1. A-Level Student Tries Brilliant Premium for a Week
  2. Is Brilliant.org Worth The Money For Students? (How to Actually Use It)
  3. Khan Academy and the Effectiveness of Science Videos
  4. Review of Brilliant.org Premium Membership: Homeschool Hangout
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A-Level Student Tries Brilliant Premium for a Week

so if you have ever watched videos from,ali abdal thomas frank or even,veritasium amongst others you might have,come across brilliant brilliant,brilliant brilliant who are,coincidentally very kindly sponsoring,this video brilliant is a fantastic,online platform with courses in maths,science and computer science brilliant,is a learning platform that keeps the,principle of active learning at the,forefront of everything they do,brilliant is a website and app that,teaches you stem concepts in an,interactive way ive always been eager,to try it since i first heard of it but,i never really freed up my time to,actually get into trying brilliant,seriously first of all this video is,absolutely not a sponsored by brilliant,but if this video ends up doing really,well you know that i am up to it,brilliant so,you know you contact me i can thank you,anyways so i tried brilliant for a week,in order to hopefully learn some new,interesting things and see how my,learning experience compares to that,given to me by my a levels,[Music],so for those new to the channel hi my,name is mario and i am a 17 year old,international a level student from spain,im about to start year 13 my last,school year in a few days right now in,september and im really excited because,i will be sharing the whole experience,with you guys in here from casual study,blogs and effective study techniques to,my mocks and my final exams as well as,my results so before i go back to school,lets talk about my brilliant experience,no pun intended so as i was only going,to be trying brilliant for a week which,is,little time i decided to just choose two,different courses to work on,astrophysics and complex numbers i,really wanted to dive into astrophysics,i feel i dont really know apart from,the little things i have read about,black holes and star formation i also,thought complex numbers would be great,for me as i would be doing some really,good revision of algebra topics that i,will also be covering this year on my,further maths a level so i thought well,why not lets just do that and lets,just warm up before heading back to,school i started with the astrophysics,course and actually the first questions,were really easy and simple however as i,progressed through the content it became,way more difficult and way more,challenging,it required greater problem-solving,skills what i started to like about,brilliant was the way in which they,presented the theory which was done in,the most practical way possible when you,learn a concept on brilliant they dont,just throw at you some formulas and,facts instead they carry you through the,historical background of the fact or,formula and they also show you the,different questions that at that time,were unanswered before a theorem or a,concept was actually discovered in this,way you have the context behind what you,are learning and you also have a deeper,understanding of the subject and concept,and youre also aware of the reason why,it is important and why it is worth your,time this ends up making the learning,process a more natural dynamic and,sustainable one which works by itself,due to students own intrinsic motivation,that arises as a result of pure,curiosity however the real world works,through examinations used as a proof for,knowledge which also end up making the,student experience a way more robotic,one which just focuses on getting,correct answers and not on asking,questions or having deeper interest so i,decided to focus on astrophysics as i,didnt really have that much time and i,was really enjoying it i would be,leaving complex numbers for later on,when i started classes so that i could,actually use it as a complement to my,own normal classes so i could get a,different perspective when learning a,new concept in math or further maths,this will definitely help me in,achieving a greater understanding of my,math concepts and my math classes as,well and it will also help making the,process a more time effective one now,that i have told you about my brilliant,experience lets quickly compare the,free version to the premium one the paid,one there is a great video by ray amjad,in which he covers this in really good,great detail i do share his opinion with,him uh but yeah to summarize one of the,main downsides of premium is its price,which is quite expensive you also dont,have the option of purchasing uh the,subscription for one month you need to,at least do it for three months which,obviously increases the price,significantly making it around forty,dollars to get started with brilliant,for three months so yeah this is,basically quite expensive so i can see,the downside in here uh thats why i did,take a really long time to actually try,it because it is,expensive lets just leave it at that,another key point you need to take into,account when wondering whether or not,you need the premium subscription is,that with the free version you can,already start improving your problem,solving uh and it is really good you get,access to the most recent daily,challenges i think its the last 10 days,of daily challenges that they upload and,you have access to them and you can do,them with explanations and thats really,good to get started with problem solving,however the free version does not allow,you access to the courses that im doing,for example in this video if you do want,to get,more specific and learn about a topic,a subject such as physics,maths computer science or like me you,want to use a powerful tool in order to,complement your classes and,have more perspectives and ways of,understanding the content then the,courses included do justify the elevated,price,i think its really worth it i do learn,a lot in their courses they are really,good they ask really good questions and,they give very good explanations as well,so i think its really totally worth it,im going to be using it for a year now,and i will be doing as many courses as,possible in a