1. Are Branch Office Chairs REALLY That Good?
  2. Home Office Chair Upgrade! ~ Sub $500 Ergonomic Chair Guide
  3. Branch Ergonomic Chair Review | My Remote Recording Studio Got An Upgrade!
  4. Start Here If Your Office Chair Budget is Under $500
  5. Branch Furniture Office Desk & Ergonomic Chair
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Are Branch Office Chairs REALLY That Good?

ive always been interested in high-end,chairs but recently my focus has shifted,to chairs that provide good value the,branch line is very intriguing with the,daily having a nice modern look and the,task offering good functionality it,might be surprising to find that the,most expensive chair the ergonomic chair,is actually my least favorite option but,we will find out more about that later,on in the video the task and daily,arrived a few weeks before the,ergonomics so i started off with the,daily this year comes in at 249 and to,be honest i was pleasantly surprised,this chair is more designed to look nice,as opposed to providing a lot of,function it has a basic center tilt,recline function with seat height,adjustment upright tilt lock and height,adjustable arms this is a very basic,adjustment package but for 250 dollars,youre not gonna find a nicer looking,chair the chrome base white frame and,color options on the upholstery give it,a more upscale look than the price,suggests i also found the chair to be,pretty comfortable the seat is nicely,padded and soft i also found the mesh,back to be supportive the arm caps are,hard plastic though so that is,definitely a downside of the chair,another thing to think about is that the,specs on the chair will not be good for,big or tall people branch suggests this,as a good pick for people between five,foot and five eleven i found this to be,semi-accurate people under five four,will definitely need a foot rest but me,being five nine i found that the chair,fit me well both the seat height and the,back but if youre over 511 the seat,height and back height will both be,limiting factors for you if this chair,fits you then i see it as a great low,cost option for someone that wants a,good looking chair for their home office,that will only be used for a few hours,at a time the task here is 279 dollars,and goes in a different direction than,the daily instead of focusing more on,the look of the chair the task here,focuses more on function it is only,available in black upholstery with a,black frame and black plastic base while,it doesnt have the modern look of the,daily i do think it is well worth the,additional 30 dollars i actually think,this is one of the best office chairs,currently available under that three,hundred dollar mark you get a syncro,tilt mechanism which is a considerable,upgrade to the center tilt on the daily,you also get four locking positions and,height adjustable lumbar support while,the lumber on the daily was hardly,noticeable i can definitely feel the,lumber on the task chair the one area,that it is still lacking is the armrest,adjustments you only have height,adjustment but there is a noticeable,improvement with the comfort of the arm,pads they are soft to the touch and much,more comfortable to use than the hard,plastic arms on the daily i also like,the extra back height on the task chair,it gives me support all the way through,my upper back and shoulders this extra,height should also be a much better,option for taller people than the,shorter back design on the daily one,thing i did notice though is that the,task chair seat height doesnt go very,high the chair is listed as being a good,option for people up to 63 but i use it,at almost the maximum seat height and,im five nine i think it would be okay,for people up to about six foot but not,too much taller than that,the ergonomic chair is 329 dollars this,is branchs most popular option but it,is actually my least favorite of the,three chairs i think the idea behind the,ergonomic chair was fantastic its an,obvious combination of the daily and the,task it has the modern look of the daily,with the functionality of the task i,just think they missed a bit in a few,areas that make me lean towards the,other two chairs the arms should be an,upgrade to the task because they have,height and depth adjustment the problem,is that they are positioned too far,forward for me which makes them pretty,awkward to use the arm caps are also a,bit harder than the task chair so i,didnt find them to be quite as,comfortable,i also find the backrest to be less,comfortable than both the daily and the,task the mesh on the ergonomic chair has,zero elasticity and you can really sink,into it which makes it easy to feel the,hard edges of the frame,i think the extra adjustments are great,the seat slider arm depth and optional,headrest are obvious upgrades to the,task it also looks quite a bit nicer,with the chrome base and upholstery,color options i just dont think the,chair is as comfortable as the daily or,the task so i would just save some money,and go with one of those other options,if you want a low-priced home office,chair that looks good grab the daily if,youre looking for more functionality,the task is the best option

Home Office Chair Upgrade! ~ Sub $500 Ergonomic Chair Guide

so many of you have requested a video on,budget ergonomic chairs well here we are,i reached out to multiple furniture and,share companies to ask if they could,send chairs for this video and i was,able to source four chairs in total,well go over their features and explain,what we like and dont like for each of,them also keep in mind that shares in,this video cost between 280 and 535 us,dollars that might not be your,definition of budget but even if its,not i would invite you to keep on,watching to see what features actually,matter if you go with a different model,than the ones in this video and now you,might ask why is this guy saying we all,the time well for this comparison there,will be three judges,first in line is me now you might ask,why id be a good candidate to review,chairs well ive tried my fair share of,chairs over the years working at various,tech companies and ive also tried many,chairs at home including this one,i have a pretty weak back overall,especially in the upper region and it,hurts easily if im not using a proper,chair so my back will tell me if a chair,passes the comfort test,next judge is my girlfriend you might,already know her from some of my older,videos as my girlfriend,now what makes her a great judge is the,fact that shes quite shorter than me,im 5 11 and shes 53 so shell,represent shorter folks out there and,see if chairs are sometimes too large,also she happens to have lower back pain,so if we