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Board of Review

theres a lot more to a border review,than you might think,lets get into it,[Music],[Applause],hey scatter stan i want to talk a lot,about,board of review now if youre a cub,leader please do not turn out,turn off this video okay dont,please if anyone needs border review,advice,it would be people who are not involved,in it,so that you get to know more about it,eventually,when you go from cub scouts into a troop,boards of review become big so dont,miss it now when you look at the,data now im going to put the guide down,there in the description,when you look at that pdf the guide,on advancement and is talking about,border reviews,it quite literally says that a border,review,must be convened when its asked for,what that means is that a adults,cant postpone it it must be,convened now when we say border review,this is not an inquisition or a trial,okay a board of review,literally means we are going to review,the the requirements for advancement,now border review might also be held,for other things now this is a lot now,i im gonna put a video im gonna put it,up there okay,dont go to it now go to it at the end,but,that video will talk about the scout,masters conference,okay thats something that scout masters,do uh for for issues,thats something they could do often a,border review,could be say for instance there wasnt a,problem,out at a camp with the scout okay,that could be a board review finding out,more theyre going to review,what actually happened and and,what theyre going to be doing but most,99,of them that are out there are for rank,advancement,now border review people that have never,bid on one they dont,realize a border review is not a,retesting,of scout skills youre not going to be,able to hand them a rope and tell them,to tie a specific knot,thats not what a border review should,be about,it should be to talk to the scout to,really,get to know if the scout is getting,the scout program it is your,opportunity to really discover whats,going on within the unit,so that you can actually help,the adult leaders provide what the youth,need now on the board,there should be a unit,advancement person usually from the,committee,so somebody that that you want there,they can report back to the to the units,committee meeting,and tell them what is going on,in that board of review in addition to,that,two to five more can be added,no more than six thats actually policy,the guide will tell you about that in,addition to that,no parents no relatives no scout masters,should be on the board of review this is,something,to keep them out of the,influencing any of the answers or,coaching or any of that stuff we want,the scout,to talk for themselves now im going to,put,the guide down below in that guide they,talk about,having the border review not,rigidly structured rehearsed okay,unrehearsed of anything very casual,this seems to help the youth,kind of arrive at new,and more innovative answers to questions,spontaneous answers will help you derive,some of the characteristics that are,being developed,by the youth itll also help highlight,citizenship thats actually being,developed,keeping the questions relevant,and live help the youth,come up with better answers so thats,important we dont really want it,planned out,okay or practiced thats thats not,going to get you the the true and honest,answers now boards of review are,actually required for rank advancement,they have to successfully pass a board,review,the first segment is what i call scout,skills,that is your tender foot your,well tender scout tenderfoot,second class first class those are your,scout skill,parts that you need to really know if,the scout skills,are sinking in and its not just did,they learn to not,they need to know why thats thats what,you want to,derive at you want to find out why,why do they need to know that not thats,something that the board of review,does specifically the last three,rank advancement star life and eagle,those ranks the questions,kind of change from the scout skills,to more leadership skills thats where,those rank advancement thats where that,comes from now were going to talk about,the,eagle border review is,i would say the structure is a little,bit different,you still need the units advancement,person in that border review,a lot of times there will be people from,the committee,there could be people from the community,that may not even be in scouting could,be part,of an eagle border review also,you have your district,advancement person in there to,kind of represent,the district council so thats thats,kind of the structure of an eagle board,review in fact it is very advanced,and im going to im going to put a link,up there,okay dont go to it now do it at the end,uh but that particular video,is actually part three of,of part its a part two of part three i,mean is,the eagle border review is,the absolute top of boards reviews,so keep that in mind now whenever,possible,the boards of review should be done in,person,i know that with covid and with,pandemic scouting going on worldwide,were trapped within the confines,of video so keeping that in mind,that is doable but you have to follow,the guidelines there are,actual guidelines written way before the,pandemic,check that guide out it will actually,define,all of the requirements for doing,a non-in-person border review,now also keep in mind that if youre,going to be doing,an eagle border