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BRITA Water Filter Review. Watch before you buy.

hi im im daryl and this is a product,review this is a product review of,britta water filters okay im going to,give you two reviews im going to review,because ive got two models,got two models okay ive got,this is called a luna this is a product,nobody should ever buy do not buy this,product do not buy it okay,if you want to buy a brita water filter,these are just the ones that you put in,your refrigerator you fill it up from,the tap buy this one this ones got a,different name,uh i dont know what its called,its called morella marella okay,buy the morale one,definitely dont buy their luna okay now,im gonna im gonna im gonna go into,details why this is the case okay,so just what do you need to know about,this thing it holds a couple of liters,or something 2.4 liters they say on the,website okay now you dont buy this,because it breaks too easily okay ive,bought two of these ive had two of,these in,i dont know,four years,ive broken two of them in four years,theyre made out of a kind of plastic,thats really brittle,and,maybe thats good because you can clean,it and you can tell if its clean or not,okay this one i pulled out of the,recycling bin because i wanted to give,you this negative review followed by the,positive review of the other one im,gonna say why the other ones good and,why this ones terrible this ones,terrible because you have to take the,lid off it to fill it up thats the,reason why this is a terrible product,nobody should buy now ill just show you,the lid up close there we go,its got a little timer mechanism in it,which is kind of cool,all of the brita water filters do i,think,all the ones ive seen anyway,so,this little,i dont know which way hold this up for,the camera there we go theres a start,button there,and you hold down the start button and,it sets a little four week timer okay,and thats to remind you to change the,filter theres no filter in here okay i,talk it out and put it in the trash,okay,you can buy replacement filters you see,i keep buying them because i kind of buy,them in the pack of filters you buy a,six pack which is the cheaper way to buy,them you can also buy no brand copy,filters that cost like half the price,okay,these were on specials i bought these,sometimes i buy the no brand ones,theyre cheaper they look like theyre,exactly the same,dont know im not sure if theyre,better i tend to buy i tend to buy the,branded ones its a water filter whats,the point of a world to filter its to,take copper copper and lead and heavy,metals and pesticides or something out,of your water thats the thats the,point thats the point if you buy a,no-brand filter and its not any good,maybe its not filtering out that stuff,someone needs to do a product test but,that would require industrial chemistry,ive done industrial chemistry at,university its the kind of thing i,could do with a chemistry lab i learned,how to do some of those industrial water,tests when i was at university a long,time ago okay,um,anyway,the problem with this thing is so im,going to tell you why this is terrible,product this is called a luna,a-a-l-u-n-a okay,a-l-u-n-a do not buy this product,you have to pull the lid off to fill it,up okay,and then inside the jar its got two,parts its got this part this part holds,the water filter the water filter itself,ill just put that down there,the water filter itself,goes in here so,so heres a box of water filters,so,so you get this water filter,oh,ill show you you open this thing up,okay,and you you hold it in water for a,minute till all the bubbles go out of it,and then you put it you put it down in,the bottom here,and then that thing,that thing goes inside here,and,then you put the water in this top part,and this is supposed to stay in,you put the lid back on,this is supposed to all stay together so,you put the water in here and then you,can pour the water out and the water,thats filtered down to the bottom part,comes out here,and pours out the spout into your into,your,uh glass of water right,but the problem with this thing is that,every time you take this top off and put,it back on it put stresses it puts,stresses on the,on the outer jug and so what happens is,you go to put this on one day and this,happened this so ive owned two of these,and its happened two times so thats,why im sure this is a terrible design,when you put the lid back on sometimes,what happens is this inner jug,it drops down like this okay so it drops,down and it wedges,and then then the plastic cracks so this,one is useless because i dont know if i,can hold it up close enough see theres,theres cracks in here its actually,broken see,let me show you,ill show you see its broken can you,see theres cracks,theres cracks,see these cracks in the plastic,and also in the front okay,that its its broken here okay,see,see its broken its broken okay this is,junk and this is the reason why its,useless,they always crag like ive had two of,them and its the same problem and its,to do with every time you put the lid on,and off and put the water in and out it,stresses the plastic until it breaks,okay so theres the trash its going,back in the recycling bin,dont buy it this is called a luna do,not buy a it has a white lid thats how,you can identify it the white lid is not,very round its kind of this kind of,fairly rectangular oval shape do not buy,this product its rubbish,okay,good and then what should you buy if,youre gonna buy a brata water filter,you buy one that has a blue lid okay,this ones got a pastel a pastel lid,theres a different model theres a,large one its got a dark blue lid uh,the dark blue one is called,its called morella its no is it called,morella also theres two morellas,i dont know,theres a 3.5 liter morale,and theres a 2.4 liter,is it uh,yeah theres a morale a 2.4 liter one,okay,oddly,just looking at the thing online the,bigger ones cheaper,i dont know why its on special they,sell more whatever it is,okay so whats important whats,important in the design well you see,ive got it here look,whats important in the design,uh now if i take this lid off now ive,never had to do this much,here we go,the,the lid,the lid is more round but it has a,little trapdoor in it right okay so when,you fill the thing up you just,this little bit you push it down with,your thumb it opens up and you can put,the water in,and its got,a its