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Bovada Review: Why Bovada Casino Isn’t Legit (Scam Warning) ⚠️

what is up everyone it is me Dan aka the,gambling guy and in this video were,tackling a very super super important,question is Bovada legit or scam,lets find out and guys look if you want,to check out some legitimate casinos,that Ive actually you know vetted,myself personally use even some of them,Ive even reviewed myself theres a link,down below itll say something like,gamblingguy.com Dan uh if you go to that,link itll Ill have a list of casinos,that Ive personally vetted that are,legitimate you can use you can check out,you know all the all the ones I have,listed there theres going to be,something for everybody and look when,you click on either one of the casinos,that I have listed there itll bring you,to the sign up page for that casino with,an amazing uh sign up bonus waiting for,you so you do have at least that route,to go if youre looking for a legitimate,casinos guys quick disclaimer guys,before I get into this video I am not a,lawyer this isnt intended to be a legal,advice Im an experienced online Gambler,and I try to be a good person most of,the time the best person I can be most,of the time right I try to be so its in,that ethical spirit and its the spirit,of having experience in the space uh,its in that spirit that I approached,this video because heres the thing,youre going to see a lot if youre,looking for reviews for Bravada youre,gonna hear a lot of YouTubers is going,to see a lot of maybe blog posts that,set up a lot is legit and that they,recommend using it and people will tell,you hey I have one money on Bravada you,can use successfully can you actually go,on Bovada and you know successfully like,win money and gamble yes you can you can,also successfully go to a drug dealer,and buy drugs illegally right so you can,do something illegally and still achieve,your goal or be successful but the,problem is what happens lets use the,drug dealer example what happens if you,give x amount of money for product y,right and the dog dealer only gives you,half of that product are you going to go,to the Better Business Bureau youre,going to go to the police and say hey,God detective this you got to go after,this drug dealer hes just not hes not,doing right by me no you cant because,youre powerless because you were,involved in something illegal and so if,youre going to bet if youre going to,place a wager on an unlicensed operator,then okay if you win some money great,but you have two things hanging over,your head one you could get caught which,is just like you know a legal burden,that I wouldnt want on myself and,wouldnt want on my own enemy and two,you have the chance of getting screwed,at any given time without having a,snowballs chance in hell of helping,yourself the fact of the matter is since,2016 they have been operating without a,license,dont tell anybody but that means,theyve been operating illegally which,means you have any discrepancy with them,and they can totally just say,because youre not supposed to be,gambling on their site anyway they can,literally at any given point just run,away with everyones money thats a,scary thought and not the kind,of confidence that that doesnt instill,the kind of confidence in me that I,would need to place first of all give,them my personal information first and,foremost but definitely not place a,wager and definitely not put my,hard-earned money in their hands,um you know legal or not like at that,point you know forget the legal,ramifications just knowing that they,could just run away at my money and,theres no accountability sorry not for,me so are they legit well if you define,legitimate but by yes by being able to,place a wager and get money well then,yeah sure theyre legit but if you,Define legit by being licensed regulated,legal and actually being actually able,to be held accountable in some way well,then theyre totally not legit,theyre terrible and I would stay away,from I wouldnt go near them you know,with a 40 yard stick so anyway,again guys I know youll find a lot of,different opinions on YouTube or on the,blogosphere regarding this issue but I,cannot in good conscience recommend this,uh casino to you I wouldnt want the,legal ramifications to fall on you and I,also wouldnt want you to get screwed,over and dont forget guys if you do,want to look at a list of legitimate,casinos that I have tested and used,myself that that link down below that,says gamblingguy.com dan will bring you,to a landing page on my website where I,have a list of these are made of these,actual like really good amazing casinos,that I personally use with the sign up,bonus attached to that link as well so,definitely take advantage of that guys,so again thats just my opinion whatever,you do is whatever you do and I respect,that and good luck guys until the next,time,Im out of here,[Music]

Bovada Casino Honest Review [2022]

