1. BMW i4 M50 review – quicker 0-60mph than an M3?
  2. BMW i4 M50 review: an engineering triumph
  3. BMW i4 M50 Review | Wash and Talk | One Year EV Experience
  4. This BMW is… an Electric Car?! 2023 BMW i4 M50 Review
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BMW i4 M50 review – quicker 0-60mph than an M3?

this is the new bmw i4 in fact its the,m50 version it is the first ever,electric car worked on by bmws m,division and in this video im going to,review it by driving it from here munich,airport all the way to the bavarian,mountains yeah its a distance of about,200 kilometers but this car has a range,of 500 kilometers however i think im,going to take it by the auto barn and,max it out and see what doing that does,to the range also going to launch the,car to how quick it is from north 60,miles an hour see if its quicker than,my bmw m3 it could be also after the,journey im going to launch it again to,see if using the battery actually,reduces the performance anyway im at,watson,and youre watching car wow buying a new,car then head to car wow and my team,will help you find your next car at a,fair price car wow your one-stop car,buying comparison site okay now im,leaving the airport of munchins and ive,got 99 of the battery ive reset the,trick computer and we have a claimed,range of 377 kilometers which isnt,quite the 500 i was hoping for thats,obviously calculated based on how people,have been driving this car and thats,motoring journalists for you,anyway the gates all right ill aveda,zayn enjoy your day yeah,nice that was awkward,anyway lets um lets launch it see if,we can get that expected range down even,further,right i found an open stretch of road so,im going to launch this car im going,to put into sport boost mode which gives,me full,544 horsepower and 795 newton meters of,torque this things supposed to not 60,in 3.9 seconds however can it go quicker,than the best time ive had out of a bmw,m3 launching which is 3.6 seconds here,we go what will the specialist timing,gear say,christ,naught to 60 in 3.6 seconds so exactly,the same as the m3 wow that is,impressive now launch the car with the,battery charge over 90 percent then you,get full power once it goes below 90 the,amount of power you get slowly starts to,reduce im actually gonna do another,launch later on in the video when ive,got a lot less battery charge remaining,to see how that affects the performance,now were on the autobahn its,de-restricted ive got 84 the battery,weve done 48.7 kilometers 330,kilometers of range,lets reduce that now so top speed of,this car,225 kilometers an hour which is 140,miles an hour with restriction on that,other bmw cars 155 miles an hour 250,kilometers an hour but there we go,cruising along at 150. ive gone too far,and my charge level is decreasing rather,quickly its a little bit rainy so i,dont want to do sustained high speed,really i just dont feel comfortable,still,ill tell you what you notice zooming,along the autobahn at high speed an,electric car just how quiet it is in,fact its so quiet im really noticing,the rain hitting the windscreen thats,the only sound im getting really are,the noise of the trucks that im,overtaking right thats the d,restrictions section over showing me how,to do it in the wet im sure theres,more to come later i just put the cruise,control on,the auto steering yes its auto steering,is he gonna recognize the reduced speed,limit oh yeah yes,thats good it just set me to the new,low speed limit,which is obviously for this tunnel,in fact this is that thing that everyone,does in a tunnel,lets roll down the window,and accelerate,looks like thats one thing we wont all,be doing in future one spectral cars,abandoned,theres no point in an electric car,unless you want to hear slightly more,tire noise oh my god what is that smell,we shouldnt put the window down now,its like weve just driven through a,load of cow,neck,lets talk about the design so i quite,like the front of this car im getting,used to bmws kidney grills and they,look quite good blanked in because,obviously you dont need engine cooling,and their houses sensors as well not,sure about this though theyre stuck on,m badge it looks like someone with some,basic diesel bmw found and then badge,off someone elses car and stuck it on,their car to pretend that they got the,performance model dont know why theyve,done that just looks a bit odd this,being the m50 has a sportier lower,bumper than the standard i4 moving down,the sides we start off with seven,for whom the belt holes,you start off with 17 inch alloy wheels,thankfully these are the top of the,range 20s youre going to need 20s once,again m50 model gets blue sporty brake,calipers got air breather here its not,fake another end badge though this,doesnt look fake the m50 also gets,fistable m-style door mirrors,sorry about that side skirts on this m50,model to make it look more sporty im,liking the flush door handles theyre,nice and the swooping roof line that,kind of coupe a design looks cool but,what does it do for practicality well,find out later i quite like the back of,this youve got sculptured tail lights a,little bit of a bootlet spoiler rather,than having fake exhaust pipes on this,m50 version you have a diffuser im not,sure if thats fake its a bit odd,though weirdly i kind of like the look,of the rear of this car in terms of,pricing the i-4 starts from 52 000,pounds the m50 though that starts from,64 000 pounds now if you want to make,sure youre paying a fair price for your,next new car click on the pop-out banner,up there to get a car while follow the,link in the description you can also,sell your car through car wow now well,make sure you get a fair price for that,as well alternative if you wanted that,after the video simply google help me,car wow and my team and i,will sort you out,so weve done 110,kilometers and weve got 65 battery,remaining weve come off the autobahn,but well be rejoining it again shortly,but i want to show you something first,its the acceleration that you get from,this car its as brutal as ive felt in,any electric car im going to illustrate,it with jack so just relax jack ready,now im going to floor it and shock jack,actually before that lets put it into,sport boost ready no just relax actually,dont be ready dont be ready were not,going to do it,whats that like,its okay,when im expecting it,but not so much,okay so i actually think that its,probably not worth us doing it anymore,im going to show people now the hand,zimmer noises so this is really,interesting so what im going to do is,put the car in two,you knew that was coming didnt you yeah,yeah damn it anyway you might be able to,hear this ive got whats known as,iconic sound set on this car so you got,this weird noise when you accelerate and,decelerate which has been created by,hans zimmer and its different depending,on if youre in sports mode or comfort,mode so this is in sports mode,[Music],and then when you break it,what do you think of that jack,it sounds happy and then sad okay were,gonna put it into comfort mode,its the same but quieter