1. Top 10 Best Run Flat Tires Review in 2022
  2. Bridgestone DriveGuard – Technology
  3. 2021 Tesla Model 3 with Bridgestone DriveGuard Run Flat Tires – Review and Drive Test
  4. Tested: Bridgestone DriveGuard: A Smoother-Riding Run-Flat Tire | Tire Rack
  5. Watch This Before Buying Run-Flat Tires
  6. Tested: Bridgestone DriveGuard & Peace of Mind for Your Car | Tire Rack
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Top 10 Best Run Flat Tires Review in 2022

if youre looking for the best run flat,tires heres a list you must see,we made this list based on our personal,preference and sorted it based on their,features,prices quality durability a reputation,of the manufacturers and customer,feedback,also weve included options for every,type of customer,so lets get started,[Music],at the first position of our list we,have bridgestone driveguard the,driveguard is an all-season,grand touring tire from bridgestone that,provides a safe and reliable driving,experience,it can drive up to 50 miles at speeds up,to 50 mph without any pressure in the,tire,which is pretty much par of the course,on the road the drive guard is very,responsive for a grind touring tire,it also has very high levels of grip and,traction both on dry and wet surfaces,and despite the stiffer sidewalls the,ride quality is very good for a run flat,tire,and there is almost no noise at highway,speeds the sixty thousand miles trade,where warranty for h,v t speed rated models and fifteen,thousand miles warranty,for w speed rated is one of the best in,the run flight world as well,the only downside of the drive guard is,a slightly worse snow traction,moving on to the next at number two with,michelin primacy,mxm4zp the primacy,mx m4zp is a tyre that offers slightly,better snow traction than the drive car,so if you live in areas with harsher,winters the privacy is the way to go,however the michelin tire also has,slightly worse ride quality,the noise is almost the same though and,on the road the primacy,mxm4zp provides a driver with ample grip,and traction in dry and weight,conditions,responsiveness is excellent as well that,said the tradeware warranty is slightly,lower than the one on the bridges turn,55 000 miles,for h and v speed rated models and 45,000 miles for w,y and z speed rated models the number,three position is held by goodyear eagle,ls2 run on flat,this eagle ls2 is one of the best grand,touring run flood tires for bmw owners,they want a more engaging driving,experience,the goodyear competitor is very,responsive in the corners and provides a,driver with a lot of grief,and traction in dry conditions white,performance is also one of the best in,the category,and the tire even has the biting edges,for light snow traction,the tyre is also pretty comfortable on,bumpy roads and doesnt produces a lot,of noise on the highway,however it also doesnt come with any,treadwear warranty which is a shame in,this day and,age next at number 4 we have michelin,latitude 2,hp zp the michelin latitude tour asp,gp is a tire that is used as original,equipment and bmw vehicles and naturally,it is also a great choice for a,replacement tire,this is one of the best touring tires,when it comes to handling it is,responsive provides a driver with ample,grip and traction and brakes very well,the michelin tire works both in dry and,wet conditions and even in light snow,unlike most round flood tires the,latitude tour is also very comfortable,and doesnt reduce a lot of noise on the,highway,the thirty thousand miles threadbar,warranty is good although not,exceptional,the number five position is held by,pirelli scorpion verde all season run,flat tires,even though the scorpion verde is a,touring tire it has enough worms to,provide an,engaging driving experience right now it,is probably the most responsive tire for,bmw crossovers including the x1,x2 x3 x4 and x5,the scorpion very provides a driver with,a lot of creep and traction,and excellent braking performance both,on dry and wet surfaces,light snow traction is only average,though on the comfort side the pirelli,has very good ride quality and doesnt,produce a lot of noise on the highway,however it also doesnt come with any,treadwear warranty,the number 6 position is dominated by,michelin pilot sport a or s3 plus cp,the pilot sport a or s3 is one of the,best ultra high performance all season,tires on the market right now,the zp version is run flat and can be,used for up to 50 miles of driving,without any pressure,on the road the paddle sport is,extremely responsive and provides a,driver with outstanding grief,traction and braking in dry conditions,weight performance is covered with helio,plus technology and is,class leading the ride quality is also,very good,and there is not a lot of noise on the,highway finally the pilot sport a,rs3 also comes with an excellent 30 000,mile treadwear warranty,moving on to the next at number seven,with goodyear eagle f1 asymmetric 3,run and flat the eagle f1 symmetric 3 is,a max performance tire which means that,it is the best choice for drivers of,very fast bmw cubes and 7s,and even in best cars this tire provides,an outstanding driving experience that,you can get with almost any other tire,the responsiveness is simply astonishing,grief and traction alike on a racing,tire,while breaking a sublime the goodyear is,even quiet on the road,something that we didnt expect white,performance is slightly worse especially,in heavy rain but thats expected in a,max performance tire,also the eagle f1 is a summer tire which,means that it cant be used in wintry,conditions,the number 8 position is held by,bridgestone 2lr hrp sport rft,the dueler hrp sport rft is almost a,go-to tire for bmw xdrive crossovers,with big whales and powerful engines,the bridgestone is a very responsive,summer tire that can provide the driver,with very high levels of grip,and traction even on some heavier bmws,wide performance is very good as well,and we didnt find any noise issues,that said bridgestone doesnt offer any,treadwear warranty on this tire which is,a shame,next at number nine we have registan,blizzak lm25 rft,this run flat tire is specifically,designed for bmw performance cars and,naturally it is the best one,in the winter the blizzak lm25 provides,a driver with outstanding performance on,the road,even when driven very hard,responsiveness is top notch and the same,can be said for grieve,traction and braking on top of that the,bluezack is one of the best snow tires,in its category,that said this tire doesnt come with,any trade war warranty,finally the number 10 position is,dominated by pirelli winter sawto zero,serie 2 run flat,the newest addition to the sawto zero,family of pirelli winter tires is an,excellent choice for any bmw driver,this is one of the sportiest tires for,winter weather it is very responsive and,has,excellent handling characteristics and,dry and wet tarmac,snow traction and braking are excellent,as well and the pirelli is even usable,and nice,that said like the bridgestone blizzak,the prerelease auto zero doesnt come,with any trader warranty,thats all for today we upload product,review videos,every single day so dont forget to,subscribe and hit the bell button for,the upcoming video notification