So you’re here to find the nitty-gritty  details about Bovada Casino, right?  ,Hey, you landed on the right video. Our team is dedicated to reviewing  ,online casinos and sharing our personal  experiences with the gambling world.  ,As online casino players ourselves, we  make sure to tell you the most relevant  ,information about the site like the banking  methods, game portfolio, promos, payout speed,  ,and things that we personally find important to  look at before we sign up at an online casino.  ,Let’s get to it then. Bovada Casino is one of the most famous  ,online casinos in the US market. It spun off the  Bodog brand in 2011 and has blazed its own trail  ,since then. As we’ll explain later, this online  casino is quite popular for several reasons. ,Do you want to play at Bovada? This  video will give you everything you  ,need to know about this online casino. Before we go on, give us a thumbs up  ,and subscribe to this channel! That way,  you’ll always be the first to get expert  ,tips and catch the latest from the industry. So the first question you might be asking your  ,self is—how do I get started? After landing  on the homepage, choose the Join button.  ,Doing so brings up a registration  form. You’ll need to enter your name,  ,birthdate, phone number, email, password,  zip code, and preferred currency.  ,You’ll also have to verify that you’re of  the legal online gambling age and agree to  ,the terms and conditions. This might sound  like a lot of work to create an account,  ,but we roughly timed it, and it only took  us around 30 to 40 seconds to complete.  ,Before we continue, we do want to highlight that  Bovada is strictly for US players and no other  ,countries. Also, if you live in Delaware,  Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, and New York,  ,you will not have access to the site.  ,One of the things we really like about Bovada  is the smooth website navigation. The casino  ,opted for a functional website over one  with many frills and promotional banners.  ,It is easy to maneuver through the site. You  can find the main sections with no time wasted.  ,As one of the leading names in the industry,  Bovada offers a sportsbook and poker site.  ,You’ll want to make sure you’re in the casino  section when just looking to play casino games.  ,We didn’t need to download anything to play  at Bovada Casino. Both the desktop and mobile  ,versions offer instant play. This means that  you can sign up, play games, and make deposits  ,all through your browser—not a PC  software program or smartphone app.  ,You just need to visit the website through your  smartphone, tablet, PC, or Mac to get started.  ,Next up, the casino games section. The site offers  over 300 games across the slots, table games,  ,video poker, and live dealer categories. The slots section is where most of the games  ,are, with well over 200 titles available.  Some highly popular slots here include:  ,8 Lucky Charms, A Night with Cleo,  Caesar’s Triumph, Cyberpunk City,  ,Forbidden, Genesis Island, Koi Garden,  Multiplier Man, and Panda Fortune.  ,Most slots here have high-quality 3D  graphics, bonus rounds, and big win  ,potential. There will never be a dull moment  when playing slot machine games at Bovada.  ,You can look forward to a fair number of table  games at this casino too. The blackjack section  ,alone offers eight games, including unique  variations like Perfect Pairs and Zappit.  ,Perfect Pairs lets you make a side bet on  whether your first two cards will be a pair.  ,Zappit swaps out your first two cards for  new ones if they’re between 15 and 18.  ,Here, some of the other table games include  baccarat, Caribbean stud, craps, Let ‘Em Ride,  ,Roll the Dice, and tri-card poker. We don’t just to stick to virtual  ,table games when playing here. The Bovada live  dealer casino gives you the chance to play table  ,games in a live setting, with real dealers and  actual players in a complete casino atmosphere.  ,The live casino features baccarat, blackjack,  Super 6, American, and European roulette. Minimum  ,stakes in the live casino range between $1 and  $5. Thats way cheaper than land-based casinos!  ,We want to share a little pro tip: take  advantage of the free play option! At Bovada,  ,once you are logged in, you can enjoy the slots,  virtual table games, and video poker variations.  ,Practice mode is perfect for when you just want  to test out a game before risking money on it. ,Of course, you may want to play for real  money sooner than later when considering  ,the big Bovada bonuses. This casino offers  a huge welcome bonus worth up to $3,000.  ,The welcome package includes three 100%  match bonuses—each worth up to $1,000.  ,You need to meet wagering requirements  worth 25 times the bonus plus deposit  ,amount. These wagering requirements are  fair when looking across the industry.  ,The downside, though, is that live casino games  don’t count towards meeting wagering requirements.  ,We were a little disappointed in this aspect, but  we can live with it until clearing the bonus.  ,You can opt for an alternative Bitcoin  welcome bonus. This deal matches your  ,first three Bitcoin deposits by 100% up to $1,000  each—good for $3k total. You might consider this  ,offer if you’re an avid cryptocurrency user. Bovada doesn’t offer many casino promotions  ,beyond the regular or Bitcoin welcome bonuses.  However, it does have a VIP program that rewards  ,you with points for real money play.  You can redeem these points for cash.  ,Bovada accepts deposits through Visa,  Mastercard, American Express, Bitcoin, Ethereum,  ,Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and voucher. When using  cryptos, you can deposit as little as $10.  ,Moving to withdrawals, you can request  winnings through Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin,  ,Bitcoin Cash, voucher, or check. Cryptocurrencies  are definitely the fastest way to get your money.  ,They usually provide winnings within  24-48 hours of your withdrawal request.  ,Bitcoin, Litecoin, and BitcoinCash also  allow for the cheapest withdrawals at $10.  ,Overall, depositing and withdrawing from  Bovada is really easy. You can do either  ,one within minutes from a phone or PC. Bovada Casino support is only available  ,through email. Wed like to see live chat offered  as an option here, too, because its faster.  ,However, we did send Bovada an email and got a  response within just over an hour. We also like  ,that the support staff is available 24/7. To sum up Bovada Casino, we can really see  ,why it’s been popular in the US market  for so long. It promises huge bonuses,  ,consistent VIP rewards, many games,  user-friendly navigation, and 24/7 support.  ,As for what Bovada could work on, it should add  live chat support and more promotions. But when  ,considering all of Bovada’s good qualities,  we’re willing to overlook these catches.  ,Simply put, Bovada Casino has pretty much all  you need for a great online gaming experience.  ,You should especially enjoy the large  game selection and big welcome bonus.,If you are ready to start playing and winning  real money, visit OnlineUnitedStatesCasinos.com  ,for the best reviews, new games, latest  promotions, gambling tips, and strategies. ,Don’t forget to like this video and  subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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Bovada Withdrawal Review l 2 Ways to Get your Money

so does bhavata actually pay out and,is bavada legit and the answer is,yes in todays video im going to be,going over how you can withdraw your,money,and im going to be going over a couple,different options on how to do this,now ive been on bovada for around five,or six years,or so and i have had a lot of experience,and i do believe bovada is one of the,best sports books out there,now before i get started with this video,im gonna quickly uh go ahead and go,over a couple links ill placed below,this video,now if youre interested in using bovada,as a casino whether thats to play slots,or,poker heres a bonus over here where you,can get up to three thousand and seven,hundred fifty dollars,depending on how much money you deposit,so check that link out,and if youre more into the sports book,side of things,heres another one ill place in the uh,description below as well its a 250,dollar sports welcome bonus,uh there might be another link i placed,in there as well so go ahead and check,those out for yourself,and lets get started with this video so,here i am,on a brand new account for the purpose,of this video so heres a new account,that i just created,um im gonna go ahead and show you guys,how you can withdraw your money,now when it comes to withdrawing your,money um there are two main,options and these are the two options,that ive used so number one is by check,and number two is by bitcoin so what,youre gonna do is youre gonna go over,here and youre going to go to withdraw,over here so,for depositing money you click deposit,to withdraw youre going to click,withdraw over here so before i click,this withdraw button im going to just,give you guys a little bit of insight,based on my own experience,so with the check im in the united,states it generally takes about,10 days or so to arrive now if you are,in a third world country it can take,longer they do say it can take up to,30 days so you got to be a little bit,patient now if you want your money,instantly you want it quick within a,couple of days,the best way to do that is with bitcoin,withdrawal so its also the fastest way,to deposit your money,and to withdraw actually if you deposit,your money using a credit card thats,pretty quick as well,but as far as withdrawing you can have,your money in your account within,two days so the fastest way and the way,that i recommend doing it,is using bitcoin however if youre,someone that wants to receive a check,it is legit ive received a check before,it comes in the mail,youre going to receive it within,anywhere between 10 and 30 days,just depending on where you are located,so,lets go over this options these options,and a little bit more details youre,gonna click the withdrawal button,over here and obviously this accounts,not funded like i said this is,a new account just for the purpose of,this video and uh,here youre gonna see how much money you,have to withdrawal and youre gonna see,the different options over here,as well so um here are the different,options,uh so obviously theres bitcoin and,bitcoin cash,and uh so installment time frame so up,to 15 minutes they do take a couple days,one to two days,to approve your request and after its,approved you pretty much get your money,instantly so,so this these two options over here you,basically using bitcoin its gonna be,about two days,and uh player transfer is free,voucher is free so i havent messed,around with these two the two that ive,used is bitcoin withdrawal,and then ive used the check method so,it says up to 15 days over here,so like i said ive usually received the,check in about 10 or 12 days or so,and it can take up to 30 days for some,people its closer to three or four,weeks,so it just depends