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Into The Breach Review

a lot of tactical depth can happen on a,simple 8×8 grid into the breech the,follow-up to the legendary FTL faster,than light from subset games creates a,fantastic variety of turn-based tactical,battles between your team of three Max,and giant city destroying kaiju monsters,on a regular basis into the breach makes,me scratch my head and wonder how Im,going to get out of this mess a lot and,on a few of those occasions it thrills,me when I actually do on one of into the,breaches semi roguelike runs every,choice you make is important especially,after youve played a bit and unlocked,some starting options each mech and,pilot has a unique set of abilities and,combining them gives you tons of,intriguing possibilities before you even,begin to upgrade them then you pick,which of the four islands youll visit,first which takes some thought the,terrain conditions are fairly consistent,for instance youll always see breakable,ice and freezing storms on the wintery,island and pools of acid and conveyor,belts all over the tech island but the,diverse set of enemies and the boss,youll face there are randomized so,youll have to consider which ones your,squad is best equipped to counter and,once on the island you pick which of the,regions to fight in based on their,risks side objectives and natural,hazards of course the battlefield is,where things get really interesting,enemies always move first and Telegraph,their attacks making every turn a clever,puzzle about how to prevent monsters,from striking or redirect them back at,their allies the order of operations can,make or break your move so its great,that you can undo moves until you attack,and once permission youre allowed to,reset time to the start of your turn to,allow for at least some experimentation,you only ever have three mechs on the,board and without a special pilot each,only have one move in one shot per turn,so youre constantly faced with the,struggle trying to keep from being,outnumbered that gives rise to,situations where you have to make a,tough decision on whether you want to,strike a killing blow on an existing,enemy or prevent a new one from arriving,on the battlefield by standing on a,spawn point but because the civilian,buildings actually represent your,overall health and enough damage to them,will end your run protecting them can be,more important than the survival of any,mech that means its usually better to,absorb damage yourself even if it means,one of your mech pilots will be killed,and replaced by an AI that cant be,leveled up,civilian buildings are also the only,place where randomness comes into play,in combat in that they have a chance to,resist taking damage one hit some,situations can feel like no wins,especially when the enemy AI decides to,ignore your max and concentrate all its,fire on buildings that cant be moved,out of the way then winning becomes,mitigating the damage as best you can,and because you can still win a partial,victory even if you fail one objective,its not the end of the world but in,many cases what it first seems like,certain doom can be solved and thats,the best feeling and into the breach at,the end of each Island you spend the,resources youve collected on a randomly,available assortment of upgrades like,with FTL this forces you to think and,improvise as you play the hand youre,dealt instead of repeating the same,strategy over and over and lets you mix,and match weapons and passive abilities,to create some powerful and unexpected,max especially since each team with max,plays completely differently its enough,to make dozens of roughly three-hour,playthroughs feel fresh and challenging,so even though the two-part final,mission is very similar each time the,way you fight it is rarely the same and,while theres not much dynamic,storytelling going on and into the,breach beyond some chatter from your,pilots the alternate timeline wrapper,that lets you carry one experienced,pilot into your next run gives it just,enough flavor,[Music],the wide variety of Mecca and pilot,abilities make into the breaches,tactical combat deep satisfying and,replayable every turn creates a new,complex puzzle and though sometimes,theres no perfect solution finding the,best way to minimize damage creates,frequent Eureka moments as you learn to,make the most of the abilities youre,given to work with its a small looking,tactics game thats kept me playing more,intently than most big ones for more,check out our reviews of civilization 6,rise and fall and they are billions and,for everything else keep it here on IGN,[Music]

The Design of FTL & Into The Breach

Subset工作室这些年打造了两款最富创造力的策略游戏,《FTL》和《陷阵之志》,贾斯汀和马修这支二人团队,已经一起工作近十年,一切源于他们在“2K上海”的相遇,两款游戏都围绕相似类型,又各自以独特方式展现,所以趁二人逗留GDC之际,我们拉住他俩,询问他们游戏设计、团队管理,和往昔趣事,{ D2}《FTL》{ }和{ D2}《陷阵之志》{ }设计访谈,- 我叫贾斯汀·马,Subset工作室的一半,- 我叫马修·戴维斯,另一半,- 对,我们当时都在中国工作,部分是因为中国的工作比美国好找,在美国我可能没那么容易进入游戏业,- 我的经历一模一样,我大学毕业后去参观GDC,我去2K的摊位递简历,就是海投,收了简历让你等消息,但2K跟我说,“如果你愿意去中国”,“工作就归你了”,- 我是直接去中国找工作,我觉得美国太难,所以,试都没试,直接去中国,- 但十年前谁能料到,那对现在是好是坏,- 对,我俩觉得在中国待得差不多了,所以,马特想看看我们能否一起做些原型,于是我们,存了些钱,足够一年做两个原型的开销,我们最初做的后来成了《FTL》,- 我们用半年做出核心玩法,我们提交给IGF China,进了决赛,(2012年中国独立游戏节),当时才六个月,- 不可思议 – 事后看着难以置信,当时觉得咱们就是这么做游戏,就这样,但现在看来,太快了,然后再用一年就做完了,开始我们不确定自己做的是啥,常常讨论,关于它是哪种游戏类型,比如最初是船员管理,但我们不确定围绕这点会做出什么,- 其实它是生存类,就像…,你有士气和食物,要熬过旅途,它蕴含很多可能性,而我们决定聚焦战斗,- 但当我们试着缩小画面,让你用第三人称开飞船,- 比如打开定向护盾,最大的转折点是受《俄罗斯方块》启发,你突然想,“假如我们让屏幕一直显示两艘飞船?”,然后想“强调船员管理”,- 所以怎么想到的?