right happy,then sir happy and sad its almost like,hes just,blowing down some kind of tube and hes,just changed the length of the tube for,comfort compared to,spore and if you have in eco pro mode,silent does that mean that the noise,actually uses energy,maybe,insightful,right,lets get back on the autobahn,thanks for your help here jack its been,really really useful,if youre wondering why im now sat in,the back of the car its because i made,jack feel sick with all this sudden,accelerating so he said the only way to,get over that was to drive so let him,drive and im taking the opportunity to,see what this car is like in the back,seats so knee room is okay and jacks,quite a tall guy its over six foot,headroom in the back is okay for me,because im under six foot but i think a,taller person might struggle a little,bit its because the cars got a sloping,roofline one thing thats interesting,about this is the unlike something like,a tesla model 3 its not based on a pure,ev platform it shares its underpinnings,with the 3 series and as a result you,have this lump in the floor there which,is designed for a,prop shaft and all exhaust and stuff,like that which you get with an internal,combustion engine car so you dont have,a flat fl

BMW i4 M50 review: an engineering triumph

foreign,[Music],2014 BMW introduced something slightly,insane to the U.S markets a small,electric vehicle that looked like a,concept car the tiny I3 looked the part,of a futuristic EV with its polarizing,design fast forward to 2022 and it turns,out that most people want a regular,looking car that just happens to be an,EV and thats where we get the BMW I4,M50 except that looks can be deceiving,its based on the gas powered 4 Series,well actually uses all the design and,interior of the 4 Series and if someone,didnt tell you differently youd assume,there was a gas engine under the hood,but its electric and its the first,electric BMW to get this the M badge the,symbol of BMW Motorsports for 50 years,does the BMW I4 M50 deserve this letter,of the alphabet,foreign,does itll do 0-60 in 3.7 seconds and,has a top speed of,140 miles an hour and of course you can,do things like this,engineers at BMW should be very proud of,themselves,the weird thing is is that going from a,standstill to highway speeds in under,four seconds well thats no longer,impressive thanks to EV torque really,any automaker can do that what truly,makes this an m is handling and thats,where things get difficult because of,the battery it weighs nearly 850 pounds,more than the regular all-wheel drive 4,Series and most of that weight comes,from the battery one of the pros of a,battery pack is that it lowers the,vehicle center of gravity that way when,youre going around a corner youre less,likely to tip over not that this vehicle,will just tip over going around a corner,but that lower center of gravity means,that it is more planted to the asphalt,but that weight of the battery also does,something else its called inertia and,what it does is then when you want to,turn the vehicle the extra weight of,that battery it makes the vehicle want,to continue to go forward its something,all automakers have to deal with with,EVS how BMW saw this on the n50 is with,adaptive suspension if you are driving,and youre on a rough road like I am 19,can leave it in Comfort Mo you have a,nice comfortable ride or you can stick,it in sport mode to sort of tighten it,up the great part about that is that,each individual shock is controlled,electronically so as Im driving every,time I hit a bump the shocks are,adjusting themselves the vehicle takes,note of speed steering angle,longitudinal and lateral acceleration,and a bunch of other things within,milliseconds in order to deliver the,optimal driving situation with the,suspension by adjusting the shocks,so thats how it handles the road but,theres also another place where the,battery helps and that is in the,rigidity of the chassis if you have a,performance vehicle and the chassis is,not rigid what happens is you have all,this sway while youre going around,corners you dont want that fortunately,the battery helps with that the I4 like,other EVS actually integrates the,battery pack into the structure of the,vehicle and that along with things like,this strut brace that goes from one,strut Tower to the other actually,increases the rigidity of the vehicle,all that speed and ability to turn,requires a solid braking system without,good brakes youre essentially limiting,a vehicles potential because you never,really want to drive beyond the,capability of your brakes like every,other automaker BMW uses regenerative,braking on a TV whats different though,is that while other EV systems are well,their braking can be a little odd,because youre trying to mix,regenerative braking and friction,braking and sometimes that well it,doesnt quite mesh as well as it should,with BMW system I mean you still get,regenerative braking you still get power,going back to the battery when you stop,on the brake it feels like a nice,lateral system you just,theres no weirdness theres no,stuttering or anything so you end up,with a system that you can rely on so,its quick it handles great and its,essentially a brick house of rigidity so,yes yes it is an M car but its not the,kind of M car that you only pull out on,the weekends to hit the mountain passes,these nappeners help it hug the road but,they also make it a really nice grand,tour in Comfort mode I drove about 500,Miles this weekend around California and,it helps smooth out the perpetually,under construction California roads but,if I really wanted to I could throw it,into sport mode and still tear up a,mountain pass,the interior and its materials are,textbook BMW classy but not so much that,you feel like youre not allowed to,relax the seats are comfortable but the,four doors rear occupants either need to,be someone shorter than me up front or,they need to be toddlers instead of a,traditional trunk the I4 actually has a,hatchback which is a cargo hauling wind,because you have so much more space in,order to put things in and take things,out with a traditional trunk youd only,have like this much of an opening it,kind of pops up and its really kind of,a pain with this,way easier to get your suitcases or,whatnot inside the back of your car,during my road trip I put the battery,pack to the test the vehicle BMW sent me,has the larger 20 inch wheels larger,Wheels means less range so it has a,range of 227 miles according to the EPA,and my test though I got 238 miles of,range which is pretty good from the 81.5,kilowatt hours of usable capacity the,vehicles growth capacity is 83.9,kilowatt hours and during my drive my,efficiency rating was 2.9 miles per,kilowatt hour not great but also this is,an M car and fast cars dont,traditionally make for efficient cars,BMW is using a 400 volt system but it is,getting the most out of it the I4,supports DC fast charging up to 200,kilowatts and the automaker says that,itll go from 10 to 80 percent in about,31 minutes handling the interior,technology is BMWs latest