on how you want to do,things so if you click this method its,pretty,pretty simple pretty self-explanatory,and uh youre just going to click this,over here,and youre going to put in your street,address and youre going to put in the,amount as well,so once again youre going to put in,your street address um i just have a,random address and up over here because,its a demo account over here,so youre gonna put to put in your,actual street address put in the mount,and click,request withdrawal and uh itll be,processed so,heres the installment frequency one per,seven days time,frame per installment up to 15 days so i,believe you can withdraw once a week,if im not mistaken now im not somebody,thats always going,in and out all the time if ive,deposited some money im gonna try,playing with it im not somebody thats,gonna just,like if i win one bet im gonna im,gonna withdraw i like to,usually add im not somebody that,withdraws all the time i only withdraw,about once or twice a month,and like i said i havent used the check,method in a couple of years,because ive been using uh the,alternative bitcoin method,now if i go back whoa so once again you,click over here you go to withdraw,and for bitcoin youre going to click,over here,and uh you have reached the daily,withdrawal limit for the payment method,please use another,payment method or try again tomorrow im,not sure why it says this um im using a,new account but basically,when you use the bitcoin method over,here i think its because i dont have,anything to withdraw,whats going to happen is theres gonna,be a bitcoin address youre gonna have,to put in,and you can get that from your bitcoin,wallet,and once you have that address youre,basically just gonna copy and paste that,address,and its gonna go right into your wallet,so whether youre using coinbase,thats a very simple uh place where a,lot of people buy and sell,bitcoin you can use that or if you have,a different wallet what you can do is,if youre using coinbase is you can go,ahead and withdraw that money and i know,a lot of people want to turn into cash,so once you withdraw that money inside,of coinbase what you can do is just sell,that bitcoin,i wouldnt want to sell the bitcoin,personally i would hold on to it,i would either bet with it try to make,more money or i would just hold it but,you can go ahead sell it and then you,can withdraw that that money,into your bank account and turn it into,cash if thats what youre trying to do,now if you guys have any questions about,this and you guys want me to go in a,little bit more detail,and actually show you guys how to do it,using coinbase let me know in the,comment section below,also let me know if you guys have any,questions on bovada,on the sports book which is usually what,i use on the casino or anything im,going to try to answer all questions,let me know if you guys want to see any,other videos and might start,doing some daily uploads with uh,different videos on bovada and also,other sports books that i like using so,thank you guys for watching see you guys,the next one

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The truth about Bovada.lv / Is Bovada Legit?

hey guys welcome to safest betting sites,and today were going to talk about,bovada sports booking casino,what are the pros and cons,should you play there should you not,personally its one of my favorite sites,i think ive been betting there for 20,years now at this point um im getting,old thats thats a negative for me not,for bovada but yeah lets break it down,and but before we move on you know you,guys uh really just we really appreciate,your support so please hit that like and,subscribe button at the bottom,and,we are hoping to bring you more content,every single week,um lets start with the things that i,dont love about bovada uh so first of,all vlad has been around a really long,time they used to be,beau dog and bodak still exists,but its for canadians and international,players blah blah is just for american,residents,so both still exist but bovada is,exclusively for,americans,um one of the major things i dont like,about bovada and this is kind of a,recent thing is the rewards program is,not quite as good as it was before,it used to be a little more lucrative it,used to be,um have tiered levels where you could,gain higher rewards it still does its,just not quite on the same level as it,was previously it was,previously the rewards program was a,cash back program so you were getting,like almost one percent back on all your,bets and thats just not the case,anymore you can still get some,um,cash back in rewards but its just not,as good as it was in the past so thats,one negative for me the other one is,they are quick to limit players that are,beating them for decent amounts of money,if you are experienced sports player,youre probably used to this um this,does happen its not really necessarily,something thats evil or,or wrong its just the nature of how,things go if youre beating a sportsbook,for a lot of money then they have to,limit you and cut you off and,theres ways to get around that we can,talk about that in another video though,um so,these are not,major problems with board uh theres a,lot of,excellent features and some of the pros,now,the number one thing i would say about,bovada is that theyre the most legit,site out there is theyve been around,for 20 years theyve always