怎么做决定的?,因为你说过,它是个太空战斗游戏,太空中的飞船通常才是主要关注点,- 其实就像我们解决很多问题的思路,这是通常做法,如果不这么做呢?,所以咱们… 船员管理,大多数游戏不在意这个,那就砍掉所有不相关,看这样能做出什么游戏,- 这通常意味着,你会陷入一种奇怪模糊的境地,我知道“它不是什么”,但不知道“它是什么”,接着你会观察哪些东西有趣,希望找到些有趣的点,然后深入研究,有些转折点很关键,比如为了参加IGF China,我们得让它有个游戏样,把一坨东西变成游戏,那游戏很简陋,但那是它第一次真正像游戏,那是个重大转折,- 是因为参赛时间限制吗?,- 没错,- 相比之下,《陷阵之志》是开发两年半后才变得像游戏,- 对,也许是因为没了时间限制,- 对于策略游戏,我们很明确自己喜欢什么、讨厌什么,这影响我们对游戏的整体设计,初步想法就是偏向防御而非进攻,一开始就想好了,马特最初想探索的概念是,如果我们试着,让你愿意牺牲自己的安全来保卫建筑会怎样?,- 我们最初想法就包括对建筑造成附加伤害,但没打算围绕它去做整个游戏,那是后来想的,当时我们在试验展现敌人攻击意图的设计,发现“让建筑成为敌人首要攻击目标”会更有意义,- 我觉得那是战斗设计的转折点,至少对我而言,因为它像一种约束,你会想,假如整个游戏都基于这套独特的威胁系统,对其它部分的设计意味着什么,于是你深入去想,核心元素是“推拉和操纵敌人”,所以乐趣不在杀敌,杀敌反而消灭了有趣的东西:威胁,要是想将它塑造成一种愉快的体验,又意味着什么?,因此它改变了武器设计,它改变了地图布局设计,所以,它极大地约束了战斗设计,那是相对早期,它无疑推动了…,- 你也能看出它是怎么导向防御的,因为如果杀敌无趣,那么防御性玩法才更有趣,- 而且,如果这么做,让玩家偏向防御,你就不会将胜利条件设为“杀光敌人”,这最终推动我们去限制回合数、让战局更短,因为,这样你拖住敌人才有成就感,我们想让规避伤害的感觉跟杀敌一样棒,- 最初两年半里,战斗系统都没真正确定下来,跟你现在玩的不同,- 直到某一刻我们觉得,好,填充内容、发布游戏,- 这又花了一年半时间,- 你们最享受哪段时光,最初两年半,还是最后两年半?,- 前两年的前半段,后两年的后半段,- 中间隔了整整两年,- 是啊,那两年最痛苦,《FTL》和《陷阵之志》都纵情于彻底颠覆传统,前者是款太空战斗游戏,但危险在于漫长旅途,而非即时战斗,至于后者,一款战术游戏,你要规避城市破坏,而非大杀四方,在此意义上,两款游戏的设计都有着惊人挑战,在引导玩家入门前,它们首先得帮玩家忘掉传统,忘掉不再适用的策略,- 对我们而言,一个设计是否可行的重大挑战,在于我们能否让玩家领会我们的意图,我们知道自己在做有趣的东西,所以《陷阵之志》核心玩法确定后,大部分挑战在于,我们该如何让玩家领会?,如何让玩家理解那套系统?,所以,大部分挑战在于,用浅显易懂的方式传达信息,让玩家逐步明白一切是怎么回事,- 《陷阵之志》的引导设计几年来一直是个难题,但《FTL》却没有…,- 玩家一下就明白,因为…,- 玩家仿佛本能就理解那是个什么游戏,我是星舰船长,- 看个图,懂了,- 射击,引擎着火了,派个人去修,一玩就懂,- 然后是那些复杂机制,我觉得玩家,更容易有兴趣探索那些机制,因为他们很快就迷上了核心玩法,而《陷阵之志》会更抽象一点,它的核心主题没那么令人兴奋,它开篇的叙事也会吸引玩家注意力,因此,玩家不一定会很快去探索核心机制,所以我们需要更仔细地引导,确保他们能见识游戏的有趣元素,它不像《FTL》那样很快地引人入胜,- 每当我有新发现,比如某种新策略,就像你第一次,发现攻击自己的机甲能把它推远一点来做些什么,那种“啊哈”时刻,我会想,这过程很有趣,这种学习并发现的过程很有趣,而且,通常作为开发者,如果你设计了一切,你彻底了解每个机制,以及它们如何交互,那么你一般不太可能会有新发现,因此,有些东西我是没法发现的,比如《FTL》,我就不太懂对船员产生感情的感觉,- 就像你不可能… – 永远搞不懂,- 但是,在《陷阵之志》中,发现“可以推开敌人让它们攻击落空”这种最早的“啊哈”一刻,也许是玩家领会游戏的突破点,这个我没法体验,你懂的,我只能去推断,更高层的顿悟很有趣,所以但愿低层那些也有趣,- 更高层顿悟也蕴含许多复杂性,- 没错,- 它需要你持续加深对系统的认识、去留意各种细节,不断见识并发掘新的可能,- 比如,“烟雾小队”的重点在于,让你对“烟雾”的概念有新理解,所以哪怕游戏机制的数量及其交互方式相对有限,只要不断推动玩家重新审视旧事物,你就能让他们全神贯注,而且,你发现处处是机会,你不会只满足于,它就用在这,没了,你要推动玩家去想透,比如你的机甲能用于传导闪电链,你能用生命值换伤害,你知道也就是,更多为玩家创造惊喜的机会,这让游戏更有趣,- 这些小队在某种意义上就像教程,它们被当作教程设计,它们被用于引入烟雾、着火等新机制,以此强迫玩家去体验机制,因为玩家很容易在玩游戏时,习惯于某种特定玩法,然后陷在里面不断重复,所以如果你强迫他们用某只依赖特别战术的小队,他们就能更好地探索各种不同系统,并找出我们在游戏中精心布置的所有可能性,我喜欢让他们参与进来,- 对,我作为玩家常被困扰的一件事,比如玩“黑暗之魂”那些,我会花很多时间研究如何用剑盾取胜,然后,我想用不同风格玩,但是,我觉得没啥动力,因为,我已经很熟悉某个套路,我总会退回去,所以我试着营造一些情境,你没法…,那不是可选项,你没必要因为想熟悉一种新机制而纠结,《FTL》和《陷阵之志》都善于运用巧妙的笔触,来构建游戏世界的想象图景,比如《陷阵之志》中的建筑,会在战斗始末,蹦出宽慰、恐惧和鼓舞情绪的对白气泡,《FTL》每局都有着独特风味,这要拜游戏出色的叙事所赐,作者汤姆·朱贝尔,不过对于《陷阵之志》,两人成功请来著名RPG作家克里斯·阿瓦隆操刀,(代表作《辐射2》、《异域镇魂曲》、《永恒之柱》、《辐射:新维加斯》),但他们也坦承自己并非最容易合作的设计师,- 我们最后让克里斯·阿瓦隆执笔《陷阵之志》,部分是因为,我玩着克里斯的游戏长大,能跟他合作实在太棒,尤其是当机会送上门,这是我们无法拒绝的,但汤姆·朱贝尔的工作很出色,我们并不是对他的工作有什么不满才去跟克里斯合作,只是做点改变罢了,- 有时我觉得我们让合作者处于不利位置,我们会说,我们希望你能全情投入,帮我们想想怎么把游戏做到最好,发挥你胜于我们的专长,我们同时还会说,这游戏是我们的孩子,我们要掌控一切,这也是我们的学习过程,关于…,如何以满足他人期望的方式合作,我们的工作方式其实不太适合让外人参与,因为,我们会多次推翻游戏主体,这可不利于…,让合作者中途参与进来,- 说点更具体的,比如项目后期,关于驾驶员能力,我们把它们换来换去,因为我们不确定怎样安排驾驶员能力来保证平衡性,与此同时,克里斯正在创作巨复杂的背景故事、原理解释和人物个性,它们都基于驾驶员能力,然后发布前两周我们说,“噢克里斯,很抱歉”,“你围绕这能力构造的这名角色”,“他现在没这能力了,技能完全不同”,而且到头来,所有合作者的工作,游戏所有要素,游戏设计始终是其它一切要素的基石,制约着一切,所以我们可能让合作者失望,因为我们不得不做些决定产生限制,唯一的例外是音乐,因为我对音乐没啥想法,或者说没明确想法,所以我更容易去说,“本,做些酷酷的曲子”,然后我把曲子加入游戏,不太担心效果,尤其是相比剧本或音效,你可能会有点事必躬亲,- 听上去你俩做游戏很大程度是为了自己,你们做自己喜欢玩的游戏,当时你们是否惊讶…,因为《FTL》当时…,我记得最早听到的好消息是关于Kickstarter,你们目标是1万,最后筹到20万,你们是否惊讶这两款游戏如此流行?,- 是的 – 终生难忘,- 一直被震惊,- 我觉得《FTL》更震撼我,因为,我们最初觉得自己做的东西只有自己喜欢,我们想人们不可能那么自虐想玩这个…,在太空反复死去的可怕游戏,然后看到人们对游戏的热烈反响时,我们被震到了,- 关于《陷阵之志》,我觉得人们不会那么喜欢,主要因为它的体验又怪又短小,而且玩了《FLT》他们会有种期待,《陷阵之志》并不太符合他们期待的类型,- 它还是个战术游戏,类型并不热门,- 我们没指望它很火,我们知道它卖不过《FTL》,也确实卖不过,我们今后做的一切都没法超越《FTL》,但它最后的玩家群还是比我们预期大得多,我们没想过能拿下“游戏开发者选择奖”的最佳设计奖,,- 至今没回过神 – 对,很疯狂

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Into the Breach is Genius // REVIEW

there is a bunker worth of games that,put you in the boots of a grand hero,facing insurmountable odds,whether that be saving the world from,aliens zombies or alien zombies but if,Im honest none of these sometimes huge,Triple A productions and fo really made,me feel the force of that unstoppable,enemy but a humble indie game has into,the breach regularly made me feel like I,was staring into the abyss facing down,overwhelming odds and that stuck with me,and if you play this game,I think itll stick with you too into,the breach is a turn-based roguelike,tactics puzzle word soup despite that,tirade of keywords its quite a simple,game on its surface,the world is under siege from a plethora,of pixelated pests and you have to stop,them each run begins with you picking a,team of three mechs and ends with either,the destruction of the planet or the,defeat of the alien bugs ultimately it,succeeds in its ability to straddle the,line between puzzle and strategy game,each run of into the breach feels like a,miniaturized campaign from a tactics,behemoths like XCOM its rarely going to,last longer than a couple hours but you,do condense two versions all the,strategy stuff you love upgrading mechs,and weapons leveling up your pilots and,tweaking it all until each element sings,in a perfect little Symphony you even,get to fuss with a map fast by picking,what order you tackle the distinct,islands then choosing the missions to,tackle on that island each of which vary,massively in difficulty objective and,reward runs are often won and lost in,those little out of mission decisions,but each mission is a delightfully,discrete puzzle theyre all encapsulated,in a single 8×8 grid you can see every,moving cog in this machine from a single,vantage point also unlike its tactics,cousins a single round will never,surprise you in into the bridge you can,always see what,the buggy boys are going to do on the,next hand and theres basically no,randomness either meaning theres no,blaming the game when something goes,wrong mitigating at least in me that man,child raid if you pay enough attention,in this game youll see almost,everything coming this uh transparency,also enables subset games to get,devilish with their scenarios most of,the time I was just trying to survive,more than anything else this game is,rarely