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Brand New Cherry Flavor Netflix Series Review

one of the craziest shows ive ever,watched on netflix what is up netflix,fans welcome back to the channel and,brand new cherry flavor is the new,series that just dropped on the platform,and oh my goodness we have a lot to talk,about as you can see still on vacation,thank you guys for sticking with me if,you like this review and enjoy these,netflix reviews be sure to drop your,thumbs up down below so an aspiring film,director in the sun drenched with simi,world of 1990 los angeles embarks on a,mind-altering journey of supernatural,revenge and a rabbit hole of sex magic,revenge and kittens and how do the,kittens play into this show austin well,youre just gonna have to see lets,start with the cast i would say other,than the atmosphere that this show,captures which is just,perfect for what its trying to do the,cast is spot on eric lang is so,good in his role hes creepy at the,beginning you feel like theres,something about him you can trust but,then we slowly start to realize what the,story is about and its revolving around,rosa salazars character struggling to,try and find what she can do with her,situation and how she can,fix the problem that she has been put in,due to her situation and like the,summary says an aspiring filmmaker well,she has an opportunity but to embark on,that journey she has to do some things,that shes not comfortable with as a,viewer you are not comfortable with and,thats where catherine keeners,character comes in catherine keener,playing just this absolutely,wild amalgamation of,so many different types of characters,weve seen in the past and what she is,able to do for rosa salazars lisa what,she is attempting to correct and change,about her situation but the supernatural,element surrounding this character and,really the journey that lisa is on is so,cool it almost feels like a little bit,of david lynch here it has this,cronenberg feel at times and yes lisa is,a grounded character somewhat but shes,not necessarily good or bad she is,flawed and shes experiencing things,that,we can mostly relate to but then she,gets into more of the supernatural world,and whether it be the hallucinations or,these demonic images that we see,throughout the show and its haunting,again its atmospheric and it does such,a great job of capturing a feeling that,i havent felt all year during anything,now i will admit theres a lot of,metaphors in this show and when we,embark on this quest to take down this,person that has really agitated our main,character and us as an audience you,dont really know what to expect and you,dont know what factors that are going,to come in and really shift our story in,different directions who is actually,working for who who can you trust in,lisas situation and it just feels like,shes hopeless it feels like theres not,much she can do here but she always,finds a way out of it and that leads us,from episode to episode unexpected twist,after unexpected turn and thats what,you want with a show like this and the,story gets so creepy,and weird and youre seeing images and,really the overall imagery of the show i,mean theres a sex scene in this show,okay its one of the more um,ill use the word fascinating things,ive seen on here,nothing else like it but at the same,time,youre so engaged and one obviously you,know an aspiring director and shes in,the industry that i have a an affinity,for right so im watching this story and,kind of relating with her passion not,only wanting to make this movie but,wanting to direct this movie she gets,this opportunity but everything kind of,comes flying back in her face what is,she going to do when she is presented,with,multiple options is she going to make,the decision that is best for herself or,is she going to make the decision that,gets her into even more trouble few of,these things that were seeing,throughout this show yeah i do not want,that to be my sleep paralysis demon okay,so i guess the best way i can phrase,this is if youre a fan of someone like,a david lynch providing us with imagery,and really a story unlike anything weve,ever seen and its thrilling its,supernatural its full of horrific,images but beyond that it tries to do,something uh that really isnt like,anything else weve seen on netflix so,before i give you guys my score i want,to say thank you so much for watching,this video and sticking with me while,im out of town were still going to,review stuff brand new cherry flavor,will keep you up at night but in the,best way the haunting nature of the,story will have fans of the genre,talking and its a big recommendation,for me on netflix im going 85,again there are still some pieces of the,puzzle that i have to put together in my,head but i like the fact that the story,slowly unfolded in a way that left me,still kind of scratching my head but at,the same time satisfying its weird,but i really enjoyed this man this was,this was unlike anything you know what,im repeating myself thank you guys so,much for watching and let me know down,below are you watching brand new cherry,flavor and be sure to drop your thumbs,up on this video all right gotta go,enjoy my vacation just kidding its dark,out going to sleep actually im not does,this show its gonna keep me up tonight

Brand New Cherry Flavor – Review

brand new cherry flavor is one of the,newest flavorings on netflix i watched,it finished it,i dont know if i liked it,hated it or loved it,lets talk about it,this mini series kind of reminded me of,mid-summer i watched mid-summer had a,pretty unpleasant time throughout the,whole thing it reminded me of having the,stomach flu where i didnt like anything,i was looking at but once it was all,over it stayed with me,and so by that standard i guess it was,impactful and maybe i should appreciate,it and now part of me likes mid-summer a,lot and brand new cherry flavor has a,similar feel although i never felt like,sick watching the show it definitely,gives you an uneasy vibe here and there,the shows protagonist is lisa nova,played by rosa salazar shes an,inspiring up-and-coming director who,made a short film so damn good a,director slash producer already took,notice in hollywood lou burke is the,character hes played by eric lang and,hes just having a ball with this role,he gets to play a uptight douchey,producer