1. 2022 Bowflex T10 Treadmill Review
  2. UNBOXING – Bowflex Treadmill 22 – Best in Home Treadmill REVIEW! @bowflex
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  4. bowflex jrny i take what i said back #bowflex #max #t22 #jrny #treadmill #update
  5. Bowflex T22 Treadmill Review
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2022 Bowflex T10 Treadmill Review

im big mike with big guy treadmill,reviews,hi this is big mike with big guy,treadmill reviews and today were going,to be talking about the bowflex t10,treadmill i have messed with this,console already its a little,complicated because we didnt pay for,the subscription and it is very,very much pushing you towards,subscribing if you dont you cant just,hit start and turn the treadmill on ding,ding im ready to rock so we have a lot,of good quick features here im gonna go,ahead and put it on too lets just get a,walk its a really heavy treadmill i,mean im im 300 pounds uh this thing,has a 400 pound user capacity its 323,pounds i mean for a folding treadmill,thats heavy lets go ahead and get a,little incline so ill move it up to six,hopefully you can see that it is a,strange looking treadmill down here now,theres a reason for that it has a,decline so kind of a unique feature you,dont find that too often especially at,a 1499 price point right going up to six,took a little bit of time to get up to,six so it doesnt move quickly but again,14.99 im not im not terribly shocked,by that there are these little paddles,on the side,um i dont really like messing with them,just because they dont feel very smooth,to like go ahead and move my,incline and decline down it like its,like a really firm little,click but there are buttons here as well,so a lot of speed adjustment which is,nice i mean they gave you a lot of,options there lets go ahead and get,that decline going,all the way down so theres a quick,button to bring it down to negative five,thats the lowest it can go,now whether thats five degrees five,levels of decline,i i dont know it doesnt really tell me,speakers are built in so thats a cool,thing on the console all right lets,kick it up to three,um when im walking on a decline,its kind of weird feeling um,you kind of feel like youre going to,fall into the treadmill and i wouldnt,be shocked if there are people who,accidentally make a mistake and put,their foot through the motor cover,now granted thats not bowflexs fault,but design wise,like i said i i dont know that i have a,a big affinity,for a folding treadmill to have a,decline on it i really dont think that,thats necessary so i want to point this,out in case you arent picking this up,on camera but the side rails for your,feet,are tilted inward towards the treadmill,now i dont know why they think that,that would be a good design but its one,of the only treadmills ive ever seen,this on,ever it it just feels a little,unnecessary and you want to be aware of,it because i almost rolled my ankle,and that would have kind of defeated the,whole purpose of having,a treadmill lets crank it up to five,lets get a good jog going and lets see,how this thing holds with the 300 pounds,so it doesnt get up to incline fast but,it gets up to speed plenty quick its a,fairly soft deck,the cushioning system feels good a lot,of rattling up here again that could be,because the frame is connected in a,really strange way,feels like a slow five is that weird to,say i dont know but again,one of the features that,i want to show you as i,go to jump off this bad boy,im gonna go ahead and launch it back to,a nine,for incline,so again jogging at five,trying to incline up to nine its at two,right now and i already pushed the,button what five seconds ago,it does not incline quickly,now im going to jump off again,i more want to show you this,this is a strange one because of the,folding mechanism,when i stop this thing the folding,feature,will not work on this treadmill,unless it is flat,however,when i stop the treadmill it doesnt go,and reset to its default position,this is a little inconvenient i mean,again,its only 14.99,but this will not,thats not folding up i mean thats not,saving anybodys space,so the hand feature i love,i think thats a great folding mechanism,because it puts it up high,kids typically real little guys cant,reach that,but in order for you to actually get the,most bang for your buck out of the fold,i have to go back in start the treadmill,go back to zero,it is a little bit of an inconvenience,and again,overall i think the bowflex,t10 its priced about right 14.99 is,where id put this thing its big its,heavy,it did hold my weight well it gives you,a cool little workout complete its,going to give you all your metrics if,you pay for the membership fee im sure,the app is going to store everything and,its going to be a really,intuitive way of helping you uh lose,weight,im big mike with big guy treadmill,reviews dont forget to like and,subscribe on our video so we can give,you more of this content and help you,with your shopping needs dont forget to,donate it does help us provide you with,more of these videos,[Music],you

UNBOXING – Bowflex Treadmill 22 – Best in Home Treadmill REVIEW! @bowflex

