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  2. The Book of Boba Fett – Return of the Mandalorian – Review
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The Book of Boba Fett: Season 1 – Review

all right boba fett he has a book hes,an author now were going to talk about,it but first going to give some love to,the sponsor of this video this video is,brought to you by bespoke bespoke post,is a monthly membership club delivering,awesome boxes with a myriad of goods,your boxes are curated based on the quiz,you take with options and categories,like style accessories clothing music,and tech gear each box has 70 of retail,but you just pay a fraction of that and,each month before it ships you get a,preview of your box you can either keep,it swap it out for another box or just,skip that month entirely you wont get,charged at one point i got a package,aptly named the weekender its perfect,for an overnight bad gory weekend bag i,mean ive carried vhss in this bag its,gotten a lot of use its a well-made,sturdy bag this month i got the package,alchemy these ice cubes will be perfect,for the freezer fridge combo i have in,my nerd room also,party on dudes its free to join so,click the link in the description go to,bespokepost.com jeremy20 enter promo,code jeremy20 upon checkout to get,yourself 20 off your first box and thank,you once again to bespoke post for,sponsoring this video i do appreciate it,all right now book of boba fett first of,all spoiler warning gonna talk about,spoilers for the book of boba fett i,dont want you to go in warned also im,gonna talk about a big spoiler in the,mandalorian season two if you know it,you know so thats my spoiler warning,youve been warned also not gonna be a,play-by-play just gonna talk about some,interesting things in the book of boba,fett that i liked some things i was like,those are power rangers so the book of,boba fett is a new series on disney plus,its one that i didnt watch episode to,episode i just binged it and a pretty,great binge it was it first starts out,it shows how boba fett escaped the,sarlacc pit for a while now ive known,hes survived so i cant say someone was,boba fetted if they were just cheaply,killed i say washed now till they wreck,on that,hopefully but it shows how he escaped,the sarlacc pit what he was doing,afterwards its really two stories,youre following two stories here one is,boba fett and fenik shand his,partner in not crime his partner in,anti-crime theyve taken over jabbas,crime syndicate from bib fortuna theyre,like all right we got to establish,ourselves as the new boss we gotta rule,with respect not necessarily fear so,youre seeing that and then when boba,fett sleeps in his bathtu tank so he can,heal from all the sarlacc pit damage,that he took you see flashbacks of what,he was doing leading up to this point,for the past few years where he was,hanging out with tusk and raiders and,for a while here i was like the tuscan,raiders storyline thats clearly the,more interesting of the two arcs it did,a lot for tuscan raiders for me showed a,lot of their traditions how their tribe,works its that whole storyline that,youve seen before but its cool seeing,boba fett do it with tuscan raiders,where its like hes a prisoner and then,he becomes a member of the tribe,eventually it got me to care because,dude in star wars galaxies were talking,old school star wars galaxies those of,you who remember remember og star wars,galaxies tuscan raiders were difficult,they were business they had red life,bars but they shouldnt be easy they,should be tough thats their territory,tatooine is their territory theyre like,the oldest settlers on tatooine i was,glad that this showed why theyre,actually badass you see where gaffy,sticks come from,i dug that i like i dig that kind of,stuff when you expand the lore of a,culture that i just kind of took for,granted like oh yeah theyre vicious,mindless monsters and of course they had,to do a train job this train just comes,through just starts popping shots that,these tuscans takes them out and so boba,fetts like ill train you how to take,out that train which i love a train job,when in doubt have a train job a train,job is easily the second greatest kind,of job you can get in life but when they,were doing the train job the tuscans,start getting popped off and killed and,i was like oh man youre gonna have to,go back and explain why they died and,they died and it was your plan thats,probably gonna weigh heavy on you the,fact that i cared that much showed how,much this show got me to care about the,task and it also made me appreciate boba,fetts armor like i like og boba fetts,armor the most in this one he had the,black robe with the armor i was like,okay it looks a bit too clean but really,its his tuscan robe when he becomes,part of that tribe with his boba fett,armor with his bounty hunter armor it,really is boba fett wearing his life i,just i dont know made me appreciate it,more then that tuscan tribe gets killed,off screen because thats how star wars,does it there were some great characters,in this show like badass wookie,i thought he was the best like of the,characters i want to see more of im,glad they have them in here im glad,they didnt die and i thought they were,going to die but they didnt die bad as,wookies at the top of the list not,everything worked matt because internet,is kind of funny internet chatter is,just it goes everywhere and you hear,about it whether you even look for it or,not the power rangers that arent power,is theyre not really its not like the,power rangers are in the book of boba,fett but theres this crew this group,you totally think of the power rangers i,saw internet talking about that i was,like its not gonna really feel like it,when you watch it holy [ __ ] theyre the,power rangers power rangers jokes aside,you know my thing with them is they,didnt they felt out of place in the,book of boba fett let alone tatooine,they didnt feel like they fit in star,wars i felt like they would have fit in,star wars in that weird gambling planet,in episode 8,the last jedi,i forgot the title for a second wow my,brain is really working overtime,thank you brain oh god canto bite now i,remember the name of the planet damn it,brian lets go back we got to go back to,when i was forgetting that stuff it,wouldnt have felt so out of place there,but on tatooine when youre part of boba,fetts plan for the big the big push you,know its like okay we have our army,its like a warhammer setup its like,everyones set up and that armys set up,and okay were making our big move and,part of the plan is be inconspicuous and,just kind of lay low you cant ride,around with these flashy ass bright,colored bikes you stand out everyones,like whats up with those bikes they,kind of they seem out of place in this,[ __ ] hole why what are they doing well,if it should have been like you paint,your bikes you burn them or you get,other bikes you get different bikes and,i