version of,its infotainment system its easier to,navigate than the last system and it,uses a better than average Voice,Assistant BMW and other automakers,really need to take a page out of,Teslas book and offer up robust,charging station information along a,route for example if I want to drive,from here to New York if I were in a,Tesla it would tell me everywhere I,should stop and for how long I should,stop with this and with other automakers,it doesnt give you that so what it does,do when you decide that you want to go,to trip to again New York is that it,doesnt show you all the places where,you can charge it just shows you the,first place you could charge so you set,that and then you get on the road again,it says hey you dont have enough charge,to get there so you have to find another,charge place and you hit that like,theres one One charging station,still the driver assistance system works,well and I really enjoy BMWs traffic,assistance system which allows you to go,hands-free that means I get to take my,hands off the wheel when Im stuck in,gridlock on a highway at speeds under 40,miles an hour but an important reminder,there are no self-driving cars you can,purchase right now in the United States,this is not a self-driving car Teslas,not a self-driving car no one has a,self-driving car you I still have to pay,attention even though my hands are off,the wheel you throw all that together,with its seventy thousand dollar,starting price and the BMW I4 M50 is,actually more than just a very capable M,car sure thats what gets you in the,seat the ability to have M performance,without spewing CO2 in the air but its,more the BMW I4 M50 is a powerful sedan,thats ready to tackle all the crazy,roads near your house and Beyond what,BMW has done with the suspension and,with the rigidity of the vehicle in,order to combat the heft of the battery,pack is impressive that said its still,a no compromise daily driver thatll,just happen to do 0-60 in under four,seconds for more Automotive coverage,next to a large body of water be sure to,subscribe to Engadget,[Music]

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BMW i4 M50 Review | Wash and Talk | One Year EV Experience

morning everyone today I thought I would,do another Washi Talk video with the BMW,i for behind me here talk a little bit,about what happened with the with the,Macan a little bit about this car and,just My overall feelings after about a,year now of daily driving an EV of what,I think of them and moving forward how I,foresee the stable,changing with with time Ive been,driving this car daily for about uh well,since I got rid of the Thai console,about a little over two months Id say,when I first got this car it was you,know I only ever had driven the the,ticon the Turbo S and then my cross,Turismo so this was something new for me,and even though I only drove it home,from the dealership to the toy box here,because I was driving the tycon as my,daily at the time I was really excited,to start driving this car so over the,last month or so I put out about a,thousand miles and Ive Ive learned a,little bit more about EVs and how,temperamental they can be in the winter,time some people have experience with,that some do not so I can share what my,experience has been so far but first I,need to wrench this thing down and then,I will start washing her up then we can,clean it from there as I always do start,with the wheels,a little bit I might as well talk about,what products Im using too this is,Adams Wheel and Tire cleaner say all in,one,where it cleans the rubber of the tire,and helps break down some of the brake,dust on the wheels,I used to use a like two different,chemicals,you know one that was specifically,designed for tires one else specific,design photo wheel but,this became a little bit too,would be good stuff Im really happy,with it,change up the rubber really well,lets use a,Tire brush and then I have this four,finger lambskin knit that I use for the,wheel itself,okay so well talk about this car a,little bit this is a 2023 BMW I4 that I,traded The McConnell if you guys,remember that Im a huge Porsche Fanboy,I always have been always will be,and thats why Ive had you know a lot,of Porsches and cayennes to Caymans 911s,tycon things like that so you know I,always thought Id have like a Porsche,was like a daily driver,which is why I got that tycon because as,times change you know so our vehicles,and I saw this thing get released to get,teased and then get released and,immediately contacted my local BMW,dealer and filled one,just not a speculation,and,decided that after,about a year of driving the,Macan,that I would sacrifice that one to trade,in because of my experience with driving,the taikon Turbo S,so we got that Tycoon I got I gotta back,up a little bit here we got that tycon,Turbo S and I drove that for a majority,of a summer,and then porsche came out with their,cross Turismo version which I thought,suited my knees better because I I need,that cargo room and space in the back,for kids and dogs,so I ended up trading the what was it at,the time it was the Challenger and the,BMW X6,in on an allocation for,the uh,almost for the Tycoon,which took about,seven or eight months to get in,even as I was waiting for the tycon,cross drisma to come in I drove around,in that my con,well it was fine because I didnt want,to drive something like if I count in,the winter time anyway it was expensive,and just,whatever I just wait a second to come in,so I just drove in the car around,and you guys know what cons theyre not,cheap cars but theyre not terribly,expensive cars either so I didnt feel,as bad,Im driving that versus something thats,expensive I could take on,so,Tycoon came in,and thats when I started to become not,obsessed but I really enjoyed EVS for,after driving that more than I thought,that I would,so Im not having issues with the click,of a con but theres things about that I,didnt really care for I think it was,underpowered for its size its a small,SUV but I do I still think that I had,the mccon S so it wasnt like you know,the GTS or the turbo or anything like,that,but I do feel like it was underpowered,for example I would uh they have to,merge into even like something as silly,as like a roundabout,and the Macan for whatever reason,theres this delay its like it waited,for it to downshift,the turbo is a spool up before it would,accelerate,so a few times its really strange a few,times I caught myself like,cutting people off it seemed I probably,probably wasnt that bad but,I felt like I was coming people off,because I was like all right Im going,to commit to Turning now,and I would commit to it,you know step on the accelerator and,nothing would happen for what seemed,like,it seemed like a long time but its,probably,two seconds which I guess is a long time,when it comes to driving because thats,Ive reacted already in the cars Im,just waiting for the car to keep up to,catch up I should say,that happened one too many times and,thats when I decided I was like all,right I need,keep in mind I was spoiled at this time,from