got a timer its got a timer put,in there as well and to start to start,the time ill just show you how to do,this now,you,hopefully you probably cant really get,good focus you hold your finger down on,this and all the segments light up with,a black light see that and they flash,then you take your finger off,and then thats your four weeks timer so,ill put a new filter in that today,because its time for me to put a new,filter in and you get your four week,countdown timer and then you put a new,filter in each each week one of the,things i dont really understand i dont,really understand is why the filter has,a certain number of weeks and not a,certain number of refills i would,imagine that the photo would be good for,filtering a certain volume of water not,a certain time of water so like if i was,designing this i just have it so that,maybe its good for 20 refills or,something like that,and you just press the refill button,every time you refill it that would make,sense to me,anyway,whats specifically good about this,design,is that ill hold it up so you can see,when you put this top on it actually has,little bumps it has little bumps theres,a little bump you cant see it there,just above my finger then see that,little bump,it has a little bump,that the lid locks into,so the lid actually locks into the,filter better and also when you refill,it you just press this down and then you,can pull the water in the top,so this is a much better this is a much,better design and you can see the filter,in here im going to change this one,today because uh its four weeks old,thats why the timer had ran out and,thats why i felt inspired to make the,video it was time to make this,br

Do Water Filters Really Purify Your Water? | Talking Point | Full Episode

[Music],so sales of water filter systems in,singapore have been climbing steadily,over the years,with one company even reporting a 100,increase in unit sales year on year,be perfectly honest im actually fine,drinking tap water my wife we first,filtered water,we got this under the sink system which,i believe cost about a thousand dollars,now thats a whole lot of money,so in this episode of talking point i,want to find out if we,really need these water filters,im starting my investigation with,joysly,who is the founder of kampung sinha an,eco-conscious charity,which promotes the use of natural,remedies for health and wellness,joyce has been using water filters from,as early as 1999,when she used charcoal sticks like these,to purify her water,it can accept many impurities,including bacteria so this was how,it all started just using at least that,is how we started,nowadays we have very modern technology,filter,i can show you yeah yeah yeah this,wasted,ah here is the system all right the,filter,is actually here yeah eight filters here,yes wow okay what does it do,the first four are reverse osmosis so,using the basic ingredient,white chakra to remove all the impurity,or the chlorine,fluoride heavy metals and the last fall,is to add back the good thing the,essential minerals,like magnesium calcium zinc,and do you really think this is,beneficial for our body,the senior they find that they do not,have to go to,toilets so often although they can drink,more water,are you saying the water is um well yes,some of them they slim down some of them,with diabetes they also improve,so how much does a system like that cost,about 2,700 and do you feel that that is worth,the money,to me i look upon it as a responsibility,to our beneficiaries because the people,who come to us,are either chronically ill or they are,seniors,who are physically weak and even if you,had to pay for it on your own at home,would you feel that this is worth yes i,i,i do pay for it because its important,to have good water,to take good care of our health water,that is cleaner and healthier,that is what some people believe these,water filters bring us,im going to put these claims to the,test,and im starting right here with joyces,center,im taking two different samples from,her center,regular tap water and filtered water,and bringing them to the lab for testing,i want to know if filtered water truly,has higher levels of essential minerals,like calcium and zinc,and lower levels of chlorine and,fluoride which some fields has promised,to remove from our tap water,before the results are out im tracking,singapores water journey,tap water comes to us at the turn of a,faucet,but it often travels a long way to get,there,[Music],from our water treatment plants water,enters a network of portable water,distribution pipes,five thousand seven hundred kilometers,long,to our homes and industries,while some buildings are served directly,by pub water mains,others like this hdb block are served by,rooftop storage tanks,where water is pumped up,before flowing by gravity to our homes,[Music],so how is our water kept clean,throughout the entire process,to find out ive arranged to meet liu,shenyu hes responsible for ensuring,water quality,throughout our distribution network so,why are we here at this fire hydrant,flying hydrants like this are not just,used to draw water for firefighting,pub also uses these hydrants to collect,water samples from our extensive,underground pipe network oh,water quality monitoring do you want to,help me take a sample yeah sure lets go,for it,oh there we go okay,so this is just regular tap water right,yes this is regular tub also,this is the look of it all right we got,our tempo,we also routinely inspect more than 80,000 water tanks on 20 000 buildings,across the island,come let me show you okay lets go,oh wow what a view it is quite a view,so this whole patch that were on is,actually the water tank,thats right were standing right on top,of the water segment so what are we,checking for up here,over here we want to check that the tank,cover is properly,locked we also want to ensure that,theres a stainless steel bracket,to properly secure the tank cover are we,able to open it,yup okay oh,looks a bit like a swimming pool in,there it is,pub takes samples from each step of the,water journey,from the source to our taps in order to,ensure that water remains clean,throughout the samples are then taken to,its water quality lab where they are,tested for over,300 parameters including ph color and,ammonia,singapores tap water is recognized,internationally to be one of the,cleanest in the world,but why do many still seem obsessed