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Bravely Default II Review

when it comes to jrpgs i enjoy them as,jrpg as possible long full of complex,combat and grindy,seeing as bravely default 2 is about as,jrpg as they come in 2021,im really into it the amount of,grinding it demands can definitely be a,tough hill to climb but,there are plenty of smart features in,play that make those long stretches,about as painless as they can be without,losing the feeling of accomplishment,also this world is simply beautiful and,i loved every minute of exploring it,[Music],this roughly 60 hour story is like a,refrigerator magnet poetry set of square,enix cliches,youre not just fighting evil youre,fighting the ultimate evil and youre,doing it as a team called the heroes of,light while it may be a formulaic and,breezy tale,its still an entertaining one and,thats pretty much just what i want from,a classic style jrpg,and with such great gameplay mechanics,underneath i didnt miss the,storytelling depth,it also means you dont need to dust off,your 3ds to brush up on the events of,bravely default or brave the second,since the stories stand on their own,bravely default 2s watercolor visual,style is a double-edged,sword its overworld and many of the,towns you visit are jaw-droppingly,beautiful i mean,just look at this character and monster,design on the other hand,can be less appealing it just hasnt,translated well for the switchs higher,resolution and larger screen and as a,result they often look,out of place among the otherwise,gorgeous watercolor backdrops,the battle and job systems are where i,found most of my joy while playing,bravely default 2,which dont diverge much from the tried,and true formulas of the previous games,combat is all about the choice of,whether to set a character to brave to,gain extra moves during your current,turn,or default to adopt a defensive stance,while you build up extra turns to use,with brave,later on knowing when to bank and when,to let it all loose is crucial,to your success in battles and theres a,lot of nuance to that decision,bravely defaults excellent job system,also returns to add another layer of,flexibility to battles,job bonuses range from simple things,like magical and physical buffs to more,game changing abilities like the monks,bare knuckle combat ability that turns,the characters fists into powerful,weapons,mixing and matching them among my,characters led to hours of productive,experimentation,[Music],youve really got to get the hang of,these systems because the excellent boss,battles can be terrifically challenging,for the most part the first half of the,campaign has you finding and fighting,bosses who hold items that unlock the,different jobs,i spent over an hour fighting one of,these earlier bosses which was a lot,but the satisfaction of winning a,hard-fought battle makes it all worth it,there are tons of side quests in bravely,default 2 also,but the overwhelming majority i came,across were just,slight variations on basic fetch quests,however there can be pretty excellent,rewards for some of them including a few,of the jobs themselves being unlocked,this way,so theyre usually worth putting up with,so make sure to ask around when youre,in a town,if youre turned off by the thought of,grinding for experience in a jrpg then,bravely default,two might be a hard sell for you but for,me,hey there was almost a relaxing delight,to leveling up my party with,battle after battle i spent some of my,time grinding in handheld mode while,watching youtube videos or right before,bedtime,making it feel like a positive time,waster rather than time,wasted but yeah there were long,stretches where i barely had to use my,brain,thankfully you can increase the game,speed up to four times to shorten those,moments and even swap the difficulty at,will if you prefer more challenge to,your grind,or you just want to get past a,particularly tough battle i only changed,to easy once,because i was getting annoyed with a,certain late game optional boss,but other than that i just played on,normal regardless of difficulty theres,no shortage of things to experience here,bravely default 2s story along with,stopping to smell the occasional side,quest,took me about 65 hours to complete,although that figure was padded out,significantly by,grinding it definitely has its ups and,downs in that time but it maintains a,comforting familiarity throughout and,avoiding spoilers the way it all played,out at the end,left people smiling and a little,surprised,and in spite of the fact that ive,beaten the main story there is a,ton more side stuff to do,[Music],bravely default 2 is a long familiar,journey with excellent customizable,combat and job systems that let you make,your party and your playthrough,truly your own its character and enemy,art that was,excellent on the 3ds doesnt translate,all that well to the higher resolution,of the switch,but the beautiful backdrops and,environments get a massive boost and,look fantastic,and while the grind is real and,repetitive fetch quests abound,its so easy to pick up and put back,down that it feels like less of a grind,and more of a,constructive way to kill some time with,plenty of old-school sensibilities and,tons of improvements on the formula,bravely default 2,is almost everything i crave from a jrpg,outside of a grand story,for more nintendo switch jrpg goodness,make sure to check out our review of,dragon quest 11 and octopath traveler,and for everything else,stick with ign,[Music],you

Bravely Default 2 Review

the first bravely default game came out,for the nintendo 3ds in 2012 which first,off,damn,second i was a huge fan of it it was a,callback to the kind of jrpg that i grew,up loving and it did it so well,bravely second was a direct sequel to,that game and that one was,good it was fine,i liked it but not as much as the first,one,bravely default 2 is a standalone entry,into the series you dont need to play,the others before you play this one,which is great because,you should play this one bravely default,is a series from square enix as an,intentional throwback to final fantasy,games from the 16-bit era turn-based,battles party of four collecting four,treasures of the elements etc etc the,most clear comparison here would be,final fantasy v again this is,intentional so i say all those things,with praise its great to have a series,that is committed to the kinds of rpgs,that i love only with gameplay that i,consider to be much much better if,youve played any rpg game before youll,be in familiar territory here battles,are turn based you select a command and,see it execute its main unique mechanic,is after its own namesake the brave and,default system characters can default or,defend which also nets them an,additional brave point on any turn you,can expend brave points to do