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BMW i4 M50 review – quicker 0-60mph than an M3?

this is the new bmw i4 in fact its the,m50 version it is the first ever,electric car worked on by bmws m,division and in this video im going to,review it by driving it from here munich,airport all the way to the bavarian,mountains yeah its a distance of about,200 kilometers but this car has a range,of 500 kilometers however i think im,going to take it by the auto barn and,max it out and see what doing that does,to the range also going to launch the,car to how quick it is from north 60,miles an hour see if its quicker than,my bmw m3 it could be also after the,journey im going to launch it again to,see if using the battery actually,reduces the performance anyway im at,watson,and youre watching car wow buying a new,car then head to car wow and my team,will help you find your next car at a,fair price car wow your one-stop car,buying comparison site okay now im,leaving the airport of munchins and ive,got 99 of the battery ive reset the,trick computer and we have a claimed,range of 377 kilometers which isnt,quite the 500 i was hoping for thats,obviously calculated based on how people,have been driving this car and thats,motoring journalists for you,anyway the gates all right ill aveda,zayn enjoy your day yeah,nice that was awkward,anyway lets um lets launch it see if,we can get that expected range down even,further,right i found an open stretch of road so,im going to launch this car im going,to put into sport boost mode which gives,me full,544 horsepower and 795 newton meters of,torque this things supposed to not 60,in 3.9 seconds however can it go quicker,than the best time ive had out of a bmw,m3 launching which is 3.6 seconds here,we go what will the specialist timing,gear say,christ,naught to 60 in 3.6 seconds so exactly,the same as the m3 wow that is,impressive now launch the car with the,battery charge over 90 percent then you,get full power once it goes below 90 the,amount of power you get slowly starts to,reduce im actually gonna do another,launch later on in the video when ive,got a lot less battery charge remaining,to see how that affects the performance,now were on the autobahn its,de-restricted ive got 84 the battery,weve done 48.7 kilometers 330,kilometers of range,lets reduce that now so top speed of,this car,225 kilometers an hour which is 140,miles an hour with restriction on that,other bmw cars 155 miles an hour 250,kilometers an hour but there we go,cruising along at 150. ive gone too far,and my charge level is decreasing rather,quickly its a little bit rainy so i,dont want to do sustained high speed,really i just dont feel comfortable,still,ill tell you what you notice zooming,along the autobahn at high speed an,electric car just how quiet it is in,fact its so quiet im really noticing,the rain hitting the windscreen thats,the only sound im getting really are,the noise of the trucks that im,overtaking right thats the d,restrictions section over showing me how,to do it in the wet im sure theres,more to come later i just put the cruise,control on,the auto steering yes its auto steering,is he gonna recognize the reduced speed,limit oh yeah yes,thats good it just set me to the new,low speed limit,which is obviously for this tunnel,in fact this is that thing that everyone,does in a tunnel,lets roll down the window,and accelerate,looks like thats one thing we wont all,be doing in future one spectral cars,abandoned,theres no point in an electric car,unless you want to hear slightly more,tire noise oh my god what is that smell,we shouldnt put the window down now,its like weve just driven through a,load of cow,neck,lets talk about the design so i quite,like the front of this car im getting,used to bmws kidney grills and they,look quite good blanked in because,obviously you dont need engine cooling,and their houses sensors as well not,sure about this though theyre stuck on,m badge it looks like someone with some,basic diesel bmw found and then badge,off someone elses car and stuck it on,their car to pretend that they got the,performance model dont know why theyve,done that just looks a bit odd this,being the m50 has a sportier lower,bumper than the standard i4 moving down,the sides we start off with seven,for whom the belt holes,you start off with 17 inch alloy wheels,thankfully these are the top of the,range 20s youre going to need 20s once,again m50 model gets blue sporty brake,calipers got air breather here its not,fake another end badge though this,doesnt look fake the m50 also gets,fistable m-style door mirrors,sorry about that side skirts on this m50,model to make it look more sporty im,liking the flush door handles theyre,nice and the swooping roof line that,kind of coupe a design looks cool but,what does it do for practicality well,find out later i quite like the back of,this youve got sculptured tail lights a,little bit of a bootlet spoiler rather,than having fake exhaust pipes on this,m50 version you have a diffuser im not,sure if thats fake its a bit odd,though weirdly i kind of like the look,of the rear of this car in terms of,pricing the i-4 starts from 52 000,pounds the m50 though that starts from,64 000 pounds now if you want to make,sure youre paying a fair price for your,next new car click on the pop-out banner,up there to get a car while follow the,link in the description you can also,sell your car through car wow now well,make sure you get a fair price for that,as well alternative if you wanted that,after the video simply google help me,car wow and my team and i,will sort you out,so weve done 110,kilometers and weve got 65 battery,remaining weve come off the autobahn,but well be rejoining it again shortly,but i want to show you something first,its the acceleration that you get from,this car its as brutal as ive felt in,any electric car im going to illustrate,it with jack so just relax jack ready,now im going to floor it and shock jack,actually before that lets put it into,sport boost ready no just relax actually,dont be ready dont be ready were not,going to do it,whats that like,its okay,when im expecting it,but not so much,okay so i actually think that its,probably not worth us doing it anymore,im going to show people now the hand,zimmer noises so this is really,interesting so what im going to do is,put the car in two,you knew that was coming didnt you yeah,yeah damn it anyway you might be able to,hear this ive got whats known as,iconic sound set on this car so you got,this weird noise when you accelerate and,decelerate which has been created by,hans zimmer and its different depending,on if youre in sports mode or comfort,mode so this is in sports mode,[Music],and then when you break it,what do you think of that jack,it sounds happy and then sad okay were,gonna put it into comfort mode,its the same but quieter right happy,then sir happy and sad its almost like,hes just,blowing down some kind of tube and hes,just changed the length of the tube for,comfort compared to,spore and if you have in eco pro mode,silent does that mean that the noise,actually uses energy,maybe,insightful,right,lets get back on the autobahn,thanks for your help here jack its been,really really useful,if youre wondering why im now sat in,the back of the car its because i made,jack feel sick with all this sudden,accelerating so he said the only way to,get over that was to drive so let him,drive and im taking the opportunity to,see what this car is like in the back,seats so knee room is okay and jacks,quite a tall guy its over six foot,headroom in the back is okay for me,because im under six foot but i think a,taller person might struggle a little,bit its because the cars got a sloping,roofline one thing thats interesting,about this is the unlike something like,a tesla model 3 its not based on a pure,ev platform it shares its underpinnings,with the 3 series and as a result you,have this lump in the floor there which,is designed for a,prop shaft and all exhaust and stuff,like that which you get with an internal,combustion engine car so you dont have,a flat fl

BMW i4 review – can this electric car REALLY beat Tesla? | What Car?

