1. How Breaking Bad Pulled Off An Impossibly Perfect Finale
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How Breaking Bad Pulled Off An Impossibly Perfect Finale

i have to hear,one more time,that you did this,for the family you did it for me this is,felina the final episode of breaking bad,in the same way that walt is a perfect,anti-hero felina is a perfect finale to,fully understand the gravity of breaking,bad spinali we have to remember that,this is a show about a suburban high,school teachers slow descent into the,criminal underground walts terminal,cancer diagnosis in the first episode is,the spark that slowly burns a path of,destruction through his life and,everyone around him until it becomes a,raging fire of pride and moral,degradation but whether you see walt as,a good man who made bad choices for the,sake of his family or a bad man who,finally found a reason to act on his,worst impulses felina is a fitting end,its a perfect example of what made,breaking bad and particularly the,character of walter white great in the,first place its willingness to explore,dubious morality in ways that are equal,parts heartwarming heartbreaking and,horrifying remain unmatched on,television to this day vince gilligans,writing and directing make for an,episode chalk full of suspense and,restrained intensity and supported by,the rest of the absolutely stellar cast,brian cranstons performance in felina,is truly haunting in every sense of the,word he presents himself like an angry,exhausted ghost who can only be allowed,into the afterlife after writing all his,wrongs and tying up all his loose ends,while determined to do it all on his,terms its true that felina is basically,the walter white wish fulfillment happy,hour yet despite the actual content of,the episode the way felina is shot never,lets us forget that his actions are,monstrous hes alive isnt he hes,cooking for you,what are you gonna lie,after seeing his old colleagues,disparage him and minimize his,contributions to gray matter,technologies walt decides to flee his,new hampshire hideout and head back to,albuquerque at the beginning of the,episode like a man possessed he heads,straight to gretchen and elliots new,home he terrorizes them into setting up,a trust fund for his son under threat of,assassination these assassins turn out,to be badger and skinny pete with laser,pointers but nevertheless the schwartz,family is sufficiently scared into doing,walts bidding for walt and the audience,this is pretty satisfying he gets,exactly what he wants in,characteristically clever and ruthless,ways on the surface this looks like a,straight-up win for walt but the way the,scene is shot says otherwise the way he,lurks in the shadows at the schwartzs,house and follows them inside is,straight out of a halloween movie,jessica hecht and adam godleys,terrified performance here tells the,audience all they need to know walt is,the villain after learning from badger,and skinny pete that jessie is alive in,cooking,jesse,walt retrieves the ricin from his old,house like a killer returning to the,scene of a crime he surveys the place,its a shell of its former self same as,walt and he reminisces about his 50th,birthday party a single shot of brian,cranstons expressive face confirms that,the audience that walter white isnt,making it out of this episode alive,later walt interrupts todd and lydia,offering to teach todd a new method of,cooking that doesnt require any,methylamine after a brief conversation,in which vault brilliantly plays the,role of a desperate man running out of,time lydia tells walt to meet with jack,welker todds uncle later that night but,she has no intention of hearing walt out,the scene ends with a tight shot of her,dumping stevia into her tee as she,always does the audience gets a quick,scene of walt crafting something out in,the desert that hes hooked up to his,car keys before one of the most,memorable moments in the entire series,his conversation with skylar the one,where he says goodbye and finally,confesses to his wife and to the,audience that he enjoyed what he did,that it made him feel alive while brian,cranston gives the performance of a,lifetime through the entire episode this,scene is especially exemplary and anna,gunn is similarly incredible you can,really feel the grief loss and,exhaustion between the two characters,but you can also sense walts fixation,on his goals and skylers terror at,facing down the man she can barely,recognize as her ex-husband he says,goodbye to first his daughter and then,his son in his own way for walt these,goodbyes are tender moments but once,again the way this sequence is shot,betrays walts vision initially it looks,like skyler is alone in her apartment,but the camera moves in to reveal walt,standing menacingly in the corner like a,monster waiting for the right time to,strike,even withered and haggard this man is an,imposing figure when walt says goodbye,to holly skyler is seeing a man capable,of horrible deeds caressing her,defenseless sleeping child and then walt,silently watches his son return home,from school through a window in a shot,that without context looks like a,stalker targeting their victim while the,audience is still rooting for walt to,finish what hes set out to do were,keenly aware of just how dangerous he is,so this makes the final act of felina,when walt pays a final visit to jack,welkners gang an incredible thrilling,affair after some goating on the part of,walt jack welker parades jesse out in,front of him walt fiddles with his keys,before tackling jessie to the ground and,hitting his key fob which unleashes yet,another iconic moment from the finale,onto the unsuspecting gang the,contraption walt was rigging up in the,desert turns out to be the m60 set to,fire automatically from the trunk of,walts car everyone except for walt,jesse jack and todd are killed in a,storm of bullets the audience then,watches jesse snap todds neck which,certainly made people stand up and cheer,and then in an even more satisfying,moment walt shoots jack mid-sentence the,way jack did to hank earlier in the,season with everyone else dead this,leaves jesse and walt to have a brief,standoff where jesse notices walt was,shot by the machine gun walt wants jesse,to kill him but he refuses finally after,five seasons jesse rebuffs walts orders,then do it yourself,instead of killing him jesse chooses to,leave his former partner standing alone,among a pile of bodies a phone rings and,walt answers it only to hear lydia on,the other end asking if everything had,gone to plan and that walt is dead,instead walt informs her that earlier,that day he poisoned the stevia lydia,used for her tea with