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  2. 5 Science Fiction Books I Read Recently That Were Mostly About God
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Pulitzer Prize Predictions for Fiction 2022

hello and welcome back to supposedly fun,i am here today on a fools errand i am,going to try to predict the pulitzer,prize for fiction winner for 2022. this,is going to comprise of books that were,published in 2021 because thats how the,pulitzer prize,works ill get into the mechanics of it,a little bit more in a second i first,want to talk about why this is so,difficult to do because,unlike most major literary awards the,pulitzer prize does not do a long list,they dont announce finalists in advance,they announce the winner and at the same,time you find out what books were,finalists thats the way they do things,it makes it a little bit difficult,because without knowing what is in the,mix for the prize for sure you kind of,have to guess,and yes you could try to predict whats,going to be on a long list but when,youre predicting whats going to end up,on a long list you have more slots to,try to get things right you get one shot,with the pulitzer and thats it this is,i believe the fourth time that i am,doing a pulitzer prize prediction every,time ive done it i have managed to,mention the ultimate winner of the prize,in my predictions video,ultimately,thats all i really care about i know,its eventually going to happen that the,pulitzer is going to pull something,completely out of left field like with,tinkers by paul harding something that,nobody would see coming,and it wont be in my video and its,gonna hurt but i know its going to,happen someday so im just bracing,myself for the inevitable maybe it will,be this year maybe it wont as long as,the,ultimate winner is one of the books that,i will mention,i will be happy i do have a firm,prediction and i have a runner up,and a spoiler contender and then i have,a lot of other options im going to,present the other options in no,particular order when we get there,the first thing i want to explain is how,the prize is awarded so typically,there is a jury for every category of,the pulitzer and i am only going to,focus on the pulitzer prize for fiction,none of the other categories so a jury,is selected we dont even know whos on,the jury because if you try to look at,that information up you wont find it,theyll probably announce who the jury,is when they announce the prize thats,just another level of secrecy that the,pulitzer prize goes in for,so the jury,does all of the actual reading of the,books and considering of the books and,they will select,finalists usually in the modern era that,consists of three books and they will,select a winner or what they would like,to recommend as a winner to the pulitzer,board the board will then look at the,finalists and the recommendation from,the jury and they will make a decision,based on that the board does not always,go with what the jury recommends for,instance the year lonesome dove won the,pulitzer prize for fiction it was one of,the finalists selected by the jury,however the jury had recommended going,with a book by russell banks the,pulitzer board thought that lonesome,dove was more in line with what the,prize is supposed to do and they liked,it better and theres a history of that,all throughout its one of the other,things that makes this a really,unpredictable prize there have even been,years such as 2012 when the pulitzer,board decides that they dont like the,finalists that the jury presents them or,they dont like the recommended book and,they either pick something of their own,or,they dont know more at a prize at all,that happened in 2012 when three,finalists were presented and they didnt,choose among them it also happened when,gravitys rainbow was deemed by the,board to be obscene and therefore rather,than give the award to gravitys rainbow,which was what the jury recommended they,just didnt give a prize that year they,could be petty surprise and while you do,know some of the people who are on the,pulitzer board for instance author of,vietnam who was a winner of the pulitzer,prize for the sympathizer is on the,board,you dont know who the jury is and that,makes it really difficult to guess,whats going to happen in another way so,you never really know whats going to,happen with the pulitzer prize but here,i go im going to try anyway now i want,to mention quickly before we get started,that the mandate of the pulitzer prize,is that it is for distinguished fiction,published in book form during the year,by an american author preferably dealing,with american life thats three,different criteria fiction,an american author and preferably,dealing with american life and,fiction is the only thing in there that,stays pretty solid but its also pretty,general it could be any genre of fiction,it could be short stories but being,honest genre fiction doesnt really have,much of a shot here its pretty much,always a literary fiction selection,in the end,short stories used to be really popular,with the pulitzer prizes they have had a,bit of a drought in recent years,but i have some contenders that are,short story collections that i will talk,about so well get through those,the american author is something that,they sometimes get around a little bit,because citizenship,is a little hard to parse sometimes,there have been authors who immigrated,to the united states,carol shields won a pulitzer in 1990,something,even though she immigrated to canada,i believe in 1957 and she won her,pulitzer in the 90s so,its difficult to parse through how they,classify,an american author and making things,even more difficult is that they have it,right there it says preferably dealing,with american life which means that it,doesnt have to deal with american life,and how,the jury interprets that brief changes,every year,most of the time,it does hold true in some capacity but,there are winners like the orphan master,son by adam johnson which is set in,north korea and,doesnt really tie back to american life,much at all all of this is just to say,it is not easy to predict the pulitzer,prize but this is the prize that is sort,of my origin story with book awards it,is the book prize that i have followed,the most and the closest,i am working on a project where i am,trying to read every book that has won,the pulitzer prize for fiction,and,its the one thats closest to my heart,it got me interested in other awards,like the book reprise the womens prize,and all of that but the pulitzer is,always the one that is,living right here next to my heart so we,have 29 books to talk about,in this video and i had to get all of,that functional groundwork,out of the way but lets go,into the books in my past pulitzer prize,prediction videos i have sort of held,off and talked about the book that i am,predicting to win later on in the video,i feel like it makes sense to open this,one with my prediction,why try to build a sense of suspense,its the love songs of w.e.b dubois by,honorary phenom jeffers which i just got,from the library,it has