whats up everybody welcome back to an,all new episode conflicts today well be,looking at the all-new bowflex,[Music],that t22 right guys bowflex is back at,it again with a brand new treadmill,this here is the all-new t22 to go ahead,and replace,the well not essentially replaced but to,go ahead and enhance,the original t10 by 22 you mean you get,a bigger screen,22 inches as well as more features,including,an incline up to 20 percent that is 5,percent more than the original,as well as extended hand rails allow you,to go ahead and get a better grip,as you run about now this was sponsored,by bowflex so big special thanks to,bowflex for sending over this free t22,to go ahead and review so together well,be seeing exactly what it can do as well,as giving it a test run,lets go ahead and get started,now before we kind of go into the,details behind it uh now the way it was,delivered was quite interesting so it,came this gigantic box,in which the delivery company itself,actually built it now i highly,recommend hiring the people from bowflex,to go ahead and build it,as theyre actually trained,professionals to go ahead and make these,things now,its not difficult to build but it does,take some time it took about two to,three hours so just keep that in mind,now this heres all the instruction,papers as well as tools that it comes,with,now you also get a heart beat sensor so,this is kind of interesting,its a wristband that goes on your arm,and there it is so you have an on off,button uh you have your sensor right,here,just go ahead and hook up that strap and,just go ahead and place it on your arms,like this so while youre running about,itll go ahead and measure your,heartbeat as youre using it,so lets go and take a closer look at,the actual treadmill all right so for,starters working away from the front,to the back so one thing you have,probably already noticed that it is a,massively sized treadmill uh so that,itself is almost like a double,edged sword so you have that capability,of running on a big platform,giving you the freedom to go ahead and,move about but then you also have the,issue of,it just kind of taking a lot of room now,luckily it does fold up,and then has wheels to go ahead and move,about but again itll be very difficult,for you to go ahead and move it up and,down the stairs so just,keep that in mind so literally where,youre placing it off the gecko i would,highly recommend,making sure its permanent now this here,is the treadmill itself which actually,looks really cool so its got the space,age feel,uh youll notice its got a lot of more,chrome panels compared to the original,including the bow flex solo here and,then you have all these storage,compartments so you have,cup holders here there up top you have,one,two three four cup holders so yeah,thats,a lot of water uh you also have all,these different placement storages you,can go and put your glasses you can put,your iphone,or your phone uh you put your watch,whatever you have all these different,places to go ahead and put things so,thats always nice too,and then you have your power button here,to go ahead and power it on simply,switching it on just like this,this will be your manual control and,this will go ahead and turn on our,treadmill,now on the back side of the tv or the,monitor youll actually notice that it,has controls so you have your power,button you have your home button,you have your volume control and then,you have your toggle control allowing,you to go ahead and adjust,the settings now the monitor does have,an angle adjustment so based on your,height you can go ahead and angle it,down,or upwards to your own preference,now lets go ahead and take a closer,look at the actual buttons,so as you kind of step onto here youll,kind of feel welcome to this,gigantic screen just staring right at,you and its touch screen so its really,easy to use and very user friendly,now you have a variety of different,positions to go ahead and hold on to it,so you have positions on the top,uh then you have the heart beat sensors,over here as well so you can go ahead,and hold that to this,so you can see your heart rate as youre,running if you dont wish to actually,use the monitor and then you have your,full control panel in front of you,so you have your incline control here on,the left so you can go down to negative,five and all the way up to positive 20,so you get that nice solid incline you,also have a speed control from one,to twelve so these are preset speeds but,you can always go ahead and manually,control it,by simply hitting the toggle up here on,the right or on the left for the incline,now you also have another manual control,mode which is also here as well so these,little toggles will go ahead and,increase,the speed or decrease the speed as well,as the incline and then lastly you have,a fan control right here so you do have,a built-in fan,to go ahead and blow air at you as,youre running now its got a stop,pause feature as well as a safety,feature so you go and clip this onto,yourself,so if you do happen to kind of fall off,it will actually stop the treadmill from,running,all right so as were working our way to,the bottom here youll see this nice,looking treadmill pedal,so it runs about 22 inches by 60 inches,so it does give you a good amount of,space to go ahead and run,you have these aluminum panels both on,the left and right these are essentially,step bonds i wouldnt highly recommend,it as they do kind of dent quite easily,so just be cautious with that,uh and then you have this interesting,looking uh texture throughout the bottom,so this here it looks like almost like a,recoil aspect so when you kind of run,about this will go ahead and allow to,flex a little bit,so it doesnt cause much damage to the,actual treadmill itself,now other than that on the back side,here we do have a button which allows us,to go ahead and incline or essentially,kind of fold,up our treadmill so its actually kind,of interesting so literally what you do,is you go back here,you push this button up and then you,lift just like that itll go ahead and,snap,into place so when you are packing away,make sure you put a negative five thats,one thing i would recommend,this will go ahead and tuck itself in,just like this and then you have,this button right over here which allows,you to go and drop it around so the nice,thing about this is it has its own,safety feature so literally just go,ahead and push the button up just