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The Art of Loving – [On Books Podcast #23]

hello hello this is Chris and this week,on on books I am bringing you the art of,loving by Eric Brown so if youve never,read this book this is gonna be a great,digest of what is possible when you,consider the practice of love as an art,what does that mean how do you practice,it how do you get good at it these are,all the questions that were gonna,answer Im an answer with you and at the,end of this episode you will understand,in two parts the first being the theory,of love so what Eric Frome has broken,down with the four elements that are,common to love this is a really cool,checklist that I come back to a lot its,something I think about in different,relationships not only what he refers to,as erotic which is maybe something Id,say like romantic or,boyfriend/girlfriend relationships but,also the various types of relationships,with a mother relationships of the love,of brothers well go into all that so,thats the theory of love and thats,were gonna knock off in the first half,of this the second part which will be a,little bit of a shorter part will be the,practice of love and then we will break,down Ill bring to you the requirements,the Eric Frome says that need to be,practiced in order to master love as an,art so thats whats coming up I hope,you enjoy this if youve never read it,if you have read it this will be a great,refresher for you and by the end of this,I hope you have some vocabulary and,perspective the Eric Frome from back in,1956 the great renowned psychologist and,social philosopher German dude will,bring you 60 years later his views on,love alright enjoy this,is love and art erich fromm writes on,page 1 but let me read to you here is,love and art well if so it requires,knowledge an effort or is love a,pleasant sensation something that,someone falls into by chance or if,youre lucky so this book is based on,the premise that yes,love is an art well what does he mean by,an art a harem page 5e writes the first,step to take is to become aware that,love is an art just as living is an art,if we want to learn how to love we must,proceed in the same way you know that if,you were to become an artist of music or,painting or carpentry or the art of,medicine or engineering,all of these are arts so what does that,mean what are the necessary steps in,creating art so he breaks it down the,process of learning art the process of,learning an art can be divided into two,parts one the master of the theory and,two the master of the practice so by,this he means if I want to become,skilled in the art of medicine like,amazing doctor I must know the facts,about the human body and Anatomy the,various diseases first you study and but,with that its not enough thats just,the theoretical knowledge and by no,means are you a doctor if you just go to,med school you have to practice it so to,become a master requires a great deal of,practice until eventually at some point,the theoretical knowledge all the stuff,you learned in school and all the stuff,that youve read and thought about gets,expressed in the results of your,practice and over time the theory and,the practice blend into an intuition,this is the essence of mastery of an art,the intuition that you get over time by,putting theory and practice together and,from looks at this and says love is an,art if love is an art what is the theory,and what is the practice,this is the book that hes writing and,that you are listening to right now,oh and there is one more thing a third,factor necessary to mastering any art,and that is if youre gonna be a master,of something you have to make it your,ultimate concern you have to put time,into it this holds true for becoming a,musician or a doctor whatever and its,true for love – if if love is relegated,to something that you put on the on the,side burner or something you dont think,about that you dont hold us to be as,important as success or money or power,all of this stuff that from– definitely,in the 50s when he was writing this had,somewhat of a anger of a hed looked at,American society and saw that we were,putting too much of our attention in,books like how to win friends and money,by Dale Carnegie and not enough time,into joying and expressing this art of,love he saw us as being distracted so he,comes to this idea of look Im going to,give you the theory in the practice but,its worth noting if you dont make it,this your concern so if by the end of,digesting this you understand this but,dont take the time to practice it its,worthless any sets he sets that straight,before before he gives you any theory so,Im just setting that straight Im doing,the job with the Froome for you right,now and letting you know they just,putting his foot down where the stands,by this is saying love is something that,you have to give in order to make love,an art its primarily an act an activity,of giving and not just receiving and,hes making a comparison or contrast,here really between the ways that we,look for drugs and sex and conformity,and and our work and we give to that yet,when it comes time to love we expect it,as oh Im lovable oh I need love or Im,in love or Im out of love but its,rarely an action verb that we look at,and to see it as an art is to see it as,something that were actively involved in,he uses this term orgiastic in kind of,like a sociological way to refer to,any peak emotional intensity so by that,hes using it to me drugs alcohol not,just sex but including sex any kind of,state where you go into a trance where,the outside world disappears and where,you can solve this problem of,separateness so he says yeah yeah these,work these will these will solve that,problem but theyre fleeting because,slowly the anxiety will come back and,then you just need to repeat these,rituals so hes saying these nope they,are not gonna be enough to solve your,problem of separateness its the kind of,separation thats biblical its the kind,of separation that Jung and Freud and,Ernest Becker in the denial of death,examined its the kind of separation,thats inner music artists like iron and,wine or Sam bean writes one of us will,die first one will spread our lovers,ashes around the yard knowing that this,is coming and knowing that we are,separate and alone with our lovers and,our mothers and yet having this space,and having to fill it whoa I know were,getting dark here but this is the way he,sets it up he makes this space he makes,this darkness existential dilemma that,were all faced with and then he brings,us to the awareness of our separation,and that as being the source of our,anxiety he writes being separate means,being cut off and it feels as though,were helpless,we have shame we have fear we have guilt,so how do we overcome this problem of,human existence,well first from addresses he just as,three ways that we have been trying to,overcome this problem of separation,never our awareness the first is what he,refers to as or he asked orgy astok,states like an orgy so stepping back,what hes doing here is in his theory of,love hes saying there is a theory of,love and that is that love is the cure,to our separateness and hes giving,three examples the first being the,situation of orgastic pleasures saying,yep thats what you think it is but its,not the second and third Ill give you,those few,quickly the second one is the the idea,that we want to conform as humans in a,way to relieve this anxiety of,separateness so he says we want to,conform to a much higher degree than,were forced to conform as human beings,by conform he means conforming to church,government work communities and yet he,believes that were over working and,that were finding some kind of false,salvation in the way that we overwork,the routine of our work as a way to,pacify our separateness as a way to,disguise that we have the separateness,inside of us so conformity is the second,way this kind of conformity and it works,but its temporary as well as the third,way creativity is the third way through,a creative activity we the worker become,one we unite wit