ricin,essentially handing his former supplier,a death sentence this is a great payoff,and killing lydia by taking advantage of,her overly detailed schedule is,especially gratifying but the scene is,deeply reminiscent of several iconic,horror movie phone calls which once,again positions walt as the villain of,the story the audience gets one final,wordless goodbye between walt and jesse,before jesse speeds off into the night,in a flood of emotion,seeing jesse finally free of his life,and the torture he was put through is,maybe the happiest moment in the whole,episode and its no coincidence that,its framed like the final girl barely,escaping with their life at the end of a,horror movie but that isnt how the,episode ends this is at the end of the,day still walts story and he finds,himself alone and bleeding out rather,than spending his last moments close to,his family or using his last breath to,say a single kind word about his partner,walt hobbles over to the lab to die like,a contented dog at the feet of his,master he walks among the equipment in,an almost nostalgic reverence as police,sirens wail in the distance bad fingers,baby blue plays this out as walt takes a,look at his reflection before dying on,the floor of the lab while police,swarmed the building we as an audience,can see purely by the look on his face,that walt is satisfied,more than that hes proud for a man who,once claimed im in the empire business,theres no better way to go out than,surrounded by t

Conan OBrien interviews the cast of Breaking Bad

[Applause],ladies and gentlemen are the Emmy,award-winning stars are breaking bad,please welcome,Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul,[Applause],Wow theyre a little subdued tonight,yeah yeah not a good crowd tonight,[Music],that was fantastic first of all,congratulations on the Emmy win last,night Best Drama see yeah were so proud,of that because it means that every,single person who works on the show both,in in Albuquerque and here in Los,Angeles and the folks in New York the,studio the network everybody has a piece,of that victory and thats thats what,were really happy about also it was,clear to me when I went backstage to say,hi that you guys have been partying hard,for 24 hours sob he just got in yes yeah,its now rolled in from all the parties,right he has no idea who I am right,[Laughter],we have so much ground to cover so much,Aaron what I love is that idiots like me,and everyone in the press has been,asking you guys for months whats gonna,happen whats gonna happen whats gonna,happen your stock answer is everyone,dies thats what youve been saying,explain that and because just just tell,me how it ends is who dies does Walt,died does Jessie die do they kill each,other and then finally just say listen,everyone just everyone dies easy easy,way does that bother people when you,tell them that yes Holly yeah so we have,a sequel you know Holly white one of the,revelations of this show for you as an,actor is that youre such a nice guy,youre such a sweet presence youre so,amiable but man you have a scary face,when you want to have a scary when you,want to have a scary face I dont know,how you do it,well I its funny you should mention,that because I always thought that even,no emotion whatsoever I have a scary,face period so if for instance okay if,Im looking at this camera no emotion,whatsoever the the the thing that you,read is fear,[Applause],is that work for everybody it works for,any well lets but what is what is the,one word that you sense when you look in,no emotion whatsoever completely devoid,[Applause],I sense a bit of sadness,Im just feels like Im not getting,enough oxygen,[Laughter],yeah well the one with the red light no,emotion at all none whatsoever,you look angry you look like an angry,principal youre goddamn right,[Applause],nothing no emotion your motives Im not,trying thats sweet,[Applause],I was getting a guy thinking about lunch,thats what I was getting youve had,suit year your fans are absolutely,incredible they are so loyal Brian you,see that you got one fan letter that,really stood out I brought all of all,the fan letters I was we were talking,about that I said Im gonna bring this,fan letter with me can I read it – yes,you may all right so this vent this is,an honest goodness fan letter came to me,it says dear Bryan Cranston let me,preface this letter by saying I have a,masters degree in psychology and I have,never been diagnosed with any psychotic,disorder you know when a when a letter,starts out with I have never been,diagnosed with a psychotic I am writing,to you because I have been holed up in,my apartment for two days and nights,watching all seasons of your show I am,in love with it all after I was done,with all the episodes I watched some,interviews and what this is all amounted,to is that right now I am fantasizing,about having sex with Aaron Paul,[Applause],yes,and and for you to be there watching,yeah what are you doing in heaven Ariane,says I am not sure what your role would,be but I think I want you there some,leeway you figured out you say hes,giving me some leeway,you you picture the letter however you,want off nothing laughing she is come on,it would be a good time now I have to,bring this up theres so many finale,theories theres actually a theory for,the finale that Walts in the witness,protection program he gets a new family,and he changes his name to how and its,the prequel to Malcolm in the Middle,that was a whole series run and that,series runs but it already ran so how do,we dont you understand,[Music],speaking of the last episode I none of,us we dont want to know anything but,but what I do have what I heard about,two hours ago was that you read the two,of you read the last episode together,yes before you shot it you sat together,and you read it is that right yes we,would theres a really wonderful,documentary that two-hour documentary,thats going to be in the final,compilation of DVDs and its really,in-depth and we thought it would be a,fun idea for Aaron and I to read it cold,out loud in this documentary so we read,this without knowing what was going to,happen and then they intercut that,earlier with with vince gilligan writing,the last episode it was it was a fun,thing and was that must have been very,powerful when you got towards the end it,was a very emotional experience I think,for for us for sure I mean when he said,when he read out loud end of series,there was probably a good 10 15 seconds,or just just sitting quietly like wow,were never going to read another first,episode again its over yeah thanks for,bringing that up,I cant think of a better time to go to,commercial on that on that