like,this,and itll automatically slowly drop,itself to the ground,how cool is that all right so to kind of,give you an idea how much of an incline,there is so this years negative five,so this will give us like a downhill,running kind of aspect,uh so the negative five is actually a,pretty good amount,all right and then we hit plus 20. so,this here is the highest incline which,is five percent more,uh than the original which was 15,wow that is insane so this years at 20,incline oh okay okay its already kind,of moving,so you can see that it definitely ah,works out good that feels great,wow that hurts okay so uh kind of gives,you an idea what thats about,all right guys so this here is our,journey app which i highly recommend,especially if youre buying the t22,you might as well go the full nine yards,and actually get the subscription,program a line go ahead and see the,variety of videos,programs and other capabilities that you,can go and unlock with the actual t22,now the series are just for you so these,are recommended programs based off our,previous experiences,so go ahead and suggest hey maybe you,can do this one or this one,entirely up to you so if i click on,programs here on the top this will go,ahead and allow us to go ahead and,choose a variety of different programs,based on what we want to do so we have,the categories based off of how long you,want to run for,if you wanna do a quick 10 minute to 20,minute or if you want to do up to 30 to,40,or even longer than that you can go,ahead and choose these variety of,different work

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5 Best Treadmill Of 2022

[Music],think treadmills havent changed over,the years think again the bowflex,treadmill 22 is the top of the line,cardio experience that connects you with,world-class incline control streaming,entertainment and our secret sauce the,journey experience offering an epic,array of personalized features from an,immersive 22-inch console the journey,digital fitness platform is designed to,keep you challenged for a long time,years decades and its all from the,comfort of your living room a journey,membership keeps your runners high going,allowing you to explore something new,and personalized every day of the week,right from the hd touchscreen sprint,through adaptive running workouts that,get harder as you get fitter high,tailored with trainer led videos that,dont scream at you crush new and,evolving goals with a clever virtual,coach that inspires your every move dash,through scenic destinations around the,planet and track your progress with,metrics rewards and personal bests if,you cant decide between workouts and,entertainment dont now you can do both,a journey membership allows you to binge,shows and more on the hd touchscreen,while putting in the days work the,journey experience layers personalized,adaptive workouts alongside your,existing netflix hulu amazon prime video,and disney plus accounts you supply the,subscription we provide the magic head,for the hills with the best incline,capabilities 5 decline all the way up to,20,incline extended handlebar grips are,specifically designed for high incline,workouts so you can take the high rope,or the low,walk jog or mad dash at speeds up to 12,miles per hour a 22 by 60 inch running,path features comfort tech deck,cushioning inreach handrail controls,allow you to change speed and incline,without breaking your stride the media,rack holds your phone or tablet while,the built-in usb port keeps your devices,fully juiced a 22-inch console immerses,you in all the amazing things the,treadmill 22 has to offer after your,workout the 22 folds up nicely to,maximize space for the other things in,your life when youre ready for your,next workout soft drop folding,technology provides a gentle descent,every time,with connectivity variety and,personalized workouts at your fingertips,youll have everything you need to reach,success the bowflex treadmill 22 its a,runners high you wont want to miss,[Music],the cascade ultrarunner plus from,cascade health and fitness is a high,quality self-powered curved treadmill,that offers unlimited workout options,the cascade ultrarunner plus features a,curved running surface made of premium,aluminum core anti-slip rubber slats,the sealed cartridge bearings keep your,workout smooth and quiet,with six levels of powerful magnetic,resistance this treadmill is the perfect,solution for high intensity interval,training simple to use the cascade,ultrarunner plus helps improve power,speed endurance and agility,use the easy to adjust intensity lever,and change your hand positioning to,accomplish any type of workout from free,running to a maximum effort sled push,and everything in between,this compact design is fully commercial,made to be maintenance free and built to,last,with no minimum or maximum speed this,treadmill is great for every fitness,level from beginners to professionals,the cascade ultrarunner plus provides a,perfect high intensity interval workout,that improves power speed endurance and,agility,[Music],so,[Music],[Applause],[Music],think treadmills havent changed much,over the years think again the bowflex,treadmill 10 is the immersive cardio,experience that connects you with,streaming entertainment and the journey,experience offering an epic array of,personalized features that challenge,your best effort the journey digital,fitness platform is designed to keep you,challenged for a long time years decades,you get the picture and the journey,membership allows you to explore,something new and personalized on any,given day of the week right from the hd,touch screen track your progress with,metrics rewards and personal bests,sprint through adaptive running workouts,that get harder as you get fitter high,tail it with trainer led videos that,dont