who,who knows he can take advantage of new,talent so lisa and lu meet up they come,to an understanding about how things are,going to work with her film how shes,going to be the director hes going to,produce the thing theyre going to find,top tier talent and so on things go,south very quickly though when lou,starts to back out of that commitment,leaving lisa feeling used unwelcome and,pretty pissed off the first episode is,by far the most traditional and its,pretty boring honestly its a slow burn,show for the first couple but i think,its definitely worth your time,if youre into twisted,graphic weird storytelling which i guess,i am thats me now thats where im at,thanks thanks shitty movies in the last,decade youre making me go way out of my,comfort zone and by way out of my,comfort zone i mean there is stuff that,happens in this that uh on paper sounds,disgusting and upon watching is even,worse im being vague because i went,into this fresh i didnt see a single,trailer i just started watching it,because the poster was gross and looked,interesting and captivated me and,netflix series are far better than their,movies so i knew going in this could,possibly be really good for those that,have seen the show and just want to hear,what i thought more in detail ill get,to that in a little bit ill let you,know so the entire premise of the show,is lisas burned by lou she wants to get,revenge on him and she finds,unconventional means to do that in,theres some gross imagery theres some,jump scares here and there theres a,kind of a weird vibe to the whole thing,its a little unsettling so if that,sounds like something right up your,alley i would absolutely recommend this,show if you get squeamish easy,if you dont like the sight of a couple,of gory things per episode i would maybe,walk away from this one for me though,this worked i like the 90s aesthetic i,like the surreal images we get in the,film the colors the the neons the things,of that nature it all kind of worked for,me is it perfect no,id still prefer to watch like stranger,things season one a little bit more up,my alley but this was cool it was,different and im all for different,right now im so sick of the stale,thats coming out these days its nice,to have something thats outside the box,even if its like way outside the box,like theres not even a box anymore you,cant even see that thing i also have to,point out catherine keeners in this she,plays a character named boro,fantastic performance i think shes so,good in this uh i just props to to,catherine for the performance anyway im,gonna jump into the spoilers now just,for a little while so if you havent,seen it i recommend going in fresh shut,this off walk away its okay its not,gonna hurt my feelings or the algorithm,i mean whatever it doesnt matter all,right for those that have seen the show,if theres any of you id love to hear,please put in the comments without you,know being too spoilerish for people,that havent the throwing up the cats,what the,like it goes on a little long i mean i,get it we dont need to see it every,single episode do we but it just never,fails the camera always is just so proud,of the fact that lisa can keep puking,these things up,once they moved her uh,her g-spot onto the side of her body and,cats started coming out that orifice oh,my god and then to take it further they,even start making love through that,thing,what the hell is happening in the show,and why am i still all in on it i,thought boros character was so,interesting and the backstory with the,panther and all that history was awesome,it was such a good reveal the fact that,she had a family that she hadnt seen in,10 years and she just casually shows up,pissed off poisons them and then goes,back to work amazing i i,the body jumping stuff the way that the,show slowly unpacked episode to episode,as im talking about it im loving it,im loving it now anytime you can mix in,supernatural stuff with some sort of a,god entity though that i eat that up,thats like my favorite genre now rosa,as lisa was probably the weakest part,for me it was so hard for me to feel,connected to the character though and,really understand,like where she was coming from i get it,in an extent but there was just,something about her that was kind of off,and i i know why by the end its because,shes you know related to this mythical,beast creature so shes not all there,shes shes kind of between both worlds,type of a character,its just its just hard for to relate,and to connect to someone like that i,really hope this gets a season two,because theres definitely more story to,tell the shot of the woman eating her,own eye after cutting it out is probably,the grossest and most favorite thing of,the episode for me or of the series for,me,its so up again if youve seen,it let me know in the comments and what,you thought if you agree with me and,thought it was a wild ride or if you,wanted to get off after about the second,episode i completely understand that as,well thanks again for watching the video,like it if you had a good time subscribe,if you havent already and hopefully,ill see you around,netflix what a,what a beautiful mess thanks for,sticking around join me on patreon if,you havent its one dollar a month or,five or 10 or 20 whatever you want to,give you get access to an exclusive show,called the cringe its its satirical,its funny its silly its its for your,entertainment or you can hit that join,button right here on youtube and become,a member that way you also get access to,the same stuff id appreciate it shows,your support and it keeps the lights on,here all right take care

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Brand New Cherry Flavor Netflix Limited Series Review