cant help but feel like they felt,like cyborg hipsters from earth the year,3047. that wouldnt have been too,surprised if at the end they were like,oh wow glad we got to help you all here,in this galaxy far far away yeah were,from a different time were from the,future in another galaxy called the,milky way earth the year 3047 but now we,have to go our planet needs us,just wouldnt have been too surprised,between the neutrinos and the wookie,the wookie does win then after about,four episodes of the book of boba fett,it becomes the mandalorian season 2.5 we,catch up with mando which not gonna lie,some really cool stuff in those episodes,they could have just brought the,mandalorian back in and then the,mandalorian season three or whatever,theyre going to do they could have been,like all right now were going to go,back and show how,uh mando got grogo again and then you,see the flashback and thats when he,hangs out with luke and all that but,then the very logical decision which i,think is the right call is like dude,fans want to see luke,we gotta have luke in the book of boba,fett also luke looks so much better in,this season than he did the mandalorian,season two i believe that thats the,legend this is the legend here story is,the ma

The Book of Boba Fett – Return of the Mandalorian – Review

[Music],whats going on everybody today i want,to do something different its been a,while since ive just talked about a,specific episode of a show usually i,just talk about the whole season and i,dont focus on episodes but in the case,of the book of boba fett were on,episode 5 now and except for this,episode i havent really found myself,too invested in the show there have been,some episodes that are enjoyable there,hasnt really been an episode where i,was just like oh well thats just you,know thats just trash or whatever like,im not looking at the show in that way,at all its just that i dont know if,ill be reviewing the whole show because,unless the last couple episodes,are,the best star wars that has ever existed,uh the book of boba fetts fine i love,tamora morrison as boba fett i love ming,na wen as fennick shand and the show,looks amazing just as mandalorian did,and john favreau is a good writer but,the past and present storyline the,constant flashbacks make it kind of,difficult to care about whats going on,and some of the episodes dont really,feel like they build too much and so i,dont know if ill be reviewing the,whole show but i definitely want to talk,about this episode so if you havent,seen any of the book of boba fett or you,were waiting for every episode to drop,before watching this is going to have,full spoilers for episode number five,return of the mandalorian at the end of,episode four boba fett suggests that,hes gonna need some help in the war,against the pikes and you get a little,bit of the mandalorian theme and so like,all right well hes probably gonna go,see mando thats what i thought anyway i,did not expect an entire episode of the,mandalorian season 2.5 that blew my mind,i had no idea that we would just get a,mando centered episode in the middle of,this season its kind of like how in the,mandalorian season 2 ahsoka tano had a,big episode centered around her although,it,filtered in very easily to the,mandalorian story arc and that he was,trying to return grogu to the jedi in,the case of episode 5 of the book of,boba fett this is straight up a,mandalorian episode and thats fine with,me because this episode kind of actually,blew my mind im very desensitized to,star wars at this point ive seen so,much of it in the past five to six years,and its gotten harder to wow me so to,speak when it comes to star wars but,this episode did basically everything,theyve done with the mandalorian season,one and two and then this episode,has really impressed me i love this,thing from start to finish and for the,entire episode i kept thinking who the,[ __ ] directed this because i do a thing,with these shows i try my damnedest to,avoid any information about each episode,i dont even look up what the title is,before i watch it and i dont look up,who directed it before i watch it so,that i can just enjoy the episode and,try to figure out you know who may have,done it whether it was robert rodriguez,or in the case of episode two steph,green when bryce dallas howards name,came up over the end credits i actually,got goosebumps because shes done two,episodes before she did one in season,one and season two and all three of her,episodes have improved upon the last,this one being one of the best hours of,star wars,like ever like excuse me while i,completely fanboy out over this [ __ ] but,everything from the introductory scene,where we see mando learning how to use,the darksaber we understand the,darksaber is fighting against him its,harder for him to wield it because hes,not really in sync with it he chops a,dude in half and its like the first,truly violent thing this show,specifically has given us which i was,very happy to see because i liked how,the mandalorian show was a little more,violent than your average star wars and,this episode continues in that tradition,but then he meets up with some of his,own people and we recognize that things,arent exactly going well for him not,only is he not really wielding the,darksaber properly but one of his own,kind challenges him to a duel because he,believes he deserves it and once they,realize that mando has taken off his,helmet before they banish him,and they even call him an apostate,now this is something that had a very uh,specific,reaction for me that not everyone else,will experience but,that felt super close to home for me,theres also a lot of great imagery in,this episode that tells a lot without,having to be spoken a lot of people have,mentioned that the little bag mando is,carrying looks like grogu but really,just the entire look of this episode is,phenomenal bryce dallas howard is,clearly very talented now obviously her,dad is also very talented and her dad,has even directed a star wars movie,himself,she might,she might have the jump on him like the,[ __ ] is really well made i dont know,what it is about the mandalorian,character in pedro pascal as danjarin,but just the sequence of him unloading,his weapons into a suitcase was more,interesting than the first four episodes,of boba fett so he heads back to,tatooine where he meets up with amy,sodaris and she reveals that she has a,replacement for his razor crest ship and,it just so happens to be an n1,starfighter thats right an abu,starfighter one of my favorite star wars,ships ever,i,have always loved that ship,i forget if i ever mentioned this in a,video but when i was really little and,then right up until around a phantom,menace came out i always wanted a yellow,car i dont know why i was obsessed with,yellow cars and so the naboo starfighter,spoke to me quite a bit and we get to,see him fix it up with her and even,though i wish they had left some of the,yellow