oh hello my name is Mara and welcome to,books like whoa so I have something a,little different for you guys today I,have been listening to a lot of new are,like trying to find a lot of new book,related podcasts or even more so just,have been more in the mood to listen to,both podcasts recently Im so many who,kind of like comes in and out of all of,my tastes like sometimes Im super in,the mood to read all the time sometimes,Im super in the mood to listen to a,bunch of podcasts sometimes Im really,in the mood for audio whatever all that,to say recently I have been into,podcasts and into listening to more book,podcasts and you know sometimes you,cant watch YouTube sometimes you gotta,like you know walk or do the dishes or,go to the grocery store or whatever all,the places where I personally listen to,podcasts um,and yeah you might just I dont know if,youre a fellow podcast lover and or,youre interested in podcasts I thought,that maybe it would be interesting to,give you some suggestions as to some of,my favorite book related podcasts so,Ive got a little list here and I dont,listen to as many now as I used to Ive,become a little bit more selective but,um but yeah this is just like a,smattering of possible places you could,start if youre interested in some book,related podcasts so lets just dive,right in so I wanted to first start out,with a shout out to the like og book,podcast that got me into listening to,book podcasts so the first one is books,on the nightstand which I neither one of,these I know is no longer in existence I,didnt look up whether or not books on,the nightstand is still thing I dont,listen to it anymore,but that was like one of the very first,big book podcast I thought that would be,worthless or worth mentioning and then,the other flight kind of original ish,one that I started listening to was book,rageous which is no longer a podcast but,I really enjoyed that one when it was,still going on that one actually led me,into a different Avenue so I mentioned,that a little bit but I thought Id just,start with some of my og ones and sorry,I just realized this gloss is feathering,and making me look like Ive been eating,jam all day,so were all just gonna have to be okay,with that I always forget to line when I,wear this particular lip product and,then it feathers and then Im frustrated,with it but anyway were still rockin,some vampy because Im pretending its,still cold outside and Im sure you will,forgive me so anyway lets move on the,the next one I want to recommend is my,favorite book related podcasts like I,love this one it makes me laugh I just,really enjoy it and that is book fight,so it is two guys who are creative,writing professors at Temple I believe,in Philadelphia and they both met they,met each other at the Iowa MFA program,so like there they both they both write,one of them Tom McAllister has a book,coming out in April Im very excited,about called how to be safe theyre both,like they are writers themselves they,teach creative writing so they they can,talk very articulately about books and,they do a lot of literary fiction right,so like thats the majority of what they,do but theyre both theyre very funny,sometimes in a way thats maybe not,entirely appropriate but like they made,me laugh I really enjoy listening to,them and they also do a lot of fun like,segments and stuff so I really like,their fan fiction corner for instance,that one kills me it makes me laugh so,hard and I love how much Tom hates it,and how much Mike loves it so I really,enjoy that anyway theyre my favorite,podcasts for books theyre not,everyones taste but theyre definitely,mine and like I said its mostly,literary fiction with some other stuff,thrown in the next kind of group of,podcasts I want to recommend is all the,podcasts from book riot so they have the,two that I particularly listened to a,lot are all the books which is kind of a,review of like releases coming out every,week so if you want to stay on top of,new releases that is a good way to do it,and then I also listen to book the book,riot podcast which is rebecca schinsky,who by the way I was one of like the,first people to get into book riot like,I was an original reader because rebecca,schinsky was involved and she was on the,book right or sorry the book rages,podcast that I was talking about earlier,her engine Northington have moved to,book riot so anyway thats how I found,book riot in the early days before it,became like,such a thing but anyway so I really,enjoy listening to her and so she and,Jeff I think thats his name are the two,who do the book right podcast and they,talk more about sort of like just meta,like industry news type stuff and Im,also recently getting into they have a,bunch of like genre related podcasts so,Ive been listening to red or dead or,red and dead which is the mystery one,quite a bit I like that one Ive,listened to a little bit of hey why a,and then I want to start listening to,the SF s1 s FF one and the romance one,that they have so if youre like they,have like a whole little network of book,podcasts so that could also be a good,place for you to take a look then we,have literary disco which is another,favorite of mine and I think they do a,nice job of reading sort of like a,pretty good variety of books the one of,the hosts is right or strong who you may,know from Boy Meets World I know I did,so thats kind of fun but they all the,three of them met at an MFA program at,Bennington they all right and yeah its,just a really I really enjoy that one as,well its very funny to me they have a,nice group dynamic I think its one of,the better book podcasts next I wanted,to mention overdue I really really like,that one a lot if its a book that Im,interested in listening to so basically,the premise is that its the books that,youve been meaning to read youre,overdue to read them and each week one,of them reads a book and then describes,it to the other one and they have like,kind of a book club about it but the one,of them usually one of them hasnt read,it so it keeps