about out-and-out victories its,about triage runs dont end when your,mechs are destroyed or your pilots die,runs end when the grid goes down meaning,if you want to win youll throw mechs,into the meat grinder to protect the,objective every single turn survival,will require sacrifices and it lends,every decision weight not just because,they all matter but because even in the,diarist of circumstances you could just,pull it out of the pack so many times in,this game I would find a quirk or funny,little interaction I hadnt thought,about and suddenly I would have wriggled,my way out of what seemed like an,impossible situation and as soon as,youve done that once every single one,of these screens becomes a playground of,possibilities no situation too dire your,mind just chases its own tail looking,for a way out and that aha moment is one,of the most simple yet powerful joys,Ive had in a game these moments are,possible because of the games black,hole level of hidden depths there are a,plethora of things to consider every,turn the positioning of your Macs the,bugs attack-type even the environments,are hugely important Sam can cause smoke,to block sight forests set on fire and,knocking a buggy into lava deals that,with them very quickly,then theres your max themselves their,abilities tend to focus on forced,movement and utility over pure damage,meaning all of the things I just,mentioned are more easily utilized while,each team of mechs have strange,synergies that only become clear after a,few runs like I said you can see all,of the gears of this machine but that,doesnt mean its easy to make it run,right but its a massive triumph when,you do and that is why into the breach,is so good right like if you liked,subscribe if you fancy it and do the,belt if you feel an extra frisky on the,left is a video I think youll like and,on the right is a video YouTube thinks,you like thanks for watching Ill see,you soon,[Music]

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MASSIVE UPDATE to the Classic Tactics Roguelike! | Lets Try Into the Breach: Advanced Edition

hello everybody and welcome to lets try,my name is retromation this is into the,breach which after years got a huge,free new update to the game called the,advanced edition update which i am very,excited to check out here today it has,new squads enemies missions pilots,weapons equipment music just all the,whole nine yards uh if you dont know,into the breach its the very slightly,lesser known game from the ftl devs,uh i do have,a new pilot and a new squad here so that,we could check things out if you guys,want more well probably do like a a,fresh file thing and work from there but,for the case of uh showcasing new,content thats actually in this update i,thought that would be a feasible thing,so,weve got uh on reset turn gain shield,plus two move you know were just gonna,have to get in there and uh and,re-figure things out,because oh my god has it been a long,time i did not think that there was,going to be a new update to this game,let alone after this long of a time,uh so alas let me just adjust some,volume here,okay,so here we go roguelike turn-based,tactics game absolutely wonderful one of,them,in were gonna go here hello,if youre from the future youll find,our island is even further back in time,than you expected if not for the vec id,love to give you a tour of the old earth,relics,combat simulator honestly,its been so long that that actually,sounds kind of nice,uh,yeah sure its been so freaking long,that sounds kind of nice,power grid this is the power grid,whenever a building is damaged the power,grid is going to be reduced this is what,delivers power to your mechs if it is,reduced to zero you lose,every enemy attack is forewarned next,turn the this one will attack the,buildings hover over the enemy to see it,details about its attack this is your,combat mac it can punch any adjacent,tile select your mac now by clicking it,and move your mac here,click on a weapon to use it the number,keys will also work as a shortcut you,may not move after you shot a weapon,punch this enemy,so your mech punch your mix punch push,this unit itll now attack the new,location its gonna attack this mountain,instead of the precious building pushers,can save buildings from enemy attacks or,even make enemies attack each other,so you can do push you can do damage or,you can do push and damage,may seem very simplistic let me tell you,this is a game that is,like it seems really straightforward and,hyper,clean and straightforward on the surface,but the interactions are miles deep how,everything shakes out and combines,together is where this game gets wild,and absolutely deep if you have not seen,it in the past uh when all your mechs,have used their actions theres nothing,left to do on the tournament you can,have your drink right fantastic,were done for,this is your canon mech it shoots a,projectile that travels in a straight,line until it hits another unit,so theoretically we can go whoop,whoop,when aiming weapon the orange tile show,where you can shoot,im gonna blast that fool get out of,here,then we can theoretically,you should be one punch from dead,but all the different mechs are gonna,have different types of weapons therell,be different pilots that have different,types of passives to them that shake,things up uh in addition to getting like,upgraded moves later,all right,artillery mech artillery weapons can,shoot over obstacles like mountains but,cannot shoot adjacent tiles it will only,damage units in the center and then it,will push everybody else away,so what is the radius like okay we can,do this,units fell in the water so they will,drown killing them instantly,that is a very