driving EVS,meaning the taikon,because uh thats what thats what we,had in the stable I was already used to,the instant response and no delay of an,EV so I was like all right Im not gonna,be driving this Macan anymore Id,already own it for a year Tabs are,coming up due on it I was like this was,a good time to a good time to train,around I wasnt,unhappy with it but,it wasnt something that I was,extremely happy with I probably wouldnt,buy another one,and it was at a higher trim level was,faster with more power I mean,so I contacted BMW,that happened to be a good time because,thats when this thing just finally got,announced and I had to wait a little bit,to get an allocation but they finally,got me one and I was like all right,well trade in the,the mcconnin on this,foreign,value for the Macaw it wasnt bad,Ive gotten worse from cars that were a,year old,and we ended up specking out this I-4,this is something that Ive put together,myself obviously the color of the,options,I thought it suited me the best,and while we wait for this to come in,thats when I pre-traded the Macan what,that means is that they they get a bid,or they I think they took it themselves,actually after we came up with the,agreed price,and they basically took my train in,before,the the new vehicle came in to stop,which forced me to then use the the,taikon cross Turismo as a daily driver,this guy took about,uh probably about eight months to get in,something like that so that gave me time,to really enjoy the ticon and I really,did enjoy it so much that I was getting,really excited for this car to come in,and so while I was driving the taikon,you know I was washing it Id film a,little bit of that and I think I,mentioned in one of the videos that,theres just some things that I didnt,necessarily care for about it,I wish it had more power I dont know,why Id put my Porsche even Bob is,putting out a car with not you know Peak,Performance they charge a lot of money,for their cars that taikon was more,expensive than this for example and this,thing was this thing was much faster it,seems like it controls a lot better too,which brings us to the next point,drill that icon for about,a whole tabs were due under now so,actually I own that car for a little,under a year it was like 11 months,three weeks actually to the day,and I end up putting uh,a little under 3000 miles on it I dont,drive a whole lot I just drive to,working back and we had a bunch of other,cars within the stable that kind of,helped share the abuse,you know so my daily driver doesnt get,as much,use as a,as a normal car because as a normal,person driving because hey I dont drive,that far,and B we have 20 other cars on this,table so its all just kind of shared,by the time being my main one for of a,year it was probably mail for about,eight months,during that year,um it only got just like I said about 3,000 miles on it and during that 3000,Miles you know I found things that I,really enjoyed about the things that I,didnt necessarily care for while using,that I was waiting for this thing to,come in,so just to recap,traded the Makonnen on this,act

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This BMW is… an Electric Car?! 2023 BMW i4 M50 Review

foreign,[Music],like my BMW,but listen listen really carefully,do you hear that,you dont hear anything thats because,this is the all-electric BMW I4 and it,might look familiar because its built,on the same framework as the BMW M4 and,M3 it has the same proportions it has,the same body it has the same Wheels it,has the same pretty much everything,except the engine this has two electric,motors one on the front one on the rear,its all-wheel drive and it has 540,horsepower with sport boost which gives,you all of that horsepower in one Fell,Swoop when you tap the accelerator and,its pretty incredible but lets talk,about this Grill so the BMW I4 has the,traditional kidney grill with its modern,form its very light large its very,oversized it has its a flat panel here,with these little cutouts that give it,this detail and then its sort of this,metal mesh down here because there,actually is air intake theres just not,as much as there is on a gas engine,version but the batteries and the,systems do need air intake to cool,things off theres a flat panel here,where theres some sensors theres,sensors here and here the camera is here,and then notice the blue BMW badge its,ringed in blue and this whole kidney,Grill is ringed in brass those are two,telltale signs that this is the electric,and not the gas version of the BMW 4,Series our test model is painted,portamal blue which is sort of an,electric blue color probably why BMW,chose it and it comes in this really,beautiful matte finish now one of the,issues with matte paint is often you,cant run it through a car wash this one,is just fine to go through a car wash I,ran it through this morning it looks,pretty great a couple of water spots so,you might want to wipe it off with a,cloth when youre done taking it through,the car wash but all in all it looks,really good the downside its a thirty,six hundred dollar addition there are,also carbon fiber details on this car,the side mirrors and the rear spoiler,are carbon fiber theres also carbon,fiber inside thats a 2600 addition and,then theres also an M sport or M,technology package that is the tuning,and the drive experience that you get in,this car and thats a 2500 Edition the,all in all price of the car that were,driving 82 000 the base price or the,MSRP for the I4 M50 about sixty two,thousand dollars so as BMWs go you get,all the M performance you get a lot of,great features for sixty two thousand,dollars thats pretty great add on to,that another twenty thousand dollars and,not a surprise at all plus think about,all the money Youre Gonna Save not,buying gas and these days thats a lot,rear end of the BMW I4 M50 is really,familiar so it starts with these tail,lights which are new and they have this,nice little dip here its a really,pretty tail light signature theres the,M50 badge notice theres no eye here,because theres no fuel injected engine,this is all electric the I4 badge is,over here and then here is the BMW logo,with the rear view camera embedded right,there notice that the logo is rimmed in,blue and thats one of the ways that you,can tell that this is an electric car,are the blue accents and then there are,also some bronze accents and those are,distinct and unique to BMWs electric,cars down here Im going to point out a,few more things theyre carbon fiber,panels here of course we dont have,exhaust pipes but the lower bumper of,the BMW I4 looks very much like a 4,Series it just has the things that it,needs for aerodynamics and efficiency,when it comes to electric car driving,should we check out the cargo area so,notice that when I open the cargo area,yeah this area is open to here when,youre sitting in the passenger cabin,and you look back it does not look like,a hatch because it does because you have,this and you have this privacy screen so,those things really work to keep the uh,the feeling the cabin