Bridgestone DriveGuard – Technology

theres never a good time for a flat,tire but with Bridgestones,revolutionary driveguard tire innovative,Bridgestone technologies allow drivers,to maintain control of their vehicle and,drive on safely for 80 kilometres add up,to 80 km/h after a puncture an optimized,footprint and innovative patent features,and hunts where life a silica-rich tread,compound molded into a high saiping,tread pattern delivers best-in-class web,performance lighter weight construction,and heat resistant technologies combined,to improve ride comfort a tires rubber,compounds play an important role in the,tires performance but traditional,materials often require trade-offs,between desired attributes a traditional,material may be very flexible but lack,heat resistance or it might have great,heat resistance but poor wet traction,Bridgestone engineers found a way to,overcome these trade-offs through nano,protec tiny molecular particles in,traditional materials are distributed,inconsistently which creates limitations,in the material but using nano protec,Bridgestone engineers are able to,manipulate the molecules and customize,the distribution of particles in the,material for specific needs for example,nano protec is used to create the stiff,heat resistant material used in,bridgestone driveguard tires nano pro,Tek is also used to create the,long-lasting high traction material,needed for winter tires a nano Protex,sidewall reinforcement rubber compound,provides low pressure mobility and,improves ride comfort conventional tires,use pressurized air to support the,weight of your vehicle but when the tire,is punctured air escapes and the weight,of your vehicle is no longer supported,this creates a flat tire a bridgestone,driveguard tire also uses pressurized,air to support your vehicles weight but,it has a back-up plan sidewall supports,when a bridgestone driveguard tire is,punctured it loses air but it continues,to support the vehicles weight using the,sidewall support,and cooling fins contribute to,minimizing heat built up after a,puncture by redistributing airflow,around the tire when a bridgestone,driveguard tire loses air it relies on,the internal side wall supports to carry,the weight of your vehicle but the,additional friction punctured tire puts,on the sidewall supports can cause heat,buildup which can make the tyre,compounds wear down faster,when air moves across the cooling fins,the fins disrupt the airflow and create,turbulence that carries away heat and,cools the tire the end result tires with,cooling fins experience reduced heat,buildup and lower temperatures and tires,without cooling fins best of all,bridgestone driveguard tires are,available in 19 summer sizes and 11,winter sizes to fit a wide range of,passenger cars on the market regardless,of their original equipment fitment,bridgestone driveguard engineered with,your safety in mind