huge laughs,well be right back with Vince Gilligan,and a gun and Dean Norris will stick,around,[Applause],dont introduce him yet Im not done,please welcome the creator of Breaking,Bad Vince Gilligan along with Anna Gunn,and Dean Norris,Wow well first of all congratulations,Anton Vince on the Emmy wins last night,it was and and everybody everybody all,of you but that was must have been a,thrilling moment it was fantastic yeah I,mean well you had it you had it twice,here you had that feeling twice last,night it was amazing its amazing I know,I was clapping so hard for Anna that,actually I hurt my hand theyre kind of,theyre literally what was shooting out,as you you know so much to talk about,and theres its so hard to squeeze all,this into it into one hour show but,Vince lets start with this as planned,you said at the beginning you wanted to,take Walter White from Scarface I mean,from mr. chips to Scarface in one,episode ik c Rees and youve done that,did you like Walt in the beginning did,you do you have a lot of sympathy for,Walt early on yeah I would say I did I,found him just a very likable fella who,was put upon by by his life hes married,to a wonderful woman but they were,having financial difficulties and you,know he just he represented a lot of you,know middle-class Americans whos having,were having a tough time of it when did,it turn for you or has it not yet turned,are you surprised that there are a lot,of people thats still in a sick way and,Im gonna include myself among one of,them I kind of I root for Walter and yes,[Applause],I want him somehow to pull it all off,and be redeemed is its does act as it,was was that every year idea I you know,I I it was just it was kind of an,experimental television show I wanted to,see how dark we could take him and I was,kind of in the early days before I,realized it could actually turn into a,into a hit you know I thought be,interesting to see how many I cant,believe Im saying this now and I really,thought itd be interesting to see how,many viewers we we shake off in the,process of making this guy darker and,darker and sociologically speaking the,thing that surprises me is people are,along for the ride theyre hanging on,you know no matter what this guy does,did it by the way do you like that fan,letter I wrote you theres been so many,surprising things about the show Anna,you had such a powerful scene early in,season 5 where you repeatedly yell shut,up shut up shut up and then of course in,the society we live in now its turned,into a ringtone,apparently so its quite popular,actually I think we have it right now,can we play that,imagine being in the doctors office,when they say please turn off your,cellphones yeah thats not the Opera,[Laughter],Brian is well-known for trying to,lighten the mood bring silliness to the,set and hes not afraid to use any means,necessary,thats that true that is

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Breaking Bad – TV series review

a while back I did a review of Godzilla,the 2014 film and I mentioned how much I,liked Bryan Cranston in it he wasnt in,it very much but I thought he was the,best part of the movie,I mentioned that hes probably best,known for Breaking Bad and admitted I,hadnt seen the show but I heard it was,excellent of course that opened the,floodgates I got several messages urging,me to watch it saying it was the best TV,show ever now when I brought it up I was,kind of fetching I wanted to know how,good of the show is it and was it worth,putting 60 hours into or whatever it was,and from what I was told the answer is,yes and let me tell you youd be really,surprised if I told you all the TV shows,I havent seen if I were to reel them,all off and added up all the hours for,each one it would amount to my entire,lifetime it would be impossible to watch,everything I typically stick to movies,Im not much of a TV person and the,simple reason is because I dont have,time especially with kids committing to,an entire show is a lot different than,two hours for a movie you know typically,two hours were done,and Im a fan of three act structure I,like stories with beginning middle and,ends TV shows are typically designed to,go on indefinitely at least Breaking Bad,ended which made it a little bit easier,for me to tackle the premise seemed,mildly interesting a chemistry professor,has cancer and begins cooking and,selling crystal meth to pay for his,treatment and to provide for his family,I wasnt sure how far you could take,that idea but I gave it a chance and,started watching it about a year ago so,halfway into the first season Im,thinking to myself this is good but not,real good I almost stopped there other,movies and shows started pushing,themselves in the way Ive been watching,some black mirror for example which I,find is hit or miss but when its good,its amazing anyway a year goes by and,finally I get back to Breaking Bad all I,want is to finish the first season,thats it then at least I can say I saw,a whole season and I know what the show,is about yeah well I guess what,by the end of the first season,specifically as soon as the character,Tuco was introduced I got hooked and,where the season ends like on a,cliffhanger it was no place to stop so I,figured okay Ill dip in the season to,well then the show just kept getting,better and I became obsessed like,[ __ ] Im watching them all now I so I,put a stop to everything else trying to,fit time to watch one episode per night,until I watched all 62 episodes done and,now that Ive made it to the finish line,I can say all the praise it got was well,deserved if I thought people were making,too big a deal out of it I would say so,but that is not the case best TV show of,all time or one of the best is no,exaggeration I dont say this lightly,but judging at least from all the shows,Ive seen this is the best with the only,exception of The Twilight Zone which is,a totally different thing anyway and I,wasnt watching it with any intention of,doing a review it was just for myself,but damn its too good not to share so I,put all that time in why not,it doesnt need the attention the shows,probably had enough but now the hype has,died down I kind of feel like sometimes,thats the best time to go back and you,know re-evaluate things so Wow where do,I begin with this how do i sum up 62,episodes,well first Ill speak vaguely vague as,hell this is my spoiler free section if,you havent seen the show Ill describe,it as the crime drama but with elements,of western film noir has the suspense of,Hitchcock the witty dialogue of,Tarantino the visual language of Sergio,Leone if it borrows from anything it,only borrows from the best and becomes,its own thing