Hoo-hoo, that was an experience. ,Brand New Cherry Flavor is a new Netflix limited series that is twisted,and strange. But is it good?,An aspiring film director in the sun drenched,but seemy world of 90s Los Angeles embarks on a mind,altering journey of supernatural revenge that gets nightmarishly out of control.,This is based on the book by Todd Grimson, and I havent read it.,So this review is going to solely encompass what is shown in the series.,But if the book is anywhere near what is displayed here, its,got to be the stuff of nightmares. ,Rosa Salazar stars as Lisa Nova.,Shes a talented but novice filmmaker who arrives in L.A.,for a possible breakthrough directing gig.,She quickly discovers the entertainment industry is full of wolves,,and if shes not strong, shes going to be eaten.,Theres a quiet intensity that she brings to her character.,Catherine Keener plays Boro, a mysterious tattoo artist,whos way more than just that. ,Shes dark, wickedly strange and off-putting,,and she gives new meaning to the term crazy cat lady.,She and Lisa have this oddly dysfunctional relationship,that draws them to each other repeatedly throughout the story.,Eric Lange plays Lou, a movie producer who meets with Lisa to get her movie made.,He also turns out to be not such a nice guy.,Hes rich, arrogant, sleazy and always putting on airs.,Its hard to know if he can do the things he claims in the entertainment industry,or if its all just spin. ,He also has some dry comedy that he delivers.,Theres a good level of sarcastic wit that feels extremely natural from him.,And while were not supposed to like him, ,there are some brief moments where some sympathy can be extended.,Each of these leads have an intensity to them,that is palpable, but all in different ways.,There are other players that come in and out of the story,with varied importance, but these three are the main drivers.,Now, this is a pretty graphic film. ,You dont want to be eating while watching this.,And Im not easily grossed out, but this one did push some buttons for me,more than a few times. ,Im not going to get into specifics, but body horror is a major component,of what we witness in this. ,So many of the things we watch are just wildly grotesque and messed up.,Now, the filmmaking is engrossing. ,Theres a good use of darkness and shadows, but also there will be,these slowly flickering or even flashing overhead lights,,almost like theyre pulsing. ,And this has a weird and hypnotic effect on the scenes.,The show also features wonky angles to keep us off balance.,And the camera slowly spins at times to show us how,certain substances are affecting the characters point of view.,Its disconcerting, but its also effective.,The special effects are done really well. ,Theres a thing we see that could be a mix of practical effects and CGI.,But the way they have it ,skip frames to give it very jerky movements is creepily dark.,And sometimes the show mixes whimsical music with a very dark scene,to create just this off kilter atmosphere.,And there are times where it feels like they took the weirdness of Twin Peaks,and then smashed it together with a gory and psychologically deranged,Clive Barker story, and then took acid to get the final draft.,And thats meant to be a compliment also. ,Lisa is on a seemingly self-destructive journey in an effort to get revenge.,Shes a very driven and committed character,,and Salazar really dives into the role.,Theres an odd depravity mixed with sweetness that emanates from her.,She switches back and forth in emotions rather quickly and with ease,,which is ultimately very distressing.,Within the story, theres an element of magic or mysticism and folklore,that helps to shape the narrative. ,I do think, however, that the story takes quite a while,to get to where we understand what all is going on.,It requires a lot of patience to go through the visceral and bizarre imagery,to get to the point. ,But once the story gets us there, I really was enjoying it.,Its an art house, bizarre horror that is raw and monstrously graphic.,The pace is kind of uneven as there are parts that move rather quickly,and then other times where the story almost seems to halt spending a great deal,of time on something that just ultimately isnt as impactful as it made out to be.,There are also a few minor characters that feel unnecessary.,One, for example, is the girlfriend of a new director.,Shes almost always wrapped in gauze bandages from some serious facial,plastic surgery, and she doesnt add anything to the dialog.,The only reason I can see her being included is for a visual representation,of how vapid and self-concerned the entertainment industry can be.,The limited series is eight episodes with each of them about 40 to 50 minutes long.,This is a slow descent into madness, not only for the characters,,but for us as the audience. ,We were exposed to so much that it can mess with your head a little bit.,I want to say that I enjoy the character transition of Lisa Nova,,but thats hard to do. ,The journey is engaging, but its also so darkly twisted,that to use the word “enjoy” makes me sound a bit sadistic.,Now, the acting by Salazar and really from each of the actors,was executed in a way that truly sucked me into their performances.,I was hard pressed to like a lot of them as characters, ,but they did create memorable ones. ,Now, I wasnt terribly thrilled with the ending. ,There wasnt as clear of a resolution as I would have liked.,Especially given that this is a limited series.,If its not answered here, I highly doubt any further explanation,is going to be coming. ,While we get to see growth with Lisa, which then affects her motivations,and actions, the series feels like it just ended.,Not really accomplishing anything especially given all the buildup.,For me, too much happens to have everything basically unresolved,,except for Lisa growing in confidence and understanding of who she is.,There is so much that occurs that messes with peoples lives to have,the story just end the way it did. ,Overall, this is a ,grotesquely visual horror that is meant to titillate and repulse.,The acting is deeply committed with characters that are richly engaging,and wildly flawed. ,The character progressions are mostly not positive, but they can be entertaining.,And even though I was entranced ,by the visceral imagery and disturbing atmosphere, the ending let me down.,Its not even writhing in ambiguity, but rather just suffering,from a lack of payoff. ,Now, maybe youll find the ending satisfying or even fitting,if you decide to check it out. ,There is a bunch of sex, nudity, profanity and horridly,gross violence of just about every sort.,I give Brand New Cherry Flavor three out of five couches.,So whats the most disturbing horror youve ever seen?,Let me know in the comments below. This should be fun, right?,If you enjoyed the review, please give it a like.,Also, dont forget to share and subscribe. ,Im Chris. This is Movies and Munchies. Thanks for couching with me.