scream at you dash through scenic,destinations around the planet and crush,new and evolving goals with a clever,virtual coach that inspires your every,move,if you cant decide between workouts and,entertainment dont now you can do both,a journey membership allows you to binge,shows and more on the hd touch screen,while crushing your daily running,challenge the journey experience layers,personalized adaptive workouts alongside,your existing netflix hulu amazon prime,video and disney plus accounts you,supply the streaming subscription we,provide the magic,head for the hills and experience epic,incline training with five percent,decline all the way up to 15 percent,incline walk jog or mad dash it speeds,up to 12 miles per hour a 22 by 60 inch,running pad features comfort tech deck,cushioning providing a softer landing,and an extra spring in your step inreach,handrail controls allow you to change,speed and incline without breaking your,stride the media rack holds your phone,or tablet while the built-in usb port,keeps your devices fully juiced,a 10-inch console immerses you in all,the wizardry that the treadmill 10 has,to offer,after your workout the 10 folds up,nicely to maximize space when youre,ready for your next workout soft drop,folding technology provides a gentle,descent every time,with connectivity variety and,personalized workouts at your fingertips,youll have everything you need to reach,success the bowflex treadmill 10,offering a brand new adventure every day,of the week,[Music],so,[Music],so,[Music],so,[Music],so,[Music],[Music],[Music],foreign,[Music]

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bowflex jrny i take what i said back #bowflex #max #t22 #jrny #treadmill #update

let me just say that Im a person who,will,tell you if I was wrong,and in 2018 I bought this Bowflex Max M8,I absolutely love this machine,if I was going,to say that I could only have,one device in my home gym,I would get rid of everything and keep,this Bowflex Max,and let me tell you why,over the years I found out that,if you use this as is intended for,interval training,you can definitely lose body fat you can,lose visceral fat,and,in a short amount of time,you could do seven minutes or 14 minutes,every morning,or extend it up to 21 or 30 minutes,however long youve got it if you just,do it every day,you will lose fat,now,thats not that this machine is magical,youre obviously going to have to,um potentially adjust your eating,because,you lose fat based on calories in versus,calories out,but this has kind of like what a lot of,people refer to as an afterburn effect,where,when the workouts done,because of the type of intensity that,youre doing it continues to work,throughout the day,even though youve stopped using it,and that seems to help according to a,lot of scientific studies for animal,training that seems to help burn fat,so when I got this I did not subscribe,to the journey subscription and thats,really what this is about,I just use the standard built-in,workouts theres a seven minute a 14,minute a 21 minute manual some other,ones I would just use those and then on,my polar watch and Ill link to the,videos where I discuss this I would,create my own workouts based on interval,training,and then I would use my polar watch as,kind of like what drove my workout so,when I got where I wanted to do more,than what was built in the 21 minute,then I would just switch over to manual,mode and do those workouts,however I wanted to get back into,running,so I bought a Bowflex t22 treadmill just,a few weeks ago and it come with a free,subscription one year for the journey,app,and,thats the first time I ever used,journey I actually had a free one-year,subscription with Journey on that,but I didnt want to pay you know once,it come up I think its 149 a year I,didnt want to pay extra for workouts,Id probably never use because I was,using my watch right,so,let me just go ahead and start up the,Bowflex itll be easier to show you on,this one than the other one but,so the,the treadmill has the screen built in,where the Bowflex Max I use a tablet now,the newer Bowflex Max is they have the,screens built in also,but what you do when you go into like,workouts,you have these are my favorites Ive,favored it a lot of them,so you go up to like just for you and,thats kind of like it will show you,like what it recommends that you should,do,and there are workouts listed there,and thats based on time,you can select the time interval you,want you can select the difficulty level,you want and then it will suggest,workouts like if I want to do something,harder than whats here,I can just click harder,and and itll do harder and if I want to,do more time I just click the time and,itll switch over to time,now,you have these trainer LED videos then,you have these adaptive workouts,adaptive is based on how well youre,doing the workout it might increase the,workout intensity or decrease it,um trainer videos is just like what it,talks about youre with a trainer thats,going to kind of tell you what to do,and uh then you have these standard,workouts which are just kind of like,kind of see the uh whoops I knew I was,going to do that,you can kind of see the incline,going up the intensity goes up the,intensity goes down you kind of get an,idea what the workouts like,and then if if like you dont want to do,the recommended then you go over to,programs,and they have them organized uh Ive,actually got a filter set up now so let,me clear the filters,and itll start with like a 10 to 19 20,to 29 30 to 39 and theres just gobs of,these workouts gobs gobs,now,when you select a workout,lets say Im going to do this one,it tells you theres options,you can do streaming video which would,be like Netflix Discovery plus that sort,of thing you can do music or explore the,world,now,Ive