with,even,cleaner more purified water ill soon,find out,if filtered water is indeed cleaner,so you tested both tapped and filtered,water what do the results tell you,im investigating the need for water,filters ive send water samples from,eagle conscious charity kampung sunung,to a lab for testing,i want to know if filters can really add,more minerals,and reduce the amount of chlorine and,fluoride in our drinking water,the results are out,[Music],so you tested both tap and filtered,water what do the results tell you,lets first look at chlorine and,fluoride okay as these are the two,chemicals,of concern which the filter promises to,remove for chlorine,you can see that the concentration has,actually remained,the same it is 0.1 milligram per liters,so theres no significant decrease in,the concentration,but if you were to look at fluoride we,do see a decrease from 0.5,to 0.1 so the reverse osmosis filter did,remove,fluoride from the water itself but the,permissible level,for fluoride in our water is actually,0.7 milligrams per liter right so as,long as you do not go above that,it is safe some people believe that the,filter will actually,add more minerals into the water is that,true,if we were to look at the results,between the tap and filter,magnesium level only went up by one,milligram per liters,and if you look at zinc basically,theres no change to the concentration,and for calcium theres actually a,decrease,from 30 milligrams per liter to almost,uh one milligram per liter,so if we were to add all three minerals,up that we are observing,in our report its actually a drop in,overall mineral contents so in other,words this filter is actually removing,more minerals from the water instead of,adding minerals into the water youre,correct,so water filters may be able to remove,fluoride from your water,if thats what youre concerned about,but if you are looking at adding,minerals,into your water well filters may not,necessarily,live up to their claims but yet there,are so many varieties of water filters,in the market these days,lets see im just doing a bit of online,shopping,and im finding they have a truly,dizzying array of water filters,available on the market,youve got your relatively simple ones,those are cloth filters that cost about,30 cents a piece,there are also water filter pitches now,those go between,30 to 100 and then youve got your,faucet filters which attach to your tap,was a price between 50 to 200,but ooh look at this theyve got the,more fancy counter top systems,those can cost as much as 3 500,but with so much to choose from and they,all have terms like activated,carbon ion exchange and alkaline ionizer,i really have no idea what they all mean,so today ive enlisted quark chenco to,help me break it all down,chenco runs a blog called water quality,in singapore,and he has a special interest in water,filters,you know theres so many different types,of water filters out there,whats the difference between them there,are two block categories okay,one group remove contaminants from the,water,the other group actually modify your,water or add something into your water,there are two common kinds of filters,which claim to modify water,ion exchange filters and alkaline,filters,chenco is going to show me what really,goes on in each of these filters,so whats this one that were looking at,this

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Terrible Tap Water: Testing Brita & Zero Water Options (TDS meter)

good morning,fellow youtubers reloading bench back,with you once again happy new year,this will be the first video of 2021,has nothing to do with reloading,technically has nothing to do with,espresso,but kind of and its all about water,and im going to be talking about my,brita,that has both a zero insert as well as,the brita,insert and im going to tell you why,because when i was reading about my,espresso machine they were talking about,quality of water so i decided to test my,tap water,and i picked up a,tds meter,i cant remember what the tds stands for,something yeah i cant remember,uh and obviously 0,to 50 to 200 is better than,uh 200 to 500. so i thought let me check,my,my tap water so,i tested my tap water and as you can see,thats,three 398 399,which is not good,and it wont turn off there we go so,its 398 399.,so on the scale of zero to 500 its,on the less desirable scale,and then,i thought well let me see what our,buddies at costco,with kirkland and this is an unopened,bottle and again clean glass,opening the bottle,let me see what our buddies at kirkland,pull,with the same and while im doing that,this is,my empty container this right now has,a zero filter that i put in on 12 19. i,wrote the date now,and the reason i started writing the,date down was because the last time,i checked my zero water filter i was,shocked,so heres the costco water,were at zero costco comes in at 13.,good stuff very clean water,all right try this out,so costco is coming in at some really,good stuff,and when i originally did this,i tried it first with,since this is a brita filter enclosure,i had brita filters in there and uh i,probably had the filter in there,way too long so heres a brand new,filter,and when you do a built a new filter it,says,to rinse with cold water for about 15,seconds so while that water is,dripping,were going to take some cold water,on mississippi 2 mississippi 3,mississippi 4,mississippi five mississippi six seven,eight nine ten,one two three,four five and a couple seconds for good,measure,all right so this this brita filter,is now ready-ish,let me dry this off,all right so weve got some water in,there,some filtered water from,and whats in here right now,is,12 19 29 10 11,12 13 ish days this is,obviously not a brita filter,this is the zero water filter so we will,put the brita back in,all right the brita filters in,look at that i was in too much of a,hurry let me,pour our old zero water filter,in were at zero,so 20 19 29,30 30 first so,13 days,3 47,which i think is just outrageous,either we have some really shitty water,or,that filter is not so great so,now we have the brita,and,were going to just filter in some brita,and see what bit of water,a new brita filter does again,clean glass,and then we will do a new zero filter,and the reason i like the whole zero is,because the last time i put the filter,in,i believe this is my last filter,is didnt go to zero for me,and i dont expect it to because this