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Why Bo Burnham INSIDE Is An Existential MASTERPIECE | Video Essay

im,horny,weve all been through the process the,long hours the wide awake sleepless,nights the self-doubt,the points where you loathe the workload,yet,art is the one medium where when its,over,youre saying goodbye to a piece of,yourself your creative process turns,into a process of letting go,you dont want to let go youre afraid,to put yourself,out there like that but youre also,greedy this is,your opus and the second you let it go,it becomes everyone elses george lucas,once said that,movies are never finished theyre,abandoned i agree,and i think beau burnham does too no one,wants to turn 30 right its something,20 year olds always say they dread hell,friends managed to stay on the air for a,decade just by being about six people,trying desperately to hold on to that,period of their lives and then not,knowing what the hell to do,once it was gone its an arbitrary,milestone sure,but it kind of creates this line between,setting up the pieces of our lives and,then seeing how they all play out,as a result theres a certain level of,stress and anxiety that can arise during,this time,now imagine turning 30 during the,absolute,nightmare that was the summer of 2020 in,the midst,of the covet 19 pandemic and all of the,unrest that was going on at the,time and on top of that imagine that,youre beau burnham comedian director,musician extraordinaire,having made the decision to return to,stand-up after,five years having created a brand new,repertoire of,killer material having fought off panic,attacks and general anxiety to make your,art,only to suddenly find yourself forced to,work at home,anyway cut off physically from the,people you make art for,even the most passionate creatives might,throw in the towel at this point and,wait it out but not bo burnham,bo hunkered down in his house writing,songs,sketches performing filming himself,letting his hair grow long and editing,together his most existential work to,date,inside the results are oh,holy oh my god this is,incredible i gotta do a video on this,remember 8th grade remember the way beau,managed to speak to what it was like,transitioning to high school what it was,like being 13,what it was like to experience the world,at a time where you thought it was,drastically changing,and in some ways it was with inside beau,tries to tap into something whose pulse,is much harder to put a finger on,the experience of being an artist the,emotional rollercoaster that were sent,on,every time we create and even without a,pandemic,the isolation that by nature we push,ourselves into when we get tunnel vision,in order to see,our project through to the end and not,only does beau,find that pulse he makes us feel it with,him,as we spend the year plus that it took,him to make inside,with him netflix has marketed this as a,comedy special and yet i dont find that,to be true,its really more of a documentary about,the process of,creating the special in almost about,beau himself,than it is a comedy special in its own,right and it works perfectly,as a one-man show and its so much,better for it,beau even says multiple times throughout,that with the world,in the state it currently is a lot of,people have bigger concerns than,watching a successful white dude rattle,off comedy skits for 90 minutes,so what does he do he uses his expected,dose of self-deprecation to poke fun,at his platform with multiple songs and,skits centered around his reaction to,the calamities society finds itself in,and how his voice isnt the one that,matters,beau interrogates the importance or lack,thereof,of him amplifying his own voice or if,what hes doing even matters and by,being honest about the state of the,world,and his place in it he makes this film,important its not the thesis statement,for ally ship,but its nice that beau at least,addresses the space hes in,rather than pretend everythings normal,because of course it isnt,and that exacerbates the already,difficult process of creating art,hell the internet itself a tool that,allows artists to rapidly build,and expand their platform is something,that can harm creative people,as much as it benefits them social media,is,constantly becoming more vapid more,monotonous,more toxic all of the worlds problems,are constantly in our face,and while a creative person can build an,entire career now,using these platforms they can also fall,apart because of them,a huge reason why beau has resonated,with his generation,is because hes not afraid to bite the,hand that feeds him hes certainly,benefited from the internet,this very film is being released on a,streaming service,but hes unafraid to rail against the,unending surge of, that comes with that success,beau,cynically mocks the internets endless,slew of uninspired copy and paste,content during white womans instagram,which,despite its bubbly jubilant and pop,perfect production,although most every song in this film,sounds just as happy,is a snarky jab at how hollow and,superficial that particular platform has,been,almost from its birth the compositions,beau creates during the sequence are,algorithmically perfect snapshots,precise flawless almost manufactured,theyre perfect mirrors of every generic,white girl post youve ever seen on,instagram,aesthetically gorgeous yet cliche and,forgettable,it makes you question the sincerity and,realness of the people behind,those posts do they genuinely care about,anything more than their social clout,and image,well bo has an answer for that too and,its one of insides most surprisingly,optimistic,and heartfelt moments when the song,enters the interlude about the womans,deceased mom,the frame which for the entirety of the,song has been cropped to