week there is a limit to,what you can do uh referring to learning,you know there is a limit to that but i,think i did get enough time to actually,form a decent conclusion about brilliant,i have learned that brilliant is indeed,a great way to discover whether or not,you are passionate about a subject which,is the main reason why i got started in,brilliant really it is also a great way,to spark your curiosity and you know,build some motivation uh towards the,subject and the area so that you can,continue learning and enjoy it basically,by itself it wont make you get straight,as but i can tell you that it will,definitely help you in gaining the,sufficient interest in order to work,hard for the subject and get the best,weight possible i hope you found this,video helpful useful or entertaining at,least i have left the race video in the,description down below as well as some,other resources,talking about the brilliant subscription,and how it has been for other people so,that you can see whether or not it is,worth for you to purchase brilliant,premium i actually purchased the yearly,subscription of brilliant because i,thought it would really help me,throughout the year so i may possibly,upload another video sharing with you my,year-long experience with brilliant if i,see that some of you guys are interested,in that i really appreciate if you could,leave a thumbs up and also consider,subscribing because it really helps so,that more people can watch this video,and so that we can just keep growing but,also hopefully helping other people,reach my videos so that they can,hopefully benefit from them for those of,you that are wondering whether or not i,will be doing constant uploads now that,i am starting school i will be doing so,so yes too loud i will possibly not,upload weekly because i think i wont,just have time i have lots of things in,my life and i dont want to make this,something too much of an obligation i,want to make it something a bit more,natural so i think you should expect at,least,videos every other week every two weeks,but i will definitely do

Is Brilliant.org Worth The Money For Students? (How to Actually Use It)

hey everyone if youre new here my name,is ray and im a second year cambridge,student student physics,and um before university i decided to,buy the brilliant.org subscription,so i could take some of the courses and,see how they compare to the actual,community,aspect which is free if youre not too,sure on the three key parts of brilliant,you have the courses page which you have,to pay for,the daily problems page which you can do,the last 10 days for free if you dont,have a subscription,and you have the practice page on which,you have so many free problems,written by the community basically my,conclusion is that the subscription,isnt really worth it if youre a stem,student,and you can gain so much more by just,doing the problems on the free community,part of the website now dont get me,wrong i think that brilliance is a,fantastic website and has some really,interesting courses,but i think the subscription doesnt,really justify the price especially,considering they basically force you to,buy the annual subscription,uh just so you can access all the,courses rather than monthly subscription,because,of the way theyve priced it i feel like,if you buy the subscription then you,feel more obligated to be doing the,courses which are actually painful,rather than the community practice,problems which are completely free and,so much better to do,to see why this is the case i think its,helpful to consider the target audience,of brilliant,which is just the average joe who,doesnt really have much,mathematical problem solving skills but,is interested in topics like,cryptocurrency or quantum computing or,something and just wants to casually,learn this material whereas for a,student in secondary school or six home,you dont really need to learn any of,that material,and doing so wont make any better,problem solving whereas for many of the,other courses say on logic the,problems are usually quite,straightforward and they wont help you,nearly as much as doing problems on say,the community part of the website,now dont get me wrong i think that,brilliant is a fantastic website,and its so much better than these,so-called brain training apps,such as elevator peak and if youre,interested in why they dont really work,theres an article which ive linked,down below but heres worth bearing in,mind that brilliant wants to make more,money,and many of their courses arent,designed for say a,stem student really trying to push their,problem-solving abilities,its mainly for people who are sort of,well within their career and theyre,sort of interested in,improving a bit of their problem-solving,and wants want to do some quick problems,on the way to work or something in that,morning,rather than students who want to sit,down and like grind free a lot of,algebra,to get problems done and actually really,improve their problem solving skills so,ultimately while i think one or two,courses such as a contest,math course is quite good i dont think,it justifies the 100 or so dollars that,you have to spend,and besides for those sort of topics you,can probably find a book for much,cheaper,or just find resources for free online,especially when it comes to contest mass,so basically my recommendation is that,if youre a stem student and you want to,improve your problem solving skills,then you should pretty much only use a,practice page which is completely free,to use,so ill just quickly go over that now so,you can see its been a while since ive,logged on brilliant and here are all the,daily problems,which uh you can do for free every day,but you cant go back and for free the,archives for these problems,so basically the page i like the most is,a practice page,and then you should start to choose what,you want to be practicing so if i go to,algebra,then theres a lot of topics and algebra,to practice,all over here and down here you also,have a community,wiki uh which is also really quite good,especially for,some i dont know obscure theorems or,just uh like say this uh proof which you,commonly come across,um so if i go back to this page,then we have uh expressions and,variables if i go to algebra warm ups,and press