is,not a zero enclosure its a brita,enclosure so anytime you get something,made by company a for company b stuff,uh its just not no bueno,all right so empty glass,weve got brita filter,weve got filter tds measure,all right so with a brand new just open,brita filter,i went from what was it high 300s low,400s right around there to 248,so 248,still not in the best of spaces,let me dry that off,and well do the same thing clean that,off,now we will do the exact same thing same,test,and some of you may be saying oh your,water is contaminated because,youre not drying out so you know what,im going to do,because i knew the brita test was not,going to be so wonderful so its a,essentially a brand new filter,this is my 13 day old filter,i will take this out we will dry this,off because i want to get the,best comparison,of the zero so ill call day one zero,amazing as a filter and uh,i was really caught off guard by how,quickly all right so that,we are relatively,again not being scientific if i was,being scientific id have one of these,okay so this is dry,as being scientific wed have one of,these containers for each,each test but since i have not won the,lotto,and my crypto has yet to materialize,i should have bought bitcoin at 200,when i was thinking about it but i,didnt all right so theres,reasonable not perfect ill call that,good enough,and where the filter actually sits,or rather where the water goes in,were good good enough,good enough all right so were going to,cut this one open,this one doesnt say anything about,having to prep it all it says is verify,that the,o-ring is present on the filter,when tightening to prevent leakage so,i never saw an o-ring anywhere,theres no o-ring in here theres no,o-ring anywhere on this thing unless,theyre defining this,is the o-ring so old,new brand new,so were going to pop this,in here and its seated it does not go,all the way,it is seated i cannot push that in any,farther and im,actually pushing to the point where you,can hear the plastic starting to creak a,little bit,[Music],all right we are assembled,well give that a minute and,the my expectation is,this glass is clean this class is dry,my expectation is this number will be,extremely low like in the teens,like close to costco water costco was i,think 13.,so im expecting this to be much lower,than anything else,because it has proven to be that way,uh the only bummer is im just making,sure we dont get any,outside water contaminants when we pour,the uh the only bummer is,this thing lasts for and these are,expensive these are uh,i think they were five or six dollars a,filter,i want to say it was like 15 for the,three,obviously we tag so let me just call it,20 bucks ill go to wally world and see,what they sell for,so we ordered a,zero water container,which will come with its proprietary,this is a,a version of the zero water filter,specifically for a brita,enclosure but the zero water filter,enclosure will come with its own im,guessing itll look different than this,and im hoping it lasts longer too,because having it only lasts a few days,is kind of ridiculous and unacceptable,in my opinion,all right,trying to be careful not to get any,unfiltered water,into into the test,all right so were done here im gonna,take the whole thing out,do two tests im going to test whats in,there,im going to test okay where its zero,23,let me dry this off,reset it to zero,and,now its blowing a 27 blowing ha ha,reading its like a dui thing,let me go back to zero,23. so,23 is not zero so its not zero water,but i know that this can do zero because,we have a friend who just got one over,christmas,they got the zero enclosure,with the zero filter made for the zero,enclosure,and their water from the tap was like,150 ish,and then after using the zero,it was zero so im not knocking zero and,im not saying it cant be zero im,saying this is a brita,kind of hack and im not expecting to be,zero,but um 23,is a heck of a lot better than 300,so now what im gonna do is measure this,every day to see,on a daily basis i mean we go through a,lot of water between the espressos,again theres 23,tap,tap huh so my brita,and the old filter was reading higher,thats just crazy so 297 299,so tap lets just call tap 300 theres,300.,so tap at 300 the old brita,or the new brita not so great,what what is actually excellent is a,brand new,zero filter so a brand new zero filter,gives me the warm fuzzies,unfortunately they dont last for,so at least in my brita with my water,so your mileage may vary depending on,where you live and,what your water treatment is like in,your facilities but,uh mine sucks and its nice to have this,i was getting the comparable results,with the same,tds meter,that comes with the zero filters so,uh the only reason i did this was uh to,be a neutral third-party kind of thing,across multiple things as opposed to,just using the uh,the zero water tds meter so,we have really crappy crappy water,obviously,we have too many contaminants in in our,water coming from,our filtration plants,um so i feel good about this im just,b

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$258 is cheaper than $26 – Berkey Water Filter vs Brita Water Filter

today I want to talk about the berkey,water filter the Berkey is something,that our family has used for almost,seven years now were really really,happy with it,I think when people start looking at,water filters theres things like,Brittas that we use to use a Brita you,know years and years ago theyre pretty,popular a lot of people have them in,their fridge when you look at something,like a Berkey and you see the price tag,perkys most popular model is their big,berkey and its $258 I think people kind,of go whoa I dont think I needed that,kind of water filter that badly one of,the things that weve used our berkeley,for when we were traveling around we,were camping in national forests and we,had our Berkey with us the whole time,and we just made sure that we would camp,near a river or a stream instead of,lugging around bottled water buying,bottled water dealing with plastic waste,from that we just used our Berkey we,scooped water out of whatever stream or,river we were near by run it through our,Berkey and in several months of doing,that we never had a single issue with,water we werent having to boil we,werent using iodine tablets we were,just running it through our Berkey a lot,of people do store water in their home,and its a