this is the car that could finally beat,the tesla model 3 and become the best,electric car you can buy,its the new bmw i4 but what is it is it,any good and is it actually better than,a tesla model 3. were going to find out,all that and much more in this review,but first if you want to see lots of,other new car reviews then subscribe to,our channel and if youre after a new,car to make sure youre paying the right,price and to get a great deal click on,the link look in our description below,or just google what car deals,so the i4 is essentially a fully,electric version of the bmw 4 series,grand coupe which is a pretty good,starting point because that is a,fantastic car just like the rest of the,4 series lineup which of course is very,closely related to the bmw 3 series,those fuel powered cars are so good,because they have fantastic interiors,great engines theyre comfortable and,amazing to drive and on the face of it,the i4 basically looks like a four,series doesnt it and its interesting,seeing bmws design tactics for its evs,change over the years because the bmw i3,was released around 10 years ago and,that was a really wacky looking,futuristic electric car but bmws modern,evs the ix3 and the i4 look very very,similar to the fuel-powered cars on,which theyre based theyre kind of gone,for a more conventional toned down look,for their evs so that means with the i4,the only real difference is to point out,in terms of styling compared to a four,series is this plastic covering for the,grill theres a few more aerodynamic,alloys you can choose from in the lineup,and theres a few blue highlights dotted,around the car as well but apart from,that it basically is a four series isnt,it,there are two main versions of the i4,that you can buy you can get this e,drive 40 or you can get a more powerful,m50 the two cars basically look fairly,similar but if you do go for an m50 you,get a few more sporty touches here and,there,so the i4 basically looks like a four,series ground coupe on the outside and,its very similar on the inside as well,you get a near enough identical driving,position and youre much lower to the,ground than you are in a polestar 2 or a,model 3 and its really comfortable up,front as well so these seats are really,good you get loads of side support much,more than you get in a model three and,its quite practical too so under this,armrest youve got a big cubby hole,youve got another storage space at the,top of the center console with two cup,holders thats where your wireless phone,charging is as well glovebox is a decent,size and you get partitioned door bins,as well so splitting it up in those two,sections means that if you put something,in there it just stops it from rattling,around if youre driving along now some,people might prefer the more minimalist,look that you get in a model 3 but in,terms of actual build quality and,looking at the quality of materials that,are used its the i4 thats a bit better,than the model 3. so it feels really,plush throughout very well put together,the only slight weak point is some of,these plastics down here on the center,console that dont feel particularly,amazing quality but really thats the,only thing that stops it from being as,good as impressive as much more,expensive electric cars like the audi,e-tron gt and the porsche thai cam this,is a really really good electric car,interior,something that is different from the,four series is the tech here though so,now with the i4 youve got this 12.3,inch digital driver display joined to,this massive 14.9 inch touchscreen now,this is bmws latest idrive system its,the same setup that you find in the ix,and idrive has always been one of the,best infotainment systems around this,latest system is still very good by new,infotainment standards but,its not perfect so,youve got a lot of menus and sub menus,a lot of these icons are just too small,it would be much easier to use them if,they were bigger and it just generally,feels a little more complicated to use,than the previous i drive,its great though that you still have,this rotary dial down here because it,means its very easy to control lots of,the functions while youre driving in a,safe way rather than having everything,buried on the touchscreen but what a,shame that bmw is now putting the,climate controls on the touch screen,itself so if you want to change the,temperature and if you want to do,anything more complicated than change,the temperature then you have to dive,into a climate menu and its just,annoying having that layer of,complication that just seems a bit,unnecessary when dials and buttons are a,much simpler and safer solution to it,all i suppose it is good though that,this screen is very very responsive so,theres no delay when you swipe or push,a button,and the graphics are really crisp and,really clear as well and another thing,youve got to try and help improve the,usability of all the tekken here is a,voice command system now,most voice command systems really arent,very good theyre very inconsistent in,how they respond and dont always do,what youre asking them to do but this,bmw system is actually pretty good its,not perfect but its pretty good,things are less impressive in the rear,seats because youve got that dramatic,curving roof line on the outside which,means inside headroom really isnt great,so its actually quite a lot less,headroom than you getting something like,a 3 series and compared to the 4 series,the floor and the rear bench is actually,higher in the i4 because youve got,batteries underneath here so,if youre six foot youve got quite a,lot of leg room but headroom isnt great,and your head will be stuck against the,roof if you are tall and sat in the back,and another annoying thing is that,youve still got a big lump in the floor,down here now if you know that youre,only going to have kids in the back or,youre only very occasionally going to,need adults sat in the back that,probably doesnt matter but compared to,other large electric cars there are,quite a few that are better for rear,seat space particularly the model 3.,the i4 has got a pretty decent boot and,like the polestar 2 it has a hatchback,opening so you can see its got this big,wide tall opening that means if youre,putting bulky stuff into the boot youll,find it easier to do so in this than a,model 3 which has a big boot but its a,saloon so the opening is bit more,limited in that respect,most i4s also offer a decent amount of,underfloor storage for the charging,cables but you can see that this ones,got the upgraded sound system so because,of this extra subwoofer in the back you,can see that eats into a lot of,available space in the back there so,much so that it actually is quite a,struggle to fit anything