1. Boston USA. The Most European City in the US. Sights, People and Food
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Boston USA. The Most European City in the US. Sights, People and Food

[Music],hey guys and welcome to cool vision in,this video well travel to boston,welcome to boston guys lets talk about,boston,boston is the capital of the state of,massachusetts with a population of 675,000 people and 4.8 million people living,in the greater boston metropolitan area,boston is best known for its rich,history seafood top university baseball,the boston marathon and is probably one,of the most european looking cities in,america lets start with its history,[Music],the city was founded in 1630 by the,puritan colonists who came here escaping,religious persecution and it quickly,became the political and commercial,center of the new england region in the,1760s the british parliament passed a,succession of acts aimed at taxing the,colonists but american colonists,subjected to being taxed by the british,parliament in which they had no direct,representation,which led to events like the boston,massacre when the british troops shot,into a crowd and killed five people,while they were protesting the stamp act,and the boston tea party when a group of,angry boston citizens threw a shipment,of tea by the british east india company,and to boston harbor as a response to,the tea act which was just another form,of taxation the british retaliated,harshly and the american revolution,began the patriots fought back,eventually forcing the british to,evacuate boston on march 17 1776,today the greater boston metropolitan,area has the sixth largest economy in,the country with a gross regional,product of 363 billion dollars the,citys economy centered on education,finance medicine and high technology,boston has a thriving jobs market,top-notch universities and access to,venture capital make it a global player,in innovation and entrepreneurship,amazon microsoft and google and other,big names have offices here,general electric fidelity investments,liberty mutual gillette new balance puma,and reebok all have headquarters here,did you know that dunkin donuts was,founded in boston in 1950 well,technically 20 minutes away from boston,in quincy massachusetts,city is a major seaport along the east,coast and the oldest continually,operated industrial and fishing port in,the western hemisphere,boston is a world leader in higher,education with more than 50 colleges and,universities including harvard and mit,harvard is a private ivy league research,university located across the charles,river in cambridge there are thirty,thousand students currently and only,about five percent of applicants are,accepted into the school,it was founded in 1636 which makes it,the oldest institution of higher,education in the us on its alumni list,you will find eight american presidents,75 nobel prize winners and also 29,billionaires according to the forbes,list isnt that impressive the,massachusetts institute of technology is,another private research university,established in 1861. it originated in,boston and was first known as boston,tech its known for its programs in,engineering and the physical sciences,right across the river from downtown,boston you see,mit over the years its played a key,role in the development of modern,sciences and technology for every 100,people applying only 7.3 will be,accepted which makes it a very,competitive place some of the worlds,greatest inventions have been created by,their graduates like space war the first,computer game the first portable fax,machine gps and voice recognition,technology the mit alumni have founded,many notable companies like boston,dynamics a robotics design company that,makes robots they can run jump and do a,lot of useful tests,oh excuse me how can you afford a car,like that let me make a symbol for you i,graduated from harvard,you can do it too its right around the,corner,they say boston is a city of,neighborhoods so lets take a look at,different parts of the city lets start,with downtown its the location of many,corporate headquarters restaurants,coffee shops and parks a lot of new,condos and lofts have been constructed,recently which brought new residents and,businesses but the biggest,transformation was the project known as,the big dig look were entering a tunnel,and were going to be driving under the,city this project removed the elevated,highways put them on the ground and,replaced them with green spaces this is,what it used to be and this is what it,is now so much better this was one of,the nations most expensive highway,projects with a price tag of 14.8,billion dollars,downtown is nice and clean and it,doesnt have a lot of homeless people,theres some but not as many as ive,seen in other american cities,now lets take a look at beacon hill,its one of the oldest historic,districts in america federal style row,houses and cobblestone streets that are,illuminated with gas street lights and,its within walking distance of the,citys financial district and government,center its one of the most prestigious,districts and apartments here if youre,looking at a three-bedroom apartment in,that building it would start around,three million dollars