a wild pedigree it is an ala,notable title oh i should mention as,well that,i am going to put a link to a website,called the p prize they do pulitzer,prize predictions as well i love to,follow this site because,its such a wild thing to try to do and,they get into it as well you will see,common titles in their list and my list,but there are a couple of books that,they have on their prediction list that,im not taking very seriously maybe,theyll be right and ill be wrong,i have books on my list that are not on,their list,well see how it goes but we are both,predicting the same book actually so you,can check their website out down below,they pointed out that the ala notable is,probably the closest you come to having,a sort of precursor that is an indicator,of the pulitzer prize but even that is,wildly inconsistent because last years,winner the night watchman by louise,erdrich was not on the ala notable list,theres a tendency for the ala notable,list to include the pulitzer prize,winner but it doesnt always happen and,its not a great indicator because its,a list,so you kind of have to go through the,list pick ou

5 Science Fiction Books I Read Recently That Were Mostly About God

welcome back to the psy fireplace im,talking about the one two three four,five books that i read since the last,review video,going in ascending order from worst to,best worst is this fortress world by,james gunn which i would not qualify,as qualify i would not designate as a,bad book,nor would i designate it as,a good book james gunn was i think a,fairly minor figure uh he was around in,the 50s through the i dont know 80s i,would guess i dont know i didnt really,do my due diligence in researching his,background this is his first novel i do,know that and it was published in 1955,and its so so its an interesting um,little book i would say its a perfect,five so i do this game ive been playing,this game with,actually the guy who really got me into,reading science fiction in the first,place this family friend that ive known,since i was born he came up with this,game,called perfect five where you try to,figure out a movie or a whatever that is,a perfect five out of ten so it cant be,good enough to qualify as a six it cant,be bad enough to be a four it has to be,perfectly,fi perfectly neutral perfectly,inoffensive neither good nor bad,and this is i think the first science,fiction novel perfect five that ive,ever read so its about this guy,who is an acolyte in this church,in a far future world uh,with little its got like little space,opera flavors and its based on a really,interesting premise which is there have,been all of these galactic wars,all of these,upheavals and changing of hands of,political systems and,tyrannies,and its kind of equaled out to this day,taunt where every single planet is its,own little fiefdom,and theres kind of this cold war,stalemate between all of the planets,where theyre totally,isolated from each other and,isolationists in regards to one another,theres a little bit of trade in,commerce but other than that the costs,of invading,a new world outweigh the benefits of,doing so,so imperialism meets its end and the the,entire universe and the entire human,species is just stuck in this permanent,state of stagnation,where uh all the worlds are ruled by,basically mobs mafias,and petty tyrants on this particular,world where this takes place that is not,earth the ruling class is in league with,the church this i think its catholic,church that ministers to,this gigantic population of poppers,um like violent criminals and you know,uh menial workers and,its a cool like background its a cool,world that he constructed the actual,narrative itself isnt that interesting,surprisingly violent and bleak,theres a torture scene in this that is,pretty grim,and uh its like a love story and,theres this macguffin its this,marble that has unknown,you know uh,borderline magical powers that might be,the key to unlock,mans future of you know united reunited,mankind its just whatever its kind of,whatever um,started out really slow it got really,interesting for like a couple chapters,and then it just tapered off into this,fairly predictable plot i dont really,remember anything at all about it just,that i read it,and uh that it didnt,particularly wow me its a perfect five,would i recommend it not really i think,you just got the good part of it,listening to me talk about the premise,okay the next one,im,i know that this next one is gonna,disappoint slash piss off a lot of you,its the player of games by e m banks oh,no oh god,no author has been more consistently,requested of me to read than e m banks i,had listened to part of consider phlebis,on audiobook during a car trip and i,found it so boring that i had to turn it,off,uh for fear of falling asleep at the,wheel to be fair to that book i didnt,finish it and i was also distracted,while i was driving so,maybe i misread it i did read the,entirety of player of games which is,touted as this major mega classic of,space opera one of the best ever written,and i have to tell you i found it really,dull i found it really disappointing and,its not like i hate the book,um,but i did find it irritating i did find,it not all that fun to read and not very,rewarding to read actually pretty,frustrating and it became a chore to,finish i have to say,again i didnt necessarily dislike it,and its hard to,divorce,the reading of the book in my opinion of,the book from the hype around the book,which is something that popular books,definitely suffer from,but still,i i it just didnt hit for me i dont uh,i just dont resonate with it that much,the basic premise is a member of the,culture which is this gigantic uh,galactic empire its like a,non-hierarchical kind of,anarcho-socialist utopia dystopia,of total sexual permissiveness and,post-scarcity so everybody lives a,fundamentally perfect life,um but its rough around the edges like,its uh maintained through,kind of covert state violence,kind of an interesting premise and,theres this guy whos the most famous,one of the most famous players of games,like a game master board games and,publishes theories about it and writes,books about it and hes tapped for,a big,mission at the end of his career when,hes becoming cynical and bored by games,and hes sent to this,planet far distant planet,to participate in,this big game thats like the,foundational,premise of this entire civilization this,like massively complicated,game thats like kind of roughly,sketched out the rules are never,totally explained which is fine,and versus the culture this,empire is strictly hierarchical bigoted,and extremely violent sadistic theres,all kinds of,sexual sadism and,really gnarly violence going on and uh,hes thrust into this position of,participating in like this big game that,determines the future of the empire and,his role,in the culture and his role in this this,empire as this outsider i found it,way so bloated i found it crazy bloated,it takes about,this long,for anything,like relevant directly relevant to that,plot that i just described to start,happening oh this