continue then you can see and,there are some,problems over here and different levels,of algebra warm ups so right now this,isnt level four and this is a community,submitted problem,so if youve done uh geometric sequences,and this um,problem shouldnt be fairly,straightforward because its just an,infinite sum,and if you re-express the right-hand,side as a geometric infinite geometric,sum then you can rearrange and solve the,equation,so lets say if i just press discuss,solutions rather than actually trying it,out,you can see this is pretty much exactly,what theyve done over here and these,are some community solutions,uh so this person has quite a,comprehensive community solution,theres a lot of discussion going on,here which you can learn from as well,um and then after after youve done that,you can just press continue and go to,the next problem,and also do that uh i have no i,i dont want to sit down and work,through this uh probably some of the,time,um and then there are just a bunch of,other like good stuff you can get,started with,um and because each time you do this,theres a different set of problems as,well,uh so if i were to go back to uh one,something ive done before like algebra,free level warm-up right,then i could just press this redo button,over here,do you want to start over and then it,will just give you a new set of problems,to be doing,at that level and you can just complete,the same process for i dont know,some more interesting stuff such as,geometry,and see a lot of stuff in here as well,and then i dont know do some,interesting level five problems,or if they do have other flight problems,so now you can see they do advertise,their courses at the top as well,uh just to try and encourage you to do,the course uh so this like,was one of courses i was doing when i,had this uh,subscription just to see how uh how the,course was,but i think its just so much better to,actually be getting stuck in some of,these problems and then,just learning from other peoples,solutions for these problems or like,some of the problems which have been,written by the brilliant,staff so now something else i forgot to,mention as well if i go to back to,algebra warm-ups,um then you can see it has some concept,quizzes as well,which are mainly problems problems,written by the brilliant staff,which sort of get you warmed up for,doing some of these problems so you work,first do the warm-ups and then you go to,level one two three all the way to level,five,and these should be some pretty,difficult problems and there would be,quite a lot of discussion surrounding it,i imagine,and you can even contribute your own,problems and contribute to discussion,overall,by writing solutions to other peoples,problems which is really quite good so,now when it comes to using brilliance i,do have a few pieces of advice,firstly be consistent over a long period,of time its so much,better for you to do say three to five,good problems a day which push your,abilities,rather than trying to do say 21 to 35,problems,on say a sunday being consistent and,spending enough days in between,thinking about the problems and thinking,and reflecting on problems youve,already done,and problems say you can get rights and,you have to look at the community,solution for it,its so much better its kind of like,space repetition if youve already,appreciated the,benefits of that secondly try to do,problems outside your comfort zone,theres no point trying to do lots of,really easy problems,because youll get nowhere and you wont,practice anything doing that,and theres no point trying to do lots,of really difficult problems,which are well outside your comfort zone,because you wont really be learning,anything,pick a problem which you feel like you,can do and,it just lies just outside your comfort,zone and try to have a stability problem,and also think carefully about what you,

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Khan Academy and the Effectiveness of Science Videos

I want to talk about Khan Academy if you,havent heard of it you should,definitely check it out one guy Sal Khan,has made thousands of videos over 2200,at the moment on everything from math to,history and also quite a few videos,about science and there are a lot of,things to love about Khan Academy first,of all everything is freely available,through YouTube and Khans goal is to,improve the education for all students,and he is an exceptional teacher an,absolutely fantastic speaker he also,emphasizes mastery which i think is very,important so students in the program can,only move on after completing 10,questions in a row correctly and hes,also developed some activities and,software and hes working with schools,to try to humanize the classroom to try,to help improve the quality of student,teacher time and hes pushing the,learning well beyond the video area but,I want to put that work aside for a,moment and just focus on the millions of,viewers who watch his science videos,online,you see Im skeptical that they actually,promote some meaningful learning and,thats not just a comment about Khans,videos but a comment on science videos,in general so let me explain that,skepticism I wrote my PhD thesis on how,to create films to teach science,specifically physics in a typical study,students access to a website where they,took a multiple-choice pretest the,questions were something like consider a,basketball player shooting from the,free-throw line after the ball leaves,his hand the force on the ball is a,upwards and constant B upwards and,decreasing C downwards and constant D,downwards and decreasing or E,to the path of the ball take a minute to,think about which answer you would pick,and what you think most other people,would pick after the pretest students,were randomly assigned to see one of,several online videos the videos,contained correct answers to many of the,pretest questions for example here is a,clip now well consider a case where,gravitational force is the only force,acting on an object while a juggling,ball is in the air well ignore air,resistance because its so small only,one force acts on the ball throughout,its flight this is the force of gravity,which is constant and downwards gravity,accelerates the ball in the downwards,direction after being thrown up a