review through,video conferencing through zoom or any,of the services that are out there,that has to be approved you have to have,approval,before you have the actual,border review now i know that that,contradicts the very first part that i,talked about,where a border review must be convened,yes but keep in mind it has to be,approved,okay thats the that is a requirement,it actually is listed in the,requirements you have to pass your,scout masters conference you have to,pass your board of review,these are actually in there so when you,get to that point yes,you you really shouldnt delay,is as much as possible you want to do it,as fast as possible what you want to do,is do it right,okay very critical what were talking,about,were talking about a border review for,a rank advancement,super important now heres another thing,boards of review are best if you keep,them to 15 to 30 minutes,with the scout you can have a discussion,before,and you can have a discussion after but,with the scout,in the room in front of the board of,review please,expedite your questions quickly okay,now we dont want the scout to,answer questions with yes or no okay,thats not good we want the scout to,elaborate,a lot on the answers,regardless after the scout leaves,it is important that the board,understands that its a board,of review okay thats it,once theyve reviewed and come to a,unanimous,decision thats the end of the board,okay it doesnt continue on forever,it is the scout is brought back and told,of the results,now there are two cases where there,could be a problem,say for instance its postponed,it is quite possible and this has been,known to happen,that something happens during the border,review,power goes out theres a tornado,an earthquake theres all kinds of,things,so theres reasons for postponement,and then if theres a disagreement you,cant come to a unanimous decision,thats another reason to have a,postponement,using the same people that are on the,border review,to reconvene the next day or shortly,after,okay as soon as the earthquake is over,and,and nobodys hurt okay,thats uh thats a reason to postpone,and then come back and finish the board,review,now in the absolute rare cases,where a lot of questions have come up,and theres problems and theres going,to be,a decline on this it is,critical that you write a letter about,it,it has to be in writing okay check the,guide,itll tell you how to do it when youre,disputing,a border review or having a problem with,it,you have to submit this to counsel so,that is the last,condition its either approved postponed,or declined thats rare,ill tell you right no

Boards of Review 15 min)

in this presentation were gonna discuss,boards of review so boards of review and,not Board of reviews thats right a,scout is of course grammatically correct,nowhere does it say oh it doesnt,actually say that but oh okay I know,boards of review is the right way can I,go on now,do you go on and on first were gonna,discuss common elements to every board a,review then the particulars for,Tenderfoot through life rank and eagle,pomme boards of review there are,separate presentations addressing Eagle,boards a review appeals to boards of,review and boards of review under,disputed circumstances after Scouts,completed the requirements for any rank,or Eagle pomme he appears before a Board,of Review when my new scouts see the,phrase Board of Review they seem to get,a little nervous yeah mine too but they,usually feel better once theyve,actually participated in a couple of,boards of review the Scout looks forward,to whether he can give his opinion of,whats going on well the purpose of a,good board of review is to determine the,quality of the Scouts experience and to,decide whether hes qualified to advance,and encourage him to continue on so what,determines if hes qualified to advance,or not well get into that and qualified,is an important and sometimes,misunderstood phrase okay but I really,want to talk about that because I think,its important to understand before we,do though lets cover some of the very,basic things about boards of review okay,I think one of the most important,concepts is timeliness because a board,review date becomes the effect of,advancement date opportunities for,boards of review should be scheduled,monthly so Scouts arent delayed in,beginning time-oriented requirements for,the next round,how does this go qualify for a board of,review well when a Scouts completed all,the requirements for a rank hes ready,for a boarder review a Scout cant be,denied this opportunity when he believes,hes completed all the requirements,including a Scoutmaster conference it is,up to the unit leader and the committee,to assure a border review his help,so once the book is signed he asks for a,board of review well naturally a Scout,will ask this but its also the direct,responsibility of the,unit leader and the committee to make,sure it happens Scout masters for,example dont have the authority to,expect a boy to request a boy review or,somehow to defer this request to him or,to ask him to perform beyond the,requirements in order to be granted one,so we dont want to just leave him,hanging there wondering what happens,next exactly we want to be supportive,and encouraging and make sure the Scout,understands when and where the next,border review opportunity will be okay,that makes sense,now whos on the border review well,border review must consist of no fewer,than three members and no