feeling a little,more intimate Im going to show you,though these seats do fold flat and its,a 60 40 fold so you can fold these seats,down for extra cargo space and with the,seats folded you get a lot of room in,the BMW I4 M50 all you do is you pull,this tray up off of its,pegs there and then this turn this,little dial,and these just pop right out just like,that and voila you have a much more open,and Airy cabin,[Music],its super quiet,its all electric so you do hear the,tires on the road a little bit,its BMW so the suspension is stiff and,sporty you will feel the suspension just,going over like joints in the road or,Bridge or the parking garage youll hear,it listen,you can hear it its not super loud its,not super,um invasive in your experience the cabin,is comfortable and you do block out all,the road noise of cars and trucks and,things like that around you which is,pretty nice,with nice ambient Lighting in here so,notice along the door panel here theres,some nice ambient lighting,take it out on the highway,and try out that sport boost mode sport,Ive got a sport individual Im turning,it on sport boost and that is when you,barely touch the accelerator just to get,you going it feels very normal,but thats not the point,I will say,only do this where its safe,where you have a clear and unblocked,Road where you are in control,its fast,its fun,very instant and you know you dont want,to put yourself or others in any,Jeopardy much less the car because the,car you know you dont want to damage,this eighty two thousand dollars iron,about 80 about sixty five thousand,dollars to start about eighty two,thousand dollars as tested with quite a,few upgrades including this infotainment,screen multimedia screen the M sport,tuning package,driver instrument screen,that is that lights up red when youre,in sport boost mode so sport boost its,only for a short time it defaults down,to individual at some point if you dont,so yeah so it turned off there so you,get about 15 seconds of support boost,mode you cant leave it in that and,driving that all day but you tap it and,then,and it gives you like all of that,horsepower instantly underfoot,dont get in trouble,but the real magic in the BMW I4 is,right here in the drivers seat so it,starts with this beautiful steering,wheel its very familiar it has an M,badge because were in the M50 the blue,ringed BMW logo here reminds us that,its electric this is one of the big,things here for this model and that is,this flat curved pane screen that houses,the driver information screen and the,multimedia system we also have a head-up,display which is standard in our model,and that gives you all of your driver,information right here in front of you,the interior is outfitted with this,really beautiful cognac looks like,leather isnt leather its called,sensatech and its actually a man-made,material but it looks and performs and,even smells like leather its really,beautiful youll see that cognac color,repeated here and on the door panels the,aluminum trimmed Romulus design of these,uh air vents and other details here on,the dashboard and then down here there,is more carbon fiber so carbon fiber,surrounds the control center and it also,covers the cup holders and the Wireless,charge pad the dash is covered in this,nice soft touch material and then here,we have an oversized sunroof they might,call it panoramic I wouldnt call it,panoramic because it doesnt cover the,rear seat but it is oversized and its,nice and it gives you a lot of light and,space in the car the big news here,though is this,so you get this great lights and magic,and everything comes to life when you,tap the start button and then it has the,standard BMW controller so I can push,this and bring it back to drive and if I,want to go into extra regenerative power,I just push it over to the left just to,push it thats it it goes into B mode,and B mode gives us regenerative braking,anytime you take your foot off the brake,you are off the accelerator you are in,regenerative braking you can add to that,with the Eco Pro setting so Eco Pro,gives you even more regenerative braking,or you can you can drive in regul

5 THINGS I LOVE about the BMW i4 M50!

hey everybody Shwayze here and in,todays video were going to be talking,about five things that I love about the,2022 BMW I4 M50,okay so in no particular order the first,thing that I love about the BMW I4,really has to do with its exterior,styling I mean take a look at this,vehicle this thing looks really good now,I get looks are subjective but I think a,lot of people will agree that this is a,good looking vehicle front and back,inside and outside Ill show you the,inside in just a minute here but this is,a pretty attractive looking vehicle,overall and I gotta say even though some,people do not like the updated styling,of the 4 Series and 3 Series with its,giant front grille most of the people,that I have actually taken this car to,and seen it in person really like the,styling so I think its one of those,things where you kind of have to see it,to get used to it and really like it for,me Ive actually liked it from day one,but Im kind of the minority here but,for the most part its a really,aggressive looking electric vehicle and,honestly you wouldnt even be able to,tell that this is electric from just,looking at it the other thing I will,mention is if you do a lot of car,photography this vehicle actually looks,really good in photos and Im not sure,exactly why I think its probably the,aggressive lines that are kind of,running throughout the vehicle but,overall it looks really good in photos,now let me show you the interior because,its just as nice as the exterior if not,better because this one has the cognac,interior coloring with that brown and,black leather looks really nice carries,on into the back seats as well and then,youve got these dual all digital,displays and youve got a nice open pour,wood as well I think its an oak wood,looks really nice and theres several,different options in typical German,fashion you can get a red interior black,etc etc so thats got to be the first,thing I really love about this vehicle,now the second thing that I love about,this vehicle has to do with its Harman,Kardon sound system so I wanted to show,you the subwoofer real quick but let me,show you what the speakers look like,because this vehicle has a really,premium interior sound quality one of,the best Ive had in any car Ive,reviewed or owned myself Ive really,liked Harman Kardon sound systems back,from my days of owning a C300 but its,really really good its maybe even,better in this vehicle and BMW doesnt,specifically say how many speakers are,in this vehicle but from my research,Ive seen its either 16 or 17 speakers,and thats a large amount of speakers,for a vehicle thats kind of pretty,small its about the same size as a 3,Series so 16 to 17 speakers is a massive,amount for a compact or small sport,sedan the next thing I really love about,the I4 has to do with its clever,technology and safety features I mean,for one youve got a 12.3 inch All,Digital display here