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2021 Tesla Model 3 with Bridgestone DriveGuard Run Flat Tires – Review and Drive Test

hi and welcome back so today what were,going to do talk about is uh,were going to talk about,the uh run flat tires that i have on my,tesla model 3. but before we get started,thank you everyone who has subscribed to,my channel if you havent please,consider clicking the subscribe button,uh like comment i do respond to all the,comments uh share it all helps it really,does um okay so the tires that i have,that i purchased for my car are,bridgestone driveguard tires,um,i have the 18-inch wheels on my car um,and the size that i purchased uh of the,bridgestone drive guards which are the,run flats are 235,45 rf18,i got them on,tirerack.com which is a national,supplier anyone can order from them i,had them shipped to my home,um,and,um,once i got them i made an appointment,with the tesla service center to have,them mounted and balanced,they all four tires did fit in my car,with the seats down so that i could,drive them to the service center they,mounted them and balanced them for me i,dont remember what they charged it was,inexpensive the purchase price of the,tires from,um,from tire rack was 225 dollars per tire,so it was not cheap but for me its a,better option than filling up my trunk,with a spare tire or you know one of,those kits like tesla cells which seals,the tire those are not very good um,its my understanding that well actually,ive had experience when you put that,sealant in the tire it beads up makes,little beads and it throws off the,balance you can hear it it makes noise,so not a good thing,this is the best option for me because,if you ever god forbid if i get a flat,tire i can drive it 50 miles at 50 miles,per hour to get to any tire place and,their standard tires so were going to,go for a ride,because i want you to see what the tires,are like what they sound like a lot of,people have ive read that oh run flats,increase road noise theyre loud,that i have not had that experience ive,had the tires for 16 000 miles on my car,ive had no issues with road noise or,sound or anything theyre not a rough,ride theyre not bumpy nothing theyre,fantastic tires um i like them a lot uh,so yeah so lets get going and youll,see for yourself were going to do some,driving and youll see for yourself you,can hear what what what they sound like,so lets get going and uh,lets see how this works out,so yeah but these tires like i said um,i think theyre the best option um,because you dont want to fill your,trunk up because i mean i dont know to,me that just doesnt make any sense i,know theres i had seen an option where,theres a way you can like hang a spare,tire,up from the bottom of the trunk lid or,something i dont know,its just not a great idea to me uh i,also know that tesla does have the uh,i think theyre called tesla rangers and,they come out to you and they can mount,and balance a tire,um you know on the spot in your car uh,you know or right away and they sell you,the tire and you know they do it at your,location right,that sounds well and good except i know,someone who had an issue,they had had a model y,uh early on this was about a year ago,early on and um,they got a flat tire they were with,their family,and,you know they were on a road where,its regulated it was the turnpike where,its regulated who can and cant go in,terms of service vehicles so tesla,couldnt go there uh,then they were told oh wait we dont,have the tire for your model y this is,tesla saying that so they were telling,them get a,official tow truck tow you off the,turnpike then well come and well tow,you to the service center and he goes,great and then youll change the tire at,the service center and they said oh no,its a saturday were closed so,you know and he was gonna have to wait,an entire weekend until monday when they,opened and had his tire so ive heard,other good stories so please dont take,this as a knock on tesla i actually have,had good experiences with their service,so i you know,i im not knocking their service its,just i dont want to be at their their,mercy right uh to me the run flats are,you know,i will never be stuck i dont have to,get out on the side of the road which is,dangerous and attempt to change a tire,if i did have one of those little spares,because you could get i mean god forbid,you can get hit by a car its dangerous,especially at night,i just i just if i,ill if when it happens i get a warning,on my,screen that says low pressure i you know,i drive to any tire i could stop and,call,any tire place within 50 miles because,thats how long youre allowed to drive,make sure they have the tire in stock in,the size i can you know its a standard,tire,uh and then go there and get it changed,on the spot im not at anyones mercy i,have my own options and to me its just,its the best,um,but yeah so were almost at a,highway where i can go a little quicker,well give it a few more minutes,ill be quiet so you can hear what the,road noise sounds like but i mean you,can see this is i mean i assume you can,see it hasnt been bumpy there hasnt,been any issue,um,you know,i that i can hear with noise and like i,said ive been using these tires for 16,000 miles they also,have still have,tons of tread they wear really really,well which is another nice thing about,these tires theyre not going to be you,know replaced every year or two,um,you know i do put a lot of miles on my,car,um you know its one year old and ive,got over 30 000 miles on it so,you know i do drive a lot so and i do a,lot of highway driving a lot of,um you know on the turnpike and a lot of,tr also you know city driving but a lot,of highway driving,so yeah i dont i dont have any um,complaints with them i mean im,definitely going to do it again when it,comes time to change them but honestly i,dont think im going to need to for at,least another year and a half to two,years because i think they were rated at,i mean i know you cant really go 100,but i thought they were rated by 90 000,mile,before they wear and need to be replaced,now i know,tires never last the full,you know what they claim but i think if,i do 30 a year i think im at least,gonna get another year probably over,more than that maybe a year and a half,you know that i think is realistic so,um,all right were almost on the uh,the highway where i can get up to you,know,highway speeds uh in between the lights,and ill give it a minute or two and let,you hear,um what its gonna sound like of course,were stopped at a red light here but,once we get through it youll,youll heal here and ill all be quiet,and stop talking,just gotta wait for this light,okay so here we go and ill let you,listen,stop little light again,okay here we go,ill let you know the speed we get up to,for the noise as well,red light coming up,all right well anyway,were at 50 miles an hour here,[Music],okay so youve had a chance to see,theyre not overly noisy theyre,definitely not bumpy i mean you could,tell that through the whole,ride uh i mean my phone is is mounted,its sitting in the center on a tripod,actually wedged in the center here i,mean theres definitely no issues with,bumpiness youth i mean its not wobbling,you can see that,um so yeah theyre great tires i highly,recommend them bridgestone driveguard um,definitely two thumbs way up ill,definitely be purchasing them again when,i do need new tires um,so again thanks for everyone who has,subscribed to my channel if you havent,please consider clicking the subscribe,button,like share comment i do reply to all,comments and well see you next time