used the music it its okay let me,just go ahead and show you,so this is the screen that comes up you,got Netflix Amazon Prime Hulu Disney,plus HBO Max you can watch anything on,those if you have a subscription to,those,you dont get the subscription included,with your membership you have to already,have a subscription to this Ive not,even set it up I hate watching TV,then youve got music and it puts them,in categories,and Ive done a couple that I did The,Rock alternative I think I done the EDM,now one thing thats kind of lacking,down here,theres no metal,like,like metal music so if youre into metal,music youre probably going to need to,use the MP3 player because the rock,Alternatives not quite as hard as what I,would expect,then for explore the world you have all,of these different areas you can go to,now,if I go in to see all it kind of gives,them by country or,that sort of thing and then its got,some compilations,you know so you can go down through here,now one of the things Ive noticed is,a lot of these are like City,cities and Parks,beaches,but theres not a lot that are really,like Trails so if youre a trail Runner,youre going to be kind of limited on,what you have here there are a few that,are Trails but not like what I think is,a trail like even though this this right,here looks cool youre basically going,to be running on a road,um one of the ones that is a trail but,it is kind of like a uh,its its more like a public Trail,thats being groomed,I think its this Sequoia National,Forest one thats like a a trail but,its being groomed and there was another,one that was in Germany thats a trail,that was pretty cool,but a lot of them arent really like,trail running,theyre more like roads or groomed paths,um or public parks,so what Im going to do Im gonna go,back because Im going to show you one,of the cool things,so,lets say you select a workout and then,basically you select one of these it,would stream that,video,so that you kind of like feel like,youre there doing that workout but when,you do that you still have to set your,incline,and decline in your speed manually,now another thing I found out was,that if you go to,straight to explore the world so you,skip the program you go to explore the,world,there are these ones in here that are,called I had to find one,auto adjust if it says auto adjust it,will do the incline and decline,based on what the terrain is doing so if,youre going uphill,itll automatically incline and if,youre going downhill itll,automatically decline thats pretty cool,I really like this I went in and found,everyone that has Auto adjusts and added,it to my favorites,so down here we got explore the world,Joshua Tree Las Vegas because those are,pretty cool,those are so that,so that you,cant really get used to the route,like if Im gonna do it manually I might,start out with an incline at three,and I might just leave it there I might,sort of the incline of 6 or 12 or,something I might just leave it there,where the auto adjust is going to be,moving up and down during the whole,workout based on the terrain thats,pretty cool I really like that,um,but one of the things that I said,if I am wrong about something,Im going to admit to it so I started,out on the M8 and I didnt do the,journey subscription,when I got the treadmill I got a year,free of the journey subscription and,when it expires Im definitely going to,renew it,because one of the things that I found,out is there might be days that I come,in here,to work out and Im just kind of feeling,like blah,I dont really want to do the workout,Im going to do the workout I just dont,really have the motivation to really,give it my all,but what youll find out is,the programs,and let me just start one up,uh well just do this and Im not,actually going to do it other than to,let you hear what happens so Im going,to hit select Im going to do like lets,just do this uh,lets just do this one

Bowflex T22 Treadmill Review

hi everyone welcome back to another,paradise on 18 wheels youtube video we,had some questions about our bowflex so,we decided to do a quick video on some,of the things we both like on it so,well be taking turns so im going to,start im going to show you some of the,features that i like and some of the,workouts that i like so far i mean,theres still a lot that i havent done,my goal is to do them all at least try,them and just so you guys know,this is a bowflex t22 treadmill,just in case you havent seen our,previous videos this is the t22,2021 model,okay so some of the great things about,the bowflex is you can go up to programs,and if you hit programs theyve got,built-in programs im just gonna hit,any of them here ill just hit one so,you guys can kind of see what it looks,like,and i have a choice i could watch,a movie which vince is going to go over,with you or i could listen to music and,i usually choose just to hit music,and i start my workout,and the wheel will light up where it,wants you,so lets get right into it,start at a low effort,set the incline to put you on flat,pavement,now set the speed so youre at an,invigorating effort where youre,breathing with this move for feelings as,he comfortably as you want to do,now,yeah you gotta go where you want its a,big wide range that she gives you to be,in you just need to be in the purple,to meet your goals also if the music is,too loud,[Music],so you can turn that down as well,just so you guys see it im not going to,do a full workout with you guys on,youtube thats not fair i just want to,show you some of the features and what i,like about it,so being able to play music,and do something to entertain yourself,is great so this is just a manual,workout or shell walk you through you,watch the colors on here you make sure,youre in that range while youre doing,it,and it gives you your incline,the time