sum our back pain we actually,cover a full back,finally our most important judge is mr,fluffball here mr fluffball keeps to,himself most of the time but hes quite,precious and will only sit on the most,comfortable chairs so hell be there to,help us make our final decision,so well cover each chair individually,starting from the cheapest to the most,expensive and at the end well give our,verdict on the pros and cons of every,chair and which ones wed recommend,given their price in order thatll be,the branch furniture ergonomic chair the,laura davidson battery the steel case,series one and finally the steel case,series 2. alright lets go whoa whoa,wait a sec did you know that less than,five percent of you are subscribed to,this channel thats crazy this video,took a while to make so please consider,subscribing and while youre at it might,as well follow me on twitter and,instagram alright back to the video so,well start with the ergonomic chair by,branch furniture it comes in the,smallest box out of the bunch and the,chair requires a bit of assembly i,started with the base where i added all,five wheels i then added the gas,cylinder in the middle hole after that i,secured the backrest to the seat,mechanism assembly and i was able to add,the frame of the chair on the base,for the seat you need to install the,arms on each side with one screw each,you gotta make sure theyre not locking,though as it would prevent adjusting the,arm sideways,finally it was just a matter of securing,the seat to the frame by sliding it into,place,so this chair retails for approximately,280 us dollars and in terms of,configuration the only aspect you can,change is the collar where you can get,three options for the seat and two for,the frame here with me is the all black,variant its also worth noting that this,chair comes with a seven year warranty,which is quite surprising given its,price now although this chair is the,most affordable out of the bunch it,packs a lot of features,first the base is actually made from,aluminum with a polished finish its the,only chair today that has an aluminum,base others are plastic so thats quite,impressive,although to be honest its mostly an,aesthetic feature as i dont believe one,can truly break a regular plastic base,the back of the chair is made from a,mesh material so thats great to keep,you cool all day long if we look at the,adjustments the knob at the left lets,you lock the tilt mechanism then the one,at the right adjust the height of the,chair there is a handle at the right to,adjust the depth of the seat although,the operation is fully manual and its,easier to adjust while not sitting on,the chair,the back tail tension is adjustable but,the control is under the chair and,pretty hard to access without flipping,the chair on its side,the armrests are also adjustable in,width and height there are levers on,both sides of the chair to unlock the,armrest so that they can move sideways,and then just under the pads at the,front there are buttons that let you,adjust the height while pressed the pads,can also move forward and backward with,a bit of force and there are steps where,they lock in finally there is a plastic,piece at the back that acts as lumbar,support this one is adjustable in height,as well,i was highly impressed by the overall,value of this chair for the price not,only you get a chrome base but you also,get all the adjustments i would expect,on a professional ergonomic chair when,you tilt back the seat tilts a bit at,the same time to ease the movement and,the fact that the depth of the seat is,adjustable is also a great thing to see,the chair itself is relatively light at,around 35 pounds making it great if you,want to move it around now it does seem,like a pretty awesome chair for the,price but here are downsides we have,noted while using it the biggest problem,with this chair for us was the lombard,support both my girlfriend and i found,it too pronounced and too stiff for,long-term sitting after a few days we,both felt lower back pain because of it,and wanted to sit in a different chair,it seems like its too hard compared to,the rest of the mesh packing which is,quite flexible,removing the lumbar support is one,suggestion in the user guide if you find,discomfort and its quite easy to do so,so it did help a lot in my case and made,the chair more comfortable however im,not convinced that it will provide,enough support in the long term with,only the mesh another downside is the,arm rest which i personally found a bit,too hard for my taste when your elbows,bones are laying on that surface for a,while it does get a bit uncomfortable,lets say if i compare it against other,higher end chairs that have plastic,armrests but with a much softer finish i,also wish it was possible to get the,armrest a little closer to me even at,the narrowest setting my arms are not,alongside my body,finally this is a small detail but the,wheels dont roll super well i believe,thats because theyre made for both,carpet and hard floors but still,i still believe this chair is very,impressive for the money and the cons,weve noticed might not apply to you as,most of them are related to specific,adjustments that didnt feel great based,on our preference at least it is,possible to remove the lumbar support,which did help in our case if your,budget is limited to chairs under 300,i believe this is a much better option,than any other gaming chair out there,next chair is the bari from laura,davidson and this one came in larger box,than the branch this one had better,padding all around with thicker foam,pieces between parts so i laid out all,the parts and then started the assembly,again starting with the base and wheels,i then added the gas cylinder after that,you need to add the seat on you to,attach the back upside down as its,quite heavy otherwise and here the parts,that assemble together are metal so,thats nice the armrests are also,attached to the seat using three long,screws each and then you can put the,seat on the base and youre good to go,so first thing i want to highlight is,that this chair is a replica of a,mid-range chair by herman miller more,specifically the sail so the design is,quite unique but yeah its a copy,it retails for 335 us dollars and you,get a total of eight color combinations,but i went with the boring black on,black colorway,in terms of warranty this one comes with,a two year warranty which happens to be,the shortest coverage out of all four,shares in this video now if we look,closer it features a more standard,plastic base again n

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Branch Ergonomic Chair Review | My Remote Recording Studio Got An Upgrade!