huge mechanic in this,game is using the environment uh to your,advantage,why would i what do you want me to shoot,the freaking building punk,okay where you going,oh interesting okay all right,uh every mission you will win by,surviving until the vec retreats which,is gonna be in four turns,if you complete the bonus objective you,get additional resources after that ill,kill all enemies before they retreat,uh,okay so,youre trying to hit,there,got two we could go,theoretically,do a little bit of that,saves that over there youre gonna be,trying to hit here,um,oh this ones a little bit tricky,actually,i dont know,i dont know how to save this one off,the top of my head here unless how much,damage does this do,one damage and then one damage if it,pushes the target,into something,so i guess what we theoretically could,just do is,run up here,do a little punch,go down here do a little shoot which,should push youre gonna do a little bit,of damage to each other,man i love that the tutorial actually,has some decisions i mean i i beat that,there uh but youre you know what i did,it on purpose so we could see the,tutorial obviously your mex will,automatically repair damage after each,battle if mecca reduces your health the,pilot dies and the mech is disabled for,the rest of the battle,a little murder on each other there,hmm so this has to be in a straight line,but we could do like,if you it doesnt matter if you push a,building right like that shouldnt,yeah it shouldnt matter good,this does how much damage does two this,should be nice and clean and easy,yeah were good,theoretically,theoretically we are all good there,three cheers for the cataclysm thank you,i mean were not the cataclysm really,theres a comment assistant and decline,decline damage power grid,uh the power grid connects every,corporate island any damage it takes in,missions will persist the vec caused,damage before you arrived but there will,be opportunities that can restore it,okay,your mission every mission has different,potential reward for completing bonus,objectives you wont be able to do every,mission on the island so choose,carefully reactor cores to upgrade your,mech,grid power to restore power to your grid,if you have you know have a little bit,less uh corp reputation used to purchase,items once the island is secure,great,okay so now we have our our new squad,here lets see what do we have,throw an adjacent unit and damage it so,what is your ability on reset,turn,on reset turn,gain a shield and plus two movement,interesting,throw an adjacent target and then damage,it,does it always move exactly,exactly there,or can we choose i wonder,try rocket damage and push three tiles,in a light what the hell,okay,they all move,from back to front so they dont do like,collision damage with each other i guess,maybe in the event that there is,something behind the third spot,maybe maybe that would be the case,you can upgrade it to make it building,immune you can up so it wont harm,buildings,more damage what do you have here,seismic capacitor damage and flip a,target if target is killed crack the,adjacent tiles,okay,very interesting,our technicians recently got an old,earth artillery battery up and running,please make sure it survives the fight,defend their artillery support protect,the coal plant,in we freaking go okay so this is mr,throw your girl,uh then we got the triple line artillery,and then this is like a,whats the radius on this again,science class weapon damage and flip a,target if the target has killed cracked,adjacent tiles i dont actually remember,what cracked tiles,do maybe they,[Music],i dont know i dont know what a crack,tile does well have to see,the triple tile will do self damage so i,gotta be a little bit careful trying to,save that all right,here we go its the cataclysm theyve,come,to crush every last vec,merging enemies enemy it will merge here,next turn you can temporarily block,enemies by from spawning but it will,damage the unit so if we stand on top of,this,then uh,then we will stop it,man i wish we could um,so hold on i want to i want to see what,does this look like,we throw you right there oh thats so un,uh unfortunate,wait we can go back though cant we,because it said undo move,great,[Music],like i could throw you,again its what one damage one damage,you could do that i suppose,but like i kind of wanted to throw,somebody right in h

Into The Breach – The “ANTI-DOOM” Game

after playing doom eternal for a week,straight and you just need to change,gears for a bit i have the perfect game,for you,into the breach its one of my favorite,games of recent years,there are a lot of good strategy games,out there even from this same developer,who also made ftl,but theres something about into the,breach that just draws me in,and i want to present it to you because,i think its really interesting and fun,theres an alien invasion by these,bug-like creatures called the vek,and im just going to call them bugs you,lead the fight against them with a team,of three mechs,youre presented with a 64 square game,board divided into bug half and mech,half,on the map there are hazards and,buildings full of civilians that you,must protect,you choose your position for each mech,based on their capabilities and based on,the threats you see,so ill just place my units here for,demonstration,you see that the bugs move immediately,after i place my units,and they indicate their attack,intentions on the front line i have my,combat mech,this guy can move three spaces and he,has a punch attack that does two points,of damage,thats pretty good because starting,enemies have two to three health points,it could kill a small bug or seriously,injure another,youll notice that the punch