in the extra,space thats provided there which is a,bit annoying but,in terms of,carry-on size suitcases you can fit,eight of these in the back of the i4,compared to a model three thats pretty,decent that can fit nine but the model,three can also fit an extra one up front,the i4 doesnt have a front boot at all,this plastic covering here is just over,the electric motor thats underneath it,theres no extra storage,[Music],so were in the e drive 40 and this is,the entry-level version of the car which,gets a single electric motor driving the,rear wheels with 335 brake horsepower,and it will do not to 62 miles per hour,in 5.7 seconds,which is pretty quick,its not quite as quick as a model 3,long range admittedly but how quick do,you want to go especially because the,acceleration is really forceful and,enough to pin you back in your seat so,for most people this will be plenty,quick enough now similarly with the,range the 83.9 kilowatt hour battery,gives this car a claimed range around,367 miles which is a few miles off what,youll get in a model 3 long range but,considering thats the claimed range the,real world range should be comfortably,250 miles which for many people,if you can charge at home that will,cover a lot of the journeys that you,need to do and

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The BMW i4 RWD (eDrive 40) Is My Preference Over The M50! Here’s Why

hello and welcome to another out of spec,reviews video I want to take you guys on,just a very quick drive with me in this,car you and I have driven the eye for,many times together but weve actually,only ever driven the top spec M50 this,one is the 40 E drive and so that means,its rear-wheel drive only this one has,the Aero Wheels its the range spec and,in my opinion the I4 is priced really,well and competitively as a rear-wheel,drive variant the problem is weve never,driven the base one so we got to see if,this things worth it starting about 55,000 for a BMW big hatchback Ill take,you on a quick tour of it well go,through the specs and then were just,gonna drive it up and down the road I,only have a few minutes with this car,but I thought okay a lot of you have,watched our I4 M50 reviews and you know,I gave you all the pros and cons I,thought it was an amazing daily driver,really wonderful car I actually did like,the styling quite a bit it even with the,front grill situation I think it,actually looks its growing on me it,looks good now and um,you know I I just didnt love the way it,drove when I pushed it really hard I,hear just from other journalists who had,this little BMW test drive event that,Im at I hear this has a totally,different character than the M50 and in,a very positive fun old school BMW,driving car kind of way so let me take,you on a quick tour of it and then well,go for our Drive,you join me in beautiful California over,here in Palm Springs and this is the,i-440e drive I believe or is it e-drive,40. one way or another you get the idea,its the entry level I4 its e-drive 40.,and this is my favorite bit about I4 is,the hatchback its based basically on,the combustion uh BMW 4 Series Grand,Coupe you can see its got the included,abs-e in the back here it its a pretty,good sizable space back here its a,wonderful car I really enjoyed the,i-450 I also really enjoyed the,combustion version which I spent quite a,bit of time with as well the m440i grand,Coupe and,I was like really wanting to check this,thing out and it was so hard to find a,rear-wheel drive one I wish I had more,time with it because Id love to do a,range test and things like that because,the 50 really does cut down on the Range,especially if you go with the big wheels,and M sport so this is Ultimate range,spec right here and um you know looking,pretty good let me just show you on the,inside and then of course Ill run you,through some of the specifications but,here you go I also just want to,yeah basically show you that this is not,the maxed out trim it does still have,ten thousand dollars worth of options,which Ill walk you through but,ultimately I think its a pretty,reasonable specification its a great,way to get an idea of what this car is,like in a less maxed out build so lets,jump in and go for a ride and if youre,curious about more like seating front,and rear and reviews and all this stuff,take a look at other videos weve done,on I4 across the channels Ive done some,pretty in-depth reviews with this car,and uh yeah very very Pro I4 I quite,like this thing so just as a reminder I,actually said this was the base trim,its actually not there is an e Drive 35,that has a smaller battery pack at an,even less expensive price although I,dont know if thats launched in America,yet or planning to you guys let me know,in the comments if youve seen any of,those I havent seen any of those hit,our Shores so as far as Im aware this,is the entry level model the e Drive 40,about 300 miles of range uh the uh,smaller battery pack is about 260 miles,of estimated range and then the M50 the,all-wheel drive spicy One Drops it all,the way to about 245 miles and I think,on the spicy wheels that we had it was,like 220 something so this has almost 80,miles more range in the EPA cycle and uh,I mean that had 530 horsepower this has,330 horsepower thats a big difference,but I still think well find this will,be spicy enough so uh yeah lets uh jump,in Ill walk you through the options and,then well go for a drive in the I-4,rear wheel drive,I want to say a huge thank you to Magna,for sponsoring this video guys every,week I thought itd be pretty cool to,highlight a specific Magna Innovation,and in this case I want to talk about,seats now seats may not sound that,interesting but Magnus actually,developed a really cool technology,called freeform now traditionally seat,covers need to be stitched and sewed and,hooked and looped in certain places,whenever you want to tie down the,material or have some sort of concave,surface but with a new innovation called,freeform the materials itself can,actually be molded to whatever shape,youd like for example take a look at,this diamond pattern when have you ever,seen a fully embossed diamond pattern,with no stitching its crazy its going,to lead to the next generation of,interior materials Ive actually even,had a chance to try this out and whats,even crazier is the seat structure was,the same as the factory OE spec freeform,allowed the entire seat to feel and mold,differently than the original seat it,was really crazy take a look at my,reaction here lets see how this all,okay totally different first of all,um but its the same seat structure its,the guts of the seat that up the,production seat whoa totally different,so a huge thank you to Magna for,sponsoring