which looks really,nice with really nice Graphics then,youve got a 14.9 inch 4K display over,here also extremely intuitive and easy,to use really nice use of technology and,theres some really clever technology as,well because you do have a head-up,display on the I4 and that is an option,but one thing I really like about this,use of technology and head up display is,you can actually tune all of the,different radio stations out there so,this isnt just your presets or anything,like that this isnt even a seek button,this is essentially going through every,single radio station by just using this,little controller knob over here rather,than taking your hands off the steering,wheel and then using either a rotary,knob here or actually using the physical,touch screen and then in terms of the,technology I also have to mention the,safety features its truly incredible,this vehicle will actually show you all,of the vehicles around you once you have,your adaptive cruise control on and this,vehicle will actually change lanes if,you turn the blinker on as youre,driving on the freeway it will actually,give you a little graphic on the screen,and then it will make sure theres an,opportunity for you to merge over left,or right right thats really intuitive,technology that I havent seen in very,many other vehicles aside from a Tesla,Model 3. the other cool safety or,technology feature here is this vehicle,can actually self-park in a parking lot,once it finds a spot that this vehicle,will fit in and even though this is not,a industry first its still really cool,to see this thing spinning the wheel,around without me controlling it,whatsoever and youve got these little,blinking lights here to kind of let you,know that its activated so really cool,and clever use of Technology on the I4,now the next thing I love about this,vehicle were gonna have to hit the road,because its the ride quality were,about to drive over some train tracks,and lets see if you can hear them,that was me driving over some pretty,rough train tracks that I have driven on,in the past and in my Bronco that kind,of shakes up the entire interior of the,vehicle but here it honestly surprised,me how comfortable this vehicle drives I,mean considering this is a BMW which is,already kind of the ultimate driving,machine its going to be a little bit,more stiffer rougher and this is the M50,trim so this is the sport tuned,aggressive trim and honestly this thing,rides like you would expect a 7 series,BMW I mean its a really smooth ride and,also taken into consideration the fact,that these are the upgraded 20-inch,wheels with the low profile tires so,honestly kudos to BMW this is one of the,softest Vehicles Ive driven in and,maybe the biggest surprise because I did,not expect a BMW M50 to ride the way it,does now the next thing I love is a,little bit obvious and of course were,on the road again and that has to do,with the acceleration and the sounds so,Im going to put it into sport boost,mode and thats actually going to make,it like extra quick and this thing will,do 0-60 and 3.7 seconds and well just,do a quick pull here,wow I mean it is it never gets old uh,you know thats what Im gonna say is,Ive driven this car for about a week,and Ive done that probably a dozen,times and every single time it still,shocks me how quick this vehicle is to,60. uh or just to 30 or whatever I mean,this is just a wickedly quick vehicle,and it almost feels like a spaceship or,an airplane Ive had family who have,driven this car relate this to an,airplane because the front end actually,lifts off uh obviously not entirely you,know the tires dont lose contact but I,mean you are just catapulted into the,back and boy is it quick now I think BMW,and from what Ive seen on other YouTube,videos doing 0 to 60 tests is under,rating this vehicle a 3.7 Im thinking,its likely closer to three and a half,seconds maybe even under that this thing,just pulls like a space shuttle uh were,gonna do another quick pull here in just,a second and its hard to do it because,when youre driving on City roads uh you,quickly hit that speed limit so this is,really only useful on drag strips or,freeway on-ramps but other than that,youre going to get to 60 miles an hour,in the blink of an eye now as were,waiting for cars to pass the next thing,related to the acceleration that I love,is the dynamic sounds inside of this M50,sport edition,wow its a roller coaster uh Im sure,you may have heard but there were some,sounds coming into the cabin and those,are Dynamic sounds that BMW partnered up,with music composer Han Zimmer to create,a bespoke tuned audio composition for,the BMW M50 specifically and it has like,a Tron like uh Dark Knight like sound to,it similar to all other Hans Zimmer,sounds that hes made for some famous,movies uh but that just adds to the,experience makes it a funner vehicle to,drive because its not just some quiet,EV it kind of adds drama to the entire,experience of accelerating and I gotta,say I love it I mean it makes this,vehicle so much more funner to drive,more similar to like a gas powered,internal combustion

2022 BMW i4 M50 Review // Earn Your M Badge

oh,is this the m4 ah no,this is the i4,whats an i4,for seeing,you idiot,i thought it was funny,youre watching throttle house im,thomas,and im james,and this is the first bmw ev sports,sedan,and its called the bmw i4,unlike the ix suv thats now available,the i4 isnt built on a bespoke chassis,its on a shared platform with the 4,series,and the 7 series and an x5 and an x7 and,so on,so somewhere along the line,theyve saved money which is great,because apparently this time so have we,with the starting price of 73 000,canadian,this is some of the closest pricing,weve seen to a petrol counterpart,but that shared platform thing could,also point to some compromises being,made,and yet this m50 has been heralded by,many as a full m-car ev despite the fact,that its only an m performance model,and to be fair despite being close in,price to a normal m440i it does have,more power than a full fat m3,competition and more torque but the i4,m50 weighs over a thousand pounds more,than the m3 comp so how can the i4s,reputation as an evm possibly be founded,lets find out,[Music],track tests and quite a lot of messing,around,so subscribe and hit the bell,[Music],yeah its its heavy but a normal m440i,grand coupe is well into the 4 000 pound,range so,this was never gonna be light,and,it hustles,[Music],586 pound-feet of torque 536 horsepower,dual motor all-wheel drive it puts down,the power,that is almost m3 competition,acceleration but instead of the belch of,an inline six,we have the soundtrack from inception,[Music],because the sound options in this car,were designed in collaboration with the,one and only hans zimmer and if that,name is new to you hes just a guy whos,done the music for a few small movies,like gladiator pirates of the caribbean,cool runnings pearl harbor dune,interstellar the lion king,yeah okay all right yeah hans is,prolific but i think thats a really,cool collaboration and,i think it sounds really cool,it