reflect that of,instagrams aspect ratio,widens to reveal the world and home,this white woman is living in before,closing back,into the instagram format for well,[Music],while it might be easy to remain cynical,and discern that,burnham is again mocking the insincerity,and attention seeking nature,of the subject the change in aspect,ratio,actually suggests that beau is extending,an empathetic,hand to the person behind the lens,similar to how influencers can bury a,nugget of sincerity between the endless,void of fashioning a self-absorbed vapid,image,for a brief moment beau empathizes with,the performance,the act they put on because he can,relate as someone who paved his way,performing,on the internet he understands the game,these influencers have to play,even if he despises their methods in the,culture its created,ultimately theyre still a real person,and,especially during a time where so many,of us are depressed,or uncertain of the future appealing to,the emotions of someone kind of like him,is the most decently human thing he can,do,yes a white womans instagram is an easy,shallow target,but even amongst the vapidness rare,moments of sincerity,and vulnerability can peek through even,if it,immediately vanishes and speaking of,sanitized lifelessness,welcome to the internet personifying the,world wide web,beau cheerily welcomes us in the,beginning of so,many awful things on the web scams and,predation alike,exposing the endless diversity of what,can be found in your browser,played out as a polka that constantly,increases in tempo,bo wastes no time veering into,discussing the worst,the internet can be unsolicited nudes,grooming racist and homophobic,conspiracy theories,but its one line in particular be happy,be horny be bursting with rage that,while,applicable to the effect the internet,and social media can have on us,also sums up the beau burnham that we,bear witness to,for 90 minutes during the film as a,whole the final refrain,everything all of the time is also,starkly i propose,as bo not only stretches himself across,as many musical styles as he seems,capable of performing,but also manages to talk about,everything,during the film and with the state of,the world with the state of,self-isolation in a pandemic,with the state of beau burnham how can,you not,talk about everything all of the time,but this is the land

I Watched Bo Burnhams Inside

hi everyone anthony fantano here,internets,earliest music nerd and it is time for,a little bit of a rant and a ramble,about the new bo burnham special inside,ive been getting a lot of questions,about it am i going to review it,what do i think about it is it even good,in my opinion im going to,say my thoughts on all of that and more,in this video so strap in and get ready,i thought that for this video i would,show all of you the room that i often,feel,trapped in for better or for worse this,is uh the room,and i dont know this new,bo burnham special i i think its uh,certainly interesting it uh evoked a lot,of strong feelings,within me and um not all good,and lets get straight into exactly why,so if you guys werent already aware bo,burnham,comedian writer multi-instrumentalist,songwriter director he has this new,special app,on netflix a lot of people are talking,about it,and it all takes place inside,a single room and hes kind of producing,and shooting and,creatively directing the whole thing,from what i understand,and really this whole piece orients,around his,feelings his anxieties his depression,and a myriad of thoughts that come with,that that all sort of,manifested during the pandemic over the,last year,he sort of sets the thing up at one,point,talking about how he was getting over,these anxiety issues these panic attacks,that he was having and it was allowing,him to,consider getting back to performing and,obviously that did not happen because,the pandemic occurred,but he then wanted to sort of channel,that creativity into something else,and it just sort of became this special,that he was doing,inside during the pandemic during,lockdown,that span for months and months and,months it seems like you know in his own,description of the situation uh longer,than he had anticipated it to last,so yeah this whole thing takes place,inside of a single room,a single guy its pretty much like a,digital,information content era take on,the one man show and the entire,performance cycles through a very,creatively shot,set of songs as well as,rambles and commentaries as well as very,meta moments where hes talking about,the experience of of doing the whole,performance or,you know what direction its going in or,kind of explaining the reason why,things look the way that they are why,theres like very aggressive cuts and,transitions to,you know the next piece the next phase,the next passage its presented,in a way that is very raw,very messy very cluttered,and a little disheveled but obviously,thats,essential and pretty intentional when it,comes to trying to get across,these feelings of i guess,stress and imperfection and struggle,and just hardship with dealing with,the isolation and the depression that he,was going through over this period in,time,to sort of get into the key elements of,the performance id like to start with,my favorite aspect of inside,and thats actually the visuals the,visuals,i think are pretty incredible obviously,bo burnham is shooting this on his own,with whatever camera equipment he can,get his hands on whatever lights he can,get his hands on,which im sure his budget you know was,was certainly there um,and doing it in a single room however,you know it doesnt really feel that way,it feels like with each,song and with each passage were kind of,seeing the room or the place that hes,shooting in,in a new light in a new way because