1. Bridgerton is the dumbest show but I cant stop watching it…
  2. Bridgerton is kinda dumb…
  3. Why I Didnt Like Bridgerton (spoiler: its problematic)
  4. i read nine bridgerton novels in seven days as an act of self loathing
  5. i went from being a bridgerton HATER to a STAN
  6. Bridgerton: A Fractured Fantasy
  7. Bridgerton (2022) Netflix Series Review | Season 2

Bridgerton is the dumbest show but I cant stop watching it…

well here we are once again when,richardson first came out i didnt think,id be as into it as i was but then we,finished the whole thing in like two,days so jokes on me i guess now with,season one it was an interesting idea to,have the first half of it be about,daphne and the duke doing their whole,will they wont day thing and then the,entire second half of the show was just,about them being married and heard,begging him for some of that nickelodeon,gacking im saying,why did i say that but anyway here we,are with the second season of the smash,hit netflix show and you better believe,im watching this day one so why dont,we check it out together come on lets,take a walk but before that really quick,this video is brought to you by,switchcraft so kelsey i hear youve been,playing this cool game called,switchcraft well yeah we live together,alex how could you not know okay so what,exactly is this switchcraft game well,alex switchcraft is a beautiful game,with hand-painted visuals reminiscent of,modern graphic novels and theres more,to it than just good looks switchcraft,is a gripping mystery thriller whodunit,story with tv worthy writing and over 85,characters you play as bailey a young,witch starting at pendle hill a magic,academy when her best friend lydia goes,missing and its up to you to find out,whats happened to her bailey is a,strong female protagonist who will do,whatever it takes to solve the,disappearance of her friend and there,are many suspects who could possibly be,involved personally im getting weird,vibes from professor shirazi but thats,just me why sounds pretty cool but like,what kind of game is it exactly its a,mix of match three puzzles with like,thousands of levels but also its like a,choose your own adventure story where,your choices actually matter i,legitimately love this game and would,love for you guys to try it okay well,you sold me you all can download and,play witchcraft for free right now and,unlock the magical mystery for,yourselves i put a link down in the,description box below so make sure you,check it out as it really helps the,channel if you use the link but anyway,back to the show once again its time,for,mating season or whatever its called,when all the eligible pure and virtuous,girls in town get ready to present,themselves to all the guys whove just,been sleeping around with every other,girl they could possibly find the whole,year now in the bridgerton household oh,thats why the shows called that in the,bridgerton household daphne was the,diamond last time which of course means,guess whos up to bat this year,is this the plan definitely thank,goodness youre here shes requested,time we do not have time stand back no,offense sister but i believe you were,the last person she would like to see,yeah daphne i dont think anyone wants,your advice okay i mean come on you had,all this to yourself and then you traded,that for pete davidson really why did,you dig him out of the grave yourself,[Music],[Applause],[Music],if one of you,a single word thats right this year,eloise is the one whos going to be,trying to find a dude which clearly,shes very enthused about,but i got something unmentionable in my,gown all the feathers affected my senses,anything vermont to get me out of doing,this my darling girl no matter what you,will always be a diamond to me,[Music],oh thanks mom this is like when my mom,would call me handsome oh those girls,just dont know what theyre missing,alex if i was your age i totally would,have gone to prom with you yeah okay,thanks for trying to put a band-aid on a,severed limb mom now as for last time,all the new girls have to present,themselves to the queen so she can pick,her favorite and then designate them as,the diamond of the season so everyones,coming out and doing just