more than six,unit leaders and assistance may not,serve on a board a review for a scout in,their own unit so an assistant,scoutmaster isnt allowed to sit in on a,board of review,thats right neither can a Scoutmaster,can I be on a board of review for my own,son,well now parents or guardians may not,serve on a board for their son I should,note that the candidate or his parents,or guardians shall have no part in,selecting any boarder review members,either when he gets to his border review,its preferred that a scout be in a full,field uniform he should wear as much as,he owns and it should be as correct as,possible with the badges worn properly I,heard the word preferred there I always,thought that Scouts had to be in full,uniform for a Board of Review youre,right thats what you heard preferred a,uniform is preferred how come its not,required well can you imagine a,circumstance where a scout wouldnt have,a uniform available when a border review,is scheduled well maybe during a,baseball season when a scout has to come,directly from the game to the meeting so,theyre wearing a different uniform or,if theyve outgrown their existing,uniform yeah thats right and its just,one of many many legitimate reasons,so were instructed that if wearing all,or part of the uniform is impractical,for whatever reason the candidate should,be clean and neat in his appearance and,dressed appropriately according to his,means for the milestone marked by the,occasion but what if my troop requires a,uniform well regardless of unit,expectations or rules boards a review,may not reject candidates dressed as,weve described neither may they require,the purchase of uniforming or clothing,such as coats and ties or anything like,that,remember the candidate should be clean,and neat in his appearance,and dressed appropriately according to,his means so we no longer believe in,uniforms well of course we do I mean,its one of the methods of scouting what,were saying here is is that there are,many legitimate reasons that a scout may,not have a uniform available we want to,keep boards of review timely and we,dont want to unduly obstruct a Scouts,participation in one nor do we want to,add to the list of requirements that,qualifies them for a border review so,uniforms are preferred but in the,absence of a uniform being neat and,clean in appearance is acceptable thats,right not only acceptable but,specifically mandated by the guide to,advancement now lets talk about the,specifics for Tenderfoot through life,ranks and Eagle palm so whos on the,board of review three six unit committee,members make up a border review and is,someone in charge who runs the board one,member sitting on the board serves as,the chairperson okay review take a good,border review lasts approximately 15,minutes and never longer than thirty,minutes and at the end of the review can,we hand him his patch for his next rank,no we dont present a rank or an Eagle,palm until the advancement is recorded,and reported to the council now that we,all know how a scout qualifies for a,beware review who sits on a board a,review and the policy on uniforms lets,look at what happens at a border review,okay so this is where I returned to my,earlier observation that a lot of my new,Scouts are pretty nervous about a border,review most adults would admit to being,nervous if told they were to appear,before something called a Board of,Review,I mean imagine how a Scout must feel a,certain level of formality and,meaningful questioning should exist but,its important that the atmosphere be,relaxed formal relaxed that sounds about,right yes it may help if the unit leader,introduces the candidate and if a few,minutes are spent getting acquainted the,unit leader may remain in the room but,only to observe not to sit on the board,and not to participate in the,conversation unless somebody needs to,ask them a question,okay can you scouts parents or review,the scouts parents relatives or,guardians may not be in attendance in,any capacity not as members of the board,as observers or even as the unit leader,their presence can really change the,discussion dynamics with the Scout but,what if they insist so if they insist on,being in the room they should be,counseled about why this is important,their presence can change how the scout,addresses the questions and the,opportunity for further self-reliance,and courage may be lessened,however if parents or guardians insist,on being present they must be permitted,to attend a board is not required to,record minutes but its not such a bad,idea any such notes remain confidential,to the members of the board or to,administrators with a need-to-know these,may be used in preparing a follow-up,letter should the scout be turned down,and they can be helpful in an appeal,process in any case once a board of,review approves a scout or a subsequent,appeal is completed all these notes are,considered confidential and they need to,be destroyed does a scout get tested on,his requirements at a Board of Review no,no the Board of Review is not a retest,or an examination though one reason for,a border review is to ensure the scout,did what he was supposed to do to meet,the requirements pol

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Boards of Review