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Tested: Bridgestone DriveGuard: A Smoother-Riding Run-Flat Tire | Tire Rack

[Music],if youre like most drivers you probably,didnt buy your car because of its tires,you chose the car and it was the vehicle,engineers who specified that it come,equipped with run flat tires a run flat,tires ability to travel up to 50 miles,even without air makes it a super hero,when a simple puncture can render a,conventional tire helpless and flat,contrary to urban legend run flat tires,can give puncture is just like any other,tire the difference is a run flat tire,has additional rubber reinforcements in,the sidewall that allow it to,temporarily carry the weight of the,vehicle even in the event of little or,no air pressure unfortunately even when,properly inflated that extra side wall,thickness means a run flat tire usually,rides firmer than a conventional tire so,how do you improve the ride of your car,while retaining the run fly capability,rich dont thinks they have the answer,drive guard is Bridgestones newest run,flat tire designed to equal or better,the ride of any original equipment run,flat and even be comfortable enough to,use on cars that didnt come with run,flat tires as original equipment,driveguard is able to use a thinner,sidewall for improved ride quality,thanks to a combination of clever,aerodynamics on the outer side wall and,a special rubber formulation for the,internal reinforcement to find out how,driveguard performs were comparing it,with the Pirelli chin tirado p7 all,season run flat one of several original,equipment run flat tires delivered on,our BMW 3-series test cars for a point,of reference Im starting out by driving,on the original equipment Pirelli chin,tirado p7 all season run flat and BMWs,like this one have been coming with run,flats for years and the p7 all season,run flat shows just how the overall,level of refinement run flat tires has,improved the cars far quieter and more,comfortable than a 3-series of run flats,of just a few years ago,the handling feels direct and responsive,and very appropriate for a tire in the,Grand Touring all season category now,Im driving on the bridgestone,driveguard and the right of this tire,feels like it was tailor-made for the,BMW 3-series suspension driveguard feels,just another step better than the OEM,Pirelli tire doing a good job at,softening the sharp edges of patch,potholes and expansion joints along our,route impact noise from small to,medium-sized bumps as moderately lower,with driveguard to an overall handling,seemed similar to the Pirelli tire,feeling responsive and connected to the,road on our test track in both dry and,wet conditions the overall handling and,traction levels were very similar for,both tires both felt predictable,responsive and sure-footed during,cornering and braking Bridgestones,latest sidewall technology in the drive,Guard appears to have made a noticeable,improvement in ride quality while other,areas such as traction handling and fuel,economy essentially matched out of the,original equipment tuned Pirelli chin,tirado p7 all cease and run flat Drive,guard shows us the next step for run,flat tires as they continue their,evolution towards Sunday riding as,comfortably as conventional tires as we,compare tires side-by-side we find each,one has its own personality its not as,easy as choosing between good and bad,so as you view our test results its,important to focus on your priorities,and what fits best with how where and,what you drive and be sure to go to tyre,calm for our complete test report and to,learn more about the tires featured in,this test,[Music]