like the,fakest smiles youve ever seen its like,when youre at your job and you,accidentally meet eyes with a co-worker,they just give them one of these but,right when its about to be eloises,turn to show the queen that shes not,like other girls youll never guess what,happens,[Music],what is the meaning of this,dearest,gentle reader,did you miss me ive seen enough,but your majesties still i have seen,enough,lady whistle down back at it again as,the members of our esteemed town lazily,sojourned in their rustic retreats,i was sharpening my knives,for all of you well i didnt realize,lady whistled down was turning into,jigsaw sounds like this is gonna be a,very different show okay so the whole,shtick this season is about eloise doing,the debutante thing and trying to find a,guy to marry but of course as we all,learned back in season one she likes to,read books and wants to find a guy who,can hold a conversation which somehow,shes having trouble doing i mean it was,my understanding that girls want guys to,talk less so whats your favorite color,all right let me tell you about,everything these days thats ruining,society,i have got to get off these apps but on,the flip side of all this daphnes,brother anthony is also looking to find,someone this year for some reason and,you know hes serious okay because this,dude finally shaved off those mutton,chops of justice he had last year i mean,this was a choice but hes not just,gonna fall for the first girl who smiles,at him or looks at him or vaguely looks,in his general direction like some,people,which would be me no no no see anthonys,got standards my tasks this season can,all be exceptionally difficult hastings,did it after all how how can it be,supposed to be such feeling too i do not,need feeling,what i need is what i have and that is a,list tolerable dutiful,suitable enough hips for bearing and at,least half a brain,suitable hips huh yup thats what i call,them too now despite him thinking that,it cant be that hard to find a girl,with half a brain and twice the hips you,know what im saying,he ends up not having much luck at all,hes just kind of ready to give up,because this whole 1800s tinder thing is,just not working out fidelity venderman,just a viola looking for her orsino,looking for a hoodlum in camaraderie i,do enjoy a good gefa every now and again,if youre not tall enough to hit your,head on the doorframe upon entering,swipe with wittershans you do know,eloise that you might enjoy the next,ball if you in fact danced with someone,it certainly seemed as though auntie had,a thrilling time swept away by many a,nimble-fitted young lady were you,brother i can still barely feel my toes,i thought you ladies were taught to,dance and i thought you gentlemen,capable of worthwhile conversation yeah,you know girls always say thats what,they want but then you spend four hours,telling them about how it doesnt make,any sense that dora calls herself an,explorer if everywhere she goes already,has a map and then they never call you,again anyway so anthony figures he,should just kind of stop trying to find,a girl on his own and wait for the queen,to decide whos gonna be the diamond of,the season and then he can just like go,after that one now one day anthonys out,riding his horse around doing whatever,dudes did back then and he runs into,this mysterious new girl hes never seen,before,you enjoying your victory lap apologies,sir,i did not mean to cause anyone concerned,you may know youre riding a stride i,have no maid,ah then youre married,forgive me,then you were lost i am not lost either,im on my way back to maple it is just,ahead huh she seems very uninterested in,our main protagonist i wonder where this,could possibly be going so she ends up,running away without giving anthony her,name or any information whatsoever and,ah shucks i guess hell just never know,who this like stunning babe mysterious,horse girl with oh my goodness shes at,the same dance as anthony what are the,odds of that is one lady unlike any,other,simply pick the least objectionable and,get her wed bed and bread then you can,return to more pleasurable pursuits and,more pleasurable partners,the lady in question should have more to,recommend her do