is all like backstory,on the guy and his friendships with,various uh ai machines,and his,sexual,dalliances with people and and then the,book starts and then a couple things,happen,here and then the ending is a big,letdown to me theres all of this build,up all of this build up,pointing towards a particular ending,that i thought was gonna happen that i,was excited to read and then its just,like ah,well then this and this happens and,like the end,it just felt like such a cop-out ending,after such a long read,i also thought that banks was trying to,do this ursula le guin thing this,hainish thing like uh dispossessed,specifically where it was a culture,clash so to speak between the culture,and the cultures values and this empire,this evil empire that is clearly,meant to be um,a metaphor or like an allegory for our,our you know individualist capitalist,war and profit driven,society that we live in,telling you all of the most obvious kind,of moral,lessons that go along with that and,painting that in the broadest possible,strokes the most cartoonishly outstated,kinds of evil and political commentary,kind of a high schoolers version of,capitalism versus socialism and,nowhere close to being worthy of le guin,i just found it way on the nose,frustrating also because the main,character doesnt have a satisfying,character arc to me there are some fun,action scenes theres some,fun you know the culture is kind of,interesting it made me not want to read,any other culture novels and my,understanding is that this this is the,thriller this is the fast-paced,um snappy one,and i,at this point dread r like accession is,supposed to be the other great one and,maybe eventually ill get around to that,i i think its just not for me it made,me appreciate alistair reynolds more,because i read,um,what was the first the uh,what is the book,revelation space,and i thought i thought that it was kind,of mediocre and obviously hes a peer of,banks like him banks and peter hamilton,are the big three of,british modern space opera aleister,reynolds is trying to do something,really complicated,and that,

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Chris Hedges ‘On Contact: Memories lost with author Russell Banks

[Music],welcome to on contact today we discuss,how writers are often the first to,understand the major shifts in a society,with the author Russell banks I just,believe that if you lift the rock of,bushwa respectability you see underneath,these kinds of realities Chris Hedges,the Israeli writer and dissident beriev,nari asked an Egyptian general how the,Egyptians managed to surprise the,Israelis when they launched the October,1973 war the general answer instead of,reading the intelligence reports you,should have read our poets the deep,malaise and sickness that has enveloped,American society the rage and widespread,feelings of betrayal is rarely captured,and almost never explained in the pages,of newspapers or on television to grasp,what has happened to the United States,the savage economic and emotional cost,of deindustrialization the destruction,of our democratic institutions the dark,undercurrent of neo listing violence,that sees us beset with mass shootings,in malls schools and movie theaters the,rise of the militarized state and the,concentration of national wealth into a,tiny cabal of corrupt bankers and,corporations we must turn to our artists,our poets our writers to see our true,nature and our true identity what it,means to be human at this peculiar,moment in history,RT correspondent Amy Parham pal looks at,the cost of deindustrialization on,American workers visit American cities,like Baltimore Detroit or Cleveland and,youll be charmed by the architecture,and spirit of this countrys heyday the,buildings are elegant the people,welcoming yet you cant help but notice,the heart which once pumped blood into,the streets of these havens is barely,beating since 2000 the US has lost 5,million manufacturing jobs economists,often point to US trade policy including,the 1994 implementation of the North,American Free Trade Agreement or NAFTA,Chinas 2001 entrance into the World,Trade Organization which priced out the,US with its,cheap manufacturing and the rise of,Technology economists argue the way each,of these issues have had on the,disappearing of manufacturing jobs but,theyre gone and it doesnt look like,theyre coming back look at how,individual states have fared between,2000 and 2010 Michigan hemorrhaged,almost 50% of its manufacturing jobs,absolutely devastating families and the,local economy today only 8% of Americans,work in manufacturing jobs compared with,24% in 1960 but so what the economy,evolves and adapts right wrong see the,problem is manufacturing jobs required,skills and actually paid well today the,average manufacturing job pays 20,dollars and 17 cents an hour but as,manufacturing has collapsed in the u.s.,no industry has replaced it instead,today the largest employer in the United,States is Walmart a company people,celebrated when it raised its minimum,wage for part-time employees to a,whopping $10 an hour at least for most,workers so if this is what our economic,system has left us with we have to ask,ourselves is it working thank you on you,Russell banks who grew up in poverty and,who after dropping out of college was,himself a laborer presents an,unflinching honesty in his novel short,stories and screenplays the voices and,struggles of those who have been,marginalized neglected and demonized by,the wider society he makes those,rendered invisible visible like Anton,Chekhov he never romanticizes the poor,and he writes out of a deep empathy even,love as he portrays what this country,has done to the vulnerable from the,disenfranchised white working-class to,people of color especially,african-americans who have endured one,mutation of slavery after another he,gets as few writers do that the,fundamental story of America is the long,battle between the oppressors and the,oppressed few writers are artists in any,genre have done more to recover the,humanity and the dignity of those cast,aside by white supremacy and corporate,there are certain common themes that run,through your book theres the issue of,the relationships between fathers and,sons but perhaps more importantly those,who have been crushed turned into forms,of almost human refuse by this system we,call corporate capitalism and you,started early in the 80s with,continental drift how would you describe,whats happened to the country what are,the what a lot of those forces done to,us as a nation and what have they done,to us as individuals I guess I could,reduce it to two major evolutionary,steps or leaps really between say 1985,when continental drift was published and,now and and one is that we have really,now completely articulated and expressed,in full what was hidden,regarding structure a corporate and,economic and political interlocked,structure when I say hidden what do you,mean well we werent conscious of and we,werent aware dysfunctional well yes and,you know in a way and through images I,could say but not in such a