youve been on it the distance,the calories you burn and its got the,heart rate monitors,and then your speed can you show them,the heart rate monitors again,theyre right there so the heart rate,monitors are right here hand grips,so right here its great i love it and,bowflex does uh give you a uh,a watch,that keeps track of your yeah,yeah theres a heart rate watch as well,which i have right here oh good job so,yeah so i have that here,all right so im going to stop this,program im just going to show you a,couple other things,so im going to stop it,mention to them that it also keeps track,of your,progress yeah and all your workouts yeah,yeah and it gives you like uh trophies,when you accomplish uh,you know different uh workouts,yeah and then itll ask you for your,opinion on the workout if you like the,workout if it was boring if it was okay,or you can just hit continue you dont,have to answer,and then it gives you a breakdown of,everything you did your pace how many,calories you burned,your average speed obviously i wasnt,trying on this one thats why its all,low so im going to continue,and im going to show you,the other workouts that i really do like,which are explore the world i like,i like to go to other places,yeah this is one of my favorite things,too is uh exploring the world you get to,go on walks,yes so one of my favorites so far lets,see if i can find it,oh im probably not gonna be able to,find it because online,camera now oh here you go dubai,so im going to show you dubai just so,you guys can see the picture yeah,and then you can pick the music im,going to do that again ill try and make,sure i turn it down so its not too loud,for you guys,and its loading,and then some of the workouts actually,have where they have an auto,incline and decline will do it for you,but like with dubai ive got to do it,myself,but what i am going to show you is this,treadmill is incredible,because this thing goes up to a 20,incline,so im going to take it up to 20 just so,you guys can see what this looks like,but its a great workout for the glutes,hamstrings,all right so,just so you guys can see it the other,thing i love about this machine is these,handlebars theyre awesome well have to,get back to that,i want to show them the incline on it,okay,yes,you see its still lifting up,uh what percent are you now it shows me,20. youre at 20 percent,theyre still raising theyre still,raising,okay theyre stopped all right so,theres 20. thats 20 right there at,three miles an hour,so for the incline its really good for,uh,burning a lot of calories if you want to,burn a lot of calories its good for,your uh,your glutes and your calves oh,definitely,but if you want to burn a lot of,calories,like a tremendous amount,you want to do the uh,20 incline inclines the way to go,all right im gonna take this thing,want to show them the grips you youre,talking about oh yeah so when youre an,incline,these handles are like the best things,because you can hold on to them and,climb that hill,still take your heart rate,but these are my favorite,its my favorite too,because a lot of the treadmills that,weve tested out didnt have those,handles,not even our gym that we belong to,had those handles on the treadmill,this makes it easy when youre doing uh,20 inclines,something to hold on to if youre not,used to doing the incline,eventually youre gonna get used to it,where youre not gonna have to use the,handles,i dont know thats a pretty steep,incline its pretty steep babe 20. yeah,yeah,yeah you feel like youre climbing a,mountain wow,yeah im bringing it back down as you,guys can see the uh the video is pretty,neat um sometimes you see actually see,people walking and,theyll look at you when you walk by,i havent done this one yet yeah this,ones pretty,and it lasts i think an hour,wow so yeah it takes you through the,city and,another thing too that ive noticed is,uh,say youre doing your exercise and you,decide you want to listen to the this,type of music anymore you can always,change it just by clicking up there oh,no the the the,music thats what i hit first,okay so its down at the bottom right,here sorry guys,see i know the treadmill better,ah,he does not,i just dont change the music once i get,on it i just noticed that today,when i was doing my workout,so yeah its got 90s its got 80s its,got country its got dance,i dont know if you noticed that it has,thumbs up and thumbs down on the music,so if you like the music you can give it,the thumbs up,and it keeps record,so then eventually youll get a list of,your thumbs up and itll play your,thumbs up music,yeah,but the screen is beautiful 22 inches in,diameter,its incredible and it helps take your,mind off what youre doing while youre,working out,so it definitely helps you work out,longer yes,so,these are just some of my favorite,things theres also these buttons down,here where you can do a quick incline or,razor speed quicker,if you use these,buttons on the handles you can incline,and you can change your speed as well,which i love these two because its,quicker move that ham down yeah ill,show them with the other hand the,buttons so this one right here right,here,so i can speed up uh-huh by just,clicking this button okay,or i can slow down,and then this side is for the incline,and decline yes so it declines five,percent,yes uh-huh negative five yeah and you,actually feel it as i i have done some,programs on here like she said,some of the programs on here,will actually,incline and decline the machine for you,so you dont have to do it,so theres a negative five its going to,it right now all right,oh yeah you can see it yeah i can feel,it,i definitely feel like im walking down,a hill oh it does,now do you find it easier to walk down,the hill or up the hill,for me,easier to go probably,i dont know,i think my happy place is like between,incline four and six like comfortable,fast-paced walking uh-huh,but decline usually only when it auto,declines do i decline,all right so im going to pick this back,up,sorry for the set of movement in the,camera,i have a new gimbal here and its uh,im just learning how to work it,yeah but let him take on