Bridgerton is kinda dumb…

to be totally honest ive never really,been into like historical dramas or,whatever all that much but then i heard,about this new show on netflix thats,kind of like pride and prejudice mixed,with gossip girl as any longtime watcher,my channel would know gossip girl was my,jam so the show is called bridgeton and,it just got renewed for a second season,so even though its not really like the,kind of show i usually make videos about,i figured why not give it a watch and,see how it goes so lets take a walk but,before that really quick,this video is brought to you by morning,brew like most of you i start my,mornings out by aimlessly browsing,through the same like four websites you,know trying to get caught up on whats,happening in the world but really just,getting distracted,by all the nonsense regurgitated memes,over and over again until finally i snap,out of it and realize ive been laying,in bed for like two hours but,morning brew has set out to fix all that,by giving you a daily newsletter monday,to saturday that gives you all the,important news and information youre,looking for without all the fluff and,unimportant stuff you get everywhere,else like you can see here theres a,quick catch me up on whats going on,with gamestop and the wall street bets,subreddit theres also this article,summarizing the news about moderna and,their vaccine and all that as well as,all the important news you would need to,get caught up without having to wade,through the rest of the garbage signing,up for the morning brew newsletter is,free so,just click my link down below in the,description and get smarter in just five,minutes every morning by signing up to,morning brew okay back to the show,grover square 1813,dearest reader the time has come to,place our vets,for the upcoming social season ah yes,1813 the era in which every,misunderstood teenage girl thinks they,were supposed to have been born in,because you know nothing says,sophistication and true romance like,taking half an hour just to undo all 47,buttons on your dress and bustle so you,can like take a dump in the corner of,your bedroom anyway the aforementioned,social season is when all the single,girls get dressed up and go to all these,parties and dances or whatever just so,they can hopefully find themselves a,dude now one such girl getting ready to,debut into her first season is this girl,over here,daphne bridgeton the first order of,business for daphne and friends is to go,present themselves to the queen so she,can pick her favorite girl of the season,[Music],flawless my dear,[Music],but as we know the brighter a lady,shines,the faster she may burn yeah thats how,you find out who the witches are so now,daphnes been chosen by the queen as the,it girl of the season which is no small,feat for a redhead who looks like she,maybe has a few too many wrinkly bts,posters alright you know what im saying,but this also means that every other,girl in town now has to hate her because,sisterhood trust who is astonished her,majesty offered me out of,200 young ladies present to most,gracious remarks yes it was quite a,distinction,and now 200 young ladies have a common,adversary,i wish you luck sister but it is true my,success on the marriage mod influences,all of your prospects,we will all need to find love one day,indeed my love is pure is what my mom,and papa want shed,well i mean your mom did have like eight,kids so something was happening,somewhere but anyway right after this,were introduced to the gimmick of the,show the gossip girl of our generation,if you will lady whistle down,and her little mean girls burn book,thing that she distributes throughout,town,lady whistle down lazy whistle down the,author the papers were distributed,across town today without charge without,charge or what kind of order,well at least she has one thing right,she has named daphne as the seasons,incomparable,she calls you a diamond of the first,water now that night i think daphne and,her family go to the opening ball which,is when all the fresh new debutant meet,will be on display for all the guys to,look at and just be like,while death is at this party ball dance,thing she goes off by herself to get,some lemonade,small glasses,tiny little things are they not the,glasses,i suppose then the matter is settled,im not entirely sure the matter in,which we discuss my lord,youve always mused me miss bridgeton,okay oh man this is really hard for me,to watch because this guy right here is,basically just me in high school,oh hey maria i see you enjoy drinking,water uh,yeah i drink it so i dont die well what,do you know i also like water cool,awesome so i guess that means were in,love and were like soul mates now huh,you know maybe dying isnt so bad after,all as you might imagine daphne wants to,get away from this guy as quickly as,possible before he like,asks her for a hug or heaven forbid,gives her a valentines day poem that he,spent three days working on where he,just bears his heart right on the page,and then he finds it in the trash after,fifth period but i mean hey,whatever im totally over it i dont,even think about it anymore kelsey but,while shes getting away from him,youll never guess what happens,my brother he summons me,miss bridgeton a moment please,miss bridgeton,ah yes the obligatory meet cute you know,every movie and tv show has the,characters like bumping into each other,on the street and then he has to help,her pick up her purse or like they touch,hands while theyre both reaching for,the same box of vagisil or whatever but,like no one ever actually meets that way,its always like uh,we both worked at starbucks and then we,started dating,wheres that christmas rob come huh,netflix,[Music],thank you tell me your name,your name sir am i honestly to believe,you do not already know my name,if you design an introduction madam i do,believe it costing me to be the least,civilized of ways,a costing you surely they will try,anything,so this hot slice a tall glass of water,is simon bassett the duke of some,british town thats name is probably,pronounced like nothing at all the way,its spelled now hes friends with,daphnes brother anthony but daphne has,no clue who he is and of course given,his whole like how do you not know who i,am attitude already doesnt like him,very much,huh i wonder where this could possibly,be going now speaking of her brother,anthony turns out for whatever reason,hes been going around sabotaging and,scaring off all the guys who would,possibly maybe,ever kind of sort of be interested in,daphne hes rather pleasing,hes rather had to shuffle about hunting,fortunes trust mr lewis knows of your,sizable dowry,leave him be i presume you know of him,too,mr worthingtons second son we shall,find better,he is of dubious parentage you see,usually after the debut ball of the,season the guys go over to the houses of,the girls they like the best and then,theyre all like,uh you got nice bazookas but because of,anthonys antics pretty much no one,showed up for daphne,lady whistle down has all but declared,me ineligible,worthy of the affection of a detestable,simpleton and no one else,you have managed to scare every worthy,shooter away whistle down has merely,reported it i am looking out for you i,am protecting you,it is my duty to my duty you have no,idea what it is to be a woman,oh is that so i mean sure maybe you all,have to go through excruciating pain for,like five days a month but ill have you,know if i catch a cold then im at a,commission for at least a week unless my,mom comes and makes me some mac and,cheese with those little dinosaur shapes,in it so yeah suck it up soldier anyway,later on theres yet another,party ball thing but as you might,imagine none of the dudes there want,anything to do with daphne because lady,whistled down said she got cooties so,theres really only one thing left to do,what is it lord burbricks barony is,over 200 years old his,lineage is legitimate hes had an,excellent education possesses no debts,never hurt an animal or