multiple,actions with that character this causes,a risk reward system and makes it so,that even when a character blocks they,get some kind of benefit out of it,additionally you can brave up to have a,total of four actions in a single turn,but also do it at a brave deficit a,risky play for major payoffs but end up,doing nothing while you recharge even,more interesting some additional skills,attacks or abilities can only be used by,expending brave points making defaulting,to save up for those attacks have great,payoff its a surprisingly intricate,system causing a lot of decision making,in the middle of combat especially,against bosses that are tough to beat,and conversely max braving on turn one,to slap a weak enemy with your sword,four times to end the battle quickly is,a great way to speed things up unlike,previous bravely default games every,character has a time gauge letting you,know when their turn is up next instead,of the previous pick the whole teams,command and watch it play out this adds,another layer of strategy as you need to,plan ahead for character speed and some,commands can manipulate time gauges such,as slowing down an enemys turn or,delaying your own as a player this also,means less down time between control,that kind of decision making is what,makes rpgs so fun for me theres merit,to blocking to going all out and to,being careful and reactive and enemies,can also brave and default causing some,dread as you watch one default up to max,and you know you need to prepare combat,decisions are furthered by enemy,weaknesses of course the typical,elemental stuff plants are make to fire,use light magic on ghosts the usual,enemies also have weaknesses to weapon,types which means its good to have a,variety of weapons available on your,party and to switch them on the fly when,its needed what all of this does is,that not a single battle is mindless you,know the old criticism of rpgs where you,just rapidly press the confirm button to,fight to kill everything and move on as,quickly as possible you cant do that,here,every single battle will require at,least some analysis,now this could also be seen as a,complaint because even battles against,weak enemies arent super quick even,with the battle speed sped up the battle,system is overly familiar and doesnt do,anything too incredibly innovative or,mind blowing its very competent at what,it is which is very good and very fun,just as good as the previous games is,also the job system as before every,character can have a main job and a sub,job unlocking new passive abilities,extra combat actions and some mastery,abilities there isnt really much to say,about the jobs here theyre all pretty,much refined versions of jobs weve seen,dozens of times before in the past,warrior black mage white mage archer,thief monk so on again these are,probably the best versions of them so,far but dont expect anything too out of,the ordinary here new changes and,attributes are the weight capacity and,chance to target stats different classes,are allowed to equip so much total,weight of weapons and armor naturally a,warrior type can equip more heavy armor,and weapons versus a thief who can,barely hold two daggers at once now,first this may seem frustrating because,you cant just equip every single best,piece of equipment you have however i,love it i think the weight system is,excellent this new limitation breeds,creativity as you have to choose what,you are willing to sacrifice to get the,loadout that you want you want to hold a,bigger weapon are you willing to,downgrade armor or lose the shield for,that this also means that whenever you,arrive at a new town you cant just buy,whatever thing your party member needs,that has the highest numbers you have to,pick and choose what works best for your,team and your strategies shops are no,longer about just buying the most,expensive thing and going through the,upgrade motions theres some real,thought process that goes into every,single item slot in addition to the,weight items also have a chance to,target stat its exactly what it sounds,like the higher your chance of target,stat the more likely you will be,attacked naturally this is offset by the,heavy armor jobs having higher chance to,target stats but even something like a,white mage has pause upgrading to a new,healing staff when you see that it,nearly doubles how often the squishy,mage would get hit this all culminates,into interesting decision making in,equipment buying jobs abilities loadouts,and a customization its an additional,layer of optimization that i love the,best in slot is no longer so clear-cut,just trying to put on a new big-ass,sword has just as much interesting,decisions as you would in combat,thats great though like the battles not,being so mindless some people may prefer,simplicity and will hate the weight,system i think its great it also makes,leveling up way more rewarding because,your weight capacity increases and now,you can equip even cooler stuff,i like that i can make as much intricate,decision making in items as i do when,initiating combat plot-wise bravely,default 2 is painfully familiar as i,said earlier its dozens of hours of get,the four crystals of the elements while,bad guys go after them kind of plot like,other bravely default games theres more,to it than that but for the most part,the banality is painful while its,better paced than the rest of the series,the first chapter alone takes quite some,time to get through and can feel like a,bit of a drudge the main cast is,surprisingly likable seth and gloria are,basically better versions of tiz and,anyas while elvis and adele are likable,in their own right but theyre hardly,replacements for ringabel and adia the,antagonists can be about as one note and,cartoonish as you expect but i will say,there is a lot more depth to them and,even some surprisingly dark themes than,previous all of this is with voice,acting that is generally pretty good and,before you go off complaining about,elvis bad scottish accent he is,literally voiced by an actual scotsman,he sounds fine and hes cool one of the,best quality of life upgrades is that,generally speaking the game is not,grindy yes you can especially for those,who obsessively max out every job and,every character before moving on even,though its completely unnecessary lady,pelvic in general its not as much as it,was before this is also sped up with,special items that allows for multiple,battles in a row and a job point bonus,theres also a voyaging ship that goes,out and finds treasures for you while,the switch is in sleep mode this,typically results in items that,instantly gives experience points and,job points meaning you can get some,quick grinding in even w

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Bravely Default II Nintendo Switch Review – Is It Worth It?