ball,travels slower and slower upwards its,velocity goes through zero and then it,speeds up in the downward direction the,whole time the ball is accelerating,downwards then it meets the jugglers,hand immediately after watching the,roughly 10-minute video the students,took exactly the same test I also,interviewed some students to see what,they thought of the video the most,common comments were that it was clear,concise and easy to understand the,students also increased their confidence,in the correctness of their answers,compared to the pretest so what about,how much they learned on the pretest the,average score was 6.0 out of 26 and,after the video the average was 6.3 what,was going on I dug deep in interviews to,find out it turned out students did not,even correctly remember what was,presented in the video that they had,seen a few minutes earlier one recalled,in the video it said the ball is slowly,decreasing in force so therefore it,stops at one point and then comes down,what was worse another told me it wasnt,that hard to pay attention to because I,knew already what she was talking about,I hadnt told him about this six out of,26 yet so I was listening but I wasnt,really paying at most attention what can,be done about this,perhaps videos are just too passive a,medium to attract attention for,ten minutes even when you know youre,being interviewed after but I see the,problem a different way typically we,think of education as informing students,about things they are not aware of like,the French Revolution for example with,science presents a different challenge,it is not that students know nothing,about it but that they already have,plenty of ideas most of which are,unfortunately wrong scientifically,speaking they dont pay attention,because they think they know it and then,when asked what they saw they falsely,remember their own ideas as what was,presented is there a way to overcome,this well I thought students might pay,more attention and be able to understand,if their ideas were presented in the,video so one of the other videos,involved an actor pretending to be a,student with the most common,misconceptions which were Illustrated,can you tell me what happens when a,single wall goes around one well Lukes,hand gives the ball of force that drives,it upwards against gravity but as it,goes up this force gradually dies away,until at the very top it perfectly,balances gravity and then gravity wins,or the ball falls down he then discussed,with the other dialogue participant why,the misconception didnt work and how,the scientific idea differed in,interviews with students who watched,this video no one used the words clear,concise or easy to understand most often,they said it was confusing but on the,post-test the average score nearly,doubled to 11 out of 26 when asked to,rate how much mental effort they,invested in watching the videos students,who saw the dialogue with misconceptions,averaged a whole point higher than those,who saw the explanation without,misconceptions and it seems like it,worked that increased mental effort,translated into more learning so with,the veritasium films I always try to,start with the misconceptions how long,does it take for the earth to go around,the Sun well I died obviously that is,this is representing the earth again and,this represents what do you think yes,how far apart are they what rough leg,roughly,is the following statement true or false,humans lived at the same time as,dinosaurs Ill say true we really have,to tackle these misconceptions somehow,it seems if you just present the correct,information five things happen number,one students think they know it too they,dont pay their utmost attention three,they dont recognise that what is,presented is different to what theyre,already thinking and four they dont,learn a thing and finally five perhaps,most troubling ly they get more,confident in the ideas they were,thinking before and this is a vicious,cycle that we have to find a way to,break in order to have effective science,education so the Khan videos are amazing,and definitely a valuable resource for,science educators and perhaps people,looking for a bit of review but for,those who are just starting to learn,science I question whether its going to,be that valuable because it doesnt,really question their misconceptions,may the other person take one day to get,around the Sun thanks for year

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Review of Brilliant.org Premium Membership: Homeschool Hangout

hey guys its Jacqueline over here at,homeschool hangout XYZ,I am asked all the time as someone who,helps others homeschool,how do I prepare my children to enter,the world where Tech is such a huge part,how do I teach that mindset and that,thinking that approaches programming,math science all of that especially if,the parents dont come from a tech field,how do you teach a child who doesnt,naturally just understand problem,solving well I may have found the,solution for us all,today I am reviewing Brilliance premium,subscription so if you like these kinds,of reviews High School kind of aimed a,little nerdy a little techie do me a,favor thumbs up like subscribe all this,stuff,first up my disclosure yes I was given a,couple subscriptions to brilliant a,couple of their premium subscriptions,for free in order to review it as part,of The Homeschool review crew,that does not sway my opinion it had,really has no effect in that way,but Im just going to start off with I,loved this I absolutely loved this,but lets get into what it is okay,this is a set of online courses,through their portal at brilliant.org,and right now they have over 70 courses,and they basically brought break down,into math science and computer science,but stop its not just math science a,computer science classes,now of course they do have classes and,things like crypto and multi-variable,calculus but,before you tune out,the math starts at pre-algebra they have,an everyday math course,and where I think this shines is the,fact that they have classes and theyre,short classes not every class is a,semester,in,how to think in stem so youve got a,logic class which my 15 year old loved,you have puzzle science the joys of,problem solving scientific thinking Im,looking at my list of some of