also pushes,the bug into the next square,this is important for several reasons if,you push an enemy into a wall,it does one point of damage this also,damages the wall,which means it can also damage buildings,so you have to be careful,if you push it into another bug they,both take damage,enemies can be pushed into water or fire,and most importantly pushing an enemy,diverts its attack,see all of these bugs have indicated,their intentions,this bug is going to attack a building,this bug is going to attack a mech we,dont want any of that to happen,see this bar at the top thats your,power grid every time you lose a,building you lose a point on your power,grid,lose all of your points and the game is,over so buildings are definitely,priority here,mechs can survive a hit buildings cant,enemies will continue their intended,attack,even after theyve been pushed to,another square pushing a bug to another,square isnt always a good thing though,you could end up putting a valuable,target in the line of fire or you could,end up getting one of your own mechs,killed,so a punch will do two points of damage,and the push will cause his attack to,miss the building,but you see theres another enemy,attacking this same building,so well need to take care of him too,getting back to the mix we also have the,cannon mech,this guy has an attack that shoots in a,straight line it does one point damage,and pushes the enemy into the next,square,pretty straightforward and were gonna,use him to shoot this bug,the one point projectile damage combined,with the push into the wall,will kill him but first well move him,forward to pick up this rare time pod,that fell at the beginning of the match,the last unit is the artillery mech,which is a strategic long distance unit,it lobs a shot in an arc passing over,obstacles,damage is low at one point but you can,see the four arrows,the artillery blast pushes all four of,these spaces,so its common to use this mech not just,to shoot an enemy,but to shoot next to them or between two,bugs to reposition them,we cant kill this guy with one point,damage so were just gonna move him so,his attack misses,the ideal square to hit would be this,one to his right which would push him,left to block an incoming enemy who will,be joining the fight the next turn,but as you can see our limited movement,wont get us to an,angle to actually make that shot were,gonna have to settle for simply moving,him,so all the buildings are clear no mechs,are taking damage and we recovered the,bonus time pod,so thats a good turn not a great turn,because we only killed one bug,and we didnt block any emerging spaces,so lets end the turn and see what,happens,[Music],the bugs missed their shots they,reposition and indicate their next,attack,and now we have two more bugs to deal,with this suddenly looks like an,overwhelming situation,four bugs are all attacking and youve,probably noticed the two skulls,thats because this right satellite is,going to launch at the end of this turn,killing anything in these four squares,and theres a scorpion intending to,attack this satellite,so the question is what happens first,the bug attack or the satellite launch,well here in the upper right corner we,can check the attack order,we see that npc actions happen after bug,attacks,so the scorpion will attack the,satellite before it launches,however the scorpion only does one point,of damage and the satellite has two,points of life,so it will survive and the launch will,kill the scorpion so theres nothing to,worry about,satellites are optional objectives as,seen here in the objective list,and when they take damage it does not,affect your power grid so we can put,this guy out of our mind immediately and,focus on the other three,or maybe not if we move our combat mech,to the right,punch the scarab it will kill him,pushing his corpse into the scorpion,and that will kill him too and both,kills will generate,xp for this pilot in this game your,priority is to protect the buildings,you are incentivized to kill the bugs,obviously less bugs means less threats,to deal with,and more bugs are hatching out of the,ground with every passing turn,but killing bugs also gives you xp each,mech has a pilot inside that benefits,from these xp gains,unlocking abilities like allowing you to,move further with every turn,extra damage mech upgrade points the,pilot system is integral to the design,of the game,and truly feeling the consequences of,your actions if a pilot dies in a match,thats it theyre dead all of their xp,their upgrades,gone for the rest of this campaign the,mech becomes usable in the next match,but it will be pilotless and unable to,gain xp,this doesnt have to be a bad thing in,every case sometimes having a mech that,youre okay with letting die,can lead to some interesting strategies,to block attacks or,pull off big kill strategies like this,there are normal pilots and special,pilots special pilots come with their,own unique ability like a shield,armor or flight as you unlock more,pilots you can choose which one you want,to start with each time you start a new,game,returning to our scenario with this,option of killing both bugs,you start to see that there can be,multiple good ways to play your turn,and with a little thought and,understanding of these systems you can,make more effective big picture plays,that benefit your xp,and bonus point system so were gonna,put the combat mech here,well place the canon mech here to shoot,the hornet which will damage him and,divert his attack from the building,and well use the artillery mech to,shoot the other hornet it wont kill him,but his attack wont be enough to,destroy the satellite so im trading a,little damage to the satellite