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Why I Didnt Like Bridgerton (spoiler: its problematic)

she just kept riding his donkey kong,trying to get his children juice and i,just,i was like daphne girl you are freaking,crazy what are you doing,[Music],hey whats up you guys its me luke and,welcome back to another video or if,youre new here welcome to my channel,if youre new here i post commentary and,critique videos and basically anything,on the internet that interests me,ranging from pop culture to internet,culture and anything in between so if,any of that interests you then be sure,to go ahead and subscribe and turn on,the post notifications bell so that you,never miss another upload from,me alright guys todays video is a,little bit different i have done a few,tv show reviews on my channel before,i did one for euphoria and i did one for,sex education,so if youve not checked those two out,then ill link them down below if youre,reviewing pleasure and today im going,to be doing a review of the recent,netflix television show bridgeton,i came out on the 25th of december 2020,so im a little bit late to the game but,im kind of always late to the game,thats kind of how i,roll but a couple of people when i was,asking you guys what videos you wanted,to see from me a couple people asked if,i could make a review of bridgeton and i,thought you know what i just finished it,so,why not hopefully you guys are,interested in this im going to talk,about the characters talk about the,themes and the plots what i didnt like,what i did like,and everything else in between so if any,of that interests you then just keep on,watching because im about to,da to bridgeton and all of its mess,so bridgeton is a period drama that is,set in,the early 1800s and it is during the,regency era of,england and it centers around eight,siblings of the bridgeton family and,its about all the trials and,tribulations of them coming into society,and societys expectations of them and,them finding love,having heirs all that kind of drama that,isnt with the time period,the social season is upon us,we shall discover which young ladies,might succeed at securing,a match and the show centers around this,main character daphne,who is the fourth oldest child of the,bridgeton family and,the oldest daughter i believe and shes,kind of coming on to society and theyre,being judged by the queen and the queen,really really loves daphne you know she,says that daphne is like a diamond and,daphnes the talk of the town for a,while,and its a whole big thing and the show,centers around her and a relationship,with the duke simon hastings i believe,his name is,and thats kind of the show its all,about their romantic trials and,tribulations,and um yeah i have a lot of opinions,about their relationship a lot of,negative opinions,so first of all there will be spoilers,in this video so if you dont want,spoilers i highly recommend you just,like go watch the show and then come,back so i just want to kind of like talk,about lady whistleton and all of that so,im not sure why but throughout this,whole video i referred to her as lady,whistleton,instead of ladywhistledown so im so,sorry about that i am so stupid,my name is lady whistle down,you do not know me and never shall but,be forewarned,dear reader i certainly know,you because the show was pitched as like,kind of like a jane austen,meets gossip girl meets like downton,abbey sort of vibe and they have this,uh this news writer slash gossiper who,writes these letters,and her name is lady whistleton and,shes narrated by julie andrews which i,thought was honestly iconic,and um you know shes story stirring,drama she knows everything about,everyone,and its kind of like a mystery this,whole season of who she is and the queen,employs eloise whos,probably one of my favorite characters,might i just have a sidetrack i just,love how eloise is just like,all against like what society wants her,to be and its just trying to forge her,own path i really really liked that and,appreciated that,um but thats neither here nor there,back to what i was saying the queen,gets eloise to try and find out who lady,whistleton is and she spends the whole,season trying to find out,and its speaking to her friend penelope,about it and penelope just seems a,little bit disinterested,and then by the end of the season we,find out that penelope is lady,whistleton,which i honestly never suspected i,didnt really know who to suspect,lady whistleton was i honestly didnt,really,care too much because it didnt have the,same build up,that gossip girl had it didnt have,because gossip girl had it for like six,seasons where it was like whos gossip,girl and gossip,cause caused so much drama and so much,mayhem and i feel like yes lady,whistleton did but the stakes to me,werent high enough for me to care about,who lady wislaton was i feel like,they should have carried it on over,multiple seasons and then revealed who,lady whistleton is because the show,is so successful that theyre going to,have multiple seasons i mean theres,multiple books that its based off of,and i know,that the show runners might not have,known that they would have had a future,season so they wanted to reveal lady,wisselton first or maybe she was,revealed in the books i dont really,know,but i feel like in terms of suspense,there wasnt really any cliffhangers at,the end of the season that are going to,make me want to watch season two,and honestly like when it comes to this,show i know it had drama and maybe its,just because im not a biggest fan of,period pieces but i literally fell,asleep so many times while watching the,show,and i was expecting so much from it and,the lady whistleton story from me was,just not enough to like carry the show,and then by the end of it they just,revealed who she was and it was so,anti-climactic for me because,the build-up of trying to find out who,she was wasnt intense enough,and also when youre trying to find out,who someone was there should be a couple,of fakes you know what i mean like in,gossip girl,trying to find out who gossip girl is,there were a couple times where they,thought it was somebody and it actually,wasnt same with pretty little lies when,they were trying to find out who a is,when you have a mysterious figure in a,show i think its really good to build,up suspense by having a bunch of people,who you suspect there are,and there was one person like the french,lady who was like a tailor,but like that just wasnt enough for me,to like keep me interested,so thats kind of how i felt about the,whole lady whistling story line i mean,yeah she caught some drama yes she calls,a mess,and i do love me some mess so i,appreciated that but by the end of it i,was just kind of like disappointed,i was like this is not enough i need,more i need more drama like,how is there going to be more drama in,the next series when i already know who,lady whistleton is its not interesting,at that point,is she still going to cause mess so,shes still going to cause drama she,could like is there still going to be,tea,or is penelope going to reveal who she,is to eloise,and then boom lady wisdom storyline is,over thats what i want to know next up,i really,you know one thing i did like about the,show is like the overall vibe of the,show,you know the outfits were not like,historically accurate and thats been,like some controversy about that,but i think that the show itself you,know it was kind of like a period piece,with a modern twist we had,the outfits we had you know the,diversity which was not you know,obviously accurate to historical times,like you wouldnt have had,a queen of color in regency,london but i think its cool that they,did i really appreciate that,although well get into the diversity in,a little bit because we have some things,about like performative diversity that i,want to discuss,um but i think that you know the show,having a modern twist was really nice,like for example,the music i thoroughly enjoyed how they,had pop songs but like made classical,uh like i would have never thought my,wildest dreams that,wildest dreams you get youll

