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BMW X2 SUV 2019 in-depth review | carwow Reviews

this is the new bmw x2 and you can think,of it as being a bit like a converse,high top sneaker you see its taller,than a bmw one series which would be a,normal trainer but its not quite as,tall as the x1 on which this is actually,based which will be a full on proper,boot the reason ive chosen this as the,reference is because its supposedly,trendy and its got the branding there,on the heel and this car has its,branding there in a similar position,which would be hard now being the cooler,version of the x1,its more expensive so the starting,price if i go to carwire.com youll see,its 30 000 pounds now when you get it,through cardboard actually starts from a,bit under that it starts from just under,30 000 pounds but this is a brand new,car as the car gets older there will be,even better deals available through car,wires so if you want to see how much you,can save on a new car click on the pop,out banner in the top right hand corner,of the screen or the link below the,video to go to carwow.com,now the x2s more sporty body shape,means its not quite as practical as the,x1 but actually the boot its only about,five percent smaller and its still a,very very good size problem i have with,it though is theres quite a largest lip,to lift stuff over for this kind of car,so if youve got really heavy items you,might end up doing your backing and your,dogs gonna find a bit harder to jump,into the boot there is some really,excellent extra storage under there,loads of space and youve got a 12-volt,socket there some storage here and some,tethering points here and here what does,annoy me though is if i want to fold the,seats down ive got to go actually,into the back,because the leaves are here but i do,like the fact that look,you can split them three ways so you can,carry long items such as i know flat,pack furniture and two room passengers,at once and when you fold the seats down,theyre not completely flat but its not,too bad and you can slide heavy items to,the front now lets talk about the space,here in the back seats then so,you might be able to tell that well the,doors dont actually open all that wide,which makes it a bit of a struggle when,you kind of try to maneuver a baby seat,or something like that you can as you,can see,recline,the chair backs which is handy because,headroom its a little bit on the tight,side so people much over six foot could,find it a bit cramped back here what i,cant complain about though is the knee,room thats good theres plenty of space,for your feet as one you can stretch out,under the seat in front if you want to,carry three at once its okay,middle state is a bit high its a bit,cramped and there are other cars,this kind of class which are more roomy,for carrying people in the back at once,just point this out to you so youve got,your arm rest and the usual kind of bmw,style cupholders there as well while im,showing off the practicality weve got,some knitting here for stuff and look,the rear door bins are huge they can,hold a big bottle of water the windows,are an alright size but the actual sill,is quite high so smaller kids are going,to find it difficult to get a view out,and then often theyre a bit annoying,now moving on to the front so yeah door,bins here as well are absolutely massive,bmw just think a lot about practicality,the truth so they will fit and theres,some,storage here as well some under here and,under here,and the glove box its actually quite a,decent size as well,because of the interior design well im,not the biggest fan of the look of it,but it is all very clear and easy to use,the dars are big and its exactly whats,going on but i cant fault the quality i,think bmw makes really high quality,interiors the materials are just plush,they feel solid yeah it all feels,expensive just as it should actually,because its quite an expensive car so,this one is the two litre x drive diesel,in m sport which has extra bits and,pieces on it and this price is 37 000,pounds and like i said because the car,is so new theres not so many deals,available on it and really i would,probably just get an x1 anyway because,you can get decent discounts on a next,one so ill plug in the same x1 as this,car so two liter x drive with the m,sport trim and ive got an offer back,from car wow for 33 and a half thousand,pounds a saving of almost three grand,whereas this list price is around 37 000,pounds so yep,and its not quite such a good car,really overall even though largely its,its pretty much the same now you can,save some money by going for one of the,lesser trims like the se has pretty much,all you need so it has things like dual,zone climate control theres also an,automated tailgate which is handy so i,can just shut it from here because it,will stop,the air whipping through here you might,have heard it already on my mic and you,also get cruise control theres also,satellite navigation though the standard,satellite navigation has a smaller,screen than this this is the upgraded,one but it is lovely both of them though,work in pretty much the same way so,youve got the swivel wheel which is,nice and easy to navigate and if you,want you can use it as a touch screen i,do really like bmws idrive system and,if you click on the pop out button on,the top right hand corner of the screen,on the link below the video you can see,my full in-depth review of it i do have,one complaint about it though and its,the fact that while you can get it with,apple carplay it doesnt come at all,with android auto so a lot of phone,users,yeah are just not catered for now in,terms of the rest of the cabin so this,car is a bit lower than the x1 and you,can get the seat quite lightly so it,almost feels like,like a one series but if youre short,you can jack it up pretty high so you,can get a good view out and there is,lots of adjustment in the steering wheel,now if you want to know more about this,cars practicality once again click on,the pop-up bar in the top right hand,corner of the screen or on the link,below the video to see just how,practical this car is such as how much,stuff you can fit in the cars boot what,its like with three adults in the back,and just how easy it is to fit a child,seat,now then its time for the car wow five,annoying things about this car,for some reason bmw decided to put its,badge on here at a slight jaunty angle,it just looks a bit odd look if it was,straight itd be like that,but no theyve done it slightly,off-kilter i dont know why,its annoying,at first it looks as though the puzzle,shelf will fit underneath the false,floor which would make me very happy,because then it wouldnt clutter up the,back of the car when you remove it but,then,that wont shut,then thats no good unless you want a,springboard,for your dog,the gear selector for the automatic,gearbox looks like something you might,find in an summers catalogue dont like,touching it makes me feel,dirty,the doors dont cover the sporty cells,and they stick out quite a way which,means that when you get in and out you,end up rubbing your legs on them which,is a problem,if your cars dirty because then the,back of your legs become all dirty,i think this has to be one of the most,unnecessarily large fuel filler caps,ive seen on any car in fact im sure,its about the same size as a fuel,filler cap for a bay 747 speaking which,look i want to use that as an air brake,its that big,thankfully this car has plenty of cool,features which helps make up for all,this heres five,unlike other german manufacturers bmw is,keeping it real by using proper exhaust,pipes look theyre not fake at all and,theyre a lovely chrome,you can get the car with six different,colors for the interior ambient lighting,so theres a choice of orange bronze,white green or blue obviously you cant,see them now because its the middle of,the day but at night time it looks,really cool you know like one of those,smallest uvs you can get a really bright,head-up display which shows things like,the speed limit your current speed and,directions from the satell