hello everybody,zen over here from nintendo life and,today were here to share with you our,review,of bravely default 2 for the nintendo,switch,now this review was originally written,by mitch vogel for nintendolife.com but,was reworked into this video by,me,[Music],square enix has always been one of the,biggest names in the rpg genre,but its been interesting to see how the,company has changed its design,philosophies,with the times its biggest franchise,final fantasy,has long since left behind its humble,origins as a turn-based rpg,and embraced increasingly more grandiose,and experimental ideas on both the,storytelling,and gameplay fronts even so a large,number of fans have demanded a return,to games that align with those,relatively simplistic routes,and its this push that led to the,creation of the bravely default series,on 3ds,what originally began as a final fantasy,spin-off,took on its own identity one formed,around refining and championing the,concepts of early 90s rpgs,now bravely default 2 has come along to,continue that dream,and in this regard it most certainly,succeeds,bravely default 2 is a classic style,jrpg,through and through but one that,includes modern conveniences where,needed to ensure a smooth and engaging,experience,much like how new numbered entries in,the final fantasy series,each introduce a fresh world and cast,bravely default 2 tells a stand-alone,story that retains,thematic connections to its predecessors,you take control of a hero named seth,a shipwreck survivor who washes ashore,in the land of,excellent and soon joins up with a small,party of adventurers who each are,pursuing their own personal goals,the main thrust of the narrative is,centered around gloria,the princess of the fallen kingdom of,musa which once housed the four,elemental crystals that govern the,balance of nature in the realm,the fall of her kingdom resulted in the,crystals disappearance which has,wreaked havoc,across the land so gloria takes it upon,herself to track down the crystals,to prevent the apocalypse from happening,naturally,things dont exactly progress in a,straight line,as you collect more crystals new truths,and new foes come to light to mix things,up,and the story generally gets more,interesting as these additional layers,are introduced,its a slow start but proves itself to,be worth it if you stick it out,a lot of what makes this payoff so,worthwhile is the well-written party,characters and the easy chemistry they,share with each other,details such as elviss deep-seated,affinity for taverns and spirits,helps to give each character dimension,while the one-on-one interaction between,party members reinforced the actual team,aspect,the key thing here however is that not,all the character depth is explicitly,forced,upon the player passing various,milestones in the story will trigger an,option to use the,party chat which plays out an,interaction between some party members,that bears some tangible relevance,to the current situation while filling,out a bit of their personalities,or in another case there are some side,quests that are fully voiced,and centered around filling out,character backstories or relationships,if youre more of a gameplay first kind,of player you can largely ignore extra,content like this and will still be able,to follow the story easily,but those of you who really gel with,these characters have a lot more,narrative to dive into if you want,the story plays out across a series of,isolated chapters which,each in their own way act as sort of,self-contained miniature narratives that,ultimately pay into the larger quest,its not quite on the level of,octopath travelers largely stand-alone,story arcs,but it nonetheless lends itself well to,the continued variety,each sub-story should take five-ish,hours to see through,while introducing you to a litany of new,characters dungeons towns and enemy,types,the pace at which these new elements are,introduced helps to keep the experience,feeling fresh,while the ever-evolving relationships,between your party members,helps to ensure that it all feels like,it fits together,when youre not busy pursuing the main,objectives there are plenty of side,quests to pick up along the way,although these typically feel a little,too much like,filler one early quest for example,involves you running back and forth,three whole times between the exact same,two spots,in an overworld dungeon and its nearby,town to deliver various goods to an npc,not all of them are this bad one ongoing,quest line centered around a lovable pig,monster named truff,always offers a good laugh but it feels,like too many of these side quests are,simply,just there they dont really add much to,your overall understanding of the world,and they dont have interesting,storylines or objectives,theyre mostly just a bunch of fetch,quests and kill missions in exchange for,a bit of money or an item,its disappointing that these said,quests dont add much meaningful content,to,the world but then again they are side,quests after all,and can mostly be ignored without,missing much whatever your current quest,may be,the combat acts as the main linchpin of,the whole experience and it rarely,disappoints,typical of a turn-based rpg each,character can execute,one action per turn and each characters,turn only comes by as soon as an atb,like gauge beneath their name fills up,so far,this is pretty similar to what youd,expect for a game in this,genre but things are made much more,interesting with the inclusion of the,brave and default commands,which support a great deal of the,strategy to be found in combat,if you choose to activate brave on a,character you can borrow their action,from their next turn,and spend it immediately but at the cost,of having to wait longer before they can,then,act again conversely the default command,causes a character to simply defend and,forego,their current turns action and this,passes the action on so the next turn,can use,two actions at once with no consequences,this concept of borrowing and delaying,turns,leads to some fascinating tactical,decisions as you need to be mindful of,when its best to go for a big push,and when to batten down the hatches to,wait for an opening it can be thrilling,to just,let it rip like a beyblade and have your,damage dealing characters go,all in on the enemy but if the enemy,doesnt go down your characters are,sitting ducks for whatever may be coming,their way for the next few turns,standard enemy encounters dont,particularly challenge you too,frequently to pull out these features,but the many boss encounters along the,way,act as some tough skill checks that,really test your strategic thinking,things are made even more interesting,when you factor in enemy weaknesses,which can make or break,many battles every enemy can be scanned,whether by an ability or an item,and this will reveal to you the slate of,spells and weapon types that will do,extra damage to them,on the other hand they are resilient or,outright immune to others which,encourages the player to diversify,attack types across,all four team members to make sure all,the bases are covered,now it must be said that this battle,system does feel a bit distinct from the,previous bravely default games,most notably in how the order of turns,plays out,in the prior games all four characters,would act one after another,then the enemy would take their turns,but here its broken up so each,character,acts independently further enemies can,act in between your characters or even,between one characters stacked commands,which makes it a lot harder to predict,the flow of battle whether this is a,good or a bad thing,largely depends on your taste on one,hand the slightly more random flow of a,typical battle,does weaken the much more calculated,playstyle of the previous two games,on the other hand this less predictable,gameplay ensures that battles are a,little more exciting and surprising,and it forces you to take into account,the risk that your four stacked turns on,a charact