Why You Might Not Want to Buy The Bowflex T10 Right Now – Honest Review

hey guys thanks for coming out here,today im going to talk about the,bowflex treadmill t10 the t10 is their,latest treadmill that was released at,the end of december,2020 and this review is going to help,answer the question are bowflex,treadmills worth it,so lets go over what were going to,cover were going to go over,if this is a premium product you know,where are you going to buy this what,about the specs,you know are bowflex treadmills good and,whats their return policy,what is not said in that policy what,about assembly,should you pay for it and then,why your grandmother likes bowflex,treadmills,and were going to look at the bowflex,journey and how it works,were going to look at the warranty and,customer service,and then were going to look at that,high failure rate on these treadmills,this episode has taken me forever to put,together,and its gone through tons of rewrites,because,its the first time that im reviewing a,product that,i would recommend maybe you dont,buy it right now okay so,bowflex looks like theyre going through,some changes they tried to make this,treadmill competitive with the mid-range,treadmills and,the new price point at 19.99 made it a,pure competitive with the fifteen,hundred dollar treadmills,but still above the mid-range price,and when you add in the taxes of,shipping the assembly,youre right back around two thousand,six hundred dollars which,continues to put this unit squarely in,a premium price range treadmill so this,is a big investment and if youre going,to put that kind of money out,you believe youre purchasing a premium,product,now you can buy this bowflex treadmill,t10,directly from bowflex.com from best buy,from most your major sporting goods,stores and of course,on amazon the specs on this,theyre mixed bag so lets look at the,really,awesome specs first the hardware specs,on this unit aaa rating this unit,knocks it out of the park it beats,everything out there,you know the motor on this is a four,continuous horsepower,motor this is the only residential unit,with motor that large,you know this motor is the same size as,commercial motors,so the bowflexes before this had a,3.5 continuous horsepower engine,and that was the biggest motor for home,use on the market before,the t10 it has this interactive,10-inch console with an adjustable,high definition touch screen it goes,from,0 to 12 miles per hour it has this,motorized,incline that goes from a negative 5,to a positive 15 the running path,22 inches wide 60 inches long which is,the best and longest length available,it has this comfort tech deck cushioning,which has this great suspension when you,run,then it has this crazy hydraulic soft,drop,folding system for easy storage,its bluetooth enabled so you can hook,up your smart devices and your heart,rate monitors,it has a heart rate monitor in the unit,and this unit also has the,highest maximum user weight limit,at 400 pounds so that even beats some of,the commercial units,so just from a spec perspective,this one exceeded every other treadmill,on the home use market,and some of the specs on the commercial,market,and if youre a big guy this is going to,be the treadmill you want,and probably the only one you can use,without breaking it,and when you get it into the house and,assembled,this unit really shines the unit was,quiet making it easy for my husband and,i,to add this to our living room because,lets be real a living room is for,living,and thats how we live,and just that experience alone made it,my dream machine,watching tv i could jump on the,treadmill and do 20 minutes you know,making dinner,i could just walk over to the treadmill,while things were cooking,it was super easy to integrate in my,life,in a way where my life didnt change it,just,absorbed this treadmill into my everyday,living,so then it comes to the specs,on the electronics and the specs on the,electronics are more difficult to figure,out,and theyre more like a c minus d plus,you cant figure those out without using,the bowflex,because you cant find this information,easily,or at all on their website and its not,that bowflex is misinforming you,theyre just not informing you and,by not informing you you make some,assumptions that,turn out to be wrong the console on this,treadmill is an hd,1080p screen so the screen can do high,resolution,but whats being delivered is,480p or 720p,so the walks around the world on my,screen theyre 480p,and the instructor-led classes are,720p and its not my internet bandwidth,ive got a lot of bandwidth so then im,wondering if its the,processor bowflex doesnt mention their,processor,anywhere so who knows,for some reason though bowflex calls out,that they have a usb,port and when you get the treadmill you,find out,it can only be used as a charging port,and,is a usb 2.0 connector well,most phones today use the current usb,3.0 standard,that allows for high-speed charging and,was released way back,in 2013.,so what bowflex does is they say in,their product manual,which when do you ever get to the,product manual,bowflex tells you that charging might,not be enough to let you charge and use,your phone at the same time,okay the treadmill is bluetooth enabled,which allows you to connect to other,bluetooth,heart monitors or to stream audio,in and out from other bluetooth,devices so like headphones or your,smartphone,and the bowflex speakers,they sound like small popcorn size,tweeters that sound,really tinny so