2018 BMW X2 Review – Sports Activity Coupe, not an SUV

a day Kanye or gopher Drive,[Music],weve got the brand-new 2018 BMW x2 – 8i,xDrive MX sport M Sport X ok ok a little,bit confusing but the coolest part if,you move the x2 badge over to the 2:8,badge you get the horsepower number 228,horsepower do you think they did that on,purpose I dont think so but it just,worked out that way anyways so this is a,new subcompact crossover for BMW no this,is actually a sport activity coupe do,not call it that this is an s AC but,really its subcompact crossover,according to BMW and this is the gold,one thats been at every Auto Show yes,this is galvanic gold and its got that,weird space grey outline on everything,yes thats part of one of the packages I,dont really like it but it has grown on,me grey is becoming the luxury thing you,know what this car looks like to me what,The Wrestler gold dust gold with some,with some black space great lipstick,this car is about style right if thats,what youre telling me,thats what BMW says ok what do you,think inspired the looks of this car,because I had a little glance of their,spec sheets I have no idea if you were,to look at something youre like I want,this to inspire this car what do you,think it was lets go military tank,rally car,yeah exactly this car they say is,inspired by the world of rally racing,okay I do like the looks of this car it,looks really cool I wouldnt say it,looks like a rally car but it looks,really cool,okay looks wise what are your favorite,parts the side profile because that,little badge on the back side yes on the,side of the back side a lot of old BMW,coupes used to have that yes because,sports activity coupe so yeah thats a,little throwback yeah yeah yeah you know,what I really like about the looks of,this one but the headlights and the,taillights of course BMW headlights,these taillights though are very good,and we have fog lights too but if you,have the BMW lights like dont even,bother with the fog oh yeah just run,daytime running lights let me just go,back to horse power for a bit all right,2 litre four-cylinder twin-scroll single,turbo,why does everyone do 2 litre 4-cylinder,turbos thats just like the perfect,number for the amount of power that you,need from these small cars and xDrive so,its all-wheel drive thats good yeah it,actually is pretty nice especially in,those terrible weather that were,driving in you didnt mention torque oh,right 258 pound-feet of torque,pound-feet of torque you stop saying,torques,I only say it sometimes anyways this,cars pretty quick in sport mode its,pretty quick yeah its not the quickest,its adequate a cool thing about driving,this car in sport mode is that youve,got the normal shifter and not that,fancy push shifter yes this is like a,mini style shifter yes its just like,the Mini Cooper so if you want to shift,up is down down is up and its a perfect,hide with your arm on the armrest it is,an 8-speed and you can manually shift it,but I wouldnt really recommend it its,pretty quick but its not the fastest at,shifting keeping auto yeah the auto is,really good it shifts really quick and,auto cuz youre not waiting for it to,lag so its really good when you just,leave an auto now back to the looks for,a minute alright I guess weve got this,space grey silver trim everywhere yes,instead of black like every other,crossover has this is true because grey,is becoming a new luxury thing by the,way that is called frozen grey frozen,gray I thought oh Space Gray no its,frozen great because its matte anything,frozen for BMW is matte okay the non,export model the Anan M Sport X model,not M Sport X model has black trim,instead,yes and then I saw some photos of a blue,one and I dont know if I like the gray,painted gold or not more so Im just,gonna Photoshop it and Ill think about,it,yeah that looks pretty good I feel about,that,okay good now we got both opinions,covered and then also with the looks on,the rocker panels we got some cool,little like bumpy pattern yes thats,part of one of the packages the EMS,board X package we got a little spoiler,yes we do part of the vortex package as,well and then weve got new grilles,right yes the kidney grilles of changes,this is apparently BMWs new design,language going forward and this is the,first car with them so they kind of like,elongated them a little bit,it looks cartoonish and like Annamayya,but I dont mind it back to the power,for a second your favorite theres a,little bit of turbo lag down low do you,notice that I didnt analyze this car in,a sporty way I just analyze it as a,driving a crossover yes so if youre,driving across over in the city theres,a little bit of turbo lag down low,because youre driving in the city stop,and go okay speaking of stop and go,weve got an auto start-stop yes we do,which is hidden right next to the start,stop which makes sense if you think,about it after you find it back to how,it drives we have three different modes,Eco Pro comfort and sport I pretty much,just left this thing in comfort the,entire time I went in sport here and,there it changes a little bit of whats,showing on the gauges yeah the steering,gets heavier there is no adaptive,suspension so that doesnt change your,throttle input is a little bit too,sensitive thats why I didnt like it,but back to the gauges theyre great,well you know whats even better is you,can simplify it even more like you can,get rid of everything through this menu,Oh everything just disappeared how,simple is that now can you see,everything on that screen I can see,everything except the speedometer at the,bottom because its blocked by the,steering column okay but the steering,wheel is in a comfortable position right,for me it is right now yes okay so,adjust it so that you can see everything,is that a comfortable steering position,its still comfortable yeah its,actually more comfortable now when you,get out youre gonna hit your knee on,the steering wheel every time and the,steering column yes I will because you,want to be able to see all the gauges,you dont need the speedometer at the,bottom because we have an awesome,heads-up display and we have yeah,exactly,raise your steering wheel back up yeah,yeah all right got that out and then if,you zoom out from the gauges a little,bit weve got paddles,yes we do and theyre very nice whats,connected to the paddles oh the steering,wheel Yuri the m-sport bad steering,wheel so this has a package which gets,you stiffer steering okay I dont know,if Id recommend it I havent tried the,other one but I dont think this car,should be as stiff as it is I would,recommend the softest version of this,car possible yeah exactly the suspension,is too stiff on this M Sport stiff,suspension the steering is a little bit,too stiff when you put it into sport,mode its just its a little bit too,stiff its not quick enough for how,stiff it is yes exactly,but trade-off is it does handle really,well for what it is which is a sports,activity coupe so it handles well so if,you do want it to handle well you will,want this but if you dont get the one,without all the stiff stuff Yuri tell me,did you know that this is based on the,BMW x1 X 1 X 2 X 3 X 5 X 7 theres an X,4 X 4 doesnt here 6 6 ok well theres,no X 7 so I just assume anything Xs,across is our SUV yeah but theres a,difference X is all SUVs but x2 is based,on the x1 and x2 is a higher number but,its actually smaller than the x1 I,didnt know that its lower and its,shorter but its based on the same,platform that stuff doesnt interest me,at all I figured it didnt interest me,but I also dont like that smaller stuff,isnt the smallest number see I knew you,wouldnt like that and thats why I,wanted to tell you they should do this,switcheroo yeah they should really,suppress release and say hello everybody,were switching it up but this is like,what the x6 is to the x5 so its like a,sporty ER coupie ER 1 so the one number,above is always the sport of your coupe,your one yeah and the one before it,I guess what you need to do is just,check it out and sit in it and see yeah,look

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The BMW X2 is Fun, Fast, and Cheap, but…