doesnt make me feel like im,swinging around the black pearl or,hanging from the ceiling inside of,someone elses dream within a dream but,im feeling the rhythm im feeling the,rhyme,that was a cool running joke dont at me,but as we learned with the drift,analyzer in the m3 and m4,when the germans try to have fun,dont criticize them they might never do,it again its like telling a toddler to,stop smiling i dont want them to stop,speaking of stopping as this is an eevee,we have the option in this car,of one pedal driving so i switch this,into b,and now i can drive the car singularly,with the accelerator pedal so the top,portion of it is braking for more,intense braking you can use the brake,pedal and it is still quite a natural,feel,but,for ease of use and speak to any tesla,owner almost any tesla owner and they,will use one pedal driving that is good,and this is the bit where i say ive,actually really got used to it um and i,am used to the concept of one pedal,driving but its not as smooth in this,as something like the rivian r1t we just,test drove you know that blue truck that,we had thats now gone up twenty,thousand dollars without much warning,you still use the brake pedal for more,intense braking and the brake pedal,itself does feel very natural,the accelerator pedal though,and one thing weve credited a lot of,other evs for is their throttle response,the way that theyve calibrated the,accelerator so that even if us as stupid,monkeys and shoes,arent that smooth with it theyve,smoothed out that word,the the process of acceleration if it,werent for the fact that theres a,slight delay on the pedal not its not,even that slight to go its like here,its fine you can drive around it but,having to drive around something by its,own nature is not a perfect thing but if,you just want to drive this like a,normal car stick it in drive you dont,want the funky han zimmer sound you,stick it in comfort,then the i4 m50 along with its quite,lovely ride not each one gt level which,is the car we said this car would,dethrone,becomes,a,competent easy to use around town,smooth highway cruising,executive vehicle,and if this was an audi,then i would say that its pretty much,succeeded in its goal,but bmw,unfortunately for them are victims of,their very own marketing,because for all the things that audi and,mercedes do better bmws role is to be,the ultimate driving machine this one,even has m badges on it but listen ill,let bmw say it okay these are their,words this is from the press release the,bmw i4 packages the agility and dynamic,authority underpinning the brands,fabled sense of driving pleasure it is,the brands first electric vehicle,focused squarely on driving dynamics,okay i want to dispel the notion that,this is an evm3 it just it just isnt,ive been hearing people say that its,actually insulting to everyone whos,worked on an m3 or owned an m3 this is,nowhere near that,but it is a bmw sedan with a little m,badge on it i say n little m badge,theres like nine m badges on it and so,it must have that injection of bmw dna,all right so this is a multi-link,suspension set up in the rear and the,regular struts in the front and it is an,ev so theres a motor in the front the,motor in the back but they biased it the,same way that they would a normal bmw,sedan that is its rear-wheel drive,biased and the front motor kicks in when,necessary in fact you can get a,rear-wheel drive only version of this,car if you get the 40. so for me,i need to be able to turn off the,traction control which i can do by,pushing that and then pushing this and,kind of have fun with it listen i know,its a big ev its meant for cruising in,the highway and all that but its got m,badges on it it is a bmw it needs to be,a little bit exciting so when i chuck it,around a corner,it,yeah no see,it doesnt have a limits of differential,in the rear or in the front so it just,kind of,peels one wheel and it doesnt it,doesnt send the power around in an,intuitive way for me and you can really,feel the mass when you start chucking,this thing around corners it doesnt,feel like a four series to me it doesnt,feel like a three series it doesnt feel,like a little button-down sports sedan,but ive driven grand coupes in the past,and you know theyre obvious theyre not,m3s but theyre still bmw,but for me the biggest issue and,honestly i can deal with the rest of,this stuff i just start to accept in my,brain that an ev bmw is,competent at going in a straight line,keeping you comfortable in the highway,because the ride is great the sound,insulation from the road is top class,but the biggest issue that i have is the,steering,every bmw i think,is my opinion i guess,should have engaging steering an,engaging front end,this is just kind of numb,and it seems like bmw doesnt even seem,to care about it anymore okay you know,what hold on im gonna pull over for a,second here,i wasnt gonna do this but im gonna,read this to you,now this is from the press release bmw,says the electromechanical steering,system stands out for its excellent,directional accuracy good,and low sensitivity to the disruptive,forces triggered by uneven road surfaces,so like you know,feedback now compare that to,2010 when theyre talking about the bmw,335i bmw steering is just as essential,to the driving experience all three,series models come standard with a,hydraulic power steering system whose,road feel and precision are legendary,apparently theyve given up on road feel,however i do have to,give them some credit because i dont,know how much they even could have done,because think of it this way every 100,pounds you take off of the front end of,a car the less you have to assist the,steering which means that it doesnt,need to be over boosted so its not you,know 50 pounds to turn the wheel theres,a lot of weight in this car so maybe it,has to be like this maybe theyre still,trying to figure it out i hope that they,are because i want,normal bmws to be what they always were,which is ultimate driving machines a,mustang machi,shouldnt have better steering and a,more engaging chas

RIP Tesla Model 3! 2022 BMW i4 M50 Review