these,things,and just so much mathematics,fundamentals,you know,I just computer science fundamentals,its all about how to think and then,they go on from there,I would say that this starts at about,sixth grade,that at starting about sixth grade,youre going to start seeing uh classes,that pretty much any student can cover,um we loved it so lets get to what the,kids thought,I was doing this with my 17 year old,senior and my 15 year old sophomore who,just for some reference are maybe not,your normal,kids I understand that my 17 year old is,in his second semester of calculus and,my 15 year old is in a pre-calculus,class right now oh and my seniors also,in his second semester of college,physics,so,I had them go in,uh they both liked the logic class they,both felt that they got tips and hints,and just ways to like solidify an,approach,so that was great,um intra drawer specifically said he,felt like as you worked through the,courses they had a nice ramp up of,difficulty so frequently in these stem,courses my kids feel like they either,start really hard on or super hard the,whole way so if this isnt something you,already do youre lost,or theyre really easy and they see a,really easy the whole way,uh they both agree that it had a nice,ramp up so you really ended at a,different level than where you started,um nerdpud,thats what I call my 15 year old,um really like the approach and how they,handled the programming classes now,my kids I mean and this isnt based on,me their father is a software engineer,and has been programming all his life,so of course my children program she was,very honest with the fact she didnt,feel like she learned anything in the,computer science fundamentals but shes,going to go on to take the other classes,because itll build out her language,skills she,really liked their approach and how they,handled programming and the breakdown of,programming,and so I dont know that I have had her,endorse,a beginning programming class,in a very long time and when I say a,long time I think the last one she,really liked she was in,second grade third grade maybe all the,rest of them are just Im gonna do the,challenges thats what Im here for is,the challenges and the programs to write,not the teaching if that makes sense,so I found that very impressive that she,really liked it both of them absolutely,loved the user interface they thought it,looked good it worked well it wasnt,clunky,I I was surprised because,there are not a lot of them they,absolutely love they like Khan Academies,but when it comes to some of these,theyre just like yawn its fine I,learned Ill keep going but they both,really really liked it,so Im Im looking here um they do a lot,of question and explanation so theyll,ask you a question and you put in the,answer,and sometimes when they go from one,question the next question theyre going,to teach you new Concepts so well give,an explanation first,but if you go in and first question off,you have no idea no no dont know thats,okay they walk you through it they dont,just give you the answer they actually,show you the process which for me is,very very important and I frankly only,see that in college class assisted,websites like Chegg and things like that,where they really go through the steps,now as the parent though because youre,going okay so they can see all the,answers,when you go through and want to review,their work it tells you whether or not,you saw the answer before you answer the,question like when I go back its like,oh you got this right but you saw the,answer first and so that is a nice,little check as a parent just to really,see what their progress is more of like,were you doing the lesson or did you,understand the material kind of,situation,um Im looking at it theyve got a few,different paths like I said they have,the math the computer science and the,regular science but even within that,in math they go from pre-algebra to,multi-variable calculus and everything,in between,multivariable calculus is like third,semester Calculus if I remember,correctly,I just redid two semesters in college,and we yeah we didnt get to that,um you also though deal a lot with,number Theory they have statistics they,have a lot of number bases if your kids,want to get into competing in,competition math which is a thing I not,shockingly to anybody watching this,video at this point at least I was on,the math team in junior high in high,school,and theres a different thinking because,those arent based on necessarily just,your math level its a way of thinking,they have mathematic fundamentals Im,looking at right now complex numbers,that is a doozy for everybody we covered,it inside of other classes but I may go,back and rewatch that basis which was,one I felt I never really learned very,much about,they even have a math history one and,Im very interested in this Im a little,bitter I havent had very much time to,play with this myself other than for,reviewing purposes so,um over Christmas I may be playing,around with many of these classes they,have random variables and distributions,leave it to say every little weird thing,you may want to know about math they got,something for it I love it they even in,computer science get to crypto it was,great,um computer science Im gonna click over,just to look at the computer science,um its a little bit more limited in,some ways and not in others they have,fundamentals they deal with algorithm,fundamentals which is very important,they look into python neural networks,search engines they get to applied,computer science which is great,they also you know tell you whos doing,it they are on a cycle so they do retire,some courses so all all courses may not,be there all the time and when I say,that I mean right now theyre going to,be retiring probability fundamentals,data structures and differential,equations too so you know they also have,so many interesting science classes,of course they start with the scientific,thinking theyve got physics of the,everyday science Essentials Im looking,at right now chemical reaction knowledge,and uncertainty,classical mechanics astrophysics,gravitational physics electricity,magnetism and Quantum objects,so I I think this is great my husband,had actually heard of it

stop doing tutorials. Learn to code like this…