in this presentation were going to,discuss boards of review,so boards of review and not board of,reviews,thats right a scout is of course,grammatically correct,now where does it say that oh it doesnt,actually say that,but okay okay i know boards of review is,the right way,can i go on now do you go on and on and,on,first were going to discuss common,elements to every border review,then the particulars for tenderfoot,through life rank,and eagle palm boards of review there,are separate presentations addressing,eagle boards review,appeals to boards of review and boards,of review,under disputed circumstances after a,scouts completed the requirements for,any rank or eagle palm he appears before,a board of review when my new scouts see,the phrase,board of review they seem to get a,little nervous yeah,mine too but they usually feel better,once theyve actually participated in a,couple of boards of review,yeah i mean a board of review should be,something that the scout looks forward,to,where he can give his opinion of whats,going on well the purpose of a good,board of review is to determine the,quality of the scouts experience,and to decide whether hes qualified to,advance and encourage him to continue on,so what determines if hes qualified to,advance or not,well get into that and qualified is an,important and sometimes misunderstood,phrase,okay but i really want to talk about,that because i think its important to,understand,before we do though lets cover some of,the very basic things about boards of,review,okay i think one of the most important,concepts is timeliness,because a border review date becomes the,effective advancement date,opportunities for boards of review,should be scheduled monthly so scouts,arent delayed,in beginning time-oriented requirements,for the next rank,how does the scout qualify for a board,of review,well when a scouts completed all the,requirements for a rank hes ready for a,border review,a scout cant be denied this opportunity,when he believes hes completed all the,requirements including a scout master,conference,it is up to the unit leader and the,committee to assure a border review is,held,so once the book is signed he asks for a,board of review,well naturally a scout will ask this but,its also the direct responsibility of,the unit leader and the committee to,make sure it happens,scout masters for example dont have the,authority to expect a boy to request a,board review,or somehow to defer this request to him,or to ask him,to perform beyond the requirements in,order to be granted one so we dont want,to just leave him hanging there,wondering what happens next,exactly we want to be supportive and,encouraging and make sure the scout,understands when and where the next,border review opportunity will be,okay that makes sense now whos on the,board of review,well a board of review must consist of,no fewer than three members and no more,than six,unit leaders and assistants may not,serve on a border review for a scout in,their own unit so an assistant scout,master isnt allowed to sit in on a,board of review,thats right neither can a scout master,can i be on a board of review for my own,son,well no parents or guardians may not,serve on a board for their son,i should note that the candidate or his,parents or guardians shall have no part,in selecting any border review members,either,when he gets to his board of review its,preferred that a scout being a full,field uniform he should wear as much as,he owns,and it should be as correct as possible,with the badges worn properly,i heard the word preferred there i,always thought that scouts had to be in,full uniform for a board of review,youre right thats what you heard,preferred a uniform,is preferred how come its not required,well can you imagine a circumstance,where a scout wouldnt have a uniform,available when a border review is,scheduled,well maybe during a baseball season when,a scout has to come directly from the,game to the meeting so theyre wearing a,different uniform or if theyve outgrown,their existing uniform,yeah thats right and its just one of,many many legitimate reasons,so were instructed that if wearing all,our part of the uniform is impractical,for whatever reason the,candidate should be clean and neat in,his appearance,and dressed appropriately according to,his means,for the milestone marked by the occasion,but what if my troop requires a uniform,well regardless of unit expectations or,rules boards of review may not reject,candidates dressed as weve described,neither may they require the purchase of,uniforming or clothing such as coats and,ties or anything like that,remember the candidate should be clean,and neat in his appearance and dressed,appropriately according to his means so,we no longer believe in uniforms,well of course we do i mean its one of,the methods of scouting,what were saying here is is that there,are many legitimate reasons that a scout,may not have a uniform available we want,to keep boards of review timely,and we dont want to unduly obstruct a,scouts participation in one nor do we,want to add to the list of requirements,that qualifies them for a border review,so uniforms are preferred but in the,absence of a uniform being neat and,clean in appearance is acceptable,thats right not only acceptable but,specifically mandated by the guide to,advancement,now lets talk about the specifics for,tenderfoot through life ranks,and eagle pumps so whos on the board of,review three to six,unit committee members make up a board,of review and is someone in charge,who runs the board one member sitting on,the board serves as the chairperson,okay and how long should a border