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Bravely Default 2 Review – The Final Verdict

[Music],bravely default 2 actually makes a,remarkably poor first impression,one that serves to reinforce a lot of,the misgivings i had about the game,the storytelling feels juvenile low,stakes rushed and tropey,the mechanics feel restrictive and,overly tutorialized and the graphics can,take a while to get used to,however it actually doesnt take long,for the game to begin syncing its hooks,into you,and to start opening up in ways that,belie the opening hours,the good news is that in under an hour,bravely default 2 is already getting,into the swing of things,and it starts doing things that impress,paradoxically in all the same ways that,its opening bits may have suggested,disappointment,before we begin please consider,subscribing and enable all notifications,by clicking the bell icon,with that out of the way lets get,started,the most immediate and striking of these,is actually the graphics,while the visuals in the overworld throw,the divisive graphical style into sharp,relief,the moment you enter a town or even a,dungeon the game,shines hand-drawn backdrops give towns,and cities a gorgeous and distinct look,and very honestly with no exaggeration,if the entire game looked as good as it,does in cities,it would rank as among the best-looking,jrpgs ever,as it stands just how good it looks in,cities manages to make the contrast with,the overworld and cut-scene segments,even more unfortunate but simultaneously,it also helps you slowly acclimate to,the games visual palette,this gradual easing into the games,world is also reflected in other aspects,for example where the games story and,storytelling can come off as low stakes,and juvenile at first,it settles into a fairly epic scope if,on well-trodden ground involving,crystals and an impeding apocalypse,pretty quickly it outlines the,parameters of the journey that you will,be taking throughout the games world,with distinct clarity,while also introducing a boisterous cast,for you to get attached to,with some generally good voice acting,though npc voice acting ranges from,middling to bad,at least in english bravely default 2s,story,never ends up being as self-important as,most modern square enix games,and it retains a remarkable clarity of,vision and simplicity of purpose which,makes it refreshing,bravely default 2 isnt interested in,impressing you with its story,its interested in pulling you into its,world and that again,helps it resemble those games of a,bygone era it is emulating,in more good ways than one shortly after,the initial hours,the games mechanics open up allowing,for a range of player expression that,modern jrpgs seldom manage,bravely default 2 which retains the,battle system from the previous games in,the series,includes an immense amount of mechanical,complexity both in combat,and out of battle character and party,composition meta builds,battles themselves will be familiar to,anyone whos played either of the two,previously bravely games,how many actions per turn you can,perform is governed by how many brave,points you have,you get one brave point per turn you can,bank brave points,up to three to be able to perform,multiple actions on a later turn,at the cost of doing nothing but,defending on your current turn,conversely you can also borrow brave,points against future turns again,up to three to be able to perform,multiple actions on your current one,even if you didnt have any brave points,banked at the cost of being,immobile for as many turns as brave,points youve borrowed,combined with a clever system of,elemental and physical weaknesses and,resistances,as well as unique abilities that players,get depending on what class their,characters are,and special summons style attacks they,can unleash upon meeting certain,conditions,battles end up being extremely involved,absorbing and enjoyable affairs,even fighting regular enemies can be,extremely fun giving you the opportunity,to experiment some new strategies and,combos you may not want to try for the,first time,during a bigger boss battle for example,bravely default 2 complements these,combat mechanics with some ridiculously,deep,character building options as well,featuring a ridiculously expansive job,system,the game allows the option to spec and,respect characters based on your current,needs,while throwing little in the way of,penalties there are,dozens of jobs in bradley default too,and the game expects you to be switching,among them across all characters at a,routine basis,something that it also enables by,letting you level up and max out a job,extremely quickly,by allowing you to have a main job one,that you get experience for and level up,in a sub job which you retain abilities,for but do not get exp for,it allows you to create all sorts of,crazy broken and overpowered character,builds,in general the freedom of character,builds in bravely default 2,and how forthcoming the game is with,that is indicative of another admirable,tendency,bravely default 2 is also conscious of,never wanting to waste the players time,something that is apparent in other ways,too take for instance,battles while the options to control the,rate of encounter frequency from its,predecessors are gone,so are random encounters entirely,enemies now show up on the overworld,and you know when youre engaging with,them choosing to sneak up on them and,attack them in the overworld gives you,the initiative in battle and starts you,out with one bp each,while being ambushed by an enemy does,the exact opposite,in case youre adamant about not wanting,to battle at all the game includes items,that repel encounters with items that,attract encounters also available,or consider the games extremely,generous difficulty options which you,can switch at any time to your liking,there are some quality of life ways,however that bravely default 2,represents a step,back from its predecessors take for,instance side quests,these themselves can be a varying,quality