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i read nine bridgerton novels in seven days as an act of self loathing

this is Gatorade because I dont like,tea what happened was my sister texted,me on New Years Eve asking if Id,watched Bridgerton to which I answered I,hadnt asking if I should and she,ignored me but dont fret dear viewers,the mere suggestion was enough I drew,myself a candlelit bass intending to,check out this so-called Bridgerton and,upon allowing the trailer to autoplay I,realized Id actually already seen it,while it was making the rounds on,twitter.com this was the Regency eras,Gossip Girl everyone was on about and no,wonder Jamie thought I might have,watched it entertainment were,genetically bred for me it would look,something like this Im surprised I,hadnt seen it before it was recommended,to me I binged it all in one sitting I,did get out of the bath eventually but I,watched it all in one night and I,thoroughly enjoyed doing so rain off,female Gaze on that was Intel around,episodes four and five around episodes,four and five it occurred to me that the,show might have been adapted from a book,I watched a booktuber rant about once,The Dominoes were falling into place,Simon told Daphne he couldnt have kids,Daphnes mom was not an effective sex,educator and oh no the show was,definitely based on that one book I,watched that one YouTuber rant about,that one time Daphne was about to,violate Simons consent and all I could,do was hope they chose to alter that,particular sequence of events which they,did but Im disinclined to applaud them,for watering down the assault they could,have done away with lets put a pin in,that the point is that I was now aware,this was an adaptation still I didnt,intend to read its source material until,I touched base with Jamie again and she,informed me that there isnt just one,book there are eight books a love story,for each Bridgerton sibling and she,didnt even tell me about their second,epilogues compiled into the Bridger tins,happily ever after nor was I made aware,that lady whistledown appears in these,two Rando Anthology books nor was I,privy to the prequel series nor did I,have reason to believe that due to the,existence of the smive Smith quartet the,majority of Julia Quinns books,technically take place on a shared,Universe Julia Quinn my name twin you,are a busy woman the partition series,begins with the Duke and I its leads are,Daphne Bridgerton and Simon Bassett it,utilizes the fake daily Trope and its,the narrative mimicked by the first,season of the show Id consider it a,loyal adaptation but Ive learned Im,more lenient with that praise than,people tend to be theres plenty in the,show that wasnt in the books but I do,consider most changes made to be,additions the Duke and dies important,Beats make it out alive as well as some,of its more inconsequential scenes,Netflix has already renewed The Show for,a second season and all signs point to,it being based on the second book The by,count Who Loved Me starring Anthony,Bridgerton and Kate Sheffield Im told,they embody enemies to lovers but I,consider them something more like Rivals,to lovers if you care to differentiate,the third book and offer from a,gentleman is weirdly a Cinderella,retelling just tossed into the middle of,a series featuring no other fairy tale,retelling theyre your books Julia it,follows Benedict Bridgerton and Sophie,Beckett Romancing Mr Bridgeton is the,fourth entry in it Penelope,featherington Harbors unrequited love,for Colin Bridgerton it also features a,non-murderous whodunit mystery next up,is to Sir Philip with love book five,portraying a marriage of convenience,between Eloise Bridgerton and Sir Philip,crane my Nemesis Im not sure what,people call the Trope represented in the,sixth novel but its about a widow,falling in love with her dead husbands,cousin so whatever that is the Widow in,question is Francesca Bridgerton and the,cousin in question is Michael Sterling,the seventh book belongs to Hyacinth,Bridgerton and Gareth Sinclair its in,his kiss has a McGuffin hunt going for,it but I describe our lovers as being,partners in crime on the way to the,wedding is the eighth and final,Bridgerton novel its conceptualized,around the interrupted wedding Trope but,the actual romance between Gregory,Bridgeton and Lady Lucinda Abernathy,sits somewhere between friends to lovers,and forbidden romance this is how Id,rank them if you proceed further into,this video theyll all be spoiled along,with the show anyway you can imagine,that for me somebody whose favorite,characters in the show were Eloise and,Penelope finding out they were main,characters of their own stories was game,changing it was suddenly impaired if I,consumed this series as quickly as,possible and I did I legally downloaded,all the audio books dont tell the,police and listen to them at Double,playback speed for seven days straight,while I made this painting portrait of,my dog I think I irrevocably damaged my,well-being in doing so because now Im a,crazy person I do nothing but think of,Bridgerton all hours of the day and,night Ive temporarily abandoned the,video I was working on in favor of this,one I spent half of my time watching,Abigail Barlow and Emily bear write a,Bridgerton Musical on Instagram live,because theyre Geniuses and its,amazing I started watching Dairy girls,for Nikola Coughlin Id been meaning to,check it out anyway but its her fault I,did you might think wow good for you you,obviously love this franchise no,I do not I do but Im not happy with,myself about it I wouldnt call it a,guilty pleasure I dont feel embarrassed,I would have deleted 104 reasons to ship,bug head by now if I had the capacity,for embarrassment I just think Im,better than this is this who we are is,this what we represent apparently I at,least had the sense to rate all but,three of the books two stars on,Goodreads Im using Goodreads and,letterbox this year by the way my least,favorite I allotted one and my two,favorites I awarded three I also bought,physical copies of those too its in his,kiss and an offer from a gentleman,I love you,yeah you said my soul on fire Id like,to offer its in his Kiss an extra star,because it is my most favorite but Im,not backlogging on Goodreads so the only,books Ive given four stars as of yet,are six of crows and crooked kingdoms so,I feel like that would be insulting like,this is good and this is just good for a,Bridgerton novel,[Music],okay you caught me Im just pretending,we poor this one has a hole in it a,giant hole in it,but whats so bad about Bridgeton novels,anyway Ill tell you for one thing,theyre not as good as the show whoever,said books are always better must not,have read the Bridgerton series I prefer,the characterization of every character,in the show I prefer the Grandeur of the,show I prefer the historically,inaccurate costumes in the show I prefer,the orchestrated pop songs in the show,mainly what I prefer is the adaptations,utilization of Lady whistle down the,entire draw of this series is or at,least should be the anonymous gossip,columnist but in the books she does,nothing but exist every chapter opens,with a passage or a quote of hers,characters bring her up on occasion but,until the fourth book when shes,revealed to be Penelope thats really it,and Penelope quits during the fourth,book so for half of the series she,doesnt even exist Books five six seven,and eight open instead with letters or,like brief omniscient narration its,flabbergasting conversely they made a,little mystery out of her identity in,the show better than even the fourth,book does but well get into that when,we get into the individual books our,characters actions are highly,influenced by what she writes of them,and theyre able to spread rumors in,hopes that shell publish them to their,benefit she matters lady whistledown,predates Gossip Girl so I wonder if this,Improvement can be traced back to there,being a benchmark for this thing now,this series is also bad because I find,it extremely repetitive Julia said copy,and paste publish the same book eight,times nobody will notice I noticed