review,take a good border review,lasts approximately 15 minutes and never,longer than 30 minutes,and at the end of the board of review,can we hand him his,his patch for his next rank no we dont,present,a rank or an eagle palm until the,advancement is recorded,and reported to the council,now that we all know how a scout,qualifies for a boarder review,who sits on a border review and the,policy on uniforms lets,look at what happens at a border review,okay so this is where i returned to my,earlier observation that a lot of my new,scouts are pretty nervous about a board,of review,most adults would admit to being nervous,if told they were to appear,before something called a board of,review i mean imagine how a scout must,feel a certain level of formality and,meaningful questioning should exist,but its important that the atmosphere,be relaxed formal,but relaxed that sounds about right yes,it may help if the,unit leader introduces the candidate and,if a few minutes are spent getting,acquainted the unit leader may,remain in the room but only to observe,not to sit on the board and not to,participate in the conversation unless,somebody needs to ask him a question,okay can a scouts parents observe a,board of review the scouts parents,relatives or guardians may not be in,attendance in any capacity,not as members of the board as observers,or even,as the unit leader their presence can,really change the discussion dynamics,with the scout,but what if they insist so if they,insist on being in the room,they should be counseled about why this,is important their presence can change,how the scout addresses the questions,and the opportunity for,further self-reliance and courage may be,lessened however if parents or guardians,insist on being present,they must be permitted to attend a board,is not required to record,minutes but its not such a bad idea any,such notes remain confidential to the,members of the board or to,administrators with a need to know,these may be used in preparing a,follow-up letter should the scout be,turned down and they can be helpful in,an appeal,process in any case once a board of,review,approves a scout or a subsequent appeal,is completed,all these notes are considered,confidential and they need to be,destroyed,does the scout get tested on his,requirements at a board of review,no no the border review is not

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NBR Gala 2020 — Brad Pitt (Best Supporting Actor) with Bradley Cooper Introduction

Brad were you a few months ago I went to,the Hollywood Bowl to see Gustavo,Dudamel conduct Mahler Second Symphony,resurrection which if you dont know it,I highly recommend it its one of the,most incredible symphonic pieces ever,and I went with my buddy,who Ive known since I was five Brian,Klugman and my friend since high school,James Babson and Brad Pitt and we were,there and then afterwards we made our,way down through the audience into the,bowels of the the Hollywood Bowl to say,congratulations to Gustavo and when we,got there Brad realized that he left his,jacket back in the seats and rather than,you know bearing the brunt of having to,go back and the mayhem that would ensue,for him to try to go back and get his,jacket he was you know the gentleman he,said no its okay just leave but you,know obviously thats fine and so then,he left and then Gustavo James Bryan and,I were sitting theres a knock on the,door and lo and behold somebody who,works at the Hollywood Bowl had,retrieved the jacket and Im not kidding,Ive never seen anybody hold a garment,with such reverence before it was like,the Shroud of Turin it was insane and,and Gustavo James Bryan and I had looked,at the jacket and then we looked at each,other and I think we were all thinking,the same thing but I even get my,reflexes were very quick that night I,said I got it Ill take the jacket and I,know where he lives Ill bring it home,to him so I went home with Brad Pitts,jacket and Im not gonna lie to you I,tried it on and you know what it felt,really good,but I didnt dare look in the mirror,because that would destroy the whole,illusion but that is the power of Brad,Pitt and its something you know I asked,his friends you know what are some words,to describe him and it was integrity and,it was his soul and those things,combined with the curiosity to grow and,an unparalleled work ethic thats a,filmmakers dream because when you take,those things you embody it into a,character you can get moments that can,just crystallize the entire essence of a,film like the way a character rests his,hand on the steering wheel of a car like,cliff Boothe does and once upon a time,in Hollywood its just so in tune and,its effortless because he just is and,thats just something that we all strive,to do and hes been doing it for 29,years since thumb and Louise and if I,may not sound too crazy Id say even his,2 episode arc on growing pains in 1987,so Id like to say thank you to the,National Board of Review for their,intelligence and finally awarding Brad,Pitt with the Best Supporting Actor for,his wonderful portrayal as cliff booth,and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,[Applause],[Music],I was there I was there for that song,Thank You Bradley Bradley just put his,daughter to bed and rushed over here to,do this hes a sweetheart,I got sober because of this guy and,every day has been happier ever since I,love you and I thank you well its its,nice to be able to leave this