Watch This Before Buying Run-Flat Tires

run flat tires are a great idea but you,may not be happy with your purchase ill,explain why today,as we talk tires,i recently posted a two-minute tire,tidbit about bridgestones new run flat,tires and someone made the following,comment,run flat tires usually are heavier and,noisier due to the necessity of the,design which may be for people who just,want 100 safety in life but may not be,the best choice for ev,or fuel consumption,and you know what,that quite frankly is a good point so,lets take a closer look at the benefits,of run flat tires the trade-offs of run,flat tires as well as who should never,ever consider run flats as an option,so first what are the benefits of run,flat tires,in short,safety the whole idea behind run flats,is that you can keep driving on them,even if theyve been punctured and all,the air has escaped,thats a big plus in a number of,situations for example lets say you get,a flat tire while driving on a busy,highway with a run flat tire you dont,have to pull over right away in the,middle of traffic and risk your life,just to change a tire,or lets say you get a flat in a shady,part of town in the middle of the night,here again you dont have to pull over,right away and risk your safety,just to change a tire,or maybe you dont have the know-how or,the strength to change a tire on your,own i mean if you drive a big suv for,example those tires are pretty heavy,here again run flats will allow you to,keep driving until you get to a garage,where they can change the tire for you,and finally if your vehicle does not,come with a spare tire and some dont,nowadays they come with a little repair,kit instead,run flat tires will spare you from,trying to fix the tire on your own on,the side of the road,now dont get me wrong you cant drive,on a punctured run flat tire forever the,bridgestone drive guard plus tire i,mentioned before allows you to continue,driving an extra 50 miles or 80,kilometers at speeds up to 50 miles per,hour or 80 kilometers per hour following,a puncture,that means you can keep driving until,its safe to pull over,or you can keep driving until you get to,a garage and have someone fix the tire,for you,another benefit is that run flat tires,provide more handling and stability when,the tire loses all pressure i like a,conventional tire that just goes flat,and doesnt support the vehicle,because a run flat tire can support the,weight of the vehicle this means that a,sudden blowout results in less weight,transfer and tread destabilization so,steering and handling remain pretty much,normal although you do have to slow down,to 50 miles or an hour or 80 kilometers,an hour,so,these are all the good reasons why you,would want run flat tires now lets look,at why you would not want run flat tires,the major trade-off with run flat tires,is comfort,because of the way run flat tires are,designed meaning they need stiffer side,walls that can support the weight of the,vehicle once all the air pressure is,gone the ride can be a little bit,rougher,michelin used to offer another type of,run flat they called the pax run flat,rather than stiffer sidewalls pax,employed a supportive ring made of,polyurethane inside the tire now this,design was discontinued in 2008 so were,not going to get into it here and well,focus on run flats with a reinforced,sidewall instead,now,while its true that that some vehicles,come from the factory with run flat,tires installed on them whenever thats,the case it means that the vehicle,engineers compensated for the inherent,rougher ride by tuning the suspension,accordingly so that the driver and,passengers dont notice the difference,now if youre thinking,im just picking on tire manufacturers,with the idea that run flats offer a,rougher ride allow me to borrow a,statement from bridgestone this was part,of their news release in april 2022 when,they announced the launch of the drive,guard plus tire,their next generation run flag this is,what they said,when we were designing the