paid their,players theyre,really quick with payouts,um,you know if you want a sports book that,you can trust,theyre one of the best,theyre one of the best out there and i,would recommend them to anybody so,thats thats one of the major things to,keep keeping on is their payouts their,trust level is extremely high,their key features for me is the,software the software is probably the,best ive used and theyve upgraded over,the years a lot but i feel like the,current version that they have is,the best side i think out of any sports,book software um online and youll see a,lot of these new um regulated support,supports like fanduel and draftkings you,know they have some nice products but,bovada actually i think beats them in,all of them they have a search function,the software functions extremely well,its very quick to find the markets you,want to find its very quick to maneuver,around to the sport you want to find the,loading times are slow the bet slip,works real well so its a huge huge,positive for them and i i still think it,beats every pretty much everybody else,in the market,in regards to that bovada market-wise,that theyre going to be comparable to,just about anybody maybe in the exotic,really crazy bets like celebrity wagers,theyre not quite as good but theyre,still strong when it comes to props and,live betting things like that,theyre the best or one of the best they,even have props for first half and first,quarter nba and,all sorts of of,cool bets that you can make they have,props of their own they have prop motor,they have,all kinds of options betting options for,each game you know and almost every,sport on the planet,for deposit and payouts um you know its,pretty standard here,crypto,they do some bank wires um they used to,do paper check but crypto is probably,what you want to do but you can still,get paid in fiat currency if you want,but and deposit with credit cards if you,want,um theres a variety of options and the,payouts are quick theyre fast,and theyre,frankly you know theres not really any,issues or problems in this department at,all with bovada,um thats about it for,our video on bovada as i said at the,beginning its one of my favorite sports,ive used them for,a quite a long time,and um if you guys want to check out,more about bovada,ill put a link in the description below,in case you want to check out the,bonuses and any other aspects and our,review on bovada,thanks for watching,and have a great day dont forget to,subscribe to our channel for more sports,book reviews free picks and predictions,hit the subscribe button on screen and,start getting notifications for all your,sports betting needs every week

Bovada Casino & Sportsbook Review: DO NOT PLAY HERE ????

hey guys eric from betting.net here and,im sorry to say but i got some bad news,for you if youre super psyched about,gambling on robota you ready for this,all right,this site is a total scam plain and,simple now im about to let you guys,know exactly why this is the case and,im gonna be real with you guys there,are a lot of red flags here almost too,many to list but first off i gotta,address the elephant in the room so,this news might come as something of a,surprise to you especially if youve,been doing a little research of your own,but,a lot of the so-called unbiased reviews,youve been reading were written by,people paid by bovada i see this all the,time guys but do not get fooled by,anyone online telling you that bovada is,legit im gonna go into this in more,depth around the end of the video so,definitely stick around for that and,guys i just want you to remember if you,ever are unsure about whether a casino,is legit you can always use my online,casino finder tool its super easy to,use and itll connect you with casinos,that are totally legit and more,importantly these are casinos that,actually let you gamble from your home,country or state because i know how,frustrating it can be to get super,excited about a casino only to find out,that its not even available in your,state and if you want to check out this,online casino finder tool guys all you,need to do is click the link i left in,the video description down below okay so,why is bovada casino and sportsbook a,scam the answer is actually really,simple guys,this casino is not,licensed now the site might make vague,references to some kind of gambling,commission or something but the fact,remains that this site actually holds no,license whatsoever okay so why is that a,big deal well basically the whole point,of a gambling license is to make sure,that online casinos are legit governing,bodies check these casinos out and make,sure theyre not breaking any laws,only the casinos that pass the test,get licenses so if a casino doesnt have,a license its a major red flag plus,guys youre really kind of screwed if,anything goes wrong i mean lets say you,win a ton of money and you want to,withdraw your cash and balata just,straight up refuses to give you your,money well theres really not a lot you,can do about it since theres no,governing body thats overseeing these,guys plus these licensed casinos go bust,all the time and once theyre taken,offline thats it there is no way to get,your money back it is gone forever,another thing is i found a bunch more,red flags when i went to their about us,page a lot of the questions werent even,answered i mean like theres a section,that