clear,fashion as one has to have today and,whats also interesting to me and,parallel to that is how in these,intervening years the presence of that,control and power has become invisible,itself to those who are controlled Im,struck as Ive gotten older I become,increasingly struck by the fact that,generations pass within 15 to 20 years,and in that period of time memory is,lost and and so every generation looks,upon its present experience as if it had,no past,and and I now in my late 70s and so I,can remember the 60s that I can even,remember that 50s well if you go back to,continental drift there is a memory,because its its in these old where I,also my relatives were these old New,England said in what Catamount New,Hampshire yeah thats correct yes so,its these old former mill towns these,where you had Union jobs its all gone,and but at least in that book the memory,of that is still there by the time you,get to your latest novel youre right,that memory has been completely over,yeah yeah yeah and its been digitalized,yeah yeah yeah its its its its,remarkable to me I guess the degree to,which memory and that the speed with,which memory gets lost in in America and,perhaps elsewhere is wherever though the,world has now been so decentralized and,where no one lives with anyone older,than they are generally Hannah Arendt,writes that without memory there are no,limits on radical evil thats right,why yeah well its only through memory,were allowed to compare the present to,anything else and to take its measure if,you cant take its measure you only can,take its measure through comparison if,you cant take its measure then then you,cant judge it you cant evaluate it you,cant take a moral position with regard,to it and thats really what were,facing I think today more than ever one,of the themes that you write about is,the destruction of community and at the,beginning of the book there is a sense,of community thats about a tragedy of,bus accident where ten children are,killed and similarly this is Sweet,Hereafter,sweetheart yes right yeah so in and then,Macmillan lawyers commit yeah what were,you saying well theres a very there,various reasons for that lawyers,presence in the story for one thing I,was trying to write about a community,and there is no central consciousness or,hero in the story its its a community,itself a small town in various there are,four main character,and the reason there are four is it was,a very primitive counting system I,wanted to imply a lot more than four but,one wouldnt work two wouldnt work,three is just we always triangulate four,implies many but I needed also a link to,the outside world and the lawyer is the,link he comes in from the outside and,then that implies in a way a kind of,relevance to this this story to the,outside world and yeah thats when you,get the lawyer the lawyer arrives and,and I suppose that I was able to through,his presence begin to see the,litigiousness that lies behind our,inability to accept and comprehend,inexplicable events disasters this was,written well before 9/11 but I in a way,after a few years when it was out people,starte

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Chase Bank Review | Worth It in 2022?

Chase Bank sucks,Ill see you in the next one,Im kidding but its not great so today,I want to help you decide whether or not,Chase Bank is still worth it in 2022 and,whats some better Alternatives might be,if youre ready to break up with Chase,all right lets jump right into it,what is going on everyone I hope you,were all having a fantastic day so in,all seriousness I do want to give Chase,Bank a fair shot in todays video since,they are the highest valued Bank on the,planet clearly theyre doing something,right so lets run through all of the,account features and ultimately help you,decide if it is still worth it in 2022.,so starting on the checking side of,things we have eight different account,options which I know sounds ridiculous,but for a majority of consumers youll,be looking at the everyday checking,accounts and that consists of the chase,total checking Chase secure banking and,Chase Premium Plus checking these are,all largely the same with only a few,differences on the ATM fees and the,check designs that youre able to get,but for 99 of consumers the chase total,checking accounts is going to be your,best option with this you have access to,their network of over 16 000 free to use,ATMs and 4 700 physical brick and mortar,locations and they also now have have,their Chase deposit friendly ATMs where,not only can you withdraw cash but you,can actually deposit cash into your,account at an ATM which I think is,pretty cool now theres no minimum,deposit requirements in order to open,this account however the first red flag,that we run into here is the 12 monthly,service fee that applies to this account,unless you jump through some hoops in,order to get it waived now truthfully,getting that monthly fee waived is not,that difficult and you either have to,have 500 of direct deposits each month a,daily balance of fifteen hundred dollars,or more or an average daily balance of,five thousand dollars or more across all,of your linked Chase accounts so if,youre using this as your main banking,platform then more than likely youll,have fifteen hundred dollars in this,account but I think we can all agree,that if you dont meet one of those,requirements you absolutely should not,open this account because paying a 12,monthly fee if youve only got a,thousand bucks in here is absolutely,ridiculous and there are way better,options on the market that cost nothing,with his account you obviously have,access to a number of online features as,well including Chase quick deposit their,online bill payment features their,partnership with Zell that allows you to,send money into pretty much any U.S bank,account and most of the basic features,that you would come to expect from your,average bank account now like I said,theres also two premium versions of the,checking accounts called Chase Sapphire,Banking and Chase Private Client,checking which both also have monthly,fees of 25 and 35 dollars respectively,that you can likely get waived and these,Premium Accounts do come with some,higher transfer limits dedicated,customer service and a few other bells,and whistles that the everyday checking,account does not have like no fee ATM,withdrawals worldwide again though I,wouldnt bother with these accounts,unless you are able to get that monthly,fee waived which in the case of the,Chase Sapphire banking accounts you need,75 or more in this account in order to,get that fee waived and lastly on the,checking side of things we have perhaps,the best account options of the entire,Chase Banking platform and that would be,the chase First Banking Chase High,School checking and Chase College,checking which obviously are all,accounts that are geared towards,specific age groups starting from six,years old going all the way up to,college students at 24 years old these,accounts have similar features to what,we just talked about but come with tools,for parents like the