paint on it the sequence where he,flies this thing around tatooine and,even goes on one of the same routes that,anakin skywalker took during the pod,race tournament look ships flying around,in star wars is nothing new but this was,really beautiful and had a lot of,phantom menace references that i enjoyed,well,how was it,wizard as far as the show i was getting,kind of sick of the flashbacks i was,getting kind of sick of tatooine,and the slow-moving plot in the present,the past sequences were far more,interesting i would say episode 2 was,probably my favorite up until this one,this really rejuvenated the whole show,for me and its unfortunate that boba,fett isnt even in it so im hoping the,last two episodes can really help this,show a bit,but i just wanted to talk about this,episode because if i dont end up,reviewing the show i wanted to talk,about this one it was so good and maybe,if you checked out on boba fett early on,just watch this one its awesome guys,thank you so much as always for watching,but i also want to give a big thank you,to the sponsor for this video nordvpn,ive used nordvpn for a while and ive,enjoyed the security that i feel when,im browsing the internet knowing that,my personal information and data is safe,using nordvpn allows you to never miss,your favorite content even when youre,traveling abroad 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this,video you gu

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The Book of Boba Fett is laughably terrible

hello and welcome to my review of the,book of boba fett the show with two,different scenes showing boba getting,dressed and neither time does he do it,himself leading me to the only logical,conclusion that he doesnt know how to,dress himself im your host disappointed,but not surprised okay guys lets get,real the book of boba fett was,not good it failed spectacularly in,basically every single aspect im not,here to mince words the show was,absolute unadultered garbage and of,course spoilers by the way because i,have way too much to say about this,abysmal pile of filth to try to do it,without spoiling it i mean who are we,kidding youve all seen it by now lets,not pretend you havent,alright lets start this from the,beginning at the end of mando season 2,when he killed bib fortuna and took over,jabbas palace setting up for a whole,boba fett spin-off show i gotta admit i,was kinda scratching my head a little,bit dont get me wrong i was excited for,it of course i love boba fett and always,have and im just one of many fans whos,been anxiously awaiting any kind of boba,fett show or movie since disney took,over the franchise ive waited almost 10,years for this so before you tell me im,just another mindless hater just know,that i would have loved nothing more,than for this show to be excellent but,when i saw this scene i couldnt help,but think that it wasnt even remotely,set up nor did it seem within character,for boba to decide he wanted to take,over the territory of his former,employer and,rule tatooine,thats it he didnt want to stick his,hand into any other elements of the,criminal underworld he was just content,to rule over a planet he has no,connection to and has if anything,brought him nothing but pain,okay i guess im supposed to think that,he cares about tatooine now all of a,sudden because he spent some time with,the tuscan raiders but i dont see him,doing anything with his newfound power,to help out the various other tribes so,so yeah boba taking over jabbas palace,didnt make any sense and it came out of,nowhere but i kind of just shrugged it,off because i assumed if we were,dedicating an entire show to this,character that his motives would at,least be explained but the only,explanation we really get is this im,tired of our kind dying because of the,idiocy of others and this doesnt make,any sense at all it wasnt jabbas fault,that boba fell into the sarlacc youre,the one who decided to take up bounty,hunting but if youre really tired of,this line of work then just retire why,do you need to become a crime boss i,guess because he wants loyalty or,something i dont i dont know thats,what he offers finnick but i mean you,can have loyal friends without running a,criminal organization which is also not,really a criminal organization since you,wont even allow criminal operations to,operate under your rules so what the,[ __ ] even is your plan defenders of this,show like to say that were finally,getting character development for boba,which is more than the original trilogy,ever gave him and if you want to argue,that he was less than a character in the,originals fine i tend to agree with you,much as i like him in fact were he not,such a cool character in the books and,comics i probably wouldnt really care,for him all that much the thing is that,in the original trilogy he wasnt really,meant to have a lot of development he,wasnt really a character because he,wasnt supposed to be he pushed the,story along played his part and got out,of there ive always seen him as more of,a man with no name but in star wars but,dont sit there and tell me that this,show characterizes him because no it,really doesnt for character development,to work you have to first explain how,they originally view a certain idea,about the world what causes that idea to,change and what difference it makes to,their viewpoint on the matter and this,show did absolutely none of these things,boba fett is now supposedly this,honorable man which doesnt align with,what weve seen before at all again in,the books and comics that make him into,an actual character he has a sense of,honor but just from what weve seen in,the original trilogy this does not fit,with his character at all and even most,of the books and comics that show him to,be an honorable man arent even canon so,dont give me that crap i guess were,supposed to assume that spending time,with the tuscans made him honorable but,im not sure how that translates exactly,what is it about these savage brutish,creatures that screams honorable was it,the part where they kidnapped and,enslaved boba that wasnt very honorable,and yet no lets not forget the fact,that they enslaved boba because he sure,as hell seemed to they imprison him,against his will force him to dig water,that hes then not allowed to drink and,the only reason they freed him and,accepted him into their tribe is because,he fought a giant sand monster and saved,a kid if i was boba id be getting the,[ __ ] out of there these guys are nothing,but trouble but instead he decides to,take their culture as his own for,i dont know reasons this is what im,talking about if i cant even tell you,why he decided to embrace the tuscan,lifestyle a pivotal part of his supposed,character journey then no its not,character development its lazy writing,its just having things happen because,you want them to happen for the sake of,your [ __ ] story although im not,even really sure what purpose they,served in the story anyway