so if i was learning to code again from,scratch id do it very differently,i would take the musical approach,let me show you what i mean,[Music],[Music],so i think there are quite a lot of,similarities between learning a musical,instrument and learning to code and im,going to tell you what they are and i,think if you apply them to your learning,to code youll learn much more quickly,much more thoroughly and you may even,have a better chance of getting a job so,keep watching,when youre learning a musical,instrument youre normally doing it,because theres a song that you want to,play or a piece of music that you want,to play and if you try to learn to code,and you dont have something in mind,that you want to achieve,thats going to make it really hard,because youre not going to have any,measure of progress and when things get,really difficult and they will youre,not going to have that motivation to,keep you going,its like when youre learning the piano,you have to learn a load of scales,and arpeggios and nobody wants to learn,a musical instrument just to learn those,but if you have some other goal in mind,you learn the technical stuff because,you can apply it to the thing that you,actually want to do so whats your,motivation is it an app that you want to,make or a website that you want to make,or do you want to play around with a,raspberry pi and make a little robot,is there a machine learning model that,you want to apply to something,have that as your motivation just have,something in mind that you want to,achieve that will really help you,[Music],you cant learn a musical instrument,just by reading a book i mean thats,pretty obvious but its true of coding,too there are some great coding books,available but just reading them isnt,enough what really counts when youre,learning an instrument is time at the,keyboard or time spent practicing that,instrument and its exactly the same,with coding time spent,writing code and working out what its,doing and why it works the way it does,the same is true with online tutorials,there are some great online tutorials,and you can gather a lot of information,from them but the learning doesnt take,place just by following through what,someone else is doing if i were to,follow through someone playing a piece,of the piano and just copy what they did,once id finished doing that i couldnt,say that id learnt that piece,and its exactly the same with the,projects that you follow in a tutorial,theyre very good for showing you,what can be done but the learning takes,place again at the keyboard you come,away from the tutorial and you pick,apart whats happened and you practice,it until you understand,[Music],projects are absolutely essential,theyre like the songs and the pieces,that you would learn if you were,learning a musical instrument you know,your repertoire and there are several,reasons why theyre really important the,first ive already touched on is,motivation theyll give you a reason to,learn,they will also force you to learn,different aspects of coding that you,havent yet encountered because youll,want to apply something or do something,in a project that you havent done,before so thats really important,if you pick the right projects like,picking the right repertoire theyll,build on each other so things that,youve learned in the first project will,help you with the second project which,will help you with the third project and,so on so they they create a a learning,path for you,without you having to think too much,about that but even more important than,that is a good set of projects will help,you to get a job in fact if you dont,have a computer science degree and you,dont have any projects your chance of,getting a job is much much lower imagine,if you were going for a job as a pianist,and you were asked you know whats in,your repertoire what songs can you play,and you said well i cant play any songs,but ive done some online tutorials and,ive read a book on playing the piano no,ones going to really take you seriously,but if youre asked what songs you can,play and youre able to demonstrate that,you can play the songs that youve,learned really well youve got a much,better chance of getting a job and its,exactly the same with projects they will,show potential employers what youre,capable of theyre also useful talking,points you know when youre in an,interview and you can explain why youve,done things a certain way and what,youve learned from each project when it,comes to choosing projects its better,to have a higher number of projects that,are quite challenging but not too,difficult you know so that you can,actually complete them rather than,choosing one massive project thats so,ambitious youre never going to be able,to finish it going back to the piano,analogy you know itd be better to have,a repertoire of half a dozen or a dozen,songs that you can play and that are,varying varying levels of difficulty,rather than,trying to play i dont know,rachmaninoffs third piano concerto,which you know youre unlikely to be,able to do,[Music],arent i always saying the way to learn,something is to do it and thats why i,want to introduce you to todays sponsor,brilliant now brilliant is an,interactive online stem learning,platform where you can learn you know,all the stuff that youre interested in,so computer science and data science,thats programming and algorithms and,data structures and statistics and,probability but you learn it,interactively and i think thats what,makes brilliant unique ive been using,brilliant for years long before they,reached out to me to sponsor the channel,so thank you for getting in touch,brilliant what i really like about,brilliant is the interactive problem,solving because it really ensures that,you understand the subject because,youve been asked questions about it and,youve had to apply that knowledge to,different scenarios brilliant has a huge,catalogue of courses and its constantly,expanding so theres bound to be,something there for you its,particularly strong in data science and,computer science so go and take a look,at those to get started go to,brilliant.org forward slash python,programmer or just click on the link in,the description and the first 200 people,to sign up will also get 20 off,brilliant annual premium subscription