can you believe,that you know all these street lights,are still running on natural gas,this is what people mean when they say,boston gives you a taste of europe in,the united states,walking along these narrow cobblestone,streets of beacon hill you sometimes,have to remind yourself that boston is,no longer an english colony,now lets take a look at back bay its,another european-like city neighborhood,its home to 50 000 people,elegant boulevards and victorian,brownstones numerous parks shops and,restaurants it has a reputation of being,one of the most affluent neighborhoods,this is where you find church of the,covenant trinity church and boston,public library some of the most,significant buildings in the country,[Music],boston waterfront is a series of,walkway-lined wharfs on boston harbor,with marinas seafood spots and hotels it,has a lot of modern high rises its a,nice part of town especially in the,summer months,lawn worth is a historic pier built in,1721,today it functions as a dock for,passenger ferries and sightseeing boats,you can choose to embark on sightseeing,cruises from here or visit the new,england aquarium,[Music],fort point is a former industrial,district but now its filled with,historic lofts house and art studios and,galleries,the boston childrens museum on the,harbour walk marked by a giant hood milk,bottle in front draws families to its,interactive exhibits nearby the floating,boston tea party ships and museum,commemorates the 1773 protest,[Music],im proud to say that this high-rise,building on the left is called russia,worth i had no idea but boston had a lot,of trade with russia in the 19th century,russia was supplying raw materials like,iron that the locals used to build ships,and did you know that the founding,fathers used russian goose quills to,sign the us constitution and the bill of,rights in 1809 boston had a russian,embassy and 39 ships from russia docked,at russia worth sadly they renamed the,building to atlantic world now shame on,them,nearby the seaport district once it was,an industrial wasteland filled with,parking lots today its a modern area of,the south boston waterfront lined with,high-rise condominiums restaurants bars,and hotels,its rapidly becoming one of the citys,hot spots to live especially for those,who dont mind the high-rise apartment,living,boston has a chinatown its the only,survive in historic ethnic chinese,enclave in new england where you find a,lot of chinese and vietnamese,restaurants,and finally north end its the oldest,part of boston and its one of the last,remaining little italy neighborhoods in,america its been the traditional home,to italian americans since the early,1900s,youre gonna find yourself in a maze of,narrow streets with some of the citys,oldest buildings its home to the old,north church and paul reveres historic,home,not surprisingly youre gonna find a lot,of italian american restaurants bakeries,and grocery stores,make sure you try some cann

Boston Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

波士頓位於美國東岸查理斯河,與米斯蒂克河的河口交會處。,東臨麻薩諸塞灣,擁有地勢絕佳的天然港口。,波士頓的一切深受海洋影響,,而這座城市的居民則深深影響了美國歷史。,自 1630 年建城以來,波士頓一直是美國,政治、社會與文化生活的重心。,每一個街角處,似乎都在提醒人們,波士頓在美國革命所扮演的重要角色。,波士頓不大,卻是極為適合居住的城市。,遊覽波士頓的方式有很多種,,但最好的選擇就是漫步於城市之中,,波士頓的「步行城市」之稱絕非浪得虛名!,在自由之路這條導覽步道上,只要沿著路上明顯的紅色標記,,就能輕鬆遊覽許多景點。,這條路徑長約四公里,途經 16 處重要的歷史景點,,每個景點在美國獨立史上都佔有一席之地。,自由之路的起點為波士頓公園,,這是美國歷史最悠久的城市公園,,也是「波士頓翡翠項鍊」中眾多公園的中心。,這條路上的重要景點包括有著耀眼金色圓頂的,州議會大樓,還有穀倉墓地,,諸如山繆‧亞當斯、保羅‧里維爾及,許多波士頓最勇敢的兒女,都長眠於此地。,法尼爾廳又稱為「自由的搖籃」,因為這裡,正是山繆‧亞當斯和詹姆斯‧奧蒂斯煽起革命之風的舞台。,而昆西市集和法尼爾廳市集就位於後方,,是波士頓當地最受喜愛的吃喝玩樂去處。,您還可以造訪十七世紀的保羅‧里維爾故居,,這位不朽愛國志士的英勇事蹟就在於夜騎報訊,,警告萊克辛頓的居民「英國人登陸了!」,隨著自由之路橫越查理斯河後,您將來到邦克山紀念碑,,這裡是美國獨立戰爭中,新成立的殖民軍,最初起義反抗紅衣英軍的地方。,自由之路的終點來到美國人最摯愛的船艦之一,,憲法號護衛艦。,於 1797 年下水服役的憲法號又稱「老鐵殼號」, 是世上現役中最老的海軍艦艇。,波士頓水岸的每一處,,都在提醒著我們這座城市與海洋密不可分,,它連血液裡都帶有海水的鹽分。,此外,來到海港當然要搭船出海,,飽覽美景、享受賞鯨之樂,,或是品嚐鮮美的海味,嚐一口波士頓新鮮無比的海產,,品味剛剛打撈上岸的海鮮!,結束自由之路的遊覽後,就跟著撲鼻的美食香氣走,,讓自己迷失在這座美妙無比的城市之中!,畢肯山有著煤氣燈街道與聯邦風格排屋,,是波士頓景致最美的地區之一。,來到查爾斯街選購充滿老波士頓風情的紀念品,,一不小心就會在古物店中流連忘返好幾個小時。,紐伯里街鄰近後灣,,是美國首屈一指的購物大道,,從精品名店到路邊攤,各種選擇應有盡有。,後灣則有許多去處可讓您安靜漫步與沉思,例如科普利廣場。,甚至,您也可以到三一教堂參加禮拜儀式,,這座教堂被評選為美國十大建築之一。,如果想要更靠近天堂,同時眺望最美的波士頓景色,,不妨就近搭乘保德信大樓的電梯登上空中觀景台。,波士頓這座城市的形成,在很大程度上要歸功於,當初懷抱希望、夢想與傳統來到此地的移民。,他們的文化已融入波士頓的生活當中,,包括小義大利的美食佳餚,,還有為這座勤勉的城市紓解美酒之渴的愛爾蘭酒吧。,波士頓人崇尚盡情玩樂,在這座熱愛運動的城市中,,身為波士頓紅襪隊百年主場場地的,芬威球場絕對堪稱為一大聖地。,波士頓的藝文風氣也相當盛行。,波士頓美術博物館的印象派作品收藏令人嘆為觀止,,館藏的莫內畫作數量之多僅次於法國。,然而,波士頓不是個沉湎於往日光輝的城市。,整個大波士頓地區共有超過 50 所大學和學院。,聲譽卓著的哈佛大學及麻省理工學院,不斷培育出總統人選和諾貝爾得主。,波士頓這座偉大的城市不僅影響了美國,也影響了整個世界。

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Best Lobster Roll in Boston! Review + Mukbang (eating show)