next,generation of the bridgestone driveguard,tire our goal was to produce a run-flat,tire that,significantly reduces the trade-offs,that consumers may expect,in other words bridgestone is saying,that their next generation run flat is a,lot better than the run flats,we heard complaints about in the past,bridgestone says these new run flats now,offer a more comfortable and a more,quiet ride without some of the,trade-offs you might expect,and the idea that run flats have gotten,better,over the years is backed by the jd power,2018 us original equipment tire customer,satisfaction study and let me share a,few of the highlights from that study,a study found that run flat tires are,closing the satisfaction gap,with conventional tires,now why is the satisfaction gap closing,according to jd power the rise in,satisfaction helps validate tire,manufacturers efforts to meet the,demands of oems while simultaneously,improving the customer experience,the fact that there is little difference,in satisfaction between run flat and,traditional tires is a great example,just a few years ago run flat tires were,a detriment to customer satisfaction but,the experience is much more positive now,so in other words run flats are closing,that satisfaction gap because tire,manufacturers are putting in the effort,to boost customer satisfaction thereby,gaining market share,now in 2018 we ran an article in tire,news magazine where jd power senior,director added a bit more insight into,this idea that the satisfaction gap was,closing when he said,in the luxury segment run flat tire,satisfaction is still a little bit lower,than non-run flat tires but the gap has,been closed considerably in recent years,in the performance sports category,satisfaction of run-flat tires is quite,a bit higher than non-run flat tires in,other words if you drive a luxury,vehicle you probably bought it because,you enjoy the smooth ride and the quiet,interior in this case youre more likely,to notice an extra harshness or or noise,coming from your tires on the other hand,if youre a performance junkie you,probably dont mind a rougher ride or a,noisier interior because thats what you,enjoy anyway thats why you drive a,sports car and not a limo,in that same tire news article we,explained that some run flats require a,specialized rim which could be a,drawback since you have to buy new rims,along with new tires,the article also pointed out that,performance vehicles that came factory,equipped with run flats,were also calibrated specifically to,that type of tire,on the other hand if youre considering,replacing factory run flats with,conventional tires you may find you that,your car doesnt ride or handle as it,did before,now one other major drawback to run,flats is that theyre usually more,costly than comparable conventional,tires so,you have to factor in price when you,look at the pros and the cons,now in my opinion these are the major,considerations if you do some research,on the topic youll find that some,people list other pros and cons but in,my mind,these are the major factors to consider,now that said,even if you like the idea of run flats,as i mentioned in my other video you,should not even think about run flat,tires if your vehicle is not equipped,with a tire pressure monitoring system,also known as tpms thats because,without tpms you will have no way of,knowing whether you have punctured your,tire and should slow down and plan to,have it replaced i mean even if you,hypothetically get up every morning,check each tire to see if its okay you,could run over a nail at the end of the,driveway and have no way of knowing that,one of your tires is technically flat,and that your safety is at risk so lets,sum up the pros and the cons of run flat,tires,on the pro side we have safety as a big,benefit along with better handling and,control of the vehicle when one of the,tire loses all air pressure,and if you dont have the strength or,the know-how to change a tire at the,side of the road run flats will allow,you to keep driving