this video well have a full,in-depth video with Magna seating,specifically on freeform coming to this,channel very soon Im really looking,forward to sharing that with you,and welcome to the in side of the I4 e,Drive 40 with 19-inch wheels so ultimate,range spec here pretty much what Ive,never done is driven this car like I,said so Im really looking forward to,trying out,the rear wheel drive,I-4 you know I drove the M50 for a,couple weeks really liked it didnt love,it like the harder I pushed it the less,I liked it and that was mostly we shot a,comparison review of model 3 Performance,versus I4 M50 on a back Canyon Road and,there I dont know it just felt heavy,and not totally optimized nicely now,Ive heard some other people from this,event say like oh you got to drive the,rear wheel drive I4 but also from a,pricing standpoint the I4 rear wheel,drive starts at fifty five thousand,dollars thats like middle of the road,model 3 money the problem is youre,going rear wheel drive instead of,all-wheel drive which totally I think,knocks it out of possibility for uh,Colorado where we live New York,Connecticut now most people I think,would get away with snow tires and,theyd be just fine but I think modern,mentality especially with EVS is dual,motor for all-wheel drive so I kind of,wish BMW would make a middle ground,between the e-drive 40 rear wheel drive,and the M50 I wish they would go for a,40 all-wheel drive version and just do a,lower Power Front motor for example this,ones optioned up with almost ten,thousand dollars worth of options but,its kind of like you need this stuff so,all the driver assistance stuff which,will do the eye tracking hands-free up,to about 35 or 40 miles an hour hour,thats Seventeen hundred dollars parking,assist plus is seven hundred dollars,that gives you surround view it it says,it includes a rear view camera I think,legally that has to be standard but I,think they just put that there uh,premium package is heated steering wheel,lumbar support heated front seats and,ambient lighting I mean were sort of in,the lower end world of BMW and and not,to say its inexpensive but fifty five,thousand dollars a lot of money for you,to have to spend a lot of money for,ambient lighting I dont know its a,hundred dollars for the iconic electric,sounds,its 19 its 600 for the 19-inch Aero,Wheels how about that wireless charging,curve displays a thousand dollars,yeah just seems like okay the prices,just keep you know its its a German,car you got to add the options its,pretty much like youre into it for,60 minimum I would say to get a livable,spec uh now Im really excited about,this so in terms of range does it say,what it

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in 2013 kwam bmw met de drie die was,voor de grote publiek andy keek de,toekomst in autos gemaakt van aluminium,en van bamboe en folie gerecyclede,pet-flessen en zo hartstikke slim ding,maar dure vervolgens jaren voordat bmw,die lijn voortzetten,nu zet bmw dan eindelijk volgende stap,met die x 3 en de bmw x3 frank onlangs,nog heeft getest en met de rivier,i-drive in de e54,en als die laatste,sta ik nu in feite is dit gewoon een 5,deurs versie van de benzine gestookt 3 4,gran coupé,en nee ik zeg het niet verkeerd de auto,ziet er misschien uit als er dan maar,heeft wel degelijk een vijfde deur,waarover verderop meer,[Muziek],de rivier is er in twee smaken als ie,443 en als ie 54 de testauto is het,topmodel 354 die kost maar liefst 73,1430 euro de i-drive 40 werd 340 pk op,en onze testauto levert dankzij twee,elektromotoren zelfs 544 pk en maar,liefst,795 newtonmeter koppel en het is dus ook,een vierwielaandrijver maar de hydra 40,en achterwielaandrijver is dat klinkt,allemaal veelbelovend herma als je een,bmw stapte ze een de vraag belangrijker,dan alle andere vragen die we nagaan,stellen en dat is,vertrek deze auto die je net als de,benzine gestookte versies genoeg bij het,rijden,spreek die al je zintuigen gaan naar is,mijn manier om de achter komen,en dat is door lekker een stukje te gaan,rijden,ja moeten we die even over die neus,hebben ja is al heel veel gezegd en,geschreven en gesproken over deze gril,ja het is gewoon het familie gezicht van,b&w nu laat ik u dit over zeggen,uiteindelijk heb je meer aan een goed,karakter dan aan sexy looks en wat bmw,natuurlijk wel heel goed gedaan heeft is,ze hebben deze een als kind zich geen,korte neus te geven al die vvvs hebben,dat nee dit is een bmw en bmw heeft me,enorm lange motorkap ook als daar geen,zescilinder-in-lijn op beschouwt gaat,toch,[Muziek],[Applaus],nu,[Muziek],[Applaus],oh,jee wat hier dienst snel,ook voor een elektrische auto,dit is dus waarom er een en 50 badge op,de achter klep zitten mensen van in die,zijn niet gek dat zijn ingenieurs die,gespecialiseerd zijn in de motorsport en,die hebben ligt nog even met deze auto,bemoeit,dit is een performance versie van de bmw,i viert is dus geen,m4m heeft zich bij deze auto moeite,heeft een aantal dingen nog eens goed,bekeken en deze auto zo samengesteld,heeft een erop pakket en hij heeft,bijvoorbeeld een m onderstel maar het is,dus geen elektrische m4,we gaan even de sprintje doen vanuit,stilstand naar 100 km per uur doe ik,normaal nooit,maar ik heb me laten vertellen dat het,in dit geval wel leuker om het even te,doen ga die je,[Muziek],er zo bizar snel,niet normaal dit,je moet het nog wel even in de,sportstand zetten en in sport boost dan,krijg je namelijk alle pks ik krijg je,544 pk anders mis je 68 pk en 6500 meter,wanneer er nog steeds heel veel power of,maar is echt die normaal schok sterk dit,ding is je hoorde trouwens ook extra,geluid hoor,dat is het zogeheten aikon ik zon,pakket dat is een kunstmatig geluid dat,hoor je over de speakers en normaal ben,ik ben niet zon fan van maar in dit,geval wel want het voegt echt wat toe,aan de rijbeleving,het loopt namelijk heel mooi synchroon,met optrekken en afremmen en op enig,ander manier kom op de toon bij deze,auto en dus ook niet zo gek want deze,toon is gecomponeerd door hans schuurman,en dat is iemand die voor heel veel,films de muziek heeft gemaakt dus die,heeft wel verstand van geluid zeg maar,ja hoe maak je nou een elektrische oven,tot de spannende rijdersauto,kijk mijn benzineautos makkelijker zijn,auto spannend voor maken dan pak je een,ander versnellingsbak die sneller,reageert je maakt door fellere,acceleratie maak je felle je geeft hem,met dikker motorgeluid en dan staat er,al snel hele spannen noten voor je neus,mijn elektrische auto gaat dat allemaal,niet het enige wat je kan doen is in,plaats van een elektromotor twee,elektromotoren monteren en dat heeft men,dus ook gedaan maar daarmee is het,natuurlijk nog niet meteen een hele,spannende rijdersauto,en dat is dus het