[Music],whats up guys welcome back to my,Channel today I am in Boston and I am on,a mission to find the best lobster roll,so Im not exactly sure how many places,of going to today but I just got to my,first job I missed my god parents and my,parents I need to buy sunglasses because,I cannot see and I forgot them at home,but this first job is called Yankee,lobster its near the piers in Boston,south of like where North eat the north,like Italian villages so yeah lets go,try out our first lobster roll,[Music],if were gonna have five of them they no,friggin way okay so here is the system,mate right,maybe the style lobster also is cold got,mayo and celery and its on a hot,buttered bun,[Music],[Music],show them,that does not suck alright and this is,the Connecticut style right Connecticut,style is hot with butter and it looks,like they have some kind of seasoning on,it,so New England styles are always my,favorite so its definitely my favorite,here still but thats probably the best,hot butter that Ive ever gotten I was,worried that its gonna get overcooked,like when you cook lobster twice you,have to cook it and then take it out of,the shell and then heat it up again it,can dry out really really easily and so,typically I dont like hot lobster,dishes because of that reason but this,is really really good not overcooked at,all so starting off on a good foot here,so we just left the first lobster roll,please Im actually in the shade now so,I can kind of see and were coming up to,James hook lobster which is the second,lobster ball place of the day I think,its just going to be me eating this,time,youre good,[Applause],[Music],not about trust I want you,[Music],get a large one and we preserve,grilled their wall he actually passed,the billboard which was on the water so,its actually a trailer that is blocked,the water and theyve got this like,covered pavilion area,so we decided to get their only soul,serve cold lobster rolls so we decided,to take a large which was $23.99 just a,dollar cheaper than the place that we,were just a cat and they have more,Lobster in it so the other place that if,they put a quarter gone and this is,I already took a bite out of it sorry,but,the bun is different its more like a,Kaiser hot dog bun that still feels,toasted but not twisted as much as the,other the other wasnt buttered and went,grilled on the side and this is just it,seems to be just toasted on the inside I,dont really feel much of a toast on the,LT either wait thats,so you know theres fresh because,theres literally a tank the lobster,just sitting in there so the lobster,tastes as fresh as it actually is this,actually has less in it as far as like,whats mixed into the actual lobster,roll but it seems like theres a little,bit more mayo so the last place a little,less filler this place a little more,Mayo but no celery or anything else is,just very very plain I think this is a,better value but I think Ive waiver in,the taste of first place better Yankee,water so I think I prefer the taste of,Yankee lobster roll better but I wish,they added more Lobster into theirs,because I think that James Hook this,better deal,alright guys so Im on day 2 now my,lobster roll tour in Boston I just,walked from Southie all the way to the,North End which actually only took me,about 45 minutes and Im really happy,you did that because I eat a lot of days,but today Im actually going to I 3,North many spots so I am actually,starting at Neptune if you can see it in,the background Neptune has been named,like one of the better places to get,lobster rolls like the top top plays the,weight is like 45 minutes for most,people right now so well see if it,lives up tonight,all right that started to kind of loud,in here but the line is way too long and,I am NOT attempting to go outside,[Music],its a pretty good size,its obviously what we call lobster,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],the lobsters are really tender,[Music],its kind of feels like a Kaiser then,the last Iser button which was at sturdy,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],which is so lightly dressed with the,males,theres like a little little bit of,which isnt very,the whole thing is so all season,I honestly think this is my favorite,shopper,I heard mixed reviews people that have,waited in this line to really,because they given itself,like not your expectations,but I would definitely wait,[Music],[Music],[Music],whos also a nice amount of philosopher,in here,[Music],its spicy,respect us,[Music],paid to our lobster Rosina,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],obviously did not finish,next stop is actually right next door so,you know please call colleagues,literally 1 1 or down,got to Neptune at the right time because,the line is obnoxious play along now,and I told you guys that Holly Springs,didnt have to,literally great next sorry so,go get out,all right so I just ordered a cold,wastrel from the Pollys its apparently,seven ounces of lobster that they put,inside and it is actually only $17.99 if,you get the hot-buttered lobster roll,its 1999 Im not sure why its extra,because theres really no filler in this,it seems smaller but this is actually,the type of button that I prefer it just,looks really really buttery here,and you can just smell the butter have a,huge banner its really interesting by,the way doing this out in public because,everybody just like stops and starts,asking your questions,and pointy starts talking about it so,Im just like getting used to the stone,but work with me here okay so anyway,this is paulies were gonna try it home,so the bun is my favorite part,the lobsters just a little overdone,yeah that piece was really overdone some,of the larger pieces are not it was bad,and it is just like a little fishy,its still not bad its like its hard,to compare because I just came from,Neptune and I swear Ive never had,Lobster,what is