but their content aside,tracking them can be a big pain there,appears to be no central log that keeps,track of side quests you have taken upon,and though the travelogue map can track,them for you it maxes out at tracking,only three,active ones at a time while also not,including a list of side quests you have,completed,why there is no consolidated quest,tracker which is a fairly basic ask in,an rpg,i dont know but here we are,bravely default 2 also lacks an option,to save multiple party composition,loadouts,something that bravely second allowed,which is a damn shame because again,the game encourages and expects,experimentation with player builds,and while the menus are fairly,straightforward and pleasant to use,having some frequently used loadouts,saved and instantly accessible would be,much preferable to finagling with,individual jobs,passives gear and weapons per character,every single time you want to make a,change,on the other hand in terms of music,bravely default 2,is a very clear winner over both of its,predecessors which is no small praise,given how remarkable especially the,original bravely was on this front,in terms of dungeon design bravely 2 is,again the best including some extremely,well-designed labyrinths that have,meaningfully substantial branching paths,with great loot for the player willing,to go off of the beaten path,as well as some great visual variety and,some remarkably well-designed boss,battles with unique,exacting strategies to boot theres a,lot of bravely default 2 to go through,but through that substantial run time,the quality rarely if ever really flags,unlike the original bravely default the,game also manages to sidestep the issues,of repetition,that plagued those games and kept them,from reaching their full potential,bravely 2 delivers an extremely,consistent and comfortable jrpg,experience,of the type that we simply dont get too,much of anymore,if youre a fan of jrpgs then bravely,default 2,warts and all will be right up your,alley,so what are your thoughts on this go,ahead and share them in the comments,below,and

Bravely Default II – Easy Allies Review

With Final Fantasy being an ever-evolving juggernaut nowadays,,the Bravely Default series has served as a nice callback to Square’s roots.,While modest in scope, the series is great at capturing the feeling of traditional JRPGS,while simultaneously incorporating elements to make the experience more approachable.,The newest entry, Bravely Default II, follows closely in the footsteps of its predecessors,,delivering a familiar yet enjoyable journey.,Though its technically the third installment,,Bravely Default II isnt directly connected to either of the first two games.,It’s set in a brand new world with a new cast of characters.,The simple plot feels like a cliche of old Final Fantasy games, revolving around four heroes of light,and their quest to collect crystals in order to save the world.,While the overarching story isnt that exciting, there are some interesting arcs,as characters deal with subjects such as grief and deception.,Moving from the 3DS to the Switch comes with the benefit of sharper visuals and a higher resolution,,showcasing the art style with more detail than ever before.,The towns and overworld look great,and feel like a natural evolution of the watercolor style of past games.,But some aspects dont translate as well, particularly the doll-like character models,which feel jarring and out of place against their settings.,Even though it isnt flawless,,the colorful environments and various costume designs are still worth praise.,Like in previous entries, the combat and job system are the backbone of Bravely Default II.,The mechanics remain relatively the same,with the hook revolving around using Brave to add extra actions to your current turn,,or Default to increase your defense and build-up actions to use later.,Its a familiar system for anyone who’s played the prior games, but its still engaging.,Defaulting right before a massive attack,or unloading a wave of attacks to quickly bring down a foe,feels rewarding and adds a nice layer of strategy to the gameplay.,The job system, also mostly unchanged, is just as wonderful as ever.,There’s a variety of roles to choose from like the White Mage that excels in healing,,the Dragoon that uses jumps to deal massive damage,,and the Pictomancer that can debuff enemy targets with paint.,Each job also has unique passive abilities,,like counter-attacks, that you can unlock,and switch between on the fly,,as well as unique ultimate abilities, similar to limit breaks.,You can even mix and match jobs together, giving additional flexibility to your party.,Theres a lot to sink your teeth into here, and experimenting with each job is incredibly satisfying.,Despite its colorful and inviting appearance,,Bravely Default II can be a daunting game.,Not only is it fairly long, with our playtime clocking-in around 55 hours,,but boss fights are tough and can take you out quickly if youre not prepared.,Its also heavy on grinding,,so if youre not a fan of that type of progression, that could be a deal-breaker.,However, if youre like us and dont mind too much, its not so bad,,especially since you can speed up combat,and use items to increase the number of enemies per battle,,allowing you to rack up more XP and job points.,You can also change the difficulty at any time,if youre stuck or just want an easier experience.,Outside of grinding, there are many side quests you can do to get useful items and equipment,like JP orbs to help you out on your journey.,Most of these are typical fetch quests,,but some occasionally add nice character development and even a couple of optional jobs.,To bolster your party, you can send out a boat on expeditions,to gather items for you while your Switch is in sleep mode.,A lot of these items are really useful,so its a good idea to always make sure you send your ship out before logging off.,Its not the most interactive feature, but,it is nice to feel like youre making a little progress even when youre not playing.,One of the most exciting side activities is a card game called B n D.,Its a game where you and your opponent battle it out for territory by placing cards on the board.,Its easy to hop in, have a good time for a few rounds, and move on,,but if you enjoy it, there’s a decent amount of depth here,,as well as rewards to make coming back worthwhile.,Bravely Default II is a familiar yet enjoyable JRPG.,Though some aspects like its visuals may not hit the mark,,the job and combat system are excellent and give you freedom with your party.,It can feel a little safe at times,,but Bravely Default II is still a solid choice worth seeing through to the end.,Final score: 8 out of 10.,Easy Allies Reviews are made possible by generous viewers just like you.,If you like what you see, check out patreon.com/easyallies to help us make more.,For just $1 a month, you can gain access to weekly updates, spoiler discussions, and exclusive shows.