he,is approaching each song in each passage,with,a totally different like you know visual,concept or orientation,or a cool little you know trick like the,intro,uh song of the whole thing where he kind,of turns a light on his head and he,blasts that into a disco ball thats,spinning,theres also the song where hes singing,about,talking to his mom over the phone on,facetime,because hes kind of limited to,interactions during this time,so you know he sort of sees talking to,his mom in this way as necessary,and uh he sort of frames that whole song,through like you know vertical uh,rectangular you know sort of like,facetime aspect ratio which was a,creative way of going about that,there are other songs where hes kind of,engaging in,uh weird little bits of visual or light,trickery like you know holding a light,behind his back and kind of flashing it,and then,that kind of lights up the room for a,second during certain aspects of the,song that kind of thing im not going to,get into every single,you know visual of every single track,but let it be known that i think,him limiting himself in this way led to,a lot of very creative choices,that um you know really made this thing,an interesting,watch you wouldnt think that a single,guy,in a room with uh some simple background,elements,and some lights and a camera could,you know make the entire thing like,visually interesting and compelling,but he in fact did from the look of it,to,the even the emotional manipulation of,it and i dont say emotional,manipulation in a bad or a negative way,theres really kind of a kaufman-esque,showmanship,a kaufman-esque weirdo showmanship to it,that,i like quite a bit next lets get into,the songs here which ill go over very,briefly uh because that i think also has,a pretty uh,simple straightforward approach as well,i mean look i think all the tracks here,pretty well produced,and put together if youve heard bose,like you know,previous stuff in previous music that,should be no surprise,i mean there are some spots that are,incredibly lush,and dense and a little heavy,instrumentally but,you know nothing like through the roof,budget-wise or anything like that,i think its competently put together i,think a lot of its competently written,i think there is a lot of a very smart,and creative clever commentary going on,in the songs,there are a few that fell flat to me and,i was kind of taken aback by the,really strong like late,90s early 2000s weird owl influence,in a lot of the tracks which even came,out in bose singing,a little bit more than i think it has in,the past which uh,was fine i mean im a fan of that era as,well and,im around in the ballpark of age that,uh,beau is so you know i kind of know that,era of als discography like the,back of my hand and its very obvious,that it uh,has had an impact on him in his past,works but i feel like it came through,even stronger,on this one for better or worse its,there and at least from you know my,personal perspective it is kind of a,little odd to,hearing this uh this type of sound and,timbre,and um almost like you know an,aura of a type of music of,a musician that um you know i associate,with my youth and i associate with pure,joy,uh being fed into,this performance piece that is really,like all about pain,and is all about stress and is all about,feeling trapped,you know not only physically but,mentally and emotionally thats,uh kind of bringing me to my,next uh passage of this whole thing and,thats really kind of coming down to,the emotions of it i mean look uh i know,im kind of uh,running into a wall here where thats,kind of the point anthony but,like i did not feel good watching this,you know this is not a feel-good special,its not a feel great special and,and um you know i know in a breath its,comedy,and i know in another breath its,supposed to be entertainment,um and and i know that people are kind,of going crazy for probably because they,relate to a lot of the feelings uh,expressed and i know i,certainly do but um you know i i really,need to like,i guess uh take a bit of a breather from,this and thinking about it before i go,back and maybe watch it again and i,would like to watch it again because,there was a lot,going on and um you know there are,certainly aspects of it that i think,maybe i missed or,maybe even would grow on me when i,listen to it again or watch it again i,mean,but um i i dont really feel like im,ready to because i just found the whole,thing really depressing,and after i was done with it i just felt,like,really a down on myself,because you know again like a lot of the,feelings that were expressed during it,i

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you know lance and lacey and so,theyve always got something that they,kind of like they want you to watch or,whatever and they want to watch it with,you and then talk about it right,and they like watching a movie and then,having a discussion,thats cool we should do first of all i,like watching half a movie and falling,asleep but go ahead,we should do we should do that specific,thing more often,like i actually thought to myself like a,book club but for movies,yeah but like you its got to be its,got to be a movie thats thought,provoking,and usually i mean there are there are,fictional,movies like narrative movies that kind,of,maybe scratch that itch but jackass is,coming out but its really,its really documentaries that kind of,get you thinking a little bit more,things that are a little bit outside the,box so,weve talked about this uh talked about,in the mythical society ama recently but,uh they have been saying you got to,watch bo burnhams inside right,and i was like well you know what im,going to wait im going to wait to watch,it,with you guys at the beach and now,secretly,as i said