i went from being a bridgerton HATER to a STAN

(upbeat music),- Dearest watchers something,that I could have never predicted,on my 2022 bingo card happened to me last month.,(soft music),Hi my name is Mina and Ive been at “Bridgerton” stand for,approximately three weeks now.,Im not joking I even went to the Bridgerton Fan Event,called the Queens Ball last weekend,,and I got this dress made by my friend Emma Collins,,who is a dress maker and I highly recommend,getting something custom made by her if you can,,because she just does emaculate work as you can tell.,My inspiration for this dress,was Keira Knightleys “Pride and Prejudice” dress.,And I know that dress is not historically accurate,in the slightest, but I just love that dress so much.,And I was like, if Im going to go to a Bridgerton Ball,,Im gonna wear whatever I want,because no one cares about historical accuracy anyway.,And also I just dont really like regency dresses,to begin with. I think that the,,whatever the empire line they do,,which kinda comes up to like literally here,is a little unflattering for my body type.,So yeah I opted for a Joe Wright lower waist Redux.,This video is sponsored by Wild.,Ive recently made the switch to Wilds natural deodorant,because Im always looking for new ways,to minimize my carbon footprint,and become more sustainable.,This is how it works.,Every set comes with a reusable aluminum case,,and deodorant refills that you just pop into your case.,Each refill lasts over two months,,and its cases made of bamboo pulp,,which is a hundred percent recyclable and home compostable.,As you can see I chose a lavender case,,and the send is Jasmine and Mandarin blossom,,which has a nice floral smell that isnt too overpowering.,But wild currently offers seven signature scents,,and five different case colors,,not including seasonal and limited edition options.,So you have plenty to choose from.,I also really love the creamy texture,and how the product slides onto your skin,without any weird sticky residue.,If you need more testimonials,,Wild has over 7000 5-star reviews on Trustpilot,,averaging at 4.7 stars rating excellent overall.,You can use my code Mina25 to get 25% off,all Wild products.,Listen, listen, I know youre thinking,,and no I do not regret making my,anti British and video last year,,because season one was bad. Season one was a hate watch.,I can still say that as reformed Bridgerton fan,,season one was bad.,Daphne and Simon had little to no chemistry,,the pacing was off,,the explanation for their post racial society was very weird,and I will not forget how Daphnes assaults on Simon,was just largely brushed off with no real consequences.,But season two, season two, where do I begin?,So for anyone who needs the recap,,season two centers, Anthony Bridgerton.,The way that the “Bridgerton” series is formatted,,takes after Julia Quinns Bridgerton books,,in which every book centers around,a different member of the Bridgerton family.,So last seasons main character Daphne Bridgerton,takes a backseat and her husband Simon,is nowhere to be seen.,And because of how series was set up,,I dont even think their screen time was missed.,After Daphne and Simon get married,,they move out to Simons estate,,so theyre not even based in like London anymore.,So it makes sense that they wouldnt really show up.,Anthony also gets a major character reboot,,which I thought was hilarious,because hes virtually a totally different character,than who he was in season one.,I just feel like the writers looked at what they did,and they were like, no, no, no, this is not gonna work.,His personality in season one was very aloof, very playboy,,and in this season hes extremely serious and responsible,going on and on about how hes such a gentleman.,- Im a gentleman, Im a gentleman.,I am a gentleman. I am a gentleman.,- Which Im a fan of the Anthony character reboot,,because I found his character,in season one very insufferable.,And for this season they really played into,Austin fan sensibilities towards a repressed man,whos actually very gentle on the inside. Mr. Darcey.,And I do think it like could make sense,the way that his character has developed,,because maybe he just had a moment of crisis,,a moment of realization,after his lover left him in season one,,and after Daphne gets married,,maybe hes like starting to think,,oh, I need to get my shit together.,His love interest is Kate Sharma a new character.,Kate is Indian and the oldest of the family.,Her father died so she lives with her stepmom Mary,and half sister Edwina.,So the deal with Mary is that she was cut off,from her noble parents the Sheffields years ago,when she ran off to India with a man below her class.,But unbeknownst to Mary and Edwina,,Kate has written to the Sheffields,and they were an agreement,that if Edwina finds a gentleman match in London,,they will pay the dowry,and give the family back their inheritances.,This is probably the plot line,that I had the most difficulty digesting,,because it just didnt make any sense to me.,I dont understand why Kate wasnt transparent about,the deal with the Sheffields with her mom and sister,,because I dont think it would change anything.,Edwina was still set on marrying a gentleman in London,,and she still had the option to choose whoever it was.,I dont think it like really would mean anything,for her to know this arrangement was happening.,But anyways Edwina is pronounced the diamond of the season,,and Anthony pre-decides that hes going to marry,whoever the diamond is,because surely a diamond would make a dependable good wife.,But he and Kate fall in with each other,after hes already proposed to Edwina,,and the two of them repress those feelings,in lieu of being responsible eldest siblings.,But in the end, Edwina chooses to call off the wedding,because she finally realizes whats been happening,,and she has her moment of empowerment where shes like Kate,,Im old enough to decide what I want for my life,,you cant just tell me what to do.,- Today, you have lost your power.,Well I have made up my own mind,,and thats just victory enough for me.,- And because its “Bridgerton”,the scandal of this canceled wedding,that the queen literally endorses,,dies down within like a week,,and Kate and Anthony go off to live,their happily ever after.,So the biggest change that I noticed this season,from season one is that Kate and Anthony,have a fiery chemistry.,For season one, I feel like they just casted Rege-Jean,and Phoebe who played Simon and Daphne respectively,,because both of them are good looking actors,,and yeah, thats it.,Theyre just like very good looking.,But Simone and Jonathan,who play Kate and Anthony respectively,,theyre not just good looking,,they also have this magnetism on screen.,I cannot emphasize enough,how the energy between the two leads,is essential for a good romcom.,Even if you gave me a lame ass boring storyline,,I would probably still be invested.,I would probably still enjoy it.,If I could see that the characters,are realistically pining for each other.,I also dont know if Im just not a fan,of Julia Quinns story crafting,,but I know that for season two the writers,,the show writers actually made a lot of changes to the plot,,which I ended up liking.,The most notable is that originally during the bee scene,,Anthony is supposed to try to suck the venom,out of Kates boob after shes stung.,The two are then caught and similarly to Daphne and Simon,,theyre forced to marry on the spot.,Im really glad they did away with this,force to marry plot line,,because they essentially already did that in season one,,and it would just feel kind of redundant,if they did it again for season two.,The show writers also added an engagement,between Edwina and the Viscount,,which didnt happen in the books.,Look I normally hate love triangles,,and Id be the first to say it. I dont really care.,I was never in that whole,team Jacob, team Edward Twilight thing,,because I just like dont care about love triangles.,Like the minute you throw in another person