plot details that seem,unimportant at first come back into the,story later on everything gets followed,through seeds are planted which amount,to mind-blowing conclusions when tragedy,strikes its so distressing and feels so,real you have to remind yourself its,not characters are forced into,situations where they have to make,really difficult decisions theres,always more than one angle to consider,you,find yourself debating and questioning,the characters judgment its never,predictable it always seems like theres,several possible outcomes and you cant,stop watching until you find out what,happens relationships between characters,are always changing one minute theyre,friends then theyre enemies characters,are always keeping secrets from one,another sometimes the audiences in on,the lie you can tell by their faces what,they say is not what they mean,other times the secrets are kept from,the audience and when it comes out its,a total shocker you come to know,characters so well you can recognize,where theyve been by a prop like a cell,phone a watch a pair of glasses and,sometimes just seeing a silhouette or a,back of the head is enough to make you,go oh [ __ ] guess who just came in,characters have no fear of danger they,will walk into gunfire and call each,others Bluffs sometimes the information,given to the audience is shown out of,sequence so were given only pieces the,puzzle before it all falls into place,sometimes a simple cut or a lapse in,time makes your heart stop thinking what,just happened what it decides to show,and what not the show amplifies the,suspense to its maximum potential,sometimes you vicariously go along with,the characters bad deeds wondering how,you do it yourself and then you just,feel dirty it makes you wonder how much,pressure could you take before youd,resort to doing such terrible things the,most interesting thing about the show is,how theres no clear good guy or bad guy,a film professor once told me in film,noir its only bad guys and worse guys,it pulls you in so many directions that,you love characters one minute and hate,them the next in the same way I both,love and hate this show I love it,because its excellent but I hate it,because it caused me so much anxiety now,on to my spoiler section,I advise stopping here if you havent,seen the show the last few minutes of my,stupid video might seem like a shortcut,to those 60 hours or whatever it takes,to watch the show but I say take the 60,hours and just put up with the first,season it gets better okay now on to the,spoilers of course you could talk about,this moment that moment but theres not,enough time Im not going to bog you,with many plot details Im gonna assume,youve seen it and just want to ask,which character do you root for,undeniably the acting is amazing all,across the board every single one of,them but how do you feel about the,characters,first theres Walt okay now when I first,started watching I didnt know where the,show was going I didnt know that he was,going to be like an antihero that he was,gonna change from an ordinary father and,professor into a full-fledged badass,drug lord if you dont know who I am,tread lightly damn at first I liked him,because he seemed like he was forced,into a desperate situation with his,cancer and that by selling meth he was,providing for his family yeah it still,makes him a criminal right from the,get-go but I wanted to see him succeed,because I wanted his family taken care,of especially his son Walt Jr Flynn and,his newborn daughter Holly,they were completely innocent characters,I dont want to see anything bad happen,to them but as his criminal activities,went on it started putting his family in,jeopardy to the point where it wasnt,worth it then theres his lying he kept,lying and lying and I just kept thinking,tell the truth you [ __ ],he kept making it worse so I lost,sympathy for him but as soon as Gus,threatened to kill his whole family,including his baby,I was with Walt I was rooting for him to,kill Gus for the safety of his family,now to go forward from that moment what,did Walt end up doing he ended up,poisoning a child named Brock but just,enough to make him sick in a complicated,effort to turn Jessie against Gus and it,didnt even work that way so which is,worse the possibility of baby H

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Breaking Bad Series Finale – Review by Chris Stuckmann

so right up front spoiler warning for,the entire show of Breaking Bad as well,as the final episode obviously yes I,have been keeping a secret from you guys,I have been watching Breaking Bad I,didnt want to tell anyone about it that,much because I knew that everyone would,start freaking out so I actually watched,the entire show in about a months time,so let me quickly sum up my thoughts on,the entire series holy crap,Bryan Cranston can act Aaron Paul [ __ ],Skylers an uptight hypocrite Hanks a,hilarious badass Murrays overbearing,Walt Jr loves pancakes oh my god Guss,face Todd is Satan this shot Walt /,Heisenberg is one of the best characters,in TV history youre goddamn right so,yes I have finally watched Breaking Bad,Ive caught up with the entire show over,the past month so I could watch the last,few episodes and Here I am to talk about,the final episode Felina I got literally,thousands of requests to watch this show,and Im not just talking about viewers,like you,Im talking about my personal friends in,real life as well like they just were,like dude why arent you watching the,show I can tell you why Im honestly,very glad I waited this long because,there were so many cliffhangers,throughout this show especially between,season 5a and 5b I dont know how you,guys did that it was apparently like a,year what were you guys doing while Hank,was sitting on that toilet taking that,humungous crap for a year how did you,guys even do that I dont know because I,could just click next episode next,episode it was wonderful but last night,what I personally think is the best,straight-up TV drama ever created,finished its run so the episode opens,and Walt has still disappeared no one,knows where he is he has a beard he has,a full head of hair now his cancer has,returned as weve learned in previous,episodes hank is dead all these people,are dead and hes trying to come back to,figure out a way to make everything,right and what I loved about this,episode was that they try to make you,think so many different things are going,to happen and while you know you want,certain things to happen they do happen,and not necessarily in the same way,youve thought like I thought when he,was coming in to see Gretchen and,Elliott that he was going to kill them I,just thought here comes