in the ama yesterday there i,always have a little bit of a hesitation,yeah to watch something,from someone who is kind of doing a,similar thing to us but,in my estimation doing it better right,like i just think that bo burnham is so,talented and i think hes so funny and,so original and innovative,and you know and so its theres this,there is a its not that hes actually,doing a similar thing but he started on,youtube,he was musical comedy hes doing this,im saying im saying his,approach to comedy and the fact that,hes a musical comedian,and also the fact that a lot of people,are like our music people have been,talking about how our music,sounds similar in some ways you know but,i was like i dont really want to watch,it because i know its going to just,give me this like,artistic angst and frustration that i,get sometimes,when i see somebody do something really,really well,and im like i want to be able to do,something like that i want to be able to,do something with that kind of impact,right,right or wrong or whether or not this is,based in any rel you know reality or if,its just a delusion its a problem for,me to be able to just sit back and free,myself up to enjoy it oh no i touched i,totally get it i mean i thats why i had,not watched it,like lily watched it and we were gonna,watch it together but then when she,watched it alone,that drastically decreased the chances,of me watching it because like,it was watching it with her was going to,put me over the edge to overcome what,youre describing,well we watched it and i and i you know,it was therapeutic for me to tell lance,and lacy right up front,because they because they completely,understood i was like my hesitation to,watch this,is what i just described is like i know,how its going to make me feel because i,know im going to like it and think its,great,and then im going to start thinking,about why havent we done something like,that right like thats what,its going to do to me and so i just,have to prepare myself going in yeah but,acknowledging that and kind of speaking,it before it happened kind of freed me,up to be like,to to put myself in the the opposite you,know the observers seat to observe,myself watching it,but also to be able to enjoy it and i,did you know i i,i really you knew you watched it now,were not were not going to spend a lot,of time talking about,why inside is is great but i mean,it is in my estimate it is great and but,it is i mean it does help with,uh the way that we would process it to,to know that he experienced such a,torturous experience himself that im,not envious of,right yeah yeah yeah so but then,we had this what ended up being also a,very therapeutic conversation,as i am and lance and lazy as well we,were kind of like just talking about,what it made us think about,and spent quite a lot of time kind of,talking about like,the way it made us feel,about somebody doing something like that,because they in the same way have like,these aspirations for things theyre,trying to do and,so that was that was awesome,[Music],you

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bo bonums inside had a profound,effect on me but to be honest i think it,was probably going to have a profound,effect on anyone who sees it before we,start if you are sensitive about,spoilers and i know i,am i will be talking about some of the,themes some of the song titles and some,of the actual things that happened in,the movie i wouldnt say its a,spoiler-filled review by any stretch of,the imagination but its probably not,spoiler free either,bo burnham the youtuber turned comic,turned filmmaker is not actually someone,i was hugely familiar with before i,reacted to,a song from this movie welcome to the,internet you may have seen the reaction,on the channel things of all the,different characters in harry potter, each other welcome to the,internet,i wont be the only one with a relative,lack of familiarity because this,dazzlings heartbreaking,often hilarious and often crushingly sad,movie,is going to open many more doors for bo,burnham which is,pretty ironic if you think about the,title its labeled by bo himself as a as,a comedy special and i guess it is but,its also definitely an album and,perhaps most importantly a film about,itself and its own creation but unlike,an adaptation or even an american movie,the whole thing is shot over a year,within one room,essentially in bo burnhams house,although the only way you can see the,passing of time is by,the state of beaus beard and his hair,and to be honest his mental health and,with this being an album,as well the songs they punctuate the,piece the light biting satire of the,early songs like content,mostly synthy poppy numbers really,catchy really enjoyable with beautifully,crafted punchlines,nothings ever got staler quicker than,lockdown humor my god,this is undoubtedly its finest point and,it wont be better,after 18 months of this horror,weve all been living through if im,laughing at jokes about,facetime mishaps then something magical,must be happening and its those songs,that do,make the magic this incredible selection,of tracks it could be labelled a comedy,album but the range of emotions the,breadth of observation,and insight the bow hits across the,likes of white womans instagram or,facetime with my mom its more than just,music thats just played for laughs,its also music thats eminently and,genuinely listenable and lovable,a lot of his tunes genuinely slap its,in the films second half where the,music and filmmaking both emotionally,crescendo moving from kind of breezy,satirical lockdown humor into an aching,despairing darkness,of intense self-over-awareness and,multifaceted agoraphobia,at times its a very tough watch bo,never overplays the darkness though to,be fair its almost