ability to set,recurring allowance and assign chores,limited overdraft protection auto save,tools and some other features that I,honestly wish the regular everyday,checking accounts had alright well come,back to the checking accounts at the end,of the video but weve still got a lot,to cover so lets move on to the chase,savings accounts similar to the checking,account there is a standard and premium,version of these savings accounts but,thankfully fewer options to choose from,since we just have the chase savings and,Chase premium savings again both of,these accounts come with the same basic,features but the premium version does,come with better customer service and,supposedly better interest rates but,that brings us to the biggest red flag,across the entire Chase Banking platform,Ill preface this by saying that in my,opinion interest rates arent that,important on a bank account because if,youre really that concerned about,getting as much return as possible on,your money then youll probably be,investing that money instead and earning,way more each year than any bank account,could offer however I know that for me,despite the fact that I have a majority,of my net worth invested in the stock,market I still keep a lot of cash on the,sidelines and I also have my emergency,fund on the sidelines and its nice to,earn a little bit of interest on that,money but unfortunately Chase offers,just,0.01 apy and even with the premium,savings accounts which they claim offers,Premier relationship rates it still only,pays you,0.02 percent and to put that in,perspective the bank account that I,currently use is paying me two percent,apy at the time of recording this video,which is 200 times more than what Chase,is currently paying and to add insult to,injury if you do have to pay that,monthly service fee for whatever reason,its probably going to be several years,worth of your interest plus they charge,some random five dollar savings,withdrawal limit fee and worst of all a,34 insufficient funds fee so not only do,you have to pay to open this account to,jump through a bunch of Hoops in order,to get that monthly fee waived but even,if you do all of that theyre still,going to pay you next to nothing in,interest charge you ridiculous fees if,you withdraw from this account too many,times and charge you a huge fee if you,accidentally overdraft on the account I,understand that all of these things were,common in the banking world like 20,years ago but with so many better,options on the market I just cant,understand why Chase refuses to adapt to,the modern no fee high-yield banking,model that the entire industry is moving,towards obviously they have a ton of,financial tools across the board and,JPMorgan Chase again is the highest,valued Bank on the planet so theyre,clearly doing something right but if,they continue on this path it would not,surprise me if in my lifetime we see,some of these popular online Financial,technology companies take a huge market,share away from Chase if not pass them,entirely alright stepping off my soapbox,for a second the good news is that the,Chase mobile app is actually pretty,decent and while its not going to win,any awards for design you are able to,not only track and view your Chase,Banking tools from this app but also,your investment accounts your Chase,credit cards and any app that allows you,to view multiple Financial accounts and,tools under one platform is going to be,a positive for me one other positive is,that chase does have a ton of CD options,but once again that positive quickly,squandered by the facts that even with a,10 year CD at relationship rates it pays,just 0.05 percent and thats only if you,have ten thousand dollars or more in,that CD again to put that in perspective,Charles Schwab has a one-year CD right,now paying 3.2 percent at the time of,recording this video with no minimum,deposit requirements or any loopholes to,jump through so at the 0.02 percent rate,that most of these CDs from Chase,currently pay it would take you about,160 years in a Chase CD to match just,one year in that Charles Schwab CD okay,so what is the Silv

Why Morgan Stanleys Biggest Bear Says Stocks Will Drop -20% and a Financial Apocalypse is Coming

hell is coming Im your host Steve Van,Meter and thanks for joining me today,and one of Morgan Stanleys most adamant,Bears is saying that the market has,spoken and that is a foregone conclusion,that stocks will drop another 20 percent,from here as we Face the potential of,another Financial apocalypse so the,question in todays show were going to,address is what does Michael Wilson one,of Morgan Stanleys Equity analyst seen,in the market that is still yet to be,priced in and why we could be on the,cusp of a major Financial apocalypse the,senator Morgan Stanley where he picked,todays story up with their weekly,warm-up he says case closed the market,is spoken the fixation on inflation and,fed continues but markets appear to move,past it and onto the real concern of,earnings and growth recession now heres,the deal I dont think the market has,passed the earnings are the inflation,and fed story it wont be past the FED,story until the FED puts out the all,stop now of course we dont have the,next fed meeting until February 1st and,weve got a lot of data that will come,between then and now but theres no,doubt until the FED pauses the market is,watching them closely,rates of inflation may have peaked and,likely they have but we see that as a,warning sign for profitability and,reality we believe is still,underappreciated but can no longer be,ignored,he goes on to say that a weaker,inflation data is bullish for bonds and,bearish for stocks well put that to the,test here in a moment last week we got,another weaker than expected inflation,release on Tuesday with spurred a rally,in bonds and stocks however he says that,proved fleeting for stocks even as bonds,held on to their gains although not so,much today from the news out of the bank,of Japan this makes sense as markets,contemplate what Fallen inflation means,for growth and Equity risk premium,finally the technical reversal pattern,will also get into that here in a little,bit on the back of weaker CPI is a,perfect bookend to a rally that began in,October so lets address this first,claim that weaker inflation is bullish,for bonds and stocks theres no doubt,the first one is true lets take a look,at this chart here because obviously as,inflation comes down we know that what,bonds tell us particularly the,intermediate and long end of the curve,when we talk about that were talking,about you know 10-year 20 or 30-year,bonds what they price in is slowing,growth and inflation expectations so,when interest rates are coming down it,tells us that inflation and growth are,likely to follow but lets look at this,chart,and here we can see that inflation,Consumer Price Index in Blue on a,year-over-year rate change when its,headed down of course the bond market,the 30-year treasury yield in red,absolutely is confirming that when,inflation is likely to head lower in the,future or is trending down the bond,market