says what deposit methods are,available and then theres just no text,underneath i mean its almost like,someone started to create this webpage,and after the third question just said,i mean its basically just a bunch of,sales talk with no actual substance,behind it presented on a half-finished,site okay guys so remember how i talked,about how there are a lot of fake,reviews out there for bovada well heres,the deal,all the people writing these reviews are,affiliates who are purposely giving,people false information just to get a,quick payday a lot of these reviews are,going to tell you that bovada is legal,for players in the usa but this is a,total lie bovada actually markets itself,as the us-friendly version of beaudog,once again the site is not actually,legal in the united states its honestly,just amazing how much false information,is floating around right now about,bovada now if you want legit trustworthy,information about a casino always visit,my online casino finder tool down below,i promise you we personally vet each,casino before we recommend it to you,guys and well never recommend scam,sites its totally free no strings,attached just click the link in the,video description down below and be sure,to bookmark it for future reference i,mean were constantly checking out new,gambling sites for you guys so yeah if,you see a new gambling site pop up and,youre not sure whether its legit head,back to my online casino finder and,well let you know whether its,trustworthy other than that guys stay,tuned for more content we review new,casinos almost every single day so uh be,sure to subscribe right over here hit,that like button and the notification,bell to be notified of videos in the,future and until next time guys,later,[Applause],[Music]

Bovada Casino Review ???? Are They Legit or Rigged? ????

now that you cant visit your favorite,vegas casinos and make some extra cash,online casinos are the next best thing,while there is a myriad of online,casinos,more than half of these are frauds so,how do you decide which one is best for,you,simple sit back and carefully go through,our review of bovada,one of the top online casinos in the,world,bovada has been around since 2011 and,has been offering betting services to,residents of all u.s states,except delaware maryland nevada and new,jersey in case youre worried about,breaking the law it is perfectly legal,to use an online casino and since bovada,is based offshore,they are not bound by u.s casino laws,they have a long-standing reputation for,being fair and honest in all their,dealings and are known for their massive,bonuses,want to know more lets dive in bovada,has a really comfortable well-designed,site that made it very easy to use,it doesnt look like most online casinos,that are muddled up and merely staring,at it gives you a nasty headache,i was able to navigate it freely and i,must say the website designers did a,really amazing job on this one,to make your betting experience better,bovada has a phone application software,that is available on play store and app,store and practically all smartphones,support the application,that way you dont have to keep going to,the site every time,most people find this annoying there is,also a bavada computer application,bovada offers a wide variety of games,under the following categories,sports casino live dealer poker and,horses,in sports they offer betting for almost,all professional sports the most common,being baseball,soccer tennis golf basketball football,and even the ufc lovers are not left out,well this is nice under the casino tab,whoo,theres a ton of games to choose from so,much it feels like you have the entire,casino in your hands which technically,you do,most of these games are against ai but,you can have some real life players,joining too,they have everything from blackjack,games to table games video poker,and even slot machines youve gotta love,their live dealer option,with real-life people and players you,can even chat with to play poker you,would have to download a separate,application,but dont worry it only takes about five,minutes and its very customizable to,give you the bet experience,bovada is really generous with their,money and offers a lot of bonuses and,promotions,although these are subject to change as,new ones are constantly being added and,old ones are taken off,some of them are constant bitcoin users,are the most gainers here as they have a,750,welcome bonus when they deposit with,bitcoin and a 3750 casino bonus with,bitcoin,for credit card users there is a sign up,bonus depending on the amount you,deposit,a 3 000 casino bonus for your first time,a 250 welcome bonus when you bet on,sports,and a 100 bonus for your first time at,poker,pretty cool right now this is the part i,know most of you are scared of,youll be pleased to learn you have,nothing to fear when it comes to your,funds,funding your account is a very smooth,process and you can choose to deposit,using bitcoin or your credit card,and be sure of your bonuses withdrawal,is easier with a wide range of options,you can choose from the bitcoin bitcoin,cash check by courier or vouchers,options,however the minimum amount you can,withdraw when using the voucher method,is 10,and you cant withdraw less than 100,when using the check by courier options,you cannot withdraw your bonuses either,but you can put those bonuses