it from being too much in,the weeds if you have not read it so my,recommendation would be to find a couple,of books that you have read and then to,listen to the episode that they have,done on that book I really really enjoy,them I really liked you know in terms of,like a specific episode I really liked,their Hobbit and their Lord of the Rings,ones where one of their sisters was also,on there,I thought those are really good they did,the requisite Fifty Shades of Grey ones,which were also very entertaining and,they they read a really nice range like,they read John or fiction they read,literary fiction they read classics they,read a little bit of nonfiction every,once in a while but its a nice range of,books and if youre looking for,something thats like a book discussion,type podcast,I think that ones good next is one that,is not always books but has a lot of,books that they have talked about and,that is read it and weep now I dont,listen to as much anymore because,theyve had some hosting changes and,like my favorite host is gone but I,still if its a topic Im interested in,all Ill tune in but they theyve read,essentially the original premise was,like kind of bad or controversial books,and then talk about it so like the first,ones they read were like Twilight and,Fifty Shades of Grey,theyve read a lot of like really crazy,bad books so it leads to interesting,discussions and its also usually very,funny,so if that type of of kind of like,hating on like thats truth I feel,people like talk about like oh I dont,like things that are negative and okay,thats fine I sometimes do like things,that are negative like I dont think,theres anything wrong of that as a part,of your overall like book diet so anyway,theyve done they do also like guilty,pleasure type stuff so if any of that,sounds appealing to you its not like I,said 100% of books and nowadays I think,they do a lot more TV and movies than,they used to but especially if you go,like bac

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THE BEST OF 2020 \ Books + Podcasts

[Music],hello friends welcome back to my channel,i hope you guys had an,awesome new year i took a little teeny,break from,social media and youtube and all the,things and it was,really nice it wasnt very long but,for me im somebody who usually shows up,in those places every single day,because its my job and ive always just,felt this like self,very imposed pressure that i couldnt,take a break that i had to,i had to show up and i had to be posting,something i had to be active,and i just have never really given,myself much of a break,and i was starting to lets just say,were starting to need,the break mentally i was just noticing,some,emotions and things bubbling up that are,not normal for me and i was like okay i,think that i just,i need a break i need a break everybody,needs a break everybody needs a break,so i did i took the break and it,was not everything i wanted it to be,like im just gonna be honest its not,like i laid around and got to read books,and sip tea,but it was definitely nice to have the,headspace,break from showing up online if you will,so that part was good i had so many,things i wanted to work on and do,most of which didnt happen but thats,life you know so we just move on,so initially i thought about doing like,a whole best of series and doing all,these different categories and,and then i just decided i did not really,want to do that but i,did want to do a best of books and,podcasts because its been a while since,ive done,a what i read this month video partially,because i have not been reading as much,since we moved,i was reading a lot at the first half of,the year and then,once we moved its just other things,have taken up,that time for me so i havent been able,to read as much so,i went through my list of books that,ive read this year,and what i decided to do was pull out my,top,five books that ive read i want you to,know that it was really hard,okay it was really hard to pick my top,five,favorite books that i read this year um,and then i also wanted to talk a little,bit about some podcasts and well get to,that in a second im going to start with,the five books,and then i have one additional little,thing i want to tell you about,so with the best of books you know,you if youve been you know here and,watched any of my,book videos then you know that i pretty,much exclusively read nonfiction,its just my favorite genre and i love,memoirs,and i really love historical books so,thats sort of like the lane that im in,um so if youre looking for me to talk,about i dont know where the crawdads,sing and think like youre not going to,find them never read that book i,may someday but i just am not a fiction,reader,at this point in my life maybe that will,change i did used to be when i was,younger i read,a lot more fiction but since ive gotten,older i think ive,really discovered that the old adage is,true that the truth is,far better than fiction its far more,interesting all right so these are in no,particular order because that would have,been way too hard for me to say like,this was five this was four this was,three this was my number one favorite,book i couldnt do that,but lets jump in and talk about my five,favorite books that i read this year,okay so the first one is the gift of,fear,and i did share this book with you guys,and talk about it um,it was a book that i feel like really,opened my eyes and helped me to,understand myself a little bit better,to be able to sort of put a name to,feelings that i had or,you know people talk a lot about like,trusting your instincts and stuff and,sometimes that can be hard especially if,you struggle with any kind of like,anxiety or anything like that then,sometimes it feels like all thats a,little cloudy,but um i really really enjoyed this book,and i think i said when i did,when i talked about it at the beginning,of the year in one of my monthly videos,that,um its something that i would really,like for my daughters to read probably,before they go to college,i do feel like some of the stories in,there theres one story in there that,still gives me like the,whole like complete heebie-jeebies like,i cant even really let myself think,about it because its so,just like um so theres a lot of like,very adult content in that book that i,wouldnt want to just,hand it to my 13 year old daughter but,before my girls go to college i,i would like them to read it or at the,very least maybe just pluck some,chapters from it,and have them read it because i do think,its so so important as women to,be aware and to do everything we can to,protect ourselves,and also to understand that like we have,instincts for a reason god-given,instincts for a reason,that helped to keep us safe um and its,you know i wish that we lived in a world,where,that wasnt a conversation we have to,have but it is,so thats the world we live in no sense,in uh pretending like its not,and we might as well do everything we,can to keep ourselves safe,as safe as possible so in the future i,am going to,because this book really inspired me and,ive