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Drag Queens Trixie Mattel & Katya React to Brand New Cherry Flavor | I Like to Watch | Netflix

– I got somethin for you.,(spooky cartoon music),Its scary music.,♪ Spooky, scary skeletons ♪,♪ Send shivers down your spine ♪,♪ Shrieking skulls will shock your soul ♪,♪ Seal your doom tonight ♪,- This is gonna make me kill myself.,This is gonna be the thing that sets me over the edge.,(spooky music),I wanna light this on fire.,♪ Spooky, scary ♪,(lighthearted chime),- Hi, Im Trixie Mattel.,- And Im Katya.,- (ghoul imitation) We are two queens who like to watch.,- (wraith impersonation) Ooooh. Yes we doooo.,- And today, we are watching a program Ive not seen,called, “Brand New Cherry Flavor.”,- I know all about this. I watched it.,- [Trixie Mattel] Okay.,- It was a fan request.,Theyve been requesting this thing for over a year.,Probably one of the nastiest series Ive ever watched,in my entire life.,- Nasty, like what?,- Nasty, like, youll see, bitch.,- Sexy?,- Its sexy. Its gross.,Its pulpy, its splashy, its soapy, its bizarre.,Ill tell you, its everything but boring.,(Katya rasps and hacks),This (beep) rotted pig comes to work sick.,How do you like that?,- (laughing) I know.,You coughing up actual black tar…,With cigarette earrings…,(Katya coughs),- COVID negative, but death positive.,- And why dont we just be thankful that Im even alive?,Cause last Halloween, I didnt even make it here.,- Thank you.,- So, I spent Halloween,in the hospital– – Oh, with your appendix out.,- Watching “The Exorcist.”,This is somebody who even at your best health,,doesnt wanna come to work. – Thats true.,- So lets hear it in the house for Katya,for being sick today. (hands clapping),(minisule crew clapping) – Thank you. Yeah.,- Two people.,- Two people. – 25 people here, they said.,(Katya chuckles),(slow spooky organ music),(thunder and lightning booming),And I just wanna say, spoilers ahead.,- Yeah. – If youve not seen this.,- Yeah. – Go watch it and come back.,(lighthearted chime),I can tell its the 90s, cause that check says 90.,- Oh, right!,Up and coming aspiring filmmaker, Lisa Nova,,is given a check by a producer,to option her short film into a feature.,Now, her short film, it was very compelling,,for reasons that well find out later.,- Okay.,(Trixie gasping),- Do you want? – What?,- Shes in Hollywood in the 90s, baby.,- Lets just say if you want plastic surgery,,you shouldnt wish for 90s plastic surgery.,- No, you dont want your whole head wrapped up?,(Blonde women tittering),- Its kinda sickening.,She looks happy. – It is.,Yeah, she is happy.,- So, is it legit?,- Nothing seems shady to me.,- You should get a lawyer.,- [Katya] Hello. – I cant afford a lawyer.,- She cant afford a lawyer.,- Mmmmm. – So, does the contract,protect me as the director?,- Lisa Natasha Nova are directing the movie.,- Oof, contracts.,- She shouldnt have did it.,(Blonde women clap in unison) – So you think I can meet him?,- Oh, I love her!,(Trixie gasps) (Katya slaps),- Ive been waiting for the right moment to say hello.,- Mary, this is where we get to meet Catherine Keener,,who plays Boro, a scraggly-haired cat-lady witch,,who summoned Lisa to Hollywood.,This woman really turns it.,- Who are you?,- Im Boro.,- Can you hold my cat? – A cat at the nightclub?,- Yeah. – What is it you do?,- For you?,I could hurt someone.,(Trixie gasping) – Yeah.,- Wow. Wow, Bethenny. Wow.,- Theres a lot of stuff goin on.,We got tattoos goin on.,- [Trixie] This seems like your kind of show.,- It really is.,Its sort of like–,- Oh, my kinda toenail. – It is your kinda show.,Thats your kinda toe.,- Lacquered corn chips with a point.,So, weve got a bald in the garden,,weve got Boros zombie henchmen.,And Lisa comes to hire Boro for her services,,after she is assaulted by Lou, the sleazy producer.,- You said you could hurt someone for me.,(Trixie gasps) – [Katya] Yep.,- Wheres my cat?,- [Katya] Wheres my cat?,- Boro doesnt like cash payments, okay?,Shes a different kinda lady.,So shes gonna take her payment in an alternative route.,(Lisa coughing and gagging),- [Trixie] What?!,- Now it wants to be born.,- Catherine Keener seems fun.,- Oh yeah.,- Catherine, if youre watching this,,you should just, right here in the middle,of the couch. (Blonde women patting couch) – Yeah, here we go.,(Lisa gasping and shuddering),(Katya clapping) – What?,Honestly, she shouldve got a rescue.,I just think its irresponsible.,Just like, you could get a rescue.,(lighthearted chime),Im gonna say something that everybody can just, whatever.,Cats are (beep) gross.,- There you go.,Its true. I agree a 100%.,- I walk into someones home, I go…,(sniffing),Oh, do you have a cat here?,- Yeah. – Oh, I could smell,because of the urine, the feces.,- Yeah, is there a giant bowl full of sand,and cat (beep) in your bathroom?,Thats open.,- Just open to the air, and to the elements.,- Open air, cat (beep) sand bowl?,- And you know where they put it when youre in your 20s?,They put it in the bathroom.,So then you go to the bathroom to pee and youre like,,”Theres a pile of (beep) in here.”,- Yeah.,(lighthearted chime),(eerie music),(unearthly screeching),Yeah.,- What? – Yeah.,In order to complete the spell,,shes gotta go get some personal items from Lou.,Shes gotta get some pubic hair, some other stuff.,Drink a rotten stew.,Theres a whole lot to do.,- Pubes? – In under, and I think,shes got 24 hours.,- Oh my god, its giving, “Into The Woods.”,In, “Into The Woods,” he makes you go get,the cow as white as milk,,the blah, blah, blah. – Oh.,- Oh, god. – Oh, god.,(lighthearted chime),- Well, normally I would have you pay in cash,,but this isnt really a normal situation, is it?,- You want me to pay you in kittens?,- All right, so shes doin Boros bidding.,Shes collected the items. Lets see what happens.,- What do you want with them?,- When this is done, will all the weird (beep) stop?,- What weird (beep)?,(Blonde women chortling),- What do you do with problems?,- What weird (beep)?,(Katya wheezing),- [Boro] Drink.,- What is it?,- Medicine. – I dont know about witches.,- [Boro] Go back inside him.,(sinister music),(Trixie gasping) Into his house.,- [Trixie] Oh my God! (eerie music),(Trixie gasping),(frightening music) (eerie voice laughing),- What was in that?,- [Katya] Blood.,(scary