phenomenal idea its a great,thing to do everywhere weve ever lived,weve always been relatively close to,some source of water some kind of a,stream or a lake a pond for us though we,also always recognize that we had the,option of well if we absolutely had to,we could just go down to the pond down,the road and scoop some water out and,throw it through the Berkey I think when,people look at water filters and they,think okay thats great that filter will,work with that kind of dirty water but,thats a big price tag and its just not,what you know what we need they want to,run their tap water through something,and so theyre running it through like a,Brita and I think even if youre not,looking at the Berkey or looking at a,water filter in terms of really,substantial purification theres still a,case to be made for the Berkey when we,were first looking at it weve been,using Brita filters and running tap,water thrown and I think you can get a,Brita filter on Amazon for like twenty,six dollars theyve got you know the,replacement 3-pack for something like,fifteen dollars theres of course the,plastic waste issue youre taking out,that filter tossing it and,putting a new one in at a pretty regular,interval Britta says for those filters,they last something like two months for,the for the average family of using 40,gallons in our experience already using,and we realized that we knew we were,having to change them more often than,what Britta says we go through,conservatively two gallons a day we have,a three gallon model and we have to fill,it all the way up just about every,single day theres still some water and,its sometimes so conservatively I would,say we do two gallons a day that 40,gallons Britta says is average for two,months we do that in 20 days at that,interval that 3-pack is lasting us 60,days so two months so we would need six,of those three packs to make it through,a year thats like $90 a year you can,see when you compare that to the upfront,cost of the Berkey at $258 now theres,not quite such a big disparity the,Berkey just has that big upfront cost,whereas the Britta kind of slowly,nickels and dimes you I mentioned,earlier weve been using our Brita for,almost seven years we havent spent a,penny on it in that time other than the,initial purchase price weve kind of,calculated based on our water usage that,the filter should last us around eight,years so weve got another year or so to,go maybe itll go longer when it is time,for us to replace those filters the,replacement Berkey filters are 107,dollars and that should last us another,roughly eight years again comparing that,to something like the Brita theres,still that $90 a year ongoing ongoing,for the entire time that youre ever,using a Brita so when you look at it,that way if weve been using a Brita all,this time we would have actually spent,way more money than we ever spent on our,Berkey and we could not have used a,Brita in the way that weve been able to,use a Berkey Brita says theres running,ordinary tap water through so basically,hey put clean water in and well filter,it whereas Berkey theyre saying you,know non potable non healthy water you,can run through it from our experience,and you can anybody whos looking at,something like a Burkean going yeah yeah,its probably a pretty good filter I get,that but Im not spending that kind of,money on a filter compared to other,things even way less your standard,filters its actually really inexpensive,when you start breaking it down because,its just that one an initial big,purchase and then its extremely cheap,over its lifetime,and you get the added benefit of its,not just filtering its purifying you,can run some seriously dirty stuff,through this when we were scooping river,water out and dumping it in here that,was like green water with little Wiggly,things in there the top chamber on this,got gross but the bottom chamber,crystal-clear water every time its,really a phenomenal purchase I do have,some complaints that I want to get it to,and actually complaints isnt really the,right word its more of issues with,usage style if you have this sitting on,your kitchen counter which is what it,does most of the time for us its,phenomenal I dont have a single,complaint it just it works its great if,youre using it in sort of a travelling,setting then there are some things that,it would be awesome if Berkey could,adjust about the stainless steel,container I doubt itll ever come to,anything its not like work hes paying,attention to me so I mentioned that the,top chamber is gonna get pretty dirty if,youre running dirty water through it it,makes sense right the way the Berkey,works is youve got this top chamber,with the black filter elements inside,and it just gravity feeds through those,filter elements into your lower chamber,right now were in a house running tap,water through it so its pretty clean,but its still surprising what starts to,collect even just running tap water,through there kind of shows you that,your tap water got a lot more in it than,you realize Berkey they advertise the,fact that when you want to kind of store,it or put it away this top chamber,slides down into the lower chamber I,have some water in the bottom chamber so,I dont really want to pour it all the,way in but it it goes all the way down,to where you can see the kind of this,this lip that sticks out so it sits in,there kind of like that so it does make,it a lot more compact we were traveling,around in a pickup truck we had a camper,cover on the back we were going down,dirt roads and things like that a lot,and even the inside back of the truck,got absolutely filthy one thing that,would happen is our Berkey would get,covered in dust and this is the clean,side so when its sitting in here like,this you kind of have whats supposed to,be the clean side exposed and these two,spots here are where your clean water is,coming out and now youve got dust,settling down inside there one thing,that I think would have been awesome is,if there was some way for the lid to go,on there,and and and kind of stay you know I,dont know if the lip was longer on the,lid so that it could come all the way,down to that but basically a way to,contain and close off this part so that,when you are putting it away like this,this is staying clean in your house if,youre gonna put it in the garage just,in my bed its not a big deal you can,bring it back in wash it off but when,youre out on the road and youre just,sort of going from one camp area to,another camp area you dont really have,that that luxury the other issue is when,you do this and I says I said earlier if,the inside of this is absolutely filthy,you can go rinse it out but if the water,you have to rinse it out with is dirty,river water well you still have dirt