Bridgerton: A Fractured Fantasy

we are awfully clever indeed we are,so i just watched netflixs super hit,show bridger thing because,some of you guys told me to on instagram,and,uh yeah im never listening to you guys,again this show makes me a little mad,because,i didnt really have any expectations,going in but somehow i was still,disappointed and i mean it like i didnt,know anything about the show i had never,watched a trailer i didnt know it was,based on a book i didnt know what the,story was i just wanted to know what the,fuss was about because i kept seeing it,everywhere so i went in completely blind,i didnt start watching and expecting to,love it or expecting to hate it i just,pressed play on the thing,and oh boy now to be perfectly honest i,actually considered quitting after the,first episode but then i didnt,because i have this personal rule to,never judge an entire show based on its,first episode because sometimes,pilots can be very misleading like,spartacus is a great show but i almost,never,watched it because it has one of the,worst pilots ive ever seen,same for buffy the vampire slayer and on,the other side of things,revenge is a show with a pilot thats,pretty much flawless and brilliantly,engaging but a couple episodes later it,starts going off the rails and the show,never quite manages to save itself,and it sucks for the next four seasons,so i kept going,and i was right i should not have judged,this show based on its first episode,because its actually way worse than i,initially thought the thing with,bridgerton is that,it came out of absolutely nowhere like,nobody knew about it and then it came,out and it immediately took over social,media,people would not shut up about it,stranger things was kind of the same,no one even knew what it was no one,really cared about the trailers or,anything and then,boom it became the most talked about,true of 2016 in a matter of days,and if you know the internet you,probably know that when something like,that happens,the reactions tend to be very loud and,very intense,in the case of stranger things people,loved it and it sort of became the,flagship netflix series due to people,being so vocal about it,and in the case of like insatiable,yeah it didnt go too well but in the,case of bridgeton,it was really hard for me to read the,general consensus on the show like,everyone has been talking about it but i,could never figure out whether it was,because,its good or bad so i just had to check,it out now heres the first,main reason why i find this show so,frustrating a lot of people say that,bridgeton feels,new and fresh and innovating because,weve never really had this type of show,in this era and it feels like bringing,back a genre that was dead and,fine i guess thats fair im not beyond,admitting that compared to all of the,other romance stories being told on,screen,since the early 2000s yeah richardson,kind of stands out for tackling a,different time period,okay cool but also,[ __ ] lets not act like this isnt the,same,as these other shows just because it,looks different lets not act like,bridgeton,isnt a show weve already seen a,million times,it has all of the same tropes all of the,same unbearable and lazy cliches and,therefore,all of the same problems every issue,ive ever had with modern romantic tales,is perfectly applicable to bridgerton,its different only in its look every,other aspect of the show is as,basic and generic as it gets in other,words,same same but different,but still same this show is not nearly,as original as people make it out to be,were gonna dive into that but first i,wanna give a huge thanks to todays,sponsor,surf shark guys the internet is a really,weird place,it kind of freaks me out sometimes you,never know whats out to get you,thats why its important to make sure,youre safe while youre hanging out on,the internet and thats where surf shark,comes into play,surfshark is a vpn service that protects,your information by encrypting all the,data that you,send through the internet in other 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that,and in case of any doubt surf shark also,offers a 30 day money back guarantee so,if you try it,and you dont like it you can simply,cancel your subscription get your money,back and go buy yourself a chocolate bar,or something but theres no risk for you,here so thanks again to surfstrong for,sponsoring this video and lets get back,to bridgerton,so bridgeton is the story of i guess,daphne bridgerton,sometimes its kind of hard to tell,whos supposed to be the main character,in this show so im gonna go with her,because it makes the most sense,anyways daphne is a member of the,bridgerton family in london,and shes looking for a husband because,women didnt have much else to do back,then apparently now,daphne hates the idea of being forced to,marry someone she doesnt love which is,a problem because,thats exactly whats about to happen to,her but thankfully a weird chain of,events leads daphne to meet simon,bassett also known as the duke of,hastings these two dont necessarily,like each other but theyre both in a,position where the pressure of getting,married is getting a bit excessive and,after an incident at a party that leaves,daphne in a bad situation,simon steps in and she decides to make a,deal with him,they agree to start a fake relationship,to trick everyone into believing they,are both about to get married so they,can get away from their shitty,situations and make sure their families,leave them alone but as,things go it looks more and more like,daphne and simon are getting attached to,one another in a way that might,transcend their elaborate ruse,it looks like their fake romance may not,be all that,fake after all in other words its,literally the exact plot of to all the,boys i loved before,but in the wretched sierra im not,kidding theres a girl shes stuck in a,situation where a bunch of guys she,doesnt like want her so she fix a,relationship with another guy who has,his own motivations to escape the whole,thing but then they fall in love for,real and shenanigans happen,its the same [ __ ] story you thought,i wouldnt notice chris van dusen,you cant fool me no this is essentially,the main story but theres a bunch of,other [ __ ] happening in this show like,it has about a million,subplots and that is one of my major,problems with bridgerton,this show is incredibly messy it tries,to do way too many things at the same,time and it just,doesnt work especially because most of,those subplots are extremely,similar to the main plot so it all feels,very repetitive like it relies a bit too,much on weird gimmicks to try and make,itself interesting but its not very,good at doing that either like the show,thinks its really smart because it,takes modern things and adapts them to,the time period of their show,for example it introduces a very blatant,gossip girl rip,off narrative style with lady whistle,down,lady whistle down in the context of the,show is this anonymous writer who writes,about what is happening in the show via,newspaper and its not that interesting,she just s