always funny or,witty the brilliant swipe at reaction,video is obviously a,a standout moment for me but as much as,it poked fun at the curious aesthetic of,what i,and many others do for their content,creation like much of the film it,actually has a double or,triple meaning beau uses this moment and,a later ingenious game stream parody to,visually represent various,elements of his mental makeup at,breaking point pre-existing conditions,and contritions,exacerbated by the manic conditions in,which he,now along with all of us finds himself,played out through the inverted lens of,the content it was presumably consuming,during this time again,like all of us this restraint on the,darkness and mania pays off if you can,call the emotional haymaker clattering,into my jaw of payoff during the,astonishing,all eyes on me following a desperately,sad and raw moment between bow and the,camera were treated to this incredible,performance,and track but a simple mantra is get,your hands up,and all eyes on me are sung over,powerful euphoric club since,but it soon takes on multiple harrowing,meanings after a mid-song break,where burnham talks about his long break,from performing due to severe panic,attacks as the hook comes back in bos,delivery and performance,becomes more mannequin intense now the,projection of a second boat which has,been there the whole time behind him,seems to be central to the track that,all eyes on me now being yelled,from burnhams own internal monologue,the manifestation,of an onstage panic attack and thats,before we even mention the layered irony,of a performance about performance,anxiety being played to both,an audience of none and an eventual,audience of millions but in a film,so deeply personal this this is where i,was left,in pieces a few tears had rolled down my,cheek during various moments of the film,anyway but this bit honestly broke me,to be honest guys it broke me into,pieces somebody,myself who has been crippled by years of,panic attacks and im not talking about,being stressed or worried or depressed,or even overwhelmed im talking,about the physical assault on your body,the absolute belief,that you are going to die in those,moments the hundreds of times i,felt that myself and i could see in that,performance and in that moment,the hundreds of times that beau had felt,that as well,no i dont think ive ever felt more,connected to a performer,in that moment and it just destroyed me,and for that to have been put onto,screens so,masterfully so artfully the music the,production,every single element and for him to be,so brave to have done it like that its,something i will never forget,outside of the songs there are moments,where we were just with bo where hes,talking about,the project himself hes talking about,the special or hes literally trying to,assemble lights or something the film,about making the film while its not,entirely clear whether beau is acting,during the smattering of scenes like,this whether they are truly selfie,cinema verite,it doesnt actually matter if theyre,not raw and real in the moment,theyre recreations of reality and that,makes them no less powerful this,astonishing construction is made all the,more impressive by its own limitation,perhaps allowing him a mastery of the,cinema of simplicity i guess you could,call it that a more classically trained,movie director might not actually have a,handle on the power of a world time jump,zoo or the ability to perfectly light,your scene for the mood youre trying to,create using 20 quid,led lights from amazon what is clear,though is that this is the,seminal piece of pandemic art not that,anyone would want that accolade,but more importantly its one of the,most searingly brilliant,triumphant tragic beautifully personally,affecting pieces of cinema ive seen,in many many years i can only thank you,guys for getting me to watch it and in,the most maddening irony of all given a,lot of the subject matter of the film,youtubes own algorithm for finding me,welcome to the internet in the first,place,and for pushing that reaction out to,well over a hundred thousand people in,the first week,and the cycle just continues and,continues,one of the easiest ten out of tens i,will ever give,in my life bo burnhams inside i,strongly,deeply and vehemently recommend it and,thank you all for watching,subscribe please like the video and ill,catch you all very soon

Moist Meter | Bo Burnham: Inside

initiating moisture,welcome to the moist meter today were,taking a look at bo burnhams new,special,inside this is an extremely impressive,piece its all done,by bo burnham himself the filming the,editing the music,all of it soloed by beau [ __ ],incredible stuff,its often said that bo burnham has the,strength of 10 full-grown men,but with this special hes proved he,also has the talent,of 10 fully trained producers when i,first heard what the special was about,in a nutshell where just bo burnham in,his room alone with a camera,i expected it to look like a video id,make where i just sit here [ __ ] limp,dick in hand talking to a webcam like a,five dollar production,but thats not at all what you get with,inside this,looks like an entire full-blown,production lights camera and crew but,its not,its bow he uses extremely clever shots,its framed beautifully and its really,rapid too during the songs theres,always a lot going on with him changing,backgrounds on the fly using pedals,or just having a lot of different lights,going on at different times,he makes so much happen with so little,and it really does look like a full,studio is behind the production so its,extremely impressive what hes able to,capture here,its not just like boring static shots,of him sitting in a room there are some,shots where its him in a room but its,usually