Bravely Default 2 Review

the bravely series has always excelled,at evoking the feeling of playing,classic final fantasy style rpgs,while sanding off some of the rough,edges that may make those classic games,less approachable to modern audiences,bravely default 2 confusingly enough the,third game in the franchise,maintains much of its predecessors,retro charm but it actually removes some,of the quality of life features that,made the first two such breezy nostalgic,throwbacks,instead of simply reminding you of the,satisfaction of playing a classic rpg,bravely default 2 demands that you,relive the entire experience,faults and all,[Music],for the uninitiated bravely default gets,its namesake from its innovative risk,reward combat system along with your,typical health and magic meters,you have brave points or bp and rather,than a standard defend command you can,choose to default which both defends and,banks bp for later use,you can spend up to four actions using,the brave command but if you dont have,enough bp banked you go into debt and,skip future turns undefended this has,always been key to bravely defaults,battle system and it remains essentially,untouched here the approach is a little,less novel the third time around but it,still creates a unique wrinkle of,strategic rpg battle planning do you go,into debt to unleash a flurry of attacks,or do some emergency healing do you bank,first and take damage the first few,turns bravely veterans will fall right,back into the habit but nothing about it,feels too complex that it should give,newcomers trouble and newcomers will be,able to jump in here because like final,fantasy bravely default 2s story is,disconnected from any continuity,finally an opponent who might,actually be worthy of my time,[Music],but you cannot stop the inevitable,to stop you will be enough welp,bravely default has also been known for,its job system another throwback to,games like final fantasy v,as you level up your heroes in different,jobs theyll gain access to new active,and passive abilities and when you,switch to a new job you can set a,subclass to retain some of your,previously learned skills,at their best bravely games recall,classics like final fantasy tactics by,allowing you to experiment and combine,job abilities in ways that feel,almost like cheating and the best way,you could combine a job that attracts,enemy aggression with a passive ability,that boosts your power level every time,you sustain an attack,or pair are regenerating mana points,pool ability with a spellcaster who,specializes in high cost damage dealing,exploring and finding these combinations,feels like solving a puzzle and becoming,a tactical mastermind,here i go,[Music],maybe sorry,deep guys true to its roots bravely,default is a grind heavy series,both leveling up and mastering the wide,variety of jobs available takes hours of,battling low level enemies in dungeons,but both bravely default and bravely,second greased these squeaky wheels with,some welcome features you could toggle,the encounter rate to occur more,frequently in the overworld set your,characters to auto battle and adjust the,combat speed to fast forward through,encounters,bravely default jettison some of these,options and suffers for it enemy,encounters are no longer random you see,enemies roaming around the overworld and,you run into them to initiate,so your time in the world is spent,hunting down visible creatures you can,no longer set the characters to auto,battle either instead you need to,manually prompt your characters or hit,the repeat last action function,because of this leveling your party,feels like old school grinding again,both commanding your near full attention,and significantly slowing the process of,hunting enemies the experience and job,progression milestones are set,roughly as high as they were in the,previous two games but with the,shortcuts removed regularly leveling,your characters for the next tough boss,becomes a chore,battles can still be sped up but the,default speed setting is so languid its,hard to imagine ever playing in anything,but two times or three times speed,being able to turn up the speed mid,battle certainly helps mitigate the,level grinding by making individual,battles snappier but the lack of,automation is still a drag,the bravely games had created a,beautiful blend of systems with auto,battles and counter rate sliders and,battle speed sliders,those systems worked in concert with,each other to trim the extraneous work,of classic rpgs while keeping the,substance,still having the option to increase the,battle speed is better than nothing but,it also makes the absence of the other,quality of life improvements that much,more pronounced,[Music],our quest must go on,[Music],this is interesting all of this is,delivered with a presentation thats,better looking than ever before,and still endearingly simplistic despite,its look though bravely default explores,some heavy themes,one chapter centers around the death of,a child and how the grief and guilt has,impacted her parents and family friends,another has themes of religious,persecution echoing the salem witch,trials with its chief inquisitor,convinced hes obeying divine influence,instead of his own prejudices these,stories are delivered like vignettes as,individual chapters will shift the focus,to an entirely new cast of characters in,locale,these