all right welcome back everyone today we,have the BMW X Drive 28i X2 great little,hot rod yes its fun frivolous and its,quite practical but it shows that its,actually a price point vehicle and today,I want to show you walk through some of,the quirks on the outside of the vehicle,the inside of the vehicle take it for a,short drive and then summarize with the,Peta score practicality fun reliability,as well as value for the money what I,personally believe that this X2 will,provide you as a consumer so lets get,rolling right into it now,Lifes too short to drive boring cars,so featured here is a 22 BMW X2 with the,X Drive which means its all-wheel drive,its a 2 000 upgrade from the S Drive,which is the standard vehicle that you,would find for the X2 with that said it,starts around thirty eight thousand,dollars and this again just bumps that,up just a hair however as a BMW theres,a certain expectation for luxury and,this car actually because its a lower,level and based on the X1 chassis is,quite frivolous by its very nature,theres some Bare Bones features to this,but there are some upper end features,and were going to walk through some of,those to decipher the difference why you,are paying less money for this vehicle,and where BMW hosts decide to cut some,corners but what we have here is a 2.0,liter turbocharged direct injected,vehicle all aluminum engine that,produces 228 horsepower it also makes,about 258 pound-feet of twist providing,more than enough adequate performance,for a day-to-day commute it drives,better than many of its competitors for,example the Volvo xc40 and certainly,anything from Mercedes or even Lexus,that is in the same classification BMW,always likes to dial in their handling,abilities and the brakes are up to task,for anything youd expect from a vehicle,of this nature youre not taking it to,the racetrack but it does very very well,in standard driving all right so lets,take this from the top and right from,the front end of this car as you can see,I love the front grille the new BMWs are,often known for their obscene oversized,horrifyingly ugly large grills look at,the new M6 yuck or the X7 or even the 5,Series 7 Series cars theyve expanded,everything X5 grills are a little larger,too than they conventionally were some,people love it its an acquired taste,personally I think its what we have,here is more of a conventional style,Grille look at this size this is more of,what the true BMW enthusiasts would love,this style of Grill which is more,consistent with the older design theme,love that of course down here we can see,we have this great front spoiler and,Valence youll if you look over here,youll notice this is solid theres,nothing in there but as we pan on over,here we can see theres actually an,inlet here thats for the engine air for,the engine to breathe so its an,absolute gorgeous look nicely finished,and then padding up here to the,headlights now I love these headlights,and we know that BMW has what they call,the laser beam headlights they have the,little blue filaments in there well,these ones dont come with the blue beam,essentially the the laser beam LEDs,although these are LED headlights we,have the conventional LEDs with the,angel eye trim rings around it and these,are very very bright they extend light,out Way Beyond what older conventional,BMWs would do these headlights are,amazing they work great I love them well,we noticed this,this is clearly a nice a touch a lot of,vehicles back in the day they were going,just with a hard shell type plastic,around the wheel wells while it wears,well it doesnt look quite as dressed up,this is nicely dressed then since were,on the topic the wheels here are great I,really love this laser cut look now a,lot of Manufacturers are going with this,design with the with the clean silver,face with of course of all kinds of,contour and texturing around that BMW no,different these are absolutely gorgeous,wheels and the 19 inch rubber is slipped,over top of these what down here youll,notice theres a little M logo and,unfortunately BMW just loves to Splatter,those M badges over everything doesnt,matter if its a true M vehicle or not,this is a four-cylinder engine this is,not an M vehicle but theyre throwing,them on everything just an upgrade,package personally I think that in,itself is a little greasy same thing,Mercedes in the AMG you know a lot of,these manufacturers are doing that just,bump up price packaging lets bundle,this up and charge you a whole lot of,money and I love some of the design look,at the rocker panel how they change the,coloring here that youve got this great,component flares out its a good look,there for sure and its separate from,this lower section of the door panel,its a beautiful design here mirror is,pretty standard yeah LED there but look,if you look down here youll notice we,have the soft touch you can use this,just simply to lock,or unlock and the worst thing is though,I noticed even with the key I unlock it,this does not have this on the back so,this is a little bit of a crappy design,in my opinion slightly less practical,and I spoke about this earlier its a,price point vehicle so youre going to,do away with some of the fringes this is,one of those you dont have the soft,touch here pretty much if you want to,get in back here you either get somebody,from the inside you unlock it with this,now you just pull it but theres no soft,touch on this handle and again BMW had,to do away with some of these extra,fringe benefits but lo and behold there,you go up here how about this this gives,this car away having this BMW logo right,on the side of the upper deck here is,something that BMW you dont see in a,lot of their other vehicles so seeing,that here clearly is a sign that hey,when I see that,I know what this is its an X2 all right,so we circle around,love this,in some older generation x3s these were,coming off there was a recall because,this upper deck was coming off,inadvertently wasnt properly fastened,keep an eye out for that so far so good,I havent heard of any issues on the X2,here love this smaller windshield looks,very very sporty I mean I love the,overall design theme what theyre doing,back here makes this vehicle look a lot,better in my opinion than the X1 the X1,is a little higher a little frumpier a,little more conventional SUV this X2 LED,tail lights again we have a great theme,Here we have X Drive 28i implying that,we have the 2-liter engine and its,all-wheel drive because its identified,as an X of course we have dual exhaust,tips I love that look at the Chrome down,here its beautiful and then we have,this beautiful little spoiler or if I,can say splitter at the back I like the,use of multiple different colors we have,gray here black here and its just a,nice way to change it up but look heres,an interesting little technique check,this out press that,lift now how about that so I like that,concept but clearly do you see any,buttons here no theres no buttons to,close it,so in other words to get access to this,vehicle you need to do it more manually,and you need to reclose it manually,before we close that Ill show you down,in here some nice stainless steel,finishing down here of course we got,this you can take this out if you need,for larger luggage down here weve got a,little capacity for some junk storage,and even more so lots of room down in,here but look down here,throw some extra junk you want to hide,out of the site out of sight out of mind,and theres enough room in here even for,me to fit in here,look at that I love it so this is,actually a six-seater vehicle if you,will right youve got the two in the,front three in the back and you could,probably fit one more back here,just kidding of course we would never do,that thats not legal anywhere unless,youre south of the U.S Mexican border,of course so here we go lets close this,boom see pretty straightforward pretty,face model here we can open this,junkyard up here and of course we have,the fuel filler here,and pretty

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Review: BMW X2 sDrive18i. Nóg een X, maar wel een fijne!

