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Bosch 800 Series Refrigerators | B36CT80SNS Review

The Bosch 800 series is one of the newest,refrigerators on the market. It has some great new features and a few,problems you should know about before you buy. In this video,youll learn about all the best features,,its reliability, and then a brief comparison against GE,,Samsung and the new Beko on the market. In the end,you know whether the Bosch is right for you.,Lets get started.,First, the refrigerator is offered in two styles the B36CT80SNS and B36CT81SNS,the 81 has pro handles and is a nice,compliment to a pro range if youre remodeling your whole kitchen.,Otherwise, its the same refrigerator with a $300 added cost,with pro handles.,Boschs best features are their two compressors,,Sub-Zero made to compressor refrigerator popular years ago, basically to compressors,keep air in separate chambers to eliminate crossover taste,,odor and temperature from the warmer refrigerator to the colder freezer.,So your ice cream and frozen food will taste better.,Theyll also be less frost and defrosting,because the temperatures will remain more constant.,Bosch is the only freestanding refrigerator with two compressors Samsung, LG and Beko.,all have to evaporators.,Compressors are a bit better with temperature.,Also, does the little things well, its only 40 decibels,,making it the quietest refrigerator on the market. Like many of their dishwashers,you wont hear it in your kitchen. Bosch lined the back wall of the refrigerator,with stainless steel. Stainless steel absorbs cold better than plastic.,So placing your foods against steel will make them colder faster.,Ethylene gas from spoiling foods is filtered in Bosch crispers.,These gases cause food to spoil faster and can cross contaminate other foods, so,your produce and veggies will last longer in a Bosch.,Lastly, like GE, Samsung and LG, Bosch,is Wi-Fi enable can be controlled from an app on your phone.,You can see and adjust temperature.,There are two problems with Bosch versus pricey at twenty eight, ninety nine,,making it the highest price French door on the market,,the reliability slightly better than average at 20 percent service in the first,year versus 25 percent for the industry.,Refrigerators have the highest rate due to icemakers at 25 percent first year.,Youll probably need service within,a couple of years, so know who will be fixing your refrigerator before you buy.,Not when you actually need service.,So how does Bosch compete?,GE Profile is less expensive than Bosch by $100 – $300.,It has Wi-Fi like Bosch,,but two evaporators instead of two compressors. Its not as quiet,,it doesnt address ethylene or have a stainless steel back.,However, GE is bigger at 23.1,23.1 cubic feet versus 21 for the Bosch.,Bosch is only slightly more reliable at 20,percent of their refrigerators needing service versus profiles 21.3.,Samsung has endless configurations similar,to Bosch, and on promotion can be much cheaper by,$500 – $1,000 like GE it has,to evaporators and none of the more sophisticated Bosch features.,Samsung is also less reliable at 25.14 percent service,Beko is the newest refrigerator and has arguably more tech than Bosch.,It addresses ethylene gas even better than,Bosch and has active blue light technology to promote photosynthesis and keeping,fruit and vegetables fresher for a longer period.,It even has IonGuard technology to send,negatively charged ions to neutralize the positive ions of odors,,keeping your refrigerator smelling fresher.,Bosch will be quieter, has the stainless back as well as Wi-Fi functionality.,Its also larger at 21 to 19.5 cubic feet for the Beko.,Should you consider the Bosch? In terms of features?,Yes, Bosch has more than any other brand and is significantly quieter.,Its a newer product, so reliability should prove even more.,So it is worthy of consideration along,with the Samsung, GE and Beko, depending on the final prices,and promotions as well as product availability.,Click the link at the end of the video,to download a free counter-depth refrigerator buying guide,with in-depth comparisons of all the most popular brands answers to frequently asked,questions and our reliability rankings based on our own internal service team.,Thanks for watching.