because again,he pretty much forgot about them after,they died anyway he spent god knows how,long [ __ ] around in the desert met,finnick got his ship back met the,mandalorian got his armor back and took,over a crime family so all those tuscan,flashbacks which took up a significant,portion of the first three episodes,ended up not really mattering i guess oh,wait no never mind i take that back,cause he because he beat cad bane with,the stick at the end so cause,so no this is good writing guys,speaking of wasting time this show,excels at that there are seven count it,seven episodes of this series and if you,cut out all the excess it could easily,be condensed to like two or three or,hell just make it a movie i dont know,they spent two out of the final three,episodes focusing on characters that are,not boba fett i kid you not for two,whole episodes boba doesnt say a single,word hes not even in one of them dear,god whose idea was this i need to talk,to them right now oh yeah can we talk,about how many [ __ ] character returns,we get in this series we spent an entire,episode on what was basically mando 301,and then we got to see him plus luke,skywalker ahsoka tano baby yoda r2d2 max,rebo oscar the grouch clara from,walgreens my father who came backstage,to borrow cash cobb vance and cad bain,all in one episode and the last two i,just mentioned are the only two that,were relevant to a story about boba fett,it makes me so mad that grogu showed up,in the finale to wreck [ __ ] because now,i cant even say that lukes and,ahsokas cameos didnt service the story,in at least a small way because,obviously if luke hadnt made grogu,choose between being a mandalorian and a,jedi then he never would have gone to,tatooine god damn it this,is a lightsaber,actually i wanted to say something about,that that was so out of character for,luke skywalker of all people to tell,grogu that jedi arent allowed to have,attachments i would think that of all,the flawed doctrines practiced by the,prequel jedi the one luke would most,fervently ignore would be the one,telling you not to form attachments,since he literally redeemed his father,and saved the entire galaxy through his,belief that there was still good in,anakin what the actual hell dave felony,and john favreau are saving star wars,guys kathleen kennedy bad its weird,that im even having to talk about this,on a show called the book of boba fett,but here we are and dont get me wrong i,actually liked these episodes for the,most part in fact theyre the only two,in the whole show

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Disney Killed The Hunter: The Book Of Boba Fett

[Music],oh,[Music],[Music],the book of boba fett is disneys new,star wars creation and because it is,disney star wars there is absolutely,nothing new about it everything so far,we have seen before and done a lot,better its actually hard to tell the,difference between the last show and,this one except somehow this one looks,worse and makes less sense now even,before the series started the disney,laziness was on full show you would,expect the trailer to give us something,new to be excited about all this charles,showed us was that we were going to get,more of the same,witness the return of a legend what the,hell are you talking about weve already,witnessed that five minutes ago in your,mando show even the thumbnail for the,trailer has boba looking defeated poor,bastard thought hed be retired by now,so the first episode is getting directed,by robert rodriguez and thats always a,mistake he proved in the mandalorian his,directing is at an all-time low,especially when it comes to action,now there are some main problems with,this show that are a reoccurring theme,with disney and we will get to all of,them over the series but first lets,start with the stupid what should be,easy to fix problems problems that,should have been picked up along the way,by any creative half weed these are the,problems that disney defenders love to,call nitpicks nitpick has become the,shorthand for any blind disney loving,fan for i know its a problem but i just,dont care and these nitpicks can be,small things that just make you wonder,why didnt anyone correct that to large,universe bragging problems that take you,out of the story with their stupidity,and as long as the blind disney fan can,call out nitpick then its all,supposedly good in the house of mouse,space adventure plus the number of,nitpicks also doesnt make any,difference to the quality there is no,straw that broke the camels back with,the modern disney fan when it comes to,mistakes or bad choices each one is,judged individually a fight scene could,look like it was choreographed by the,blind mystic bubba wenger with multiple,glaring mistakes and as long as each,mistake can be called a nitpick then we,are good to go hooray star wars the,modern star wars fan also doesnt like,any suggestion that anything could have,been done any differently whereas the ot,fans and even more so the crazy prequel,fans who get a lot of joy out of memeing,on the movies i dont like sam,the disney star wars fan for some reason,feels like they have to defend every,single frame of anything that comes out,of the modern lucasfilm studio and any,criticism of the new star wars is all,taken very personally and id just like,to say as a trigger warning if you are,getting at all offended by me,criticizing the new disney star wars,product please do not take it personally,because i dont know who the [ __ ] you,are so we are back in the desert thank,god you know the obi-wan show will also,feature the desert of tatooine thats,three out of three shows glorious bobas,chilling in the tank we get our first of,many minutes of flashbacks but these,early ones are just to remind us that we,are watching something made by people,with zero imagination about a character,who was created by a person with an,incredible imagination and one of the,first questions to arise is why did they,remake the scene from clone wars was it,for some money laundering reason and why,was it made less interesting by removing,the big dead animal they also miss a,huge opportunity here when they gave the,close-up they should have had djangos,severed head still on the helmet then we,are straight into the sarlacc guts to,see how boba fett escaped now i wouldnt,give we ever saw the escape from the,sarlacc just him talking about in some,future episode could have given way more,meaning to what happened maybe he could,have told the story when he comes face,to face with han yes we will be seeing,han solo because now that luke,skywalkers one and only scene in the,mandalorian made everyone weep we are,going to repeat that nostalgia nut juice,idea every series,yes boba describing what he went through,to escape the sail act could be quite a,powerful scene when he comes face to,face with the person that put him in the,sarlacc what if he doesnt survive but,the team at lucasfilm decided to go,ahead and include