agrees with that now the question,will put Mike Wilson to the test on what,about the stock market,because he goes on to say that Fallen,inflation is bearish for stocks but is,that really the case well not,necessarily there are cases we can see,here in the.com bubble where inflation,came down and stocks went with it but we,can go into the great financial crisis,we see inflation was trending higher as,stocks went down and then inflation came,down bringing stocks with it but there,are periods here following about 2012,through 2015. inflation went down stocks,rallied and wasnt until around 2018 we,saw inflation start to Trend down and,that really wasnt so much bearish for,stocks as it just went sideways so the,issue here is you know what we see is,inflation coming down is only a problem,for stocks if it signifies that a,recession is on the horizon of course we,can start to believe that Mike Wilson,believes that a recession is indeed a,foregone conclusion here and of course,he provides some additional reasoning as,to why he thinks that stocks are coming,down and we are like likely to have a,recession and in that case inflation,would come down and that would indeed be,bearish for stocks but if inflation just,cools off as as wed likely believe it,will that is nowhere near bearish for,stocks on the broad picture,the earnings Outlook is deteriorating he,says we offer further comparisons to,August 2008 as the earnings Outlook has,worsened and we feel more confident,about our negative operating leverage,thesis ironically client pushed back,that view has increased over the past,few months which we think is directly,related to the rise in equity prices and,the view that well everyone is bearish,and the market isnt always efficient in,pricey major earnings downturns before,they arrive as we further compare today,to August 2008 on several key metrics as,a reminder all right so lets address,this now because he said earnings,Outlook is deteriorating and the,question we need to ask is indeed is,this priced into the market already,because it makes sense that this would,happen you know without fiscal and,monetary stimulus that obviously pumped,up corporate earnings and profits,without that theyre likely to come down,we know that going into it we knew that,the moment they started withdrawing all,the stimulus so the question now dollars,does the market realize it and he goes,on to say that everyone is bearish and,as we talked about on the Sunday show,that that is usually a strong inflection,point when everyones on one side of the,view the market tends to go the other,direction but lets look at this chart,and try to figure out if indeed the,market is pricing in and earnings,recession,here we see corporate profits after tax,on in blue against the Wilshire 5000,price indexer and told you a stock,market in red and we can see in cases,where corporate profits are coming down,and stock prices are actually falling,that lower going into the great,financial crisis we can see here in,the.com bubble the corporate profits,were flat the stock market got a little,ahead of itself and came back down and,here we can see kind of 2012 through,2000 you know 19. corporate profits,trended higher a little bit but the,stock market had to come kind of come,back into reality as it was expecting,much higher profits and the market,needed to reflect that that didnt,happen but now the what Wilson is saying,here is that theres going to be a,surprise effect earnings are going to be,pretty bad profits are going to be down,and the Markets not prepared for it but,what we can see here is perhaps just the,opposite the market may already actually,be aware of this and again it wasnt a,surprise because weve seen over the,last couple quarters companies either,pulling guidance or saying hey you know,what things are going to get worse and,the way the game is played in the,markets of course analysts on the buy,side who wants stocks to go up well they,will just revise their expectations down,and notably somehow they managed to,always get it about a penny over where,the where Pro where earnings are a penny,over expectations and thats all that,matters is that analysts revise their,expectations down and these companies,beat it even if the ex even if their,earnings are weaker than we thought as,long as theyre not at the level where,analysts believe again as long as,analysts believe that earnings are,better than they thought things can,actually turn out just fine,so our attention as we go on this on the,Mike Wilsons report is on the week in,East survey data because it leads to,hard data and earnings he says corporate,confidence is a historically depressed,levels meanwhile the red Regional,business activity surveys which we cover,on the show have rolled over and,suggests significant downside growth,supply chain and other back order,backlog surveys of East dramatically as,demand is eroded particularly for goods,further both the Soft Data and the hard,data show that access inventory has been,built a dynamic thats putting pressure,on the end market pricing bottom line he,said demand is worsening

ALP Evenings with an Author: Mamta Chaudhry in conversation with Russell Banks

good evening everybody and welcome to,the american library in paris is virtual,evenings with an author series im,catherine olien,programs manager at the american library,for those of you who dont know about,the american library yet you know,weve got a lot of the attendees coming,from the states actually from all over,the world which is a real treat and i,wanted to take the opportunity to,introduce our institution as well,although im,of course into doing this from home um,so the american library in paris is the,largest english language lending library,on the european continent,something were very proud of we are not,just a space for books,periodicals and resources however were,also a very lively event space we do,events for all ages so from you know,toddlers to teens to adults like this,evening and,everything is continuing virtually for,the time being so that we can continue,to meet safely but the library is open,for lending,i also wanted to mention that were 100,years old this year so its our,centennial weve been finding,plenty of creative ways to celebrate our,legacy virtually,and one of those ways is going to be the,century gala which is taking place on,october the 8th,and theres still time to purchase a,ticket for this,virtual event if youre interested in,attending and i invite you to visit our,website,if youd like to learn more about that,in general you can learn more about the,library by,visiting our website as i said we also,have a facebook page an instagram page,were on twitter were sort of,everywhere,youtube channel and i also invite you to,subscribe to our bi-weekly e-newsletter,its called e-libris and that will keep,you up to date about libraries,online im gonna go ahead and mute,all right here we go um so this evening,im delighted to be joined by mumta,chaudhry and russell banks,theyll be speaking about haunting paris,a wonderful debut novel from