today I am sharing with you something,that isnt music related but is music,related and what I mean by that is Im,going to be sharing my new chair for my,studio and the reason I wanted to share,this with you is because its very,important as a musician well its,important for everyone but its very,important as a musician especially,playing an instrument to have good,health for your back you want to make,sure that youre able to play well and,that youre not having any pain while,youre playing because of either,practicing or the work that youre doing,at your desk so let me tell you kind of,how I came about finding this this is an,amazing amazing chair it is by Branch,its their ergonomic chair and I did so,much research trying to find a chair so,this is this is the back story I had a,hand-me-down chair over the pandemic it,was it was fine it looked nice,um but it I was noticing like I was,having a lot of back pain and I ended up,going through like three or four,mattresses I kid you not that is the,that is just the most annoying thing in,the world to be dealing with getting a,mattress that doesnt work and youre,frustrated with it your back is hurting,you return it and so on and so forth and,its you know lugging around a massive,mattress and so that was really,frustrating and then I thought you know,what maybe its the chair turns out it,was the chair not the mattresses so I,dealt with all the mattress changes for,no reason but I found this chair because,I was doing a ton of research trying to,find something that was good for your,back that would give you a lot of,support that was still comfortable but,also something that was aesthetically,pleasing thats very important to me of,course I want something thats,functional but as you can tell from my,studio I have a certain look and,aesthetic and so I wanted something that,would match that and this chair,definitely does just that,I love the look of this chair and what I,love about this chair is its super,comfortable I have sat in it now for,really long periods of time whether its,you know editing in Pro Tools or,practicing,um maybe its when Im editing my videos,doing work on the computer Im working,on a new version of practice notes so,Ive been doing a lot of work at the,computer so this chair has just its,been perfect and its the best chair,Ive ever sat in Ive also tried a lot,of other office chairs and a lot of them,just feel very bulky and cumbersome and,just not very mobile and this one is,just,its the best chair that Ive ever sat,in to be completely honest thats why I,wanted to share it with you today so,some of the great features about this,chair is it has lumbar support the,height of the chair is adjustable of,course as well as the armrest you can,both change it so it can go forward and,back as well up and down so you can,adjust it to make it perfect for you and,your space and what works best for you,finally this is not something that it,just comes with you do have to add it on,but I am really glad I did is the,headrest and this one was really its,just really comfortable nice support,here especially if you want to just lean,back while youre working its fantastic,uh other things that I will mention is,it does come in a variety of colors so,this one that I chose is the black one,obviously it has two different colors,for the frame the first one is the one I,have which is white its actually not I,was Wonder during when I got it like how,white is it going to be its not like,um copy paper white its a little bit,almost more Ivory but it matches the,black really well and I love that accent,I think it looks really great in the,studio and then theres also a black,version so if you just want an all black,chair they have you covered also there,is a gray chair and I believe that just,comes with the white frame and then,there is also a blue chair a beautiful,blue chair its a little bit lighter it,was a really nice color ultimately,though I just wanted to go with the,black one I really like the way that it,looked with my studio I would highly,recommend it its been the best one so,far for me ever because like I said,before some of them look amazing,theyre just not very comfortable and,theyre not going to work well if youre,sitting at your desk or just sitting in,the chair for a long period of time Ive,also tried other ones that maybe are,comfortable but didnt look great,aesthetically and so this is kind of the,perfect combination of looking amazing,but also functionally like being,comfortable one thing I will mention is,I know depending on your instrument you,might not want arm rests so what you,could do for that is just not install,the armrest if that is something that is,good for you for me for flutes Im able,to play just fine with the armrests and,then it can be a multi-functional chair,that I use both from working here I use,it also while Im recording my remote,sessions or if Im just doing any other,work at the studio desk or when Im,practicing this is the chair that I,always use and so this is the ergonomic,chair from Branch they do have other,options as well this is the the best one,for me though and yeah Im curious if,you guys have tried these chairs out,before if you have one which one you,have how you like it Im always,interested in Studio Gear anyway if you,have any questions please let me know,and make sure to subscribe to me here on,YouTube and follow me on Instagram and,Tick Tock and Ill see you next time

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Start Here If Your Office Chair Budget is Under $500

