,[Music],youre looking at the seventh generation,bmw 3 series you go all the way back in,time to the legendary e30 we fast,forward and now were looking at,internal code name g20 no relationship,to the infiniti g20 that is just a,coincidence,the g23 series first showed up in 2019,shortly after that the 330e showed up it,is the second hybrid 3 series however,this one is a plug-in hybrid what does,that mean that means this car is capable,of going 22 miles on pure electric power,and if you think about your daily,commute that might mean you get to,experience quite a bit of gasoline-free,driving the weird thing about the 330e,is its sort of in a class all by itself,yes volvo makes the s60 recharge its,got the same size battery and goes the,same amount of miles however that is a,much more powerful car and its almost,in a different segment,am i saying that the 330e cant compete,with a regular audi a4 or a,mercedes-benz c-class,absolutely not im just saying that,theres really nothing else like it so,who is the 330e4 well its for the,customer that wants to somewhat lower,their carbon footprint but for whatever,reason theyre not ready to pull the,trigger and go full electric,lets talk design,if a vehicle has been around for seven,generations its essentially an icon so,a designers principle job,is making sure it looks like what it is,what do i mean by that does the new 911,look like a 911 yes good job does this,look like a bmw 3 series,yes it does,nothing really to critique up front i,think its a handsome vehicle especially,in light of the 900 pound pig in the,room that what they did to the poor 440i,m3 and the m4 with that giant bizarro,kidney grill,this is restrained this is classic this,is beautiful so i got nothing bad to say,up front except for can we ban front,license plates already they dont do,anybody any good and they look awful,coming down the side bmw they always,have wonderful wheels the car sits great,on these wheels you know its really,nice and then you get to this why are we,doing this,somebody went to school they got a,masters degree in car design and they,they spent time they loved this thing in,clay they shaped it surfacing line work,proportion all that then they just hack,out a hole right here its awful put,this where the gas tank should be do,anything put it under the license plate,hide it put it in the tail light dont,do this,its an awful trend that needs to stop,again for bmw design these days this is,quite restrained its actually a lovely,car look at this c-pillar its great,yeah they had to put a little plastic,doohickey here but they avoided the,pitfall of what cadillac went through,where they you know they wanted the,sloping roof line and they just got,lines going everywhere this is great,outback its just classic it screams bmw,it screams 3 series so really i think,they did a wonderful job on the 330e,except for that,im sitting inside the 2021 bmw 330e,checking out the interior design and i,got to say im mostly impressed its,rather nice um even like these lights up,here theyre very deco theyre very cool,i love the bright work i love all the,odd shapes the grills are strong very,very cool looking line work here all,kinds of curves and stuff,but some of the material choices are,kind of a head scratcher like for,instance,it is soft but if i told you what this,car cost no you dont want this or this,this should be leather covered or,something else you know again its fine,but at this price point yeah i dont,know leathers pretty good seats are,nice and comfy theres some leather here,some stuff here its all right its a,little tight especially down by your,legs theres a big cup holder in the,door pocket thats pushing against my,left calf the the transmission tunnel,its its really wide and its pushing,on my right calf so you know some people,say oh its sporty but honestly its,rather tight same story with the back,seat,normal for this segment but this segment,isnt known for having great back seats,this ones a little too small as far as,the trunk goes its just a trunk,meaning most of the time youll say wow,its way too big because youve got,groceries rolling all over the place but,that one time when you got to put,something really big in there it just,wont fit and youll say to yourself,like everybody else does i need an suv,as far as the nav screen goes its,neither large nor small you know its,kind of medium 10.3 inches but it works,its the latest generation of bmws,idrive and you know theyre just getting,better and better all the time bmws,been doing this for longer than,practically anybody else and it just,works and now its a touch screen but,even if you use the idrive knob its,just easy to use look at the quality of,these graphics you know its just its,intuitive its easy and its very very,legible so big fan of the idrive,[Music],performance under the 330es hood sits a,two liter turbocharged inline four,cylinder engine that makes 181,horsepower which is positively wimpy,however dont forget theres a second,motor in there and its an electric one,and combined the two create 288,horsepower and 310 pound-feet of torque,thats more like it all that power is,routed through an eight-speed automatic,transmission and its powering just the,rear wheels now interestingly this is,more powerful than the 330i however bmw,says that both of them hit 60 miles an,hour in 5.6 seconds why is that this,ones heavier when you add a battery and,an electric motor you add weight,the really interesting thing about the,330es performance however is its,efficiency i said earlier that it can go,22 miles of pure electric driving and,when you combine that with the gasoline,engine you are looking at,75,mpge thats miles per gallon equivalent,and thats how we rate electrified and,electric vehicles 75 mpge is really good,for anything that has a gas motor let me,give you an example the porsche ticon,which admittedly is a pure electric,vehicle but its a high performance one,but still,it never burns gasoline and its mpge is,only 68 miles so the 330e is quite,efficient,as far as safety goes the bmw 3 series,is safe it gets a 5 star crash rating,and the iihs calls it a top safety pick,for,2021. now it does come with,some automatic safety features such as,forward collision alerts and automatic,high beams but bmw has long made their,money by selling you things all a cart,so if you want stuff like adaptive,cruise control or blind spot monitoring,youre gonna have to pay for it,[Music],how much well if you can find yourself a,bmw 330e with absolutely no options,whatsoever its in the 46 thousand,dollar neighborhood,as it sits the car next to me is just,under 58 grand and its kind of normal,for cars in this segment to have that,many options now if we look at the cars,that the 330e kind of competes against,the volvo s60 recharge that is nearly 52,000 to start and a tesla model 3 is just,over 50 grand so if you look at it that,way the 330e is pretty competitive,[Music],if theres one thing i want you to take,away about the 2021 bmw 330e its that,the fact it can go 22 miles without,using any gasoline thats very cool,think about your daily commute,2 3 4 10 miles to the office and back,and youre not using any gas at all but,if then you suddenly want to go on a,road trip or whatever it becomes a,normal car you just fill it up with gas,like you would,anything else,bmw is about to electrify its entire,lineup right by the time you watch this,video i will have driven the new i4 and,its a four-door sedan its about the,same size as this it just doesnt have a,gasoline engine and the entire industry,is doing the same thing eventually but,until then,as a stop gap as a way to get us from,here to there the 330e is pretty,compelling,to check out our la

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