for a,little damage on the hornet too,lets follow through,[Music],so,okay not a bad turn now things get,interesting,this is a scion he gives a passive bonus,to all enemies,now when they die they explode so you,really dont want to kill a bug and,leave it next to a building,lets punch this guy do some self damage,by pushing the hornet into myself as a,way of killing him,and oh no ive forgotten about the,explosive,ive lost a building and ive lost a,mech and i dont have any way to divert,the scorpions attack from hitting one,of my buildings,what do i do well if you make a big,mistake theres a game defining mechanic,that ties into the story theme of time,travel,you see in this world the allies have,lost the battle against the vek many,times before,they use time travel to go back and try,to prevent the end of the world,every time they fail they open a breach,in space time and go back to try again,in game this means if you make a mistake,you can undo a turn,maybe you miscalculated a strategy or,a

Reviews – Breach & Clear: Deadline

[Music],breach and clear deadlines Kiro here for,ember games the review of breach and,clear deadlines played on PlayStation 4,wasnt familiar with the first breach,and clear game released on Windows and,PS Vita and other mobile devices it was,just my affinity for games physically,released in small runs via limited run,games that ended up putting this into my,hands otherwise you can get this,digitally on Xbox one or steam as well,as the PlayStation Network breach and,clear deadlines bring some features to a,typical isometric dungeon crawler that I,personally havent seen before what are,you in the heart of a modern city,terrorized by various forms of zombie,like creatures created by parasitic,worms that worked the hosts the control,squad a for military men performing,quests throughout the games open-world,with the eventual goal of evacuating,uninfected civilians to safety the game,takes place in real time until you press,the l1 button which pauses the game and,allows you to issue commands now weve,seen things similar to this and when I,sub-genre is real-time RPGs like Knights,of the Old Republic and Dragon Age but,here there are some very specific and,very handy differences yes sir once,paused you can switch between each,member,move the cursor where youd like them to,go and if you want them to hit enemies,while theyre walking that way you can,angle their cone of vision to keep,attacking whilst obeying your movement,command you can issue orders to as many,of your crew as you want and then you,press the ARP 2 button to move through,time using the pressure sensitivity of,the DualShock 4 controller to determine,how fast that goes this method of,commanding gives you an unprecedented,amount of control in a game like this,with up to 3 simultaneous orders per,soldier that can be cancelled in a,reissue in the moment,this allows you time to set up all kinds,of ambushes and if you have mercenary,soldiers coming against you you can have,one guy draw the fire while another one,slips behind you can also command your,entire group to move on a diamond,formation but you cant choose a,direction to fire while they do so so,its mainly utilize for taking a new,forward position or back position were,running away quickly while you have no,possible line-of-sight on the enemies,also unlike typical dungeon crawler and,more the strategy side of things like,XCOM theres a fog of war that covers,territory in black when you have no line,of sight,after you complete the initial tutorial,you get to apply some customization to,your squad including given them names,change their appearance and most,importantly pick their class theres six,different classes to choose from and,Ill have abilities on their skill tree,that really set them apart from one,another the intelligence officer works,as a sniper with booster rifle damage,and the ability to pen down a target the,medic gets boosted healing for med kits,the fireteam leader gets a provoked,ability etc your party earns experience,for kills and quest completion and are,awarded one point for the tree per level,all abilities take one point per leaf,but you can use up to three points and,open the tree of another class theres a,trophy for hitting level 30 which would,open a ridiculous number of skill tree,nodes considering I felt pretty powerful,upon finishing the game at level 14 any,soldier can use any type of gun but,their respective skill trees do provide,boosted damage to specific wanders there,are tons of supply chests spread around,the maps there are medical chest that,restock your medical supplies explosive,chests for various grenades and regular,chests that provide weapons of varying,rarity and if I had to guess Id say,probably a hundred or so total in the,game you can also get weapon attachments,to modify guns if they have slots to do,so armor can be received from these,chests as well but it was a little bit,more limited with just a helmet and,chest option which fall under light,medium and heavy I think I may be,obtained two to three of each throughout,the game if you get items you dont want,to keep you can go to any safe house and,use the workstation to break them down,into scrap which can then be used in,increasing amounts to improve weapons,and armor alike your inventory has 30,slots where consumable items will stack,but gear wont making the games fast,traveling system from discovered bus,stops very useful the loading for fast,travel is pretty quick however the,initial game load as well as moving,between the games for maps and five,dungeons probably took close to a minute,each your party shares the same list or,except whats currently loaded in the,magazine so its