thing,carrying something other than George,Clooney,I know very little about the National,Board of Review you guys have been,around for a century I know so little,other than you you love films I started,to Google you look you up and I thought, it I love films too thats good,enough for me,well meet on that now seriously I,really really love films since from an,early age I mean they were my view into,a world far grander than my backyard,fascinating characters that I became,obsessed with like Popeye Doyle and an,RP McMurphy or Sonny wart sick Woodward,and Bernstein Johnny boy,I think Johnny boys in the house,somewhere here I mean they meant so much,to me I love film so thank you for this,thank you very much this really though,is is about my man Quentin Tarantino he,produces he writes he directs he acts,although Im fairly certain he got the,part in Reservoir Dogs because he was,having sex with the director,now hes an absolute original hes a joy,to be with Ive read three scripts in my,life true romance he lorries bastards,now once upon a time where I heard the,voice of the character in the first read,he lays it out for you he gives you a,road map it really is about Quentin,about Quentins world its fun as,guys to be there I thank you for letting,me spend time there knew your universe,man it means everything to me,well I guess you know what its really,nice to see my man Sandler and the saft,hes getting some love tonight the,jeweled gang and the last black man from,San Francisco,means a lot to me thank you all my goals,in life now are pretty simple just to be,happy stay healthy and not get into a,financial situation where after new,oceans 14,well see thank you,[Applause]


good evening Jim Barrett an underwater,district eagle board chairman Id like,to go over tonight just the way that we,in the mondo Water District handle our,light to Eagle reviews Scout needs to,obtain his life to Eagle packet from the,council office that gives him access to,the forms for his letters of,recommendation otherwise if he doesnt,need those or want those you can just,get the forms offline for the light to,Eagle packet and his red white and blue,form once hes decided on what project,he would like to do he needs to get that,project approved by the Scoutmaster by,his troop committee and by the people,who are benefitting from the project,once he has those three approvals he can,then call me and set up for a pre,project approval by the advancement,committee from the district we do those,at the round table that happens every,first second Thursday of each month and,we also do them in the summer same,second Thursday just need to make sure,that you call during the July and August,to set up for an appointment post,project reviews are scheduled at the,wrong table come back and talk with us,about how your project went round tables,are held at the Geneseo United Methodist,Church on reach 63 second Thursday of,each month we hold them there from,September through May we have project,reviews in June at the annual picnic and,July and August are held at the York,Presbyterian Church by appointment only,once youve completed your project that,have it all approved then you need to,submit your Eagle application to the,council office for their approval they,will go over and make sure that you,dont have any problem,with any date on your form and get them,all corrected once theyve done that,approval they will send you a letter,telling you to come to call me and set,up for your Eagle Board of Review once,we you called me then you set the night,which is either the first Thursday or,the third Monday of each month at the,Government Center in Geneseo we hold,among a third floor they start at 7,oclock when you call for your board of,review I will expect you to talk with,your stock master and talk with your,parents and double check to make sure,that the dates that we tentatively set,you up for is good with them once youve,done that I expect a call back to let me,know with that has been done things that,need to be done for your board of review,your scout master needs to be there,he will bring your letters of,recommendation still sealed,he will bring someone to sit on the,board from your community cannot be,another scout master assistant scout,master or troop person needs to be,someone awful not related to you he also,needs to bring a Dan Smith form you need,to come to the border review employee,uniform bring your project book your,handbook make sure that you have,internet access also final thing that,needs to come that night of your border,review is your parents thank you

Board of Review Appeals 4 min)

this presentation discusses appeals to,boards of review so were going to be,telling you how appeals work when and,how appeals are made and how the appeal,process is administered so here we go,were to the next slide so which board,of review decisions can be appealed so,lets say that a candidate for star life,or eagle has been rejected at a border,review he can then initiate an appeal in,any of the lower ranks or Eagle palms be,appealed no the decision of boards a,review for lower ranks and Eagle palms,are final so who starts the appeal,process only the Scout or his parent or,guardian may initiate an appeal to a,border reviews decision okay so what,youre telling me is that if a scout,appears for a star life or eagle board,of review and is denied either he or his,parent or guardian can initiate an,appeal thats correct okay