music),(Trixie gasping),(Lisa groaning),(strange voice speaking indistinctly),(Lisa heaving),- When I was a kid, I took too many Flintstones Vitamins,and had to get my stomach pumped.,And it was exactly like this. (Katya giggling),(eerie shuffling),- [Katya] Oh God.,- Hi. Hey.,- Hey, howre yall doing?,(eerie shuffling),- Its here.,(ominous whistling),- [Trixie] Wow!,(Lisa yelling and groaning),(lighthearted chime),This show is like if “Goosebumps,”,were done by David Lynch.,(mysterious organ music) Thats kinda the vibe.,Thats kinda the vibe. – Its giving,,”Chilling Adventures of Sabrina,”,without “Hey Mickey.”,- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.,Oh, I love how we are just giving orange.,Cause look how much we are matching today.,(ghostly music),Whatever is happening?,- I cant, weve never matched so well.,- [Katya] Never, its crazy.,- Are you fond of orange?,- Im not.,I think its a horrible color. – I like it as like,makeup stuff.,I think its a hard color to wear.,- Yeah, I think its rotten.,- But I think were figuring it out.,- Yeah. (lighthearted chime),Like any good witch in Boyle Heights,,the kittens that Lisa pukes out grow up to adulthood,really quick and Boro sucks out the blood and drinks it.,- Ahhhh. (Katya deeply sipping and drinking),- [Trixie] Drinking cat blood?,- Yep, puked up cat blood. – I dont know about that.,- Its one thing he inject someone with dog blood.,- Yeah, thats “Ma.”,- Its another thing- – “Ma” had a reason. You know?,- [Trixie] Look at the nails.,- [Katya] I know. Catherine Keeners so fierce.,- This is your equivalent of sitting outside,,smoking on Twitter, on your phone. (inhaling) Mmmmm.,[Trixie] Wow.,- Mmm. I think thats, that “Brand New Cherry Flavor.”,- The cat blood? – Yeah, yeah.,- This is actually kind of pretty.,- Okay, so in order to accelerate

Brand New Cherry Flavor NETFLIX HORROR TV SERIES *Spoiler free review | Spookyastronauts

hi my name is emma and lets talk spooky,stuff,its rare when a tv show can leave you,completely speechless but netflix new,limited series brand new cherry flavor,is a ride like no other the show follows,lisa nova a badass aspiring film,director who runs from her mysterious,past to la she hopes to embark on a,journey to get her big break but,hollywood is harsh and its not long,before the reality of her dreams are,thrown in her face seeking closure lisa,calls on a new acquaintance that she,meets very oddly at a party to help get,her revenge but this new journey turns,out to be rather toxic and her decisions,result in taboo spells supernatural,danger sex magic and of course kittens,brand new cherry flavor comes from the,same creators of channel 0 the act and,one of the creators who was the writer,on the upcoming highly anticipated,horror film antlers the mystery horror,series has a very interesting feel to it,in regards to the time period and i,guess the world its set in it is set in,90s hollywood but because of its ability,to blend reality with fantasy youre,left feeling like youre watching a show,thats in a whole different reality or a,whole different version of our planet,earth and thats one of the things that,makes this show so catchy lisa is not,good nor evil and just like her we are,unaware of the correct path to take so,were watching her trying to navigate,these strange circumstances in this town,that echoes hollywood it is hollywood,but it just has such a strange,surrealist tone to it meanwhile were,watching her get tangled up in these,fantastical consequences but perhaps the,most interesting thing about this series,is it does have strong metaphors but,its not what were used to instead of,having heavy-handed messages that are,kind of shoved down the viewers throat,theyre replaced with objects or,characters or kittens for example i,cant show this obviously but one of the,most bizarre intense,strangest things ive ever seen on,screen was the sex scene during this,series i promise youll never be able to,guess what im talking about it was,insane something that is so,uncomfortable to watch but i could not,look away this is just one of those,moments in the show that takes this,unexpected turn into this metaphor and,in this case about sexual gratification,but they just choose to prove their,point in the most bizarre way possible,the show has a very dark sinister yet,satisfying allure and of course during,all of these strange metaphors were,following lisa and as i said before,shes not good or evil shes completely,flawed and in turn realistic to the,viewer so when you tie her into these,odd situations it deepens the shows,strange juxtaposition between reality,and full-blown fantasy nothing is off,limits in brand new cherry flavor but,perhaps my favorite part or the most,strangely sinister part is catherine,keeners character whos one of the most,complex and complicated characters of,all time her performance is stunning and,terrifying at the exact same time it,falls somewhere between something that,is really interesting and mysterious but,you dont want to get too close this,whole show just has such a distinct feel,to it where youre getting sucked in by,the madness but somehow its all making,sense so again she has the balance of,this bizarre world with a hint of,realism and,its just strange but so hypnotizing i,think the reason this works is because,we go into horrors and thrillers with a,kind of an idea of what were going to,expect and how much realism or,surrealism theres gonna be we prepare,ourselves with the subject matter or the,subgenre of how much we have to suspend,our beliefs but brand new cherry flavor,does not play by the same rules in fact,it leads into uncanny valley polar,express where everything feels almost,real but just that bit off that makes,you feel deeply uncomfortable but its,also mysterious and interesting and,completely unique something that i love,about this is obviously it is completely,unpredictable especially with the,metaphors that i was talking about,earlier so its kind of like youre just,wanting to watch more because its just,so bonkers the tv show really does dance,somewhere between cronenberg hiley,cronenberg and creepshow its like this,strange mix but then also has this drama,element but believe it or not the show,does not rely on randomness to create,shocks as ive mentioned a few times the,series is riddled