800 series Bosch refrigerator B36CL80ESN 36″ – 1 yr review

hey guys so a quick video about the,Bosch refrigerator its a refrigerator,kind of a refrigerator in the freezer,and made from bosch the lower brand of,Thermidor I was looking at Thermidor,products I didnt really like any of,their fridges that were affordable so I,went with Bosch I thought it would be a,good German engineered fridge I believe,its a stamp that its made in Mexico,so just for records so this section,right here it comes with this dial right,here so you could choose what you want,what kind of temperature 29 degrees its,the same as 35 degrees in there not,really 29 it doesnt freeze anything I,just keeps the chill so this section is,pretty good its just separated like,that the free the freezer right here,theres a few things that I likened that,I dont like so theres a compartment,right here its broken after a few,months the rails stuck or something like,that I took it apart kind of figure it,out Im gonna have a service guy come in,in a few days and take a look right here,it comes the scooper which is pretty,cool but the ice the ice company becomes,saltless like one piece and three,Frosts that every frost so as you can,see right here got a straw chunk like,that every once in a while so what I,dont like about these compartments is,that theyre so tight together you have,this little space here you have that,little space here and then you got about,four inches here and about four inches,there you dont really have enough room,to put anything bigger than that or just,anything up this is one thing that I,dont like about it,besides the ice not freezing up,correctly,then over here in the refrigerator,we got good space weve got a good shelf,right there for vegetables weve got,good spacing here this is all adjustable,so I like I like the top part the only,part that really bugs me out about this,fridge is the problems that Ive had,with it less than a year that Ive had,it its already had a service come out,three times for it this is probably,gonna be the fourth time they come out,temperature control was the the reason,they came out three times and then there,was some cosmetic issues why they came,out so get it sideways there I mean it,looks like a good fridge but Ill show,you the problem here in a second,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],that beeping sound a you guys just heard,that happens randomly it happens,occasionally probably every four days,twice a week it happens and it just,keeps going off it will go off in the,middle of the night it will go off and,were not home we come home its already,been beeping for who knows how long and,the main thing there is it says over,here that there should be yeah it says,alarm right there and it will be,flashing alarm alarm meaning that when,the door is open for a long time the,alarm will go off and it will start,beeping to remind you that the doors are,open but as you saw in the video I went,around and I checked everything and,showed you guys the seals here to make,sure everythings closed everything was,closed thats just defected and so many,ways in less than a year weve had this,fridge we had so much problems I had an,extension cord laying here,the last time the service guy came out,he pulled the same kind of chunk of ice,out that I did and he said well thats,what was in the way and in the report he,said that it was extension cord those in,the weight that it wasnt even touching,the fridge so repair is isnt that great,obviously they dont want to do the job,they just want to say that its your,fault and leave and the fridge isnt,living up to its name not to its price,at all I believe that this one was like,3,700 because it has snow handles the,one with handles was old but cheaper,like 3,000 so if youre going to go for,a fridge my advice stay away from Bosch,because Bosch is on a German company,anymore might be engineered in Germany,but they have Mexico making their,products and service isnt great theyre,not gonna stand up put you there not,gonna fix anything the only thing thats,nice like I mentioned was a design the,ideas good vertical they have the,controls here but the temperature inside,the fridge,gonna be a 29 degrees and when I,mentioned that to the service guy he,said you have to understand that this is,your main fridge thats your freezer and,this is like in-between it doesnt even,have that What did he say like the,suction power to sealed the fridge so,good to contain the temperature inside,or some made-up stuff like that to get,me off his back so heres the fridge my,thoughts let me know if this video,helped you know

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The Best Counter-Depth Refrigerators for 2021