done a lot this year,in terms of like self-protection and,things like that so,at some point i want to talk about that,like what do i carry with me,like some women carry mace some women,carry a taser some women carry a knife,or a concealed carry,weapon of some kind so at some point i,think i want to do a video and talk,about like what do i,carry what do i do to protect myself and,just some other things that ive sort of,learned and,worked on over the course of the year,and i think it would be both interesting,and helpful for other women if you are,kind of at a place where youre like i,dont know i just go out and hope for,the best,there are some things that you can do,and so so yeah well talk about that in,a future video but that book the gift of,fear,was one that definitely uh just in many,ways like,made me go yes uh-huh i knew i knew that,i was feeling that for a reason,i knew that i didnt need to just ignore,that emotion or feeling or whatever,it is so i would highly encourage that,you check out the book now the one thing,i will say and i did say this previously,is that i believe the book was written,you know how you say like oh it was i,feel like it wasnt that long ago and,then you realize that like the 2000s,were 20 years ago and youre like oh,crap that was a long time ago,its one of those i think it was written,in the early 2000s i dont remember off,the top of my head,but theres some dated information in,there for sure,the whole of it still applies in many,many ways so dont worry about that its,not like its from,40 50 60 years ago its uh more recent,than that but still,a little bit um a little bit aged if you,will,especially just in terms of like,technology cell phones,uh what you can trace stuff like that so,that was the first book i wanted to,mention now the second book i wanted to,mention,is one that i had never read a book from,this author before um her name is annie,jacobson,she is who my bunny is named annie after,andy jacobson this author because i just,fell,in love with her this year and the first,book i read of hers was operation,paperclip,and she has oh gosh five books,and her newest one is coming out in,january they fast-tracked it,because its very applicable the content,is very applicable to whats currently,been going on in our country,um so they sort of fast-tracked the,publication of that but she is like an,investigative journalist i believe she,used to work for one of the la papers,she maybe still does i dont know,all those details but shes an,investigative journalist,and she the amount of research and time,that she spends,on her books is pretty incredible the,relationship she builds with her sources,to be able to get the information that,she gets is,insane so even in operation paper clip,when she goes to germany and shes able,to get,some very interesting documents and,things that probably the average person,wouldnt have been able to so,shes just shes really really,interesting,the the topics that she writes ab

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How Successful People Think | Full Audiobook


ive studied successful people for 40,years,and though the diversity you find among,them is astounding,i found that they are all alike in one,way,how they think,that is the one thing that separates,successful people from unsuccessful ones,and heres the good news,how successful people think can be,learned,if you change your thinking,you can change your life,why you should change your thinking,its hard to overstate the value of,changing your thinking,good thinking can do many things for you,generate revenue solve problems and,create opportunities,it can take you to a whole new level,personally and professionally,it really can change your life,consider some things you need to know,about changing your,one,changed thinking is not automatic,sadly a change in thinking doesnt,happen on its own,good ideas rarely go out and find,someone if you want to find a good idea,you must search for it,if you want to become a better thinker,you need to work at it,and once you begin to become a better,thinker,the good ideas keep coming,in fact,the amount of good thinking you can do,at any time depends primarily on the,amount of good thinking you are already,doing,two,changed thinking is difficult,when you hear someone say,now this is just off the top of my head,expect dandruff,the only people who believe thinking is,easy are those who dont habitually,engage in it,nobel prize winning physicist albert,einstein,one of the best thinkers who ever lived,asserted,thinking is hard work,thats why so few do it,because thinking is so difficult you,want to use anything you can to help you,improve the process,three,changed thinking is worth the investment,author napoleon hill observed,more gold has been mined from the,thoughts of man than has ever been taken,from the earth,when you take the time to learn how to,change your thinking and become a better,thinker,you are investing in yourself,gold mines tap out stock markets crash,real estate investments can go sour but,a human mind with the ability to think,well is like a diamond mine that never,runs out,its priceless,how to become a better thinker,do you want to master the process of,good thinking,do you want to be a better thinker,tomorrow than you are today,then you need to engage in an ongoing,process that improves your thinking,i recommend you do the following,one,expose yourself to good input,good thinkers always prime the pump of,ideas,they always look for things to get the,thinking process started,because what you put in,always impacts what comes out,read books,review trade magazines listen to tapes,and spend time with good thinkers and,when something intrigues you,whether its someone elses idea or the,seat of an idea that youve come up with,yourself,keep it in front of you,put it in writing and keep it somewhere,in your favorite thinking place to,stimulate your thinking,to,expose yourself to good thinkers,spend time with the right people,as i worked on this section and bounce,my ideas off of some key people so that,my thoughts would be stretched,i realized something about myself,all of the people in my life whom i,consider to be close friends or,colleagues are thinkers,now i love all people,i try to be kind to everyone i meet and,i desire to add value to as many people,as i can through conferences books audio,lessons etc,but the people i seek out and choose to,spend time with all challenge me with,their thinking and their actions,they are constantly trying to grow and,learn,thats true of my wife margaret,my close friends and the executives who,run my companies,every one of them is a good thinker,the writer of proverbs observed that,sharp people sharpen one another,just as iron sharpens iron,if you want to be a sharp thinker,be around sharp people,three,choose to think good thoughts,to become a good thinker,you must become intentional about the,thinking process,regularly put yourself in the right,place to think,shape,stretch and land your thoughts,make it a priority,remember,thinking is a