with metaphors but you,will be happy to know that it takes its,time unwinding the mystery and there is,a complete backstory so what were left,with may seem kooky and wacky but it,does make a weird amount of sense the,show isnt throwing some shocking,imagery and kittens at you just to be,random it really has a purpose and has a,backstory to each and every character,brand new cherry flavor has a midnight,color palette i mean thats when all the,spooky stuff goes down after all it has,deep shadows blue blacks and deep,contrast it also utilizes some amazing,cgi to create some of the fantasy,aspects not only is it a thrilling story,but they really do have the visuals to,back it up and you wont believe your,ears you wont believe your eyes,it is,something else,from the moment i started watching brand,new cherry flavor i was hooked its,strangely dark and has a great message,behind it about toxicity and being bound,to our hatred as ive mentioned the show,does have some strong,scenes and some disturbing aspects so,ive actually left some trigger warnings,at the bottom of the description bar if,you do want to check them out if youre,worried about anything in particular,that youre sensitive to please do check,them out i dont want to say them out,loud because some of them may be,spoilers this series is eight episodes,long and for those who are craving a,dark fantasy with many turns get ready,to throw your rule book out the window,because this is truly something new,fresh and thoroughly enjoyable one thing,i do promise is that every single,individual episode is unpredictable this,is,something else and i am so excited for,you guys to check it out i really really,enjoyed this series and i did not expect,to which is the best kind of reveal you,can ask for i love the performances i,loved the metaphors and how different,they approached that because i know,thats a problem that a lot of people,dont like a lot of people dont like,heavy-handed metaphors so i thought this,was really creative and then it also has,like a actual story that you know,threads it all together so i think its,very well thought out i cant wait for,you guys to check it out i got an early,preview it does hit netflix on the day,that this is going up so on the 13th of,august,good luck and enjoy the madness guys i,cant wait to hear your thoughts if you,have seen brand new cherry flavor let me,know what you thought down below,obviously its very hard to talk about,without giving away spoilers and i was,asked not to talk about the kittens at,all so i didnt,but let me know all your thoughts what,you liked about it what you didnt down,below if you have seen it by the time,youre watching this i highly recommend,this series to anyone who likes dark and,surreal horror mysteries i hope youre,having a fantastic day and ill talk to,you all very soon stay safe and stay,spooky bye friends,[Music],you


lick a toad and vomit out a cat because,we have one of the strangest shows ive,ever seen netflixs brand new cherry,flavor is a wild ride of blood magic and,revenge that is so twisted it had me,questioning what im doing with my life,so naturally i decided to do a video on,it in this video well be taking a deep,dive into brand new cherry flavor,answering some of its most unanswered,questions and whatever the hell this is,now if you havent seen the show this,video might be a bit hard to follow but,thats simply because the show is,absolutely insane and before we begin,make sure to like and subscribe,seriously only seven percent of you are,subscribed because who knows what messed,up shows ill be covering next the final,episode aptly titled bodies begins five,months before the main events of the,show boro a 900 year old witch from the,jungles of south america performs tarot,when she senses an odd presence well,later learn shes sensing the shows,protagonist lisa nova you see borrow is,looking for a new host in episode 6 we,learn about boros origin story 900,years ago boro who at the time was a man,encountered a white jaguar in the jungle,who was imbued with a magical spirit,they had sex because thats what you do,when you encounter a spirit jaguar and,it must have been so good that the,jaguar imparted to him a bit of her,power he becomes this great warrior and,leader until one day he learns of a,rival army on its way to destroy him so,the jaguar makes him an offer the,ability to see where his enemies are in,exchange for him sacrificing his wife,the princess but boro wants to have his,cherry-flavored cake and eat it too he,attempts to trick the jaguar by offering,a different woman in his wifes place,but the jaguar sees past this deceptive,ruse as a result of his treachery the,jaguar maulsboro to a bloody bulb and,just before borrow is about to die for,reasons that are unexplained in the show,boro was able to transfer himself into a,new body this is likely a result of the,small bit of jaguar spirit he had,previously been given so basically for,900 years boro has been hopping from,body to body while trying to evade the,spirit of the jaguar exactly so borah,wants lisa as her new host and lures her,in by offering her anything she wants,and lisa wants two things to get her,film back into exact revenge on,washed-up hollywood producer lou burke,you see lisa is a struggling filmmaker,who has just completed her first short,film entitled lucys eye its a funny,play on words the title lucys eye,because at the end of the film lou cant,see it gained the attention of lou who,optioned the film for ten thousand,dollars and told her she could direct,the feature but when lisa is unreceptive,to lose unwanted sexual advances he,hires a new director and takes her story,from her lisa didnt exactly have the,best friends go over her contract and,lou basically has full control to do,whatever he wants so lisa wants revenge,and borrow with her magic can give it to,her over 8 episodes we see how this tale,of revenge spirals out of control where,those close to lisa get hurt like jules,who is burned alive or her ex-boyfriend,code who is brutally stabbed in the face,the same is true for lou whose life,takes a turn for the worse he gets a,nasty eye infection his son dies only to,be returned as a zombie and he too loses,control of the movie this is all led up,to the final episode where lisa is shot,by a bounty hunter paid by