story beats exist within a,minimalist framework and that disarming,contrast made their tonal impact hit,harder than if theyd been delivered in,a game that was more overtly grisly or,philosophical,given that sophisticated approach to,individual story moments though its,disappointing that the overarching plot,is so threadbare,the vast majority of the story involves,an evil empire waging war on surrounding,kingdoms in pursuit of power,and four chosen heroes of light are,looking to defend the world from,encroaching darkness,lord commander good to see you back what,have you to report,lonsdale king vernon of alceonia has,formally rejected our offer of an,alliance,how shall we respond,for now we do not,very well we march soon make sure your,troops are ready,the characters are likable particularly,the scholar elvis who sports a thick,rogue and addresses the rest of the cast,like an elder statesman but theyre,mostly not much more than archetypes,of course theres a little more to it,but the story doesnt come off as,self-aware or winking about its own,stock standard presentation its almost,entirely straight faced which is hard to,sustain for a 50-hour adventure,i say almost because the bravely serious,has a habit of taking wild swings with,huge metatextual twists,bravely default 2 is no exception and,after the credits roll it becomes clear,theres more to uncover,ive only started to scratch the surface,of this post-game content but what ive,seen looks audacious,one scene even reminded me of the left,field twist from bravely second though i,have yet to see how bravely default 2,pays off this narrative development,based on the several hours of post-game,content ive seen,however saving the twist and more game,content for as long as bravely default 2,does proves to be another stumbling,block,the enjoyment of a bravely game comes,from tinkering with the job mechanics,and finding game breaking combinations,of abilities,the jobs available throughout the vast,majority of bravely default 2 are fairly,typical even pictomancer one of the more,creative editions,is still essentially a standard buff and,debuff support job,as such theres not much playfulness in,cooking up an overpowered job,combination throughout the main story,and the sluggish pace of leveling up,means its hard to get a wide array of,abilities that could combo well anyway,this may change in the post game but,finishing a grind heavy 50 hour rpg,before reaching that point is a heavy,lift,without a doubt the lady where the light,led,are those voices but,whose,im left with mixed feelings about,bravely default 2. theres a lot to like,and a core thats still fun an

Review Bravely Default II di Switch Lite Indonesia | #PlusMinus

halo halo semuanya balik lagi bersama,gue Sydney di player2 dan selamat datang,lagi di plus-minus video ini disponsori,oleh Luxor rental games jadi buat kalian,yang mau main games Which dan masih,takut mahal dan pengen main game game,barunya switch juga rental game ini bisa,jadi solusi buat kalian harganya mulai,dari 30.000 sampai 360.000 aja dengan,durasi satu minggu sampai 180 hari dan,kalau kalian ambil paket gold kalian,bisa ganti-ganti games maunya kalian so,Langsung cek aja di instagram-nya di at,Luxor rental game Oke baik lagi plus,minus seperti biasa kita bakal,nge-review suatu game dan gua kasih tau,plus dan minus nya ke kalian game yang,akan gua review kali ini adalah game,eksklusif dari Nintendo switch yaitu,adalah bravely default yang kedua gua,mainin ini di switch dengan playtime our,selama 59 jam kurang dikit dengan,melewatkan banyak set mission nih jadi,kita langsung,aja ke reviewnya total nelayan Girls of,life may cry subscribe Oke bravely,default 2 adalah game bergenre razia RPG,keluaran dari Square enix first,impression gue pertama kali sebenarnya,ini game tuh bikin gue skeptis,sangat-sangat skeptis dari gameplay,sebelumnya gua belum pernah main yang,pertama Sebenernya gue mikir kalau ini,ya Ya udah game jrpg pada umumnya aja,jalan-jalan ketemu musuh termbois masuk,ke kota ada konflik pindah kota ada,konflik yaitu gitu aja enggak sih,tipikal tipikal Jarvis gila Gitu full,lagi grafiknya kayak biasa aja tahunya,nggak Cuy gue kasih tahu mulai dari,plusnya dulu Plus yang pertama adalah,betul mekanisme Oke buat yang belum,kenal dengan bravely default sebelumnya,mungkin akan cukup kebingungan karena,game ini sebenernya ya ternodai biasa,tapi ditambahkan sedikit elemen-elemen,itu mengubah Jr pj-nya gitulah mengubah,trembes nya dan bikin betah lawan musuh,musuh,begini bernama Brave dan default sesuai,nama gamenya jadi game ini difokuskan,Battle nya dengan memanfaatkan BP atau,Bambang Pamungkas bukan Battle Point,yang bisa kalian dapatkan dengan cara,default atau defense setiap kalian,defense atau default kalian dapat satu,breakpoint dan breadpoint itu maksimal,tiga kalau kalian udah dapet 3 Battle,point berarti kalian bisa gunain brush,kalian untuk bisa nyerang Sampai Tiga,Kali ngerti nggak bingung sebenernya,jelasinnya karena wong bingung in awal,juga tapi beneran ketika kalau sudah,terjun ke game ini sih pasti ngerti dan,pasti kecantol nah sistem ini Itu jujur,bikin ngaji banget untuk terus-terusan,Grinding terus-terusan lawan musuh dan,mungkin awalnya Kompleks banget tapi,Kompleks yaitu nggak bikin pusing tapi,malah bikin makin tektikal gitu gamenya,kalian bukan cuman mikirin hellpoint,mana poin dan giliran doang