his big revenge,moment but when he revealed that he,wanted to use them to give his children,the money he had earned it made perfect,sense to me because it was a good clue,for those characters but it also makes,it possible for his dream to come true,for his children to get the money he,wants in a way that no one would ever,suspect as suspicious,something Ive been wanting to see ever,since season five started is this guy,Todd or Satan as I like to call him he,is just disgusting like the entire show,has really cool villains like Gustavo,Fring is such a great villain he was,interesting he was fun you felt like you,actually cared about him as a person,because you saw his backstory and what,happened to him in the past although you,knew he kind of had to go because of how,bad of a person he was in general this,guy Todd you dont feel a thing for him,hes just this slimy slithery guy,everything out of his mouth just feels,disgusting like it the actor props to,the actor okay because I hated that,character and I cannot wait to see him,check out and Im so glad it was by,Jesses hands because thats what I,really wanted to see because he was,basically torturing Jesse and keeping,him in that cage and it was just so,satisfying to see Walt create that,weapon system that took everyone out and,then when the one guy is left and hes,like look Ill tell you where the money,is he just shoots him in the face you,get that blood splat all over the screen,that was fantastic not just because of,the violent element but because he was,like I dont care about the money,anymore I dont care Im gonna die soon,and this is it I dont care and you need,to die and you need to go right now,the way he slipped the ricin and the,girls drink it was perfect everything in,this finale came together and you could,really feel that the creators of the,show Vince Gilligan and all the writers,had a plan they didnt just start off,some show and like heres a great plot,hopefully well go to a cool finish now,these guys,continuously created amazing writing and,terrific episodes all the way through,the show I really dont think theres,one week episode in this show which is,incredibly rare his last conversation,with Skyler was so well handled the fact,that he has to watch Walt Jr through the,glass of this other building it seemed,so bittersweet to me because I was,thinking to myself how are they going to,handle the whole conversation with Walt,Jr if he has one final one he tried to,on the phone and it obviously wasnt,going to work out Walts last exchange,with Jesse was beautiful it was about as,good as it could possibly be there,wasnt even any words between the two,you could tell the entire story just,through their looks and they did such a,terrific job these two actors and thats,something I gotta mention is Bryan,Cranston truly impressed me,so much with the show because I already,respected him a lot its an actor from,Malcolm in the Middle and various movies,hes been in but this show just blew me,away this guys talent and another thing,I love about the show is that the entire,cast is great there isnt like a weak,link where you look and say yeah they,kind of suck thats thats too bad,because everyone else is really good no,I mean like Aaron Paul is absolutely,phenomenal in this show I think he gives,such great performances episode 2,episode and thats one of the things I,loved about this show was how the entire,cast really was just terrific as the,series is drawing to a close I could,tell it would be kind of weird if Walt,somehow lived like he got some magical,cancer readout thing because hes always,going to jail so I wasnt surprised by,his death and I think they did an,excellent job at it because he died in a,meth lab with a bit of a smile on his,face this sort of Im content smile with,everything that he was able to,accomplish and complete he died where he,wanted to be where he was most,comfortable where he finally admitted,that he was actually there for himself,that he wasnt just doing it only for,his family that he did it for himself,and that was also great because,throughout the entire show you can tell,that hes kind of selfish and in regards,to what he loves hes doing it because,he enjoys it now and its like when he,first found out that his cancer was,going away and he punched that paper,towel dispenser because he realized I,might not have to do this meth cooking,anymore because now I dont need the,money he was mad because he was starting,to enjoy it and the way they brought,that up again in the finale was really,well done because I knew at some point,he was gonna have to admit something,that it wasnt just his family that he,was doing that for he wanted to do it,for himself too and they did such a,great job with that everything in this,show came to a perfect conclusion here,this was in no way a disappointing,finale that was the one thing I was,worried about because as each episode,was going along I was like man this show,was really really good and Im getting,into it and I was just marathoning it,like over and over and I was like please,Season Finale be good dont end stupidly,or make Walt have some magical recovery,and everyones happy and no hes not,going to jail like it was so well done,it was realistic thats what I loved,about this show was it was all realistic,there wasnt that one episode that to me,anyway jump the shark and became silly,or over-the-top everything made sense,and the way it was all put together was,just great its one of the best TV,dramas Ive ever seen personally,probably the best actually Im gonna,give this final episode as well as,the entire show of Breaking Bad and a,plus so guys what are your thoughts on,Breaking Bad to show what is your,favorit

Breaking Bad series review