one of the most talked,about ideas since the end of return of,the jedi how did boba fett escape the,sarlacc now theres been plenty of ideas,over the years so surely this is a great,opportunity to explode this new series,out of the gate with the heart-pounding,struggle of boba fett against the beast,nope we dont get that at all no race,against time no ingenious combination of,weapons and jet pack to escape just a,random storm trooper whose only reason,for being there was because those,stormtrooper outfits are the easiest and,cheapest option for disney where was,this guy that went in and this guy,we cant really have a dissolving body,in a kid-friendly disney plus selling,show now can we just shove a,stormtrooper in there and the new little,disney fanboys will instantly have a,little bit of pre-cum,boba just pulls out a hose from the,storm trooper that conveniently we have,never seen before to get some air and he,must be amazing at holding his breath,because he takes just a couple of,breaths then flame throws his way out of,the beast the sarlic doesnt even flinch,now im no expert but im guessing if,youre in a huge carcass with limited,air theyre burning off all the,remaining air and cooking the meat from,within wouldnt be the best way of,getting out but you know what would i,know im no disney dreamweaver ah this,carcass,really stinks then after killing the,beast off screen with what seems to be,little effort he digs his way through,meters of packed sand like a huge,supermole brains and weaponry had had,little to do with his escape it was just,impossible superhuman strength that won,the day they probably realized they,[ __ ] up by already doing bobs escape,in the mandalorian and because disneys,doing this show on the budget were not,going to be wasting more money on that,[ __ ] [ __ ] so now that hes out,instantly boba collapses and gets robbed,by the jowers now again this seems quite,lazy i know you have to get boba fetts,armor and helmet onto the jail with,sound crawler but couldnt we have had a,little bit of story between him waking,up and losing the armor,and seeing as weve already seen the,exact same jars saving people in the,desert and trading with them honestly,this move seems a little out of,character they offered their finest in,exchange so im guessing jar was just,act however the [ __ ] script needs,them to on the day much like the [ __ ],tuscan raiders but well get to that,after the jail was robbed boba the sand,people take boba hostage for no apparent,reason but if we can go by shmee,skywalkers experience he was taken to,be repeatedly ragged or maybe it was,just a dig for those little water rock,shell things theyre looking for doesnt,make a lot of sense keep a hostage that,will use more food and water than he,will provide but im sure there was a,great reason because disney always,crosses those dots and tease those eyes,the same people [ __ ] goes on and on and,we get to see these beautiful native,people in their natural habitat we also,get some [ __ ] dark scenes that make,the longest night look like it was shot,in broad daylight these dark scenes are,appalling and theres no excuse for it,how the hell did we go from the twin sun,scene one of those beautiful shots in,cinema to this [ __ ] dog [ __ ] but if,you can peer through the darkness and,work out what the hells going on you,get the customary disney scene where our,hero boba gets his ass kicked by a lady,yay [ __ ] you cool bounty hunter we,finally make it back to present day its,rather incredible that there are two,stories happening at once both are,[ __ ] boring boba has decided to,become the local crime lord why hes,decided to become the new

How To Ruin A Boba — The Book of Boba Fett

i think the main reason why the book of,boba fett was such a disappointment to,so many star wars fans is because disney,you were trying to both have your cake,and eat it too you had yourself a,fantastic premise what if we told a star,wars story except this time it follows,boba fett one of the darkest most,callous characters in the galaxy and why,did the show squander its potential its,because that idea of a boba fett story,while a fun one is fundamentally,incompatible with how disney wants every,protagonist under its umbrella to fit,the term hero to ensure theyre a role,model for the kids to emulate and also,to ensure its a show their parents will,buy that all-important merchandise,around if you want to tell a story about,boba fett you simply must possess the,balls to follow through with that ballsy,idea you must let boba remain jaded and,vicious the kind of man who doesnt care,how much collateral damage it takes to,get the mission done the kind of,character whos sure he does good deeds,once in a while and has his code of,honor but he has been to hell and as a,man most of the many who know his name,fear and for good reason as he is,willing to do things so dark to get what,he wants he makes the mandalorian look,like bloody mother teresa,only we didnt get that version of the,character the version that frankly would,have been so much fun to see instead we,have a boba fett who didnt just not,have the six or so flaws any good,anti-hero needs to work and he didnt,have four floors or three or two,he didnt even have one and that right,there is the heart of it a lot of people,were left bored by boba fetts character,in this show and this i believe is the,main reason why he effectively has zero,character flaws has exclusively positive,traits and that in any character let,alone the protagonist let alone someone,who is supposedly a villain of the star,wars universe is inherently boring to,watch but think about it boba is,honorable he never fights dirty or goes,back on a deal once its made boba is,forgiving if someone wrongs him even if,theyre an assassin who just tried to,kill him he will always spare their life,boba is compassionate he treats every,animal with love and care boba is both,humble and emotionally stable if someone,criticizes his plans even if in front of,others he will always remain perfectly,level-headed listening to their,suggestions with an open mind dont get,me wrong its fine for boba to have some,redeeming traits exactly like these a,vital even but because boba is such a,goody two-shoes in the book of boba fett,as he exclusively makes the mature,responsible and morally right decisions,he makes for a dull protagonist the kind,sadly devoid of nuance the kind of,character who has as much depth to him,as yet every day puddle and its just,such a crying shame because boba fett,despite how we havent seen very much of,him on screen had the potential to be an,incredible protagonist dare i say it he,could have been one of the most morally,complex characters in the star wars,universe if more competently written and,thats a potential that disney sadly,totally squandered a fair few people,have said a somewhat hot take that boba,fett just never had the potential to be,a good lead that the