Bridgerton (2022) Netflix Series Review | Season 2

i was hooked almost from the start when,i first saw the premier season of,netflixs bridgeton can this second,season capture that same magic and charm,[Music],[Applause],the second season of bridgeton follows,lord anthony bridgerton the eldest,bridgeton sibling and vi count as he,sets out to find a suitable wife driven,by his duty to uphold the family name,anthonys search for a debutant who,meets his impossible standards seems,ill-fated until kate and her younger,sister edwina sharma arrive from india,when anthony begins to court edwina kate,discovers the true nature of his,intentions and decides to do everything,in her power to stop the union but in,doing so kate and anthonys verbal,sparring matches only bring them closer,together complicating matters on both,sides so this season doesnt follow,daphne and simon but instead chooses the,eldest brother anthony as the focus,thats an interesting proposition,because anthony isnt always the easiest,character to like and when his story is,the main driver that can be a challenge,this second season took a bit to get,warmed up to i mean it didnt feel like,it initially had the same energy as that,first season maybe thats just because,the focus had shifted and my brain and,heart were trying to catch up by the,second episode though i was invested,especially as were introduced in this,season to a few new characters who have,a huge impact on the story the addition,of kate and edwina to the mix is a,frustratingly good one i think the arc,is pretty predictable but that doesnt,make it any less enjoyable theres this,mixed up love story here i mean as i had,said in the synopsis anthony is courting,edwina but because of his personality,her sister kate is very protective and,then the sparks that fly between kate,and anthony are wonderfully obvious i,enjoyed the tension that this triangle,creates edwina is a wonderful character,i mean shes sweet intelligent and,somebody that i was rooting for to find,love and happiness kate while bristly is,also filled with awesome qualities shes,witty smart fiercely protective and,isnt some wilton flower which is a,challenge for anthony whos pretty much,exactly like her while the courtship of,anthony and edwina is sweet what i was,really rooting for is anthony and kate,to just throw caution to the wind and,really speak their feelings for each,other and their banter is frustrating,and its incredibly engaging theyre,almost like two cats who cant get,enough of each other but will also go,ham on the other if the slightest,misstep is made i mean their dynamic is,exactly what i love about this show the,writing sucks me in even if its cheesy,or overly dramatic in spots i mean im,drawn to the romance and the,relationships but its not just the,relationship between anthony edwina and,kate that i enjoyed this season we get,to see so much into what makes anthony,tick why hes so driven and is almost,cruel at times with his dedication to,responsibility i love the insight that,comes from conversations between anthony,and his mom daphne and benedict they,provide so much character development,and depth on him i dont always like,anthony especially when he was pigheaded,and arrogant but i at least understood,why he was the way that he was i also,enjoyed how we get to know lady,bridgerton more shes not the central,focus but as the story goes along we get,some good development on her which then,flows to her motivations and her,behaviors and while anthony is the main,bridgerton that the story focuses on we,still get arcs with benedict eloise and,even colin and these storylines help to,build out their characters so that when,future seasons come into play well be,even more engaged with their stories now,i dont know about you but i was bummed,at this end of season one when lady,whistled downs identity was shown now i,loved not knowing who it was and then,the mystery that that provided i gotta,say though that i like how they take her,story and then create drama around it in,this second season just because we know,who whistle down is doesnt mean the,rest of the tandoo which then makes for,some really good drama the queen who,sports some just awesome wigs this,season shes very keen on finding out,the identity and at the same time eloise,is also determined to discover who is,behind lady dwisseldowns gossip report,i mean this causes some great friction,between eloise and penelope because we,know its pin whos channeling on the,elite so to watch those misdirects and,the attempts at dissuasion they just,become fun to watch theres so much,drama this season and the show is a,lengthy one i mean there are eight,episodes with the shortest one being 53,minutes and the majority of them being,over an hour now i like this since it,allowed me to spend so much more time in,their world there are some points that,do feel a little slower and they seem a,bit redundant but on the whole the story,keeps progressing forward giving us,drama romance hope and frustration all,along the way the featheringtons also,have a story arc in this season that,becomes pretty engaging there are even,points where i actually felt a little,bit of sympathy for them i mean,generally theyre just a scheming family,but there are moments where i sort of,rooted for them i didnt have,overarching love for them because i mean,come on mostly they dig their own holes,to fall in but in small moments i wanted,them to succeed and regardless if im,loving or hating them im invested in,them and im drawn to what they,contribute to the narrative something i,loved in the first season and im really,happy that theyve continued in this,second is the use of modern songs done,classically by vitamin string quartet i,mean some are very obvious of what the,songs are now others took me just a bit,but i think if youre a fan of pop music,the reimagining as classical is awesome,the sets and costumes also continue to,be spectacular id love to see an actual,closet at some point because the amount,of clothes that most of these characters,have i think is just astounding i mean,they are constantly changing outfits,which also seems very tiring but the,attention to detail to create exquisite,gowns and suits i think is wonderful and,the varieties of colors and patterns,that are shown make the show visually,intriguing i think this season is more,dramatic than the first i mean i,remember the first being pretty,whimsical while still including engaging,drama now here its the drama that takes,precedence and the whimsy and comedy are,just small interjections and thats not,a complaint i mean its just something i,noticed i think its also a needed,change the series is maturing and so the,storytelling needs to do as well were,also thrust into the story faster in,this season because we already know the,majority of the players so were not,spending an episode or two establishing,all of them something that i really,enjoyed was the small sense of,self-awareness that the show has while,the characters refer to the time of,balls and courtship as a season the,dialogue was also using it subtly to,talk about the actual show season they,called out small differences as a wink,to us and then brought us into the,conversation without having to break the,fourth wall now this didnt happen often,but when it did i enjoyed it now there,is so much more that i could talk about,when it comes to the story theres also,this massive list of topics that im,just not allowed to bring up by netflix,so overall the second season of,bridgerton is different than the first i,mean its more dramatic yet retained so,much of the romance charm and of course,the gossip that made the first so,enjoyable the dynamic of anthony edwina,and kate is a powerful driver that,creates a compelling narrative that i,was fully invested in and enjoyably,frustrated with for almost all of it but,im also drawn to the growth so many of,the characters experience they are,certainly not static and this growth and,maturity provide for some engaging story,lines the costumes

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