there to just deliver,the idea that you are watching a,miserable guy thats kind of like the,theme of this,you are watching one guy whos not happy,live his life and then occasionally try,and make you laugh,even though he himself doesnt seem to,be very happy,its pretty its pretty sad it,i know some people call it a deranged,masterpiece i think thats going a bit,far theres nothing really deranged,about it,its an extremely normal guy going,through,hardship and you watch it as a spectator,and sometimes you point and laugh at it,because he wants you to and hes good at,making you do that,i wouldnt say its necessarily a great,comedy theres no,moments during this where i just busted,a gut laughing just like [ __ ],santa claus belly laughing at it,slapping my knee,but theres some very clever jokes in,there and the songs that he makes are,bangers his songs are extremely catchy,my favorite song is the sexting song he,made i thought that one could be,something that be bumping at a club,right now second favorite was the song,about the internet,everything all the time they all of them,are good theres no real bad songs in,there,but theyre not all gonna make you like,laugh out loud or anything and i dont,think thats what he was trying to do,either,i feel like a lot of people are gonna,resonate with the character the,character,being bo in this case and see a lot of,their own personal experiences reflected,in this special,he immediately comes out of the gate raw,no rubber telling you,straight up its going to be all over,the place and it is theres really,nothing that connects,one scene to another scene here its,just a lot of different things all put,together,and it really is just like a look at one,guys unhappy experience,being inside so much and i feel like a,lot of people will relate to a lot of,what they see and hear from him,especially when it comes to just like,the general gist of making goofy songs,while alone,like i do that [ __ ] all the time and,sometimes even write down the lyrics,like ive had this down here for like a,year,im talking curtains of beef vaginal,queef labia look like a christmas reef,yeah yeah like i write that [ __ ] down,because i just come up with like dumb,lyrics sometimes and then just,put it down and i feel like a lot of,people do that the name of that song was,ass and titties or some [ __ ] i dont,remember what i was calling it but,yeah i just feel like a lot of people,will see this be like oh yeah,i get that but also feel like a lot of,people will watch it and completely miss,the point or just,not be super interested in it because,like i said it is all over the place,theres not like a story to be told here,where you follow a heros journey to,slay a dragon and [ __ ] a girl in the ass,or something,like its just a very matter-of-fact,look at a guy,whos very upfront with how unhappy he,is throughout the entirety of it,he i also think hes extremely honest,when he says,uh im doing this because the work keeps,me distracted,i really believe thats a hundred,percent what this project was,he wanted to kind of go back into comedy,but then the quarantine,hits and he just drowns himself in the,work,being this special he wanted to do this,and he kept himself focused on it,so he really put everything into this,production,and he did it for a full year and when,it was nearing the end he got very sad,because then he wouldnt have the work,to focus on and he really needed the,distraction,like i really think its a pretty,genuine look,at bo burnham and probably a pretty,important look for a lot of other people,that might be feeling similar things,its just really well done its,impressive its honest and its really,well put together,especially as a one-man production but i,do feel like,not everyones going to appreciate it,because again its not,the greatest comedy a lot of its not,even focused on making you laugh so for,the people going in here expecting like,a hardcore,focused comedy i think they might leave,a bit disappointed if theyre not,open to the idea of inside and what it,actually aims to deliver,so plugging bo burnhams inside into the,moist meter im giving it an 80,i think its an extremely impressive,piece that is not going to be,for everybody i enjoyed it and i thought,pretty much all the songs were,actual [ __ ] fire just straight boner,jams,but i dont think everyones going to,feel the same way about it,and i feel like because its not a,hardcore comedy people will just write,it off as some pretentious art piece,which i really think is a disservice to,the film,i dont think it really gets into,pretentious territory or anything i,think its just an,honest genuine look at bo burnham,alone writing jokes writing songs and,just getting through quarantine and i i,enjoyed it i thought it was good,so uh yeah thats really about it so,yeah now lets talk about crunchyroll,crunchyroll is heaven for anime fans,they have pretty much,every anime that youre thinking of,right now on their service,crunchyroll premium also offers a ad,free experience you get unlimited anime,manga drama titles and you get the,newest episodes an hour after they air,in japan with simulcast,all the episodes are professionally,subtitled all coming in at a crisp,beautiful 1080p hd access on all devices,xbox playstation android roku apple tv,also id recommend attack on titan,especially if youre pretty new to anime,or just looking to find something to,jump into attack on titan i think is,just an incredible show that you should,watch on crunchyroll when you get the,chance to,its where i watch all of my anime for,the most part it just has pretty much,any show i can think of theres also,different tiers of membership to choose,from on crunchyroll theyre all going to,give you an ad free experience of course,but then something like mega fan also,allows you to do offline viewing as well,as being able to stream it on up to four,devices at a time,so theres different levels that you can,choose from so if you want to try,crunchyroll you can get crunchyroll ad,free for 14 days by signing up at,crunchyroll.com,penguinzero or just clicking the link in,the description below,thats 14 days ad free of crunchyroll by,clicking the link,down below or going to,crunchyroll.compenguinzero,thats it see ya