it my pal Ive never had lobster,cooked so well in my life as the one,that I had at like Neptunes it was just,so Im eating this right after going to,Neptune its like,I saw not bad though,if you got a bite with like the larger,this is a lobster the lobster is really,really tender theres really not a whole,lot to this oh its just like a little,bit of mayo,I dont see any like celery or herbs or,anything like that,but I just like love this button so much,its so buttery man proportionally like,this is the right amount of bread to,lobster,I think that which one was it,James Hook I thought the risk too much,bread I even thought there was a little,too much bread like Yankee lobster but,their lobster was better,so Im honestly not sure how to rate,that,who are better word would be right like,I dont really know where this one with,ball in the rankings right now,the good news is that I just ate two,lobster rolls and I have one more to you,today so um Im actually not sure what,the name of the next place is Ill,update you got something,all right so we got one more place to go,and I will see you guys,[Music],all right so were at north squirt or,Eastern I just ordered the lobster roll,it is much smaller Ill stay,[Music],[Music],they said that they literally have their,lobsters brought in fresh every small,renées and not their bachelor chuckling,lobsters in that facility brush his,lobster know that you can get,this is 29,like I said its smaller so I just dont,know how it could possibly be that much,better,some of the other places but,[Music],[Music],Wow,[Music],and you just said Neptune is the best,lobster ever has I think this is the,best officer,its not like its a crazy crazy amount,cutter but this lobster knee is,definitely a little bit scooters,its just outrageously tender,[Music],and the thing I like the most about this,aside from like our delicious lobsters,is the fun is the literally perfect,[Music],[Music],theres not and I was worried just by,looking at the outside of it,that there was gonna be way too much,bread you can Steve,[Music],that its not like mostly right on the,inside your name,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],keeps getting lobst

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????Kawai GX-2 vs Boston GP178 Grand Piano Review & Comparison – Both Built by Kawai in Japan????

[Music],hi everybody and welcome to another,piano comparison here on the miriam,pianos youtube channel,heres two instruments that duke it out,every single day all around the world,took us a year to get them in the same,room,at the same time without covered,restrictions and,glad that we did it ive learned a few,things that i didnt even realize until,we pulled these,apart to do the comparison today and,those two pianos would be,the kawaii gx2 theyre five foot eleven,as well as the boston 178 performance,edition two,and which is also approximately five,foot eleven,um we are going to be comparing their,actions talking about the similarities,and differences,in their design and letting you hear,them,first and foremost weve got them miked,up identically,in the same room were really trying to,deliver as a,balanced playing field as possible here,so that if these happen to be two,instruments on your shopping list,this might be useful tool to you if its,the first time that youve joined us,here on the channel,thank you first and foremost and hit,that notification bell and subscribe,button so that you can become part of,our community,and join us for videos in the future,without further ado lets get started,with the gx2 and the gp178 right away,[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Music],so lets start with what might just be,the worst kept secret,in the piano industry which is that both,of these pianos,are not just made by the same company,they are actually assembled,on the same production line in japan in,hamamatsu,by kauai boston as a line,as a trademark of course owned by,steinway steinway had some influence,into its design,and there are a few parts that are in,common with new york steinways as well,that wind up on the bostons,but all of the assembly construction and,a good part of the materials,actually come from kauai and these,instruments are put together,right in the same assembly sort of work,spaces,and and production facilities as,the gxs which really are probably,considered their closest counterpart,although its hard to find any of that,stuff specifically mentioned in writing,anywhere,i can certainly personally attest to it,because ive been to the kauai factory,twice,in person five years apart and watched,um all of these bostons and kawaiis,being put together,and it was a really fascinating visit i,love visiting,piano factories because i think its so,awesome to see this craft this living,craft thats hundreds of years old,continuing on into the 21st century,so um the bostons and kawaiis theres,always been,uh this war of words with dealers and,with piano fans because,i think the differences or similarities,between these two pianos are,articulated in you know words of,mythology,and brand rhetoric and often,you dont find specific technical,comparisons between these two pianos,and so we got our hands on a boston,178 and weve got