momta,manta is a real globetrotter shes,living in florida but,sorry im gonna have to mute you,again okay we should be fine so,as i said she lives in florida but,spends part of each year in india,and in france uh before writing she was,working in television and in classical,radio,but her writing projects have appeared,previously in newspaper and magazines,across the u.s and india shes currently,at work on her second novel,russell is the author of continental,drift and cloud splitter,he is one of americas most celebrated,fiction writers and is a past president,of the international parliament of,writers,a member of the american academy of arts,and letters and a two-time finalist,for the pulitzer prize he splits his,time between upstate new york and,florida,and i wanted to mention quickly he has a,novel coming out in march 2021 called,foregone so,maybe hell hell have a word to spare,for us about that but the focus of,course tonight is mumta,um so russell at this time ill invite,you to uh,to begin with any questions thank you,ever for being here,good all right thank you catherine um,should i try to see um,matas face on this how can i do that,first,when she speaks youll be able to see,herself oh okay only then,all right that makes it a little harder,um,okay mamta um its a pleasure to be with,you,again even um virtually um,not as as much fun as it would have been,if we could be together in person,uh in paris um at the american library,in that lovely little,courtyard and the room uh that they have,readings in and and,put a host events in uh where ive had,the pleasure of reading a couple of,times,and then afterwards about that we could,take a walk down along the k,and and um ponder,and uh and look up at the windows of the,apartments,um and with this as a lead-in can i can,i just,take us there and walk along there uh,okay with you and let you begin,uh telling us about the book a little,bit,sure thank you russell its always a,pleasure,to talk to you because i feel you make,the book sound,much more um wise and intelligent than,it actually is,thats why i invited you to be here in,conversation with me,thank you catherine for that lovely,introduction and its a,dream to be speaking,at the american library in paris except,in my dream i was actually,there thanks to all of you whove come,mercy,that revenue and russell and i,obviously would both like to be there in,person,but were there in spirit,which is one way of haunting paris so,you know paris is one of those cities,which it is very easy to love,but very hard to know and,before the first time that i ever went,to paris i had,friends both french and american tell me,that to cross the threshold say,difficile,and for me it seemed more than difficile,it seemed,impossible im so clearly an etranger,a foreigner a stranger an,outsider and you know i have to tell you,that,i didnt start out to write about paris,and especially not from this perspective,im not french not jewish,neither man nor ghost,but that was the voice i heard and i,felt,compelled to follow it wherever it took,me,um i think russell will tell you this,too as a writer,you dont always choose your stories,sometimes they choose you and so it was,with this story,you know russell was talking about um,walking along,the k and looking up at lighted windows,and thats exactly the genesis of this,story,one day i was walking down il salui,and looking up at the lighted windows as,one does in paris,trying to imagine yourself into a life,there,and i heard a drift of music come down,from one of the windows,i couldnt see who was playing but i had,this,really vivid impression,of a man leaning forward listening,very intently and i kept,being fixated by that snatch of music,by that image i couldnt get out of my,head and as youll see when i read you,just a little section of the novel,that um the man was julia,who was drawn back to the woman he loved,and the place he called home while he,lived,the music had summoned him back to this,world,where he had unfinished business,so catherine mentioned that um this is,the centennial,year of the american library in paris,and,it is certainly cause to celebrate and i,know what they did in,um 1989,um which is the bicentennial of the,french revolution,the american library carried out its own,revolutionary act,they computerized their collection,so in 1989 where,this book is set all paris is getting,ready to celebrate the bicentennial,of the seminal moment in french history,that gave us those three glorious words,i mean you see it still anywhere you go,in france chiseled into,every public monument and building,liberte,but up in her apartment on il salui,silly is mourning the loss of julianne,whom she had lost some months,ago and quite by accident she discovers,a letter in his desk,now sylvie knew that julians sister,and her two daughters perished in the,holocaust,what she didnt know and this letter,revealed was that,julian believed that one of the children,had managed to escape and he secretly,spent,years looking for her trying to track,her down,so now sylvie takes up this quest where,he had left off,and shes quite unaware that shes,watched over,by julias ghost and this quest,leads her back to the year 1942,when paris was under nazi occupation,and the roundup of the jews was taking,place,um in paris and france singularly failed,to live up to its own glorious promise,of liberte egalite fraternity,so this is a love story in which one of,the lovers,is dead its a mystery in which the,detective,is a pianist who is so shy,that her nickname is sylvie lattimeet,it is a historical novel which has,very urgent resonances in the present,and its a ghost story in which the,ghost,is the least terrifying thing of all,so you know because its called haunting,paris because its narrated by a ghost i,keep getting asked,do you believe in ghosts do i believe in,ghosts,no of course not,and yet when you are in paris,you cannot but be in their company,you walk along the cobblestone streets,and you feel their presence,and they are particularly thick,along the case of il salui,you know i could sense their presence,and i

The End Time Principal is Active