Best Water Filter? Brita, ZeroWater, PUR, Berkey, Aquaphor, AquaTrue

when it comes to water quality theres a,lot more to it than just how the water,tastes so have you ever checked out the,water that youre drinking to see whats,in it were today were going to do just,that testing a bunch of different water,filters to see which brand is the best,in the first test well see how the,filters perform on tap water then well,see how well they do cleaning up well,water thats had red food coloring added,to it well add some iron to distilled,water and see which brand performs the,best then well cut open some filters,and see how theyre designed so i spent,money on a water filter system when you,can just make your own for around five,dollars in supplies youll need a,plastic bottle a little bit of sand and,some carbon lets first go ahead and,soak the carbon in some water while the,waters soaking lets go ahead and drill,some holes in the cap on the bottle,lets remove the bottom of the plastic,bottle and then rinse off the carbon a,coffee filter will help keep the carbon,in place ill go ahead and add a layer,of sand then some carbon and another,layer of sand im going to filter,several cups of water and then well see,how it performs to serve as our baseline,ill be using some tap water which is,from the municipal water supply lets,use a total dissolved solid tester to,see the levels of minerals salts and,metals dissolved in the water water with,a high tds isnt necessarily bad it just,means that the water has some stuff in,it 259 parts per million lets go and,test the homemade filter to see how it,performs 237 parts per million so,theres definitely a little bit of,improvement at a price of only 19 the,least expensive brand well be testing,is made by aquaphor a5 filter reduces,water hardness chlorine pesticides and,heavy metals were going to test that it,claims to have the highest quality,filter on the market the eight-stage,filter is highly efficient and has,outrageous performance for lime scale,plus hundreds of contaminants including,sand silt rust chlorine heavy metals,like lead copper and mercury place the,water filter under water for 10 minutes,place the water filter into the pitcher,after filtering water through the filter,twice the water filter should be ready,to use theres new information on the,aquifer packaging regarding where the,product is made an aquifer did slightly,better than a homemade filter at 233,parts per million at a price of 20 the,second least expensive brand well be,testing is this sawyer mini water,filtration system filters up to 100 000,gallons remove harmful pathogens from,your residential water when boil alerts,are issued the sawyer mini 0.1 micron,absolute hollow fiber membrane filter,housing a cluster of microfibers tubes,which use similar technology found in,medical dialysis unscrew the cap filter,from the bladder fill bag with water,screw back on cab and filter wipe off,any dirty water from the bag open push,pull valve on the cap and filter squeeze,bag and dispense the soya brand is made,in usa close push-pull valve when,finished and the sawyer didnt perform,as well as the aquifer at 256 parts per,million at a price of 28 dollars is this,bring pure rv filter the rv inline water,filter is rated at 20 microns the hose,filter is nsf-42 certified to reduce 97,of chlorine odor and taste the filter,can be attached to any standard,gardening hose to provide cleaner safer,and healthier drinking water theres no,information on the rv filter packaging,regarding where its made i used a,garden hose to run water through the,filter for several minutes before,testing it 267 parts per million so,pretty close to the unfiltered tap water,at a price of 28 is this pure brand,reduces heavy metals mercury cadmium,copper and zinc 11 cup capacity the pure,filter is made in mexico the pitcher is,made in usa rinse the filter under,running water for 15 seconds insert,filter and twist to lock fill portray,with water it is normal for carbon dust,to appear in your first pitcher discard,and refill 260 parts per million for the,pure brand also the price of 28 dollars,the same price as the pure brand is this,brita filter brita is the number one,water filter reducing chlorine mercury,copper zinc and cadmium rinse with cold,water for 15 seconds before using carbon,dust is normal for the first one to,three fillings the pitcher is made in,canada of global components and the,brooder performed nearly the same as the,aquifer at 234 parts per million at a,price of 29 is this zero water five,stage advanced filtration system 10 cup,pitcher certified to reduce lead zero,dissolved solids for the purest tasting,water zero water claims zero dissolved,solids compared to 153 particles per,million for the competition were gonna,test that zero water five stage ion,exchange filter water quality meter,included designed in usa assembled in,mexico with imported components the,filter on the left is from the zero,water the filter on the right is from,brita and theres a huge size difference,well soon see if size matters when it,comes to filters unscrew the blue,protective cap twist into the bottom of,the reservoir and tighten filter to,obtain complete seal with the reservoir,fill reservoir by pouring and filling,with cold tap water and a zero water,filter lives up to its reputation zero,parts per million at a price of 32,dollars is this fris life brand five,stage superior filtration performance,produces chlorine fluoride lead heavy,metals and bad taste the friz life brand,is made in china the friz life has an,adjustable filter by moving clockwise,the water flows faster by moving,counterclockwise the filter does a,better job of filtering the water im,going to keep the filter into position,to make sure were filtering the water,as good as possible 253 parts per,million for the friz life at a price of,41. is this lifestraw flex multi-use,water filter with gravity bag 0.2 micron,pore size removes 99.99,of bacteria protozoa and microplastics,does lifestraw work just as good as a,household system prior to the first use,of