Shopping for a counter refrigerator used,to be about shopping for features at a competitive price.,As youre probably becoming aware a global supply chain for refrigerators is,not flexible enough during an ongoing pandemic causing product shortages.,So in this video, youll learn about the best counter-depth,refrigerators that are actually available in various sizes, like 28-inch,,33-inch and 36-inch widths and that you can actually buy,now. Youll also see reliability based on real service numbers.,You may not see technology like in years,past with tablets and Internet portals and coffee systems on your refrigerator,,but the focus will also be on availability as well as features.,So you wont have to wait four months for your refrigerator.,Lets start with the most popular 36-inch sizes, and then well look,at the smaller 33 and 28-inch sizes.,The Bosch 800 series,36-inch counter-depth refrigerator is $3,109.,The Bosch counter-depth refrigerator is brand new and built by Bosch,,rather than being outsourced like in years,past. Bosch is the only freestanding count-depth,with two compressors. One each for the refrigerator in the freezer.,The warmer, moister rear of the refrigerator doesnt,blend with the drier colder air of the freezer.,Sub-Zero pioneered the twin compressor years ago.,Standard and all the refrigerator freezer combinations.,Beko, Samsung and GE, as youll see,,will have to evaporators to keep the air separate, two compressors,maintain temperature as well,a bit better.,Bosch also has metal in the back of the refrigerator.,Metal absorbs cold better than plastic because you want to place your milk,and juices towards the back to retain the coldest temperature.,Bosch also features ethylene filters.,Spoiling foods meant ethylene gas.,This gas can cross contaminate to other foods, spoiling them as well.,Bosch is Wi-Fi equipped so you control,the temperature of your refrigerator through an app your phone.,This refrigerator is also offered a different handle,styles as well. GE Profiles 36-inch unit is $2,549 or,$2,879 with a dispenser.,GE Profile is another available French door counter-depth with two evaporators,in the choice of a dispenser on your door. Like Bosch Wi-fi gives you the ability,to control the temperature from an app on your phone.,However, GEs best feature size its,23 cubic foot as opposed to 21 cubic foot for Bosh,,20 for KitchenAid and19.86 for the Beko.,First on list is $2,299,for the more basic three door with the four door being $2,699.,Because Turkish company is popular in Europe and sold 140 countries.,They manufacture products in the US,for Viking, Bluestar and their Blomburg brand as well.,They make some unique claims for keeping food fresher longer to stay the least.,The crispness have blue light, mimicking sunlight to keep food fresher longer.,Now sunlight does render blue and the Kelvin scale so tricks the plants,into continued photosynthesis so fruit and vegetables stay fresher longer there,ever fresh crispers are gasketed to keep air and moisture out.,If you look at the crisper itself, you see the four holes.,So theres a direct air flow from the compressor. The air flow evaporates,the moisture and gas is released,,preventing premature spoilage. Beko has two evaporators like GE.,So the refrigerators warmer air doesnt blend with the drier,colder air of your freezer.,They also have a unique feature called the IonGuard.,Its an ion generator.,It sends out negative ions to counteract,positive ions of odors for a fresher smelling fridge.,So youre pudding shouldnt taste like your fresh fish or salmon.,Imagine youre as skeptical as I was.,However, we tested against Sub-Zero,Thermador, Bosch and Samsung for four weeks as an experiment.,Beko was the best of the Free-standing refrigerators, second only to Sub-Zero.,Beko does have an issue, at 19.86,cubic foot is one of the smaller counter-depths.,You should also check for service in your area.,The KitchenAid 300 series, 36-inch refrigerator.,It goes for twenty three. Ninety nine.,KitchenAid is one of the least expensive counter-depth refrigerator and can be packaged affordably,with decent rebates with stoves, microwaves, dishwashers.,It does have an icemaker and an,internal water dispenser. Their,ethylene filter neutralizes the gas,of spoiling food to keep food fresher as well.,KitchenAids temperature system is different.,Its based on sensors in the refrigerator freezer rather than two evaporators,like many other brands. The reliability is better than average,in parts and technical support from its parent,whirlpool is excellent.,Again, we handle service, so it may be different in your area.,The 36-inch Samsung is $3,149.,Hard to believe that this Samsung is,the only one on this list for a 36-inch counter-depth refrigerator. Availability,is that big a problem.,It does have many of the same features outlined in previous brands, Wi-Fi and twin,cooling with two evaporators like Beko and GE.,However, it does add a few new ones as well.,The Showcase is a door within a door,so you can easily access your milk, juice and condiments on the door.,The flex door is a refrigerator/freezer,based on your preference.,Its a well conceived refrigerator and highly innovative.,Like many Samsung products,,however, you have to be especially careful about service with Samsung.,Although I am a fan of their products, the service is poor in many areas.,Check for available service in your area before you buy any Samsung products.,Fisher & Paykels counter-depth panel-ready refrigerator goes for $3,999.,Fisher & Paykel is the only refrigerator on this list and the only freestanding,refrigerator that looks good except the panels.,Its also $6,000 dollars less than a Sub-Zero and,another panel ready refrigerators. By the way,yes, I know JennAir has a cabinet panel,option and a free standing, but you see the black door frame,detraction from the look, isnt integrated in the door will protrude.,I want to talk about reliability before we look at the smaller sizes.,90 percent of the counter-depths sold are 36-inch.,So it seems like a good time in the video to discuss it. We calculate our,reliability based on how many