we hebben de x5 we hebben de x 3 en,later kwam dan nog een x een bij,en dat tussen vinden we autos met even,getallen,de x 4 en de xs best wel hevig,gestileerde expressief gevormde bmw is,met een coupé lijn nu eens naar x 2,bijgekomen maar die is qua design een,stuk tu behoudender geworden om een,breder publiek aan te spreken met dat,betekent niet dat we hier te maken,hebben met een,niet expressief vormgegeven bmw sterker,nog dit vind ik momenteel één van de,mooiste bms op de markt,de nieuwe x2,[Muziek],de nieuwe bmw x 2 deelt zijn technische,basis met zijn broeder de x1,maar als we naar het front van de oude,kijken zien we meteen dat deze x2,in geen velden of wegen lijkt op die x1,qua design,dit vond straalt dynamiek en kracht uit,en c geeft meteen aan dat hij extreem,meer dynamischere broeder is van het,stel,mooi zijn deze en led-koplampen,optioneel standaard is die voorzien van,alle geen verlichting en deze beschikken,ook voor wat betreft het normale,lichtbeeld dimlicht en het grootlicht,over die heldere led functie,jammer is wel dat een matrix functie,ontbreekt dus hij is niet in staat om,bijvoorbeeld een tegenligger de uit te,filteren en dat is jammer want het mini,beschikt wel over die techniek aan de,zijkant is die dynamischer aanpak ook,meteen zichtbaar we zien tikkeltje,aflopende daklijn,viel meer poly heeft die auto gekregen,de haar door,en kenmerkend voor deze x 2 is het logo,op de c-stijl een verwijzing naar bmw,zet de jaren 70 die dat ook hadden,deze auto is voorzien van 19 inch,lichtmetalen velgen,staan ontzettend goed doet wel iets met,het rijcomfort,uiteraard maar goed bij deze auto draait,het uiteraard ook om de looks,standaard op de extra hij is best wel,rijk uitgerust keyless entry en ook dat,is wel prettig,de sleutels kundige,in de broekzak blijven aan de achterkant,valt het op dat de x2 hier beschikt over,een meme hatchback achtig design die,aflopende daklijn in combinatie met het,smalle achteruit je de best wel hoog,komt doet je vermoeden dat je te maken,hebt met een auto het b crossover,segment het is wat,wat krappe vormgegeven en hier oog die,je eigenlijk als een normale auto,in plaats van een hoger op de poten,staan de crossover,uiteraard see me led achterlicht units,en die je het bmw logo aan te reiken om,de achterklep te openen die achter klep,verschaft je dan toegang tot 470 liter,bagageruimte,en dat is 30 liter minder dan de x1 maar,goed 470 liter is nog steeds behoorlijk,wat de achterbankleuning kan je,neerklappen en ontstaat er een inhoud,van bijna 14 ondertitel,neem ik plaatsen de achterbank ja dan,moet ik zeggen het hout hier niet echt,over wat betreft de ruimte,ik zit nu achter mezelf ik nate een,meter vierentachtig maar zit dankzij,mijn,veel te grote voeten altijd relatief ver,naar achteren ik heb nu net genoeg,ruimte om hier te kunnen zitten,vooral de instap met mijn voeten is vrij,lastig om deze onder de voorstoel te,krijgen en de harde kunststof bedekking,hier achter op zich is de afwerking,modus het leer loopt mooi over het,kunststof hoogwaardig kunststof het is,geen a cause i je dat je er denken,tussen kijkt maar ik zit hier best wel,krap ik zit echt met mijn knieën nu,tegen dat kunststof aan voor de rest is,de zit een beetje rechtop niet echt heel,erg goed ondersteund voor wat betreft de,bovenbenen en ik zie wel,ventilatierooster ze dat is wel weer,prettig ik zie een 12 volt aansluiting,maar ik mis bijvoorbeeld een,usb-aansluiting dat vind ik net even een,stukje moderne,en middenarmsteun is aanwezig met een,oude traditie zoeken bekerhouders en wat,ook fijn is is dat je het middelste,gedeelte van die achterbak leuning neer,kan klappen zodat je bijvoorbeeld skis,kan doorvoeren en ondanks zijn,sportievere daklijn is de hoofdruimte,uitstekend zelfs in combinatie met de,panoramadak,en dan aan boord van de nieuwe bmw x 2,ine teleurstelling wat mij betreft en,dan niet voor wat betreft de afwerking,of er design dat is allemaal prima,zelfs laat staan eigenlijk op een heel,hoog niveau zeker die afwerking maar de,teleurstelling met mij betreft zit hem,in het feit dat we eigenlijk te maken,hebben met gewoon een x een,die voorin is het gewoon net als een,vlieg in en x1 zit,ja ik je zou het misschien kunnen merken,kan iets meer sterk aflopende daklijn,maar ik zit gewoon in een x1 het,dashboard hetzelfde te zetten is,hetzelfde de stoelen zijn hetzelfde al,heb ik met die stoelen wel het gevoel,dat deze iets vlakken zijn en dan met,name de ondersteuning voor mijn,bovenbenen schiet tekort,ondanks dat ik het zitvlak kan verlengen,ik heb niet het gevoel dat ik nou,rondrijden en specialere bmw en meer pup,marketing strijd bij dit is gewoon de x,een,qua interieur gekwaak zichtbaar beleving,op dit gebied maar goed dat is op zich,geen ramp want dat is wel verder een,prima in elkaar steken het interieur,typisch bmw dus alles zit op een,typische bmw plek en het behoeft vrij,weinig uitleg zeker als je de laatste 10,jaar in en bmm gereden zitten alle,bedieningselementen nog op dezelfde plek,we zien hier net als een de x1 het zes,en half inch multimedia navigatie,systeem,mooi systeem met bmw connecteddrive dus,er zijn tal van mogelijkheden zo lang je,maar hoe hangt natuurlijk en apple,carplay draadloos gaat dat optie voor 3,jaar daarna 10 je het volgens mij in te,verlengen een beetje vaag en werkt op,zich prima maar ik heb wel net als in de,mini het aantal storingen gehad hij,wilde dan niet lekker koppelen of hij,wilde hem niet verder spelen met de,muziek waar je was gebleven en wat,handig is met apple carplay android auto,dat jij dus bijvoorbeeld spotify of die,is er of een andere muziek abonnement,kan je gewoon in de auto bedienen alsof,je dat op je smartphone doen het rad is,wel ideaal hidrive bright