lou only to,seek refuge in a trap door in her,apartment that mysteriously appeared,after she performed borrows ritual in,episode 3. in it is a white jaguar,skinned couch in episode 6 boro said,thats what the white jaguar turned into,after it was killed by the spanish yet,the spirit of the jaguar remains in a,world beyond their own lisa says of the,trapdoor that it transports her,someplace else its like i close my eyes,and,im back in brazil in fact you may have,noticed that as the episodes of the,series progress her apartment gets more,and more covered in jungle-like vines in,the basement where the door leads she,finds this faceless woman who she,believes could be her mother she spoke,to me,who borrow,my mother,or something that wants me to think its,my mother lisa herself isnt quite sure,this is actually her mother or if its,some sort of manifestation of her mother,controlled by the jaguar spirit but it,is heavily implied lisa shares some,connection with it thats why boro is,obsessed with lisa her blood somehow,sustains her thats why she takes all,those kittens as the faceless woman says,the night lisa took peyote while on her,film shoot and unlocked something within,her which is how boro sensed her but it,unlocked this door in me that,i didnt know was locked boro says of,this thing inside lisa you have,something inside you,its tasty i should also mention that in,episode 7 when the spirit touches lisa,it sucks out the poison she got from,licking that toad in episode 6. not,mentioned but implied is that the spirit,then gives that poison to boro which is,why she declines quite rapidly in the,shows last episode and has to switch,bodies but back to brazil and lisas,mother lisas mother left her when she,was a child and all lisa has of hers is,a faceless photo notice the cat here,cats play a large role in the series,showing up as tattoos on her body the,things she pukes out and is even the,first image we see in episode 1. lisa is,like the cat helpless weak and stalked,by larger prey here we have her in,episode 1 at wolfs petrol stalked by,one of boros minions but as lou says in,episode 1 but this world we live in,is predators and prey,and each and every one of us is,both lisa is not only the cat she can be,a predator in episode six she viciously,kills jimmy someone sent to kill her and,as she does you can even make out the,sounds of a jaguar lisas motivation to,direct her own movie stems from her want,to find her mother,i feel like if i can,make my film,somehow shell see it,and shell know it came from me at the,end of the series we see her book a,flight to brazil likely to track her,down but im getting a bit ahead of,myself the trapdoor leads lisa outside,her apartment where she is shot by one,of lous hitmen its okay because shell,manage to stay alive until boro later,removes it using magic remember bora,wants lisas body in good shape as,shell be taking it over but before we,get there lisa stops at luz who appears,to be on deaths door shes been on this,journey of revenge and wants answers why,did he screw her over when he promised,to make her movie have her be the,director and act as her mentor as lou,says,in the car,you moved my hand off your leg,made me feel small lisa cant help but,laugh this whole thing was caused by a,mans fragile ego instead of killing him,the thing shes wanted to do this entire,season she pities him its also kind of,ironic that lou becomes blinded just,like one of his falcons well see him in,the hospital where lisa ends up paying,him a visit and we also get a glimpse of,zelda without her bandages she like lisa,has undergone a transformation of a,different sort her appearance here a,subtle reminder of the vapid superficial,nature of hollywood a world which lisa,wanted so much to be a part of but will,now leave behind lisa visits boro but,ends up confronted by her former lover,and star of her short film mary mary is,pissed because she believes she was,manipulated by lisa into eating her own,eye for the movie for context both were,high on peyote at the time and its here,that borrow attempts to transfer into,lisas body but she isnt strong enough,well later learn that lisa has to let,her in for the transfer to work lisa,doesnt want that and in order to,disconnect from borrow remember their,link from the ritual they performed in,episode 2 shes going to have to kill,her so she calls her friend roy who owns,a gun and heads back to the witchs den,there she finds her ex has been turned,into a zombie and is being used as,blackmail borrow says she can revive him,i

Brand New Cherry Flavor Review: A Mind Bending Netflix Series That Earns Its Countless WTF Moments

[Music],hey hey,everyone i have a netflix limited series,review for you right now and,its for an interesting one it is for,brand new cherry flavor,its a show thats based on the todd,grimson book,brand new cherry flavor a novel of the,occult and it stars rosa salazar,as the main character lisa shes an,aspiring filmmaker in hollywood in the,90s who,gets an opportunity to make a movie but,then she basically has the rug pulled,out from under her in,an especially nasty and disturbing,manner,so lisa then turns to a dark magic in,order to get her revenge,i have never seen anything quite like,brand new cherry flavor before and i,dont want to spoil,a single ounce of it for you right now,so,do know a whole bunch of my descriptions,here are gonna be,pretty vague and i can say with,certainty that they will not,do the holy quality of this,material justice,but i will tell you there is,a whole bunch of body horror happening,here,that i will never be able to unsee,and i mean that as a compliment it is,all extremely well executed,i really wanted to know the answer,the end result of everything playing out,here,so so badly and the show does have a,very mesmerizing quality to it that kept,me super,entertained engaged and also disturbed,all the way through but admittedly when,i did hit the end of brand new cherry,flavor,i dont know if it all comes together as,clearly as i might have,hoped and wanted but i was still so,fascinated by the situation unfolding,and also,the real world commentary in the mix and,all the supernatural world building,components that,i just i really liked being in this,realm in general i was,utterly fascinated by it every single,step of the way