counter-depths were sold, compared to how many counter-depths,were serviced by a brand for one year period.,With 33 techs in the field,,we logged 37,061 service calls from December 2019,to November 2020, the top five or GE at 12.1 percent.,That does not include Café or Profile.,Bosch, surprisingly, with all that tech is second at 16.9 percent,service in the first year. Fisher & Paykel was third 17.3 percent.,Beko was fourth at 18.6 percent and Samsungs fifth at 20.9, with KitchenAid close behind at 21.6 percent.,At 21.1% service rate, youll likely need service within five,years, even if the issues mostly ice maker related.,So inquire about service before you buy your next new counter-depth refrigerator.,For33-inch refrigerators, you have two possibilities,,Samsung goes for $1,399. This refrigerator was the single most,counter-depth sold on promotion at $999 to to $1,099.,Now its $1,299 – $1,499.,Most manufacturers have stopped promoting due to scarcity.,Its still popular because it has good,features like twin evaporators and an internal icemaker. Competition is also scarce for,33-inch wide refrigerator. GE is,the only other one I would consider with a 33-inch wide available.,GE s 33-inch counter-depth is $1,709.,Like Samsung GE has an internal ice maker and water. GE Does not have to evaporators just like,Samsung and is $300-$400 more expensive.,However, GEs far more reliable twelve versus twenty percent service in the first,year, with a much better service organization when there is an issue.,Bekos 28-inch counter-depth is $899,,the features are pretty robust for a less expensive top mount refrigerator.,It has almost all of the features of the better units, twin cooling active,blue light technology and the ever fresh crispers.,This unit solves problems,especially in tighter spaces, as its designed to fit

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Bosch Counter Depth Fridge Review b36ct80sns

[Music],hey friends,so this is my review of the bosch,counter depth refrigerator,im not sure about the details of it um,my husband did all the research but i,can tell you that,so far i love it it,is metal on all sides so magnets work,throughout the whole thing yay i will,say we bought this,at best buy outlet so we paid a little,bit less,um theres a couple of dents,one two three right there theres a few,on the sides too,but you cant see the sides so we paid,less because its got,a couple dense endings ours has these,handles,i know theres a few different types of,handles,um my biggest and only complaint,is the you know just these bottom,freezers dont hold as much,as like a side-by-side um but i hate how,side-by-sides fall out,so when we got ours delivered it was,missing,the ice tray so this is,the normal size of the ice tray um,but to make do i found this little guy,right its just like one of those bins,you buy,for the fridge um and i think it works,out well,and the ice maker stops when it gets,this full,so we havent had any spillage i love,the scoop,i dont know why maybe because it makes,me feel fancy but,i will sorry thats probably loud i love,this setup right here okay so,weve got this middle drawer,weve got this little top dude who,is smaller because of the ice maker,um yep and its beeping at me and then,we got the bottom part with the divider,so it does fill up fast um but then i,also,know whats in here and um,i can monitor whats um,whats been used up without me realizing,it so,thats the oops,thats the freezer um i love the ice,cubes,i do and then heres the fridge,so we looked at a ton a ton a ton,um you know the kind with the opening,compartment and the door seemed kind of,cool and then the knock knock,but in reality we figured we probably,werent going to,use that often so i have yet to,fill this up all the way um because of,there being no bins down here because of,the drawers,im used to having more door space but,this refrigerator is holding everything,that the last one did,and its not so crowded right so these,do hold a gallon,the butter cupboard is nice,you know its got um a good,what adjustment range,although if you were to bring it down,anymore you cant fit your taller,condiments there,all right so we havent used this,because we dont,drink wines and we dont have sodas,um but that is a cool feature you know,maybe for like christmas,or a special occasion if were doing,some martinellis,that might be nice i believe this is the,egg holder,um and then this is for like those,half jars that maybe you dont want to,get lost in the back,but so far its worked it holds,everything we need it to,this drawer gets a little packed right,because we got so much,kid snacks and then my cheeses we need,to go,buy some freshness oops you didnt see,that,poor onions maybe ill try and cut the,bottoms off and grow some,um and then the meat drawer well weve,got it set for the meat right,um but you can do fruits vegetables,beverages,snacks and custom i have not played with,any of this,i will be straight up with you i havent,fussed,with any of the um settings,so its beeping at me that um i need to,close the door,but i will tell you we did um watch a,lot of videos,and there were a couple buyer beware on,this,heres theres the details um,but we havent had any issues,no wonky door alarms,nothing this has been and gosh guys i,mean when i open it it just makes me,smile,isnt that pretty its well lit its,got good aesthetic oh,and this dude right here yes hello,when i was