and this,is dating myself in boomer land but i,grew up with,am radios and am radios were,famous for their flat tinny sound,and the speakers on the bowflex sound,just like that get ready for a first,interval so,besides looking dated the,bowflex application has some annoying,things like,making you type your complete username,and password,to log in every time,the console cant save it and,it takes multiple steps to get anywhere,on the journey application,so thats not very user friendly,and its only been recently that,softwares taken a lead role,in delivering home exercise equipment,and,i dont think bowflex took that,seriously,at the end of the day this is what i,thought,using their application and technology,it felt like,bowflex made their name delivering great,hardware,and its only recently that software has,taken a lead role in delivering home,exercise equipment and i think bowflex,got caught on this,they made some decisions based on what,has made them successful in the past and,based on their roots they didnt,consider,this new trend of software delivery,seriously enough youre going to see a,little bit later,what happened with this delivery and why,this delivery probably hasnt been their,most successful,when i start looking at their,application and their warranty and,customer service,because youre going to see that they,took their very,old 1990s software delivery,that was really cool in 1990 but its,not today,and tried to squish it on the new cloud,platform,okay its time for the return,policy what,dont you know this is pretty,important and here again is that thing,where,its not that boldflex misinforms you,it just isnt obvious so on the,treadmill page,they advertise this buy back guarantee,which leaves you feeling,pretty confident in your purchase and,even clicking on the learn more option,takes you to a page that highlights the,six weeks no questions asked,but heres the thing,it isnt free and i skimmed over this,first paragraph,and didnt read the last sentence of the,return policy,well lets be real i didnt even get to,this page because the buy-back guarantee,said i could,buy with confidence all i had to do was,give a call within the first,six weeks to get my return number,okay so what did i miss,you have to pay for shipping back and,i believe shipping backs about 250,dollars,youre also not refunded your original,shipping,of 99 and the assembly fee,of 250 dollars so,that comes out to about 600 that,youre gonna lose just for trying this,out and you know theres some other,problems with that,six weeks no question asked policy that,ill get i

Bowflex TreadClimber TC10 Review

alright Im the treadmill review guru,today Im reviewing the treadclimber TC,10 by bowflex Bowflex has been,advertising these trick climbers for a,little while saying that theyre the,next best thing I put one together and,wasnt too happy with it its really not,that great I compared it with the,NordicTrack x9i Ill link to that video,in the description but for now I just,want to run through a quick review of,this so you can get a better idea of,what youre looking at if youre looking,to buy this Ill give you a good insight,as to what I think about it,first well go with the console the,console is really really basic nothing,too fancy going on start/stop gives you,your time your speed your max speed is,4.0 miles per hour so youre not gonna,do a lot of running on the tread climber,your calories not really sure what this,thing does and then you adjust your,speed here then youve got your,emergency safety key thats about it two,cupholders so compared to a lot of the,newer consoles out there this is really,simple really basic not a lot going on a,lot of times youll see TVs and stuff,with the newer things for a twenty to,twenty three hundred dollar machine I,would expect to see more out of the,console but there you go the tread belt,is a lot different than your traditional,treadmills Im sure youve seen the,commercials or youre familiar with how,these work well when you watch the TV,advertisements they make it look like,these things go up and down,automatically I had one person try it,out saying oh wait I thought I thought,these go up and down by themselves Ill,turn it on here so you can see you,actually they actually just go down,based on your weight so where you how,heavy you are how much resistance you,give these there,how far those go down so its not all,automatic but I dont like is how,shortly Im sure they are I feel like my,feet are going to hit the back here one,of my friends was walking on it and his,foot got caught right here this shoe got,caught in there and it left a big streak,right there the first time he ever got,on it we can show you the streak that,right here is why his shoe left because,it got caught right in here so thats,kind of a hazard dont really like that,too much what I do like about is that,its small when youre getting into some,of the bigger treadmills theyre huge if,theyre not folding theyre going to,take up a lot of space this things kind,of compact which can be nice you can get,a decent workout with it if you do a lot,of hiking this is a good machine to work,your your lower your lower body but I,wouldnt expect to get much more you,know youre not going to burn a whole,lot of calories youre probably better,off running on treadmill if youre,looking to burn a lot of calories so for,the price I would definitely consider,something else you can get it on sale or,if youre really in love with it you,probably want to go with the tc20 its a,bit better it doesnt have this back,thing on it its a lot more expensive,but it the TC 10 is kind of a joke in my,mind so if you like the treadclimber,consider the TC 20 otherwise I would,just go with a treadmill so theres my,review of the TC 2

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