mystique built,around him made him seem like a more,interesting man than he actually is i,understand where these people are coming,from but respectfully i disagree with,them and ill explain why later in the,video where ill be doing a full,character breakdown of boba fett,explaining that he isnt just some,caricature of a guy with a helmet but,how he really could have been excellent,in the right hands and then ill be,doing exactly what i did for my star,wars how to kill a franchise video i did,a while back where ill be applying,every critique i make in this video to,suggest an alternate star wars story an,alternate season of boba fett which i,hope youll agree makes a better use of,bobas character so do stick around for,that but remember rey from the sequel,trilogy uh sorry to all you guys who,successfully repressed any memory of her,but she was a pretty weak protagonist i,think most of us would agree there and,its not because of daisy ridley she did,the best you could expect from any actor,whos given so little to work with no to,me the main reason why rey just didnt,work as the lead is because she barely,has any character flaws just like with,boba and heres the thing its fine to,have characters who are good people who,are unfailingly noble or kind but they,must have failings in other areas places,where the character is lacking somehow,and it honestly baffles me how disney,keeps on not doing this making lead,characters so virtuous so perfect that,they are no longer appealing as,characters han solo is the inverse of,this almost everyone loves him yet he,also has a ton of character flaws from,his cockiness to how very easy it is to,upset him like when leia doesnt say bye,to him at the start of empire so he,throws a full on temper tantrum and,sadly im beginning to doubt that well,ever see another character like han solo,be a lead in the star wars universe,because such a man simply has too many,flaws for disneys liking whats this,hes forceful with those he loves its,very easy to upset him emotionally and,he has a larger ego than any of the,actual villains do like no no no no,thats too much for disney they could,never allow a protagonist of theirs to,be as interesting as that flaws are,essential not just because they give a,character depth making them both,realistic and relatable not just because,character flaws are a wonderful cause,for conflict as they create drama with,other characters but also because,character arcs are an essential part of,good characterization and arcs are only,possible if the character has lessons to,learn stupid opinions and flaws of,theirs that need to be dealt with for,example han solo again comes into this,we see him being a bit cowardly and,choosing to abandon the rebels in their,time of need in a new hope but then when,things are most dire han comes around,overcoming his flaw and saves the day in,a way that only makes the climax more,fun if you write a flawless character,such as rey from the sequel trilogy,youll quickly realize that writing an,arc for them such as the one we got for,hand is borderline impossible because,what lessons could such a perfect person,possibly learn its for this reason that,boba just doesnt have much of an art,going on in his show which is yet,another bit of lost potential another,straw on the camels back that is him,being a boring protagonist its really a,shame how this show was so mediocre,because the star wars galaxy has so much,rich lore and potential for great,stories to be told in it every now and,then stories like revenge of the sith or,jedi fallen order come along that prove,this but if you ask me one of the best,star wars stories isnt a movie or a,game but a novel that being darth,plagueis you might initially think oh,its probably some silly tie-in book,with the prequels but its actually,incredibly good like i love this one to,bits because it doesnt just tell,palpatines origin it also fleshes out,the depraved aspects of the sith and,makes that whole faction feel so much,richer and more interesting for it it,expands upon the law in all the right,ways and if you love star wars id,thoroughly recommend you check this one,out and also thanks to audible the,sponsor todays video you can grab the,excellent audio book for darth plagueis,today totally for free audible really is,the best place on the internet to grab,your audiobooks and i use it myself,pretty much daily as im going to the,gym or just passing time playing games,for those of you whove got busy lives,audio books are fantastic because you,can read the books you want to read,without making any sacrifices as you can,just listen to them while cooking dinner,commuting around and just going about,the daily things you are going to do,anyway and if you click my link in t

The Book of Boba Fett: MY REVIEW

the book of boba fett this is my,official review wow okay so the show,started off i think really hot it,started off really cool it showed us how,boba got out of the sarlacc pit it,showed us his struggle with the tuscan,raiders and then becoming part of their,tribe kind of and i love stories like,that you know where you get this outcast,and he sort of becomes part of this very,tight-knit honor-driven respect driven,tribe much like the last samurai in,other movies then the show went on and,we got you know the vespa gang which was,only a minor part but it was a little,bit goofy in my opinion there was a lot,of boba having a different angle as,cadbane said which he couldnt even,figure out and from there it was kind of,like him just trying to turn over a new,leaf and really struggle to be someone,else which is kind of a theme that i see,in star wars you know like anakin was,pulled to the dark side but he was,trying to be in the light side kylo ren,was pulled to the light side but he was,trying to be in the dark side and here,boba fett is a cold-blooded killer that,worked for the empire but hes trying to,now rule with respect and really the,theme of the show was based on everyone,coming from a certain point in life,where their sort of destiny is to be,like this kind of like what vader said,to luke it is your destiny and theyre,just really straying away from that,whole idea for example the whole thing,with the uh the lizard up the nose and,hes breaking the tree and hes breaking,the tradition of django fat supposed to,be this cold-blooded bounty hunter and,he wants to do something else now he,doesnt want to be a bounty hunter,anymore he wants to go on and you know,rule tatooine and take over jabbas,throne so we have that him,disassociating himself with his father,perhaps or perhaps his legacy that was,laid before him then we have grogu who,is given the legacy of basically how his,life started out with what i think is,being yodas son and him going on to be,a jedi again training to use the force,and now he realizes that no i dont want,that i never really wanted to do that,anyways i didnt really have a choice i,want to be with the mandalorian i