growing up we had a,refrigerator with a little water,dispenser inside,um when we first hooked it up it leaked,for a little bit,but we havent had issues after like,that first day,to be honest um so,i like this this is nice its a space,saver,it makes the front look much better,um yeah so thats my review and then im,gonna try and talk my husband into doing,a review,so that um you guys can get a his and,hers comparison because,different things matter to us like the,water and the ice matter bigly to me,but you know some of the other features,that this comes with didnt matter that,much to me so,they might to him and then he can,explain that to you because he is the,king,of research um anyways i hope you found,this helpful if you have questions,please ask,um im totally willing to take some time,and,and measure or test out for you,so i know this isnt the new new um,but its new to me so uh yeah all right,have a great day,one thing i forgot to say and im not a,rep,so im not trying to to,um push this product but this,norwex window cloth is what i,clean the hand prints off the fridge,with and its worked great so far like,i just gave it a quick wipe down right,before i started and i have two kids,that are,six and seven and a husband and so,sometimes,the fridge gets a little marked up and,this cloth,i know you are this no i dont want you,in the video,this cloth works really well to get it,cleaned up,um so um yeah i think theres a company,called h202 who probably has a very,similar product,um i havent had as much luck with the,store-bought,items but this window cloth you just get,a little bit wet and it cleans it up,real nice okay bye,hey yall so i forgot one thing,its that these doors are a little short,and sometimes the taller heavier stuff,doesnt stay upright but i think these,are all the same,no thats deeper anyways,so i um thats my only,thing about these drawers is that,theyre,deep but theyre shallow on these ones,so like,my rarely used,sauces that are jar and tall,tend to fall over a bunch okay,thats all i got sorry i havent had,coffee so,hello i am the husband josh and i am,going to go ahead and give my,perspective on this,so um i spend a lot of time researching,stuff before i buy it and we originally,went in to go look at,refrigerators thinking about like,lg and samsung and um potentially there,was this brand thats kind of the,high-end ge brand,um called cafe that had a hot water,dispenser and,really our only requirements were that,it had uh,ice maker because the last one,refrigerator we had in here did not have,an ice maker,um we had the ice ice cube trays which i,dont like,when we went into um best buy and,started to look around,i noticed a lot of the new high-end,refrigerators,had like weird gimmicky stuff with the,door,like one of them had a uh a um,like a tablet the samsung which seems,like it just be outdated really soon,another one the lg and the samsung both,had ones that you could uh,open up and kind of reach through which,i actually still think is a really good,idea,to where you dont have to open the,whole fridge up but if you want,something quickly you just,you reach into the door or with the,samsung i think you could reach all the,way through,and then there was even a third one that,had this knock knock feature from,lg that you could knock on but um when,we started to look at them what we,decided,was that um we actually would rather,have the space,inside of the door and not have,the um we did not want to have the um,the the outdated technology quickly,so um we opted for one that did not have,the stuff inside of the door including,the ice maker or the water maker,so when we saw that there was a few,fridges this year that have this water,maker,inside it just made a lot more sense,because this this has a lot,more depth to it so now that you,normally be this big ice maker here,a water maker here and you would have,these really small kind of dinky shelves,right here,um kind of like the size of these guys,up here right youd have that up here,but now we have it all here we could,quickly get to the stuff we want like,full-size gallons of milk and um,condiments,and stuff right here in the door and,then this one also has um,um the bosch has uh a dual,evaporator and dual compressor so,normally refrigerators will have dual,evaporators but not dual compressors,so this one will actually um it has a,different compressor for each,the freezer and the refrigerator and it,has a a whole back,stainless steel cooling back which i

Final Review – Bosch 800 series Fridge B36CL80ESN 36″ updated

hey guys so the final video of the bosch,refrigerator that i have,uh the reason why its the final video,and the last update ill give from,it is because after about eight or nine,months,bosch finally agreed to accept a buyback,for the refrigerator,so they will be coming,in a couple of days here i believe,six days theyll be coming to pick it up,and,after that hopefully theyll issue me a,refund like they promised,im back to the dealer and then ill,just pick up the money from standard,uh but i mean nine months of arguing,with them back and forth and having the,technicians come out,and the beeping going off every night,every night multiple times,just the stress and the overwhelming,problems,that happen during the time period is,not acceptable nine months to come on,really,but heres my final,final review of the fridge its still as,bad as it was,before as you could see it