This is the End Time principle this is,the this is what I want to kind of build,around this is whats going on theres,more going excuse me theres more going,on than just the end time principle but,the end time principle is going on,heres what it says,if you will not watch saying this to the,church at Sardis if you will not watch I,will come upon you as a thief and you,will not know what hour I will come upon,you okay that is end time principle,number one but theres a corollary to,that in in this case the opposite is,also true thats what hes implying to,that church so here is another end time,principle that you can take to the bank,cash it deposit it its yours you own it,its truth,if you will watch I will not come upon,you as a thief and you will know what,hour I come upon you that is a truism,that is absolutely what we should expect,to know the hour not the 60 minutes but,the general time frame of his coming he,wants us to know that,and he is moving right now in that,direction so that we will know the hour,of his coming thats promised to us if,you watch what are we watching for him,if you will not watch I will come upon,you if you will not watch I will come,upon you as a thief watch for him then,if you will watch I will not come upon,you as a thief watch for him,if you say Im watching what are you,watching for oh the building of the,Third Temple youre not doing what he,said to do now not saying your salvation,is that an issue here but theres a,problem theres a problem its one of,the ways you can check do I have a,problem eschatologically well are you,watching for him well no I think theres,going to be a number of things that have,to then you arent doing what he told,you to do,watch for him,there are three examples of things that,I want to show you that prove that,strange things are afflict because,thats exactly what we should expect,knowing this principle that as we begin,to learn these things its going to be,different its going to be different he,has not done this in the past he is he,is making that principle known to the,end time church the church on the Earth,right before the events began to play,out,we should expect some strange things to,happen to help us understand,that he is at the door thats exactly,whats happening and I want to give you,three pieces of evidence the first is,well you can do with it whatever you,want the the second two are the more,empirical the the more tangible the ones,that you can kind of pick up on your own,and look at and go yeah you know what I,think stands right the first one a,little more subjective but its true and,its powerful and its the story of what,happened with this channel now when I,started this channel I had absolutely no,intention whatsoever,of discussing the Book of Revelation,because at the time I started this,channel,and it was the my explanation as to one,of the explanations as to why we were,seeing so many of us were seeing the 11,11 sign I had no intention to move from,there into the Book of Revelation none,because at that time I had given up on,the Book of Revelation I said thats it,I know one thing about the Book of,Revelation after all my study after all,my listening and reading and watching,and listening to people I knew one thing,all of the experts didnt know what they,were talking about,thats the only thing I knew,they were wrong but I didnt have the,right answer I just knew they dont know,what theyre talking about I mean I even,read a scholar who broke down every,single word in the Greek in the Book of,Revelation,and gave us as we went through it what,other Scholars said about the passage,and what he believed that passage meant,and when I got through with it I said,huh he doesnt know either,and so I said Im walking away from it I,almost went Martin Luther on the Book of,Revelation and when he was translating,the Bible into German he left out,The Book of Revelation he stuck it in,the appendix he couldnt figure it out,and he was so lost and he saw that,everybody else was so lost he said I,dont think it belongs in the Bible,well I knew that it belonged in the,Bible that was my problem that was my,problem I knew I saw the Brilliance of,the Holy Spirit I just couldnt get to,it it was like someone said Stan Im,going to give you a billion dollars a,billion dollars I dont want a billion,dollars to be honest with you but lets,say someone said I swear to you and,signed a contract saying Im going to,give you a billion dollars and then,theres a knock at the door and the,billion dollars arrived but its inside,some sort of strange metal box that no,one can cut through its there you just,cant get to it no one could people,would say I could get into that box for,you and theyd come over and theyd,drill and drill and drill and hack and,saw and do everything they thought they,could and they couldnt get to it I,guess I was wrong I couldnt get thats,how I saw the Book of Revelation I know,the billion dollars is in there we cant,get to it so Im not going to worry,about it Im going to focus on the,Olivet discourse and Old Testament,prophecy because at least Ill have some,truth thats where it was if someone had,said a year and a half from now Stan,after I started this channel youre,going to be doing a series series of,videos on the Book of Revelation its,structure and some important New,Revelations that you do not have at this,point I would have said oh come on,hows that going to happen,hows that going to happen,the only way that could happen if God,got involved,and thats what happened,and thats what happened I want you to,understand this everything that Ive,brought forward in in this channel has,been as a result of I went to him and,said I dont know what this means,I dont I dont understand it and then I,waited and then he would always not,always but most of the time lead me to,an answer and then I said I got to make,a video about it,but if he doesnt help me I I have no,clue,and its remarkable to me as I look back,on this video all of the things that he,has shown me and twice he did use,Supernatural a supernatural event twice,but most of the times it comes from a,different more organic way so that I get,the answer to what I was just praying,about,the point Im trying to make and by the,way whats really fascinating is always,the information that I get is about our,situation now its never about uh the,situation in the next phase the seven,trumpets and so forth the the saving of,Israel I dont have anything from there,I have nothing from there Ive been,given nothing I,and its just,just foggy and cloudy as it always was,only have what he gave me,and when this channel reaches that point,where Ive done videos on everything he,gave me I stop,I know Ive done that at least once,publicly or I go okay thats it lets,wait and see what he does maybe hell,show me something else maybe hell put,me in the line of fire thats that,somebody else has some information and,Ill report that but Im done,people sometimes in the comments section,Stan whats your opinion on the Third,Temple or this and that or this I have,none,I have none Im the village idiot,this this channel exists because he has,begun to answer prayer not just for me,this is happening everywhere watch the,comment section of this video you will,see people come forward and go stand the,exact same thing has happened to me,Im nothing special,nothing Ive got nothing except he now,is answering prayer when before he,wasnt,what happened,what happened and the prayers that he is,answering are all pointing to one thing,he is coming soon he is honoring the,principle but I think theres something,even beyond the principle thats going,on and I think youre going to find that,exhilarating and by the way just so you,know I have one maybe two videos planned,and then thats it once again they will,have the videos will have reached the,level of information hes given me I,dont have anything else thats it Ill,have to wait maybe hell continue it,maybe he wont Im just a bike messenger,if he doesnt give me

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