a big thank you to allergy season for,making me actually look like Im on,crystal meth Breaking Bad so Breaking,Bads a series thats on AMC about a guy,who breaks bad by that Im talking about,Walter White whos a genius level,chemist I mean the guy could have cured,cancer if he put his mind to it but,instead hes a teacher and it definitely,overqualified one and hes diagnosed,with terminal lung cancer he doesnt,have money to pay for the treatment he,doesnt have insurance and hes probably,gonna die and leave his family with a,shitload of day and so to pay for the,treatment and financially said his,family up after he dies he realizes he,can make a lot of money really fast by,cooking crystal meth he realizes this,because his brother-in-laws an agent,for the DEA and one of his bus was on,the news and they sees like 700,000,dollars and hes just like I could do,that and I could do it better because,Im a genius level chemist and so he,finds out that one of his former,students Jesse deals crystal meth and so,hes pretty much like alright man so in,the words of the pet shop boys I got the,brains you got the looks lets make lots,of money and so they do the one thing,people tell me about the series the,reason they dont want to watch it,because they feel like it like,advertises and advocates crystal meth it,absolutely doesnt its not like some,public service announcement like so,lifes got you down you need a solution,got one crystal meth because it just,makes life better no it actually does a,really good job at showing the decline,of Walter White from this really nerdy,quiet smart guy to one of the most,sought-after crystal meth cooks known as,Heisenberg Heisenberg the alias he goes,under this guy cooks some pyramids Im,not a meth head so I dont know whats,really pure and whats not but its like,ninety-nine point seven percent pure and,since crystal meth is pretty much made,out of battery acid and dog [ __ ] you,know he has a pretty good job and also,the series shows that when you do,something like this when you deal in a,world like this a theres really no get,now and be youre gonna make some,friends and youre gonna piss off the,rest which he really does and this show,is really well acted to Bryan Cranston,plays Walter White,the guys won an Emmy I think every year,the shows been on and yeah he deserves,it he is awesome cooking meth has turned,the guy from this into this yeah and I,like the characters too like Walter,White and Jesse Walter Whites clearly,the leader taking Jesse under his wing,and they just bicker and fight all the,time cuz Jesse thinks hes smarter than,Walter Wyatt and hes just not and Jesse,does like really dumb [ __ ] a lot of,times and Walter Whites wife Ill say,that I hate the lady I dont know why I,just,like her and its funny cuz shes just,not wrong she suspects that Walter,Whites hiding something from her which,he is something really big probably,doesnt suspect his as big as it is,because he cooks meth and she gets pissy,with him and I just hate her Im just,like you [ __ ] I shouldnt be though,because shes in the right what can I,say shes mean to the Heisenberg no one,disrespects the Heisenberg and in,entering the criminal world he has to do,like criminal things like launder money,so he has to get this really sleazy ass,lawyer that looks like Kevin Costners,love child and its just its a downward,spiral from normal suburban life into,like villainy it does a good job showing,the road to hell is paved with good,intentions he doesnt want to be an,[ __ ] he just wants to set up his,family but you know he deals in a,product that you know ruins lives and,[ __ ] now this show is a drama and its,thick its not funny although it has its,funny moments usually with Jesse or,situational humor but all in all youre,getting into a drama every season is,darker than the last season there are,some things that Walter White does,really like dude you are not even Walter,White anymore the Walter White in,episode one would never have done that,sometimes people got to die if you want,to live seasons 1 through 3 are out on,blu-ray season 4 airs on AMC starting,July 17 so I say check it out and on a,side note theres a YouTube contest,called YouTube Nextup know I personally,did not enter it but my friends OMFG,its Jack and Dean dick and theyre,really funny theyre just really,hilarious I wouldnt be saying this if I,didnt think there were I never stood,you guys wrong with crystal meth shows,and comedy on YouTube so be sure to vote,for them for YouTube Nextup I put a link,below to their video showing you how you,can this is me giving a little back to,the world they feel like Karmas gonna,dick slap me if I dont and as always if,you like what youve seen here and you,want to see more click right here to see,more why because it just makes life,better,you

How Breaking Bad Created the Most Terrifying Villains on Television

a crippling little rata,what a reputation to leave behind,this is gustavo frank please dont hurt,my baby please,when we leave youre not gonna go,running to those police officers out,front this is todd alquist,damn man look at that look and this is,tuco salamanca it really isnt a primary,antagonist to breaking bad but you could,definitely argue some characters are,presented as the villains of the series,and it really boils down to which,characters are able to demonstrate the,highest levels of humanity despite their,inherent sociopathic tendencies when we,see psychopaths and sociopaths in film,and television were often as fascinated,by them as we are terrified vince,gilligan taps into this seemingly,fear-driven intrigue we all share digs,deep into the human psyche surrounding,these personality disorders and then,utilizes it to create some of the most,tense scenarios ever to grace a,television screen he writes tuko as this,terrifyingly violent and unpredictable,sociopath gustavo fring as a calm and,calculated psychopath and todd as about,as close to a purely evil psychopath as,you can get without turning him into a,serial killer they are all horrible,reprehensible and outright terrifying,but some of these characters are worse,than others and it takes an,understanding of how vince gilligan,applies his knowledge of psychology to,these characters to really tell the,difference before we jump into this be,sure to subscribe to nerdstalk if you,havent done so already breaking bad,began airing in 2008 and unlike most,television shows that slowly lose their,audience as time goes on breaking bad,consistently gained an audience this,culminated in the shows final episode,which actually beat out the nfl in,ratings for that night as 10.3 million,viewers tuned in to watch the fate of,walter white unfold on september 29th,2013. one of the reasons breaking bad,was able to accumulate such a massive,following was the relatability and,realism with which vince gilligan was,able to write these incredibly disparate,and intricate characters every time he,seeks to create an emotionally evocative,moment gilligan delivers with pinpoint,accuracy as viewers we feel the,desperation and intensity of our main,characters propped up right alongside,the fear and chaos instilled by the,shows seemingly antagonistic secondary,characters this is largely due to vince,gilligans ability to understand how,human beings operate i dont think were,alike at all mr white,you are not a cautious man at all,you have poor judgment we arent going,to attempt to deconstruct the entirety,of anti-social personality disorder or,aspd for short but there are a few,subtle differences between psychopaths,and sociopaths that we are going to,briefly touch