lifestraw flex open top and bottom,screw cap and rinse all parts with clean,water reassemble and lifestraw flex is,ready to use fill the bag with water,roll the top of the bag three times,insert the hose in the filter connect,the hose to the quick connect part on,the bag the survivor filter pro outdoor,water filter is made in china 259 parts,per million for the life straw at a,price of 65 is this survivor filter pro,outdoor water filter it shows 99.999,filtration removal of tested virus,bacteria parasites and reduces heavy,metals unpleasant taste and odors,connect water inlet hose to water inlet,fixture connect the water outlet hose to,the water outlet fixture fully submerge,the uf pre-filter in water to be,filtered hold the housing firmly with,one hand and gently raise and lower the,pump handle several times to start the,water flowing through the survivor,filter pro and the survivor filter pro,performed fairly well at 231 parts per,million at a price of 300 is this berkey,6 gallon water filter powerful,purification perky systems equipped with,black berkey purification elements,purify water by addressing over 200,contaminants after following the,instructions for priming the filters i,filtered around 10 gallons of water,before testing them 284 parts per,million which is actually higher than,the unfiltered water after doing some,research this is pretty common in the,berkey filters when the filters are new,after some use to dissolve solid numbers,tend to improve at 427 the aqua true,reverse osmosis water system is the most,expensive system well be testing,exclusive four-stage ultra-reverse,osmosis technology no plumbing or,installation required insert the filters,in each filter base by turning the,filter in a clockwise direction when,installing the filters be sure to insert,them in the correct base by matching the,label numbers and colors fill tap water,tank with cold water and reinstall power,the aqua tree using the switch located,in the back aqua tree wi

REVIEW | Brita Water Pitcher Filter

whats up everybody this is miguel,so i was at costco the other day and i,saw this water filter,and i thought to myself you know what,ive never used one of these,so i want to know does it filter does it,do a good job i dont know so,today were testing this bryton water,filter so stay tuned,so before we test this filter i want to,get a few things out the way,the word filter means to remove so,according to this product it removes it,says,uh copper mercury and cadmium,the only problem is i dont have any,tools to specifically test that,but i do have whats called a tds,okay measuring tool a tds meter,okay so this tds meter measures tds,means total,dissolved solids and that number that,youre gonna get from this meter,its like if you do a comparison test,your tap water versus,this we should see a lower number in our,total dissolved,solids if we dont that means that it is,not filtering,thus it is not removing anything from,the water,so were going to use our tds meter,and were going to see how this thing,does does it filter,all right lets open her up,[Music],okay so here are the instructions were,gonna flush the filter with cold water,for 15 seconds,were going to insert the filter we will,add some cold water,but the thing is to note here is that it,says it is normal for carbon dust to,appear in the first three pictures,so were going to dump about six,pictures just to be sure,and then that should be ready to go,all right so i flush this for about 30,seconds,with cold water and i also clean the,pitcher,so its ready put it inside its got,grooves so i mean its pretty,easy to to insert youre not really,going to mess it up,kind of a little grit pattern okay,now lets flush so one of the things,that i already dont like about this,product is that its,painfully slow to fill with water its,like,wow i just want to have a drink bro,all right were ready to do some testing,im gonna put,tap water in this cup im going to put,some purified drinking water from costco,in this cup im going to add some of,this stuff in this cup and the last one,im going to do a comparison test so,this is going to be water from my,refrigerator using the general electric,filter on there and were going to check,tbs levels and well see what we get,okay this is our tap water,and we are at 381,this is our purified water from costco,the reason why im doing this is so you,can see that my tds meter actually works,so we are getting a 15.,all right this is our water from the,brighter filter,we are getting a reading of jesus,271. all right not bad,so this is our water from the,refrigerator door,this is from the general electric,refrigerator water filter,and we are getting a reading of 357.,all right lets look at our results so,these numbers are,ppms parts per million and that gives us,our tds levels,the brighter actually did a really good,job,it actually did more than i had,anticipated so it,dropped our um it dropped,by 110 ppms my tap water,its doing something its doing i think,its more than what i expected,my ge fridge filter oh lord it only,dropped it by like 24. thats doing,horrible,so that brights is almost like four,times as,efficient in filtering my water so i,didnt expect this,im actually a fan of this im going to,probably use this more than i do my,a refrigerator filter so the cost of the,breita filters are about five dollars,each filter on amazon,theres a three pack for fifteen dollars,so at,five dollars considering that the,average time used that they expect is,about two months,so they recommend you replace it every,two months um,doing the math i mean youre looking at,it costing around 25,like about 30 dollars lets say a year,its not bad the ge filter is,they say that it lasts about six months,does not even filter very good,and it costs much more so the the i,think the ge filter was about 35,to 40 each one and at that cost were,looking at around 80,a year so the brighter filter the only,annoyance that i have with it,is that when you are adding water and,how it trickles into it it just it feels,like it takes a very long time because,it does,but other than that i mean its,definitely a good product i could see,why costco has it on the shelf,and um you know if you guys are uh,interested i think its a,its a decent product,well see you guys next time time for me,to give me a drink

???? PUR vs. Brita vs. ZeroWater Filter Comparison — Whats the Best Tasting Water?