generally a good idea,to have each of your troops focusing on,a different weapon type you could find,ammo deposits spread around them provide,a various number of random ammo types,and you can also use the aforementioned,scrap on a workbench if youre running,low on something in particular,oh and enemies do have a chance to drop,scrap and varying increments as well,theres a decent amount of time that can,be some kind of content in this game,coding side quests noted with green,stars and text the,also has five dungeons that have 20,levels of depth four of them have main,quests in them that end around the,fourth or fifth floor but you can delve,deeper to try for better loot while,continually facing harder enemies as you,climb to the top of an office building,the bottom of the sewers and through a,cave system just to name the few I did,the second dungeon all the way down and,I got a shotgun I ended up using for the,rest of the game theres an elevator,every odd floor that lets you get out,and back in quickly if you need returned,to the safehouse,this is also where the problems start,after completing one quest in the office,building I decided to keep pushing up a,couple more floors to see what was there,then I used the elevator to leave and,the game crashed I progress through the,couple forces lost and not only that but,it started me outside the building,without a main quest walked around for a,bit before finally ending up right back,at the office complex doors and somehow,it triggered the next step like I just,completed it Im guessing it must have a,trigger from stepping in a specific area,it didnt stop there though anytime I,use the exit in any future dungeon I,ended up with a crash game probably,about seven total and all now you cant,save anywhere outside of combat but one,time I beat a side quest I saved I moved,on when the game crashed I was restarted,in the same place that I had been kicked,but the optional quest I had completed,had to be returned to and completed,again to be clear I played this game on,version 1.3 for so I know theyve been,working on patches especially after,seeing some similar problems on Steam,forums and seeing the developer respond,directly to players but 7 crashes can,kind of take a guy out of the game for,sure most Sambi enemies are your,standard shamblers with a few that will,charge at you and you take a bit more to,kill as you go just on the other side a,halfway point youll start to see some,Giants and some spitters but I think,unless you delve into the optional,floors you wont even meet enough to get,their 100 kill each trophies remember,one human and one zombie boss encounter,and those about being treated honestly,just like any other fight the mercenary,humans with weapons were often the,toughest competitors but most went down,pretty quickly I guess really what Im,trying to get at is most enemy types,have one or two types of behavior run at,you or high defensively and a bit more,variety in required tactics would have,enriched the experience,the only other real issue was after,getting some nice purple tier weapons,and maxing them out with scrap most,situations became unnecessary to use the,positive command mode be nice if,soldiers at state where I put them in,command mode when I switched to the,lives twin-stick shooting instead of,coming after the so

Into The Breach Review

hello everybody and welcome to my into,the breach review into the breach,released on the 27th of February 2018,and is developed and published by subset,games the small team known for FTL,faster than light into the breach is a,turn-based tactics game with some,roguelike elements you take control of,mechs to fight an alien threat with the,aim of protecting as many civilians as,possible before we get into the,overarching meta of the game well delve,into the battles themselves each battle,takes place on an 8 x 8 grid with 3,player controlled mechs and takes place,over 5 turns that never changes what,does change are your objectives the,terrain the enemies and some randomized,drops and building placements your main,goal is to keep your power grid online,to do this you just need to protect the,civilian buildings each building is,worth 1 power so its all pretty,straightforward however this power grid,carries over between battles so letting,it get attacked and going down to just,one power for instance means youll,start the next battle with just one,power so its really important not to,lose any the only way to gain power is,if one of your side objectives gives it,to you or if you spend reputation which,well get to a little bit later if you,lose all your power its game over and,you have to start a brand new game the,only thing you can carry over is one,pilot as hes the one that travels back,through time to try again,so into the breaches battles follow just,a few simple rules the first being that,you know what the enemys next attack is,you dont know where theyll move but,you do know where theyll attack for,instance if an enemy is going to attack,one tile forward into your building you,could get a mech to push them a tile to,the side and theyll attack forward but,miss this can be used in a variety of,ways you can push enemies next to each,other so when their turn comes they hit,each other you can push them in front of,water so they drown when they perform,their attack you can push them into an,environmental effects like fire or,lightning or you can even block a new,enemy from emerging from the ground by,pushing a different enemy over that tile,so knowing where the enemy will attack,and what theyll do has huge tactical,implications especially when there are 5,or 6 enemies and you only have 3 max you,need to think creatively