on,individually psychopathy and sociopathy,are not diagnosable conditions however,both fit into the diagnostic criteria to,meet aspd,while it is true that all psychopaths,are sociopaths not all sociopaths,demonstrate psychosis psychopathy is,described in the diagnostic and,statistical manual of mental disorders,as a lack of anxiety or fear and by a,bold interpersonal style that may mask,maladaptive behaviors whereas a,sociopath is more impulsive and volatile,a true psychopath is someone that is not,only an excellent manipulator but is,also able to disguise themselves as,being completely normal sociopaths will,behave with reckless abandon as they do,not really care about the consequences,of their actions whereas a psychopath is,fully aware of everything going on,around them at any given moment in time,we see these types of characters,frequently in the breaking bad universe,the first of these big secondary,characters we are introduced to is tuko,salamanca and its quite the,introduction,ah,tight tight tight yeah,ah blue yellow pink,whatever man just keep bringing me that,in the sixth episode of season one,titled crazy handful of nothing,tuko spends the majority of his,introduction beating jesse pinkman into,a medically induced coma just to prove a,point this cements him in our minds as,being an unpredictably dangerous,sociopath tuko salamanca is chaos dialed,up to 11. and its the first time walt,is introduced to the dangers of dealing,with a cartel,with tuko vince gilligan utilizes not,only sociopathy but also a somewhat rare,mental disorder called intermittent,explosive disorder which is defined as,recurrent behavioral outbursts,representing a failure to control,aggressive impulses gilligan created a,character that can turn from your,friendly neighborhood methamphetamine,wholesaler into a bloodthirsty nutcase,at the drop of a dime and is very,reminiscent of joe pescis early 90s,mobster characters eisenberg says relax,im relaxed,he even goes as far as to insult a man,who is dying from one of his beatings,all of this unpredictability and rage,puts us as viewers on the edge of our,seat whenever tuko is on the screen tuko,uses violence to gain his power and,through his character we are effectively,able to be introduced to the idea that,our main character is entering a,ruthless and brutal world where only the,strong survive tuko was actually,supposed to be a much larger part of,breaking bads second season he was,offered an eight episode arc but after,some discussion raymond cruz requested,that his character be killed off mostly,because he found the role extremely,difficult to play and was coming home,from 14 hour shoots not wanting to speak,to anyone this prompted vince gilligan,to create a new antagonist for walt and,jesse only this time hed swing the aspd,pendulum into the realm of true,psychopathy he would create a character,who was terrifying through a veneer of,cold calm and quiet calculation,in gustavo fring i have invited you into,my home,so we could sit,and talk,discuss whats going on in this business,our business,like men,where tuko intimidates us with violence,gustavo fring intimidates us with,silence one of the ways a person can,achieve power in a situation is to,always say less than necessary and,thats exactly how gestavofring operates,were afraid of him because we dont,even understand who he is in the season,2 episode 11 titled mandala gustavo,fring is originally seen as what appears,to be an extra just helping out his,employees during a busy lunch shift once,we finally get to this somewhat,impromptu meeting between gusfring and,walter white we see him for who he is,an incredibly intelligent cautious and,informed drug dealer i have to ask,why,theres a subtlety to his character in,the sense that at first we only catch,glimpses of his more sinister nature he,hides behind this plastic smile of a,humble restaurant owner but even in this,first scene we see him drop his facade,for a few brief and terrifying seconds,for the most part gustavo fring uses,intimidation to maintain his power gus,fring terrifies us because of how far he,thinks ahead he orders the murder of don,bulsa in his own home in an effort to,consolidate power he has an army of foot,soldiers at his command who will do his,every bidding however this isnt where,gustavo fring is at his most terrifying,its actually where he is the most,comfortable where gestavofring is the,most terrifying is when he takes matters,into his own hands when he drops the,facade and reveals this inner demon who,has no loyalties to anyone outside of,his own business,he murders his right hand man in front,of walt and jesse with a box cutter just,because he is angry he tells walt that,he has no problem murdering his infant,daughter even the moments where gustavo,frank demonstrates kindness and reason,are all done as either a manipulation or,as a means to an end,nothing matters to gustavo frank more,than money and power he is a one-man,master class on the intelligence and,intimidation necessary to maintain that,power at all costs,i will kill your wife i will kill your,son,i will kill your infant daughter,perhaps the most unsettling psychopath,in the breaking bad universe lies within,the character of todd alquist that dude,whack j

The Best Of Breaking Bad On The Graham Norton Show

who are an ordained minister I am indeed,son yes so there was a very busy,minister who encouraged you to pick up,the slack one of my summer jobs was on,Catalina Island off the coast of,California and befriended a guy named,Reverend Bob who was a great guy didnt,drink didnt do any drugs he just was,looking for a good time and he was a,Universal Life Church Reverend which was,actually started as a tax haven but they,also they they did weddings he came to,me one day and said Brian I need you to,perform a wedding because I booked two,weddings,same day same time different locations,and I what are you talking about I cant,do that he said no you can Ill just put,the certificate in the typewriter and,type in your name we send it off the,Secretary of State it gets you know,registered and you are legally a an,ordained minister and I said I cant do,this I really can this is the mid-70s I,cant do this but I really cant it pays,$200 Ill do it so I said heres a copy,of Cahill Gibran people like that and,just you know just talk to them and have,the bride sign here the groom sign here,youre done you know its like okay so I,was I had hair down to here I was,sunburned I had shorts and flip-flops,and a Hawaiian shirt and I show up it,was at an airport and Im looking around,and I thought oh my and this guy says,who are you but I would Im the minister,lets where are we