hey guys Derek here from modern castle,buying a water filter is a great way to,both save money and drink better water,at home but which water filter is best,for you lets go ahead and find out now,dont forget to Like and subscribe you,want to see more from modern castle,today well be comparing water filters,from zero water Brita and pure we,analyzing results from our TDS test and,our taste tests TDS stands for total,dissolved solids TDS is a measure of,total dissolved organic and inorganic,matter within the water minerals,fluoride and more can be added to water,for health and taste benefits so having,a high TDS number is not necessarily bad,zero water promotes its five stage,filter claiming is to reduce total,dissolved solids and water to zero zero,water even includes a TDS meter with the,purchase of water filter to back their,claims by comparison pure and Brita,filters are two-stage filters and make,no claims regarding TDS reduction apart,from the TDS levels the companies supply,a list of contaminants of their filters,remove the pure standard filter and pure,lead reduction filter are able to remove,the greatest variety of contaminants,from the water lets take a look at the,results from the TBS test our test was,performed in Phoenix Arizona which has,some of the highest TDS levels in the,u.s. starting TDS levels were 542 parts,per million we pour the water through,each filter several times the results,are quite dramatic the zero water upheld,its promise and removed all dissolved,solids resulting in a 0 ppm TDS score on,the first pour with no filter flushing,on Brita and pure we ran multiple full,reservoirs of water through each,respective pitcher testing at different,intervals we call this filter flushing,in our tests both pure and Brita,improved notably as we ran more water,through them the Brita filter was able,to get down to 396 ppm after flushing,the filter several times the pure filter,was only able to get to a tedious level,of 511 ppm after several filter flushes,we also tested a third-party filter aqua,crest in the pure pitcher which,resulted in a TV a score of 405 after,filter flushing now lets move on to the,results from the taste test this test,was performed as a double-blind test so,neither participants nor modern castle,knew which brand was which during the,test we asked each tester to try each,water and rated on a 1 to 5 scale in our,taste test the results were surprising,the participants did not score zero,water very highly and giving it an,average rating of 60% the pure water was,rated at 69% and the Brita earned a,rating of 83% several participants,commented that the zero water tasted,pure but they still didnt like the,taste this is perhaps due to the fact,that its so unlike water they had tried,before Brita was the very clear crowd,favorite in our taste tests check the,link know description if youre,interested in buying a pulsar featuring,today other differences between these,three brands includes price those are,replacement costs and filtering time the,price of the water pitchers are about,the same for each brand however there,were placement filter cost varies zero,water replacement filters are generally,more expensive than pure or Brita due to,the more complex filtering system the,basic level of filters we use today each,brand claims they can last for up to 40,gallons which is roughly two months zero,water clarifies that their filters life,depends on the TDS levels of the water,being filtered in our tests it took the,zero water filter six minutes to filter,five cups of water the pure filter took,about the same amount of time but Brita,was quicker filtering five cups of water,in less than five minutes zero water,only has one filter type currently,available although there are several,shapes for different pitcher types pure,and Brita have other types of filters,available with different attributes,including longer lifespan higher led,production and faster water flow when,comparing these to bottled water is,important to bring up the environmental,impact,cost-wise 40 gallons of water and 16.9,ounces will cost you about double the,price of a filter but youll be using,103 plastic water bottles which will,have a more significant environmental,impact,so which water filter is the best for,you I recommend a Brita filter for those,looking for the best tasting water,according to our taste says both in 2019,and 2020 Brita filters produce the best,tasting water also the filters are,typically less expensive compared to,pure and zero which is another plus for,Brita overall Brita is our preferred,water filter due to the taste test,reasonably good TDS improvements and,ongoing costs pur filters are a good,choice for those who want to filter out,a larger range of contaminants and those,who want a range of options for,specialized filters although its overall,tds score was higher pierre can remove,more types of materials than other,filters however if you live in a region,with a high TDS and tap water you,probably want to go with Brita or zero,I recommend zero water if you want the,lowest possible TDS score the filter,completely removes all dissolved solids,it does take some time to get used to,the different tastes but if youre,looking for the purest water by the,standard of dissolved salts zero water,is a good choice for you well guys that,is in this video I hope you found it,helpful,comp 2 questions please drop us the,snows down below if youre interested,in buying any of the filters that we,feature today weve got those links in,description if youd like to see more,for modern castle be sure to get,subscribe and check out some of our,other videos in modern castle comm as,always thanks so much for watching,[Music],today well be comparing water filters,from zero water zero five we also tested,a third-party filter aqua what a quest,third-party filter aqua quest pure,filter took the same amount of time but,Brit er was brand Ritter will cost you,about double the price of a water filter,water filter doubled the price of a,water filter filter filter fetcher,good lord

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