fantastisch om,mee te werken met die centrale knop,touch gedeelte boven op de knop vinden,vinden we ook dat je ook de inca voeren,maar het systeem zelf het scherm zelf,ook dat is aanraakgevoelig,jammer is wel dat de tafel eigenlijk net,een beetje te ver weg zit en je krijgt,ook vette vingers van het beschermd dus,gebruik gewoon lekker die controle want,dat werkt gewoon uitstekend,deze specifieke x 2 is uitgerust met het,high system,een optie van net geen 300 euro en dat,is stuk voordeliger dan de stap naar het,premium harman kardon systeem dat kost,namelijk 834 euro dan krijg je ook iets,meer wat uiteraard maar dit systeem met,twee maten 5 watt vermogen klinkt gewoon,uitstekend we hebben als apple,verbrokkeld voor de zuivere,lage tonen het enige dat ontbreekt ten,opzichte van het harman kardon systeem,zijn er zetje extra tweeters hier in a,stijlen,maar goed het klinkt gewoon krachtig dus,dat is zeker het overwegen waard als je,zegt van nou ik wil 500 euro extra in,mijn zak houden zoals ik al zei is de,zit achter het stuur exact cellen was in,de x1,zei je dat ik het gevoel dat ik hier net,iets lager kan gaan zitten dan in die,een,voor de rest blijft het een houten me,een uitstekende instelbaarheid van de,zitpositie de zoeker lekker ver naar,achteren,hij is een voor hillary handbereik,instelbaar net als een stuurwiel dat je,ook lekker veel meiden toe kan trekken,voor een hele goede,sportieve zithouding wil je wat hoger,gaan zitten dan zou je er rekening mee,moet houden dat het dak dan al vrij snel,dichtbij komt,mooi is ook dat bij je mee niet lijkt,mee te gaan in de trend van de virtuele,cockpit,nee we zien de twee hele sjieke tellers,mooi verlicht duidelijk afleesbare je,krijgt eigenlijk alle informatie op die,je wenst hen hebben display,optioneel geeft extra informatie meer,over bijvoorbeeld het geselecteerde,muziek nummer of bijvoorbeeld,verkeersbord-herkenning ik rij nu op het,80 weg dat zie ik ook in het head-up,display,en hij geeft ook navigatie aanwijzingen,van een navigatiesysteem,weer in dat head-up display zodat je,altijd jouw ogen op de weg houdt deze,specifieke x2 de s drive 18,eens gezien van heel veel spulletjes,we zien bijvoorbeeld een panoramisch,schuif-kanteldak erg mooi maar ik moet,wel zeggen boven de 60 kilometer per uur

2022 BMW xDrive 25e Review

[Applause],this is the bmw x2,xdrive25e and its kind of a niche,product itll be for you if you want,swoopy coupe styling a plug-in hybrid,drivetrain a sporty driving experience,and dont need all that much interior,space but even if you fit all those,criteria should you go for one lets,find out,bmw offers all sorts of versions of the,x2 theres two wheel drive four wheel,drive petrol diesel automatic manual,theres even a 306 horsepower,performance model but the one were,going to focus on today is the plug-in,hybrid x-drive 25e,as with all x2 its a bit awkward,looking from some angles but its not as,controversial a design as many of bmws,most recent offerings and anyway beauty,is in the eye of the beholder so styling,is a subjective point,what isnt subjective is luggage space,and most plug-in hybrids lose out on,boot space because they need somewhere,to put the electric motor and the,battery packs the x2 is a little bit,different because it has 450 liters of,boot space compared with 470 litres of,the non-plug-in hybrids and thats,because the battery packs are underneath,the rear seats and theres even a handy,little compartment here for the charging,cables,fold the seats down and you get a decent,1470 liters of room and x1 is roomier,but its more than youll find in a,regular family hatch such as a,volkswagen golf its a shame though that,you cant slide the back seats like you,can in the x1,although theres a recline function,there is no sliding function on the,seats and its not very spacious if you,would like to sit three abreast its,going to be a little bit squashy and,taller passengers will struggle for,headroom the rear of a volvo xc40 is,simply much more accommodating and the,x2 without a panoramic sunroof is very,gloomy with the small windows and dark,headlining,moving to the front and things do,improve so typical from a bmw its very,easy to find a good driving position,because theres plenty of adjustment in,the seat,and also in the steering wheel so we can,move that to get just the right i mean i,could spend a while adjusting this to be,absolutely perfect but im not going to,do that so if you would like that high,up suv driving position then you should,probably look elsewhere another typical,bmw trait thats worthy of praise is the,idrive rotary control which lets you,access most of the cars major functions,without you having to take your eyes,from the road for longer than necessary,the central screen responds to a touch,as well so you can still use it that way,should you so choose,the interior feels well put together,which with the prices that bmw charges,thats to be expected if we are to be,critical then the design is a little,fussy but then again we really like,physical buttons and switches so i guess,you cant have everything,in terms of equipment bmw is relatively,generous with all hybrid x2s getting,dual zone climate control sport seats,and led headlights although being bmw,there is a long list of options to tick,should you feel the urge to do so,[Music],now where every bmw should excel and we,sort of expect it to actually is on the,road the unavoidable consequence of that,10 kilowatt hour battery is that the,plug-in hybrid is over 100 kilograms,heavier than the bmw x220i,in pure performance terms thats not a,problem with 220 horsepower and four,wheel drive the 25e is a second faster,from naught to 62 miles per hour than,the 180 horsepower 20i,but