and,ultimately i probably wouldnt have,minded spending,even more time in this world you all,know i am a very very big fan of nick,antosca,particularly because of channel zero,here antaska serves as executive,producer,showrunner and writer alongside lenore,zion another channel zero alum,so as a big fan of that show that they,worked on together,it probably wont come as a surprise,whatsoever that i was,mighty pleased to feel some channel zero,vibes in,brand new cherry flavor i would say the,tone,the pacing the attention to detail its,an,ever evolving supernatural horror,mystery,and yet again antaska and co had me,hanging on every single new detail,discovered,and yet another person here that i will,follow,to any project she commits herself to,its rosa salazar,when she does something a little more,for lack of better words here uh studio,friendly or or four-quadrant-ish,i guess i just always find that she,breathes a unique sense of life into her,characters that usually does,make the major standouts in the projects,that shes in,i am also a very big fan of the boulder,things on her resume the ones that,i would say take stylistic or technology,swings,ones that will basically not work unless,they get,every single ounce of her for what,appears to be,very very demanding roles and brand new,cherry flavor most certainly falls into,that ladder category,and i would say salazar really excels,here playing in that space,what a mind-bending character journey,this,is and hey ill be honest with you i,dont think i was 100,clear on what was going on every single,moment of the show and,i would also say that things dont,always add up,at least in a mathematical black and,white kind of way but,with all of the the wavering and the,doubt and confusion that the characters,themselves in the show,experience along the way i would say,that end result,kind of makes sense for the series and,it works also,what always did feel very clear to me,and serve as a strong guiding light in a,sense for the show,was salazars conviction playing lisa,whether she was,hell-bent on getting what she wanted no,matter what it cost or maybe she was,having second thoughts about the,repercussions of her decisions,or just making an impulsive choice with,not all that much logic behind it i,still felt it i always felt it and that,feeling it can be frustrating and,confusing at times but i do,think its what a you know a mind f of a,show like this kind of needed to pull it,all together,three more major standouts in the,performance department that i want to,point out here,eric lang catherine keener and jeff ward,ward,is yet another channel zero talent,involved in this one,he plays a character named roy and he is,one of the biggest most popular,actors in hollywood right now and he,winds up having a thing,for lisa and i think their chemistry,and roys draw to her it does well,support his own,personal experience in the show but it,also winds up bolstering lisa as a,character,herself basically further contributing,to the magnetizing quality that,salazar gives the character all on her,own i love the two of them together,and really i guess the same thing,happens with keener as,boro when boro gets involved,there are red flags all over the place,but there is an,undeniable warmth allure and fascination,with keener in that role and watching,someone like lisa share those feelings,and gravitate,towards her it only winds up amplifying,wakina herself brings to the role and i,just couldnt get enough of,how she carries herself in the part the,costume design the cats,i could go on and on and then lang is,just,fantastic as lou burke here a film,producer who winds up becoming the the,target of,lisas rage even though i did have a,very clear sense of what lou was all,about the,second he appears on screen watching him,manipulate the situation,still hurts a good deal and that very,well,fuels the desire to see lisa get what,she thinks she wants,however i will also point out that lous,experience does take some interesting,turns when it comes to the emotional,response to his experience in the show i,mean,i eff him he he really does suck but,he does go through something in the tail,end of the show,that never calls for forgiveness but,does,come with a pretty significant emotional,wallop that i just wasnt quite ready,for and was very impressed by,i am going to give brand new cherry,flavor,four dewys out of five on the dewey,decimovie scale,but with one warning it throws a lot,at you it doesnt quite wrap it all up,super neatly and i do suspect,that might cause some to question,whether it was all worth it in the end,for me though it definitely was for a,number of reasons like,the craftsmanship on display here there,are some,wonderfully gnarly practical and visual,effects in this show,that i couldnt get enough of theres,also the performances salazar is a star,and it is about time that she is more,widely recognized as one,and then i was just totally sucked into,the world thanks to,the powerful atmosphere the shows,unique cadence and,also this never-ending string of,curiosities that come,with the rules of the magic thats being,used here,brand new cherry flavor is just a real,trippy,mind-melting ride that questions what,one is willing to sacrifice to get what,they want and,i just i really dug it so there you guys,go that is where i leave you on brand,new cherry flavor,i say this all the time but this is one,of those ones where i need to know what,you,think when you watch this one especially,when some of those holy moments,come up,when you need someone to be like whoa,did you just see that like hit the,comment section below and tell me your,reactions,right there all right before i leave you,patreon shout out time because this,review is coming your way courtesy of,ian you all know how strongly i feel,about ian at this point he is one of the,best of the best hes got,excellent taste in films and shows and i,just think the world of him so ian,thank you for being here thank you for,supporting me and the stuff that i love,doing you are a super cool guy my friend,thank you to everybody out there,watching this review,you know what to do before you leave it,please like and share it and ill see,you soon i got another review,coming your way tomorrow actually see,you soon guys,you

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