want,to be a mandalorian so now hes kind of,straying away from what he was before,what his big origins were and i feel,like the whole story is kind of just,about that like breaking free from what,maybe you were destined to be or what,you thought you were destined to be and,kind of following your own path which is,cool however i just feel like boba could,have been shown more in the show i feel,like boba could have been at least a,little bit more like how he was how he,was raised because it just doesnt,really make sense if youve read a lot,of the comics if youve read a lot of,the books with boba ruling with respect,sure okay but that doesnt mean you have,to be a bit of a pushover and be soft,there were some really badass moments,with him especially at the end in the,season finale with him and mando teaming,up i loved it boba is one of my favorite,characters was one of my favorite,villains and i cant really call him a,villain anymore hes like a good guy so,that being said the show had a lot of,inconsistencies i feel like with you,know legends and stuff which is fine,they want to make their own canon now,disney wants to do that and thats okay,you have to change the character in,order for him to progress otherwise,hell just be like cad bane which really,was always evil so my gripes with the,show are that it was just kind of all,over the place you know i couldnt tell,if this is a boba fett show or this is,just a star wars show altogether the,scenes with luke and,mando and grogu were,beautiful they were amazing you know how,big of a luke fan i am but i dont think,they really belonged in the show i think,they took away too much from boba fett,and again dont get me wrong you know,how much i love luke but it just didnt,fit in the show it took away from the,very few episodes that we had for boba,and we couldnt maybe develop his story,more we couldnt extrapolate more on who,he was i feel like the two first two,episodes really did a nice job at that,hes struggling hes figuring it out,hes now becoming this different warrior,this is for a different beast and there,was some tribalness in there there was,some honor in there i loved it it was,beautiful but then it just pushed a,little bit too much i was wondering why,the hell is he not using his jet pack in,certain scenarios where he could have,the whole thing he could have just,summoned his slave 1 on his gauntlet and,really ruled with power that being said,all in all the show was fun it was,entertaining i will be tuning in for a,season two of course however it just,didnt feel like boba fett i didnt feel,like i got my moneys worth out of it,you know if we can really call it that,it didnt feel like a full-on boba fett,show just felt like a star wars show,with a bunch of cluster of different,characters in there which was great and,fun however we want to really look at it,as boba fett it didnt really do all,that much there were some episodes that,were really strong some episodes that,were a little weak episodes that didnt,even have boba in fact some of the most,entertaining episodes were the ones that,didnt even have boba fett in it all,that said and done the season finale for,me while it had a lot of really cool,flashy moments you know the the team up,with mando the rancor the fight with cad,bane which was super anticlimactic super,underwhelming in my opinion and spoilers,i dont think cad is dead at all i have,a video on that too but i just like to,get this off my chest while my mind is,fresh and to let you guys know how i,really felt about the show i do hope,that going forwards they will think a,little bit more about the overall,progression of the character focus on,him just like they did with mando i feel,like this one was all exposition chopped,up with mando and luke which was cool,and then it was just they defeat the,pikes that are in the town and thats it,i think there should have been more of a,uh grandiose plan a big triumphant,ending with someone a bigger power comes,in than just you know um a bunch of,pikes in the town shooting up the place,you know manpower i really think that,the show could have been more than just,that you could have brought in so many,more things crimson dawn black sun,theyre another crime syndicate they,hate the pikes and vader hated them too,and prince zaizor if we want to go,legends hated vader theres a big story,behind there and they could have really,connected everything together of course,in legends prince eiser died but vader,killed him as well as his entire family,in 250 000 of his uh race but i digress,theres so many different things they,could have done i feel the battle with,cad bane could have been so much more,juicy more oomph cadbane could have,brought in been brought in a little bit,earlier he is such an epic and iconic,character and i do feel that he is still,alive his beeping thing i feel was,summoning his droid and he was coming,and he was gonna put him back in his,back to or heal him up or give him some,cybernetic implants and the end credit,scene that for me was a letdown we just,get cobb vance in the back to tank sure,okay fine but you could have shown that,in the actual show and then you get the,thundercat guy and hes the modder guy,and hes just like im gonna mod this,guy up its like okay who cares its,its not really a big deal you could,even not just not show that and then the,next time we see cop vance hes got like,three eyes or something like yeah i,decided to get modded or whatever its,like okay cool like who cares why would,you put that in the end credit scene end,credit scene that i would have loved is,now that grogu chose to be with mando,which also i feel like really sort of,makes the season 2 finale lame because,its like did kroger really learn much,no is he going to go back with luke,maybe thatd be sweet but its kind of,like w

The Book Of Boba Fett – Its Nothing But Content

the book of Boba Fett is a TV show about,a character named Boba Fett who says,stuff and occasionally does things,anyway thats all Ive got for today go,away now,honestly its not often I go into a show,with absolutely zero expectations but,still end up disappointed and yet,somehow the book of Boba Fett found a,way to make it happen its a hideous,conglomeration of half-baked decisions,flaccid action scenes non-existent,character development a plot that feels,like it was cobbled together in the,space of a single afternoon and some of,the most baffling creative choices Ive,seen since this [ __ ] thing its,basically two episodes worth of actual,story spun out into a seven episode,season by making every single scene,conversation and event take five times,longer than it needs to a show where the,main protagonist somehow manages to be a,background character in his own [ __ ],story and even vanishes completely for,two entire episodes and its all,hammered home with shitty direction from,a guy who seems to have lost every ounce,of creative energy he once had an,apathetic low energy