and who,oversees the appeals process if a board,of review at the unit level does not,recommend a candidate for rank,advancement the scatterers parent may,appeal the decisions to the district,advancement committee and a district,decision can then be appealed to council,level a council level appeal board or,decision can be appealed to the national,advancement team so isnt a fuel board,another board of review now an appeal,board is not another border review what,will be discussed are the reasons for,the denial at the original border review,a decision at any level of appeal in,favor of the scout is final so nobody,else from the unit can appeal a decision,it has to be the Scout or his parents,thats right if a decision is made in,his favor at any level its final the,appeal board at district or council,level is made up of three to five,volunteers with a thorough knowledge of,advancement and appeals procedures,before they convene the members of this,board are going to gather statements or,telephone interviews or summaries that,they need to make a decision theyre,going to contact whoever they choose it,may be a unit leader or one of the,assistants parents or guardians unit,committee members and as applicable a,representative of the chartered,organization,asian or the eagle service project,beneficiary every effort is going to be,made to have balanced representation at,the appeal once theyve gathered all,their information the appeal board is,going to convene and deliberate and make,a decision now no other guests including,the candidates parents or guardians are,allowed at the appeal board the board,may interview the scout if they choose,once theyve arrived at a decision a,written report setting out the details,of the appeal and the reasons for the,decision is going to be forwarded to the,council Scout executive and a copy will,be sent to the scout who brought the,appeal if an appeal rises to the level,of the national advancement team it will,be processed through the local council,we have lots of other presentations on,boards of review eagle boards of review,boards of review under disputed,circumstances and we also have a,presentation on the Eagle Scout project,and what about the one on the eagle,application oh we have a presentation on,that too if you have any other questions,about appeals two boards a review,consult the guide to advancement 2011,you can also talk to your district and,counsel advancement coordinators yeah,its important to start with them if,youre still stopped however you can,email the national advancement team at,advancement thought team at scouting org,so until next time Im Lisa and Im,Clark and uh tune in again tune in to,what you know Im not too sure actually,Im not surprised alright thanks again,bye

NBR Gala 2020 – Josh & Benny Safdie, Ronald Bronstein (Original Screenplay) w/ Timothée Chalamet

it was challenging for me to write these,remarks not only because of the,incredible and intimidating talent in,this room tonight but because with the,safdies do for me as filmmakers is so,revolutionary it is hard to limit the,remarks to simply the screenplay also,because Im a dumb 2004 old actor Ive,never written anything I stand on a mark,I say what people tell me to say so I,dont know why I dont know what insight,I have about screenwriting but heres my,go if I were to try to describe their,approach to writing it is to know,exactly what they want in the,pre-production process going into,filming and then on the day finding,those jewels and gems and the rough of,collaboration and the day-to-day,adrenaline of filmmaking a frenetic,style and approach to writing and,filmmaking can be interpreted as,improvisational and unplanned but make,no mistake with the safdies and Ronny,it is not this task is made easier when,the actors youre working with are of,the caliber of Adam Sandler the Keith,Stanfield and Keith Richard Williams,thats not Keith Richards thats Keith,Richard Williams and if you havent,heard of him thats because the Safetys,literally found him on the street in New,York and cast him like half of the,characters in their movies which sucks,for actors like myself with resumes,their 2017 film good time was a straight,shot about a bank robbery gone wrong and,a deranged young mans relentless an,untiring attempt to free his brother,from custody the movie follows Robert,Pattinson is incredible descent into,moralists madness if good time was a,shot of tequila then uncut gems plays,like cocaine and mushrooms a little,sprinkle of Alka Seltzer on top Adam,Sandler gives a truly awe-inspiring,performance,its like Adam Sandler its like you,watch punch-drunk love and was like Im,gonna do exactly that again except the,exact opposite and Josh and Benny and,Ronny created a tornado of stress swag, up intrigue and unapologetic raw,truthful filmmaking these are people,these are movies people my age can,actually not get bored as watching,let me end on this anecdote and I,apologize for personalizing it about a,month ago I text the guy look up to the,most in this business I invited him to,premiere he said he couldnt come but he,invited me to dinner a Martin Scorsese,thatd be happening 30 minutes later,that night I was literally on the toilet,when I got that text so I did a quick,Google Maps check I was uptown within 30,minutes I hope not to embarrass you if,youre here tonight but at the dinner I,was shocked by mr. Scorseses,self-deprecation his razor-sharp wit and,his good