inflation has been crazy and that has,definitely affected office chair pricing,i know it can be frustrated maybe you,cannot find that diamond in the rough,office chair youre looking for for that,500 price point this video is perfect,for you my five picks for the best,office chairs under 500,the first chair on our list is going to,be the cydas t50 and we picked this,thing up for 479 on amazon and i will,say that this is probably the nicest,looking chair in our list just from head,to toe everything on the chair flows,together smoothly really clean design,but when you get up close to the chair,and start kind of inspecting it using it,it is actually composed of quite a few,lower end parts specifically things like,the headrest arm pads and then just the,way that the chair feels when youre,using the adjustments its not super,smooth and so,definitely not a super high-end build,and i think thats probably confirmed,with the warranty only being three years,on the majority of the chair and then,one year of coverage on the upholstery,and foam i will say that overall it is a,pretty comfortable chair i found the,seat to be very forgiving its large,doesnt have hard edges and youre going,to get a large seat height and seat,depth adjustment range so it should be,able to be comfortable for most people,similar aspect with the backrest i like,the tall design the frame wasnt a,problem its not super flexible and i,wasnt a huge fan of the lumbar support,its a little bit pokey but it is there,and it does have height adjustment if,thats something that youre looking for,now a couple red flags that i did see,with the chair one youre not allowed to,return it if its been assembled so you,really cant test this chair out and,return it and another thing that i,noticed was a weird damage clause,applying to scratches and damages to the,chair i wasnt really sure if this,applied to shipping damage or warranty,damage but just something to think about,next were going to look at the han,ignition 2.0 another very popular chair,this one was 380 also on amazon now,first glance looking at the chair,doesnt quite have the same eye-catching,appeal that the side is t50 had but i do,feel its probably a more well-built,chair overall it feels more solid it,also functions much smoother when using,the chair and i believe thats also,confirmed by the warranty with 12 years,of coverage on the majority of the chair,five years of coverage on the upholstery,the seat is large no hard edges very,large depth range very large height,range so it should fit most people my,one concern with the seat is i am not a,huge fan of the foam it does feel like,it might be a little bit lower quality,so something that may bottom out quicker,than youre anticipating but i do really,like the back rest its super flexible,the mesh gives when you sit in it its,supportive even though its a little bit,lower quality,overall i like the curve i like the way,that you have a lot of freedom of,movement the lumbar support doesnt,really do too much i dont really feel,it to be honest so if youre looking for,really pronounced lumbar support this,might not be the best chair for you but,overall i do like the backrest a lot,its got a nice recline function smooth,synchro tilt with multiple locking,positions one thing to consider is that,the arms arent the greatest on this,chair with only height adjustment and,middle of the road comfort something to,consider the office master firm is the,next chair on our list and the biggest,highlight with this chair is just going,to be the overall customization,available with it especially at the,price point so you can change almost,everything on the chair from the casters,to the cylinder to the seat dimensions,back dimensions add different arms,different functions,so you can really do almost anything you,want with the chair my personal favorite,way to configure the chair would be with,the management synchro tilt mechanism,and then the most adjustable arm package,that we offer which still keeps the,price under 500,which is why i have it on the list for,you now this isnt going to be a,high-end build in terms of quality but,its going to be more middle of the road,similar to the hon chair we just looked,at backed by a 12-year warranty five,years of coverage on the casters foam,and upholstery one thing that i will say,about the build is because the chair is,so customizable and because it accepts,so many different variations of parts it,can have the problem of being a little,bit wiggly and not feeling super solid,in areas like the armrests or the,backrest one of the biggest highlights,of the affirm is going to be its seat it,has a very spacious design and nice,thick padding which is one of the,biggest reasons people buy the affirm,chair now i will say that at first,glance it looks like a pretty plush seat,that youd sink into kind of like a lazy,boy its not going to be that soft its,still going to have some firmness to it,but definitely softer and thicker than a,lot of chairs that we see with this type,of design youre going to get a mesh,back with the affirm with a ratchet back,height adjustment allowing you to kind,of line up the lumbar support in the,most comfortable area but the biggest,downside with the afirm in terms of its,back support is that it doesnt have an,additional lumbar support system so if,thats something that you need,unfortunately youre gonna have to cross,this off your list,i do like the arm packages though that,are available on the affirm especially,the four-way arms giving you depth,height width and pivot adjustment as,well as a nice soft arm cap making them,very comfortable especially for the,price the next chair up is going to be,the steel case series 1 which is,currently priced at 493 dollars when,fully loaded with all of the functions,while keeping the basic upholstery and,finish options from a build quality,standpoint its definitely gonna be one,of the most well-built chairs were,gonna look at here today most of the,components feel like theyre good,quality the chair feels solid and its,also backed by a really really good,12-year warranty on everything on the,chair with the exception of emea,unfortunately they reduce the warranty,to five years if youre in europe middle,east or africa from a sizing standpoint,i will say that this is a better chair,for smaller shorter individuals if,youre over that 510 mark then it might,be a problem just because the backrest,height may not be tall enough to support,you and it may end up hitting you in,your shoulders or middle of your back,which can be uncomfortable,the seat is going to be a very basic,design typical thin seat pad from steel,case but i did find it to be pretty,comfortable while using it even though,it is more firm than most seats that you,will use it does have seat depth and,seat height adjustment allowing you to,dial in that positioning i will say that,the backrest is pretty comfortable if,you fit in the chair if you dont fit in,the chair the frame is going to be very,annoying very comfortable but i did