a kawaii gx2,and we are going to do that comparison,for you as we said,in the introduction for you we are going,to start,with comparing the tone and talking,about some of the tonal features of the,piano,then were going to get into the action,and some of the other design,features of the piano and so lets begin,by hearing a playing sample of both of,these instruments,and im going to start with the boston,im going to do,the kawaii second i should also mention,that we have both of these,pianos miked in exactly the same way,the same brand microphone has been used,the placement of the microphones is also,identical there is absolutely no,processing thats been done to the audio,on either one of these pianos,this is just raw audio in so that you,can have as,authentic a representation of the audio,at home,as we can possibly give you so lets,start first with the boston 178,performance edition,2.,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],do,[Applause],[Music],lets listen to the cry now,[Music],so,[Music],really quite different tones,[Music],so,[Music],so,the larger sound board on the boston,because it is larger,they use uh what the industry usually,refers to as a,wide tail design or some people,sometimes called square tail white tail,essentially that,back right corner of the grand is pulled,out a little bit more,and what that does is it increases the,overall surface area,of the soundboard it makes it a little,trickier to really,lock in a super tight base sometimes,theres a woofiness that comes with that,but,as long as the scale design has been,done really well,properly and certainly the boston has,you benefit from this larger surface,sound board,and that means you can put in a longer,base string and you can get a little,more clarity,for the overall size of the piano out of,that bass string,now what im hearing is this,really nice open sound on the boston but,less,of a cabinet resonance less of a complex,sort of damper resonance around the tone,so youre getting a,ton of fundamental tone off the boston,but,less nuance that surrounds it,on the kawaii which uses quite a,different,rim than what the boston does and scale,design,um youre hearing little less of the,fundamental,[Music],theres a bit of an irony to this,because of course kauai,is its own brand its own company and,even though they make boston,uh you know boston is steinways brand,they own it uh completely outright but,if,you know the new york steinway its tone,is probably famous or one of the reasons,its so famous,is its got this wonderful uh projecting,warmth around kind of its mid partials,its uh these,[Music],uh it and that comes from the maple you,know theres a ton,of hard rock maple in a new york,steinway and,it and it colors the tone it you know,informs,uh the tone it helps certainly with,projection,but when maple gets resonating and has a,particular character i mean just,talk to drummers about this and youll,get endless debates about the type of,snare drum they might use or or what,they like their hoops to,be made out of you know youve got,beach and youve got maple and youve,you know all sorts of different woods,they all have their own character so,this gx,like new york steinway has a pretty high,level,of hard rock maple content in its inner,rim,which is uh the part of the piano that,contributes most,to creating the cabinet resonance um,not nearly as much maple as what you get,in in the steinway,but its there,[Music],yeah its interesting is i have my,fingers on the keys,of the boston,theres no doubt theres more soundboard,tone coming at me from the boston,and thats you know thats nice in its,own right,its effortless to create a lot of sound,but as im holding my fingers on the,keys,you can tell that theres less resonance,coming from the body of the piano itself,[Music],[Music],the sustain is great on both,although the energy preserved uh because,of the higher tension in fact its,engaging more the cabinet,it feels like the decay takes longer to,really bite in on the kawaii,feels like it just hangs there in,suspension with the,with the same level of energy for longer,[Music],yeah theres definitely a much more,dramatic,sort of slope off of that attack,[Music],both have a very colorful sound they,both have those vertically,laminated uh bridges that really,are came from the original shigeru,project and those were mimicked off the,hamburg steinway,so its so funny when you start to talk,about kawhi and boston and steinway,how intermingled the histories and the,heritages,really are lets talk about the base,[Music],so,so boston puts mapes base strings on,there this is the same company that,produces the base strings for the new,york steinway,and it is a different character than,what kawhi puts on their bass strings,theres more of a bite on the attack of,the note theres a bit more of a bell,like sound to it,[Music],theres really quite the growl,[Music],whereas in kauai its a much rounder,tone,[Music],very full,now i personally think kawaiis done a,better job of the transition,between the treble strings down in the,bass,on the gx2 versus the 178,[Music],those bass strings are so active that

????Kawai K-800 vs Boston UP-132 Upright Piano Review & Comparison – Boston Built By Kawai????