The Meaning of Bo Burnhams Inside – A Philosopher Reacts

[Music],whats up guys,michael here and today im gonna channel,the spirits of my philosophical,forefathers to check out bo burnhams,new netflix special,inside now while most of us have spent,the past year or so learning how to make,bread or developing adult onset,agoraphobia,bo burnham was writing filming editing,and performing in a comedy special that,makes his stand up,sketches and songs show off and while we,found plenty to overanalyze in burnhams,past work we were surprised by how,explicitly philosophical he gets in this,special,there are so many songs in the past,about about working-class jobs but not a,lot about the,labor exploitation of the modern world,so that was the idea here,so we figured it warranted another,edition of a philosopher reacts,now beau covers a lot of ground in the,special but i want to focus on,two interrelated themes self-examination,and a little thing called capitalism oh,and also,jeffrey you did it,so lets check it out in this episode of,a philosopher reacts,to inside lets start with his,educational,children song after bose sings about how,the world is a magical place where,all of nature works together in perfect,harmony his friend,slash prisoner sako chimes in with a um,different perspective the simple,narrative taught,in every history class is demonstrably,false and pedagogically classist,okay um so sako might be a marxist hes,calling history curriculums,pedagogically classist with pedagogy,being the theory and practice of,teaching,in doing so hes pointing out the,influence that class has on the way we,produce,and reproduce knowledge now weve all,heard the misattributed churchill line,history is written by the victors but,philosopher walter benjamin,has a more insightful version which,translates to,empathy with the victors thus comes to,benefit the current rulers,every time so history is both written,and taught by the class with the most,wealth power and textbook factories this,is what paulo frerry describes in,pedagogy of the oppressed,in which he argues that education is,never neutral it either perpetuates,oppressive systems or,probably less often leads to radical,change through a practice of freedom,so lets see where sako the maybe,marxist goes next the global network of,capital essentially functions to,separate the worker from the means of,production,so i know this stuff uh thats some good,old-fashioned karl marx for you now here,our,commie hand puppet is referencing marxs,argument that industrial capitalism,separates the worker from the tools and,methods i.e,the means to actually make a product for,example in the pre-industrial era,actually give me your shoe,thanks in the pre-industrial era a,cobbler would make shoes,sell the shoes receive the money for,them and presumably hit the pub,afterwards,here the cobbler has access to the labor,of making the shoes,the customers and most importantly the,profits but as we shift into the era of,factory produced goods and especially,assembly lines,all of this changes instead of using,craftsmanship to build shoes from,scratch,youre say poking lace holes in the,shoes one after another,all day long and once the shoes leave,your spot on the line,youre never seeing them again most,importantly the shoes you helped make,are the property of the factory owner,and theyre the ones profiting from,their sale you are completely separated,and,alienated from the process of making and,selling the shoes,not to mention the whole system puts you,at odds with your fellow workers in a,doggy dog culture of survival,while most of us dont work in factories,were all still separated from our,respective means of production so like,if you performed,beautiful emotive content on youtube but,your boss owned the cameras and the,youtube channel it was posted on,and and then took all the profits and,gave only a little bit back to you,oh god,okay the the point is that in marxs,view all of this is endemic to how,capitalism and the world,works and the fbi killed martin luther,king,okay um this one might be a conspiracy,theory,but the fbi absolutely killed fred,hampton private properties inherently,theft and neoliberal fascists are,destroying the left,okay so you might have heard the phrase,property is theft thrown around before,or,seen it spray-painted on one of those,new like ugly condo buildings with a,name like,new space but the roots of this go way,back to at least philosopher and,political theorist,jean-jacques rousseau in his book the,social contract was so differed from his,peers like thomas hobbs and john locke,that he imagined a state of nature that,was inherently,pretty peaceful that is until somebody,said that they were the landlord of the,earth heres what he wrote the first,person,who having enclosed a plot of land took,it into his head to say,this is mine and found people simple,enough to believe him,was the true founder of civil society,and the effects of this one dude who,wanted to like,own some dirt just a whole host of wars,murders genocides and other atrocities,that have shaped civilization for,thousands of years its like the,worst possible episode of house hunters,and rousseau wonders why weve all,accepted this as normal when we,know that no human has special property,rights over