performances from a,bunch of actors who make Adam Sandler,look like a shining Beacon of,professional intensity in other words,its [ __ ] in fact its not just [ __ ],its insultingly [ __ ] I mean I guess I,should give you a brief rundown of the,plot so you know what the hell Im,talking about here and trust me this,will be brief indeed because theres,practically nothing to it Boba Fett,picks up just after the events of the,Mandalorian season 2 where Boba kills,bib Fortuna and takes over Jabba the,Hutts palace on Tatooine now he set,himself up as the nicest [ __ ] crime,Lord in the Galaxy intending to real,Tatooine as a kind of benevolent,dictator with Phoenix Shand as his right,hand a woman naturally this brings him,into conflict with rival factions who,conspire to take him down before he can,gain a foothold which forces him to,recruit a Motley Crew of outcasts,mercenaries and criminals to fight back,against them and he might just get a,Little Help from an old friends mixed in,with this is a series of flashbacks that,explain in how you escape from the,sarlacc put in Return of the Jedi hooked,up with fenic and recovered his ship and,well thats it thats pretty much the,plot for Boba Fett yeah its not exactly,Gone With the Wind is it in fact if I,was a cynical man Id see what they,really had here were a couple of,leftover episodes for the Mandalorian,that werent enough to support an entire,season so instead they built a hastily,contrived Boba Fett show to incorporate,them because honestly they fit into the,narrative about as naturally as a male,feminist in a strip club having a show,where your main character literally,disappears from The Narrative for two,entire episodes and gets replaced by,another more popular character is a,pretty bold move I guess but then it,sewers down in a pint of brake fluid and,jumping headfirst into an empty swimming,pool it doesnt work as well as you,might think believe that,foreign,the impression I get is That Boba Fett,is kind of an unwelcome guest star in,his own show half the time he just kind,of Fades into the background letting,other people do his talking for him,refusing to take decisive action when it,would clearly benefit him to do so and,defer him to other characters when its,time to make big tactical decisions who,the [ __ ] is this weird imposter the Boba,Fett from the OT wouldnt have put up,with this [ __ ] in fact that Boba Fett,wouldnt even have got involved in this,nonsense in the first place it really,pisses me off when writers tried to bend,established characters around the needs,of their new shitty story rather than,have the story reflect the logical,choices that character would make and,Boba Fett is a perfect example of this a,guy who started out as a cold ruthless,highly resourceful Bounty Hunter who,shot first and asked questions later has,now become a caring compassionate,trusting Father Figure happy to put his,faith in people he barely knows offering,jobs to characters who literally tried,to murder him a few days earlier and,refusing to take a firm stand against,known enemies I mean Im no expert in,gangling diplomacy or anything but Im,pretty sure that if a rival crime Lord,openly disrespects you and challenges,your Authority in front of your peers,then thats the time to start cracking,some [ __ ] skulls lay the smackdown on,the first guy to step out of line and,the chances are the others will think,twice before making the same mistake but,now Boba Fetts standard approaches,lets just wait and see what happens,also I dont really understand his train,of thought most of the time like at one,point he recruits fenik to help him,steal his [ __ ] back because he doesnt,have his best car armor anymore so he,cant just tank his way in and take what,he wants fair enough I guess so they get,the ship and then he immediately heads,back to the sarlacc pit in search of his,armor you mean the armor you were,literally wearing when you crawled out,of the pit do you think it like fell,back in or something also what the [ __ ],do you even need it for now the only,reason you wanted it in the first place,was so you could steal your [ __ ] back,and now you already have the ship also,do you really think its a good idea to,hover directly over this [ __ ] thing,its just gonna wake up and,uh never mind its probably for the best,that most of his decisions are actually,handled by fernic who basically acts as,the brains and the muscle in the show,also and I know this is going off on a,bit of a tangent but I just like to,point out that theres only a two-year,age gap between these actors damn,somebody made Good Life Choices then it,consistently saves his ass when hes in,trouble she gives smart pragmatic advice,like telling him not to let people walk,all over him or pointing out to a famous,mercenary that you can hire mercenaries,for money wow who knew not Boba Fett,apparently honestly Id rather have had,a Fenix short where the main character,gets to be smart cunning resourceful and,Kick-Ass instead of this tired and,confused old man pretending to be Boba,Fett its not just the characters that,are the problem either the show is,littered with ridiculous plot holes and,contrivancies to even a [ __ ] child,could spot from 10 miles away the final,battle which basically amounts to a,dozen or so extras standing in the,middle of the street and getting shot,over and over again is basically a,master class of military stupidity that,makes the Battle of Winterfell look like,the bottle of [ __ ] ouster lits,theres no cunning traps no strategy no,subterfuge or diversionary attacks,nothing they just stand around waiting,for the enemy to rock up and then the,shooting starts damn if only you had a,pair of heavily armed star players,capable of Performing ground attacks,because that would come in pretty handy,when youre being assaulted by mast,infantry and armored units but hey what,do I know the planning phase basically,amounts to Boba Fett getting schooled by,a [ __ ] teenage punk rocker on a,mopeds and yes Im being serious were,going to abandon our position and hold,up in Jabbas Palace no you should stay,here and hold your totally untenable,position because,were going to dig in here,[ __ ] hell dude do you literally just,go along with whatever anyone else,surrender says no matter what their,qualifications or experience none of it,matters much anyway because its not,like anyone gets killed or even,seriously injured at any point so the,entire battle contains all the,excitement of a three-day seminar on the,history of Microsoft PowerPoint how the,[ __ ] do you manage to make Star Wars,this boring and meaningless Jesus Christ,as shitty as the Ewoks were in Return of,the Jedi at least it felt like something,was at stake there I didnt care one,single bit about any of these characters,I didnt care about the rancor because,Id only seen it once and the whole time,I kept thinking if I had a choi

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