[Music],well hello and welcome to another piano,video here on miriam pianos on youtube,my name is stu harrison and in todays,video we are comparing and contrasting,the kawaii k800 with the boston 132,these are both full size 52 52 and a bit,inch upright pianos its a wonderful,comparison because although they are,made by the same company they are,designed and marketed by two totally,different companies perhaps youve heard,of them steinway and kauai,anyway so we hope that you enjoy this,comparison where were going to do some,playing were going to obviously talk,about those technical differences,between the pianos if its the first,time that you are joining us here on the,channel wed really appreciate if you,hit subscribe now or at any point in the,video if youre enjoying it uh finding,it useful maybe youre even shopping for,one of these instruments be sure to hit,that notification bell as well so,without further ado lets dive right in,with this comparison right away,do,[Music],so the k800 and the boston 132 are the,largest examples of upright pianos from,both of those respective brands,now probably one of the,worst kept secrets in the piano industry,is that boston is of course made by,kawhi so these instruments actually roll,off the assembly line,in a lot of cases being finished off by,the same workers in the same,factory so there is a ton of,mixed heritage with these instruments,steinway uh certainly has,had a major influence over the musical,design of the boston i hear sometimes a,lot of kawhi dealers,offline,talking about the fact that well,bostons are basically just kawaiis with,a boston name well thats not really,true,certainly there are a lot of shared,components,and theres complete sharing of the,labor force,because sometimes on the steinway side,youll hear like oh well bostons are,made in this hermetically sealed,quadrant of the kawaii factory and,no normal kawaii person ever touches it,well i mean neither one of those stories,is really true,um,they they do roll off the line together,ive had a chance to be in the factory,twice and seen this,happening myself but there are design,differences between these two,instruments and they dont have the same,tone theyre both really well made,theyre both really interesting,instruments to play,and the purpose of todays video,is to let you at home hear that in an,environment thats you know the same for,both,both of these instruments,uh are,relatively new theyre theyre both only,i think 2019 or 2020.,theyre both miked up exactly the same,way weve ive done this,using a large diaphragm on the base and,a pencil condenser on the treble,we are placing the microphones as you,might be able to see in the frame but if,not,about six inches above the top line of,the instrument with the lids open,and,you know describe to you what it is that,we are feeling what it is that we are,hearing just so you can get to know,these instruments both a little bit,better and that,is what we are doing,the kawaii k-800 is a 53-inch instrument,the 132 boston is i guess technically a,52-inch instrument but,they are both,approximately,the same height,but they play as i said quite,differently so im going to play the,boston first then im going to play the,kawaii,and give you a sense of,just sort of the difference in overall,character between these instruments,[Music],i dont know if anybody else who,improvises on a regular basis finds this,but some days im just in certain keys,today,i find myself in d major i dont know,why,just something in the air i guess,[Music],wow,lets start with whats in common,between these two pianos they both use,mahogany core hammers they both also,have duplex scales which is a little,unusual for an upright piano they also,both use the same gauge treble wire and,you can check this by actually looking,at the numbers directly on the bridge,so there is not a great deal of,difference in the scale tension in the,top of the piano there does appear to be,some difference in scale tension in the,bottom of the piano,but now lets talk about the differences,because they are numerous,we are dealing with a very different,back post construction on this,instrument which can affect the sense of,cabinet resonance on an upright piano,we have a very different bridging system,were going to get some b-roll of that,as well one of the very notable uh,points on the k800 is this extra fat,section of the treble bridge right as it,transitions into the base bridge,and it widens to the point where its,almost as wide as what youd get in like,a cantilevered bridge section and this,is obviously to get a little more,resonance happening in that in that,point,um well or maybe its muting you know i,dont know enough about,uh the different bridge systems to know,whether widening a bridge like that,actually increases the energy transfer,or decreases it i would think that it,increases it,maybe somebody can comment,but youll notice this huge big section,its coming you know down about this,thick which is kind of a normal,thickness for,the tenor section then all of a sudden,it gets like quite wide,and thats not something that happens on,the boston and its right at the c below,middle c,and it does make for a particularly,smooth transition ill certainly give,you that so theres got to be,a reason for that and i have to assume,that its for that break its for that,transition right there,the other big thing is touch the k800,uses extended key sticks whereas the,boston uses more or less a standard,upright key stick length so theres a a,significant difference in the sense of,weight and depth on the keyboard between,these two pianos the k800 is supposed to,feel like youre playing a grand piano,and it you know mission accomplished,you definitely feel like theres a lot,more,dynamic range at your disposal with this,that you youre moving,a bigger,slightly heavier action its its there,its pronounced,[Music],so theres pros and cons when you do,this on an upright piano especially with,um a hammer shank as long as what youre,going to get in a 53 inch piano,sometimes you wind up with a slightly,degraded repetition speed and i would,say that ive noticed that in the k-800,is slightly slower repetition speed than,that of the boston,but,what you,are gaining in in exchange for that is a,substantially,increased volume range the dynamic,output on the k-800,is i dont know how to put a percentage,on this but its quite a bit bigger than,what youd get on the boston,mm-hmm,[Music],now very different sensation and touch,between these two instruments,but the overall tone between these are,uh is is a little different as well and,this is not that different to me,from what i experienced when comparing,the boston 178 with the gx2,ironically the kawhis were actually,reminding me more of like a new york,steinway tone which was a little more,mid-range power and warmth,[Music],and a little more power,whereas over on the boston you had,a little more high end to each note,nicely blended sound,and less of a direct,tone as well,[Music],lets move through the ranges so on the,kawaii,[Music],you really,need to get up off that lower note,into like your b or your c,um and then you get your most resonant,bass section,[Music],considerably bigger and clearer base on,the kauai,[Music],but a very even base on the on the,boston,[Music],yeah slightly warmer low a as well on,the boston,so,[Music],getting up into your kind of baritone,lower tenor range,[Music],the boston has these kind of localized,areas where you can really hear the,cabinet activate in certain points and,then really not activate any others,do,as we move into the treble section,[Music],to my ear i actually am not hearing a,whole lot of difference between these,two instruments and the top two octaves,[Music],the character is very similar,[Music],and that makes sense because we know,that theres no difference in string,gauge theyre probably using the same,piano wire we know they both are using,the same duplex design and they both,have mahogany hammers app