knappen van deze bmw,ingenieurs van de een afdeling hebben,nog eens goed gekeken naar een aantal,zaken en zo is onder meer meer stijfheid,gecreëerd in de koets dankzij extra stuk,dwars onder de motorkap,dat ging dan wel ten koste van de,franken,de wielen zijn 15 procent lichter dan,van een gewone juni draait dus hebt,minder onafgeveerd gewicht,kijk en dankzij dit soort ingrepen kun,je ook bij een elektrische auto de,rijbeleving wel degelijk laten toenemen,wanneer je het beste kan merken dat de,motorsport afdeling van b&w zich met,deze auto heeft vermoeid is bij de,remmen,het moment waarop regenereren en dus het,terugwinnen van remenergie en dus alleen,maar over gaat in echt remmen dat de,kelp eerste de remschijven,aangrijpen en de auto op die manier,mechanisch gaat afremmen dat verschil is,niet te voelen wanneer die van het ene,systeem in het andere overstapt en dat,betekent dat je deze auto dus heel mooi,precies kunt remmen een heel mooie kunt,doseren en er zit een bak remvermogen in,de is echt niet normaal,dus je kunt een bocht zoals het zo mooi,heet echt aanvallen dat is heel erg leuk,nou dat soort dingen maken dus tot een,echte rijdersauto,ook weer standaard luchtvering op de,achteras,dat is lekker voor als die in eco pro of,in comfort staat dan is ie echt mooi,keurig comfortabel en soepel is,eigenlijk alleen in sport is hij aan,best wel heel erg stevig maar goed dat,wil je ook want er zijn ook heel veel,als die zijn sport stond hebben en in,zon sportstand eigenlijk een beetje een,wassen neus tot slot het is en blijft,een elektrische auto en hou je vast deze,auto weegt tweeëntwintig honderd,kilogram,naar voel je eigenlijk niet zozeer dat,het gewicht aanwezig is alleen een heel,extreme situaties dan voel je toch wel,duur batterijen zitten in de bodem van,de auto onder de achterbank,en dat scheelt natuurlijk wel in het,zwaartepunt dat is lekker laag,[Muziek],[Applaus],ja wat een lekkere auto is dit,maar goed nou hoor ik de heren fanboys,van tesla natuurlijk al heel hard roepen,hallo die is ook nog een tesla model 3,performance,die gaat sneller van 0 naar 100 namelijk,in drie koppen 3 seconden in plaats van,3,9 hij heeft een hogere tops leidt,namelijk 260 in plaats van 225 km per,uur hij kon verder op een lading stroom,namelijk 547 kilometer,en hij is goedkoper werd 63 wiel,ja daar hebben de heren fanboys van test,laat wel een punt meneer bmw maar goed,ter verdediging van deze elektrische,auto is het wel zo dat hij niet mijlen,ver achterop loopt bij die tesla,bijvoorbeeld de laadsnelheid die is van,de tesla 240 kilo wat en van de b w210,dus dat ligt niet mijlenver uit elkaar,hij komt op een lading stroom volgens de,fabriek 500 kilometer dus ook daar bij,zit die in de buurt van die hele snelle,tesla,nog even iets over het verbruik bmw zegt,dat deze e54 gemiddeld 19 kilowattuur,per 100km verblijft en dat zal best waar,zijn als je roomser dan de paus gaat,draaien maar dat doe je natuurlijk niet,als je zoveel parkas onder de motorkap,heb ik kwam tot 21 kilowattuur per 100km,en dat is denk ik dichter bij de,realiteit want je gaat toch af en toe,even een sprintje trekken op dat is,gewoon hartstikke leuk,de bmw gesteld tegenover de tesla en,veel andré v is een hoge mate van,vervuiling in het interieur,neem bijvoorbeeld dit prachtige craft,display oftewel het ergonomisch gebogen,scherm waarin de instrumenten en het,infotainment zijn ondergebracht en die,prachtige fijn zittende stoelen die heel,veel steun bieden,overigens heb ik ook echt ook kritiek,punt door deze elektrische rivier heeft,de nieuwste generatie die drive en dat,is even wennen,hij heeft nu het minder fysieke knoppen,en sneltoetsen,je moet even je weg leren vinden en,achterin zit je nu net wat hoger dan je,zou willen,je zit al eenmaal op de batterijen en,deze bmw is een van de zeer weinige,lagen evas die er zijn en daardoor is,juist de hoofdruimte achterin dan ook,maar net aan er zijn wel twee,stroompunten achterin,maar wat doet deze tunnel in een eevee,[Muziek],j

BMW i4 vs Polestar 2 2022 shoot-out – Two Tesla alternatives but which is best? / Electrifying

so in todays little electrifying film,we are going to see if this,can beat that,with a little bit of help from him,a basic bmw i4 versus a top spec pulsar,2 via electrifying hive mind this should,be interesting this is gonna be a really,tough decision because they are two very,excellent cars they are indeed and also,very similar in various ways so im,looking forward to seeing what we find,out,okay so while we try and make some tough,decisions let us know which brands do,you immediately prefer is it the classic,german mark or is it the new kid on the,block let us know and also while youre,there do subscribe and like our channel,because it means we get to make more,videos together with tommy,tommy,tommy,so first up is the new bmw i4 and im,quite into this i quite like it and its,basically an electrified version of the,bmws 4 series grand coupe,and that means a spacious handsome car,that could be nothing but a bmw yeah,exactly this is officially called the,bmw i4 e drive 40 m sport so what does,that give you well it gives you an 80.7,kilowatt-hour battery bolted,underneath uh and that drives a single,motor which drives the rear wheels now,theres a grand total of 365 mile range,which is pretty good um but it is gonna,set you back if you go for the,entry-level i4 this is the m-sport model,if you go to the entry-level m sport,its going to set you back just over 52,grand,wow,365 miles of range is good isnt it you,know what though the poster too has some,tricks off his swedish chinese sleeves,you might not have as much range at just,300 miles well under 300 miles on the,wltp test but it packs a lot of punch,for your pound and its pretty fast and,it starts at under 46 grand,which leaves you enough cash to splash,on extras that is really quite an,impressive price actually um and its,also its a good looking five-seater,hatchback made by the same people that,make volvos so i think this is a very,compelling offer if youre just not,prepared to face buying a bmw face,absolutely,now these two electric cars arent,particularly groundbreaking i think when,it comes to style or design you know,theyre not particularly wacky theyre,not gonna break the internet uh it could,be a good or a bad thing depending on,what your perception is of how an ev,should look i mean this i4 is very,similar to the four series grand cupe,its kind of under the radar four-door,hatchback,if youre particularly observant youll,notice slim led headlights and tail,lights different bumpers front and back,and the aerodynamic wheels plus theres,some flashes of blue trim that indicate,a bmw i car but thats about it,and also side note got to talk