discipline,recently i had breakfast with dan cathy,the president of chick-fil-a,a fast food chain headquartered in the,atlanta area,i told him that i was working on this,book,and i asked him if he made thinking time,a high priority,not only did he say yes,but he told me about what he calls his,thinking schedule,it helps him to fight the hectic pace of,life that discourages intentional,thinking,dan says he sets aside time just to,think for half a day every two weeks,for one whole day every month,and for two or three full days every,year,dan explains,this helps me keep the main thing the,main thing,since im so easily distracted,you may want to do something similar or,you can develop a schedule and method of,your own,no matter what you choose to do,go to your thinking place take paper and,pen,and make sure you capture your ideas in,writing,four,act on your good thoughts,ideas have a short shelf life,you must act on them before the,expiration date,world war one flying ace eddie,rickenbacker said it all when he,remarked,i can give you a six-word formula for,success,think things through,then follow through,five,allow your emotions to create another,good thought,to start the thinking process you cannot,rely on your feelings,in failing forward,i wrote that you can act your way into,feeling long before you can feel your,way into action,if you wait until you feel like doing,something,you will likely never accomplish it,the same is true for thinking you cannot,wait until you feel like thinking to do,it,however,i found that once you engage in the,process of good thinking,you can use your emotions to feed the,process and create mental momentum,try it for yourself,after you go through the discipline,process of thinking and enjoy some,success,allow yourself to savor the moment and,try riding the mental energy of that,success,if youre like me,its likely to spur additional thoughts,and productive ideas,six,repeat the process,one good thought does not make a good,life the people who have one good,thought and try to ride it for an entire,career often end up unhappy or destitute,they are the one hit wonders the one,book authors the one message speakers,the one-time inventors who spend their,life struggling to protect or promote,their single idea,success comes to those who have an,entire mountain of gold that they,continually mine,not those who find one nugget and try to,live on it for fifty years,to become someone who can mine a lot of,gold,you need to keep repeating the process,of good thinking,putting yourself in the right place to,think,becoming a good thinker isnt overly,complicated,its a discipline,if you do the six things i have outlined,you will set yourself up for a lifestyle,of better thinking,but what do you do to come up with,specific ideas on a day-to-day basis,i want to teach you the process that,ive used to discover and develop good,thoughts,its certainly not the only one that,works,but it has worked well for me,one,find a place to think your thoughts,if you go to your designated place to,think expecting to generate good,thoughts,then eventually you will come up with,some,where is the best place to think,everybodys different,some people think best in the shower,others like my friend dick biggs like to,go to a park,for me,the best places to think are in my car,on planes and in the spa,ideas come to me in other places as well,such as when im in bed,i keep a special lighted writing pad on,my nightstand for such times,i believe i often get thoughts because i,make it a habit to frequently go to my,thinking places,if you want to consistently generate,ideas,you need to do the same thing,find a place where you can think and,plan to capture your thoughts on paper,so that you dont lose them,when i found a place to think my,thoughts,my thoughts found a place in me,two,find a place to shape your thoughts,rarely do ideas come fully formed and,completely worked out,most of the time they need to be shaped,until they have substance,as my friend dan ryland says,they h

How Not To Die Audiobook & Book Summary [On Books Podcast #51] with Chris Castiglione

Hello and welcome to On Books.,This week, I want to inspire you to read How Not to Die by Michael Greger M.D. hes a doctor.,This is one of my favorite books from the past year, I have read I think over 20 or,25 nutrition and health books over the past few years.,Ive been really deep and interested in the subject and Ive done some speaking around,it and writing, Im very passionate about this subject.,Of all the books I feel like this one is really just the one to read, like the monolith, the,beautiful composition aggregate of a lot of this stuff thats out there.,: A few things to come, jumping into this, I want to talk about why this book?,Who is Michael Greger?,Why is he writing it?,At the end I want to give you two takeaways from the book where Im going to read a little,bit.,Two takeaways that after reading the book caused me to change something in my day every,single day, in my habits every single day.,Im going to bring those to you as well.,: At the front of this episode, you heard Dr. Greger talking about his site nutritionfact.org.,I want to just tell you a little bit about why I think hes doing a wonderful job with,his site nutritionfacts.org and how it relates to the book.,The site nutritionfacts.org, basically, Im just going to read from the about page here,because it sums it up.,He says, “Whenever theres a new drug or surgical procedure, you can be assured that your doctor,will probably hear about it because therell be a corporate budget driving its promotion.,But, what about advances in the field of nutrition?,The reason we dont see ads on TV for broccoli is the same reason groundbreaking research,on the power of foods and eating patterns to affect our health and longevity gets lost,and buried in medical literature.,Theres no profit motive.,It may not make anyone money, but would it profit our lives?”,He says actually, “But, what if it could profit our lives?”,: Im sharing with you the site because the site NutritionFacts, the amount of time over,the years that hes put reading through different journal studies and working with this research,team, this nonprofit team put this together.,Hes put together, just think about like a thousand videos at this point that are all,free.,This book is the aggregate of the best of those videos more or less, so its a gem.,Im just going to play it for you now.,Just some excerpts from one video in particular that I think has some really beneficial takeaways,that you could get away.,Im going to play it for you now.,Ill stop in the middle to tell you a little bit to speed you up.,Lets do it.,All right, ready?,When I used to teach medical students at Tufts, I gave a lecture about this amazing new therapeutic,called iloccorB.,I talked about all the new signs, all of the things you can do, excellent safety profile,and just as they were all scrambling to buy stock in the company and prescribing to their,patients, I did the big reveal, apologizing for my dyslexia.,I had gotten