gonna do this he said,were gonna go into an airplane a six,seater airplane and were going once we,get over the Hollywood sign we want to,start the ceremony I go piece of cake no,problem inside of course Im like we get,inside Im next to the pilot then the,bride and groom and the witnesses in the,back and thats a twin-engine prop plane,so I have to scream,so Im in the back going dont stand at,each other shadow,Im just wheeling and dealing but it was,it was an acting exercise and they were,holding hands and looking to me the the,figure of authority how many years did,breaking back to one four in filming,terms and filming terms from pilot to,end it was just under seven years so I,you know I was playing a character for a,very long time who was just so,unbelievably tortured and lonely and sad,and it was nice to jump from that and,that it was incredibly fun to do but it,was nice to just jump into something,that was just a little bit lighter and,fun because people watch a big made one,of those series that watch in a very,modern way I mean people did watch it as,a window right equally loads of you,watching on Netflix boxset so you must,constantly meet people who are in a,different bit of your journey yeah I,meet people on a daily basis that are,just now starting the show I mean we had,a solid core audience from the the very,beginning but it was it was very small,but they were very passionate and thats,really why the show stayed on the air,and theyre obsessed people are obsessed,by it theyre obsessed by and you know,its its strange because theres such,incredible television coming out of the,UK but the UK was really one of the,place one of the only places on the,planet that Breaking Bad never really,found its home and I I didnt really,understand that but now finally people,are just you know now catching on but,also people gorging themselves on yeah,yeah its all there aunties just stop,used to stop yeah I just like three EPs,in season yeah I have already puddin and,I apologize but the only reason is what,it first started this weve got a friend,and he was like youve got to watch this,show its a great Stella vision genre,scene just to piss him off I didnt,watch it,[Laughter],and now I kind of feel like Im left out,of the party that everyones enjoying,you were the same werent you Jimmy what,I would no no I was laughing that it,would you know Ann said we have a friend,and then didnt like just like they have,one friend we did the exact same thing,where Im so sick of people talking,about the finale of Breaking Bad and I,had wed never seen it my wife and I and,then we have whats it I just thought,Ive got four episodes to go ruling,weve watched it all over Christmas,were really excited Christmas the,finale really doesnt this point it ends,in such a beautiful great way,inhabit that character for that many,years you know hes a dark place to be,yeah was it hard for kind of Aaron Paul,to live like that yeah the first couple,seasons I kind of just lived and,breathed Jesse Pinkman kind of 24/7 and,I I learned from Brian Cranston who,played Walter White he said you know,its okay to kind of leave that,character on set yeah I was doing a play,on Broadway and its normal to see an,audience go side to side as theyre,looking from one actor to it to another,very natural but what isnt natural is,to see this happen and that drew my,attention there was a kid in the front,row one one performance about seventeen,and he was doing this constantly I dont,the hell is that and I go over a little,closer as Im talking and I take a look,and hes on his phone hes texting hes,like whats going on Im in a play its,okay just doing this and I started to,get angry and I and I I changed my,blocking when I had a big speech that,was full of bluster and I know that,there would be a certain amount of,expectorant that would target and I was,spewing you did something fabulous to,impress your wife I did I think you did,to impress your wife what did I do with,cherries Oh God you want to see it Ive,got two cherries Oh God do you want to,do this with me I dont know I never get,hard to do is just tying a stem with,your tongue that sounds difficult yeah I,think youll be impressed naming what,fits well,[Laughter],[Applause],yeah mine actually my wife was quite,excited about that,you you tell a story of young love I,think you were on your honeymoon in,Europe yes and you were on a was it you,were driving but on a train we went to,our travel agent to talk about this we,were mid-30s when we got married and we,knew that we wanted to start a family so,this was like it we wanted this,honeymoon to be really spectacular it,spent five weeks in Europe and it was,all so we started in Switzerland were,gonna rent a car and then go to Italy,and the travel agent says oh by the way,instead of driving around the Alps up,and over you take a train theres a,flatbed car it takes three cars bumper,to bumper on a flatbed car and then they,put you know you and then you go through,the Alps by the way he says wink wink,there are three tunnels the first tunnel,is about five minutes the second tunnel,is about eight to ten minutes the third,tunnel is 50 minutes long if youre a,honeymooner and I said say so I told my,wife and she exhaled and said okay were,on the train theres a van in front of,us with a bunch of Italian families in,front and behind us I mean as close as,you are I can see the people behind us -,couples – Italian couples and so we we,start going and we go into the end its,a massive experience emotionally and,physically and the wind is whipping,through in its pitch dark you cannot,see and its its fascinating and we,come out of the tunnel into the station,and I say to Robin thats one we start,again we go through the second,its dark cant see anything we come out,of it thats to start the third tunnel,wait till its absolutely pitch dark,here we go its a small rental with the,stick shift and I am like trying to get,my trousers off she is trying to lower,her chair and we cant see that you,cannot see anything so its all by feel,amazing one thing I learned for sure is,that never be completely nude when,transferring from one seat over the,stick shift,keep your trousers on and do it,afterward Hendy cant see funny I would,recommend it,[Applause],so we are in flagrante as they say and I,dont know where to put my heads or,something and my wife is just come on,just you know now whats happening is,that my eyes are adjusting I can see her,profiles beautiful woman,love her with all my heart and I could,see her and Eds or her pretty face and,its great and I think the eyes are,getting no the eyes arent gett

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