about who you,can block or make them miss or,can kill the next important rule will be,turn order knowing the order of which,the enemies will do their attacks means,you can queue up who hits who its,similar to the first rule but this,information is key to forcing the enemy,to attack themselves in the correct,order and the last rule is just,understanding the capabilities of your,mechs and the enemy you can get,different mechs later but at the start,youll have an artillery mech that will,fire on people and do damage or knock,them a tile away from the shot so you,can push multiple enemies away a tank,will fire in a straight line for long,range and again push those who had hits,and the prime mech will punch really,hard and push enemies as well so pushing,is a big deal early on but later you can,get extra weapons that pull or do damage,to adjacent tiles or ignore order etc,etc the different tile effects are very,important to damaging a forest tile for,instance will cause it to catch fire,hurting those within damaging a sand,tile will kick up a dust storm blocking,attacks breaking ice will allow people,to fall through and so on unit types and,weapon types then add to the equation,where flying units ignore water and most,of the tile effects and some weapons,create tiles like a rock thrower that,knocks some went back and places a rock,in front of them blocking their attack,so because of all this,the terrain affects the tile types the,defenses the enemy types the mech types,upgrades side objectives perma death,meta objectives and randomized maps,theres a lot going on in these little 5,turn battles which is why its so damn,good and makes you feel very clever when,you figured it all out,[Music],into the breach starts off really simple,youve just seen the fall of,civilization and have traveled back,through time to prevent it from,happening youre equipped with three,mechs to do so and there are four,islands that you have to protect when,you commit to fighting on an island you,have to complete the island before,moving on to another now each island has,a different type of climate and is,broken up into sectors each with their,own missions and rewards some sectors,will reward you with power and some with,reputation power contributes to your,power grid which is essentially your,game health bar and as mentioned if it,reaches zero you lose the game and the,game is perma death meaning youll lose,your pilots for good and it also uses,Ironman saves so you cannot just reload,the game reputation is whats used when,you complete an island to upgrade your,max and power can also be bought with it,so if you have a particularly bad run,you might want to focus on power more,immediately or if youre ahead,reputation will probably be the better,one to look out for as you can just,exchange it later when youve taken four,sectors the island locks down and you,fight a final battle on it,winning this then completes the island,and you can move on this means that you,cannot obtain all the rewards on an,island so you need to think a bit about,what you want to get and you cannot do,the same one twice sometimes theres,special rewards but they can be behind a,heavy threat or theres fewer rewards on,an easier run its really up to you how,much you want to risk versus the reward,of just finishing the island so you can,upgrade yourself when you completed two,islands a fifth and final island emerges,where you can fight the endgame battle I,wont spoil it here but they throw some,interesting terrain types your way on,missions so its a really fun and,challenging fight whats more,interesting is the risk reward dynamic,again after youve cleared two islands,youre free to try and finish or you,could try more islands to gain more,upgrades and experience however the,final battle scales to your progress so,going for a four island victory wont,make the final battle any easier,necessarily,[Music],after completing an island youll have,the chance to upgrade your max this is,done by spending reputation in a,randomized pool of items and by trading,the ones you have buying or earning,reactor cores can be fitted on your,mechs giving them power surplus,installing extra weapons or upgrading,means youre redirecting that power so,for instance you can use one core to get,extra health or more movement or,sacrifice both for a better weapon its,a really nice system with a very clear,and concise UI the mechs are,customizable and can even share weapons,for extra power if it doesnt fit their,math class so its pretty cool,you can also buy power directly as I,mentioned before instead of upgrading,the mechs and if you go over the power,limit youll get an excess power,increasing your Defense Grid the Defense,Grid is basically a percentage dice roll,that when an enemy hits a building they,wont damage it this is a really nice,touch because when youve perhaps made a,mistake or you need to take a hit youre,just begging the game to let you get,away with it and sometimes it does,outside of the campaign there are a,total of eight squads in the game with,three mechs in them each that have their,own weaponry every squad has three,unique achievements tied to them and,there are 25 global achievements in five,categories each achievement unlocked,gives you one coin and to unlock a new,squad you have to spend between three,and six coins this is a pretty nice,progression system as unlocking new,things is tied to doing unique things in,the game you cant just grind the,victory a few times in a row you have to,actively do difficult tasks which I like,a lot you can also roll a random squad,or customise your squad any way you want,you can change

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