find,the mesh to be supportive it does give,with you when you sit in the chair im,not a huge fan of the lumbar support,though it doesnt feel like it does a,ton but you do get height adjustment,with it so it is a little bit of,addition if you need some,customizability there,youre going to get the most adjustable,arms out of all the chairs that were,looking at on the series 1.,unfortunately youre not going to get,the best arm caps though just because,they do have a hard plastic outer edge,and another thing that im not a huge,fan of on the series one is just the,overall recline function you do have a,couple settings to choose from but its,more of a kind of a hip thrusty,ergonomic design whereas i prefer more,of kind of a synchro tilt rocking motion,and our number one pick for the best,chair under 500 is going to be the,hayworth soji now you kind of have to,configure it in a specialized way to get,it under 500 you have to choose a quick,ship model

Branch Furniture Office Desk & Ergonomic Chair

now that most of us work from home,regardless of being self-employed or,working for a larger company having a,nice office space is a huge must it,helps with your workday productivity and,really takes the stress off of a work,day as much as possible thats why,having a beautiful home office is,extremely important and branch furniture,hands down is the best way to accomplish,that,[Music],my name is john from dramatics for,photography and if youre new to the,channel i am a wedding photographer and,youtube content creator ive been,shooting weddings for eight years now,and i spend most of my time in a home,office if you dont know wedding,photographers may go and shoot a wedding,for eight hours but all the other time,were spent throughout the week is,sitting down in front of a computer,editing photos and or emailing new or,potential clients i recently got in,touch with branch furniture because i,thought it was a match made in heaven to,check out some of their awesome office,furniture and surprisingly enough they,got back to me so they did send over the,desk that ill be reviewing in this,video however i was probably gonna buy,one in the first place which is why i,got in contact with them because these,desks and chairs look absolutely amazing,so lets go ahead and talk about the,branch office desk and also the,ergonomic chair starting out with the,beautiful desk,hands down this is the best upgrade i,have ever made to my office i was using,ikea stuff before and while thats nice,you can definitely feel the build,quality as cheap the branch desk comes,in just a little bit under 500,which makes it very affordable if youre,looking to outfit your office with,something a little bit nicer than just,general cheap furniture and again the,nice thing about the affordability of,this as well is if you have an office,space and multiple people who need desks,you can order a couple of these desks,and line them up together or they also,make desks that you can have multiple,people on i personally have the,executive desk and i love the size it,fits everything that i need it to which,is hands down the best part about it,because i have a lot of stuff and ill,get into that a little bit later in the,video the desk has a beautiful,minimalistic style and also comes in,multiple colors you can choose the leg,and the top in different colors,personally to match my whole vibe and to,fit my office space i picked the white,legs and also the wood grain top,speaking of the wood grain top its not,a solid piece of wood however the veneer,on top of it is absolutely beautiful it,has a nice wood grain to it and you,wouldnt know that its not a full solid,piece of wood because of this again the,style of the desk really shines through,and honestly im extremely happy with,how good it looks in my office space now,ive been using the desk now for about,five months and honestly i love,everything about it when i first got it,in the mail putting it together was,absolutely easy like hands down the,easiest build ive ever done now i will,say i didnt see any directions in the,box and that might have been my own,mistake but even without the directions,its pretty straightforward theres a,bottom bracket which your legs connect,to and then that connects to the top and,thats pretty much it and the nice thing,about the iron legs as well is that they,can hold up to about 650 pounds so no,matter how much stuff you have to go on,this desk youre going to be able to put,it on there you can see i chose to keep,my desk very minimalistic but i did,outfit it with a monitor arm and my benq,monitor which i do have a video on that,monitor definitely check it out if,youre a photographer and youre looking,for a nice color accurate monitor along,with the minimalist style the desk comes,with grommets built into it which helps,keep everything nice and clean and,honestly i have never been able to cable,route so cleanly in any other desk ive,owned but the grommet in the back,definitely helps out with that you can,see the cable grommet in the back is,nice and large and you can fit a whole,bunch of cables in there on top of that,it also opens up so its easy to get in,and out of it if you need to now the,desk did ship with some cable management,parts however i ended up opting for my,own but you can see here it was easy for,me to add my own pieces to help out with,cable management and adding anything,like power cables and power routers and,stuff like that and honestly again,thats the thing i love the most about,the desk is the fact that its so,customizable speaking about those,customizations lets talk about what,ive added to mine as a wedding,photographer and content creator the,customizations i need on my desk are,very specific but since the desk is so,minimal i was able to add this stuff in,and keep everything nice and clean you,can see here i added an sd card slot,reader this is the gnarbox cf card,reader so it does cf cards sd cards and,micro sd cards i also put all my cable,management in the back here and i ran,everything through the back by my,speaker stance my monitor also has usb,slots in it so i have a lot of,customization there and then i run,everything off to the side where i have,other cables and i can keep those hidden,away and keep my desk area looking,beautiful i also