when it comes to the corners you can,really feel it you have to brake earlier,and it doesnt give you as much,confidence in the bends as a non-plug-in,hybrid does,whats more the way the power is,delivered isnt the best unlike other,models in the x2 range which gets,7-speed or 8-speed automatic,transmissions the plug-in hybrid has to,make do with a six-speed auto and this,means just sometimes the relationship,between the electric motor and the 1.5,litre petrol engine isnt quite as,smooth as youd like it that said you,can keep it in electric only mode even,at motorway speeds and the 32 mile range,is about half of the course for a,smallish plug-in hybrid and providing,you dont do lots of long journeys then,you should get around 50 to 60 miles per,gallon which is about the same as what,you would get in a fuel-efficient,turbocharged diesel,the problem is thats no different from,most other premium badge plug-in,crossovers and by not being as much fun,to drive as a regular x2 this bmw has,given up on a key usp,being better to drive than its rivals,that would be okay if it had a pillowy,soft ride but the x225e feels fidgety,and choppy and again less comfortable,than other x2s,so,the bmw x2 is a difficult car to justify,sure its good to drive but other bmws,are better its relatively spacious but,a proper suv such as a bmw x1 or a,mercedes glb,are far more practical,and if you want an eco-friendly,crossover with a sporty vibe then the,multi-talented fully electric polestar 2,is probably a better buy if you really,want to plug in hybrid crossover with a,bmw badge and youre a company car user,looking for the tax breaks a plugin,brings then the x2 xdrive25e,does make some sense but it certainly,wont be a car thats to everybodys,taste,still what do you think of the plug-in,x2 let us know in the comments below and,if youre considering buying a bmw x2 or,indeed any car head to cargurus.com uk,to find loads of great deals from top,rated dealers,[Music]

Is the 2020 BMW X2 a BETTER small luxury SUV than the Audi Q3?

으,투자 그 잡으 cool erikson bm 자 bun 밥을 꺼라,내무 이해 합 원 는데 숨어 or end was a,쥬 때 옷은 총 re mdi exte,총 아니 a 알바와 스파크 손을 뺀다 5b 암자 b1 이 약 수유 미야키,치우 에서 변화한 법이 울 낙스 tmd 아웃은 셋팅 floes 데 큰,패럴 들도 가쁘게 4,23일이 집엔 diapers 해놓고 50대 아 우리 키울 a1 딩,에스프레소 4,디아 스피커 아지를 숨어 경 때 bmw eil sort order 원주의,nc 다이 5대 대표 파스 bkn 벤치 드씨 멀티팩 일소 같이 on,diverse 치우 총 repair of roots 다음 계속할 수 있고,뜻이 대체 그걸 무가 올 루이 패드 치 위치 use 합의해 앞 리무,아아아 5,해와 에 하우스에 웨딩 사우디 왜 쓴 헤이 와우 제 2차 1만 웹사,3배나 추천 주신 온것 웹이 암자 빛 이라는 따라 구할수도 무무는 업,잡고 샥 신기술 아니라 있어 뭐 사이트 해 와인하우스 잉,6월 규모에 대한 위해성 x deere 우는게 수발 앱팡 씽스 사이크 1,& 숭어 울 에어 약도 펀치 너 무 칩 루이스 데이 출 조 비염 wow,m 마커스 덮어 스테이션 야 돼 캐니스터 9시 구워 오다 천 다들 아이크,하는 때에 비울 싸이 해인 지옥을 원래 모자이크 rx 다운 11 비염,자비 케미 c 구역 회 의혹 소마 우선 해요 않아 헤라 이스는 코엑스,rae won 모르고 침대 중 누굴 원더 와이 배수 좋아 대학 안 재계,너 보았소 그럼 거야 드디어 무거워서 뺄때 uc 에 스톤이 맞춰 마음에,캔이 c9 oo 여 아들은 4 와 서브 넘었던 거 스파이 케빈 어떤 즉,카이즈 ep 머리 소스 있으면 서브 바하이 네트워크 업 내 따라서 l,그걸 믿고 지루함을 최고 추하지 텐진 a new 너무 안 싸 비아를,real sister 우리 eve s i n 치 오오옷,leslie 때 뭐 몇개 더 빠르 덜,teru 게 좋을지 더 웬 쉬 움,s2 카메라 하면 된 아무 입대 인 때 때는 거의 잡은 하도 mei,인격을 타측 못 낮 get to a stop to use it,e2 앞 tools lite 스포 싼 어야,웹 봤어 마 and m 도 무용 srt 페스 위에 꽃이 워치 있소 계약,보아 꽉 무의 뜨면 씨 너무 럼 블러 의 steven l 오토 브라의,아차 예뻐 넌 뉴스,대체 그걸 숫자가 빼낼수 초원위에 주위 없어 범위 3 초원위에 총력을 쫙,내주면 듣다 이하면 아 도구 옆 이번에 할 정도로 해무가 고대역사 5,비염 자비가 있었을 뿐이 굳어 싶음 다 있는 차이 – 5.29 더블 코팅,언어 빼 넣어야 해야지 부딪힌다는 쌀 이기는게 카울 매칭 미러 캡 스머펫,와 뭐야 어디 철 3 우세,베니테스 이제 쓰다 하이츠 그래서 woo 카펫 sub,유압 앞 디스 아이스 plm 액상을 골라본 마이크 쓰여있는 스펙트 거부한,lw 줏어 뭐할 때 or 등 교구를 및 애가 오베 코인 으 아 보았고,라던지 #2 4,아 숫자 부분에 해 앞으론 엄연히 페어웰 백성으로서,내 킨 챈 ewr 거의 다 한번 바 럼 하나 없어 oi 뿌 li 수도사,있는 테이퍼 애나 우울 쏘야,swl 슈 비워 캐치미 답 뭐냐면 use 아닌데 없네요 것을 슬퍼한,그때그때 싸 아직 믹서 같은것도 뭐가 기내 12,야구 시도합니다 오오마에 내가 뭐 어버이 뺐 꿇고 로그인언어 표 6 미포,enb m 자 br 아 어 야 느슨한 매니아들 b 헌법이 더라 이케,때니까,외전을 우유 표 월 e 아침엔 뵙도록 돌아와 키바 슈퍼 있자 온주 앞 몇,번 또 스테키나 야오 음식 폰을 돼서 어느 뱃 치워야 아버지 제트 산업은,아양교 대상 버스 레스트리스 비차 wind in order to,exert exr over 총리 ai ore,v 코인과 끝이 코헨 popolo textual toei 자이브 같아서,팝 펄 pro tools pro tools dll 스테플러 터프한 n,관리 달 쌈 pet 넝쿨 묘 60 할 수 있,epub modes 요거 낀 애를 oo 월 주의를 접어 철저히 해 준,지원은 쵸니 로보스타 워치 of people to other to the,a 매치 외신 100 하겠어 페어,예전엔 게 아 2 될 거야 저도 그냥 w retro disco,bao 베이스 밥으로 있다 웃음 one to hamper 2월 뉴 스 리,저리 원해 나 할 과 있 알 때 인권 치워 버려 또 허이,내 숨어 있나 말씀도 어때 했던 그 뉴스의 3 4 엔진 쓰든 등을 배워,오는 취할 수 있을 때는 하 오브 갓 사랑 거야 b nope 해 모임,와우도 했 치카 핀치 our hope bud 오잉 ost 약 쭉 아기,알고 있는 bmw xq 총 아니 이 아역이 파비스 에 먼저,강화 기능 없게 될 소환 스멀 사이란 이정도로 팬츠 멀 컷 왔다 bm,대한 비유 네임 한번 치즈 msrp w 뜨 손에서 앞 씬 스토리 3 벤다,우선 다올,마치 왜 얘기 앞둔 말이나 저들도 워페어 죽이는게 존재 시노비 암자 비유,통 외의 무어 5억원 카 월 싸움에 치아도 차 밤 is,으 낯설 싹 다 움 2월 파악했다고 내 빵 보셨죠 oled 이승의 섹스,generico del 싶어 사람도 임혁 저와 싫어 대한 4 서브 처음,기업에서 넘어온다 이자 초반에 따서 보니 커서 2월 서브 부관 3 나이,쓰고 맞췄는데 i,얘 한 듯 착 네스 사이냐 이날 컷 음파 너 아미레 3이 아비 cs5,옥합은 5m 받자,얘도 역시 taco 뜻은 야바 한우의 올지는 아이스 샵에 치료부터 수미가,있을 때 찡 뜻의 hana to a 렌즈 캠퍼 tms 도마 빚이 홀 산호,3 라벨에 서찰 스페인 써 byte 탈출 19 uco 인 합에 아랫,outnumber 비유 idr swl 이제는 내가 102 부커 연구,아펙스 suh aces con 출 뭐 너 왜이렇게 추워 오실 줄 수도,없지 답안 및 유압 요우커 아멘,venice 명백하고 이룰 수 있어 폴이 30 다운다운 오자 투상 안녕,어찌나 합심 블랙홀이 쓰면 따라서 나오실 한다는거 이렇지 뉴 바이트,스태츄 목회 10,얇은 오픈카 포르 or to lax 에 나온 옥합 이안 헤어 pov,아무래 그럴싸 있으니까 그 사물 난게 킹사이즈 이건 s 곳일 너무,이용할수 볼 싶던 나왔어요 됐으니까 그렇죠,usb c 애가 초 법 부띠 스스로 deli 캐스팅한 써보게 는 쌍 때,알아보시고 있어 어느 너와 내겐 유대 mei 씁 때문에 카브 즉 카바,어드 4 벤즈 집에 컴이 너거 쓸개는 beer 초에서 매 신 있으라 우,닫을수 다음에 채 오브 유 앞쪽은 주 알마의 조직 이동을 해서 보았다 웃,내내 약식 쇼우 사포 한 식구인 서머나 hoon l 상을 h2o 나 나,or external 면접에 낚시 체육 nut 좌 것두 캄프 익혀 우 에,4라 bz 의 약 뜻이 to remove noise 같은 비 암자 br,큰 초 골짜기를 해 맵 온다 액자 맵,이것은 맨 이유 는 2급 루체 있으오 of flanders 코에 비치,웨딩 스와 보아서 다 쓰나 있으면 a to b 유독 정도 높게 나옵니다,first 기사 ep.10 you 주아 드 업된 헤어 야 아 반응이,떠안아 새 노암 s 선거로 언어 팜 싸 입 엎드려 답 c 아기 레오 유교,서비스 폰 자우림의 줄 주 3 범퍼 리어 대 웜 누구라도 가 이 나와야,뭘 수도 올 때 난 라디오 usb 있으 있어요 캐릭 tv 어떻소 on,an 100 per mc,유아 mens ps 에 100 아즈 웡카 왜 됐을 때 주고 악 나 뜬,즉 plague 아덴 향수 행잉 cm 인 앳 유약 파워 ce iso 엔즈,rmi 카울 톤 아까울 뉴헤어 앞,so l 사이즈 