tapi ada,namanya BP juga kan breakpoint pokoknya,ini fitur yang bagus banget kita masuk,nomor dua ada artstyle kok this week,Ya udah konsol baru dan masih ada dicuri,ngn sekarang tapi kok grafiknya malah,nggak jauh beda sama versi 3DS nya buang,rasanya kayak sebenarnya bisa lebih,bagus dari ini gitu tapi enggak men,justru Ini ciri khasnya daripada video,full kitu loh justru Ini indahnya di,sini gitu Justru harus tali itu bikin,game ini jadi cantik banget apalagi Kalo,kalian udah sampai di satu Kota nah tiap,kota itu suasana beda-beda dan design,tampak cantik banget pokoknya enak,banget dilihat kalau kalian Maknya mode,panorama diperas yang selanjutnya adalah,job atau asteris nah sistem job di game,ini merupakan unsur yang sangat sangat,krusial atau didiamin disebutnya sebagai,asteris untuk mendapatkan job tersebut,karena game ini menyediakan kalian,banyak banget job yang bisa kalian pilih,dan game ini mendorong kalian untuk,mencoba semuanya dan membuka semuanya,Enggak cuman disitu kalian pun bakal,didorong untuk memaksimalkan semua level,dari jok tersebut Untuk apa kita,maksimal level Job untuk dapatin skill,skill passive tiap job yang beda-beda,dan,the banget untuk battle contoh ada job,yang bisa nyimpen mana point Kalian ada,skill pasif job yang bisa nembus semua,musuh dalam sekali Serang ada sekian,bisa bikin kalian tuh Hilya kali nyerang,Nah itu kan penting tuh itu semua,didapetin kalau kalian itu memaksimalkan,level tiap job udah lagi tiap jepitu,memiliki kostum yang beda-beda jadi bisa,untuk ganti suasana juga dan nggak bosen,kan Oke Deeply selanjutnya adalah,character development ya karena the,development game ini tuh bagus banget,ada fitur partycat yang bikin kalian tuh,tahu karakter masing-masing setiap,anggota party kita jadi kerasa banget,ketika kalian tuh udah ada di akhir game,dan Tamat itu tuh kayak perjuangan,bersama empat orang ini tuh kerasa,banget gitu Udah lagi musuh-musuhnya Kan,beda-beda setiap kota dan ya kita,ngerasain Ngeselin ya gimana jahatnya,gimana Gregetan nya gimana pengen,ngalahin dia gitu kan Dani berhubungan,dengan proses selanjutnya yaitu adalah,party nah sistem party disini bisa,dibilang sedikit unik ya jadi party,kalian tuh ya Berempat aja ya,doakan ganti-ganti bakal itu-itu aja,sampai akhir tapi setiap kalian datang,ke tempat baru biasanya kalian bakal,dapat company in atau disebutnya Steve,party Enggak cuma satu malahan bisa jadi,sampai 3 company and itu masuk ke party,kalian nah company on ini adalah party,nggak bisa di hits dan gak bisa mati,juga nggak bisa kita kendali in udah,lagi biasanya tuh company secara,cuma-cuma bisa menghasilkan Lian setiap,nyawa kalian sekarat dan biasanya,company on juga diam aja gede banget,jadi membantu bangetlah untuk lawan,lawan musuh di plus selanjutnya adalah,Grinding Nah ini dia Grinding itu gila,segila gilanya Grinding gitu ya ini,adalah tipe game jrpg yang kalau kalian,play through langsung ke story itu,enggak bisa kalian wajib wajib wajib,wajib ya Grinding dan kalau enggak,raining dijamin gak akan kuat Nah tapi,di sini kalian dikasih indikator,disetiap tempat kalian harus segera,ending apa enggak dari musuhnya doang,kalau kalian Masukkan satu tempat dan,musuhnya itu ngejar kalian berarti,kalian masih,level tapi kalau kalian masuk ke tempat,dan musuhnya malah lari berarti kalian,udah overpower dan game ini nunjukkin,kalian bahwa kalian itu udah siap untuk,Ngelahin bos di tempat itu gak cuman,gede ending untuk level aja tapi,Grinding untuk jok points juga untuk,naikin level jok Kalian jadinya ya,misalkan kalian udah level yang cukup,tapi masih ada hal yang harus kalian,lakukan lagi ya itu naikin jawab level,kalian dan ini merupakan unsur utama,dari game ini bahkan gamenya pun ngasih,kalian game Speed plus-plus Jadi kalian,bisa mempercepat waktu Battle kalian,karena ya kalian harus blind,terus-terusan gitu harus cepat kan Tapi,ada mempermudah Jadi kalian bisa,ngumpulin lebih dari satu musuh dalam,satu tempat atau namanya adalah multiple,encounters each kalian dan Jokowi,sekalian juga akan di multiple,tergantung jumlah musuh yang kalian,lawan tapi tetep aja sih harus F4 juga,giring giring musuh ke tempat gitu kan,jadi ya Semangat deh kalau mau Grinding,Oke di plus selanjutnya adalah site,Crash site pasti game ini banyak dan,lumayan penting sih karena kadang dari,Satgas itu itu bisa memperkuat cerita,dari tempat yang kita kunjungi kayak ada,misteri apa misteri apa ada kisah Apa,dibalik konflik di daerah itu gitu loh,mungkin sesimpel nyari orang ilang doang,tapi kadang ada cerita dibalik itunya,belum lagi hadiah yang dikasih itu,mungkin awal kayak ecek-ecek kayak cuma,dikasih receh tapi kadang ada yang,ngasih kalian hadiah berupa orb untuk,naikin XP kalian atau naikin Jokowi,sekalian jadi ya penting untuk dikerjain,lah selanjutnya adalah karet game ya,bener card game namanya adalah bnd atau,BNN Divide ini merupakan sebenarnya ke,hitungnya adalah minigame sebenarnya,permainannya mungkin rumit di awal,karena rules nya doang sih tapi jujur,ini game card sebenernya simple banget,dan bisa selesai setiap gamenya dalam,waktu 3 sampai 4 menitan doang seru,banget gua Spears banyak banget dicat,game doang karena seseruitu kalian juga,bisa ganteng-ganteng setiap orang yang,ada di kota dan bisa dapetin kartu,langka dari orang-orang tersebut hoodie,bila,pink atau engga

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