it backwards, all this time I had been talking broccoli.,Sulforaphane, is thought to be the active ingredient in broccoli, which may protect,our brain, protect our eyesight, protect us from free radicals, induce our detoxification,enzymes, help prevent cancer as well as help treat it.,For example, Ive talked about how Sulforaphane can target breast cancer stem cells.,Then I talked about how the formation of this compound is like a chemical flare reaction,requiring the mixing of a precursor compound with an enzyme and broccoli, which is destroyed,by cooking.,This may explain why we get dramatic suppression of cancer cell growth from raw broccoli, cauliflower,,Brussels sprouts, but hardly anything from boiled microwave or steamed except from microwave,broccoli that actually retained some cancer fighting abilities.,: Im going to pause right there.,As this video is going on, what you cant see is that he is highlighting on the screen,the different reports that are hideously citing himself by using different medical journal,reports.,You have to watch it for yourself as hes talking.,Everything he is saying is backed up by reports.,Hes not just kind of preaching from some philosophy or some things that he heard or,just speaking off cuff, everything is very well documented and cited and thats really,profound.,Im going to move a little bit further through the video now just to give you one of the,big takeaways.,: If youre following along, hes saying that Sulforaphane has this really potential healing,property in broccoli, thats very healthy for you.,One of those situations where the problems is that when we cook broccoli, what happens?,We cook it and it loses the Sulforaphane, right?,It loses that potential.,He gives this method called Hack and Hold.,Im going to play it for you now, which is a way that you can still cook your broccoli,and not lose all the nutrition that comes along with it.,Thats why I described the hack and hold technique.,If you chopped the broccoli, Brussels sprouts or kale, collards, cauliflower.,First, and then wait 40 minutes, then you can call cook them all you want, the Sulforaphane,is already made, the enzyme has already done its job, so you dont need it anymore.,When most people make broccoli soup, for example, theyre doing it wrong.,Most people cook the broccoli first, then blend it, but now we know what should be done,in the exact opposite, blend it first, wait, then cook it.,: Now, that you have a taste for just one of the videos of the thousands that are on,the site, now you have a sense of just a little sliver of whats in this book.,Because, while each of the videos is just built on a few dozen research articles, peer,reviewed science that hes compiling for one video.,Now this book is, hes taking the best of all that research, the best of all his videos,and the stories, and all that kind of stuff.,Hes putting it into more or less just this big magazine, this encyclopedia that you can,read through and find what youre looking for.,: How is the book arranged?,Where do you start with a big book like this?,Well, the book is divided into two parts, the first part is the why?,The second part is the how?,He writes, “This book is divided into two parts.,The why and the how.,Part one, the why, to eat healthy section?”,He explores the role of food in prevention, treatment and reversal of the 15 leading causes,of death in the United States.,Im going to pause there.,As hes saying, the first half of the book is then subdivided into the top 15 ways basically,that Americans die, which is interesting in, and of itself.,Do you know the top number one reason that Americans die?,The number one disease?,Most people think its cancer, but its heart disease its the number one.,Then the list goes down from there, we have heart disease, lung disease, brain disease,,goes, digestive cancers, infections, diabetes, so each one of the chapters is backed.,: Im going to read the chapter titles, How Not to Die from Heart Disease Page 17, How,Not to Die from Lung Disease, Page 30, How Not to Die from Brain Disease, and it just,goes down there, the top 15.,Within that, he looks at how you know based on all of this research, like I said, he looks,at the role that diet plays in preventing these diseases.,Im going to read from the introduction at the beginning of the book, he writes, “There,may be no such thing as dying from old age until recently, advanced age had been considered,to be a disease itself.,But, people dont die as a consequence of maturing, they die from disease most commonly,heart attacks.,Most deaths in the United States are preventable and theyre related to what we eat.,Our diet is the number one cause of premature death and the number one cause of disability.,Surely, diet must also be the number one thing taught in medical school.,Right?,Sadly, its not.,According, to the most recent national survey, only a quarter of medical schools offer a,single course in nutrition down from 37%, 30 years ago.”,: So, Ill just to repeat what he said becaus

IKIGAI- Self-Help Book | Amazon Audible Free Audio Books | Best Audiobooks

[Music],gildan media presents,your coach in a box,[Music],affordable mind enriching programs,gildan media presents ikigai,the japanese secret to a long and happy,life,written by hector garcia and francesc,miraes,translated by heather cleary read by,walter dixon,prologue ikigai,a mysterious word,this audiobook first came into being on,a rainy night in tokyo when its authors,sat down together for the first time in,one of the citys tiny bars,we had each read each others work but,it never met thanks to the thousands of,miles that separate barcelona from the,capital of japan,then a mutual acquaintance put us in,touch launching a friendship that led to,this project,and seems destined to last a lifetime,the next time we got together a year,later,we strolled through a park in downtown,tokyo and ended up talking about trends,in western psychology,specifically logotherapy which helps,people find their purpose in life,we remarked that viktor frankls logo,therapy had gone out of fashion among,practicing therapists,who favored other schools of psychology,though people still,search for meaning in what they do and,how they live we ask ourselves things,like,what is the meaning of my life is the,point just to live longer or,should i seek a higher purpose why do,some people,know what they want and have a passion,for life while others languish in,confusion,at some point in our conversation the,mysterious word ikigai,came up this japanese concept which,translates roughly as the happiness of,always being busy,is like logotherapy but it goes a step,beyond,it also seems to be one way of,explaining the extraordinary longevity,of the japanese,especially on the island of okinawa,where there are 24.55 people over the,age of 100,for every 100 000 inhabitants far more,than the global average,those who study why the inhabitants of,this island in the south of japan live,longer than people anywhere else in the,world,believe that one of the keys in