says alarm,off,right there and thats going off because,the alarms on but its silenced,and its showing that my my temperature,is set to negative seven,in the freezer fahrenheit and if we push,alarm off,it shows the actual temperature of 27,degrees,so as you see its uh its quite a bit,off,but the refrigerator is 37 degrees,and i dont believe over here,its actually in super mode because a,regular mode,it wasnt working it wasnt working at,all so we had to put into super mode,going to the freezer,as you could see berries melted in there,and ice is just one huge,block even though i keep dumping it out,about once a week it gets up to about,this much and,its a huge block of ice,a few things about the face here,the face it gets a lot of fingerprints,so even if the whole thing that i,mentioned in my previous videos,if its not a big deal for you and,youre just looking for the look of it,fingerprints and hand marks really go,bright on this refrigerator i dont know,if youll be able to,see any of these scratches here but if,you have,rings or anything like that it absorbs a,lot of the scratches,on this metal finish,and uh uh you could see dents in a,little dents from uh either manufacturer,defect or,um if you put your hand on it you push,it or,if you bump into it it gets a little,dense,you could see those waves in there,so besides that,like i mentioned you have your water on,the inside that i dont like,um you have to have the refrigerator,open the whole time,youre using it the ice is on the inside,i dont know just after using it for,some time,theres nothing i like about it uh when,if you look at these options right here,you got fish and meat,for 29 degrees thats below freezing you,have fruits at freezing level,uh vegetables at freezing level and then,everything else above it,when they measured the temperature here,the technician came out measured the,temperature,it was about 10 15 degrees higher than,what it was set to,and their excuse is that this is not,made to be,like a full sealed refrigerator freezer,its just a small compartment to keep,your things cool,so i mean even if you put some fish in,there,29 degrees its gonna keep it cool dont,expect a freezer,which is really ridiculous but uh,everything from head to toe about this,refrigerator,was a disappointment i mean i dont like,any of it,the only thing i thought looked cool was,the design but even,after a while the design it doesnt,compensate for anything here,but yeah thats the final review finally,got approved for,a refund so theyll be taking him back,in a few days here i did have to wait,for about three weeks,for for this uh appointment,thats happening in a few days,but other than that we finally got this,headache over with,and uh i hope that my,my review could help out a couple people,with purchasing their refrigerator,im not gonna put up the beeping sound,in this video i put it up in the past,two videos,so if you want to see it you could check,it out there but,it does make a bpa noise thats really,annoying and you have to turn it off,whenever it does go off which goes off a,few times a night,so thats it thats it for this,refrigerator

Bosch French Door Refrigerator Review | B36CL80ENS

this baby Bosch refrigerator dual,compressors pyramid shaped ice 0 to 60,in 3.4 seconds what more can you want,okay just kidding on the 0 to 60. but,today were talking about this,refrigerator box refrigerator model,number is right here for your reference,Bosch is always known for their high,quality engineering and design so lets,jump right into it and look at some cool,features,first off Bosch does a very good job for,matching refrigerators and a lot of,their appliances with any Brands out,there as you see this refrigerator its,a counter depth refrigerator but theres,no brands on the front so this can fit,in any kitchen that you have thats,stainless steel counter depth I,mentioned this is a true counter depth,they love to call it the true counter,depth look because the hinges are hidden,so when its pushed in your cabinets you,cannot truly tell that its a,freestanding refrigerator this,refrigerator doesnt have any exposed,handles theyre all pocket handles which,allows for that more modern look as we,jump into this fridge theres four new,technologies that Bosch has come out,with that they call the four Farm Fresh,Technologies first off there is what,they call the vitafresh which helps,keeps your fruits and vegetables fresher,longer theres also the air filter,inside the refrigerator that eliminates,negative smells or bad smells theres,also the fresh protect filter that,filters out any ethylene gases that are,going to cause your fruits and,vegetables to ripen quicker as well as a,multi-air flow that keeps the,temperature consistent throughout the,entire refrigerator now lets jump right,inside the refrigerator as you open it,up its a French door look first couple,things you notice lighting glass shelves,however water dispenser there wasnt a,water dispenser on the outside but there,is still a water dispenser right here on,the side of the refrigerator door thats,super great in some ways because you do,get that dispenser with the clean look,on front however negative to that is it,does take a little more time to get to,the water dispensers not conveniently,located on the outside plus every time,you have to get water youre letting air,out of the refrigerator potentially,adjusting the temperature and changing,that temperature