topped off the desk,with some growth made accessories like,these cup holders to help keep the desk,clean and also minimal so the desk,hasnt been a dream to use honestly the,five months ive been using it i,honestly need to get a desk for my wife,and shes been asking for one for the,longest time as well they also make,things like standing desks so theres a,lot of options with branch which is why,honestly im going to be sticking with,them in the future when i upgrade my,office space now one of the hardest,things about being a wedding,photographer is editing photos for hours,and hours and hours but one thing its,made it much easier for me is the branch,ergonomic chair hands down honestly like,totally honestly,this chair has been the most ergonomic,chair i have personally owned and im,coming from a herman miller and maybe i,didnt know how to use that specifically,but this is easy to build easy to set up,and nice to sit in you can see im im,using it right now,it is hands down one of the best chairs,i have ever owned now the thing i like,most about the ergonomic chair is the,fact that you can get it in different,colors most of the time office chairs,look super lame theyre just black or,some other color and thats it but you,can pick different colors for the frame,which is absolutely amazing and great,for fitting the vibe of your office,space again a beautiful office space,will help you complete your work better,which i do have a video about that which,you should check out right up above the,chair runs about 330 dollars which is,very affordable comparative to some of,your herman millers and other chairs of,that caliber and like i said again i,owned a herman miller but this is on par,with it in my opinion for my chair i got,white framing and black seats and i,absolutely love how it fits my space,theres adjustable lumbar support the,arms are easy to adjust with little,triggers so you can raise them and lower,them the tops of the arms also can be,pushed forward or back and everything,about the chair as far as adjusting it,for how you sit is super easy to set up,another thing thats worked out really,well for me with this stairs the fact,that it really helps with your posture i,dont usually have bad posture i,actually have really good posture but,the seat really fits how i sit and,honestly it helps me work for hours and,hours on end yall have personally seen,it in my live streams the fact that i,can hold down a five hour live stream is,mainly because of this chair here,assembling the chair was pretty easy as,well however i personally made a mistake,and didnt see the directions in the box,so i had to do it myself while i was,able to i did it in the wrong order and,it made it

TRANSFORMING MY ROOM INTO AN ART STUDIO *dream home office makeover with Branch*

hey guys whats up and welcome back to,my channel i hope you guys are doing,great in todays video im going to be,creating a space dedicated to art as you,guys know i do a lot of different kinds,of crafts like polymer clay charms slime,squishies and a whole bunch of other,different stuff recently ive also,gotten into digital art so i wanted to,create a dedicated space where i can,have everything that i need all,organized and also a space where i can,edit all of my videos so yeah i thought,itd be really fun to show you guys the,whole process from start to finish on,how i created this really cozy and zen,art studio i do want to let you guys,know that this video is in collaboration,with branch furniture they were very,kind enough to send me their amazing,desk and chair which you guys will see,in a minute but im gonna have all of,their links in the description box so be,sure to check it out and also we are,going to be doing a giveaway over on my,instagram all things nim so if you would,like to enter be sure to check out my,instagram im gonna have the link for,that in the description box as well i,hope you guys enjoy this video if you do,enjoy it be sure to give it a big thumbs,up,and with that all being said now lets,get started with this room,transformation,[Music],this is the space where im going to be,creating the art studio it has a really,big window which brings in a lot of,daylight in the summertime this room is,really bright right now its kind of,gloomy and sad because i live in canada,and its really cold at the moment,first things first were gonna get some,new furniture branch was really kind to,send me two of their desks and a chair,so the first desk i picked out is their,office desk in the table top color wood,grain the legs are powder white and its,like the largest size that they have the,second desk that i picked out is their,standing desk in the table top color,wood grain the legs are white and again,i picked this in the executive size,which is the largest for the chair i,picked out their ergonomic chair in the,color gray if you guys are interested in,buying a new desk or chair you can use,my coupon code nim 5 for 5,off,brandts delivery was exceptionally fast,everything came so well packaged it was,not damaged at all not even a scratch,which was honestly very surprising,because sometimes when you buy furniture,online there is a chance that your piece,will either come damaged or scratched so,10 on 10 for the delivery i opened up,the boxes and recycled them and here i,have everything laid out just so that i,have an idea on where i want things to,be,now we can start assembling the,furniture so i started with the,ergonomic chair and this took me i think,about 15 minutes in total to assemble it,was very fast and easy,while you guys watch me assemble this i,want to talk a little bit about this,chair and why i picked it as you guys,know i do a lot of arts and crafts i,film videos i edit them so i can be,sitting on my chair for eight nine hours,straight and that can be really bad for,your posture the thing that i love about,this chair is that it has lumber support,so it encourages good posture the chair,overall is very adjustable so you can,adjust the armrest the seat height the,tilt tilt tensions see depth and then,you can also adjust the lumbar rest so,basically you will get the maximum,amount of comfort,i can tell you guys this first hand that,this chair is super comfortable i sat on,it and i was blown away i love this gray,color and the