10 BEST ONLINE LEARNING SITES 2021| Free Online Courses & Paid Online Courses!

hey guys Nick here so in todays video,Im gonna be sharing with you the ten,best online learning websites that you,can find in 2020 Im also going to give,you some honorable mentions and a cheeky,little bonus at the end so make sure you,stick around for that so kicking off the,list at number one we have udemy with,fifty thousand instructors teaching over,one hundred and thirty thousand courses,to over forty million students unum e is,by far one of the biggest online,learning websites you do we boasts an,extremely broad course selection with,courses covering most business marketing,and IT topics a large selection of,creative categories as well as courses,on nutrition personal development and,much much more,you name a topic and there is probably a,course on udemy forum courses are,created by experts and professionals in,their field who remain active in those,fields,the instructors on udemy are encouraged,to update their courses regularly to,ensure that they do remain relevant you,as a student are also encouraged by,udemy to rate the courses that on a,five-star rating so that other students,can find out whether the courses are,actually worth doing most courses will,give you one or two preview videos and a,full syllabus so you can actually check,out what youre gonna learn and the,style of teaching each instructor gives,you before actually purchasing a course,so you can find out if that course is,actually right for you so what do you,get on completion of a udemy course well,you do receive a certificate from you to,be via email but these are not,accredited certificates so its really,just for your own personal use or you,hang out on your wall and feel pretty,good the main thing here is that youre,learning the knowledge and youre,upskilling and learning what you want to,learn so how much is of course are new,to me there are handful of free courses,but you do it does work on a paper,course model so on a normal day courses,can actually range between 75 and 300 US,dollars,however there is a silver lining theres,a good point that you to me loves to,throw out a sale they will have a sale,for pretty much every occasion so at,least once a month your fun course is,reduced from 300 dollars down to maybe,$12.99 or 20 bucks or something so this,is why you to me is such a popular,online learning website and definitely,check it out,and number two we have,Skillshare now Skillshare Scimitar udemy,has a very broad variety of courses,ranging from creative to business and,entrepreneurial all the way through to,lifestyle the courses on Skillshare are,slightly shorter than the courses that,youll find on udemy but maybe you have,time restrictions and this is just a,better option for you,who creates the courses on Skillshare,pretty much the same as udemy they are,experts in their field and professionals,that remain relevant in their fields and,actually youll find some of the people,of create courses for udemy will also,create courses for Skillshare so what do,you receive from Skillshare once you,have completed a course well nothing you,dont receive an email with a,certificate of completion all you,receive is the knowledge that youre,learning and upskilling,through the course so lets go so how,much is of course on Skillshare well,Skillshare works on a subscription model,but here is where they are very popular,they will actually give you two months,free just to try out any of the courses,you want so for two months you can go in,and learn as much as you want after that,in Australian dollars it works out as,one hundred and forty-one dollars for,the year or you can actually go pay on a,paid by month basis and that works out,at twenty Australian dollars a month,obviously if you dont live in Australia,these prices will vary so check out the,prices in your region and number three,we have Linda calm and LinkedIn learning,now a while back linkedin purchased,lynda.com and they created LinkedIn,learning so LinkedIn will actually host,the more business related courses from,lynda.com and lynda.com will have more,creative courses but there is some,crossover between the courses on each,platform but theyre owned by the same,people so who creates the courses on,LinkedIn learning slash lynda.com well,again it is career professionals and,industry experts so youll be safe in,the knowledge that youre getting a,decent course here so what do you,receive,once you complete a course on LinkedIn,learning well you do actually receive a,certificate however LinkedIn are very,very clear in stating that this,certificate is not accredited and I,quote from their website linked in,learning certificates of completion are,not the same as a degree program or,software certification program,additionally learning certificates are,not endorsed or recognized by third,parties so again you get something to,hang on your wall but really is all,about the knowledge youre gaining how,much is it to do a course on LinkedIn,learning well they work on a,subscription basis as well and it works,out at $39.99 Australian dollars per,month as an individual if you pay on a,month-to-month basis or $24.99 per month,if you decide you want to