mxr tesol,테마형 쌍으로 뽑아 주기로 한 박스 아이 너무 여학원 쇼 2 의 뜻은 센,open dexter 때는 삶을 엔딩 다 북한은 마우스 비밥 임자 빗을,들고 온 로퍼 뜰 m 모르 싶어 라고 하고 주스 다행히 왜 와 이거,한도가 올 쏙 유튜브 앞 어갈 충 패 lcn 측면 및 살인 소치서 나이,thats 스팅어 파워팩 때 곳에서 원 띵 하고 가면 바삐 험담이,눈매는 무의 추궁한 앞 쓰이는 떼어내 쓰실수 반원 와이퍼 호안 반더레이,체이스 보트 소프트 램 2기가 1 땀 주 알코 초소 폐루프 rms,power 색 뭐 뜨는데 사이즈는 이즈 르 챙겨 쭉 내 시퀸 콜 아이카,매닝 50,업 니 에러와 부엌 묻듯 위주로 어어 m1 예약이 차 카메라로 ollie,암으로 농가 끈이 하더라도 인플레이션 어떤 빠름,해너 쏘아 해 잡티 so i can speak 을 x 체육 스피디움,lte2 아이스 v4 내다 오면 감싸 50,peter 브룸 later 우리는 이 부분이 있,폐암의 맺기 날게 노하우 아저씨 이런거 노벨 아야를 해고와 찾는 물으러,약 락이 아픔이 할 몸 뾰 라 피어 어제같은 100cc 8cm 주식은,엔조이 text ii 스펙 c 참 넓어 이거 하겠어요 유아 맨 코인 수다,255 & c 점 루이코 잉,2.5 소스 뭐 pei 아 그거 뭐 이 박스 c 출산 않겠네요 포스틱,유야 벳 커 러거 내고 참고로 이 이놈이 아동 없 는 유에서 대한 바위가,파이어 아 으 로 up no sun ho a 씨 벤 엔트 usb ccs,링 벨 qe 스페이스 * 펠 스페이스 * 우리는 어 마우스,으 했잖 써플 쌀 즉 카포를 스포츠 아이스 바 over 100 은 l r,등기 파스 주시는 bok 쓰는 x 치우,시작해 아프리카 것이다 있어 아야 다른 최악의 앞에 가 거에요 sus,보드 삭히지 왜,b1 원곡의 아 리 웠 반드시 해 때 쓰 이해 때 습한 ex 왕관 데스,de 암보험 sic 없어 out 어플의 쓰셨어요,맛 좋겠어요 나 이렇게 써야 화이트 백 교회에서 대 텀이 이렇게 놈이,여수항 까불 쏘서 500ma 월 원칙 애모 outer space,요거는 모함 마이페이스 웨트 c 짭 종원 e14 e26 큐빅스 2 u,포도 cs 다운 거치대 포드 앙큼 포 이브 2,라스카 루비 세트 2 포옹을 보안 qv pd 스페이시 얍,nico 아군에 어야 꼴려 뭐지 스 테아 10.2 2 케이스 에 넣어서,오브 브라더스 도 월 주는 이 될 수 없 유리라 하이 썸띵 크롬 썬바이저,마이크 훨씬 더 머리가 할 이게 뭐 re re route it 했던 번,카오 tool is 2,fei 앞날이 액트 부문 취하고 의미임 프로스펙스 r 얇고 핸드 dim,더미 운해 치치 우리 분포는 dm 답이 u-it 우야 브랜치 볼풀 브라와,2급 아트 빅 5 2부 터치 뭐 느,4 3 요리 아파 웬 codes 말씀대로 잎들을 구입자 볼 때 at 올,수,그때 10 13 보라 하루 생애 학교 해답도 스포 엘보 출신 i,sleep rem 에버 tms 썸 저의 잊으리 술 코요미 거 해결하도록,조합이 되요,cheick,아유 거의 튜브의 내 리프 알고 있어서 5번째 포 있다 샘,접촉을 철 탭 뺄 벤 스파이스 2,백마 이즈미 없 어 매니 tools 텐데 뭐 링 원로 왈 others,폴스 폰드 살 분들 엑스포로 뱅크 아프고 5,no.5 비오비포 에스카 설치 ui 써먹게 1 드 뽀 악보 r 꽈 색 거,안 디아 여야 브 라 운 드 쉐프 받은 4 차 쥬스 나쁜 이씨 스피루리나,있으면 엔즈,주변의 소리에 더 보유 입은 저씨 1 가을 외의 팝스 max spl 과,생들에게 듯 읽고 이렇게 않을까 오고 있다 모두 아 그대 거의 대체 치워,채 입은 c 폴 20,아 유교 fsk mnu cert 도시샤 편 벌로 볼트도 쌀 저주 웍,125 n,아멘 새낀 개어 안타로,c 없어 wipers 포함 인 이게 해야,6 b-52 총알 힙 lol 나이 쏘이,왜 a 지고 있다 mh 과일을 바 어디 햄퍼 티맥스 20:00 클린,회사를 쥬비스 느꼈지요,뭐 할 때 지났을 때 끼로 치우 하이 초 very likely 라싸 2,꼬추 20주 스웨그 워디 나 어떡해 꼭 언덕 애들은 소모 업 차이,ms 85 때 헬스푸드 태아 스 주택 때 암 써야 돼 있어 위 넘어,개라면 쌓은 깨끗 악 8 드 사람이 니케 함,가스오븐 더욱더 이 약 4급 에스더 오려서 못하고 해봄 거행 계란빵,뭐 흐림 후드 13 인해 825 아람 lc 스파에서,9 5 학급 모델의 뀌어 보이겠어 6일 압도 수비 velor 거의 빌어,이 해서 다이스 프리츠 웬,그 배경 여러 미포 이라고 따로 오브 r,에이스 이끈 초절 이슬은 겠지 원래 대럴 등 파이 서빈 의혹이나 ses,얼 스 페 이 스 라 엘 와 on b 할 지 주,그래서 빼러 언어의 수가 따말 주의 노의 술 재생 출생,햇살 배워 있음 과 과잉 끝이,쌓일 수,ral 백조 fr 근데 삭히지 유 아 마이 셀 때 2부 3마리의 미사 핑,숨어 울,맛 자꾸 의보 확대해야 더슈 dm 답 이후 이 출석 자취생 했듯 옆 인해,됐을 때 모임,아 내 앞 시내 이 활용할수 보어 언가 로 움직이는 팔 때 권의 책 읽어,볼 조회 보풀이 miu 생긴 매입 맨유 5cm 띵 브래드 pro 3,노하우 빌어 호 to exit or 왕국들이 어찌 하시기에 노스포 of,ra 네온 씨의,* 브레이크 초보 린 아이스,누가 눈 센트랄 중 암 있으니까 그 여 모두 알수도,행 암 차 오면 압제 그네가 웃기지,니 웃음은 제 2심 애써 지우고 와 적의를 거 였어,아그라 아그라 2 원래 됐소 앞에 순정,뭘 인어와 같은 2 3대 3,아저씨에 압전 다른 뺀 더 웹디스크 체급이 했고,뭐 아들 a 비해 보다 뜯어 를 따르 뭐 듯이 칼을 많이,암 에세이 아스 뻗자 대학 거의 scm – 운이,nappy 끼우니 이게 완성된 될 뿔 웹상 나의 잘 쥬스 데스 동안 u,거나,책 물었을 때 ncf 치워 ml 풀리 5,i do it 잎의 학살로 발등에 제거 axis and 2 3차원 예 앱,porsche 벤 3 to it,seo i.o.i 아름다울 때 겠어 max,아아 주 23 때 벌여 짠 상태가 500 무악 포트 살펴 낫죠 어야,비어벨 카파 오르던 스탑 앤 덮밥 or 걱정만 오베론 취입 쌀,번씩 앞 2세대 해야지 우 각 호를 3호 19기 파파이스 l3 때는,성도를 뭐 보름 5번 퍼프 deli 오브 op.55 아띠 백스 친구에서,다오 결혼을 앞둔 수납 비행기에 빽 지 우선은 bmw 하우스 이후엔 수,번째 자극 알게 하였을 때는 라도 원로 보호대 person b 암자 비유,야생 자원 겨울이 놀랄 수도 교육 갱 해서 xcx 체육 h 사업소의,로파이 비암 변비 소화 인 업 제 합의에 고르고 앞바퀴에 쏘서 2 캄,팩스 osr sub good 아들 보낸 oie 아 우리 앰버 3일 일 땐,dx 치유 드 프 귀엽고 부유 r 땡기 너와 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2022 BMW X2 Review | Fun, Fast & Affordable

[Music],what is up you guys welcome back to,another one if you are new to the,channel i am goal pony adds a new car,truck,suv reviews on youtube and today,we are in the new 2022 bmw,x2 courtesy of apple bmw,in york pa for more information on their,inventory please feel free to check out,the link,in the description box below and so,wanted to hop in this one today because,this is actually a relatively affordable,bmw not to mention you get three years,36 000 miles of,free maintenance as well which makes it,even more affordable believe it or not,and there are some minor changes for the,2022,x2 and so in this video i will be,testing out and going over,everything from paddle shifters,acceleration braking ride quality,sound system exhaust clip all that fun,stuff so having said all of that what do,you guys say lets just go ahead and,jump right into it and,as always lets start with pricing and,so of course there will be a few,different configurations for the 2022,x2 first one being the s drive 28i,starting at 36 600 x drive,28i which actually is the one we have,today starting at 38,600 and the m35i starting at 46,450 and so as you can probably conclude,by the trim levels there there are two,different engine configurations,available for the x2,first one belonging to the 28i trim,levels being a two liter twin power,turbocharged,inline four cylinder engine putting out,228 horsepower at 5000 rpm,258 pound-feet of torque coming into,right around 1400 rpm,power sent to front wheels or all wheels,through an 8-speed automatic with,paddle shifters giving you a 0-60 time,coming in at approximately 6.6,seconds for the front wheel drive 6.3,seconds then for the all-wheel drive,that we have today,giving you mpg numbers coming in at 24,city 32 highway for the front wheel,24 in the city 31 on the highway for the,all-wheel drive taking premium,unleaded fuel but so then there is that,other engine configuration of course,belonging to the m35i this one is going,to be a two liter,m-tuned twin power turbocharged inline,four-cylinder,301 horsepower 5000 rpm 331 pound-feet,of torque,coming in right around 1700 rpm power,sent to all four wheels once again,through an eight-speed automatic,with paddle shifters 0-60 on that one,4.7,seconds thats quite impressive actually,for an suv and mpg numbers for that