overall design its very,clean and it goes so well with my,aesthetic,next im going to assemble the office,desk this was really simple and easy i,think it took me only like 30 minutes,the reason why i picked the office desk,is because of the design the first time,i saw this desk i was like oh my gosh i,need to have it because it is so clean,and sleek im absolutely in love with,this table top color its so beautiful,and it goes again really well with my,aesthetic,finally im going to assemble the,standing desk this was again very easy,to assemble i think it took me about 45,minutes,a standing desk is adjustable in height,which means you can work while you sit,or stand,like i was saying earlier i can be,sitting on my chair for eight nine hours,straight and that can be so tiring just,sitting in one position,so having a standing desk is a great,investment because you can work while,you stand and its great for your,overall posture and health,one key feature that really caught my,eye about both of these desks is the,impact and stain resistant tabletop now,if im being honest with you guys i can,be very clumsy uh i have spelled a lot,of things on my desk and having a stain,resistant top really gives me like peace,of mind that im not gonna end up,damaging it,[Music],[Music],ive assembled the furniture and now it,is time for us to start setting up the,art studio i wanted to add in some,greenery so i bought these artificial,vines from amazon and im gonna put,these up with some tape,[Music],now im going to put up these white,sheer curtains that i bought these are,also from amazon,[Music],this is what the room looks like so far,as you can see its coming together on,one wall i have the office desk and then,on the other i have the standing one im,gonna start by setting up the standing,desk so i went ahead and plugged it in,and this is the controller now using,this controller you can save up to four,customizable heights this makes it very,effortless because you dont have to,keep pressing the button,with the click of a button i was able to,adjust the height it was that simple and,fast,[Music],on this desk im going to be editing all,of my videos so im going to go ahead,and set up my computer the desk does,have a cable port which is very helpful,in organizing all of your wires,now for some decor on the left side of,the desk i put up this piece of wall art,i also added a lamp this is from amazon,this planter that i made in a diy video,my bluetooth speaker and then this,little crate that is filled with washi,tape,finally i added a sailor moon funko pop,on the right side i placed a butterfly,frame then im going to put all of my,journals this is a pen organizer from,amazon in which im going to put all of,my pen pencils and highlighters,[Music],i also added this little fake plant,and this wooden tray i got from the,dollar store on which im going to put,my apple watch and air pods,now im going to set up the office desk,and on this desk im going to do all of,my art so whether its drawing making,polymer clay charms anything related to,art im going to be doing on this desk,the wall situation was very plain and,boring so i added a pin board and then a,bunch of different art prints,on the right side of the desk im,placing this wooden chest and on top of,it im going to place my acrylic paints,in this little plastic organizer i have,all of my jewelry findings on top of it,i am putting my sailor venus funko pop,on the left side im going to organize,all of my different pens pencils and,markers that i would need when im,drawing,[Music],[Music],i needed storage for all of my other,supplies so next to the office desk i am,placing this drawer unit on top of it,im just going to put my cricut explorer,air 2,now lets start organizing my art,supplies in the first drawer im going,to put all of my sketchbooks colored,pencils uh pens and pencils pretty much,everything that i use when im drawing,[Music],[Music],in the second drawer im going to,organize all of my tools so we have,polymer clay tools rolling pins paint,brushes dotting tools,we also have like cookie cutters molds,these are things that i use when im,making my polymer clay charms,in this drawer im going to organize all,of my different clays so we have polymer,clay eraser making clay air dry clay,and then i also am going to put my,what do you call it chalk pastels in,here,[Music],this is going to be my embellishment,drawer so im going to put all of my,different glitters sprinkles pearl beads,and yeah j

5 Best Office Chairs Weve Tested Under $300

if youre looking for the best bang for,your buck under that 300 mark then this,video is perfect for you ive tested,over 20 chairs under this price point,and in this video im gonna show you my,five picks for the best office chairs,under 300 bucks the first chair were,going to look at is the o-line ergo pro,which we picked up for,299.99 off of amazon and this is going,to be my suggestion for those of you,that are looking at an all mesh design,just because it does have a lot of nice,things going for it i mean it is,advertised as having a world-class,mechanism and a premium gas cylinder i,would disagree with that i dont think,that anything on this chair is premium,but thats probably to be expected for a,chair under that 300 mark with inflation,the way that it is its tough to find a,lot of bang for your buck in this price,range but i do think youre getting a,decent product here some nice,adjustments three-way arms a decent,synchro tilt recline mechanism,adequate range and you also get a nice,headrest with,a big,adjustment range and also tilting,capability so if youre looking for an,all-mesh chair with a headrest this can,definitely be a nice option i dont,think that the seat and the back are,extremely comfortable im not huge fans,of a huge fan of all mesh seats but i do,think its similar in comfort with other,mesh chairs even more expensive ones so,i dont think youre missing out too,much on the seat the back does kind of,have a crease design so depending on how,tall you are it might hit you in a funny,place but otherwise i do think its a,pretty well-rounded chair and definitely,worth the 300 that youre being asked to,pay,next up weve got the takova ergonomic,chair which we also picked up on amazon,and this one was only 219,in,and to