pay in bulk so,thats $300 for the year but as LinkedIn,learning is a business focused website,you can actually pay through a company,and you can actually get a team,subscription so maybe if you nice to,your boss and you ask him nicely me tell,him what you want to learn maybe your,company will pay for a subscription for,your team moving on to number 4 we have,Alison calm,Alison calm has courses designed for,personal or professional development no,creative kateri courses here but most,other professions are covered even,skilled trades and healthcare courses,range from information technology,language science health humanities,software development marketing business,maths lifestyle operations life science,healthcare software engineering skilled,trades and finance,oh thats a lot of courses the courses,on Allison comm are provided by,universities large corporations such as,Google and Microsoft educational trusts,and industry professionals so what do,you receive once you complete a course,on Allison comm where you can receive a,certificate all the way up to a degree,but this then leads onto the price all,the information on Allison comm is free,so you can just go on to a course and,complete the course however if you want,to be certified in that course if you,want the certification or the degree,its going to cost you so if you just,want the information its a fantastic,resource but if you need it for,professional reasons and you need to,demonstrate that youve actually,completed that course thats when youre,going to have to pay a price for a,certification it can be as low as $15,but if youre looking to actually,complete a degree it could be,thousands of dollars so the price here,varies dramatically and number five we,have EDX EDX is a very popular website,for people searching out University,created courses or if youre in America,college courses and here you can find,introductory courses all the way up to,film degrees the courses are created by,some of the best universities around the,world and they also have courses created,by large corporations such as Amazon,Microsoft and IBM so do you receive once,you complete a course on EDX well this,can vary again from certificate all the,way up to full degree depending on what,course you take therefore the price does,vary certificates can be as low as 50 US,dollars but degrees can be as high as 25,thousand US dollars so choose your,course wisely a number 6 we have,Coursera or Coursera however you decide,to pronounce it thats the number six,Coursera provides a range of University,and Industry created courses these are,ranked in three categories professional,master track and degree they have over,3,900 courses available in categories,such as business data science IT,mathematics and logic physical science,and engineering and so on who creates,these courses academic industry leade

Sorting Algorithms

if you have a lot of books sorting them,all alphabetically can take a long time,computers however can sort very large,lists almost instantly how is this,possible,to carry out tasks like this computers,follow series of precise steps called,algorithms lets try out a simple,sorting algorithm on these books our,algorithm will have just three steps for,simplicity were going to use numbers,instead of letters but this algorithm,would work the same either way,steps 1 compare the first two books swap,them if theyre not in numerical order,to apply step 1 to every following pair,of books,three repeat steps one and two until all,books are sorted by repeatedly applying,three simple steps we sorted all the,books the particular algorithm we just,used has a name bubble sort bubble sort,is simple to understand but is,relatively slow to sort a list with n,elements bubble sort makes Big O and,squared comparisons you can see why this,is and learn more about Big O notation,at brilliant debt org lets look at a,faster sorting algorithm called merge,sort to understand merge sort lets,first look at what it means to merge the,merge sort merging is when we take two,sorted lists and combine them to create,a result list that is also sorted heres,how,the steps here are 1 compare the first,element of each input list and to remove,the smaller first element from its list,and append it to the results list how do,we use the idea of merging to sort an,unsorted list the merge sort steps are,one split the list into two roughly,equal halves and sort each half which,you just do by splitting it up again you,keep doing this until you get single,element lists which by definition are,sorted so you can merge them then we,merge these sorted lists and do this,repeatedly until we have one big sorted,list how fast is merge sort the maximum,number of times we can divide a list of,size n in half is the ceiling of log,base two n at each stage we make no more,than n comparisons so if we multiply,these we get the speed of merge sort,which is Big O and log in as your list,size increases merge sort speed becomes,significantly faster than bubble sorts,like 50,000 times faster when dealing,with large lists algorithm choice can,make a huge difference,find out how other sorting algorithms,work at brilliant org,you

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