inside your fridge,Bosch has however created a cool thing,with this dispenser as youre looking,closely at it theres two ways to,dispense water one if you have a pitcher,that you need to hold on to it with two,hands all you need to do is put it up,here and theres a little button here,that has the pitcher or the cup pushes,at it will automatically dispense water,you still also have the ability to push,a button so you cant push this gray,button here and it will also dispense,water so theres two ways to dispense,the water Dimension glass shells which,is pretty standard on most nicer,refrigerators now however what Bosch has,done is they have what they call a flex,bar that gives a lot of organizational,ability for you so example theres these,shelves here they come with the shelves,you can remove them you can slide them,back and forth depending on what you,want or this Flex bar itself also can,come completely out and you can adjust,it up and down depending on where you,may want some of these shelves located,inside your refrigerator as were,talking about the flex wire one thing to,be aware of is that does eliminate a,shelf that many other manufacturers and,other refrigerators have which is called,a glideaway shelf or a breakaway shelf,so youll need to compare what is best,for you it has a gallon door bins,everybody needs those gallon door bins,also has a deli drawer here now the,difference between this fridge and,others is instead of having the fruits,and vegetables located right inside the,refrigerator it comes with a separate,drawer which is immunity controlled it,allows you to adjust temperatures,depending on what youre storing inside,the drawer it goes everywhere from 29,degrees so a freezing temperature all,the way up to 40 degrees depending on,what you really want stored inside this,drawer it also has shelving that you can,remove it also comes with a fresh,protect filter that helps eliminate or,remove any ethylene gases which will,help the life of your fruits and,vegetables last much longer than without,it so that is the Vita fresh Auto,temperature and humidity controlled,drawer okay now were jumping down to,the freezer inside this freezer it has,organizational drawers that do a great,job theres three levels theres the,level on top middle and bottom which is,a lot deeper in addition theres an ice,maker here this ice maker is unique to,Bosch because it provides pyramid-shaped,ice this is an ice maker that does,produce more ice in a lot of,refrigerators out there approximately,four pounds of ice a day and this,container holds about twice that so its,going to take about 48 hours to fill,this entire container up with ice but,its a quick ice maker so thats really,positive its wide enough to hold your,box pizzas your frozen vegetables and,anything else as you dive in here so,its very well designed Bosch French,door counter depth refrigerator I did,mention as we began that this fridge,does come with dual compressors if you,want more information about how dual,compressors are a benefit to the,refrigerator watch our other video right,here and youll get a lot more,information about that this refrigerator,right here with Bosch starts at this,time of the video around the 36.99 price,point last thing I want to point out is,this does come with some Wi-Fi,connectivity what that allows you to do,is Monitor not only the temperature,inside your fridge it will send you,alerts if the door is left open and it,does allow you to diagnose if there are,challenges or issues with your,refrigerator thanks for watching our,review today on this Bosch French door,refrigerator if youd like to see other,reviews please subscribe to our Channel,we do them all the time comment below,about what you want to hear about and,what you want to learn about and we will,cover that soon,[Music]

Bosch Refrigerator: Bosch Counter Depth Refrigerator Review

Its not often we get excited about the launch of a new refrigerator, however, this year,,Bosch has raised the bar with their new counter-depth French Door lineup.,Today were gonna show you why Bosch should be at the top of your list when considering,a new refrigerator.,Hi this is John with Designer Appliances, New Jersey and New Yorks premier appliance,showroom.,Bosch has been lagging in the refrigeration category for the last few years.,Up until now, the design and manufacturing of most of their refrigerators was outsourced,to 3rd parties.,Due to this, there was no compelling reason to buy a Bosch refrigerator.,Now, all that changes.,This year, Bosch has brought the design and manufacturing of their counter-depth French,door lineup in-house.,Rather than focus on gimmicky touch screens and cameras to check in on your milk and eggs,like the rest of the competition, Bosch focused on what matters most, food preservation and,ease of use.,The resulting refrigerator is in our opinion one of the most compelling options on the,market.,Heres a rundown of all the most impressive features found in the new Bosch fridges.,First, your Food Will Stay Fresh Longer Have you ever had strawberries look like this,after just a few days?,Or have your greens wilted in the refrigerator?,Temperature fluctuations are the enemy of fresh food.,The more the temperature fluctuates, the more bacteria will grow.,In a typical refrigerator, temperatures may swing by 4-7 degrees which is not ideal for,fresh food storage.,A standard refrigerator doesnt actually cool itself; a