[Music],im jacob im here and were going for a,drive,[Music],2022 bmw i4 m50 x drive with the most,interesting launch control we have ever,experienced because the car shakes,[Music],oh my god thats good thats good that,is insane horsepower and torque 536,horsepower 586 pound-feet of torque from,two electric motors and an 81 kilowatt,hour battery and this freaking car in,launch control vibrates by uh i guess,the electric motors shake the wheel,forward and back ive never seen that is,ridiculous its pretty cool i think its,a way to incorporate the feeling of like,a gas car that like shaking like a,rumbling of an engine good job engineers,i dont know if its good good or not,but its funny yeah like the car,literally shakes and this car is,so fast like,i did not expect this because this is,not a real m model its like an m sport,or m performance or whatever its not a,real one and its so quick but its on,the bmw m page yeah its under the m7,because theres no real m of this which,i can understand because its as fast as,like an m3 uh yeah the launch the zero,to 60 is as fast if not faster like this,is insane it hooks up every time its,all-wheel drive like this is actually,unreal to drive this car and this is,electric,yeah well get to that later but it is,electric yes it is just so everyone,knows and it is all-wheel drive yes and,lets end this all-wheel drive um thing,that makes a lot of crazy noises by hans,zimmer in sport boost mode through,cliche corner and,a little bit of understeer a little bit,of oversteer,yeah thats pretty good kind of feels,like every other electric car but in a,better way and stab and go kind of works,yeah but the traction with it all the,way off is just fully cutting it out and,then you drove it in the snow earlier,yeah i did um it was all over the place,in kind of a not good way,i actually even noticed going downhill,if i had the regen on the most,aggressive one the back end kind of,wanted to turn itself and like go down,the hill in front of the front end which,i did not like so far no electric car,with traction off is actually full,traction off and with good reason,because with instant torque if 500,horsepower or whatever it will spin you,know right away i have it fully off i,had it fully off the cliche corner and,now its slow down and see if we can get,some tire squeal or chirp or something,oh yeah,oh man its just fighting for grip like,its its exciting to drive on a turn if,it actually like let you full like peel,like youd be toast yes and since i did,drive this in the winter i actually,fixed the large grill bmw problem it was,fully covered in snow where you can only,see half the grill,nice yeah i dont mind the looks of this,the front end no i actually dont mind,it for the electric ones i i think i,said that from the beginning its its,the fact that they did it to the m3 and,the m4 and this is a 440i grand coupe,turned into an electric car yeah so if,you didnt know this is basically a,hatchback and uh it doesnt really look,like one so great job on the design and,before we keep going on your stuff i,need to mention that we also drove the,ix which is the new suv the full suv,electric platform yup this has a lot of,similar stuff to that in the,infotainment and interior this has the,same size screen and everything but it,has a lot more normal buttons and,command center from old bmws but just,like the ix they got rid of all the,touch temperature controls and they got,rid of the one to eight shortcuts yeah,so everything is now buried in your,infotainment however like you said we do,have kind of the old style the regular,gas style command center which is,actually very nice yeah its nice but,man losing the hard button climates and,losing that one to eight that is the,worst part thats the one part that i,was hoping would redeem this car and,this is still to me better than the ix i,think this is actually one of my,favorite electric cars for the price now,yeah but if it had that stuff itd be,perfect it would be very very you know,theres one thing i like about this what,weve got this,little center area so that i cant reach,my foot over and push yeah yeah gas,pedal because this is a normal car,thats made electric garbage garbage,wont fly over i like this normal car,made electric i dont like the new,electric platforms exactly yo can you,pop the hood in this one or is it like,you can actually uri,oh we found the engine cover which is,covering all,rip it right off which is super awesome,yeah and thats where you also fill your,uh washer fluid on the side yeah not,your bmw logo like in the ix which i,forgot the film footage of yes,the one thing thats weird about this,dash because they retrofitted the new,dash into here is that theres a little,gap underneath this beautiful carbon,fiber and i think that would be very,difficult to clean swiffer bro nobodys,swiffering their 100 000 car somebodys,detailer is yes so since this is an,electric car we do have to mention the,range this has the 19-inch wheels so the,range is 435 kilometers if you did have,the 20-inch wheels then it would only be,365 kilometers and that information is,actually quite hard to find but bmw is,apparently updating their website to,make that easier to find yeah,i,wouldnt even bother i would just do a,range because its too confusing,yeah but lets get to the good stuff,like the really really good stuff why,this is actually one of my favorite,electric cars because it drives like a,regular car i actually forget that im,in an electric car when im driving this,other than sorry about your neck uh,because that sorry about your neck thing,happens to us on this car and we,actually get nauseous driving this its,that quick yeah you cant floor too many,times but it does have a cool soundtrack,by hans zimmer yeah so the iconic sounds,which i believe are an option or i think,they might be standard on this m50 or,whatever its called lets hear it lets,hear it,sounds really good yeah you can turn,that off like im driving around sport,so ill just floor it in comfort and,much more muted yeah but its definitely,a cool pumped in sound but can you stop,flooring at my im like feeling nauseous,i i am a little bit as well like these,electric cars just make you feel,nauseous because you have that instant,torque which is nice but yeah we just,kind of want the um the range part of,that,but the damping and stuff thats all bmw,like a lot of these electric cars i find,do this like purposing thing this one,doesnt do that this has rear air,suspension which is standard not front,air suspension and you cant get all,four corner air suspension so i guess,their solution to the purposing and the,extra weight of the batteries was rear,airbags,it is very comfortable no issues yeah,and the steering like totally normal,like its not even as weird as the uh,m240i like i dont know normal good bmw,yeah like this drives like a regular car,which is the best compliment that i can,give this and then with our regen,braking if we put into b,thats one pedal driving yeah and the,gas pedal is not weird at all and then,we also can have it adaptive in drive,so that how did that work when you crept,up on cars or up to roundabouts so what,i found with the adaptive is that its,actually using the cars radars sensors,even though youre not in adaptive,cruise control or any of that stuff,youre just driving its using the,sensors to detect cars and obstacles in,front of you and itll actually apply,the brakes which is regening the battery,so its not actually like right its,decelerating you automatically its,increasing your brake regen which is,effectively slowing you down making it,feel like youre braking yes its,decelerating you automatically which is,definitely a little bit weird to get,used to because the car is actually,slowing down for you when you dont,expect it to so you just have to be,aware that if theres an obstacle or car,or something in front of you the car,will likely automatically slow down a,little bit its a weird thing but you,kind of

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