about the,color absolutely beautiful i love this,green its officially called san remo,green,to you and i,dark green perhaps,but it is beautiful,now with the pole star 2 its pretty,much the same basic premise except of,course there isnt another internal,combustion engine car in its lineup and,there are more pole star models coming,out this year and id say just across,the board theyre all quite sharp,theyre stylish them theyre really,quite eye-catching when it comes to,style and design i think,it also has four doors and a hatch and,strikes me as less fussy to look at with,a chopped off rear end plus a full-width,light bar theres also a slightly raised,ride heights now thats not entirely,surprising as the pole starts to share,some bits with modern volvo suvs but you,do notice the slightly taller stance,good or bad do let us know what you,think in the comments below,this is where it gets interesting,because both cars have good drive trains,so the interior of the car and the tech,experience plays such an important role,and the bmw i4 does not disappoint at,all in front of us straight away you,notice this new wrap-around display,thats a paired 12.3 inch display and a,14.9 inch display which one side gives,you your driver instrument cluster with,all the information that you need to see,like speed range and so on and that also,changes as well depending on the drive,mode so if you go from sports to comfort,uh to eco pro this would change the sort,of experience that you have in this mode,what i also love about this display is,the fact that theres plenty of colors,there as well its very sharp and,vibrant and the menu system is just nice,and easy to understand as well so you,still got this idrive control button,here which you can use to control the,system and its also touch screen at the,same time so if youre stationary you,might want to control using the touch,experience but whilst youre driving if,you really want to quickly select,something you can use the idrive,controller thats right in the middle,here if youre going to the home option,you can see that youve got widgets,option which is pretty cool so you,become very familiar with this if you,use a smartphone or tablet device,already so you can easily scroll around,and add uh new widgets on there which is,pretty cool,going on to the safety equipment as well,we have plenty of safety options on here,like front collision warning and all,that kind of stuff so if we go into your,home setting here uh go to menu,and we scroll down here you can see the,icons as well very vibrant they look,really good,we go to driver settings,and then were going to driver assistant,straight away you can select the,different things to help you be as safe,as possible on the road it doesnt stop,there though we also have android auto,and apple carplay here as well we have,wireless charging area here so if you,have a qi wireless compatible device,like my latest iphone 13 pro i can just,place it there and charge my device on,the go one thing i also love is the,digital key function as well so if you,have a compatible device uh youll be,able to connect your smartphone uh,digitally and operate the car in terms,of opening the car door and getting and,getting out the car locking the car up,that kind of stuff one thing thats,really quirky though on the navigation,system is the ability to see how far,your battery can actually take you in,terms of the radius so as you can see on,the map right now this blue circle here,shows me how far i can go on the map,with 162 miles left on my range on the,battery right now which is pretty nifty,so overall this gives you a combination,of bmws quality materials and tech,experience to give you a really good,immersive experience in it as well as a,great drive experience with all that,said though the poster better bring it,to a game you must have some really good,tech in there to compete the good news,is the pulser 2 does really score here,things have a different vibe in it its,not as busy as the inside of the bmw if,that big display that wraps around you,things a bit more minimalist in it,theres less buttons in here to fiddle,with and things just feels a lot more,relaxed than zen in here compared to the,bmw is this more stylish ah thats,something youd have to decide for,yourself but i think so,i do like the recycled materials for the,seats and dash top the unvarnished wood,and general feeling of solidity in terms,of quality these two cars are evenly,matched but the pulsar comes alive when,we take a look at the options because,all posters have google installed at,birth now thats a big deal because,google is good at this stuff theres all,the usual ink car features as well as,the option of a full vivardi web browser,app downloads from google play store,intelligent route mapping a really well,decent voice operation system via google,assistant and comprehensive driver,assist systems you can playback video on,the screen and again its intuitive and,fast,so heres the thing both cars have some,amazing features and excellent tech that,will grow with you as you have them for,longer you also have over-the-air,updates which means the cars are up to,date at all times one thing thats worth,noting though is its just a matter of,preference and the money you save on the,poster too you can use that to buy extra,toys and those cost far less when

2022 BMW i4 | Review & Road Test

it is hot as nuts out here not at all,like the say bavarian alps where you,might expect to find this thing the bmw,i4 m50 its all electric,and its smoking,lets get some nitty-gritty things out,of the way the i-4 is a grand coupe that,follows in the ev footsteps of bmws i8,i3 and ix,of all of those this sexy sedan with the,sloping roofline is my favorite body,style the base model version of the i4,is the e-drive 40 which gets decent,horsepower and is a rear wheel drive,configuration,i managed to get my sticky fingers on,the m50 yes that m means that this,particular model is from the m,performance division of bmw and yes even,though this is an electric vehicle it,still needs to live up to that m,thats what were gonna find out today,the m50 pushes 536 horsepower around,with all four tires and gets up to 275,miles of range that is less than the e,drive 40 which manages 300 miles but am,i disappointed that i have less range,when i have this under my right foot,thats about i dont know 0 to 60 in,like 3.9 seconds the answer to that,question is no,power feels quick zippy jazzy immediate,however you want to say it its there,im not feeling like i need more even,though this isnt a shrinking violet of,a car it weighs in at over five thousand,pounds,so i did have a chance to talk to a bmw,rep and he was explaining to me that