addition,to a healthful diet,a simple life in the outdoors green tea,and the subtropical climate,its average temperature temperatures,like that of hawaii is the icky guy,that shapes their lives while,researching this concept we discovered,that,not a single book in the fields of,psychology or personal development is,dedicated to bringing this philosophy to,the west,is ikigai the reason there are more,centenarians in okinawa than anywhere,else,how does it inspire people to stay,active until the very end,what is the secret to a long and happy,life,as we explored the matter further we,discovered that one place in particular,ogimi a rural town on the north end of,the island with a population of three,thousand,boasts the highest life expectancy in,the world,a fact that is earned at the nickname of,the village of longevity,okinawa is where most of japans,shikawasa,a limelike fruit that packs an,extraordinary antioxidant punch comes,from,could that be ogimis secret to long,life or is it the purity of the water,used to brew its moringa tea,we decided to go study the secrets of,the japanese centenarians in person,after a year of preliminary research we,arrived in the village,where residents speak an ancient dialect,and practice an animist religion that,features long-haired forest sprites,called bunagaya,with our cameras and recording devices,in hand,as soon as we arrived we could sense the,incredible friendliness of its residents,who laughed and joked incessantly amid,lush green hills,fed by crystalline waters as we,conducted our interviews with the eldest,residents of the town,we realized that something far more,powerful than just these natural,resources was at work,an uncommon joy flows from its,inhabitants and guides them through the,long and pleasurable journey of their,lives,again the mysterious icky guy,but what is it exactly how do you get it,it never cease to surprise us that this,haven of nearly eternal life,was located precisely in okinawa where,two hundred thousand,innocent lives were lost at the end of,world war ii,rather than harbor animosity toward,outsiders however,okinawans live by the principle of,ichariba chode,a local expression that means treat,everyone like a brother,even if youve never met them before it,turns out that one of the secrets to,happiness of ogimis residents is,feeling like,part of a community from an early age,they practice yui maaru or,teamwork and so are used to helping one,another,nurturing friendships eating light,getting enough rest,and doing regular moderate exercise are,all part of the equation of good health,but at the heart of the joada vivre that,inspires these centenarians to keep,celebrating birthdays and cherishing,each new day,is their ikigai the purpose of this,audiobook is to bring the secrets of,japans centenarians to you,and give you the tools to find your own,ikigai,because those who discover their ikigai,have everything they need,for a long and joyful journey through,life,happy travels hector garcia and francesc,miraj,chapter 1 ikigai,the art of staying young while growing,old,what is your reason for being according,to the japanese,everyone has an ikigai what a french,philosopher might call a,raison detre some people have found,their ikigai,while others are still looking though,they carry it within them,our ikigai is hidden deep inside each of,us and finding it,requires a patient search according to,those born on okinawa,the island with the most centenarians in,the world our ikigai,is the reason we get up in the morning,ikigai can be described as the common,ground you find between,what youre good at what you love what,the world needs,and what you can be paid for,whatever you do dont retire,having a clearly defined ikigai brings,satisfaction,happiness and meaning to our lives the,purpose of this audiobook is to help you,find yours,and to share insights from japanese,philosophy on the lasting health of body,mind and spirit one surprising thing you,notice living in japan is,how active people remain after they,retire in fact many japanese people,never really retire,they keep doing what they love for as,long as their health allows,there is in fact no word in japanese,that means retire in the sense of,leaving the workforce for good as in,english,according to dan buettner a national,geographic reporter who knows the,country well,having a purpose in life is so important,in japanese culture that,our idea of retirement simply doesnt,exist there,the island of almost eternal youth,certain longevity studies suggest that a,strong sense of community,and a clearly defined ikigai are just as,important as the famously helpful,japanese diet,perhaps even more so recent medical,studies of centenarians from okinawa and,other so-called,blue zones the geographic regions were,people of longest,provide a number of interesting facts,about these extraordinary human beings,not only do they live much longer than,the rest of the worlds population,they also suffer from fewer chronic,illnesses such as cancer and heart,disease,inflammatory disorders are also less,common,many of these centenarians enjoy,enviable levels of vitality and health,that would be unthinkable for people of,advanced age elsewhere,their blood tests reveal fewer free,radicals which are responsible for,cellular aging,as a result of drinking tea and eating,until their stomachs are only 80 percent,full,women experience more moderate symptoms,during menopause,and both men and women maintain higher,levels of sexual hormones,until much later in life the rate of,dementia,is well below the global average,though well consider each of these,findings over the course of the,audiobook,research clearly indicates that the,okinawans focus on ikigai gives a sense,of purpose to each and every day,and plays an important role in their,health and longevity,the characters behind ikigai,in japanese ikigai is written by,combining,a character which means life with,another which means,to be worthwhile and that can be broken,down to the characters which mean,armor number one and to

12 Podcasts that Changed My Life