7 Reasons NOT To Buy Birkenstock Boston | Review, Fit/Sizing, Materials, Soft Bed vs Original, etc.)

theres just a couple things you should,know before you buy the birkenstock,bostons,my first point is being it takes a,little time to break in,with the original footbed i would say it,takes about a week or a little longer to,break in,its not too bad but its a little rough,at first its kind of like doc martens,if you go with the soft bed it,definitely is easier,to break in and doesnt take as long and,is a little more comfortable right off,the bat,second point is it wears in quick i know,this sounds like its contradicting my,last point,but hear me out the suede just really,gets rough,very quickly within the first summer it,looks like ive worn them for so long,especially that footbed it gets super,dark i love that it molds to your foot,of course,but it gets so black that it looks,just gross you know third point being,the sizing is super,inconsistent i dont think its,inconsistent throughout the birkenstock,brand,but if youre comparing it to other,brands like nike adidas things like that,its super inconsistent i take,eight seven and a half sometimes in,nikes,and with these i went at 39 which is a,us-6,i honestly think i could have even went,a us-5,because they they kind of stretch over,time,especially when you wear socks and stuff,like that with them,so as you can see the sizing is super,off my fourth point,is being the soles wear down super fast,with the sole being super soft and,it being a backless shoe naturally you,get a heel drag,but its just really annoying that i,havent had them for a while and i,already have,a pretty decent amount of heel track,fifth point being it breaks necks,in a bad way what i mean by this is,honestly the normal person does not like,this model,ive asked around and even my boys i,pull up to the courts on these when i,play,ball like what the are you wearing,bro,and my brother calls me like a keebler,elf especially im short,so they look a little crazy,but what can you do honestly personally,i like them but i know,a lot of people dont sixth point is i,cant wear them all day,ive heard so many different opinions on,this from,oh i could wear them all day walking no,issue two,i cant wear them for six hours they,kill my feet and i think im somewhere,in the middle,i dont think i could work a full work,day in them but,if im running around doing errands i,think theyre fine thats kind of what i,wear them for,i do wear them to the beach and stuff,like that too so theyre no issue,and honestly i just wouldnt wear them,for a full day of walking,last point is just that soft first hard,bed its super hard to find that,original bed and,all of cork throughout and like i said,before,theyre pretty much putting soft beds,and trying to put soft beds in,all of their models maybe its cheaper,im not sure as to why they do it,definitely leave a comment if you know,down below,but personally not a fan of the soft but,that was it guys my seven reasons why,you shouldnt buy,birkenstock bostons dont let this,deter you but these are just some things,you should think about before you go,ahead and purchase it,i still love this shoe regardless and,im still gonna wear the hell out of,these,so thanks for watching comment below sub,like and follow graham,thanks guys peace,you

3 Things you NEED to know before buying Birkenstock Bostons

foreign,I was both curious and skeptical about,the legendary clog from German footwear,company Birkenstock but after picking up,my first pair in Montreal yo my feet,have never been happier and today in,this very video Im gonna give you three,things that you should know before,purchasing your very own pair of,Birkenstock Bostons my name is Drew with,a do lets get into the Birkenstock,Boston Review,the number one question I get about any,item that I showcase online is how do,they fit so lets knock that out right,away the Birkenstock Boston is obviously,a clogged slip-on shoe so you dont want,to mess up sizing and go too large or go,too small in my experience I went with,my true EU size which is an eu45 and,most pairs that I wear and if youre,from the US or Canada and dont know,your EU sizing dont stress on the,Birkenstock website they have two tabs,that distinguish between EU sizing and,US sizing if you know your US size,approximately if youre an 11 and a half,or nine and a half or a 10 then you can,look at that size chart and itll most,likely match the fit that youre looking,for but knowing your EU size is kind of,imperative in order to purchase,Birkenstocks off of other retail sites,they typically use the EU sizing system,as opposed to US size 11 sizing systems,or whatever size nine size 10 sizing,systems versus the EU system so when you,go on the essence when you go on to,other retailers theyre going to have,the EU sizing so its good to know your,EU sizing as well which is easy to do,because all you need to do is when you,look at your U.S sizing on Birkenstocks,website you can click EU and itll match,that size in correlation and literally,all of my Birkenstocks are from,secondhand retailers whether it be,Essence like I mentioned before,livestock or Canoe Club but there is an,advantage to buying from Birkenstock,their customer service is fantastic and,if you cant try on the perks that you,want before youre able to purchase them,I would buy from Birkenstock because if,you buy from Birkenstock they have a,return policy that is much more Adept at,handling returns than some of these,second party retailers not to throw,shade at them its just the truth,theyre a multi you know million dollar,company versus some of these secondhand,retailers which are also,multi-millionaire companies I guess Im,kind of