the,engineers really wanted to put their,best foot forward here the engineering,the dynamics the way that this car drove,was the most important thing no matter,that customers were absolutely screaming,for it bmw would rather have taken the,time and done it right have they,succeeded,yeah i mean i would say that this is,definitely worth the wait,from the balance of the i4 to the weight,distribution to the stability this car,just feels good,i love it when i get into a sports sedan,and it actually feels sporty from the,get-go the i-4 to me,feels taut it feels clenched like its,already ready for action now i have,heard some journalists who are pushing,it to eight nine tenths and who are way,better drivers than i am,say that theyre feeling a little bit of,understeer when theyre in sport mode or,that they are feeling a little bit of,torque steer honestly ive pushed this,card as hard as i can and i have not,felt that but you know i think also most,people who are buying this car are not,going to take it to that level,so i dont think theyre going to have,any issues in that regard,no my limits might not be as extreme as,someone elses but on regular legal road,and highway driving even in a spirited,manner i am not feeling the i4 lacking,it also comes with an adaptive,suspension that has an air setup in the,rear helping out with that composed and,comfortable ride,if i had one complaint it would be about,the steering theres an artificial feel,and really no feedback here but when,youre in sport mode the weight of it is,great and theres no dead spot on center,so like i said im just nitpicking,lets talk regenerative braking for a,second shall we,the i4 gets four different settings to,customize your braking regen needs,including shutting the system off,completely for a more natural feel,i say more natural because well youre,not going to get 100 natural this is,break by wire so,take that into account there is a,setting on the regen braking system that,i really like its called adaptive and,what that does is it works with the,navigation system and it will anticipate,elevation change it will anticipate a,turn that you have coming up and already,get into braking mode for you which,i think is kind of pretty cool of course,you can control it yourself ive used it,i think the adaptive is a really cool,setup and a cool feature,try them all out,driving a sport coupe with one pedal is,a totally different experience,especially if youre mashing the,throttle and then doing some hard,braking but once you get used to it,theres a synchronistic feel that you,start to get with the car and i really,dig it its like left foot braking while,rally driving and to me thats just the,best kind of driving there is,so one small complaint about that you,can switch from whatever setting youre,in into adaptive just by moving the,shifter over to b,but you cannot switch it all the way off,or change the setting of it unless you,go,pretty deeply into the ux system you,know the more that these cars are tech,based like the more we are going to have,layers in the infotainment system,but it would be great if there was like,a paddle here or some kind of i dont,know maybe physical button or something,that was just a little bit easier to get,to,the i4 gets an 83.9 kilowatt hour,battery that is dc fast charging capable,up to 200 kilowatts,at that capacity youre looking at a 10,to 80 percent charge in 31 minutes,and like mercedes mercedes-benz and,cadillac bmw is throwing in free,charging sessions with evgo,so just one word about the batteries,that bmw is using for the i-4 they are,exclusive for this vehicle and bmw,has said that theyre going out of their,way to source cobalt especially in,conflict-free zones so what that means,is hopefully countries that have,really strict child labor laws,and a little bit more environmentally,conscious which,i always think is a good thing,lets talk about the interior for a,second the iforce cockpit is driver,focused and friendly the way a grand,coupe should be,theres a massive curved display that,orients toward the driver and,incorporates both drivers information,and entertainment climate controls and,smartphone connectivity,i like how the gauge cluster the,infotainment screen and the head-up,display all work together theyre super,customizable and you can put information,either,individually on each of these screens or,you can have everything all in the same,place all at once,drivers like it when they can have stuff,where they want it,the seats are a gorgeous vernasca,leather this color happens to be called,tacora red and it is beautiful the seats,are highly adjustable and fit like a,glove without being super restrictive,goldilocks says just right thanks,space is pretty decent back here,especially when youre talking about,behind my seating position now when i,move over not sure why the transmission,tube is here but okay when im here,behind ryan the intern say hi ryan hi,ryan,room does get a little bit more scarce,hes a little bit further back and i can,say the same for the roofline too even,though you know what i like the sloping,roof line but hey,im never sitting back here,thats where the intern goes,some great standard features in the i4,include a power tailgate keyless entry,moon roof rain sensing wipers a lynn,favorite dual climate control intern,ryan thanks you bmw and adaptive cruise,control,additional driver assists include blind,spot detection lane departure warnings,rear cross traffic alerts and a fatigue,and focus alert,the m50 adds 19 inch wheels m sport,brakes with blue calipers so everyone,knows youre emming it the badging does,that too but you also get that adaptive,m suspension and variable sport steering,you can load up on more options should,you choose including heated steering,wheel lumbar support heated seats and,get this the iconic sounds electric,feature whats that im glad you asked,if you are a fan of the movies at all,then you probably know the name hans,zimmer he composed music for pirates of,the caribbean and gladiator so yeah like,we know him well bmw commissioned mr,zimmer to make all of the sounds in the,i4,and,some of them are just absolutely super,cool and otherworldly especially when,you get into sport boost mode,[Music],i mean listen whether you like it or not,or think its just too weird or not what,i love is the fact that bmw has made,something thats really bespoke this is,a premium brand and i love the fact that,theyre adding little touches that make,it feel like it,coming outside the i-4 looks every inch,of bmw down to the kidneys up front,instead of cooling through those,nostrils though thats where bmw stashes,the radar sensors in thi

New BMW i4 in-depth review: does it beat the Tesla Model 3?