to good,use,and win a massive load of cash you know,you may have slight problems using the,check,but the customer care is always,available to take your complaints you,can request,for withdrawal once every 90 days,without any fees,but you incur a fee of a hundred dollars,on other withdrawals within this period,when using the check by courier method,bovada is one of the top betting sites,in the us for a reason,they have a reliable customer service,through which you can lay your,complaints and get a quick response,you can also send mail to their customer,service email service at bovada.lv,to layout your complaint their responses,have been fast and really encouraging,despite the fact that they dont offer,live chat services they were,surprisingly fast and really helpful,bovada is a highly ranked betting site,its no surprise that pavada is secured,with an ssl encrypted connection,so you can be assured your personal,details are safe the restrictions placed,on running an online casino in the us,does not apply to bovada,so you can be sure youre not breaking,any laws this security ensures games are,not rigged and your money cant be,stolen from your account,bovada is definitely a safe bet in a,nutshell bovada totally deserves the,number one spot as the best betting site,in the u.s,their easy to use interface vast range,of games fast payouts,security and incredible customer service,totally puts your mind at ease but they,could do with a few minor adjustments to,make customer service better,customers from other countries should be,able to play i mean we all want to have,our share of the goodies bovada offers,they could add more customer service,numbers,a single one cant serve the entire us,let alone expanding outside the us,a help forum and a live chat customer,service option would totally be welcomed,until these adjustments are made i would,give bovada a 9 out of 10 rating but a,total recommendation,now you know a trusted site you can use,to quell your casino urges,go and break the bank but before you go,share with us your best poker strategies,so amateur players like me can learn,you have any other strategies you would,like to share with us drop them in the,comments section below,dont forget to like this video and,subscribe for more amazing content,and before we end this video i want to,disclose that we might get compensated,for the products mentioned in this video,this helps our team to continue to help,you in your search for reputable and,trustworthy online casinos for everyone,to enjoy,thank you for your support as always we,encourage you to gamble responsibly,good luck and good hunting,[Music]

Bovada Poker Review 2022-2023 – From a Real Player ♠️♠️♠️

[Music],foreign so I wanted to give an updated,review on Bovada poker as well as go,over some pretty ridiculous hands Youre,Gonna Wanna See Now personally Ive,mentioned I plan five or six different,sites currently but I am a regular on,the Bovada six Max cash games okay so,why should you plan both that up well,first theyre reputable theyve been in,business now for over a decade second,they always pay when you need to cash,out which is huge you know personally,Ive never had issues cashing out of,Bovada theyve also got great software,for playing at your PC or your phone and,of course theyve got some awesome bonus,offerings now as Im getting in some of,these hands well have some great,resources Below in the description for,first time player bonuses I would,recommend you jump on immediately,also if you have any questions about,Bovada as Im getting into some of these,poker hands feel free to message me,below and I will get back to you okay so,here we go one to No Limit its kind of,like my bread and butter but you know I,mix it up between two and five and every,once in a while I play some 5 10 but you,know the 510 games are pretty hard now,one of the great things about playing on,Bovada is obviously the players are,pretty weak at these Mid-State games and,its something I preach all the time,because thats the reality of it you got,a lot of players uh you know these 200,games that are basically the same,players that are playing at like the 50,games or even you know like the 100 cash,games,um so I mean the level of competition on,Bovada is very weak and a reason for,that is you know you get a lot of people,who maybe just play the slots or go,straight to the sport book so then,theyll throw some money into the poker,room and not really care and you do see,that quite a bit here so it is very,loose players and you know thats thats,a great thing for any of us who take,this you know seriously uh also you know,I play three or four times a week pretty,religiously,um switch it up to Bovada uh lately,because they had some good bonuses I,wanted to check out so thats why youre,seeing it but obviously ignition on the,channel as well Americas card room bet,online all those uh sites that you know,I do plan,all right check this hand out with the,Jack King Suited,all right so we missed this flop pretty,badly but I put a continuation bet in,you know trying to just take down the,hand with the bluff,but you know uh runner runner cards as,well we could also turn a king or get a,heart or a 10.,all right six bucks pretty standard here,now the turn card was actually really,good because it gave us a flush draw,and you know I didnt want to give up on,this so I stayed