humor I was the young guy at,the table but I was having trouble,keeping up with the pace of conversation,and sophistication and movies being,referenced I made a joke about how if,the Irishman was successful Id never,work again because from now on Id be,auditioning against James Dean Marlon,Brando and Charlie Chaplin he very,calmly and humbly said it was now time,for a new generation of filmmakers to,take over and he pointed out for example,to safty Brothers who I didnt know in,that moment and its unsurprising he,actually executive produced uncut gems,the comparisons are obvious theyre both,truly New York filmmakers in their blood,they both explore the psyche of devilish,and morally ambiguous protagonists in,many ways Adam Sandlers Howard Ratner,parallels ray Liottas strung-out Henry,Hill and Goodfellas this is high praise,I know it Who am I to dole it out and,yet this is no longer the Golden Age of,cinema its no ones fault,except maybe Ronald Reagan enough just,kidding okay it seems every expression,of art has its great moment in time and,yet this is why we need the safty,brothers right now this is why we need,Barry Jenkins and Greta Gerwig and,Maddie D up and Ari Astor and Lulu Wang,not to reignite the Golden Age party,that is definitively over the world is,on fire as we speak but to make the art,that is truthful to the times and true,mirror of our times and in the safdies,case really unapologetic too and maybe,it wont be as big a party but itll be,unique as so here Josh and Benny,and Ronnie to accept the Award for Best,Original Screenplay,[Applause],now was it that was incredible thank you,Timmy,I appreciate that alright so how do you,wanna do is you wanna me and I speak,first and then Ronnie and I will work on,it for eight years exactly okay uh-huh,basically yeah I know this was thank you,for this this is so meaningful and thank,you to everybody and thank you to Anam,Sandler for bringing Howard to life,filtering him through his through your,brain but really I do love to be a part,of this three-headed monster you know I,cant tell you the the allegiances and,the alliances theyre exhilarating and,exhausting and I cant tell you how many,times Ive gotten phone calls after the,two of them were writing in a projection,booth for hours and I and each one of,them trying to vie for their own,positions it was its utter its insane,yeah I would I would try to not use,Benny to try to fight this man right,here we wrote a lot of the film and a,projection booth in New York and often,we would Ronnie and I would be so in,odds that we would I would just sit,outside the booth and I felt and the,people who worked in the theater thought,that it was like me being punished at,the principals office for some reason,but I yeah I wanna I would definitely,want to thank the National Board of,Review thank you very much for this,thank Marty and Emma for reading maybe,draft number fifty something and then,later a twenty four about five years ago,reading draft number seventy and then,Scott Rudin Eli Bush getting involved in,helping contribute to another seventy,drafts probably we its its my ron ik,that you want to point out all the hard,work that we put into the writing,because ultimately these guys get on set,and their whole mo is to make it seem,like the movie just puked itself out and,in real time ya know like it was written,while it unspooled in the camera i mean,i for that reason i want to thank again,the and National Board of Review for,what will most likely be the only honor,that this screenplay will get because we,spent again Im likely over 160 drafts,theres probably more because I lost a,computer in the interim and,the story its a long story I lent it to,somebody were making a movie about,these homeless romantic drug addicts and,I got a text someone saying if you want,your computer its its old its a long,story,but but uh I lost a bunch of drafts in,that process but we did spend over 160,drafts you know changing it for each,casting decision and and a lot of people,would ask us you know some someone came,up to me and said did you Eve there was,a script for that movie,and yeah we believe it or not there was,and and this guy right here next to me,we probably we probably argued more than,anything about what what did Howards,father say to him when he was 10 years,old and then not talked to each other,for weeks if he would remember that or,not so thank you everybody for that and,and and to be here in a room with with,great writers yesterday mr. Tarantino,met men talked about spending Brad Pitt,talked about Tarantino spending hours,and hours and days writing about his,characters and to me that the sad part,about this film is that I will no longer,have Howard to filter my life through so,Ill miss you Howard and I love you,Sandman you know Timmy said he used the,term unapologetic which seems to show up,a lot I guess in the context of this,movie in the last few that weve made,but I guess this is a Ill take this as,an opportunity to apologize to the to,the script itself the long-suffering,script you know were very anxious,people by nature you know the were,anxious about the process of,screenwriting you know its Im anxious,you know I know idea is so good that it,doesnt putrefy and you know sour like,old milk the second eye we put it down,on the page you know so what happens is,we do all of this work to sort of,delineate the ideas in the

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