going off track I dont really,need to talk about that buy from,Birkenstock and your customer service,experience more likely will be better,as a general rule of thumb with the,Boston clog you want to go true to size,thats the size I went with and more,times than not not more times than not,every single time Ive ordered a true to,size pair of Birkenstocks Ive loved and,enjoyed the fit theres one more thing,that you should know when you buy,Birkenstocks especially if youre buying,them off the Birkenstock website there,are two options in terms of with,distance that you can choose from when,buying your pair of Berks theres,regular wide and then theres narrow,medium or medium narrow the overwhelming,majority of people will need to go with,regular wide unless you know for a fact,that you have an extremely or incredibly,narrow foot I have a pretty narrow foot,and I still went with regular wide,because that was the option presented to,me I assume from these secondhand,retailers so I didnt really have a,choice in the matter and as a narrow,footer I can say that going regular wide,has caused no discomfort theres not,that much room in the forefoot in fact,when you use a lot of Birkenstocks you,have this strap here along the top of,the shoe or along the top of the clog,and what you can do is you can kind of,cinch in or hold your foot in a little,bit more by tightening the belt loop,that is a part of the upper of this clog,true to size regular narrow youre,welcome all right number two lets talk,about break in time now Ive been,wearing these Brown clogs the most out,of all of the variants of Birkenstocks,that I have and I do have to say that,these are probably broken in the most so,I want to talk about my experience in,break in time and what its been like,wearing them and when it comes to,Birkenstocks Ive always heard that as,you wear your clogs more and more the,cork insole really molds to your foot,and the Comfort increases with more,wears and bro it is no joke Ive,probably had 10 to 15 good wears in this,brown Birkenstock variant and I,absolutely love each wear more and more,after every wear,kind of repetitive but you understand,what Im saying now when you get your,first pair of Berks you might think that,Im lying because the cork insole is a,bit rigid its a bit stiff and youre,probably gonna think like why why did,Drew lie to me this is not the,experience I was expecting and its true,when you first get your pair of Burks,theyre going to be a bit more rigid,than what everyone else is talking about,but thats part of the process like I,mentioned prior as you wear them more,the cork insole will mold to your foot,and something that I enjoy about wearing,the Birkenstock is that when you first,get them right out the box it kind of,feels like a mini massage on your foot,right where your Arc right where the,arch of your foot is that portion of the,insole feels really really good for me,and has only felt better and better with,more wear so you might really enjoy it,you might not really enjoy it and enjoy,it later but dont give up on the Burger,stock just because you have a bit of,not even discomfort just uneasiness,about the first impressions after,putting your foot inside the clog,put your foot inside the clog put your,foot inside the clog,put your foot that should be a,commercial put your foot,inside the clock,put your foot,inside the club,all right if if you if you watch that,part you gotta subscribe now like you,cant you cant not watch that intimate,moment me serenading you and not,subscribe to the channel,something else that you might experience,when you first get your pair of Burks is,the fact that the upper of the leather,pairs of the Berks might feel a bit,stiffer when you first get them versus,the first few wears and thats the same,experience that Im experiencing when it,comes to these kind of chocolate brown,Bostons versus these more kind of tan,mocha tobacco I think these are called,tobacco,clogs and theres a big difference in,their material composition which well,talk about in the next section but,something that you should know like I,said is that as long as you have a,leather version they should break in,just like the cork sole should break in,over time about five to seven wears just,wear them around the house all day,before you take them outside or if you,want to just throw them right into the,fire take them outside with you wear,them as as you please and I think that,youll be pleased after,please please I think youll be pleased,after about five to seven wears thats,kind of my experience with about six to,eight hours of wear daily right if you,have a pair of Burger stock Bostons and,you experience any type of discomfort or,you enjoy the comfort of them write down,your experience down in the comment,section enrich the community Im curious,to hear what you have to say about these,clogs all right number three,numero Tres however you want to say it,lets talk about the variant of,Birkenstock Boston that you end up,deciding to pick up you see I really,wanted to commit to this video and show,you guys three different actually four,different variants of Birkenstock,Bostons from a material composition,makeup and if youve noticed in the,b-roll theres a subtle difference,between the material makeup of each one,of these clogs and if youve really been,paying attention these ones over here,behind me those ones are so buttery from,my understanding there are about 5 five,to seven variants of uppers that you can,choose from when buying your own pair of,Bostons pretty much what you get is,that you have subtle variations in,leather right theres this kind of,tobacco tan variant thats a

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