aggressive which is,something you should always do,and I knew I was probably behind here,making this move but if he has like a,pair of fours or sixes or something not,very strong I figured he might fold as,well and thats exactly what happened,here we bumped up this turn bet a little,bit he got sheepish and we took that one,down now you are going to want to stick,around because we had a really nice you,know double up in this session that um,you know Im gonna break it down Im,breaking down all these hands but there,is a pretty big one,all right here we go with pocket nuns,putting in a raised late position here,pretty standard,not a great flop for pocket nines but I,did the same thing here with putting a,continuation bed in and you are going to,see that you know uh just continuation,betting a lot of the time can get people,to fold their hand pretty easy,especially if they dont have anything,and if they do have something you know,you just back off a little bit you know,if uh you know like an ace hits like it,did right here,if this guy would have called me I,probably would have just checked it on,the turn because I figured I would have,been behind but check this out,Ridiculousness about to happen right,here,now hes going to follow were going to,see the turn card and dang guys we would,have hit that nine that would have been,pretty spicy right there,all right here we go with the king queen,gotta love it when its suited Spades,Im also curious because this hand kind,of bothered me a little bit do you think,I made the right play on this or not uh,because honestly I did look at it and I,was like,taking a look at a second time in a hand,playing it back youre like did I make,the right play there,all right anyways really nothing here,guys very ugly sadly um Runner Runner,cards again kind of situation,but you know whatever checked it Ace on,the turn,and I was okay checking this all the way,down what was interesting here was he,put in a bet and obviously you know uh,were losing to an ace were losing to a,pair,but I kind of regret this situation I,should have probably called here but I,folded it because I dont know but,taking a look at it again I wish I would,have called I feel like King High was,probably good there,oh well,cant get it right every time right okay,so heres the hand that uh we are going,to analyze with the pocket kings now I,got tricky with this hand uh for sure,very tricky,all right so raise it up to six bucks I,was hoping for somebody to three bet,this,all right so when you flop this,especially in this spot with this kind,of board,um you know I just went into total slow,play mode you know,just I felt like that was the best case,scenario and maybe one of these guys bet,at it,um but yeah I did not want a,continuation bite into this,now this guy bet two dollars which was,hilarious I just called it because like,I said I didnt want to kick this up I,didnt want to lose this other guy and,honestly I I could care less if one of,these guys has like a weird straight,draw or flush draw I dont care,doesnt really bother me because the,board pairs were good anyways all right,so once again were in a spot where you,know um King on the queen on the turn,was a good card for us,um this guy continued betting,with his two dollars which was funny,okay so I had to kick it up here we,couldnt let this hand keep going with,these little two dollar bets,all right and this was exactly what we,want to see and I figured you know I,dont need to re-raise this guy if he,wants to put in a big bet on the river,Im okay with that so basically all I,did here was,um make the call,okay Im sorry I re-raised it I thought,I made the call there,all right so the guy did um I mean the,only hand were losing to here is Jag 10,and I dont know if I could put him on,Jack 10 guys,so I I figured you know board didnt,pair unfortunately but I got to put a,you know a value bed in here so I bet,about eighty dollars and this guys,gonna like think about it a little bit,um I guess he probably looked at it like,okay he missed the flush uh you know the,guy could have had two pair something,weird like that maybe a set I didnt get,to see the hand unfortunately but I,think we got max value on that and I was,okay with how that one played out it was,it was fine,I didnt want to shove all in right,there uh the only hand we were losing to,was you know obviously pocket aces and,Jack 10. pocket aces would have been,sick if you had that but uh I put him on,like two pair maybe a low uh set I guess,and yeah I just thought that hand was,interesting okay here we go with pocket,fours putting in a little baby rays,right here,its a little baby,all right this guys gonna make the call,and another situation where we put in,the continuation bat,not a terrible flop for fours right,really all low cards,all right and uh kind of rolling through,this session you know making some good,plays,now here was another interesting,handmade Queen Jag Suited,you know I just made this call no three,bet,because we had people behind us you know,ready to act,didnt feel the need,okay grade flop for us right weve got,the up and down straight draw,to go with you know,um Runner Runner flush possibilities but,really we want to hit that eight or King,Without You know that diamond coming out,and honestly Im okay with seeing a fr

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