Tested: Bridgestone DriveGuard & Peace of Mind for Your Car | Tire Rack

well theres never a good time for a,flat tire and no one wants to deal with,installing a spare tire on the side of,the road or wait around for help to,arrive,but instead of getting stuck on the side,of the road what if you could keep,driving even after you get a puncture,that causes complete air loss,what if you could choose where and when,to replace that flat tire,the idea of a tire that can keep running,even when flat dates back to the early,80s bridgestone was a pioneer of the,concept but back then run flat tires,were for supercars and just werent an,option for everyday family cars,but its the idea of temporary extended,mobility thats at the core of what,makes run flat tires appealing,especially to those of us that dont,drive supercars,bridgestone has continued to evolve,their run flat tire designs in an effort,of solving the riddle of putting the,extended mobility feature in a tire that,works on nearly any passenger car,without sacrificing everyday ride,quality their latest solution is simply,called driveguard,one key feature of driveguard is its,sidewall which is thinner and more,compliant than traditional run flat tire,designs thanks to a unique rubber,compound for the internal reinforcement,plus some clever aerodynamics on the,outside that help cope with the stress,and dissipate the heat created when the,tire has to roll without air,and unlike other run-flat tower designs,driveguard is designed to work on any,car with a working tire pressure,monitoring system,to find out how close driveguard is to a,conventional non-run flat tire were,comparing it with the michelin primacy,mxv4 a top-rated grand touring,all-season tire,for a reference point im starting out,by driving on the conventional tire in,the test the michelin primacy mxv4,and this is a nice example of what a,grand touring all-season tire should be,with a good ride low tread and impact,noise and stable handling,now im driving on the bridgestone drive,guard and our team was somewhat mixed in,the degree of difference in ride quality,versus the conventional tire some found,a modest increase in firmness and,driving over bumps and imperfections in,the road that would go unnoticed became,a little more apparent,but no one found the ride objectionable,and some of our drivers actually felt,the difference was quite minimal,one benefit of the drive guards run,flat sidewalls is the steering feel and,handling are a little bit better than,with the michelin primacy,mxv4 on the test track we used our bmw,3-series test cars so we could stay with,a familiar platform rather than,introduce a new variable,in dry conditions both tires delivered,appropriate levels of traction and,handling and following what we found on,the road the drive guard felt a little,more responsive than the conventional,michelin tire,in the wet both tires were again very,similar in overall capability with a,small advantage and ultimate grip and,shorter stopping distance for the,primacy mx-v4,the driveguard offered a little less wet,traction but felt slightly easier to,balance and control,bridgestones drive guard gives drivers,of passenger cars a backup plan when it,comes to dealing with a flat tire and,while its not without a modest change,in ride quality driveguard opens up a,whole new option for drivers looking for,peace of mind out on the road,as we compare tires side by side we find,each one has its own personality,its not as easy as choosing between,good and bad so as you view our test,results its important to focus on your,priorities and what fits best with how,where and what you drive,and be sure to go to tyrek.com for our,complete test report and to learn more,about the tires featured in this test

Bridgestone Driveguard 360°

hello and welcome to Bridgestones,european proving ground in rome meet,Paloma,our driver shes gonna take you on a,challenging ride did you know that in,2015 one point nine million people,tweeted about their flat tire,thats a whole lot of tires luckily not,all tires are the same today were gonna,check out what its like to have a,puncture with and without,bridgestone driveguard tires who would,you be driving with ready buckle up and,enjoy the ride hold on tight,blast a punctured tire theres never a,good time for a flat,thats why bridgestone driveguard tires,are masterfully engineered to keep you,going for 80 kilometres add up to 80,kilometres per hour,whatever the puncture,looks like we have a set,hey we got driveguard havent we lets,drive on bridgestone driveguard tires,continue your journey without any,further

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