the earth,except dolly parton and dollywood thats,all hers also she invented the kova 19,vaccine,right a century later marx and engels,would pick up the same argument in their,edgy zine the communist manifesto for,the simon and garfunkel of political,philosophy its important to remember,that,private property is already done away,with for nine tenths of the population,because a few rich dudes,own all of it and then they rent it to,the rest of us so its a system that,doesnt even benefit people,unless your parents bought you a house,in which case i guess,you did it and can i stay there for free,lets get back to the song and every,politician,every cop on the street protects the,interests of the pedophilic corporate,elite,well saco clearly read those q posts,that his aunt shelly has been sending,him on facebook,okay theres a lot more in this segment,but i want to jump ahead and see what,beau has to say about,self-examination and how it can help us,well,shut the up lets check it out is,it necessary that,every single person on this planet,um expresses every single,opinion that they have on every single,thing that occurs all at the same time,is that is that necessary,um or to ask in a slightly different way,um can can anyone,shut the up okay no this actually,makes me think of one of,platos little stories called krydo in,it saugertys friend crito tries to,break socrates out of prison,before he gets executed instead of going,all shawshank redemption though,socrates is like nah bro lets talk,about the meaning of truth,kratos worried that if socrates doesnt,bust out everyone in athens will then,cry on his buddies and punks for letting,socrates die,and their opinions have him stressed,socrates response is basically that,if you care about all the opinions,everyone is expressing out in the,streets,youre going to lose sight of truth and,wisdom now jump to,19th century denmark and philosophys,favorite sad boy soren kierkegaard,who now that i think of it as major,burnham vibes used a similar perspective,to criticize the media of his day he,thought that the advent of publishing,made it possible for people to eat up,all the that angry journalists,and slick advertisers published while,never having to really think for,themselves,now while a good lutheran boy like,sauron would never use such crass,language he was also basically begging,people to shut the up,and its telling that bo says this in,one of the few segments of inside where,he seems to be performing stand up as,its clear that he is aware of the irony,of a stand-up comedian,using their ability to express whatever,opinions they want,telling others to stop expressing all of,their opinions on the internet,its like hes telling others to shut,the up while also telling himself,to,well yeah

Bo Burnham: “Unpaid Intern” Reaction Video

♪ Who needs a coffee cause Im doing a run. ♪,♪ Im writing down the orders now for everyone. ♪,♪ The coffee is free, just like me. ♪,♪ Im an unpaid intern. ♪,♪ Sorting papers, running around. ♪,♪ Sitting in the meeting Im not making a sound. ♪,♪ Barely people, somehow legal. ♪,♪ Unpaid intern. ♪,♪ You work all day, go back to your dorm. ♪,♪ And since you cant afford a ♪,♪ mortgage you just torrent a porn. ♪,♪ Cause youre an intern. ♪,♪ Unpaid. ♪,Hey, everybody.,Um, I thought Id do a reaction video,to the song that you just saw me perform.,Thought that might be fun.,Um, so I got my laptop all set up.,So Im ready to go, and lets go.,♪ Who needs a coffee Cause Im doing a run… ♪,I like this song.,Um, so the idea with this song,was basically that theres so many songs,in the past about… about working-class jobs,,but not a lot about the labor exploitation,of the modern world,,so that was the idea here.,♪ Barely people, somehow legal… ♪,My beard is a little shorter in this video,cause I filmed it a couple weeks ago.,♪ Go back to your dorm ♪,♪ And since you cant afford a mortgage You just… ♪,I think it holds up. The song, not the beard.,♪ Unpaid. ♪,And then you cut. I think its funny to cut right on–,…do a reaction video to the song that you,just saw me perform.,-Thought that might be fun. -What…,Um, so I got my…,Because this video played after that.,Right. So, and now… Right.,Okay, so Ill just keep reacting.,So, this is me reacting to the song.,Um…,What Im doing is Im explaining,what the song means.,Um, and what its about. Im being a little pretentious.,Its, uh… its an instinct I have,where I need everything that I write,to have some deeper meaning or something.,But its a stupid song,,and, uh, it doesnt really mean anything,,and, uh, its… its pretty unlikable,that I… that I feel this need,,this desperate need, to be seen as intelligent.,And the videos ending here, as you can see,,and look, Im very confused. See, Im very, very confused.,Cause Im staring at myself,,I dont know what Im looking at,,and Im starting to catch up now,,and realizing whats going on.,And, uh, yeah, now Im deciding to react,to the reaction to the video.,So here, um, Im reacting to my own reacting,,and Im uh, criticizing my– my initial reaction,for… for being pretentious,,which is… which is honestly,,its a… its a defense mechanism.,Is I am… Im so worried,that criticism will be levied against me,that I levy it against myself before anyone else can.,And I think that, “Oh, if Im self-aware,about being a douchebag,,it– it– itll somehow make me less,of a douchebag.” But it… but it doesnt.,Um, self-awareness does not absolve,anybody of anything.,Am I balding? This is really, really disturbing.,I dont like looking at myself like this,,and I want… I want this to stop.,Okay, I want this to stop. Im… Im stopping this. Im–,So, yeah, that was, uh, my reaction to the song,,and I hope you enjoyed it.

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