small valve opens and closes to,pull air from the freezer in order to bring its temperature down.,This can explain why you get expectantly frozen items in certain parts of your refrigerator.,This shared single compressor cooling system leads to sub-optimal results for both the,freezer and refrigerator compartment.,Temperature is just one component of keeping food fresh.,Humidity also plays a critical role.,In the refrigerator compartment the ideal environment is higher humidity, helping to,avoid leeching moisture out of your fresh foods.,In the freezer, dry air helps to avoid freezer burn and preserves food for longer.,With their new refrigerator lineup, Bosch has created the perfect environment for preserving,food.,Using a dual compressor and dual evaporator configuration, Bosch can independently control,the temperature and humidity in each compartment.,The result is the ideal environment for keeping you fresher for longer.,Food preservation doesnt stop at just temperature and humidity.,Odor and gas control also play an important role.,As some fruits and vegetables ripen, they release ethylene, a gas that can cause surrounding,produce to become spotted, soft or mealy.,When it comes to odors, have you ever had the smell and flavor of fresh fish or onions,transfer to other foods in your refrigerator?,Bosch has a unique 2-part air quality that removes both odors and ethlyene gas, further,helping to create the ideal environment for food storage.,Next up is Boschs unique internal water dispenser and pyramid ice maker.,Its hard not to love the convenience of an external water and ice dispenser.,However, theyre often an eyesore and ruin the sleek look of a stainless-steel door.,It’s also worth noting that ice makers are the #1 reason for service calls to any refrigerator,manufacturer, as they involve mechanical moving parts that tend to get stuck, jammed, or broken.,They also take away from internal door storage with their large bulky compartments.,With their new design, Bosch decided to forgo an external dispenser and instead utilize,a hidden dispenser tucked neatly into the left front wall of the fridge, accessible,yet out of the way.,The dispenser is conveniently designed to be used one handed with a single glass or,two handed with a larger pitcher.,The ice maker is in the freezer compartment and is capable of producing about 4 1/2 lbs,of ice per day.,If you are having a party and need extra ice, you can remove the standard ice bucket a few,days prior to your event to allow the ice to build up,The shape of ice is also unique for these new Bosch refrigerators.,These fridges create a pyramid shaped ice that serves two purposes.,As we mentioned before, ice dispensers are a major cause of refrigerator repairs.,Theres a heater inside of every ice maker that breaks the seal between the ice and mold.,When the heater goes bad, the ice gets stuck and doesnt release.,Pyramid shaped ice falls out by twisting instead of heating resulting in far fewer service-related,issues.,Bosch service calls have plummeted since they introduced this new ice technology.,Additionally, pyramid shaped ice has more surface area to get your drinks colder faster,and they look great too.,Next, youll appreciate the convenient storage options that make it easy to fit all your,groceries.,Counter-depth refrigerators looks great and dont stick out as much into your kitchen,,however the visual design comes at the sacrifice of capacity.,Counter depth refrigerates have about 20% less capacity than their full depth counterparts.,To maximize storage capacity, Bosch has optimized every inch of these refrigerators.,For starters, as we mentioned before, since Bosch choose not to include an external ice,and water dispenser, youre able to use the entirety of the on-door storage.,Next, youll appreciate the half width shelves that are fully movable, allowing you to customize,the fridge to your storage needs.,Up top is the unique FlexBar.,In my fridge the top shelf is where condiments, and half used jars of sauce go to die.,The FlexBar gives you easier access to top shelve items, even including a specialized,rack for storing wine bottles.,Bosch has multiple design options to fit any kitchen aesthetic.,No two kitchens are alike.,That is why Bosch has 5 unique design styles to choose from.,4 door with recessed handles – our most popular since it blends in with any kitchen design,without worrying about matching handles 4 door with bar handles,,french door with bar handles, french door with pro handles,,and black stainless steel.,In addition, in 2020 Bosch will begin offering a french door model with an external ice and,water dispenser, however as we mentioned before, we think its not needed based on the elegant,way Bosch has integrated the internal ice and water functionality.,Overall, this new lineup from Bosch introduces the most innovative food preservation and,storage features found on any refrigerator in its class.,We think this should be near the top of your list when considering a new refrigerator.,Let us know if you have any questions in the comments below or stop by one of our New Jersey,showrooms, just a short drive from New York, featuring the new Bosch refrigerator lineup,on display.,Thanks for watching!,Please subscribe to our channel where we provide helpful tips and advice that will help make,you an educated appliance shopper.

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