be honest im pretty impressed,with this chair for only 200 it does,come with a very limited warranty one,year of coverage on the chair but thats,kind of made up just by the replacement,cost being so small you dont need a ton,of coverage on a chair this cheap but,the reason i picked this chair is just,because it has nice overall comfort so,it has a nice padded seat its not,high-end foam by any means but it was,comfortable for the duration that i use,the chair i mean eventually this type of,foam will bottom out but youre probably,going to get a year or two out of this,before it becomes uncomfortable,it also has a pretty comfortable back,rest with two-way adjustable lumbar,support so youre going to get height,adjustment its a little bit difficult,to do,but once you kind of get it you can move,it up and down then you can use this,knob to dial it in or out which i,thought was pretty unique for a chair at,this price point then the mesh backrest,is pretty comfortable you get a nice,headrest,tilts and you do get height adjustment,make sure to be really careful because,they dont put a stop in this you can,literally pull this headrest out which i,have done a couple times but the,headrest does have some nice padding and,its very comfortable and i like the,recline range it has a huge recline,range even farther than what the,headrest is allowing me to but you can,see how far i can go back nice three-way,arm so overall just a pretty,well-rounded chair for 219 bucks next up,weve got the ikea marcus which,currently sells for 249,now a couple very cool things about the,ikea marcus its going to separate it,from the rest of the chairs in this,group is a its return policy you can,return this chair up to a year after you,bought it so if you dont like it after,10 months you can put it back in the box,and return it and youre also going to,get a 10 year warranty which covers,everything on the chair on the markers,which youre not going to find on any of,the chairs that we looked at today so,from a policy standpoint the marcus,definitely stands out from the crowd the,one thing that i really like about the,marcus is going to be the recline,function it has a really nice deep,recline kind of reminds me of some,higher end chairs not quite like an,aeron but this is as close as youre,going to find a something like that in,this price range you can see how far i,dip down and its very comfortable just,to recline in the chair now i will say,that the lumpar is a little bit,intrusive i would probably try to find a,way to take this out if i was going to,use this chair but i do like the high,back design the headrest hits me nicely,and so you are supported all the time,the armrests i mean theyre not great,lets be honest theyre just loop arms,with really crappy padding but a lot of,people do just remove these arms,completely which i think would make them,a lot better for tasking overall as a,chair you could pull it up to your desk,a lot easier so the seat is nice well,padded overall a pretty comfortable,chair with a nice recline and some great,policies,the fourth chair were looking at is,going to be the branch task chair which,they are currently selling for,279 dollars and the reason i picked this,chair is i just think its a very,well-rounded task chair in general it,doesnt have a ton of functions but none,of the chairs in this list do but,overall its just a nice comfortable,chair for you know four hours or less of,tasking has a nice padded seat no hard,edges its going to be comfortable for,most people in my opinion it also has a,nice back rest not super flexible like,higher end mesh and i do think that the,lumbar is kind of useless it doesnt do,a ton in terms of offering support but,you do get a nice recline range and i do,think that the backrest curve in general,is enough to give you good support while,youre working upright or when youre,reclining the armrests arent adjustable,just height so youre not going to get,you know depth or pivot or any of that,but the arm caps are decently soft,decently comfortable overall i just,think its a pretty comfortable chair,and being said it has a five year,warranty on most of the chair with three,years of coverage on the upholstery i,think that youre getting pretty good,value for 279 dollars,and the final chair were going to look,at today is going to be my number one,pick for a chair under 300 and this is,actually the least expensive chair on,our list at 209.99,which is what we paid on amazon and this,is going to be the clatina millet and,the reason that this is my number one,chair is because in my opinion this was,the most comfortable chair and it was,the most adjustable chair that i tested,in this price range and it also has a,decent warranty five years on the,majority of the chair two years of,coverage on some components one year on,the caster so overall youre getting,coverage on the entirety of the chair,for some period of time but this is,really a unique chair in my opinion,because,its definitely a copy of the steel case,leap and if youve seen our other videos,you know how much we love the leap chair,and this is basically just a knock off,of it you know every component is far,less in terms of quality as compared to,the leap the warranty is nowhere near,the leap the return policies somewhat,comparable but overall the functionality,was a copy of the leap and the look was,a copy of the leap and this chair,actually has,five position tilt limiter with this,knob here which is very similar to the,leaps knob and so youre gonna get five,different positions that you can lock,your recline in which is very unique for,a chair in this range and youre also,getting a pretty dynamic,recline system you can see that when i,recline back my seat is moving forward,like the leap chair does this just keeps,you in a nice ergonomic position youre,getting three-way adjustable arms and,youre getting decently soft arm caps,theyre not hard plastic but theyre not,super soft so overall i found them to be,pretty comfortable the chair offers,decent back support im not a huge fan,of the lumbar but you can take this,lumbar out pretty easily and i found the,chair to be much more comfortable,without that in there so,for 210 dollars its not going to be a,high-en

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