in fact,this is one of the best drivers electric,cars,weve ever driven,[Music],oh theyre coming in thick and fast,arent they electric bmws last year we,were introduced to the ix-3 and then the,ix and now we have this,the bmw i4,the electric version of the coupe,version of the petrol and diesel-powered,bmw 3 series so effectively,its an electric 4 series if that makes,sense i mean its got all the styling on,the outside very similar cabin but,underneath,tis a very different beast i mean i,think it looks wicked dont you and it,goes like stink as well this isnt even,the quick one,so given how popular the three series,always has been,is this now going to be the new default,company car,lets find out the bmw i4 is a rival to,the likes of teslas massive selling,model 3 and the polstar 2. the i-4 is,currently available with a choice of two,electric motor setups theres the,rear-wheel drive e-drive 40 and the,x-drive four-wheel drive m50 the latter,being the first ever pure electric m-car,no half-efforts though theres a lot of,motorsport history to live up to so this,new i4 cant just look the part its,gotta drive the part too so lets start,here shall we behind the wheel now,granted this isnt the m50 this is the e,drive 40,but i cant for the life of me figure,out why anyone in their right mind would,want anything faster because my goodness,this thing is seriously quick i mean i,know a few of you commented on the,jaguar f-pace,video because you quite liked how i used,the word nippy to describe that,i dont know if nippy will suffice when,it comes to the i4,right if you put your foot down to the,floor from a standstill this will do not,to 62 in 5.7 seconds but the most,impressive thing,is how responsive it is,when youre already on the move so im,on a straight road right now okay i am,going 40 mile an hour and then you put,your foot down and bam,whoa,oh,see,its not nippy its more than nippy the,word for this is bam,but heres the thing,its balanced and it feels so controlled,it doesnt feel unruly like a tesla does,i think i prefer this,and then theres the small matter of the,chassis now,despite the cars weight the low centre,of gravity and the wider axles and bmws,trick suspension engineering means this,handles really well i mean the steering,isnt bristling with feel,but its extremely precise and also its,got a nice bit of weight to it you know,in fact,this is one of the best drivers,electric cars,weve ever driven you can really tell,whos been making cars for over a,century compared to those that have been,at it for just over a decade,oh the tesla fans are really going to,lay into me for that one dont look at,the comments nicholas dont look at the,comments but,i have to say it its true,this is a far superior car to drive its,not always about numbers its about how,it makes you,feel now the m50,comes with an extra motor which is at,the front now those combined make 540,brake horsepower which i guess it does,feel a lot faster and the four-wheel,drive means its a lot more sure-footed,but this,this e drive 40,this is the baby,comfort,refinement yes and also yes,and it does have the measure of the pole,star in that regard,i mean it just rides so beautifully it,doesnt crash into potholes like some,electric suvs that weve driven,and actually on the motorway,quiet as a mouse which is very handy,because bmw claimed that the i4 can do,up to 360,miles which makes this,one of the longest range electric cars,currently on sale,admittedly that figure is more like 300,to 320 miles in real-world driving but,thatll still be more than enough for,most even for those more used to diesel,economy and long motorway trips rapid,205 kilowatt charging means you can,recharge from 10 to 80 percent at an,appropriate public charge point in a,smidge over half an hour too both the e,drive 40 and m50 get the same 83,kilowatt hour battery pack but the added,weight and more powerful motors means,the latter posts an official range of,just 318 miles on a charge still decent,both can be topped up at home overnight,via a seven kilowatt wall box in 13,hours,okay so now were done the driving bit,lets do the interior bit i mean i know,its all very lovely in here and all,very high quality but it feels like,bmw have taken a little mini step back,with their idrive,system now heres the thing im very,pleased theyve still got this click,controller down here and normally you,would sit in the car and then you would,tap away youd find what you want click,it and then away you go but now it just,feels like theres just mountains and,mountains of,sub-menus and lots of things are just,kind of hidden within everything it all,makes it a little bit more confusing now,i do know that on the tile system,then that can be personalized so maybe,just maybe,it might make it a little bit easier,once youve lived with it for a little,while but as tested,its all just,a little bit confusing functionality,though thats all nice and lovely i mean,if you just want to,listen to the radio,sat nav connect your phone make a call,either through bmw or through apple,carplay or android auto thats nice and,easy to use,apart from that i mean i dont have any,other complaints,its all very lovely quality in here i,have to say and i do love this driving,position because you sit nice and low,and the seat feels like it kind of wraps,around you and hugs you you know,steering wheels in a lovely position as,well and everything is within reach yeah,i like that oh but,bmw if you are watching,removing the physical twisty touchy,climate controls and putting them within,the screen that is a black mark from me,naughty naughty,choosing which i4 is right for you is,pretty straightforward there are in,effect just three cars to choose from,the e drive 40 is available in sport or,m sport trims while the m50 is a,standalone model in its own right wed,recommend the cheapest sport version,youll get all the performance we,discussed earlier plus most of the kit,youd expect in a 50 grand bmw led,lights front and rear automatic air,conditioning a powered tailgate and the,twin screens up front stepping up to m,sport costs around two and a half grand,more and brings sportier styling,different wheels and alcantara trim on,the inside as well as the extra motor,the m50 gets adaptive suspension beefier,brakes and variable sport steering,youll pay around 10 grand more full,specs can be found in our written review,just search for the bmw i4 at car buyer,code at uk,now this wouldnt be a proper car bar,review if we didnt speak about,practicality its a bit of a mixed bag,really i mean its very similar to the,petrol-powered 4-series grand coupe so,we cant really go that hard on this i-4,but back here its not as spacious as,like the three series saloon because of,this sloping roof line i mean im five,foot six,headrooms not really anything to write,home about leg room is,fine,the weird thing is that because the,battery is underneath the floor the,floors up a little bit higher and it,feels like my knees are quite high up,its not uncomfortable it just,it feels a bit weird you know,but the damage thats done by that,sloping roofline is quickly redeemed by,the hatchback tailgate it is infinitely,more practical than the 3 series saloon,style opening total capacity is,470 liters only 10 liters down on the,petrol grand coupe though it is,disappointing to learn that theres no,space under the bonnet to keep the,charging cables both the polstar 2 and,tesla model 3 offer this functionality i,think that leads us quite nicely to our,little roundup how about some deal,makers and deal breakers,the bmw i4 is one of the finest handling,electric cars you can buy from,performance to ride comfort even the,driving position is spot on,entry-level sports cars will officially,do 365 miles and comfortably more than,300 in normal use that puts it among the,longest range evs currently on sale the,infotainment system might not be as,intuitive to use as bmws of old but the,design and quality of the interior is,class lea

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