hey friends welcome back to the channel,so from around 2019 through to 2021 i,listened to about 500 podcast episodes,and to be honest other than books,probably podcasts are the single biggest,source of inspiration and ideas and,learnings that ive basically ever had,in my life and when i started this,youtube channel in 2017 i knew so little,about things like marketing and branding,and filming and growing business and any,of this sort of stuff but it was through,listening to a bunch of podcasts over,the years that ive gotten the knowledge,to do that and now this youtube channel,and the business around it is reasonably,successful so for this video i went back,through four years worth of podcast,listening history and these are the 20,podcasts that i would say have had a,significant impact on my life and on my,business in that time lets start off,with interviewee type conversational,type podcasts and the number one on this,list is the tim ferriss show which i,first started listening to i think,around 2016. this is the podcast that,ive listened to the most episodes of,and even though ive only listened to a,few dozen episodes out of the several,hundred hes got in the back catalogue i,would say that this is probably the,single biggest pop podcast thats most,changed my life and mainly for me the,value of the tim ferriss show has been,in hearing tim ferriss interviewing,people who i might not have otherwise,come across theres a few episodes in,particular that come to mind um there,was one interview that he did with a,chap called derek sivers who then i,really enjoyed his appearance on the,podcast and then i followed all of,dereks work and read all his blog posts,and read his books and actually reached,out to him to do an interview on my own,youtube channel and now he and i are,friends and we talk occasionally and,its turned into like this this cool,relationship from this guy who i,discovered through the tim ferriss show,a few years ago i also listened to an,episode that tim ferriss did with mr,money mustache who is a financial,independent and early retirement type,blogger on the internet and id never,heard of this financial independence,movement until i listened to that,episode and then i was like oh this is,interesting and i went down the rabbit,hole of the fire movement financial,independent retired early and i,discovered mr money mustache and a bunch,of other personal finance bloggers and,it was through reading all that stuff a,few years ago that it really started to,take things like investing and you know,budgeting and trying to make more money,all of that stuff a bit more seriously,and more recently the various episodes,that tims done on crypto interviewing,kind of experts on the world of crypto,has helped me go down that rabbit hole,as well and so really the reason i,recommend the tim ferris show to,everyone is not that youll get some,amazing productivity tips or some,business advice or anything like that,its more that its just a really cool,way to discover interesting people and,then if you vibe with their ideas that,you hear in the podcast then you can,choose to follow those rabbit holes next,we have the knowledge project which is a,podcast by shane parish of farnam street,and thats also an interview type,podcast it is a bit more low-key than,the tim ferriss show but chain also has,like really cool and interesting guests,on in fact the first time i heard of a,guy called naval ravikant was on his,episode of the knowledge project and,that episode was just packed with so,much value and i remember the feeling of,listening to it and just my mind being,blown like 24 7.,for the three hours while i was,listening to it and then obviously i,discovered naval and kind of went on a,rabbit hole exploring his tweets,exploring his plot his own podcast even,buying his book that came out well not,his book a book that came out recently,called the almanac of naval rapcont,which is very good and has like a,distillation of his life wisdom there,was also a good episode of the knowledge,project where he interviewed esther,perel whos a relationships expert who,writes a lot about this and does,relationships counseling and that again,was an incredible mind-blowing episode,that then introduced me to the work of,esther perel so again the way i see,these interview podcasts its not like,hey every single podcast im taking,insights away from it although that is,true in fairness ive forgotten most of,them because i dont really have a good,process for taking notes and revisiting,them but its more like oh wow i really,enjoyed the interview with that person,therefore im going to explore their,content a little bit more next on the,list we have deviate by rolf potts now,rothpods of the chap who wrote a book,called vagabonding which i also,discovered through tim ferriss and what,rolfe did was that he spent i think 20,years ago hed he spent some large,amount of time just like traveling,around the world with himself and a,suitcase and writing about that,experience of kind of being a vagabond,and he did this way before this solo,travelling stuff was cool so i read the,book because tim ferriss said he had an,impact on him so i read the book i,really liked it and then when rolf port,started his own podcast i started,listening to that and now this is a bit,less in the way of like business advice,and stuff but its more like a generally,interesting life type podcast because he,tends to interview people who are also,into the whole traveling thing one of,the,real values i get from things like that,is that youve probably heard that thing,that you are the average of the people,the five people closest to you and the,sort of people that you have around you,do tend to define your kind of box like,you know your box of possibilities in,life and so if youre friends with a,bunch of people or you know your parents,are friends with a bunch of people who,are all doctors chances are youre gonna,think oh this medicine thing is pretty,cool equally if you start to become,friends with people who are tech,founders or youtubers suddenly starting,a startup or starting a youtube channel,is going to seem like a totally normal,thing to do and youre more likely to do,it and i think the value of podcasts,like this is in the fact that it exposes,you to people that you might not have,come across before and so i never really,seriously considered the idea of,long-term traveling because it just,it was out it was outside my box of,possibilities but then when i started,listening more to roth potts and the,people he interviews it now it then,became more of a thing and sort of,expanded my horizons a bit that oh this,is something that people can do and i,can do it as well oh and by the way if,you want to check out any of these,podcasts theyre all going to be linked,in the video description and also links,to all the books that im mentioning in,this particular video so you can check,those out if you like next we have a,pretty interesting podcast called,bookworm now bookworm is not a very,mainstreaming podcast tim ferriss shane,shane parish these are all fairly,mainstream but bookworm is a bit of a,bit of a hidden treasure i think and,its these two dudes in america we just,talk about books like every week they,read a new book or every other week and,then they discuss it and so ive,actually found a bunch of book,recommendations through the bookworm,podcast that i might not have come,across before this one make time is a,book that i discovered through the book,one podcast and so i read the book and i,really liked it and then i actually made,a video about the book and then reached,out to the author john zoratsky who then,i had on an old episode of my own,podcast and actually now john and i are,internet friends so the other day i,hopped on a zoom call with him where he,was giving me advice for how to write my,own book and so i discovered this,through the bookworm podcast and,thereve been a bunch of books where,ive been thinking oh i dont kn

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