one,23 in the city 30 on the highway taking,premium unleaded fuel yet again,so before we do this paddle shifter test,here first i did want to mention there,are of course some driving modes,that drive mode selector is going to be,located directly to the left of the,shifter and that will include eco pro,comfort,and sport adjusting things like the,shift points the throttle response and,the steering sensitivity and so now i,havent got all of that out of the way,you guys,what do you say lets go ahead and find,it straight away lets put these paddle,shifters here to the test,every single time ive tested the bmws,paddle shifters in the past they have,always been absolutely amazing so i,really have no worries when it comes to,this test but i always have to do it,lets go ahead and put this thing in the,test and lets see how quickly these,paddle shifters are going to react for,us here and so real quick before we do,this paddle shifter test i did want to,mention there is a full manual shift,mode where you have complete control,over the shifting,to put it in that mode just simply slide,the shifter all the way to the back its,the left,it is going to display what gear youre,in up on the gauges as well so you dont,have any issues there but,now having said that now that we got,that out of the way here is our straight,away coming up so lets put these things,to the test here,theres going to be someone behind us so,lets go,love it very quick very quick always,very quick,like i was saying before paddle shifters,are lightning quick never,disappoint me in any bmw that i have,ever tested im telling you guys if you,were into shifting through your own,gears via the paddle shifters,any bmw is really going to put you on,point so wonderful,as always but to give back full control,to this x2 im just going to simply,slide the shifter back to the right here,and,one more time lets do a quick little,acceleration test now,and lets see how quickly this thing is,going to get us here up to speed all,right were going to start on a bridge,here i dont know why but,in three two one,go,yeah thatll get the job done definitely,not the quickest thing in the world i,mean you can go with the m35i thats,going to be 4.7 seconds to 60 but,thatll get the job done definitely not,going to have any issues with merging,onto the highway i think i was just,expecting a bit more because its a bmw,but still plenty of an acceleration,just maybe not enough acceleration for,me because i wanted a little bit more,anyways to go along with that,acceleration as always braking,is equally important so of course as,expected you will find,four wheel ventilated disc brakes for,the x2 as far as that 60 to zero,stopping distance goes,111 feet that is brilliant you guys let,me tell you this is a number i always,like to emphasize,in all of my reviews so i have rambled,off hundreds of these 60-0 stopping,distance numbers at this point,111 feet is among the best without a,doubt typically in suvs,youll find 120s 130s a lot of the times,as high as 139 feet that ive seen,so 111 feet is dang near,brilliant that is a wonderful stopping,distance as far as braking feel goes,its perfectly fine theres not,any squishiness or sponginess to the,braking so,absolutely no issues when it comes to,that but then touching on suspension and,handling of course for the x2 you will,find an independent front,and rear suspension front and rear,stabilizer bars,gas pressurized shock absorbers as well,and,if you were to go with that m35 eye trim,level you will also get a,m sport suspension as well which is,pretty cool and to go along with that,for that m35 there is an adaptive,damping suspension that is optional for,the m35i that goes for 500,as an option by the way but that is one,i always like to recommend because it,gives you the best of both worlds it not,only tightens up the suspension during,heavy cornering but,it also monitors these shock absorber to,give you a smoother ride,absorbing a lot of the roads and,perfections as well so that is why i,always like to recommend that one,whenever you can get it in,any manufacture any vehicle out there so,i did want to mention that but as far as,that ride quality goes it has been,perfectly fine i mean,its not x3 x5 good but,itll get the job done you can feel a,little bit more of the road comparing it,to like the x3 or x5 but,itll get the job done so no way shes,there for me as far as cabin noise goes,bmw,crushes it with cabin noise theres,little to no,exterior wind noise coming into the,cabin which you typically do get at,higher speeds,i mean ive gone over 50 miles per hour,already in our x2 and there is nothing,as far as wind noise coming into the,cabin which a lot of times you do get,a little bit of road noise no wind noise,though whatsoever so,cabin noise with the x2 is absolutely,wonderful without a doubt,as far as steering feel goes that is,another wonderful thing with this one,because,you can actually tailor it to your,liking with the driving modes if you,want a little bit heavier of a weight to,the steering just simply put it in that,sport driving mode,if you wanted a looser feel put it back,to comfort so its best both worlds for,that one at least,and as far as visibility goes this is,the one where i gotta say visibility is,kind of meh,its just its definitely not as good as,like the x1 lets say which is slightly,less expensive than the x2 because of,its shape,it is a bit narrower of a visibility i,guess you could say when youre looking,out that rear view mirror so,its to be expected though with the,shape of the x2 its not a bad thing,its just something youre probably,going to have to get used to thats all,im saying but 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